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Company Info:

Rating: 2.00

Address: 6551 Paramount Park Dr, Louisville, KY, 40213

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    Comments (1):

    1. Nicole R.
    We had a late check in after an eleven hour drive.  Believe it or not at 12:30pm people were still checking in.  We were not greeted when we came in and it was taking quite a bit of time so we decided to sit on our couch near the counter, with our luggage and obviously exhausted.  An  employee walked in the hotel with a guest and immediately checked him in and did not notice us. We stood up as we saw we were being passed over as she was about to check in another guest before us - the employee who was helping the original guest, told her that we were here first and suggested she check us in - still not acknowledged - like "oh, I am so sorry"  Nothing - checked us in and gave us one card.  Two is usually the norm.

    This morning, we went downstairs, a woman standing at the front desk - didn't even wish us a good morning - no acknowledgement of us there.  We headed out.

    Came back and the same woman was there when we returned, when she saw me - no hello, hi how can I help you - I had to start the conversation.  I asked her if there was a shuttle to the Expo Center which is 3 miles away and throws stone away from the airport - She said "no, we do not go there"  I said "Oh earlier we overheard someone asking the shuttle for a ride there and he said sure"  She said "Well, he isn't supposed to"  and that was the end of the conversation.  Just not cozy at all.

    When we went to leave again - the woman and a now a guy was standing at the front desk - I was standing there - only person there - neither of them acknowledged me - they weren't on the phone, just standing there.  So rude.

    Came back again from our event - girl at the front desk.....didn't acknowledge us.  So weird.

    Cleaning guy - obviously picked up towels, replaced towels and made the bed.  Didn't replace any of the coffee, didn't wipe anything down - how do I know, my make powder spilled and I cleaned up most of it myself but, the rest was left behind.

    This place is also so noisy.  Between the industrial facility making noise all night, the heater is loud, the garbage trucks - I am exhausted

    We travel and have been traveling for two weeks now - and this has been a pretty disappointing stay.  People here are not friendly at all.

    23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0