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All of our guest rooms & suites are completely individual in terms of size, layout, and décor. Each one has its own unique charm and personality. Some have a courtyard view or a balcony facing either a French Quarter street or a courtyard. Several have period antiques. Many of our One-Bedroom (Jr.) Suites are split-level, with the bedroom upstairs and a sitting room downstairs.

Rooms are priced individually. Special Event rates may apply during certain times, and discounted rates are often available during select periods. Special Discounted rates are typically available during the Summer and Winter months, as well as mid-week during the season. Please inquire.


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Rating: 4.11

Address: 828 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA, 70112
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Comments (38):

1. Karin B.
It really is a wonderful place to stay. Yes a little road weary however it was comfortable, quiet and very very convenient to everything we wanted without being on top of the noise of Bourbon Street. The staff was extremely helpful and is family owned and operated.

15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Megan L.
I have no complaints about the Olivier House. It is one of the best places to stay if you need to be close to the French Quarter. If you like Bourbon Street its close to there too. Everything is with walking distance so you never have to take your car out the garage. Me and my boyfriend have stayed here twice and it is very quite and family owned, the staff is friendly and accommodate for the needs of the guest. The first time we stayed we were in Room 303 and the decor was a little creepy at first it took some getting used to. It was meant to be like a haunted room. It was a small room nothing fancy just basic needs. The second time we asked for Room 306 because we had seen how cute it was from the window it was jungle themed with a Rod Iron Canopy bed and a balcony over the pool. We were able to get the room for $90 a night, unfortunately we were not able to stay in this room due to the fact that the A/C was having problems so as so we got settled they let us know so we didn't have to sleep in there and moved us to a junior suite Room 308 for the same price for the inconvenience. If you have a bigger vehicle such as a 4X4 truck or a SUV there is a parking garage next door that belongs to the hotel next door that you can park in for $35 dollars a day.

18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Julie R.
For the location, you really can't beat the price of the Olivier House. It doesn't hurt that when I stayed there I was an Americorps member, and I got a discount for being one, so heads up to any Americorps people out there looking for a place to stay in Nola!

The staff is friendly, the location is perfect (just off Bourbon, but never too noisy, and in walking distance from sooo much!), and the place just looks awesome! When you walk in there is a hallway with marble floors or something fancy looking, and the courtyard is full of beautiful plants and a pool! The one thing is that the rooms aren't really all that nice, and the beds are soooooooo creaky/noisy. It's kinda dingy, but hey, I'm not picky, and for the price my friends and I payed, I'm definitely not complaining!

26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Scott D.
Great location - 1/2 block off Bourbon, but without the noise. I can't emphasize enough how helpful each person at the front desk was.  We would tell them what we were interested in, and they led us in the right direction each time. Only downfall(s) are parking - but I assume it's similar anywhere in downtown N.O., and that some rooms appeared small. Again, the front desk staff was so wonderful and willing to help - so if you have special requests, I'm sure they'd work with you. I would send my family and friends here - without question.

13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. uber b.
Some people should just stay at national chains, but the rest of us should stay at Olivier House.

This place is old skool, family run, and a blast. Honestly it's not even that funky. Rather, it's an old New Orleans building that feels right out of an Ann Rice novel with a glorious courtyard, a grand parlor and staircase, labyrinthine hallways, and a time warp of an elevator. Our room was huge, more like a mini-suite, and $90/night. Parking was $10/night. Although we were 1/2 block from Bourbon Street, we had no noise problems.

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Katie A.
There aren't a lot of bad things to say about the Olivier House.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, the courtyard pool is lovely, and the quirky perks inside (hidden romance novels in the lobby planter? yes!) make it feel like your eccentric grandmother's house. All the rooms have unique layouts, furniture, and decor.

Its location is great if you want to be close to the action of Bourbon Street, but be far enough away to only hear a dull roar from your room. We went during Mardi Gras, and we were happy that on the night we crashed kind of early, we didn't have to worry about being kept up late.

Because Mardi Gras is their busy season, you have to stay for 5 nights, and the cheapest rooms are $200/night.

Which brings me to the only downsides we found with our stay - the room. We were on the fourth floor (no elevator, so be mindful if that is an issue for you), and the smell of cigarettes definitely wafted up from... somewhere. Probably the balconies and street below us. There's no mention on their website about the rooms being non-smoking, however, so it could've been from a previous guest. I hate cigarette smoke, so this really bothered me.

The bed we had was a full size bed, not a queen. I'm 5'7, and my boyfriend is 6', and we're average sized people. The bed was old and creaky, and the mattress was thin. During our five unseasonably cold nights in NOLA, we were fighting for blankets, and didn't sleep particularly well. I would feel badly for a couple bigger than us trying to stay in that bed.

All in all, we had a great time in New Orleans, and it was great to be right in the French Quarter (especially when you need to use a bathroom!). The city was very walkable, so if you want to save some money, maybe stay in the CBD, but if you don't mind spending more, this is a great place.

19/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Adam M.
I have stayed here a couple of times and loved it. The location is great, you are close to Bourbon st. but not right on it, the courtyard and pool are awesome and it has a lot of character.
If you are looking for clean, high style or whatever this place is not for you but if you want a cool hotel that is fun this is the place.
Prices were reasonable and they went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of.
The furniture is old as hell and it is perfect.
I think that this place is perfect, but I guess that all depends on the kind of stay you are looking for. If you are used to staying at places like the W or Omni you will probably hate it but for New Orleans this is one of my favorite spots.

26/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Wendy and Andrew B.
This is a great place to stay in the French Quarter.  It's really cute, old, historic, quaint, and definitely has character without being expensive ($119 for a room with two queen beds and a sitting area in late September).  It's just off Bourbon Street, but just far enough off that it's not very loud.  They have parking too but don't expect to use your car while it's parked in their lot.  The only thing bad is that the beds aren't very comfortable.

So if you're expecting a typical chain hotel then try somewhere else, but if not the Olivier House is a nice home while visiting New Orleans.

04/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Stephanie V.
We booked this hotel 3 days before our trip to New Orleans, to see the UCF-Tulane football game for about $200 after taxes. This was done so hastily we didn't really know what we were in for. We parked our car in their "garage" (big room to squeeze something like 17 cars in), walked up to a neat looking building and checked in.

The place looked very old and very charming. Like an old mansion converted into a hotel. Everything just looked to nice and preserved. They showed us to our room and our jaws dropped. IT WAS SO COOL! There was a spiral staircase and a fountain!??! The downstairs had a bathroom, dining table and living area with a pull-out sofa. The upstairs area had a queen bed and a mini-bathroom. Seriously, it was like that scene in The Hangover when the guys walked into their presidential suite (our room wasn't even close to theirs, but you catch my drift).

The location was ace. We walked to and from Bourbon Street over 7 times to make frequent bathroom stops. We hung out in the fireplace lobby area, soaked our feet in their pool all around 4am and no one seemed to mind. The beds had seen better days, but in our state  at 5am we didn't even notice.

The next morning, we called to give an hour's notice to have our car ready while we walked to Cafe du Monde to grab some needed breakfast. Checkout was at noon and we were still in line at 11:49. We called and told them we would be late and they said to take our time and check out when we're ready. They were so nice. I'm definitely booking there again for my next 'nawlins trip.

16/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Jules B.
I have absolutely no complaints about this place.

Conveniently located a block off of Bourbon Street, this nook of a hotel has charm and character. Authentic creole decor and a beautiful courtyard with a fountain and pool really tie this place together.
The rooms are quirky, but definitely reflect the design of old New Orleans.

The staff is accommodating and friendly. While parking is interesting, it beats paying jacked up prices elsewhere.

Feel free to use the pool after-hours - but mind sleeping guests with their rooms adjacent to the patio!

This is an ideal stop for a couple or small group looking to make the most of their French Quarter experience. Within very comfortable walking distance of all the best stops in the FQ.

01/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Angi R.
To all the people who have complained about this place - if you can't handle the cockamice and palmetto bugs, you probably shouldn't be in the South.  (There was a box of Decon under my bed but I didn't see any varmints so that was okay.)

The Olivier House hotel is located stumbling distance from Bourbon Street but far enough away that you can get a good night's sleep if you like.  The staff is friendly and the building is shabby-chic and dilapidated in a pleasant way.  My room was spacious - about 15x20 with 14 ft ceilings and large, airy windows.  My friends' place was on the top floor and had sloped ceilings, skylights and the biggest bathtub I've ever seen (but no bathroom door).  Our other friends, however, had a small room with an interior facing window.  (If you want to know the room numbers, drop me a line.)  Oddly, all three rooms cost the same.  

They have one lot in which they cram as many cars as possible.  Getting your car out qualifies as a brain-teaser but hey, most likely, you'll be drinking and won't need your car.  FYI - my friends and I checked out at the last minute and they let us leave out car behind while we had lunch and went shopping.  By the time we returned, no cars were in our way.

23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. artana d.
Im trying to reach these folks. They don't pick up thier phone and thier "Contact Us" button is missing from the website. Anyone know if they are closed?

09/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. Patrik W.
Yes it is a bit worn and torn, but everything is clean, the service is good and the building is pretty fantastic. It is quiet and peaceful even though it is so close to the Bourbon Street madness

08/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Kelsie A.
Absolutely charming! I enjoyed everything, from the 4 square foot elevator to the exposed brick walls! We had a beautiful private balcony where we were just close enough/far enough away from Bourbon street. The location is just right for walking to Jackson square, Canal street or the Superdome. There is also a small convenience store just across the street (always a plus). Quick tip; if you rent a car, get a small one (extra SUV charge).

11/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Bat T.
I concur with most of the reviews on here.  It's funny to see the elevator rang a few bells other than mine.  The size of a kitchen island!  The second time I got in it and pressed the button, nothing happened, so I avoided it from there on out - I would have a panic attack in minutes stuck in that thing.  

Staff was super nice, and the room was clean and comfortable.  We were able to bring our dogs for next to nothing, and it was nice knowing our car was locked away, especially after seeing cars get bumped and jostled on the street all night.  It was a little unsettling at first to realize that we may not be able to access our car past a certain time, but it quickly became clear why (cars park in front of the garage entrance and the whole area gets very congested), and it was better than having to schlepp bags and dogs from some distant parking garage.  We didn't miss the car at all.  

It could have been fancier, but we didn't want to pay for fancy.  Clean and comfy is just fine!  I believe they recently replaced all the beds because there was a tower of old mattresses in the car lot, and though a few people on here mentioned uncomfortable beds, ours was absolutely divine and looked brand new.  

Can't be beat for convenience and price.

04/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Sean B.

I'm from Southern California and travel to haunted locations every year for a Halloween vacation. Its my FAVORITE holiday!

What a perfect location for a hotel! 1 block away from Bourbon St-- Far enough away from the noise so you can rest, but close enough to the festivities!
It is a converted mansion and slave quarters with no spa, fitness room or room service--other than a maid staff. They do have a pool, although I never used it.
NO BED BUGS, NO ROACHES!!!!  (You know I checked)

I stayed across the street at the Hotel St. Marie for Halloween 2009 with my friend LaKiesha. From our balcony room we could see into the rooms of the Olivier House and noticed that not only were the rooms decorated differently, but they were decorated as though they were movie sets from the movie, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.

I can't speak for everyone, but when I stay in a town steeped in history and flavor, I like to stay in a place that makes me FEEL like I'm really there. I'd much rather stay in an 1700s-1800s plantation house than any new sterile plastic hotel where every room is the same. The Olivier House has such charm.

LaKiesha & I decided to walk over and look the place over one day on a whim because we liked what we could see of the hotel from out room ( which, incidentally, is owned by the same people who own the Olivier House). The desk clerk, Deborah, let us see a few unoccupied rooms and we were in love with the hotel. We instantly decided to return to Nawlins for Halloween 2010 and even chose to stay in one of the rooms that we were able to see.
The price is right, we had SO much room in our room and even a little kitchenette that I thought I'd use more, but there are too many wonderful places to eat in the French Quarter that we had most of our meals out, in new places we tried and old favorites that we wanted to revisit.
The staff is VERY friendly and VERY knowledgeable. They even took pictures of LaKiesha & I in our Halloween costumes before we left for our Costume Ball--where I won a huge trophy for BEST INDIVIDUAL COSTUME! LaKiesha dressed as an 1860's Voodoo Queen and I was an 1890's Ghost.
I can't think why I wouldn't return unless it was to try some place new in the French Quarter with the charm of an era gone by.
Did you know that if you go on Youtube that they even have small video tours of some of the hotel rooms?

I highly recommend the Olivier House Hotel!

This year, 2011, LaKiesha & I are going to Witch City, Salem MA for Halloween, and we love Nawlins so much that we plan on returning for Halloween 2012!!!.....and we even know now what costumes we'll be constructing! Keep an eye out for us! We'll buy the first round to toast Halloween in the French Quarter!

01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Dani I.
Could not have picked a better place to stay. Seriously.

I live in Philly and was traveling to NOLA for my wedding last weekend. After a long search for the PERFECT place to stay for me, my now husband and the rest of our "fun loving" (or crazy) wedding party I finally stumbled onto The Olivier House Hotel. We knew we wanted a smaller hotel where we could easily find each other and this hotel seemed to be the right place. Walking into The Olivier House it's like walking into an oasis .. like another country. There's trees growing out of the brick buildings and different types of flowers and plants everywhere you look. A little tiny pool in the middle of the hotel is the icing on the cake.
Now, after saying all that .. this place is not the Four Seasons either. The rooms are all different .. some with brand new bathrooms and some with bathrooms that might not have been updated since the 80's. BUT that doesn't even matter because this place has CHARM. Not to mention the fact that there was 25 of us staying in this place on top of ANOTHER wedding party ... maybe a couple late night pool parties ... and still, not a SINGLE noise complaint.
The people that work here .. Chris, Bobby .. were great! So helpful and accommodating - anything we needed they would provide or at least try and help with.
If you want a true New Orleans experience during your next stay you should definitely consider staying at this hotel. I promise .. you will be in love.
Until next time, Olivier House. :-)

20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Shannon L.
We read the reviews prior to booking here as another option to the regular place we stay at down the street from Olivier House. We wanted to try something new in the quarter, and man oh man, did we ever. The pictures on the website of the suite looked beautiful, looked.  
This place is creepy to the creepiest... Its known to be haunted, but really!?!? (As noted on New Orleans French Quarter Haunted tours)  No sleep all night.  we had a suite which included the main bedroom in a loft upstairs from the main room with a window at the base of the stairs.. There was a double knock on the door at 3am which startled us awake multiple times overnight.. The decor was bi-polar with gardening vs. knitted pictures vs. english fox hunt, ect.  No consistency at all... Not that it should matter, it's just a place to sleep right?  Yeah, if there were sleep to be had.  
I think we tried it, did it, and won't do it again.  Not for us.

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Scott S.
We stay here almost every time we come to New Orleans.  Great location and great rates.  Currently doing renovations so it's a little loud, but hopefully temporary.

02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Tabatha S.
LOVED THIS HOTEL!! It feels so very old world New Orleans! My husband and I have stayed at this beautiful hotel several times and each time makes us want to come back again and again! We were treated fantastic by the staff and they went out of their way to make sure we knew we were wanted and appreciated. The suite we stayed in was exactly what we were looking for and only blocks from all the fun on Bourbon. Far enough away to feel cozy but close enough to safely walk to and from the action. Everything worked in our suite and it also came with pots and pans in the kitchen! We could've cooked a meal one night if we wanted to, but with so many southern treats within walking distance we didn't have a chance. We used the hotel valet because the price was great and had no trouble getting our car when we needed it. This is our FAVORITE hotel in NOLA and we will be back soon! Thanks to the staff who made our weekend amazing!

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Cheryl B.
My daughter and i stayed here. The staff was wonderful. The hotel is charming  and we loved the location.
Thank you Olivier House for outstanding service!

07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Steve I.
I really enjoyed the few times I have stayed at the Olivier Hotel. It is the kind of place I want to stay at when I'm looking for a place to stay in the Quarter. Something different and that has character. The Olivier Hotel definitely fits that bill. Very old world charm here.

The rooms here are not modern but you should know that the minute you walk into the lobby. Every room is a little different from the next. Enjoyed my room...Room 106. It has a living room, a loft upstairs with two beds, and another bedroom on the first floor. I thought it was perfect for the occasion. Just some friends and I that needed a place to crash for a few hours after a long night out. My favorite room, though, is their honeymoon suite on the 2nd floor.

They have the smallest elevator ever, a cute courtyard, pool, and a parlor in the lobby. The hotel is comprised of three houses that were converted into the hotel. So one house is four stories and the others are two or three (I think).

It is literally stumbling distance from Bourbon St. So if you're a tourist that has to do Bourbon once or twice (or everyday) during your visit the Olivier Hotel may just meet your needs.

21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Mark S.
Great experience at Olivier House. The honeymoon suite exceeded our expectation, as did the staff. Mattress was firm with no sag.  Private wrap-around balcony was great to sit with a cocktail and watch the traffic below. Large jacuzzi tub had no shower but I was able to wash my hair under the tub spout.  It was so relaxing in the sitting room off the lobby and drink coffee near the gas fireplace. Very charming hotel. We will definitely stay here again.

15/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Tom M.
We were looking for an authentic New Orleans hotel to stay at and we definitely found it here! Almost like going back in time when you stay here. We loved everything about Olivier House and will stay there again. Bourbon Street is one block in one direction and quiet local pub one block in the other direction. But, what truly made our stay there special was interaction with the staff. Everyone we met was genuinely interested in making sure we found the places we were looking for. They would always stop and talk with us, give us directions and direct us to the best places. John was especially friendly and every day we looked forward to starting the morning telling him how we spent the day before and getting his advise on what to do next! Thanks for making the stay special. If you want a charming experience, stay here, if you want new and crisp...find a Motel 6 to stay at.

20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Sarah W.
Great place. Just the right amount of quirky! Nice service, lovely outdoor spaces. Rooms aren't top of the line, but they're just right. Fantastic location!! Car parking isn't super convenient, but it's New Orleans -- you shouldn't be driving too much anyway! Wifi was great in the public spaces (and works from certain rooms overlooking public spaces).

(And yes, the elevator is tiny.)

23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. John d.
Stayed here twice in the past however, last year and now this year I have requested information to stay with them during Mardi Gras and no one returns calls or emails.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Jennifer G.
I am writing this review based on my interactions with this hotel's staff.

My husband and I went to New Orleans on our honeymoon while I was 8 months pregnant. It was all fun for him, but not so much for a huge, pregnant woman. After all the walking, I started dilating and had to be put on full bed rest. Not the best honeymoon ever.

As a "makeup" we decided we wanted to re-do our honeymoon now that our daughter is 19 months old and I am fit and ready for a good time. We set the date for New Years. What better way to ring in the New Year than to re-do our honeymoon in our favorite city?

So I looked at hotels online - everything seemed OK but nothing caught my eye and everything was pretty expensive. I happened upon the Olivier House Hotel and was intrigued - something about having to call them and speak to someone in lieu of making online reservations, along with the pictures of the hotel, and the location totally got me.

So I called, made reservations for the week of New Years and the person I spoke with was super polite. I called back a couple times around the date that my card was going to be charged in November, since it hadn't been charged yet and I wanted to ensure everything was OK and again, nothing but very nice and quick service.

So we were gearing up for our much anticipated second honeymoon to New Orleans and our daughter catches the flu. We tried to weigh all of our options...we had been told we couldn't change or cancel our reservations, yet we didn't want to leave our daughter behind, but taking a sick 19 month old to New Orleans seemed like a terrible idea, especially with the 8 hour car ride to get there. We didn't want to lose the $700 we spent, but we didn't want our daughter to be miserable...so many decisions and things to go over, such little time. It felt hopeless.

I called the hotel and spoke to a very nice employee whom told me to call the manager, Bobby, in the morning and explain our predicament. My husband called today (one day before we are supposed to check in) explained the situation and without argument, without any issue whatsoever, Bobby cancelled our reservations and refunded our money, he was very kind. This hotel's service is stellar!

We are looking over dates to reschedule our trip for and know that we want to stay at the Olivier House Hotel only.

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Erin A.
Writing this review makes me sad. This hotel has great character, it's right next to Bourbon street, the price is reasonable, the staff is great and it's a great old New Orleans protected house. It's a perfect place to crash after a long night of partying. We went for the New Years and expected things to be loud and out of control. I thought we'd get loud people from outside making noise.

But all the noise came from INSIDE the house. They were doing renovations and they thought it would be smart to start at 6 Am. The day after New years. In a city full of drunks. We heard banging, hacksaws and all sorts of things keeping us awake. EVERY. MORNING. I mentioned this to the management and they said they'd make sure that didn't happen. Well, it did.

The walls are also paper thin. So in the morning, we heard kids stomping around upstairs (and may I mention, screaming) and at night we could hear our neighbors getting it on. I got to know everything about the people around us in just a few short hours.

There's also no internet. This is 2014, guys. I know you're trying to be ~authentic, but having internet isn't going to ruin the historical accuracy of your building.

I wanted to love this place, I really did. But for the price you can pay 100$ more down the street a night and get internet and sleep. It was a good hotel to keep our stuff for New Years, but I'm so sleep deprived, it's crazy.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
29. Addison P.
This is as GOOD as it gets!

Great rooms, very awesome architecture. Strange paintings on the walls but very comfy beds, great service, awesome coffee bar with snacks and water bottles.

Pool is pretty small but it's there.

Highly recommend it for the price and would come back!

02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Morgan N.
For the price this place was great. We had a very nice, big room with a balcony overlooking the street. The guy at the front desk was very friendly and helpful. The building and courtyard were very pretty and exactly what I had hoped for in a French Square hotel. It is close to Bourbon St. and within walking distance of Cafe du Monde and all that jazz. Free wifi, free coffee/tea bar downstairs, pool, and parking garage (not free/included).  

The only bad part about this place was the bathroom. The faucets were only half working (the warm part of the sink faucet didn't work) and the toilet was not properly bolted to the floor so there was a little fear of falling in! Other than that, loved this place.

07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. John H.
Overall pretty satisfied and definitely recommend.

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Jeff F.
I had a problem with my reservations with another hotel and my friend called the Olivier House Hotel for a room. They had one availablefor the weekend and we rushed over. The location was right off of Bourbon St. which was perfect. The people who worked the front desk provided the best customer service. The one at night really played up the haunted aspect of the hotel which I really got into. I love how the whole hotel looked different from one section to the next. I had two other friends staying in the hotel and each of our rooms where unique. When I visit New Orleans again I will definetly stay at this location, it was the best.

17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Sara K.
I was SO pleased with my stay at the Olivier house hotel! The location was perfect (right in the French quarter) the staff was incredibly nice, and the room was to die for!

My boyfriend and I drove up from Fort Lauderdale and decided to stay here after calling multiple hotels in the area for price quotes, parking info, all that.. What hooked me when I called was how nice the front desk employee was. After hanging up and calling a few other places, we decided we would head over to The Olivier House and check it out first. I immediately fell in love after having such a warm welcome, seeing the decor, and just the overwhelming feeling of comfort and authenticity I had upon walking in, we decided we needed to stay!

Checking in was really simple, lucky for us we travel during weird times (beginning of December) and it was late Sunday night so there were rooms available (I would suggest making reservations in advance if possible because the house/hotel doesn't have an excessive amount of rooms) ID, car keys, credit card. They wrote out our receipt! (I loved that) walked us to our cottage, and handed us our HOUSE KEY. They asked when we would like our car to be pulled from the lot, and they had it for us out front at noon when we checked out.

We booked Miss Anna's Creole Cottage, which is one of their specialty suites. King bed, living room/sitting area, dining area, full kitchen, and my favorite, large bathtub!

This is NOT a 5 star chain hotel. It does not have top of the line bedding, bathrooms, or other luxury amenities. It IS a 5 star, one of a kind, REAL down south Louisiana feeling hotel with CLEAN and comfortable rooms. Our cottage had a great spa bath tub (dated, but in perfect condition. Everything worked perfectly in our cottage) with interesting antiques all over the living and dining area. I thoroughly inspected our room and made sure I didn't find anything creepy (I'm weird and highly freaked out about bugs, dirt, and smells) and the ONLY thing that bothered me was a creepy stuffed animal bunny sitting on our bed! I hid it in a dresser drawer until we left.

We only spent the night, but I wish we could've stayed longer. It was such a neat experience and I will never forget our stay! I highly recommend this hotel!

12/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Dania D.
I really enjoyed my stay at the Olivier House Hotel. It's in a prime location right smack in the middle of the French Quarter and since it was my first time ever visiting the area, it was great to be within walking distance of everything I wanted to see.

The building itself is beautiful in that old, rustic way. The elevator isn't good for people who are claustrophobic, however, as it is the size of a closet and very narrow. I loved the decor and the old oil paintings with the eyes that seem to watch you. They say it's haunted but I didn't notice any presence other than my auntie who I was on the trip with.

The staff was courteous and although they seemed to be understaffed, did their best to answer our questions and address any concerns.

The hotel itself is like a labyrinth...there are hidden passageways, 2-3 ways to get to your room, etc. Pretty cool. So why only 3 stars out of 5?

I took 1 star off because while the bathroom was absolutely stunning, the water pressure in the shower was terrible. I was excited because it was a waterfall shower head, which I'd always wanted to experience, so imagine my disappointment when I turned it on, expecting Niagara Falls, only to get something similar to a steady dribble.

That might sound like a small thing but when it comes to hotels, I really have high expectations for the bathroom. It took me a lot longer in the shower than it normally would have if the water pressure had been normal, which I didn't care for. I shouldn't have to rotate around in order to get my whole body wet, lol.

I took another star off because of the roaches. Yes, I said roaches. Granted, they were out in the hallway and not in our room (that I could see) and, yes, it is New Orleans, but seriously, I shouldn't step off the elevator after a long night to find the roaches partying harder than me! It was so gross. I don't know if other NOLA hotels have the same issue but that was just so off putting.

Would I stay there again? It's very likely now that I know what to expect and I would recommend other people to check it out for themselves but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't look at other hotels before booking a stay here (I'm mainly saying that because it was my first time visiting the area and would like to experience other accommodations in the future).

07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Sam D.
My parents have been staying at the Olivier House for over thirty years.  They first took me here when I was in high school. I truly don't even consider looking for another place to stay when I now come down here as often as I can. The character of the hotel is so charming and laid back, it feels like it encompasses what I love about NOLA. The staff is always so accommodating and this past visit really went above and beyond. If you want to really take in New Orleans, skip the corporate hotels and stay here!!

24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Shane W.
My wife and I stayed in the Honeymoon suite room 216 for 3 days (thur - Sun).
It was exactly as I expected. The hotel is older, classic New Orleans. Located right behind Bourbon and yet Not too noisy. The staff is lovely and helpful. Our suite was very large and comfortable. There is a safe in the room and a fridge, coffee maker, and hair dryer too. There are small details that need some work such as locks on the bathroom door, the bedroom A/C needed to be larger, the handle on the bath kept coming off. Not much to complain about.
The hotel needs love and some detail work quickly.  However, we had a lovely time. God bless.

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. John F.
This hotel really  represents NOLA.
I've stayed at the big hotels, but liked this place much more.
Rooms are a little smaller, but is nicely done.
The staff is very friendly and helpful, feels like a family owned establishment.
Located 1 block from the middle of bourbon street.
Beautiful court yard in the center,
There is no parking only valet.  
Very reasonably priced.
This is now the only place I will stay in the quarter.

25/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Austin W.
If you are truly trying to get a feel for New Orleans, particularly the French Quarter, then the Olivier House is the place to go. The location is perfect. (One block from Bourbon st. so you can escape the noise but remain close to the action). Great food locations within easy walking distance.  

The service from the staff is among the best I have ever had. Sometimes I wondered when any of them had time to sleep!

The Hotel itself is the most impressive part. It has a beautiful yet typical French Quarter exterior, and a confusing yet enchanting interior. Each room is unique, so no stay should be the same. The rooms were easy to cool down, elegant yet comfortable.

I will not even look at other locations the next time I come to New Orleans.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0