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Agawam Motor Lodge in Agawam, MA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 23 Suffield St, Agawam, MA, 01001

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    Comments (1):

    1. Will M.
    In an attempt to save money during my trip to Six Flags New England I decided to stay at this motel but it was a completely horrifying and revolting experience. When I first arrived at the motor lodge I thought it looked like an interesting place, although that feeling quickly wore off and morphed into fear and disgust. Upon entering the motel the owner's apparent daughters came to the window behind the counter and I told them that I would like a room and after that the owner emerged and I filled out a room registration card, paid with cash, and was given my key.

    After I made sure my car was locked and secure I made my way through the lobby that smelt like the old home of a smoker and walked up the stairs to be greeted by a guest making eerie ghost sounds but laughed it off and sought shelter in my room. Once I opened the loose and insecure push-button door knob on the hollow room door a wave of anxiety rushed over me after I saw the decrepit room with its disgustingly outdated and run down furniture and fixtures. I set my stuff down, looked around, and immediately went downstairs to try to the escape the hellhole I had just booked.

    Upon returning to the lobby the owner's daughters again came to the window and told me to lock the door since I felt uncomfortable but shortly afterwards they brought their handler out and she told me that she would check the room with me and give me a refund even though there were a couple of no refunds signs up in the lobby. While this conversation was going on the man I encountered in the hallway along with another one I saw in the parking lot were sitting in the lobby as if it was their aging living room and one of them insulted me and then proceeded to come outside as I was leaving and made threatening hand gestures at me.

    Once I was able to drive away from the motor lodge I felt as if I had escaped a horror movie and ended a horrific nightmare right when it was starting. This lodge is a literal hotel hell that should be avoided no matter what the perceived savings are. The rooms here are not worth any price since you cannot put a price on your life or physical or emotional well-being during your vacation and I cannot imagine anyone except guests who are completely out of other options for shelter feeling even remotely comfortable here in this frightening and nightmarish place.

    13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0