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Super 8 Louisville/Expo Center in Louisville, KY

Super 8 Louisville/Expo Center in Louisville, KY


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Rating: 1.20

Address: 101 Central Avenue, Louisville, KY, 40209

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    1. Sara W.
    I will start out by saying we stay at Super 8 hotels very often, and never have experienced the filth of this hotel. We will start with the only good of this hotel... it's location. It is very conveniently located off of I-65. We arrived at 1:30am to sleep for a few hours before continuing our road trip. The front desk guy was nice enough, moved us to non-smoking room at my request. The room was DISGUSTING, to put it mildly. Here is a run down of the mess: -The room smelled, bad! -Main light in the room did not work. -Two other lights were burnt out. -The bathroom looked like it had not been cleaned in years. Toilet still had smears of last occupant in it. Shower was disgusting. There were splatters of brown all over the lower bathroom walls next to the toilet. -The sheets! First there are no blankets in this hotel, just a sheet and bed spread. The sheets were threadbare and had holes in them. When I pulled back the sheets there was red dust all over the bed. The sheets had bodily function stains all over them and looked unwashed. -The walls were covered in spots of what looked like food, crusty. -The unmatched chairs were covered in holes. -The carpet looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in a while and had crusty spots all over it. -Breakfast was not horrible, very basic, but looked clean. Typical Super 8 breakfast. GROSS!!!!!! I took many pictures to document this stay!

    14/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Adrianne M.
    When we arrived to the hotel at 1:30am, I was glad I had already reserved a suite with 2 queens and sleeper sofa for myself, my husband, and our 3 kids. However, the sofa sleeper was broken and unusable. The room was very dirty so I didn't complain when I called the front desk and was told they were moving us. I had to go down to get new keycards and had to bring a cot back up myself. When we got to the new room, which only had 2 queens, it was really dirty. There was something red on the side of the boxspring, brown stuff splattered on walls, and crumbs on the floor. If it hadn't been the middle of the night, I would have demanded my money back and found somewhere else. So I got a few hours of bad sleep on a very uncomfortable mattress that I was afraid to even get under the the sheets of. Thankfully it was roasting in our room so I didn't need covers. Breakfast was not very good and we decided to hightail it outta there. When I checked out and voiced my complaints, I was told that they get lots of complaints and that she wasn't surprised by what I told her. She advised me to call the manager but I'm not sure if it will do any good. I suggest anyone thinking of staying here think again and stay somewhere else.

    23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Steven M.
    Motel HELL - ZERO stars - ZERO anything for this filthy pig sty . BEWARE !!! Nothing worked in the room . It seems they used 2nd hand  beds and TV sets from 30 years ago. TV didn't work,no light bulbs,the room they have me was filthy and NOT cleaned ,the 2nd room they gave me was also NOT cleaned - finally on the 3rd try I got a "cleaned" room that was by any measure nowhere near worth the price I paid  to stay here. The woman at the front desk tried so hard to make things right but in the end nothing can overcome terrible management and owners far to ignorant of the simple basic needs of paying guest .  They actually had to clear the place out room by room as I checked out due to a fire alarm going off - that kinda summed up my entire miss fortunate stay in this toilet of a roach motel.
    I travel for a living and stay at many super 8 and motel 6's and this was the worst of all of them in 23 years .  To bad it didn't burn down as that would have been a service to all the travelers.

    05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Laura D.
    One star is better than this dump deserves.  Upon arrival, the desk clerk was nice , and the check-in was fast. It went downhill from there. The room smelled, the carpet was disgusting with patches and gum stuck to it. The wi-fi barely worked, and the only cable was Starz.  The towels were bad, bedspread had a burnt hole in it, the beds were like rocks, and the 2 puny, lumpy pillows looked like they had been around for at least a decade. Still, I was happy to have the basics, a decent shower, and to be close to the Expo Center. In the AM, went down for breakfast, and quickly left. I'm not very picky but it was disgusting and the bananas and apples were rotten. So, we had to go out & pay for breakfast, which negates the "deal" of a cheap hotel that includes one meal for the day.
    The final insult was on 2nd night of stay. There was no "Do Not Disturb" sign anywhere to be found (I later found it in the closet), so I put a sticky note on the outside of the door that said "Do Not Disturb." In the morning when we left to go out for breakfast at around 10:30, the note had been taken off - which was fine. We came back at 1:00, and the cleaner was in the hallway. There was a new "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of the door, which she said she put there.  Not sure why she did that after we were already gone, but she did.  I thanked her for not waking us earlier, and that we were leaving in a few minutes so she could get in there & clean. She said that she would be on a different floor by then, but would come back later & clean. We came back at 9PM to a messy room without towels.
    We were tired & just wanted to sleep, but I called the front desk, and asked for someone to come do a minimal cleaning: towels, beds, garbage. (I also asked for extra pillows and blankets.  She said NO - they didn't have any!?!?!) The clerk said no to the cleaning, but that she could get us towels. A few minutes later, her YOUNG SON came up with towels & a large bag.  He gave us the towels and said that it wasn't his job to pick up our towels. I said it wasn't my job either, so just leave them. He left and the clerk - his mother - called the room. She yelled, "This isn't a 4 star hotel - I"ll come up and get them myself!" Not wanting a hostile worker in my room, I picked up all the towels & put them outside my door.  
    I have NEVER reviewed a hotel before, but an steaming mad, and despite the relatively cheap stay, feel completely ripped off. I'll NEVER stay in a Super8 again - it's NOT worth saving a few bucks to have this aggravation and negative experience.  I usually love staying in hotels, and pride myself on finding basic, clean, inexpensive places to stay.  This was NOT it.  Please spend just a few dollars more & stay at one of the many other decent hotels close to the Expo Center.  This place is a dump & should be shut down!!!!!!

    11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. bayrox K.
    Pretty ok. very functional. clean, spacious rooms, excellent location if you like to attend the game.
    I have experienced much better Super 8 locations, this one is on the low-end.

    The front desk is very helpful. But the resources seem very limited. They were out of pillows.

    The wireless does not work properly depending on where your room is. And the front desk does not have enough cables to give you one.

    The breakfast is very limited. The house keeping staff seem to have the breakfast with the guests everyday. I think they might be living in the hotel itself.

    Overall, very basic and I would not go back there unless I was planning on going to the game. The park is right next to the hotel.

    10/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0