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Americas Best Inn in Savannah, GA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 390 Canebrake Rd, Savannah, GA, 31419

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    Comments (3):

    1. Deedee N.

    We stayed here on impulse because we arrived in the area at 5 am with no hotel reservations. We forgot it was memorial weekend so after checking 5 other hotels with no rooms available at the time or having to wait until 3 pm to check in, we decided to stay in this hotel.

    We first went in to see if they had a room and how much. It was 120 for the one night so we told the Lady we'd talk about it so we went to the car and talked in the car for less than a minute before she came back out to ask us how much we were looking to spend. I said 80 cause the place looked rinky dink and my girlfriend said 90. Big mistake.

    Anyway, she left us the room at 90 and she kept asking us if we wanted a double bed room or a king size bed. We told her king at first but since she kept asking, we just told her we really didnt care. We drove 8 hrs to get there, all i wanted was a bed so we pay and get to the room.
    Dear lord. She gave us a freaking double bed room.........when there was an empty king size bed room eight next to us. -_- my gf definitely felt a little discriminated against because of the way the lady kept asking my gf about the beds and then giving us double beds after telling her multiple times a king bed. Extremely frustrating and rude.

    Once inside the room, the bedsheets were nasty, they had a bunch of stains and just didnt look clean. I really wish we had brought our own sheets.
    The shower was even worse. The shower looked like it was sitting with dirty ass water for months until someone unclogged it but didnt really clean it so its all stained, it just looks bad and very unpleasing.

    I was worried to sit on the chairs inside the rooms because even those had questionable white stains on them.

    We came back home and my girlfriend had a bunch of bedbug bites on her. It may have been her mistake to sleep topless but hotel beds should be cleaned for bedbugs often. We're paying money to sleep there, not to be attacked by bedbugs!!!

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Scott S.
    Horrible establishment with a crooked owner. Got the room key and immediately after decided that our carpool wanted to continue traveling. The night manager said a full refund would be taken care of of the morning by the GM. We did not enter the room. The GM Robert decided not to honor his staffs word and refused to give a refund.

    30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Irida N.
    First of all this business needs to be shut down and should not be called America's Best Inn, this is one of America's worst Inns I've ever been to. Don't let the name fool you. We booked this hotel 2 months ago for Valentines day weekend because we got a fantastic deal on orbitz.

    When we arrived we liked the location of the place but checking in was such a hassle. There was no electronic record of our reservation for a room with a King's sized bed so we ended up getting a room with 2 queens. The receptionist guy was polite but he tried to confirm the reservation with an Indian woman in the back that kept screaming at him rudely. We were shocked with the level of unprofessionalism.

    We got the key to the room and as we were going up the stairs we overheard the Indian woman screaming at him over how we cannot stay at the room for the amount we booked it for through orbitz. We had the confirmation email and everything. Without it we probably would not have been admitted.

    The room was in poor to okay condition and very outdated compared to any other motel/inn I've stayed at. The paint job of the wall was frightening and the condition of the bathroom was horrid. There was mold on our shower curtain and mold under the plastic shower mat. It had very outdated shower nozzle from the 50's and you couldn't help but feel that you were showering in bacteria.

    The water smelled funny and there not enough towels. 3 total including the foot towel meant for the floor. My boyfriend had to dry himself with the foot towel.

    After check in we decided to hit the town which is absolutely beautiful, just to come back and see that someone was messing with our door. There were 2 guys trying to enter our room with their own card key and forcefully pushing on  the lock. We caught them in the act and they kept apologizing but again very shady.

    When it was time for bed, we checked for bed bugs and it seemed to pass the test but the pillows were so flat and bumpy that my neck still hurts. Bring your own pillow guys and maybe some clean water.

    The free breakfast they provide is from 6:00 am to 9:00 am  and it usually includes a shareable box of Cheerios, some mini powder donuts, microwavable waffles and some orange juice. Not bad for free but you aren't allowed to bring it to the room. You have to eat it in the check in lobby since that's where the breakfast station is.

    Around 12:00 pm we were interrupted by the cleaning crew which included the RUDE Indian woman and a cleaning lady. She tried to open the door and then she knocked just to rudely ask why we hadn't checked out. Let me remind you that we booked the room for 2 DAYS! We informed her of that and she said stormed off to check our name while the cleaning lady apologized. Again, disorganized and unprofessional.

    Conclusion, this place has been one of the WORST I've even stayed in. The poor conditions of the room, the unprofessional staff and a very disorganized system makes it really difficult to feel comfortable. We felt that we could have easily been evicted from this place at any moment just because of how the staff makes you feel (Indian lady).

    Next time, I'm going to put in some more money and actually stay at a nicer  more professional place that I will not have to deal with all this. A vacation should be enjoyable right?

    Update: We also noticed that they charge different rates for different customers. The 2 days we stayed we saw that some customers were charged $89, some $79 and some $65. It is very convenient for them to charge any rate they want because they have no electronic system. This is very shady.

    Photos included

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0