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St Peter Guest House in New Orleans, LA

St Peter Guest House in New Orleans, LA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.56

Address: 1005 Saint Peter St, New Orleans, LA, 70116

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    Comments (9):

    1. Heather H.
    My friend and I stayed here in 2002 for a weekend.  Rooms are small.  It was about $49 per night.... safe area in the middle of the French Quarter, falling apart but in a cute New Orleanian sort of way....Nice guy at the front desk.  Can't speak for it now, but for two just-out-college girls on a budget, it was just fine.

    05/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Eric B.
    I will be giving St. Peter some ribbing when I finally make it upstairs. The hotel that bears his name was anything but heaven. Before I get to bad, I will have to say it was super cheap (average $75 a night for 3 people the weekend of Sept. 15, 2009) for the quarter and the staff was great. The water temp. and pressure were just awesome. Just below boiling and the shower could take your skin off it's so powerful. If you're going to be in NOLA and want to do it on the cheap, this place works. I wouldn't bring a date or my wife there under any circumstances.
    I keep my expectations low for most things and know that you will find most things on the rustic side in a town as old as New Orleans. When we arrived, there was police 'caution' tape on the balcony. That should have been the omen I was looking for, but we still checked in. The desk clerk handed us actual metal keys for our room. One opened the door on Burgandy (the frame was is complete disrepair and appeared to have been kicked open a few times and screw-gunned back together) and the second key opened our room door. That frame was destroyed as well. There was a visible gap of a half inch, even when the door was shut and locked. The room was clean and the a/c worked. We did have a digital camera disappear from the room (after turn down service, so it was most likely another guest). There were also several holes poorly repaired on every wall in the place. There was also no hair dryer, not a deal breaker, but I just figured that was a standard.

    20/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Thomas F.
    AVOID - place is a DUMP.  The pictures are very deceptive and anyone who gave a decent review on this site obviously grew up in a sewer and doesn't know better.  Outside it may look interesting, but the rooms are small and crappy with cracking paint (on the parts of the walls the lazy contractors even bothered painting).  

    Since the Yelp reviews were average and the price very good, I booked late December through New Year's day.  My friends rented nicer hotels and spent considerably more money (in hindsight, I wish I had too).  I was so angry about what a $hit-hole the place is when I walked in that I barely slept the first night.  

    To start, the rooms are tiny and dingy (mine didn't even have a single window ) and feel like they haven't been updated in 30 years.  My room had no closet, so I had to put my clothes in this crappy dresser with drawers that just sort of fell out, with no physical connection to the dresser.  The room's front door was hanging off the hinges (leaving a 2-inch gap between the top of the door and the frame that I tried to fill with a folded towel), so light and noise came through - no deadbolt or chain either.  When I packed up to leave I looked under the bed and saw a dead cockroach (I'm not kidding).  

    My room was by the ice-machine, which drained out at the foot of my door so I had to step over a puddle to get into the room EVERY time.  The place is so ancient and poorly built that you hear talking through the walls and, because of the (prime) location, you hear a lot of the local morons driving by in their jalopies at all hours.  The stupid hillbillies are so pathetic, they're deluded into believing that removing the muffler from a '77 Toyota Carolla makes it a Lamborghini - so they ALL do it.   This isn't the hotel's fault of course, but the acoustics of the little courtyard in front of the place enhance the effect.  I really wanted to leave the hotel early and go elsewhere, but I'd already paid the rate for the full duration of my trip and the other local spots were booked or very expensive (jacked up because of the holiday).  

    On the upside, the location is excellent (as noted), water pressure is strong, the continental breakfast is as good as anything you're going to find at the more expensive hotels (which is not saying much), coffee is always available and the staff is friendly.   If you're down on your luck, broke and want to go to New Orleans for a last hoorah before you end it all, then this will suffice.  However, if you want to enjoy your trip and return home with fond memories, then keep searching.

    02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Jill M.
    How are there so many bad reviews? I was sort of nervous about staying there because of all the bad reviews I read, but the price, the location, the staff, the rooms.. all perfect. It has an old charm that I would prefer to some  cookiecutter hotel room, and it has a nice warped old balcony and it's right in the french quarter. so great!

    24/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Beth P.
    We love this place!! How are there so many bad reviews? The location (a safe area in the middle of the French Quarter), the staff, the rooms.. all perfect. It has an old charm that I would prefer to some standard ole boring hotel. If you want a nice affordable place to stay that is clean and within walking distance to bourbon street this is the place to stay! It's been recently renovated too. No fridge in the room but other than that it's all good!

    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Debbie K.
    Stayed here with 2 other friends during the summer after finding a great deal from Amazon. Kept hearing that they renovated the place.
    So here goes, the only three complaints I have is that it is almost impossible to contact their front office. No one ever picks up until you're just about to give up. Second, my friend and I screamed in horror as a giant cockroach surprised us in the bathroom while my other friend beat the living daylight out of it. It might have crawled in from outside.

    Okay so here's what I liked.
    1. The staff are very friendly, one of the ladies personally showed us to our room.
    2. The bed was small but very comfortable.
    3. The bathroom is almost bigger than the room but it's clean and perfect water temps.
    4. You can adjust your A/C on top of the ceiling fan.
    5. No fridge in our room but there is a coffee maker.
    6. No closet but a long dresser for you to hang clothes.
    7.TV with cable.
    8. Breakfast of bagels and/or pastries in the morning.
    9. Right across from a bar so you can walk home drunk.
    10. About 2 walks/ 7 min walk from Bourbon St. so it's close but you can still sleep at night without all the noise.
    11. They held our stuff after we checked out so we can check out the city a little more without carrying our luggage around.

    If I can get the same rate I got last time, I would def stay there again.

    25/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Marlyn V.
    St. Peter's is hostel meets really good air conditioning. And if you go to New Orleans in August, ANYTHING with good air conditioning wins.

    I booked here through Cheaptickets and got a pretty good rate in a very nice room, that was more like a suite. Let me list the pros and cons.

    1. It fit 5 people in it comfortably
    2. It had a separate  a living room, mini fridge and microwave (all extras I did not have at a much smaller and pricier room at the Ramada).
    3. Air conditioning was crankingggg
    4. Bedroom had thick curtains to sleep your hangovers away til late
    5. Free continental breakfast
    6. Location is great! Like 2 blocks from Bourbon and across the street is a cheap dive bar with $3 drinks

    1. There's a million stairs if you have a 2nd floor room
    2. You need like 3 sets of keys to get into your room because there's a million doors
    3. The receptionist is on drugs or drunk and doesn't ever really know what's going on (but SUPER friendly)
    4. Continental bfast is served in the tiny receptionist area and it's cold bagels and danishes.
    5. BYOI - No internet

    You be the judge.

    21/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Nikki M.
    Really nice room with separate sitting room with couch, tv, and dining table. Beautiful hardwood floors and exposed brick. It's walking distance from the French market, but far enough away that the street is quiet at night.  A little strange that you have to go out to the street and around the corner to get to the front desk, though. Would definitely stay here again.

    14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Gd V.
    Great staff full of personality...the rooms are cleaned upon arrival but the floors need to be mop. Outside of the free coffee and tea there is no more fruit.... Been there 5xs and will return...

    19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0