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Grenoble House in New Orleans, LA

Grenoble House in New Orleans, LA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.53

Address: 323 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA, 70112
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Comments (15):

1. Jason J.
Stayed for 3 nights and asked for a quiet room and we were provided the upper suite at the back. Unfortunately right beside to the room is the holiday Inn washing machine dryer that is on most of the day until 10-11pm. The rooms ac was drowned out by the droning sound.

Staff were friendly and very courteous but on leaving our taxi prebooked with them the night before, was late. Coupled with the fact that the desk said we would not hit traffic at 8am toward Msy airport, but in fact we did. We gave ourselves one hour to get to the airport and we were already prebooked and had our boarding passes in hand. With security, which was swift, at the end we nearly missed our flight.

If it wasn't for the noise or the desk misinformation I'd be giving 4 out of 5 stars for a pleasant French quarter stay.

17/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Connie L.
We had a lovely stay here for our anniversary. The staff was very friendly. The suit was clean. Would have liked some window coverings for privacy on the living area doors. A great place to stay close to all that the French Quarter and New Orleans had to offer.

24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Olivia G.
I did not want to leave the Grenoble! The rooms are like small apartments. The buildings have been modernized but retained antique furniture and much of the original architecture. The best part of the hotel was the staff.  The front desk staff were helpful and very pleasant.  I did not meet the cleaning staff but they must work very hard. The room was spotless. I would recommend the hotel for anyone who loves New Orleans architecture and would enjoy staying in an authentic setting.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Cris R.
My daughter and I stayed here for a week over Thanksgiving.  We had a small efficiency-like room, with a queen bed, a small sitting area, and a kitchenette.  It was plenty of room for the two of us, and much larger than most hotel rooms!  We really didn't make use of the kitchen, except for the microwave and refrigerator, but we're thankful for those options and for the kitchenware provided.  The free bottles of water were a bonus when we're wanted to go out and about, though we drank tap water in the room.  Loved having an ice maker in the fridge!  Housekeeping was very good and only came when you had left the room key at the front desk - no knocking on the door waking you up.  The bed was very comfortable to me - just firm enough, and the pillows weren't too fluffy.  We had stayed overnight at a generic hotel on the way to NOLA, and the bed was way too soft and the pillows so fluffy that they gave me a bad neck and backache.  I slept great at Grenoble House.  Even though it is a block from Bourbon Street, we didn't hear any noise.  We were on the ground floor, however, and you definitely could hear every footstep in the room above you.  Thankfully that was only in the daytime!  The staff was excellent, and helped with suggestions and bookings of tours.  I would definitely stay here again!  Perfect location, great staff, and comfortable room.

28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Andrea W.
We love this hotel! We stayed in one of their cheaper rooms (102) and it was great! (A bit of noise from street passer bys but no biggie.) The rooms have very high ceilings, beautiful antique furniture and lovely bedding . Our room had a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bath.  The owner took us on a tour of their higher end rooms. Nice! Staff was all very friendly and helpful.  I'll be back!

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Bernice H.
I can't say enough good about this hotel....
The staff are super friendly and knowledgable. They are willing to go that extra mile to make sure your stay is comfortable and fun. We never would have tried a king cake if they hadn't had bought one and shared with us...
The hotel is super secure as they don't have a lounge inside the hotel and they take your room key whenever you leave the premises. I thought it odd at first, but it is really for your own safety.
Our room was 302 and it was huge! Our two teens were thrilled to have their own bedroom and hung out there most of the time when we were in the hotel. Hubby and I made good use of the coffee maker and refrigerator. We didn't have the opportunity to cook our own food though, so many great places to visit nearby.
The suite was well appointed and clean and we really enjoyed having a living room to relax in after our days of walking around. We also were glad there were two bathrooms. The beds were some of the most comfortable I have slept on in a hotel.
There is a lot of street noise because Dauphine St. can sometimes get busy with traffic. The hotel is working on a way to soundproof the windows but apparently it has to be from the inside as the building is historic and the outer facade cannot be changed.
Breakfast was mediocre. OJ, a previously frozen pastry, and mandarin...every day. But it served a purpose and on the days we wanted more we just went out.

17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Joshua K.
The Grenoble house has amazing rooms and the friendliest staff on earth. We enjoyed lounging in the hot tub and reading in the living room with all of the 10' doors open. I would stay here again in a heart beat. The staff goes to great lengths to ensure you have a pleasant stay.

04/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Karli S.
This was booked for a bachelorette trip by the bride's mother. We're mostly from Baton Rouge, but none of us had heard of it, not even my friends from nola. However, after looking at the nightly rate and hearing the mother say it was nice, we expected something really fabulous. Nope. Not even close. I've had better experiences at a holiday inn, and I wish I was exaggerating. We get there on night one, and when we go to check in and grab our key, the man at the front desk was INCREDIBLY rude to one of the other bridesmaids. She was confused by their "you can't leave with the key" policy, but he did a poor job of explaining it. He made it sound like you had to be accompanied by an employee each time you wanted to use the key. Not the case, but he could have done a better job clarifying that for her. Instead, he's calling her difficult, asking her what her "problem" is, etc. Then when she goes to unload the car, he starts trash talking her to me. So uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. After being horribly rude, he wants to help us with our bags (after we've already unloaded the car). No thanks, I've gotten them this far. I was tired and frustrated with him, so I told him "I've got it, but thanks." He then just takes my stuff from me. He continues pulling on my bags, while I'm telling him, again, that I will just carry my own things. Then he starts arguing with me about why I won't let him carry my stuff to the room. Why does it matter? He was very rude when we first arrived, so did he think that trying too hard to do his job would make up for that? Respect people and their requests - that's your job in the hospitality industry. He also wasn't even sure if our rooms were ready/available. That made no sense to me. When you make a reservation, it generally means you're reserving a room; and the hotel's job is to keep track of what rooms are occupied and which are available (seems simple enough). So there was some confusion there - not sure what that was about, but it wasn't promising, especially when he had to knock on the door and wait before unlocking it to let us in. Once we got to our rooms and were getting settled, I was kind of surprised at how unimpressive this place was. Historic? Of course, it's New Orleans. Historic places aren't that hard to come by. The bathrooms and kitchen were outdated (not in a cool retro way) and very cramped. Within 20 minutes of being there, we had to kill a roach. Not a wood roach, which are common and almost unavoidable in this state, but the tiny disgusting German roaches that appear only if you live in filth. Their pool was disgusting. It was obviously too cold to swim, but as an "upscale" hotel, you should maintain that through the winter months for aesthetic purposes. No one wants to lie by a green pit of algae. The leather furniture in the suite was all weird and greasy, perhaps from a leather cleaner that was used improperly? We managed to spend as little time as possible at the hotel, both because it was a bachelorette trip and because it wasn't anything special. I will say that their day shift employees were polite and courteous, nothing extraordinary, but they certainly weren't all like the man we encountered the first night. We obviously avoided him for the rest of the weekend, anyway. I don't like that I can't take my room key with me. I understand that it's a safety measure, so that guests don't lose their keys in the French quarter; but update your systems to key cards and that won't be an issue. Rude man kept condescendingly telling us that we "just didn't get it," because it's "European," and if we'd ever travel to Europe, we'd understand that. Been there, done that, and the lovely hotels I've visited on that contenant also used key cards, but thanks for your worldly information. Regardless of whether or not it is European, that doesn't make it upscale or less flawed. It's the 21st century. Update your stuff. Additionally, while the rude man was showing us where our rooms were, there was NO ONE at the front desk where all of the cubbies are clearly displayed with the keys and their room numbers, so I'd say that's a security issue as well. As a frequent visitor to nola, this was my worst experience by far. I've stayed at the Ritz Carlton, la Pavillion, the Hilton, Omni, Royal Sonesta, and Harrahs and they were all far better and cheaper than this place. Spend your money elsewhere, you'll enjoy yourself a lot more.

20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Dulce O.
I recently stayed at Grenoble House with my sister after we visited NOLA for a couple days before heading to Lafayette for a wedding.

Grenoble House exceeded  our expectations of our stay in NOLA. The location is within walking distance to many of the major sites in the lovely city. We were able to walk to Bourbon St, Frenchmen's Street, Cafe du Monde, and many places to eat.

The staff members at the hotel were very accommodating and welcoming. They right away offered us a map of the city which was so helpful during our stay and recommended some places to see and eat. It was really important for us to get good recommendations because we literally had 2 days there. They offered a continental breakfast in the courtyard every morning and were always very interactive with us about what we liked, what we didn't like etc. They really seemed to care about our opinion.
    As far as the room or should I say mini apartment, we loved it! I was so thankful it was well air-conditioned since the city was very humid. The room was spacious and the little living area included couches, tv, and a  coffee table.The kitchen included a fridge, dishwasher, and a couple of dishes with a coffee maker.  I really felt like  I was living in New Orleansin a cozy apartment. We couldn't believe how nice it was! The mini apartments included a small balcony to overlook the courtyard which was so relaxing. The actual secluded courtyard with tables to eat, a pool which I used a couple of times to cool off and relax. I couldn't have asked for more. It was definitely a place to relax from all the business of the city. They do take your key when you leave the hotel but there is always someone at the reception to give it back to you when you come back into the hotel.
They were also able to help us book a swamp tour (highly recommend) and a walking tour of the city. They looked through brochures with us and set everything up for us.
If you are looking for a quiet relaxing stay I would definitely recommend this hotel and would book again if/when I return to NOLA!

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. John W.
This hotel is fantastic and is located only a block from Bourbon St, which, to be honest, should be renamed "Drunken Moron Alley."  At any rate, the staff at the hotel are crazy-friendly and bent over backwards to accommodate three of the biggest, over educated drunken dipshits the world has ever known.  The room we were in (suite104) was really nice and slept three drunken buffoons comfortably.  Look, on the first night when we rolled back into our room at 5:00 am, drunk, and my buddy Steve sloppily helped himself to a giant pile of the complimentary cake that have sitting out (along with some really good coffee, as well) nobody batted an eye, or said a word about his drunken gluttony.  In fairness he DID eat all of the cake.  The next night, the ever-drunk Steve and I took an accidental tumble into the gutter along Bourbon St and came up covered in backed-up sewer water (it was his fault: he fell and grabbed onto me, pulling me down).  We smelled like I can't even begin to describe!  It was 4:30 in the morning so we decided to wrap it up and head back to the room.  When the person at the desk let us in, covered head to toe in filth, and smelling like we'd bathed in a port-o-let, all he did was chuckle and say, "Looks like you boys took a bit of a tumble!"  He even helped Steve pile up his slices of cake (actually, now that I think of it, he probably was just trying to keep Steve AWAY from the cake) and hold the door open for us so we could weave our way back to our room.  In the morning, everyone was polite and didn't acknowledge our performance from the night before.  What I'm REALLY trying to say is I'll be back with my wife (NOT Steve) and I'll stay here again.  In addition, I'll probably also avoid Bourbon St.

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Scotty S.
I found the Grenoble House by happenstance.  All of the other hotels in the French Quarter were booked up when I was looking .  By fortuitous searching I finally found this location. It is NOT a hotel!  All of the rooms are nicely decorated with full kitchenettes, which can be a life saver when one does not want to fight the crowds for a late night nibble.  It is also a perfect location for families or those who do not want to eat out for every meal.

When I booked the room, Vic, the owner, confirmed the dates personally.  The entire staff was very welcoming and helpful when I arrived very late.  They even procured the essential Diet Coke for the room.  (Some people have their "needs" that do not make sense to anyone else.)  

The rooms still use traditional keys, which are to be left at the front desk to minimize losing them in the French Quarter and inviting unsavory folks from raiding one's room whilst out and about.  There is always someone awake and friendly at the front desk to buzz one in regardless of the hour.  Even though I never arrived back to the Grenoble House in an "unfit condition", which could easily happen to one while taking in the festive atmosphere of the local bars, pubs, and restaurants,  I have little doubt that the staff would assist such a person reach their room.  

Despite being in the heart of the French Quarter, the rooms are surprisingly quiet, albeit, as long as the other guests are courteous with their noise level.  I did not experience any disturbances but voices do carry in the courtyard, which can be heard in the rooms.

Because of the historical value of the Grenoble House and the endless difficulties Vic experienced with the insurance company, there are still a few renovations and upgrades being added.  Vic was gracious enough to make sure that the WiFi was strong enough to accommodate all of my computer networking needs.  

I highly recommend this location for anyone.

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Geoff C.
After experiencing substandard lodgings during our previous visits to the Big Easy, we were delighted to stay here! The Grenoble House is a well maintained and appointed piece of New Orleans history that is well worth the price. The location is great and being as how the Quarter is so small you can get anywhere within walking distance.

01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Whitney D.
What a peaceful place to stay and so conveniently located in the French Quarter. The staff were wonderful and incredibly friendly! The rooms were very clean.
We will definitely be back! Thank you for the hospitality Grenoble house

19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Snoop M.
Beautiful, comfortable hotel in a great location.  We stayed in 102 (cheapest room) and it was a small apartment with living room, bedroom, full kitchen and bath.  Our refrigerator was even stocked with bottled water at no extra charge.  Other non-corporate-hotel touches included real antique furniture and a vase and art that were not bolted down.  We were on the first floor and our living room windows opened right onto Dauphine Street, which was pretty entertaining.  
The front desk staff were helpful and had great local restaurant recommendations.  This hotel is a little different in that you have to turn in your key to the front desk when you leave and pick it up on return, but this is surprisingly nonintrusive.  There is a small selection of breakfast stuff (included) in the lobby every morning.
The hotel is a short walk from Bourbon Street, cemetery, and French Quarter attractions in general.  We would definitely stay here again.

26/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Sharlyne B.
We travel a lot for work. This was an occasion where we were traveling for vacation, and picked the Grenoble house for the convenience of its location (stumbling distance from Bourbon St) and the amenities of the room (full kitchen). We stayed in room 106.
Best hotel experience ever!
The staff is so friendly and accommodating. They were happy to answer any questions we had, steered us towards a lovely restaurant that was a local favorite, and took great care to make sure everything was to our liking. They're down to earth fun people who you can have a conversation with beyond the formality of your accommodations.
Weird quirk, they follow an old European system of keeping your room key (it's not a card or anything, it's a standard key) when you leave, and then buzz you in through the locked from door. It's weird, but then when you come back to an unassuming locked door and are buzzed in regardless of hour or condition, you find yourself relieved that you don't have to search for the key, and that there aren't crazy drunk people (who don't belong there) freely entering the hotel to create a ruckus. There's always someone at the door, 24/7, and they welcome you back in no matter what condition you're in, haha! What's more is you won't have a hotel maid waking you in the morning to clean your room because they won't come by until you've left with the key dropped off. So you can sleep in as long as you like undisturbed.
The room itself was lovely with a full kitchen, full living room, full bedroom and bathroom. It was like having a mini apartment in the French Quarter. The old wood charm of the furniture and decor is delightful, and the courtyard in the back with a pool and hot tub is a great way to unwind.
What's best about the location was, because you were a block off from Bourbon, you can easily join the party anytime, or escape to the safe quiet Grenoble House to recover your liver.
We will gladly recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to NOLA, and will only ever stay here. Switching back to the standard chain hotels after this will be forever disappointing.

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0