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Candlewood Suites Savannah Airport in Savannah, GA

Candlewood Suites Savannah Airport in Savannah, GA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.60

Address: 50 Stephens S. Green Dr., Savannah, GA, 31408

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    Comments (5):

    1. Michael W.
    My stay started out pretty good here until the summer season ...

    That's when the screaming kids arrived and started to haunt the hallways at all hours of the night, shrieking and yelling with nary an adult to be found. I thought children had a bedtime?

    One fine day, the "roofers" descended on the place and left the once convenient, free laundry facility a shambles. What a mess. To make matters worse, these slobs ruined some of the machines and dryers with their goo-laden work clothes. It got so bad that the management stuck a sign on and "reserved" one of the washers just for the roofers.

    That wasn't a welcome development, since there were already multiple machines out of order. I would ask the management weekly about the machines and if they could fix them and was told repeatedly "that they were just fixed last week, etc. etc." Even the ones that worked barely had enough power to dry a handkerchief in an hour's time.

    I was staying there long term and I think they forgot that I knew what was broken on a week-to-week basis. The fact was, some of the machines were out of service for months. One time, I had to take my sopping wet clothes back to my room and hang it on anything I could find to dry. I tell you, people were washing tremendous loads of laundry: heavy carpets, shoes, industrial netting, V8 engine blocks, tapestries, canvas awnings, you name it. Seriously, I've never seen anything like it.

    To keep me on my toes, housekeeping would take my shower curtain and all of my towels every once in a while, leaving me with nothing to dry off with. Other times, the sheets and linens had a really funky smell to them, like the laundry crew didn't know what they were doing or they were skimping on detergent. Thank God for Febreze!

    Aside from all of these typical hotel incidents, my stay was pretty good and the long term room rate was affordable. After all, this is a hotel, so you shouldn't expect it to have ALL the comforts of home ... or should you?

    09/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Cheryl P.
    Extremely upset and my entire trip was affected by this horrible hotel. I booked my room in early August for a check-in on September 24th. I'm from California and my son just graduated from his Army AIT training. He's been gone since last December. We wanted a room with a kitchen so I could make him some home cooked meals during our trip (for several reasons: him being able to enjoy home cooked food, less money to spend and healthier eating). Well after driving 2 1/2 hours from Augusta we showed up to the hotel around 3:00pm and they didn't have a room for us because the AC was broken and it would take up to 2 days to fix. They could offer us a discounted rate (but didn't have a room????). They said we could stay in another hotel for a day or two but they weren't really sure how long. I asked if we could stay in the room with the broken AC until it was fixed because it's not that hot right now and they said no because they pulled it and there's a hole in the wall. I tried harder to stay there then they tried to keep me there. We drove to almost every hotel in this same area and no other hotels with an actual kitchen had any rooms left. We got stuck paying the same price for a very small room at another hotel. We're spending a ton of money eating out and no one is compensating us for the extra expense. I also was told that they would Refund my money which was a little over $600, I asked for an email confirming that and I still don't have that email and the money isn't in my account. So now I have paid for 2 hotel rooms for 5 nights but we're only staying in one and spending more money on food. This has really put a huge dent in our money to go sightseeing. Oh did I mention that they knew about the AC in the morning when the previous guest checked out but they never called me. We could have started calling other places on our drive here. And when I called them to say that we finally found a hotel that had a room available I heard a gentleman in the background asking if they had another room he could stay in. I have a feeling they overbooked their hotel. I prepaid for my room and specifically wanted and needed a room with a kitchen and now we don't have enough money to do everything that we planned to do. I will NEVER stay in a Candlewood Suites again. I've never had a hotel do this to us. In addition almost every hotel was booked in this area (next to the airport) and they couldn't accommodate us for all 5 nights. We got lucky to even find a room since we have to catch a flight at 6:00am Monday. We didn't want to be too far from the airport. Don't book here if you are really depending on needing a room. I don't think that I was the only victim that day.

    26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Heather D.
    Great place to stay with kids! Kitchen with all utencils, cooking pots, etc. Employees were very friendly! This place was spotless. I stay at a lot of hotels and many of them I would not recommend for kids but this place I would definitely bring my kids again. Only thing that was a con no breakfast on site or restaurant. Definitely would stay here next time I am in town! Look for discount coupon booklet at rest areas for cheaper price.

    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Tom T.
    Don't stay if you are looking for a clean quality place. Booked a month in advance and requested a first floor room. Didn't get it. Front desk on checking in said Sorry we are soooo busy. Took a room on the second floor. Opened the door and was in shock as to the cleanliness of the room. From the filth on the floor to a dirty hand towel still hanging on the shower rod it was just gross. Go somewhere else. We did stay, no options traveling with a dog, as the cleaning girl came and did a vacuum of the floor. We wiped down the rest of the surfaces.  When we mentioned that they really needed more help, as the place was full for the weekend, she said that they have tried but the applicants fail the drug testing! Comforting eh?

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Marian H.
    Affordable, convenient location off I-95.  Basic suite amenities...kitchen with dishes, utensils...clean...I didn't like my two saggy pillows...odd there wasn't more pillows.
    I liked having a recliner in the room to watch tv.

    I would stay on the top floor on the back side away from the front facing I-95 interstate as I could see car headlights dancing on the white sheers on the window at night.  The curtains on the sides did not close to the middle.

    Hallway was a bit smoky smelling on the second floor...I read somewhere online they were working on this.  

    Pets are allowed for $25 a stay under 7 nights, laundry facilities are complimentary except soap, there is a fitness center and convenience store, a small dvd lending library behind the front desk.  
    Free wi-fi, had no problems with the staff though not overly charismatic.  
    Functional , no frills all-suite hotel.

    16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0