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Le Pavillon Hotel in New Orleans, LA

Le Pavillon Hotel in New Orleans, LA


Guest Service, hotel accommodations, PB & J sandwich bar in the evening, convenient location to CBD and French Quarter.


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Rating: 4.25

Address: 833 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA, 70112
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Comments (220):

1. Aly D.
the decor: amazing. the service: just plain fabulous. staying here was like taking a mini vacation even though i had to work! surprisingly enough, it was considerably under $200/night. the hotel staff takes absolute care of you. valet parking, speedy room service, accomodating front desk. if youre ever in new orleans, stay here and enjoy the decadence and hospitality

15/02/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. M B.
Overall, my stay here was good.  However, I had some frustrations with the hotel.  1) The location, while only a ten minute walk to the French Quarter, felt a bit remote.  When we arrived to the hotel at around midnight, the person at the front desk told us that the closest place to get a snack was a 7 block walk (we were way too exhausted for that) so we ordered room service.  I wish there was a snack shop or a vending machine or something because room service was simply too expensive and too much food for what we were looking for 2) We ordered pizza from room service and a small frozen pizza ended up costing $20! I know that room service is expensive in general but that is definitely heftier than most.  3) There were no fitted sheets on the bed.  I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that my boyfriend and I were sleeping directly on the mattress!  I really don't understand why they don't have fitted sheets (it's not like it's an exuberant cost or anything!).  4) The AC unit in the room was not adjustable so it was either freezing in the room or really hot (when we turned the AC off)

I thought the hotel was beautiful and the rooms were very aesthetically pleasing, I just felt a few seemingly obvious details were overlooked.  The service was generally good (though we did have a bad run-in with the housekeeping manager...which was soon thereafter remedied with a discussion with the GM, very professional and nice guy) and the fitness center and rooftop pool are quite nice amenities.

15/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. A C.
Gorgeous, historic building just a short walking distance from the French Quarter.  I did have a few complaints with the cleanliness of the hotel:  the bedspread is the kind that has to be dry cleaned and appears not to have been for quite some time.  Also, there were cobwebs all over my room, especially covering the ceiling.  And my biggest pet peeve in a hotel: a non-fitted mattress cover.  I hate that!!  I know it's just a little thing, but you'd expect a fitted mattress sheet from a hotel that uses super soft, 1000 thread count sheets.  The TV was OLD and had crappy reception.  The peanut butter and jelly sandwich hour is nothing to write home about or stay up for, but it was a nice touch after a night out.  Overall, I was pleased with my stay, but I stayed at a deeply discounted rate.  The customer service is absolutely unbeatable.  Everyone was genuinely friendly and helpful.

26/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. A. M.
The roof-top pool!!!!! If only the rooms wouldn't have so thin walls and you must hear other people's pleasure noises.

30/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Darla L.
My friend wanted to celebrate her birthday in style so she paid for a one night stay in the Pavillion. All I can say is that the hospitality service here is a dream. I believe the person booking her room gave her a great deal for her birthday and we ended up getting this fabulous 3 room suite for the night. The atmosphere and trappings are simply divine, yes, I said it, and you can add whatever breathy Zhazha Gabor accent you feel is appropriate, because that's how I'm saying it. We lounged in the room and ordered pizza and room service and later went up to the pool to soak in the hot tub. If you truly want to feel like royalty, this place is a shoe-in. Also, they have the cutest tradition here of serving guests free PB&Js with hot chocolate and milk after 10PM. There' s nothing quite like going downstairs to this palatial lobby and then seeing something as wonderfully homey as a buffet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches awaiting you. :) One of the greatest experiences of my entire life!

11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Joshua G.
We stayed for 8 nights, just for vacation.  The service was outstanding!  Our first room was near water pipes that made noise and kept us up all night, but they changed our room at our request with nary an objection, and they even moved our stuff for us while we were out sightseeing.  The new room was fine.  We loved the hot chocolate and peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches in the lobby late at night.  The Sunday Jazz Brunch was very disappointing: the "jazz" was a pianist/singer who was not very good, the food was mediocre to bad and the price was high.  The location was pretty good for access to the French Quarter, the St Charles Street streetcar to the Garden District and the Zoo, and to the riverfront and Convention Center area, but there are other nice hotels even a little closer.  The price, however, on Expedia, was very good.

27/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Michael J.
Stayed here over July 4th weekend and was extremely happy we did. The hotel is right in the business district and a 5 minute walk from the French Quarter. The lobby, dining room and lounge were all ridiculously beautiful, the staff was super helpful and friendly and the deluxe room we had was very comfortable (especially the bed). The only (very minor) complaint might be the bathroom sink which did not drain properly and the lack of decent water pressure in the shower. Though there also is free PB&J at 10 PM each night, we were so stuffed from all the food we had that we never bothered to check this out. The rooftop pool was also a nice touch especially as a break from the sweltering heat. Finally, the dining room was nice for breakfast though a bit pricey (as you can order a la carte, don't bother with the buffet especially on Sundays which is priced at $40 a person). Overall, this hotel was key after a full day touring and a full night's drinking. I would definitely stay here again.

03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Bianca G.
Beautiful historic hotel in a convenient location in New Orleans  (a short five minute walk to Bourbon Street).  The staff was super friendly and the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at 10 pm every night was a great touch.  The rooftop pool was spectacular,  the gym was well equipped and the beds were comfortable. Our bill showed items from the mini bar that we didn't consume, but the staff was quick to remove them without question.  Would definitely stay there again while visiting New Orleans.

15/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. S R.
My stay at Le Pavillion was probably the worst hotel stay I have had in some time. I expected a 4-star hotel experience and Le Pavillion definitely did not deliver. I will say that the front desk staff was very nice, as were the bellmen when they were there (there was no bellman when we arrived late for check-in). But, we had several problems during our stay. Each time we complained, the solution was simply to move us to another room. We stayed in four rooms during our four-night stay, which indicates that there is definitely a problem with the hotel.

1. Our first room was dirty. There was garbage on the floor and the bed was full of hair. The bathroom was in serious disrepair and in need of an upgrade. This room reminded me of a Best Western circa 1983.

2. Our second room also had garbage on the floor. The bed was clean, but the bathtub faucet leaked. Housekeeping had left the bath plugged, so the tub was about 1/3 full when we checked into the room. The biggest problem with this room was that at around 7am work started on two of the rooms down the hall. It was extremely loud with workmen with radios going by about every 15 minutes and doors slamming literally about every 30 seconds.

3. The third room, apparently an upgrade to deluxe, seemed that it would be OK. Though this was supposed to be a deluxe room, it was still not up to par with really any of the other high-end hotels where I've stayed. The housekeeping staff is very sloppy, leaving dust on everything. And, the bathroom door in this room stuck, which meant that almost every time my husband used the bathroom he had to jiggle the door for about 20 seconds before being able to exit the room. We were happy enough with this room, until 3am when the neighbors returned from their night of partying and started having a screaming fit, slamming doors and throwing things against the walls. After about an hour of this, I called to complain and was told that the staff already knew about the problem. If this were happening next door to my house, I would have called the police with a report of potential domestic violence. But, the hotel was apparently unequipped to deal with this kind of disturbance, and so let it continue. After I called to complain the woman next door kicked the man out and we finally had some peace...until 10am when she called her husband on the phone and started in again. When I called to complain I was told that a manager would address the issue right away. An hour later when I went downstairs to talk to the manager in person, she was completely unaware that the problem had resumed. This seems like a pretty serious issue to have overlooked. I can't believe the hotel let this kind of behavior continue and did not evict these people.

4. I related this entire story to the manager, and was moved (yet again!) to a suite, room 830. We did recognize this as a very nice gesture in order to compensate for the problems we'd encountered. To be honest, however, I was told this was the largest, nicest suite in the hotel and I was extremely surprised that a hotel of this caliber would not have a better room than suite 830. The suite was quiet, which was really what we were hoping for. We spent two nights in the suite and thought it was fine. But, I would much rather have gotten my money back after the first night and moved to another hotel.

The hot water in 830 is problematic. My husband and I both took cold showers our first night. Again, the bathrooms remind me of a Best Western. I can't believe that this hotel could convince someone to pay for the bath service to take a bath in those nasty bathrooms. The room with the king bed was small. And, the TV in the king bedroom turned itself on. I have no idea what could have happened, but it turned on by itself. Most of the towels are frayed and worn. And, those bedspreads really need to go. They are stained and disgusting. I don't know that I've stayed at any high-end hotel in the past 10 years that still uses bedspreads like that. Seems very unsanitary.

On the plus side, if I played the piano I would have enjoyed having one in the suite. My husband liked the large, flat-screen TV. The turn-down service was very nice, though I am quite confused by which rooms actually receive the service. We were not offered turn-down service for our first two nights. Only once we moved to the suite did we get the service. This seems exceptionally inconsistent, which I believe reflects badly on the hotel.

Again, we do recognize the effort to make our stay more pleasant by moving us to a suite. But, this hotel needs some serious renovation and the staff (particularly the cleaning staff) needs to be trained to pick up the garbage (even if they don't vacuum), dust the phones in the bathrooms, and ensure there is no hair in the beds.

13/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. A A.
We found genuine hospitality here.  Everyone we met: Mr. Eschete the manager (thank you for everything), Wayne the waiter (you were right about grilled oysters), Justin the concierge (thank you for the restaurant recs and the book retrieval), Louis the bellman (thank you for the wheelchair), and Albert the doorman (thank you for the taxis) were accommodating, informative and kind.

The lobby is beautiful.  PB & Js with scorch level hot chocolate at night can't be beat.  However, do not come with the expectation that the rooms are as opulent as the lobby.  There is some tweaking that needs to happen--but if you're personally treated like royalty, does peeling paint at the baseboard, imperfect bathroom grouting really matter.  I don't think so.

15/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Diana S.
I definitely enjoyed my stay. Staff was really friendly and the location is great since it's beetween the french quarter and the waterfront, as well as the restaurants (like Herbsaint) on St. Charles. PB&J sandwiches were delicious!

My only complaint was that they need to update the bedding. Those cheap thin polyester blankets are really icky and not very comfortable. And no it doesn't matter if you put them between two sheets. I also would have liked the room to be a bit cleaner (i.e., dust and dirt behind furniture).

All in all a good place to stay.

23/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Vanessa D.
confession: i'm a wannabe vampire.

i guess that's why i was so butt-crazy over le pavillon-- you see the same sensually dangerous aesthetic, french influence, and romantic decadence of the depiction of NOLA in "interview with a vampire". there is a perfect balance between old-world opulence in fit and finish with modern amenities. the rooftop deck and pool area are simply breathtaking. if i were to see this place when i was 5 years old, i'd be planning my wedding around this location.

because the SO is a hotelier and is often required to travel to nawlins, this is our first choice outside of her family of hotels. being so comfortably close to the convention area while being able to break free from the work pack (read: heterosexual middle management men) is important to us. it's also located within walking distance to many NOLA attractions like the french quarter (bourbon st, jackson square, etc), the cemeteries (aka "cities of the dead"), architecture-rich streets, famous filming locations, AWESOME RESTAURANTS, etc.

so with that said, in the fashion of interview with the vampire's kirsten dunst's character claudia: "it's time we were on our way. i'm hungry, and the city awaits"!

have fun, kiddies!

14/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. phortitude u.
One of the best hotels in New Orleans.  Normally, if you're traveling off peak, you can get an excellent rate at this hotel.  Although not located in the French Quarter, it's a very walkable distance away.  This is both good and bad.  Good in that you're not in the middle of the mess, so nights are pleasant and quiet.  Bad in that, if you're messed up, the walk will feel like an eternity.

The view from the rooftop is beautiful, and the entire place has a certain unique chic to it that is as inoffensive as the Ritz is offensive.  FYI- The entire hotel is non-smoking, and there is free PB&J and hot chocolate at 10-11pm every night.

13/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Paul P.
This is the best hotel I have ever stayed at! It has an old school charm that throws you back to the last century.  They have a great brunch every morning that fills you to the top with omelets made to order!  If you miss breakfast, no worries, they have a great pasta buffet with more than just pasta for lunch!  

Friendliest staff you can ever meet!  I will stay here on every return trip to NOLA!  Oh yeah, when you wake up to visit the city in the morning, have the bald guy in the front with the top hat hail you a cab, he can whistle like a champ!

24/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Alexandra S.
I stayed here over the holidays this past year, and I would definitely recommend Le Pavillon to any traveler looking for a great hotel in New Orleans.  

First off, the hotel is absolutely beautiful, everywhere you turn there is something gorgeous to look at, and it's also great that it's within walking distance of the quarter, but not in the quarter (woo hoo, sleep!).

Also, the staff is just the best, period.  We used the concierge quite frequently, and Justin was absolutely great!  Super patient with our touristy questions and helping us out with whatever we needed.  Also, if you go for a drink, I only hope you can have Grace as a bartender.  We made an effort to go see her every night.  She is so warm and welcoming and very chatty.  She recommended some great places for us to go that were definitely local favorites and off the beaten path.

When we got snowed in, the hotel had no problem with us reserving our room for an extra night at the last minute.  It was very reasonably priced, a wonderful time, and I never wanted to leave!  

The only thing I can say is that if you want to participate in the nightly peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, get there early!  They go quick!

03/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Kristian P.
Extremely nice staff and the pb&j sandwiches st 10:00 every nite are perfect!

25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Jeff C.
Very nice old world hotel.  A short walk from bourbon street and the superdome.  Free pb&j sandwiches every night. Not overly expensive for the quality.

12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. RP P.
I forgot to mention the ROOFTOP POOL!!! Could there be any better place for watching the storm clouds roll into New Orleans?

28/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. S Y.
The most amazing hotel experience.

It seems like they regularly have those hotel stays+flight deals through Orbitz or Travelocity, which is how we got to stay at this great hotel for our 4-night, 5-day spring break trip.

We got to NOLA early and because our room wasn't ready, they gave us a room with TWO queen beds instead of one. The bellhop was quite friendly AND to top that, quite cute and gave us a little tour of our huge room when he took our luggage to our room.

The hotel lobby, I have to say, is absolutely gorgeous. There is a chandelier and a restaurant that you can peek into. One of the best things about this hotel is they have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches  every night at 10pm. Everyone's supposed to come in their jammies and enjoy what the chef had prepared, which included the sandwiches as well as hot chocolate, orange juice with bananas, fresh fruits, etc. Our chef was named Mark and we had a pleasant conversation with him about his family and jazz bar recommendations.

The service is impeccable and the hotel itself is gorgeous. It's about a 5-10 minute walk from the French Quarter and it's a little dark along the way, but the only hassling we ever had to experience was on Bourbon Street. Don't hesitate to stay here just because it's not in the Quarter--I assure you, it's all worth it.

19/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Valerio M.
Great location and great staff! We loved the room and the service everyone provided.

04/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Rob S.
I don't normally review hotels but in this instance, I figured I would. Le Pavillon is one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at within the United States. The lobby is pristine and as everyone has stated, they serve PB&J sandwichs around 10pm so you can get a pre-drinking snack in you for free. The hotel has two elevators which are small and seem to be packed at all times. We had a two queen room. The views from the room were good on the 5th floor and our bathroom was small but in good shape. The room itself has some old school flare to it with a flowery throw but hey its a little corny but it adds to the decor of the hotel. When you stay here, you are a short walk from the Quarter and the party. Trust me, at the end of the day, it is nice staying a few blocks away from the noise and party of the French Quarter. Very good experience, and affordable price through priceline overall.

29/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Stacy B.
Five-star service with two-star facilities.  While I appreciate 19th-century French decor, this place is in need of a major face lift.  The rooms are very outdated.  While our room was very clean, we didn't have a flat screen TV or a duvet-covered bed.  The TV was old.  The furniture had seen better days, as there were some major blemishes on the armoire and desk.  The faucet leaked, and the shower area was like a cave.  The old bed spread grossed me out, to be blunt.

The workout room also needed a face lift.  The treadmill was very loud (it's the same one I use at my gym, so I know what it should sound like).  The elliptical machine didn't work correctly.  Also, there were multiple public areas that were in need of repair.  In a 'four and a half star' hotel, the facilities should be very close to pristine.  Unfortunately, Le Pavillon's facilities didn't live up to even four stars.

While the facilities are lacking, the service is VERY good.  Every employee is very attentive, efficient, and friendly.  They were also genuine.  I give them five stars, as I've rarely seen this type of service.
The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at 10 PM are a nice touch, as is the turn-down service.  

The employees make Le Pavillon.  THEY deserve better facilities.  Hopefully the owners will invest in the physical appearance to match the excellent service of Le Pavillon's hard-working employees.

22/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Peter S.
Very nice traditional hotel.  Very friendly.  Nice guest crowd.  Knowledgable and attentive staff.  The housekeeping manager made a special trip downstairs to get apples for our kids as we were leaving the hotel.  He was a sweet kind man.  PB&J (and bagels and cream cheese) at 10PM was an anticipated treat.  Rooftop pool was nice with panoramic views.  We only stayed one night but were quite satisfied. It's not quite a full 5-star property and experience, but yelp doesn't offer a 4-1/2 star rating choice.  If you expect a full 5 experience, you might be a little disappointed.  Expect 4 and you will be very pleased.  We would happily stay here again.  

BTW--have no fear about cleanliness.  Our room wash fresh and sparkled.  Also, location is in Arts/Warehouse District which has plenty to offer as an alternative to the adjoining French Quarter.

17/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. ashley s.
What a beautiful Hotel!! The staff was exquisite. Nice size room and clean...I had read other reviews about rooms not being clean so I checked the bed as soon as we got there and it was clean and you could bounce a quarter on it!!
Great for the kiddies too...they were given a cute coloring pack upon arrival and devoured the PB&J sammies at 10pm!!
Also, if you book online, try the run of the house rate...$99 then you can upgrade to a king for just $20 more...that's what we did and it turned out great!!

08/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Kelly H.
Great service at this hotel. They have that we will do anything to please you kinda attitude. They also have a very cute french decor. The bar is a good quiet place for a drink- but if your looking for trendy clubber atmosphere this is not the place.

I stayed here for the Jazz Festival and Bruce Springsteen was staying here too to preform the next day at the festival. I didn't know he was going to be there and didn't recognize him but we got to meet him because he was hanging out in the bar.

13/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Lisa B.
This is the 4 (or 4.5) star in downtown New Orleans on Hotwire.  It seems people either love it or hate it here.  I have to say for $80 a night, I'm a big fan!  I'm really picky when it comes to cleanliness and got freaked out by some reviews on Trip Advisor and other places.  Let me say, the room I'm in (a free upgrade to a king room upon check in), is great.  Yes, it's small.  Yes, the fabrics are kind of grandmotherly.  But who cares?  The bed linens were clean, but the bed is not the heavenly bed of a chain hotel.  The rooftop pool is great, the workout facility is really nice, the staff is friendly, and the location is perfect.  As long as you get a discounted rate, take advantage!

25/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Tom R.
Stayed here for 3 days in mid-July. Service was excellent. The room was clean if a bit worn (hey, the place is 100 years old, so no surprise there). Bathrooms were nicely updated. The gym facilities were serviceable if not particularly ornate. Nice bar. An interesting part of town, walkable to the French Quarter, Harrah's and the streetcar line on St Charles. I'll definitely stay again if the rates don't bump up too much in the winter and spring.

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Ezra S.
This is an older hotel so it's a given that it's going to dated in some areas but it's was pleasant. First, it's in a great location if you are up to walking, all the tourist hangouts are no more than a mile away in either direction, taxi service is available as well as bus and trolley. Upon arrival we were greeted by the door man who loaded our bags and took them to our room, He was very friendly and told me where we could get a good meal outside the quarter. The parking is 35.00 per night plus tax which came out to be 39 per night, they park the vehicles in an open lot adjacent to the bldg. The room was nice and cool upon our arrival, if you've ever stayed in a bed and breakfast then this is what it's like. I say it's like staying over a friends house in the extra bedroom. The hotel is decorated throughout with art and antique furniture. The peanut butter and jelly at 10 pm was fun and unique to us. The pool area is located on the roof and it was average. Overall our stay was enjoyable and because I'd read the reviews and had done my homework I knew what to expect. It's not the Hyatt or Marriott or any modern hotel, it doesn't have flat screen televisions it's an older hotel with a charm all its own and it  served it's purpose for us.

31/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Jill S.
My husband, daughter, and I have been staying here since Wednesday.  The nightly hot cocoa or milk and P B @ J sandwiches are a ritual I've never seen anywhere else.  Very home-like here, but still quite luxurious.

16/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. P J.
An awesome hotel with great charm and lots of nice amenities. My mom and I stayed here for five nights and had a wonderful time. The hotel was built in 1907 and has an old world look to it. The lobby is quite grand, with plenty of chandeliers and antique looking furniture. I was especially amused that the gas lamps on the coffee tables had hurricane lamps on them that said "Home Sweet Home."

The rooms are kind of small, but definitely had everything we needed. The staff is one of the things that makes this place shine. The front desk people recognized us and chatted with us when we came in each night. The concierge gave spot on recommendations for restaurants and was very helpful in getting us local information. There was an air of pleasant helpfulness that we got from everyone that worked there.

You need to check out the rooftop pool - we got to see a storm coming in from over the river from the roof one evening while drinking wine, and it was amazing.

Lastly, the nightly PB&J is a real treat. A great story and a nice snack when you're coming back from drinking. Or for taking up to your room for breakfast.

For location, Le Pavillon is a shortish walk from Bourbon Street. We could have been a little closer, but the hotel is near the Charles St street car, and not too far of a walk from lots of cool sites.

We scored the room for a great price on hotwire. I'd totally go back!

03/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Dylan K.
This place was amazing! Tthe manager Gustoff was awesome.  He really listens to his customers and goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.  I hope to return.

03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Brian G.
I loved the old feel of this hotel. It was in a good location in the Central Business District, not far from the French Quarter. Here are my pluses and negatives:

+Great location in CBD on Poydras St.
+Easy parking lot right across the small street.
+Room had a wonderful old New Orleans feel to it.
+Semi-nice view of the bridge that goes to Algiers.
+LOVED the peanut butter and jelly and hot chocolate in the night from 10pm to 11pm.
+LOVED the hottube and pool on the 10th floor. It was heated. I actually went in both and it was about 35 degrees out and i was comfortable!
+Liked the gym on the 10th floor. Had fruit and a water cooler.
+Comfortable bed.
+Nice staff- Front desk supervisor was very nice as well as concierge.
+Beautiful decor everywhere. Loved the lobby. Loved the big Christmas tree. Such a relaxing lobby with beautiful music.

-Parking was $28.
-Boyfriend said that the maids were way too loud in the morning although did not wake him up, he heard them really loud once he was awake.

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Tara D.
I loved this hotel, the staff was very courteous and friendly...and it is gorgeous inside. Nice perk are the free sandwiches and the bar in the evening, after a night on Bourbon St, a few of our friends needed the munchies and were well received. Great location, you can walk to Bourbon and surrounding areas with ease...highly recommended.

08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Eileen Z.
We had a recent stay here for a little romantic getaway and it was very nice.  I have stayed at the Ritz and other fine hotels in the city but as a local this one had charm (and ghosts!) i love the nightly PB & Js and the breakfast was amazing.  very charming and very NOLA

02/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. remy G.
Peanut butter jelly time!

16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Angela G.
Le Pavillon has its charm, but then again, charm can only take you so far.  The reviews on Trip Advisor that talk about the place being old and dingy are not entirely off the mark.  Conversely, if you aren't looking for the clinically minimalist design of the W, but rather some old school charm, you probably won't be disappointed.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a million facets of light radiating off the crystal chandeliers, juxtaposed with the smell of grandmas.  Talk about a statement.  The place oozes old-school Southern opulence, but also has tinges of just plain old.  Not going to lie, the paintings on the walls and the creaky sounds all make this a great place for ghost hunters - it all feels like the inspiration for the Disney Haunted Mansion.  Not to mention that our running toilet seems to flush sporadically in the night - I think a ghost is haunting our bathroom, if you ask me.

Our room was oddly upgraded to a 2 queen room (what did my husband and I need an extra bed for?) which apparently had extra space. Fine.  Come to find out that the hotel pool is being painted (which no one told us) so we think that the upgrade was meant to cover that up.  They offered us the pool at the Homewood Suites next door, but that was a severe downgrade given that it was A) indoors and B) across the street.

PB and J bar is kitschy - I actually hate PBJ, so not my thing, but a cute touch.  The hot chocolate was all over the table and table cloth when I got down to the bar, and the mess (coupled with the heat) turned me off.  Room service was actually tasty, despite the price, but then again, when is room service not expensive.  Gumbo was flavorful, and the oysters in my po-boy were crispy and delicious.  If you are stuck in the hotel, you could do a lot worse for a comforting meal.

If you are a stickler for cleanliness, you may want to skip this place.  There was still small trash on the floor of our room, and hair on the bathroom tiles.  The entire room looks like a holdover from the early 90s pretending to be the early 1820's.  Maybe that was the last time the place was properly cleaned.

All in all, I can't say that we are having a horrible time here, but we certainly won't come back.  I was at the Intercontinental last time, and despite the much higher price tag for the room, it was a huge value over this place.

11/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Tiffany S.
My boyfriend and I spent a few days here over Valentine's/Carnival/pre-Mardi Gras weekend, and decided on this hotel for a reasonable combination of location, price, and ambiance.
Our check-in went smoothly- a friendly valet in tails and a top hat helped me out of our car- and the outside of the hotel and lobby were absolutely gorgeous. Very ooh la la late 18th c. French, with oil paintings and chandeliers and what have yous. Not my personal sense of style, but it was quite lovely nonetheless.

Our room left something to be desired, however. Small, with a very old TV in the enormous armoire that took up 50% of the room. The bedspread was a bit tacky, and the bathroom was tiny, with peeling wallpaper and linoleum. The bathtub was also very tiny (although it had a very fancy, very over-the-top shower curtain), and I thought it was pretty funny to find a flier for an optional "romantic drawn bath service"- it would have been impossible to fit two people in that tub. The countertops were faux granite, and that was peeling up too.

A short walk from the French Quarter, in the business district of NOLA, which meant a surprisingly sparse number of choices if one wanted to get take-out close to the hotel because a certain boyfriend got a man cold and couldn't leave the bed. Your options: one pizza place across the street was not good at all, and a Thai place around the corner which was closed on weekends (wtf?) Be prepared to order very, very expensive room service or walk a long way if you want take out on a Saturday night.

I didn't get to try the nightly peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they offer, as the line snaked through the lobby and didn't really seem worth it.

The breakfast they offered Saturday morning, however, was excellent. The bananas foster waffle was out of this world. And the nightly turn down service with complimentary cookies and water was also appreciated.

Overall, not bad, but if you want a *real* luxury hotel beyond the lobby, look elsewhere.

PS- I didn't see any ghosts! Disappointed. :P

04/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Ed W.
The only thing preventing me from giving this hotel five stars is that our 9th floor room was a little generic and bland.  But then again, it does have a lot to life up to, with the fabulous lobby, dining room, exterior, and bar area.  Service was also top notch.

Really, for the price we were able to get on priceline, you could not find better.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Erin B.
BEAUTIFUL hotel! Seriously, super gorgeous. I booked this room off of bookit.com , and got a rate of $99. I'm not sure how much it "really" goes for, but let's just say, it's more than the price tag that I paid for!

All of the hotel staff was super friendly, the hotel in itself was immaculate, and the rooftop pool is amazing! The room itself was super nice, clean, and homey. I looooved the bathroom! Amazing.

Don't be shy to go down for their infamous peanut butter and jelly hour from 10PM to 11PM. As for me, I didn't partake in the event (I HATE peanut butter!), as there was Peanut Butter IN the jelly. ICK! My friend that was with me dove in and indulged himself, and told me that I was missing out (really I was, but ewww, peanut butter!).

Will be back for sure!!

24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. K S.
This was absolutely the best hotel experience of my life. The staff was wonderful and patient with me after a long road trip.  The facilities were beautiful, the location was perfect and our room was immaculate.  We had everything we needed for an overnight stop in New Orleans and this hotel truly made my vacation. I would stay again in a heartbeat and wish more hotels were like this one. I can't wait to come back.

05/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Heather H.
This is a lovely old hotel.  Yes, it's dated (think geriatric starlet), but it's more than 100 years old, so there you go.  The decor in my room was sort of "1980's reproduction of Victorian splendour," but in an endearing way.

Given that I got a room there from Hotwire for $83 a night including taxes, etc., I really only saw the positives - beautiful lobby/bar area with French antiques, personalized attention from staff, and complimentary Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches at 10 pm every night (with hot chocolate or cold milk)!  I wouldn't pay a lot to stay there, but I truly enjoyed my stay and would recommend it under certain circumstances.

24/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Talisha M.
3.50 stars Love the old school feel!

The peanut and butter jelly sandwiches from 10-11pm...sooo cool! With milk! Nice touch. Very old with lots of history and door man with black top hat and tux. Everyone was friendly. The pool was cute but small and the hot tub cute but wayyy small. The pool view was GREAT. The room was just super tiny and I get the hotel has an old school feel but the bedding could be updated and nicer and keep the charm.

Maybe I should done a ghost tour of the hotel...

15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Jewell B.
Absolutely amazing! They heard it was one of our party's birthday and delivered cake and champagne to our room. Beautiful decor. Wonderful service. Affordable. Perfect!!

23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Rebecca P.
We stayed here on our wedding night in June.  Got a great deal on the room, and found the staff to be very accomodating.  Our room was beautiful, but the real gem there was the bathroom... all black granite, huge walk in shower with great quality toiletries, and super lush white terry robes.  Their rooftop pool and hot tub are awesome as well.  We loved the peanut butter and jelly buffet in the lobby, and thought it was a fun touch to what could have been very formal hotel.  Staff was great, and when we returned to our room after the after wedding party, we found chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and a beautiful card from the hotel manager congratulating us.  It was such a nice touch, and the first thing we saw with our "Mr. and Mrs." on it.  We loved our experience, and would highly recommend.

16/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Abigail O.
wow!  i can't say enough about the service at this place.  from the valets to the bellhops to the service desk personnel to the bartenders, everyone exuded genuine enthusiasm and friendliness.  we really felt like we were much richer than we really are.

it didn't hurt that the place was gorgeous, with a stunning lobby and spectacular views from the rooftop pool and hot tub.  our room was on the small side, but who really needs more than a bed and a bathroom when you're on vacation?  despite its size, it was meticulously appointed with blackout curtains for allowing us to sleep until 12 (hey, we were on vacation) and generous toiletries and plush towels in the bathroom.  the bed and linens were super comfortable too.

we never got to experience the pb&j at 10 since we were always out and about when it was going on, but i think it's a really nice touch.

really, this is the place to go to maximize comfort and service on a budget!

20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Van A.
- Can feel historical value in its architecture, and interior design.
- Great value if you reserve using Hotwire.
- Few blocks from French quarters (Bourbon St. and Canal Ave).

- Deluxe rooms is somewhat small.
- No shuttle service to airport (but lots of taxi anyway).

16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Karen S.
My husband and I rode our bikes downtown and spent Friday night here.  A couple of things, the bedding and TV are old (as in out of style).  The room was warm when we arrived (probably due to the full sun on the River side of the building).

Here's what makes it a three vs. a four - we woke up several times in the night to the hotel employees chatter out on the street.  I think they may hang out on that side of the building to smoke.  Fine with that but at 2 AM. can you please keep the noise down?

Nice hotel.  Could use some updating...

20/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
48. Stan M.
I don't know why no one has commented on this hotel yet but I'm proud to be the first! This place is AMAZING!!!! The staff members are super friendly and helpful, the hotel is beautiful, and the rooms are great (an HD TV, however, would be nice). This place is the epitome of class and the late night snack in the lobby ( an amazing PB & J sandwich ) is the icing on the cake!!

One recommendation: there is no need to spend 35 bucks to park in their lot, there's a lot a block and a half away and it only costs 15 bucks a day. Besides that, this hotel is pretty much flawless. Highly recommended!!

29/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Jessica A.
This hotel is super cute and comes from a completely different period in time. The furnishings give it a fancy feel but at no point did I feel uncomfortable or that I was staying in a museum.

Highlights: the decor, the staff, the rooftop heated pool, the location (five minute walk to the Quarter), the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with milk served from 10-11 pm.

Lowlights: the bathroom was very tiny, there is no free breakfast anything but coffee, the food in the lounge was so-so.

Word of advice, if you attempt to move anything around in the mini-bar, even if you don't actually consume it, make sure to check your bill before you leave. I also recommend you bring your own water bottle and fill it up from the water cooler in the fitness center (so you are not tempted to get jacked by the $9.00 water in the mini-bar.)

20/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Carmen H.
At its convenient downtown location, this elegant hotel is within walking distance of both the Superdome and the French Quarter.  It is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and, in 1991, was
placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  During a recent
weekend in New Orleans, I got an excellent price for my two nights
here on hotwire.com .  

I checked in late after an all day flight from California and was delighted with their tradition of serving freshly made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cold milk and hot chocolate in the lobby from
10P to 11P!  After my lovely snack, I headed for Le Gallery, a beautiful bar where I had two perfect Sazeracs, my favorite New Orleans cocktail.  

My room was very nice, a little small but, then, I did not choose one of the junior suites shown on their website.  The bathroom was elegant and the furnishings and linens in the room were lovely.

Parking, of course, is expensive.  I used the hotel valet.  I imagine it
would be very difficult to find street parking in that area.

All staff I encountered were very attentive and what one would expect
from a Leading Hotel of the World.

26/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Bill W.
I just had a lunch meeting at La Pavillion and it was a hit. Food is excellent and service is top notch. The atmosphere is great, very toney. If people from outside of area are coming in you might give them a heads up on parking, street parking is fine for short term ($2.00) and lots are available for $7 for the day.

16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Chelsea R.
My travel agent booked this hotel for us when I came down here for a marathon trip. It was lovely! I will be coming back and staying here. The hospitality was as Southern as they come, every one there was super polite and helpful. They serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the guests at night, with hot cocoa and/or milk. How adorable is that? The breakfast buffet in the morning is great, and the chef Mrs. Patty Cakes (yes that's what her name tag says) is there every morning serving up hot & fresh omelets. They also do a jazz champagne Sunday brunch every Sunday. This is a great location and a short cab ride away from all of the attractions.

17/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. ryan k.
First, for the money, the location and the service, you can't beat this place. In fact, I recommended that 2 different people stay here when asked about my trip to New Orleans. Beyond just the service, the cool hotel and the location the POOL ON THE ROOF IS ONE OF THE BEST POOLS I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. After drinking and staying out late, there's nothing like going up to the roof, having room service delivered and laying on plush chairs overlooking the city.

Five stars:
- top notch service and incredibly nice staff
- nice old hotel, with very cool chandeliers and marble
- Great location (2 blocks from bourbon street, but completely out of the hustle bustle) also very close to charles street trolley

Two stars:
- Older and shows in areas
- Rooms are nice, but not top notch

Average: Four Stars

21/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Janelle B.
We got an insanely amazing deal on Hotwire. Airfare from San Francisco + 2 nights here for only $335! We checked the website and knew it was a little fancy schmancy but when we got there we were absolutely floored. I've stayed at trendy upscale hotels before but never an old school classy European one and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

The lobby was gorgeous and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. The room was a nice size but the bathroom could've used a little work. I almost yanked the faucet out by accident.

Of course there's the PB+J at 10pm. I thought it would just be pre-made sandwiches on a tray but it was a lot more elaborate with different kinds of jams and peanut butters. Very impressive!

Also they had a good selection of newspapers delivered to you in the morning. Not just USA Today but they also had WSJ and NYT. =)

I liked the location a lot. It was away from the French Quarter but not too far away. The only pain is when you're stumbling back drunk and it seems like it's forever away.

26/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Dana S.
A great, old hotel in a great location, right between the Garden District and the Quarter and a block from the streetcar.    

The small touches set this place apart: midnight snacks of PB&J, milk, and hot chocolate served up in the lobby every night; the way the mirror above the sink doesn't fog up (amazing!); a rooftop pool with greek revival statues; and a really great and friendly staff.  

The whole place oozes with old school classiness.  I got a kick out of the old photos of the hotel hanging in the stairwells.  There are also some pretty unique antique pieces near the elevators on every floor.

07/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Nicole S.
This hotel is one of the best I have ever stayed at.
The hotel its self was very nice. Plus the staff was great.
The boyfriend was spending the semester in Biloxi (designing and rebuilding post Katrina) so we met in NOLA and stayed here for the weekend. Everything was perfect from the service we got, our room, the food, etc.

One of the best things about the hotel is the PBJ and hot chocolate bar they have at night. It was a great way to end the day. It was not really a social gathering as much as a fun way to end the day.

It was hard to look out our window and see the dome and know what happened 2 years before but the it is great knowing how the city has rebuilt itself.

I know that the next time I am in NOLA (and I will go back!) I will stay here.

26/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Stacie T.
I cannot sing high enough praises about Le Pavillon.  My boyfriend and I recently stayed here for 3 nights and it seemed like each day this hotel got better and better.  Every person in their staff had overwhelming southern hospitality.  From the front desk representative who checked us in to our waiter during breakfast... everyone was so pleasent.

My boyfriend and I loved the PB & J every evening.  But we loved the Banana Fosters Waffle even more!!!  Words cannot express how delicious it is.  The 17.99 breakfast buffet was worth every penny and I highly recommend having at least one morning during your stay.  I especially loved how it started at 6:30 for those early birds (like myself).

It's a great location for those that want to be close to the French Quarter but don't want Bourbon St. chaos right outside of your door.  Would I stay here again??  ABSOLUTELY!!

16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Nancy P.
My first Sazerac, but certainly not my last. A classic, beautiful bar. Worth stopping by, even if you're not lodging here.

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Alena S.
Historical place in NOLA. A great place to be with family. The place was just too pretty and well decorated. Loved it so much didnt want to leave it at all.
We arrived there late and after a few hours the traditional late night P B n J was waiting for us in the lobby. It was so nice to reach the hotel late and then a late night snack was waiting for us. The best part was to stay in the lobby, munching those snacks and then chatting with the people there.
Heard the buffet breakfast was just as good, but did'nt get to try it. Next time i will make sure to try the famous breakfast.
This is one of the leading hotels in the world and i am so happy i was there.

29/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. Lu Ann S.
We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel.  The location is very good.  Loved the roof top pool! The view is amazing!   The staff is helpful and very friendly. Breakfast was delicious!  Would return and would recommend!

26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Tanya B.
This was once a pristine 5-star hotel that is now starting to show wear and tear.  It is a bit pricey ($169/night) for what is now a very standard hotel with great service.  Meh.

21/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
62. Kati S.
Just a lovely, old-fashioned hotel.

I got a great deal on Priceline--the middle of July not being the best time to visit NOLA, I guess. It's located perfectly--just far enough away to the Quarter that it's not full of drunks, but close enough to walk.

A ton of outlets (if you check my other hotel reviews, you'll see this is one of my requirements) plus free wifi.

I didn't ever get there for the 10 pm PB & J feeding, or use the pool (it rained every time I was there). But I did hear a story from a guy I met in NOLA that is so good, Ima choose to believe it, even if it's not true--which is that Huey Long stayed there, when he was governor, and the PB & J tradition was started for him. He would come back late, and demand PB & J and a glass of milk--till finally they just started leaving it out for him every time he was registered. Oh, those populists and their simple habits!

19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Sophia V.
Loved this hotel so much! I would highly recommend this hotel if you want to be near the Superdome and all of the tourist attractions. The wait staff is super friendly and they listen to all of your requests. They actually upgraded my standard room to a suite with no charge. Amazing!

The Hotel itself is super gorgeous but he parking is pain. They have a lot nearby but you will have to park and pay depending on different times and rates. The interior of our room was beautiful! The tub was nice & roomy. Great for relaxing bubble-baths. Overall, the room was very clean.

The pool was kinda out of the way, but it was well worth it when we got there. Very nice decor; and you can see parts of the city standing over their balcony.

For such a nice hotel, I don't think this place burnt a hole in our wallets or anything. Definitely will be returning again!

22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Diana N.
I stayed here during Mardi Gras and it turned out to be a very optimal location.  We were walking distance from the French Quarter and the Riverwalk.  We even walked to Frenchman!  The hotel is very pretty on the inside and decorated in the classic Mardi Gras theme.  The rooms are pretty comfortable, with ceiling fans, and a heater in the bathroom.  The heater in the bathroom came in handy because we got caught in a torrential downpour during our first day in NOLA!

I am a big fan of Le Pavillon's PB&J tradition.  My friend and I were able to enjoy two nights of the PB&J and it was a very satisfying snack of PB&J sandwich, hot chocolate, fruit, and King Cake.

Service here is really great.  The staff are very nice and attentive to guests' requests.

11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
65. Linh N.
Very nice hotel and the tradition of giving PB&J sandwiches is fantastic!

29/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Mike M.
My wife loved it.  During a confirmation call I mentioned it was our 13th anniversary.   We arrived to find a very nice surprise waiting for us.   Anything that makes my wife that happy deserves 5 stars, good job.

08/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Rocky B.
I really enjoyed my stay here. It was inexpensive. Quick walk to Bourbon street but still far enough where you could lay your head down at night and actually sleep.

Staff was super friendly. They have a complimentary pb&j buffet at night which is such and fun and cute idea!

Rooms were cozy and clean. Bathroom was just big enough to get things done and the shower felt sooo good. Nice water pressure!

For the price and what you get this will definitely be my go to place when I'm in NOLA.

08/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Troy F.
A great stay!  PB&J and milk btwn 10-11pm a great added bonus!   Rooms are NYC small, but  Greenbriar decorated.  Not far away from all the happenings of downtown New Orleans; but far enough away to be outside the crazy zone.  Plus, it's right up the street from Mother's!

15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Shane R.
very classy hotel with history.  5 min walk from french quarter.

everybody is very friendly, which seems to be true of everyone in this town.  rooms are big enough.  beds are comfortable.  plenty of towels.  clean.  quiet.  concierge is helpful.  ac works well.  interestingly, all faucets were righty loosey lefty tighty, which threw me every single time.

23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Doug S.
This is a 5 Star hotel on any scale.  Luxurious and comfortable at the same time.  

Le Pavillon is an old hotel with a true historic vibe surrounding it.  If you stay here, you must try three things:  

First, try a meal in the Crystal Room -- the main dining room that fashions a daily breakfast (brunch on the weekends) and lunch.  Yeah, it's too expensive, but it's delicious.  Make sure you're hungry so you can get your money's worth (or at least approach your money's worth).  

Second, if you workout regularly, you can preserve your routine on vacation by trying out the gym on the 10th floor -- it's not a full gym, but it's pretty dang decent for a hotel.  There are dumb bells and a bench, so you can do just about anything you need to do with that alone.  There's also a cable machine so you can perform a few more things with that.  There's also a treadmill and eliptical machine and a stationary bike -- something for everyone.  Also a flat screen TV with all the hotel channels.  Finally, and pay attention here:  there's filtered water in the gym so you never need to buy water from anywhere off premises -- simply bring your water bottle up to the 10th floor and fill it up from the water cooler.  Also, fresh fruit (whole) is provided near the water cooler (apples, oranges & bananas).  

Third, there's also a pool on the roof -- it's pretty beautiful and the area provides a stunning vista of the downtown area.  I laid out on the lounge chairs provided and took a nap.  Great place for a dip and a nap -- PLUS there's full "poolside service" provided to the patrons with drinks and food on the menu:  check it out!

03/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Chris L.
I had a room with a king size bed. I was very impressed by the elegance and newness of the bathroom. No leaky fixtures here. Free Pb&j and hot chocolate in the lobby at 10 pm is a nice homey detail. Our quiet room on the 7th floor provided a good nights sleep.  All in all, the room was an excellent value for less than $100 per night through Travelocity.

On Christmas morning we ate at the breakfast buffet in the main dining room. While the quality of the food was high, and the room was elegant, no amount of scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, oatmeal, sausage and coffee is worth $53 for two people.

31/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Joe N.
The staff here is very helpful and the location is great.  You're literally less than half a mile from most destinations; The French Quarter, Harrah's, Riverwalk, the French Market, etc.

There are a bunch of hotels in sketchy areas in NOLA, but this one seemed ok.  I was never hassled by anyone even when I was walking around by myself, though that's not recommended in NOLA.  The room I got was pretty spacious and came with a nice fruit basket, but my friends did not enjoy the same accommodations.

The decor was really nice and it was cool that the staff would indulge my group with ghost stories.  You kinda have to ask if it's haunted, esp. with all of the creepy paintings that adorn the hallway.

The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, milk and hot cocoa every night was a nice touch.  I would eat them even after having a huge dinner.  
tip: save some of the buttload of powdered sugar from Cafe Du Monde and sprinkle it onto your pb&j, it's awesome that way.

20/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Brian P.
Great place! Staff was very nice & helpful. Room was quiet, had a nice view and a comfortable bed. Rooftop pool & jacuzzi were awesome!

07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. Eric B.
Parking is $35! They didn't change the bed sheets after the previous person.  We were given double beds even though we booked a single King. No fridge or microwave. Overhead fan made grinding noises. The shower head and valve were not clean. Room service mandates an 18% gratuity fee + a $3 service fee. I was not impressed. For the price of parking and hotel, this place should be a last resort.

01/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
75. Cindy B.
You can't go wrong here. It's beautiful and elegant and so comfortable.

I visited New Orleans for the first time in April and I stayed in this hotel for a week. I pulled up in my rented PT Cruiser (fancy, right?) and I was greeted by a doorman in coat tails and a top hat who was so nice and welcoming. The staff was a delight. I felt right at home.

The rooftop pool and spa were fantastic. I took a late night dip and after feeling that the pool wasn't warm enough, I called down and they turned up the temperature for me.

Whenever I called down for my car to come up to the front, the operator always greeted me with "Ms. B---, how may I help you?" Kind of felt like a queen.

The late night peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were perfect after walking in the lobby from a late night of drinking and partying on Bourbon Street.

The gym that is also located on the roof is great! Nice pieces of equipment, fresh fruit and water is in the gym for free too.

When I go back to visit NoLa, I will definetely be staying here.

06/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Mardi C.
just spent a week at this grand old belle of the south.  from the get go?  wonderful.  christmas is beautiful here, and they spare no one the luxury of friendly southern charm.   My mother?  is elderly, and so I requested a room for handicapped.  

I got an email a week out, just to make sure that if I needed anything special?  they would be there for her.   It was spot on.

you can have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with hot cocoa in the lobby each night.  fresh coffee awaits you each morning.

the rooms?  are spacious, comfortable, and downright southern.  filled with wonderful paintings of the old south, and a collection of art that rivals some of the galleries in the qtr.   I walked each floor, just to gaze at each piece.

the rooftop pool?  heated in winter, and a nice hot tub awaits you as well.  the cabana's are dreamy, and the entire feel of this place is very romantic, and very southern.   I highly recommend this place.  the staff is over the top THERE for you.

the shower provided for handicapped?  has a seat and was perfect for my mom.  I have stayed here after katrina, and could've moved INTO the bathroom.   luxurious would be the words used.

we sat each night and wore our pavillon robes, and just enjoyed and savored the hotel life of a queen or king.

everyone at this place?  is family.   and you know it from the minute you join them.

we had christmas brunch in the crystal room.   it was over the top.  THOMAS was our waiter, and he was there for every turn.  this is a brunch with everything.  we started with crab claws, and shrimp.   then moved to the oysters.   prime rib, jalapeno encrusted ham, and turkey.  a dessert table, an entire breakfast section, and then of course, smoked chicken osso buco, and beyond.   it was delightful, and phillip melancon was playing the piano.  it was a magical moment, when he sang happy birthday to jesus.  

I have decided to make this a tradition.  come to this hotel for christmas.  Make sure you stop in the bar, and say hi to jaime.  she was delightful too.

28/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Emily M.
Great place to stay while in NOLA. The customer service at this hotel is fantastic, the rooms are clean, the rooftop pool and fitness center are both nice, and the PB&J's from 10-11 are excellent.

We walked to the French Quarter from the hotel during the day, and to Bourbon street at night. The walk is no big deal and there are no sketchy areas between the hotel and where you want to be in NOLA.

10/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Matthew U.
Great stay. Great staff. Great location. We used the hot tub and pool. Great view from the roof also.

01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Stephan N.
Good location, clean rooms, and the free peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with hot chocolate at 10:00PM.  The decoration is nice and you get the feeling that you are in a very old, but well-maintained hotel.  Most importantly, the AC is freezing cold.  Nothing more to ask for in a hotel.  This hotel is part of NOLA's history.  Le Pavillon is located within walking distance of many good restaurants.

By the way, this hotel is haunted... Seriously.

03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Brad E.
Very nice hotel, but make sure that you check on room size.  The first visit (about a month ago for a conference) I had a very nice, big room on the 8th floor.  I liked it so much that I booked a second visit.  This time the room was smaller and not as up to date.  Definitely check with the hotel about room size.  All that being said, the staff is very helpful and friendly, the hotel beautiful and strategically located and the price modest for what you get.  I'm a fan and would have a difficult time choosing another hotel in NOLA.  And it's supposedly haunted - a definite bonus!

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Marlon T.
I'd definitely recommend this hotel if you want to stay around the tourist area of New Orleans. I didn't even know this at the time of booking, but this hotel has a lot of history in its walls and the antique ambience inside gives a homely feel. The price was not bad for a Thursday night (I don't remember what the price was) and the staff was professional/nice. It might be a little bit hard to find the hotel at first and its driveway is small, but once you do, they have a valet service to keep your car safe. In the morning, there's a buffet you can pay for that looked pretty good and the dining room looks amazing.

This place is walkable to The French Quarter and if it's late or you're tired of walking it will cost about $12 to get back to the hotel. Also, I found out that one of my friends used to work at this hotel--random.

10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Molly M.
I stayed here 2 years ago when I was volunteering for Rebuilding Together.  it was a fluke me staying here.  One of the girls in my groups knew that I didn't really care for the Church I was staying at and she was staying in a room with 2 queen beds and asked if I wanted to stay with here to which I thankfully obliged.

The lobby of this hotel is elegant and stunning.  I felt as if I was walking back into time to the 30's glam of New Orleans.  
Staff was friendly and helpful as well.  Oh and they serve free cookies and milk at around 9 or 10pm

A few other bonuses to this hotel is the pool on top, the fitness room and nicely decorated rooms.  The only downfall in the room was the bathroom.  There wasn't enough ventilation and it was dark.  And keep in mind it is a bit of a walk to Bourbon street and the French quarters, but its doable if you like walking like I do.  I highly recommend staying here if you ever visit New Orleans!

08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Rhett E.
What a haunt!  This place scared me silly on arrival and I literally reconsidered the three nights I had reserved.  The place literally smells as old as it is, comparable to the terrifying feeling you get locked in your grandmother's attic. However after I settled in I realized what a classy place it is.  From free (and fast) wifi, to the rooftop pool and the complimentary peanut butter sandwiches, Le Pavilion is a true representation of New Orleans.  I was really hoping to shell out a full five stars for this one, but my visit to the rooftop deck was tainted by beer bottles from the night before -And the valet kept mysteriously moving my car around the lot to keep spots open for "contract" visitors.

09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. jay w.
The hotel is awesome.  The lobby is spectacular.  The rooftop deck is fun.  The 10pm PB&J bar is great.  

The normal rooms need some work.  The bedding is old and worn.  The rooms are a bit dark.  But they're quite and have style to them.

The suites on each floor and amazing.  We stayed in the Castle Suite and loved it.  Modern bedding, a huge bathroom.  Loved it.

30/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Milly S.
Beautiful rooms and close to all areas. Especially if you are in town for a Saints game. The staff always made sure your stay is to your satisfaction. The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at 10pm are a great ending to your night after spending your day on Bourbon Street.

13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Kate J.
This is the second time we have stayed here, and it's going to be the last.

The lobby is lovely, and the rooms are quite pretty at first glance. It's not until you notice the dust-encrusted vent in the bathroom and, oh, the fake ladies' nail adhered to the throw pillow on your bed that you start to have questions about the overall cleanliness of the hotel.

The staff walks down the hall at all hours of the day and night either having LOUD conversations with each other, or with their walkie talkies on full volume. The ice machine is directly across the hall from us and I have listened to people loudly get ice every hour on the hour. There has been a traffic cop outside blowing his whistle continuously for the last 36 hours. Guests were running down the hall at midnight last night yelling "Who dat?!?" I get that we are in New Orleans but we deliberately stayed out of the quarter for a little peace and quiet, and to avoid some of the general assholery that the quarter offers. We seem to have failed.

The roof pool is nice but there are not nearly enough chairs. For every pro at this hotel there's unfortunately a more glaring con. We'll be trying elsewhere on our next visit.

18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
87. Jennifer L.
We arrived very early in the morning at around 2am and we were promptly checked in. Our room was 721. The room was very elegant with dim lighting which set a very nice mood in the room.   Our room had no real view.  You looked across the street at the building next to the hotel.  This was not an issue for us.  The hotel had a very nice ambiance.  We really enjoyed staying there.

Room size:  Adequate
Bathroom: Small but updated nicely.  Not much counter space.
Bed:  Very comfy.  Pillows were extra high loft, non-allergenic, polyester fiberfill.  I asked for soft feather pillows and they brought them to us within minutes of our request.
Hotel restaurant:  Did not eat there
Hotel bar: Very nice.  Has at least one nice chess set, if you, like to play
Hotel terrace:  Small dipping pool, hot tub and about six lounge chairs around the pool.  Very small area.  There is also a couple of cabanas with lounge chairs off to side away from pool and a few two top tables.  It is a very relaxing area.  We went up on a Friday night at 11pm and the terrace was all ours!  Amazing!
Noise level: Our room was across from ice maker closet and the guest in the adjoining room were very load (shouting, etc.) the first night.  We turned down the air conditioner temp and turned up the fan and it seemed to drown out most of the noise.
Location:  We were there for the final four games and I think this hotel had one of the best locations!  It was an easy walk to the Superdome and, trust me, traffic was hell even if you were trying to drive 4 blocks to the game.  Being able to walk was a huge plus.  The hotel is also only about a 5 minute walk to the edge of the French Quarter.
Night time snack: PB&J sandwiches and hot cocoa severed at 10 pm in the lobby are a nice touch.
Service: Staff was not overly friendly. This may bother some people but it did not bother us.

If you are in New Orleans to party in the French Quarter this may not be the hotel for you but for our purpose it was great!

15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Barclay W.
I stayed here for a week around christmas time. Don't get me wrong the place is very nice but nothing to go crazy over.

They claim to have PB&J every night. HA! They have PB&J and Hot Chocolate for about an hour every night at a very inconvenient time, and you if you aren't there right as it goes out you miss it. You also have to make everything yourself which can get messy.

The room was nice enough but nothing special from what I have experienced. Good location though and nice staff. I would come again.

27/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Milka C.
This place was very classy, staff was so friendly, from concierge to housekeeping. No complaints whatsoever. Our room was comfy, didn't get a chance to get into the pool but I took a nap on the rooftop which was nice. Reading all the other reviews , I'm not going to repeat myself on all the details. Everything was real classy. I'm glad I didn't bring my wild animals with me (my sons) I wouldn't say its a kid friendly spot, but I'm glad because I did want a adult sophisticated experience.  Although we walked everywhere, it seemed a bit far removed from the Quarter and all the other places we wanted to hang out at. And yes, the hot chocolate was creamy and heavenly

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Chad G.
Gorgeous hotel, lobby is filled with antiques and ball room worthy chandeliers. Excellent on-site restaurants, beautiful rooftop pool. The hotel has a cool tradition of laying out a table for guests to make their own PB & J's, for free! Great restaurants and the French Quarter aren't that far from the hotel. Staff is friendly, funny and very helpful with any request a guest could have.

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Annie E.
Where do I start? Our room wasn't stalked with toiletries. Ironing board, no iron. Our blow dryer broke the first day. And we ran out of hot water. For 2 full days.
When we told them all we wanted to do was take a shower, they didn't even offer another room. They asked when we would be checking out, so they could have someone take a look.
It looks fancy on the outside, but cheap on the inside.
The only reason I'm giving them a 2 stars is because of the PBJ's.

29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
92. Angeline G.
i gave this hotel 3 stars- let me tell you why.

We decided to stay during Mardi Gras (for the first time). March 6th-10th.
Our check-in went very smoothly. No complaints.

We got into our room- immediately someone rings the door to the room (yes- there are door bells). A lady asks if she can check the mini-bar. Mind you, we JUST got into our room- luggage still on the floor, unpacked.

My bf advises okay- and she starts pulling things out of the mini-bar asking us if we had put things in there and taken things out. We advised the lady that WE JUST GOT HERE. She noted that and started taking inventory of the mini-bar. In the meantime- we knew this was going to be a problem during check out. So my boyfriend- takes a picture of all the things she removed and put into the mini-bar for our notes, in the future.

The next morning- 9am (still in bed), the door bell rings- mini-bar lady AGAIN. She asked if she can check the mini-bar. WHAT?!?! AGAIN?!?! We had advised her that nothing was taken out of the mini-bar.

So then we called the front desk and asked if this is a routine? The operator said, No. So we informed her of the mini-bar lady coming into our room 2 days in a row. After that, mini-bar lady never came back.

Guess what- the morning of the day we were checking out- we get the invoice under our door. They had charged us for 4 beers and 3 waters! We knew this was going to happen!!

So my bf went downstairs and told the lady at the front we had not taken any of these items, and without hesitation, she took them off.

What a relief!!!!!

BTW- this hotel has an excellent location from Bourbon Street!

16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
93. Manny G.
Am a fan of this hotel. We found a last-minute rate that could not be beat and I thought it too good to be true. But when we arrived, the hotel staff was courteous, the hotel was beautiful and the PB&J sandwiches and chocolate milk can't be beat. I wanna go back to Nola just for the PB&J at Le Pavillon.
We had a room with a king size bed. One complaint was that they might consider some comforters for the bed rooms that haven't been updated. Still a nice spread though.

11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Linh V.
Stayed here for 2 nights: If you can easily afford it, do it.

Service is what you paid for: impeccable. Umbrella, 10pm pb&j, awesome views, rooftop pool and jacuzzi and gym.

Rooms dont smell. No loud rowdy people. Mostly older folks (im 25)

No snottyness from the staff. Cabs were always ready when I left the lobby.

Decor is colonial and grandeur.

I wouldnt book here if I was counting on being blown away by the room. Rooms were just like on par with normal hotels. Youre paying for the nice lobby and amenities.

29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Tom L.
The lobby is fantastic aesthetically. The late night snacks of PBJs and hot chocolate chocolate are a great and unique tradition. The breakfast buffet is worth five stars. The staff is highly efficient and friendly.  The rooms are no better than a Holiday inn. They are cramped  and smallish. Beds are okay. The rooftop pool is cool and fun. The Jacuzzi stunk. If they offer you Room 630, don't bother. My kids called it the Addams family suite. The sitting room, with the dead flowers and the UNCOMFORTABLE FURNITURE, make it useless for sitting. The TV was on the floor in a cabinet. Have not figured out that one yet. If we saw a ghost in this Addams family retread it would have been worth it. However, I don't think a ghost would have been COMFORTABLE in this room. Good hotel but not great.

25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
96. Kevin P.
Arrived at 10 am on the day of check-in after disembarking from a cruise--initially intended to store luggage until check-in at 3 pm, but the front desk offered to let us check in right away--without my even asking! That's the earliest I've ever checked into any hotel, period!!!

pb&j with milk and hot chocolate daily at 10 pm is cute.

free soap provided to guests has a ROPE attached! so damn cool!

booking through hotel with AAA rate was cheaper than hotwire.

11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Darren T.
It's frikkin fancy! Easilly one of the classiest hotels I've ever stayed in, with a lot of history. PB&J bar was welcome after an evening in the Quarter. The room was antique meets ultra modern in the bathroom, with a huge walk in shower. However, it was on the small side with an ancient TV. But, we weren't there to watch PBS all day. The bathroom was heated and had loads of big, clean towels!

It's expensive. Even with our Hotwire deal it was expensive. But, you get what you pay for! Like every hotel in NOLA, they have paper thin walls. You'll hear everything. Our hairdryer unexplicably fell off the wall and smashed a drinking glass into the sink. Maintenance fixed it and cleaned up quickly.

This will definitely be a destination in the future!

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. April Rose D.
Magnificent and delightful! What a great place to stay for my first time in NOLA.  Le Pavillon has so much character and is very well kept for being over 100 years old. It is a nice 5 minute walk to the French Quarter.

We arrived yesterday and were greeted with nothing but southern hospitality. The staff really do make you feel welcome and contribute greatly to your  experience. Our room, though quite small, was cozy and charming. The bed linens weren't the most plush were comfortable. The towels in the bathroom were thick and soft. We used them when we took a dip in the rooftop pool. The rooftop pool is not that large but it was nicely heated and served the purpose.

After our jog/bar hop around the French Quarter we were happy to partake in their nightly tradition of serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches along with hot chocolate. Yum! This morning, I had the breakfast buffet in the grand Crystal Ballroom. They had the usual selections, omellete station (huge portions), but the french toast was fantastic. Just the way I like it  sweet, buttery, nice and crunchy on the outside and soft as you bite in to it.

But what really compelled me to write this review is that I needed to print a 50 page report for work. Le Pavillon not only has a business center but priniting is free! Yay!

Definitely would stay here again.

22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
99. Frodro B.
Staying for a conference. Beautiful historical hotel, just a 5 minute walk from the French quarter, but extremely pricy expect to pay 300+ per night on the weekends.

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. Melinda L.
This hotel is beautiful and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. I booked through Hotwire and randomly got this hotel. I've always had a problem with hotels not having my info or reservation or treating me differently when I book through a secondary site. I usually try to go throught the hotel directly because of this but this time, it was too big of a savings. The staff here were great though and even let me check in really early! I
The bed was descent though a little hard since I'm a side-sleeper but better than most  hard-as-a-rock hotel beds.
I didn't get a chance to eat at the hotel restaurant but it lloked nice. They did put out fancy PB&J sanwhichs for the evening which was fabulous coming back and being able to grab a late night snack!

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Matt M.
We booked this hotel on Hotwire for a little over 100 a night with tax. First, Hotwire lists this as a 4.5 star hotel, which is not accurate. No other website seems to list the hotel as 4.5 stars, and the hotel itself is nowhere near a 5 star hotel. However, I am not sure this is really the hotels fault.

On arrival the front desk was very friendly. The lobby is beautiful and has old world charm. We were given a room on the 2nd floor - which I would advise against since all of the banquet rooms are also on this floor. The room itself was not really representative of the pictures we saw online. I would presume the deluxe guest rooms are better appointed - but this room really just felt a bit cheap. The furniture was not what I would call 4 star quality and while the hotel goes for an old world vibe - you don't actually want a room that looks like it hasn't been updated in the modern era either.

The bathroom was the best part of the room however. The large walk in shower was really nice and had great water pressure. The bathroom had a marble sink and floor and was well appointed. The bathroom did have an elegant look to it. However, like other areas of the hotel - a few details seem to have been forgotten. There were paint chips on the door missing and some soap scum around the glass wall for the showers. Neither of these things are a huge problem - but once again, if the hotel was billing itself as 4 or 4.5 stars - are details that should not be missed.

The pool area on the rooftop was also nice. It is contrary to other reviews, not the best rooftop pool in New Orleans. The W, the Westin and the Roosevelt all have better deck pools and there may be others too. However, when we tried to call for room service to bring a pitcher of beer to the rooftop, they seemed confused someone would order a pitcher of beer. Room service said they weren't sure they had pitchers but would figure something out. They eventually brought beer in a metal milk or juice pitcher and some Styrofoam cups. For this pitcher of beer they charged $36.00. Do NOT order a pitcher of beer! I've ordered pitchers of beer from rooftop pools in Miami and paid half of that with all of the delivery charges and tip included! I would recommend bringing your own drinks or waiting to drink later!

Overall, the stay was good. The bed was soft and comfortable and the staff very friendly. While we're happy with the stay because of the price we got on Hotwire, I would have likely been a little upset had we paid the rack rate. The hotel does have charm and I believe some of the rooms are probably quite nice. I would recommend springing for the deluxe room if you do stay because if our room was typical of the standard room - you could do better in New Orleans.

I've also noticed comments on the outrageous parking fees. There is a parking garage on the other side of Poydras & O'Keefe St. in a funky modern steel building that is $10.00 for 24/hrs. I strongly recommend just parking there and walking the 2 blocks to the hotel if you can.

18/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
102. Michael P.
This is my second time staying here and it was more awesome than the last.  It's truly like stepping back into a more elegant time and is seriously the most beautiful and friendly hotel in New Orleans.

There is probably little I could say that would impress on anyone what the place is really like so rather then blabber on, I suggest you make an effort at some point to stay at the hotel, have drinks at the bar, go to the rooftop pool and jacuzzi, and have dinner at The Crystal Room. Your life will be better for it.

03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
103. Shawn Y.
Great vintage hotel in the heart of New Orleans. Great amenities on the roof !!! Gym, Pool and Hot Tub !!! Nice!! a few friendly blocks to party town .. Bourbon Street!

03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. Carla V.
My visit to Le Pavillon Hotel was a breakfast meeting in the Crystal Room.  If you have a chance to eat breakfast in the CBD, I recommend the Crystal Room, whether with friends or for business, this place is impressive.

The room is regal and well laid out.  The servers provide great service:  you have a drink server and a food server.  The menu is reasonable for a downtown hotel and a wonderful buffet is available for $20.  The downside is the parking, which unless you luck out with a meter, will run between $15 - $25...that's another meal!

The buffet has a typical continental offering of pastries, fruit, cereal and yogurt.  Not what you would expect to run $20, but then, you look at the left hand side of the buffet and see the "hot" section, with bacon, eggs, biscuits, grits, hash browns, french toast, etc and, the best part, an omelet station!  The omelet station has a lovely woman at the helm, sweet talking you as you select from herbs, vegetables or meat.  Wonderful!  However, if the buffet is not your scene, the menu does offer everything that is available on the buffet a la carte, as well as several variations of eggs Benedict and other typical breakfast delights.  Thirsty?  Of course you are...a selection of fresh squeezed juices and hot coffee quickly arrive and their Bloody Marys are awesome!

I have eaten here for lunch and the breakfast buffet is replaced with a salad bar and a couple of hot dishes and the omelet bar transforms into a pasta bar.  So good!  This place is probably isn't well known as a dining option, or may easily be overlooked, but whether your partake in the buffet or order off the menu the food and service will meet, if not exceed your expectations.

01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. Corey G.
I wanted to stay close to the Quarter, and I wanted to try something different.  I've stayed at a decent huge chain hotel a few other times, but I wanted to be risky.  What caught my attention for this place was the rooftop hot tub, history of the space, and free PB&J and hot chocolate hour, of course!

I pulled up, and the bellhop offered to valet my car, but I asked about street parking, and under his breath, he mentioned tons of spots within eyeshot of where we were.  Tip given and props for honesty and cool staff!

The hotel is a bit on the more lived-in side, you can tell it is an older establishment, but that's part of its grandeur.  My room was nice and a bit...Victorian??  I don't know, it looked like people with powered white air and English accents would have been at home in this room.  It was cool & unique.  

First things first, I stripped down to my trunks and dashed to the roof.  There's something cool about being in a body of water on the top of a skyscraper....wow, I like that word:  "sky scraper".  Anyway, it was dark out, and there was a pool and hot tub under the stars.  The pool looked inviting, but it was a bit nippy out, so I went for the jacuzzi.  It was nice.  There was some interesting murals surrounding the hot tub.  I relaxed curled up, flashed a smile at the sky, and chilled (this is how I prep for hitting the French Quarter).

After cleaning up, I was fixin' to hit Bourbon St., but then I noticed the PB&J and hot chocolate spread.  I had to suddenly snag some sustenance.  The PB&J brought me back to my college days when I had vanishing meal points in the dorms, and basically survived on peanut butter and jelly for the last month of the semester.  

All in all, a unique & quarky hotel, economical, great staff, and close to all the action.

15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Brad P.
This place is so damn pretty that I want to die here and haunt the halls.

If you are reading this in the year 2132 from your room and some ghost is tearing your shit up, then it is probably me. You can get him to go away by sacrificing an Arrested Development box DVD set(or Blue-Ray Alpha set or whatever damn future media platform you use). If the Arrested Development set doesn't work, then it is a specter who is probably far worse than I am and you should check out immediately.

Yeah, it is like a 10 minute schlep to the touristy areas but for God's sake did you see the lobby?! Did you see the rooftop pool?! They are freaking beautiful. The bed is insanely comfortable. The pillows have a sedative effect and it is tough to get out of bed even when you know you've had plenty of sleep. Even the most basic room has a fly bathroom with marble and a distinct turn-of-the-century feel. To make matters better, they give you a tasty PB&J buffet in the lobby at 10PM, which is exactly when you are heading out to drink.

Also, they provide you with an umbrella in your room. This is perfect if you are like me and can't lose umbrellas fast enough. How many hotels are nice enough to loan you a freakin' umbrella?

Furthermore, I got an excellent price at bookit.com .

Pros- Pretty much everything.
Cons- If you want to eat a very late dinner, nothing good will deliver to you, even though the restaurants you call are seriously less than a mile away as the crow flies.

On the action-movie-parallel-satisfaction-scale, this place is Shoot 'Em Up on a shinkansen during a lightning storm.

21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Scott H.
Perfect example of slightly threadbare Southern charm.  The hotel is very ornate, but also a bit worn.  Rooms had a faint musty odor and the bathrooms (which are very small) were a bit dirty.  Everything looks like it was "updated" in the early '90's, but has not had much attention since then.  While the staff were all friendly and usually fairly helpful (hotel had the feeling of being family-run), they can't really make up for deferred maintenance and tired furnishings.  Didn't try the restaurant or bar because they just did not seem all that appealing (menu specials scrawled on an erasable board).  Location is a bit in "no man's land" a few blocks from the Superdome and a longish walk to the French Quarter and Frenchman Street music.  Not surprisingly, for New Orleans, I never saw anyone in the workout room; but the small rooftop pool gave you a good view of the city lights at night.  It's too bad, because the hotel has good bones and great history, but needs a significant upgrade to persuade me to come back.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
108. Chris H.
The staff is very friendly and the hotel looks very fancy and old fashioned, so it's very cute at first, but it's got some faults that will prevent me from staying here again, no matter how cheap it is.  4 1/2 star rooms should, in my opinion, be up to date.  The tube TV from 1989 is the first indication that this room is way over rated.  The germ filled old-hotel-style bedspreads and throw pillows look like they were salvaged from another hotel's going out of business.  The room just feels dirty.  The ice bucket, though it has no plastic cover, is filthy, and for that reason, i'm scared to drink out of the glasses.  I guess if you want a  cold drink, you should be willing to shell out the $4 per can, since there is no vending on site.  

Le Pavillon may have been a 4 1/2 star hotel at some point, and their staff must think it still is by the way they act (very nice), but the hotel needs to be brought up to date and be hosed down to deserve this ranking today.  I'd give it a 3 at best, in it's current condition, but basic sanitation problems knock it down to 2.  Booked thru hotwire.com .

16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
109. Christine W.
Lovely hotel. Friendly staff, nice sized rooms, pimp bathroom, love love love the roof hot tub and Kate night free snack of pb&j sandwiches and hot chocolate. Would stay there again, no questions asked.

01/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
110. Steve C.
This review pertains only to the dining room, haven't stayed in the hotel.

Excellent gumbo, beautiful salads, passable lunch buffet, great place for business.

One of the reasons I so love New Orleans is that it's a grand-old-hotel city in the finest tradition. Like New York and Chicago, New Orleans hotel lobbys, bars, and dining rooms are honored gathering places for locals as much as tourists. Places such as the Monteleone, the Roosevelt, and Le Pavillon become the living rooms for those of us who either need or wish to socialize frequently for business or pleasure.

I was invited to join a colleague at Le Pavillon for lunch and, must embarrassingly admit I had never dined there before. So glad I had the chance to visit, will be taking guests there myself. The real selling points are the beautifully appointed dining room and the superbly pleasant staff. Our hostess offered us a lunch menu, but it was obvious to my companion and me that the lunch buffet would be the preferred option.

I typically avoid buffet lines out of principal. With few exceptions in my life, I have found buffet food to be mediocre, even at excellent restaurants. Furthermore, there's the sloppiness factor of dishing up one's own soups, salads, etc. Finally, I so dislike the manner in which going back and forth to the buffet table interrupts the flow of conversation at the table. Efficient service from  expert waitstaff contribute mightily to a fine dining experience.  

That being said, we dove into the buffet with overall pleasing results. The soups of the day were a seafood bisque (passable) and a chicken and sausage gumbo, which I must say was delicious. A lovely mid-color roux with a little tomato and okra added is just my style. A large bowl of their gumbo with french bread on the side could have been lunch indeed.

By the same token, the salad buffet was impressive, beautifully arranged with items of excellent quality. I chose to sample the beet salad as well as the Brussels sprout salad and just loved them. So many other options existed, I surely couldn't attempt them all, but will lure me back, such a luscious-looking chicken salad and heaping mounds of blue cheese. Avoid the cole slaw, from a carton for sure.

We dined on Friday, which appears to be their seafood day. The least impressive aspect of the lunch, I fear. Fried catfish and fried shrimp, either of which could have turned up at a truck stop buffet near Peoria. Large chunks of swordfish in some sort of sticky sauce was dry and severely overcooked and thoroughly unpleasant to taste. Frankly, I left much of my entree items untouched, along with the coleslaw. When I visit again, I may very well stick to the soup and salad. Indeed, had I walked into Le Pavillon to discover that their buffet contained only their soup and salad offerings, I would be issuing a thoroughly glowing report on the food.

Getting back to the tradition of the grand hotel, Le Pavillion's environment seals the deal. The table at which the hostess seated us was in a corner, and we lingered there nearly two hours covering all manner of business. The waitstaff never hurried us, sought to ensure we were comfortable with drinks at all times, and removed plates efficiently.

Do visit the dining room at Le Pavillion, preferably on a day other than Friday, so I can get your opinion of the buffet luncheon as well.

04/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. Draft M.
Here for work.  Three nights.  First night $369 (Sunday), next two nights, $565 a piece.  Stating the obvious---not Manhattan.  It's New Orleans.  Place needs major overhaul.  Poor Wi-Fi signal...but hey, there's a phone in the shower.  For $565, you do get "free" PBJ in the lobby at night!  Fail.

09/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
112. Brenda S.
Beautiful, up-scale lobby and restaurant.  Nice rooms with comfortable beds.  Luxury amenities.  Gracious, welcoming staff.  

Having stayed in many nice hotels, I rate Le Pavillon very highly mostly because of the staff.  Of course, the calling card of the hotel is the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with hot chocolate offered nightly in the lobby.  After the first night of this treat, our internal alarms sounded every night after to make our way to the lobby--along with dozens of others.

12/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Beth F.
I would have rated Le Pavillon higher except their restaurant, The Crystal Room, was ATROCIOUS! I will get into that later. The hotel itself is very nice. The lobby is very grand with a lot of gilding and chandeliers...almost cheesy but they do manage to pull it off. Got a double queen because the single queens were booked. That was probably lucky as the rooms are a bit small. This one was on the 9th floor which was nice. The fitness center, pool, hot tub, and sun roof are the 10th floor so it was just a quick walk up a flight of stairs. The fitness center etc. were very nice and well maintained. There weren't very many pieces of equipment so timing was very important. Either very early (before 7) or a bit late (10 am) otherwise you are stuck on whatever isn't being used or you have to wait.

The room itself was clean and well-maintained. The bathroom was small and outdated. The television didn't work quite right...every 5-10 minutes someone had to get up to jiggle the connector in the back. The bed was a little rough, sloping towards the middle and very squeaky. The pillows were alright but all different firmness and such so it was hard to be comfortable. Still all things considered I would stay there again.

Now for the Crystal Room (I would have preferred to review it separately but they are combined on yelp so...). Started with a 2007 Saint Francis Cab and that was the last good thing about that meal. I had Louisiana crab cakes. The crab cakes appeared to be onion and peppers held together with mayo and fried. I found two pieces of crab that was identifiable. Everything tasted of black pepper except the "horseradish" sauce that tasted like nothing. For dinner I had pasta jambalaya. The pasta was overcooked and the bowl was not appetizing. It looked a mess. Everything just tasted of creole seasoning.  

While I would recommend Le Pavillon I do not recommend Crystal Room. There are about 500 better, cheaper restaurants in NOLA. Walk three blocks down the road and try Mother's for some good, proper NOLA food at a fraction of the cost.

15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
114. David R.
Everything about this hotel is top-notch! We spent a wonderful weekend here.

From the moment we arrived we were treated like we mattered, which nowadays is hard to find. The service, the people in charge, the staff, all top-notch. Everyone here had a smile and a good word. When we had questions, they were very quick with answers. The concierge always had the best of information. Even the doorman was fantastic!

Very nice stay!

And by the way, the hotel is haunted!

02/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Chris W.
The have a late night PB&J bar happy hour. If that alone doesn't win you over, let me also say it comes with milk and hot chocolate.  Every night. Free.

This hotel is a great find. Convenient area, close to the nightlife, but not right in the middle. This hotel is a great place to stay and has tremendous charm.

One of the best hotels I've stayed at in quiet some. Great character. Love it.

11/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. Kristina K.
Although most mortals infrequently--if ever--get to partake in the life of royalty, those interested in the experience should definitely stay at Le Pavillon Hotel! Our room was not only a good size with free internet, awesome bedsheets, and automatic black-out curtains but also featured a chandelier the size frequently--exclusively, if you ask me--associated with museums. I am not the type to photo-document hotel rooms but, in the case of staying at Le Pavillon, I simply couldn't help myself and gathered a collection of digital memorabilia of the sleeping quarters and pretty bathroom.

While Le Pavillon is not super-close to the French Quarter--especially if visiting in the steamy summers where going a half-dozen blocks seems sacraficial to bodily well-being and sanity, the location is on the walkable/strollable scale. The nightly peanut butter sandwiches offered in the lobby are a nice touch no matter your age. Even if you arrive late to snack-o'clock and get a pre-made goodie bag, they are absolutely delicious.

Another royalty treat is the (free) turn-down service provided by the hotel staff. At some point in the evening, the magical fairy delivers cookies for your pillow-top, removes decorative pillows, and unfolds the heavy blankets so exhausted guests with their dainty hands and manicured nails can slide in with greater ease. I felt sooo pampered! The ultimate in pleasures, however, must be their menu of bath-time services, where visitors to New Orleans can select from a variety of staff-drawn bubble or herbal bath options along with munchies ranging from fresh fruit to cheese plate to dessert items. Some of these pairings even come with water-side champagne!

Overall, I would definitely come back and highly recommend Le Pavillon for special occasions or just a weekend self-treat.

01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. Amanda P.
We just stayed at Le Pavillion for 4 nights during our honeymoon and it was the best hotel experience we have ever had. The staff (Cedric, Aaron, David, etc) were beyond friendly and accommodating. The lobby, rooftop pool and hot tub were beautiful. We actually received a surprise room upgrade because it was our honeymoon along with a bottle of champagne and strawberries, which was such a thoughtful extra touch. And don't even get me started on the pb & j buffet. It is delicious and the accompanying hot chocolate and homemade whipped cream is the best I have ever tasted. We could not have been happier here and we left knowing that we would return someday. Thanks Le Pavillion!

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
118. Hung L.
I stayed here in early June for four nights. When I first arrived at the hotel, I was greeted by the doorman who took my bag, gave it to the bellhop, and brought me to the check-in desk. Even though it was only 10AM and check-in isn't until 3PM, I was promptly shown to my room without hesitation. The best aspect of the hotel is its customer service. Maybe it's being in the South or I'm always surrounded by rude New Yorkers, but everyone was friendly without an attitude.

The lobby is spectacular. It is old school over the top European elegance with glass chandeliers and colorful couches adorned with tasseled pillows. Usually, I hate this decor, but it works here and I feel like I'm transported to a different world. The rooms are decorated in the same fashion.

I booked a standard queen. it is a bit on the small size. I've been in Holiday Inn rooms that were bigger. There was a TV that didn't have the clearest picture quality, a decent sized closest with a safe, a desk, and a sitting area. There really wasn't much space to stretch out. The bathroom was small. There was a small tub good enough for showering but not big enough if you wanted a bubble bath. The major gripe I had with the room was that it always felt...moist? I mean I know it's the NOLA humidity, but turning up the A/C left me freezing. And I couldn't open the windows either to get in a breeze. The hallway was always freezing. I was always running from the elevator back to the room.

The view from the rooftop wasn't spectacular. Mostly, I just saw office buildings. It's a nice place to chill after a long day out. When I was hanging out by the pool though, I saw the largest cockroaches. Maybe they smelled a PB&J sandwich but they crawled onto the table next to me freaking me out.

The PB&J snacks are a nice touch, but they weren't amazing. They were regular sandwiches. There was a choice of breads (white, wheat, raisin), peanut butter (crunchy, smooth), and jam (grape, cherry, apricot). Plus there were a few pieces of fruit as well as a station with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and cold milk.

The location is pretty good. It's pretty quiet, but only a 10 minute walk away from the edge of the French Quarter. The St. Charles Streetcar is only 2 blocks away. (I was looking for a streetcar named desire but all I could find was a bus to Elysian Fields.) There's not much in the area except for other hotels. I would consider staying here again if I got a good price.

07/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
119. Libby V.
Who say's you can't go back? We go back every year. We love this hotel, the restaurant and most of all the bar.

The bar is about 1,000 years old, and it came from an old Paris bar. It's so elegant we question why we're sitting there. It's from a different era, where only the upper class would be allowed. But a trip to NOLA wouldn't be complete without coming here.

Personal service ... simply amazing. They always remember us! And when I told Pamela it was my birthday, she not only comped our drinks, she bought me a bottle of champaign and tied balloons o it. People notice you with balloons and champaign. And did I feel special.

Pamela makes the BEST hurricane ever. She's a NOLA treasure. Stop in and tell her I sent you...you won't be sorry.

30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
120. Gaz H.
Real. Friendly. Folks. A homey little hotel with an old-time big hotel feel. The roof sun deck is small but interesting. The anti-fog bathroom mirrors are a nice touch. That, and the peanut butter sandwiches. Restaurant is competent but lots of good neighborhood options as well. Concierge desk is a gem.

29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Carly C.
Hands down, best brunch in New Orleans! The food is great, there is usually a live musician, and this immense old hotel is a sight to see! Highly recommend!

28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
122. Dan M.
Absolutely the best experience we could've asked for.  My girlfriend and I just finished a four night stay here during our first trip to New Orleans.  The location is great as it is a short walk to the French Quarter, but you avoid all the noise of Bourbon St. when you want to sleep.  The hotel itself is beautiful and the lobby and hallways are ornately decorated.  The decor really captures the feeling of a historic elegant hotel.  Considering we got a great price on it, I was expecting something more along the lines of a Best Western but I couldn't have been more wrong - we were blown away by the elegance of the hotel and it looked like we should've been paying twice the price.

The service is really what sets this place apart though.  Everyone at the hotel will go above and beyond to make sure you have a wonderful stay.  Special thanks to David at the front desk who let us use the desk computer to print the Saints tickets we bought online at the last minute when the business center was full.  A lot of other hotels would've just told us to wait for the public ones, but he didn't hesitate in setting me up with the website I needed.  There is also a French guy behind the desk who was very friendly and took some pictures for us before we went out for Halloween.  Really all the staff there were very friendly and the doormen and maids were always smiling and offering warm greetings when we saw them in passing.  

The PB&J sandwiches at night were a cool addition too and made the entire hotel experience feel very personal and welcoming!

29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
123. Kelly M.
As a hotel snob, I would definitely not consider this a 4-star hotel. However, I had an enjoyable stay and, for the Hotwire deal I got, would recommend it to others. The beds were incredibly comfortable and the property itself was conveniently located to "everything". The staff was very friendly and accommodating, and went the extra mile to ensure guests were well taken care of.

01/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. Craig M.
Pretty old hotel with excellent service and fantastic location. The lady friend and I stayed here for a wedding and really enjoyed the charm. Reasonable rates for the level of service offered as well. Apparently there is all you can eat shrimp and grits but we missed that for walking elsewhere. The gym and pool deck were really nice to relax on. Don't miss the late night p b and j!

11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
125. stuart t.
Elegant, a taste of the bel époque. Attentive staff, and a great buffet breakfast, served in the sumptuous crystal room. Visit. Stay. Enjoy the ghost.

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. Tiff D.
Lunch at the Crystal Room was delicious.  The have a large variety of salads (pasta, seafood, chicken, apple, slaws, etc). The waiter recommended the chicken salad and it was indeed delicous and like no other chicken salad I have had. Similar to a pasta salad - oil based, olives, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Try it if you have lunch there.

Slightly disapointed on the selection of hot items but what they had was indeed tasty.  Fried shrimp and catfish, gumbo, chicken teriyaki.

The dinning area is beautiful and the cold buffet was great. I would have lunch here if I was in the area.

02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
127. Beth S.
Absolutely fabulous place to stay.

In the CBD, a few blocks' walk from Canal Street and the French Quarter, it's a beautiful old hotel with tons of character. Elegant, if small, rooms and a luxurious, elegant lobby.

The service is top-notch. From the bellhops to the waiters/waitresses in the bar, they pull out all the stops. Walk out the door and there's a bellhop to hail a cab for you and give the driver your destination. I ate lunch in the bar/restaurant, then spent the rest of the afternoon working on my laptop. The waiter invited me to stay as long as I liked and kept my glass full of ice water all afternoon.

The restaurant/bar was not only a great place for a working lunch, it was a relaxing place to come back to after a fun and exhausting day exploring the French Quarter.

We spent three nights here and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The rooftop is a must-do, and I wished I'd brought my swimsuit when I saw the beautiful and hot tub on the ninth floor. Views were spectacular.

I'd stay there again in a minute. At the very least, stop in for a drink.

28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
128. Jessica A.
This place is amazing! This is one of the most beautiful hotel's I've ever stayed in. Great customer service as well, very personal. The beds were so comfy and big. I could stay there for a long time for sure no problem. They have peanut and jelly sandwiches every night at 10pm in the lobby. It was such a cute thing, we went down there and had a late night snack. I highly recommend this hotel!

03/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Coral E.
Just enjoyed a wonderful stay at the Le Pavillon Hotel.  Gorgeous, traditional interior with massive chandeliers all over, wonderful staff to check you in, help with anything and make you feel at home (thank you Renee and Aaron) - a great experience in New Orleans!  The rooms are just as exquisite with antique furniture and attention to even the smallest of details.  We also enjoyed their Crystal Restaurant for lunch which had a delicious buffet of local cuisine, a large salad and soup bar and several desserts to choose from.  Great location.  Just a bit out from the extreme hustle and bustle of the French Quarter.  Just for reference: it is about a $10 cab ride to get to the French Market and the French Quarter and the Victory Bar and VooDoo Lounge just a few doors down are both great!

25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
130. Debbie C.
Let's start with the important things. Terrific bed (wish I could have brought it home with me), great shower, lovely room, friendly helpful staff. They do everything here to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. The hotel is beautiful, you know you are in New Orleans. It is close enough to The French Quarter that we strolled there everyday but far enough away that you are not in the heart of the crazy. My only advice is to not wait until the last day to eat breakfast (like we did). So many yummy fresh great items available. We plan to return to NOLA and we will always stay here. Did I mention the PB&J and Hot Chocolate?

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Jay A.
My favorite hotel--of all time.

Close to the Quarter and right off the streetcar line=convenient location.

Beautiful and clean.

Um, darn good breakfast buffet in the Crystal Room.

I will stay here every time I'm in NOLA from now on. It is has set the bar for every other hotel I visit from now on.

20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Brittney B.
Great customer service!  Old historical hotel which is close to the action of The French quarter but not in it!  Loved it!  Stayed here for the Beyoncé And Jay-Z concert and have to say that everyone at the hotel was always helpful and seemed pleased to help.

21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Joel M.
Great hotel...intially hated the location when I was informed we were staying here but I wasn't the one that chose it...BUT it was damn near the last hotel in NOLA the weekend of October 6 cause the Saints were playing the night of October 7...

However, once I got there the staff was simply the best...from Valet to Check-In to Bell Hop to Check-out...

The pool on top was a great experience and came in plenty useful to swim away some of the buzz once we got back there at 3 AM from a night of revelry and debauchery...

Cab fare to where we wanted to go anywhere from the Warehouse District to the Quarter to Frenchman's Street was more than reasonable and a great way to get around the town...so ultimately it didn't matter the hotel was on Poydras down by the 'Dome...we were where we wanted to be fast and cheap via taxi service...

The room was better than it needed to be and the beds were comfy...

Great place if you need somewhere to rest your head while in NOLA...you won't be disappointed

23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Ginette P.
My friends & I stayed here during Memorial Wknd  5/25-5/28/12. we booked our trip a few months in advance & got a great deal on this hotel.
The Hotel is beautiful very elagant , u can see this the minute u walk into the huge lobby area down at the end u can find a private room where they hold different events we had two weddings during our stay.
In the same room , they serve breakfast & dinner if u choose to go. they also have a nice bar u can sit & enjoy some drinks before heading out.
The hotel offers PB & J sandwiches in the lobby complimentary every night...so weird but a great snack before heading out or coming back to your room. they also have some fruits & milk.
The room was nice & clean , we got maid service every day ...they did a good job at replacing the wonderful toiletries they smell sooo good u know its hard not to take some home.
The pool is located in the roof , nice area not very big but its just right to sit relax & enjoy the day. they also have a small gym right before going out to the pool deck if u choose to make use of it not very big a few pieces of equipment but enough to give u a quick work out.
The hotel is in a great location you can get any where in the city by walking from the hotel every thing is about a 15-20 minute walk.
One very good thing about this hotel is  they offer FREE wifi ...yes, people I said  FREE... This is awesome !!  So many places now a days charge for wifi which for the life of me  I just can't understand why ? if u r paying for the hotel the least they can do is offer the wifi for free.
All in all we enjoyed our stay , really nice hotel good service , decor & friendly staff .
I would not mind returing to this hotel when visiting New Orleans again.

02/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
135. Belinda T.
Best hotel ever! Concierge helped to plan my day down to the last min, Paula at the front desk helped to make check in run smoothly! Pierre in concierge had the best recommendations from restaurants, to tours and he scheduled everything for me on my behalf! Hotel was very close proximity to Bourbon street (french quarter), no more then a quick 5-10 min walk. Hotel was like stepping into the 1800's with present day amenities ;) will I stay again? Of course! Next time I'm in NOLA, Le Pavillon is where I will stay, but this time I want to try a suite (just because, I mean, why not?) Also the view from their rooftop terrace is the best. Honestly, there is no reason to come with a car (NOLA is not car friendly, but I am used to NY/NJ roads so maybe I'm spoiled? But the streets in the French quarter are ridiculously narrow!) the hotel has this tradition where they do pb&j social every night with THE BEST hot chocolate. Loved this! This is what separates this hotel from those cookie cutter hotels from the ones who are truly trying to make your stay an experience.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
136. Matthew C.
The Crystal Room at La Pavillon Hotel is amazing. The hotel itself exudes Old World charm, and the dining hall is dripping with old school style.

Our waiter was fantastic, friendly, and fast. His little jokes and saying kept us in stitches the whole night and made our weekend. He was cool, without trying to insert himself into our party.

The food there was fantastic. I loved the spinach salad and the beef burgundy, and I felt like I was getting a great value for the money as well.

I definitely recommend this place for both small and large parties.

02/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Rita C.
Absolutely fantastic hotel!  The decor is absolutely beautiful, the location is great, the rooms are clean, and the staff is friendly and polite - what more could you ask for?  Oh you're asking for a free PB&J bar every night?  Don't worry, Le Pavillon has it!

Back to location for a second:  One of the first things I noticed about New Orleans is that cab rides are ridiculously overpriced, which is why we pretty much decided to walk everywhere we went (when we could).  The hotel is in a quiet area (Business District), but it's just a short walk away from the craziness of Bourbon Street (5 - 7 mins).  We were even close enough (just a few blocks) to jump on the shuttle/St. Charles Street Car to go to the other side of the city for the Po Boy Festival - very nice!  A few more blocks down, you have access to Harrah's, the Riverwalk Mall, and the walkways around the river, which is beautiful.

I highly recommend this hotel!  I would definitely stay there again during future trips to New Orleans!

Note:  I did some price comparisons among several websites when booking the hotel and found that the hotel's website gave the best price with a AAA discount.

04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
138. Andrew B.
Everything from reservations to check-in, to changing rooms, to check-out was awesome. The staff was super friendly. I love the decor of the place, very classy. Some highlights are:

* 10-11PM there are free PB&J sandwiches in the lobby for guests
* The closets have lights that turn on when you open them. Kind of like refrigerators. Just a little piece of awesome.
* The fitness center pretty well thought out with a variety of weight machines, cardio equipment and free weights
* The pool is open late and is on the rooftop.

And finally, there's a guy named Gustav who helped me get my camera back after I had left it at the hotel. He dealt with me numerous times via the phone and got it back to me by the end of the week.

If I go back, I will be staying at Le Pavillion!

25/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
139. Matt M.
Stayed here for 5 nights for the SfN conference. Managed to snag a room on the 8th floor, almost at the end of the hall. Had no problems with noise the entire stay! The service is really friendly and accommodating at every part of the hotel. The PB&J table in the lobby starts at 2200 and was arguably the best part of the hotel! You can choose from 3 different breads, two textures of peanut butter, and three types of "jelly" (I know some people are picky with preserves vs jelly vs jam vs spread vs whatever, and I can't keep them straight for the life of me).

Tried the breakfast buffet twice. They have a wide selection from muffins and cereal to potato, bacon, sausage, and omelettes. The best part was the omelettes. You can request them to be done however you want, and can choose from a small variety of fillings.

Had dinner once in the crystal room and tried the gumbo and jumbo shrimp cocktail. The food was good, but was really heavy. I'm talking about not-being-able-to-do-anything-else-for-the-night heavy.

The ambience of the hotel is very unique - I think their website does a fantastic job capturing the imagery for those who will stay there. They also have a fitness center and a rooftop pool and hot tub!

17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
140. Belinda W.
Stopped in for the lunch buffet.  Classic grand hotel, great architecture.   Formal but friendly waiters.    Buffet was well done, lots of options.  I stuck with gumbo, salad bar and bread pudding with rum sauce.   Yes, dessert at lunch!  The waiter talked me into it.

26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
141. Iris R.
I'm amazed by this hotel! I booked it for 4 nights because of great rates on Orbitz. THEN Google told me that it's haunted...MAJOR WIN.

Beautiful, historic hotel in the heart of New Orleans. While the Sheraton and Hyatt Regency looked awesome, it just wouldn't feel right staying in a contemporary hotel there. I wanted that old-school NOLA feel. And my husband just wanted a pool.

The entire staff was wonderful. Their friendly demeanor and stunning customer service would keep me coming back (given I can find awesome rates in the future). The bellhop did not hesitate to take my husband's greasy, grungy-looking cooler out of his truck to load onto the luggage cart. I was embarrassed at first, but he insisted, "Aww, I know that's important!" The concierge was also very friendly and accommodating when we checked in.

When we got up to the room, the bellhop offered to fill up my hubby's cooler with ice. My husband said yes, and I just shook my head once the bellhop left the room...lol.

We stayed in Room 523, and it wasn't the best of views, but it wasn't bad. The room was very clean, and housekeeping kept it very clean throughout our stay. Our room was also very quiet...very little street noise, only the occasional sirens. And only heard other guests, if they were passing by our door and talking loudly. Never heard our neighbors or people above us.

My hubby was distraught at the thought of not having an in-room coffee pot, but the bellhop told us we could call down for a small one to be brought up. They accommodated us with the coffee pot and enough packets of coffee, free of charge.

I insisted on having a drink down at the bar since I learned that it was from the 1880s and was originally at one of Al Capone's favorite haunts in Chicago. How awesome is that?? You can tell it was old by all the scuff and scratches in the wood, but they still made it look elegant. And the bartender was very friendly and funny. We had our drinks, and ordered our pizza to-go. She also got plates and silverware for us to take back up to our room, along with ice water. My husband said the pizza had looked amazing...but it basically tasted like DiGiorno with sweeter onions. Haha! Oh well...still good.

The nightly tradition of PB&J and hot chocolate was pretty awesome. We enjoyed it 2 of the 4 nights. The second night (our last night there), the lights in all the chandeliers were flickering nearly the whole time we sat in the lobby. A little freaky. :)

The rooftop pool and hot tub was very nice, plenty of towels up there. Beautiful statues and gorgeous views of the city! It was surprisingly cool at night the whole time we were there, nice and breezy. Wish the hot tub was a little hotter, but oh well. It did get really hot sometimes, but only intermittently. I'd blame it on the ghosts!

Speaking of the ghosts...we did experience a few strange things during our stay. We got on the elevator to go up to the 9th Floor for the pool. A guy got off on our floor, and I assume that it was going up. Instead, it stopped on the 4th Floor. Doors opened...no one there. Stopped on the 5th Floor again. Doors opened...no one there either. Finally made it to the 9th Floor. My husband was really freaked out by this...he said the same thing happened to him when he went to get ice (I think our floor was out). We're convinced that ghost couple got on with us for a floor.

Also, I was playing on my phone before I went to sleep the last night. Laying in bed, very quiet, about 2am. Out of the blue, I heard one of the curtain rings clang against the rod, like it shifted. Sure, it could have just happened on its own. But I was really freaked out, and I shined my phone towards the windows to look. Of course, didn't see anything...but it definitely got my heart racing for a little bit!

Sad to say, we didn't get to eat in The Crystal Room this time. We did notice some of the local businessmen walking in for lunch. They said it was the best lunch in town! It also appears that the locals show up at the bar too...good sign!

I would love to come back next time we visit NOLA! Lovely service and stay!!

28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
142. Rob A.
This is a very nice hotel. The staff was accommodating and helpful. The rooms look and feel elegant. The PB&J (every night at 10!!!) is a nice perk. It was too cold for me to enjoy the pool/hot tub on the roof but there is a great view from the roof. This hotel is a in a good location if you want to visit the french quarter. I didn't need a car during my stay.

17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. Kate N.
This hotel is in the central business district, so it is in a quiet area.  However, it is only a few blocks to the convention center or to the French Quarter, so it is very convenient if you don't mind walking 5-10 minutes.

The lobby is beautifully lit and decorated. I love the chandeliers; they make the entrance warm and grand. The staff is very friendly and they look good in their period costumes.

The room is ok, a bit on the small side.  I felt pretty comfortable during my stay here.  There were complementary cookies, water and fruit in the room.  This might be because I came as a returning guest.  Either way it is a nice touch and nice that they knew I was returning,  There is also complementary PB&J at night with milk and fruit.  The hot chocolate with freshly whipped cream is delicious.

The pool and hot tub on the rooftop is quite beautiful. The pool is not very big, but it is roomy enough for a lounging area. There is also a workout room next to the pool.  

The one complaint I had was that the water in the sink was low power.  It also had a sulfurous smell, like from a hot springs or old pipes.  The shower, on the other hand was very strong and gave piping hot water.

29/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. Eric C.
Of course Tulane would put us up in the fanciest of hotels! They have a valet service outside so as you begin your stay at the hotel, someone will park your car (for $18 a night of course). Remember this hotel is over 100 years old so don't expect modern decor. Instead, step inside to a building that is classically designed as if you were getting transported to a different time. They have an interesting tradition of putting out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches between 10pm and 11pm along with choices of hot chocolate. Service was friendly and by itself would earn the hotel an extra yelp star. The concierge helped me quickly and efficiently book a seat at Emeril's Delmonico. Take a taxi!

Rooms were as classic as the lobby. Plenty of outlets for the modern individual with their technological gadgets. Free strong wifi in the rooms. You may not think about how important this is, but they do a very timely wake up call and always ask if you would like a 15 min repeat as if knowing that I always snooze my alarm. Their gym is on the 9th floor which you take the elevator to the 8th and then climb 1 flight of stairs. They have a rooftop pool as well which I was not able to take advantage of ... this time.

I'm told that the breakfast buffet is fantastic and I really wish I had the opportunity to. NO International Airport is 20 min away and there didn't seem to be much traffic when I left in the morning. I did ding them one star because they charged me for a local call! Seriously? I was so blown away by that. Sure $1 is not much, but I think it was the principle of the matter!

O well, nice place.

01/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
145. Rosie S.
Amazing experience at Le Pavillon! My mom and I recently visited for my 30th birthday. She had mentioned in the reservation that we were celebrating my bday, but didn't request anything special. Once we arrived, everyone was very friendly and accommodating. We went up to our room to unpack and received a knock on the door. The hotel had given me a little chocolate cake and bottle of champagne for my birthday! So sweet and generous! The entire staff was great from the doorman, to the front desk, to the restaurant and bar. Our room was clean and had comfortable beds. The location of the hotel is perfect because it is off of the craziness of Canal Street and walking distance to both the French Quarter and Superdome. St. Charles St is also very close in order to take the trolley down to the Garden District. I will definitely stay here again next time I'm in NOLA!

31/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
146. lan n.
I did regret picking this hotel for our five night stay. It's an older hotel with a certain "charm" , which is another way of saying it's really really old.
-Hallways, lobby, the bar area, and the room itself felt really cramped
- no hdtv, the picture on the tv was literally green. we thought it was broken at first. called the front and when she came to check , even she says "oh i see what you are talking about"
- Most of the staff are pretty nice (just not the old bartender: Roosevelt was it? he get's the order wrong then gets mean about it when you remind him. just overall poor service from start to end)
- doorman: the younger one was awesome, the older gentlemen we saw looks like he hates life
-housekeeping did a fantastic job
- don't even think about using the pool on the roof or sitting on the chairs. pool water quality looks questionable and the cushions on the chair had mildew from sitting in the rain for who knows how long
- there is a gym. it's super small but it's pretty vacant so you probably won't have to fight for machines
-room does not include a refrigerator but they will happily
set one up for you. we requested it in advance . it's 10 dollars a day.

10/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
147. Sabrina Eileen M.
Can we just say AMAZING!!! My first time in NOLA and I was a bit nervous. Enter in a fabulous room. DEFINITELY Worth the price from the roof top pool, to the deluxe bedding I was super comfy. Turn down service INCLUDED A FREE BOTTLE OF WATER EVERY NIGHT( this is huge people) and yummy peanut butter and almond cookies. Not a super far walk to many attractions. The service in terms of doormen, concierge and wait staff was beyond expectations. If you're looking to stay comfortably and get the most out of your experience, stay here. We will definitely be back.

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
148. Eman F.
We just landed from warm Orlando FL. Now driving the cold streets of New Orleans. Here comes this beautiful infrastructure. So we decided to check it out considering we needed a place to lay our head to rest.Well we got more then what we bargained for. It was so elegant and genuine.From the staff to the decor. Roof top Jacuzzi and pool.Free late night snack( Pb&j sandwiches)
Even thu our first room didnt have hot water.The manger himself took us to the next room and made sure we where satisfied.Comped our breakfast.It was there way to go up and above. Needless to say their breakfast was good.Great way to start our next day.

10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
149. Gary S.
A great value!  Very comfortable rooms. Kind of a French rococo sort of vibe.  Curtains with tassels over every elevator.  Very clean. Very friendly and helpful staff.  Everything worked.  Very quiet.  Not too far from the quarter.  Parking was a little steep but I wonder if those that mentioned lower priced facilities would be getting unlimited entries and exits during the day or night.  I found that part very convenient.  $39 a night but you could go for an outing, bring the car back, do something in your room or up on the roof by the pool and then head out again for one daily price.

The roof top pool is wonderful.

The breakfast buffet was sensational.  It wasn't cheap at $20 pp but it was very well executed with high quality items.  The omelet bar was magnificent.  Careful, they charge you for drinks - $3 coffee and $4 juice.  That brings your cost up if you aren't expecting it.

Nightly PB&J looked great but didn't try it.  We were too stuffed from the nightly sensational meals we had in the neighborhood.  

I would definitely stay there again.  Time to book for Jazz Fest!!

20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
150. B S.
Got a deal on hotels.com . Loved it. Rooftop pool + hot tub + lounge area was the highlight. The hotel itself is awesome.

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Denise L.
Love love love this place! We chose this hotel, as we loved the older classier feel, and would much rather stay at a boutique hotel than a chain.

Even from the outside of the hotel, it's gorgeous, all white, and the staff here are top knotch. Very friendly, all dressed up in old butler/maid uniforms, and great service from all. The pictures of the hotel on their site does not do this place justice. The lobby is so clean and inviting, wonderful structure and decorations, and the rooms are clean and inviting. Beds are uber comfortable, although my only complaint would be the pillows. One is feather, so my head sinks in, the other is too high for me. It does not get stuffy or warm without the air on, but if you do need that blast of air, their air conditioning works REALLY well.

There is plenty of room in the 2 queen deluxe room, and the mini walk in closet has a light that turns on everytime you open the door to it. There's even a huge umbrella inside the closet to use.

The bathroom is very classy, and I loved how when you take a shower, all but one area does not get steamy. A perfect rectangle to check out your face after a shower! The toiletries they provide are great too, even a soap on a string! Might want to bring your own shampoo and conditioner though, as there's is the 2 in 1.

There's a rooftop pool, and although small, there's plenty of seating, but only a dozen lounge chairs. Enjoyed our pina coladas in the sun, and you can order drinks and/or food from the phone they have at the pool. It does take awhile, but they're very enjoyable.

I did not get to partake in the PBJ at 10 - 11 PM unfortunately, but it sounds like a definite plus for the night munchies!

Great place to stay, only con is we were right next to the elevator, so it can get loud, but you don't hear any noises from adjacent rooms. Also, there's only 2 elevators, so it can take awhile or crowded when taking it.

27/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
152. Diana P.
Great value for your buck hotel (we paid around $108 before taxes in July).  Rooms were clean, a little outdated (black showers-tiles) but the staff is EXTREMELY friendly and they have a PB & J make your own sandwich set up each night from 10pm-11pm.  They also offer fruit and a variety of milk options (fat free, 2%, chocolate).  Adds a nice touch.

The rooftop pool is also useful but not fancy by no means.  Actually, from other rooftop pools in NOLA I have seen, this is probably a pretty good choice.  That's one of the reasons we picked this hotel.  It's in the business district but a short 10 min walk to the French Quarter where we spent most of our time.

There's a trolley you can hop on down the street too and it's a short walk from the area where all the great restaurants are at (meat packing district)

01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
153. Brittany F.
Awesome staff and beautiful lobby area! We booked a room at the last minute and got a great deal. Honestly, I was just relieved that we had a place to sleep for the night before continuing our road trip. I called once I made the reservation just to make sure the reservation was received. The front desk clerk was very polite and was more than happy to allow us late check out (because we were arriving in the wee hours of the morning). Upon arrival, the front desk clerk met us outside and addressed us by name. That was surprising and oddly comforting. Once we had our luggage, we proceeded to the front desk to deal with the paperwork. The clerk had everything printed out and organized. He had the key ready AND he had PBJ's (and water) ready and waiting for us. I almost cried happy tears. I really did feel taken care of.

Just a heads up. This hotel is over 100 years old. They have maintained the authentic decor throughout the hotel. Normally old hotels smell moldy, but this one is an exception. The rooms could definitely use a deep cleaning. The curtains were really dusty, the carpet is coming up all along the edges, the bathtub fixtures needed TLC and the doors need a good detailed wipe down. I'm a detail oriented person, so all of these things were obvious to me whereas it may not be the case for someone else.

All in all, I definitely plan on returning to this hotel the next time I visit N'Orleans.

26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
154. Tyneisha M.
Loved Loved Loved my stay here! Myself and two girlfriends came to New Orleans for Memorial Day weekend and to celebrate 2 of our birthdays. The decor and views were beautiful and the staff was very helpful and welcoming. We stayed for 4 nights and on the first night we were surprised to receive a knock on the door with a complimentary birthday cake and champagne!! My only qualm was that when we received that the bill there was an additional $100 in taxes. I wish we would have been informed of that earlier. I will definitely stay here again.

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
155. Stephen B.
Yep 4 stars for this place. It would of got 5 if the parking wasn't $30.00 a day. The decor is beautiful inside and I would stay there again.

 Next thing is there peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at night. Oh man that had to have been the best sandwich I've ever made for myself and I only used the regular white bread. I'm bumping it back up to 5 stars just because of the pb&j from 10pm to 11pm. I will be back again if I do make it back to Nola.

One more thing I got my reservation on Hotwire for a good price. If you see a 4 1/2 star hotel in the downtown district on Hotwire that might most likely be it. I got it off of the Hotwire app it's a lot easier.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. Angela J.
Wonderful! The hotel as a whole and the individual room were beautiful. The rooftop pool and hot tub made for a nice end of the day with a view. The late night pb&j was sweet and the hotel staff very friendly. We booked here for our honeymoon and will continue staying at La Pavilion for many anniversaries to come!

17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
157. Melissa L.
My friends and I stayed here for a long weekend visit as it was fairly close to the starting line of the RnR 1/2 marathon.  We hadn't realized that the starting line had moved and we were only two blocks away!

Le Pavillon is one of the older, historic hotels of New Orleans.  It's 4 or 5 blocks from the French Quarter and a short walk to the convention area as well.  It seems to be nestled in the downtown business area as plenty of office buildings were nearby.   I liked the location most as it was in a quiet area but close to just about everything a visitor to NOLA would want to see.

The room was a nice size with room to move around.  There was a sitting area with two chairs and a table on one side of the room and a desk with chair on the other side.  The beds were fluffy and very comfortable.  The pillows were plentiful.  The rooms were clean and the decor was fine, but a bit outdated.  The shower had good water pressure.   I had no issue with noise from the street.  In fact during my stay here it was some of the best sleep I've had in a long time.

The gym is pretty decent and bigger than most hotel gyms.  There is also a hot tub and small pool for use on the top floor.  

Wi-fi is free.  I had no issues picking up a signal in the room or in the lobby.

Coffee is available in the lobby in the morning.  Every night, at 10 pm, they have a spread of PB&J sandwiches for their guests.  That.Was.Awesome.   A few sandwiches were pre-made.  They also had ingredients available for guests to help themselves - 3 types of bread (white, wheat, raisin), 4 types of jelly/jam (grape, orange marmalade, apricot (?) and strawberry, 2 types of peanut butter (creamy and smooth).  Milk (chocolate, low fat, full fat) and freshly made hot chocolate were available along with huge bowls of marshmallows and freshly whipped cream.  Yum!    If you arrive late, they have extras bagged up for guests.  

A bunch of us were thinking of stocking up for a pre-race breakfast but we were all informed that the PB&J's, along with fruit, protein bars and coffee, would be available for guests starting at 5 am.  Woo hoo!  That was very considerate of them and I for one appreciated their thoughtfulness.  PB&J's are my standard pre-long run and pre-race meal so this was perfect!

Every member of the staff was so kind and friendly to us.    We very much appreciated the hard work they do to make our stay so enjoyable.  The had great recommendations for places to eat.   We would all stay here again.

07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
158. Jackie D.
I work in a hotel, y'all, so when I go into a guest room, I've been trained to look at EVERYTHING with an explicitly observant eye. When I tell you that we walked into this room and everything was in it's proper place, spotlessly clean with its Le Pavilion monogram proudly displayed, I'm not lying. This hotel was gorgeous in every sense of the word - old school decor that doesn't look dingy or gaudy, it looks classy and luxurious. The bathroom was marble and gorgeous with upscale amenities organized on a nifty caddy above the toilet so as not to take up extra space. They also offer very fancy drawn bath services, for those who can afford the finer things and by extension make me green with envy of their $50 baths BUT I DIGRESS. The room itself was comfortable, and surprisingly spacious for just a standard double. There was a nice table and chairs in the corner by the window and a frig/microwave apart from the mini bar. We had plenty of space to move around and get ready between the beds and a desk with chair right by the door. The staff was also impressive especially the evening concierge, who gave us a tremendous suggestion for dinner (see review for Bon Ton Cafe) and the Front Desk Supervisor, Paula Carter, who treated us like part of the family.

I truly felt like a queen staying here and then, the clock struck 10:00pm and there were Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. With COLD milk. FOR FREE. Can we say heaven?

If you are looking for a little luxury in your life with a side of PB&J and Downtown NOLA nightlife, Le Pavilion is your place.

17/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
159. Larry G.
Let's just say that short of staying the French Quarter (Not recommended unless you are under 40 and want to get NO sleep!), Le Pavillion is THE place to stay while in New Orleans if you want that "N'awlins" feel!  Le Pavillion has the old school charm and feel, from the top-hatted doorman to the ornate decorations and paintings that inhabit the lobby and all the hallways of the hotel.  It may be a little dated but the rooms hold up pretty well with king/queen beds and full marble bathrooms. Rooms were quiet and well sound-proofed as we didn't hear a peep from anyone coming in late at night.  Beds were really comfy!

One of the cool traditions they have is serving PB&J sandwiches with cold milk or hot chocolate (not the mix kind, real hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream!) at 10 each night for all guests.  Was cool to see families hanging out in the lobby with half-inebriated young adults either getting a pre-bedtime snack or fueling up for a long night of partying!!  

There are cheaper hotels and nicer ones but if you want to experience old charm New Orleans, make sure you stay here!

08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
160. Faith A.
This review is only based off of the Crystal Room for their lunch buffet and not the guest rooms since I did not spend the night here.

First impression: the hotel is very old school upscale New Orleans. An episode of Mad Men could be filmed here for Don Draper to bring one of his many hussies.

Anywho, I write this review because I feel like I have found the MECCA of salad bars.

It was $15 for lunch for a buffet of soup, salad and dessert. You can pay $20 for the whole shebang, but you honestly don't need to, at least not for lunch.

Here is why: The salad bar is not just any old salad bar. They have 4 different lettuces to choose from for starters. They have potato salad, 2 pasta salads, 3 different olive salads, chicken salad, tuna salad, lump crab meat salad, every topping imaginable. You want baby corn, they got it. you want radishes for days, yup. Fruit? heck yes. You want pepperoni, bacon, crumbled egg, 12 different dressings to choose from then this is where you need to go. I recommend the feta vinaigrette dressing. They also had a gumbo and a broccoli and cheese soup. The desserts were plentiful too...warm bread pudding, cheesecake, pecan pie.

Honestly, it was such a sensory overload I am missing at least half of the stuff.

Our server was great too, very kind and attentive.

02/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
161. Chuck G.
Stayed here with the family during a vacation in the Summer of 2012. This place has some true old school Southern charm to it. Don't expect a cutting edge, modern hotel. Understand that you feel like you have entered a time warp. The hotel has been in operation for over 100 years. The décor and feel are something special. The lobby is cavernous and adorned with long draperies and elaborate dangling chandeliers. We fell in love with this place the second the door man grabbed our bags and carried them to the lobby desk for us so we could check in. The staff are very polite and will go out of their way to answer any questions you have. The tradition of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot cocoa and milk as a "bedtime" snack is something you don't get at a chain hotel. It adds to the overall charm of this place. We stayed here three nights and went for a family swim on the rooftop pool every night. There's a hot tub up there as well. It was very memorable. The room décor is similar in terms of the historic feel you get throughout the hotel. Comfortable and roomy. Nothing new and flashy about this place.
We got a great deal as well, as we booked our stay several months in advance. We would stay here again in a heartbeat. Be advised: the location is not in the heart of the city. This is something some will find as a benefit or an inconvenience. It's only a few blocks outside of the French Quarter which did not prove to be a problem for our teenage children and us.

08/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
162. Jeff G.
We just returned from a great business trip to New Orleans and had a wonderful stay at Le Pavilion. The property is charming, the staff is friendly and so helpful. Special mention to the amazing Lou who is one of the best concierges I have ever come across. Can't wait to come back

25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
163. Sean C.
Incredible ! Family had a blast!  Best service we have experienced in years. Planning a weekend getaway soon!

23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
164. Jim W.
Classy and unique, the place is worth a stroll through and a drink even if you're not staying there.  Ambience and detail, excellent crystal, a working antique phone and oil paintings galore.  Definite old world charm.    The staff is professional and welcoming, the concierge is actually helpful, rooms are nice and the PB&J at night was a really nice touch.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
165. Ashley P.
Yes, I'd stay here again. Yes, the roof top pool is pretty ligit. And Yes, the pb&j bar really does exist.

Now for the deets.

Staff: Being from Cali, the southern hospitality usually doesn't travel that far. It's nice to know the staff here holds a very high standard for hospitality. Being 25 and called ma'am so many times sure does make you wanna go pretty woman on people and buy a fancy dress and have them ring a car...overall nice people. My fav was Roosevelt the BARTENDER. Best Bloody Mary EVER.

Atmosphere: LOVE every inch of decor. Chandeliers bigger then some
Peoples first apartment in New York. Mirrored everything. Big fancy rugs. Yeah, the silk flowers where ehhh but who cares when you walk in feeling like your in a royal palace!

Rooms: decent size. View was ehhh

Breakfast: a little pricey, considering you can walk to ruby slippers and have the yummiest shrimp and grits for way cheaper then the buffets price. Best "buffet" I've ever been too though, I think id have to work up to being able to eat all they serve. It's a hell of a lot more then I usually eat!

Location: close enough to walk to the casino. Close enough to French quarter.. (But honestly, it's so damn hot take a cab!)

All in all. It's a 5star.

18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
166. Frank G.
This was a great place to stay. Very clean, friendly and attentive without being pretentious. Good access to the CBD and French Quarter as well as the Superdome. The roof top pool and deck are not big but it is clean, attractive and relaxing with great views. Free PBJ every night is fun. We will come again.

10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Rachel P.
I needed a stay cation in NOLA so I chose this hotel. I looked on yelp and trip advisor and narrowed it down to an affordable hotel with historic charm with a pool and away from the chaotic french quarter. The day of check in I called for an early check in and they told me to come on over. I was greeted at the door and escorted to concierge where the lovely lady who checked me in totally understood the concept of a hard working women needing a day (away from it all) and wished me a luxurious 24 hours of relaxation. When I entered the room I noticed it was small but perfect for me. Super cozy with a comfortable queen bed, a desk I could sit at and a bathroom I could take a bath in. I took a bath immediately and then went to the roof to take in the pool and jacuzzi. Everyone else must have been out enjoying vacation since I was the only one at the pool enjoying my stay cation. I then Headed back down to my cozy room for room service, nap, read, another bath, and room service again. A perfect night sleep and breakfast in bed. I asked for late check out and that was granted too. I know its slow season in NOLA in the summer and the early check in and late check out  may not happen during festival season but I would never expect it then. After my 2 pm check out, I still needed down time before heading back out to the crazy world of responsibility so I hung out in the beautiful bar and read. Again I was alone since it was slow season so I got the chance to know the bartender that had been working there for 42 years.  Turns out he's a neighbor. While I was there he was presented with "employee of the month" award. I highly recommend staying at Le Pavilion Hotel on stay cation or vacation if you are looking for a real historic hotel with charm.

27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
168. Marla T.
We just stopped for a couple nights while we were passing through. My husband wanted to stay in a "haunted" hotel and we found this one online. We loved it. Staff was very pleasant. Room was clean and attractive. Excellent toiletries provided. Price was great.  

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Reception was really a fun experience.  These were the best PB&J sandwiches I've ever had.  Everybody just hangs out in the lobby and snacks.  The hot chocolate was also amazing.  It was the real stuff, no mixes here.  I just really thought this was such a personal touch to this hotel and look forward to staying there again.  Definitely one worth remembering.

 We walked up to the pool deck jsut to look around.  It was a really nice pool area.  They have a hot tub and a swimming pool.  The decor definitely reminded me of The Great Gatsby, just on a smaller scale.  

Unfortunately we didn't have any ghostly experiences, but this charming hotel was a great find!

31/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
169. Gerry H.
I stay here every time I'm in the Crescent City, and I make no bones about telling anyone who will listen that I love this hotel.  I love most everything about it-the gorgeous lobby, the fantasticly efficacious and friendly service, the delicious food in the Crystal room, the beautifully appointed rooms, and the great location (close to Bourbon Street, but not too close).

My most recent stay, however (1/25-1/28) provided fodder for the complainer in me, which does occasionally rear its ugly head:

1) My trip, of course, occurred at the most inopportune time imaginable, and the entire city of New Orleans was shut down due to an ice storm.  I was stranded in Dallas on the evening of my scheduled check in at Le Pavillion.  I phoned and informed the friendly reservation gal, and she said not to worry, just travel safe and get here in one piece.  But when I arrived, my reservation was cancelled, and I ended up in a special needs room.  It had a mini-bar, but the queen beds and the wheel chair accessible shower were somewhat annoying.

2) About the Mini-Bar; the prices printed on the in room menu don't reflect the service charge(es) and taxes, so be prepared to pay $9.50 for an Abita, instead of the $6.50 published price.  Same holds true for the Pringles (a traveler's best friend, btw), the Toblerone, the Bloody Mary Mix, and anything else you dig out of the Mini-Bar.

3) Folks in New Orleans must not exercise much, because the equipment in the fitness center was lacking at best.  I tried to get 4 miles on the tread mill, but I gave up after 1.5 because it appeared that the thing was going to topple over at any second.  Same for the multi gym.

I still love this hotel.  The end.

06/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
170. Adelina K.
GORGEOUS hotel! Amazing location and super nice staff!

We are from Los Angeles and the super picky people we are it was hard for my BF to try to find a place we would like. This was it!

Loved the ambiance, clean rooms & cool rooftop pool :)

P.S they have a PBJ bar at nights with hot chocolate and its complimentary....so awesome! This will be our New Orleans hotel for every trip down there.

10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
171. Jenna V.
I will be visiting NOLA again, and I would stay here again in a heartbeat. This is a gorgeous, old school, classic hotel in a wonderfully convenient location.

A short walk from the hotel you can be in the business district, ambitious walkers like me can hoof it to the convention center. The streetcar line runs a few blocks away, and it's a short jaunt to the French Quarter.

The hotel was truly beautiful and "swanky" indoors - the lobby, bar, even the corridors and elevators. As with older hotels the rooms are smallish, but beautifully appointed and very, very comfortable and clean. I never ate at the restaurant - but did enjoy my hot chocolate and sandwiches from the lobby at bedtime.

The rooftop deck and pool were great - though we did see a terrifying palmetto in the hallway up there. It seems he lives there and makes appearances in several reviews, haha. It's the south, it's bound to happen. Get over it.

The staff though - they make this place a true delight. From the friendly doorman who learns your name, to the concierge who was quick to hand me an umbrella during a torrential downpour. The bar tenders were easygoing and friendly, even running into the maids was pleasant. Every person had a kind word - our whole stay - from the lowliest cleaner to the front desk. They are all there to make you feel welcome and like it is their privilege you are staying there.

I am looking forward to my return visit!

26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
172. Rita M.
This hotel is truly a 5 star! The unique quality of the hotel, outstanding staff service, great food, excellent P&J evening snack, lovely outdoor pool and relaxing area. Plus a quick walking distance to shopping,restaurants and music! I totally love this place and will continue to stay here each time I visit. I felt like Royalty indeed!

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
173. Mary T.
Disclaimer: This review is for event services only

I attended a wedding at Le Pavillion and it was quite a nice affair. The ceremony took place in one of their downstairs meeting rooms, the Versailles Room, and the reception in the Crystal Room on the main floor.

If I have one complaint about her affair, it is with the wedding ceremony. The setup of the Versailles Room seemed awkward for a wedding. The room is rectangular with numerous pillars, which create a lot of obstructed views. Fortunately, being a smaller wedding we were able to change seats a few times, so we could see. My other complaint is the sound in the Versailles Room - absolutely dreadful. There was a ton a feedback and static sound coming through the speakers; fortunately, the DJ had none of these problems upstairs during the reception.

After the second line parade, we adjourned to the bar and Crystal Room for the reception where the staff welcomed us with flutes of champagne and an assortment of passed appetizers. The reception had a few food stations; an oyster, gumbo and pasta bar; a carving station; and a cheese, fruit . The stations were perfectly spaced, so no one got overly backed up. The food was decent; not the best I've ever had, but good. The bartenders were on top of their game, which is always key; the line was never more than three deep.

At 10:00 we popped into the lobby to partake in their nightly spread of PB&J, milk and hot chocolate. It's a neat little hotel tradition, which you can learn about on their website.

Le Pavillion is a great property, definitely a step above the cookie cutter chains in the business district and in close proximity to the French Quarter. If I were back in town and in need of a hotel, this place would make my short list.

01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
174. Evie E.
Luv this hotel. Comp PB&Js in the lobby rule. Felt a little pushed into having my luggage carried up by the bell hop. Simply because it was very small and I didn't need the help. I told the bell hop I didn't need the help but he insisted, I didn't like that cause my bag was very small and I had important things in it I didn't want others handling. The roof top pool is nice. The patio is great. The pool itself is small and the hot tub looked nice but I couldn't enjoy it because it is tiny and there were always couples waiting for it.   However the staff is friendly and the hotel in beautiful and great location. It's old and smells a bit old but it's a nice hotel.

05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
175. Andrea F.
Service was superb, hotel is gorgeous and has an amazing location to all the sites.  The beds will make you hesitant to return to your own bed at home!

23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
176. Cyndi L.
Along with my most recent best meal in awhile on this NOLA visit,  came the best hotel stay in recent memory. We had a red eye and realized check in would be impossible until at least 3pm.
Not so. As we came in to speak to the night manager around 6:30 am to drop our bags off and look for coffee, we were floored by the manager looking for no shows without being prompted, found a no show- then checking us in with an upgrade.
All the staff was beyond attentive- small things. Example-sitting in the lobby with 30 min to kill when we were leaving, the ticket for our bags lay next to us and an employee happened to notice and ask if we needed  our bags and a taxi and/or waiting for a shuttle. Everyone passed with a hello at the least.
I reallllly like historic places so please be aware if you are kinda a "W" hotel brand person- maybe just maybe- the quiet grandeur of this place would not be for you.It is an old hotel and lives within the limitations of the existing structure. Perfect for me , not for all.
Bed awesome. The old school curtains killed all light ( the first time I have slept in for months) Bath was nice and what I needed.

20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
177. Katie D.
For a nicer hotel in New Orleans I was disappointed that they didn't pay attention to the little things.  The room was small, which I can live with but the furniture was so big and so much of it, it was difficult to move around in the room. The very small bathroom was terrible! The many issues include: poorly designed sink that splashed covering you in water when you used it, cheap hair dryer, corroded toilet seat hinges, gross- poorly repaired caulk and grout in the shower, broken shower head pointing straight down and no hand towel rack.
The ice machine appeared that it hadn't been cleaned in a very long time, making using it very unappealing.
The evening snack was cute, but not something we chose to partake in.
The next time we're in New Orleans, we will not be returning to this hotel.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
178. Margaret P.
From the moment we walked in we were wowed by this hotel. The lobby was impeccable clean and beautiful. Service was fantastic. We were greeted by very friendly Bellman every time we came and left. The concierge, Gustavo, was helpful. The room was nice and a good size. We didn't try the food so I can't comment on that.  I would definitely go back.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
179. Tania G.
No hotel has ever measured up to this one wherever we have travelled. The hospitality and warmth of the hotel staff is bar none! It's been a few years since we've been down to NOLA, and we still talk about his hotel every time we travel.

02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
180. Cheyenne G.
Probably the best hotel I've stayed at. From the start the bell boy, Nick, was super nice and helpful. He chatted with us for a while and told us neat places we should go and other places to avoid. Gustaf, the concierge and hotel manager, was also so great. He told us the best tours to go on and fun walks to take in the city. The rooftop pool was also terrific because you can see the view of the city. Another great thing was the PB&J bar! So fun. So unique. And the hot cocoa was literally the best i've ever had. Everyone here was so friendly and made this feel like a second home. As for the hauntings here, I did experience one weird thing. My mom's shoe was on the floor and it just starts rocking back and forth. She was in the shower at the time and there was no logical way for it to do that. Very weird. Fun place with a great staff.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
181. Tim K.
The good - comfy beds, the rooms and hotel decor were attractive, the staff were friendly. Close enough to French quarter to walk there, and far enough away that the noise doesn't reach you.

The bad - 35/night parking in an uncovered crowded lot. There were hotels and other garages (ie covered parking) charging 20/night and closer to the Quarter. Here in Austin, the same parking lot would be the cheap option while the nice covered lot would be twice as much.

Hot water, or the lack thereof. No matter when I tried to take a shower, the water went cold after 2 minutes. Not "cool, but I can grin and bear it", but "holy god I'm turning blue". Not a pleasant experience when you've spent all day walking around town and need a hot shower to relax your muscles. The hot water spigot on the sink would howl when turned on - Hollywood sound guys should come and record it for future horror movies. When I complained I was told, "Yeah, it's like that..." No.. no it's not.

The breakfast buffet was a rip-off - I've had the same food at complimentary continental breakfasts at cheaper motels. Charging for coffee/juice on top of the already high listed price for the buffet? Could you use the money you're raking in on your overpriced food and parking to get a new hot water heater? If you're hungry, do yourself a favor and just head into town. There's plenty of local establishments that will serve you amazing food for less.

If not for these huge glaring issues, it would have been a 4-star stay. Next time I come to NO, I'll be staying elsewhere.  And seriously, the PB&J thing? No matter how you gussy it up, it's still PB&J...

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
182. Richard C.
We booked this hotel through Hotels.com last minute. It is really beautiful and seemed clean. The bed was heavenly. The bathroom had black marble tiles which I loved. The ceilings had lots of hand-painted detailing and the curtains were tasteful. The soaps were really nice. parking was available through the hotel for $40 but we found free street parking. They even extended our checkout time to 2:00 pm because we got in really late that night.

I would've given five stars but they mistakenly billed me twice, once through Hotels.com another through their own billing system. I had to go down to the lobby in the morning to get it taken care of. If you book through hotels.com , you might want to check your credit card statement online if you can.

10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
183. Shannon R.
I really, really enjoyed my stay here at this hotel. It's very close to Bourbon St., etc. I felt the distance was perfect... close enough to be easily accessible and for me to feel safe while walking there, but yet far enough to not hear the noise of it. The bed was amazingly comfortable.

The peanut butter/jelly sandwich thing was really cool!

There's also the roof top pool. It's really not an amazing pool/spa or anything, the spa is actually rather small. But overall it was a nice spot to go at the end of the day.

I'll probably always stay here anytime I'm in NOLA.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
184. Tiffani G.
This hotel is unlike anything I've ever seen. Although, I've also never been to a place like New Orleans.

The windows, chandeliers, columns, etc etc...are all massive! This place is gorgeous right down to the little details like the painting on the elevator doors.

Our first night we wandered around poking our heads out on each floor. We even walked through the stairs, which smelled like an old church, to the rooftop. The pool and Jacuzzi on the rooftop are to die for. The view is amazing. I won't lie I took an hour nap next to the pool. (: There could be more chairs out there, but during the week in the middle of the day it's no big!

The staff is all very friendly and helpful. However I did notice that is a New Orleans trend!(:

The only downside, there's no drink machine on the floors. This may not seem like a big deal. Let me tell you, after a big night out it is NECESSARY for living. The mini bar is obviously way over priced which is to be expected. But....is that why there are no beverage machines to be found?! Argh!

Tonight we are going to experience the pb&j snack hour. All the reviews make it seem like a must!

This isn't a hotel you just sleep in, it's an experience!

20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
185. Brandi K.
I stayed here a few years ago with a friend who organized a business meeting at the hotel. It is located in downtown New Orleans just a few blocks (about 5) from the French Quarter. Great location! Just outside of the immediate craziness of the Quarter but not a long distance to walk. Also close to the St. Charles street cars if needed.

This grand, turn of the century hotel is very unique. Its aged décor is beautiful and a large part of its charm. But don't let my words mislead you; this hotel is not in disrepair. Think Queen of England regal! The friendly doorman who wears a top hat and tails will alone wow you. The rooms are spacious enough and equipped with all of your basic hotel needs. There are no in-room coffee makers, but you can request in downstairs for no charge.

Another part of this hotel's charm is the fact that it's haunted (or at least, I think so). It is said to be the one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans, and even the world. A renowned parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz confirmed a "presence" on many floors. In fact, a paranormal research team identified 4 spirits at Le Pavillon - "a 19th century teenage girl, a young aristocratic couple from the 1920's, and a dapper gentleman from the same era who likes to play pranks on the cleaning staff and sometimes the guests". I did not have any paranormal experiences during my stay, but I'm not one who would mind! I love this stuff!

As if that weren't enough charm, LP is also known for its peanut butter and jelly specialty. When you arrive in your imperial room, you will find PB&J cookies that are both beautiful and delicious. Every night you stay, you will receive these treats during turndown service. I am so happy that they leave their cookie recipe for you! Also, at 10pm every evening, trays of yummy PB&J sandwiches are offered to all guests in the Lobby. Glasses of hot chocolate and cold milk are also provided to wash it all down.

Service here during our stay was impeccable. We were always greeted by friendly staff when walking through the hotel. Any time we had a question or concern the staff knew exactly what to do. They handled everything with professionalism and care. The concierge took the time to give us suggestions for both dining and play. As we were in our younger years, they also provided us with the parental warnings of staying out in the city alone after dark - be aware of our surroundings, take a cab back to the hotel in the wee hours and to just be careful. I guess this could have scared me, but I adore this city so my focus was really on the fact that they cared enough to give us these tips.

24-hour front desk staff, 24-hour room service, a fitness center, heated rooftop pool, laundry services and complimentary newspaper delivery are also other noteworthy accommodations.

I firmly believe that the price of your stay here is worth every penny.

06/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
186. Karen K.
I'm in love with this hotel.

Hot chocolate and Peanut Butter Sandwich late night snack bar!

I've never heard of a hotel doing this, but it's such a better idea than morning breakfast and coffees.  I always have trouble sleeping the first night I'm in a new place.  It's a nice, cute pick-me-up to help me feel welcome.  If you are late to the event, they pack the extras in paper sacks, and give them to those who ask at the front counter.

They have both creamy and chunky peanut butter, three types of jams, and three types of bread.  They have hot chocolate, whipped cream, marshmallows, and bottles of milk!

The hotel is beautiful, with old fashioned decor.  It looks so vintage.  The bed in my room was super soft.  Some of the couches in the lounge area are also comfortable.

The service is great, too.  They explain what all the lights do and everything when you arrive in your room.  They open the door whenever they see you near the front, and remove charges without question if they made a mistake.  The staff is also very friendly when they happen to use the elevator with you.  They don't have an artificial air, but rather a personal, relate-able one.  

I didn't pay that much, either.  

This place could use a dusting, though.  Other than that, it's been a great experience.

18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
187. Olivia M.
Great centrally located hotel.  Close enough to walk to everything but far away enough not to hear traffic/people.  The staff was nice and accommodating.  We got there early 6am but they had a room and obliged us which was very nice.  The staff was friendly and their evening snack was actually and unexpectedly fun.  They provided a spread of breads, peanut butter (plain and crunchy), apples, hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream and marshmallows from 10-11.

12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
188. Kimberley C.
100 Year Old Hotel.
Listed in the List of Historical Places for New Orleans

Let's see...... how do I make this as short and to the point as possible?

Once again, my greed got ahead of my common sense.  I was looking for a deal so I tapped into hotwire.   I saw thru internet searches that most 4 star and 5 star hotels in N O, were actually at a very low low price point, surprisingly, so I thought I would use hotwire to get the price down even further.....

So I requested only 5 star or 4.5 star hotels on hotwire and I got this one.   I was waiting with baited breath to be able to show up at the Intercontinental or some very nice hotel like that.  But no.....  :(

Shall I go into the cons or the pro's first?  Okay, I will save the best for last.


Tired, old hotel - needs MAJOR renovations, but I don't think the owner of the hotel has the mind/desire to do so

They tried to achieve the outward appearance of the St Regis NYC, but failed miserably.

The elevators don't work right and when you get out of them, you are looking at curtains?? curtains around the elevators??  Isn't that overdoing it?

Some of the pictures on the walls look BACK at you

There is mold, black mold around the caulked areas of the tub & toilet.  Shouldn't that be fixed ASAP?  Yuk.

The bed is TOO soft.  I am definitely laying in a hammock type position, whether straight up and down like normal or even diagonally.  Doesn't matter.  So I found an extra pillow in the closet and stuffed 6 pillows under my back just to keep the mattress straight.  My back was hurting like hell when I woke up in the AM.

The car parking is $39!!!! for overnight!  This is insane!  This is not NY or Miami or ..... ridiculous.   Of course I could have found car parking for a lot less if I was willing to park the car 5 blocks away and walk back to the hotel.... in the dark.  NOT!

The rooms are very small.

You have to run the shower for 20 minutes before getting hot water.

They have no Movies.  What I mean by movies is PAID movies..... movies that are supposedly not out in theaters yet.....


Excellent downtown location.  Close to everything.

Breakfast is cheap, but you have to dine downstairs in the lobby.  $19.99 everything included that you could ever want.  They make the best omelletes.

PB&J & hot choc between 10pm - 11pm at night.

Very friendly staff, albeit slow....

Staff always calls your name in a very formal, proper way....it's cute & amusing at the same time

I checked in at a very odd time of the day, they got me into a room, no questions asked.  That was great!  

Rooftop Pool
Rooftop Jacuzzi

Mini bar

The staff treats you like you are staying in their home.  You feel like the hotel is someone's house/mansion/ with many rooms, rather than a hotel.

EVERYONE who works for this hotel is curteous, respectful, has that old southern hospitality charm, accent, everything that goes with it.

Hey!  "Have you had your grits today??"  "We have 4 different types of milk here." (that one brought a real laugh....after she left of course)

Room service is prompt

Everyone has a smile on his/her face and you almost think that they are sincere.  I really think they are.

Heck!  Did I crash someone's private home here?  LOL

So, LPH feels like a 3 star hotel with 5 star service with 4 star amenities.

Very confusing.

If I come back, it will be to hug all the people who work here.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
189. Loida O.
Can I tell how much we loved this hotel?! We travel twice a year to get our New Orleans fix and have stayed at many hotel's some very $$$$$, but all pale in comparison to this beauty. The room reminded us of Paris, it was cozy and very comfortable.  The bathroom products were fabulous and I couldn't get enough of them. But the winner was the peanut butter and jelly cookies that were there for us every night, they were delicious and when we were leaving I mentioned this at the front desk (I'm so very sorry I cannot remember her name but she's been there over 20yrs) she told me to wait and she bought me a goodie bag of cookies! I know I'm leaving out so much about this wonderful hotel, but we have decided that from now on Le Pavillion will be our home away from home forever!

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
190. Heather B.
My husband and I stayed here on a recent vacation to New Orleans. It is a STUNNING hotel, both inside and out. You definitely feel like you are staying in a historic and well preserved location.

The staff was very friendly, and we had a great and pleasant experience our whole trip. The only negative side is that because it is such an old hotel, you do miss out on the modern amenities you might find in a newer hotel; such as breakfast, maybe a coffee shop or gift shop. (There is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it is upscale and pricey). If you don't mind missing out on these in order to experience a truly one of a kind space, then you're golden!

The location is also very convenient. It's about a 10 minute walk to the French Quarter, which we loved because everything was still pretty close, but we could escape the busy-ness when we went back for the day.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
191. Andy S.
Great hotel at a surprisingly good price. We stayed here during the Christmas holidays season and we got a decent rate and it was a nice place. The outside and lobby of the hotel makes it look like it will cost a fortune, but the prices were reasonable. The rooms were spacious and clean and even came with ceiling fans.

The location is far enough from the Quarter and River where it is not noisy or crowded, but still OK to walk to both places if you can handle it.

Tip: Someone mentioned getting a room here for around $50 from Priceline. Never tried it.

09/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
192. Wina G.
Our first trip to NOLA and this hotel made it memorable. Elegant hotel with white fascade- old fashioned ambiance reminds me of the movie "Titanic". Walkable to the French Quarter (added bonus: walk off all the calories you'll rack up in this city) the service is great- the staff should all get raises! Everyone helpful and cheerful. The lobby was still decked out for Halloween which really matched the hotel's ambiance. I had read that the Le Pavillon was very haunted but no sightings yet. Even the elevator floor indicator was the old fashion type. Every nite we had turn down service- bathrobe laid out, room slippers (compliments of the hotel) set out on a little mat besides the bed, bottled water (the water from the faucet wasn't bad FYI), the crazy good PB&J almond cookies (recipe given out on a little card) and best of all, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich bar in the lobby. There was also 3 types of cold white milk, chocolate milk and hot cocoa! And fruit. And the friendliest, most personable staffer setting everything out. (He was like a celebrity- everyone wanted a pic with him).  Wow!!
Walking to the French Quarter wasn't bad. You just come out in front, turn left and walk along Poydras st, turn left on Carondelet or St Charles st. Keep going, cross Canal st and voila!, you're in the French Quarter! This is the hotel I'll be recommending to anyone visiting NOLA.

02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
193. Jessica C.
Whew! No ghost encounters during my stay.

I booked this hotel for a weekend through Groupon. At the time, it seemed like the best option compared to Astor Crowne Plaza and Wyndham. It's just a few blocks from the French Quarter.

The room was just average. It was a bit musty and humid when we first walked in, but soon got used to it (not sure if that's a good or bad thing). The decor (from the lobby, hallways, all the way to the room) were all very ornate and had lots of character, which might have made it a bit creepy. The bed was floppy, the pillow flat and shapeless. Everything else seemed pretty clean, besides the dust collected between the sheets and the mattress. And how do I know this? The sheets kept slipping off the bed, or maybe a ghost was tugging at them.

This hotel is the epitome of Southern Hospitality, from the staff to the 10pm daily PBJ tradition. I hear the $20 breakfast buffet is also quite scrumptious.There's a rooftop pool and hot tub with a great view at night. Unfortunately, I couldn't take advantage of this because I forgot to pack a swim suit.

One big downside is the parking situation, but that's pretty standard across all NOLA hotels near the CBD or French Quarter. Self park and valet are both $39 (plus approx $5 tax) per night with free ins and outs. For some reason, they have to keep your key even if you "self park".

Overall, the quality of the hotel is average (maybe slightly below) and I'm not sure if I'd stay here again, but the staff was beyond friendly.

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
194. Sidney C.
Great hotel and historical landmark. Excellent brunch spot on the weekend. I often have breakfast meetings there during the week.

11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
195. Anna B.
Love this hotel! The rooms are simple but elegant, and the lobby and rooftop lounge/pool area are gorgeous. The Wi-Fi is also ridiculously fast.

But by far, the best part was the PB&J buffet. You might think that PB&J is a silly reason to stay at a hotel, but let me tell you, after a day walking in the hot sun of NOLA, PB&J with a glass of milk hits the spot!

My only warning would be that this hotel is about a 15 minute walk from the French Quarter. It's not a bad walk, but if you'd rather stay closer to the touristy areas, keep that in mind.

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
196. Rachel N.
We stayed at the Pavillon for our wedding weekend. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, but a couple problems we experienced put a damper on our time there. For starters, the junior suite we booked ($450/night) was actually just the size of an average hotel room, which was a problem since the entire wedding party would be getting ready there. The Pavillon staff were very nice when we asked them if we were actually in the correct room just after check-in, and they also checked to see if they could put us in a bigger room, but unfortunately everything was booked. Still, that room really should not be called a suite, and should not cost what it does. Additionally, it's worth noting that the "high speed wifi" operates more at dial-up speed.

The biggest issue, however, was the fact that our room was not cleaned on our wedding day. I had emailed the Pavillon in advance asking for something special, if possible, for when we got back from getting married, like rose petals on the bed. Instead, we came back from our wedding to find a completely trashed room, with coffee pots, old shrimp, clothing, make-up and wine bottles all over the place from where we'd gotten ready earlier that day. This completely spoiled the mood of our wedding night. I wound up putting a bunch of the stuff into the hallway to get it out of the way (and get rid of the smell of old food), and put a note on the door saying "DO NOT DISTURB" (there was no DND sign in our room). Despite this fact, one of the hotel staff KNOCKED ON OUR DOOR at 5 am to ask if we wanted the stuff in the hallway taken away!! Ok, if it's a bunch of half-eaten food in the hallway, doesn't that mean we want it taken away?? And who knocks on the door at five o'clock in the morning, especially when there is a sign specifically saying not to bother us??

The Pavillon staff were otherwise extremely friendly and gracious. But the experience on our wedding night, which should have been impeccable, was inexcusable. In the future, I will most likely skip the old world charm and just stay at the Westin.

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
197. Joe L.
The LePavillõn Hotel is a historic and beautiful place to stay. It's a charming comfortable place with elegant dinning in the crystal dining room. They had a trio Thursday night "Zizique!" Pro forming Opera and Show tunes that was really amazing.  

The night dinning & breakfast buffet is also very good.

Nice hot tub and pool on the roof. The staff is really friendly and accommodating. Durning my stay,  I needed and extra late check-out due to a late flight. They gave me at 3pm check out.


I always have them remove ALL drinks and snacks from the rooms mini bar. The electronic sensors will auto add to your bill if you try storing anything in the mini bar. They will remove any bogus charges, but I just try to avoid the hassle. Also ask for a complimentary mini fridge. It's gets much colder and you will not need to other mini bar.

1/10 of a mile away- there is wonder place called "Rouses Market" everything you'll need from grocery, booze & deli/bakery, Etc.

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
198. Liz L.
Staff is very friendly, clean rooms that are spacious and never have had issues with noise that sometimes occurs at other New Orleans hotels. Love the breakfast! Great location in New Orleans.

28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
199. Teresa H.
We had a nice stay here.  It certainly didn't blow me away at $400/night, but it was comfortable.  Staff was always friendly and accommodating, although there were a few times when I was making my way out of or into the hotel with a stroller and there was no one there to assist me.  

People raved about the beds, but they were far too soft for our liking and not good for my husband's back.  I didn't love the toiletries either.  

Room was generally clean, though the bathroom could have used some work.  I immediately noticed mold under the rim of the toilet.  Also- one of the glasses had a soapy film around the rim, as if someone had just wiped it down with a rag.  Good thing I don't drink from hotel glasses... Gross.

When we checked in very late Thursday night, they had saved us a few PB&J sandwiches, which was a nice touch.  We didn't dine at the restaurant or visit the pool, so I can't speak to those.

Beware- if you touch any items in the mini bar (or if your almost 2-year-old does), the sensor indicates that you have consumed them, so be sure to check your bill.  We had about 14 charges from my daughter removing all the candy items several times a day.

Pleasant visit, but I won't be tripping over myself to stay here next year.

29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
200. Dimitry S.
This is a very charming historic hotel with very friendly staff. My wife and I stayed here for five days and enjoyed every minute of it. At nights, the hotel upkeeps it's tradition by setting up a complimentary peanut butter and jelly bar with hot cocoa. The rooftop features a jacuzzi and heated pool with covered cabanas. The restaurant features live music and the bar is very generous with drinks. Whether your looking to party at Bourbon Street, walk the French Quarter or Gamble at the casino, the hotel is always six blocks away.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
201. Samuel H.
Friendly staff, good location and awesome style with strong assets like swimming pool, hot tube, fitness room on the rooftop!

29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
202. James T.
Stayed here on a business trip 12/14/14 - 12/19/14. Pros: The hotel staff was very friendly. Valet always had my car within in 5 minutes. The PBJ and hot chocolate are actually a nice touch I went down twice during my stay. Received a late checkout on my last day to wait for my flight. Great location, I walked all over the "business district" and the "french quarter" from here. Room was quiet, and bed was comfortable.
CONS: A little dated, some wall paper peeling in the bathroom, wore carpets, stuff like that... if that matters to you choose elsewhere. The shower has plenty of hot water, but there is very little pressure (at least in my room). I dined at the Crystal Room for the $20 lunch buffet. All the hot food was room temperature or cooler. The only hot item was the seafood bisque, and that was all bisque and no seafood.

I recommend stay here but eat elsewhere. I had a great meal at the Olde N'awlins Cookery on Bourbon Street.

20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
203. Suzie Q.
My friend and I just completed our stay at Le Pavillion for Jazz Fest. I must say, I don't usually go out of my way to stay at hotels that are this pricey (at least, not unless I'm in Hawaii or Las Vegas or something), but Le Pavillon was mostly worth the price.

The building's edifice alone is magnificent, with its columns and inset greek-style statues. It's almost a bit "much" if you ask me, but as its design is "period," you can't really fault the hotel.

The hotel's lobby is filled with antique credenzas, paintings and sofas. There's a lounge serving drinks, and a restaurant that features a breakfast buffet and a daily "all you can eat" dinner. These ranged from AYCE beef stroganoff to AYCE fried fish, but never really seemed tempting enough for me to try at $19.99/ pop.

Although PB&Js aren't my favorite, I partook of them virtually every night of my stay at the evening PB&J hour. There's something so homey and comforting about the PB&J ritual. It cuts against some of the built-in pomposity of the place.

The rooms are very nice, and I found the beds to be perfectly comfortable. I would say that the walls are a tad thin; one night, when the air conditioning wasn't whirring away, I could easily hear a loud snoring emanating from the other side of the wall. But then the air came back on, and I couldn't hear it any longer.

The pool area on the roof is a little awkward to get to. Rather than the elevator going all the way up, you have to get off on the 9th floor, then take a slightly circuitous route up a staircase to get to the roof. The pool area is rather small and not as luxurious as I'd have expected; the paintings of urns and decorations on the walls reminded me that the pool area would be nicer if these items were actually there (not just paintings). But still, I enjoyed using the hot tub.

The only thing that marred an otherwise very enjoyable stay was the concierge who assisted me on the day I checked out. My friend had left the hotel before me to catch an earlier flight, and had inadvertently left behind a makeup bag. She'd asked me to have the hotel mail it to her (she'd pay for it).

The lobby concierge seemed stymied by my mailing request, then grumbled because sending it overnight would mean he'd have to walk four blocks to the UPS store to mail it for me (originally, he asked me to do this myself). While he agreed, I felt like I was really putting him out. At over $1700 for five nights' stay, I would have expected nothing but a smile and a "happy to help, ma'am"....not an attitude!

Still, this was a luxurious hotel experience in the grand tradition. What a nice change of pace from the modern cookie cutter hotel chains. I'd return!

06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
204. Christina H.
First visit to New Orleans and I am not disappointed! The historic hotel has lovely charm as well as done unexpected touches. The rooftop swimming pool and hot tub (drink service until 10) was a great way to wind down. 10pm to 11pm there is a lobby snack available of pb&j and hot cocoa. Bottled water was readily available in the lobby in the morning (skip the high priced mini bar water) for free and by asking the front desk later. Convenient location and great staff- bartender and front desk were exceptional.

06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
205. Sharon W.
Overall Rating 3.5

Ambiance : Charming, Old fashioned

Hotel Staff : Pleasant and accommodating.

Guestrooms :
Flat screen Samsung TV - a model which I have never seen before Clean and modern!
Beds - Comfy but there was a stain on our comforter D=
Shower/Bath-  The shower head nozzle fell off as I was trying to adjust it and and some of the water kept coming out from the tub spout instead of the shower head. BUT the water gets really HOT, I likes!
Bathroom counter space -  non existant
Blower dryer - This kept shorting out so I walked around with a turban inside the room
The ceiling fan and Ceiling lights - These are both kind of scary because the lights looked like cameras, and the fan shook like it was going to fall off. We also could not figure out how to turn it off for the longest time.

PB&J Time - This is a nice little extra that is offered nightly to the guests at 10:00pm. Pb&J, hot chocolate, milk and fruit. This is some of the yummiest richest hot chocolate the I have had. Fresh whipped cream and marshmallows to top off every cup.

25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
206. Marielle S.
I had a photo shoot here and this is a review of the aesthetics of the place.

I'd always passed this hotel whenever I was driving down Poydras, and I always thought that it looked so rich and regal. I just love the European feel of the outside with the statues and the door man.

Upon arriving, parking was a bit of a trick. The photographer, who was staying here, told me that valet and parking over night was costing him $40. Since I never stay at hotels in New Orleans, I really don't know if this is typical or not, but if it is- whoa. I ended up paying a meter and parking on a side street.

Walking in, the hotel is just as gorgeous inside as it is outside. It feels as if you are on a European vacation. There are gorgeous chairs and sofas in the lobby and I noticed that some people are just sitting and reading, which speaks well to how comfortable the place is.

On my way to the elevator, a hotel employee was quick to run ahead of me and press the button for me. I thought that that was a nice touch. The room was small, but not anything overly spectacular. We decided to head up to the 9th floor and do our photo shoot in the pool/spa area.

The pool area is lovely. There's a nice covered cabana, if you just want to lay out. There's a hot tub and although the pool is small, it's a rooftop pool, so the view of the city makes up for it. Also, I liked that towels are provided poolside. All in all the whole area is gorgeous. There's also a gym, if you would like to work out while you are staying there.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
207. Diva J.
Our family stayed here during a recent trip to New Orleans.  A lot of the hotels in the area are $200+ a night, so we tried to save a buck by using Hotwire.  We checked out the website, and the reviews looked great.  We were looking forward to staying in a local place with some history rather than the usual chain.

The first day I was not impressed.  The parking is $39/night, which is a little steep in my opinion.  We saw some lots nearby for $16/night but chose to keep the car at the hotel for all three nights for the convenience.  We waited for the elevator for a few minutes -- there are two elevators: one was working and the other appeared to be out of service but there were no signs indicating it was out of order or any indication that it was being serviced.  For a big hotel, it was a little annoying especially because the elevators are tiny.  When we got to the floor, the hallways smelled really musty.  It seems like all the furniture and the carpets are really old.  The hotel is in need of some renovations for sure.

As the days passed, I grew to like it a little more.  The service is excellent.  Everyone who works there is very nice and helpful.  The shower was always really hot, and the PBJ's at 10pm were a nice touch and a little nicer than I expected.  You can choose from white or wheat bread, crunchy or creamy peanut butter, and Apple jelly, grape jelly, or strawberry preserves.  And they had marshmallows and fresh whipped cream for the hot chocolate.  Good stuff!  I wouldn't call this a 4.5 star hotel, though, but we did get a nice Southern hospitality feel while we were there.

I would stay again if I got the same deal, but I would never pay the normal nightly rate unless they do some renovations!

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
208. Mike F.
This review is only for the restaurant at lunch.

- Very good service
- The salad bar had plenty of options and the vegetables tasted fresh
- The drum was pretty good.  Maybe a little dry
- The caramel cheesecake was pretty bland.  Not very sweet or creamy
- Interesting space.  I spent a good deal of time just checking out the walls, ceiling, and decor.  I liked it

10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
209. Robin S.
This is the nicest hotel that I have ever stayed in. You really do feel like you've stepped back into another age. It's clear that the management and staff really love this hotel. Everything is as immaculate as an old Grande Dame like Le Pavillon can possibly be. If you're looking for utterly pristine and utterly perfect, get thee to a box hotel. Things show a little wear at the seams, but in a charming way. The staff are down to earth and friendly in a genuine way, rather than plastic smiles. It feels posh without being stuffy. You feel as if you've been welcomed into the very friendly home of someone with more money than you who doesn't lord it over you.

The breakfast buffet was super tasty. Be sure to go hungry as there are a lot of choices. Their quality standards are so high that there are no pre-cooked eggs. There is an omelette station that also does waffles fresh to order.

The one hiccup was the hotel bar. For a place that has such high standards that they don't pre-cook their eggs, the standards in the bar seem much lower. The two times we went there, the server didn't really seem to understand the drink selection or the menu. Both (different people) seemed frazzled. The food we saw other people order didn't look particularly impressive. The one food item we did order was downright baffling. The deli tray consisted of poor quality cold cuts, cheese that looked like it came out of the wrapper and the same plain brown bread that comes with the free PBJ. It really did seem utterly incongruous with the rest of the hotel experience, and was very expensive to boot.

I'd recommend this place heartily - I'd just suggest not eating at the bar except for as a last resort.

01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
210. Deb P.
This place rates a 4.  Building is over 100 years old, has a lot of charm, style and character.  Oh if those walls could talk ...

This place is from a bygone era with a lot of dramatic flair.  They serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with hot chocolate at 10:00 p.m. free of charge (we did not partake as we had consumed well over our 2,000 calories/day).  The rooms are interesting, detailed brass door handles, unique ceiling and door frames - all in all, a comfortable experience.  Generous supply of towels and good quality linen.

26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
211. Kristina K.
Gorgeous Hotel! Truly is the "Belle of New Orleans" The rooftop pool and hot tub, along with the late night PB & J bar make this hotel truly stand out above the rest. Even after a little rockstar debauchery,  the staff was still kind and understanding.  Hopefully they let us stay here again ;)

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
212. Crystal P.
I've wanted to stay here for awhile and was just waiting for a trip to New Orleans to do so. when I saw this on groupon I thought I wish I was going to New Orleans to stay here...... the next day my mom called and wanted me to come visit so it must have been fate! I booked us a 3 night stay here before we'd out into the burbs where she lives..... I loved this hotel from our room to the pb&j sandwiches at night. to that yummy hot chocolate to the whole entire staff at the hotel.

now rooms aren't brand new so if you want that you shouldn't go here.... I love older hotels just as much as I like brand new ones so I was happy. I also loved the area. I'm hoping next year they have the same groupon so I can book it and come back :) how can anyone resist groupon? if you see this place on groupon book it!!! and please do it again next year so I can come back :)

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
213. Mary C.
I am OBSESSED with this hotel!!!! My family and I had the best stay with them!
I always stay in the quarter when I visit NOLA but I took a chance on this hotel since I found a deal and it was at the tail end of our trip.
The best part about our stay was the level of customer service Le Pavillon offers. They care! They really do! The staff was so friendly and eager to help. The bellhop told us all about the hotel on the way to our room. It seemed like each employee really enjoyed their job.

If you've read any of the other reviews on this place you already know about the pb&j and hot cocoa thang. I wont bore you with another paragraph of how awesome it is. Because it is. It's freaking awesome!!!

Stay here. Soak it up. There are not many hotels like this anymore.

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
214. Scott L.
Very few amenities. Thin walls. Old fashioned.

Good price for the area.

The service in the hotel is laughable. But hey. At least the place is relatively inexpensive.

05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
215. Katie B.
This hotel had the old style Parisian décor and very polite employees. We stayed here two nights and enjoyed the hot chocolate and pbj served at 10 pm. The rooftop Jacuzzi is great too! It's centrally located in the Business District and about a 15 minute walk to the French Quarter.

As for haunting... the only thing I experienced was a faulty electric outlet or found my phone unplugged every time I plugged it in to charge. Maybe there's an annoying ghost? I'm not sure but it's definitely worth the stay!

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
216. J M.
If you're looking to get the full New Orleans hotel experience Le Pavillion is definitely worth it. From the lobby to the rooms it feels like a total throwback to hotels of the past. Breakfasts and parking are pricey but it seems to be that way at every hotel in downtown New Orleans. Staff is great and the rooms are clean. Keep this place as an option if you're visiting NO.

08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
217. Corinne K.

Yeah, you heard me. No, I ain't messing with you. This is, in fact, real life. Le Pavillon Hotel does indeed have a daily PB+J bar at 10 pm. And it's not just some plain ol' PB+J either. The spread is huge. Plenty of different kinds of bread, peanut butter, and jelly for you to mix and match to your little heart's desire. Oh and did I mention that there is hot chocolate too? Seriously... does it get any better than that?

Aside from the dope PB+J bar though, Le Pavillon was just great all around. The concierge was so helpful in helping us book all our reservations and provide us with a list of things to do and the staff were also all so friendly. While a tad bit on the old side, the hotel definitely has an old Parisian charm to it. I would definitely stay here again in a heartbeat.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
218. Jenny C.
This was my friends and my first trip to New Orleans.  The minute we walked into the lobby entrance of the hotel, I was captivated by the crystal chandeliers, the grandness of the lobby, the darkness of the curtains that was a sharp color against the paleness of the walls, floors and columns.

The hotel staff were exceptionally helpful. The first day there, we arrived way before our check-in time, but they got the process started and held our bags. The bellhop was nice enough to be patient with us while we tried to figure out how many bags were going to be left with them while we went out for lunch.

The female concierge that was there on our first day and our third day was delightful and extremely helpful (one of them offered assistance with a complicated emergency without hesitation). They even offered to call us to let us know when the room would be ready and that they would deliver the luggage to the room directly. The doormen were courteous and nice, always with a smile and asking how the day was.

The hotel is close to the French Quarters, where all the action is.  It's within walking distance; trust me, I don't like walking far but it's doable. It's definitely close to Bourbon St; my girlfriend and I explored it after dinner and walked back to the hotel by ourselves at night.  It's a bit quiet at night, the path back to the hotel, and it's not populated, so that's something you might want to take into consideration.  The streetcar is accessible a few blocks over, and that can take you wherever you need to go (the French Market (can walk there), the Garden District, the Riverwalk Outlet (can walk there)).  

We didn't eat at the hotel, because there was just so many options outside of the hotel that we had to try before our trip was up, but the did offer pb&j sandwiches at 10pm every night in the lobby of the hotel along with hot chocolate.

The room we stayed at was on the 9th floor, across and slight to the side of the elevator (as we requested during check-in).  The room had two queens, a huge walk-in closet, a flat screen tv., a desk by the between the door and the closet, a bedside table between the two beds, and another round table between one of the beds and the window.  The bathroom was small, like very small; just enough to fit one person and practically no counter top space at all.  The walk-in closet was nice and big with a full-length mirror on the door; we left our luggage in there and ended up changing in the closet because the bathroom just wasn't going to work.  The automatic light on/off thing in the closet that's controlled by the sensor was a bit of a problem because we couldn't turn the door completely when we were changing but that wasn't a big issue.

The rooftop gym, pool and jacuzzi, well what can I say?  I'll be honest, I didn't step foot inside that gym the entire time I was there, but it did seem small.  It's not like those huge, take-up-one-floor type of gyms, but it had the essentials.  The pool, now that was a gorgeous sight at night; lit blue with the stars as a backdrop.  The jacuzzi was lit blue as well, but it was tucked in a corner under a window that looked into the gym.  The rooftop wasn't accessible by elevator, but it was just flight and a half up from our room, so that was okay.  

The only problem we had with the hotel was that one of their staff (not sure which one as I didn't get a glance at her, one of the people in our group did) opened the door to our room immediately after knocking, didn't even give us a chance to answer. And I know it wasn't housekeeping as it was midday and housekeeping had already come and gone. When the lady opened the door, with her copy of the key, she said that she just wanted to know how our stay was; I think it was because she saw that there was someone in the room and she had to say something to explain why she was opening the door to our room without our permission. That one incident had us fearing what was happening in our hotel room when we went out exploring New Orleans.

11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
219. Alex H.
It was a decent experience. The old building does ooze old world luxury and, if you love that atmosphere, this is a nice place. The restaurant is pretty good and not absurdly priced. The roof top pool provides a refreshing escape from the heat in the evening. The PBJ and hot cocoa at night is a nice touch and the staff all around, especially the concierges, were very helpful. It is conveniently located near the French Quarter.

Some minor frustrations about the quality of the rooms - some cracked moulding, lights that didn't work, multiple buttons did not work on the phone, our water went out one night, and they only offer a queen bed in their regular rooms.

The parking is absolutely ridiculous - $45 dollars per night. Do not pay to park there. There is a garage 3 blocks north at 930 Gravier street that is $20 per night and is attended and monitored with cameras. The minibar in the room is also quite odd. Everything is weight triggered, so bumping it can accidentally trigger charges to your bill. You also can't store anything in it yourself due to the weight triggers and must pay $10 per day if you need a fridge.

20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
220. Lori H.
This should be on your list of places to stay at least ONCE. The staff was exceptional and provided a level of attention and service that was wonderful.

While we didn't eat dinner in the dining room, we did have the breakfast buffet and it was delicious. We were even brought a bananas Foster to finish our breakfast...the server heard me say that was my Mom's favorite dessert and I had never had it before. We arrived at the hotel late and I expressed dismay that I missed the PB&J bar because our train was late. As we finished checking in, I was handed a white paper lunch bag with a sandwich & cookies.

I ordered the bath service and the wine, cheese and "Spirits" package that included a small history of the "hauntings" at the hotel and a little voodoo doll.
Very memorable and extraordinary.

The hotel (and the rooms) are decorated beautifully and the top floor has a pool & jacuzzi complete with cabanas.

This place is within walking distance of the French Quarter and a short cab ride to the Port if you are taking a cruise out of NOLA. There are a lot of restaurants,  and lots of shopping and sightseeing within blocks of this hotel. It is a little pricey, but SO worth every penny and commensurate with other hotels in the area.

31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0