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Hilton Savannah DeSoto in Savannah, GA

Hilton Savannah DeSoto in Savannah, GA


Located in the center of Savannah historic district, each room offers breathtaking views. Relax by the rooftop pool or conduct business in large meeting space.


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Rating: 2.99

Address: 15 East Liberty Street, Savannah, GA, 31401
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Comments (84):

1. Andrew S.
Yes, this place is a little old and could use a renovation, but the friendly and helpful staff make up for that.  

Hotel is in a convenient location, within walking distance of everything in the historic district.  Free wifi.

30/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Thomas S.
I'm out at the pool staring back at the main hotel building and there's only one thing that can go through my mind: "What's the deal with the balconies?" I asked my friend, a Savannah native, if he could describe the unsystematic way in which these balconies were placed on the building. He replied, "I don't know why they tore down the old DeSoto for this eyesore." Not willing to thinking about it too long, my 2-night liaison with this hotel continued.

We arrived at the hotel for a wedding of a good friend, which could not have been in a better spot. The cathedral is one block to the left and the reception hall is one block on the right. Arriving early we attempted to make an early check-in or at least find a place to park. I didn't see any staff at the entrance and we came to learn that you just pull up to the sidewalk, unload your stuff, and then either use the valet or enter the parking garage at the end of the hotel. My fiancé apparently got some attitude from reception when attempting to check in early so we parked and walked downtown until we could check in.

The hotel itself is very well-designed inside. The "eyesore" that is the outside of the building has apparently just had a major renovation. The lady at the reception desk was very polite and helpful, making up for the previous reception encounter. She gave us the layout of the land and informed us of our room. The room itself (eerily numbered 1313) turned out to be a fantastic corner room. We had a large king size bed that was the greatest part of the stay. It was very comfortable and made watching the large LCD TV very enjoyable. All rooms have access to free WiFi and the bathroom was nice, with a separate extra sink outside the bathroom. I was very impressed, at first. Certain things just kept bringing my experience down. The water pressure was iffy and had trouble making a decision. My phone did not work, and there was no clock anywhere in the room. I won't drone on about the other issues but to suffice it to say I took the time to fill out a comment card.

I take no personal issue with the hotel itself, as those issues I brought up are nitpicking. What I do take issue with is the value. We spent a hefty amount on the wedding rate, and $13/day for parking. I very much enjoyed my stay and slept superbly. Sure it's not "close" to the river, but was what we needed for the wedding. Maybe I'll do some more comparison shopping next time I'm in Savannah.

Notes: If you are self-parking and about to leave the hotel upon checkout, keep the key! The charges are billed to your stay and the card is used to leave the garage (a key drop is right after the gate). The doors for the rooms also have trouble closing, which can cause a serious problem. Pull/push it closed when entering or leaving the room as they don't slam shut like most hotels. Finally, push the button for your floor number as soon as you get in the elevator. This means the doors can not start closing before you hit that number. Hesitation will result in an up-and-down trip, possibly 3 times.

21/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Tim M.
First my big complaint - the door to my balcony was not approrpiately sealed and the wind made it rattle all night.  the free wi-fi was pretty fast.  The free breakfast that I got as an Hhonors gold was OK.  I presented at a conference onsite and the ascoutics in the room weren't great

02/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Pam G.
This is a beautiful hotel. The staff has been friendly and helpful. The room  is quiet, & the bed is very comfortble. I would have definitely given more stars, but no Hilton, no hotel of any kind over $100 per night should have mildew in the shower. I know it's the South. I live in the South. You can stay ahead of the mildew, but you do have to work at it.

16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Odysseus P.
This location is great. Parking is ridiculous at $18/day. But the manager seems to be avoiding the question in some other reviews: WHY DO YOU NOT TELL PEOPLE THEY ARE GETTING A ROOM FOR TWO PEOPLE AND ONLY A FULL SIZE BED? That's right, FULL size bed. Great size for one person with two legs and maybe two feet. More is a stretch... but there's no room to stretch. Because it's a full size bed.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Cristina B.
Stayed here Memorial Day weekend 2009.  When we arrived on Saturday night, there was no room in the garage.  They sent me down the street where I was charged $18. for less than 24 hours.  The room and bed were very comfortable but the doors are difficult to close and make considerable noise.  On Sunday morning, I tried to print some Trolley passes and I called the front desk and asked how to do it.  The clerk told me to read the directions, but there were no directions in the room.  I went down to the front desk and asked for the tickets and she sent me away, telling me to come back later.  I did.  They couldn't find the tickets and luckily, a lovely Concerierge saved the day.  I didn't appreciate being dismissed by the desk.  
The location of the hotel was worth the small problems.

24/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Kathryn F.
Location was perfect for exploring the city (right in the middle of the Historic District and walking distance from the river). Room was small, but pretty, and fitness center was great (two treadmills with TVs attached). However, our bathroom smelled strongly of mildew and the hallway was incredibly noisy on Saturday night (not so bad the other nights, but still not great). This may have been because we were right across from the elevator bay, so I would advise requesting a room at the end of the hall if you can. Also, housekeeping came at 8am...Your "Do not Disturb" sign will come in handy if you like sleep!

21/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Justine G.
Great location and service. Miguel at the front desk was helpful throughout our stay. Room was nice and clean. Great stay for the price we paid on hot-wire. We will stay here again.

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Cindy W.
Horrible customer service exhibited by their hotel concierge. Phone rings and rings... Finally, when I got a hold of a person, I asked if the hotel provided recommendations for a babysitting service while staying there for a wedding and their hotel concierge said a list of recommendations exist but he doesn't have it and I would have to FAX a note to the Sales department and request this information. REALLY?!? What does this guy do? Send guests on a wild goose chase to get the information they need?  If I have a choice where I stay, won't stay there again.

01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. BklynMama K.
The hotel is in an ideal location. Easy, walkable access to everything in the historic district. As hotels go, it's fine. The room was unremarkable--modest but not cramped. Free internet connection was useful. I was less than happy with the bedding--why no fitted sheet? Why a sheet over the duvet instead of a duvet cover? We had a breakfast deal, and the hotel breakfast was passable like the rest of the hotel. Staff seemed friendly enough but not very knowledgeable about local amenities.

17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Brian S.
It's the location and the people that make this place.

The renovation missed in terms of quality and style.  The showers are terrible, they warp the wrong way so you stand in water.  The sliders make you walk all the way around the curtains; dumb, annoying things like that abound.  Depending on your room the TV's don't make sense either.  They are small and not really visible easily.

But I love the location, and the people really care.  Even though they can't change the fact that the place has issues; they greet you with a smile and positive energy.  You are steps away from everything, including the Crystal Beer Parlor, my favorite haunt.

22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. L. R.
I stayed at this hotel with my friend for 7 days.  In those 7 days we were treated like royalty.  From the guy who comes around with water (we ended up with lots of bottles of water), to the lady who cleaned our rooms (lots of towels and coffee) to the consierge and the front desk.  There is a free breakfast buffet which is great.  Some morning it has lox and bagels and others, there is lots of fresh fruit as well as traditional breakfast items.  The room was comfy and clean and we had a great view of the pool.   At least 4 of our days were on rewards as well.  The staff was very friendly from the front desk people who always had a smile for us to the man who carried down our very heavy bags when we left.  The location is amazing - we could walk anywhere in Savannah and there are lots of neat restaurants right around the hotel as well as nice little boutique shops.  We stayed there from April 19 to the 26, 2013 and I can say nothing bad about this lovely hotel.  I can't wait to go back.  By the end of our stay, we felt like we knew everyone in this place.  There is a coffee shop in the front as well as a restaurant and a bar.  There is a small store on the premises as well.  It is steps from Six Pence Restaurant, The Public and J. Christophers.  Great hotel, great stay.

28/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Gary C.
From The minute you arrive,  you feel special!  The warm greeting you'll get from the valet to the front desk personnel.  Rooms overlook beautiful Savannah.  Luxurious Lobbies, restaurant and outdoor pool.  Beds are extremely comfortable.  You will not be dissapointed.

18/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Dan D.
I visited the hotel during late October, and in the middle of its major renovation.

I was able to check in early and was given a new room. Unfortunately the noise associated with the renovation forced me to ask for a new room. The room had other issues such as no headboards on the beds, and a bathroom vanity that had caulk and glue all over it - the room had been prepped probably the night before.

The front desk was very gracious and assigned me to a new renovated room, further away from the noise. The second room was great - a new flat screen television, a long desk, and a nice view of toward the river. The bathroom was small, but very attractive with it's taupe finishes, new plumbing fixtures, and new tile floor. The Hilton beds are the best - they are softer than my mattress at home, but very very comfortable and the linens in the bath and on the bed are top notch as well. The maid service was prompt, and my room was prepared each day by 11:00.

Unfortunately the lounge was closed when i visited, so the only way I could use my drink coupons was to enjoy from a makeshift bar set up in the lobby or in my room. The dining room was still open when I visited, and I used my breakfast coupons each day. They have a wonderful breakfast buffet at the Hilton - the food was very fresh and there was a great variety of hot and cold foods. The serving staff was very friendly as well, and very accommodating. I also noticed that there were a number of locals who were in the hotel for breakfast as well - a good sign of the food quality and service.

This hotel has a parking garage underneath, which was easy to maneuver. There is a charge for parking. They were also rehabbing the workout room when I was there - it is adjacent to the outdoor pool on the second level.

This hotel is further south of the River but very close to trolley stops, Clarey's and Mrs. Wilke's restaurants, and a short 3 block walk from the river area. Savannah's free shuttle also stops within one block of the hotel.

My stay was paid for by my Hilton points, but even so, I would be willing to pay for the accommodations. The hotel was very comfortable and i enjoyed being away from the tourist trappings. This is a great hotel.

30/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Robby C.
I stayed at the Desoto for a long, winter weekend in Savannah.  The room was about $110.00 a night and included a $14.95 breakfast buffet which was above average.  Parking your car yourself was $13.00, I just came back from Seattle where a hotel charged almost $40.00 for valet parking only, so I think $13.00 was a steal!!  Ivey (pronounced Evie) was very pleasant and helpful at the desk, as a matter of fact, she was adorably professional.  The rest of the staff were helpful and very friendly and I loved the Savannah charm.  Southern hospitality to the max.

The hotel room was nicely done, with very comfortable mattress and bedding.  Beautiful view, flat screen TV, very nice walkin glass shower stall.

The hotel is in a literally perfect location in the historic district, everything is close by.

A spectacular walk from behind the hotel, up Bull Street, through all the remarkable squares lined with beautiful historic homes to Forsyth Park is an unforgettable must!!  Run, walk, whatever you can do to see Forsyth Park.  You will never forget it.

The only negative we experienced was the noise.  Especially from late night revelers in the hallway.  There was noise from outside, but not too bad.

in a nutshell, what we got for the money was a steal!!  I would definately go back.

02/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. jimmy s.
Stayed here for a wedding. Convenient location, newly upfitted rooms with nice mattresses, LCD TV, and large clean bathrooms. Friendly staff.

Price is about what you'd expect for the flagship brand Hotel in a tourist town when the weather is nice.

Decent enough pool area.

21/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Bill B.
I have stayed at this hotel many times.  Whenever I come to Savannah, I always stay at the hotel.  I found Rod Musselman, the manager to be a good manager.  However; with that being said, I will never stay at this tourist trap again.  They have hidden costs and there is no honors floor.
The rooms are motel 6 at best.  I'm surprised that Hilton still has it in its family group of hotels.
The staff is very slow (thinking) and acting.
Do yourself a favor and stay at the Hampton Inn near Bay St.  
Its a much better hotel and a much more professional staff.

21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Richard B.
It's... ok. Kinda hit and miss. Had to wait quite a while to get into our room and they initially had us in the wrong one but then we got a very nice one (go for the upper floors, quieter and great views). It was a corner ($20 extra per) but the big windows and views were worth it.
Staff is super-friendly. Rooms were clean enough.
Didn't eat at the Grill but tried the bar a couple times. Oy! No offense to the elderly but they had two pretty darn old ladies tending bar and they were barely standing. Wouldn't even try to make a mojito for another guest (that damn pestle!) and I had to ask for more rum in my rum & coke so I wasn't just drinking soda.
The location is PERFECT tho for exploring the Historic District (and or visiting SCAD). Seriously, everything we wanted to do was a 12-minute walk at most in one of the nicest cities to stroll in. Would probably stay there again. Maybe bring my own bartender tho...

03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Laura B.
I stayed at the DeSoto Hilton for a meeting last week, my first visit to the hotel since 1993. I heard that the hotel had been renovated, and everything seemed to be in good shape. The employees were all very friendly and helpful, providing restaurant recommendations, assisting with billing concerns, and making everything as pleasant as it could be.

We heard some noise from the city (sirens and horns) and some from the hallway (sixth floor, not too bad), but overall, I was pleased with the accommodations.

09/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Dallas R.
The hotel is dated, not clean, I didn't even want to shower because the tile work looked horrible (I wish I could post a picture for you to see). I was unpacking and I noticed hair all over the sink and what looked like puke in the toliet. I called them and they cleaned it, but I mean... if those are things I can see... I was freaked out what I coudln't see... I was hoping I had a black light, but lets just say I slept fearing that i may end up with some std......

06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Amber P.
The room was clean, but the beds were very uncomfortable.  The staff were all very nice, but we arrived at 8 PM and the restaurant was supposed to be open until 10:30 and the gift shop until 11 but both were already closed.  The man behind the counter said they were not affiliated with the hotel so they could do what they wanted.  Valet parking is $20 per night, which we only used our first night.  They billed us for 2 nights of valet, but did reverse the charge upon letting them know.  The most damning mistake they made was valet returned my car key to me without the rest of my keys attached (house keys and mailbox keys were missing from my key ring).  They told me that I must have been mistaken and they didn't have them.  Just as I was about to accept defeat, the other gentleman working said "Ma'am are these them?" and pulled them out of the podeum. This hotel was clean and the staff was friendly, but the on site businesses do what they want, the beds are uncomfortable, and valet is seriously disorganized.  There are other hotels located centrally that are less expensive that we'll be checking out if we ever visit Savannah again.

08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
22. Sara C.
With my AAA card, we only paid $104/night.  Cheapest deal in the area, which aids in overlooking some of the other lacks of the hotel.

-free wifi
-nicely furnished rooms
-cardio machines with attached TVs in the exercise room
-good price

-VERY LOUD...we faced the city/the river and lots of street noise as well as heard noises from the hallway distinctly
-no fans in the bathroom?  odd for an already humid city
-We had a broken chair leg and I didn't particular mind, but I know some people would
-pool was fine for laying out but could have used a little clean up
-no mini fridge, that would have been nice

Overall, I was fine with it for the price and walked everywhere.  Heads up that street parking is free on the weekends, so skip the hotel parking ($13) or the hotel valet ($17) per day and find a street spot.

29/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Thomas T.
Great Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet and also a very nice and affordable (smaller) lunch buffet during the week. Definitely worth checking out!

12/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Sabrina R.
I'm a fan of Hilton hotels so I decided to stay at this one in downtown Savannah. It's about a 15 - 20 minute walk from River Street but you can take the DOT (it's free!) and shave off some of that time.

I wasn't very impressed with this hotel. It is quite old and I feel like I've stayed in Motels that were better than this. First, parking the car in the garage is kind of sketchy. I didn't feel safe at all. Once we got into the elevator area, we had to wait about 5 minutes for an extremely slow elevator to arrive. The hallway to get to the room was very dark and dim - it was like they were trying to hide something. That something was the crappy room.

In the hotel room, there's peeling paint in the bathroom and the furniture is nicked and chipped. The carpeting is kind of sticky and I wouldn't sit in the chairs if you begged me to. Also, the linens were stained (thank goodness no bed bugs like another reviewer mentioned) and the pillows were completely flat. The air conditioning crapped out on the second night leaving to room very humid.

The only good thing about this hotel was the fact that we had a balcony and an amazing high view of the city.

I wouldn't stay here again.

03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. John Y.
So just returned from a week long trip for a work conference.  Came back with some good memories of Savannah and BED BUGS.  

So the staff is very friendly, but no one seems to be terribly proactive about serving guests.  It took forever to get a luggage cart for my bags after a LONG drive and then I had to take my bags up myself.  Which isn't a big problem, but usually the hotel offers to take bags up for you.  

The rooms are extremely old and in need of a major updating (despite their advertising that they underwent major renovations).  Our toilet broke while we were there and the rest of the room was filthy.  The hotel is pet-friendly which is a plus and we had our dog with us, but the carpet looked like it hadn't been steam-cleaned since they put in the carpet.  Our dog would not stop sniffing the carpet.  Since they collect a $75 non-refundable fee for pets, I would expect them to steam clean after each stay.  

The elevators are insanely slow and the door locks to go to the "gym" were constantly broken so the "maintenance" people finally just stuck towels in the doors so they would stay open.  That said, the gym has very nice Precor equipment, but it's in a pool house so it's extremely small and needs better ventilation.

To top off our trip, we found a lot of bites on our body and didn't think too much of it until we did some research and found out our bites are reflective of bed bugs.  We freaked and cleaned everything we had that was in Georgia and our beloved dog got a bath and haircut.  Fortunately we haven't been bitten once we got home, but gives credence to the fact that there were bed bugs in the Hilton.  

I've also seen other reviews on TripAdvisor talking of bed bugs after the fact.  

Would not repeat.  There are newer and better hotels closer to the river as well and most of Savannah outside of Paula Deen's empire is fairly reasonably priced when it comes to hotels.

05/04/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Rachel F.
Reason for getting two stars & not one star: location & great price on Priceline (naming my own price: $60/night).

Now the reasons behind the low rating: unclean, less than average customer service,

Initially very happy that they checked me in several hours earlier than their normal check-in time b/c I had been traveling all night & morning. Then went to get in the shower to discover several long & short pieces of hair in the bottom of the tub. Called front desk & 10 min later someone showed up who didn't want to clean it, so he said he'd call housekeeping. Thirty minutes later I call the front desk & they say they will send somebody right up. Ten minutes later I am at the front desk asking for the cleaning supplies & gloves, so that I can clean it myself. They then move me to a different room where I find eyelashes on the tub rim, but otherwise seemed decently cleaned. I should mention that in both rooms it appears that they had not been vacuumed for several stays. I noticed that the cleaning crew does not carry a vacuum, just a broom.

Other items to note: the elevators are not responsive, no valet for 10 minutes so I chose to self park - the garage is deserted & looks a bit sketchy, and very thin walls & doors.

I've stayed at several Hilton hotels, but this is by far the lowest quality one that I have stayed at & I would not return even with the amazing price I received.

04/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. Candace P.
Amazing hotel.

I was skeptical after reading some of the reviews, but I'm not sure what those folks were talking about. Nothing to me looked old, outdated or dirty. Then again, what do people expect in a city this old? This is the HISTORIC district, people. The whole reason you come here is for the charm.

I booked a same day deal on Priceline for $120/nt. I was told double beds but ended up with just a single bed in the room - no biggie since I was traveling solo. My room (318) overlooked the rooftop pool and had an amazing view of a beautiful church down the street. The bathroom looked nothing like the pictures here - it was HUGE and very spacious. No vanity and no tub, but that wasn't an issue for me. You could seriously have fit 10 people in the shower.

Room service can get a bit pricey. I had the crab cakes, a spinach salad and a Coke for $42. The meal was unremarkable, especially for the price. I wouldn't recommend room service unless you're really hungry or lazy. I also wouldn't recommend eating at the onsite restaurant. Service was HORRIBLE and I even talked to another diner in the elevator who remarked that service there was bad his entire stay. They do have a breakfast card that you can fill out and hang on your door. Continental breakfast is $9 which I thought was steep for a pastry and some juice.

Valet is $18/day. Free wifi. Outdoor pool.

The front desk was so nice and the hotel in general is really beautiful.

No, you're not on River Street, but for the price and the quality, this hotel can't be beat. My go to has always been the Hyatt Regency but the Desoto has replaced it as my new favorite place to stay in Savannah!

19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Kurt A.
We stayed at the Hilton Savannah Desoto for three days. The hotel is perfectly located in the center of downtown. Our room was mistakenly booked as 2 double beds, but at check-in, they fixed it without a problem. The room was clean, comfortable and quiet. The staff was pleasant and helpful the entire stay, with the exception of the gentleman at the Tour Desk. The elevators can be a bit slow. Otherwise, it was a great stay.

05/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Steve D.
Most three stars don't charge for parking. But here they force you to pay $18 a night. Our first room's tv didn't work. The room they moved us to 45 min later was next to the old noisy elevator. The next day we didn't get washcloths or new coffee packets. And this morning they want to charge me for the business center computers and also for every printer copy. Wow. Disappointed.

06/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
30. Rasheeda R.
The hotel felt old and outdated. It appears that the hotel underwent some type of refreshing, but it wasn't really up to par. Just because you put lipstick on a pig doesn't make it any less of a pig. This hotel was not very Hiltonesque. It felt more low end Holiday Innish.

The first room that was given to me had blood on the comforter. Gross. Like a serious wtf? I was told the red stains I saw was pen markings and that somehow a pen had gotten pen markings on the "fresh" linens. That explanation just ain't jiving with me. So, they send the loveliest man to come and change the linens. When he is done changing the linens he has no new comforter to place on the bed. He looks in the laundry room and they have no more. Room switch. The next room I get to also has no comforter. Why do some rooms have comforters and others don't? The front desk manager states that some rooms do not have comforters in the warmer periods. It is December and not Savannah's warmer period. He suggests that I look in the closet where there will be an additional comforter. Looks in closet. Empty. Fail. They finally come back with a comforter that has no duvet. I suspect that comforter was the same one they took off of my original bed or some dirty one. Where the hell did this comforter pop up from if  there were no comforters just a few minutes ago? Why is there NO duvet? Won't be staying here again.

16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. Jason R.
Did not stay here, but ate at the Desoto Grille.  They have a buffet during the day and it is very reasonably prices.  I had clam chowder, red rice, Sole stuffed with crab cakes, fried chicken, red velvet cake and ice cream.  It was a weekday and totally packed.  My whole meal was less than 15 bucks including tip.

I highly recommend it

08/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Keisha N.
Horrible experience at the Hilton Desoto;  I booked online and made a mistake with the check-in date (admittedly my mistake, but it was a simple human error).  I spoke with Front Desk Manager who was incredible unsympathetic and insisted I pay a $50 no-show fee even though I was already checked-in on the correct day.  The manager was willing to lose a customer rather than do the right thing.  He was totally unreasonable and failed to realize the value of treating people right.  I feel the Hilton Desoto Hotel tries to squeeze every dime out of you.  I left the Desoto and went down the street to Marriott Courtyard and was able to get the same rate PLUS free breakfast PLUS cheeper valet parking.  Overall front desk service was pitiful at the Desoto Hilton and they have lost this customer for life!  BE WARNED

23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. James M.
I have stayed at this Hilton more than a couple of times because of the service, location and cleaniness. The staff are always helpful, from the bus boys, to the front desk, to the maids. Great service and amenities. The lobby is especially grand.
The on site restaurant, the DeSoto Grille, had wonderful food and service.
This location is very convenient to all historic squares, museums, mansions and a nice walk to the riverfront.
The hotel itself is very old world charm but they have recently upgraded most rooms. On our last stay a few months ago I had a newly refinished corner, king room which was terrific.
A few caveats. The parking garage is underground and is very isolated. It will also cost you at least $12 per day to park.
The street noise can get very loud no matter where your room sets, either facing north or south but that's what you get for being in the midst of the historic district.
I will definitely stay here again!

08/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Steve T.
Before the Hilton, it was a very dated hotel. Hilton's renovations were substandard because it still looks very dated even under Hilton's style.

We reserved a non-smoking room with a king bed, but they only a smoking room with a king bed and a non-smoking room with a queen bed (for the handicap). We choose the handicap room. The bed and comforter were nice, but their pillows were horrible. Their room service breakfast was very mediocre, and we hardly ate anything. You'll get better food out of the hotel!

24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Julie C.
I have been waiting for years to review this hotel! In the past three years, I have probably spent 60 nights (at least) at this hotel. I never wanted to write a review because I always had to stay there for work. I am pretty confident in my knowledge of this location.

Let's start with the pros: The staff is really nice! They are always polite, remember your name and ask how your day is going. The beds are comfortable, the showers are large and the rooms are a decent size. If you are a diamond or gold member, ask for a corner room - it is REALLY and spacious. The regular rooms could be a little bigger, but they aren't unbearable. The location is decent... it isn't right downtown on the main streets but it is an easy walk.

But then there are the cons... The staff is super nice, but they are not always on top of things. If you stay for more than 2 nights, guaranteed your room will not be fully stocked. Your room will either not have replacement towels or coffee every single day. Sometimes you'll get 4-5 packets of decaf coffee but no regular. If you decide to eat breakfast.. you will wait a LONG time for service. Its a buffet, so this might have something to do with it, but really the service is scary scary scary slow. Sometimes you will be the only person in the restaurant and you will sit for 5-10 minutes before anyone brings you coffee. There have been times when I have finished my meal without even receiving a glass of water. The food is pretty good (unless you go right at the end, in which case it will not be refilled) but certainly not worth the steep cost. I would only recommend eating here if it is free. Also, if anything is wrong with your room... good luck getting it fixed. Once I had a room with a broken air conditioner. It took them 10 hours (5 phone calls) before they let me switch rooms. Lastly, the elevators are the slowest elevators I have EVER ridden.

I've saved my biggest con for last. The room keys demagnitize about every three days. They blame your cell phone... but there is no way that is possible. I stay in hotels about 100 nights a year and only once have I had a key demagnitze outside of the Hilton DeSoto. Now, it might not seem like a big deal that the keys demagnitize... but it truly is. You see, to get out to the pool you need to use your key. You also need to use your key to get in and out of the gym, which has an outside entrance on the roof behind the pool. Once during a really bad thunderstorm, I was locked out of the hotel on my way back in from the gym. I was out there for twenty minutes on the roof before another guest saw me and let me in. I was about 30 seconds away from throwing a chair through the glass doors.

All in all, you might come here and have a wonderful stay. If nothing goes wrong and you only stay one or two nights... you'll love it. But if you are going to stay longer... chances are you'll run into a problem.

23/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Bradley N.
I judge a hotel by its stairwells. And while I don't like to eat, drink, or sleep corporate if I can help it, sometimes conferences happen, and to get the discounted rate and be somewhere close and convenient to the meeting rooms, you gotta' go with the flow.

So, the stairwells, huh? Call me crazy, but I am not a fan of hotel elevators. To avoid them, I prefer to walk up and down stairs both for the exercise and to spare myself the long lines and awkward elevator moments of uncomfortable smiles, furtive glances, and polite pushing to enter and exit these ingenious but irritating little metal boxes of miraculous vertical conveyance. It's not that I fear the ride, or am a misanthrope, or object on aesthetic grounds. Indeed, some elevators can be elegant, even enchanting, works of art nouveau, Victorian, or clear-glass splendor, especially those that cling precariously to multistory poured-concrete monoliths while racing up and down the sides of the building at vertigo-inducing velocities.

But the DeSoto's 'vators were run-of-the-mill, slow, and crowded. And unfortunately the stairs were even worse: dull, depressing, confusing, and indelibly smoke-scented (from workers or patrons on clandestine and most likely illicit nicotine breaks). They were not done with the attention to detail of someone who actually liked to USE stairs made for walking, but instead they looked and felt like ones that were simply placed there to fulfill the fire code by providing an emergency means of egress when all other options failed.

I did use the stairs, but I didn't really like them, There was no marble, no brass, no sign of custodial care, human compassion, or divine spark of creativity here: just hard stone steps and metal hand rails, as cold and emotionless as the mega-motel global corporate empire that has taken over this once-historic, venerable local landmark and sucked out its soul for the sake of quick quarterly profits.

Tourist-friendly places like Savannah typically have SCADs (pardon the pun*) of B&Bs and funky little family-owned places (like Gallery Espresso) where you can relax and refuel while touring this alluring little gem of a Southern seaboard city. So do yourself a favor and try one of them next time. I sure will!

(*) A less-than-subtle reference to the Savannah College or Art and Design. I think it's a pun, but I majored in History, not English, in college and tend to play loose and fast with the rules of grammar. Are they really rules? Or just recommendations? Either way, my apologies, Mr. Keillor!

23/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Kristin C.
We stayed here on our short trip to savannah.  The hotel is in a great location and you can easily walk to most attractions in the historic district.  We valeted our car and didn't get it out again until we left. Everyone was extremely friendly from valet to housekeeping.  We arrived early and they provided us a room right away.  I requested a balcony and they were accommodating.  Our housekeeper was very sweet and gave us some tips on local restaurants.  The rooms and bathrooms are a little small but the bed was extremely comfortable. We will definitely be back!

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. EJ B.
Not the best

26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
39. Lee B.
This was my first visit to Savannah. I attended a corporate get away weekend and the hotel was a great choice.

The Good -

The hotel is ideally located in the historic district. Easy walking distance to numerous attractions.

Beautifully decorated rooms and common areas.

Friendly and cheerful staff.

The Bad

It can be noisy. I could hear guests in the rooms on either side of me. I prefer not to have an audience when I sing in the shower. I could also hear hallway traffic throughout the weekend.

There is no mini fridge in the room.

The room doors do not automatically close. I inadvertantly left my door partially open all afternoon. Fortunately, none of my belongings were disturbed.

The self park garage did not work properly. I had to buzz the desk for help to get into the garage as the ticket printer did not function. When I checked out, the room key failed to open the gate to exit the garage and I had to buzz the desk once again.

The restaurant staff needs to be organized. The restaurant is beautifully decorated. The breakfast buffet is standard Hilton. The first morning that I had breakfast, I was nearly finished with my meal before I got my coffee. I was asked if I wanted coffee by the hostess however she was apparently taking a survey and not actually offering to bring me coffee. Once I received my coffee, I had to flag the waitress down again as I had no creamer. The 2nd visit for breakfast was similar to the first although I did receive my coffee quicker. The wait staff, while friendly, seem directionless.

Despite the negatives, I would certainly stay here again. The location is great for exploiring Savannah.

17/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Michelle B.
We booked our room at the last minute on hotwire. I felt like we got a good deal on the price, but after staying here I would say that the price was about on par with the hotel. Great location. You can't beat a 15 minute walk to River Street; less to City Market and other shops and restaurants. Front desk was friendly. We did get double beds when we would've preferred a single larger bed, but we're not d-bags and we know that when you get a discounted rate through a third party website, you don't get to make demands for "upgrades." The other staff we encountered was great as well. The rooms have obviously been updated nicely, but they didn't do a great job of hiding the age of the building. Low ceilings, damaged woodwork, etc. The tile job in the bathroom was about what I would be able to accomplish as a DIY project. Everything seemed pretty clean though.
One really gross thing was that the person across the hall got room service and the food smell was horrendous. Then they left their partially eaten meal tray outside their door for hours and it just got worse. I guess the employees should come back and check for those kind of things a little sooner.
All in all, I can't complain too much. It's an average hotel. I just would definitely not pay the regular rates.

21/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Brandon G.
Ok what can I say about this place that was good. Ummm. The location is OK. It is on Liberty Street which is about as far out from the historic area as I would like to stay if I was planning on walking everywhere, which we did. But the location was good. What else can I say? Ya that is about all the good that we experienced.

Now for the bad:

Parking is $20 per day valet only. Weekends are free at the meters around the building as they like to remind you. What they don't tell you is that they lock all the doors, except for the front door, at night. So there is no secure way to get from the back streets into the hotel without walking all the way around the hotel. This is a problem at 2:00am when you do not wan't to walk past the bar on the corner with all the drunk people or the homeless group around the other side. You should have a secure entrance in back that can be unlocked and not just lock the door that is back there.

Our room was OK I guess. Our down comforter  had a blood spot on it that we did not notice until the morning because there were sheets on the top and bottom of it. Our AC did not blow air at all. I guess it seeped air at best. So there was no air circulation at all and even though it ran all the time, the room never got below 75 degrees. The bathroom is small and the shower is low. The shower head is about 5'6 high and I am 6'3" so that was a bit of a problem. The walls are thin.. You can hear everyone walking down the halls and I am sure they can here you.. So not the place to act out your romantic "50 Shades" weekend! Did make it hard to sleep in past 8:30 am. Did not try the food because it was too over priced and there are better options around Savannah but the bar drinks were OK. We had to have a drink at the bar because our room was not ready when we tried to check in at 4:00pm. (God only knows I was not going to get back in the car and go somewhere to have to try to find parking again!) So we had a drink. It took us about 15 mins to find the bar tender but, in her defense, she was in the kitchen trying to get other people's food and it was a long walk.

All in all, I guess I just expected more for $140 before tax. I do not mind the age of the hotel because you are in historic Savannah. I would even have been ok if it was not as remodeled as some of the other hotels. But it did not WOW me for that price and next time we will spend a bit more money to be at a nicer hotel, closer in the middle of everything and with free parking!

01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. Ken M.
I came here for a two day conference and initially had a problem with getting a room within the conference block that was set aside for the last night of the conference which would have meant switching hotels or flat out getting another hotel for the entire stay.

That eventually got resolved and the suite I got was very nice, indeed.  It's not the absolute quietest place I've ever stayed.  There is another conference or party or something and it is some kind of loud and you can hear people walking up and down the halls when they come in chatting and carrying on.  

The rooms, though, is nice and what I particularly like is that there are tons of electrical outlets embedded in the table lamps so I don't have to deal with crawling around for a place to plug in my computer or my CPAP machine (for my sleep apnea).

There are other hotel chains that are nicer but for the rate and the general amenities this is a nice place in the historic district of Savannah.

15/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Cathy J.
I wish I could say we had a pleasant stay at this hotel. We recently booked a trip to Savannah to celebrate a special occasion. I used Hotwire.com and chose a 4-star hotel in the historic district, and we were given the Hilton Desoto, which I was excited about. I am a Hilton rewards member and have stayed at multiple Hiltons throughout the country, usually always enjoying my stay. Since I was not able to select a room, I called the hotel two weeks in advance to request a room with a king sized bed, as my husband is 6'4. The woman I spoke with said that should not be a problem. Great! Everything was set.

We arrived around 5 p.m. on a Thursday and checked in. When I confirmed with the front desk associate about our room, she informed us that there were no rooms with king sized beds available, and we were given a room with two double beds. I told her that I had called the hotel a few weeks prior to request a king sized bed, and she informed me that since I had used Hotwire, my room could not be guaranteed. I was disappointed, but accepted the room. I found it hard to believe that there was not a single room available in the hotel with a king sized bed, so when we arrived in our room, I went on my phone, visited the hotel website and saw that there were indeed rooms available with king sized beds for the dates we were staying. Basically, the front desk associate blatantly lied to my face. I was livid. I called Hilton Rewards right away, and the woman I spoke with was completely rude and unhelpful. Again, she blamed the fact that I used Hotwire to book the room as the reason why no changes could be made. So you're telling me, that even though I am a guest at Hilton, because I went through a 3rd party, nobody can accomodate our needs? I even offered to pay the difference for the room. She told me I had to call Hotwire, and the changes had to be made through them. Great. I called Hotwire, and the girl I spoke with there was actually extremely helpful and sweet, and she put me on hold and called HIlton right away. Amazingly, the associate lied to her as well, telling her that the hotel had "overbooked" their king size bed rooms. Funny, as they were still available online. I gave up, upset about the whole situation.

After having the worst nights sleep ever and my husband having to move beds in the middle of the night, I awoke cranky and upset. I decided to take a hot shower to make myself feel better but oh! Was there any hot water? No. Lukewarm at best. Fabulous. With my anger beginning to brew again, I decided to call the 1-800 Hilton number to pretend to book a reservation, for a KING SIZED room. And guess what? There was one available! Shocking. I angrily but politely explained our situation to the reservationist, and how I would GLADLY pay the price difference for a room with a king sized bed, and she put me on hold and called the hotel. When she came back on, she told me that the front desk would now be able to switch our room for us. Funny how that happens.

I appreciated being moved to a new room, and it was definitely an improvement. As others have complained about, the walls are very thin, and we were right across from the elevators, so we heard just about everything. The maids were also extremely loud outside of our room. Speaking of the maids, on Saturday morning they knocked on our door around 11 a.m., and we hadn't left the room yet, so I told them we'd be out in 45 min. When we arrived back at our room around 4 p.m., our room had still not been cleaned. Lovely. We were tired of complaining, so we just let it be.

Sadly, our stay at this hotel has changed my view of the Hilton family of hotels. I 100% would not stay at this hotel again. The fact that they flat out lied to my face multiple times was enough to put me over the edge. I had no idea how different you are treated depending on "where" you booked. If you want to be treated well and have your accommodations met, do not book through a 3rd party source. Yes, it will be cheaper, but you will not receive what you want, and no one will be willing to help you.  I sure learned my lesson.

Oh and, the valet parking is $$$. But it's pretty much the only choice you have.

04/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
44. Bob I.
The service was outstanding! Everyone from the valet, front desk, room service, retail store were all great. The only thing that kept me from giving this hotel 5 stars was the Paula Dean book on display in the hotel store. For me this was a turn off and really unnecessary since it was the "only" book on display.

08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Fabian W.
Nice hotel in a great location.  A bit of a walk to the riverfront, but still very doable.  The staff is very friendly and attentive.  There is a Starbucks and full restaurant and bar in the lobby.  Some rooms have a balcony that is accessible from the room.

09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Elexa B.
We got this hotel through priceline.com and boy did they make us know that we weren't higher paying customers.

First off, parking is expensive so park on the streets- weekends are free and there was a ton even on Easter weekend.
When we checked into the grand lobby, the manager was behind the counter too, a middle aged man and they gave us a room with DOUBLE beds for my boyfriend and I.

I thought it was a joke.
I even let them know that  I write reviews and that I'm even a hilton honors card holder. Didn't matter- priceline.com buyers are guaranteed nothing I am informed.
I said ok.......well how much does it cost then to get the room I want? He said no king beds were open that night. I said ok well tomorrow when you do put us into the king room you are going to upgrade us for this inconvenince? He said umm.....no.
So we went up to the room. The beds were smaller than the ones at home. I started to cry.
I called Hilton's guest services on the hotel phone and a KIMBERLY answered who actually was the same woman who answered the phone earlier and gave us better directions than what we had in the car. I told her how I was so disapointed we weren't treated better at a HILTON and within 5 minutes she had sent a bellboy up with our new keys to a king room!!!

So the manager had LIED TO US! Are you serious? We were so impressed with Kimberly's quick action to help us and we are so thankful that we could get the room we desired for our romantic get away.

The rooms were nice, the breakfast overpriced so go across the street to the Soho South cafe and get the pecan waffles! Great unique place with fun student waiters.

The concierege was a lot of help too, take advantage of their wealth of knowledge but then make your own decisions based on what you read in reviews here too.

01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Deb B.
As other guests have stated, this is a below average Hilton. Very tired and worn out decorations and housekeeping is inadequate. The staff overall has been the only redeeming quality. Each person I spoke with was incredibly friendly. The location is in a quiet area and is within walking distance of many restaurants, shopping, and historical sites.

09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
48. April G.
This is my second stay at the Holton Desoto. First off the hotel definitely doesn't disappoint on location. Easy walking distance to so many shops, pubs and restaurants. It's only 1 min away from my favorite pub - sixpence and a short 10 min walk down to River street and city market. The hotel itself is very clean and the rooms are kept up well. Both times I have stayed the staff are so accommodating, friendly and helpful. They go above and beyond in their customer service. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting savannah ga!!

05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Jackie L.
I was here for a week and as Julie C mentioned if you are here longer than two days you'll start noticing why this place isn't the best besides it's location.

The first thing you'll notice about the rooms are that the bathrooms are TINY. There is barely enough room for one person as it's the size of a small 6'  x 6'  closet if I had to guess. The dimensions might say its larger but I highly doubt it unless I just happened to get 'that room'. They seem to try to save on a lot of things as my shampoo, conditioners and soap were not replaced after the second day and they didn't have trash bags in the trash bins.

The food is overpriced and not worth it. The elevators are slow. There always seemed to be something wrong with the main floor bathroom as two of the faucets didn't work the entire time I was there in addition to a few of the stalls.

The heating and air conditioning in the conference room were miserable as it was either 90 degrees or 40 degrees and it was always on full blast.

27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. Jon B.
While I am not sure about the staff's recommendations of local babysitting services, they have only been friendly and cordial while I stayed here.  I have chosen to stay here on each of my visits to Savannah because I enjoy the location of the hotel. . . it is quite, full of small shops/restaurants, and a nice coffee shop across the street.  While river street can be fun, I really like the fact that the hotel is away from all the noise of the touristy river street and paula deans restaurant.  However, the Hilton DeSoto is only about 10 streets (10 minute walk) from the river street if you really need to get back there after a nap.

The hotel itself seems to be quite old.  The lobby is in fairly good shape, but obviously an old design.  As mentioned above, the staff were great and always said hello as we walked by and made sure we were having a good time.  Be forewarned that they do charge $16 for self-parking and I would imagine several dollars more if you chose to use their valet service.  In terms of the rooms, I have stayed in a room with a king size bed each time which has been extremely comfortable.  The bathroom is outdated, however, the shower pressure was some of the best I have ever experienced (almost knocked me over at first).  Overall I am a fan of the hotel, but will knock it down to 2 stars for the $16 parking fee and outdated rooms, but bump it up to 4 stars for the quiet location and friendly staff.

23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Patty W.
We finally made it to Savannah and decided to crash in our hotel room for a while after a long drive.  Our stay was pleasant and the hotel was accommodating to our needs.  It was convenient and within walking district to almost everything in downtown Savannah.  The room was clean and was supplied with free coffee and water bottles each day of the visit.  If you're one that has to have internet, the wi-fi is complimentary for guests.  They have a restaurant, bar, pool with a tiki bar, and valet parking at the hotel.  It's worth the price to pay for the parking since it can be expensive to park anywhere in the city.  I would definitely stay here again if I return to the area in the future.

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Linda D.
T he location is pretty good. However, there are many  thing  that were not.
1. $20 parking fee per night
2. $9.95 for WiFi
3. No continental breakfast, not even a cup of coffee.
4. Not all rooms have a view of the river as stated on their website. Ours did not.
For $129 per night, most of the above should have been included.  Our friends stayed a few blocks away for $59 a night, with FREE wifi, FREE continental breakfast, FREE parking. I DO NOT recommend this hotel.

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
53. Donna J.
Nice hotel in a quiet, almost residential location.  

Property has a bit of character and is very clean.  Staff friendly and helpful.  I personally liked the room decor, done in cool blues rather than standard hotel beige.  Bed and pillows not as comfortable as ones we enjoyed at the Hyatt though.

Location wasn't my favorite.  If this hotel was on or closer to the river, it may have been at least one more star, possibly two.  It's a doable walk (13 blocks) to the river and the more touristy things to do.  Not much in the hotel neighborhood itself in terms of bars or restaurants, just one or two of each.  We did have some difficulty getting a cab one night that caused us to be late for and almost miss a birthday dinner reservation.

Valet service (an additional $20 per night - ouch!) distinguished themselves though.  We stayed for three nights.  On the second day, we took the car out to go exploring and the valets noticed that something had dripped on the car during its time in their garage.  By the time we checked out (it took some coordination as we wanted to use the car while we were there), valet staff had the car detailed and pristine.

Would I stay there again?  Likely yes.

11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
54. Teresa H.
Friendly staff & awesome location! This hotel is within walking distance to everything.

19/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Kristen B.
I wanted to specifically review our dining experience at the DeSoto Grille. We ate the breakfast buffet there for two mornings and I couldn't be happier. It was free (two meal tickets per day for your room) but I would even consider going back if I had to pay. The buffet is $16.00 which is expensive but the buffet contains a full area of fresh fruits (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and pineapple.) All are delicious and not the typical "fruit like cocktail".

Other things like bacon, sausage, eggs (and plain egg whites!) grits, oatmeal, muffins, toast, turkey bacon, corned beef hash, and french toast are included. You can request pancakes, waffles, and custom omelettes and they will bring them to you fresh and to order. A selection of juices, teas and coffee are included and available as well. The best part in my opinion was the smoked salmon that is on the buffet. It was so yummy and definitely something that I have never seen on a breakfast buffet.

Our server was very nice and accommodating as well. I recommend this place and will be going back next time I am there.

07/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Bert J.
Expected more from a Hilton.  On the positive: Staff was very good but very small.  

On the negative: Little things are annoying:  The mandatory valet.  My complaint is not due to the cost, which is competitive at $20, but the necessity.  I like having easy access to my vehicle, valet service makes this difficult.  The Bell hop brought an empty luggage cart into a crowded elevator, generally not something you see in a proper hotel.  Air Freshener smell in the lobby is quite bad.  

Worst feature was the dining:  We ate at the restaurant one evening due to being too tired to go elsewhere.  Food was sub par at best but top priced.  Fried items were all burned.  Spinach salad had ingredients missing.  Desserts were frozen and the whip cream was out of a can.  

Really like Hilton, stayed all over the world with them, very disappointed in the Desoto

28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
57. Hilary D.
Great location.  We walked everywhere.  Staff friendly and helpful especially the conscierge.  He remembered where we went and where we dined. He was very helpful.  Didn't spend much time in the room. Very good value.

29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Shane H.
This hotel's style isn't exactly my taste. But it's the Hilton's take on the southern comfort style. And it was comfortable. I got the king bedroom with a view of the city. It was a great view. The room was not that big but the gigantic window helped to open the space up. The bathroom was tiny but well decorated. They have all the shower perks but no toothpaste. There's a CVS up Bull Street so you can help yourself. So the room isn't anything impressive.

However, there's two great things about this hotel: the location and the service. The hotel is on Bull Street, you get to take a short walk up towards the main shopping area while crossing all the squares. Then south of it you're right across the street from SCAD's admission office where you can take a tour of the school. The service is excellent. I sent a print job of my boarding passes from my computer to the main desk. For somehow reason it didn't print. The guy at the main desk went online and printed them for me himself, which was not something I would expect them to do.

I came here on a taxi from the airport. It's a tiny relieve to see there's always taxis waiting outside so you can take off whenever you are ready, without flipping the yellow pages.

20/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Nicole R.
Perfect location! Walking distance to just about everything. Stayed here for Thanksgiving weekend. When we arrived the room we chose wasn't available so they gave us an upgraded larger room. We had a balcony with a great city view of the bridge. The rooms were clean. Great soap products and I usually hate them all. They were so good I didn't need to use my own. This NEVER happens. The staff was fantastic! Southern hospitality at it's best. Great restaurants within walking distance along with a market one block away that has anything you could possibly need. No need to stay on River street. My husband and I liked this neighborhood much better than the crowded River street hotels.

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. Marc W.
This is a below-average Hilton. They don't have queen beds -- the choices are king-sized beds or rooms with two doubles. The housekeeping staff is exceptional -- they're nice, responsive and helpful. Ditto the bell staff. Front desk people are okay. There are add-on charges for most every service (even Internet, for which they charged even though it didn't work), and the pool is small and has no hot-tub. The bar restaurant is far below average and the other restaurant didn't look all that appealing, either. Redeeming points are location and the bell and housekeeping staff.

23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
61. Jason C.
The guest services including front desk, valet, and housekeeping deserve 5 stars.  Location is 4.5 stars.  What makes this hotel an overall 3 are the rooms. They are small and dated. Not what I expected for 149 per night. Shower head is poor. Handle was loose and water got cold unless I moved handle back to previous position.  Bed was ok. Not great though. Bathroom small. Rooms are just not up
To date with the lobby or the staff. Overall it's just ok.

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Loren W.
An excellent stay. The room was spacious and very clean. Great staff that is very professional, courteous and friendly. Walking distance to a lot of Savannah and a great bar in the hotel with a hummus plate that is addicting. The third to last stop in 3 months on the road with the book tour in only Hilton's...This is one of the top ones of the entire tour across the US.

19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Sherri S.
Up front must admit I did not stay here. I wanted to but I erroneously booked the wrong dates and the hotel was full. However, Raymond, the manager on duty went above and beyond to find me another room closeby. The lobby is gorgeous and every staffmember I did interact with was outstanding. Valet is $20 with unlimited in/out but if you don't need your car there is a garage one block away that is 10$/day but no in/out.  Conference facilities were terrific.

21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Ickis M.
Pros: location, super friendly staff
Cons: almost everything else (for the price)

First off, we only paid government rate, so at least we didn't pay as much as some people pay for this hotel room which can only justify charging so much because of its location.

The pillow cases were dirty when we arrived. They had make-up stains and other miscellaneous stains, so we got most of them replaced, but we're pretty sure that's where my wife got pink eye.

The tub would not drain quickly enough, so we were standing in ankle deep water within three minutes of showering. We asked them to fix it, they said they did, they did not. If anything it got worse after they "fixed" it.

They want $10 a day for wifi, even though my reservation said it was included. (Fortunately, there was a super nice lady that gave me a promo code and it got it for free; that's how they earned their second star)
And they want $20 a day for vallet parking (no other parking available), and most other people said it took a really long time to get their car. Fortunately, our car had a roof rack so it stayed on the street and we didn't have to wait. Also, the vallet folks were also very nice while they made people wait.

Long story short; if you're staying 1-2 nights, don't have a car, and get a drastically reduced rate then it is a great location, as long as you don't spend a ton of time in your room.
Otherwise, there are better places to stay for a lot less.

15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. Joy V.
Wow.......such a disappointment for this hotel to be a Hilton! I am a loyal Hilton Honors Member and have never stayed at a Hilton with such low standards. No dusting at all was done (must show you a picture of what I found when I lifted the breakfast menu....OMG) on top of all the cleanness need the room is extremely small for which a guest pays. The best part of my stay was when the gentleman help us to our room making us feel welcomed! I will not be returning here and for others who are planning to come here should be aware of misleading pictures.The most ghetto hotel I have ever stayed in..... Had people on my floor all night loud and inconsiderate for who are sleeping. This is also non-smoking hotel who ever it was smoking.....this night has been unbelievable!

19/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
66. Denny S.
Old, but... Nice and clean.  Very friendly.  Check in and check out was awesome.  Will come back!

16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
67. Tom G.
The Hilton DeSoto is a tired old hotel with a staff to match.  I am a Marriott Platinum member and only stayed here because we were in town for a wedding and the wedding party was staying here.  I'm used to much better service at Marriott's.  Started off by (valet only parking) valet parking.  The attendant wouldn't help get the luggage out of the car.  She went over the car noting every tiny speck of a paint ding as if I were threatening to take her to court over car damage.  Similar experience on the way out - she stared at my luggage with the trunk opened as if it were a UFO until she finally muttered she wouldn't pick it up.  Has NEVER EVER happened in a Marriott before and I probably have close to 1000 nights in hotels for business and pleasure.  The rooms were clean enough but small, including the bathroom - very small.  The front desk folks normally shook their head one way or the other rather than answering questions with words.  Seemed like we were a bother to them.  Other members of the wedding party were treated rudely by the folks at the front desk.   And there was an issue with being put into rooms that were already occupied.  Bar staff was hit or miss; some good service mixed in with head nods and rude behavior, again, as if we being a bother to them rather than a guest.  Rooms came in at about $200 a night - no way worth it.  I do not recommend the DeSoto and if we had to do it again I'd stay somewhere else, wedding party or not.

28/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
68. Janie S.
Great rooms, love the views!! The concierge however was not helpful at all and acted as if we were being an inconvenience! But super affordable for the location.

25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
69. T W.
Very nice location. Close to everything.  Clean rooms, comfortable beds, good food in the restaurant,  but the staff made the stay even better.

The staff was friendly, accomodating, & very professional. Nice views in every room I went into, & some of the rooms have balconies. Get for cigar smokers like me. The bathrooms inside the guest rooms are very small and so is the swimming pool. The gym facilities had state of the art equipment, but not enough of them.

You have to use their valet service because they do not offer self parking, but the valet staff were courteous and fast. In a three day stay, I never waited long for my vehicle...& they didn't rob me of my change in the cup holder!

For the business traveler, this hotel is adequate. For a vacationing family, maybe not so much. All around decent hotel for Savannah.

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
70. Michael O.
So far, so bad.  To a hotel manager that is reading this:  here's how to accommodate weary guests - be considerate.  When someone checks in, and they tell you they've been on a redeye, it's your job to be mindful of this.  Meaning, yes, we got in earlier than the suggested check-in, but what your protocol should be is to prioritize the order in which the rooms are cleaned.  When I went to the floor that you said our room would be on (an hour later), and I see the maid cleaning OTHER rooms instead of the one you directed us to: you either switch us to one of those cleaned rooms OR YOU HAVE YOIR MAID PRIORITIZE THE ROOM FOR THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE COME IN ON A RED EYE AND ARE WAITING.  To make matters worse, try to wait at the bar and grab a bite and coffee and am told 'the bar opens at 1' when its 12:53?? Really?   I'm usually a Hilton fan, but not here.  Strong dislike.

20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
71. Collin S.
I don't have much to say about the Hilton except that I was here as a member of a wedding party.

Staff/valet was friendly and attentive, food was excellent, and the room was clean and comfortable with a great city view.

Definitely a nice place to stay.  It's not right on the water, but it's all so close because Savannah isn't that big that it doesn't matter.  Stay a little inland here and save some money.

10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Crystal P.
We stayed here for a business trip/mini family vacation. Rooms were nice. Beds were comfortable. Pillows left something to be desired, so next time I'd bring my own. The shower was bad - the lever to change the water from coming out of the shower head to the spout was broken so when I gave my son baths u just had to wait and wait while the tub slowly filled via the shower head. And the temp of the water changed a lot during my shower, but maybe that's due to there being people in other rooms showering at the same time. I don't know. Sometimes it would get scorching hot though. The staff however was extremely friendly and helpful. The valet was great. $25/day is crazy expensive though... That's plus tips. I don't mind tipping since I used to wait tables, but it adds up on top of the $25/day fee for parking. The hotel was beautiful and in a great location. Lots of restaurants, parks, shops, etc nearby. We would stay again.

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Misty S.
The guest services / reception was warm and welcoming.  Very nice and our room was ready early!  The hotel is also in a great location.

The bummer parts:
1.  The room was a little old and dingy, there was paint coming off in the bathroom, etc...
2.  Very load by the elevator is where our room was and unfortunately at 7:30am we had cleaning crew up there, talking loudly, opening and shutting doors and the elevator going up and down.

I would probably stay there again, but not at that price point.  There are tons of other hotels in the area with better prices that are quaint.

Not a terrible experience, but not the best experience I've had.  The hotel staff were all very kind, which was a plus!

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
74. Souad D.
Pros: perfect location; great friendly staff.
Cons: VERY thin walls, you will hear your next door neighbor sneeze!  Not the most comfortable bed and low pressure shower.

We had couple appetizers at the hotel bar...SKIP eating there..food was flavorless!

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
75. Brandis B.
Beautiful welcoming lobby. We really enjoyed the convenience of the valet. Staff was friendly, personable, professional, and happy to share their knowledge or the area with us. Savannah tour information is available in the lobby via a representative. Tickets may be purchased there as well. Great location and only about 15 mins waking distance from the river. I really enjoyed the central air system as it has a heat/ cool option whereas other hotels just have varying degrees of cool air.
Only cons:  The bathroom could have been a little cleaner and the shower temperature is dangerous going from a set temperature to burning hot for no reason I could find. The  building exterior could really use some love! This building is an eyesore compared to the historically beautiful architecture found around town.

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Garnet F.
Great location, not so great hotel.  First, our AC didn't work.  After a few hours of calling the front desk they finally sent a guy up who said "there is so much dust in the vent" that he couldnt get it to work.   So they put us in a new room at 10pm.  Then we saw a roach crawling up the bed, one of those small german roaches.  Also found a dirty fake nail in the bathtub.  The whole place was just dirty.  The breakfast was horrible and over priced. Dont be fooled by the pretty lobby and friendly staff, this place is no good.

12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
77. Alex P.
Stayed here over memorial day and the hotel was not too bad. It's dated and mostly not in a charming way. Rooms need some renovation, because whatever renovations they've undergone previously were done very poorly. The breakfast was excellent and free if you are diamond of course. The dining room for breakfast is gorgeous!

It was disappointing to get a downgrade on our room rather than a Diamond upgrade. We had one night booked for corner room and one for regular (don't ask me, hilton reservations department was incapable as always). Upon arrival, they downgraded both nights to a regular as they could not give us a corner room for both nights and I did not want to switch rooms. What a joke!

Anyways, this hotel was a great reminder of why I started staying in Starwood now for work. With hilton, you earn up points and status, but rarely get an upgrade or at least a notable upgrade.

26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
78. Katherine I.
This hotel is really well situated in the historic district, just a couple of blocks from Oglethorpe Square.  The hotel itself was obviously built in the 60s and doesn't really fit in well with the architecture of tge historic district.  Fortunately the hotel has been remodeled.

I met my husband here after he had already been at a conference for a couple of days. This room was not ideal and needed some repairs.  The slider to the balcony was off track; some wallpaper was peeling in the bathroom; and the bed was messed up. We asked them to fix the bed, but it wasn't done properly. The front desk moved us immediately to another room with no fuss. The next room was much better with everything in working order.

The people at the front desk remembered my husband and I when we passed through the lobby and asked how our new room was working out. We really appreciated the good customer service.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Diane G.
This hotel seemed to be very centrally located, a few blocks off the interstate and within walking distance to the river (about 6-7 blocks), civic center (3-4 blocks), oodles of shopping and dining options in every direction, parks and landmarks. Our party was able to comfortably walk to all planned events.

The lobby area is quite large and tastefully appointed, with bright elegant chandeliers. The guest room was slightly dated (we had a standard room with two double beds) but a decent size and it was clean and comfortable; the bathroom was also slightly dated and very, very small. We did not visit the pool, fitness center, or any on-site dining.

Our room was on the 7th floor and offered a beautiful view of the historic district and the bridge. It was, however, just off the elevator and the alarm went off several times during the night (waking me each time). I think the walls may be a little thin as I could also hear an infant crying in an adjacent room and other guests as they passed outside the room.

02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. Alie P.
Five star customer service. Check in, valet, customer service were all very accommodating and friendly. They really go the extra mile. We asked for a roll away at check in and it was in our room when we opened the door. We then received a phone call from the front desk asking if we needed anything. Then when we were down in the lobby again they asked how we were and if we needed a map.

Parking is $20 a night and there is valet service. You can request your car as often as you need to. The location of the hotel is good. You are close to a lot of landmarks and small boutiques.

The lobby is pretty and well maintained. They serve Starbucks and have a restaurant. We did not eat at the restaurant, so I am not sure how good the food is.

The rooms are clean but outdated that is why I gave three stars. Beds are uncomfortable and pillows are too, unless you like really flat pillows. Bathroom is really small and falling apart. The shower has great water pressure with plenty of hot water. But why don't they have a fan?

Also room had a great view. I think the room is average but does not seem like a Hilton to me. I have never stayed in a run down Hilton before.

26/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
81. Jessica S.
Let's just list the points:

1) good rooms.  Larger than most in the historic district, clean and comfy.
2) elegance, class, and location!! Yes.yes.yes!
3) the views.  THE VIEWS.  Best in the HD!

20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Snow D.
Just checked in
I can't believe my eye
Pooped in toilet..
The glass was greasy and someone's lipst was half wiped...
Disappointed! !!!!!!!!!!

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. Tim N.
This Hilton location was satisfactory, although there are some maintenance oversights and thin walls which detract from the experience somewhat.

+ Free Wi-fi.
+ Beautiful views of Savannah from almost every room.
+ Friendly front desk staff.
+ Great location central to Savannah, in walking distance to River street and many other attractions.
+ Climate control works well.

- The only parking option is valet for $25 per night.
- The gym is relatively nice, with free weights, a large rubber floor mat, elliptical, bike and multiple treadmills.  Unfortunately, the machines have not been well maintained (buttons were inoperable on the elliptical), and the air conditioning in the gym doesn't work so be prepared to sweat.
- We were woken up many times by the sound of doors slamming down the hallway.  Walls are thin here.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. Samantha J.
Came here for brunch on Sunday morning and the food was delicious! I loved that they offered a good range of breakfast and lunch items including a carving station for prime rib or make to order omelettes. They did have some desserts there, however they were not too appealing after eating breakfast food.

The staff was courteous and checked on our party of  more than 50 people numerous times to see if we needed any extra beverages during the course of our meal. It was a nice location right across from one of the squares and easily accessible via horse drawn carriages or walking through the beautiful historic district.

17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0