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Super 8 Augusta in Augusta, GA


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Rating: 1.00

Address: 3026 Washington Road, Augusta, GA, 30907

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    1. Shabba R.
    This hotel is neither super nor an "8", let alone both.  It is a mostly disgusting property that would be better off torn down as it's well beyond the point of repair.  I honestly am not even sure where to begin my review there are so many issues.

    I had the privilege to experience three different rooms for Masters week 2015; this means I was gouged into paying between $300 and $375/night per room (booked one later at a higher price).  In hindsight, I should have paid the extra $100/night to stay at the La Quinta next door but only saw the dollar signs initially.  I, or family, stayed in rooms 208, 226 and 254.

    Room 208: this one was great.  Upon arrival, I notice it has no light blocking curtain, just the sheer one, so at night when the room is lit, anyone walking by can see right in.  My initial thought, call the front desk.  Oh, I can't, the room has no phone.  I walk down and report the issue, they're completely booked, so they're going to need to send someone up to install a curtain.  I wait an hour, go back, she says it's going to be another 30 minutes and she had been trying to call me to tell me that.  Well, you can't, since my room has no phone.  The room also had a non-working TV, no remote for the TV, an ironing board with no iron, coffee condiments but no coffee maker, a weird shiny sticky substance on top of most of the flat surfaces (desk, dresser, etc) and the sink faucet was hanging half way out of its mounting holes.

    Someone did show up with a curtain about two hours after I reported the issue.  She also reeked of gasoline.  I inquired as to whether there was some issue at the hotel because I could smell gasoline, she said no, she had just been changing the fuel pump in her car.  Ah, makes sense.  The gasoline smell dissipated a few hours later.

    Room 226: this one was equally impressive.  It also had a non-working TV and no remote.  The sink faucet had one setting; hot.  If you moved the control towards cold, the water would turn off.  I got under the counter to see if the valve was off but the wall had mold on it, so I didn't touch it.  This room also had an ironing board and no iron.  It also had a coffee maker and microwave.  The fridge unfortunately froze everything we put in it so that really made it a huge freezer rather than a fridge.  The shower curtain had cigarette burn holes in it since this was a smoking room.  Opposite 208, this one had the dark curtain but no sheer curtain, so basically the four dim room lights were all we had to light the room unless we wanted to let anyone walking by look at us during the day.  This room had no do not disturb sign, so we made our own and stuffed it in the lock.  

    Room 254: this one actually had a working television and both curtains, so out of the three, it was the best.  It was still mostly dirty like the others, but when you experience two rooms as bad as 208 and 226, it makes you feel like you're living in luxury in 254.

    The toilets in all three rooms are the decades old short ones, so if you're a bit on the larger side, it's going to be an adventure.

    Outside of our rooms, there are many other things wrong with this property.  Some of the stairs are falling apart where concrete has chipped away and the metal rebar is exposed and rusting.  There was a pool at one point, now it's padlocked and filled with green slime which I'm sure is great for mosquitoes.  The hallways, walls and stairs are covered in years of dirt, spit, spilled drinks, cigarettes, etc.  There's a Denny's attached to the property; it's relatively clean, but three meals there did not produce a single one where the server got the order correct, so I'd not waste my time trying that either.  The ice machines haven't been cleaned, possibly ever, so I would not trust the ice that comes out of them.  The office staff are relatively pleasant, but there's only so much nice people can do to keep a dump like this tolerable.

    So, as long as Masters week keeps filling the pockets of the property owner, I doubt any money will ever be invested in this property and it will just remain the cesspool that it is.  Avoid if at all possible.

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0