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Sully Mansion Bed & Breakfast in New Orleans, LA

Sully Mansion Bed & Breakfast in New Orleans, LA


Eight room bed and breakfast providing high touch concierge services, home baked food for breakfast and an unbeatable location, one block from St. Charles Avenue streetcar, four blocks to Magazine Street, ten minutes to the French Quarter.  e specialize in helping or guest discover all the magic of New Orleans, directing them to places only locals know, listening to their interests and helping them plan their days and nights.  All rooms have private baths are are decorated in period pieces, old time luxury with modern day conveniences


Established in 1967.

The home was built in 1890 and was a private residence for three generations becoming and bed and breakfast in the 1960.  We moved to New Orleans three months after Hurricane Katrina to be a part of this wonderful city's rebirth.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.20

Address: 2631 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA, 70130

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    Comments (20):

    1. Kathleen M.
    Having stayed in many lovely venues in NOLA I can say that this is unequivocally the Best. Gorgeous house, exquisite hospitality, fantastic food. The owners welcomed us warmly and made us feel right at home. The room was perfect, immaculately clean and wonderfully comfortable. Their dog, Gracie welcomed us with poise, perfect manners and an enthusiastic wag. The location is a stone's throw from Commander's Palace and Lafayette Cemetery as well as any number of terrific eateries. I wouldn't stay anywhere else.

    03/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Meg G.
    My husband and I pull into town to move to NOLA and had no electricity in our house. He had to start work the next day, so we had to stay somewhere close. We called Nancy and she had a room for us! I felt like we were at home and so welcomed to our new town of New Orleans. The next morning, Nancy and Guy had a beautiful breakfast at the dining room table waiting to send us off on our new adventure as newlyweds and Neworleanians. Thank you so much and everyone should enjoy a weekend at Sully's!

    29/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Deanna L.
    I am seriously perplexed why these owners have a B&B - they don't like people!

    We stayed here because it had good reviews.  We take reviews, especially yelp, very seriously.

    Unfortunately, we have never been so disappointed with something that had some great reviews.

    To sum it up, just in case you don't have time to read all the details, here is the breakdown of why you should not stay here.

    Owners are dishonest.
    Owner, Nancy, took part in inappropriate conversation at breakfast.
    Downright rude.
    Play favorites with their guests.  If your not "in" they certainly make you feel unwelcome. I have never been treated so badly.

    Dishonest:  We booked a room with a Queen bed and a couch pull out for our friends who would be joining us.  We had much to do so weren't worried about spending too much time in the room and being cramped.  After the website has you pay for the room it says that you will be charged and extra $25/per person/per night, if you have more than two people.  We were going to have 4 adults.  So, the difference between the REAL cost of that room, that was very underhanded, and just upgrading to the next size was very close.  
     So, I take it upon myself to call and clarify over the phone.  I asked very specific questions and got a solid quote over the phone from the owner Nancy.  Bottom line was, they weren't going to charge us the extra $50/night.  How nice.  But, not really. They did charge us at the end and said they have no reason to believe that I was telling the truth about the conversation we had.  Wow, i have never been called a liar.  I was floored.  Nancy went on to try and "prove" her case against me....(guess the customer is never right in their business).  Nancy said she had no record in her notes that we had the conversation. How convenient for their end of the deal. Yet, I have it on my email notes with date & time & exact amount she quoted.  I remembered precisely because I called my husband to tell him the "good news" after I got off the phone with her.
    More dishonest tactics but I'll move on.

    Inappropriate: I came in late the night we arrived so hadn't met the owners.  I show up at breakfast and get the "evil eye" from Nancy.  I assumed she was a guest who was in a terrible mood. No problem...I move on and look around to get an idea of how this B&B worked.  I asked, very politely, "so how does this work?" since I didn't see anyone who was running the show or welcoming me as a guest.  Nancy huffs at me under her breath and starts to explain how "the guest is to ask the owner.....".  She refers to herself as "the owner" several times yet never introduces herself or welcomes me.  I then realize that she IS the owner and I actually feel a little bad for asking how it works, so as not to embarrass her I say I haven't been to too many B&B's. That was me being too gracious, again.  I have been to enough B&B's, I'm from the Napa area for goodness sake.  Enough B&B's to know that I am supposed to feel welcome, not as if I've intruded in someone's home.  She never smiles at me.  Yet, makes it very obvious that she is quite happy to have all the other guests.  It was like a joke.  I truly looked up at the ceiling to see if I was on some kind of hidden camera show.  You know, like Boiling Point, or something.  One of those shows where you are so badly treated and they test you so much to see when you will break.  She is like this the entire weekend.  It was unreal.

    Then she starts taking part in a conversation about politics over breakfast.  I'm no stick in the mud and want folks to have their breakfast conversations but that is just inappropriate.  And, I wasn't the only guest that felt that way.  But, since Nancy so aligned with the political viewpoint of her 4 other guests she carried on.  I got past it but another couple was seriously disturbed.

    I can go on for so long but no more time.  Kids calling my attention away.  I imagine you get the jest.

    Don't go here!!  And, spare your friends and family and remind them not to go here either.  You might be one of the few lucky folks that the owners decide to like....but if you are not, you are going to be in a world terrible treatment.  So bad you think it's a joke.  

    I'll say it again, I'm still perplexed as to why they are running a B&B.  

    I sure hope this saves you from having the terrible weekend we all had.

    18/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. M.E. A.
    We had a great time with Nancy ,Guy and Gracie! They were very gracious and informative,Nancy was very good at guiding us to some of the best food and music the area had to offer. My son and new daughter in law loved the mansion and the conversation at breakfast was delightful.They even made us a warm quiche! I for one appreciate the differences in personalities,and if they ever come out to the west ,I hope they look us up!

    22/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Everett M.
    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Sully Mansion. The location was extremely convenient (1 block from the St. Charles Streetcar line), the house was beautiful, and the hosts (Nancy, Guy, and Gracie the dog) were extremely warm, welcoming and helpful. Nancy was a wealth of information, and was able to recommend several local festivals that we would have certainly overlooked. She and Guy also gave us great recommendations for restaurants throughout the city.

    Our room was  as advertised, and very comfortable (the mattress was pretty firm, but we still slept well). If you are allergic to dogs, you should be aware that the owner's allow their dog, Gracie, free run of the property. Gracie is a VERY well-behaved dog...she actually added a great deal to to the homey feel of the establishment.

    We would stay at Sully Mansion again, and would recommend it to friends and family.

    06/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Jena C.
    I meant to write this when we stayed at Sully Mansion in May, but put it out of my mind until someone asked me about where we had stayed on our NOLA trip and if I would recommend it. Short answer, absolutely not.  

    When I stay at a B&B, I am used to a welcoming, homey experience. That is why one would choose a B&B over a hotel. That being said, it is incomprehensible that Nancy runs a B&B. She is so cold, unwelcoming, and downright rude, that we seemed to be a burden to her, not paying guests at her venue. Blaring music woke us up at the crack of dawn, drawing us to a mediocre spread for breakfast (average baked goods, cold, bland eggs and cereal). We attempted small talk as we were being stared down at the table, to which Nancy responded that she's "so tired of having the same conversations." Perhaps it was our age, as she was equally as nasty to our friends staying there (we're all in our thirties) but "delightful" according to my parents who came by to meet her. When I needed an extra towel, I received a condescending lecture on properly closing the shower curtain (also, why did I need to explain my request for an extra towel?).

    The accommodations were spacious but not luxurious, overpriced, and not worth the hassle of having to deal with Nancy. Despite the ideal location uptown, we will never stay here again, nor recommend this to our friends (many of whom make multiple and/or annual trips to New Orleans).

    07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Lisa B.
    The Sully Mansion in New Orleans' Garden District has a lot to offer. It is conveniently located within a few blocks of the St. Charles street car - giving equal and easy access to both uptown and downtown. It's a short ride to the French Quarter, an even shorter ride to Audubon Park and a short (and pleasant) stroll to the shops and restaurants on Magazine Street. The home itself is interesting - it even rates a place on the New Orleans city map - and the rooms are pleasant. Breakfast was bountiful, with hot and cold options, homemade pastries, and good coffee. A snack plate of cookies and brownies appears in the afternoon. There is even a broad veranda for lounging, with a blue ceiling to keep the bees away.

    Staying at Sully Mansion gave us a feeling of the heart, and architecture, of New Orleans, something we would not have experienced in a commercial hotel.

    B&B aficionados shouldn't expect the warm fuzzies they receive from owners of other such establishments. The owners, who told us they bought the property after Katrina to embark on a second career as B&B owners, are efficient and competent, and take care of guests' needs. But our experience was that efficiency, not warmth or a true "we love people" hospitality, largely informed their attitude toward guests. Whether this is their normal demeanor or something we (unknowingly) incited is the big question.

    Prospective guests should also know that Sully Mansion offers lagniappe in the way of Gracie, a calm, well-behaved dog the couple rescued. Gracie is given run of the property; great if you love animals, not so great if you're allergic to them.

    19/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Erin G.
    This place is an absolute gem.  The location could not better in terms of atmosphere and proximity to the streetcar line and the beautiful Garden District. If you really want to feel like you are staying in historic New Orleans, stay here.  There are a bunch of notable homes in the area including where Benjamin Button was filmed.  The furnishings are antique but the rooms are very comfortable and pleasant.  Breakfast is prepared by the owners and it's great.  
    Nancy and her husband are excellent hosts; more than willing to provide any assistance you might need, but very laid back. I found them to be immensely welcoming and helpful.  Their dog, Gracie, is a very sweet rescue dog who only adds to the charm.

    19/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Dunbar M.
    The owners are horrible.

    And, you're paying way too much for what you get.  Location is pretty good. The 'mansion' is what you would expect in the district, but nothing special. You will pay top dollar for a "large" room that  is actually tiny and cannot accommodate the number of people that they claim.

    I am no local, but lived in New Orleans for 2 years.  The owners of this place are from NY and know nothing about the area.  They're also rude and incompetent.  INCOMPETENT.  DISHONEST.  Don't trust their website.

    If you have a chance to go to New Orleans, good stuff. Worst time is Mardi Gras, best time is Jazz Fest.  And -- without children, stay in the Quarter close to Royal if you're young.  With children, stay Uptown by Loyola and Tulane - close to St. Charles (where the trolley runs to downtown) and find another b and b - there are plenty -- unfortunately, not many in NOLA or outside the SF bay treat yelp as the authority, so it's hard to judge.  I'm telling you though, this place sucks big time, sparing you the details.

    Just don't stay at this place.

    22/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Mitch B.
    Lots of reviews about this place mentioned the wonderful owners and their amazing food.  Unfortunately for us, we visited the one weekend when they were out of town.  The food was basic.  It included eggs, sausage, yogurt and fruit.  It was nothing amazing.  No homemade baked goods or breakfast items as advertised.

    The location, however, is amazing.  This place is 2 blocks from Commander's Palace, about 5 blocks from Magazine Street, and a fun walk to either the French Quarter or the Audubon Park.  

    We were in the Tchoupitoulas room.  The bed needs some serious attention.  The one we slept in was well used and needed to be replaced.  Also, the pillows were a step above sheets of cardboard.  Also, contrary to the website, no coffee was brought to our door.

    Maybe this would have been a different experience if the owners were there.  When they did arrive late the night before we left, the wife was very friendly.  She even offered to prepare an early to-go breakfast for us for the next day.  When we went to drop off the keys and pick up the breakfast, I ended up leaving it.  There wasn't anything in it that was appealing to me.  Though that could have been because of the food that was available.

    04/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Alessandro M.
    Just stayed here for the weekend to celebrate my mother's 60th birthday. We were the only guests in the house (my family, which took up basically every available room). The mansion is beautiful.

    But as many of the other reviews have said before me....the owners are not so great. Nancy, the innkeeper, is bossy and rude. It's a shame because the inn is so beautiful but the owners really seem not to like people, which is perplexing since they're in the service business and run a B&B in a city like New Orleans.

    As beautiful as the place itself is, I would advise against staying here. Not worth the hassle if you're trying to experience New Orleans and want to stay out late or have the freedom of doing whatever you please as you would while staying at a regular hotel.

    22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Tash O.
    Stopped in to get information on staying. The owner was very rude and not at all accommodating. Needless to say we did not stay, so I can't say how the rest of the experience would be, but after the welcoming we received I wouldn't want to

    17/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. DD M.
    What a relief reading these reviews I only wish I had read them before I booked 3 rooms and paid all that money. I am a very outgoing and pleasant  person and when We came to the B&B we were running late because of weather,,The owner Nancy called and asked when we were going to be there.I explained that we're running late because the freeways were closed due to the weather very unusual situation when we finally did get there, She was very cold and impersonal., I assume she was angry because of our late arrival and perhaps being inconvenienced. We were shown the rooms we rented which were very nice and the mansion seemed clean and pleasant atmosphere. The location was wonderful a few blocks to St. Charles and the street cars and just around the corner from Commanders Palace where we could pick up taxis at night.The breakfasts were fine...not great but not bad....The husband Guy was  in the dining room kind of glaring..certainly not friendly,Nancy was really outgoing and friendly to a couple that was there.Our group conversation was about why they didn't like us and our friends who were a gay couple thought maybe they did not like Gays.When we checked out I gave her 2 keys and she asked me for the other keys,I told her all I had were 2 she Aggressively insisted that I had the other keys until her husband overheard and said he'd gotten the other key. Nancy started to act friendly after that and I got a glimpse of a dual personality.So would I recommend The Sully Mansion B&B ?   Nooooo

    27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Viggo B.
    I can't believe some of the poor reviews I've read on Yelp about this place; Guy, Nancy and Gracie were wonderful hosts and the Mansion itself is magnificent.

    Gracie is a sweet, well behaved dog and added immensely to our experience. If you don't like dogs, you probably shouldn't stay here (and you probably need therapy).

    We would definitely return to Sully Mansion!

    20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Brandi B.
    If you have options, don't stay here.

    Just got home from my weekend at the Sully. We are locals, but stayed here two nights as apart of the bridal party for a wedding and it definitely served our purpose, the gorgeous mansion. I think had we read the reviews beforehand, we would have taken our business (and tons of money spent) elsewhere.

    I don't need to go into a big explanation about my experience, because I think everyone on here has said it correctly. Whether you are from New Orleans or not, being in the city you expect warm & gracious southern hospitality. Not here.

    Overpriced. Rude, overbearing, & unwelcoming owners. Gracie gets the star here.

    02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Maura B.
    My mother (mid 60s) and I (40) stayed here for a long weekend. The location is terrific, and we found the owners very helpful, though I can also understand how they could come across as standoffish. Nancy helped put my mom at ease about getting set for our flight back, and pointed us to some shops and restaurants we really enjoyed. Breakfast was plentiful and delicious, and hot coffee outside the room in the morning was very welcome. It was the right balance for me- I often feel like I'm intruding when I stay in b&b's, but this worked well for me.

    The dog, Gracie, gets her own star. She loves people, and if you love dogs she will be your best friend.

    28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Parichehr M.
    Had the luxury of staying at the Sully Mansion for a friends wedding. Immediately greeted by the owner aka Gracie! The owners were extremely attentive to my needs as well as the entire party. Gave lots of suggestions of places to eat and soak up the local lifestyle that Momma Nola has to offer. Every morning there was coffee and some amazing southern hospitality breakfast being served. The mansion is walking distance to one of my favorite cemeteries as well as Magazine Street. I have been to NOLA many many times and I really enjoyed my room so much. The ladies who help take care of the mansion are also very sweet and nice. Again I really enjoyed all the atmosphere offered here from the gardens, to my big beautiful room, to the owners going so out of their way for us and of course GRACIE!! Totally coming back in April to stay here again. Oh and real close to St Charles.

    I love New Orleans.

    22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Cliff G.
    I'm going to have to agree with Robert's review of the Sully Mansion.  I can't speak on the previous reviews, but based on my stay this past weekend, my experience was quite the opposite.  Upon check-in, my girlfriend and I received a warm welcome from Guy.  He was very kind, informative and professional.  He gave some insight on the history of the mansion and even showed us around.  Once we arrived to our room, which was clean and beautiful throughout, he gave us a map of the area and explained to us the hot spots, the sites to see, transportation options and even advice on how to tour the French Quarter.  Although we were first timers to New Orleans, and had numerous questions to ask, he remained patient and attentive the entire time. I can't stress this enough, my girlfriend and I felt welcomed and comfortable the entire time we were in the mansion.  Nancy, whom we met the following morning during breakfast, was very kind and informative as well.  She chatted at length with us, as well as with another couple at the table and always had a smile on her face with an upbeat manner.  The items served at breakfast exceeded our expectations, with a variety to choose from, all of which were delicious and seemed to be health conscious as well.  So bottom line:  my girlfriend and I truly enjoyed our stay and will without hesitation return to Sully Mansion the next time we travel to New Orleans.  Oh, I must not forget the honorable mention of Gracie, their dog.  She was very sweet and always sought a little affection from us whenever we were downstairs.  Such a good dog, it was hard not to pet her every time we saw her!

    07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Sarah L.
    The only reason I'm giving this place 2 stars is because it's in a good location (easy walking distance to Magazine St) and the rooms are nice.

    I work in client service for a living and find their behavior appalling. My idea of a B&B (or hotel) is that the owners are the hosts and should be welcoming, warm, and eager to help. They acted like guests were an inconvenience and disruptive to their day and their space.

    Specific examples: a guest asked for coffee and he said "I guess I could make more if we're running out. It's hard to figure out how much to make this late into the breakfast service."  It was 9am with breakfast being served from 8-10. They started clearing breakfast at 9:30 even though people were still coming down. We asked for some dinner recommendations since we haven't stayed in the Garden District before and they said "I mean, there's a list in the book. You can read it." They had a coffee bar upstairs on the landing, which was annoying because you had to doctor your coffee and then try to walk it downstairs without spilling. Nancy openly scolded my mother in law for wearing pants she felt were inappropriate for hot weather. So bizarre.

    The breakfast is boring. The same cereal, bread, bagels, and yogurt every day. Calling it a "cereal bar" doesn't make it any more exciting. One hot entree choice each day that was ok. Even switching from bagels to croissants or to a different type of bread would have been a nice change. I ate the same thing for four days.

    We asked them ahead of time of we could bring a baby because they don't usually allow kids younger than 10 years old. Our family booked half the B&B so they said it was okay because the only people near us would be family. But then they made us incredibly uncomfortable to the point that I told the baby they hated her. Seriously, just say no and don't book our reservation.

    They aren't from New Orleans and give guests bad advice. My husband and I have been coming to the area for a decade and found the advice really weird. They told our family that the Sunday of Jazz Fest would be busier than the Saturday.

    I would never stay there again.

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Robert D.
    I'm writing this review to defend Guy and Nancy a little bit, not that they need it.

    I've read below that some fellow Yelpers have rated Sully Mansion poorly primarily because they found the owners to be somewhat rude and off-putting. While I obviously don't know what happened during their stays, I will say that my wife and I have stayed at Sully Mansion twice now and had a wonderful time both times. Nancy and Guy might come across as cold to some people, but they are a friendly and caring owners who will cater to their guests' needs and offer friendly suggestions as well. For instance: 1) Guy was quick to help me with the lock on my door when I had a "brain freeze" and couldn't figure it out; 2) when we needed a cab, Nancy suggested I go around the corner and find one near Commander's Palace. Some might think that was rude, but it was actually good advice: you can walk to CP in literally under a minute and there were multiple empty cabs just sitting there.

    All other aspects of Sully Mansion are top-notch, be it location, beauty (both inside and outside the mansion), cleanliness, food and service. We also love Gracie the dog :).

    I'm sorry some others had a bad experience, but we would gladly stay a third time.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0