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Howard Johnson Express Inn/Airport in Louisville, KY

Howard Johnson Express Inn/Airport in Louisville, KY


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Established in 1925.

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.71

Address: 709 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY, 40209

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    Comments (7):

    1. Kenny B.
    This place isn't the Ritz or anything but the people there were exceptionally nice, letting us check out about 3 hours late, and even giving us a free ride to the airport - and all this after we trashed the place staying for a bachelor party during the derby.

    04/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Sara C.
    I don't need a fancy hotel when I travel.  But this one is bad, even for me. First of all, the room was very dirty.  There was a huge smudge of dust and dirt on the outside of the tub.  There were smears of grout around a replacement tile on the bathroom floor that were very sloppy and looked gross (like the grout was smeared all over the tile itself and the surrounding tiles).  There was hair stuck to the sides of the shower stall and on the floor, which I know were not mine because they were long, dark, and curly and I have short straight blonde hair.  The carpet didn't look vacuumed, and there were huge, iron-shaped burn marks in at least two spots.  The hallways and stairwells were very hot, smelled funny, and were covered in weird stains.  In addition to the cleanliness issues, there were other problems.  Only the ice machine on the ground floor was functional.  When my room was "cleaned", nothing was touched, except the dirty towels were removed.  (The bed was not made, the garbage was not removed, and I didn't get clean towels.)  The bed was extremely uncomfortable and I could actually feel the springs.  There were also some questionable security practices.  A sign on the door warned that you would need your key card to get into the hotel after 11 PM as the doors would be locked.  I thought that was a great idea.  However, both nights of my stay, I was coming back to the hotel late (around 2 AM) and the doors were not only unlocked, but propped wide open!!  As a female traveling alone, I found this very concerning.  One of those nights, there was a large group congregating just outside the doors, which made me feel very uncomfortable.  On my second day, my key card stopped working, which was not a problem, I figured I'd just go to the front desk and have it re activated.  But the front desk was empty, for over 20 minutes!  I don't know how long the desk was unattended before I got there.  But again, I worried about the security situation.   And the guy who finally showed up at the desk was very unprofessional.  Overall, my experience at this hotel was horrible and I am sad to see that the quality of Howard Johnson has dropped so much.  It's cheap, but not cheap enough to tolerate a hotel this bad.

    17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Debbie T.
    Horrid.  Blanket had scorch burn. Toilet wouldn't flush.  Hall ways decorated with beer cans.  No one at front desk to tell.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Quilla W.
    Previous reviews said it all! The health department should close this place. I can't even call it a motel or hotel, It's friging nasty. I used   hotels.com (which I will never use again)...so I had paid for the room. I'm praying I will get out of here without a rash or bedbugs.  this is scary! Hotels.com should not do bookings for this dive!

    I ended up here because I needed an overnight stay to be close to the airport. Goodness I wish I had paid the extra for the Hampton Inn across the street. Room not vacuumed, Matted blanket on the bed, pillows look like the old ones that you toss in the trash, and the bed looked like it was made by a one year old. Bathroom appeared to be clean but I don't know!

    Avoid this place like the plague!

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Rob P.
    This place is terrible. The the staff is rude at best. Rude probably doesn't fully describe the night staff. There were soggy curly fries on the floor by my bed when I checked in and they remained after I checked out even though it had been "cleaned" twice.

    The hallway had stains on the carpet that looked like someone may have recently lost their lunch.

    The drain from the sink smelled like sewer every time you turned on the water.

    Hopefully I didn't gain any fungal diseases as I forgot to pack my hazmat suit. This place needs bulldozed.  

    I've stayed at some bad hotels but this one tops them all.

    31/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Samantha S.
    I have never written a negative review for a hotel before, but this place needs to be demolished.

    I did find the staff friendly, but then I got into the room. The toilet ran ever 20 minutes (so loudly that we had to sleep with the bathroom door closed), there was VISIBLY some dirt/ blood/ poop? On the handles of the room's heater, there are only about 20 tv channels (this may not bother some, but for someone at doesn't have cable at home it's something I look forward to), the in-room safe was still activated from the last person who stayed there and I would be DAMNED if I would let the staff into my room without locking certain things up, so we left the do not disturb sign on the entire visit, the vending machine on our floor was broken, so was the ice machine, when we went down to breakfast, there was nothing to drink but coffee - it's a good thing we don't have children! When we realized no drinks were available, my husband went to the vening machine on the 1st floor, and his pop was flat (the front desk did reimburse us for the $2.00 flat pop.

    On top of all of this, our stay was $100/ night! To be fair, it was close to the Expo center, but I would gladly drive 10-15 minutes to not have to stay at this hole.

    Oh, and there aren't enough parking spots, so 2 people had to park on the tree lawn which was pretty comical!

    03/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Aaron N.
    Pros - free airport shuttle, has a bed, technically has a shower, didn't get murdered, cleaning people didn't steal.

    Cons - Dirty, hallways and smoking rooms smelled, carpets filthy, key cards worked intermittently, crappy water pressure, charged obscene prices on Derby weekend, pretty sure we overheard drug deal on 4th floor (I was waiting on a Scarface-esque chainsaw event), water smells, there isn't even an f'ing chair in the room, middle of nowhere, I think I caught herpes from the toilet seat, found random curly hairs inside pillow case, temperature regulation near impossible.

    Addendum - We got stuck staying another night and, believe it or not, the place got worse.  They started fixing random holes in hallway walls.  Plaster dust covered the floor at 8pm and sure enough, was still there at 10am when we finally checked out/escaped.  Cracks in bathroom ceiling were "fixed" with flex seal spray.  "Clean" towels for day 3 smelled funny.

    Also, to correct a prior review, the sign on the front door actually warns of the penalty for armed robbery, not assault.

    04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0