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Mansion on Forsyth Park, Autograph Collection in Savannah, GA

Mansion on Forsyth Park, Autograph Collection in Savannah, GA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.11

Address: 700 Drayton St., Savannah, GA, 31401
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
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Comments (113):

1. Nicolas T.
This is a nice hotel.  If you like the Schrager properties, you'll like The Mansion.  A former funeral home converted into a luxury "boutique" hotel, it's got all of the art and amenities you'd come to expect in a cool, urban center, except it's in Savannah.  Not to dis Savannah, a town with more history and architectural significance than most major metros, but this hotel would be comfortable in SoHo.  I really enjoyed my stay, but had probably more to do with the company than the actual hotel.  The artwork in the hallways are somewhat Picaasso-esque, but a little more garish.  The room was opulent, if not a little small.  The furniture off of the charts, but a little trendy.  The bed as super comfortable and rocked.  The service was good, but not out of this world.  The pool is heated, but not to the 79 degrees that they suggest.  I had a wonderful time and wouldn't have changed a thing.  The only thing that I missed was a little soul.  I guess that's something that's probably missing from all of these nightclub turned hoteliers locations.   They're all pretty high on the eye candy and relatively small on soul.  Needless to say, I enjoy a little eye candy from time to time and sometimes it's appropriate.  Cheers.

08/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Connie C.
This hotel is beautiful. The original mansion is now the 700 restaurant (which is delicious) which is right next door (and also does the room service).  The hotel is elegant, but contemporary (they have all sorts of cool art on the walls).  It is located in downtown Savannah close to pretty much everything and right on (as the name indiates) "Forsyth Park"  The hotel is pet friendly and also has a spa and Art Gallery Store.  The rooms are nice with a nice fluffy bed and bedding.  They have a desk in case you want to work.  And a nice large Garden Tub with doors above so you can watch the TV in the living area.  I had a wonderful time and felt extremely relaxed when I left!  The hotel is a resort, so you will expect to pay more than just a regular hotel.

06/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. David H.
They're kidding right?  Five stars?  For me, three stars is being generous.  It's a beautiful building from the outside and the people working there are well-trained and very nice.  But the decor; if that's important to you - the decor is horrendous.  "Art" hanging everywehre; all by one person who thinks he or she has talent but does bad copies of Chagall or Picasso (the copies aren't really good enough to tell which).  Hundreds of them, all hung in elaborate frames.  Believe me, this is really bad, bad art.  Then the red velvet curtains hanging all over and the hallways claustrophobic because of the fake crystal chandeliers dropping low overhead.  Then the rooms.  Some people might like the bathtub in the bedroom.  Not I.  Old tube TVs.  Very soft mattresses (hate that).  $5 bottles of Evian.  I'm running out of room.  No, we won't stay there again, at least until Marriott remodels.

18/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Todd W.
This is our second time staying at the Mansion.  This is an amazing 4 diamond hotel and deserves even higher ratings.  The rooms are luxurious, beds large and comfortable and the lotions and shampoos are spa quality.  For the pet owner, you could not ask for better settings.  A beautiful park across the street is perfect for dog walks and the staff is most accommodating to the four legged guests.  This hotel, its staff and its wonderful restaurant rates as among the top in my book.  It is also a wonderful surprise to experience all of this at a price that compares to a Hilton or Marriott.  I will certainly visit again!!

09/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. R W.
Add me to the fan list here. I love this hotel and I look forward  to returning soon.  Biggest pluses: art gallery decor, comfortable bed and beddings, huge bathtub, great lighting design, and attentive service.  A few minor quibbles: with the bathtub should be some nice bath salts or bubble bath, and room cleaning seemed a little slow and lackadaisical.  But I would definitely return, and recommend to my friends.

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. D K.
Just got back from 5 days at the mansion I thought for the money it was a steal I agree with a lot of what others say above The bell men and the other greeters at the door were simply delightful and could not have been any more helpful or friendly,the front desk a little stiffer .Maybe their not used to the  blue jean crowd that much. I felt we were going to be underdressed from the time i got there but quickly got over that. A couple of dining  suggestions turned out to be flops so we quickly changed our approach on how to ask for a recommendation  and who to ask. Two of the places they said to go to were closed ! So we would ask IS this your std line or is it a place you would go to ? Once we did that things changed. The free car service around town until 10 pm at night is worth the price to valet park for 20.00 day .Parking is limited in the area so consider as part of the room charge. They  do sweep the streets at night so I dont think you want to get up and move your car.  So no issues there When i extended my stay for 2 more days i got a better rate then i did thru Expedia with out even asking for it  so call them first before you book 159.00 night with a deluxe lovely spacious room. Yes some of the carpet is getting shabby but  I couldn't take my eyes off the Art anyway ! Its fabulous &  the gallery is awesome. We had cocktails at  700 but decided to go elsewhere for dinner because we WERE underdressed Its is simply magnificent  but will eat there next time for sure.  Lobby bar was very friendly. I did order flowers for Valentines days  for our arrival and double checked to make sure it was going to be taken care of but they never arrived and no one offered any thing in return or ever sent them. The park across the street was heaven .We would sit out there daily and drink beer, or coffee I brought my guitar.  it was glorious with all the SCAD students and locals out with their dogs so pretty. You can walk downtown to the river as  we did several times and to all the squares  thru the lovely neighborhoods. My only knock is Im an early riser like to get up go get something for breakfast and bring back to  the room Well you have to walk across the street  to the cafe to get that but it was very good once you got it. I would def stay there again  no question about it.  Its far enough from the "tourist district by the river" to give a nice sense of the local neighborhood and a few minute ride by the hotel cars who were ready to go in 5 minutes anytime we wanted.We visited the sister hotel down on the river and had drinks & oysters  on the roof the Bohemian But Ill take the Mansion any day. We did have a few "odd experiences" with some of the locals Like 3-4 times being told are first choice for dinner or a DRINK was not available It couldn't have been a coincidence.The pool area is Ok  it could use some sprucing up that is the smoking part of the Hotel and the only one. I obeyed it because of  the 250 fine for smoking in a room.  My only last little peeve was having to use your room key 24/7 in the elevator to the room we got stuck in there once for a few minutes because our cards de magnetized  I almost hit the alarm button  The fro t desk just kind of shrugged there shoulders I can see after 10 pm but in the middle of the day ? Stay there you wont regret it and go to Christopher's for Breakfast up the block

20/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Kristen M.
Top Notch all the way...amazing rooms, and probably the most attentive staff during the DAY.  At night, the service was awful...we had to carry our own bags upstairs.  The bathroom was amazing, the size of most European hotel rooms...great shower and tub.  The location is wonderful, great views of the park.

13/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Sharon E.
This beautifully restored mansion hotel on Forsyth was a perfect way to experience Savannah.  This well-appointed hotel had the charm of the deep south and the luxury one comes to expect from a Preferred Hotel.  Great service, wonderful restaurant - 700 Drayton - in the hotel and a park across the street to take a jog around.  Just be on your guard it you go for a stroll in the late evening.  I was slightly worried about my safety when taking a walk since the hotel borders some dodgier areas of town.

20/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Lisa F.
the atmosphere was heavenly right across from the park.   And the people went out of thier way to make you feel welcome and help in what ever way they could or just sit and chat with you !!!!   it is kinda close to the ghetto but what city doesn't have one.......    I found it charming and relaxing after a long day .  Oh and even if you are not staying here the charm of the Hat collection and all the art work is worth exploring.   I found my self walking around looking at art for hours between the hotel and the rest.

11/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Scott B.
My wife and I went here for one final trip before our baby comes in September and this hotel is TOP NOTCH all around.  Staff were all very friendly (with exception of one a little stand offish one time when I told him the ATM was empty) But there were always one or two people there to open the doors when we came in and out, saying hello/how are you, how was your day etc.  Room was large, had very nice furnishings and the bed was THE most comfortable we have ever been in.  We loved the huge tub that could open into the bedroom (With closing doors if you choose), separate shower and high end glass/ marble everywhere.  

The Mansion halls all had Kessler's art collection by the hundreds on each floor, a separate gallery and many more in the 700 Drayton adjoining bar and restaurant.  Location was great to me on the Forsyth Park (largest square in city) and we used the free hotel shuttle twice when tired of all the walking around town.  They will drop you off where u need to go and/or pick you up when you need to be which is a nice feature.....the area pool was extremely nice for relaxing and enjoying the sun.  My wife also said the massage at the spa was great too, (although pricey at $130 for an hour).  And the TV was a nice large flat screen for the person who was disappointed in the TV in the past.  

I am not sure what many of the picky complaints of some people are but this was a absolutely great experience there and place was all class and top notch.

TIPS - Skip the valet which cost $20 a day, b/c you can park on the street on the back side of the mansion for free.  AND if you happen to be a federal employee the discount per night is insane. Use it.

01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Valeri W.
Have never stayed in the hotel or eaten at the resteraunt but took an all day cooking class there and it was very helpful and fun.

11/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Lacey G.
I'm not a fan of the state of GA, but I LOVE Savannah!  It  is completely different than the rest of GA.  This hotel is the best in Savannah!  The restaurant is to die for and they have a wonderful selection of wine.  The rooms are very comfortable, and romantic and you can't beat the price.  The bathroom is beautiful and makes me want to remodel my own bathroom!  If you are travelling to Savannah, just book this hotel!  You won't regret it!

20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. C. P.
My husband and I stayed here in June 2008 and had the most wonderful experience. Everything about this hotel was absolutely beautiful, and of the utmost quality! The staff was terrific and the room and corridors were immaculately clean. We hope to stay again someday while visiting Savannah.

14/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Emily L.
Again, we bumped into this hotel while we walked around Forsyth Park. Even if you are not a hotel guest, you should just walk in to check out the surroundings and the art gallery store inside. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous with stunning wall arts and intricate chandeliers. If I'm not mistaken, the restroom has 8 individual stalls with different wall hangings in each of them. There is also a huge piano sitting outside of the bar. Who would imagine this is more than just a hotel!

30/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. matt b.

the tv is grainy. Is that an acceptable slight? If not, then fine. Deal with it, it's 5 stars. There is a TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER in the bathroom.

(I wanted to leave it at that, but for real, espresso maker in the room, impeccable decor, fantastic bathroom. also, there is art EVERYWHERE. and caps. EVERYWHERE. but really, it's one of the best hotels I've ever been in, on the front-end, at least.)

09/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Larry R.
I had to attend a conference, classes, and exam here. My four nights were great! It is so eclectic that even after four days, I was still finding things to look at. The room was comfortable and a good place to recharge. There are so many touches such as marble, art work, etc. The most amazing thing was the service. Ask and ye shall receive. I ate some meals at the restaurant and it was top notch even though I was with a group. The food service in the conference room was great too. The fruit was fresh, appealing, seasonal, and local. A charming place. I will stay there when I go back on vacation.

13/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. John B.
Great location on Forsyth Park, though on the outskirts of most of the action in Savannah, there is a plus to that as well.

Sadly, the staff at the Mansion leaves much to be desired. One woman in our party arrived alone in the morning, and no one helped with her bags or the door. The front desk staff doesn't seem particularly knowledgeable about restaurants or activities. I had much better luck googling our events. When manning the door (which is intermittent), the valet and bellhops would open, but no smiles or warm welcomes. Expect better treatment from the front desk? Forget it. Returning to the hotel and greeting the staff with a a warm, "good evening!" elicited a raised head and a forced groan.  It was absolutely embarrassing, and just plain rude. Getting a smile out of someone behind the desk is hard work. The one exception: the lounge bartender was quite pleasant. He even overheard one in my party ask another for a particular toiletry and without us asking went on a quick hunt to find the item.

Our experience in Savannah has been almost across the board filled with kindness, friendliness and gracious hospitality. So odd that one of the lovely places to stay here has forgotten about the key to the hospitality business!

Other smaller suggestions: would be nice if TV was viewable from bed, Internet is spotty and often goes down for a minute or two before coming back up, room service menu is a little light on options.

28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
18. MARK M.
Excellent hotel.  We loved the artwork throughout the building and in our room.  The room takes the cake though.  Great location as well.  We used valet parking but it is not really that necessary if you are willing to put up with a little walking around the corner.

04/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. MJ H.
Hotel is clean, but the staff could use hospitality training. The rooms are small and stuffy. The artwork around the property is unique, especially the hat timeline display. They borrowed the ambiance from W Hotels.  Save your money and do not bother staying on the concierge level, the " so called lounge" is nothing to boast about.  The location is many blocks from downtown, so be prepared to walk a distance.

23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Sarah C.
This place is beautiful, elegant, artsy, and I was completely awestruck.

From the outside, you really couldn't tell what awaited you until you walked in...we actually drove right past it!

Artwork is all around the hotel, every corridor, room, hallway is filled with amazing pictures, sculptures, vases, flowers....and all different kind of chandeliers. I love love love chandeliers!!! Cabana style outdoor pool which I thought would be a great spot for a live dj and drinks at night~ w/ the spotlight on the pool...(hope they do that sometime)

The room was trendy & chic, & comfortable! Loved the bed, loved the jet tub, and the exxtras they did during the weekend.

The service was amazing. Can't say enough about my first experience in the south. They really do provide great customer service- Southern hospitality is right. =)

17/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. southern k.
A couple years ago, I created a little "story" that I was a direct descendent of Russian Royalty.  Hey, a girl's gotta keep herself amused while stuck in hour long commutes!  

Anyways, for a special b-day, my best friend treated me to this AMAZING piece of heaven on earth.  Yes, we heard rumors about this place but nothing, no pictures (although you should check out their website) or words could do justice.  Once we walked through the doors, my little "story" was no longer a fairy tale.  I felt like I was back to my roots.  Short of being bathed in a milk bath with 24 karat sprinkles by an entourage of virgins, this is the very definition of decadency (I'm sure if you look hard enough it's somewhere on their spa menu),

The decor is Versace restrained.  There are elements of the grandiose  tempered by a modern minimalist flair.  But who cares about the decor, when the best part of the hotel is their BED!  Every inch of it is covered by Frette!  It has an extra 2-3 inches of down and the pillows, don't get me started.  Guys and some ladies, if you ever wonder what it would be like to have your head nestled in the bosoms of a buxom, Italian woman (a la Monica Bellucci), check yourselves into this hotel!

19/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Mark C.
First, let me say that every single staff person I saw was very friendly and helpful, and the place is beautiful. That said, though, there were a number of bothersome things about this place, beginning with the fact that "omelets" was misspelled on the in-room menu, and that I had to explain specifically that I qualified for free wi-fi. There were weird decisions that make you wonder who it was that thought they were good ideas: the entry to the bathroom is a double door, with a separate door for the toilet area and for the shower. But there is no lock anywhere, so you'd better be with friends. And if you take a shower, there is no place within eight feet to put a towel except on the floor. No hooks, no rods. Most irritating is that the lighting is very poor, with a few chandelier-like things around the room, but no matter how many lights I turned on, it was hard to see how to use the coffee maker. I will say this, though: the toilet seat was spectacularly comfortable (credit where credit is due).

29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Gary C.
Thinking of Proposing? Do you want to sweep her/him of their feet? This is the place. PURE LUXURY, ELEGANCE! Free Shuttle to take you to River Street. Concierge Lounge. Luxury all the way! Excellent Service and Staff! Never a disappointment! The place to stay in Savannah.

17/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Yuna P.
On our recent trip to Savannah, my boyfriend and I took our car.  Having done a quick road trip, I can firmly tell you that I hate being confined in a car for 4-freaking-straight-hours!

As a result, when I arrived in Savannah, I was in a grumpy mood because of the long ride.  But Mansion accommodated me in every way that I felt home right away.  The gorgeous artworks around the hotel made me forget about the horrendous car ride immediately.  The staff provided a very professional but friendly service.  Above all, what I really appreciated was the hotel's attention to every little detail.  For instance, the entire hotel is beautifully decorated with many paintings and sculptures.  From gorgeous decorations to color-themed furniture's, every room has a character of its own.

Mansion on Forsyth Park isn't just for resting; it's meant to be enjoyed by every sense in your body: Your eyes will enjoy the wide collection of artworks, your tired body will enjoy the comfortable bed, and your taste buds will enjoy the delicious food provided by the 700 Drayton Restaurant (In charge of the In-room dining service).

27/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Travis M.
Recently stayed here for a weekend getaway with my better half and couldn't have been happier. Everything about the hotel was awesome! From the minute you walk in the staff is very helpful, attentive and accommodating. The halls and rooms are covered in original artwork and the hotel also had a very nice fitness center.

The room was very large and spacious with high ceilings and designer lighting that gave the room just the right touch. The bathroom was covered in marble and had the best shower I've ever used! It was about 5 feet by 7 feet and had shower heads on either side and a rain shower coming down in the middle! The bed was also very comfortable.

I do have a couple of gripes. Our room was on the first floor with a window facing the pool. Well every morning around 8 they turned on jazz music at the pool which would wake me up (I'm a very light sleeper, I like to think I'm part ninja) also the location wasn't very conducive to walking. The hotel did have a car service though that we used quite often to go out to river street. It saves having to leave our car over night or having to take a taxi both ways! There was a nice little coffee shop for breakfast at the west end of Forsyth park if you don't want to pay the astronomical room-service prices.

Overall I was quite impressed with the mansion and if I get another promo code, we'll be returning again!

21/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Kevin B.
Loved it !

09/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Jonathan C.
Absolutely flawless.  The new addition to the original mansion matches it in drama and charm, and it was done by one of my fav architects so I'm a little biased lol.  This place is what modern luxury is all about:  trendy, classy, chic.  Art, furniture, chandeliers, pool courtyard, everything is designed to a tee.  Loved the orchids in the elevators.
Service is kind but not mushy, thank god.  The rooms are plush and elegant: faux fur, crystal, marble.  The soak in the pedestal tub was just what I needed after a four hour car trip. Bed was too comfy, a little too soft for me.   The hotel has a great location at the top of the Historic District, making walking a breeze.  Overall, the Mansion is even more evidence that the future of downtown Savannah is centered on design. It makes a lasting impression, to say the least.

23/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Mike B.
This place is pretty sweet!

The rooms are laid out for the higher end experience. If you get one of the corner rooms they are huge...see if you can request one.

The bar / restaurant are attached to the outside of the Mansion and up some 'leopard carpeted' stairs, no seriously the carpet is leopard print! The bar area is a pretty nice setup with outside seating that overlooks the part across the street.

The Mansion is quite a bit of a walk from the main drag so be prepared for it. They do have a driver service that is extremely useful. They will take you around and pick you up. So you don't have to walk unless you want to.

The gym is not up to the standard of the hotel which is the only down fall of the property. So, use the park across the street for your workout!

I haven't stayed at any other properties in Savannah so I don't have a comparison but I will definitely try and stay here again.

05/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Darren H.
Really beautiful arty's rooms. large free standing tube with separate glass shower. Huge bed's, if you're looking to impress someone this is the one to pick in Savannah. I'm sure to make this a main-stay when I head to this area.  This hotel is a bit of a walk from the river front area but while on vacation a leisurely stroll does the mind/body/soul good.

07/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Brandy B.
I always try to stay at The Mansion because it is close walking Distance to Gallery Espresso, Pinkie Masters, and a few other places I miss from when I used to live there.

If you want to experience what living in an old southern home is like then you should stay at a nice B and B like Hamilton Turner Inn.

07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Heidi S.
What a charming and lovely hotel, right on Forsyth Park in Savannah. We were in town for a memorial concert and we had a great time staying at this upscale hotel with a terrific spa and restaurant. The room was delightful, will all the amenities that a hotel should have. And any problem we encountered was taken care of right away--always the hallmark of great customer service. We will be back again!

29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Tangy W.
I couldn't decide between staying at this hotel or the Avia which was right in the middle of the historic district and for the money I should have stayed at the Avia. We prefer a more modern boutique type of hotel and while the Mansion is nice, it wasn't what I expected. Management needs to replace a few things in the rooms. The sheets and duvet were clean but you could tell they had been washed too much, the towels for this category hotel where really awful and the carpet had stains in the hallways. I did enjoy the ambiance in the rooms, the chandeliers' and plush chairs and velvet accents in the decor were really nice.

The artwork all over the hotel is absolutely gorgeous and a must see if you stay there. We didn't eat at the hotel restaurant or really use any of the amenities, we opted to explore the historic district and enjoy the restaurants downtown. I don't think I would return to the Mansion, for the money I would try the Avia or pay more for The Bohemian Hotel on the Riverfront.

01/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. C H.
I have stayed all over Savannah. This is not my ideal hotel, but I have to admit that the Mansion is luxurious and polished. This is a great honeymoon or VIP kind of place.  I wanted to give it 3 stars since it is not my dream place, but thinking back to places I've stayed during my travels, 4 stars is fair.

The beds are decadent, you can comfortably watch Law & Order from your giant bathtub, and everything is very clean.  If you get to choose, get a room with a view of the park or the pool.

You have to valet, and while they go get your vehicle you can read the list of VIPs and aliases on that handy list that they leave out near the keys.

The hotel has a service that will take you downtown. I've never used it, but its a convenient option.

Personally, I'd rather be downtown, within walking distance of multiple restaurants,  I'd rather park my own car, and I'd rather ride in an elevator with guests who will have a conversation with you when you say "hello."

10/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Roger S.
To start with this hotel is not a Best Western or Holiday Inn.  It is a rather upscale hotel.  As such the rooms were certainly on a much higher level than typical hotel chains, and as such the rates are not cheap as I recall.  There is a nice park across the street from the hotel.

Nonetheless there were factors about the hotel I did not care for.  First and perhaps foremost is its location.  If one is staying here in the spring or fall it might be work, but in the July heat of Savannah & 100 degree temperatures, do you really want to walk a mile or so to get to the downtown area?  Yes it is within walking distance of downtown, but even this warm weather fanatic who loves the tropics found it uncomfortable to walk this far in this kind of weather.  I would rather be located downtown within the heart of Savannah.

2nd the hotel is unique but has an eeriness about it.  The paintings in the hallways attempted to portray modern art I suppose, but paintings of women with misplaced body parts and eyes that don't line up on a normal face made me feel I was in some black & white episode of the Twilight Zone.

I have no complaints about the staff or cleanliness of the hotel, but I think (or hope) there are better choices.

05/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
35. Nikki W.
I visited this restaurant with my family, and the food was very tasty. The crab cake sandwich was really good. The sandwich came with sweet potato fries, but the first batch wasn't that great. They were really dark and tasted of grease. They provide me with a new order, and they tasted delicious!!!

Would definitely return.

13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Terry F.
Overall, the look and feel of the Mansion is polished.  But for the price, I expected more--like having a concierge on duty when I arrive and during the day when departing from the lobby area.  No room upgrade was offered to me, either, even though I am a Marriott Rewards Platinum member.  Room service was also very slow to deliver an ice bucket and wine glasses...and I am still waiting on my order of mixed nuts and red wine.

08/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Tiffany D.
Mansion at Forsyth Park is the "creme de la creme" of hotels in Savannah as many of our tour guides pointed out.  My fiance and I spent our anniversary weekend here and were not disappointed!
From the gorgeous entry to our fabulous room and great bar/lounge I don't think we could ever stay anywhere else again when visiting Savannah!  The one potential drawback of distance to the historic district is well compensated for by the free shuttle service provided to Mansion Guests.  
The standard rooms feel like suites with an oversized jacuzzi tub and very spacious accommodations.  
We also had breakfast at 700 Drayton which was delicious and surprisingly decently priced.
The Mansion really is a must-stay for any well-traveled guest heading to Savannah!

22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Arlynn W.
I'm a big fan of any of the Kessler hotels & The Mansion on Forsyth is no exception! I am so lucky that my BFF opted to have her December '10 wedding reception in the hotel's FABULOUS ball room/marble courtyard because there was no excuse for me & the Hubs, as well as some other lucky family members not to stay here :-) Especially when I located an excellent room rate, even lower than the reserved wedding rate via TravelZoo!

From the moment one pulls up & is greeted by the friendly valets and bellhops, you know you're somewhere a little extra special... The small-ish yet tastefully appointed lobby is welcoming and there's so much to satisfy the senses! My favorite being sight, as the hotel's artwork collection is wonderful!

We booked a standard king room & were pleasantly surprised with the room's spacious feeling (large by boutique hotel standards) and fun open bathroom, with a nice big tub and separate tiled shower. The colors, textures and textiles used throughout the hotel are magnificent - anything from crystal and mirror to green velvet...wowza!

The Mansion offers free shuttle service to anywhere in historic Savannah between about 8am and 11pm & we certainly took advantage of it! The shuttle drivers were friendly and offered great suggestions on the best places to go out in Savannah.

The only negative - the high price for parking. I believe it was aprox. $30/car/day. A little steep, even for Savannah standards, however with the great deal we got through TravelZoo, we were a-ok with it :-)

I'll let my friend post about her wedding experience - but as a guest and wedding party member, I was extremely pleased with the ballroom setup, food (although the shrimp 'n grits could have been replenished a bit more often on the buffet) and overall service. It was a great experience that I know many of the guests continue to gush about!

27/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Liz M.
I wanted my 95th review to be someplace special.
(Saving the 100th for somewhere special in my hometown)

This is one of the grandest, most beautiful, hotels that I have ever stayed at in my whole life!

We stayed here the night of my daughter's wedding.
The small reception was held at the hotel's outstanding restaurant, 700 Drayton, and the ceremony was held across the street in Forsyth Park (see review).

This hotel is the definition of EXQUISITE!!!
Top notch, high end, impeccable.
The service, the rooms, the staff, the lobby, the food, beyond outstanding!

From the moment you check-in at the front desk to the morning that you leave, you are treated like a celebrity.

Velvet upholstery, crystal chandeliers, fine artwork, marble floors and tubs, complete class. Not a detail missed.

Laying my head on the fluffy, soft, top of the line, pillows and linens was the perfect end to a perfect day!

Just a side note...the groom forgot his dress socks, my husband gave him his, and the concierge actually had a bellhop run a new pair (who knows where they bought them) over to the park where the men were lining up before the ceremony started!

25/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Danielle B.
I really wanted to like this place....Great location and friendly staff but it didn't meet my expectations. First arrive with no hot water. Try to call the front desk and the phone doesn't go through so call the front desk from my cell phone. They send maintenance to our room broiler needs to be reset and apparently the phone had not been programmed so he said dial 0 for front desk. I'm sorry but this nice of a hotel should have all numbers programmed in the phone. Closer inspection to the bathroom and there is mold in several spots in and around the shower. (Posted picture) First night there was a wedding reception that had loud music till 11:30pm, annoying after a long day of traveling. Two nights in my husband wakes up in the middle of the night to a smell best described as a rotten egg that has enveloped the entire room he called the front desk to find out there is a paper mill near by and it must have seeped through the vents. They brought air fresher to our room at 3am which was kind. Sheets came off the mattress every night I have never had that situation and I travel a lot. Our last day we had a fire evacuation due to construction someone caught the inside of the connecting restaurant on fire. We were able to go back to our rooms shortly thereafter. Overall not the best hotel experience and although the decor was impeccable it is not enough for me to EVER stay there again on a visit back to Savannah not unless it was FREE. Do not recommend.

06/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. Nique F.
The name says it all. The Mansion will make you feel like a celebrity, from the minute their attentive little bellboys open the door for you. We arrived at the Mansion after a hellish travel day, and didn't make it to our room until 1am, but it was definitely a sight for our sore eyes.

The feel of the entire property is decadent, plush, and beckons indulgence. It's a little glitzy, but in a romantic-gothic sort of way, which totally fits the theme (The Mansion was once a mortuary, after all).  I hear that each room is slightly different - ours had a big tub with half-doors that opened up to the bedroom area, so you could carry on a conversation while one person is having a bubble bath and the other is lounging on the bed...an odd, but interesting detail. The shower and toilet are separated by a slightly-opaque glass wall, so once again...one person can shower while the other's on the pot and you can still have a face-to-face chat. An interesting way to "bond" with your travel partner or get over your stage fright...

Service was wonderful. No overkill, just very attentive and polished with a hint of southern charm. For example, we went swimming in the hotel pool in the middle of a thunderstorm and instead of telling us we couldn't because of those silly pool rules, they offered to bring us dry towels when we were finished. Customer service, baby. That's what it's all about.

Room service was yummy and overpriced, but you're at the Mansion, c'mon, live a little. The bar is a fun place to start or end your night too, especially if you're in the mood for more expensive grub and fancy drinks.

Great location overlooking Forsyth Park and a 10 minute walk to downtown. If splurging is your game, the Mansion is waiting for you.

04/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Shane M.
Very enjoyable stay, valet and bell men were quite good.  Front desk was good...not great.  Overall a bit pricey relative to service levels.  Art throughout the hotel, hanging in front of curtained walls was really neat.  Bed was lousy for me (super duper soft and marshmallowy).  I like firm beds, this was the opposite.  Very well designed, can't say I love the lack of a bathroom/toilet door.  Location was really nice.  I'd go back.

05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Sarah B.
The other yelpers had said this hotel was about as cool as it gets, and I must agree.
Amazing modern art, if it's not your taste big deal, luxurious treatments everywhere, and great rooms.
We enjoyed our stay here so much we altered our travel plans home to take a different interstate and visit another Kessler property in Asheville, NC.
Great room, great super comfortable bed, big soaking tub in a great bathroom, and a heated pool we just get in mid-March and stand for a little while!
We opted for the slight upgrade room to have  Park View - nice.  If I can figure out how to add my iphone photos to this review, I will.
The only minor complaint we had is our bathroom shower glass door did not properly connect and stay to the glass door for the water closet.  Thus, you'd be in the shower and the door was move slightly ajar and the marble bathroom floor got wet.  When we stayed in their Asheville property, the bathroom shower door construction was different so I think they learned a lesson.
If you are visiting Savannah and stay here, buy the on/off trolly pass thru one of the trolley companies for tourists (we picked Old Savannah Tours).  The hotel is one of their stops, so you can ride the trolley to go shopping or to River St., etc. and not try and park your car.  You won't want to try and park your car - trust me.  Spaces are few and far between - and they are all metered and/or pay lots.  Well worth the trolley pass.
Overall, loved it. Would recommend.  Our next trip we'll probably stay in another property just because we appreciate the different experiences, but this one is worth it.

01/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Jennifer B.
A good hotel! I am a huge fan of the decor which is really funky and modern with a wide variety of art which I really enjoy. I really enjoyed staying next to the park instead of the more touristy riverfront. All of the staff here were great especially the valet staff.
The rooms were so comfortable with a great bathtub and snugly robes. They also have a pool which is kinda small but still nice in the summer time. The spa here was also really incredible. I had a wonderful facial and would highly recommend a visit.  Overall, a good bet for a nice hotel in Savannah!

23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. LeiLani G.

My bridesmaids and I stayed at the Mansion the night before my wedding. My mother in law booked the room and my sister in law called to confirm that we could take all of our photos there the day of the wedding.

So my photographer and I planned to shoot the getting ready shots in the hotel room and then do a mini bridal session around the Mansion the morning of my wedding. Afterward, we'd head across the street to Forsyth Square for bridal party photos (the main reason for booking this gorgeous yet VERY expensive hotel was for its backdrop and convenience).

As we were walking around, a staff member (I believe she identified herself as the on-site coordinator) asked if I was getting married at the Mansion. Giddy about my impending nuptials, I gushed about our ceremony details and how we were actually getting married at Whitfield Square.

Well I guess I should have lied because she told us we couldn't shoot photos there unless I was a bride getting married on their property! Um, heeello?!? We stayed there the night before and made them well-aware of my intentions to take photos when we reserved the room!

I was extremely upset about this and since then I've seen countless brides on photographers' websites who've taken portraits at the Mansion but had their ceremony elsewhere. Heck, I even saw tourists taking photos inside but since there was a professional camera involved, we were targeted!

In hindsight, I would have skipped staying there the night before the wedding because they made everything a hassle and only seem to care about in-house brides and not their paying overnight guests.

I gave them 2 stars because I did have a blast at their bar the night before with my girls and because the decor/rooms really are lovely.

03/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
46. Melissa C.
We scouted this place out in 2011 for our wedding and fell in love with it. The hotel is beautiful, the rooms are luxurious, the beds are comfy, and the staff is very attentive. Needless to say, we decided on the Mansion for our wedding.
We stayed 3 days for the wedding and our entire party loved the place as well. Effie was our wedding coordinator and was a joy to work with. The staff were very flexible and accommodating for any requests.
We dined at 700 Drayton for breakfast and the shrimp and grits are not to be missed. The staff at breakfast left a little to be desired for, they were SO slow, but 700 Drayton also catered our wedding and the food and the servers were fabulous.
We had drinks at both bars/lounges and the bar staff weren't the most attentive initially, but once you got an order in, they were quick to keep check on the levels and ask if you wanted another.
Valet service was hit and miss, we had several errands to run and had the car out a few times, some times the car was brought to us immediately, others it took 5-10 mins, which is a lot considering the parking is right behind the hotel.
Rooms were clean and spacious, all 5 guest rooms that our party had booked had different layouts and color schemes, splurge for a park view it's so nice.
Overall, we love this hotel and of course it will always hold a fond memory for us, but I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a romantic get away or a luxurious weekend. The location to the park is wonderful, one of the trolley's has a stop right outside the hotel, and are close to numerous little cafes.

06/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Anna B.
The Mansion on Forsyth is where we celebrated the night our engagement, and also celebrated there for our wedding reception.
The restaurant, 700 Drayton, is absolutely exquisite. Every dish is carefully planned and selected for the season's most interesting fare. Dishes include southern favorites such as their twist on Shrimp and Grits, filets of fish and beef, and delectable desserts.
Their banquet service was executed to the highest standard. Each selection was fresh, hot, and served to impress.
Rooms are upscale, funky, and very Savannah. The place has history, art, architecture, and style. Your eye will be pleased with the interesting pieces and collections making each room different. Guest rooms are beyond luxe. Bedding is plush, but the garden bath tubs surrounded by sheer curtains (and closable doors/windows) really make the experience worthy of a four-star rating.

08/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. JJ B.
Don't bother staying here, unless your going to be playing in the park everyday.  Location sucks, if you go the wrong way out of the hotel you will be in the GHETTO.

Hotel staff is not helpful and they are understaffed.  So plan on waiting forever to check in and out; also if you have a question.

Oh yea if they have a wedding going on, then you will not be able to use the pool or courtyard.  

Never again...

06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
49. Carrie Neal W.
"Heaven In the Form of a Business Trip"

Y'all. This is one of my most favorite hotels - ever. And I've done more than my share of traveling. I'm feeling a bit . . . succinct tonight (for me), so let me tell you why I so adore the Mansion - in bullet-point form:

1 Great location near fun restaurants in the downtown-ish area. If I didn't have dinner plans with customers when Savannah was part of my territory, I could easily check in/park my car/get out for a lovely meal without much ado at all.

2 The. Coolest. Rooms. The style is what I think of as "art-deco-y" and all the rooms are a little different. But the second you walk in the lobby, you just feel like you are in a really neat place. Great art on the walls, fantastic appointments in every room where I ever stayed.

3 Ok . . . this is a personal "love" of mine: huge bathtub (and I always asked for/usually got a room where the "soaking tub" was accented by a large "cut-out" window that gave me a direct view of the TV). And....the Mansion always has great movies-on-demand-plus . . .

4 . . . Great, and speedy (and not too hotel-over-priced) room service. So, after a long day of sales calls, I could order a yummmmy hamburger and bottle of bubbly (yes, a bottle!) and nestle into the tub with bubbles, and get a movie I'd been wanting to see. Life = gooood!

5 Fast, reliable wireless. Always. So nice, and not the case in all hotels!

I wish I still had business to do in Savannah - but I'd totally stay there for a getaway weekend. Did I mention that you can get special rates from travelocity and such sites??

25/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Alicia F.
My husband and I stayed at Mansion in March, on a mini getaway.  I cannot say enough about how great it was!

The location -- right on Forsyth park, within walking distance of most of the sights -- was perfect. Quiet in the evenings (not by any loud bars!), beautiful in the daytime. The rooms were great. The highlight of my stay was the giant bathtub (you can watch TV from the bathtub!), and the beautiful furnishings. Service was great and it the whole place had a cute boutique-y vibe.

Do NOT park in the lot -- you can park on the street, right next to the lot, for free! Also, if you're looking to save money on food or need to pick up some essentials, its about 2 blocks from a Harris Teeter.

We cannot wait to go back again, and we've told everyone we know that they should stay there if they visit Savannah!

15/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Mike A.
I spend over 100 days annually in hotels and this hotel was one of the worst experiences.  We checked in after a long day and at 2 am the fire alarm went off.  The asked everyone to wait outside while the fire department comes (here is the video of all guests outside at 3 am youtube.com/watch?v=gmWp… ).  I understand fire alarms can go off, but there was no communication by the hotel.  They basically just threw everyone out and bathrobes for an hour without any communication.  Then the fire department arrived and gave the ok to go back around 3 am.  They then had a faulty alarm, meaning false alarms continually going off until 4 am.  I called to speak to the general manager, Mr Kelly, in the morning he said it was a minor inconvenience and all he would do is give us a free breakfast.  Is this a joke?????  I never look for any hand outs, but this was unacceptable.  I paid for a nights rest, instead I got a horrible nightmare.  (The valet told us they have some club at night and they didn't realize that they were setting off the fire alarm while they were making some late night food).

It didn't end here, the sheets were very old and the elastic was worn.  Therefore, every night the sheets would slide off the mattress and we would wake up on the mattress (neither of us has this ever happened to).  We asked the maid to change the sheets and explained this situation. She said "honey, the sheets are too old, there is nothing we can do".  To make maters worse the mattress was disgusting.

The final straw was our toilet ran all night. We tried to have it fixed, but no one did anything.  

On a positive note, the valets and cleaning staff was very pleasant and helpful.  The cookies were also tasty.  

All and all I will never return to this place.  I am sure there are plenty of spots that value their customers in Savannah and Mr Kelly demonstrated that Mansion is not one of them.

07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
52. marlie j.
Loved this place!!
- Beautiful property
- Beautiful Rooms / clean
- Hotel Restaurant had amazing food
- Friendly staff
My only complaint was the Bath would only heat the water to luke warm, so no relaxing bath. Other then that, we had an amazing time.

27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Ken D.
You've got lots of reviews to read through if you're considering staying at the Mansion on Forsyth Park, so I'll just add a few thoughts:

1.  The location across from the park worked beautifully for me.  Having my dog with me, it was PERFECTLY situated.  Plus, the healthy walk to the waterfront took us through some lovely neighborhoods.  Just walk down Drayton and bring your camera to shoot some wonderful facades.

2.  The decor is a bit over the top, and I wouldn't want to live with it on a daily basis, but it is quite fun and interesting for a hotel stay.  Nicely done!

3.  Our room had a few issues, such as the lack of an in-room amenities book (which never came from Guest Services as promised), some mildew on the clear silicone surrounding the shower, and a CD that wouldn't play in the Bose system.  Overall, small things.  On the plus side, the bed was delightful and the staff very friendly, even to Lucy our dog.  

As for Casimir's Lounge, read my other review to get more on that.  Be forewarned!  I would venture out to Local 11 Ten for a cocktail and meal which is just at the end of Forsyth Park vs. staying in the hotel.

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Dan E.
I found this place while on a business trip.

I began looking for a hotel at all of big name places down toward the river- places that I have points at too. No matter where i went I couldn't find a rate for less than $175 a night. I finally decided to go on priceline to see what came up. Some place called "The Mansion" showed up for $144 a night. So I said whatever let's go.

I thought I made a mistake when I drove up to the hotel. The building itself looks like something out of an old murder/mystery novel (sort of like most of the town). Walking in the door is like getting slapped in the face with a combination of hand picked architectural elements, hanging light fixtures and pieces of art. The thing that I found to be odd was that the general setup had sort of a tasteful gaudiness to it. The people at the front desk were nice enough and accomodating despite the slow computer system that they were dealing with. No big deal. I enjoyed some nice water with fresh oranges while I waited.

When I got up to my room it felt as if I stepped into a different world. The room itself had a feel of Victorian, old southern feel with a hint of modern design. In any case, this place far exceeded my expectations for accommodation when I'm on the road. The beds were super comfy, and the bathroom had a massive tub with doors that opened up to the rest of the room. The setup seems like it would be ideal for a small get together with the lady. I was staying alone and the ambiance was giving me devient thoughts.

My only complaint is that the front desk messed up my wake up call and taxi ride to the airport. Granted I had a 5:30 AM flight and I spent my last evening out on the town.....but still. However, in the rush of waking up late I left some of my dress shirts in the closet. I called to tell them and they shipped them back to LA for me in less than 5 days. That meant something to me.

The location is pretty cool. Right next to a huge park. However it is a little out of the way for the more 'happening' area down toward the river. A late night out will more than likely require a taxi ride.

If I ever need a old time southern getaway, Savannah will be my city and The Mansion will more than likely be where I'd stay.

04/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. kathy k.
Beautiful hotel, perhaps the prettiest place we have stayed.  Great bath tub in room.  Wish they supplied bath supplies instead of trying to sell it.  Bed was comfortable and room was beautifully furnished.  Surprisingly, this beautiful hotel is dog friendly for $150 fee.  We brought our dog and walked him on the Forsyth park.  Wish we could have enjoyed the pool as it looked great.  Enjoyed a late dinner in their restaurant.

26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Brian M.
We wanted a martini in the hotel's bar next door but it was closed for a private party so we had drinks in the hotel's lounge - the Bosendorfer.  Average drinks but nice ambience.  Quiet and reserved with nice views of artwork and Forsyth Park.

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Jacquelyn M.
Now this is a beautiful hotel.  So we pulled up and handed the car over to the valet.  Check-in is at 4pm, but the room wasn't ready until almost 5pm.  That's why I gave them four and not five stars.  While waiting for my room to be cleaned, they took my luggage, and I went exploring the hotel.  There is an outside marble area near the pool.  I walked out there it was a little humid, so I didn't stay in that area long.  I went back inside and walked around.  The walls are covered with really beautiful artwork.  There is a nice bar to have a few drinks.  Past the bar, I thought was a gift shop, but it was where they sell the art pieces and other miscellaneous art items.

Okay, so now on to the rooms.  I get into my room, and it was really nice.  I didn't get a room with the nice view of the park, so that kind of sucked.  Not a big deal since I really didn't spend that much time in the hotel room besides sleeping.  I had a king size bed that was very comfortable, and a nice size bathroom.  My shower had three shower heads.  It was the best shower ever.  It felt so fancy.  (ha, best way to describe it)    

The area surrounding the hotel is gorgeous.  It's located next to park and walking distance to a lot of bars and stores.  The hotel offers free shuttle service within the historic district when you value your car.  

I liked this place a lot.  If I visit Savannah again, I'll definitely stay here again.

28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Erich F.
We usually stay at their sister hotel but wanted to change it up. We had a wonderful room that did not disappoint what we expected. Everything looked amazing and was completely spot on. Outstanding service by all (from the valet on up). Great location but we liked being on river street just a bit more...if only because its closer to everything on a rainy weekend..lol. we shall return and its nice to have another "go to" hotel!

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Jeff M.
Mansion on Forsyth Park is incredible.

- Right by Forsyth Park, which is beautiful
- Walking distance to lots of things
- A nice outdoor pool with lounge chairs to, well, lounge
- Spacious rooms
- Beautiful decor
- A ridiculously comfortable bed
- Awesome jacuzzi in the room

- There seemed to be a lot of random alarms going off

Overall though, this is a wonderful place to stay. It's an escape and peaceful (when the alarms aren't going off), whether you're lounging by the pool, napping in the room, chilling in the jacuzzi, or going for a stroll in Forsyth Park. Front desk service is top notch with that southern charm. The Mansion on Forsyth feels like quintessential Savannah. I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. Tanja A.

The outside of the hotel is beautiful. The artwork in the hallway is unique, a little different, but not necessarily bad.  Although the decor was very different, I enjoyed it.  We were away celebrating our anniversary, so I think the uniqueness was a great reminder this wasn't a family vacation for us. The room atmosphere  was great, very romantic. The bed was awesome, super comfortable.
There were a couple of service issues.  The bathroom didn't seem very clean, The snacks/fridge weren't fully stocked, the fridge was actually opened with an interior lock broken when we arrived.  It made me a bit nervous we would be charged for something since drinks and snacks were missing, still waiting to make sure.  We called down to the front desk to let them know.  The toilet was broken, but they were up within 15 minutes to fix it, but left water drops all over the bathroom.  The next morning, even though we had requested privacy they knocked on the door twice to come clean it, thinking we were leaving, which was partly our fault since we decided to stay another two days.  They were knocking before checkout time though.  Then for the next two days they didn't clean our room, evidently we left our room too late, even though both times we left before 12.  When we called for fresh towels they were quick to bring them up, and then sent someone to clean the room.  When they did, they didn't replace any toiletries, which by this day we were out of shampoo and conditioner.  And they left the cleaning spray.  
When we decided to stay another two days, the only room that was supposedly available was the concierge floor.  We took it, thinking this was the only thing available, but after reading other reviews discovered that the concierge lounge is in a different section of the building, not a particular floor, and was receiving horrible reviews.  We asked to take that portion off our bill, and they removed it.
Room service was quick, and the food was good.  They add on a 22% tip, and an additional fee that I can't remember--but we had arrived very late, just ordering before the 11 pm cutoff, and didn't want to head out to eat.
The outdoor patio by the pool was beautiful.  The pool is very small.
There was daily wifi charge of $10.  They have valet parking, but we parked on the street for free, just watch for the street sweeping times.
The positive was it's a very romantic room, the furnishings and bedding were great.

04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. Amanda H.
I have been wanting to stay at The Mansion for about 2 years now since a visit we made previously to Savannah. We have recently moved to the area and decided for our anniversary we would do a little Staycation and treat ourselves to a night here. The hotel is gorgeous. Lots to see. Room was very romantic and the view of Forsyth was so nice. Stayed on a Saturday so everyone was out enjoying the day at the park. I will say be prepared for noise if you choose a Forsyth Park view room. The walls didn't block much especially the people hanging outside at night. We think they were guests at the wedding that was being held there that night. The bed was very comfy and they sure didn't short us on pillows. There were five! My main complaint with the room is the bathroom situation. The area where the toilet is has only a glass door and it doesn't really close. Soooooo....yeah, you can hear all the business that is being done in there. So while the room is romantic, it kiiinnnddaaa puts a damper on things when you can hear your significant other, well...you know. Overall though, we had a very nice stay. Only other hotel we have stayed at to compare in the area was the Andaz and we really LOVED our stay there.

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Michael P.
Very nice place.  Room was great, service was excellent.  Location was top notch.

I would stay here again without question.

26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Derrick S.
I love it.

04/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Chris H.
Nice bathtub.  Nice decor. Poor on fundamentals of guest service. Just couldn't  keep up with the flow of guests, getting rooms turned, housekeeping, providing responsive, positive guest experience. Understaffed where they need it. Overstaffed on the fluffery. Could be a nice property, but just not well managed.

31/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. Terry S.
John, the Bellman, made the experience a good one from the moment we stepped from our car. The room was comfortable, if not spacious,  with a quality bed - though the undersized fitted sheets kept pulling the pillow-top mattress pad from one side of the bed. Bathroom was on a par with the Westin in Ft. Lauderdale - which is to say, outstanding.  Staff is friendly and the turn-down service exceptionally so. No sweeter smile exists on the planet.

Location combined with appointments make this worth every  penny.

Single gripe - in a city that boasts being the second to have a Coca-Cola bottling plant, there wasn't a bottle of coke to be had anywhere. Unless you're happy with cans, the front desk suggests you walk to the nearest Kroger.  NOT what I expected to hear.

Still, a very nice couple of days.

07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
66. Sam J.
Comfortable bed. Jacuzzi. Spacious room. Valet parking. Wonderful restaurant. Spa.

10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Janene H.
For an upscale hotel I was hoping for a little more. I booked this room because from looking at the pictures it looks romantic. I would probably opt for a B&B next time. The hotel, especially the hallways, smelled musty. Directly across from our room the staff had placed a fan in the hall that ran. All. Night. Long. Apparently there was a water issue across from us. The room was nice and the bed big and comfy. The large jacuzzi tub in the room and the bathroom were nice, except for the toilet. Why in the world would you put a glass door on the toilet is beyond me. We decided it must be an artistic touch because it sure wasn't practical. Because there are large doors above the tub connecting the bedroom to the bathroom so you have to shut 4 doors to have privacy in the bathroom. What a pain! And if you are showering and someone is using the toilet you'll be staring directly at them through the glass!

The decor is over the top. Opulent? yes. Tacky? In my opinion, yes, a little. It looks like an art bomb went off in there. You can't even escape it in the oddly dark elevator! And the tiny pool in the back of the courtyard is more of an afterthought. You know when there is a patio event you have to walk through the event to get to the pool? There is no side entrance for the pool so you have to saunter through someones wedding reception in your flip flops! (Not that we did that but I could imagine people do) And at a hotel of this caliber they should offer poolside drink service.

The staff was responsive and professional. It's the little touches like opening the door for us when we approached. And having flavored water available throughout the day. The location is OK, but not as good if you were a few blocks closer to the river. You are right on gorgeous Forsyth Park but it is also on the edge of the not-so-nice part of town. But let's face it, nothing in historic Savannah is too far away from anywhere else. And if you were eating all that delicious food while visiting, like we were, it won't hurt you to do a little walking!

Make sure if nothing else you take the 700 Cooking Class. Chef Darin is a hoot and you really learn a lot. Search the web for reviews, you'll see.

24/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. C M.
Lovely hotel clean and quiet.  Very cool artwork throughout .  Concierge was missing in action?????  Helpful valet staff.  Parking pretty pricey when there was parking available on street.  Complimentary champagne in lobby in pm but no coffee in the lobby in the morning--weird!!!!  Appreciate the sparkling clean linens but Clorox smell was super strong.

29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Sandra B.
Manager apologized and brought out sunflower bread. I would give them a second chance

07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Mark T.
Hotel is nice, rooms well appointed and luxurious. Like everything in Savannah, however, service sucks. Tables in the outdoor area by the pool were never picked up, furniture there was cheap, not what if expect for a hotel of this caliber. The other problem is its a fairly long walk to river st, city mkt etc

19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
71. Michelle J.
Southern hospitality at its finest, right down to the sweet tea and oatmeal raisin cookies in the lobby. The decor was grandiose and in some ways over the top. However, it fits with the mansion. The proximity to Forsyth Park was nice, but it is still a drive from the waterfront. Great place for a girls' weekend.

12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. LOIS B.
This hotel was nothing like I expected.  I can live with modern, but this was not to my taste.  The owners' taste for modern art is in your face from the moment you walk in.

The elevator has strange lighting and velvet, not sure of the color because the lighting prevented one from identifying that.

The halls are lined with modern art pieces and crystal chandeliers.

The rooms have faux fur throws on the beds, crystal chandeliers, modern, spot lighted art on the wall, and green velvet around the sink in the bathroom.  The commode is glassed in.  The ottoman for the one velvet chair in the room is almost the size of the bed.

Staff is very friendly and they provide free shuttle service to their sister hotel down on River Street.

The park across the street is a wonderful park, the hotel is quiet, and we liked the location better than being down on River Street.

01/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
73. Victoria P.
Alrightee then! If you read my review of the other Kessler hotel in Savannah, you may wonder why we took another chance - but we did. I was seduced by the website - what can I say? Marketing works! Maybe it was the weather....

I won't repeat things you can find on the website because  that's pointless! I will say that this boutique hotel visually turned me on! Pure and simple.

I wanted to experience the rich history of Savannah (without resorting to moldy ghost-inhabitted homes disguised as "bed and breakfasts") - and luxury is important to me because I like to feel as though I am pampering myself when I stay at a hotel.

LOVE ZONE: I  will steady my breathing as I try to write about the lounges and private event spaces at The Mansion. E X Q U I S I T E!!   Just Exquisite!  (see  website for images ... ) While dining at 700 Drayton, I experienced a moment of inexplicable bliss. One of those moments when all 5 senses are being caressed at the same time!

ROOM : We had a corner executive suite which overlooked Forsyth Park - so I loved waking up in the morning to that view.  (see website for images of their rooms).

SERVICE: Room service was on point and non-intrusive - just the way I like it. The  reception staff were friendly enough. The valet and porters - professional.

AMENITIES: I did not have time to try the spa (very unlike me...) but swam in their pool - which is intimate and relaxing. There was a wedding set up in the courtyard area which was amazing. The executive lounge was OK.

LOCATION: Perfect  for experiencing the beautiful gardens and historic homes of Savannah and convenient for any and all tourist activities, If you are a morning jogger - you could not ask for a better spot. There's also a visitors center across the street.

24/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Sam P.
I stayed here 2 years ago but it seems like yesterday that I stayed here with my wife. I had wanted to surprise her because she was graduating and I had not seen her in about 3 weeks. Well, I call the Mansion and I tell them it was a very special occasion and jokingly I said "can you put rose pedals on the bed, that would be awesome". THEY PUT ROSE PEDALS ON THE BED AND ALL OVER THE ROOM!! THEY MADE A HEART OUT OF ROSE PEDALS! She was already impressed because valet was very courteous but when we walked into the room...uncontrollable tears. Best husband of the year award thanks to the wonderful staff at the Mansion. The pool, the atmosphere, the art, and everything else will never leave your mind. Spend the money and get a room here at least for a couple days and at least once in this life time.

12/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
75. Sal G.
I love this hotel. They are always very accommodating and helpful. The three best parts of the hotel are:
1. Pet Friendly
2. Walking distance to Old Savannah
3. Across from Forsyth Park

The decor, like 700 Drayton, is stiflingly Southern with the enormous amount of tchotchy that is put everywhere. I can forgive the over-exuberant theme due to their acceptance of my little friends. In fact, that is what bumps them up to a five-star for me. One should stay at The Mansion at least once.

14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Nicole O.
Overall:  A great haunted place that you will love always.  Okay, its not haunted but they do have a story to tell.

Rooms:  Very nice, clean, and roomy but a little dark but the bathroom makes up for it.

This place is so nice, the staff was nice but they are not really Marriott workers so they have a different type of way they do business. I felt that the workers were very nice and accommodating then the front desk.

What I enjoyed about the place was that the Forsyth Park was right across the street, my daughter loved to go and get wet in the sprinklers and play in the park.

Keep in mind that they have a lot of homeless people around but even at 10:30 pm at night my daughter and I went to Krogers for some items and we felt safe.

Food:  The food was good very good.  

Advice:  Even though you are not Marriott employees you may want to make sure that they follow the brand.

Suggestion:  If you want a nice place to stay and really feel like your in Savannah then you must stay here.  I will always visit this hotel.

30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Michael G.
Stayed here for our anniversary on the way back from a cruise in Miami.

This is easily in my top 5 places I've stayed. I've tried a lot of places in Savannah and this is hands down the best.

General: The ambiance in the room and hotel was awesome. We must have been there at a quiet/slow time because we only saw one other couple the entire time. Romantic atmosphere. Fresh cookies and sweet tea when we checked in, and really, what more could you need?

Room: Awesome! Parkview, second floor. Maybe it's because I was just on a cruise, but the room seemed huge. It's an open floor plan that's got pretty much the whole space connected with the ability to section different areas off. The bathroom was sectioned off from the rest of the room by a shower curtain and had glass doors for the shower and toilet. There were also shutters over the tub in the wall separating the tub from the rest of the room. Maybe not the best if total privacy is super important to you. But really cool for a wide open feel. Room service was really reasonable too.

Pool: Looked nice but didn't have a chance to try it

Location: Great. You walk out the doors and you're right in the middle of the park. Great for getting out and just walking around.

Tips: Don't bother with the valet parking. You can park on the street, right next to their valet lot, for free.

03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Tracy F.
This is one of the nicest boutique hotels I've ever stayed at!  There's really nothing negative I can say about this place.  The whole property is beautiful. The staff is courteous, there's a great bar and restaurant and the rooms are fantastic.  It's across from Forsyth Park, which makes for a fantastic walk or place to relax.

As long as you are aware of these three items, you should be all set:

- The hotel is 1 mile from the waterfront.  It can be a long walk if done often, but they have shuttle service every 30 min from the Mansion to their sister property, The Bohemian, located on the water.
- Some of the rooms have only (beautiful/luxurious) curtains between the bathroom and sleeping area.  Depending on who you are going with, make sure you ask for a non-curtained room if that's what you want.  The curtains actually make for a much more elegant setup.
- Toiletries aren't replenished.  We were there for 3 days and housekeeping didn't replenish the shampoo, conditioner or lotion.  We had to ask for more.

06/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Erin G.
Mansion 3
Reason for visit: A Savannah visit
Visit date: August 17-18, 2012
First time? Yes.

I think this hotel might have been haunted or staffed by ghosts but in a semi-fun Disneyland Tower of Terror kind of way. Some notes: The convex mirror in the bedroom made for a creepy photoshoot. The king bed comfortably slept three. The room was always humid, which I guess is expected for Savannah in August (but the a/c was on...). The hotel is conveniently located near a park and they also offer complementary shuttle service to their sister hotel across town (which is closer to the attractions).

01/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. Stacie D.
Thank you Mansion on Forsyth Park for making our girls birthday weekend absolutely amazing! Our room was beautiful and the hotel location is great, but what was really the star of our weekend was the amazing staff! Everyone from the valets, to the bell staff, to the front desk was absolutely so friendly and did everything they could to make sure we had a fun stay and a fabulous trip! A special shout out to Penelope at the front desk who really went out of her way to make our trip extra special and fun...."your ladies" thank you Penelope!!!! xo! ;)

04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
81. Lauren L.
I loved this hotel to pieces.  The location across from a park and surrounded by trees with Spanish moss.  It has a small pool area and the rooms have huge comfortable beds, a large bathroom with an even bigger tub, flat screen television, powerful air conditioning, a safe, minibar everything you need.  The staff was super friendly and helpful and the food here was excellent.  I recommend the bar downstairs their margaritas are really good and I tried the chicken club, mussels with chorizo and fried green tomatoes and loved them all.  During the day the hotel lobby offers a variety of sweet tea, iced water, bottled water, delicious peanut butter cookies and fruit.  The bartenders are super friendly and gave me good tips for navigating from that location.  The patrons at the bar were friendly and chatty which was nice.  My hotel stay included breakfast and h'orderves and drinks at the concierge room which was great although I never made it to breakfast.  Being on Drayton Street was a walk from the downtown/ river front tourist area in the humidity was too much for this girl from the north.  At night Drayton is desolate so I recommend taking a cab back.  The park across from the hotel is nice to walk through in the colder months.  I highly recommend this hotel I really enjoyed my stay here.

06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. Monique D.
This hotel was well worth the money.  We had a fantastic view of the park.  Sadly the lobby was under construction but the rest of the hotel was clean and the staff was friendly and helpful.  
Our only 'complaint' was that the pool wasn't bigger.  
Our rooms were great size and clean.

20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Sims P.
This hotel is part of a small chain (Kessler) affiliated with Marriott, so you get the benefits of Marriott Rewards, etc. But it's a bit quirky. The decor in all Kessler hotels is bit flamboyan - red velvet, chandeliers, bathrooms that open to the bedroom. And the rooms are dark. The halls are covered with eccentric paintings from an artist lost in the 70's. The hotel markets itself as a wedding venue, so areas are often closed off for weddings. Beware the late night parties of the wedding guests in the halls and rooms, which can get raucous. Staff is sweet but often inefficient - the desk staff always seemed to be trianing a new person, causing long lines. The hostess in the concierge lounge enjoyed keeping the television tuned to animated movies, which can be grating at 6:30 am. We wish she'd paid better attention to keeping the coffee pot full and getting all the food delivered for breakfast. If something was missing (and it always was), the answer was "they didn't bring any today." That said, she was cheerful and welcoming, just poorly trained.  The location is some distance south of the historic district, so it's probably best to have a car if you stay here. Ask for a room overlooking Forsyth Park, Savannah's answer to Central Park. Avoid rooms facing the courtyard, as there are often private parties there, which get loud. The restaurant is good for breakfast or lunch. For dinner, head to Local Eleven 10, a farm-to-table restaurant just a few blocks further south.

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. Sandy K.
4 1/2 stars. Mansion on Forsyth Park is an Autograph Collection partner with Marriott so I was able to utilize my rewards points for two rooms. For 30,000 points each room per night. The Valet parking is $20.00 per night with in and out privileges.

Mansion on Forsyth Park is unique and the artwork is everywhere you turn. Even in the elevator you'll find fresh flowers and art work on the ceiling. The hallways are lined with art and sculptures in the hallways. The room had an oversized bed and was comfy. Marble is on the floors of the bathroom and bath counter with OG edgework. The mirrors are curved with bevels and the Chandeliers are elegant. The room was spacious and had a large tub but no bubble bath suds which should be in the room even for a added fee. I really liked the shower glass and commode door which was obscure yet private.

Our stay included access to the lounge on the 4th floor for complimentary cocktails and appetizers until 8:00 pm and offered continental breakfast the next morning.

There were a couple of issues on service like the arrival time of my welcome gift. I had to make several calls to receive it and the tub had a problem with releasing the stopper to drain the water. The last issue was booking a tour with the Old Savannah Trolley, which was a disaster. The manager at the front desk fixed the issue crediting the charge and giving complimentary tickets to another trolley company which I commend. Besides those issues, service was  spot on and all the employees were friendly and accommodating.

My guest who occupied the other room were pleased with the hotel accommodations. We enjoyed the outdoor patio after dinner and enjoyed cigars and sipped on cocktails into late night which was pleasant.

I would definitely stay here again when I return to Savannah.

02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Miles E.
Stayed here during the 4th in 2013.  Service was poor all around.  The room was nice and the location is great. I just expect nice people greeting you and trying to be helpful at a place for this price.... Hotel manager needs to train or upgrade the customer service.

04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
86. Kevin L.
This hotel is fantastic. And I've stayed in a TON of hotels.

The room was a large king. I fully took advantage of the amazing bathtub. The bed was INCREDIBLY comfortable, felt like a tempurpedic, and I slept like a rock.

If you're looking for an affordable hotel with a wonderful room, Mansion is the place in Savannah. Will definitely come back again.

13/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Julie D.
For anyone who has ever visited the charming city of Savannah, the opportunity to stay at a luxurious mansion on Forsyth Park is pretty much a dream come true!  Just a short stroll from parks, squares, restaurants, historic sights and shopping.

The Mansion is filled with incredible artwork, some is not my cup of tea, but still much appreciated.  The building itself seems to reflect the unique history of Savannah.  But the hotel itself is an unforgettable hotel experience. Built in 1888, the remarkable Victorian-esque exterior has been completely restored to its extravagant, yet classic old world style.  Thoughtful touches everywhere, from fresh baked cookies in the lobby along with metal pitchers of sweet iced tea to fresh flowers in the elevator.  Complimentary bath salts or bubble bath available at the front desk.

Our guest room was pure drama, rich, sparkly, complete with yards and yards of red velvet drapes, (thinking Scarlett here) with a matching wing back chair complete with matching ottoman.  Incredible lighting and an enormous free standing tub perched out in the open, could also be closed off by tugging the taupe colored draperies.  It is a tub that any woman would love to own.  So amazing, I can not think of enough adjectives to describe the splendor of our room.  Even the carpets are uber cool, taupe in color that matched some of the walls, with an French type of design and pattern.  There was a fur throw over the end corner of the bed.  A wall of rich wooden cabinets that housed the big screen and matching side closets.  Even the hotel robes were pure luxury.  The king sized bed was very comfortable.  We also had a bay window and another flat window giving us great views of Forsyth Park.

The hotel staff was polite, the valet service was decent.  I would love to stay here, again.

16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Amy R.
Gorgeous hotel, centrally located and perfectly suited to the old Savannah backdrop of gorgeous mansion homes, the decor is opulent and the service was wonderful. Would love to stay there again!

09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
89. Kashif K.
My favorite hotel in Savannah!  Totally worth not staying on the water.  Excellent location on Forsyth Park, very friendly service, beautiful and comfortable rooms.  I personally prefer it over its sister hotel, the Bohemian (which is also very nice).

24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Alejandra J.
It's a nice hotel, rooms are bigger than normal ... Beds are comfortable but like most hotels the shower is not good at all :( the water barely comes out... If you have to wash your hair forget about it .... You won't be able to remove the shampoo ... So please update your shower heads to something that works

27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Stacy L.
Here for a family wedding. The place is beautiful and very unique. Located right across from Forsyth park.

Pros: the customer service was fantastic.  Doors are always held open. Fresh water is available all of the time with citrus in it.  Fresh yummy cookies available in the middle of the day. The food at the wedding was outstanding and very tasty. The ballrooms are beautiful with all the chandeliers. The hotel rooms are very interesting.  You walk in and immediately you see a huge bathtub in the middle of the room.  The breakfast in the concierge was decent enough to eat every morning.

Cons: the bathrooms in the room!!!!! There is absolutely no privacy whatsoever.  The only 'doors' that they have are curtains or the glass doors to the toilet and shower. You can completely see through them. Also the shower was kind of gross. There was mold in the grout and I felt dirty stepping on it. The shower head sprayed in many different directions (they did fix that for us on the first day). The house keeping service wasn't that great. You could tell they simply made the beds and replenished the towel supply. No vacuuming or putting ironing board away.

Overall: I really wanted to give this a 3.5 star simply because of the bathroom.  A 5 star hotel shouldn't have such moldy showers!

09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Andrea L.
This place is too cool and with great service and amenities to boot.  I've been here twice and the fact that it's also a Marriott Boutique Property makes it even better because we get points!  

The rooms are very cool, very interesting vibe.  The location right on Forsyth Park was very convenient.  The hotel has a shuttle service and that was very convenient to not have to drive/walk everywhere.  They pick you up right at the Bohemian, their sister property.

Oh and they are PET FRIENDLY!  You do have to pay a one time fee for your pooch, but it is worth it.  

The 700 Drayton restaurant is delicious, a bit pricey but worth a try.  There is also a little art gallery and shop with local wares that is worth exploring.

On my birthday, New Year's Day, this year, they left me with a bottle of champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries without me even knowing or asking them.  I came back from a day of exploring and BAM it was in my room with  a very sweet note.

I will definitely be here again.

04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
93. Susan H.
Imagine our surprise when my mom and I opened the door to our room and found a large bathroom with no walls!   A sheer curtain (think ER room curtain divider look) partitioned off the bathroom from the room.  Affirming another reviewer's comments that the only " privacy "were clear doors on the toilet area and shower.   We called front desk and asked for another room- we were told our room was in a "romance" wing.   Has anyone ever considered that a good romance always needs a little mystery?

We were then given a room where the bathroom had walls, EXCEPT, the wall facing the bedroom had been cut out with a hole approx 6x8 foot and replaced by shutters that would not stay closed and had no way to make them stay closed.  The counters in the bathroom were very high and had a fabric skirt around them that did not seem to be very sanitary.   I also didn't feel the shower was super clean.  

I don't know how anyone ever rationalized that these minimalist to non existent bathroom walls was an appealing idea- but they are not for me.

08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
94. Ginger J.
The rooms were beautiful and I loved the art!  The only reason I am giving it a 4 star is because we had ordered a crib for my nephew when ordering our rooms.  When we arrived (around 8:30pm) they said they were out of cribs, that a lot of people had checked in with kids.  We told them it was unacceptable, since we ordered the crib and what could they do to help.  The woman at the desk said there was nothing they could do.  Go to Target and get one?  I was not expecting such service for this caliber of hotel.  We made a bed out of a portable mattress and pillows.  We were comped drinks and appetizers.  I thought they would have gone out of their way to get a crib.

24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
95. Colleen M.
Perfect location. I would go back here just to get a margarita from the bar "to go" and walk through the park again. The staff, especially the valet service, are so nice and helpful.

18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Michael A.
Excellent meal at Mansion on St. Patrick's Day eve in Savannah. We are visiting friends and it was our first time at the restaurant. I had the scallops and my wife had the tuna. Both the meals and the service were superb. The prices were very reasonable. Strong recommendation.

16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Angela P.
This hotel is fantastic! It has so much character. I personally loved the big bath tubs & chair in the room. Perfect for curling up with a big book. The staff was nice & pleasant any time I asked a question. I can't wait to go stay here again!

17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Natasha A.
I was generally disappointed in this hotel. I expected better from a showpiece Marriott.
It gives too much thought to fancy looking design but little to comfort.

The good:
-Excellent, convenient location.
-Very good restaurant and bar area
- Neat art gallery in the hotel and art displayed through out
- Valet parking

The bad:
- The entire second floor has the trendy but completely insane set up of the open bathroom. The tub is behind a curtain. The toilet and shower are behind lightly frosted glass. If you are trying to sleep, and your partner wants to take a dump, good luck with that.  This can be avoided by not staying on the second floor though.

- There were other silly design aspects in our room. Only one side of the bed had a nightstand for example, where as there was no light and nowhere to put stuff on the other side.
- Weak water pressure in the shower.
- Horrible concave mirror that makes you look like a fat midget.

I would rather stay in a more humble hotel with basic decor but a comfortable room layout.

09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
99. Desiree F.
Nightmare on Mansion at Forsyth Park
My husband and I came to Savannah on our 1 year wedding anniversary and we stayed at this hotel. The room was not ready, even after arriving 3 hours after check-in time. Went to the bar to get a drink while we waited and after 15 minutes sitting at the bar, the bartenders didn't even care to acknowledge our presence. When we went to room the bathroom was DISGUSTING. The sink was covered in a black filth and there were no towels. They market the 'concierge level' as the best thing since sliced bread but its just a tiny, dirty room were you get ritz crackers and one drink, and the breakfast was just an embarrassment. They did offered to pay for dinner but the food at their restaurant was subpar to say the least. Overall, this place is not worth the $350 they charge per night. Do yourself a favor and Stay somewhere else.

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
100. Kinsey S.
Absolutely beautiful hotel! The customer service was wonderful and everyone who worked there was really helpful and nice!

14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
101. Tara P.
My husband and I spent our anniversary at the hotel and had a great experience. Check in was quick and the staff was very helpful and eager to please. We stayed in a concierge level room and the complementary breakfast on the concierge level was a nice bonus. My only complaint was our shower didn't really get very hot and the water pressure was very low, it took about 20 minutes to fill up the tub.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Jared R.
Spectacular service, tasty lunch starters and entrées, and right off the park make for a delightful spot to break up the day. Stopped here along the Old Savannah Tours stop #4.

28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Andrea Q.
Stayed here for 4 nights in March.  The hotel is absolutely beautiful, our  room was large and clean, staff was warm and helpful.  The food & service at restaurant 700 Drayton was very good, had a couple drinks upstairs at Casimir's lounge which has a really cool vibe/style but it was surprisingly not busy on a friday night (i'm guessing because the hotel is so far from everything else in town).

Only cons:  our bed was way too soft/saggy.  We kept falling towards each other all night.  Ended up having to put a pillow between us to keep us from both ending up in the very center of the bed.  Made us miss and appreciate our tempurpedic at home! Also got a whiff of sewer smell every time we opened the door to our room to go into the hallway.  Our room smelled fine but it was kind of gross to smell sewer every time we left the place!

I definitely plan to come back to Savannah and would absolutely be willing to stay here again.  It's right on Forsyth park and about a mile to walk to river street but it's a beautiful walk if you get on Bull or Whitaker Sts to head into town.  We really enjoyed being able to see so much of the Historic District every time we walked into town (at least twice a day!).  The hotel does have a shuttle that goes to their sister hotel (The Bohemian) so if you don't want to walk, you don't have to.  Staff was really friendly and helpful - we would definitely stay here again.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. Tracy W.
Beautiful hotel. The restrooms are an adventure with individual cubicles and really cool decor. Poseidon Spa is on the lower level. Art Gallery with very unique art and jewelry is on the street level. Art is displayed throughout the hotel. Very nice banquet rooms. The outdoor area is elegantly decorated and a perfect setting for intimate reception. There's a lounge area and monthly you can attend Martnins at the Mansion which raises funds for varying local charities. Across from Forsyth Park. The trolley & bus tours stop here for tourists to enjoy. A must see for visitors and locals.

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Sara K.
I absolutely loved my stay at this hotel. We decided to have a "staycation" to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday. I found a great deal at this hotel for one weeknight. We came just after check-in time and the room was ready. We stayed in a standard room and it was very nice. I LOVED the shower! It was huge with an overhead faucet. Everything was very clean and the bed and lounge were comfortable. We mentioned that we were celebrating our anniversary while checking in and when we came back after our dinner out we found chocolate-covered strawberries and a personalized card from the staff member who checked us in. This was so sweet and thoughtful and we really appreciated the gesture.

The outdoor courtyard area has very nice furniture and a heated pool. We didn't have a chance to try it out, but it's open till 10pm and although it's very small, the hotel didn't seem crowded while we were there so it would have been okay. The decor of the hotel makes it feel unique and a little more interesting than some of the more standard hotel chains. We ordered room service breakfast and although it was expensive as we expected, it was a fun treat while on "vacation." They give you a menu that you can fill out the night before and hang on your door so they will bring your breakfast at the time you specify. Everything was very high class at the hotel and the service was impeccable. We would love to stay again if we can in the future!

23/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Esther K.
This hotel is absolutely stunning! Its the perfect mixture of the old school southern glam mixed with modern amenities.

I didn't know what to expect about this hotel and I didn't do much research before I got here. When i arrived, i was blown away by how beautiful this hotel looked. The room and bathroom was spacious. The decor was lovely. I loved all the chandelier details everywhere. They have art sculptors and paintings hung all over the hotel.

AND its right across the street from Forsyth Park. This is definitely the hotel to stay at when in Savannah!

24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Micheal C.
Great place and a very pleasant staff.   The rooms are a bit gaudy, but overall pleasant and comfortable.   You may also want to check out their sister hotel, the Bohemia closer to the river.

22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. R L.
Restaurant located as part of hotel. Across from large park at Old Town Trolly Tour stop. If you come by tourist Trolly very convent . Good food very good service good price,

08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Amy C.
We stayed here two nights in March. Quick and easy ride from the airport. It's right on the square of Forsyth Park, a perfect location. Very pretty hotel, outside and inside. I enjoyed looking at the antique lady's hat collection. The artwork all over the hotel was eclectic and interesting. The pool area and little courtyard was cozy. Typical of a boutique city hotel. You don't come to Savannah to hang by the pool all day, so I found it adequate. We found the staff to be very friendly from check in to check out. Our room was on the third floor and gorgeous. Comfy bed and oversized chair and ottoman. The decorating style fit the location. My bathroom was large and very clean.  We took advantage of the hotel van service to their sister hotel on the waterfront coming back from dinner. It's an easy walk down to the waterfront and lots of shops and things to look at on the way.  This hotel has a luxurious B&B feel, without the annoying hosts! They have a concierge lounge that had a very nice happy hour and breakfast. When we travel this is the type of hotel we look for.

01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
110. Tim P.
Flawless food execution. Big portions, good service. We stayed at the hotel(which is also awesome) and decided to have our "fancy" dinner here and left with no regrets. It's really not that expensive for the portions and quality you receive.

13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Nathan L.
We stayed here during the Martin Luther King weekend, and our stay was not up to the standards that we have seen with other Autograph Collection hotels in other cities. My wife found the hotel through numerous review sites which stated that it was the best hotel in the city.  We, along with our 5 yr old son, where excited to stay here because we had stayed at other Autograph Collection hotels before and knew the brand to be very nice. So, I will say that our expectations were higher coming in. The hotel talks a very good talk. We called in advance to see about the opportunity for an early check-in. We were honestly told that the hotel was busy, but that there were a couple rooms that were ready. So when we got to the hotel, we had no expectation of checking in early, but were surprised to hear that they had to upgrade us to a deluxe room that included breakfast and that the room was on the "early clean" list, so it would be ready in about 30 min or so and we would get a phone call when the room was ready. We went to explore, and it is a good thing our son loved the train museum, because we didn't get a call and only returned after the 4 o'clock check in time to make sure the room was ready. The room looked like all the other rooms we have stayed in before, which is a nice room, but not sure what made it a deluxe room. Maybe it was the minibar.
The shower had a good amount of mildew in it.
We had no intention of eating breakfast at the hotel, but since it was supposedly added as part of our "upgrade," we decided to take them up on it.  The restaurant had no idea about any complimentary breakfast, so they called the front desk to make sure. Turns out there was a $30 credit for breakfast, which was nice, but good thing we asked, because we all know that food in a hotel restaurant is extraordinarily marked up. So we were able to have breakfast at a normal price with that credit.
There is a complimentary shuttle that runs from this hotel to the Bohemian, which is the sister hotel. It runs on a half hour schedule on Fridays and Saturdays, but is by request the rest of the days. We were told this by the shuttle driver. We used it on Sunday and it took about 10 minutes to get to the other hotel. We got back to the Bohemian at 6pm and asked for the shuttle and was told that the shuttle would be here at 6:30, as the front desk person was calling for it. I initially found this to be at little off, because I knew it should only take 10 minutes to make the trip, and he quoted the 30 min schedule, though it should be by request only on Sundays.  But, we waited until about 6:45, when I went back to ask. Things started looking bad at that point. Valet managers got involved, multiple attempts to contact the valet at the Mansion were done, and my son fell asleep on the couch in the lobby of the Bohemian. I personally called the hotel and was promptly told that we must have missed the 6:30 shuttle, because it was there. After some investigation, it was obvious the shuttle never left the Mansion and the valet never was told we were waiting. We finished our 0.9 mile trip 1 hour later and carried our exhausted little boy to bed.
It is a nice hotel that talks a good game. The follow-through can use some work. My advise, ask a lot of questions, do not assume that things are going to happen as promised, and be sure to double check on things yourself.

18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
112. Donetta T.
I had decided to come spend a relaxing weekend for my birthday with a girlfriend at this hotel.  I have stayed at other  Kessler properties and I always enjoy the friendly staff and great service so I was looking forward to this stay.   We arrived early and were told our room was being cleaned.  We checked our bags with hotel and we were told that we could be phoned as soon as our room was ready.  We were phoned within the hour.  We checked into our very clean, beautiful room.  We decided to step out of our room to go to the lobby for a few minutes and not expecting anyone back in our room since it had been cleaned and inspected we left our bag unopened in the room.  Upon our return we noticed our bags had been opened and left unzipped and that we both had some cash missing.  We estimated there was around $320 missing between us.  We immediately went to the front desk and explained someone had been in our room.  The staff immediately phoned security and management and they quickly came to investigate our electronic lock to the room explaining they could read the codes and know what key cards had been used to enter our room.  They acknowledged that afternoon that there had been someone in our room and that they would investigate further and call us the next morning.  We were a bit nervous sleeping in a room knowing that someone had been in not knowing who? We also were on the 1st floor that lead to a hallway straight out to the street making for easy entry from the street.  We decided to sleep with a chair against the door.
The following morning we left to go have breakfast and try to enjoy our second day.  When we did not hear anything from the hotel we called and they forwarded us to the Manager on duty.  He explained they had tried to speak to us by coming to our room(were we suppose to sit and wait for them and ruin our second day?) we asked about the investigation and he offered to send someone to our room to maybe look for our misplaced money? We explained to him that we both had not misplaced cash and that security did find someone had been in the room.  The manager asked how much money we were missing and did agree to credit it our account for $320.
All in all the hotel is very nice, the staff very nice but we were treated like we were at fault.  They asked about the safe, which we did use but to have money taken within 30 minutes of a check in ??? Be very careful with your belongings here at all times.  Whoever stole the money knew not to take anything that would incriminate them and not to take all of the money hoping you will not miss it or not realize it is missing until later in your stay.  I won't return here. It was a stressful 2 days and disappointing.  I travel a lot for pleasure and this hotel will not be back on my list.  I did have a fantastic massage in the spa and would highly  recommend the spa services. Lesson learned, don't leave anything unattended for any reason, even to step out for something quick.

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
113. Heather P.
This place is so incredibly romantic. I loved the room. It was a corner king suite on the second floor with a gorgeous "open" bathroom and a vintage vibe. It looked directly at Forsyth Park and the views were perfect.

Everyone was so gracious and made my stay very comfortable. I loved all the details that went into the room and the hotel itself. I had been concerned about how far the hotel was from River Street but it ended up not being a problem. There's a free shuttle that runs between the Mansion and the Bohemian and I ended up not really needing the car.

There are wonderful restaurants and bars inside the hotel. Frankly, I enjoyed the hotel so much I had to make myself go out and see the city. I imagine this hotel is best for girls weekends or couples (obviously). Solo travelers (or people with children) would probably enjoy themselves more at the Bohemian by River Street as it's more central to downtown and the nightlife.

29/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0