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Halekulani has been hosting visitors to Waikiki Beach for nearly 100 years. Today its reputation for gracious hospitality, impeccable service and magnificent cuisine is unequaled on Oahu and renowned, throughout the world.


Established in 1981.

The story of Halekulani is in many ways the story of Waikiki itself. It begins just after the turn of the 20th century, with the construction of a small residential hotel called Hau Tree, consisting of a simple beachfront home and five tiny bungalows.

In 1917, Juliet and Clifford Kimball purchased the hotel and gradually expanded the operation, establishing it as a stylish resort for wealthy vacationers. They named it Halekulani, or "House Befitting Heaven."


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Rating: 4.53

Address: 2199 Kalia Rd, Honolulu, HI, 96815
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Comments (234):

1. Monarch x.
Hands down the most well run hotel I have ever stayed in. If you are debating between the Kahala Resort and Halekulani, let me put your mind to rest- Halekulani IS a "house befitting heaven"!  We stayed there for four luxurious days over this new years. There was not one snafu, not one bump- the entire time! I have NEVER said that.  The chef at Orchids worked up an incredible vegetarian menu for the New Years Eve fixed menu event. The Honolulu Symphony played. The fireworks were right out front! Totally extravagant, but so elegant and perfect! (He even cooked us a private Indian meal a few days later!) Pool chairs are not held for guests who are not there (like many places) except at lunch- so there was always a good spot by the pool. It is walkable in a very swanky (Lucky and Prada) part of Waikiki.  Free tickets to many of Honolulu's best cultural events. Beach is tiny, yes, but not crowded and great for beginning surfers. My husband took lessons from Ty who contracts w the hotel. He was so pleased w the instruction he went out the next day too. Day 3 he was feeling so good he went w/ some Locals! Down sides to the place: It's expensive. They are hyper-security oriented. (expect to be asked your room number constantly, especially if you don't "fit in"). It was also mostly Japanese guests. For us it was like getting a little trip to Japan in the deal. (Yeah, miso soup in the breakfast buffet!) Only complaint was the shower head was accordingly low for my 6'4" husband. Now that's five star! Stay here if you can. Fabulous!!!

23/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Tony c.
I travel often and to say this place is a 5 star resort is way off. I can name 3 other places in Vegas alone that smoke the service,decor and food here. That being said it is a nice quiet hotel to stay at. It is very clean. Way to stuffy and they actually believe they are a 5 star resort. The furniture in our Luxury Suite was "wicker" like the kind you get from Wal-Mart of Kmart. The bed was very comfortable. Bathrooms are big and roomy so we liked that. The patio furniture is what you would expect at a Best Western not a 5 star resort. 5 star resorts have teak furniture not party furniture from a frat house. The pool was nice BUT no cocktails in the pool, this place is loaded with rules!!! We were able to leave and go to the beach to the left of the hotel rent chairs from the Sheraton and get cocktails and food all day from the Sheraton bar. That is a fun bar in the day. Halekulani is not the place for action you feel like your every move is being watched. We ate at Orchids one night and the Lobster was so over done I could hardly eat it, the wine list is ok at best and the shrimp came with the tails and head on. I get the whole presentation thing but seriously I did not want to smell like I had been fishing all day cracking my shrimp. Skip the Orchid and head across to the street to Roy's. Roy's has a fun bar GREAT wine list and super good food. Lastly the room service was great for service but again food was ok kind of like they order it from Denny's across the street. When we return again we will stay here again after learning the other location to use that make up for the stuffy feel of this place. But what is amazing is the quietness at night for sleeping most teenagers and early 20 years olds can't afford the rooms so it is very quiet at night. You will never fear some first time partier ruining your night of refreshing sleep.

25/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Peter E.
Returned to the Halekulani last week with my wife and kids after being away for 20 years. Back then, my wife-to-be and I would hang out on the patio to drink mai tais, eat Maui chips, and watch the lovely Kanoe do the hula at sunset. By far the BEST place to be in Waikiki as the sun is setting -- simply sublime. Management has exerted more control over the patio than there was 20 years ago -- you now have to wait to be seated at a cocktail table. Still the same lovely Kanoe doing the hula, great food and ambiance. Unfortunately, they changed the mai tai recipe and that is not good. The old version was lemon based -- I got the recipe from the bartender 20 years ago, and have been making them for family and friends ever since. The new version is lime based with an entirely different flavor that my wife and I didn't particularly like. I know that Bergeron's original recipe is lime based, but I just like Halekulani's old recipe better. The Halekulani still gets 5 stars for vibe, ambiance, and old-school Hawaiian charm, but the mai-tai only gets 3.5 stars from me now. The best mai tais in Waikiki today are definitely at the Royal Hawaiian.

28/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Charlie D.
I used to sneak in here just to sit in their lobbies. The grounds, the pool, the rooms are all so amazing, it is several steps above every other place in town.

03/03/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Ruth O.
I love the Halekulani.  We recently had our wedding reception here at the ballroom and stayed 2 nights at the hotel.  I don't even know where to begin--the service was flawless, the employees are ALL very friendly and accommodating, our catering manager/coordinator Ai was super organized and on top of things, the banquet manager Steve made everything run smoothly on our wedding night and every single person from the bell boy to the valet guys was more than helpful and went out of their way to please.  One employee who looked like he was actually leaving to go home noticed that we were carrying a water bottle that was kind of not cold anymore and so he asked us if we wanted new cold water bottles, in less than a minute he was back before we got into our limo to head to the ceremony with ice cold waters.   The room was SPECTACULAR, a beautiful ocean view suite and the bathroom...I could live in it.  The pastry chef made our wedding cake just as we wanted (we showed him a picture) and when we saw it, we were floored by how beautiful it looked.  The food was delicious and people raved about it all night.  My husband forgot to bring his slippers and one of the staff members went to a ABC store and dropped off the slippers to our hotel in less than 15 minutes.  Theres so much more, but the bottom line is, although the hotel is on the pricey end, it is worth every penny.  We are already planning for our next stay here!

29/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Keane L.
Beautiful. The Bellagio of Hawaiian hotels, with a good deal more history.

17/02/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Kathryn D.
I am so glad that my husband has a Hawaiian driver's license so that we can stay there with the Ka'amaina discount.  We first stayed there about six weeks after it opened.  Then, all we could afford was a garden view room, but the atmosphere and hospitality made the expense worth it.  Now having stayed there dozens of times, we like the xx41 rooms.  They are the last balconies before the suites facing the entertainment stage.  There is nothing better than sitting out on your balcony at sunset and listening to the wonderful Hawaiian music.  Even better is being there on a Wednesday night.  That is when they have the Manager's reception where their food staff plies you with pupus (better than ANYTHING you could buy at most restaurants) and drinks.  I know I might have slightly spoiled my dinner, but I couldn't resist another Kalua Pig/Maui Onion quiche.  My husband went for the ahi poke filled tomatoes and the terrific goat cheese.  Yes, the furniture is not modern and sharp, but the entire hotel is immaculate and the staff is the best in the business.   Out of dozens of wonderful hotels we have stayed at, this is our second favorite.  Our favorite?  It's in Paris, and serves a mini creme brulee at breakfast, so that might be something that just edges it over the top.  But if you would rather have terrific pineapple and fluffy popovers, the Halekulani breakfast buffet might make this your all time favorite hotel.

18/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Brian L.
A great hotel with beautiful rooms and a nice location near Waikiki.  Compared to the Kahala, the rooms are  a bit smaller and the Kahala has the advantage of being a bit more secluded from the busy/touristy part of Honolulu.  But the hotel is extremely nice with good restaurants and amenities.

31/05/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Katie M.
I stayed here for 3 nights with my husband in September 2007, after staying at it's sister hotel across the street.  The hotel is a little on the pricey side for me, but balancing it with another hotel helped out.  I have always wanted to stay here, so it was totally worth it.  Check in was in our room and very quick.  The rooms are spacious and beautifully designed.  I loved that I could open both sets of the closet doors, that separate the bathroom from the bedroom, and watch the sunset from the jacuzzi tub.  The pool guys are great, bringing over the towel covers that hook over the back of the chairs, and always having a drink ready for me when I needed it.  It's luxury without being stuffy.  Loved it and would love to go again!

24/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Alexis G.
Halekulani is where I stayed on my first trip to Honolulu, so I was spoiled from the get-go. This is an absolutely amazing hotel on the beach near Waikiki. The rooms are smallish but reasonable, and it doesn't even matter because my bathroom was HUGE. The service was absolutely amazing. The gym is fully stocked and totally convenient. The room service -- spectacular. I swear I wanted to just live here forever after about an hour or so. If you're coming to Honolulu for a romantic or special occasion, STAY HERE! It's better than any other hotel in Oahu.

20/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. vernice l.
My friends had their wedding reception here and it was beautiful!!!! The grounds are so pretty and relaxing. The food at the reception was delicious.
And,  the food at the Sunday Brunch at Orchids was really really good.  There was sooo much food I did not know where to start.

09/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Jeff A.
The Five Stars are truly defined at the Halekulani!  It's a beautiful hotel with absolutely phenomenal service!  The hotel is a landmark Waikiki gem, overlooking the beach with a very nice courtyard where my bud's wedding ceremony was held.  This hotel has more history for me as my parents were also married there.  Just visit and you'll see what all the rave is about.

31/07/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. C. U.
I am a picky traveler and enjoy high end resorts. After my last trip to Oahu, I have officially stayed at what I consider to be the top three hotels on the island- Halekulani, Kahala and Turtle Bay.  I have stayed at Halekulani three times and after having experience another 5 star resort on the island on my last trip, I am convinced now that I will never stay anywhere else but the Halekulani when visiting Oahu. Each hotel is different and tries hard to please their guests but Halekulani's world class service is uncomparable.  No one came close.  Their attention to detail, ( they remember your preferences from previous visits- they know your name!) their discretion, their consistently warm and friendly staff who consistently provide excellent  and consistent guest services is what brings me back!  I will be back in the fall.  I recommend the sunrise package- great value for money.  The breakfasts at Orchids or House without a key whether buffet or a la carte are fanstastic- very consistent excellent food.   The coconut cake is heavenly- try it at least once.  SpaHalekulani was very peaceful.  Even though this hotel is in Waikiki you are in an oasis that keeps you away from the huste and bustle- REALLY!!.  The rooms are very quiet, albeit somewhat dated but very very nice.  Happy to finally realize I never need to shop for another hotel again for my future trips to oahu.  This is it for me!

04/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Raquel R.
its pretty and all but last time i was there it was going down hill. decided to stay at the Royal Hawaiian. Which is beautiful

03/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. andy s.
Halekulani is like a home away from home in the heart of Waikiki. The room had the best view I've ever had in Waikiki, the service is friendly and fast, the restaurants good (though I personally pass on House Without a Key-- buffer lovers may disagree), and Lewers Lounge is my favorite place to chill in Hawaii., if not the world!

The pool is great, and because of the relatively small number of rooms, doesn't get crowded.

Unlike other high-end hotels in the US, I didn't feel pressured to constantly tip (hello Bellagio), and the atmosphere in the hotel is very relaxed and friendly, not stuffy.

The Spa is a great indulgence!

Downsides? Don't book the rooms by "name"; make sure you consult the Halekulani website for what you are getting (eg. Ocean Front means "Front faces ocean", not "room on the front of the ocean"). And the prices are not to be sniffed at; this place is not cheap.

But if you can afford it, its worth the stretch. Best in Waikiki right now, but I look forward to the renovated Royal Hawaiian in 2009...

29/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Sandy C.
My favorite hotel of all time!  I don't have enough words to describe the Halekulani.  From the first moment I stepped into the hotel until the moment I left, it was wonderful.

First, the design of the building (mainly the courtyard, lobby) is gorgeous. The warmness of the Hawaiian breeze flows through the hotel, since there is a lot of open space integrated in its architecture. The look and feel of the hotel is airy, elegant, classic yet modern, shiny, and pristine.  Beautiful furniture and flowers accent the interior nicely.  The name "Halekulani" means "House Befitting Heaven", and it really does describe the beauty of the hotel.  Even though it is a large hotel, it never felt crowded, noisy, or touristy.  The restaurants and lounges are ample in space and comfortable.

Our room was gorgeous too.  We had a partial ocean view, and it was quite a sight.  Even though we were one balcony among hundreds, it was really quiet and intimate.  Great vanity area in the bathroom, big bathtub, a separate shower, great toiletries, fluffy robes, slippers, etc.

The service was excellent in every way and beyond my expectations. Every single staff member we encountered during our stay was friendly, courteous, and professional.  We got a lot of personal attention. Some examples: 1) a friendly staff member walked us to our room upon our arrival to check us in -- in our room! We didn't check in at some counter, but did so in our own room with the person doing paperwork for us.  2) One morning I ordered a delicious steak for breakfast at one of their restaurants, and the chef himself delivered the dish to me and welcomed me to breakfast.  3) There were delicious fruits and chocolates in our room. When I wanted more, they delivered more to our room within minutes of my call.  4) The housekeeping came to clean our rooms 2x a day. They were so friendly to us too.  5) There was a little gift left for us everyday...one day it was a bottle of wine, another day it was a little wood carving of an orchid, and on another day it was a little seashell with a note.  Wow!

Ok, so yes, the Halekulani is really expensive -- but we stayed there for our honeymoon, and it made the once-in-a-lifetime experience of the honeymoon exactly that -- special and unforgettable.  

I don't travel a lot so I haven't been to many 5-star hotels. But from the exceptional things I saw and experienced at the Halekulani, I doubt that many other hotels can compare.

05/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Daisy F.
This is one of my most favorite hotels in the world.  The rooms are completely luxurious and the amenties are remarkable.  It really is heaven.  Plus, their service is incredible.  I mean, check-in in the actual room?  First I thought that was weird, but realized it's very nice and memorable touch.  I also love the pool area, I can spend everyday here, if only my wallet could handle it.  The only disappoint was Le Mar, but that's a separate review and not really their fault.  Can't wait to come back.

18/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. D G.
Halekulani is about service. From the time you check in, a host will take you up to your room and show you how things work in your room. They have little keepsake tokens, 2x maid service, turn-down service. And for our anniversary, a bottle champagne. We had a "garden view room" which was a misnomer because the way the buildings are situated, everyone has a view of the water. I highly recommend this place.

10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Carla B.
Tops in everything. Beautiful hotel, room, service, location.
You'll be in the lap of luxury and lovin' it.

14/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. George K.
2nd time here.  So here are the things I gripe about:

We had an impromptu fire drill last nite that deposited me and my wife in the street in our underwear at 2 AM.  Evidently, these things "just happen", according to the night manager.  Holy guacamole!

There is a goofy promenade that occurs as people from nearby hotels navigate the maze at ocean's edge.  Gates and walls and such like.  Mgmt need to fix this.

Our non-smoking room smelled of smoke.  Not cool!.

22/11/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Leigh N.
This review is for the Spa Halekulani only.
Once a year, I like to treat myself one big WooHoo, LaDeDah thing and this past summer it was a treatment at the Spa Halekulani. I've always wanted to try this spa because the hotel has such a fabulous reputation. If the hotel is fabulous then the spa must fabulous and well worth the prices that they charge. I booked the 105 minutes spa experience for $230 and to be perfectly honest was quite disappointed. To start the experience a foot pounding ritual is done. It was a little strange and definitely unnecessary, it didn't feel good nor was it beneficial in anyway. The 80 minute massage was alright but I know I've had better at other spas.  I can't seem to remember what I did during the remaining 25 minutes of this experience. Hmmm...??? I liked that I had my own private room with changing area and locker. There was no changing into a robe in a communal locker room and being shuffled from place to place like other spas.  There was also a shower in the room but  unless you are getting a service in which you need to shower off, like a scrub, there is an extra charge to use that shower.  At the end the experience, I was escorted to an outside sitting area just at the edge of the beach and served iced tea and a mochi ice cream.  
Overall, my experience was OK but I was expecting more. More pampering, more luxury, more Wow! to make this spa that I want to come back to but, it wasn't. It was just OK. For $230 plus 18% service fee being just OK isn't good enough.

09/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
22. Tin-Tin M.
We had our wedding reception at Halekulani's Hau Terrace. We had a view of the ocean in a beautiful tropical luxurious setting. The buffet was out of this world. There is a reason why this venue is so popular for weddings--they have great prices for receptions, the food is great and the service is fantastic. Janet Howser, the catering director, is also a great resource.

03/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Carlo A.
One of the greatest pleasures in life, for me, is staying at an amazing hotel and having a wonderful experience -- with your room, the service, the food -- from the time you walk into the lobby to the time you check out.  The Halekulani is all of that and more.  La Mer, the fine dining restaurant upstairs, is as good as any restaurant in the mainland.  House without a Key is great for brunch and even better for cocktails in the early evening while watching the hula performance and listening to some soothing music.  It's a civilized way to do Waikiki: you can walk to the main street and immerse yourself in the crowds and the chaos, but what a treat it is to walk into this hotel and be in paradise again.  Once you come here, you'll never want to stay anywhere else.

24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. A R.
Amazing attentive staff, beautiful grounds, welcoming friendly atmosphere.

06/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Kristina R.
Yikes!  This is the most beautiful place hotel I've ever seen.  This is the lap of luxury.  If you have the dough, and you are spoiled rotten, stay at this swanky joint.  I've never had better service at another hotel or otherwise.  And the restaurant La Mer is one of the best on the island.

29/12/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Frank B.
If you're like most of us and can't afford a room here without selling off two years' future earnings, go for the breakfast. Simple, elegant, and a perfect setting (with nice ocean views and, I swear, the most beautiful women in all of Hawaii having breakfast right there in front of you).

Oh, the food... They offer menu service, but just take the Buffet. Great selection of fruits, breads and pastries, and typical breakfast items (and some not so typical, like all that weird looking stuff the Japanese eat for breakfast). I recommend the Belgian Waffles even though they are kept in a covered chafing dish and lack the crispiness we always ask for when ordering them. Just slather them in the soft butter and heated maple syrup provided. The bacon could be a tad crispier, but the sausages are good, good, good, like Jimmy Dean good! Then there's Henry and his omelets. You will want to take Henry home. I've never had a better omelet, and I love his smile when he asks me if I want cheese, and I say, "On one of your omelets? You must be kidding!" He will do an egg white omelet for you, and I saw one that actually looked edible. But really think long and hard on that choice. I mean, you're on vacation, and I've heard on good authority somewhere that *excess* cholesterol works as a terrific sun block.

Go early or you'll have to wait a bit (but that's softened by their providing all the Kona blend coffee you can drink, and you can hang by the pool or maybe watch a wedding reception in the courtyard). If after you're seated and you need serious coffee, ask for their French Press Kona (caution: they charge extra, $15 for two teeth-darkening cups' worth, but it's great, albeit expensive, coffee).

Okay people, if in the morning, you find yourself hungry on Waikiki Beach, don't punt and go to Denny's.  Just look right across the street. The Halekulani and a scrumptious breakfast beckons.  (Distant second can be found at the Westin Moana Surfrider.)

26/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Jennifer H.
We went to a very posh wedding here.  The food was buffet style it was excellent.  The hall was a little plain so the wedding flowers had to work overtime.  We had a great time at the wedding I would highly recommend this place for anyone that wants to get married in Oahu in style this is the place.  Did a forget to mention how good the food was for a buffet.? It's good food.

16/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. P C.
This is the place for breakfast. Its service, white table cloth and a breath taking view .... It is just plain beautiful...!!!! This is a place you go to have a relaxing and elegant breakfast. they also have those small jars of jam that are supper fancy for your toast.... Jut love thos place for breakfast.

13/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Cynthia A.
It's nice to have your wedding here in the gazebo in the courtyard, but everyone's wedding and reception at the Halekulani is IDENTICAL.

I find the entertainment at the bar "Room Without a Key" or whatever it's name is, too touristy for a classy hotel.  Hawaii's elite tourists deserve better.

25/01/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Seann G.
Awesome place for drinks and appetizers. Sit outside an enjoy the live music. The lobster rolles are awesome.

02/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. David D.
Yes the Halekulani could benefit from updating the interior of their rooms but the rest of the grounds, pool and lobby are gorgeous and the service was par excellence.

I stayed there for 5 days for a friend's birthday in June of this year. She and her two friends shared a Diamond Head Suite which was roomy, boasted three balconies and the most spectacular view of Diamond Head (please see attached pictures). Their suite's ample sitting area was furnished with two love seats and a chair, a wet bar and half-bath, entertainment center with CD player and TV. Of course I would have liked a 42" plasma screen but we didn't go to Oahu to watch TV. Their bedroom was quite spacious and their bathroom was beautiful as was mine.

I had a Club Suite in their other building which had two balconies and almost as nice a view of Diamond Head. I too had a nice sitting area with the addition of a desk and chair right inside the door. The bathroom was spacious and everything was immaculately clean.

The hotel obviously caters to well-to-do Japanese tourists but I found the service to be gracious and spot-on with recommendations even for a haole such as myself. In particular, Dee Dee at the concierge desk was exceptionally friendly, polite and most importantly, eminently knowledgeable about things to do and places to eat on Oahu.

Their lobby is gorgeous... Open and airy with oversized couches and chairs. Check in was done upstairs (which is always a classy move) and was effortless.

Yes there is a lot of construction going on but the noise never bothered any of us. Admittedly we were on the ocean side of their property.

The one-way street leading to the hotel was often congested but we never waited longer than 2 or 3 minutes before we were waved through by one of the omnipresent traffic cops.

This was my first trip to Oahu (I have stayed on Maui the other 6-7 times I've been to Hawaii) and I knew what I was getting into. It is a big city. Cities have traffic and other inconveniences that one has to take as part of the package.

I am leaving for Maui again the first week of September and am looking forward to being on an island where the most congested road is the two lane road from where we are staying in Wailea to Lahaina. Even then, you are driving along some of the most gorgeous coastline on the planet.

There is an ABC store a stone's throw from the lobby which was great for snacks and such.

All in all the Halekulani is indeed a world class hotel. Hopefully they will spruce up the decor in the rooms a bit but the rattan-esque furniture and neutral tones are appropriate for the island setting. The service is 5-star and breakfast at Orchids was one of the best meals we had during our stay. Didn't get to try La Mer but it comes very highly recommended.

18/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Rick K.
We stayed at the Halekulani Hotel on Oahu Hawaii for two nights to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary this month (November 2011).  It was a wonderful experience.  The room was luxurious and had a fabulous view of Diamond Head and Waikiki beach!  But is was the service that both surprised us and delighted us at every turn.  When we checked in, the reception person walked us to our room and explained the amenities of the hotel (spa, pool, dining options, etc.).  Everyone from the maids to the waiters in the restaurants were friendly and efficient.  There was a present on our pillows every night and something to look forward to.  On the night of our anniversary, we walked into the bedroom to find red rose petals on the bed and a warm bubble bath with orchids floating around.  It made my wife scream with delight!!! If you are thinking of staying on Oahu and trying to decide on a hotel that will really make the experience special, stay at the Halekulani.  It is amazing!!!

09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Scott D.
Stayed here 3-4 times and each time is just superb! Excellent service and beautiful surroundings. The best hotel in Waikiki or the world!

16/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Danny Q.
Wonderful and elegant hotel. Wonderful beach and hotel. Save up for this place, but you will enjoy it.

Just 2 things, I disagree with one of the reviewers and as a bartender but the mai tai's are weak. That stated, I noticed that there service elevator was out and they decided all the staff with the carts to go up with the guests. Very over crowded and annoying either wait or use one elvator desinated for all the employees. Other then that, great place. I will return!

01/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Mele M.
I LOVE the Halekulani.

I got married here, and they treated me like a Princess. Everyone knew my name, everyone did their best to make me feel pampered and catered to and I loved every minute of it. I only wish I had more time to enjoy it!

My wedding suite was absolutely beautiful, plush and the view of Diamond Head (off of my wrap around balcony) was TO DIE FOR.
The staff was spot on with every detail and I couldn't have been happier. Janet (my wedding coordinator contact) and Oscar (the banquet manager) were awesome in every way.

This is a very expensive hotel, but believe me, it is worth every penny you spend. The Halekulani rocks!

26/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. JDizzle D.
This was the best experience i have had in a hotel.  i stayed with some friends in the Vera Wang suite and the views are very nice.  they had an assortment of fresh fruits, top shelf beverages and an assortment of fine treats to munch on.   if you are going to spend top dollar on a special night this is the spot!  i also stayed in the diamond head suite at the W, this was my second best hotel experience.  Finally the night before this we stayed at the Kamehameha suite at the Royal Hawaiian and that was great also.

Anyways if i had to spend the money for a special night, i would here!  its well worth it, and the best choice!

10/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Shon T.
I generally dont like staying in waikiki, but HOLY GOOD GRAVY... The Halekulani is the BEST HOTEL in honolulu.  Service is impecable... they don's miss a thing.  Staff is extremely friendly and helpful.  Rooms are so comfortable.  I could stay a week if i could afford it.  Attended a wedding here last year, and it was VERY good....not quite amazing, but top notch.

You will be spoiled if you come here first.  Visit other hotels first, THEN come to the Halekulani.  

Its a shame we can't go this year......  :o(  

Oh yeah...take care of the valet guys...they do an awesome job.

17/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Local H.
Review for Catering Staff/ Wedding Planner only:

Planning a wedding and was very excited to have it at Halekulani Hotel since I've been to friends' weddings there and they were beautiful.  Was contacted by a catering staff & wedding planner over email and she was very friendly, helpful and quick to reply to questions, as well as in relaying venue info.  We finally met up with her, with us showing up in t-shirts, shorts and slippers --- and she was a totally different person from the very friendly and helpful emails.  Felt like she stereotyped us right away, on top of not giving a firm hand shake.  She showed us the different venues, walking in between areas in awkward silence and doesn't seem to be interested in us enough to put some effort in small talk or ask us any questions.  While sitting in her office so that she can answer some of our questions, I asked if she could show me the menu pricing again and she replied with: "I sent it to you over email."  I felt embarrassed --- with all of the overwhelming wedding info and pricing that I've been receiving over email from several hotels, she expected me to memorize Halekulani's info.  I also felt that she was unprepared or too lazy to show us a copy which I thought was the point of the meeting.  The rest of the conversation was uncomfortable and it felt like we were wasting her time.  To top it off, I didn't hear from her again --- not even a short  follow-up email to find out if we decided on any of the dates she scribbled on a post-it before we left the hotel.  She relayed in so many words and body language how Halekulani is in such high demand for their venues which made me think that it's the reason why she showed little effort in giving us the hotel's 5-star customer service.  We loved the ambiance of the hotel and the classy reception venues, but the 1-star customer service from this catering/wedding staff is enough for us to stay away from this hotel and relay our experience to all of our relatives and friends.

06/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. John O.
The BEST MAI TAI on Oahu!!!

Yes, you will find it at "The House Without a Key" and if you have to ask why they named it that...go before you had too many Mai Tai's.  

I have not stayed at the hotel yet, I will soon enough, after i find myself struggling after one too many Mai Tai's and looking for a room to crash.  

This review is for the restaurant "House Without a Key."  This place is classic Hawaii.  The band that plays at night is great.  Classic Hawaiian music.  What I like best about the palce is the great Mai Tai's.  You can check for yourself, but by my standards, which i like to think are pretty high, they are the best!

Yes, i have been around the world and have had Mai Tai's from many lands.  At least I thought I did.  Some of the drinks looked any thing other than a Mai Tai.  Unfortunately, the worst Mai Tai I had was in San Diego at a bar I will leave un-named.

Anyway, this review is for the Halekulani bar.  The music is magical and the drinks are just as good.  They also give you Maui chips too.  I had some pupus there too.  Yummy.

As for Cynthia A. review, Hawaii is not a stuck-up, nose in the air, type of place.  I have been to places like that in California and New York, and they really don't do anything for me.  I like the casual and friendly sort of places.

I don't know, i guess I am that rebel you see at a five star hotel's bar sitting in board shorts, t-shirt and slippas drinking my $14 martinis.  I did it at many hotels.  

Oh, you have to try the Red Trolly at the Fairmont in San Francisco...I guess I will make a review on that later.

Now, as for the Mai Tai, it is your Trader Vics quality.  Crushed ice, light and dark rums, orange curaco, simple syrup, spring of mint and a stick of sugar cane.


08/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Pamela T.
Just got back 2 days ago.  I am not a big Yelper, but I left very disappointed and won't go back.

Nice rooms, pretty hotel and that is about it.  Typically, when you pay $600 for a room, you get TOP notch service and your expectations are exceeded.  This was not the case at the Halekulani.  

Room with Ocean View: I thought that means, you look outside your room you see the ocean.  Well, when I looked from my room, I saw the other balconies and rooms across the courtyard---no privacy.  In order to see the ocean, I had to lean off my balcony to get a peep of the water....that is not OCEAN VIEW.  I later learned they have a second option, ocean FRONT---very deceiving.

Menu at POOL: Very limited, maybe 10 food options.  Well, after day 2 I was totally over the menu and had to order food to go from the ROOM SERVICE menu.  $600 a night and the pool menu only has 10 options?  not impressed at all.  

Pool: you can't even sit at a chair that allows you to have an ocean view.  You have to stare at a concrete wall or just look at the pool. I could have done that in LA.

Beach:  When in Hawaii, I like to enjoy the sand and ocean.  However, the Halekulani only has like 30x30 feet to lay on.  No chairs provided by them on the beach.  You have to walk down a path, over a couple hundred feet, on either side of the hotel that will lead you to beach areas where you can lay, but no service.  I saw that other hotels have areas that provide chairs for their guest to enjoy the beach and be waited on.  BUMMER! I wished I would have know prior to booking the hotel.

Overall, like I said, nice rooms and pretty hotel--- THAT IS IT.  FOR $600 a night, you can stay in the Four Seasons (they don't have one in Honolulu), where the service far exceeds any expectations and they will do ANYTHING to make you happy.  Also, you can bet that you will SEE THE OCEAN from your room and have chairs to lay on at the beach. For this price, NOT WORTH IT AT ALL!!!!

22/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. darrin k.
Over-priced. Located in one of the most congested parts of Waikiki. Decor is dated.  If you're looking to for a relaxing holiday this is not the place to stay.  The Sunday brunch is also very over priced.

07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
42. Stacy J.
I love! They honestly hire the nicest, friendliest, happiest people on the face of the planet to work here.

We stayed in an ocean-front room for our anniversary and at check-in, they whisk you immediately to your room, show you the amenities, offer you fruit and chocolate, and take care of billing in your room!

The bathroom is enormous! With a shower and soaking tub, and mirrored doors that slide away to reveal the closet, which is also accessible from the room. There's also the plushest, softest bath mat covering the floor. Complimentary bath salts!

At turndown service every night, they left little gifts with a notecard! YES, THAT'S RIGHT FREE THINGS FOR YOU.

At breakfast room service, they came with a toaster so you can toast your English muffin to your satisfaction!

On your nightstand, there's a master control panel to control the lights, A/C, and to call room service! You can loll around like an invalid!

At the spa, they include a free foot-beating with coconut tree sticks! (This sounds awful, but is actually wonderful.)

They offer B-list celebrities to dine one table over! Jeremy Piven was ordering a sandwich or something one table over!

Exclamation point!

Truly fabulous.

27/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Jeremy B.
This place is awesome!

My wife and I stayed here on the last 6 nights of our honeymoon in September 07 and it was without a doubt the best hotel experience we've ever had.

We had reserved a ocean view room, but since we were honeymooning and we purchased the Sunrise Package (daily breakfast included), they upgraded us to a Diamond Head-Ocean Front Room.  

The guest services rep. took us up to our room and explained all of its features to us and well as what we were entitled to as guests, then she opened up the sliding doors and BAM!  There was the beautiful blue ocean and Diamond Head right out the window.   We were then presented with a bottle of house champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and some fresh fruit.

The bathroom is connected to the bedroom via a double-sided sliding door closet.  It has ample space and includes a deep soaking tub, a vanity chair, slippers and robes, and a very powerful shower.

The daily breakfast was very, very tasty and we loved the eggs benedict.  They even offer afternoon tea.

Location is really nice, in that it is right next some good shopping, right across the street from Nobu, and directly on the beach.

One nice note to a bad experience:  my wife was sick for about 75% of our honeymoon and the guest services staff really made sure she was as comfortable as possible.  They gave us extra tissue boxes, an extra garbage for the waste tissue, and they kept on bringing up hot tea for her to sip on.  This is what really made me respect this place.  

The only complaint that I have is that the pool is tiny.  It is a beautifully decorated pool, with the orchid design on the bottom, but it is very small.

Pricey place, but TOTALLY WORTH IT in my humble opinion.

28/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Rachel H.
Since the W has no spa, we visited the hotel to try spa Helekulani based on the strength of reviews here.

We had to pay for the appointments, including automatic 22% gratuity(!!), before we went into our treatments. At first I thought the price she quoted for my facial was for both of us, it was that expensive.  A facial basically ended up costing as much as my friend's 60 minute massage. And at that, double what most nice places are charging.

We didn't like that they make you wait in the spa lobby for your appointment and there didn't seem to be any free-range spa facilities where you can relax in a robe and drink cucumber water before your appointment.

Their signature foot-thrashing thing before your massage really was so-so. It was impressively choreographed and kind of gets you in the mood, but my feed didn't feel any different aside from the warm wet towel... that was kind of nice.

I got my first facial and had a great experience. The woman is clearly a master; I could tell at the first five seconds she had my head in her hands.

After our appointment they made us get dressed right away (we were the last appointments of the day though) and then served us tea and mochi ice cream out on the deck, where we relaxed listening to the live Hawaiian music the hotel commissions every night.

Overall, we knew it would be expensive (but not THAT expensive!) and we knew it was among the best which is why we chose it. I gave it five stars despite a few faux pas.... this place is that good.

OH! We were walking around the hotel after our appointments and looking at the menu for one of the hotel restaurants (the nice one on the second floor). There was no one around, it was late, we were just curious.  We were shooed away by the hostess who walked out to us and made it clear that we were not dressed appropriately to even stand outside her place and look at the menu. I thought that was incredibly rude and snobby.

19/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Tony L.
My friends just got married at the Halekulani, and it was beautiful! The wedding was situated on a terrace, with a gorgeous sunset and ocean backdrop. But what made it even more stunning was the wedding dinner. I don't expect much from a wedding dinner, since the kitchen usually has to cook for 100+ guests. But this food was 5 star as well. Starting with the salad and kobacha soup, then an awesome onaga entree, and a delightful dessert plate. Everything was amazing!

17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Leslie S.
The Halekulani is not for those who lack deep pockets, but it is a refreshing and lovely place to stay. What makes it so great is the service. Every single staff member there treated us like lesser deities of some sort, and it was a nice feeling. The clientele is divided about equally between Japanese and Western tourists, making it rather like the LOTR's Inn at Bree.

We got the least expensive room, a "garden view" for just a single night, our first as husband and wife on our honeymoon (kinda anyway, and we couldn't really afford the nicest rooms). A lovely touch was that they allowed us to check in quite early, so by 10am we were in our suite for the night! The concierge escorted us up and explained the hotel to us very politely. He said, "I think you will like the view from your room very much," and as we walked in I felt a sting of disappointment...it was looking at the back of a high rise. At least, I thought so at first! As I stepped in a few paces more, I saw what he meant - the entire righthand side of the lanai overlooked the ocean, and the view was magnificent. My sting of disappointment turned into a wave of pleasure. Otherwise, the room was smallish, very, very clean, had a large and extremely comfortable bed with excellent sheets, and a bathroom that catered to gluttonous vanity of the first order. The tub is huge. There is a little ladies' dressing table in front of the mirror, sumptuous bath mats, a separate shower, delicious his and hers robes, and an ingenious wardrobe that opens INTO THE BATHROOM so you can get dressed in there if you want!

Over the course of our 24 hours there we experienced many pleasant surprises. The staff of the Halekulani will sneak into your room while you're gone and leave you treats! First, it was sliced, drippingly juicy papaya with limes. Next, four artisinal chocolates. Third, a FREE bottle of champagne - with just a note that said "Congratulations on your wedding." Fourth - oddly - piped in Hawaiian steel guitar music.

We ate at the Room without a Key twice and it was great. Breakfast buffet was UNREAL. I hate buffets, I think they're gross as a general rule, but this one really knocked my socks off. They have fresh sliced fruit and real whipped cream, a dude making omelets with whatever you want in them, and everything else you can imagine. My husband had his hair cut at the Spahalekulani, and they did a great job. I had my toenails done at the same time, and they STILL look fantastic!

The beach was OK but very small and crowded. The pool was better - we lounged around there a good long while while the nice waiter brought us frilly beverages. The flowers were absolutely magnificent, and the grounds religiously tended by teams of inconspicuous landscapers. All in all, it gave the impression of being a throwback from the days of early resorts, rather like the resort Baby stayed at in Dirty Dancing - it was probably the most gracious hotel experience of my life, and there was live music in the evenings, and dancers, and a definite old-school, 1962 vibe except with all the most modern amenities.

11/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Steph G.
This is my first review but I really feel the need to share my experience here.  I must preface this however, as it is a mostly a review of their customer service. I just got engaged and have been looking for wedding venues.  I am currenlty deployed right now so all contact I have been making has been through email.  I contacted numerous venues, and had to email at least 2 to 3 times before someone would respond back to me, which made this really hard to try and get information about their sites.  Not so with the Halekulani!  The event coordnator, Loren, got back to me within hours of me sending my emails to her (which is awesome considering the time differences).  She was so helpful in answering all my questions and even agreed to meet with a friend of mine to view the event space that I was interested.  They sent me videos and pictures so I actually got to feel like I was there versus the sand box Im in now.  After viewing the space (Hau Terrace), I thought it was gorgeous.  There is a great view of the ocean, Waikiki Beach, and diamond head.  My only complaint was since I'm expecting a lot of guest for my wedding (around 80) the space was too small for the type of reception that I wanted.  I was so sad.  When I talked to Loren about it, she was still so sweet and even gave me names/numbers of other venues that could accomodate my wedding size better.  She even thanked me for my service!  You can't beat that for customer service!  If you are planning a smaller wedding I would highly recommend considering the Halekulani.  And if you do have a larger wedding, they do have other events spaces that can accomodate larger groups ( I just wanted the ocean view).  In fact, once I get all my wedding details figured out I may even have my rehearsal dinner here.  When you pick the Halekulani you are picking outstanding customer service and a personal relationship with your event coordinator as many brides to be know that that is very important in the wedding planning process (especially if you are on the other side of the world!)

29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Lisa J.
A few summers ago, I spent 2 months at this hotel running a seasonal children's program.  Before the program started, I had been in a lot of other hotels doing something similar.  I thought that the staff at the Halekulani was the friendliest, most helpful, and just overall most awesome out of all the hotels I had been in.  

Everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy working there, which definitely affects the whole 'vibe' of the place.  The valet guys, front desk peeps, hotel operators, managers, the pastry chefs, even security....everyone was cool!

My favorite memory involves a security guard who came bamboo pole  fishing with us once.  A big wave washed over part of the jetty, leaving him with wet pant legs and soggy shoes and socks.  He squished and squashed his way back to the hotel with us.  All with a smile on his face, while chatting with us and making us laugh.  Now THAT'S impeccable service!

For those two months, I got to indulge in room service 4 times a week and a lunch at House Withouth a Key once a week.  It was heaven, pure heaven!  And on those days we didn't have kids, we ate with the hotel employees in their cafeteria.  I just gotta say, Halekulani employees eat VERY well.....

It's a pricey place to stay but I think it's definitely a worthwhile splurge!

One thing to note, as a guest of the hotel, you get perks like free admission to several museums and the Honolulu Symphony.  =)

09/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Dianne M.
The best 2 hour, 4 course brunch I've ever had.  This is the place that got me started on Eggs Benedict and there is no going back now.  

BE SURE to make a reservation before you leave for the islands.  On our last visit we couldn't get in which was very disappointing.  Be sure to sit outside, take it slow and enjoy this long, slow breakfast.

18/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. PY K.
We had our wedding reception in the Hau Terrace at Halekulani a few years ago, and we planned our wedding from the mainland.  We didn't have the ceremony at the hotel, b/c we wanted a church ceremony.  

Joel, the catering manager, was wonderful....he really took care of things and I really was not used to that level of service.  B/c much of the planning was done via email/mail (I think we only had one meeting with him, we had our friends do the tasting for us), I think I was a little uneasy how things would turn out....but I really had nothing to worry about.  (in fact, he probably thought that I was on the pesky side b/c I would feel the need to 'confirm' this or that all the time).   i sent them a picture of how I wanted my buttercream cake decorated, and I got exactly what I wanted.  At our one year anniversary, the hotel sent us an anniversary card....now, that's service!

B/c we were cost conscious...we had a lunch buffet.  The food was good as far as I remember (not spectacular) and we actually had a chance to eat.  B/c it was a luncheon in August, we couldn't use the lanai to seat guests, so we were limited to the 120 capacity in the terrace.  But the daytime view of Diamond Head really can't be beat....not good for a slideshow though b/c the room is so bright and airy...   :P

The bridal suite was spectacular....we arranged to get an extra night b/c it was so nice.  The wedding package also included a standard room the eve of the wedding.  The service was really top notch (the valet would often address us as mr. and mrs. k - took time getting used to), and the view of Diamond Head is amazing, and waking up to the sound of waves crashing, you felt like you were over the waters edge.   I'd love to know how the vera wang suite is....

I asked the Husband if we could do a ten year anniversary there....but he said maybe 30 year, and have our kids pay for it.  haha.

30/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Arek S.

Service I have ever experienced.
- the staff is so friendly (everyone says aloha and wants to help)
- turn-down service come with a nice little gift each night
- professional staff makes you feel like royalty

Amenities on-site:
- Mai Tai's by the pool were perfect - never had one that tasted half a refreshing
- the pool experience was dream-like (if someone fed me grapes while I sun-bathed - it would be perfect)
- lots of top rated restaurants and lounges
- a few stores at the hotel for those that have too much money

OVERALL the most impressive hotel that I have ever experienced and well worth the cost.

RECOMMENDATION:  Stay in a Diamond Head Room or Suite if you can afford it.  The view is unbelievable!

12/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Miss J.
This hotel was amazing!  My fiance proposed to me at this hotel and the entire concierge staff assisted him with all the setting up and arrangements.  The customer service was excellent and the staff was very professional yet super friendly.  It's located right by the ocean and our view overlooked diamond head and the ocean.  Even if you can't afford staying at the hotel, I would still go there just to visit and eat at one of their restaurants.  If I could have a destination wedding, I would definitely have it at the Halekulani!

02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Mrs. Val V.
One of Hawaiis most beautiful luxurious hotels. Definitely a WOW factor
Gorgeous view of the ocean and the food is quite amazing.  Ideal for any couples looking for a honeymoon or just a romantic get away/vacation.

The suites are gorgeous with breathtaking views. We have brunch here religiously every weekend. The staff is so friendly/ accommodating,shining  example of the Aloha spirit:)

We've flown our friends/family in from the east coast taken them out to dinner here, never received anything but glowing reviews.

01/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Kumari D.
This place rocks, the nicest place in town

03/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. J A.
If you have to stay in Waikiki, Halekulani is the best place to be.  Luxurious, quiet, and convienent.  Great dining options with Orchids and La Mer.  They added some wonderful spa services that will refresh you after a flight from the mainland.  It is a place you feel right at home at.

06/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Sue H.
Georgous hotel!  It is the Fourt Seasons of Honolulu.  
Go here to watch the sunset.  They have a local trio of guys singing and playing instruments and hula dancer.  Very mello, chill, beautiful sunset.

16/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Dave H.
I stayed here in OCT 2005 for my brother's wedding held on the Hau Terrace. I was best man. Most of my family lives in Wahiawa/Mililani Town, so this was easier than flying all of them to the mainland.

The Halekulani is by far the nicest hotel in Honolulu, even better than the Kahala Mandarin Oriental which I stayed at in 2003. Once you stay here, all the other Island hotels (except for maybe Hotel Hana Maui, The Four Seasons Grand Wailea-Maui and Hualalai-Big Island) all pale by comparison.

The grounds are immaculate and the staff here truly embraces the Aloha spirit. Lewers lounge is also a cool-retro feeling place for a drink. The pool area looks spectacular, but is smaller in real life than it appears in pictures and they beach area is near the end of Waikiki so it is better to "go North Shore, if you really want to go beach."

I also spotted a few celebs (Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson) as I strolled the grounds. I later found out they were filming 'You, Me and Dupree" while we were there. Both Owen Wilson and Matt Dillon are smaller in real life than you would expect. (Not Tom Cruise or Ben Stiller tiny, but still smaller than me at 5'11" 160lbs). Also Kate (with her baby in tow) is more beautiful in person than she is on the silverscreen.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and went off without a hitch. The food at the wedding was also phenomenally good (surprising since it was buffet and in very large quantities). Best meal I had in two weeks, especially considering I also ate at La Mer, Alan Wongs and Chef Mavro during the stay. The downside is the Halekulani staff won't let you take the leftovers home.

The rooms themselves were a little worn and in my room the shower temp control handle was broken so I got scalded (but it got me a free upgrade to a better room).  In some "Partial Ocean View" rooms you literally have to lean over the balcony railing to see the ocean, but who stays in their room that much in paradise?

The prices are high starting at $400/night (even with the package deal I got) and local construction noise was also bad during the day, but then again October is renovation month in Hawaii.

I'm already saving $, so when I go back again I can stay here.

28/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Rachel B.
I went to the Halekulani a few years back, but I had to write a review.  When I went we had the WORST service at check-in.  We had made reservations that they somehow could not "find" in their system.  They made us wait for at least a half hour in the lobby, then showed us to our room, which was TEENY.  Besides that the rest of the stay was really great, the food was excellent and I had the BEST cocktail I've ever had at Lewer's Lounge.  I'll have to leave a separate review for the lounge because I think that was the best part of the entire hotel.  Although this hotel is small it is clean and pretty, if you want to be right in the CENTER of Waikiki (yes as other said it IS congested in this area) then Halekulani may be a good choice for you.  Upscale, but petite.

28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
59. Meganarama n.
Three words:  Service Service Service!  They have got this down to a science!  I have stayed all over and have never had such wonderful service as I received at the Halekulani Hotel!  The restaurants were great but the breakfast buffet was really where it's at!  Sushi and watermelon salad for breakfast?  Heaven!  Amazing waffles hot off the press with coconut syrup too!  If you want it, they have it and if it is not on the menu or on the buffet, someone will make it for you.  The porter even helped me track down an iphone that a colleague left in a cab!  These people do not miss a beat!  The spa services were fabulous too.  I loved the pre-massage foot beating and the post massage mochi ice cream!  The only reason I cannot give this hotel a fifth star is that the rooms and hallways could really stand to be updated but in this economy, I understand not doing it.

12/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Frank S.
The most elegant of the the newer hotels in Waikiki. Rooms nicely appointed and excellent restaurants on property.

03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Laura H.
Stayed at Halekulani for the first time on my honeymoon. It was such a wonderful experience. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, the service is truly top notch, and the security is also a very nice perk!
I can't say enough about the ambiance of this hotel, sitting on the lanai listening and enjoying the true Hawaiian music and dancing while munching on freshly made potato chips...the view of Diamondhead....simply wonderful!
I also wanted to mention that when the staff found out about our honeymoon they upgrade us to a gorgeous ocean view mini-suite. We had the buffet and it was amazingly good, and I am such a food snob that I don't usually partake in buffet's, thisone turned me, it is that good.
If you are staying on Waikiki beach, you have to check out this hotel, it is a combination of uber charming and unique that you rarely find in a five star hotel like this.

16/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Debbie W.
I didnt stay here, but i did visit, and its gorgeous, with impeccable service everywhere you turn.  

The only small criticisms are-- there is very little beach here (much better beach a few doors down at the Moana), and its very quiet and exclusive, possibly a tiny bit too quiet, uptight and exclusive.  But thats just a matter of taste and preference.  I like privacy and quiet, but i also like to feel like i can have fun without feeling like im disturbing others.

19/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Michael M.
I am writing this review from a vendor point of view. This has got to be the best hotel any vendor wants to deal with. Such a helpful and friendly staff/employees you could ever encounter.
No wonder it is a 5 diamond hotel. Everything from employees behind the scene to up front and professional concierge, bell desk, security,and so on.
I have expressed to everyone I know that this is the best hotel and to please visit this place and partake in the many ways to enjoy being in Hawai'i with all the excellent staffing and finest of finest food and entertainment it has to offer. Mai Tais at House Without a Key at sunset is a treat, as is a wonderful dining experience with Orchids restaurant and La Mer.
Weddings are supreme here with all the trimmings of being like the King and Queen for the day. Banquet management and staffing are all excellent and also very courteous and super friendly. The banquets here I give ten stars and everyone from security at the loading docks to behind the scenes staffing are all so helpful and courteous.
I know I would want to stay here if I were a tourist.
Simply the best Honolulu has to offer!

10/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Janice C.
Love this hotel and will go back for sure. They left a small gift in the room every night and came in to clean several times a day. Excellent service. I like the size of their hotel, it's not big like the Hilton Hawaiian Village (7 buildings with its own shopping village) That could be nice for older people but personally I like something more private and personal, Halekulani has it! :)

31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. David J.
LOVED this hotel. First time, first stay this hotel heard was one of the best hotel in the town. I and my girlfirend booked room call"Diamond..."which was the second best room they got.
VIEW: nice, our room was located in the middle of the building,so its ocean and beach right outside from the balcony or room.
PRICE: dont know it was expensive or not for Hawaii. Cost $700 Per night, stayed for 4 nights, but 4th night was free cuz we bought the coupon from Expedia.
SERVICE: everybody was pretty nice, plite. Room serivce was very cleaned, nothing was stolen LOL. Hotel amenites are open with servers.
ENVIORMENT: Brilliant. Beach right behind the building, so you can just walk out to the ocean right way. 2 blocks from the main shopping street!

I will either go back this hotel or the Sheraton next to it the next time I go.

02/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Minh H.
I selected Halekulani to celebrate one of the most important days of my life, my wedding day. I was working with Loren over a period of time to get a better understanding of the requirements and process. The wedding date is important in my culture so I had to figure out the best date with my family. As I was working this through, I asked Loren about potential dates and they were getting booked. Shortly thereafter, I felt the need to lock down a date which I did. Two weeks later after making a deposit, the most unfortunate event occurred, I split up with my fiancée. I contacted Loren and she was not helpful. Then I was put in touch with her manager Joel and that led to nowhere. The cancellation request was made only a couple of weeks after the check was made. Why couldn't they do anything? It was due to the cancellation policy. Finally, they offered to refund 75% of the deposit if the date was booked. I lost a lot and this was now one of my worst times in life. Halekulani and their staff only made it worst. I felt rushed into making a quick decision on the date. Months have passed and of course the venue was never booked. To make matters even worse, they emailed me the unfortunate news that they would not send me a refund check...on the day of my wedding date that never happened!

24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
67. Thu S.
So this is how royalty is treated. The lobby staff will ALWAYS greet you by your name and every staff member you pass along the way will greet you as well. Forget the cheap mints for turn-down service, they give you a different souvenir each night. It was like Christmas coming back to our room at the end of the day. Wish I could afford to stay here with every visit. Oh, BEST MAI TAIS EVER! Sorry Trader Vic's but you come in at a very close 2nd.

10/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. Laura D.
Two Words:


Served at House Without a Key.  The best I have ever tasted.... not to mention the sweet setting, great music, relaxed atmosphere and impeccable service.  I even got the cake shipped to me for my birthday... one of the best presents evah!  Prices are out of sight, but no more than the area surrounding the hotel, so live it up, its Hawaii for cryin' out loud!

22/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Manfred A.
A superb hotel with superb service.  We were treated like royals in the hotel.  To us, now Hawaii means Halekulani hotel.  We are definitely going back.  Just to note, We have stayed in all the other islands and enjoyed many hotels, but our experience with Halekulani was heavenly.  The breakfasts, the elegant restaurants, the well maintained pool, the well equiped and clean fittness center, the close access to the ocean, and the friendly service was beyond belief.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  A true five star experience.

31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. David L.
What can I say that hasn't been said before.  This place is GREAT.  Was taken here as a surprise staycation by my wonderful GF.  The service was impeccable.  Rooms were great, with the perfect amenities and turn down service was unbelievable.  We arrived at our room with tasty papaya and a view of diamond head and the pool.  The design of the room is great - not the most luxurious placed I have stayed, but it definitely gave me ideas on how to improve my own bedroom and bathrooms.  When we returned from our dinner, they made our bed, left us some leis that they forgot to give us when we arrived (we were kind of under the radar as there was a huge commotion due to the family reunion check in just before us).  Everyone knew our name, and were super courteous.  It was the perfect place to pamper ourselves.  Yes, the price was high, but if you are blessed enough to afford it, it will be an experience that you will not regret.  Glad we got to say we stayed at the Halekulani.

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. george g.
Was there this past July with the family and it was an AMAZING experience!  I have stayed at hotels in many different spots in the world and this was hands-down the best I have ever experienced.  The only, only, only thing I might say that was slightly unfavorable was the fact that it's personal beach was definitely on the smaller side, but there are beautiful beaches already all around.  And the pool surely made up for it!

27/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Pete S.
Stayed here last October and all I can say was the service top notch! Every step of the way from the car attendants, to the personalized check in service where they will walk you directly to your room, to helping you with weddings (Brian and Joel are the greatest!), to having that wonderful Jr. Suite with the diamond head view....I have been spoiled rotten by staying here . Personally, there's no other hotel on the island I rather stay now and I've been to many other hotels since I come back here every year to Oahu.  There is just no comparison.
It is centrally located to most shops on Kalakaua. The only thing it does not have is a beach on its property but again, it's walking distance to one. I will certainly be back!

21/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. leano L.
absolutely amaaazing!
They have a WONDERFUL  buffet, and the hotel is actually quite quiet, I definately have nothing crappy to say.

07/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Jennifer N.
I would have to say this is one of the nicest hotels in Oahu.  I wish I stayed here during our trip in Hawai'i, but at around maybe $300-$400/night, I don't think we could have stayed a week without breaking the bank.  My boyfriend's sister had her wedding reception here, and it was great.  This is a very family friendly hotel, and smoke-free, smoking is not allowed in the hotel room or pool area, only in designed areas outside and around the hotel.

The hotel room that came with the package for having the wedding reception there was beautiful.  A wonderful view of Waikiki and the lovely pool.  The room was very spacious.  And the room was regularly $1000/night!  The reception hall was nice, very spacious for the seven tables.  The only things, this is from what his sister told me, you were not allowed to have amplified sound or have bright colors.  So it was difficult at times to hear the band she hired.  But on the terrace there were picture perfect backgrounds.  And the food was good as well, for a buffet style reception.  The food a mix of traditional Hawai'ian, Asian, and American.  The dessert bar was the best, with many things to chose from.  I'm not too sure on the price she paid but I think she said the whole wedding cost under $20,000.  Which is very good for a destination wedding, if you ask me. I really wanted to try the restaurant there "House Without a Key" but I think we'll have it for next time.

The parking here is valet only, but since we came to see his sister we told them we were in her room.  The valet were very nice and helpful.  And one of the valets recognized my boyfriend, partly due to he bussed his mom, sister(another sister, not the one getting married), niece, and cousin from our hotel to Halekulani, days prior to the wedding a couple of times.

If you're at the pool area around 2 or 3, I don't remember what time it was, but they gave out ice cream to the people at the pool.  I guess, I can understand some people's problems with the hotel because they have many rules, but I appreciate they enforce their rules, but there are many rules to follow when you stay here, and I get some people don't want to have rules to follow when you're on vacation.

If I get a chance to make a lot of money, I personally would not mind staying here the next time  I'm in Hawai'i!

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Heidi C.
I think this is the most thoughtful hotel I've ever stayed at. What clean, modern rooms filled with every amenity! Such a gorgeously maintained property with the loveliest pool and the most beautifully tended old trees.  
When you arrive at check in they greet you by name, and you are whisked to your private room for check-in. No standing at the desk!
Be sure to head down to House without a Key for evening music under a beautiful tree in front of the ocean, and have breakfast at Orchids which serves both american style and japanese style breakfasts.
After you check out, if you're like us and dont have a flight until 11pm, there is a lovely hospitality suite available with tv, internet, beverages and showers.

10/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Tri D.
I have to admit I'm biased, my wife and I were lucky enough to have our wedding reception at Hau Terrace in the Halekulani.  The hotel is elegant and understated.  Everything is well thought out and well placed.  Wide open spaces tastefully decorated whispering paradise.   When you arrive they take you straight to the comforts of your room for check-in.  The staff is warm and hospitable a true five star hotel.  

All the wedding arrangements were handled perfectly without incident even though we were planning from the mainland.  We could not have been more pleased with the hotel and their staff.  

As covered by other yelpers it's not cheap but the hotel is definitely worth checking out even if you don't stay there.  The restaurants and entertainment offerings are fantastic and reasonably priced for Waikki.

02/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Ailin K.
I couldn't imagine giving this place anything less than 5 stars. It should get 10 stars!  Don't be jealous when I tell you how my friends and I ended up at this place. We originally booked the Waikiki Parc across the street. When we checked in, the front desk apologetically advised us they were overbooked and would have to move us across the street to Halekulani with ocean view. We were greeted promptly by the manager, who showed us to the room and made sure we knew the services and amenities available to us.  Every evening we come back to our room with serene music playing and a little gift on our bed. I joined in on a yoga and aquatic exercise one morning, and had so much fun. The yoga class was held on the terrace, when surrounded by the ocean, how can you not feel relaxed. Loved this place and hope to go back soon.

15/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Michelle Y.
I'm going to have to agree with the other yelpers. NO other hotel on the island treats you like Halekulani does!

I had my wedding ceremony and reception here May 22nd...yes just about a week ago! And I couldn't be more pleased. I live in California however my parents are from Hawaii and we do the regular yearly visits here. I'm familiar with most of the hotels on the island and really like that Halekulani has a garden courtyard where you can have your ceremony. It is beautiful, clean, green, and a big plus was that the hotel is basically around this courtyard so the WIND factor isn't a problem. Usually, when you have an outdoor wedding near or on the beach you worry about the crazy wind messing up you beautiful hair that you just spent and arm and a leg on getting done.

Again, the way the hotels built and set up the sun at 4pm was not a problem for pictures. After the ceremony we had cocktail hour and then reception in the main ballroom. The SERVICE at this hotel is TOP NOTCH and you are basically treated like you are a superstar...well we sure did feel like one! The buffet we chose for our dinner meal was also beyond good its some of the best food we've eaten EVER!

I can't thank you enough Halekulani for making this day so special for me and my husband.

**A++ for the junior suite! We had a nice balcony overlooking the courtyard and a ocean view...also at night you can open up you door and listen to the live hawaiian band that plays from 5-7**

31/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Brenda H.
Classy.  Gorgeous.  Serene.  

The most PERFECT and ELEGANT place to get married.  Just upon entering the hotel, you know this hotel is not your basic Waikiki address.  The staff is great.  The grounds are perfectly manicured. The bathrooms are clean.  The establishment all in all is out of a hawaiian brochure.  

I was fortunate enough to enjoy this property with my girlfriends while having dinner, drinks, and enjoying entertainment at House Without a Key.  

I'm totally envisioning my girlfriend getting married here... and if she does, i'm booking my room ASAP!

09/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Nette T.
I have fond memories of Halekulani, it is beautiful, the service is top notch and it's off of Kalakaua which is a bit more secluded in the middle of hectic Waikiki.

The courtyard is romantic and a perfect backdrop for weddings. The pool has gorgeous orchid mosaic on the bottom.  I went to Orchids for lunch and they had a great view.  Definitely a place to visit every time I'm in Hawaii.

13/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
81. carrie L. B.

I learned a valuable lesson while hanging out at the pool: I was born to be rich.

I could learn to love the lifestyle. Oh, pool boy, bring me another Tropical Itch, and make it snappy.

Damn this new economy!

30/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. Brad A.
Well here we go,
I used to work and live right down the street form this awesome hotel.
They would not even let me in to pee or wash my hands.
Now im retired with lots of cake i decided to get a room see how nice it is.
I had been in before to help clients (I managed a Ferrari rental)and was always stoked to see how your blood pressure drops when you enter just the lobby.
Well i got a nice room and i will say
I have been around the world and this is ONE of the top 5 rated hotels in the world.
And i see why
Get a chance try there Buffet for Breakfast
ONO bra

10/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Cheri. A G.
One of the nicest if not THE nicest hotels in Waikiki.  Not only is it beautiful but it is old school Hawaii too.   The grounds are beautiful and the food is fantastic at the restaurants.  Once my online frequent flyer group met up here for a private party on the grass lawn and banquet room and they did a fantastic job of dealing with 100+ people from across the world.  

Even if you are not staying here stop by and have a Mai Tai at sunset and they have live Hawaiian music and a lady that does hula.  A very nice and quiet way to end the day.

31/05/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Katherine F.
I just attended a wedding here and honestly, it was one of the best weddings I have ever been too. Fortunately, my bf was the best man, so we were both treated like royalty. The hotel area was really nice, the staff was amazing at memorizing faces, the rooms were magnificent, and the garden terrace was perfectly set.

During the reception, the head table had their own waitress and for the buffet, our food was served as much as we wanted. It was so delicious (the apps were better than the main dishes i think personally). The site/event coordinator was amazing and really innovative.

Our friends definitely set the bar high. I think I might as well not even try.

31/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Lisa R.
I've gone to this hotel for 16 years every December until security at the airports got extreme (maybe 2yrs after 9/11?). If there is anything I have to say about this hotel it's a home. My second home. I have been going to Halekulani since I was a little girl. My dad had been going there for about 40 years with my half sisters (before I was born).

It is the best service in my life I have ever received and it is the friendliest environment ever. The pool guys are my absolute favorite and I believe they are all still there except for one who now does surf lessons!!

I love the Halekulani not just because of their friendly staff and amazing hotel, but because they treated my parents and I like family. When they found out it was going to be my 16th birthday they brought me a cake wishing me a happy birthday when I arrived a day before my 16th and even brought my family some of their expensive Champagne (they do not drink though hahaha so I believe my mom gave it to the pool boys as they always took great care of us and made sure I always had enough towels since I was always swimming about in the ocean and sometimes in the pool). One of the pool boys even introduced me to their daughter who is a year older than me and we have been best friends ever since! 8years now I believe!!! :) Even though I do not go there anymore, I cannot wait until I can save up enough money to go back to my home on Waikiki beach. I can only hope the tree right out front the gate system is still there, for the memories and amazing beauty of that tree on the beach is simply amazing.

The security at this hotel is also amazing which I love! A few years back they had homeless people trying to steal things guests would leave unattended, but since they upscaled their security (who all wear dashing tux's--they almost look like secret service!) I believe the problem as ceased, but they still keep an eye out for anyone who may be trying to take something that does not rightfully belong to them.

I love the Halekulani and I only wish to go back to my 2nd home. House Without a Key is also quite fabulous! I love the buffet brunch and the hula dancing & Hawaiian music they play at night :)

24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Isabelle L.
My husband and I stayed here during the post-destination wedding portion of our wedding trip. I actually wish I could give it 4.5 stars -- and here's why.

Why you should stay here:
- SERVICE! As someone in the customer service business, I highly value this from a hotel. From the moment you enter, you are greeted with smiles and eager bodies to help you with whatever you need (My own experience - I pulled up in a taxi with 10 bags and 4 valet guys came immediately to assist as a team, I checked in and was upgraded to an ocean-view since I was celebrating my wedding, major plus. We checked in too early so the hotel staff personally toured us through the hospitality suite with tea, fruit, water, internet, tv, lockers and internet to wait and then when we checked into the room, we were welcomed with complimentary champagne, papaya, bananas & chocolates with cold waters.)
- FOOD! Go to House without a key for cocktails (STRONG mai tais) and casual food but make sure to catch the musicians for the ambiance. Go to Orchids for breakfast (Banana-Macadamia Nut pancakes with COCONUT syrup is a solid choice). I also went to their Sunday brunch which is very pricey and filling, I didn't even get to try everything out but very classy with a harpist and flutist while you dine. Go to La Mer for your French food fix, it was maybe as good as the island gets but I've had better elsewhere. Tip: Go to La Mer during sunset for beautiful ambiance and Lychee Libation (non alcoholic cocktail was delicious!)
- DETAILS! Every night, turn down service included a little personal touch that makes your visit special and memorable (postcard, a shell, etc). Papers in the morning and at least 2 housekeeping visits a day. Staff calls you by name whenever you call or wish you a warm "Aloha" when they see you. 65 degree thermostat to ensure a refreshing room from the hot outdoors, remote-controlled lights, iPod dock. Security that walked around, made me feel safe.
- CONCIERGE! With service being so impeccable at this hotel, the concierge absolutely backs this up. They helped me rent a car and went through several extra little steps to make sure I didn't have to worry about when to return it or where to park.

What maybe underwhelmed me:
- The rooms are not so modern - they are going for the casual but clean beach-y look. They are comfortable but not overly impressive. Decor in general was a little outdated.
- We had wanted to heat up some food and that was not able to be accommodated. Come on, no microwave on hand?
- No in-room ironing board/iron

Tip: Wednesday nights are the general managers' cocktail hours - GREAT open bar and small bites - LOVED it!

The hotel is costly so essentially, you are paying for the exclusivity at the hotel and the impeccable service. If you've got the money, go for it and have yourself a grand time.

15/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Walt L.
I love coming to Hawaii in early December. The weather is a bit cooler and not as humid as in the summer time and is very pleasant. We've also been fortunate enough to visit during the Honolulu marathon (always a coincidence) so it's good to see the businesses full.

My wife and I try to visit yearly to unwind and get away from the stressful environment called work. For the past four years, we've made it a must to stay at the Halekulani.

In fact, we will never stay at another hotel when we're in Oahu:) This place is magical, their services are exceptional and we always feel pampered here. All the staff members, from the porter, to the front desk to the concierge, etc. are so gracious and friendly.

This past December, we had the usual Sunrise package along with our suite and it comes with a daily buffet breakfast at House Without a Key. The assortment of breakfast items is great. Their papayas and Portuguese sausages are amongst my favorites. Try their omelets as well. The omelet cook remembered us from years past and he was fun to chat with.

This place is very tasty and fuels you up for another relaxing day on the beach.

As for the night life, they have a live band playing every night. It's such a relaxing environment lounging near the pool area, having some drinks and listening to good music.

21/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Jerrene T.
So this review is just for the food.  I've never stayed here.  Normally I end up staying at the Sheraton Waikiki right down the road.  However, we were here for the husband's work.  We had some sake dinner here.  It was a pre-party for the Joy of Sake.  Pretty much everyone there spoke Japanese.  If they didn't, they were with someone who was fluent.  Anyway, the husband, we were dating at the time, asked if I wanted to go.  I got him invited to the event... so he decided to ask me.  He's never been invited to their pre-party dinner before, so he's convinced he got invited because of me.
We head down there.  Their valet parking impresses me.  They're quick and courteous.  They don't even lift their noses at the sight of my dude's car.  It's a mess from all the slippers... from me btw.  We got a litte lost trying to find our destination.  Turns out it was upstairs and down someways but eventually we found it.  I guess we could have asked, we just didn't feel the need.
By the time we got there, people were already going to town on the sake and food.  I know nothing about sake, it all tastes like rubbing alcohol to me except for the one called sakura boy.  That one tastes okay to me.  I grab some.  I politely drink a few sips before passing it to the dude to drink.  
We roam around to the different food booths they have set up.  They have a sushi bar, a steak thing, and duck booth.  I think they have a salad station but who cares.  I'm going to eat the sushi.  Pre-Jerrene, my husband does NOT eat fish.  He hardly ate any Japanese food except for shrimp tempura.  I mean he's haole and from the mainland and every other time he tried real Japanese food or raw fish, he felt sick.  So I understand.  I decide to get some sushi, however, because his illnesses about fish do not deter me.  He wants to try sushi again.   Good place dude.  It's fresh... and i'm convinced the other times he tried it, it wasn't.  The last time?  Walt Disney World.  I rest my case!  
So the other food was good but the sushi?  SPECTACULAR.  You know it's good fish when it just melts in your mouth as soon as you shove that nigiri in.  The husband was like, so this is what it's supposed to taste like?  YES!  It's soooooo good.  I pretty much stayed within ten feet of that sushi bar the whole night.  He paid like $120+ to get me in that dinner (he was free).  He still won't tell me how much.  But I think I ate enough fish to more than compensate that cost.
Yum yum yum sushiiiiiii.  I know it was Halekulani food service so I'm just doing it for the hotel.  Don't mind me :).  PS. Stick to the sushi if given the choice.  The dessert was eh.

27/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
89. Jane A.
My friend was suppose to get married here. We toured the hotel and had food tasting here.

Wedding food: off the hook
Hotel: very nice
Price: priced up

03/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
90. Gina B.
My sister's wedding reception was held here. The parking attendants were very attentive and definitely displayed excellent service, as well as the servers at the reception. The food was very delicious but I had no appetite because I was super nervous for my MOH of speech. Lol I stayed at the suite with my sister which was amazing! I adored the diamond head and ocean view. As far as cleanliness it was immaculate! Lol. For the price that my sister and brother paid for their reception and stay, I would say it was well worth it! :)

15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Kevin C.
Beautiful hotel and restaurants but the staff outdoes both, I asked for a book of matches witch NObody carries any longer (I collect them) and as usual was told that they stopped carrying them. So we ate dinner and was walking around the grounds after and this lovely employee ( I wish I had got her name) found a book of matches from when they did carry them and found us by the pool and gave them to me! We weren't even  hotel guests and she must have looked everywhere to find us because we lingered at the hotel for a while after dinner! I WAS IMPRESSED to say the least!!!!   By the way THANK YOU and my next trip I will be staying at the HALEKULANI

04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. sky i.
This review is strictly for their event planning at the Hau Terrace located on the second floor of the Halekulani Hotel.

My wife and I decided to celebrate our son's first birthday at the Halekulani.  Due to the size of our party, the Hau Terrace, which has a maximum capacity of 120 people, was the one we chose to accommodate our event.

Halekulani's well trained staff, known for their excellent customer service, pampered our guests like VIP's. Also, the stunning ocean/Diamond Head view from the terrace lanai dazzled many of our guests. And their delicious buffet satisfied all but the fussiest eaters.

So why only the 4 stars?

Well, there two main problems and one minor one.

The first was the lack of proper AC in the main room of the terrace. Myself and all the guests complained of the heat and when I relayed my concerns to the catering manager, she told me that the AC was already blowing at its maximum capacity. Perhaps it's time for the hotel to shell out some bucks for a more powerful AC.

Second complaint involved the hotel's policy on the level of music volume. Because of the terrace's proximity to their courtyard, our quartet were forbidden to sing/perform louder than background music level. I could have played a CD through their speaker system for the same effect and thereby save some money. Very disappointing.

Last minor complaint was the hotel's refusal to allow us to bring our own bottles of wine even though we offered to pay a corkage fee. We have never encountered such rigidness and unwillingness to compromise dealing with other hotels regarding BYOB.

I wouldn't mind organizing another event at the indoor-outdoor Hau Terrace, but it would have to be only during the colder months of November through February in order to avoid the heat. Also, I'd never hire a live band to play here as it would be waste of money.

27/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Jesse W.
9/22/10: Breakfast meeting at Orchid's - whats not to like about this place? I suppose the view during lunch hour is "mo bettah" with all the traffic walking by! Hehe. Anyways, breakfast food was good, I loved their coffee served with brown sugar cubes (probably the only place in town). Cheese, ham and mushroom omelet was nicely and neatly prepared. Yummy!

No comments on the Hotel, haven't stayed here (yet).

24/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Scott M.
Halekulani is far and away the best hotel on Oahu. Over the years I've stayed at most of the major hotels, some minor and budget ones, as long as circumstances allow, this will always be my first pick.

My family started staying at the Halekulani in the late 1920's or early 1930's when the Kimball family owned the property. I practically grew up at the old Halekulani spending close to a month there every summer from 1965 until the late 70's. I was ready to hate the new Halekulani for tearing down the quaint place, but they did an amazing job in not losing the charm and friendliness of the old place. I have been back with my own family almost every year since as well and never been disappointed. I also see many "kids" I grew up at the old back at the new with their kids too. We see the same families year in year out.

I do miss the elegance of the old grounds and the old Hawaiian feel, but hey if it had to go, this was a great substitute.

The staff is always unfailingly polite, helpful and friendly, every thing you expect from a top notch property. They go out of their way to greet you and be helpful. The House Without a Key is still charming and the best spot in all of Waikiki for cocktails and that quintessential experience of sitting on the lanai, trade winds blowing and Hawaiian music playing.

La Mer is one of the best restaurants in the state. It is a great blend of French dining sensibilities with Pacific Fusion cuisine.

The rooms and suites are comfortably appointed, you have free Internet in the room and a large lanai for relaxing. There is nothing better than coffee and breakfast on the lanai in the morning in your Halekulani robe.

We've never had a hard time finding lounge chairs by the pool, but the ones with umbrellas do go fast and first.

In short, If you are used to a top notch experience the Halekulani delivers.

04/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Ava C.
We hosted our wedding on the Hau Terrace last week and it was perfect in every way.  We knew from the first time we saw the venue that it would be the right place for us.  The spectacular views, the food, the setup, the super-attentive staff, the ambiance... everything was wonderful.  The catering staff would even check in with us every now and then to make sure we had all our needs met, and would bring us drinks too... in general, the service was superior.

We worked with Tom Nguyen from the Catering Office for the past six months and have nothing but high praise for him.  His responsiveness (super important when planning a wedding), his knowledge and experience (we totally trusted him), his level of commitment and patience were all amazing.   I trusted him with everything and he followed through with every single detail even though we changed our minds quite a bit.  He was proactive (kindly reminded us when we owed him information) and so incredibly patient (kindly reminded us when we owed him the rest of our balance).  He made us feel as though we were his priority all the time (and we know that must not be the case with how popular this site is for weddings).  

Our suite that night was amazing, again with beautiful views and a nice touch of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries waiting for us when the evening concluded.  It would have been nice to have a late check-out the morning after, but honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better wedding experience.  

The Halekulani is hands-down my favorite hotel in Hawai'i!  We look forward to spending many anniversaries there.

For point of reference - we looked at all the other big hotels in Hawai'i when shopping for a venue - the Four Seasons (on Lana'i), the Royal Hawaiian, the Kahala, Moana Surfrider, etc.   We wanted an intimate wedding (~100 guests) and beautiful views since many of our guests would be from out of town...  the Hau Terrace was perfect.   Some of the other hotels didn't even return our calls, but Tom made us feel super special.  He and the Halekulani are the best and the cost of the wedding was completely reasonable (actually less than the other big hotels).   I wish we never left!!

05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Steve F.
Simple, if you must go to Waikiki, stay here.

This property most closely resembles a proper beach resort in this crowded little hamlet,

Decent pool area and professional servers  throughout,,.

note: NOT the best place to hold a POST party room party, if it wasn't mine, I'd appreciate that... but you all will.

15/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Jessica d.
I recently had their afternoon tea service with my meetup.com group.

It was my first time at the Halekulani.  I was immediately struck by the very POSH feel.  Instead of being off putting, as posh can sometimes read as exclusive, it was so inviting.  I felt I was going to experience luxury from the moment the valet was so solicitous in spite of my filthy, ghetto Saturn to the polished waiter with a great smile.

The experience here is about small bites of wonderful food, not stuffing your face (both of which are great by me!)  4 small bite sandwiches, the most memorable being the Mediterranean vegetable and the smoked salmon with caviar.  2 scones.  3 small bite desserts of your choice.  And very adequate tea.

It was an elegant experience.

They were very accommodating of my young child as well.

My sole complaint?  The reservations team is HIGHLY inflexible.  Because of their inflexibility, group attendance was very low.

23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Kerrie C.
Unfortunately my Halekulani experience does not consist of a relaxing stay at their beautiful hotel.  My experience revolves around my recent work with APEC and coordinating transportation.  My duties involved escorting delegates who were staying at the hotel to and from various meetings during the craziest week in Honolulu and Waikiki ever.  I must say that the Bellmen and Valets at the Halekulani were OUTSTANDING and made my week much less painful than I know it could have been.  It is true that the first person you meet at a business paints the true picture of their customer service.  I would only imagine that the rest of the hotel staff are equally amazing.  These gentlemen truly represent the Aloha Spirit and I hope to return to the Halekulani on much better terms and will be sure to bring some manapua or malasadas for the guys out front.  Mahalo!!!

23/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. Mary I.
It's the little things. The fact that they check your luggage when you step out of the cab, and alert the front desk so they already know who you are when you get there. The front desk that doesn't tell you how to get anywhere, but instead they escort you. The staff that remembers your name. The pool service that serves you a drink, then holds out the partially opened straw so you can grab it, and they hang on to the wrapper. That's service.

We went to celebrate my birthday. It's expensive, but the Halekulani is the proof that you get what you pay for. They upgraded our room without us asking, because there was a room available, and they just want to make you happy. While we were unpacking, they brought up a tray of fresh fruit. After we got back from the most delicious dinner ever, there was champagne waiting for us in our room with a birthday card. The breakfast buffet is worth every penny. Seriously, you get what you pay for. This is the kind of resort that would make for a perfect vacation even if you never left the property.

06/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Jewelyn T.
Had brunch here once back in 2008. I must say, it was delicious... but customer service was a little bad. Other then that... If I'm ever on Oahu again... I would love to come here for brunch again! Nice indoor outdoor setting... ocean view!
If you're planning on visiting Hawaii or want to celebrate a special occasion... add brunch at Halekulani to your day. Or, if you're like me and lazy to cook breakfast... and don't mind driving down there... this is always an option!

valet parking...

yay! 5 stars from me.

10/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
101. Joey C.
Most amazing resort in Waikiki! Best service I have had in any resort.
I love the the little gifts they put on your pillow at turndown instead of the usual piece of chocolate; adds a very clever and unique touch that makes a difference.
I love the Lewars Lounge there.
Recommend this hotel to anyone!!

15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
102. Martin S.
Writing this review while sitting in my room on the 10th floor overlooking the hotel's Orchid pool, Waikiki beach, and the Pacific Ocean. This is our third time at Halekulani and I still think it is one of the best hotels in the world. I've been in hotels that are more exotic (see Perivolas in Santorini) or that seem more luxurious on the surface. But the amenities and service here are unmatched anywhere.

Fruit and chocolates waiting in the room when you check in. (Gourmet chocolates made on premises).
Special occasion? Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries appear.
They do turn-down service and leave a small gift behind to be found upon return from dinner.
Pool-side service with towels and drinks and free frozen treats.
Ice bucket in the room is always full.
Complimentary water bottles in the fridge.
Free fitness center overlooking the pool and ocean (how's that for incentive to work out on vacation?)
Excellent food and cocktails at House without  a Key.
Nightly Hawaiian music in the courtyard below drifts up to our 10th floor balcony.

The level of service has to be experienced to be understood. Like last night, we were thinking of going to Roy's for dinner. Couldn't find a menu online. Called the Concierge desk. Yes they have a menu. I'm thinking I'll go downstairs to look at a photocopy and before the words are out of my mouth, she says I'll send it right up. A few minutes later the doorbell rings (yes the rooms have doorbells), and someone delivers an entire menu from the restaurant. A couple of minutes later the Concierge calls back. Did I get the menu? Did I have any questions about Roy's? Can she make reservations for us?  

I'm not just talking about how the valet always remembers my name or that the waiters seem to anticipate every request. There is a bliss in this place that will leave you crying when you have to go back home. As I said, this is my third time here and each time I have made my stay longer because I know it will never be long enough.

I can go on and on about Halekulani. But I'm going back to the pool now. Aloha!

28/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Timothy S.
Lovely, beautiful, heavenly.  Can't wait to go back!
Actually, it's what's outside that makes this place so fantastic.  But we had a wonderful stay.

02/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. Midnight B.
Not a review of hotel, my fiancé and I had brunch here, apparently they have 2 versions a $ 30 one and a $ 60 one, the latter is really out of control, there is so much food and so many varieties that theres no way you could eat them all, and so I don't think it makes sense to pay so much when you're not getting the full experience.

We had the $ 30 brunch and it was fantastic, it was probably the best brunch I've ever had. They had this yogurt parfait that was to die for, I kept plucking those off the table, with berries on top and they were so fresh. This is also where my guava juice obsession started.

23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Winnie L.
perfect for any memorable occasion.  

the service is excellent.  is it true that it's no longer a 5-diamond hotel?
rooms are upwards of $430 a night.  if a hotel can charge that much, you know you can expect a lot

the food was awesome:  from the catering, their appetizers are delicious - ginger chicken, sushi, edamame salad, etc.  for entrees, the suckling pig and london broil are two-thumbs up.  the selection of desserts, especially the mango cheesecake and the signature mochi cake are worth saving room for.

the band ManoaDNA was the live band playing - check them out here:


definitely worth its title of being the best hotel in on o'ahu.

09/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Derek K.
Let me first say that this was my first time at the Halekulani Hotel EVER!  In all my 20+ years living in Hawaii, I have never every been there, or at least never remembered going there.

Alright so I went there for a lunch seminar today.  The seminar was long and somewhat boring, but that's besides the point.  Since the did not have any pastries or breakfast, the thing that tied me over to lunch was the OJ.  Yes, the Halekulani has magnificent orange juice.  Idk, what it is about the OJ that made it so good other than it was freshly squeezed...I don't even care for pulp.  But, something about this OJ made it amazing.

So after our painful, time consuming seminar, we were treated to a lunch buffett.  Now, I have always heard how deliscious the Halekulani buffett/food is, so I was expecting more than usual.  The buffett lived up to it's expectations.  For a work seminar lunch buffett, the food was better than most buffetts of the same nature.  I particularly liked the spread of salads that they had as well as the garlic cream mahi.  Included in the lunch buffett was a spread of dessert that was also amazing.  My favorite dessert was the little strawberry chocalate cup thingies...those were really good and light.  I unfortunately did not try the coconut cream cake (mainly cause I don't care for coconut), but people were raving about it all day.

Next would be to go to the restaurants there...who's taking me???

06/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Mish M.
This is a very nice hotel.  The rooms were nice.  I'm not going to say they were the nicest rooms I've ever been in. ( That honor belongs to a swanky suite at The Wynn in Vegas. )  There were plenty of choices in dining options.  I thoroughly enjoyed the pool with the big Orchid made of glass on the bottom.  Swimming in clear water while staring out at the ocean is pretty cool.  We did evening cocktails a few times in the Lewers Lounge and ate at La Mer once.  La Mer is beautiful and elegant and over the top.  More of a once in a lifetime restaurant.    Over all we had a great time.  We did Diamond Head, swam in the sea, drank way too much, shopped and tanned ourselves brown.  We had an awesome time.  I'd stay here again and recommend it to my friends with deep pockets.

18/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. Natasha E.
This was our second time at Halekulani.  As before, their service exceeded expectations.  The staff there are ALL friendly, from the ground staff to reception to waiters. They all go out of the way to help you. The valet guys never get much credit, but the valet attendants here render an excellent, quick service.  The room was super clean and tidy with a wonderful ocean view.  Don't miss out on an in-room dining experience- always great!

07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
109. Steve L.
Hands down one of the best hotels I have ever stayed. Not just for its amazingly well-furnished rooms, exquisite dining options, or location right on Waikiki beach. It has all those for sure, but what sets it aside is the attention and genuine care for customer service and satisfaction. My wife and I chose this for the final hotel of our three island honeymoon on the her parents' suggestion who had stayed there many years before.

Let me be clear, this is not a hotel stay, it's an experience. It all started out with a quick registration and then a friendly staff associate personally walked us to our room to explain all the amenities, room features and complete the check-in procedure. The gentleman who followed her with our bags was incredibly friendly and offered his own aloha and congratulations on our wedding.

Throughout our 3-day stay there we dealt with the concierge desk plenty, who booked us on a few activities which all turned out to be amazing. Surf lessons, a sunset cruise, and a few excellent dinner reservations. They were friendly and patient, as we are a couple who admittedly likes to take our time deciding on dinner plans.

One highlight was a friendly bellman who we constantly saw and chatted with during our time there. He knew us by name and was quick with a smile and an offer to take a picture for us. It was personal interactions like that which really made the stay special. They also sent up a congratulatory bottle of champagne to our room which was a very extra nice touch.

The hotel restaurants are all top of the line. We had breakfast all three days and one dinner at House Without a Key. Again, the high-quality service was matched only by the taste of the food. We also spent some time one evening in Lewers Lounge for after-dinner drinks and dessert. The live jazz music added great ambiance. Finally, if you are sitting by the pool, a cold drink and french fries are a must!

On our way out, they told us to come back next year for our first anniversary. I am certainly considering it!

29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
110. Beth W.
Very attentive staff and impeccably clean.    Beach area out directly in front is not great, although the pool area is lovely.  Food is outstanding with a large variety.
You just can't beat it!

27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Mel C.
Okay, so this review might be a little long, but I'll break it up into several categories for easy scrolling...

Overall, the Halekulani is very nice. It's in an excellent location with great service and awesome views of the ocean. Food was yummy and staff was very friendly. Would I stay here again? Maybe. For the price we paid, I feel like we could have gotten more bang for the buck at another hotel. But again, the grounds are beautiful and has a welcome serenity feel after walking in from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki.

Stayed in room 1758 (top floor, ocean front room). Room was very clean and a good size  I liked how the closet - it was sandwiched between the bathroom and bedroom - could be opened up on either side. As stated in other reviews, the furniture is a bit dated.  

Had a pretty good view of Diamond Head without paying for the DH room price. However, if you could ask for room 1759, you'd have an even better view.  

Even though you pay for an "ocean front" view, you are not directly facing the ocean. Most rooms are facing east or west. Try to at least get an east-facing room - it's worth shelling out the extra $50 if you're already spending that much money.

Some people had mentioned ants. Yes, we had a few crawling in our bathroom. Overall, we killed about 30 ants in our 1-week stay. Not a big deal, especially in such a tropical environment, but don't leave any smelly stuff or rotting fruit out!

Housekeeping was great. Cleaning and turndown service was efficient.  They remembered we asked for extra towels in the beginning of our stay and yes, they do leave little surprises at every turndown service.

Yes, it is on the small side but still a comfortable size.  If you want a good spot with an umbrella for shade, get there early. We went down at 9:30am, and all the table with shades were already taken. When the weather is really hot, staff will walk around with free popsicles. And there is always someone around to get your drink order.

If you want to lay out on the beach, you can get either beach towels or mats. Many people had mentioned the small beach in front of the hotel. Yes, it is very small but if you want to swim, that's the best place to be. If you walk on either side and try to go into the ocean, you'll encounter coral and jagged rocks (I have the cuts to prove it). I guess you could walk further to the Royal Hawaiian for better swimming conditions.

Room Service
Served hot and fresh. Had an option to eat on our lanai, but it was freakin' HOT. The guy even brought a separate toaster to toast our bread fresh in the room! Food was good and satisfying.

House Without A Key
Decent food and drinks. We ate here once for dinner. I suggest getting there early if you don't want to wait because they have a band that plays on the patio from 5:30 - 8:30 daily. Good entertainment.  (FYI -their Mai Tais are STRONG!)

Went twice, once for their legendary Sunday buffet and another time for breakfast. Buffet is not to be missed. I believe it's $50/person but definitely worth it. Better than Vegas buffets! Oh, and their punch is yummy.

La Mer
Celebrated our anniversary here. Fantastic service and delicious food. They really went out of their way to make our night special. We had a great view of the ocean at night and every person wished us a happy anniversary. Regardless of what people say, guys do not need a jacket here - just make sure to wear long sleeves. Trio of tartares was fabulous as were their souffles. Be ready to spend $300+.

We utilized their service many times. We rented a car right on the property (they are affiliated with Dollar Rental: approx $77/day for an economy with no insurance). Just be aware of their $23/day overnight parking! We also got detailed instructions on how to drive to our requested locations: Pearl Harbor and North Shore. The guy was even kind enough to tell us exactly where the good places to eat were.

Front Desk
Yes, they do walk you up to your room for check-in. Polite, non-pushy, and informative. Perfect!

Very friendly and gracious. Again, many had opinions on where to visit and eat.

I had their Elegant passage (massage & facial). Foot-pounding ritual was a joke. It lasted about 20 seconds and didn't really do much. Massage I chose was a combo Lomi Lomi and hot stone called Polynesian Nonu. Little lacking on the stones, but the masseuse actually listened to my needs. Facial was relaxing. I had a 15-min steam inbetween treatments. Their terrace is located behind the pool separated by bushes, so not very "zen" feeling. Not worth the $400+ in my opinion.

Like I said, you may get more bang for your buck elsewhere. We paid approx $700/nt (including taxes) with one night free. I would be more prone to stay here again if it was around $400-450/night. But if service and view really matter to you, the Halekulani may be just the right choice.

30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Jeanie H.
Always a tradition - a heritage hotel in the heart of Waikiki with great views of the ocean!
Classic, proper and luxurious!....oh and I have never had a bad meal here! The All-Day Dining room ...Room without a View, House without a Door or Room without a Key....I can never remember the name but I remember how to get there. Elegant dining upstairs with mood and cuisine!

27/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Kellie P.
My wife and I had never taken a real vacation together. We wanted some time to relax, and she chose Hawaii. I was a but hesitant when she said she wanted to go to Waikiki, as it's a very touristy area and that's not  usually something I enjoy. However, this place was perfect.

Halekulani is gorgeous. From its polished floors to its light color scheme to the perfectly manicured lawn and landscaping. It's very calming and classy, without being overly polished or modern. It's not W-fancy, but it's serene and nice.

The location and feeling is great. When we wanted to go out into the crowds in Waikiki, they were right there. When we wanted to forget it was there and pretend we were in the middle of nowhere, that was easy to do.

We got the romance remembered package, and it was great. The room was nice, the bathroom was huge, the bed was comfortable, and the view from our ocean front room was wonderful.

We had breakfast at House Without a Key every morning, and the buffet was great. A little bit of everything, from omelets made to order, to pastries, cereals, waffles, meat, and more. The first morning I was there, they had banana pancakes that were OMG amazing. They were made with soft, ripe bananas and they were so good. They did not have them again, but on the last day there, the chef made me a special order, which I truly appreciated. Now I just have to figure out how to make them at home!

The pool staff was very kind and accommodating -- always quick with towels and drinks. All of the staff was like this -- very service-oriented and willing to go out of the way to make sure we had a great experience.

As much as I do not want to go back to Waikiki again -- I just might in order to stay here again.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. Cindy L.
I got married at Halekulani almost two years ago.  One of the major factors on why I decided on this hotel over the others was because of their service.  I still remember vividly the attention I received from the ballroom staff.  We had a head table of about 10 people and there were 3 wait staff behind the head table, just waiting to serve us.  Every time you turn your head, they are there.  Not only did we receive great service, a lot of our guests came up to me and complimented on the service and the food.  Granted the price is a little bit more, but the hotel offers many complementary items like ceremonial site, wedding cake, valet parking and over night stay at the honeymoon suite.  The main yard for the ceremony has great backdrops for family photos.

01/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
115. Sandy L.
I recently had my wedding here at the Halekulani. I loved it! The catering staff Joel and Lauren were both extremely helpful and patient. Excellent service and great food. The catering department even offered to let me drop off my favors in advance and set them up for me. Extra mile service! They also have pretty good wedding packages where the ceremony setup, a 3 tier cake decorated with flowers, cake cutting, 1 night stay and parking were inclusive with a food minimum. Prices are still expensive but fair considering this is the only 5 star hotel on Oahu and the package includes what other hotels nickel and dime you on.

We had our ceremony in the Garden Courtyard and reception in the ballroom. The courtyard is exposed to hotel bystanders so random people can just watch your ceremony. Ideally I would have wanted something a little more private but honestly on your wedding day that's probably the last thing on your mind. The ballroom area is up a stairway, easily accessible from the courtyard but still relatively secluded for your guests to check in, have a cocktail and etc. Other minor perks include free internet, use of business center (which came in handy since we had to print out our guest list at the last minute). Most important, the food was delicious plus the buffet setup and overall presentaion was amazing. I might be bias but it was one of the most impressive looking buffet I've seen at a wedding. After the reception, we came back to a bridal suite that was beautifully decorated with rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed and a couple plates of leftover food from our wedding. The front desk also offered us late checkout the day after our wedding day without us having to ask for it. They really pay attention to the details and treat you like your day is special here.

My only (minor) complain is the limited access to the beach at Halekulani. I really wanted to take some pictures on the beach in our wedding attire but there is only a small beach area and it was filled with people very early in the morning. So if you want that beach shot, plan accordingly. Other than that, they made my day absolutely perfect. No regrets whatsoever with choosing this venue!

26/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. Kristen M.
This review is for the Spa and the Restaurants.

1st, Spa Halekulani:
The 2 star rating of 'Meh, I've experienced better' is spot on. Exactly what I was thinking when I left an hour ago. The pros are the location, the decor, the free valet parking, and the ability to relax on the lanai with tea after. The cons are bigger though. I had the 'runner's massage'. After running the Diva Wahine Half Marathon 3 days ago, I was ready for some TLC for my legs and low back. My massage therapist asked if there were any areas in particular I wanted to pay attention to, and I said my hips and quads. She asked about my calves, and I said my calves felt great, that I'd really rather spend time on my hips and quads. I was surprised when she started on my calves, but figured it was part of her routine, so no big. But then she said I was done, and she'd never even touched my quads! She does have a very gentle, stress relieving touch, which is nice. But I left feeling no different than when I arrived. Bummer. Also, they told me tip was included. But what they mean is, they automatically add tip to your total. That is NOT the same as tip included. So a $140 massage for 30 minutes turned into a $172 massage for 30  minutes.... and one that never touched my quads! But the absolute worst was the noise. The plumbing in the wall was the loudest I've ever heard in my life. And it kept going on and off, on and off, making a racket the whole time. I felt like I was getting a massage inside an industrial dish washer. So loud, so distracting. For $172 for 30 minutes, I expect serenity. At more than $5 a minute, this was the most overpriced massage I've had in Hawaii, and the least productive in terms of muscle and mind relaxation.

Now, Orchids. A friend and I went to go to Room Without a Key. But it was closed. As we were leaving, we were told Orchids was serving the Room Without a Key lunch menu. And I said, yeah, but isn't it way more expensive? They said, no, same menu. So off to Orchids we went. We were seated, and waited a bit for service. They brought us Orchids menus. We asked for the Room Without a Key menus. They acted like we were crazy, and assured us that we certainly could NOT order off that menu, regardless of what we were told. So we ordered off the Orchids menu, which was a lot more expensive, and we were disappointed. We were both looking forward to the pasta from the Room Without a Key menu, and what we got just wasn't as good, or as filling, and it cost more. Bummer. Two Stars again, because I felt like we were treated in a funky fashion, we got bad info, and the food was good, but not as good. And to me, you're not getting what you pay for here, not even close.

Now, Room Without A Key. I love it. Hence why I went back for it. Their non-alcoholic drinks are great. The servers were beyond friendly and helpful, with no snooty attitude at all (ahem, Orchids), and the food is GOOD. I would give it 5 stars if I hadn't been turned away and sent to Orchids last time on false promises. Based on that, I give it 4 stars.

Last, there is no ATM on premises. So if you want to tip your valet, be ready with cash, or be ready for a wild goose chase for an ATM.

So, 3 experiences, and only 1 was really good. The other 2 left me wondering why in the heck people are willing to pay that much for this place? I'm always willing to pay top dollar for top quality. But this just isn't it!!!! Not even close. It's not awful, don't get me wrong, but like the 2 star rating says, "Meh, I've had better." And for a lot less!

04/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
117. Shannon N.
I had last stayed here between 2006-2007 (when I still had a full-time job to compensate for the price here) so I'm not sure if much has changed besides the new Waikiki Edition hotel opening as possible competition? But for the few times I was here, I really couldn't ask for a better experience. As brought up in previous reviews, the check-in process is done up in your room (I suppose for a more personal experience), and I noticed how others say they tipped the attendant; I attempted to and was denied...
Although I only had the basic 'Garden' room, I still had a spacious lanai and a fairly decent partial ocean view besides looking down to the courtyard where I was an uninvited guest countless times at many weddings performed throughout the week. The bathrooms are huge, showers and amenities were great and the closet opens to the bedroom area. The fruit plate w/ chocolates on arrival which pretty much consumed within the hour. Unlike most hotels, the business center did not charge for usage and printouts which was graciously appreciated.
There was a fire alarm on one of the nights I was already asleep and after I had made it down to the 1st floor with a bunch of Japanese, strangely, the staff downstairs had no idea there was an alarm going off in the first place(?). We were in the separate tower from the main building but I still found this odd. I also found humor in the fact that I was the sole one who had to relay this incident; apparently none of the others spoke English and they all looked to me as the mouthpiece. The randomness of this alarm made me feel like I was back in college, but in a really nice dorm.
Enjoyed brunch at 'House Without A Key' on numerous occasions, which I'll review under their own category. Overall, if you come to expect excellent hospitality while on vacation in Hawaii, you will get it here.

12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
118. G B.
Halekulani review 2010

My stay at the Halekulani Hotel began on 10/19/2010 through 10/27/2010, my partner and I stayed in a partial Ocean View room with a nightly rate of $490 plus tax under the hotel promotion of 4th night free. I should also say that I've stayed at many 5 star resorts all over the world and consider myself as 'experienced' in this area.

First of all, I've stayed at the Halekulani on numerous prior occasions and have always enjoyed my stay a this 5 star hotel. My last visit was approximately 5 years ago and my only real criticism at that time had to due with the hotels long overdue need for room/resort renovations.

Needless to say, five years later, I was surprised that this 5 star hotel still has not updated their rooms. The hotel does a good job of keeping with the 5 star standards of customer service, but not great, as should be expected from 5 star service hotel.

The Halekulani hotel is not a 5 star hotel. At most it would border on the 4 star level. However, if you plan to stay here, plan to pay 5 star pricing all the way.

Arrival: 5 star, Great service, professional and quick check-in. The Halekulani even offers a lounge room to hang out and relax for customers that are waiting for rooms etc. The lobby carpeting is in poor condition and I couldn't stop looking at it.

Room: 3 star, the rooms are well below standards for a 5 star. Old furniture, toiletries are basic, musty smell, poor layout with bathroom, overall need for complete remodel. TV technology & remote does not work very good. Beds are good quality and comfortable.

Restaurants: 4 star, good food but way overpriced. The breakfast buffet is great but you will pay $60 for two not incl tip. Dinner for three at the least expensive restaurant, House without a Key, will set you back a minimum of $200.

Pool: 3 star, the pool service attendants lack training and are inconsistent with a 5 star resort. For example, on my third day at the pool one such attendant asked me if I was a guest at the hotel like I was crashing the pool. This after she had helped me on the two prior days. Is it two much to ask for the pool attendants to remember who you are after 3 days? On my 4th day at the pool, it took one hour for a pool waiter to stop by and ask me if I needed a drink and before I could even respond she was already walking away. Terrible.

Overall, The Halekulani is a good hotel but falls short on returning value for the $500 nightly rate and other outrageous prices. I don't mind paying $500 per night but you must give me 5 star quality on all levels. This hotel can not expect to continue charging outrageous prices and delivering 3 to 4 star services.

That being said, my parter suggested that it's probably because they have a significant Japanese following and the Japanese tourists are not quite as critical as we are. The hotel is probably 75% Japanese tourists.

My next visit to Honolulu will be at the 4 star hotels for 4 star pricing...

16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
119. Rob Y.
BALLER!  If money is no matter, you should stay at the Halekulani.  We were here for a friend's wedding and were amazed by the service from the staff, the great location and the beautiful venue.  They are there to make you feel like you're someone special there.  Unfortunately, I am ghetto and had to restrain myself from taking anything that isn't bolted down.  One day, I'll be fancy enough to stay overnight at the Halekulani...

24/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
120. Lo-an L.
Spectacular hotel with breathtaking views.

It's off the busy street and overlook the beach, perfect spot for a luxurious romantic getaway.  The staff were super friendly.

My only qualms about it is that you can't really parade around the lobby in your bikini.  Much too conservative so you have to cover up to get back to your suite.  It's not a bad thing, makes the place a tad classier but was just a lil hassle for me.  Oh well, would be my only spot to stay if I were to ever visit again.

11/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. Pinky And The B.
So we divided up our stay between the Sheraton Princess  and the Halekulani. So we tried a budget hotel and a luxury hotel. First I want to link my reviews to the hotels restaurants which were excellent! And I do not usually eat at hotel restaurants.
The Sheraton Princess hires more locals and less main land employees than the Halekulani which is a plus for the Sheraton Princess.
Their location on the beach is nice. It is a little more secluded than the rest of Waikiki beach. Yes it is small. But it is  a little more private and you are close to the restaurants. I did walk up and down the beach and cut my feet  on the coral reef and we went to ABC stores to buy water shoes.
The service was professional and polished, the rooms were clean and spacious, the hotel itself was quiet and elegant. It is hard for me to give a rating based on 5 stars. But because of the restaurants the service the elegance the privacy on busy Waikiki beach I will give it 5 stars but only in comparison to other Waikiki hotels and not comparing it to Maui or other areas.
It is the most elegant hotel in Waikiki. Most likely you will be coming here for Orchid's or House Without a Key anyway. So you might as well stay here. If you want romance and less of a party atmosphere I would recommend The Halekulani. However if you want a local Ohana feeling I would suggest the Sheraton Princess. yelp.com/biz/sheraton-pr…
We liked them both for different reasons.

21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
122. M E.
Fabulous property.

Very kind people working here.

Food by the pool was my favorite.

Go with the Ahi on the lunch menu..
Or if you're there on Wednesday, the BBQ by the pool is fantastic!

Certainly worth the price for the experience, quality, staff, and comforts.

22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
123. Jon M.
My wife and I just got home from the Halekulani and it is truly the "house befitting heaven".  I had read the other reviews that the rooms were old and needed refurbishing.  Our six days at the Halekulani were the best of the honeymoon.  

The staff was always ready to provide what ever we asked or wanted.  For example, we loved the papaya at the Halekulani.  So when planning what we would order for room service I wrote "whole papaya, cut in half" on the order form one hangs on the door knob.  No where is this on the menu.  The next morning and on schedule the food arrived, and lo and behold there it was a whole papaya cut in half.  I made the same request at the "House Without a Key "at the Halekulani and they granted the request.  Big deal right?  Ordering off the menu.  But a lot of restaurants and hotel would have said no we can't do that.  The Halekulani said "yes" and it is an important distinction.

The Halekulani staff was bright and cheerful.  Seemingly happy to be at our service.  This is important because people are here for vacation spending their hard earned money.  The staff's attitude is integral to a pleasant and rewarding vacation experience.  

Every night a new trinket was placed on our bed.  There was a night when they left a beautiful wooden key fob.  We asked at the gift shop if they sold them, but they said no.  The house cleaning service gave us several to take home with us.  

And I can not say more about the view from our ocean front room.  It was unobstructed and pristine.  We slept with the lanai open on every evening, listening to the waves come in.  As for the rooms, all I can say that the decor is what I would call "classic".  If you want new and modern go to a hotel like the "W" in Los Angeles.  

We also dined at all of the restaurants that the Halekulani had to offer.  The "House Without a Key" was a solid meal.  Ingredients were fresh. Drinks in the evening when the Hawaiian band played were sublime.  the same live music could be head during the early evening at our room, yards and yards away.

At "Orchids" we had a great dinner.  And at "La Mer" we had the ultimate tasting menu (which was the only real let down during our stay).  My wife liked the tasting menu, but I found it to lack inventiveness.  It is not the Bazaar in Los Angeles, but it could have been much better.  

On the whole our experience at the Halekulani was superb.  And a note about checking in, our cruise ship arrived at Honolulu at 9 am, and check in time at the Halekulani is after 3 pm.  So we just rented a car and went to Lanikai Beach and went to Boots and Kimo's for lunch.  The Halekulani watched our luggage in the mean time and called us when the room was ready, though my wife and I were kayaking.  Would you really want the hotel you are staying at to rush the room cleaning and then stay in a room that has any trace that someone else was just staying there?  

There was plenty to do while the room was being cleaned.  Plus, at the Halekulani, you are in the HEART of Waikiki.  It is busy and flowing with people and shops.  Literally block after blocks of stores (high end and low end, from Tiffany's to ABC stores).  As for the beach, there is a small beach in front of the Halekulani, literally joined with the ENTIRE beach of Waikiki, it's not like the beach directly in front of the hotel is not connected to anything and isolated, you can roam the entire beach (miles of it).  

Plus the pool service is excellent, they will lay out a cloth beach chair cover and towels for you.  Over and over again if you wish to have clean ones.  Fresh lemon water is provided and popsicles are passed out later in the afternoon.  My wife and I also went on of the Outrigger Catamarans that "park" in frot of the Halekulani for their "Sunset" sail, with unlimited free drinks for $35.  And for what you get, you can't have a better bang for your buck.  Sunsets with rum punch in hand, watching the orange sunset glaze over the skyline of Waikiki and Diamond Head.  Our honeymoon was great, and a large part of that was the decision to stay at the Halekulani.

16/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
124. Genevieve M.
We strolled through this place a couple of times while in Waikiki, and let me tell you....heaven on earth, my friends.

If money is no object, this is definitely the place to stay in Waikiki.  I think it's the nicest hotel I've ever been to.  We heard that rates start at 600, so be prepared to pay beau coup bucks, but it will be worth it.  The location is right on the beach, the actual hotel is all open with island breezes flowing through, and everything is five stars all the way.  The decor is incredible...the restaurants are amazing...the lounge is spectacular.  The pool is right on the beach, flush with the ocean and they have a large lush green lawn with beach chairs framed with palm trees that  overlooks the ocean and seems to be created for island weddings.

I have a new goal to add to the list: before I die, stay at the Halekulani.  It really is one of the most incredible hotels I've ever seen.

11/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
125. Chao X.
Just had both my wedding ceremony and reception at the Hau Terrace of Halekulani and it was one of my most wonderful and memorable experiences! Halekulani offers a really nice and reasonable wedding package which includes a junior ocean suite with unparalleled ocean-front views. The food at our reception was great and the staff was friendly and world-class. Our catering manager Loren was really helpful and fast at responding to our questions (within one day), and our guests raved about how fast their drinks got refilled. In my option Halekulani's location is also superior compared to other hotels-it's not right on or super close to the main shopping street so it's less crowded and not as loud.  I'm really glad that I chose Halekulani for my wedding as I wouldn't be nearly as happy with any of the other options around.

08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Fernando G.
the best sunset ever !!!  having spent a lazy afternoon / early evening by the pool was enough to let me know how incredible it is to be pampered in a non obtrusive way.

thank you don, michael... thank you halekulani.

06/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Jennifer P.
Went for a wedding. The venue was beautiful for the tiny wedding but its location gave way to on-lookers from the pool area below and the wedding musician was drowned out by the band playing below. I took a peek at the bride's room. It was delicious....especially the view.

07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Ken U.
This review is based on the decor and ambience of the hotel, I have never physically stayed overnight there. To tell the truth, I went to eat at Orchid's Restaurant for lunch and was just passing through. I noticed the whole property is super clean. Proper security is present - unless you're not a hotel guest there, you won't get access to certain parts of the property. Bottom line - nice hotel and I would feel VERY safe staying there. Problem being: this hotel is for BALLERS which I'm not!

18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Calvin John B.
Being at the Halekulani hotel was in and of itself an enjoyable experience. I was able to stay an entire weekend in one of the suites (with my friends in-tow), thanks to winning a contest sponsored by the hotel (am I in heaven?).

I enjoyed the 'luxury' of the place from the get-go. It may not be the tallest of the buildings, or the most obvious - it's truly a gem. Right off the famed Waikiki Beach, Halekulani is an absolutely beautiful place to stay at.

The room that my friends and I stayed in had a stand up shower and bath. Two-sided closet doors that divided the bathroom and bedroom could open up to a spectacular view of the ocean.

Hospitality is excellent. The staff really caters to your every need. Before I could ask, they offered to wake us up at our convenience. Towels were abundant, the beds were super comfy. This was way beyond all expectations I had of Halekulani.

Parking: Better with Valet
Bonus: Cheese & Cracker Platter, Fruit Platter, Wine, Chocolates, Thank You card! C'MON!!!!

15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. Amanda L.
This review is for the spa!

I went to the spa to get a massage on very short notice. Laura who gave me the massage was amazing. She talked just enough and I was completely relaxed at the end. They start with a foot massage while you look out over the pool and ocean - it's very relaxing and a great start to the heaven that awaits. The room was a perfect size and left me feeling like I was in a cocoon kept at the perfect temperature. They give you a basket of toiletries in case you need anything before or after the treatment. My massage lasted for 90 minutes and Laura was great at making sure I was comfortable the entire time for pressure, temperature and if there were any areas I wanted her to work on.

Don't forget to ask for your Kamaaina rate if applicable. It's not as expensive as you expect! Tip is included - I was so impressed I tipped additional.

21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Raymond P.
Best Hotel on Waikiki Beach.  Service is top notch and consistent.  I have stayed here a few times in the span of 20 years and the place is still the best choice in Honolulu.

21/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Evelyn D.
So let me start by saying i'm sure this is a lovely hotel to stay at and my gripe has nothing to do with a stay here. Although, after the experience here i highly doubt i'd ever even consider it. We actually stayed at the Wyndam Beach Walk down the street and came through to try to have breakfast at Orchids.

As soon as we walk into the lobby, I see a security dude in a suit look straight at us and start to follow us with his beady little eyeballs. It was a little uncomfortable but whatever. So, since this is my first time in the place I'm not sure what direction to go so i head towards the registration area. Guess who's right behind us? You guessed it! the security guy! Ok, so i acknowledge him by asking him where Orchids is, he politely tells us which way to go and so we head that way...Tell me why he followed us all the way there? LOL- are you kidding me?! I get theyre trying to keep the hotel nice and stuff but #1 we werent some hooligan looking people #2 we were trying to spend some money at their establishment and #3 why didn't EVERYONE walking into the place get an escort to their destination? Kinda interesting that we were totally singled out.

So, as it turns out I didn't make reservations to Orchids and they were all booked up. So FAIL across the board there. But as we turn around to leave we ask the security guy if he's going to stalk us back to the lobby too. He said no, but he got on his little earbud so i'm sure he was telling everyone to look out for the brown people coming their way. whatever, we had a good walk towards the exit hiding behind things and pretending to be the secuirty guy following us.

06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
133. Andrea P.
I recently got engaged and my fiance and I decided to look around for venues while we were in the Island. We made a list and one of them is Halekulani. We heard a lot of great things about this place like how good their food are, customer service are great and beautiful hotel. So we were so excited to go there and get a little bit of information regarding wedding events or at least get a brochure or packet. So my fiance and I went to the Concierge desk for information. So we asked if we can get an information about wedding events. The lady said.. "Did you talk to anyone yet? Do you have an appointment?". So we said nicely that we do not and would just like to get at least a brochure or packet of information. So she answered with a bit of attitude "well you have to make an appointment to get an information..." And she gave us the packet. I opened it and was looking for a business card of the contact person and there wasn't. Then the lady started talking to the other concierge about how her mood that day blah blah blah. I finally said, "Excuse me? Do you have a business card of the contact person?" The other lady was a little nicer and said that it should be inside and I told her nicely that it wasn't in there. So to make this short. Customer service at the Concierge desk was awful! So we decided not to even make an appointment anymore and took this hotel out on our list. Sucks! Concierge and Reception Desk are the first in line to make a great impression. And the Concierge desk failed on that. I am only speaking about Concierge just FYI. First of all, they shouldn't be talking about personal life in front of a client/customer. Second, they shouldve been more helpful especially for potential clients. We were very disappointed.

03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
134. Ctam G.
If you have to stay in Waikiki and not Maui or another island I would definitely stay here.  Rated as T&L's top hotel in the area it deserves it.  The concierge service is amazing, David seemlessy arranged to have my wife picked up at the airport and per my request, he had flowers and champagne in our room prior to our arrival.  The hotel and grounds are exceptionally manicured, the small beach is perfect, the Orchids resturant is delicious, and there are plenty of other great resturants within walking distance. Did I mention the Peet's coffee right next door?  Only things I would change are....add an outdoor jacuzzi, add a lot more umbrellas by the pool (the pre-breakfast mad dash to grab a bit of shade by the pool is not very 5-star), and get rid of the king size beds that are really two beds pushed together...we can feel the difference...

05/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
135. Bruce C.
This is not an inexpensive hotel, but the room was immaculate, and supplies ample. The TV system was not that convenient to use, but they had many channels. We had an Ocean View, which was perfect. We could watch the sunset into the ocean and hear the music from the shows at "House without a Key". We really couldn't find one thing to complain about. The housekeeping was great, food at the restaurants were generally wonderful, concierge service which we used quite a lot, were fantastic. The porter & valet service were "spot on." We will definitely return here. The location also was perfect.

07/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
136. Irene I.
What a dream it is to get married in Hawaii AND to get married at one of the most prestigious hotels on Oahu~!  To be honest, I didn't even visit the venue before we booked it - it's so highly regarded and recommended that I felt totally comfortable just going for it :)  Planning a wedding from Seattle, I wanted to make sure that I had a team of vendors that I could trust that would make my life easier.  From the get go, Halekulani (Loren & Dayna) were extremely responsive and answered every single detail-oriented question.  At one point, I was unsure as to whether or not I should hire a day-of wedding coordinator, and Loren gave me her honest advice which I'm so incredibly grateful for (I did end up getting one).  

Some details - we had 150 guests, opted for the nicer buffet, and had our ceremony in the garden courtyard and the reception in the ballroom.  We served beer, wine, champagne punch, and all other non-alcoholic beverages, and also ordered hor d'ouevres.  All of our guests were impressed with the 5-star service, and everyone was looking forward to the food.  Halekulani is famous for their buffets (originally, we wanted to do a plated meal, but we ended up switching due to several factors - but just an FYI - their buffet is not necessarily the "cheaper" choice...it's actually more expensive than manyof their plated meals, so we were actually upgrading to the nicer of the two offered buffets).  For our chafing dishes, we chose the steamed onaga (a signature dish), london broil, and the seafood curry (with scallops and sea bass - THIS was the surprise hit of the evening.  I would have never imagined serving curry at a wedding, but it was just so flavorful and delicious that I had to go for it and everyone thanked me for that~!).  We also had the prime rib as another main dish.  The salads, appetizers, and desserts are to die for....the poke is DELISH, and the bread pudding..WOW...WOW..WOW~!  SO GOOD!!  

Other details - we received a junior ocean suite, were greeted by a platter of fruit and Halekulani special chocolates in our room..and the night of our wedding, there were gifts from Halekulani waiting for us in the room.  Parking for guests is also complimentary (just tip the valet!)..and boy, the valets are awesome - they run around and greet you...at one point, my husband wanted to walk to the store to buy some water and the valet came running back with a bag full of Halekulani labeled water~!!!  Also, depending on how much you spend, there are different complimentary items that you will also receive such as champagne, flutes, meals, extra rooms for family, cake, ceremony location and set up of chairs/arch, etc....I felt every single dollar was well spent....  I also had my intricate dress steamed and pressed from the Halekulani.  My dress had a long train and a flurry of ruffles so it was quite a project.  It cost $150 for the service, but I'm so happy I had them do it because I didn't have to worry about wrinkling my dress and also about doing it myself when my dress had a lot going on with it.  They delivered my dress with beautiful presentation, which made me even more excited to wear it.  Every detail at Halekulani is just so impressive...my heart was full of appreciation~!!!

Though the Halekulani is a more expensive venue, if it's important to you to have top-knotch service, excellent communication, and impeccable execution of details - then I would highly recommend Halekulani.  It's actually more affordable than I thought, so make sure you at least check it out!!  I felt Loren went above and beyond for us, and we were exceptionally pleased every step of the way~!

22/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Ryan W.
The girlfriend and I had one night to spend in Hawaii before 7 kids under the age of 10 and 6 additional adults descended upon the island to meet up with us.  We chose the Halekulani for this night.

This is a really nice resort with a great location in Waikiki.  The grounds are meticulously maintained, there is lovely art on display throughout, the staff is friendly, and the food is fantastic.  It has the potential to be a 5-star hotel, in my personal rating system, but just a few things fell short during our short 2-day visit this month.

Since I made my reservations through a dedicated concierge, I was sure to let the hotel know my flight schedule and that I would be arriving early and departing late.  They confirmed and it wasn't to be a problem.  Please note that the hotel was not even close to capacity during my visit.

Upon arrival, I was disappointed to learn that our room was not ready and wouldn't be ready for several more hours.  How could this be?  The hotel is not busy, there are plenty of room types in our category, AND we made special arrangements in advance.

Rather than argue, we allowed them to check all of our bags (fingers crossed), went shopping and had a mediocre sushi lunch at nearby Doraku.  They said they would call when the room was ready, and promised it to be ready no later than 3pm.  They said they would hurry and would try to call sooner.  It was noon.  Nobody ever called.  Not the best way to start a vacation.

When we came back at 3:15pm, we had to ask for our room again and were told to wait in the lobby.  We waited.  Finally, a woman came to us and said she would escort us to our room.  What is the point of that?  Just give us the damn keys!  If you wanted to impress us by escorting us to the room, you should have done it the minute we got out of the limousine that brought us to your property.  That is what most 5-star resorts do.  Regardless, we allowed her to show us the way and collect a tip.

Once in the room, I can tell you that the rooms are not as new and as fresh as you might expect from a property of this caliber.  They are cleaned and maintained to perfection, but it is apparent that the last remodel was quite a while back, with the exception of the bed and television.  The space was also quite small compared to what we are accustomed to at this price point.  Our room had a nice lanai with a partial ocean view.  That was by far the best part (see photo).

The bathrooms were fully amenitized, but the showers were clearly designed for Japanese people.  The shower head topped out around my chest, so ducking was necessary to wash my hair and face.  Not a big deal, but it certainly showed the age of this hotel.  It was built at the height of Japanese tourism, and over the course of our stay we realized that most of the other guests in the hotel were Japanese.  I guess they still like the miniature showers.  Stay here and then go to the Four Seasons in Maui and you will see the stark contrast between Americans and Japanese on vacation.

Since we were not able to enjoy our first meal on-property, and we ate dinner out with friends the first night, we only had a chance to eat one meal at the hotel.  We chose Orchids, and it was delicious.  That was one of the highlights of our brief stay.  If our first day had worked out as planned, we would have also tried the House Without a Key and possibly La Mer for dinner.  I heard they were both great.

The pool is nice and centrally located in the hotel, but it doesnt have any bells and whistles.  It is a nice big pool to lounge around and soak up the sun in.  No fountains, no landscaping, no slides, no negative edge.  Just a pool.  I didn't see many kids running around, which was nice, and I think that one of the neighboring resorts with a more elaborate pool setup would be better for families.

The private beach is the size of a postage stamp.  Literally.  Supposedly, the water is sacred or something, but that might just be a story to make up for the fact that it's the worst 'private beach' I have ever seen.  I think it's private because nobody else wanted it bad enough to fight for it.  We walked down to the Hilton Rainbow beach and lagoon area for sun and surf.  It was much less crowded and much nicer down there.

At the end of the day, I see the appeal of the Halekulani.  It HAS been the most exclusive resort in Waikiki to date.  Trump opened across the street during our visit, and I would try Trump before I would come back here if I was shopping for another 5-star experience.  If you don't care about being in town, I feel the Kahala is a better 5-star option, hands down.

For me, the Royal Hawaiian, which is 4-stars, provided a lot more bang for the buck.  The service was almost equal, the room was much larger, and the amenities were better.  The food at Royal Hawaiian wasn't quite as good, but they are practically next door so you can walk to Halekulani and eat without staying there.  Just my $0.02.

25/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
138. Ira W.
My wife and I did not stay at this hotel. We came here for our cousin's wedding. The hotel itself is right off of the beach and the grounds were beautiful. It had a very upscale feel to it. There were signs posted "evening attire required."

The wait staff for the event were extremely pleasant and helpful. Although I don't favor Waikiki due to the traffic I may want to give this place a shot next time we fly to Hawaii.

19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
139. Kelly G.
This review is on the daily tea service on the Veranda form 3-5:30..... it is a great place to grab your girlfriends and go relax !!! they have a wide selection of teas which the tea hostess walks you through & then you select what tea sandwiches you would like .. we had a selection of 4 like gravalax with dill on pumpernickel, chicken salad on raisin bread, etc. then the scones with devonshire "yummy" cream and last a assortment of desserts, tarts,  & cakes. It is nice and breezy in that area and the sofa and chairs all all really comfy !!! we have also thrown a small bridal shower here that was nice and intimate - you can do champagne and cocktails here as well.

03/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Amy L.
5 star experience?  You got it!  No, I did not stay here but I have dined at Orchid's here before and the service is amazing.  But my review isn't for Orchids.  

I visited two other hotels on the day I came to Halekulani to meet with Tom Nguyen, the Director of Sales.  Fiancee & I were shopping for a wedding ceremony site and I was most impressed with Tom and his knowledge of the property.  He greeted us warmly and immediately offered to take care of my parking ticket.  We sat down, talked a little and looked at a photo album that showcased other weddings that took place at the Halekulani.  We took a little tour of the hotel and the 2 ceremony sites that the hotel offered.  Along our little tour, we were brought bottled water on a silver tray from a server.  Oh, you fancy huh?  This little gesture impressed me and showed that this hotel will really do their best to accomodate your every need.  

I only intended to stay no more than a half an hour on this little visit as I had another appointment to get to.  But, I ended up staying a whole hour as Tom was a delight to talk to.  Not once did we feel like he was a pushy salesman.  I have decided to host my ceremony here at Halekulani and highly recommend this hotel to others and if you need advice, contact Tom!

01/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. Abe L.
Spent a wonderfully relaxing week here. Overall - it's a pampered pleasant experience - and the food at all the restaurants is really delightful.  The staff is extremely accommodating and friendly - and the location is great if you want to be near the hustle and bustle of Waikiki.  The room had a wonderful view with a simple, island decor - nothing fancy here.  The room is not comparable to say a fancy hotel in Vegas - but it doesn't steal anything away from what is outside your window.

30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
142. Joyce L.
This is wedding buffet review I've attended a wedding recently for the first time. I've always heard and known Halekulani as top notch hotel. Therefore, my expectation was high. They had buffet for dinner and I was looking forward to it. What a disappointment. None of the food really stood out. There was prime rib that was okay. Their dessert section was average. I've experienced much better at Hawaii Prince or even Tsukiji's. Also, their ballroom is upstairs with one stall bathroom and I think they have an elevator in the back somewhere. For average people you have to walk up and down to use the bathroom downstairs which I think it's inconvenient when you're dressed up and/or elderly. Unless, you want to wait for that one stall bathroom for 20 minutes. So this is something to think about if you're thinking of having a wedding there. I say save your money and have it else where for better food and quality.

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
143. J L.
4 night stay with family before flying to Four Seasons Hualalai for our wedding. Going to give some bullet points. About the property.
We ate at house without a key for breakfast every morning. Best breakfast, asian inspired buffet. One if the best breakfast buffets I've had on the islands. We enjoyed starting our mornings here. Ate at Orchids one night,loved the food, dress code is enforced, Aloha shirts with dress pants for the men. While we waited for our reservations, listened to music enjoyed cocktails and took family photos with Diamond Head in the background. My parents ate at LeMer one evening...they said it was amazing and worth the money(their 40th anniversary). BEST MAI TAI'S IN ALL OF HAWAII. Valet gives you bottled water as you leave for the day. Tiny beach, but fun place to play in the waves. Beautiful pool with great service. Weddings everywhere, I once counted 5 brides in different areas, while strolling around the property(one in orchids, one in le mer, one in the courtyard,etc.).
Beautiful ocean views of waikiki. You can hear a little street noise, I heard a garbage truck one morning while I was in bed, but not a big deal. Love this place, cant wait to go back!!!

22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
144. Scott H.
The ultimate in a luxurious dining experience in Hawaii.  Very romantic place.

04/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
145. Josephine W.
Sunday brunch.  The Buffet.  The view.  The island breeze. Unbelievable.

18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
146. Kelly T.
I have never stayed at this hotel but we had our wedding reception at The Halekulani so this review is for the catering office.  If I could give it a higher rating I would.

After much research on Orchids and House Without a Key I decided we wanted to have a private reception as opposed to dinner in a restaurant with other people.  Tripadvisor reviews raved about all the restaurants at Halekulani and I happened to come across their private rooms on their website.  For our party of 9, I decided to book the Kiawe Room and we couldn't be happier.  Our catering manager, Joel Nishimoto, and admin, Tina Hum, were outstanding to work with from beginning to end.  Every question or doubt was answered promptly with the details required.  The contract and deposit details were well written and broken down which helped tremendously when planning a wedding without a coordinator.  They are professionals and really put my mind at ease as I was a destination bride and have never been to Honolulu before.

Upon arrival to the hotel, for our reception, the lady at the front desk immediately escorted us to our room.  There, Steven, who looked after us all evening, was awaiting our arrival and had placed the candles and favors we dropped off the day before.  The wedding cake was displayed on a smaller table with green cymbidium orchids just as I requested.  Everything was perfect and we felt they we were taken care of by family.  Steven and the lady (sorry forgot her name) who looked after us all night were attentive yet unobtrusive.  My family felt so comfortable they kicked off their shoes and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!!  JUST WHAT WE HAD HOPED FOR!!

I could go on forever about the impeccable service, but I MUST leave room for the food.  While we had our pictures taken we had cocktail hour and 4 butler passed hor d'oeuvres which were delicious: Purse of Smoked Duck, Caramelized Peach and Goat Cheese (YUM our fav and was the least expensive!), Beef Crostini, Chicken Satay, Scallop Wrapped in Bacon (light and crispy). The timing was perfect and they always kept a close eye on our drink refills.  Oh BTW they let us bring in our own wine/champagne and charged $25 corkage fee so major plus there.

For dinner, we created a 4 course custom menu from their preset menus and it was very reasonably priced.  We started with Ceasar Salad with Seared Scallops - the scallops had a layer of cream baked into the top so it was not your standard seared scallops.  2nd course was Ahi Poke with Lump Crab on Top.  3rd course was Filet Mignon with Lobster.  The lobster was perfectly cooked and had a really nice sauce.  4th course was Twice Baked Goat Cheese with Fruit.  We were stuffed at this point but it was such a nice fluffy and airy pastry that everyone devoured it.  

For our wedding cake we had 2 tiers and they let us do 2 flavors!  I had to try Haupia and Raspberry and Cream on the bottom tier. Though we were stuffed everyone raved about the cake. We had the bottom tier which had fresh berries baked in and was simply divine.  Are you drooling yet?  Steven wrapped the top tier for us to take home.

The reception was the very first thing I booked for our wedding as I wanted to ensure we had a wonderful meal on our special day.  We are ecstatic with our experience and would highly recommend Halekulani for any special event!  Halekulani will take care of you like family.

30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
147. Patrick B.
This is a truly wonderful place to stay.  My first trip to the Halekulani was about 10 years ago... and now, it is the only place I will stay in Honolulu.  The service is fantastic!!  The rooms are tastefully appointed and very clean... the spa services feel individually tailored to you...  the restaurants are great!!  My favorite daily activity is to grab a cocktail and listen to classic Hawaiian music and Hula dancing at House Without a Key....  so beautiful!!  Enjoy!

02/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
148. Melissa L.
I see that you are willing to spend close to $550 a night for a "prime" hotel? Yay you.. Obviously you enjoy the finer things in life and arent afraid to dish out for it. Ive actually stayed as a guest and dined here , maybe not alot but more than a handful of times. And It has gone dramatically down here from 2011. The only saving grace is SOME of the staff is very customer service oriented and make the stay enjoyable. The Brunch is my favorite, the spread they have is amazing and in my opinion, their mimosa's are to die for. The maintenance is always beautiful, seems like they take care of their property. However, you are getting majorly robbed when checking into your room. Its actually a joke when you think of it. You see amazing photography of what their rooms have to offer and then when you get there, its just a standard room that other hotels have at half the cost. We found a clump of hair sitting in our shower, looked like a tumble weed of weave! not to mention there was lipstick left on a towel -_-. gross.Took almost 2 hours for someone to come up and switch out the towel ( we only had 3 in the room, their was 4 of us) we threw the afro ball away. For the same price you can get a partical ocean view at the Trump and the rooms and service is topnotch! IF money really isnt a problem, consider Aulani or Ihilani if you're on the Leeward side.

15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
149. Shay F.
This review is about the hotel atmosphere and restaurants, since I've never actually stayed at the hotel overnight.

I love going to this hotel to eat and drink and enjoy the perfect Hawaii weather with Diamond Head in the backdrop. Even going for a simple stroll through this hotel is very calming.

My family has thrown a few parties up stairs in party/ballroom area, and we love it because of the nice trade winds and perfect picture taking opportunities.

Yelp 365 Challenge #49/365

18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
150. Kyle H.
Visited the Halekulani recently for a friend's wedding, but have never stayed here myself.  Despite this, I can say with confidence, that the Halekulani has among the best service of any hotel in the state.  While other hotels may have great service, the service at Halekulani is very refined and detailed.  That being said, however, some people may feel uncomfortable with the type of service, as well as rules (such as resort-wide dress codes) that help to maintain a certain atmosphere throughout the resort.  If a high-class, detail oriented stay in Waikiki is what you are looking for , then the Halekulani is for you.  Want a similar experience outside of Waikiki?  Check out the Kahala Hotel in Kahala (away from any other hotel/resort in a secluded upper-class neighborhood) or the JW Marriott Ihilani, located in the Ko'olina Resort next to Aulani and Paradise Cove.

17/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Lita C.
The rooms are cozy yet techy, the closet between the bathroom and bedroom- ingenious!  The view of diamond head- well worth the upgrade.  The breakfast good and service at Orchids was lovely.
Our favorite thing to do at any hotel is to sit by the pool and order food and frosty beverages.  The staff here is gracious and welcoming - Casey, in particular, made us feel almost like family.  What a treasure she is.  
We will surely return!

28/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
152. Megan F.
My husband and I just stayed 3 nights here.  We. Loved. It.  

It's big and clean, beautiful and quiet.  Only a couple children seen, and they were very well-behaved.  

The majority of guests were Japanese.  I enjoy vacationing with Japanese for the following reasons-  they are very quiet, very polite, and very big drinkers.  

Our room was beautiful.  Although it was a "garden view", we had a big, clear (side) view of the ocean.  The room was well-maintained, the bed comfortable.  The bathroom was huge and amazing.  The bathtub was deep, but a little short for me (I'm 5 foot 4 inches).  The lighting throughout the room was very nice, closet space, huge lanai, comfortable bed, ect... Basically, we really ,really liked the room.  

Room service food was not impressive- would not order room service here again..  However, I ordered a Mai Tai, which was so strong, I could only drink half of it (I do consider myself to be a big drinker, but I had been awake for 24 hours and was exhausted).  

Service was exceptional- at the pool, in restaurants, housekeeping, all of it.  One day we had left the "do not disturb" light on all day, came back to find a card from housekeeping.  I called them at 5:30pm, they asked when I would like the room serviced, and they sent someone immediately.  Room is serviced several times a day.  Pool service was awesome too.  As soon as you show up there and pick a seat, someone comes and makes up the chairs for you with sheets and towels.  The pool was never over-crowded.  Drink servie by the pool is good, also.  The pool itself is awesome.  No hot tub, and the pool closes at 7pm.  

We had breakfast included with our room, and the breakfast buffet was very good, and you can see the ocean from pretty much anywhere in the dining room.

The beach is kinda small, so I mostly stayed at the pool.  Waikiki beach is kinda a mess anyway, so I go to different areas to see really nice beaches.  

Would not hesitate to stay here again.

22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
153. Tom D.
Exceptional service every visit.  This is the only place I will stay on Oahu!

15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
154. Gabriel T.
This review goes towards the ballroom experience and general hotel service when attending an event here.  I've been to this hotel venue location numerous times for events mostly weddings, attending, performing, and doing gigs here.  It is definitely one of my favorite places to go to.  Hopefully one day I can experience what it is like to stay in one of the hotels.  Anyways, I think the Halekulani is one of the most nicest hotels in Waikiki.  Having a wedding down here is especially nice.  The food is great and the ballrooms are awesome.  The surrounding greenery, vibe, and atmosphere is great as well.  When you do park here I would suggest to valet.  The valet guys are one of the most professional, friendly, and courteous out of my experience.  The validation takes care of the parking so you just gotta tip da guys.  It's conveniently located on Kalia Rd. pretty much at the end of Lewers St. directly right across of the Denny's there.  Whether you are having an event here or staying at the hotel, I am sure the experiences here are well worth it.  

Yelp 365 Challenge #359/365

24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
155. Justin N.
Amazing hotel close to lots of shopping and plenty of places to eat.
While I did not find anything overly special about the hotel that stood out, it was still a great experience one would expect from a hotel. It was just so trouble free and pleasant that I can't help but give this place 5 stars. The staff was very attentive and quick to respond to any in-room calls. The room was cleaned twice a day with ice and waters being restocked as well.

I did think the pool was a bit weak in comparison to other hotels, but there is plenty of lounge chairs and attentive staff to give you towels or take a drink order. You won't get too much beach either, but there are great views and plenty of places to work on your tan.

A tad expensive, but ever dollar is well spent.

20/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
156. Eric L.
Disappointing, overpromises and under delivers. This is a very old property and it shows. I spent 3 days here at $720 a night and was very disappointed. First. there is NO BEACH. You have to walk to a neighbor hotel for a sand beach. They have no beach service (ie umbrellas, chairs, etc). Second, the 'Ocean View' room is actually a room with a direct view of the Sheraton Hotel next door. If you walk onto the veranda you can see the ocean. Seems a bit misleading, again for $720 a nite I did not want a view of the hotel next door. Third, customer service is lacking. They are no where near the level of a St Regis or Ritz Carlton with customer service. It is very hit and miss and the staff do not seem very happy at their jobs. In fact the guest services person got lost on her way to show us to our room.  Fourth: The famous 'Orchids Sunday brunch" that requires reservations months in advance, was about on par with a Las Vegas Casino buffet and about a third of the tables were empty the Sunday we had this brunch. The selection was typical (custom made omlette, eggs benedict, fresh fruit, roast turkey and beef). I didn't find anything groundbreaking about fresh pineapple in Hawaii and it certainly didn't warrant the $53 price tag per person. The restaurant  has a view of the Ocean but so does every other Waikiki hotel restaurant. We found ourselves walking to the other hotels for their beach, their restaurants, their live music, their morning coffee and soon realized that we should have just stayed at another hotel.  I would not stay here again. There are much better places for the price they charge.

25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
157. Stine H.
I could get used to this. This place is as good as it gets! Take us back...

09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
158. Vikéndios N.
We love staying here when we can.

The hotel isn't big or grand but just feels fresh, relaxing, and exclusive.  The foliage isn't overdone, just simple and well-manicured.  

You're always greeted in the most professional way.  You confirm your stay at the front desk, then the receptionist immediately walks you to your room and finishes up the check in there (payment & paper signing.)  There's usually no line when we check in, which is a nice thing to see when you just want to get to your room and relax; a very nice touch.

Clean & crisp.  Decor is very simple - most everything a light color or shade of white.  We're normally presented with a fruit & cheese platter on our first night.  A box of chocolates is complimentary.  We've had great views of the pool, Pacific & Diamond Head.

Big & spacious but there's only one sink.  Separate tub and glass shower.  All the amenities you can think of, and then some, are there for you.

The only gripe about the room is how the closet acts as a divider between the bedroom & bathroom and is accessible by non-locking sliding doors on either side.  Okay if you're a couple but uncomfortable if you're with friends or business partners.

18/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
159. Jason B.
What else is there to say about this place?
Everyone in Hawaii knows its the best hotel for a reason. The service is absolutely impeccable, the hotel is beautiful and did I mention the service?

I have been to Halekulani on multiple occasions over the years to eat at the restaurants or for weddings and I knew that when we decided to get married on Oahu that there were only a couple of choices. After looking over the options we easily decided on Halekulani.

Our catering director was Loren Petrowski and she is just insane. She replies to emails so quickly and with such detail and clarity that it instantly puts you at ease. She coordinated our tasting and we met with her a couple of times before the wedding and asked a bunch of silly questions which she answered with a smile on her face.

She was there for our rehearsal and on the day of to make sure everything was running smoothly. Our banquet captain Alan was just awesome. He kept checking on us to make sure everything was going smoothly and sent extra food and cake to our room since we were too busy to eat.

The Hau Terrace as a wedding venue is pretty hard to beat on the island. Especially if you are getting married in a hotel. The problem is that Hawaii weddings are large and  it only holds 120 people max, otherwise that room would be booked out for years.

Again the service from the time we stepped foot on the grounds to the time we departed after our stay was just outstanding. People bent over backwards to help us and go the extra mile for us. We left on our honeymoon to Japan and Bali and even though we stayed at hotels w/ personal butlers, they didn't match the Halekulani. If you are from out of town researching wedding venues, just do it. It's soooo worth it. If you have less than 120 people BONUS!.....because you can do the Hau Terrace. Months later people are saying how great the wedding was, how awesome the venue was, and how great the food was. By the way, I used to DJ weddings when I was in college and have eaten at pretty much every hotel in Waikiki. Halekulani food is the best. Kahala is a close second and the Westin Moana Surfrider is third but Halekulani catering is way cheaper than Kahala and similar in price to the Moana while having better service and nicer common areas.

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
160. Jill P.
This place is amazing for drinks and pupus with friends.  The view of the ocean and sunsets are amazing!  The waiter/waitresses are very attentive and fully capable of recommending a drink based on your taste.  Live music not too far from the bar...plenty of places to sit.  You may have to wait a bit for a table, but the view alone is worth it.  It really sets the scene for a great night out.

14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
161. Heidi K.
This place is luxury at its finest!  We came here for our Valentine's Day vacation and it was definitely a good choice. The suite we stayed at was super huge overlooking the ocean. They upgraded us from the Ocean Suite to the Luxury Suite for free which was really nice. The staff is super friendly and nice as well and they treat you like you are royalty. The food was amazing and they have maids come in twice a day to clean/check up on your room. I would highly recommend staying here if you love comfort, luxury, and a relaxed atmosphere.

The only con was that when we first checked in they didn't really explain how the Suite Life Package works. In fact I had to ask three staff personnel to figure out  how the all complimentary breakfast and La Mer dinner works. No one seemed to understand what I was referring to even though it was clearly stated in the reservation they have on file.

19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
162. Lily B.
Let me preface this by stating that I have never actually STAYED at the Halekulani. I have attended 2 weddings here and have dined at a couple restaurants.

Halekulani is located on Kalia Road (at the end of it) near Roy's and next to the Outrigger Reef I believe. The self parking garage is located in another hotel, but I usually just valet. Valet is free if you're dining at one of their restaurants (you just need to tip)

I have had brunch a few times at Orchids (LOVED IT!) and the weddings that I've attended were gorgeous! This is definitely more of an 'upscale' hotel. I have also dined at House Without A Key which was okay.

The view is gorgeous. The property is right along the beach and you have a clear view of Diamond head. 5 stars alone for the beautiful view that you get.

The hotel itself is well kept and very clean. Restrooms are even pretty! Staff is friendly and patient. The landscaping is amazing as well.


28/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. Don D.
I cant review anything about this hotel because I have never stayed in one of the rooms....yet.  All I can say is that the hotel is EXTREMELY well kept.  Its super clean, and it looks worth the price you'd pay to stay there!

The valet guys are awesome.  Unless you have an expensive car (by expensive, I mean VERY EXPENSIVE), they park your car across the street in the garage.  So they do have to run to get it.  Its not a long wait, but where they are located, there really isnt any parking nearby.

The grounds are well kept and if you pass by employees working in the hallways, they are very friendly and acknowledge that you are there!

The only reason we go there is to eat at their restaurants which are awesome! Truly some of the best service around!

20/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
164. TJ D.
Simple incredible.  3 nights of our Honeymoon, my wife and I had an ocean front room with a view of Diamond Head.

The service, decor, ambience, guests, food, culture...  world class.

Not much else to say!  A cosmopolitan Japanese feel... hamburger served at the pool is one of the best I've had in my entire life.  Also the little non-alcoholic coconut drinks.

Once in a lifetime experience.  Can't wait to go back.

One side note...  best food was room service, followed by Orchids, followed by House Without A Key.  we probably won't be back to House Without A Key for dinner; it's a better place for drinks.  A regret:  we didn't try Le Mer!  

Thank you!

21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. Tanya F.
Recently stayed here for 4 days. Great room (ocean view) and impeccable house keeping. Staff are friendly and well able to deal with complaints (being kept waiting for a table for 10+ minutes and staff conducting a loud verbal argument in front of us) so that they remain resolved. Variety of restaurants, and ample lounges and casual seating areas if you want to not be in your room and not be in the pool area. Pool staff body language suggests they would rather be elsewhere. That all aside, great welcome on arrival and shown to our room as well as a brief tour of the hotel. Nice touch. Spend 15 minutes or so at the entrance watching the valets at work - great entree into the philosophy of guest service the hotel espouses. Our flight did not leave until late in the evening and the opportunity to use a hospitality lounge with lockers, showers, PC and Mac, as well as seating areas was welcomed. Would recommend.

09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
166. Badri N.
This is one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in, and I've stayed in some pretty high end places in my time!

What a location - almost ON the water... with views to kill for!!  Beautifully furnished rooms, amazing dining options on the property (La Mer... ahhhh, c'est bon!), fantastic service and a truly attentive and caring staff.

Everything from the check-in experience to the time it was time to leave was a perfect choreography of events... they anticipate every need and are ready to cater to it and make sure you have the ultimate service experience.  Great concierge services just add to the positives!

Like I said before, it's right on the beach so of course, they have a nicely staked out area with chairs and food/drink service.  And again, for some reason, the location seems to be better than most of the hotels in Waikiki - I can't say why... maybe it's just a mental thing :)

Hotel is non-smoking completely which is a huge plus!  Even the pool areas are non-smoking.  I appreciate this even though I do enjoy laying back with a cigar by the pool once in a while :)

Fabulous restaurants!!!  I had the most amazing experience at La Mer once and House Without a Key is always a delightful breakfast place.  Amazing food and service - though be prepared to pay the price, especially at La Mer.

The room itself was spacious, with an unimaginable view of the mighty Pacific and the glorious sunsets!!!  Comfortable bed, nice balcony (OK, lanai), great bathroom with top class amenities!  And it was as clean as I have ever seen a hotel room be clean!!  Extra points for this!

~ 5 stars overall. This hotel is all win... Location, Rooms, Amenities, Restaurants and most importantly, Service!

# 253

13/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
167. john k.
My wife and I were looking for a World Class Hotel last October as we wanted to get married in Honolulu in December of 2011.  Our travel advisor pointed us to The Royal Hawaiian but when I saw the size of the rooms, I balked.  When she pointed us to the Halekulani, which is just up the beach - with much larger and nicer rooms, we made our choice.

We checked in on December 10, were married on the 15th and flew home on December 20, 2011 as a newly married couple.

Fast forward to July of this year and we decided to come back to Honolulu to celebrate our first anniversary.  Last year, we flew first class from Philadelphia, via San Francisco on the way out and via Los Angeles on the way back.  This time we booked the direct Newark to Honolulu - again, first class both ways.  But there was no discussion as to where we would stay - The Halekulani!  In my opinion, there is no finer, classier, more caring hotel in the world.

When we made our reservation, we requested our same room from last year; they said they couldn't promise, but . . .

When we checked in, not only did we have same the same exact room but there was a bottle of Champagne and a dozen long stemmed roses from the hotel manager, along with a personalized anniversary card and a "Welcome back to our Family" note.

Our stay has been punctuated with many special surprises from the staff and management.  It has been a wonderful stay and a great way to celebrate our first anniversary as husband and wife.

I Strongly recommend the Halekulani  as a World Class Hotel.  You are made to feel like so much more than just a guest - much more like family (though you'll never be asked to clear the table, do the dishes or make your own bed!)

Top Shelf All The Way!!!

P.S. - take the "back of house" tour with Auntie Melba.  She is a treasure and you'll be amazed to see what the staff does to satisfy the guests.

20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
168. Malia W.
Came here for a beautiful wedding. The hotel is right next to the beach. The banquet room was very big, able to hold at least 200 people, probably a lot more. They had their ceremony, cocktail hour,  and reception there.

The buffet was to die for! sushi, salad, carving table, soup bar, cheese and bread station, and the list goes on. The dessert was also top notch. bread pudding, chocolate cups, and cheesecake were my favorite.

Wait staff were very professional, and some had lots of personality.

The hotel has signs everywhere which say evening attire required. I guess since its upscale its acceptable.

I also stopped in Lewers lounge. Waitresses weren't too attentive. No beer on tap. Mai tais were very pretty and tasty,

09/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. Diane E.
This review is for the bar and entertainment.

I came here last night with my friend Patricia (Patricia Buckman, Island Properties), who has lived in O'ahu for many, many years.  Pat wanted to show me some great entertainment.  The Hawaiian musicians as well as the dancer, Kanoe, were superb.  After her dance set, Kanoe came to sit with us as she is a good friend of Pat's.

The service at the Halekulani was great as well.  We were just having drinks and pupus, and our waitress was very sweet and accommodating.  When a large group in front left, she very nicely moved us to the front.

Parking was free as this is one of the few places that validates for the valet parking.  I especially appreciated this last night as traffic was crazy busy in Waikiki last night.

I plan on bringing my niece here when she visits next month.


15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
170. Kanoe I.
The Halekulani is by far the BEST Hotel on Oahu! One thing that stands out the most about this hotel is its IMPECCABLE SERVICE. The employees here treat you like royalty....They truly care about you. And they are the main reason why this hotel is amongst the BEST on the island. Thank You for your hard work!!

I recently visited Lewer's Lounge with friends to toast the New Year. I ordered a Martini and the first thing I did (out of habit) was take the olives out and place it on my napkin. The next Martini I ordered came out with my olives on the side, on a little dish. Anticipating the needs of its guests is readily seen here. So impressive!. As we left, the lovely hostess noticed our cameras in hand and offered to take our picture. She lined us up perfectly, even telling me how to sit and place my hands! And of course, our picture came out perfect.  It's all the little things that add up to a great "Halekulani Experience."

Halekulani Patrons: Be proud when people ask which hotel you are staying at. I'd be so happy to announce "I'm staying at The Halekulani.."

11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
171. Angela K.
However sexist their judgement is...Over the past 3 years I've frequented this place and its Lewer's Lounge sporadically.
I've gone in with Local executive male friends with me dressed down in jeans, and up in resort wear. I've gone in alone to attend APEC 2011 as a USA representative for Export-Import business development to Japan due to my Overseas Japanese family. Thanks for the food...since I'm vegan and 60% or more of the food service was clean enough for me to eat while exchanging conversation with other Japanese & USA representatives.

However, they won't let me in the Lewers Lounge dressed in what I think is acceptable resort wear..on my own. I think this is sexist--not only because they require "resort wear" which isn't necessarily professional like the men wear, but I feel that they treat me like I'm some hoe bag bar girl.

I am being forced live on the DL here in the Hawaiian Islands because of the MALE opinion here and their insecurities. So I have mixed feelings about my individual treatment here when

I just want a nice bar to hang at with some live piano to hear since I have been a pianist for my entire life--and this island is very devoid of it.

But, they are keeping their male executives entertained. I have to go somewhere else to have a nice time, sit alone and drink a martini...like PF Chang's on Ala Moana Blvd. more friendly bar with plenty of kick arse Martinis.

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
172. Mitch W.

On the recommendation of my Aunt Pauline, we went to the live music in the evening at the House without a Key, which overlooks Waikiki beach and the beautiful ocean.  

We arrived around 5:45pm and got a seat near the century-old Kiawe tree.  The Hawaiian music was already playing and we got a mai tai and planters punch to drink (both drinks were very strong and about $10 each).  It is an excellent outdoor spot to watch the sun set across the glorious ocean.  

Service is top notch!  We were given a small bowl of Hawaiian potato chips to snack on while we had our drinks.  

There were lots of people starting to eat dinner all around us and the food looked wonderful, so we decided to eat there as well.  The day (10/1/2010) we went, it started to rain around 7:30pm, so we went inside to the dining room.  Luckily for us, the band moved from under the Kiawe tree to right in front of our dining table.

We shared both the Nalo Greens ($10) - local greens, Hau'ula tomatoes, Big Island goat cheese crostini with balsamic vinaigrette (dressing was very light and tasty) and organic spaghetti with hearty meat sauce ($17).  I enjoyed both very much and also liked the cornbread that came in the bread basket.

If you valet, you can get a 4-hour validation with either your drink purchase or dinner purchase.

Overall, a wonderful experience and I recommend to anyone visiting Oahu!



Sunset cocktails & Hawaiian music - the essence of Oahu

Immortalized in a 1925 Charlie Chan novel, House Without A Key is Halekulani's popular indoor/outdoor gathering spot for informal breakfast, lunch, cocktails, appetizers and entertainment. One of the favored traditions of the original Halekulani - cocktails and Hawaiian music under the century-old Kiawe tree - has been faithfully preserved here.

Halekulani's signature mai tai is a classic to be enjoyed any time of the day. "Maita'i" means good in Tahitian, but one sip of our Mai Tai at Halekulani, and you'll know it means "great"! Learn how to make it yourself and download the recipe here.

Memorable sunsets with distinctive Hawaiian music nightly: Two former Miss Hawaii's, Kanoe Miller and Debbie Nakanelua, complement the music with their graceful and traditional hula.

Open 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Casual resort attire.

PA'AHANA                                    5:30-8:30PM
Pakala Fernandes, Kaipo Kukahiko, Doug Tolentino

SUNSET SERENADERS                 5:30-8:30PM
Wayne Shishido, Jeff Au Hoy, Eric Shimamoto

SUNSET SERENADERS               5:30-8:30 PM
Wayne Shishido, Jeff Au Hoy, Eric Shimamoto

PO'OKELA                                   5:30-8:30PM
Greg Sardinha,  Rick Rickard, Clyde Kaimana    

PA'AHANA                                    5:30-8:30PM
Pakala Fernandes, Kaipo Kukahiko, Doug Tolentino

SUNSET SERENADERS                5:30-8:30 PM
Wayne Shishido, Jeff Au Hoy, Eric Shimamoto

PA'AHANA                                    5:30-8:30PM
Pakala Fernandes, Kaipo Kukahiko, Doug Tolentino

04/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
173. Paula H.
im going to break down my experience:
service:  5 stars.  when u check-in staff personally walk u to ur room to familiarize u with all of the ammenities the hotel and room are equiped with.  upon entering the room theres a welcome platter of fruits and chocolates awaiting ur arrival.  there isnt any ice machines avaliable because staff replenises ur ice twice a day or more upon request.  every evening the staff leaves a halekulani momento in ur room.  the first night we stayed there it was a shell the second night was a wooden magnet.  every morning they leave newspapers on ur door handle.  all of the above mentioned are included in the cost of the room.  
ammenities:  5 stars.  we originally had a standard room but they upgraded us to the club suite.  the room was immaculate.  the club suite had a standing shower and a luxurious tub bath.  the pillows were down.  the bed was a king.  all rooms at halekulani have a balcony with beautiful views of either the ocean or the garden terrace.  
food:  5 stars.  words can not explain.  we had both catered food and food from on-site restaurants.  making food simple but delicious is very difficult but halekulani perfected it.    
atmosphere:  5 stars.  halekulani simply put is an elegant hotel.  its not ultra modern and mickey mouse wont come and greet you :-) but the attention to detail is amazing.  the staff here truly make u feel like an honored guest.    

i plan on coming back yearly.

13/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
174. Sam R.
Don't waste your money or time. Unless you are Japanese the staff don't want to know you. Rude, slow and they make the worst Mai Tai's in Hawaii. If you have kids the staff look at you with contempt and if you ask to have a hire car organized - well, you may as well do it yourself. We checked out on day 3 of our 9 night stay.

15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
175. Cindy K.
We (myself and a girlfriend) came here on a last minute trip to see my son who had a stop over with the Coast Guard.  Honolulu is not either of our favorite islands, however we have been so pleasantly surprised. We were not sure what to expect from the location or the hotel or staff.  However upon arrival we were stunned at what a lovely location this is.  A mere 18 miles from Honolulu on the South Side of the Island which we have found to be sunnier and warmer than downtown or the North Shore, has been a delight.  But one of our nicest experiences has been the warm and overwhelming hospitality of the staff at this hotel.  They have gone over board to take exceptional care of us and quite frankly I for one have not had this level of service at any other hotel and I've been to many.  Thank you JW Marriot Employees - you are keepers!

13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
176. Christina D.
Beautiful, luxurious, and classy hotel.  This is a true five star hotel.

Went for a wedding, got to see the rooms, restaurants, shops, pools, beach and banquet areas.  This was a wonderful luxury hotel.

Interestingly, they cater to the a Japanese clientele with a lot of things in Japanese and English.

10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
177. Betty W.
I was born and raised in Honolulu and have always wanted to get married in the halekulani since I was a little girl. I actually looked at several other venues prior to halekulani but was not impressed. The catering staff was not knowledgeable and didn't explain the menus or packages. It was only after visiting all other hotels did I finally decide to visit halekulani. I initially neglected the hotel because I thought it would be out of my price range. But I'm so glad I stopped by.

A couple of key points that made this an awesome venue:

-I no longer live in Hawaii (so this is a destination wedding) so all communication with the banquet manager was done via email.  Which I loved because it saved alot of time. They were very responsive and answered all my questions. I never had to follow-up with them once.

-the hotel is 5 star. It is classy, elegant and has the open air plantation feel. It is very different compared to other hotels in Waikiki. While other hotels plow people thru, you feel at ease in the hotel. It is very quiet.

-their wedding packages are awesome. If you spend over 6k in food, they will hook you up with a free hotel room for your wedding night (champagne and all). Package also includes a wedding cake!  They provide cake cutting tools and there is no cake cutting fee. Valet is free for all your guests. If you add up all the little details, halekulani ends up being cheaper than most of the other venues in Waikiki. Oh forgot to mention, if you spend 6k on food, they waive the ceremony location fee - for my location, that saved me over $2500!

-you cannot beat the service. Everyone...from the reception, to the bell boy, to the wait staff will treat you like you are a millionaire. They all give 5 star service. They will go out of their way to make your stay comfortable. I've never felt like such a queen and my guests also commented how they were very attentive.

-the food is good. All my guests were pleased with the food and drinks. I had 4 course meals and the average price was about $75/person. You also don't need to feel like you are stuck with their set food menus. You can mix and match and they will reprice accordingly.

-You cannot beat the view. I got married on the Hau terrace which overlooks the ocean. Absolutely stunning. All of our guests, even the locals, thought that the view belonged in a magazine.

Definitely check it out. It was by far my best wedding decision.

08/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
178. Brian A.
There is almost nothing bad I can say about our experiences here over and over again. Yes, it is expensive, but I've never had a bad experience nor had poor service at any time on one of our many visits. We only stayed here once for our wedding and it was spectacular. We've visited the eating establishments many times, but this was the first time we stayed there. It was a fantastic stay. The staff was beyond excellent. From the grubby mechanic guy hilariously commenting to his coworkers on their cigarette break that my bride's dress was an "Anne Namba" ( yelp.com/biz/anne-namba-… ), to the exceptionally cheerful waitresses, the best valet crew I've been around, and the desk agent who walked us all the way to our suite (which was totally magnificent) and made sure everything was okay. Finally, I got to give it up to Tom, our catering manager.

It garners a well deserved "bada**" five stars.

08/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
179. Bobby S.
I cannot thank Wayne Takeshita and Tatsuya Nishizaki enough for their kind hospitality throughout the duration of our stay.  Thank you for making us feel at home.  Everything was perfect and your personal service was top notch! We look forward to seeing you again on our next stay.

05/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
180. Marsin D.
Just perfect and exactly what I needed. Quiet, relaxing, delicious food, nice buffet and helpful staff.

17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
181. Reid Y.
Gorgeous hotel for gorgeous people. I've come here to have drinks at House without a Key and that's always been excellent.

Only issue is that the service at the front desk is painfully slow since they're trying to be all formal and nice. Case in point - I wanted to get a gift certificate for the hotel restaurant so I went to the front desk to get this. They slowly made the certificate, swiped the credit card, processed the payment, put the cc receipt in its own envelope, put the certificate in another envelope and then gave it all back to me. It must have taken 15 minutes. So long! I guess if you're not in a rush you'll be fine here, but that's my warning!

01/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
182. Janelle L.
It's weird because as you drive down the frontage road or the x-street that t-bones into the hotel you would never guess that right before you stands a 5-star mirage.  Halekulani, translation, a house befitting heaven.  When I die, I can only dream this is where I will end up.

I L-O-V-E this hotel!  In all the hotels that i've ever laid my head to rest in, THIS is my favey.  My entire family stayed here this weekend for my brother's wedding.  Congratulations Brysonn & Rieko!  A two bedroom ocean view suite with a yummy cheese and cracker platter, some chocolates as well as champagne awaited our arrival.  The other rooms and suites were just as elegant and well prepared.  The preparation, the ceremony, the staff, the room, EVERYTHING was great.  What I love the most is the service and the staff.  No matter who it is, if they walk by you they greet you with a hello.

11 years ago, my sister got married here as well.  Same results.  Professional, courteous and beautiful.

I recommend this hotel to everyone that I send to Hawaii.

05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
183. Clarissa M.
Attended Amy and Roman's wedding at the Ballroom over the weekend and it was amazing and fantastic. Staff here are extremely attentive and sweet. The hotel grounds are well kept. The food is tasty and plentiful and the drinks are always served in bounty :)

17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
184. Jeff Y.
The property is well maintained, the staff courteous, friendly and helpful.  Unlike many other properties, this hotel clearly takes pride in keeping itself in good condition.  The food served hits the spot.  Be advised, the hotel is quite pricey.

The only reasons why the property did not get five stars were:

a.  We have a daughter and she was not really permitted to "play" in the pool.  They prefer to preserve a more sedate and refined atmosphere that does not include "childplay" in the pool.
b.  There is no hot tub for kids or adults to warm up in post a swim in the ocean.
c.  The beach is the size of a postage stamp but for us this was not an issue as we were in the ocean surfing and not laying out on the beach.

18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
185. Teresa C.
The best service and best drinks on the island, hands down. Amazing views of the ocean. We came back again and again, highly recommended.

27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
186. Chelsea M.
This review is late in coming, and I apologize to the hotel for this. My husband and I went here for our honeymoon for three nights before heading to the Big Island. I cannot imagine anything better than this hotel. The rooms are crisp and clean. The staff is so friendly.

The workout room air conditioned and so clean. Sweat towels, bananas, apples, and bottled water are provided. It actually made me want to work out (which we did every day we were there because it was so convenient and gave us reason to eat great meals nearby). I even asked what they sprayed in the workout room to make it smell so good and the front desk person was kind enough to ACTUALLY call up housekeeping to find out for me. In case you wonder when you visit there, they don't spray anything, it is just kept really clean.

Partial ocean view room was amazing. We had both diamond head and the ocean to look out on and a direct view of the music every night, so peaceful and relaxing and amazing.

The concierge was amazing and offered great suggestions for food and sight seeing.

We will definitely be making trips back to this lovely oasis. This is what a five star hotel should be.

27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
187. Knk N.
Beautiful place to have a wedding love the courtyard and the ballroom plus the servers was on it never once had to ask for a refill on drinks or to remove my plates.

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
188. Isabel L.
Very expensive, very fancy. The food is top notch quality. My family comes here when we have visiting relatives or when it's someone's birthday. The menu isn't extensive, but seafood lovers will enjoy it!

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
189. Russel M.
Halekulani is the epitome of Waikiki Hotels.
First Class Service along with High end Dining.

15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
190. Danielle W.
If you enjoy being spoiled like me, then you want to stay here when in Waikiki. Pure luxury! I was treated like a Queen!

I DO:  
This is a special review for me because this is where my husband and I said, "I do." I never thought our special day could be described as perfect because perfection is a difficult feat and I have HIGH standards, but it was. The Big Day went off without a hitch because of the Halekulani and Tom Nguyen, our wedding planner. Throughout the whole process, Tom was great about emailing and working with my Mom, who was my Mainland wedding planner.

I was able to get everything I wanted, including the gorgeous courtyard setting for the service, the red velvet with cream cheese frosting wedding cake (probably the most important issue for me was the cake!), and the exotic Hawaiian flowers. And, when my little brother (he's 7) decided he wanted to be the "flower boy" in addition to our ring bearer, just hours before the wedding, they made it happen. My Mom said, "I'll call Tom," and just like that, it was done.

It was my dream wedding! Of course I cried and cried, but the salon set me up with some durable make-up that stayed flawless. We ended the night with a feast at La Mer in a private room overlooking the ocean. The big doors to the room opened to a balcony and we left the doors open so that we could listen to the sound of the waves crashing as we savored our meals and memories.

Upon arrival to our room, we had a bottle of champagne on ice, papaya, and chocolates waiting for us. Our room was modernly beautiful and spot-less (would pass the white glove test with flying colors!). There was a sitting area, desk, free wifi, huge bathroom with shower and bath plus separate toilet, and a comfy bed with fluffy pillows. Our balcony was large with both ocean and courtyard views. We were able to watch many weddings from our balcony (there are usually 2-3 per day, so reserve early if you want to get your date of choice).

They have several restaurants on site (La Mer, Orchids, and House Without a Key), all of which are delicious. There's a stunning pool area with adjacent easy access to the beach. Note that you need to claim your spot by the pool early (reserve morning of). We easily snagged the perfect place thanks to Mom's aggressiveness (she always gets up at 5 am, so naturally, she reserved the spot then). They also pass out refreshing popsicles each day in fun flavors like mango and banana (one flavor per day) and offer poolside service for snacks and drinks.

There's a gym that was modern and met my fitness needs. It was stocked with bottled water, bananas, and fresh towels. They also have a daily fitness class if you need the motivation.

The business center was convenient for getting some work done and for printing documents. And, you'll find bottled water, tea, coffee, soda, and fruit in there too. Might as well be comfortable if you have to get some work done on your vacation!

The hotel location itself is central for walking to all the fun shopping areas with the fancy stores and several restaurants if you want to eat off of hotel grounds.

We stayed 4 amazing nights before moving on to our honeymoon. The staff were incredibly courteous. If you asked, they made it happen! They even helped me out when I got food poisoning (from one of the restaurants on site, thankfully after the wedding!). They went out at night and bought a new heating pad for me so I could put it on my abdomen and brought toast and tea the next morning. I appreciated that they were genuinely concerned!

My one last tidbit has to do with the elevator. You need to swipe your room key before you can put your floor in. The first day, I got on the elevator not knowing this, hit my floor number, and nothing happened. The elevator was not moving. I waited and waited, then someone got on and swiped their card, hit their floor, and the elevator started moving! I slyly swiped my card, pretending I had known this all along. I'm such a dork!

Overall, the Halekulani takes Waikiki to a whole new level of luxury! If you're looking for a wedding spot or just want to be treated like royalty (or both), this is your spot!

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
191. Jaswant A. S.
Came here for a relative's wedding. This was the main reason for my trip to Hawaii. It was at the Hau Terrace. Awesome views of the ocean. What a great choice for a wedding. The Diamond Head side that you can see the pool from had a setup for a quick wedding ceremony with chairs and a stage. Then the Ewa side had an open bar. Yup. I made good use of that. I can handle the relatives much easier after quite a few too many drinks. Then we had our banquet in the hall - steak and vegetables followed by a creme brulee type dessert. Good stuff for a wedding. The venue alone made it one of the more enjoyable weddings I've been to in recent years. Highly recommended from this attendee.

18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
192. Kelly G.
I received a gift certificate to use for their Spa services and I couldn't have had a better experience - especially for my husband's first time for a massage!

I called in to schedule our massages and Ryan was SO accommodating! Even though we were to have separate massages, he booked us in a couples room at no extra charge. He also graciously applied the Kama'aina discount to our services! My gift certificate covered everything with a little left over. Ryan also explained that valet was covered!

Day of we pull up to valet - the spa is to your immediate left when coming from the vehicle entrance. We were asked to fill out the initial health form and then introduced to our masseuses. They escorted us to a nearby couple's suit and sat us at the lanai for our initial foot massage.

Massage was great. What was even better was the bathroom for our use after the massage! It was humungous - complete with HUGE whirlpool tub, walk in shower and separate commode. To complete the services, we were escorted to a reserved lounging area and was served tea (hot or cold) with a mochi ice cream.

Felt completely relaxed and no pressure to leave. Awesome service. Awesome experience. Definitely a great place to experience a couple's massage!

21/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
193. Christopher D.
This place was an absolute gem in Waikiki.  The atmosphere was much like a small personalized, 'boutique' kind of experience.  The customer service was impeccable, the food at Orchids and House Without a Key on site was superb!  Poolside service- awesome.  Right on the water.  We were able to easily coordinate activities and events at the hotel and was seamless.  I cannot say enough about this place!  Thanks!

19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
194. N C.
I got married at the Halekulani over Labor Day weekend and couldn't be happier with the event or hotel.

Service - 5 Stars - This hotel has THE BEST service I've ever experienced. From check-in to check out, everything is timely and performed with graciousness. All week, staff knew I was getting married/had gotten married and would go out of their way to say congratulations to me and my husband. We had items to ship out after the wedding which they handled after we left. A great example of the 5-star service - my husband and I were walking down the hallway when we passed a staff member--he greeted us, then ran back to the elevator and pushed the down button so that by the time we got there the elevator was ready--awesome attention to detail! I love that water, sun tan lotion and anything in the room is complimentary (including wi-fi). Didn't get to use their spa but heard it's awesome. One minor thing - I wish the event point person (Loren) had come to my rehearsal appointment. Other than that, she was fantastic.

Dining - 5 Stars - Dined at La Mer (order the lamb and souffle!) and Orchids - some of the best food on Waikiki. I was also very happy with the food at my wedding -- we had fish, a whole pig, beef tenderloin, lobster--it was all amazing...especially the dessert!

Ambiance/Environment - 5 Stars - Very restful, simple, and sophisticated without feeling pretentious. Guests (adults and kids) and staff are so polite and quiet here. Great pool. Beach is pretty much eroded/nonexistent, but I don't mind as I'm more of a pool person.

Rooms - 4 stars - Certainly not one of the most modern hotel rooms, but it's clean, there are simple control panels by the door and nightstand, the beds are comfortable, my view was awesome, and there was a bidet in my suite :)

Gym - 3 Stars - Tiny and had only the basics.

If you want a restful and relaxing place to stay while you're in Waikiki, stay here!

16/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
195. Stephanie L.
I seriously had no idea what the Halekulani was when I started planning my wedding.  A girlfriend suggested it and it was apparently known for tasty food and excellent service.  These were my top priorities, but it also helps that the Hau Terrace was drop dead gorgeous.  The Hau Terrace has the best views of the ocean and Diamond Head.  My opinion is that if you're going to have a wedding in Hawaii; it should look like Hawaii ie don't have it in the ballroom with no view.

My Cliff's Notes about this venue:

-I don't live in Hawaii, but my husband's from there.  Because of this, I had a real language gap when everyone was talking about mauka and makai and I was like "what?"  all communication with the banquet manager, Loren, was done via email.  I liked the tasting and we picked a few dishes and went for the buffet. Loren reminds me of Kristen Stewart for some reason.

-The hotel was glamorous and very mid century modern. I loved the elegance. I strive to mimic its style in my own home. Tufted headboards and plantation shutters all complete the look of clean lines and elegance.

-their wedding packages seem like a good deal. Parking is included for your guests -which is a big deal when trying to corral 100 international and mainland guests. I would say only upgrade your cake if you adore chocolate or their coconut cake. The plain cake was to die for. I blame their 99% butter buttercream frosting. The frosting became a bit slick in the heat and my cake toppers kept falling off but that became a kind of joke after a while. The top tier did not survive to our first anniversary.

-most people were super nice. On the night before the wedding bridesmaids and I asked for scissors, tape and extra towels and they seriously came on a silver platter. One of the concierges Dave sent some extra wine and cheese to our room after learning we were getting married. The bellboys were chatty.

-the food is tasty but likely unsustainable. I'm a tree hugging environmentalist and ex marine biologist.  I know my stuff when it comes to seafood and sustainability. When their head chef Vikram couldn't answer any questions about what type of marlin they were using and trying to pass it off as sustainable, I was pissed. I bit the bullet and upgraded to a more sustainable option.

-We also encountered some difficulties in having our photos taken in the lewers lounge, which I actually saw on my photographer's website ahead of time and I thought it looked great. I was a little sad that we couldn't get a few shots in there. We asked and were told "no."

- also no rehearsal was allowed on Saturday. It ended up not meshing with my family's flight schedule so they missed the Friday rehearsal. Also some people couldn't take off work for the rehearsal.

-they definitely had to bootstrap the wheelchair accessibility here. The elevator is in a hallway off to the side and the door locks so that unauthorized people don't come in. However my sister rolls in a wheelchair and we got locked out a few times. A sense of panic comes over you. Then you wave frantically at the camera to be let in. In retrospect it wasn't that big a deal.

Since my wedding, I have eaten at the sunday buffet and stayed at the property.  Not to disrespect my mother in law's house in Manoa, but halekulani was so luxurious and awesome.  I'd definitely stay there again and again. But the wedding was a little bit stressful in places it shouldn't have been. I wonder how it would have been someplace else.

06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
196. Yvonne R.
Echoing many of the other reviewers,  the classic landmark Halekulani offers the best wedding venue, service, food with the best VALUE surprisingly (with their reception packages) in Oahu!   We did our research since we had a moderate budget and high end taste ;-).  We would rate it 6 starts if yelp would let us!  

We had our intimate wedding of about 60 guests at the serene Hau Terrace in August earlier this year.  The outdoor ceremony setting on the terrace was picture perfect, framed by the Diamond Head, the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii blue sky and palm trees.  The indoor reception inside Hau Terrace, with floor to ceiling glass doors, fully took advantage of the beautiful island nature, providing an ideal indoor/outdoor setting.  The timing of our ceremony was just perfect; our guests even got to enjoy the iconic House Without A Key (live hula and music performance in the garden below) during the cocktail hour.

We started our communication with the Halekulani catering manager Loren at the end of January, mainly through e-mails.   Her responsiveness and thoroughness to our every inquiry and question, before and after we signed the catering contract, were just amazing.  This level of efficiency and service definitely stands out among other wedding venue providers on the island.  It greatly reduced the stress of planning and executing a destination wedding from the mainland.

Loren worked closely with our wedding planner to ensure that everything was executed as planned on the wedding day.  The setting, service, food and the complimentary cake were fantastic.  In fact,  we packed the left over cake and had it for breakfast for the next 3 days and couldn't get enough of it, that's how good the cake was!  And we are picky eaters :-).

The onsite event manager John was fantastic.  He checked with us periodically to make sure our needs were met.   We left a guitar behind at the venue, and John delivered it to our room personally soon after.  And he refused a tip that he well deserved!

In short, our wedding at Halekulani's Hau Terrace was magical.  We thank all the amazing staff at Hakelulani that made our special day precious and joyous, especially Loren and John.

****** 6 stars!!!

02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
197. Vili Villl D.
If you ever have the distinct privilege to come to Hawaii, this is not a bad place to stay. Everything you need is close by, although most people hate Waikiki because it's a hyper capitalist tourist destination, but what can you do because macadamia nut butter cookies are so good. If you ever order breakfast, get your toast with guava jelly and experience tropical bliss in your mouth. The best guava jelly I've had outside Central America. Order the lemonade mojito and enjoy the sunset while you still can. We're all going to die one day.

03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
198. S.E. S.
Halekulani on the Beach at Waikiki
2190 Kalia Road
Honolulu, HI

February 6-8, 2014

Service: Highest rating as compared with the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton hotels in the continental US. Relaxed, unpretentious yet thoughtful, thorough and friendly. Cannot say enough, they get everything right without your having to ask or follow up.

Amenities: Excellent - the ones we utilized - restaurants, bar, concierge, porter, room service.

Food: Very good to excellent - Orchids restaurant, Room without a Key restaurant, L'Aperitif bar@ La Mer restaurant. Great preparations, consistently high quality and again, excellent service.

Accommodations: Very good to Excellent - Ocean view room - very well laid out, excellent bath area and balcony. Very well thought out design, e.g. 'pass through' closet between the bedroom and bath area. Free wireless access.

Value: Is in the eye of the beholder; however for my money this property, while not inexpensive, is an amazing value. You get a world class experience at a reasonable cost.

08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
199. Keola K.
Definitely the best hotel on this island.  The service is first class.  Over the years, I've enjoyed each of their venues, all a great time and memorable experience.  My favorite is having pupus and listening to Hawaiian music at sunset at House Without a Key.

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
200. Sara S.
Ugh, this review is LONG LONG LONG overdue.
It's sad because Halekulani used to be my family's choice for the best brunch buffet on the island. We would even go there for Christmas on an annual basis! HOWEVER, we vowed never to patronize this hotel again after our most recent incident.

What was so horrible that could have caused us to abandon a place we held in such high regard?

Let me tell you a story...

It was Christmas time, and our extended family met yet again for what we anticipated to be another splendid brunch buffet on the beach at Orchids. And it was... until my parents had to leave a little earlier than the rest of our party because they had to take my sister to her dance performance all the way out at Leeward Community College. She had a fairly major role, so it was even more important that she had to be there on time. They gave their validated ticket/number to the valet. ONE HOUR later, the valet STILL had not returned with their car. Of course my parents were distraught about making my sister late, and of course my sister was pissed that she was going to be late for HER performance. All the incompetent valet could offer was "sorry, please wait a little longer."

A little longer? You don't say a little longer when you've already made your customer wait A FCKING HOUR FOR THEIR CAR. I'm pretty sure we could've found the car faster than them. Do they have THAT many cars that they couldn't find ours?!?! What's the point of having a ticket/numbering system if you don't keep the cars organized.
To make matters worse, when my parents tried to explain the situation to the personnel, they seemed to have no clue about what to do. They just kept telling us to wait because they were having trouble finding the car. WTF. My dad was fuming, and then my mom started crying because she felt super bad for my sister. She wasn't even that mad she just felt so frustrated. Then my dad got even angrier and still yet all the management could offer was "sorry, we're working on finding your car."

WTF. SERIOUSLY. Do you have to pull the car out of your butt or something?!?! Ugh. When they finally brought our car around, all my parents wanted to do was get the hell out of there and head out to Leeward. It was just really shocking that the management didn't offer any kind of consolation for providing such an INCONVENIENCE. I've received compensation for far less, even from establishments of lower quality. Shame on you, Halekulani.

You don't call yourself a 5-star establishment and treat your patrons like crap without any apologies for something YOU messed up on. What kind of "5-star establishment" pulls those kinds of stunts!?!?! It's a shame because the hotel itself is quite nice and luxurious. But, I'd rather go to Hoku's for brunch and the Kahala for better service. Peace out !

18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
201. Julia P.
My husband and I got married at the Halekulani, and I would recommend it as a wedding venue in a heartbeat. We got married on the Halekulani's Hau Terrace Lanai. The view is stunning, and it's one of the few Waikiki venues where you can actually have a private ceremony and reception. Unless you want random tourists walking through your ceremony and taking photos of you, this is definitely a must.

The service was impeccable. Loren Petrowski did an amazing job organizing our wedding: she was friendly, well organized, detail oriented, and always quick to reply to my many e-mail questions. We were planning the wedding from the mainland, so we appreciated how she always made us feel like we were in good hands. Service on the night was also excellent: Steven did a fantastic job of running things.

We chose the buffet dinner option, and it was delicious. (Our guests raved about the food.) The Halekulani is definitely not a cheap venue; that said, I'd still give five stars for value, because the quality was worth every penny we paid. The drink prices were steep, but, overall, venues of comparable quality cost a lot more than the Halekulani. If you spend a certain amount on food, the Halekulani waives the ceremony site fee and gives you a bunch of perks--including a free wedding cake and a night's stay in the hotel (which is amazing).

Being from O'ahu, I was hesitant to get married in Waikiki; we did it for logistical reasons, since our guests were travelling from so far away. In hindsight, I can't imagine getting married anywhere else. Next time I'm home, I'm going back to the Halekulani for another piece of that amazing coconut cake!

25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
202. Kaui K.
Working for a 5 star, 5 diamond property in Vegas I gotta say that we need to step it up to the level Halekulani is at. I am truly amazed at the attention to detail of all the employees. They really make you feel at home. We have been here for 6 days/nights and the jr suite we are in is amazing. I am taking back this experience to my workplace and will implement it into our training. Keep up the good work Halekulani, I will pass on the good word.

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
203. Ken C.
Came here for a wedding at the Hau Terrace.

Very intimate, quiet and beautiful.

Dinner was such memorable experience. Even more memorable than my dinner at Alan Wong's (although AW was more creative and complex) with a simple but all star line up featuring seared scallops, foie gras, filet mignon and lobster tail plus dessert.


28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
204. Jeannie L.
Had my wedding here last Saturday at the Hau Terrace. Everything was spectacular - the service, the food, the amazing view from Hau Terrace.  Ally guests were impressed! Loren and her team pulled it off again!

And the jr ocean view suite facing Diamond Head is to die for. I'm so glad we picked Halekulani for the wedding. Couldn't be happier!

01/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
205. Joy L.
It has been a while since I've been to the Halekulani - have been there just for drinks and a wedding or two.  Why did I wait so long to return?!

ALOOOOOHA!  From the time I drove up to the valet service, I was greeted local style and felt welcome - SOOOOOO unlike the "other" hotel I went to yesterday (ahem...Moana).  Had drinks at House Without a Key...AWESOME!  Debbie Nakanelua is as gorgeous as ever - so graceful with hula!  EVERY single staff person I encountered (valet, concierge, waitress, bus boy, bell hop) was polite, friendly, cordial, happy, smiling! Way to go, Halekulani! IMUA!!  

P.S. The valet was exceptional - got a cab for my friends right away...and while I was waiting for my car, he got me a chilled bottled water!  What service!!  So very impressed and happy that the Halekulani is full of the aloha spirit!  

"Other" hotels should take a lesson or two from the awesome staff at the Halekulani!

01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
206. Ramfis B.
( T ) he service here is top notch
( H ) eaven on earth is how i describe this hotel
( E ) xceeds anyone's expectations when it comes to service

( B ) reakfast buffet at House Without a Key is worth every penny
( E ) njoy perhaps the best Mai Tai's ever at this hotel
( S ) unset view from this hotel is phenomenal
( T) hey have the best of everything here...I really mean it

( H ) alekulani is my place to go if i wanna impress someone
( O ) ur guests from Japan stay here time and time again
( T ) he valet staff here remember me everytime i visit
( E ) ach and every one of these guys are remarkable
( L ) a Mer is the place to dine for out of this world French Cuisine

( O ) rchids has an amazing Sunday Brunch
( N ) o other hotel comes close to Halekulani

( O ) ver at the front desk, Aulani is a gem
( A ) multi million makeover makes Halekulani even more impeccable
( H ) alekulani make you feel like you are on a neighbor island
( U ) ltimate pampering is what you get at the SpaHalekulani

( W ) ith all these security guys in suits, you feel like a VIP here
(  I  ) love how the valet guys offer you bottled water everytime i come here
( T ) hey even give you umbrellas to use when it rains
( H ) ella expensive here but worth each and every penny if you ask me
( O ) rdering a Mai Tai here is a must even if it costs you a car payment
( U ) npretentious and impeccible service everywhere you go
( T ) he hotel rooms are a sight to see

( A ) drink at Lewers Lounge is the perfect place to go after dinner

( D ) id i tell you the afternoon tea here is another reason to come here
( O ) nly place i know that uses sugarcane sticks in their Mai Tai's..cool
( U ) nbelievable amenities here from the fruits and chocolates in the room
( B ) elieve me when i say this
( T ) he Halekulani is the BEST when it comes to SERVICE and EXCELLENCE

11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
207. Sheryll Y.
Celebrated the New Year with new friends and current friends. While we had our main dinner at a BBQ we did end up here a couple of hours before the fireworks. Where we sat outside on the lawn was perfect. The view for the fireworks easily seen, we had choices of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We had chips to snack on and sashimi.

The drink I liked (I was DD) the most was this coffee toffee delight. It was creamy and tasted like delicious candy and wasn't over powered by the coffee; I would say a perfect blend of the flavors. The other drink I had, I can't remember the name - it was also non-alcoholic and I think it started with the word "jungle..." It was fruity, sweet, and delicious. Highly recommend either.  
For the alcoholic drinks my friends had me try a sip of their drinks and I must say the Mai Tai was strong but still delicious. Another friend got the Tropical itch which comes with a back scratcher... But the drink was tasty as well.

Their service was friendly, fun, and efficient. I was amazed their restrooms were Japanese in style - including a toilet heater, etc. but there were not too many stalls so big groups - not a great idea.

The area we were in just made for magical, but chill experience. My friends and I were happy to have been a part of that.

If you have never been I recommend trying this place out. :)

12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
208. Geno P.
Halekulani (house befitting heaven) is one of only a few true 5-star hotels in Waikiki. It is also one of the lesser reviewed hotels, because if you can afford to drop $2,300 a night on a suite at Halekulani, chances are you cannot be bothered to Yelp about it.

We've been to enough hotels in Waikiki to tell you Halekulani, as far as being a first class hotel with outstanding service, attention to detail, and ultimate dining, is arguably the best option. All the intimate details are crushed, and they have to be, because when you stay here, you are getting one of the worst stretches of beachfront in Waikiki. Actually, in all of Oahu. This is not a hotel where you sit on the beach with an umbrella. There is no beach. It's a concrete wall. This is a hotel where you sit by the pool while people wait on you all day, and it's awesome.

The rooms (many which will start at about $550 a night) also have fantastic views, and it's one of the top sunset spots in Waikiki. I've read quite a few complaints on this site about people complaining about the dress code. I say again - this is a classy place removed from the dregs of the strip. If you want to dress like a bar-hopping tourist, there is room down the street for you at Hilton Hawaiian Village.

19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
209. Jennifer S.
I wish I could give it 4.5 stars.  I enjoyed my first few visits to the hotel.  

First, the valet:  their valet staff was friendly and helpful.  I didn't wait long for my vehicle or for someone to either give me a ticket or take my ticket from me.  I was given change when I asked and they also provided small bottles of water once (I guess we looked hot and thirsty and we were!)

House without a key: I wrote a separate review on that.  Great service and the food was good but it's not somewhere I could afford to eat often.  It was a nice treat though.  

The Hotel Room:  My friend got married there so she was upgraded to a good sized ocean view suite.  The room had 1 1/2 bathrooms which was great for us to get ready in.  The room had a small fridge and sink, a table that sat four, a couch and 2 chairs, a coffee table, flat-screen tv and a desk and chair in the living room.  The bedroom had a chaise lounge, a seating bench at the end of their bed, a flatscreen tv, a chair and a large bathroom with 2 sinks, a shower, large bathtub and the toilet.  Oh and I can't forget the robes and the closet that can be accessed from both the bathroom and the bedroom.  The hotel staff came by several times to offer additional bottles of water and fresh fruit was provided (papaya and bananas).  We called housekeeping and they sent someone right away to make the bed and change the towels in preparation for the wedding night so that we could lay rose petals on the bed.  

The wedding/Hau Terrace:  The catering staff was awesome!  Thank you so much John (our captain for the evening) who helped keep the bride calm and made sure everything was perfect for her big day, including wiping the terrace's floor himself so that we wouldn't slip (we have pictures to prove it).  The catering staff was helpful and accommodating.  No wonder people love getting married here!  

The Cashiers: I needed change and went to the cashier near the front desk to get change.  Did you know that they only give out crisp, new bills???  Wish I had known that earlier.  

Hopefully on my next visit to the hotel, I'll be a hotel guest.

04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
210. Bruddah D.
I brought family from out of town to the buffet. We were planning to have our family reunion here again but I think will go the the kahala instead.  The service was good but for the price you can't serve us mediocre food that I can get anywhere.  Brisket instead of prime rib?

09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
211. Angel H.
I got married on the Hau Terrace on Sunday. Everyone couldn't believe how beautiful that place was. Thankfully, it was a sunny day. I had my ceremony there at 5pm, 5:30-6:30 cocktail hour and at 6:30 a dinner buffet reception. I have to say the food and service there was exceptional. They even packed two plates from the buffet for my husband and I to take up to the room after the reception. They understand that the bride and groom don't really have much time to eat. My favorite dishes of the night were the suckling pig from the carving table and the cold ginger onion chicken. The white cake was awesome too. They gave me a complimentary parking pass for my car. All my guests got free parking for the wedding and they threw in the free wedding cake.

The view from our hotel room was spectacular. It was the jr. oceanview suite, I believe. It was a one bedroom with a his and her bathroom. There was a separate toilet in the living room that can actually wash you when you press the different buttons. This room 0415 had two balconies instead of just one. We had the room for two nights. The night before the wedding, we got the room at a discounted rate with the wedding package. The second night on the wedding day was complimentary. When my husband and I got back to the hotel, we found a bottle of bubbly and chocolate covered strawberries, which was a nice touch. As a wedding present, they gave a set of glass flutes. I did not want to check out lol. I told my husband that they were going to have to call the cops to escort me out haha.

Loren was really nice to work with. She was the catering manager. She answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. Steven was the head wait manager during the reception. He was so pleasant. He hooked up and took down my projector for the slideshow. He offered my husband and I things to drink. He even brought me the terry Halekulani house slippers at the end of the night because he must have known that my feet was hurting from the heels.

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
212. Michael H.
A short report card based on our 4 night stay:
Check in: B
Room: A
Valet parking: A
House without a key: B
Orchids: A
Concierge: A+, got us into Alan Wongs, Azure, Shangri La
Staff: A
Pool: A
Beach: D, small as an itsy bitsy bikini, not much there
Value: B, world class hotel experience is going to cost some money
Management: A, very well run, they really care and it shows

We love staying at nice hotels. This one makes the short list of best hotels we have visited anywhere in the world.

A few minor disappointments: bathrobe too small for my body, hostess escorting us to our room on arrival had a cold and was in a hurry to move on.

14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
213. Holy M.
My husband and looked at every wedding location on Oahu and Maui. We fell in love with two spots Halekulani and Lanikuhonua, both on Oahu.

We did our pros/cons and Halekulani came on top for these reasons:
1) There was a chance of rain on our wedding day
2) With older guest, easy access and clean bathrooms was a major priority
3) Transportation to and from wedding site --- most of our guest stayed in Waikiki, so Halekulani
4) The beauty and convenience for us + the free wedding cake, honeymoon suite, and a lot of other goodies Halekulani provided sealed the deal

Also, having an onsite wedding coordinator at Halekulani, Joel Nishimoto, made all the difference. He is absolutely the most patient and understanding man. I made many changes to our reception setup up (last minute), and I aslo forgot many other details, which Joel reminded me and was on top of. Thank you Joel if you are reading this review.

The venue, the service, the SPECTACULAR HONEYMOON SUITE with ocean view was to die for. Classy! classy! classy! I am beyond thrilled we chose Halekulani for our wedding and reception site.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
214. Mrs. H.
Best. Mai Tais. Ever. Yes, they cost about $18/ea but are completely worth every dollar. These said Mai Tais are even better watching the sun set over the pacific while the outdoor evening entertainment serenades the guests and a cool breeze brushes through the palm trees...

12/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
215. Niztec A.
By far the best hotel I've been at. Hospitality is at its finest. Lots of things to do while your there. From casual to fine dining. You can also have a nice massage at spahalekulani. Beach is right at your foot steps as well.

I would highly recommend this hotel with all the amenities they offer.

17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
216. Caitlin P.
My husband and I stayed here for the Waikiki part of our honeymoon and had a wonderful time. The grounds are breathtaking, the service is 5 star, the rooms are very comfortable and clean with awesome bathrooms, and we enjoyed the amenities of the property. The beach area is not great for swimming or sunbathing, but we knew this prior to booking so it wasn't a problem for us.

The Halekulani staff really make the property great. I know hotel staff "have" to be pleasant, but at the Halekulani it seemed much more genuine than at other hotels we have stayed at. We were granted a 9am check-in after our red-eye flight, received exceptional concierge services, and all the staff went above & beyond to congratulate us on our marriage.

We plan on coming back to Hawaii for a future anniversary, and will definitely stay at the Halekulani again.

25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
217. Jeanie H.
Husband and I came by late in the evening because a friend told us they have the best Mai Tais in all of Waikiki. However, we never got to see the bar because "evening resort attire" is required. :-(. We were not dressed correctly so we decided to leave instead of facing the embarrassment of being turned away. So sad cuz I really wanted to try this fabulous Mai Tai. Don't make the same mistake we made, leave the flip flops for the beach. If we had another night in Waikiki we would have gone back but as this was our final night...boo hoo on us. We'll have to wait till next year when we are back.

Aside from their Mai Tais, their hotel is absolutely beautiful and I hear the service is excellent.

Gave them 4 stars only since we never tried the Mai Tais and didn't think it would be fair to ding them for something we didn't know about ahead of time. Will update next year when we do get that drink!

12/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
218. Lisa G.
How come no one is mentioning the lobby bathrooms? I come here solely to use the facilities. Birds chirping, heated seats, a front and rear bidet? Sign me up. I have yet to stay here but I give my approval

20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
219. Holly B.
Having to do much of my work via telephone, it is refreshing to do business with an establisment that is head and shoulders above most of the rest!

The telephone is answered promptly and the employee identifies himself/herself clearly and quickly transfers me to the correct person/department that I need. They also recognize my voice since I call all the time and address me by name.  How awesome is that?!!  And while I'm "the help," I'm treated as well as my boss or his VIP guests!  Woo hoo!

Most enjoyable to do business with the Halekulani!

18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
220. Nat N.
This is the best hotel on the island, hands down.  Here's why I say so:

1) the service from the moment you drive up to the valet to the moment you drive away is 5 star.  The staff is always courteous to you, whether you are a guest at the hotel, a guest of a guest, or here for dining or a special event.   And the customer is always right here at the Halekulani.

2)  The pool is located right next to the beach, so after taking a dip in Hawaii's beautiful ocean, you can cleanse your body in their salt water pool (after rinsing off in the shower first!). They provide big blue towels for hotel guests, and you can get as many as you want.

3) Their restaurants have the best food.  Orchids is #1 for Sunday brunch.  You need not worry about where to go for dinner because you'll be too full from brunch.  The House without a Key is an excellent option for casual dining.  For evening drinks, dessert, etc. you can go to Lewers Lounge and enjoy live music while sipping martinis and feasting on their signature coconut cake. La Mer is an award winning restaurant, although I have never had the pleasure of dining there yet.

4) If you are looking for a venue to hold a special event, whether it be a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, etc., their catering department delivers.  I had my wedding here, and I have been to weddings here, and other special events in both the ballroom and the Hau Terrace, and the food is spectacular.  They really go beyond the call to make sure your event is special and flawless.  

5) The hotel rooms are always super clean and tastefully decorated.  

If anyone asks me where to stay on Oahu, Halekulani always comes to my mind first.

28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
221. Les L.
As an upfront disclosure, I did not actually stay at the Halekulani but I spent a substantial amount of time here as a someone who was in the bridal party of a wedding that occurred here.  I did stay at its sister hotel, the Waikiki Parc, which has room-charging services at the Halekulani so we also dined here a few times.

The service at the Halekulani is impeccable.  From the waitstaff at its restaurants to its front desk staff, I always felt like they were courteous, pleasant, and extremely professional.  

The hotel and grounds are also beautiful!  Many of Honolulu's hotels have this run-down vibe as if they were built in the 50's and have barely been repainted once in the time since.  Not the Halekulani!  Inside, it's marble, lush, quiet, luxe, floral, and immaculate.  My bride friend had a corner suite and having spent a day there getting ready for the ceremony, I can attest that the guestrooms are wonderful as well.  The color scheme is white beachy.  The bathroom was immensely large and the view was fantastic.  

As for the wedding ceremony itself, there is an inside plaza right off the lobby that was used for this particular ceremony.  I'm not sure whether something with more of a beach view is available.  As a note, some strict rules that the Halekulani imposed were no more than 50 chairs at the ceremony and they didn't offer a carpet walkway so everyone has to walk down a grass aisle.  We had dinner in a banquet room just upstairs and it had a nice balcony for happy hour and the room was grand enough that it didn't much decoration.  It was, however, freezing almost to the point of feeling like a refrigerator.  As expected the wedding food was quite good.  We had a really great surf and turf with tender filet and well-cooked lobster tails.

I looked into the price of the Halekulani prior to my trip and the cost made my eyes pop but I can see why if you had the expendable finances to cover it, why you would elect to stay here above any other hotel in the area.

09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
222. Joanne B.
My husband and I had our dream wedding at the beautiful Halekulani two months ago with a 5:30 pm  garden courtyard ceremony followed by cocktail hour and a buffet dinner reception in the ballroom.  I cannot say enough great things about our awesome banquet manager, Loren.  She was so helpful and very responsive to my gazillion emails in the nine months I spent planning our wedding from the mainland.

Without even stepping foot on the property, I told my hubby that Halekulani felt like the right place for us.  When I reached out to a dozen other local hotels and venues, Loren responded to my email inquiry within the hour where others took nearly three weeks to reply.  That alone gave me peace of mind in knowing that it would be the least stressful for us by having it at Halekulani, so we sent over our deposit to lock down our August 5th wedding day, the three year anniversary we went on our first date. =)

The service at Halekulani is phenomenal.  From the cheerful valet guys, to the awesome gals at the spa to the helpful housekeepers and attention-to-detail banquet staff, it made our wedding day and stay at this hotel a memorable one.

We had a wedding guest list of 130, which is a lot for a destination wedding (especially when ninety percent of our guests flew in from all over the world for our big day).  Planning a wedding is a ton of work, but Loren was so helpful through it all and didn't leave any detail out.  We wanted to provide signature cocktails for our all night hosted bar for our guests and Loren made it easy to make sure that the necessary ingredients for the martinis, mules and margaritas we wanted were available.  Based on our $$$$ tab, we can tell our guests loved it, lol!

The property itself is beautiful; we enjoyed having breakfast at the Orchids restaurant as we sat on the lanai enjoying the nice cool breeze as we people watched the folks passing by the walkway on the beach.  

We stayed in one of the Luxury Suite and enjoyed all sixteen hundred square feet of it. When we checked in, we were escorted to our room and I was very impressed with the room ready for us.  The two TV's in the living room and bedroom had a cool video of the local waterfalls and other pretty scenery and we had fresh cut papaya and chocolate waiting for us on the dining table.

The day of our wedding was chaotic, but the space of the room was perfect for the size of my bridal party.  I had four hair and make-up artists working on ten gals, so I was glad we had this space to work with.

Room service was outstanding. I hung my breakfast order on the outside door before I went to bed so I can have it delivered at 9:00 a.m. the morning of our wedding. It was a beautiful day, so I had them set up my meal on the lanai.  They even brought a toaster for me to toast my bread, talk about attention to detail.  Service was great the following morning when my hubby joined me, after the exhausting day we had from our wedding the day before, having room service only seemed appropriate.

The highlight of our Halekulani experience was the surprise the pastry chef made for us on our wedding night.  I love Hello Kitty and had hints of HK at our reception.  At the end of night, the banquet manager presented two dessert platters with Hello Kitty drawn on the plate with chocolate, I loved it!

Would we stay here again?  I sure hope to someday.  I loved how I'd call the front desk, housekeeping, valet, etc from my room phone and they'd greet me with my new married name as soon as they picked up the phone.

I wish I had the energy to enjoy the chocolate covered strawberries and bottle of champagne waiting for us in our room after our reception ended, but to see that as soon as we walked in our room was pretty awesome.  Talk about full service at its finest.

We love Halekulani and are very grateful to have a beautiful wedding here.  Our guests still tell us it was the best wedding food, everrrrr.

09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
223. Elizabeth N.
So my reviews are kinda cheating because I've never actually stayed here as a guest, BUT I was a guest here at a wedding (AWESOME!!!) and hung out with my cousin who was staying here for a week (ROOM SERVICE!!!).

What makes a hotel a 5 star hotel? Is it the location? Partially. Is it the ambiance? It helps. Is it the food? It's important. What makes the Halekulani a 5 star hotel is the service. The services offered at this hotel definitely stand out as the best I've seen here in Honolulu. It's the fresh fruit delivered to your room as soon as you come in for the evening. It's the fancy full automated heating/washing toilets all over the property. It's the outstanding wait service who do not let a glass go unfilled, a napkin go unfolded and your table get too crowded, all with a genuine, friendly concern.  

I've eaten at House Without A Key and the food was good, but when hanging with my cousin, we opted to have room service and the prices were comparable if not the same but so much fun to eat in the room because it's such a pretty set up the roll into your place.

At any rate, Halekulani isn't cheap by any means but if you're going to spend your money, this is definitely a worthwhile place to do it. The food and service is just wonderful.

10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
224. Alissa M.
Great experience. I loved this hotel. The spa was my favorite part. Second was the high tea. Everyone was beyond friendly and helpful.

22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
225. Paul C.
When you think of Oahu's top hotels, Halekulani is on the list.

As I worked part-time for a major Japanese tour company in Waikiki during college, I had my first experience of dealing with Halekulani.  I remember my first time taking a guest here to check-in.  You are greeted by the door person and to the immediate right you have the Bell Desk staff and when you walk up the stairs you are greeted by the Front Desk staff, who are dressed up in light blue blazers.  Very professional.  However, they seem to lack personality and too robot-like in my opinion.  Is it an image they're trying to brand?  Need to loosen up a bit, show some Aloha and smile.

The front desk staff will escort the guests to their rooms immediately after checking them in at the Front Desk.  I was able to get a glimpse of the room.  For the OV (ocean view) category it was nice but the ocean scenery was "partial", compared to OF (ocean front) with a full frontal ocean scenery.  To my disappointment, the rooms here are small, hence the beds are more like twin-size.  

I have dined here a handful of times where the memorable ones were the Sunday brunch at Orchid's and just recently, a wedding dinner buffet just after watching my cousin get married here at The Hau Terrace.  

Service here definitely is topnotch and it matches the quality of the food here.  You get to have a memorable dining experience but at pretty pennies.  When I dined here for the Sunday Brunch, it was $50+ per person and the food selections were mind boggling.  So much food of different ethnic backgrounds and so delicious.  However, perhaps it's the Chinese in me, I asked myself "Can one eat $50 worth of food in one sitting?"  :P

The wedding dinner buffet was incredible.  I really enjoyed the carving station as I had my prime rib sliced THICK served with creamy horseradish.  My cousin had arranged for an open bar so people were having drinks after drinks.  I had a gin and tonic and was amazed how generous the bartender was with the gin.  When I have a cocktail many times they are watered down but not here.  I also took a sip of my cousin's Mai Tai and you could taste the rum!

Overall, this is a great hotel but I am docking 1-star as the staff here needs to loosen up a bit.  Too stuffy and therefore, it makes me feel like I'm communicating with more of a robot than a human-being.  And the rooms are too small as well as the twin-size beds don't go well with me.

NOTE:  Parking can be either valet service in front OR you can self park at Waikiki Parc Hotel, which is Halekulani's sister hotel.

22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
226. Chia R.
I've never experienced such degredation in my adult life. 3 of us walked around the Halekulani and wanted to just look at the Aperitif bar. 2 were in shorts and 1 in jeans and we weren't planning to dine, just walk around and maybe grab a drink at the lounge. The manager Steven offered to show us the la mer restaurant and we took him on the offer. Unfortunately, his professionalism went downhill very quickly. He handed his business cards to the 2 males and ignored me. He shook both their hands and totally ignored me again. Maybe I was transparent or maybe because I'm a female or Kamaaina .  It was offensive and derogatory to be ignored in such a disrespectful way.

17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
227. Ana E.
Wonderful. Came here to eat at orchid restaurant for breakfast. Good food and very relaxing

Concierge was so helpful and really hooked us up even though we weren't even staying there!

Will stay here next time for sure!

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
228. William Y.
There was a time when I loved the Halekulani but now not so much. It has become a Japanese wedding factory and as a guest since the late 90's I feel they have lost their edge.

From 7 in the morning when I had to move from my bench in the drive to avoid being enveloped by a picture taking wedding group to trying to find a path to my room at night that did not involve walking into a wedding.

At a dinner at Orchids an excellent dinner and view were interrupted as a dinner and cake cutting ceremony was literally set up around us as we were eating. They set up a cake table on the grass in front of our table and all the tables behind us were pushed together for a big party our diamond head view became an awkward view of the cake pics. Even our excellent waiter had a this is embarrassing look as he pushed thru the crowd to get to our table.  Truly awful.

Also the check in was terrible and they did not recognize me as a repeat guest. The front desk was not up to speed on my AMEX Platinum travel package so I had to explain it to them. Then the clerk did not understand and I had to get a manager and explain to him so he could explain to the front desk. Previously when I arrived by hotel limo I was welcomed and escorted to my room where I was checked in: not this time as I was left to walk to the front desk to check in. The hotel could not honor the upgrade included in my package or the early check in offered although it was already 2 pm. Even they knew I was arriving as I was in the hotel limo they could not pull it together to have a room ready for me. The old welcome here is gone.

They are so expensive and less welcoming and service oriented then the other top hotels here.  Unless you are part of a giant Japanese wedding party there is more aloha elsewhere. The HK has lost its edge. Despite their motto I felt as if the theme of my last stay was: For You, Nothing.

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
229. Min Y.
Had breakfast buffet in the morning and 5 slices of coconut cake at night in one day! Love their atmosphere and view of ocean while you enjoy your meal. Service was outstanding and food variety and quality was very good. I would recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy waikiki or hawaii, eat their breakfast or brunch buffet! You will not regret it. Also, their coconut cake is very good, I would say it's best coconut cake in town. One slice is $11 so little pricy but if you order 24 hours in advance you can get whole cake at $75 without ordering it in advance its $105 ouch!

13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
230. Lauren H.
This is long overdue. We got married here in 2012. Loren Petrowski of Halekulani is one of the most professional and efficient people I have ever worked with. I truly felt like a princess getting married at my favorite hotel!

This place is NOT even remotely a bargain and there is NO negotiating so expect to spend $$$$$, but in my case it, it was worth it. The food here is unmatched. This is a beautiful and regal hotel with all white marble and dark wood. It's a small hotel in the middle of Waikiki but it maintains an old-school charm. The views of Diamond head are breathtaking, especially at sunset. If you can afford it, get married here and you won't regret it. There is some serious spirit of ALOHA here.

Oh and the signature coconut cake was substituted as our wedding cake. Good call! It's a must order.

Of note, our bridal suite was one of the best rooms I have stayed in my whole life.

30/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
231. Kathy N.
Wow. Just wow.

I really wish I could review the Halekulani as a hotel guest because this first class beachfront resort hotel is somewhere I'd really like to stay. Alas, I was not so fortunate however I was lucky enough to attend a wedding at the Halekulani. I was very impressed by the everyone I came in to contact with and how making their guests' experience memorable was their top priority.

The wedding was in the courtyard and was beautifully done. My daughter was in the wedding and spoke of how well the wedding party was treated and how detail oriented the wedding planners were. After the ceremony we all moved upstairs for cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres before the ballroom was opened up for the 250 guests. The ballroom was elegantly decorated and the banquet serving staff never left us wanting for anything.

The food at this wedding was over the top and everything was delicious. There were probably 30 different food items that starting with appetizers of all varieties, side dishes, main course entries such as ginger chicken, macadamia encrusted Mahi Mahi, prime rib and 3 whole pigs for kalua pig. Incredible!!! The chefs at the Halekulani really outdid themselves with the food at this wedding. The pastry chefs created a beautiful selection of at least 6 different desserts AND a wedding cake! I've never rolled or waddled away from a wedding but by God, I did on this one!

I loved the simple but thoughtful touches at the Halekulani like the umbrella stand full of umbrellas for guests to use and return and the lovely lavatory accoutrements that you just don't really see on the mainland. Let's just leave it at that.

29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
232. Kayla N.
This hotel is amazing!! First off the service is outstanding!

You get complementary waters your entire stay so there's no need to worry about that!

They also greeted us upon check in with fruit and a cheese platter!

The hotel offers a turn down service so when you come back to your room at night it's all ready for you To go to sleep.

The pool is right by the beach and it's GORGEOUS! The loungers are comfortable and the drinks are delicious.

08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
233. Karen K.
I've attended a wedding at this gorgeous venue.  It deserves it's stars for amazing service, great view and location, and delicious food.

The bride hardly had to worry for this destination wedding.  The hotel took care of most of the details without a hitch.  

The hotel brought up complimentary fruit baskets, and set up the bed with heart shaped rose petals on the wedding night.

There were plenty of places for hotel guests to hang out, such as by the pool, where the hotel is sure to cover your lounge chairs and bring you your towels.  There is plenty of seating.  It is a short walk away from their private beach, as well.

The view was gorgeous for photos.  The bride and groom got married on Hau Terrace, which overlooks the ocean.  

The food was divine.  The wedding cake was among the best I've tasted.  It was a Coconut Cake, but it was so light, and delicately sweet.

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
234. Richard C.
Lovely, lovely hotel. Recommended.

Friendly, understated service. Well-kept rooms and grounds. Quiet pool with attentive service (and yeah WiFi, that was handy on this particular solo trip). No nickel-and-diming for amenities like wifi and parking. Very Aloha.

As a trivia the small beach right in front of the hotel rests on a freshwater spring (which is, in fact, what Waikiki means), and that seems responsible for the extended sandy bottom. If the water seems less salty, though, I must've imagined it.

07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0