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Inn at Water’s Edge in Glen Ellyn, IL

Inn at Water’s Edge in Glen Ellyn, IL


Our boutique hotel is open to the public but provides students within the College of DuPage Hospitality Management program the opportunity to hone their hospitality skills.  The students do an internship with us each semester and learn about all aspects of working in a hotel.

The Inn at Water's Edge features six beautifully appointed, eco-friendly rooms designed for your comfort and convenience in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Discover a world-class inn close to home

* Luxury accommodations with walk-in marble shower, flat-screen TV,
wireless Internet access and more
* Floor-to-ceiling windows with beautiful waterside views
* Concierge lounge
* Continental breakfast daily from 7 to 10 a.m.
* In-room dining service (lunch and dinner) from
Waterleaf, our signature fine dining venue
* Nightly turndown service
* Front desk open round-the-clock
* Bell staff
* Private keyed access to hotel floor


Company Info:

Rating: 5.00

Address: 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137

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    Comments (6):

    1. David V.
    We chose this place based on the reviews here at Yelp and we are glad we did! It's a drive from downtown but it's worth it. The yogurt IS amazing, as was the service. There are only six rooms in the place so you get direct attention if you need it. It's a high end hotel on a college campus. It's safe, quiet, relaxing, and I cannot recommend it more. Stay here. You will be glad you did.

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Janet R.
    I was not so sure about staying at the Inn at Water's Edge...  I came to town for a reunion, and most of our group was staying at the Westin in Lombard.  However, one of my good pals suggested this place, so four of us made reservations for the weekend.  And I have to say, it was just lovely.

    It's not the easiest place to find, as the entrance is not well-marked.  I ended up walking into the restaurant, but they very kindly escorted me to the check-in desk.  It's run by College of DuPage students (as far as I can tell), and they were so cheerful and good-natured!  They were also really helpful calling cabs, etc., which can't be overstated.  

    I was pleasantly surprised by the rooms:  very spacious, comfy beds, a shower big enough for a group (not that I know this first-hand... but it was a darn big shower), and great toiletries.  The best part was that, given that there are only five rooms, we were the only people around!  A continental breakfast is included in the room rate, and that, too, was really nice.  A special note about the yogurt, which was the best yogurt I have ever had.  It's homemade, and it doesn't even taste like yogurt - it tastes more like heaven.  It's THAT GOOD.  I don't even particularly care for yogurt, but this was amazing.  The bonus was that we paid thirty bucks less a night than our friends at the Westin!  So I was very glad that my initial fears were completely unfounded.

    30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Alma L.
    Our arrival here was handled in the most expertise. After realizing that our hotel booked through Hotwire was a total dump, we Yelped around and found this gem. It's located on the College of Dupage campus so it might be tricky to find. The front desk attendant was super friendly, courteous, and helpful. We mentioned that we were in the area to look for a place to live and he was kind enough to look up some apartments for us and left the list by the front desk so the following morning we were greeted with it. I think his name is Alvin. Alvin also walked us to our room and were amazed at the beautiful decor in the room! We stayed for 5 nights and it was wonderful. There's a total of 6 rooms so you certainly get the very best attention. A complimentary continental breakfast is served every morning. The rooms face the pond so there's also a view. Overall, great hidden little gem!

    26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Lisa P.
    Wow, I am so sad I am not there now. They were so attentive to us the whole time, which is so wonderful when you're away from home, especially with a toddler in tow. The room, bathroom were modern, clean. The service was 5-star- from Terry in housekeeping helping us with needs we had with our child, to the night staff preparing some bkfast for us for our early morning checkout, I felt like I was an honored guest. And we treated ourselves with a dessert from room service- sooo good, and the quickest room service ever.
    If you are training people for the hospitality industry- this is how you do it here!

    05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Deanna D.
    For me, the only thing that could have made our stays at Inn at Water's Edge any better was if the hotel were located in Paris or Brussels or California wine country. It's a boutique hotel stay at a budget motor lodge price.

    We have stayed at Inn at Water's Edge twice, both times in a queen room. Each time our room was spacious and spotless. Furniture and fixtures are of clean modern lines, natural tones, and variations in texture: espresso, sandstone, ivory, black, silver, leather, metal, tweed, travertine, glass. Our rooms included not only a desk and upholstered chair, but also a sofa and two leather ottomans/tables.  In some hotels the mere addition of the sofa/seating area would designate the room as a suite and bump up the cost significantly. WiFi and cable TV were available, of course.

    The large, well-appointed bathroom featured a generously-sized travertine walk-in shower and had the quietest toilet I've ever encountered. The furnishings are upscale and modern. I was smitten with the locally handcrafted organic French lavender & chamomile  bar soap. The shampoo and conditioner were an eco-friendly line from Gilchrist & Soames, a provider of toiletries to upscale and luxury hotels worldwide.

    All rooms are located on the upper floor of the Culinary & Hospitality Center -- accessible by key only -- and have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake next to The Mac. The view during our July stay was especially lovely as there were "islands" of flowers in bloom in the water. We had the surprising pleasure of watching a Great Blue Heron land and fish from one of the flower islands!

    Our November stay was more exciting than we bargained for. Our check out day happened to be the day of the tornado outbreak. I can assure you Inn at Water's Edge (& Waterleaf) have plans & procedures in place for your safety. Twice we were summoned by the alarm to ride out the threat on the first floor of the CHC. Glen Ellyn was, fortunately, spared that day. Many towns downstate were not so fortunate.

    One of my favorite parts of staying at the Inn is breakfast. There's an intimate lounge on the west end of the floor where the rooms are. You'll be treated to a continental breakfast plus. There is espresso, coffee, and a selection of teas. There is an assortment of fruit and pastries. There is housemade granola. But the most wonderful part of breakfast is the housemade yogurt. You have never had yogurt this good! In fact, I would book a room just so I can have the yogurt. With a bit of honey and some granola or fruit ... heaven!

    I can't praise the staff at the Inn enough. I've not encountered a more professional or friendly staff at any other hotel in any price range.They make you feel welcome. They make you feel special. They make you feel like you're getting away from it all even if, like us, you're a mere 5 miles from home.

    Fully and highly recommended.

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Susie Q.
    I needed a close getaway and found The Inn.

    The word that fits is lovely.  
    Once you get on campus the signage is poor.  
    So listen to the instructions they give you.  

    I arrived a little after dusk.  There was a pinkish light over the view of the rooms.
    Very pretty.  All the rooms face toward the pond.

    On the first floor is the check in desk.  
    The staff is dressed in black and white.  Very professional looking.
    Also when you walk in you see all kitchen equipment behind glass windows.
    Remember this is the culinary and hospitality section of the college!

    I was escorted to the 3rd floor with my keycard.
    This keycard allows you to get off on 3.  Without it no entry.  Nice.
    There are only 6 rooms!  The one end of the hall is a "sitting" area.
    It also is where breakfast is served.

    I went into the room and my mouth dropped.  How am I going to sleep in that bed?
    I had reserved a king for myself.  It was so big. Into which I settled shortly.  
    It was comfortable with pillows galore!  
    That was after taking a view out the window.  Beautiful!  The windows are floor to ceiling.
    You can also open the middle window .  You can hear all the birds chirping.
    A letter awaits you, addressed personally.  It is from the head of the program and the fine dining restaurant (The Waterleaf) that is also part of the Culinary program.  There were also 2 bottles of water.  A nice touch.

    The bathroom was exquisite (very cool).
    It had more than enough towels and space to put your toiletries and make up.
    Also quiet toilets!  

    I woke up at 5:30 am and looked out the windows.  Blue herons were circling the pond.  One settled in the trees and was calling out to the other.  If you want to see the birds you need to get up early.  The rest of the day I just heard them.
    I went to the sitting area to get some breakfast.

    There was Strawberry rhubarb jam, slices of bread laid out and covered with a cloth napkin, real plates and silverware, homemade muffins, "Keurig" coffees and also straight pots of coffee, hot water and an assortment of teas.  
    They did have yogurt but not the homemade.  Also some cereals.  Three kind of juices in pitchers.  I had grapefruit.
    I did see 1 person returning to their room with coffee.  Other than that did not hear or see anyone in the halls.  All rooms were booked

    Check out was a breeze.  Back to the first floor.  They inquired about how everything was.  I thought I was on my way.  The employee received a call.
    I had left something in my room.  The "maid" brought it down quickly.  
    The way she was dressed you would think that she could have been working the desk.

    I would recommend this place for a relaxing getaway.
    The price is comparable or less than hotels in the area.
    Very nice indeed.

    13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0