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Cornstalk Hotel in New Orleans, LA

Cornstalk Hotel in New Orleans, LA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.91

Address: 915 Royal St, New Orleans, LA, 70116

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    Comments (23):

    1. vincent h.
    I planned a trip to New Orleans with a bunch of friends in May 2011. We stayed at the Cornstalk Hotel. The hotel was great. It is in a great location on a beautiful street. It has a great patio and deck down below (where we gathered and enjoyed drinks before heading out) and a great balcony above (where we gathered and enjoyed drinks also...) It's clean and well maintained. Louis, the manager, is incredibly friendly, knowledgable and helpful. We'll be back next time we're back in town.

    31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Allen N.
    Beautiful house in awesome location. Great price. Very clean. Excellent staff.

    01/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Sandy U.
    Such a beautiful place! Already booked myself for another stay. The young female hostess with long brown hair was such a gracious and personable host. Wish I could remember her name. :/

    11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. John R.
    We stayed at this place 40 years ago -- really -- and have walked past many times since.  We saw that it had been fixed up, so thought we'd give it a try, for a special weekend.  Unlike some of the writers below, we found the staff to be helpful and good-natured.  No problem there.  And the public areas are really nice, with some seriously good antique furniture.  But our room was disgraceful.  At half the price we might have felt it was worth it for the location and the ambience, but when you're paying five-star prices, you don't expect what we found in Room 9:
    (1`) No place for anything in the bathroom-- just the part of the top of the toilet not taken by Kleenex and extra toilet paper; (2) we could not dress or pack at the same time--the bathroom door had to be closed to open the armoire, etc.; (3)we  had to go downstairs and ask for shampoo; (4) no reading lamps or bedside tables; (5) no "Do not disturb" sign; (6) double bed with footboard, so anyone taller than about 6' could not straighten his legs; (7) (very pleasant) cleaning lady didn't appear until 4:30 pm, while we were napping -- with (as I said) no "do not disturb" sign; (8) scratched furniture, probably because the room was so small people have just run into it; (9) squeaky floors  and bed.  We moved across the hall to a different room (at an even higher price).  It was bigger, and so was the bed, but there were still no no bedside tables.  Each of these shortcomings is trifling, but the accumulation of them had us seriously annoyed, which is really too bad.

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Jenelle J.
    Choosing an inn in the French Quarter can be daunting knowing that they can be hit or miss.  I felt really lucky to have discovered the Cornstalk which fit the bill all around: a grand antique interior which was immaculately kept, and a wonderful owner who was available for any questions and last-minute accomodations.  Not to mention that it's on Royal street so it's a nice oasis from the nightlife, but close enough to the action!

    The only downside - no private balconies to street-watch but there was a nice common balcony which was perfect to watch the crewe de vieux parade going by.  Definitely a winner in the FQ, you won't be disappointed.

    25/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. S K.
    The first time we stayed at The Cornstalk, we were mesmerized.  It's a beautifully strange looking mansion that's half Victorian / half castle *like*.  But after getting over the initial romanticism of it all, you start picking up on all the amenities they lack for such a high priced boutique hotel.

    First off, there are probably only 2 rooms worth staying in because most of them have the tiniest bathrooms. You can barely brush your teeth without knocking your guy out.

    2nd.  They don't even provide drinking water.  C'mon...  When you're paying over 300 bucks a night, can you at least provide baby water bottles???  They have an ice machine and glasses downstairs but can't even leave a couple clean cups in the rooms.  Totally lazy, man.  Absolutely no toiletries.  NONE... NADA.  Ok... I know this might sound a lil stuck up but let me tell you something, you know those bathrobes that most mid to high end hotels leave in your rooms?  Don't take it for granted.  You're lucky if you get an extra roll of toilet paper here.

    We had our room for 8 days.  On our last day here, Louis couldn't get us out quick enough to get another couple into our room.  8 FRIGGIN DAYS.  Do the math.  That's a lot of damn cash we gave this guy.  You would think he could at the very least, be cordial but NO....  after check out, we had a few hours to kill.  He told me if we needed to use the bathroom, just to ask, well... I did, and the old man actually got annoyed.

    New Orleans has some great boutique hotels, that at the very least, offer you basic amenities that The Cornstalk doesn't.  At this price, don't do it.  Trust me.

    I gave it 2 stars because it is a clean hotel.  I'll give em that much.

    Check out The Hotel Monteleone.

    One more thing...  Every damn inch of this house squeaks.  Think about that if you're planning to stay here for a romantic getaway.

    Read Gregg W's review below.  I can't agree more with this guy.

    03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Myrna B.
    Absolutely a must see when in New Orleans. Beautiful hotel with large rooms. Great Value and you can't get much closer to Bourbon St. The staff is very knowledgeable and treats you like family.

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Dan P.
    Convenience is what this old house has going for it. I can see how some people might think it quaint and personal. Management was involved and concerned for the overall upkeep of the facility. Never saw any Patrick Swayze's though....Had plenty of hot water. Price was fair.

    28/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Bullibrat P.
    We've been by this hotel several times while visiting New Orleans so we decided to finally stay there during an overnight visit.  We weren't celebrating anything special, just running away on a weeknight to enjoy some good food and entertainment.

    After reading a lot of other reviews here, I think the important thing to remember is that this was originally a HOUSE.  It was not built as a hotel, only slightly converted.  We splurged and stayed in what we felt was the "best" room (they must think so too since it was the most pricey).  

    Location: Perfect.  We took advantage of on-site parking and walked everywhere.  Yes, it cost extra.  Yes, we felt it was worth it.  We drove into town and didn't want to have to worry about our car being vandalized while we wandered the streets.  We were able to comfortably walk everywhere we wanted to go and hop a streetcar for longer trips.  It was far enough away from Bourbon to be quiet though.  Even sitting on the balcony with wine and cigars it was pleasant and quiet.

    Room: Comfortable and all the things we needed for an overnight stay were available if we forgot anything.  At check-in, the gal showed us where everything was.  I imagine they don't leave everything in the bathrooms because there just isn't a ton of space in there for toiletries.  Not having a bunch of lotions I wasn't going to use anyhow left plenty of room for toothbrushes, etc.  Contrary to other reviews, I had no problems with plenty of hot water.  The bed was very comfy and the linens much more luxurious than your average hotel.  Clean!  My goodness the place was clean!

    Property: Lovely.  Comfortable.  

    Staff:  The only one we ever saw there was the gal that checked us in/out.  She was helpful and friendly without being overbearing.  Prior to arrival we received emails from the manager with helpful info for the visit.  He also was very accomodating considering we planned to arrive 5 hours before standard check-in times.  

    Yes, the floors squeek.  The place is ancient.  Get over it.  There will be some quirks, but overall it was neat, clean and provided a quiet night's sleep.  My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is the lack of curtains on the turret windows.  They are stained glass so there isn't a privacy issue, but the bright sunlight after a long night out was slightly annoying.

    The only reason we probably won't stay here again would be because we want to try out lots of different places in New Orleans.  We try to visit at least once a year and there are simply too many unique properties to stay at!

    27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Brian S.
    We booked our room almost a month in advance and our reservation was canceled late Thursday night,  less than 36 hours before our flight.  We speculate since we were splitting a weekend  by checking in on Saturday they cancelled us to get more money.  Thankfully Travelocity saved the day.

    05/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Gregg W.
    Cornstalk Hotel Review

    When I chose this hotel it was for the combination of peace, ambiance, and convenience to the sights. In this regard, the hotel was satisfactory.

    The hotel is, of course, a former Victorian mansion. It is quite beautiful, both inside and out. My room, number 2, was spacious, and the entire hotel appeared to be spotlessly clean.

    When one stays in old buildings one must expect to make certain sacrifices. I found that when more than one person was using the water, it was impossible to regulate the temperature in the shower. It went from boiling hot to freezing cold by turns. I prefer brighter lighting. The old lamps and chandelier in my room tended to leave it rather gloomy. As I walked around, I could hear the pleasant creak of the wood flooring. Unfortunately, the entire place was carpeted, wall to wall. I could just imagine what might have been lovely cypress or other wood boards down there. Broke my heart. Also, the free wi-fi Internet was essentially non-existent in my room.

    I found the manager, Louis, to be a disappointment overall. Although not quite obsequious, I found him rather a cringing servile fellow. He tended to hide away in his room/office, in number 5.

    My first night, I asked Louis for a dinner recommendation. He suggested Muriel's, on Jackson Square. He provided me with a business card and told me to tell the staff at Muriel's that he had sent me, and they would treat me well. I did what he suggested, telling the maitre d' this. The maitre d' looked at me like I was insane, which was embarrassing to say the least. I tried it again with the manager at Muriel's, Dave. You could see that it just flew right over his head.

    When I returned to the hotel I told Louis what had happened. "Oh, I'll call the owner, I'll call the owner!" Louis replied, as if that would help anything. I decided that it was no longer a good idea to get recommendations on anything from Louis.

    I'm one of those people who doesn't need the hotel room to be cleaned every day. The Do-Not-Disturb signs, in the Cornstalk, are gold painted wood placards that hang from the doorknob. I hung mine out, not wanting anyone to come in during my two night stay. When I returned to my room on my second afternoon I found that it had been made up. The cleaning staff had ignored the do not disturb. Louis was full of excuses and blame for others, as he was for everything that happened, during my stay. He said that the cleaning staff didn't understand what the gold placards meant; that some of them were from a cleaning service. He blamed the owners for not providing signs that actually spelled out "Do Not Disturb!" as if Louis himself couldn't have taken a Sharpie and done it himself in 10 minutes. Oh, he was full of blame for everyone but himself.

    On my last morning I found workmen outside my window at 6 am. They were there to paint the front porch. It was too noisy to sleep, and I had to enter and exit via the narrow and very roughly paved side alley. I talked to one of the workmen and he said that Louis was angry about having the porch painted so early, but that the owner, Debbie Spencer, of Spencer Investments, had ignored him and sent the workmen anyway. My calls to Spencer Investments, to date, have gone unanswered, without even a voicemail response, which speaks volumes about what Debbie and Spenser Investments thinks of its customers.

    On the whole, the Cornstalk Hotel has the potential to be charming. I'm sure the manager, Louis, is a nice guy. But I won't be returning for a second visit, and I won't recommend it. I guess I just prefer modern accommodations.

    10/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Greg Y.
    I stayed at the Cornstalk this past weekend and can't recommend it enough.  It has that sort of old world elegance that is impossible to re-create with new hotels and larger hotel chains.  The staff is super friendly and quick to offer help with anything you need.  And the location is perfect, close to everything, and just a block from Bourbon Street, while still being on a quiet street.  If you're looking for that true New Orleans experience, definitely consider staying at the Cornstalk.

    15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Jen W.
    This is the best hotel I've ever stayed at. I've always been one to stay at newer, modern hotels, but the Cornstalk was a major surprise. It has a ton of charm and feels like you're staying at a family mansion. The location is amazing-- just a short walk to Bourbon if you're into the party scene, right on Royal St. if you like the cute little shops, and nestled away from the street so you can get to sleep after an all night party.  Each room is a little bit different, and I think it's worth it to spend a little more money to get one of the best in the house. For the first two nights we stayed in room #14, which was really nice, but very small. The last two nights we stayed in room #8, which I think is the nicest in the hotel. It has a massive king bed and you're right in front off of the main balcony. It's a huge room and well worth the extra money.

    Now onto the best part of our stay-- the staff! Every single employee was pleasant and beyond helpful.  They helped us book our tours and gave us some great pointers on where to eat. They even shared some of their ghost stories with us. By far the best hotel staff I've ever come into contact with!

    In conclusion, next time I visit NOLA, I wouldn't even think of staying anywhere else. Thank you Cornstalk!

    03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Amy P.
    Such old charm!! This place is located in the heart of downtown New Orleans! The terrace overlooks the street and the beautiful front porch and gardens are so relaxing! Hearing the history of the origins and then being a part of it made our trip that much more exciting!

    31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Jane K.
    FABULOUS stay here! The staff was over the top friendly and truly made us feel at home. Would recommend it to anyone as a centrally located, historic, clean, beautiful little hotel! Since returning home to Florida I have been dreaming of the beds here :)

    27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Carol L.
    I came prepared thanks to all the yelp (and trip advisor) reviews.. many of them are outdated and inaccurate, but I made sure to read between the lines! I loved my stay at the Cornstalk, and couldn't imagine staying anywhere else for my first visit to New Orleans!

    First of all, the staff are above and beyond excellent!! They emailed me prior to my stay, and also called to give some necessary information about street events and how they might affect my arrival. The friendly desk staff are informative, polite and helpful. Such a delight! (by the way, the Cornstalk is under new management in case you're wondering why things seem so different in older reviews)

    We chose the lovely Room #2. It is elegant, charming and gorgeous! The website pictures don't do it justice. The room is exquisite, gold ceilings, spacious, well air conditioned (although there are no temperature controls), regal curtains, and even the wall paper was really cool - it emulated cushioned walls with gold embroidery, and looked really beautiful. There were two nice sized bottles of water waiting for us.

    The bedding is super soft and the bed is luxurious, it was so comfortable, definitely one of the best hotel beds I have ever slept in. The room was very clean and comes with a large mirrored armoire with many hangers and luggage rack. The decor really shows a lot of attention to details, from the unique crystal chandelier to the lovely antique telephone, gorgeous hand crafted wood finishings, and vintage lamps.

    The bathroom was smaller than a normal hotel, but not tiny; it had a small tub/shower and large beautiful sink with great lighting. The hot water hiccups once in a while.. I made the mistake of chasing the warm water and turning it too too hot when it got cold and then too cold to get the water back to a comfortable temperature... I just had to wait a minute for the hot water to resume.

    I saw a review complaining about the lack of amenities, but I found plenty of toiletries in the bathroom, such as shampoo, conditioner, and several soaps.  Hopefully you will make out better than I did, and not waste all that effort to bring trial sized toiletries in a stupid ziploc bag through security, what a pain! (Also, there's a pharmacy near by to purchase those things) The towels are sparkly clean and soft and thick, in three sizes, the little things I appreciate when staying at a hotel!!

    One con that might not affect most people: it was super-noisy at night! My husband and I are not the party type to stay out all night long (I know, I know, we're in the wrong city ha ha, but we were here for a wedding). So I had a problem sleeping every night - you can hear EVERYTHING going on outside and the street, and some patrons stayed up all night talking absurdly loudly (they're probably drunk) on the porch and balcony. One of the nights the staff asked them to quiet down after 1am. Next time I will use ear plugs. Waking up to accordion music was delightfully charming, but staying up all night to drunk people chatter was not. I'm not sure if a room further in would have been better, there was so much to love about the Cornstalk, that I think I will try again next time. FYI, not the hotels fault but the trash guys pick up at 1:30 am Saturdays, and are really loud, as well as blast loud music. I guess this city is tailored for young single people who like to drink all night and party. I always thought of NO as a party city, but it's worse than Vegas ha ha.

    Oh and free wi-fi :0)

    The staff really is amazing and deserve another mention. I highly recommend this place, just make sure to know what you're in for.

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Sandi C.
    The building is very quaint. I love the decor. It takes you back in time. This hotel has great potential, however it is becoming run down.
    The carpets are dirty & in need of cleaning. I dropped an earring and it went under the bed. No cleaning here in a very long time. The bed is very noisy. Each time you move it groans and squeaks. The antique armoire needs small repairs so that the doors will open and close. All in all a disappointment. Small changes and attention to detail could make thus a really nice place.

    22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. Lesli F.
    Not bad. Room was adequate. You're in nola, in the quarter so you're not expected to stay long in your room. Sleep. Shower. Out to see the sights. But when you return, a nice warm shower would be ideal. However, water pressure is non- existent. It took several minutes for warm water to come through and it was a trickle. I'm all for conservation but this was a bit ridiculous. Decent place. Didn't experience any noises, odd happenings. Just don't plan on a decent shower.

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. Bryan S.
    Beautiful Hotel, Wonderful decor, Antique style all throughout, a lot of history.

    Only thing I didnt like was the size of the rooms, Very small, no fridge, very small tv, no room in bathroom to put bathroom essentials.

    -The bathroom we had in room 208 had extremely sheer curtains, not necessarily a bad thing, but some people may not be too fond of showing their junk to the neighbors. (we never had a problem with peeping Toms)

    -The balcony is beautiful although it was situated right next to our room. This was both good and bad. The good part was that we were able to walk right out of our room and into the beautiful balcony. Bad part was that people would be walking all throughout the day/night. Its a public balcony for all the guests staying at the hotel, not just the 2 rooms connected to it.

    -Lastly, the walls were sort of thin, and since it is more of a Mansion with separate rooms than a Hotel, you can hear almost everything anyone is doing throughout the house.

    Overall the beauty of this place gives it the 4 stars. Plus, sitting on the balcony at night while the Tour people stop by and look at you like Royalty is a nice touch.

    19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Ashley B.
    This hotel is absolutely beautiful! They were even nice enough to let my husband & I do our "day after" photos taken here & they came out perfect! The rooms are a little small but you're in an old home made into a hotel in new orleans. We will definitely stay here again it's in walking distance of everything you need.

    05/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Megan N.
    The staff at the Cornstalk were fabulous and friendly. The valet parking service is extremely convenient, and the building is beautiful and unique.
    So why the three stars instead of four or five? We stayed in the "Elvis" room-the room Elvis had when he stayed at the hotel in the 50s. This room has a window that faces the front courtyard. When we first entered the room, I knew it would be loud from how close it is to the street. I was wrong. Royal street is pretty quiet. However, the flipping crepe stand girl who sets up shop in the courtyard arrives before seven AM and does not give a crap how loudly she talks right outside the rooms, even after the staff asked her to hush on my behalf.
    This would be a great place if they ditched crepe girl, or muted her.

    29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Hayley W.
    We stayed here for a night last July - should've left the review then! Either way, the front desk was very friendly and approachable and even gave us free vouchers to eat locally. We had a room on the 2nd floor, which I would highly recommend for access to the balcony. The price was also excellent in comparison to other options. The hotel is also so unique, I doubt you could find anything like it. I've been wanting to stay here since I was a child. The location is also great for the French Quarter and browsing art on Royal. Our room was small, but we don't need much honestly, and we were very happy. Highly recommend for a unique experience!

    18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. rebecca c.
    This review is way over due as we stayed in October 11th of 2014.   First this is by far the best experience I have had in my recent trips to the French Quarter.  The location is amazing and the staff goes above and beyond any expectations we may have had.  Most importantly we felt safe.

    We felt like valued and welcomed guest from the time we checked in until our departure.  Yes the rooms and bathroom are tiny, but had everything that we needed (including cookies with the turn down service).  Our favorite was the common area balcony.   We walked 2 blocks for our muffalleta and enjoyed it on the balcony while drinking our wine.  The music was provided by the outdoor garden bar/restaurant    directly across the street.  Perfection!  I will defiantly stay at this hotel on ALL of my future trips.  One thing to note, while booking your room you may want to inquire if it has a place to hang clothes.  The couple across the hall did not have a closet or wardrobe, but even with that minor inconvenience they also really enjoyed the hotel.

    Bottom line I loved this hotel and am a fan for life.

    05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0