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Country Inn & Suites in Savannah, GA


We accommodate business travelers, leisure travelers, and groups of any size. We are a 61 unit hotel offering standard rooms and suites. We also have a meeting space that will hold up to 25 people. We offer a free hot breakfast with your stay and hot, fresh complimentary cookies and coffee 24/7. We have an indoor heated pool and hot tub that is open year round and a fitness center.
We have free high speed internet and flat screen TV's in every room.
Feel free to give us a call for further information.

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.90

Address: 7576 White Bluff Rd, Savannah, GA, 31406
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

Address: 16 Gateway Blvd E, Savannah, GA, 31419

    Address: Savh, Savannah, GA, 31419

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      Comments (10):

      1. Jeff S.
      This hotel had more than a few problems. There are lots of choices in the midtown area in this price range and I would consider those other choices first. The hotel is clearly older and while many portions have been updated, others have not. The most glaring deficiencies were the bathroom, which was notably dated with a few small patches of what appeared to be mold, and the HVAC system, which was horribly noisy. The A/C woke my wife up every time it kicked on. My family had two rooms and both had old bathrooms and loud A/C. Also, our bathroom had clearly not been cleaned well, and there was hair on the floor and the shower that did not belong to us. Our other room had a very musty odor which did not abate. The housekeeping staff got an early start and were very loud in the hallway, laughing and carrying on. The pool was closed by the city because "the chlorine was too high, and they won't come back until Monday". Certain portions of breakfast were fine, but the milk was warm and bread hard, which made it unappealing to some in my group and they opted to go without. On the positive side, the bedroom area and sitting area were updated and the beds were comfortable. Common areas were clean. Good location.

      14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      2. Slim M.
      This was a last minute booking! Apparently, Savannah is a much bigger vacation spot than I thought. We couldn't get a hotel anywhere else!

      I found them through Expedia, booked it, paid upfront, and voila. We're there. Parking was pretty good, very clean entrance. Front desk staff was very nice and helpful. They offered cookies, tea, coffee throughout the day near the entrance.

      Now, the rooms... very clean. Had a bit of a damp smell to it? The carpet wasn't wet so not sure where it came from.

      We asked for room service- for light clean up. Basically, dump trash, replenish cups, and bring towels because we left the room in very good condition before we left. Upon our return, nothing had been done except for the housekeeper leaving behind large "dry-off" towels. ??? When I asked for more in the hallway, she pointed to her cart and once again nothing was there but large towels. I didn't want to bother her again, though, because she was inside of someone else's room cleaning.

      Overall, nice stay but- for the money I paid, I'd rather just upgrade and get a nicer hotel. No more last-minute bookings! =)

      09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      3. Sunny Y.
      Booked through priceline $37+tax, total $50

      Cleanliness - didn't inspect with a fine tooth comb but couldn't think of any shortcomings

      Exterior appearance -very nice includes porch with rocking chairs

      Staff- friendly and courteous

      Beds-comfortable,didn't wake up w/ any kinks

      Breakfast-hot waffles,scrambled eggs,oatmeal,biscuits,juice etc. For the price we paid it exceeded our expectations

      Other perks-fresh baked cookies all day long,coffee,fruit,newspaper all day long

      At the price we paid it was an outstanding deal.

      10/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      4. Jim U.
      This hotel was a decent find through Hotwire.  It was middle of the road in terms of quality, comparable with like a Hilton Garden Inn.  The hotel was pretty large, yet it had a homey feel to it in the main lobby and breakfast seating area.  Our double bed room was fairly large too, and the beds were comfortable.  The entire hotel was really clean and felt up to date.  The bathroom was pretty basic though, so my girlfriend was less taken with this place.  The morning breakfast had some hot elements including home fries and sausage patties, not terrible but not memorable either.  The staff at the front desk were really friendly and helpful.  If you are looking to stay here to see the historic sites in Savannah, be aware that the DOT does not stop here.  It's pretty far away too, so you will need to park downtown.  With all of that said, I wouldn't complain about staying here again; it's a good value.    

      Hotwire Summary:  

      2.5 stars, $49/night plus tax or $60.93/night total
      Rack rate was $129/night plus tax

      04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      5. Beth C.
      I stayed here with a Groupon/LS (not sure which) for under 50/night and would have paid more. A 10minute drive to anywhere in Savannah, 20-30 to Tybee etc. Room was bright, clean. Beds were comfortable. Room was quiet. Breakfast was fine (why do they put HAM in EVERYTHING in the south?!) Checking in and out was easy as can be. I would stay here again for sure next time, even if I had to pay full price. Best discount in 12 days and maybe the best hotel. SO SIMPLE. not a luxurious hotel by any means, but it was great.

      09/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      6. Bill J.
      We have been to Savannah several times, and since our first trip we have used this hotel.  I can honestly say that this hotel is consistently top-notch in every category.  The rooms are clean, staff is courteous, the breakfast surpasses anything I have had at comparable hotels, and the price is great.  Each time we have checked in we had either been given a suite instead of a regular room, or have received some sort of perk.  I think the other hotels out there could take some lessons from these folks!  

      The hotel is located about 10 minutes from downtown, but it isn't inconvenient; allow for traffic rushes in the morning and afternoon and you should be alright.  There are lots of restaurant and shopping options around you that make the location very convenient should you need to pick up items you forgot at home.  The area is as easy to navigate as the historic district, and we found several "shortcuts" to the far side of town that gave us even more food choices and things to see and do that we may have otherwise missed.   The only thing that we originally believed to be a drawback, the fact that the hotel sits at the end of Hunter Field's main runway, turns out to be a non-issue.  The first trip to Savannah was a high traffic week for the airfield, but unless you were outside you hardly knew the planes were passing over.  If you're a military airplane buff, it's just another perk!

      Overall, I give this place 5 stars for it's excellent staff, food, rooms, location, and overall service.

      23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      7. Adrianne H.
      We totally got taken for a ride by this hotel. Ended up spending ~$400 for three nights. The first day, after being gone in the city, we came back to find room service had taken out the dirty towels but not replaced them. I called downstairs and explained why we needed more towels and the man at the front desk, Xavier I think it was, wasn't apologetic at all, just said "okay". They had also made up our bed but didn't put the pillows back on the bed, instead leaving them thrown onto the other bed. The staff at the front desk couldn't be bothered to acknowledge you when you walked into the building. On a more positive note, though, the sheets were clean, the beds were comfy, and the room was very large. Unless you can get a serious discount, though, I wouldn't really recommend staying here.

      29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      8. Shana H.
      I stayed at this hotel, right across from Hunter's Army Airfield, for a week and it was decent.

      It is one of those hotels that have not upgraded to fancier things in the rooms like flat-screen televisions; however, it seems to allow them to invest that saved money into other areas like the free breakfast.

      The rooms have a separate living room area with a sofa bed and another television. The entire hotel is clean, the staff greets you and is helpful, and the hotel is quiet (which is a major perk to me).

      I really liked that they had a jacuzzi, I was able to stay on the top floor without an up-charge (though it is only three levels), they changed their hot breakfast each day, and they continue to offer all of the basics in the room to include iron, microwave, fridge, coffee pot, and daily use products.  I've stayed at ritzier places that did not have a microwave in the room and did not provide the complimentary daily use products.

      I was a little disappointed by the fact that there was a 'to go' beverage left in my mini-fridge AND, after I wrote a nice note to the housekeeper (Olivia) requesting that she exchange my comforter since it smelled like a very suave, overly cologned man was lying in the bed with me she did not fulfill my request any of the five days of my visit. It can be a bit tricky getting onto White Bluff in the morning due to all of the traffic going to HAA since it is at the nearest light. I also wish there were more drive-thru eating venues and a Wal-Mart in the area but, from what I'm told, the lack of them is due to all of the historic areas.

      07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      9. Philip S.
      The hotel has a very homie feel. I selected my room online and realized that I didnt say two guest would be staying there. I called and they fixed it on their end. Then after we got cheked my lady and i walked to the room, not 2mins later there was a knock. One of the cleaning ladies found my debit card and license. Maybe it was me who made all the mistakes on this trip or maybey this place just has really good people. One way or the other these things made my trip awesome!

      05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      10. Michael M.
      This hotel is good for business or travel.  It has a good location in Savannah. The rooms are large with fresh linens and a soft cozy bed. It's well maintained but shows a little age as the quality of shower heads vary room to room. The hotel has a nice indoor pool and workout room. The front desk staff are alwsys friendly, engaging and helpful. The morning breakfast is really good with warm eggs, a meat and usually potato, while also offering hot & cold cereal, yogurt, fruit, etc. I like the hotel and it serves well.

      10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0