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Lamothe House Hotel in New Orleans, LA

Lamothe House Hotel in New Orleans, LA


Nestled in the ancient oaks of Esplanade Avenue, the ornate architectural detail of the past meets modern comfort and convenience in our restoration of the historic Lamothe House hotel.  Featuring an elaborate courtyard accented by mature landscaping, a garden pond, and a refreshing pool, peace and relaxation are just steps away from the thrill the Crescent City has to offer.

In addition to 30 guest rooms refinished in traditional style, five Grand Antique Suites have been preserved from the original 1839 construction of the home of Jean Lamothe, a wealthy sugar cane planter of French descent.  Furnished with antique furniture & artwork, the detail and charm that exemplifies old New Orleans is accessible to today's traveler.


Established in 1839.

Renovated and restored back to it's original beauty as of January 2013. Miss Marie Virginia Lamothe purchased two parcels of land fronting on Esplanade Avenue in 1839 and sold the property to her brother, Jean Lamothe, in 1833. The house was built circa 1839 as one of the first double townhouses erected in New Orleans. In 1859 the Lamothe family sold the property to Henry Parlange and Paul Rivera, two Parisians. These men hired contracted builder Louis Folliet to change out the shutters and doors, convert the porte-cochere into a main entrance and hallway, add four hand-carved Corinthian columns and twin winding stairways with hand-turned mahogany rails leading to the second-floor reception and third-floor suites. The house's great cypress floor boards and ceiling timbers were hand-hewn. Many of the hand-wrought iron fastenings and rolled-glass window panes have been preserved. The double service wings were rebuilt of brick and the courtyard was paved with ship ballast stones.


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Rating: 4.12

Address: 621 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA, 70116
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Comments (34):

1. Lala M.
ok so i've always stayed in the french quarter, but we found a good deal on bookit.com & they're dog-friendly so we decided to try it. location was great~ close enough to walk to everything, bourbon, etc, but far enough from all the noisy craziness if you're not into that. our room was actually a suite (for less than $90/nite on a weekend) & comfortably accomodated 4 ppl & a small dog. will definitely stay there again sometime, hopefully soon!

06/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Chip B.
A quaint place in the French Quarter at the end of Royal St. and Esplanade Ave. As are most of the boutique hotels in the Quarter, this one is an old house that is made over into a hotel. When we got there, they told me they had us booked into a queen but there were none available so they upgraded us to a room with two queens. The room was large, quiet and secluded at the end of the pool past the court yard. If you like antique with courteous service, you might like this place. It is a good 10 block walk to any happening part of Bourbon St. which was a stretch after a night of drinking. It is only 3-4 blocks from Decataur Street and the French Market. We would stay again. My only complaint is the front entrance - the door sticks like mad and you would think they could fix that.

07/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Tanya R.
I've stayed here twice in the past year, and had a reasonably good experience both times. The location is unbeatable - right on the edge of the French Quarter, close enough to walk to everything, but far enough to get some peace and quiet. Also, it is very close to Frenchmen street, my favorite spot for music. The staff is friendly and accommodating, the rooms are comfortable in a slightly run-down antique European sort-of-way, and the price was quite reasonable. We had an issue on our most recent visit with a film crew occupying most of the hotel (and inconveniently filming at the hotel during our stay). I'm pleased to say that the hotel smoothed things over by giving us a discount and a bottle of champagne. It was the right thing to do, and it helped to ease the tension. We'll be back, I'm sure.

07/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Andy E.
Excellent affordable hotel on the edge of the French Quarter. It is a converted mansion, built in the 1830's. The staff was efficient and the room was lovely. There's a pool located in the courtyard and a parking lot is available around back for no additional charge. Highly recommended!

12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Pete L.
I've found New Orleans (especially the French Quarter) to be a quirky place.  The Lamothe House reflects this the plumbing is old (it takes a while for water to get hot) and rooms are a little smaller than one would expect from a hotel.

All that said, a little tolerance will reward a traveler with two things: an excellent location between the French Quarter and the Marigny and a very competitive price.  One could easily spend $50-100 more to be in this location.  Worth a look, especially if you are fan of the quaint.

17/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Doris P.
This is not a 5 star hotel as far as modern comforts and sleek design.

It's beautiful, historic and truly New Orleans with great customer service and an excellent price.

As a true New Orleanian who has since been forced to move away, this is where I choose to stay when I visit home. That should tell you something.

05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Gabrielle P.
I love New Orleans and have been going for years from my NYC home.  I like to say that New York is my husband and New Orleans is my mistress.  So, I usually stay with friends but this time I needed a hotel.  After much internetting, I chose the Lamothe house for price and location.

I really prefer to avoid the French Quarter crowds and stay in the Faubourg Marigny.  Look it up if you don't know it, it's quieter and somewhat less touristy - definitely less touristy than the Canal/Bourbon street madness.  If you want super modern hotels this area isn't for you.

If you are traveling with a lover or someone you're willing to share a bed with, try to get room M9.  We got this room in their 2nd property, the "Marigny Guest House", by accident but we were thrilled.  It was across a street, right behind this building and accessible through a courtyard.  

We just wanted a bed in a cheap but fairly maintained place, but instead found ourselves in a room with a humongous chandelier hovering over the king sized bed and a bathroom the size of my NY studio including a jacuzzi.  The shower includes a supersized showerhead and the hot water and pressure were fine.  The jacuzzi was hot for hours.  The other rooms are smaller but still quaint and well appointed with period furniture (different periods, I'm guessing, but a lot of Victorian).

The lobby is sweet and lovely, but the receptionist sits upstairs.  We should have left our heavy suitcases downstairs when we checked in late.  I didn't think to ask for a microwave or fridge but I suspect we would have been laughed at and I'm ok with that.  I never thought it was a Marriott.

The staff were all friendly.  The first night reception person was a little terse but very professional.  The day staff were great and let us keep our bags next to them on our last day so we could roam the city before our flight.  The dining room is quite handsome.  Breakfast was simple but fresh and fine (and included!) like the standard breakfast in many hotels.  The tv was on, which always seems odd to me around a bunch of curly furniture.  The place makes me want to read, not know scores.

In general, I recommend this hotel for feeling like a house.  We were very comfortable and happy here.

13/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. J. W.
This was our first stay in New Orleans so we were very picky about where to stay.  This hotel is on the edge of the French Quarter - just far enough that you can sleep well, but close enough that you can walk every where you want to go.  It's called a hotel, but really it's two older houses converted to rooms.  We stayed in the back house, and we were extremely pleased with our room (I'll be honest; the main house gave me the creeps).  We would definitely stay here again, without hesitation.  

Pros:  Clean, quiet, decent neighborhood, close to everything you want to see in the FQ but away from the bustle of Bourbon Street

Cons:  Small room, kinda dim (which could be a pro if you're hungover!)

03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Mary C.
Okay, whoever complained about the pool is insane. The pool was beautiful. There are trees around it so obviously leaves fall in it, but besides that it was really nice to jump in that after strolling the quarter all day. It gets good sun all day long so what time I did spend sitting by it got me a nice bronze glow. The staff there is super sweet as well. We stayed in back carriage house part and the only thing I can say is next time we will try to book a room in the main house or off of the frog pond.  We snagged our room for a song by booking in advance through their website and I can say honestly that I would definately stay here again. Its right next to Frenchman Street and so close to everything in the quarter, plus if you're driving the garage is right behind the hotel. I get up way too early, early enough to be up and about to listen to the cleaning ladies talk about their morning to eachother and it made me smile. those ladies rock.

18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Mike P.
Consider this an un-review.

Mind you I did not spend the night...

Why? Well, let me tell you.

I arrived at the front of the hotel with my wife. There's no clear signage of where to park. Luckily, the chap on duty was out front and told me to move my car into a temporary spot and come in. He went in ahead of me. I unloaded ALL of my luggage and proceeded in. Once inside, I had to lug everything up a flight of stairs with my pregnant wife to the registration desk. I was handed my keys and instructed to park in the rear lot and proceed to my room. Had to lug everything back downstairs, reload my car and drive to the rear lot.

-Complaint #1: Why is there no signage or why did the guy just tell me to come in and not unload my car?

We drove to the lot...which, in its defense, was under video surveillance. It is behind the property and across the street. It is not secured. It is not locked. It is not tended after. There was graffiti on the walls.

-Complaint #2: Parking at the hotel, which costs $25 a day...on weekends, should be better than this. It's embarrassingly unkept.

We entered the property through the rear gate. Walked to around to the front door of our room. The rooms are a series of buildings with 3-5 rooms in each building.

The door to the room, which was on the ground floor, looked as old as the hotel claimed it would. While charming, actually it wasn't, it looked like an open invitation to intruders. The door jam was cracked and looked as if it has been pried open before.

Complaint #3: The door to a ground-level suite that seemed to have no security guard on the grounds, shouldn't look as if someone could break in with a pocket knife. Maybe they were the original doors from the early 1900s...but historical value should take a back seat to being stable.

We walked in and were aghast. The carpet was water-damaged. There were holes in the wall. I slid on the bathroom floor as there was a layer of filth. The shower had soap scum marks and a leaky faucet. On the bed there was a pile of residue that apparently blew out of the air conditioner and on to the comforter. The drapery was dilapidated. The room had a large glass door that was right next to the bed and felt like anybody could make their way in with ease.

Complaint #4: Read the above paragraph again. Enough said.

I immediately knew I was not spending the night. First and foremost, the safety of my family is my priority. I felt like we would be vulnerable to so many bad possibilities. This place is not in the best of neighborhoods to begin with. Second, a blatant disregard for upkeep with minimal hospitality requirements and safety in mind and also just to be palatable to inhabit made this a no-brainer for departure. My wife quickly made reservations at the Omni, which was THE SAME PRICE AND IN THE FRENCH QUARTER!

Went back to the car, loaded up again and went back to the front desk and told the same chap that our place was not even at the minimal standards I require for any hotel stay. To his credit, he was apologetic. But he immediately reminded me that I would "at least" be responsible for the one of two nights I was booked. I will update this review should they try to take more money. On Bookit.com , the policy is one day of room and taxes and $20 for early departure. For their sake...I hope they don't try anything funny.

I feel that this policy should have some leeway...and this goes for all hotels. If I walk into a place and I feel it is unsafe for my family as well as being gross in general, I shouldn't be punished entirely for the day. The hotel got to collect a couple hundred dollars off of me for doing absolutely nothing. They actually made money for being irresponsible and filthy. Maybe I am the idiot! Sure feel like one.

So, in conclusion, I don't have a review for a "stay". Based on my evidence...I do not think I need to spend the night to know that we are squarely afloat in one-star waters here.

Writer's note: I write this from the comfort of my new hotel room at the Omni....which blows this dump out of the water for the same price. Call me a hotel snob if you wish, but at least I am a safe, secure and comfortable hotel snob!

25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Renee T.
Had a great stay!  Was very close to Bourbon Street!  Our room was clean (with no roaches, which are all over the city.)  The place was nice and parking was a huge plus!

22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Amanda K.
Ok so I have to start off in saying that because I gave this review a 5 star DOES NOT mean it's a five star hotel!!!  If that's what you are looking for, you will only be disappointed and be prepared to spend your life savings on a hotel room.  Trust me - my friend and I looked for weeks to find a decently priced, nice hotel room in the French Quarter.

My first impression of the hotel was an old bed and breakfast style home.  I loved it.  I was even more impressed when I checked in and noticed the multiple security cameras being viewed at the receptionist desk.  I asked the receptionist if we had a room with a window since we requested one when we booked in April (6 months before!!!)  and she said she wasn't sure.  We get to our room and alas, no window.

I was actually very annoyed since we booked our room 6 months in advance, but in actuality it is Bookit.com that is to blame.  They told me in April that the hotel had been notified but in actuality, they did not notify the hotel until the morning I was checking in.

In any case, we checked into our room and could not understand the negative reviews on TripAdvisor.  In fact, everyone had been nice, the place was fine and very affordable, and we were located on the edge of the French Quarter in a very cute local neighborhood.

Continental breakfast is VERY plain but the conversation and one big table make it very much a bed and breakfast.  

The only downside is that their site promotes a free afternoon sherry but when we asked the receptionist she said they stopped doing that "a long time ago" (two months before)

The last night we actually had plumbing issues (I believe because of the rain and our long hair of us two girls) so we were put in another room - this one with a WINDOW!  

and the bottom line is... I don't care what all the reviews on Trip Advisor say.. the window room is not "better".  In fact i don't really know what their issue is.  The second room we got because it is in the main building is smaller, doesn't have the bathroom counter space and many other things that make it inferior to the (windowless) room we had the first three nights.

The bad reviews on the hotel are completely unnecessary.  It's a great old hotel (think bed and breakfast) on the outskirts off the French Quarter.  But if you are looking for a five star hotel, look elsewhere.  But don't take your hatred out on this hotel. :-)

06/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Andrea H.
I have stayed here a few times   (for birthdays, anniversaries, etc), and love the place. We have stayed in the front room with the balcony each time. I love the period furniture, the awesome decor, and the AMAZING courtyard. There's a hot tub, a pool, and it's all super romantic and pretty! I recommend this place to my friends who are staying in the area.

The reason I am actually writing this review is because of the service. I called last night in a panic because 4 of my friends' plane had been cancelled due to weather. They were basically homeless, and had been calling around to hotels, with no luck. Mind you, it was 9 PM, and many of the smaller B&Bs don't have the staff for walk-ins, but it was still super stressful trying to find somewhere. Envision me standing outside a bar yelling "YES" or "RESERVATIONS"  into some automated telephone answering service for thirty minutes!

I called Renee (spelling??) at the Lamothe house, and he was INCREDIBLE! He not only found a room, but he also went to check and make sure that the room met our needs!! He called me back promptly and was so helpful and empathetic. Even though my friends ended up choosing another hotel (based on distance to the airport), I will definitely remember this and will keep recommending the Lamothe house. Thank you Renee! Your service restored my faith in customer service!!

20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. William G.
Nice enough, this very clean and newly-updated* old place was priced right. Maybe too right. Hint: stay downstairs in the old carriage house if you want to relive that college experience of when the upstairs booze hounds return to traipse around every square foot of their spacious, thin-floored apartment at 3 a.m. Then again this is NOLA. Sleep is a commodity. You get what you invest in. Weekdays, a downstairs room is okay. Weekends, be upstairs only, and try to be considerate of others. If this hotel could control it's guests, I suppose it'd receive a better review. But since it can't control others' behavior, more of a buffer (insulation) between floors during their remodel would have been nice. This is more an indictment against the 20-something generation, I suppose. But Lamothe House is in the guest services business. Perhaps some signs in the rooms to control unruly guests? Right. 3-1/2 stars, on the positive side.

* modern room and decor, very nice...over an old, charming skeleton...leaves one wanting, sometimes.

30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Lauren W.
Excellent customer service and wonderfully kind and helpful staff. Beautiful and unique grounds and historic artwork everywhere.

So why the 3 stars?  Though the room itself was very clean, it was very small, the bed was pretty uncomfortable and I got locked in the bathroom (laughter turned to panic which turned back to laughter when I finally got out).

For the price ($112 after tax with AAA discount) I guess you get what you pay for. But it wasn't too comfortable and I think I'll opt to pay a little more next time for a nicer hotel.

Location was pretty good. About a 10 minute walk to the main part of the French quarter, so it was quiet where we were.  They also had a free "continental" breakfast that included some stale looking pastries, several varieties of cereal and coffee and juice.

28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Lisa H.
This hotel was in the perfect location.  It was close enough to the French Quarter that it was in walking distance, but far enough off that the neighborhood was quiet.  I also felt safe walking and I felt very secure at the hotel because they had cameras and a locked main entrance.
The rooms were old, but that was expected based on the age of the building.  The only problem with the older age was the shower, with it's slower draining and three knobs to turn the water on.  The bed was adequate, it was a full so sleeping arrangements were a little tight.  If you were tall, the bed might be a little small.  The bed was definitely creaky whenever you moved and a little stiff, but otherwise it was fine.  I was usually so tired from walking all day that I was able to sleep right away.

The continental breakfast is oatmeal, cereal and doughnuts, but if you want a doughnut show up early because they go fast.

We never made it to the pool, but it seemed nice.  The pool was pretty warm, and the jacuzzi was attached to it...so I don't how much hotter the jacuzzi got then the pool.

When we booked the hotel, it promised an afternoon sherry, but when we got there the sherry promotion was no longer in existence which was a disappointment, but not a deal breaker.  I don't think I would stay here in the hot summer months of July and August because I think the air conditioning isn't modern enough to handle the extreme humidity...in those months I would stick with the more modern hotels like Embassy Suites.  Every other month of the year I would stay here again, but hopefully secure a room with a queen or king bed, because the full bed is just not fun for 2 people.

08/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Sam R.
5 of us stayed for around $100 bucks per night only weeks after the Mardi Gras and Superbowl nightmares!

Clean, homey, high-ceilings with fans and temperature control.  Safely out of the path of danger, but convenient (1 block) from the Marigny and French Quarter-- on the hip, less-touristy side of that area.

Little pool and hot-tub were super-cute.

We got 1/4 of the large back-house for 5 of us.  I think they have accommodations for less people than that as well.  I will be back to this city and this house :)

04/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Brett H.
If all I had to put for you to know to avoid this place was Terrible , then that is where  I would leave it. But , readers of yelp need more, so more you will get.

If this was just a customer service issue , maybe I would not be writing this. But this is flat out a terrible place to do business with. I booked my hotel stay ( which was to be December 30th till January 3rd of this year ) via hotels.com , the contract stated that the Hotel would NOT take payment till conclusion of my stay , as long as I honored the contract and made any cancellations atleast 2 days in advance. The contract said there was NO deposit . Well , the hotel , did not like that contract and made thier own up , and litterally stole from my account without my permission. So on the horn with Hotels.com and they attempted to talk to the hotel about this issue , to no avail. The hotel stated , too bad so sad , litterally ~ So , Hotels.com actually provided me with a full credit of the amount the hotel took from my account ( Thank you by the way hotels.com ~ This hotel has lost my business along with many other people due to stealing money from my account without permission ( I gave a credit card to HOLD the room ) They attempted to say , its policy during holidays , but again , the contract we made had NOTHING to say anything of the sort and actually said the opposite. This hotel reservation could have gained them plenty , as it was a small group of us that like to travel , instead I hope it cost them more than just our business. You need to learn how to treat people better. They were rude on the phone , and have lost me ....

I have worked customer service for over a decade of my life , and I was treated so poorly with the rudeness and the unwillingness to even budge a bit. Avoid at all costs unless you like being spit on and treated like a dog, in which case Jump in head first !

17/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Colleen N.
PERFECT!  The location allows a brisk morning walk for coffee, or an early dawn stumble home from the local French Quarter.  My room was quiet, with a dreamy bed and updated bathroom.  Can;t rave enough about the staff, service, location & over-all experience.

20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Ashley H.
This is the Motel 6 of bed and breakfasts. The antique furniture is in very poor condition, and the decor is downright tacky.  They actually had those fake flower bouquets you buy at Wal-Mart crammed in glass vases sitting on the mantle. The paintings looked like something you'd see on Scooby Doo where the eyes follow you around the room, and not in a cool way.  The mattress, pillows and linens were very cheap and not comfortable at all. The beds squeak every time you move. The bathroom was so small that I'm pretty sure you could shower, use the toilet, and brush your teeth all at the same time.  The room seemed dirty. Our key broke off in the lock. Fortunately, there was someone there to let us in our room. The parking was terrible. It's a small, fenced, gravel lot behind the hotel. Lamonth House wasn't any less expensive than other hotels in the area.

The only things going for this place were the pool area, the location, and the friendly and helpful staff. We also had a pretty cool balcony with some pretty beat up hurricane shutters.

If you find yourself in NOLA and there's no other hotels available, and you don't want to sleep in your car, I'd say check it out.  They'll leave the light on for you!

08/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Matthew T.
The staff was amazing...great service, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The hotel was beautiful, well kept, and exactly what we were looking for... It is located on the outskirts of the French Quarter, so it was quieter, but a couple blocks away from being in the heart of it.

26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Susan F.
We stayed at Lamothe House over Easter weekend with a group of friends. The hotel is in a great location on the edge of the FQ, a nice walk to the river, the Charles Street trolley, etc. The rooms, although quite small, were beautiful and we loved the quiet courtyard. Staff was very nice and quite helpful guiding us toward local places to eat and summoning taxis as needed.
The hotel deserves 5 stars except for our housekeeping. After the 1st night we told the housekeeper that we only wanted to exchange towels. When she asked after the 2nd night, I told her we needed everything--kleenex, t.p., floors swept, etc. When we returned to the room, a pile of towels and plastic bag of room supplies was on the unmade bed. The dirty towels were still there, the bed unmade, the trashcan full. It was too late in the day for a housekeeping visit so we made do. Not a huge deal but a big blemish on an otherwise outstanding hotel.
I would stay here again in a minute, but next time I would make my request for a clean room much clearer.

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Shawn W.
This review  would end up being a near duplicate of my review of the Inn on Ursulines.  Click on my profile and read that if you want to.  

It would appear a responsible and driven owner or investment group has bought out the French Quarter Guest House group of inns and made them over.  This makes two of the properties I have stayed in that were both very nice and made me question the validity of the numerous negative reviews I had read online..  This has the same charm and NOLA appeal that I experienced at the Inn on Ursulines.  One addition is that the parking lot on Kerelec now has a remote-operated gate.  

I will also add that this location puts you very close to Frenchman street.  If you like to sit with a drink and listen to live jazz or browse an outdoor art market, then Frenchman is your place.

24/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Jeannine S.
A true gem on the outskirts of the FQ.  The pool shines like a shimmering oasis after a sultry day of wandering through the desert, I mean, the Quarter.  The location is far enough from the debauchery of Bourbon, and close enough to hear Frenchman St. bars playing their sweet, sweet Jazz while still sitting in your room!  Want proof?  Here it is.  Yes, I know you can barely hear it, read the description...

Room 114.  Comfy king bed, tons of pillows, coffee maker, super slippery wooden floors, and right near the pool.  Bring non-slip socks, or walk very slowly :)  Be careful sitting in the chair, too. Slippery floors + wooden chair legs = scraped wall paint :(  You might want to consider rubber chair leg grips?  Less expensive than repainting, for sure!

I've read reviews about "no hot water."  While I will admit to the sink taking a long while to heat up, I had no problem with the actual shower.  

Rene at reception desk let me know about the back gate exit, closer to Frenchman St.  I didn't take advantage of exploring there this visit.  Next time, for sure!  I'd go back to Lamothe House Hotel in a heartbeat!

28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Joyce M.
Wonderful location on Esplanade means you're just a minute's walk away from the French Market, and steps away from live music and delicious food. The building has a wonderful atmosphere, beautifully landscaped courtyard with pool.

We stayed in one of the Antique Suites with Two Full Beds, which looked almost exactly like the photos on the website (we had a different sitting room arrangement, as I think there are two antique suites with full beds?). Our room was on the second floor next to reception with a fire escape balcony facing Esplanade. Your room door is hidden behind shutter doors, which was pretty charming (although we walked past it twice while trying to find it!). One or two nights it was pretty noisy out there on Esplanade, but the memory foam mattresses are amazingly comfortable. If sound really bothers you and you really want to stay in one of the antique suites, I'd recommend earplugs or downloading a white noise app for your phone. Since the room is next to reception, it sometimes got a little noisy in the mornings with people going in and out, but when we started leaving out the Do Not Disturb sign overnight, the other guests realized there was a hidden room there and seemed to be a little more courteous in their volume.

The pool was large, pretty clean, and very warm. The hot tub was really nice, but on one cloudy afternoon I was really wishing the water was hotter. No drinks allowed *in* the pool, but they seemed to be allowed at the tables and lounge chairs. Towels were usually well stocked at the pool itself, except for once when they weren't.

The entrance is coded to your room key, as is the back gate which heads straight out to Frenchman Street, so it feels nice and safe. When you check in, you have to buzz first for entry. We left our car for a few minutes in the loading zone out front to take in our bags and check in. There's a camera monitored parking lot behind the hotel. As noted by pretty much every other reviewer, the stairs are steep and winding at Lamothe House. It's charming, but if you have mobility issues (or if you've been on Bourbon St) they can feel a little tricky!

Beautiful rooms, great location. We would definitely stay here again.

Our antique suite with full beds faced Esplanade and is right next to reception (behind shutter doors); if noise prevents you from sleeping, you might want earplugs or a white noise app on your phone. There was another floor above us but we never heard any stomping or walking.

02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Clarice O.
To me, New Orleans has always been synonymous with rich history and culture. The Creoles, in particular, had always held my fascination since I found out about New Orleans as a little girl in the Philippines. So I gladly jumped at the chance to stay at a Creole mansion when I found a good deal.

Lamothe House is old. The stairs are rickety and the furnishings are antiques. I loved it! It was quite easy for me to imagine the Lamothes' comings and goings from over a hundred years ago -- how they must have entertained their callers, how they must have tried to cool off during humid days out in the courtyard, and etc. (For you ghost lovers out there, it is easy to imagine this place being haunted as well.)

With that said, do not expect a cookie cutter hotel kind of experience. The bathroom had seen better days but was still well-suited to its purposes. The mattress was a bit firm, but I happen to like sleeping on firm mattresses. The TV in the room is nothing fancy (but hey, why would it matter? Shame on you if you stayed in your room long enough to watch TV!). The room I got was on the second floor, and I loved how I had a little balcony overlooking the fountain. It is on the tiny side if you would compare it to chain hotels but is seriously just the same size as the guest bedroom in my house, making it more than acceptable. The staff were all pleasant, friendly, and helpful. They monitor who comes in and out so it felt safe.

What I also like about this place is that it is located at Esplanade, which means the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street are very easily accessible. It is near most of the action you would want to be in but it is still quiet, which is very important if you are planning to catch some sleep (no sarcasm there, I can't blame people if they decide to do without sleeping in New Orleans).

I also think that it is cool that they have two gates: one that leads out to Esplanade and to the French Quarter, and one that leads out to Kerlerec Street and to Frenchmen. These two gates could prove to be very useful when you meet someone while gallivanting about in Frenchmen Street and need to shake him off: enter through the Kerlerec gate then go back out through the Esplanade gate (not saying that this happened to me or anything...).

Anyway, I recommend this hotel. It is charming and uniquely New Orleans. Creole mansions turned bed-and-breakfasts are the way to go to feel like you're really in this historic and cultural city.

08/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Parisa T.
I will stay here everytime I come to New Orleans! It was a amazing. Perfect location and the staff were very welcoming and beyond helpful. The rooms were very clean and we felt very safe at this hotel. Splurge for the grand suites, they are all laid out in the most amazing Victorian decor! Just beautiful.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Mark S.
Not bad but close. I didn't hate it but do feel it was a bit oversold. Our "premium king bed room" had no windows and was very small. $20/day mandatory parking fee. I reserved this room for 2 adults and we had 1 towel and no washrags. The building is old so you can hear your neighbors. The coffee and fruit Buffett in the lobby is a keurig and a bowl of apples. The positives are that it is clean, and a very short walk to Frenchmen street. I would say it is a decent and clean place to sleep and rest which is all we really require but definitely not a "wow" experience.

23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Patty G.
Stayed for 5 nights around the beginning of December 2014.  King suite.  Clean and for the most part comfortable.  The sofa in the "living room" wasn't very comfortable, but I suspect it was a sleeper sofa, and sleeper sofas are so rarely comfortable sofas.  The heaters were pretty loud when the fans kicked in.  Bed was very comfortable and we were provided with many soft, clean towels.  Staff was very kind and helpful when approached.  Location couldn't be more perfect.  I would absolutely stay there again and I will recommend to anyone I know going to New Orleans!

14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Panda B.
This hotel was absolutely amazing! Our room was amazing, the service was fantastic. The location was perfect. If I could, I would live there! We stayed on the 1st floor. We had two full size beds, very comfortable. You could hear the people walking around upstairs but that's what you would expect sleeping in a house over 150 years old.
I would highly recommend staying here if you enjoy a nice quite beautiful hotel.

17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Cris V.
This place grew on me.  

We were here for 5 nights during an incredibly busy weekend for New Orleans.  I won't lie- I usually prefer the anonymity of a nice chain hotel, but this was the only thing in our price range for our dates.  

I chose it for the location, which is pretty much perfect.  You're right on the French Quarter/Marigny border, which is excellent if you want to spend time on lower Decatur, Frenchmen St, or the Bywater.  We were in the guest house on Kerelec, which means the property backs onto Frenchmen.

Pros- I liked being in the guesthouse section. It felt kind of like being in your own Airbnb apartment, but with daily housekeeping.  The bed was super comfy and the room was high ceilinged and spacious. Everything was very clean and well kept, including the bathroom. Staff was friendly, though in truth we had very few interactions.  Once you checked in they gave you a map to the guesthouse and your keys and you never needed to go into the main building again. Wifi signal was strong in our room.

Cons- Sound isolation between rooms was not awesome.  You could hear loud conversations from the neighbours.  That's one of the reasons I generally prefer charmless concrete block hotels. A small table and a 2nd chair would have been nice. New Orleans has great take out food at all hours, and it would probably be in the hotel's best interests if guests had somewhere to eat it other than on those lovely, clean, white sheeted beds.

Other than that I ended up really liking the place. If I came back I would definitely want the guest house again, though if you wanted to use the pool it would be inconvenient going back and forth across the street.

18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Andre B.
This is a wonderful hotel with a bed and breakfast feel to it.  It is centrally located so you can enjoy both the marigny and the French quarter.  Our room was nice and clean.  The bed comfy.  The staff very professional.

26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Dylan S.
Very quiet location on the edge of the French Quarter near the jazz clubs on Frenchman Street. Highly recommend spending a few extra dollars for the deluxe King suite, room 215. The room comes with two balconies, one overlooking the pool and one overlooking the street. It also has a couch and kitchenette. The main king bedroom is surrounded by another bedroom and the living room, with closable doors, which makes the room nearly sound proof. We would definitely stay here again. Can't beat it for $114 per night.

21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Bettina S.
I stayed at Lamothe House for a few days while I was visiting Nola for my birthday. The location is fantastic; just about a block from Frenchman Street, walkable to Burbon street, and downtown.

The hotel itself is a classic New Orleans mansion that was converted into a hotel. I stayed in a room in what used to be the coach house. It was a cozy room, but very nice and very clean. I loved the hardwood floors; there's nothing worse than hotel carpet. I also really like the courtyard and pool area; it's the perfect size for the space.

The staff is super friendly, and accommodating. I truly enjoyed my stay and would love to stay there again soon.

29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0