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Company Info:

Rating: 5.00

Address: 236 S Jacques St, Arcola, IL, 61910

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    Comments (1):

    1. Amanda Linette M.
    This motel has a five star review NOT because it is a five star hotel. However, it has a five star review, given it's amazingly safe vibe/lack of sketchiness/price and payment options.

    The staff was super helpful, when I arrived on the evening of a terrible snowstorm in december. They allowed me to pay IN CASH ($42) and charged me $4 extra for my dog. Free WiFi! Check-in procedure included me hand writing out my information (which, I could've totally made up if I wanted to, as they never asked for my ID). I hate having to get a thousand forms, get my ID scanned, get told about all the breakfast options, and basically wait around, before getting a key. This place - fill out my name, gave them cash, and in return got a key. Excellent and easy.

    Next to some food places, a little farther from the interstate. By this I mean theres a pizza place, some fast food, and barbeque all within walking distance - aka you won't starve if you don't want to drive your car to another exit.

    As far as cheap - cash paid rooms are concerned, is this by the the LEAST creepy, sketchy, weird, drug-dealeresque place that I have ever stayed. Since I'm currently in grad school, I tend to choose the real discount (read: often unsafe) places to rest my head while on the road. Many times, it's too unsafe to even go outside at night - drive-bys, wild cowboys (see other reviews), or other unsavory situations. . . you'd think at this point I'd reconsider my life choices but. . .

    Here, I did NOT encounter any questionable characters, even walking my dog around in the evening. Not even a, "HEY GIRL, You gotta boyfriend?" or a "Damn, girl, where yo man at?" Nope. None of that. Actually, much better than expected given location (where is Arcola, IL, anyway?), price, and payment options. They still have actual door keys. . . .crazy!

    20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0