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Jean Lafitte House in New Orleans, LA

Jean Lafitte House in New Orleans, LA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.50

Address: 613 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA, 70116
  • Mon: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tue: Closed
  • Wed: Closed
  • Thu: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sat: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Sun: Closed

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Comments (4):

1. Ingrid S.
We stayed in Unit 1 during the last week in August. It was very clean and beautifully decorated. We arrived at 9 in the morning due to an early flight in from NY. My husband, myself and two children, ages 9 and 1 1/2 took a drive around 10 am to the Jean Lafitte House to see what time we could get into our room. George called housekeeping and said our room was ready and we could get right in. This was such a wonderful gesture and greatly appreciated as we would have had to drive around and find things to do with the kids for 6 more hours until check in time at 4. They allowed us to use the washing machine and dryer at no extra charge. Such genuinely nice people working there!    Situated in a nice neighborhood and an easy walk to French Market and everything in French Quarter.  Even the streetcar stop is a few quick minutes away.      The office does have limited hours, but there is a phone number to call at anytime. We rented a car, which is not necessary unless you are traveling further out of the French Quarter such as to the plantations and the swamp tours. There was a daily parking fee to park in their private lot around the corner, but well worth it. Parking is very tight and hard to find around the Quarter!   Felt very safe, they had a combination locked door to get into the complex.  Courtyard was very cozy. Small pool to take a dip and cool ourselves.   Bedroom was very large, had a comfortable bed and a queen pull out bed for the kids.  Antique furniture and beautiful brick exposed walls with very high ceiings. Oh, we miss it already!    Thank you Jean Lafitte house for a wonderful stay!  We will be back one day!

02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Eric K.
We arrived prior to the official 4:00 PM check-in listed on our confirmation.  There was no sign outside indicating that we were in the Jean Lafitte House, but thankfully we had our confirmation with the address listed on it.  We opened the large wooden door and walked into the resort down a long hallway.  There were no signs indicating where to go.  Finally we saw a tiny sign that read "office" on one of the doors on the other side of the courtyard.  We approached the closed door, started to knock, and then the adjacent door opened and the housekeepers were greeting us.  They were very friendly and helpful, but said nobody was in the office and someone "may or may not" be in later, but checked our name off their list and gave us two keys.  That was our check-in process.  Basically, there's no front desk staff/check-in desk and even if there was, there's nobody to man it.  Because of this, there are also no activities, nobody to give you directions and advice, and most importantly for us, nobody to get us a taxi back to the airport.  You're basically on your own.  Later that evening, envelopes (with keys!!) were left in the hallway for everyone to pick up their own.  Ours was out there, too, with more keys.  Anyone could have picked ours up, opened up our door, and taken our belongings while we were out.  

The staircases to the rooms can be a challenge.  Ours was up one flight, through a low doorway that we had to duck through, and up another flight.  We were okay, but others might have difficulty climbing these stairs that are kind of oddly laid out.  The rooms were fairly nice, and we loved the rustic brick walls and super-high ceilings.  They made the rooms seem much larger.  We could have used more furniture in the living room area.  There was only one sofa to sit on for four people (although the two-bedroom suite we had can supposedly sleep up to 6).  There was a nice big flatscreen TV in the living room, as well as one in each bedroom, and tiny flatscreens in each of the bathrooms.  

The kitchen was a makeshift kitchen, so it was pretty useless to us.  There was a small refrigerator and a mini fridge.  A very tiny sink attached to a two-burner "stove."  (I use the term loosely.)  And the counters consisted of a couple of old console tables.  Underneath one was something I can only call a busboy's plastic box that contained the pots and pans.  

Both bathrooms seemed fairly modern with marble floors and updated sinks and showers/tubs, but the towel racks in the bathrooms were loose and/or broken.  And, while the TVs in the bathrooms were interesting to find, they didn't work.  I think putting the money toward a kitchen would have been a better use for the money.  

The bedroom closets each had a big metal rack thrown in them, which seemed out of place.  Why not just put up a bar?  It was so bulky, took up a lot of unnecessary space, and was awkward to hang anything or put my suitcase in it.  I also had to decide which one item of clothing I would hang on the one clothes hanger I was given.  

There are no resort amenities to comment on, and I'm not sure why there's a tiny swimming pool in the middle of the courtyard.  It's not really maintained and the space might be put to better use.  

Lastly, we felt a bit uncomfortable with the lack of security in our resort.  First, the keys to the rooms were left out for anyone to take.  Second, we had doors that opened out to a shared balcony which didn't latch very well.  One small push and someone could have easily have gotten into our rooms.  We slept with chairs against the doors, as if that would have helped prevent an intruder from getting in.  To top it all off, on our first night, the power went out around 11:30 p.m.  Now we had unsecured doors, nobody on the premises...and no light.  It was a bit nerve-racking.  We called the emergency number for the resort and advised them about the power outage.  We were told that it was like that all over the city.  Well, except for every house across the street from us, next door to us, and on the buildings and skyscrapers we could see peering over the well-lit houses across the street.  They said they'd look into it.  At around 4:00 a.m., the power finally came back on.

We were awakened every morning by the goings-on of the city.  Our rooms were right along the street that was quiet in the evening, but crazy busy in the morning.  Cars would drive by, horns would honk incessantly, city trucks would drive by, garbage trucks stopped every morning to pick up trash, etc.  It was like being in NYC.

Was the resort clean?  Yes, definitely.  Was it in a good location?  Yes, it was on the edge of the French Quarter.  You could easily walk to everything within the Quarter.  Would I stay there again?  Probably not, for all of the reasons listed above.  I like a minimum amount of little bit of service and attention when I travel.  But at least we didn't have anyone begging us to go on a timeshare tour!

19/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Mike M.
Really bad place to go, un organized , not clean, first of all when we arrived we had no way getting in because nobody told us the code to get in the street door. The office is only staffed during the day. The place was not clean and had no clothes hangers when we got there the keys were posed to be in some box in court yard, but our envelope was out of the box laying there was one key missing. On the good side great location air conditioner worked great, but It had a bathroom and bedroom up a narrow spiral staircase with the closet downstairs. We were in the older units in the back so it was very quiet for us even in the morning. Late at night when we walked from Bourbon Street up to our place,  it seemed a little eerie, but we were told by others, it's not a bad area. Your real close to the local hang out area of Frenchman and farmers market. If you're used to staying in a clean hotel or motel with service available it's not your place. But if you're into something that's  old and historical it's a cool place. But when you open and close your door to get in to your room they are old and not very secure easily can be pushed in.

15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Lewis R.
I like the fact that the Jean Lafitte house is off the beaten path a bit, but still very close to all the action. We stayed there through a timeshare deal, but I believe it is not just for timeshare folks.

There are only 12 rooms, so the atmosphere is cozy and you'll quickly meet the other folks who are staying. The interior courtyard is partially shaded by a huge old tree, so it is a great place to sit and read or talk during the heat of the day. Or you can take a dip in the pool (small, but goes to 5' deep). They do have wireless although we were unsuccessful in getting my brother's ancient iBook to connect (some WEP madness, I suspect). The rooms are small, but what are you doing staying in your room anyway, right? It has a fully equipped kitchen, too.

They are still in the process of renovating after the storm, so there were some oddities like patched holes and mismatched furnishings. Nothing dumpy, but it just wasn't "put together" yet. The big oddity was that the only bathroom was up the spiral staircase. That's great if you're already upstairs, but it isn't fun to maneuver when you're in a hurry or drunk (or both). I think the bathroom issue is only for the rooms on the top floor (different layouts for different floors).

The staff was very friendly and were happy to make recommendations or reservations. All in all, a nice spot.

23/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0