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Cedar House Inn & Yurts in Dahlonega, GA

Cedar House Inn & Yurts in Dahlonega, GA


Eco friendly bed and breakfast inn in the North Georgia mountains and wine country. Full breakfast each morning. Lacto-ovo Vegetarian always served. Vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant with advance notice. Adults only, no pets.


Established in 2003.

The inn was originally a passive solar private home that was converted to a bed and breakfast inn. Since purchasing the property we have planted over 250 trees and shrubs to provide shading and a positive environment for birds and other wildlife. We are now using permaculture methods on the property and hope to make the property into a permaculture demonstration site with workshops in the future.


Company Info:

Rating: 5.00

Address: 6463 Hwy 19 N, Dahlonega, GA, 30533

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    Comments (12):

    1. Bryan B.
    What's a yurt?  That's a question I had a few months ago.  But, now having stayed in one, I can tell you all about it!  My girlfriend brought up the idea (she had stayed there once before) and at first I was a little leery, but being an avid outdoors-man, I couldn't pass this up.  So, for those who don't know: a yurt is small, wood-frame structure that's traditionally portable.  Basically, it's a larger, more permanent tent.  The frame is covered with felt, canvas, etc...  The yurts at Cedar House Inn & Yurts are fairly large (about 200 sq. feet) and have a bed, sitting area, heater, microwave, mini-fridge and composting toilet (which should be used for emergencies or middle of the night, really...you do have access to a private bathroom attached to the main house/inn, with running water/shower).

    Ok, so on to the actual review:  I made the reservation online at the Cedar House Inn & Yurts website on Sunday for a Monday night stay.  I received a confirmation e-mail shortly (I'd say within 2 hours).  When we arrived, Fred greeted us by name and introduced us to his wife, Mary Beth.  We were given some chai tea and cookies while they explained the yurt rules/procedures to us, planned our breakfast for the next morning and got the financials out of the way.  They were very welcoming hosts.

    The yurt was roomy enough for two people and had plenty of space.   The yurts are down a short path from the main house in a wooded area. Luckily, it was raining, so the sound coming from the roof was very serene and only added to the ambiance.  We did have to walk to the bathhouse in the drizzle, but it was no problem and added to the charm.

    We didn't see Fred or Mary Beth until the next morning (they aren't the prying, overbearing type; they did tell us to feel free to come into the inn until 10 PM if we wanted more chai/cookies).  When we arrived at our breakfast time, they were very welcoming and were just finishing up the breakfast (they timed it right, so it didn't have time to get cold before our designated time).  The breakfast was excellent: biscuit & gravy, sweet/regular potato home fries, eggs, and a fruit salad made of apples, pears, grapes and fresh mint)!  Of course, coffee and juice were provided.  The food was excellent - I didn't have any problems cleaning my plate!  While we ate, Fred & Mary Beth sat with us and chatted.  They're very easy to talk to and it felt more like sitting down to breakfast with family.  They really make the effort to make you feel welcome and it's obvious every "customer" is important to them.  I put customer in quotes because you don't really feel like a customer...but keep in mind that this is a business for them (granted, it's one they seem cut out for and certainly enjoy).  That said, be sure to follow the rules.  If you want to tour a yurt, you can do so...but there's a $10 fee.  That $10 will be credited to your stay (either yurt or room) if you decide to stay.  There's a firm check-out time of 'before 11 AM'!  If you pass that, there is a $50 fee.  So, even though you'll feel welcome and at home while there - keep it in mind that they do have policies!

    Check out their site for more info.  They are very 'green', which is refreshing compared to the usual hotels/B&Bs I've stayed in.  It's good to see people caring about the environment and practicing what they preach.

    Well, I've babbled on enough - check out the yurts!!!  Their website cautions that yurts aren't for everyone, so if not for you, then check out the traditional rooms.  I'd definitely return to Cedar House Inn & Yurts when I stay in the Dahlonega area.

    16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Jenni F.
    My husband and I love Cedar House Inn & Yurts for lots of reasons.  First, they are definitely an "Eco Inn."  By that, I mean that everything they do is geared towards reducing waste, reusing as much as possible and recycling almost everything.  

    But, aside from their eco-slant, first and foremost, Cedar House is a bed&breakfast.  You'll find 2 cozy wood-paneled rooms and a large wood paneled suite in the main house.  If you're feeling adventurous, stay in one of the two yurts on property.  A yurt is a temporary structure like a round tent, but they have all the comforts of home.

    Breakfasts are filling and healthy.  Always vegetarian, but never lacking in flavor, you'll love everything from the organic eggs to veggie sausage to the baked blueberry French toast.  Vegan meals are available on request.

    Fred and Mary Beth, the innkeepers, are great people.  They are warm and welcoming to everyone, have great senses of humor and are a wealth of information about cool stuff to do and places to eat in and around Dahlonega.

    20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Seek S.
    My husband and I are interested in gardening and were very surprised to find this little eco friendly bed and breakfast about an hour away from where we live that lets you tour their permaculture garden. Although we decided to visit them mainly for their garden and expected nothing else from that weekend, we were totally impressed by the entire experience at Cedar Inn & Yurts. Mary Beth and her husband Fred Tanner greeted us with fresh homemade cookies! The room was neat and cozy with an AC (which we never needed to use even in peak summer!), and a mini refrigerator. In the evening, the hostess also baked some fresh banana muffins that were fabulous! The next morning, we were served delicious homemade breakfast cooked by Mary Beth herself! The breakfast included potato stir fry, waffles, blueberry quiche, patties, and a bowl of mixed fruits. We have never had a home cooked breakfast at a B&B before that was free of bread, cereals and oatmeal! After breakfast, Fred showed us around his permaculture garden and explained the concept behind his garden design. Overall, we loved our stay at Cedar Inn and Yurts and would love to go back! Mary Beth is a wonderful cook and we recommend visiting this B&B at least to taste her cooking! Also, this B&B is just about 5 minutes away from the Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery at Dahlonega, GA.

    02/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Andy N.
    All I have to say is you have to at least try it once. Pretty cool experience. The inn keepers are awesome and have a great story. Do yourself a favor and take a break with them to chat over a coffee.

    I believe they will also take care of most dietary needs too! That's quite the service right there.

    04/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Erika D.
    Wonderful experience in the mountains last weekend!  Got a last minute reservation for the Memorial Day weekend and really enjoyed the Yurt as our base of operations as we rode around the mountains and explored new places, swimming holes, mountain peaks, and good dining/entertainment.  The location is ideal if you are on a bike (motorcycle) because at night, you can ride to a huge variety of places to eat dinner that are close by since you don't really want to ride 30 minutes to eat dinner after riding all day.  The hosts could not be more accommodating and caring and went out of their way to make sure we had what we needed and were comfortable.  

    I stayed at the yurt no less than 10 years ago, and I can honestly say the level of service was just as good then, one of the hardest things to do in the hospitality industry: CONSISTENCY.  Thanks to this wonderful team for showing others how it's done and can't wait for my next stay

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Kara C.
    We had a fantastic experience staying in one of Fred and Mary Beth's yurts. Breakfast is definitely not to be missed; so much better than many pricey brunch spots in Atlanta. The yurt itself was cozy and adorable. It and the private bath were up to hotel standards, in my opinion. The hosts do it all with the utmost hospitality; wonderful people. Great location to hike, visit wineries, or head into downtown Dahlonega. We plan to stay again!

    27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Anne R.
    Stayed two nights mid-week July 4th week.  Mary-Beth and Fred were so sweet to us.  The rooms were lovely but I will stay in a yurt next time!  FYI - that is the best place to watch the sunset.  Very informative about things to do around town.  My favorite parts were tied between Mary-Beth's blueberry french toast and Fred's permaculture lesson with tour of the property.  I highly recommend this BB!

    04/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Ali K.
    My husband and I stayed at the Cedar House Inn on our way back home to Maryland after a trip to Atlanta. This place is fantastic! Mary Beth and Fred are so kind and nice to talk to. We were only staying for one night and it happened to be St. Patrick's Day, so they suggested we go to Shenanigans Irish Pub for dinner. We took their suggestion and had a great time. As for the rooms, we stayed in the Chickadee Room and loved it. It was a good size, but my favorite part is the little sitting area right outside of the french doors with two Adirondack chairs. We were able to sit out there for a couple hours and look at the stars with a bottle of wine. Breakfast in the morning was delicious and kept us full for most of our long drive home. I look forward to staying here again!

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Jason M.
    Mary Beth and Fred are just about the nicest folks I've come across, and great hosts are what make a great bed and breakfast.

    My girlfriend and I rented a yurt for one night. We're in our early twenties, which means there's a slight fear of atmospheres that might seem too "old-fashioned" or unaccommodating to younger generations.

    Cedar House is neither old-fashioned nor modern. If I had to describe it in a single word, I would use "progressive" or "alternative". And while those descriptors might scare off certain customers, Mary Beth and Fred pursue a lifestyle of tolerance rather than dogmatism. Their web site says: "We value other religions, lifestyles and points of view that do not discriminate towards people of different colors, spiritual beliefs or sexual persuasion."

    I am a vegetarian, but I didn't need to request any special accommodations for food because all of the food they serve is vegetarian. For any die-hard meat eaters out there: don't let this deter you. Mary Beth is a first-rate cook. Breakfast was scrumptious, and anyone who can make vegan cookies taste good is a culinary hero in my book.

    This is an "eco-inn" committed to the preservation of our environment. This doesn't mean that the amenities are any less than your standard bed & breakfast -- just that Cedar House takes steps to reduce waste wherever possible. They have two pages on their web site devoted to their commitment to the environment and to permaculture.

    Our yurt was wonderful and the decor was fantastic. I would recommend Cedar House for anyone looking for a great B&B or yurt experience with an atmosphere that stays close to nature. It's been a year since our first (and only) stay, but I definitely plan to visit again soon.

    29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Sahil K.
    Fred and Mar Beth were very personable and amazing hosts. The Chickadee Room was great, clean and had everything one would need, the sitting chairs outside were the best part. Special shout out to Mary Beth's cooking, she had made chocolate chip cookies and a wonderful quiche for breakfast. Would love to visit again.

    07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Karri B.
    Glamping at its finest! Surrounded by forrest, indoor composting toilet, comfortable bed, night storm serenade.. What more can one want from a yurt?

    My husband and I went for our anniversary and spent the long weekend hiking the local trails, drinking the local wine and enjoying the local people.  We had such a great time and can't wait to go back.

    I visited this summer with college roommates and we stayed in the inn and had a wonderful experience. This experience was just as good. Mary Beth and Fred are very welcoming and had vegan cookies ready upon arrival and the breakfast each morning was spectacular. Each morning breakfast was something different but it was always vegetarian which we enjoyed. Several other guests were vegan or gluten free and Mary Beth accommodated each person flawlessly.

    If you want a nice get away that is eco friendly and close to all the vineyards, you've found the right place!

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Meghan Ann M.
    My boyfriend and I stayed during our anniversary celebration.

    Mary Beth and Fred are wonderful hosts - very attentive and accommodating. Both provided a brief town history, restaurant and wine tasting suggestions, as well as plain old good company. Mary Beth went above and beyond to cater to my food allergies and even sent us home with recipes!

    Our room was very clean and cozy. Our check in and out was seamless and flexible.

    We have recommended Cedar House Inn & Yurts to two couples since our recent visit. We cannot wait to go back!

    10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0