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American Inn Extended Stay in Savannah, GA

American Inn Extended Stay in Savannah, GA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.33

Address: 21 Main St, Savannah, GA, 31408

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    Comments (3):

    1. Jose V.
    BED BUGS!!!! Worst place I ever stayed at!!! I was about to lay down to sleep when I notice a lot of bed bugs on the two beds. Also the air vent was broken and falling off the wall. When I went to complain about the bed bugs the man in the office threaten to call the cops on me for complain about the bed bugs. He said we were making seen. The man in the front gave us our money and told us to leave.
    Horrible customer service they get upset if you bother them with question (I'm a tourist and I have question about the area)! If you ever decide to stay here please check your bed and the couch and make sure there is no bugs especially if you have kids.

    20/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. N P.
    First of all, this is a motel (you park outside of your room in a lot; no lobby, ect.). It's very nice for a motel, but when we booked the room we were told that it is in Savannah, GA, while it is actually 4.4 miles from Savannah (it's in Garden City). Upon finding this out we tried to cancel our reservation only to be told (by the manager, 'Bob', if that's even his real name) that he "doesn't want to talk to us".

    This is unacceptable by my standards, but the motel is ok for the price; just beware of owner! I, personally will NEVER stay here again. Happy travels all!

    30/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Diana M.
    I have to say that this place was much, much better than I was expecting but the owner was a little obnoxious.  I think he must have recently purchased this motel and either built or remodeled a very nice home that he and his family occupies at the front of the motel.  With that being said, I realize he his family's income is tied to the success of the business and we were there on Saint Patrick's Day weekend but he still treated us pretty roughly.  It started when I called to confirm our reservation (as a side note, the main phone is his cell number and it made me feel weird calling him as he was away from the hotel and had to call me back) and he yelled at me when I said I didn't care if we had two beds or one because it was just my husband and myself.  He didn't listen to what I said and started yelling that if we have more than two occupants he will charge us more.  I had to stop him and restate what I already said and he didn't apologize for his outburst so when we arrived a few days later I already had a bad feeling.  Once we checked in he yelled at us "not to get drunk" or he would "call the cops".  Really?  Clearly we are not partying college students and if you want us to come back or recommend your hotel maybe you should be nicer.

    I am also happily surprised that there were no "extra" charges for the room when we checked out.  For several weeks I watched our credit card for an errant charge but none came through.

    The rooms themselves were shockingly clean - as clean as they will get considering it's an older motel.  He obviously had his crew scrubbing the rooms when they first bought the place - the room overall needed updating but I didn't feel like it was dirty.

    I don't know if we will come back here or not?  It was too far away from downtown to get a taxi on Saint Patrick's Day.  It was a lot less expensive than staying in a downtown hotel but I think next year we may just spend the extra money for convenience and hopefully a nicer staff.

    10/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0