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Company Info:

Rating: 1.83

Address: 9802 Bunsen Way, Louisville, KY, 40299
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (6):

1. kevin b.
This hotel is okay for the price.  One elevator for 5 floors makes for long waits.  The breakfast buffet while having hot items had no bread items,no skim milk, and no fresh fruit.  The room wasn't real clean and the hot water came and went.  But for an overnight stay it was okay, but I wouldn't stay here again

30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Jenn G.
At check-in the front desk person repeated many times how we would be fined if we smoked "anything" in our room and repeated over and over that it would be a $250 fine. I had thought, oh good, at least we know our room is clean... EH.... not so much... we were greeted by a smoky room each time we walked into the room during our 3 days stay.
The bedding is ripped and has holes. The toilets need to be flushed twice in order to make anything go bye-bye. The walls are very thin but thankful the baby 3 doors down left after the first night.
When we met housekeeping, on representative practically ignored us, not too friendly. When they came into our room, they obviously didn't vacuum or change the linens. They didn't wipe the desk or any surfaces other than the sink. There was hair on the bathroom floor. Toilet paper was not replaced. If she hadn't left the light on, we wouldn't have probably known she was here. Bed was haphazardly made and pillows were not neat.
As far as the "hot breakfast", my sausage was soggy and spongy, not hot and the french toast was pathetic... hard and I couldn't cut it with a knife... Welcome to Louisville... don't stay here if it's your first time near Louisville... They're don't show it's best face.

27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Dan D.
Hallways smell like smoke, towels have stains on them, one towel had gum in it, no comforter on the bed (just sheets) and malfunctioning alarm clock that reset the time and randomly turned itself on.  This hotel claims to be a 3-star, but I've stayed in 1-star roadside motels that are better.

31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Ha L.
I stayed one night in this hotel. At night, someone opend our room door. I shouted and was scared. The next day, I called them more than 5 times and asked to know who opened the door. At the beginning, the manager avoided to answer my call. At last, they said there was only one kid on the camera. It was so unsafe in this hotel.

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Nicole S.
This place has bed bugs. I checked-in around 11 p.m. at night, woke-up in the middle of the night with a few bites on my arms (4 a.m.) and was so exhausted I figured I'd wait until morning to deal with it and ensure that it wasn't just a spider or something.

When I woke-up in the morning I had bites on my stomach as well - about 10-15 in total. I politely took the hotel manager aside away from other customers to let him know. He said they'd have the exterminator come and see if they could find evidence of the bugs themselves. The bites should have been evidence enough - it was clear they were fresh as they were red and swollen. And if you know anything abaout bed bugs, then you know that it is rare to find them because they hide in wood, the depths of the mattress, and carpeting - they can also hide in wood furniture. Everything in this room was made of wood.

The exterminator unsurprisingly didn't find anything and now the hotel is refusing to refund my money. I was in town for four nights, this happened my first night there so I checked-out of the hotel and actually booked into a more expensive accommodation to avoid any further incident.

These people don't deserve your money and you don't deserve the hassle. Go somewhere else.

13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Andrew M.
The cost per night is great but you definitely get what you pay for. The towels are like sand paper, the toilet paper is worse, the pool was so dirty you couldn't see the bottom, the spa was pitiful, and the list goes on...poor to nonexistent wifi, your room key is constantly deactivated, poor water pressure, the toilet runs forever, and the staff could use a lesson or two in customer service.

However not everything is bad. The carpet, bathroom mirror, and bed is nice. The only reason this is a 2 star review and not 1 is due to the price. Needless to say, I will be staying elsewhere next time.

28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0