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Forsyth Park Inn in Savannah, GA

Forsyth Park Inn in Savannah, GA


Whether it's indulging in our full gourmet breakfast served on the verandah or in the salon, or sipping on refreshing beverages and enjoying hors d'oeuvres in the early evening, you will feel immersed in the pampered lifestyle of the 19th century in Savannah. Our staff awaits you and is ready to book history, civil war, ghost, or architectural tours, dinner, and entertainment venues for your enjoyment.


Established in 2000.

The Forsyth Park Inn, standing at 102 West Hall Street, truly represents the gracious and romantic qualities' of the South.  Originally built as a private home in the 1890's, the mansion was acquired early on by a celebrated sea captain from Nova Scotia, Captain Aaron Flint "Rudder" Churchill. Churchill's fame rests on an extraordinary voyage that took place in 1866, when he was first mate of his uncle's ship Research, sailing from Quebec to Scotland. A violent storm struck the vessel a few days out, tearing the sails to shreds and unshipping the rudder. Young Churchill battled to secure the rudder. He repeated the feat again and again during the next few weeks, until the Research finally limped into Greenock harbor, Scotland, In 1874 Captain "Rudder" Churchill married a distant cousin, Lois Churchill. They moved to Savannah, where he founded the Churchill Steamship Line, and acquired what is now The Forsyth Park Inn, as their winter residence.


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Rating: 4.29

Address: 102 W Hall St, Savannah, GA, 31401

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    Comments (14):

    1. Fiona J.
    My husband and I decided to visit Savannah for our anniversary in March of 2011.  It's been a while, but I still remember the Forsyth Park Inn very fondly.  The Inn is so lovely and well decorated.  The staff was incredibly nice and the young man who checked us in had some great suggestions on where to eat and what to visit.  We took several of his suggestions and they didn't disappoint.  The breakfasts were delicious every morning (we stayed 3 nights and 4 days).  We loved eating on the porch looking out over the park.  Our room was huge and very clean.  We had the corner bedroom upstairs with a wonderful view of the park.  The room did get a bit warm and the air conditioning had a hard time keeping the room cool, but luckily it was March so it didn't get too hot.  But that, and the fact the shower didn't work right our first night, is the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars.  I will say, though, the staff took care of the shower right away and we didn't have another problem.  We loved the treats put out in the evening and sipping on iced tea on the porch.  We enjoyed it all and can't wait to visit again.

    07/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Meredith K.
    Breakfast is amazing!!!

    23/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Michelle C.
    My husband and I stayed there this passed weekend.  We loved the unique charm of the hotel.  The staff was extremely helpful and answered any questions we had on dinner ideas or even touring the city.  After booking the hotel we received a few emails that gave an out line of things to do and places to eat.  Extremely helpful.  Our room was very nice and it was pretty quiet.  We booked room 11.. The one with the claw foot tub.  The breakfasts were awesome.  Very filling.  We had fancy french toast and an egg casserole.  Both were very good.  They also have a buffet including granola, yogurt, breads that are out out early, nice for us early risers.  They have different sittings.  The only downside is the early slots fill up early and if the other guests are not prompt you are waiting.  The evening appetizer hour is nice..  And a small variety makes it a nice snack for our short walk to the river for dinner.  Evening sweets are good.  Nothing to spectacular but nice to have something sweet.  The selection of teas are nice.  The coffee in the morning was very good.  Probably the best we have had at an inn/ hotel by far.  The inn is in a quiet area next to Forsyth park and a short walk (1 mile) to downtown.  Helped us get some exercise in.  We would definitely recommend this place.  Nicely done!!!!

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Jody B.
    SHHHHHH....don't tell anyone!  This place is the best kept secret in the South!  My wife and I love this hide away!!!!  Romantic atmosphere.  Restful and Relaxing with great food and a wonderful front porch.  Everything is within a short walking distance and the park across the street is so beautiful to walk through.  The downtown scene is full of things to do.  Don't miss the Ghost tours!!!!  LOVE IT!!!

    12/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Tonya O.
    My stay at The Forsyth Park Inn was only my second B&B experience, the first only being the two nights prior. The Inn is absolutely beautiful, and the big win here is the view of Forsyth Park. We stayed in Room 1, which had the most amazing view of the park. With the azaleas in bloom, it was a very picturesque view.

    The staff are very kind and generous. We had several very positive interactions with the day manager that reflected impeccable guest service. The breakfast was amazing, and I love that they leave out the evening desserts until late at night for those midnight snacks when you've been out late.

    Some things to keep in mind is that this is not your average hotel experience. The room is large...probably too large for the AC unit. We needed a fan in the room for our late February stay. The room would benefit greatly from a ceiling fan, but I hear that additions like that to historic homes is quite difficult. Also, our room with the lovely view also meant that it faced a very busy street. I was awoken several times by loud trucks passing by during the night.

    While my stay at Forsyth Park Inn will forever be memorable because I was there for my wedding at Forsyth Park, I feel that I am probably too modern of a guest to fully enjoy what they have to offer.

    02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Angie H.
    Found this place through a Living Social deal and am in love! I'll definitely be back in the future. The staff is fun, helpful and courteous, the food is out of this world, and the charm of the Inn is totally southern!

    10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. A C.
    I feel a tinge of guilt writing this review because the staff was so nice and helpful, however I think an honest review would help future guests so here we go...

    We visited Savannah Wednesday- Sunday and stayed at Forsyth Park Inn all four nights. Having never stayed in a bed and breakfast, I didn't know what to expect. My research beforehand lead me to this place, as it seemed like it was a "premium" B&B (mainly due to the higher price than other inns) as well as good feedback from previous guests.

    - convenient location right on the park and easy walking distance to the riverfront (I should note that many, many inns also have excellent locations. My favorite street was Jones so I'd look into staying there if anything is available)
    - nice staff (we only really interacted with Duane and Jerry but they were both friendly and seemed enthusiastic about their job)

    - very loud. We stayed in room #1 and it was extremely loud in the morning. We came in from the west coast so we wanted to sleep a little later, but it was impossible to do so. They should call people and warn them about this room after booking. It wasn't so much the street noise (the room is right on the street) as it was the house noise.
    - breakfasts were uncreative and mediocre. Day 1: french toast, day 2: egg casserole, day 3: french toast, day 4: egg casserole. I expected a bit more of variety and quality. I cook a lot at home so maybe my expectations are a bit high.
    - the breakfast experience feels a bit rushed and weird. I understand it's difficult to feed a house full of people within a few hours, but I wish the food wasn't just put in front of you 2 minutes after sitting down.
    - the room was worn and tired. I get that it's a historical inn with antiques, but perhaps re-upholstering the dirty sofa and picking a new rug would be nice? I think you can keep an "old" feel with still updating things. The bathroom had some damage (crack in the vanity) and it just overall felt tired. They should also update the tube tv!
    -the linens the first 2 nights were nice, but they were pilled and limp the other 2. For the price, I think quality sheets should be a given.
    - they put out desserts at night but nothing was worth the calories. Sad. I love dessert!

    Just a little complaint... Thursday night we had just gotten back from a long day of walking around Savannah so we were napping in the room. The girl at the front desk called to tell us their were hors d'oeuvre out (which we were already told and aware of). I found this really off putting! I just wanted a nap!

    Overall I think I learned that B&Bs just aren't for me. It's a bit awkward and I enjoy the anonymity of a hotel better. Also, I think this inn is priced way too highly for the quality. They said the owners purchased the inn in 2000 and I can't help but to think they are just riding the wave of profits without putting money in to make it better.

    Sadly, I would not recommend this inn.

    And lastly a note not related to the inn but about Savannah in general, for those considering a trip:

    I would recommend staying in Hilton Head or Charleston and doing a day trip to Savannah. Both cities were a bit nicer (Charleston if you like a bigger city, Hilton Head if you like a beach town). Savannah was beautiful, but I think a day trip would be better suited.

    Stayed November 2013

    18/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. David O.
    Compared to the previous Bed and Breakfast we stayed in, Forsyth Park Inn is HUGE.  The Inn staff is very friendly and the breakfast portion feels like an actual restaurant breakfast vs. the Continental style of some other hotels.  Also nice is the fact that they leave dessert out all night until its replaced with Coffee in the morning so if you come back late from a Ghost Tour, there will be a treat for you before bed.

    Now, the bad:

    The rooms, while huge, are very hot. Even with the AC we needed a fan in our room to be comfortable sleeping and this was in FEBRUARY. I can't imagine what a visit in June might be like in humid Savannah!

    All in all I would recommend it if you are looking for a quaint B&B with a friendly staff, but don't expect a world of creature comforts.  This is 19th Century Living for the modern crowd.

    01/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Thais A.
    I stayed at Forsyth Park Inn for two nights.
    The Inn is really big compared to most. The decor resembles much of the same decor as the other Inns in the area. The best part is probably the view of Forsyth Park. Sitting out by the porch in the afternoon with the fabulous view of the park was lovely. The beds were super comfortable and unlike most of the other reviews I did not have any problems with the A/C in my room.

    The cons: They do not offer a variation of options for breakfast, there is only one and it changes daily. However, their coffee is good. I've stayed at other BnBs before where the coffee was horrendous and that was not the case here. You also have the beautiful view of the park to admire as you enjoy your breakfast so that makes it all worth it.

    Most of the people on staff were really nice and attentive. However, there was one guy who was really awkward and kind of annoying. He's the one who greeted us when we arrived at the Inn for our check in. He was not friendly. When we arrived he was typing away on his computer and made us wait for about 2 minutes (until he was done typing) to acknowledge us. He didn't even get up from his chair to show us to our room. During our afternoon tea he lingered about the Inn talking to guests. Which would have been fine if he wasn't rambling on and on about his dietary needs and specifications. When he walked back inside the couple that had been speaking with him look at us and said "that guy is so weird!".

    Bottom line: the Inn is gorgeous and the view of the park in picturesque. However, for the price I was expecting a little more. I have stayed at other Bed and Breakfasts in Savannah before that were better and this one just didn't meet my expectations.

    23/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Amber E.
    I bought a living social deal for the Forsyth Park Inn, but after staying here, I would gladly visit again and pay full price. It really is worth every penny. My boyfriend and I stayed in room 4, which was enormous and had a very comfortable queen-sized bed as well as a sitting room and overlooked the beautiful courtyard. We loved the wine spritzers and desserts each night and the breakfasts were yummy too (though nothing was better than the delicious lemon cake served for dessert our first night). Daphne was a real pleasure and not only made us laugh with her ghost stories, but gave us great restaurant recommendations. The best part of the inn was that it provided upscale accommodations and amenities without sacrificing any of the historical charm of the home. Stay here, you won't regret it!

    22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Tai T.
    Beautiful place with an incredibly friendly and helpful staff. The front porch overlooking the park is a wonderful place to have an evening glass of wine or tea which they provide along with a tasty assortment of hors d'oeuvres.  They also serve a delicious breakfast that can be enjoyed on the porch. We stayed in the cottage that they have in the back which is nestled nicely in a beautifully landscaped courtyard, equipped with a soothing trickling water feature. The service is top notch, the area is top notch, the price, not too bad for what you get in return. Walking distance to all of the historic district, the river walk, the antique shops, city market an all the other must sees of historic Savannah. A much better way to experience Savannah than the hotel chain route. The park across the street houses beautiful oak trees gorgeously draped with Spanish moss.

    07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Rick D.
    Love this place feel like coming home to Lori, Duane, Andrea, Jerry, and  Daphne (also gave us a ride to the Pink House without expecting reward)

    Please keep in mind and the reason I even mention the following is some of the poor reviews were from customers who must never have stayed in a turn of the 20th century B&B before expected it to be sound proof, It has single pane ROLLED GLASS windows that are beautiful. They are not the best for quietness but if your expecting to sleep the day away and not see Savannah as most do ask them for one of the basement Rooms or the cottage on the back for quiet.

    The breakfast is not bland but if you set your expectations high and count on this being your one meal of the day then  it is not filling.
    Think of it as a great light way to get moving and to get out into Savannah proper to enjoy this beautiful city,

    Breakfast is to get you moving and to the better extraordinary Lunches at some of the wonderful eating establishments within walking distance of this Beautiful B&B.

    You will once you get out there be walking a lot the wife and I were out there probably 6.5 hrs and ate at Zunzi's (Yum) and Vinny Van Go go's(Cash Only), Pink House, Vic's etc.

    The architecture is beautiful the neighborhoods are beautiful, the city of Savannah is beautiful.

    So go home, see the gang tell them Rick & Martha sent you then relax with the appetizers in the evening enjoy conversation with the staff and guest.

    This is meant to be a way station on your travels to see and explore Savannah and not be a buffet style breakfast you find at the cheaper hotels to bring you in.  You get a menu in the evening on what will be served the next day. Lori the Inn Keeper cooks it herself. Never been disappointed.

    Look for the Groupon/Living Socials and get a discount but do not pass up on the trip and if you are celebrating something special let them know this staff will do what you need and the garden is a beautiful spot for the perfect wedding.

    Salute to the Forsyth Inn!

    14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Carolyn L.
    I couldn't been more happy with this place. Not only is it beautiful but the staffs are all adorable.. Located across for the Forsyth Park in the historic district downtown Savannah.

    I haven't had a vacation in a year. When I made my reservation, Jerry handle it with ease. And he tolerate my blah, blah about this being my 1st vacation for 2014.

    Our check in was very pleasant.. Jerry E. knows the history of that house including the ghost stories of course. Our room 5 is the biggest (I think) but the way I remembering,  it's definitely the most romantic. King size bed with a whirl pool. We arrived just in time for Savannah Restaurants week. Jerry have printed info on which restaurants took part and I noticed some are X out. So I asked him, are those no longer taking reservations? His answer 1) those are ok 2) those are not local 3) why would you come all the way to Savannah to eat at chain restaurants. I truly appreciated his honesty!! And it's true, I didn't drive 4 hrs from Charlotte NC to eat at chain restaurants.

    There's also Daphne C. Young and bright with a great sense of humor. She customer service is on point, attentive and thoughtful all in one. Her ghosts stories is something else tho.. When you see her, please ask her about the $1.42 ghost story. She will have you rolling on the floor from laughing..

    Then there's Dwayne E. He handles our breakfasts when we were there. Very laid back, somewhat quiet. He had a nice flow about him. Nice guy to have to greet you in the morning.. If you want to know about BBQ, ask him. He knows what he's talking about.

    I looking forward to our breakfast every morning. And I'm not usually a breakfast person. Starbucks hold me over til lunch.. But omg, their breakfast was awesome and pretty. Will attached some pics.

    Overall, I'm happy and looking forward to coming back to the Inn soon. Looking forward to see these guys again. And looking forward to one of many funny/scary ghost stories by Daphne.

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Debbie I.
    Thrilled!! We left a quaint country B&B in Virginia for this gorgeous Victorian beauty as we toured through the South. Everything from the outstanding service of the accommodating professional staff to the amazing evening wine and southern snacks onto the plentiful, delightful breakfast and our ginormous room made for an incredible first visit to Savannah.

    We're health conscious, so we loved being almost a mile from the market. We opted for discovering Savannah on foot and were able to walk to all the hotspots from here. The location next to the beautiful Forsyth Park was idyllic and added to the overall charm.

    We heartily recommend this lovely Inn. Get off the main drag and enjoy being pampered by the comforts of old Southern hospitality!

    01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0