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Holiday Inn Louisville-Sw - Fair & Expo Ctr in Louisville, KY

Holiday Inn Louisville-Sw - Fair & Expo Ctr in Louisville, KY

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.00

Address: 4110 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY, 40216

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    Comments (8):

    1. Fred W.
    Not the best hotel I've ever stayed at, but I didn't have any problems. Staff was nice and brought us extra towels within a couple minutes of asking. If you have business around Shivley area, airport, fair grounds, Churchill downs, or Expo5 it is perfect! Several restaurants, and other stores in the area, for conscience factor! Rooms were clean and well maintained!

    27/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Tobin h.
    It did its job. The staff was overwhelmingly friendly, the room was clean, pool maintained and though it seemed to be on the edge of a seedy neighborhood, the parking lot was secure. My family enjoyed the experience and I would stay there again if it worked into my travel schedule. Once again, the thing that makes it most memorable was the friendly, helpful attitude of the staff.

    29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Kristen M.
    UPDATE: After my complaint to the corporate website, my fellow traveler and I had a conversation with the manager of this hotel (pursuant to our call for fresh towels). He was very, very apologetic and wanted to make sure that the rest of our stay was very much improved. He identified with us on a personal level and went out of his way to make up for the tragedy that was our first three days. I've added a star for his personal attention and I'll update again after our stay.


    OK...This is a very pricey hotel for a "motel" experience. Not to be picky, but our room smells like beachhouse, the decor is very early '90s, there's no microwave or fridge, the one-cup coffeemaker leaks everywhere, maid service is sporadic, continental breakfast was not included, wifi is only in the lobby (though they're working on expanding the wifi to all floors), and the neighborhood isn't the best. When we got in, none of the lamps worked. Apparently the hotel has a problem with vandals. Visitors routinely steal lightbulbs and pull other pranks. What I discovered is that all of the plug outlets are so old that the plugs just fall out of them. I'm glad I brought a car charger.

    The wired connection wasn't working when I got in and it took two maintenance calls and a phone call to tech support before they would listen to me. Convo:

    Me: "I think there's something wrong with the router."
    Maintenance Man #1: "What's a router?"
    Me: "The box. I think there's something wrong with the box."
    Maintenance Man #1: "No there's not. The lights are all on."
    Me: I travel a lot and use wired internet frequently. My computer is working fine. I think there is something wrong with the box. Look at the diagnostics printout I did."
    Maintenance Man #1: You're going to have to call the number. Where's your information card? Oh you don't have one. I'll get it..."

    The tech support spent an hour getting me to reset the router, which I'd kind of done already because the power cord kept falling out of the wall. Then, when that miraculously didn't fix the problem, they promised to send an "engineer." Maintenance Man #2 was kind enough to admit he didn't know anything about computers and brought me a new "box." PROBLEM SOLVED.

    I guess the worst part was how rude the front desk was when I called about it. The lady thought I was calling about the wifi and got into a nasty argument with me about the whole thing. I guess that's what happens when you don't actually listen to what the customer is asking about. And at that point, my frustration level was actually fairly low so I don't think I was the rude one!

    Not to knock all the staff. The young woman that checked us in on Saturday was very efficient and sweet, and I greatly appreciate Frank for getting me the new box. And our room was very clean.

    So, yeah, $1,300 for 7 days? I don't think so!! Worst Holiday Inn experience so far.

    17/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Craig E.
    Gentlemen at front desk was very friendly when I checked in and rest of staff very pleasant when passed by in hallway.  This is a very old holiday inn that has some renovations, but definitely could use more!  Also, not best part of town to be staying, but was never bothered!  HUGE complaint though about dry cleaning.  Left my dry cleaning night before to make sure it was there in enough time.  Came back to pick it up next day and was told contract wasn't renewed with dry cleaner so did not get done and would have to wait until tomorrow!  Only thing offered as "customer service" was free breakfast!  If you are looking for place to lay your head, this is the place.  Want above and beyond customer service...go somewhere else!

    19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Chris L.
    Nice clean place to stay!
    This hotel has been around for a while but has been maintained very well. Spacious rooms, flat screen, and comfortable beds. This is a nice place to stay.

    11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Michael W.
    Clean bed. Clean hotel in general. Professional, courteous, and efficient staff. Super convenient to 265 and airport. Not a super nice area but a decent value if you aren't using any of the amenities. 15 minutes or so from U of L campus.

    A CVS and Walgreens close by but don't expect a lot of food choices in the area if you are used to big-city dining. Food at the hotel and in the surrounding area is strictly middle-America and should come with a side of Lipator and insulin. Not saying that the cheese grits and biscuits at the hotel were bad, far from it, they were SUPER awesome, but I should only eat them every other year.

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Brenda W.
    Hotel room:  Met our needs; clean, modern enough, and I like that they have shampoo and a hair dryer that I've come to take for granted in my selection of hotels.  Bed was king-sized and the bed and pillows were comfortable.  TV sound wouldn't go very loud (don't know if that's on purpose or not).  Curtains aren't full width of window leaving just the sheers in place when the sun comes up.  I'd rather have all my curtain in place, thank you very much.

    Staff:  pleasant and courteous.  Management may want desk staff to be just a "little" bit more cautious; however.  We locked ourselves out of our room and all we had to do was say for what room we wanted a new key... hmmm.    The restaurant server was very gracious.  We had neglected to pay -- meaning someone in my party signed the check but neither gave a credit card nor put the room number on it.  When we came downstairs to check-out, she kindly pointed out that maybe we forgot to put the room number on the check.  She was so sweet about our mistake.

    Restaurant:  Meh.... Pancakes weren't that great (but, to be honest, I've become extremely picky now that we make our own from scratch).  But, I do have a bone to pick about advertising on the menu that they serve maple syrup with the pancakes.  Those little self-encased containers say "Mrs. Butterworth's original syrup".  Nowhere does it claim itself to be maple syrup.  Sorry; it's the snob in me since I lived in New England and they would advertise "real" maple syrup when it was available.

    Price:  We bid on our hotel via Priceline so it was a good deal and, yes, the location was where I wanted/needed it to be for this trip.

    Location:  If your goal is to be in the southend of Louisville, then the location is fine.  It is close to the Watterson Expressway (I-264) and all kinds of amenities are on Dixie Highway near the hotel from gas stations to pharmacies to fast food and sit down restaurants.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Ray R.
    Stayed here one night for business.

    Exterior:  the grounds appeared to be clean and presentable.  Attempting to get into the parking lot was a bit of a hassle as I came from the freeway and the turn lane was backed up.  Once the turn lane started moving, traffic came from the opposite direction.  It appears there is only one entrance/exit as the other one was blocked off from a side street.  Parking is plentiful, so that's not an issue.

    Interior:  this building has definitely seen better days.  Paint was peeling or missing from some doors, especially at the front entrance.  The breakfast/dining area is to the left of the main doors and had a fair number of tables and booths.  Large groups are at a disadvantage as there are several columns around which make it difficult to sit comfortably if/when tables are moved around.  Once the elevator door opened, I expected to see a sign directing me towards my room, but I didn't see it.  Once I took the other elevator up, I spotted it.  Room numbers are not placed where you can see them easily when just walking down the hallway.  Some face the opposite direction, some face the hallway, just bad placing throughout.

    Room:  the room was spacious and clean.  There is a serious lack of plugs for multiple electronic devices, so I had them all over just to get them charged.

    Staff:  I didn't deal with many of the staff.  From what I noticed, there aren't enough staff for peak periods.  The main desk had 5 people standing at it with one associate, who was trying his best to help them.  There was an individual come out of the back office and then disappeared right back in, though there were now 7 people in the lobby waiting to check in.  The associate was able to disengage himself from the 5 people in front of me and had me checked in within 3 minutes.  I ate at the restaurant, which was filled with people (mostly having drinks) and he was the only staff member I noticed in the area.  Kudos to him for keeping track of it all and staying polite, professional, and courteous.

    Wi-fi:  absolutely no problems with the wireless!

    Overall, for a single night, this is not a bad hotel.  It's just not the best either.  The room was comfortable and clean and the food (dinner) was good.  The building needs some care and updating to match some of the other HI properties I've visited.

    16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0