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St. James Hotel, An Ascend Hotel Collection Member in New Orleans, LA


Enjoy upscale luxury in a prime location when choosing the St. James Hotel, an Ascend Hotel Collection Member , a smoke-free hotel in New Orleans, LA. We are a 19th Century landmark in Banks Arcade and near the French Quarter, Louisiana Superdome, Shops at Canal Place, National World War II Museum and Riverwalk Market Place. Stop by our on-site restaurant Chophouse and business center with computer, copy and fax services. Guest rooms feature a coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, iron and ironing board, hair dryer, flat-screen televisions,free wi-fi, free weekday newspaper and balconies in some rooms. Make your reservation today at the St. James, an Ascend Collection hotel in New Orleans, LA for the best combination of upscale amenities in a perfect location.


Established in 1859.

During the early 19th century, trade between New Orleans and the West Indies brought thousands of immigrants from the Caribbean, among them was a merchant named Che.

In 1833, the Banks Arcade was built to furnish American merchants with a place to trade. Che leased a shop on Magazine Street in the Banks Arcade and became notorious for having insider information on the French merchants.

One night in 1851, French merchants set fire to Che's store. After the flames were out, Che was never found. The news of his death led the highest voodoo priestesses to conduct rituals that would deliver his spirit home to the Caribbean, but this procession was abruptly interrupted.

Eight years after Che's disappearance, in 1859, the Banks Arcade was renovated and the original St. James Hotel was built. From 1861 to 1865, during the Civil War, the hotel became a Union hospital.

Today the St. James Hotel is located only blocks from its original location - which is now the Board of Trade Plaza.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.30

Address: 330 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA, 70130
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (69):

1. Rebecca Z.
The rooms are dirty and small...the pictures are WAY better then it is in reality. The people who work here are incredibly rude and unhelpful. The night before I left I asked the concierge if he could print out my airport shuttle ticket. He proceeded to tell me that, "it wasn't his fault I didn't print it out before." after 15 minutes of him being incredibly rude he said I could print it out. While printing he said "if this thing jams I know what room to go to to fix it" what the hell is that?! He was literally about to blame me for a paper jam that never happened. When I was checking out in the morning, the woman behind the desk told me she couldn't give me a receipt and couldn't help me at all cause, "she was new and was told not to mess anything up." it was insane how terribly I was treated by these people. If you want to stay in a small dirty room, with rude people this is your place. Oh and they MADE me pay for wireless even though I didn't need or want to.

04/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Christy A.
I would not recommend this hotel.  It was small, dirty and the water in the shower took 15 minutes to start working.  I'm not sure if this was just a one time situation but there was some loud banging/screaming outside our room around 11pm.  I called down to the desk but no one answered and it eventually stopped but scary since I was there with my two small kids.

28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. John E.
This is a really nice boutique hotel. The room is nicely decorated in a kinda-tropical theme. The bed is very, very comfortable! The staff are very friendly and helpful and helped me out a lot while I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. See, today is my wedding day, and even though the bed was super plush, I didn't sleep but a couple of hours.

Even though some suggested that parking across the street would save some money, you are charged $15 every time that you take your car from the lot. So if you get your car a couple of times, that $15 going to add up quickly.

My biggest complaint is that this room is not tech-friendly at all. We ended up unplugging most of the lamps in the room to make room for our laptops.  Also, the tv is an older one that you can't hook up a xbox 360 to. Also, there is no outlet for plugging directly into the wall for internet. The wireless internet worked fine. The room is also on the smaller side. The bathroom tile is very slippery when wet!

This is a good room for the money. Bourbon Street is in walking distance from the hotel.

*edit- After staying in the hotel for two nights I have a couple of additional items to cover.
It is May at the time of this review; it is hot outside, but not as hot as it is going to get this summer. When we got in from our wedding, we turned the air conditioning to it's coldest temperature, but the room stayed warm until about midnight. We kinda froze all night as the air conditioning finally caught up. We could have turned the air off, so that is our fault. The bed was right under the vent, which didn't help things too much. The blanket took some getting used to. It was very heavy. I called for my car an hour and half before my wedding so I could get some last-minute items, and it finally was brought over just in the nick of time to get me to the wedding on time. The front desk said this was a problem that they encounter 'early' in the morning. It was about 8 am when i called for the car. I don't expect this to happen to everyone, but it is something to keep in mind.
Speaking of the front desk, they were wonderful! My best man and the maid of honor had our room done up for us while we were at the wedding. The manager of the hotel when himself to the florist and had rose petals on our bed, and champagne on ice for us. We also found bath robes in the bathroom.
There are a couple of things about this hotel that are lacking, but the people that work here, from the smiling bellhop that always opened the door for me, and the front desk that gave me some toothpaste, all the way to the manager that went out of his way, and didn't charge my best man for the extra setup.

09/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Alison H.
We got a really good deal on this hotel and were not disappointed for the amount of money we spent.  It is in a great location for going to the quarter and other attractions, as it is right by Canal St. and all the street car routes and within a short walk of the quarter.  Three stars due to the fact that the amenities that were listed on the website did not match and the pool is by far not really a pool, it's more of a chlorinated fountain.  I would give the service four stars as we were greeted with a smile at all times and our room was kept very clean.  The plumbing is also not so great, but what can you expect from a building this old?

29/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Jessica G.
Price and location were good. Most front desk staff were not very friendly, with a couple of exceptions. Room smelled like mildew, had stains on the walls. Bed was lumpy, not enough pillows, fitted sheet kept falling off. Overall it was not a very pleasant hotel. We had a great vacation despite the hotel, when ideally the hotel would enhance the trip. Also, the "lounging pool" is downright filthy. We took comic photos to remember it.

16/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Brian B.
I just stayed here for a single night but the service was generally great and the rooms were clean and well kept. I would have otherwise given them 4 or 5 stars but was left infuriated at their policy of adding a charge to every nights bill for telecommunications and safe, REGARDLESS of use. If you want to provide these services to all of your guests, and charge every guest for them, then you should adjust your rates accordingly. Having a sign on the front desk adding $10 a night to every bill is unacceptable.

07/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Giulio G.
This place looked beautiful when we walked in...then the elevator didnt work, which was fine, but when we asked the guy at the front desk he goes "haha, i know!"  Next, we asked for an extra blanket while we were in the room and the front desk person(different than the guy in the previous story) says "ok...you can come down and get it."  We ask, "you cant bring it up to us?"  he replies "nahhhh."   then, the next day, were in the room and the cleaning lady comes to the door, we tell her to come back and she says "are y'all smokin in here."  We were not smoking, so we told her no.  Next day we decided to check out because we hated the hotel and they tried to charge us $250 dollars for smoking when no one was smoking.  They threatened to call the police.  The Queen and Crescent is right around the corner, same price and a far superior hotel

06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Maria T.
I was hesitant to book a room at the St. James after reading some of the reviews. I was more than relieved when we arrived.  First off the staff is great. They were helpful and pleasant. Our room was great. It was large and clean. I loved the rustic feel of the exposed brick and beams. We also had a huge patio and good sized bathroom. The location can't be beat. It's just a couple pf blocks from the French Quarter and the waterfront. This is not the Mandarin but a great hotel especially for the price. I have recommended it to everyone I know.

27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Danny L.
Good location but dirty place.  Staff are not the most helpful.  Not terrible for the money but not a great hotel.  The wifi was busted!!!

13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Emily P.
This place has great entrees. The apps need some work. The ambiance is very cozy and intimate.

18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Beth D.
We've been here for three days, and I've loved every single day. The employees are super nice, the room is clean and comfy... and what else matters in a hotel? We're on our honeymoon, and this has been a wonderfully home-y place to make our home base while we explore the city. We have a view out across a balcony into the city that's really lovely. Is this place fancy? Nope, but it's convenient to the French Quarter and way more reasonably priced than most other places we checked out. We would (and will) happily return.

14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Mark Y.
We choose this hotel for the location and price.  Its not a five star or even a 4 star hotel but it was acceptable for us.  We paid about $100 a night including taxes.  Also they automatically charge you like $14 a day for internet and telephone service.  Its good that you can call anyone with the hotel phone for free but makes calls with a hotel phone when you a cell phone.  I think this charge is not necessary but we didn't have a choice.

The room is fairly spacious.  We were on the 1st floor and our room was next to a street.  The street noise wasn't bad because there was not much traffic on the street.  It was a quite room.  The only thing that bothered us was that housekeeping didn't give us new towels on the 2nd day.  They took our used towels and never replaced them.  We told the front desk but after an hour or two we just went to the front desk to get towels.
Overall the stay was not bad.  The location was good because it was quiet area but a close walk to the french quarter.

24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Queen N.
lovely  people,beautiful hotel, perfect location

26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Sherry S.
The exterior of the building is charming, the location is good, the staff was lovely and it was moderately priced. HOWEVER, it is not a fine, luxury hotel (as the web site indicates)and it has not been well maintained. It's a good place for college students going to party but probably not for a romantic weekend.
The carpets are worn and dirty, you have to go to the restaurant next door to get ice, the room smelled very musty and the elevator is wonky. To get to the third floor, you press 3 and the elevator will take you to 4. You then have to press 3 and it will go to that floor. There seems to be no rush to fix anything.
My room was fairly clean but the mattresses were old and cheap. The sheets and towels were what you would expect from a Motel 6 and a few things in the room were broken including the hair dryer, clock and safe.
Bottom line: if you're looking for convenient and cheap, it's OK. if you want a histoic and beautifully maintained hotel with good sheets and service, go to the Monteleone on Royal.

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Jennifer G.
From the photos, the hotel looked great. Then I read a few unfavorable reviews and got nervous. We ended up being very pleased with our stay. The room was small, but nice. The staff was really helpful. The location was PERFECT and the price was very reasonable.

07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. the k.
after reading the reviews, i tried to switch hotels but expedia can suck it.  

after getting there, i'm glad i didn't switch.  

hotel is on magazine street near canal, not directly in the Quarter, but a very easy 5-10 minute walk depending on where you wanna go. 3 blocks away from the streetcars and there is a 24 hour store with everything from beer and soda and snacks to advil, hairspray, and souvenirs. it is also across the street from chuck's sports bar which had free crawfish broil when i was there and they're open practically 24 hours. also very close to mother's restaurant which stays open till ten and has great red beans and rice.

got to hotel at midnight and it was hot out (85 degrees easy) but the lobby was extra cold and refreshing.  got a nice welcome and an easy, quick check in. was traveling with my dog. this hotel charges a flat $50 fee per stay, nonrefundable. i think this is pretty reasonable some other hotels in the area want $100 per stay or $25 a day. i got a great deal on the room (like a month in advance) and when i checked again a week before i left it went from $89 a night to $119, which still isn't bad at all.

got a room on the second floor. the room was cute. remind me of a plantation/tommy bahama add. not much of a view, but i wasn't really interested in sitting in the room looking out the window. sheets were clean. hotel bed spreads always creep me out no matter where i am, except the sheraton seattle. don't ask.  also, they use a fitted sheet, not just two top sheets which i really like. i creeps me out when the sheet pull of the bed to easy.

room was small, but i live in san francisco and have stayed in many boutique hotels. something people need to understand with older buildings, if you want the charm of new orleans style spanish wrought iron, things are going to be a little smaller, slower, and rough around the edges. don't expect a las vegas style mega resort and you won't be disappointed.

the bathroom was not spotless.  the shower could have used a toothbrush to the grout, but the tub was clean, as was the toilet and sink and floor. i personally don't rub myself on shower walls in hotel, wouldn't have sex against it or anything, but that's just me.

i also don't have maid service when i stay places for only 3 nights. i don't want anyone near my shit. but on the second night, i came home to a bag of towels at my door, so i don't know why other people bitch about not getting enough towels. maybe if you stay with like 6 people in a room, this is an issue, but the fact i didnt even have to ask shows, either they heard the reviews and adjusted or some people exaggerate.

the pool is 4 ft deep, not exactly a fountain, but not so big, more like a rectangle still jacuzzi, but it was refreshing and clean.

all in all, i'll stay there next time i'm in new orleans. largely in part because of this hotel.

09/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Nick G.
good location, BAD overall experience

this hotel has some pretty bad spots that could use some major improvements. First of all, New Orleans is HOT, so when traveling here I expect the air conditioning to be working perfectly... and theirs wasn't. It was set on some economy mode that worked on a sensor, meaning that it would only run for about a minute or two if it picks up movement in the room. So when you're asleep, and the sensors not even facing you, it gets really, really hot. I complained about this multiple times, and even had someone come to the room and fix it twice, yet it kept coming back and happening again. Unacceptable.

Second, I know parking is an issue in New Orleans, but I was here on business and I had to have a car, therefore I had to have parking. The hotel offered a valet service for an almost outrageous $32 a day, and that's before the tips you're expected to give every time you get your car pulled. With no other option available, it gets expensive really quick. My complaint, isn't on the price, but of the valet service, who hire thieves. I had an item stolen from my car, my phone charger, and though it was handled very professionally and courteously, it was a huge inconvenience that cost me hours from my vacation time. I don't expect that behavior from a valet service. Unacceptable.

I wouldn't stay here again, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else stay here either.

***Update:  The valet company took the sleezy scumbag route, and refused to reimburse me for the stolen item taken from my car.  Their explanation, they only cover the car, items left inside are not their responsibility... so I guess that means to the valet company employees, anything and everything left in a car is a big free-for-all, and they can go through and pick out whatever shiny new possessions they can find... DO NOT VALET YOUR CAR HERE!

16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Britt K.
Rooms- 3 Stars- The AC did not work well and the blow dryer was broken. In addition, it was like pulling teeth to get an extra towel.
Hallways- 1 Star- It smelled like cat urine and the carpet was very dirty!
Staff- 3 Stars-The front desk people were very friendly, however the cleaning people sing loudly in the hallway in the morning.

Do not stay here if you are looking for a 4 Star hotel. The best part of this hotel is the proximity to the French Quarter. It also lacks a swimming pool and restaurant.

19/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Kourtney L.
My first stay here was two years ago and the service was amazing. When returning last year I vowed to never stay anywhere else. To much disappointment most of the old staff seized to exist. Front desk was poor. However, the same sweet man in security was there. He even hooked up an early morning cab ride back to the airport at a better rate with a car seat situation. The rooms are quaint and give you that southern feel. Lots of roaches roaming the property and a small walk to everything. Fire alarm mishap occurred in our building from the guys at the restaurant next door. Kinda annoying since it was 1am and we thought it was a legit emergency and fled the scene. Yikes. If you need a place at a decent price, try it out.  Wasn't the best but far from the worst.

02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. J L.
I got such a great rate here that it would be hard to give it lower than three stars. I had driven almost 2000 miles by the time I checked in, and I had paid more for a night at a Motel8 in TX.

The rooms and hall decor are a bit kitschy, but that's cute.

My a/c started to leak while I was there, and there is no on-call maintenance at night. While they definitely compensated me for the inconvenience, it's worth mentioning.

The staff was wonderful and I attribute that to the Manager, whose gracious attitude must filter down to the rest of the staff.

The room was ok, and since I'm a smoker, they gave me one with a semi-private courtyard. The courtyard needs work, but it was good to be able to smoke in private, and my cat could run around safely. The way they make the beds is weird. There's a ton of extra sheet at the foot, but the mattress and pad show at the head. What's up with that?

The location is great and as mentioned in other reviews, it's close to the Quarter and to the Warehouse District.

If you like things like 24 hour room service, mini bars/fridges and microwaves in your room, this isn't the place for you. However, if you are just going to sleep, shower, etc. in your room and would rather lavish your vacation dollar on the local eateries and attractions, you might want to give this hotel a look-see.

11/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Speak F.
I would recommend this smaller, more quaint hotel that is located on a quiet street that is off Canal St. Still very conveniently located to all the major attractions like the French Quarter, Riverwalk, trolleys, and Harrah's casino.  Our room was decently sized but clean. We traveled with a friend who complained about a musky smell in their room, but they changed it promptly.  Free Wi-Fi. Only compliant is that the pool was disappointing to say the less. Especially since a nice, cold swim after being outside on a humid summer day would have been fantastic! Well anyways, they should not advertise that they have a pool to begin with. There is a picture and it says it all.

27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Prakash R.
So many bad things about this place, but I'll start off with something nice, which is the staff.  They're pleasant and friendly.  Checked in after midnight and there was no issue with that, they told me it wouldn't be a problem.  Was sent to a room that had not been made up yet - sheets on the beds all over the place, but promptly placed in another room.

The beds are small, think they were doubles, soft and mushy, sagged in the center.  Also, I'm not huge on appearances, but they looked kind of gross because the fitted sheet doesn't cover them completely and there's some sort of pad sticking out the side which is very prominent and just gives it a gross feel.

They charge $5 per day for internet.  It's 2011.  What hotel does that?  Plus a $3 fee for the safe.  Silly charges that aren't much per guest but add up to a lot of money for the hotel.

Towels were thin, gross, and only 2 per room.  Had to ask everyday for extra towels.  Shower does have good water pressure though.

No issues with the AC, that did work well.

I was there during Mardi Gras, which I'm sure is overwhelming for every hotel, but the issues I had are ones that are present year round.  I just found the place to be gross and when it's $269 per night plus tax and ridiculous fees, I feel I got ripped off.  I know it's pricier because of Mardi Gras, but friends at the W were paying $300 a night and got a hotel way better.

10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Danielle S.
I stayed at the St. James using a gift certificate that I won last year from Clear Channel Radio's "Bid On The Gulf" auction and I so enjoyed my stay.  The hotel is in a great location and within walking distance of pretty much everything downtown and in the French Quarter.  The staff was very friendly and always willing to help with information.

I stayed in a corner room with a wrap around balcony that I was told not to go out on but I couldn't resist and went out on it anyway (shh, don't tell anyone).  The bed was comfortable but the pillows could use a bit of updating.

I have two complaints.  My first would be that the ice machine in the building I was staying in was broken and I had to go downstairs, then into another building, go to the 2nd floor, get ice and then go back down and across to my building and then back upstairs.  My second complaint would be that I asked for a wake up call the last day of my visit and I never received it.  Thankfully, I was on vacation and didn't have a meeting or anything that I needed to be at.

All in all, it was a great stay!!

Since, I only paid $390 for a 6 night/7 day stay because of the auction I won, I gave them an inexpensive on the price range but their normal rate would probably be moderate to pricey.

23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Sabrina M.
First things first: This ain't no "boutique" hotel.

It's not even charming. Or rustic. Or quaint. Or any of those words we use to make something seem hipper and cooler than it actually is.

Here's what the St. James is: An old hotel in a great neighborhood.

Its saving grace is its proximity to everything tourists and business travelers need and want to see in New Orleans -- Bourbon St. and the French Quarter, the central business district and the convention center.

But it has some considerable drawbacks and security issues that must be taken into consideration-particularly for women traveling alone.

--Small, dark, damp rooms (lit only by lamps)

--No cold water

--Dirty linens  -- visible dirt on my pillowcase and obvious the sheets themselves had not been changed. The supervisor herself told me that they only change the sheets on Wednesday and Saturday -- how does that account for check-ins on other days during the week?! I had to watch the housekeeper change my sheets herself after I complained.

--Air conditioning unit that doesn't get cooler than 75 degrees

A full inch and a half of space underneath the door -- allows not only "critters" to easily crawl in, allows any enterprising thief to get into the room.

--No security - doors leading to the rooms are never locked; anybody can walk in.

--Bogus safe and internet charge -- know that they WILL add an $8 per night. I read about this on TripAdvisor.com and asked for the fee to be waived but many don't know and get slammed with this fee on their bill.

Cost - Abundant deals on Hotwire.com !
Location - Can't beat it
Staff -- truly friendly and helpful

I didn't spend much time in the room (thank goodness) being busy with the convention but because I'm a skilled traveler, all of these issues made me hyper-vigilant about putting everything away, off the floor and using all my super secret methods of hiding things in the room.

For my own peace of mind I put a towel underneath the door each night to plug the gap, and the desk chair underneath the handle to make it difficult to get in. Shame that I had to use all my Chicago-style instincts to ensure my safety but I'm glad I did.

The thing about being on convention or vacation, though, is that you don't want to be on that level of alert in the hotel room. You want to relax. That's not going to happen at the St. James.

For the totality of these reasons -- despite the affordability, location and friendly staff -- I couldn't recommend it, especially not for a woman traveling alone.

04/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. Diana C.
My friend and I booked a room for a recent 4-5 day trip to New Orleans. I wanted something convenient to the French Quarter, and I was pretty happy with a previous stay in the Central Business District, so we settled on this hotel.

The room itself:
* We got one of the vaulted rooms on the top floor. I thought it was pretty and charming.
* The beds were ok in terms of comfort, but the sheets were a bit weird and kept pulling off the bed. My friend's bed had a mystery coffee stain right in the middle of the sheet.
* The A/C was a bit weak; at night it was comfortable, but during the day it was often quite stuffy.
* Maid service was nice, but they didn't clean our room daily or leave enough supplies at times. They were very prompt in bringing us extra towels or TP when we asked, though.

There seemed to only be one ice machine in the front building, instead of every floor of both buildings. A minor inconvenience.

The location is great: a short walk to either the French Quarter, the cable cars, or the Riverfront.

The staff is was helpful and friendly.

Not the best hotel I've stayed at in New Orleans, but I wouldn't have a problem staying here again.

04/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Phil J.
Nice hotel between conference center and French Quarter, but needs some simple tlc.  Like a hair dryer that actually works, a shower curtain that is long enough to prevent water from getting on the marble (slippery ) floor, and hire a real plumber/ contractor to remove and replace the toilet and sink caulking (it looks like a gas station bathroom).   Fix these little things and it would be 4 of 5 stars.   Otherwise a nice place.  Clean room.  Very quiet.  Staff very friendly.

04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Jessica H.
We got a good deal on the price when we booked a vacation using JetBlue, so I'm not sure if my experience would have been better had I booked our stay outright with the hotel or some other reservation service.

I'm giving it 3 stars because the most important aspects were there:  it was clean on arrival, it was close to everything we wanted to do (French Quarter, short walk to St. Charles Streetcar, short walk to the Warehouse District, good food within a one-block radius), and the staff were friendly.  Our internet service was pretty decent in the room that we were in.  It was decorated pretty nicely.

However, the size of the room was  ridiculously small.  The bed was small.  We had to ask for towels on our third day because they never came into our room to clean until our fourth day.  The air conditioner just was not very strong and nothing we did could manage to make it go harder.

Anyway, we enjoyed our trip to New Orleans.  The hotel certainly didn't ruin the vacation or put a damper on anything, but there was a lot to be desired while staying there.

26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. D C.
Sigh.  I had high hopes for the St. James.  A friend and I were deciding between the St. James and the Cotton Exchange Hotel, which had a similar nightly rate.  The St. James was a bit more expensive, had no pool (the "pool" they reference is actually a fountain on the patio, which is full of dead leaves and palm fruit), and unlike the Cotton Exchange, did not have free wireless or continental breakfast included.  Somehow, my friend convinced me to go with the St. James, since it's closer to the French Quarter, and a historic hotel.  Bad move.  

We called ahead, and negotiated for the internet fee to be waived, since the Cotton Exchange offers it for free, and booked our room.  When we arrived, we discovered the internet didn't work, and when we inquired, were told the internet in our room had "been disabled" since the fee was waived.  After much discussion, we had to move to another room and my roommate agreed to pay for the internet fee, since in reality, certain rooms just aren't close enough to the router to get wireless service, and that's where we'd been placed.  Additionally, the woman we spoke to at the front desk was a raging bitch, who hung up on me while I was speaking (though I was perfectly polite, and just inquiring) and flat out lied to us, refusing to waive yet ANOTHER additional "security" fee for the safe in our room, which we couldn't even use because it was behind a broken closet door that wouldn't open.  

Other highlights: 1) roommate got blood-stained sheets and had to sleep on them because housekeeping had left for the day 2) even though we were moved closer to the router, the internet connection was so slow we could barely use it 3) A/C failed the last night we were there, and the only option was to change rooms AGAIN or suffer through it, 82 degrees inside! 4) housekeeping repeatedly took our towels, mats, and soap out of the room when they cleaned but never replaced them, 5) we returned one night to find a single towel in the bathroom, and when we were inquired, were told housekeeping was gone for the day and the staff on call "didn't know where the towels are and we'd "have to wait till housekeeping returned the next day."  The next day, the front desk staff were unwilling to actually bring us towels even though we had an appointment to make and needed to shower, so we had to search the hotel for housekeeping and grab them from the cart.  6)  The much raved about Cuvee restaurant, in the hotel, NO LONGER EXISTS!  They closed it and neglected to even mention it, and their website still features it!  And you should have seen the attitude the front desk attendant gave me when I asked about it.  7)  The patio, photographed so beautifully on the website, is actually where this hotel and the surrounding ones put out their trash, so it reeks, and it's covered with cigarette butts.  

This hotel is in a particularly ugly/run-down part of Magazine Street, and you'll still have to walk a bit to get to the French Quarter (only slightly farther than the Cotton Exchange).  There are some good staff-people who work at the St. James, like Isaac and Kelvin, who were very helpful, made great restaurant recommendations and got us a taxi back to the airport, but God help you if they're not on when you're there.  There are also a couple of good restaurants nearby, namely, the Ruby Slipper and Mother's.

24/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
29. Peter M.
Isa is in part right.  Most of the rooms are about, "you get what you pay for", in that they are just lovely for the price, but not spectacular.  

I stayed on Easter weekend to watch my little brother give me a little sister (he got married).  

The beauty was that there are three rooms on a private(ish) courtyard - one suite, one king, and one set of queen rooms.  Somehow, my awesome mother got our immediate family into those three rooms, and it was a party all weekend.  

The rooms are lovely, the hotel old, boutiquey, and the staff great.  I recommend this hotel if you are looking to stay at a unique, vintage, historic location within 5 minutes walking of the French Quarter.

14/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Kristin M.
A great boutique hotel that is centrally located to Bourbon Street, downtown & the Garden district. Close enough where you can walk most places, but far enough away where you can get some sleep when you want to. This hotel is very clean and decorated really well. The very best part of our stay was the friendly and helpful staff. They were such a pleasure to be around. They helped us pick places to go, where to eat, got us a cab, etc. They definitely went above and beyond to make sure our stay was top notch. And ladies, the rooms have a full length mirror and a makeup mirror in the bathroom. What's not to love? I will definitely be staying here again.

15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Mary W.
Loved the hotel and Amy. She was amazing and took wonderful care of us. The upgraded room provided was beautiful, clean and comfortable. The breakfast croissant and coffee made my day. I would return in a heartbeat!

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Ernest G.
My friends and I stayed here during the last leg of our spring break and we are sure glad we did! This staff was amazing. We arrived before check in and went to eat at The Gumbo Shop after the front desk attendant recommended it. The food was amazing but that is a different review. The recommendation was the first of many and the young man working the desk for the duration of our trip was not only extremely helpful but hilarious.

Now, let's talk about the location and value. Our rooms were very well priced for the location we are paying. You will be within walking distance of some amazing restaurants, the historic downtown area, the St. Patrick's Cathedral and, of course, the French Quarter. We were on spring break so the main event was obviously Bourbon street. It was an extremely pleasant walk/stumble/crawl back to our rooms just remember to stick to the main streets.

Overall, we had an amazing experience here and it did exceed our expectations. I initially read some reviews online but decided to give it a try anyway and I can assure you that it was well worth it. I definitely plan to stay here again during next year's Mardi Gras.

09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Rusty B.
We traveled here in Jan.to escape the cold.   The staff here are very friendly and helpful.  The room was cramped but comfortable.   Everything was modern and up-to-date.   The only weakness was the bathroom, it was moldy in the shower.  There wasn't a shelf to place anything you were using on, so all of it just accumulated by the drain....frustrating.

14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. Vincent P.
Petit hôtel sans grande prétention (surtout quand vous aurez vu le trou d'eau qu'ils tentent de nous vendre comme une piscine).
Pour le prix, cela demeure satisfaisant.
Côté architecture, le bâtiment tend à rappeler le "french quarter" qui est vraiment à 3 blocs (10min à pied).
Le personnel est sympathique et assez compétent.
Dans l'ensemble (chambre et réception), la propreté était présente.

MAIS les femmes de chambre sont curieuses. Des jours elles ne faisaient même pas le lit. Des fois elles oubliaient de remettre des serviettes. La machine à glace était cassée et il fallait aller au restaurant d'en bas en chercher (avouons que quand il fait plus de 35C la glace est la bienvenue, d'autant plus qu'il n'y avait pas de réfrigérateur dans la chambre).
Bien que nous étions au dessus de la réception, le WIFI (gratuit), n'est pas du tout performant. Je devais aller dans la salle de bain pour avoir un signal presque correct.
Dans l'ensemble OUI car proche du quartier ou sont les clubs de jazz mais c'est loin d'être le grand luxe!

05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. John L. H.
We stayed here for a wedding in the city. The staff were friendly and helpful.

The room was small, but had high ceilings. There was no closet, only an armoier that contained both the TV, the safe and a small clothing storage area. I could never get the safe to work. Because the room was small it was difficult to get ready for the wedding. Other then the size, the room was nice and the beds were comfortable. The room was dark since there was no overhead light, just lamps.

Because the entire wedding party stayed here, I was able to see several other rooms. All of the regular rooms were similar. One member of our party had a suite which was nice. It had a nice sitting area with a large flat screen on the wall. The only problem was that the TV didn't work. The front desk couldn't figure it out, so the TV was basically there for decoration.

I felt safe while at this hotel. I do take personal safety seriously, and try and be aware of my surroundings. I never noticed any shady characters milling around and we were coming and going at all hours.

This hotel is in a convenient location. Located a block from Poydras, you will be within walking distance of nearly everything without paying a premium for being in the quarter. As a local, I didn't want to be in the quarter anyway.

I did have an issue with the parking situation. Valet parking is $35 or more per day. It seems like only one valet is ever on duty. You need to call ahead at least 20 minutes early in hopes your car will be out front when you go to leave. I realize parking is expensive, but it should be more convenient.

This hotel isn't bad. If you he a good deal and don't need the fancy amenities of big chain hotels, the St. James may work for you.

14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Ashley S.
My friends and I had a great experience at this hotel! I was a bit worried after reading some of the previous reviews that we would have a bad experience, but after staying there, I'm a bit confused because we had a completely different experience than some of the other customers. We loved this hotel and would totally stay here again!!! Other than the ice machine not working which was no big deal (they did say they were getting 2 new ones), we were greeted with great hospitality from the front desk and other hotel staff. They were friendly, polite, and definitely didn't give us a hard time.  They even went as far as calling our room on our check out date to remind us that it was getting close to check out time so we wouldn't be charged for additional time which if you've been to NOLA is a total courtesy with the type of late night partying that goes on till all hours of the evening and following morning. Valeting our car was a bit expensive but not much more than any of the other parking lots in the area so I'm not complaining and the front desk did notify us that upon valeting our car there that whenever we needed it we should call down to the front desk about 15 minutes before we were ready to leave so they could retrieve the car for us.  The valet guy was super friendly and nice and even apologetic when we didn't take the hotels advice to call down 15 minutes beforehand and we had to wait for him to get it. The hotel definitely has that West Indies vintage boutique-y feel to it and is located in between the French Quarter and the Warehouse/Art District which is nice because you kind of get the best of both worlds within walking distance. It's super close to Canal St and Bourbon if that's your thing and also has an "Everything" convenience store on the corner, a cool, cheap, delicious 24 hour diner called Daisy Dukes, and an even cooler dive bar that plays live music and has fantastic bloody mary's called Bootleggers all within walking distance, along with numerous other shops, restaurants, and fun nearby. Our room was located on an end hallway so it was pretty quiet and it was neither dirty nor did we experience any bugs or anything gross or unsatisfactory. It was actually quite pleasant and the beds were perfectly fine for the few hours that we slept there each night. I mean really though? Who goes to New Orleans or anywhere on vacation for that matter to sit around in the hotel and nit pick the whole time anyways?  As for the AC that everyone was complaining about, it seemed to be on a movement sensor so that when we left the room the air wasn't blasting for no reason. When we got back it would be a tad bit warmer than when we left it, but would immediately cool off as it sensed our presence and it would continue to run while we were in the room.  Wow, a hotel that's being environmentally friendly and energy efficient! I honestly can't find a reason to complain about that. We were impressed by it actually.  The only thing that I wish the room had was a mini fridge.  Upon reading the previous reviews, we planned ahead and brought a cooler to keep drinks/food cold and it actually worked out perfectly. A mini fridge would have been nice, but we planned ahead and felt no inconvenience. We didn't really check out the hotel courtyard/pool area, but we weren't really there to swim and lay around. Overall, I think this hotel was right up our alley and exactly the kind of authentic experience we were all looking for for our first trip to New Orleans.  It's a decent hotel to stay at, less expensive than other hotels in the area, has lots of great stuff around it to keep you busy and we all agreed that we would stay here again, no questions asked. Thanks St James Hotel for contributing to the memorable adventure!!

19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Greg R.
Terrible initial experience booking the hotel room. I was told to go through their choice hotel membership program to receive discount rates. The service for this is terrible and the website interface is non user friendly. I then spoke directly with the manager Lola, who has terrible customer service skills. She leaves people on hold for long periods of time, without apologizing. When I tried to call back several times, she did answer the phone but proceeded to automatically put people on hold without saying hello. When confronted with that fact, she chose to lie and then transferred the phone without warning. If this is the level of service to expect out of this hotel right from the get go, beware, as I am sure it will get worse!!!

04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Catie N.
Yikes! The "pool" is actually an old fountain. Need I say more?

04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. David S.
This was an all-around bad hotel stay, and to have to use all my points on it made it even worse. I asked for a room with a terrace since it was a special occasion and it was not even offered when we arrived. The check-in and check-out process was not organized at all and it probably took over 20 minutes each round. Our room never got cold no matter how low I put the temperature on. The worst part of the entire trip though was the valet. We had a wedding to get to so we arranged to have our car brought down early to make it there on time. This did not happen! We asked for our car to be down at 5:30 and it did not arrive until 6. This caused us to miss half of the wedding at the church, and the procession down the aisle which my girlfriend was very upset about since this was one of her best friends. We will never be back to this hotel.

01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. Laurie K.
My daughter and I stayed here - she found it on hotels.com and what a great find! The hotel is in a great location, is clean and the room was much more than I had expected for the price. It rates up there with the suite I had at the Marriot (but cost much less.) But the real gem at the Saint James is Amy.  She took such good care of us - her recommendations on where to go were spot on and when it was time to go she had a cab waiting for us in minutes.  If I were the owner of this hotel, I would give her a big raise as it is clear she is a treasure :)

Thanks for making our visit to NOLA such a great one - we will be sure to stay here the next time!

09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Susan S.
I think I left a tip too. I wasn't sure what to expect upon arrival. I had read some mixed reviews but I was pleasantly surprised! The room is simply decorated but very nice with character. The semi private patio is awesome! Front desk staff friendly & helpful. Close, short walk to French Quarter. Quiet. Recommend it as an alternative to loud Canal street sterile Marriott types.

27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Paul K.
I stayed here for two nights after working in/around the gulf coast and it was the perfect spot to explore New Orleans from. Walking distance to the French Quarter, without the noise of the French Quarter, the building itself is beautiful, it's decor straight from the West Indies. The price was very reasonable and considering how little time I actually spent in my room, I was happy I didn't overspend at the W down the street.

21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Angela M.
Loved the hotel and the location. Amy at the front desk was great. She was very friendly and helpful. She gave great advice on where to eat and where to have fun. Overall the entire front desk staff was helpful. The location was perfect.  We walked to most locations and when necessary we took a short cab ride.

My only complaint is the housekeeping service. They did a poor job cleaning the room each day and never gave us enough linen.

06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Roger F.
Decent price and 10-15 walk to just about anywhere (Bourbon Street, Superdome, etc.)  Rooms aren't huge but big enough for sleeping for four.  You're not there to spend time in a room anyway. Friendly and courteous staff. Be warned,  there are lowflow showers so you'll be in there a while.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Liz M.
Booked a room here after we found a great hotel and airfare deal on Orbitz. After reading some reviews, I was a bit spooked but this turned out to be a great little hotel! We had booked a queen bed, but the lady at the front desk was able to put us in a king room before our check-in time - a godsend after a long day of flying! She also gave us some wristbands so we could watch the Mardi Gras parade from the balcony of their sister hotel, the Blake.

Our room was right next to the elevator, but the noise didn't bother us at all. We had two large windows with lots of natural light and a view of the little courtyard downstairs. Instead of a minibar, they have a small refrigerator, microwave and coffee machine. As for toiletries, they only provide a soap bar and shampoo, so you may want to pack your own lotion and/or conditioner.

Friendly staff, great location, free morning coffee in the lobby! I would definitely stay here again.

31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Kellie M.
Staff was really nice. Let us check in at 11:45 when we shouldn't have been able to check in until 3. The room was large.  However, it was disturbing to find blood on the bed. Would have been a 4 star review if not for finding the dirty linens.

11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
47. Edith B.
Just got back from NOLA, so very glad I stayed at the St. James! BEAUTIFUL hotel in the CBD, 2 blocks from the French Quarter but also near fantastic restaurants, museums, and sights that are a less heavily touristed - and very close to the St. Charles streetcar line. I tried very hard to find a hotel that was affordable, beautiful, and not generic, and this was perfect. Though I had one minor maintenance issue with the thermostat, they got it taken care of IMMEDIATELY. The staff were incredibly helpful and professional, with excellent recommendations. I unfortunately had some last minute scheduling issues, but they worked with me. There is nothing more I could want in a vacation hotel, and I will *definitely* be staying again! Thank you, St. James!

19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Kate M.
Stayed here for 4 nights on a vacation to New Orleans and was completely satisfied!  The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, always greeting us on our way in and out inquiring about what our plans were or where we had just been.  They serve a croissant and beverage (coffee, tea, or juice) to your room in the morning and were always prompt with the time we requested.
The room was beautiful and a nice size with hardwood floors and a large bathroom.  The king bed was very comfortable with ample pillows (a must!)  They did a superb job of cleaning it each day and replenishing any items we had used.
We really enjoyed the location of this hotel.  It was close enough to the French Quarter that you could easily walk, however it was just far enough away that you are not overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle and noise of crowds in the area.  In addition, a streetcar stop is just down the block, making travel to further locations quite easy.

07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Cristalle C.
I came to NOLA with my mom, who was working at a convention.  The first night, we stayed at the Marriott across the street from the hotel.  I had booked the second night at the St. James off hotels.com for the price and proximity to the French Quarter.  

As soon as we got here we were pleasantly surprised.  The hotel staff was super friendly and gave us a great room (Rm #114 is FABULOUS if you stay here).  It had two queen beds, tv, fridge, microwave, ihome radio and it was right on the corner of the hotel.  I loved the ambiance, but if you are a light sleeper, you probably wouldn't want this room.

The amenities inside the room were great - free wifi, free croissants and coffee delivered to your door in the morning and great walking distance to the french quarter.  

In my opinion, this place was WAY nicer that the Marriott, which cost 3 times the amount.  The staff were AWESOME and I would definitely stay here again.

03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Sara U.
We had an absolutely fantastic experience here! Thank you Angelle and Amy!

We purchased a last minute Hotel Tonight deal for Saturday and Sunday nights Mardi Gras weekend. The room was for one king bed but we had six people.

Angelle and Amy hooked us up with additional wrist bands for a reasonable fee. The best part was they hooked us up with a HUGE room with two queen beds and a pull out couch! Also a microwave and a frig. Was more like a suite!

The room was clean and appeared recently redecorated (interior was stylish and nothing appeared worn)

Thanks ladies for going above and beyond for us! We stay downtown a lot for various events and this was definitely our top hotel experience. Truly an example of great customer service.

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Erin H.
I debated between 2 and 3 stars.  I almost went with 3 just because of the killer deal we got on the room, but my overall experience was more of a 2.

First, the room itself.  It had most of the basics.  The only thing missing was a hair dryer and we were able to get one by asking at the front desk.  The beds were comfortable, but there was a distinct stain on my duvet cover.  The TV was large and there was a fridge/microwave next to it.  The bathroom was adequate, though for the life of us my friend and I could not figure out how to change the toilet paper roll.  And, as an added bonus, we had a nice outside patio (shared with the room next door).  Even if we didn't spend much time out there, it was nice to open the door and get some fresh air.  It would be nice if there was a little more extra space in the room.  Between the furniture and the knick-knacks it was difficult to find a place to put both of our large suitcases.  And, the closet needs to be a little wider - I had to angle the hangers in order to get the door to close and ended up getting dirt/dust on my clothes because of it.  Also, there are no amenities that we could find: no vending machines, no ice machines (though there was a bucket for ice), no food of any kind, etc.  There was a small pool, but we did not partake.  And, like another Yelper mentioned, the door to the sleeping rooms, at least in the back building where we were was not locked, and you don't even have to go through the lobby to get to it, so security is somewhat lacking.

Next, the staff.  Some of the people at the front desk were very friendly and helpful.  Others made it seem like they were doing you a huge favor if you asked for something.  I arrived before check-in and acknowledged this upon my arrival.  At first I was told there wasn't a room ready - no problem, just let me get my suitcases out of the car and store them somewhere.  Partway through that ordeal (and it is an ordeal because their storage closet is tiny and they may not be able to hold your stuff) I was told "oh wait, we do have a room."  Great, but how did that change in less than 5 minutes?  Ok.  Valet is an option, for $30/night, which in downtown N.O. might be your best bet.  They do not tell you up front, but plan on 30 minutes to get your car.  I should have known this being a frequent traveler, but was sick and forgot.  And, the valet outside for the restaurant is NOT the same as the valet for the hotel.  We were there two nights and housekeeping did not come the day in between, despite us putting out the sign on our door.  Thus, our trash piled up.  And, we had requested a late check-out on a Sunday morning, but it was not allowed.  Not even by an hour.  So, we had to pack up all of our stuff and store it in the tiny closet before we headed to brunch.  But, again, other times the staff was very nice.  One lady took our picture before we headed out for the first Mardi Gras parade.

Lastly, location and price.  You really can't beat either, unless you luck out and find something right in the middle of the French Quarter.  It's on Magazine Street just two blocks from the west side of the quarter, so you can easily walk anywhere.  And, across the street is the oldest cajun (or was it creole) restaurant, Bon Ton Cafe (yum!) and a block away is a fantastic breakfast place Ruby Slippers.  Simply fabulous location!  And, we got a steal on the room, especially on a holiday weekend, at the start of Mardi Gras, and right before the Super Bowl.

Overall, it was ok.  Maybe it should be 3 stars?  If the price were right, I'd stay again, but I'd have a better idea of what I was getting in to.

31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
52. Diana G.
Beds were uncomfortable, the heater in our room didn't work. Also breakfast was a joke. It consisted of lukewarm coffee and a stale croissant. I would not stay there again.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
53. Lauren V.
We found this hotel at the very last minute driving into NOLA and were very pleased.  Prompt, friendly service and their weeknight rates are great.  They do jump quite a bit on the weekends but that's to be expected.  Easy walkability to just about everywhere and if you can't walk to it, you can head over to the riverwalk and grab one of the new double-decker tour buses that take you all over NO and allow you to get off and on as many times as you'd like.

Rooms aren't big but they're big enough for sleeping and that's what matters.  The free croissants in the morning are not to be missed.

22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Michelle c.
This is a great little boutique hotel far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter but within walking distance of so many things.  I was quite surprised that our hotel room was so quiet being that it was on the first floor.  Rooms are tastefully decorated with plantation style wood floors and furniture.  Free WiFi and a European breakfast delivered to our doors each morning was definitely a plus.  Parking is kind of a pain--either $34 a day valet or $25 a day in the lot across the street.  The lot says you have in and out privileges but your spot is not reserved if you decide to go for a drive one day.  I love the fact that it is adjacent to the old New Orleans Board of Trade being the economics nerd that I am.  The building is now used as a venue for weddings and parties.  The exterior of the hotel is in need of a little TLC but it looks like they are in the process of upgrading everything.  Would definitely stay here again.

31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Francesca D.
We recently stayed at this hotel over the past weekend. There were five of us visiting the city for the first time so we wanted a good location and a room that could accommodate us all. I found a great deal on a suite at Hotels.com , I called the hotel and even spoke with a very sweet staff member who assured me that we would have enough room for the five of us in the suite listed. Well.... we didn't. Their suites are very small, the size of regular hotel rooms. They are not suites. It was a beautiful room and hotel, but we would've been much comfortable paying $60 more for two rooms and staying at the Hyatt. The staff was friendly, the rooms were clean and the location is great, its conveniently close to Harrahs, the outlet mall, French Quarter and Bourbon. The rooms are however small and I don't know if I would want to pay the price per room compared to other hotels.

15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
56. Sam P.
Great service

26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Tiffany C.
Stayed here during Essence Festival this past 4th of July weekend and this hotel meet and exceeded all of our expectations! The hotel is very well appointed and in a great location close to bourbon st, conviention center, harrahs and other attractions. The room was nice, a little small but the fridge and microwave were a plus. The staff really put this hotel over the top in my book. Every single staff member we encountered was extremely nice and very helpful. From the front desk, to houskeeping, to valet everyone treated us fantastic. For this reason I will definitely be returning to this hotel.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Crystal M.
Perfect Location!!!  Friendly staff and clean rooms.

12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Sheena L.
This is a fantastic hotel. Clean and beautiful, and centrally located yet just far enough out of the quarter you can get some sleep (and sleep you will--the beds were super comfortable!). You can walk everywhere from here--10 minutes to the quarter (if that) and super close to Lafayette, another neat neighbourhood in NOLA that I didn't check out too thoroughly, but it's there. It's also a stone's throw away from Canal street, the main artery that features the streetcar line. This came in super handy when we went to City Park for a concert during our stay. It was like 10-15 mins each way. Plus streetcars are only $1.25!! I could hardly believe it.

I see lots of people talking about Amy and I'm not surprised because she was the best, most friendliest person ever. Everyone who works at this hotel was incredible nice and amazingly friendly, but Amy was in a league of her own. I felt like she kind of took us under her wing---two Canadian girls spending Halloween in New Orleans. She definitely made us feel welcome and really brightened the atmosphere in the hotel. The hotel also has a rich history and they have information packages about it at the front if you're interested. It's worth checking out.

St. James has undergone some major renos lately and it shows. PLUS each morning they deliver you warm croissants and coffee on a silver platter. It was perfect and I would stay here again without hesitating. What a fabulous and charming find. Thank you St. James!

06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Trevor H.
The rooms are smaller than I imagined, but they're gorgeous and classy. Windows didn't open, but not a big deal. TV, fridge, and alarm clocks worked well.

The staff isn't very friendly, perhaps they need to be paid more. I was woken up around 7:45am with the words "we don't have green tea" - not a hello, good morning, or anything. I said it's not a big deal and I'm ok with water. Breakfast was delivered without a word, it was kind of odd.

Overall it's a great location (be prepared to pay for parking) and a decent hotel.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
61. Bren W.
Great location!
Very clean and friendly
Be sure to ask about Heather and chaz the ghosts! We would stay again

09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Kevin H.
Very nice change of pace from cookie cutter hotels. I got room 401 & was very pleased. It had a very large outdoor patio & with cool city feel.
The room was very nice as well. The staff were friendly & accommodating.
The best part was the room rate compared to other properties. Also within walking distance of just about everything.
Well worth a try.

18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Su H.
After having decided to go to NOLA for vacation decided to stay here after looking at a few places based on price, location and reviews.  I was very pleased with my choice and do recommend it.  

The check in time on the website was not till 3 but I arrived at 1.  They let me CHECK IN EARLY without any additional fees which was very convenient.  The location of the hotel was just a few blocks from the French Quarter and far enough from all of the noise.  There is also a bus stop right across the street from the hotel which will take you to the garden district.  

The room was a nice size. I also booked for a Queen sized bed but I do believe I ended up with a King.  Furnishing, sheets, and towel all seemed pretty new.  Room also had nice thick curtains to block out the sun if a day time nap was needed.   There was also a microwave which was nice.  

I noticed in one of the other reviews a complaint about noise from the street but I didn't have a huge problem with that.   My room was across the court yard.   Probably less stellar views but if you are worried about noise ask to be placed across the courtyard?

They serve breakfast to your room every morning but you do need to place the order before 10 pm with the front desk the night before.   I didn't know that the first night had to call about breakfast the first morning there.  They weren't difficult about the mix up at all and brought it right up in about 15 mins.  

Regarding room cleaning,  they did a good job replacing everything but they forgot to leave a replacement roll of toilet paper.   When we called the front desk at 6 am to let them know we needed toilet paper, front desk asks us to pick it up because of staffing at that hour (understandable).   But when my bf went down to pick it up,  the same lady was not prepared and had to run around looking for toilet paper for a few minutes.  Sorry but when someone is calling for TP at 6 in the morning please be ready.

Overall it was a pretty good experience and I recommend it.  

For the gym rats/runners:
Pool.   The hotel does NOT have a pool.  They have this tiny little hot tub looking hole in the ground which they call a pool.  So don't come excited ready to jump in.   I really think they would be better off converting it into a hot tub.  

They also are affiliated with Blake hotel which is 3 blocks from St James and you are allowed to use their gym.   The gym was located on the 11th floor and had a decent view of the street.   Not the best view in the world but the best treadmill view I've yet experienced. (For a better run, I recommend running down the Mississippi from the aquarium to French market then to Louis Armstrong Park. If you have a morning to devote to a long run take the trolley down to city park.  You will not be disappointed! )

15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Nee J.
I booked a room here for a popular festival during the summer months.  I booked in October 2013.  
I received an email from my credit card company of fraudulent activity on my account.  They charged my card January for the stay that doesn't occur until July 2014.  I looked up my reservation--no where does it say that I would be charged in advance (over 90 days after booking), have a hold placed on my account, or anything.  I called the hotel and the rude front desk rep advises me that I booked a room that requires a deposit.  I'm confused as to why the reservation doesn't state this anywhere on the site, on the emailed confirmation I have---it doesn't state it anywhere.  My guess is that management decided they needed some funds and decided to charge "upcoming" guest credit cards in advance.

This is very shady and I'm thankful I have alerts set up on my credit card to make me aware of things like this.  This is fishy and it doesn't smell right!  Beware---this is your warning!

30/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
65. Jeff H.
They were overbooked and couldn't provide us the room we paid for.  I think they tried to make it right but were not able to find an equivalent room.  The booking company we used offered us a tiny rate discount, but it did not come close to the difference between the standard room we were given vs the suite we paid for.  The first room we got was like a closet, and had no windows. The second room was on the busiest corridor of the hotel and every group that came in all night long kept us awake.  Then they never made up the room during our stay.  
If you're looking for a smaller boutique version of the Montelane this is not it-  they should pay the photographer who took the shots for their website very well.  All that said, the location is great, and the nearby restaurants are awesome.

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
66. Rayna V.
After purchasing a Priceline Express Deal I was given a King room which would not accommodate my party. I called the hotel several times in panic mode and spoke with Meghan. She was a joy to speak with. Even though the hotel was booked to capacity, she made every attempt to make sure I was satisfied! She notated my acct so if a room became available she'd call me! I was very pleased to hear that! Checking into the hotel was a breeze! The staff was very friendly and nice. After spending the first night they even changed my room to an executive king suite. It was very nice and spacious! The decor was very couture and fancy, just like I like it!! I am definitely enjoying my stay here. I will be staying here again. I wish there was a Meghan working EVERYWHERE!

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Cole D.
DON'T STAY HERE!! This place is lame... I would NEVER recommend anyone book a room here. All around horrible customer service, shoddy organization and very poor management.  ...We were dragged-thru-the-mud in regards to our check in time, they pushed it later then pushed it again and then pushed it later again ...even though they knew we were coming in from a red eye and knew we were waiting around patiently for a room to open up. Mislead mislead then mislead again. Once we finally made it to our room we were totally misguided on our type of  "suite" we were staying in...it was a sub par room that wasn't sharing a private pool with the rest of our party as we were originally told. We had no help getting our bags into our rooms and not one bit of help when we called to figure out why we were put in the wrong room. Just got here and I'm ready to get refunded.

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
68. Kelvin K.
Big USA trip, New York (4 days), New Orleans (4 days), Pensacola Beach (2 days) & Orlando (7 days), Wow myself and my wife had amazing time, each city bringing their own wonders and sights, and we would recommend these cities to everybody, we packed so much in, with tours etc.

However this trip as marred by service and lies of a hotel management, this was in New Orleans, Louisiana. St James hotel.   saintjameshotel.com , before I whine about the issues we received, I would like to say the hotel itself was going under refurbishment; however the hotel is gorgeous and is in the ideal setting 5 minutes walk away from hustle and bustle of French quarter.

The Whine....

St James provide complimentary breakfast, at set times, so we booked ours to arrive at 9.00am, following morning, so we could be well rested, but at 7.45am, we were woken up by very loud banging and shouting at the room door, when answered server said "breakfast sir", when I mentioned the time, he stated "We are clearing away, so you have your breakfast now", needless to say I wasn't impressed with this.

Next morning we booked the breakfast for 7.00am, as we were being picked up for a swamp tour at 8.00am. however I had to go chase the breakfast up at 7.30am, for it only to arrive with the server saying "it was on its way anyways, didn't need you to request it", also not only orange juices was missing the coffee was cold. Again not impressed again with this.

Room wasn't serviced, i.e. cleaned or bed remade, on first day, but the tip was still taken from the dressing table.  

On our last morning whilst repacking our luggage ready for check out, my wife noticed some of her medication was missing, we rechecked everything, and realised that room service lady had taken them, as nothing else was missing, this was really the final straw, We immediately complained to front desk, and was told nothing could be done, since their general manager
wasn't available until following week, but when we made the statement we were going to report this to police, an area director from the hotel management group company came out, said he will try and resolve the situation. We went to pick up our rental car from airport, said we will return to speak to police, before we carry on with our vacation to Pensacola beach.

However when we returned we were told they had looked at the cctv and checked the key cards for our room door and the only other person that had been in our room other than ourselves was the cleaner, because my wife would now be two weeks short of  tablets and need to buy more they offered to pay us back for these through  our agent as they couldn't give us cash to buy drugs with. We accepted this as we wanted to continue with our vacation, a few emails later confirming this, we assumed this would be acceptable as minimum, as we didn't want to ruin rest of our vacation. Now 3 weeks later and back home, we are still waiting for the refund to appear in our credit card statement.

However as we look back on this situation, we feel we was given a load of lies to get us on way, and to avoid the police being brought into the hotel.

So if you took the time to read this review, I would like to say thank you, and be wary if you book this hotel, lesson learned don't leave any medication out, lock these away with your valuables, don't use complimentary breakfast service, and don't believe anything that comes out of the management mouths.

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
69. Mary S.
I love this hotel - charming New Orleans style tucked on a quiet block of Magazine. Nice rooms, comfy clean beds, wood floors, high ceilings, quaint courtyards, close to French Quarter. Canal Street. And they bring you complimentary coffee, juice and croissants on a silver tray each morning! And its one of the more reasonably priced hotels in NOLA!

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0