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463 Beacon Street Guest House in Boston, MA

463 Beacon Street Guest House in Boston, MA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.94

Address: 463 Beacon St, Boston, MA, 02115

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    Comments (18):

    1. Emily F.
    I stayed here in September while visiting graduate schools.  It's definitely not the Ritz, but like previous reviews, the location cannot be beat.  The amenities are limited, and the building dated, but it has a lot of charm.  The staff was extremely polite and even made suggestions as to where to go to eat. Returning in December, and got an AWESOME off-season rate of $90/night!

    If you're looking for a comfortable, convenient place to rest your head that won't break the bank, then definitely look into staying at 463 Beacon St.

    18/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Huffy S.
    ive stayed here at 463 4 times,and for the price $69 (low season) its so cheap,its on beacon street,you would never know this place exists,no big garish signs,just the number,itsjust back of newbury street ,on a lovely Boston townhouse,close to the T hynes convention center,or hop on the mass ave bus,if you want to go to central square or harvard,fenway park is in walking distance,as is pretty much most of the Boston center is,there are good local bars,crossroads irish pub on the left hand corner,resturants a plenty,the guest house is old ,not sure how old,but its charming and has character,homely is the word im looking for,rooms come with tv,cable,en suite,microwave,fridge,didnt try the A.C its winter when i have been,there is no lift,which i dont mind,just enough time to like the large spiral wooden staircase,which adds to the old style,which i really like,the staff are great dave,brian, all have been nice welcoming,and grat source of local knowledge,i really enjoy coming back to Boston,and love this place,its warm,cheap,and on a great street,it really does feel like your a local in Boston,wherever you are from in the world,this is why ive just booked for a fifth time,tell your freinds,if you go to Boston,stay here

    06/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Lauren C.
    I think we paid a reasonable amount for the size of the room and the location ($100 a night) Just a couple of blocks from the shopping and restaurants on Newbury st which I really enjoyed. The whole place has a lot of character and charm. But, it's a very old building and you can hear every sound the other guests made and old house cricks and whistles. We stayed in room B2 in the basement level (but it wasn't really in the basement it was just the first floor) The room was way bigger then I expected but the bathroom was less then desirable. It's a stall shower like the kind you would find at your locale gym. If your a large person, I don't think you would be able to fit. Also the water pressure was weak, and we ran out of hot water quickly. I recommend  bringing your own blankets and towels (the blanket was stiff and the towels were very small like hand towels and thin and smelled like fried chicken lol). I think the place could have used some updates(ln the bathroom) and it could have been a bit cleaner, but over all for our needs,I think it worked out well.

    24/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Slim S.
    I recently stayed here with a friend for two nights in mid-October.  I had done a lot of research and realized that Boston was definitely not cheap in terms of hotels.  I read some decent reviews here on tripadvisor.com and so decided to book, paying one night for a shared bath, two bed room (#40) at time of booking and the other at time of check-in.  

    First off is the location - which couldn't be better.  We were only a five minute walk from the "T" metro stop at Hynes/Convention Center and the surrounding neighborhood is really beautiful with quaint brownstones and a tree-lined avenue.  You are pretty much walking distance to everything.  We even walked about 15-20 mins to Fenway Park for some beer drinking and rooting for the Red Sox playing in Tampa Bay during the playoffs.  

    The guesthouse itself is beautiful and very charming.  We never had to wait for the bathroom and the shower and toilet are kept pretty clean.  There is even a sink in the room, along with a microwave, mini-fridge, plates and plenty of closet/storage space.  You could hear a bit of noise from the neighbors in other rooms but not too much.  A bit of a huff up the stairs to our fourth floor room (since there is no elevator) but just fine for the exercise.  Keep in mind if you have massive luggage...

    Only big downside was the saggy full-size mattress in the room.  They could stand to update the bedding and mattresses to provide a bit more comfort, especially for the prices paid.  We shelled out $109 a night total for the shared bathroom on the fourth floor.  It wasn't expensive for Boston but it wasn't that cheap either.  The furnishings and carpet are a bit worn around the edges but it adds a bit to the charm I guess.  They just need some new beds!  

    Guy at the front desk, Brian, was helpful enough for ideas on what to do and where to go.  I can't stress the location enough of this place.  It is really what made the experience.  That and there was even some entertainment on Saturday night around 1:00 AM after we got back from the bars down on Lansdowne Street. It happened outside the window on the street when some drunk-ass kid crashed into a couple cars parked on the street and then tried to drive away, but his wheel was totally smashed up in the Lexus he plowed into.  Then he took off running down the street with some passers-by chasing him down.  That was fun.  Plus the Boston police are on the ball.  They had two fire engines, a patrol car and a chopper hovering above, all within five minutes of someone calling in the accident!

    There is no breakfast offered at the guest house but they have roadhouse brew coffee (you know - drip Folgers with powder creamer and sugar packs), water dispenser, and wireless connection if you bring your laptop computer.  

    I do recommend a certain nice little place if you are in Boston on a Sunday.  It's called CafeTeria and it's a short walk away on the trendy Newbury St (279a Newbury, to be exact).  They had a cool Sunday brunch with a mimosa, Bloody Mary, or Screwdriver included in the price.  Good deal and the portions are not that big, but that was okay, since I don't like how they give you so much food in most American restaurants.  Website for the menu is: cafeteriaboston.com in case you are interested.

    So I'd probably stay again at the 463 Beacon St. Guest House if I'm in Boston again.  We saw some of the other more expensive rooms and they were huge with king beds and coffee tables and private bath.  You might want to upgrade to one of those, but our room was totally decent, considering we only were in the room for rest and sleep in between all of our exploring beautiful Boston.  It really is a great big little city!

    16/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Ms. P S.
    463 Beacon Street Guest House
    Ok- I always try to be just and not write out of ire or any distressed emotional state. However, this place caused me such distress. The first few nights, I  spent at the actual 463 Beacon street house B&B. It wasn't bad--I had read good reviews all around, especially from tripadvisor.com and even the New York Times! I was a little disappointed when I first checked in to the 3rd floor room. No, a microwave and a mini fridge with some plates sitting on top, do not count as a "kitchenette". The room itself was pretty small, which is understandable, and the furniture slightly shoddy. The bathroom was just ok, lighting was about the only thing that caught my attention. It was pretty good compared to the dingier lamp-light of the bedroom.

    Anyway, at $69 though, I could not really complain. The location was also a plus, right on Beacon and a block from Mass Ave and of course walking distance from Newbury St, and all the touristy places in the vicinity.

    The distress does not however stem from the room at 463 Beacon, rather from one of their rooms available for short term rentals. Yes, a place on 325 Beacon street. It is on the first floor (stoop is at eye level with the bedroom--actually entire room) . As soon as I entered this room I was hit with a strong smell of cheap Walgreen's eau de toilette laced with another scent. Yes, I would say it was a dead-ratish or perhaps a backed up toilet (chronic problem perhaps?) aroma that permeated the place in conjunction with the cheap perfume smell.
    The bed was most depressing as it also seemed to smell like someone's unhygienic nether-regions. The shower/toilet/kitchen sink combo was no better of course and was lit by a bulb about 20 watts?  Yes there was a mini fridge and a microwave and dishes I hope no one washed with the shriveled brown sponge but one can only hope....

    I had a distressing vision of myself being found at the week's end with my wrists slashed on the bed accompanied by a suicide note...so in order to prevent this most disturbing fate, I had to quickly run--not walk back to the main house and beg the concierge to please return my prepaid week's amount. I was ready to beg, plead, grovel, but was pleasantly relieved when the horrified look on my visage was enough. The concierge was gracious and kind.

    I advise you that you also run not walk from any thought of staying in a room at the 325 Building.....
    Be warned!

    05/11/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Marc W.
    Shoddy. Feels a bit like a fraternity house in terms of furniture and cleanliness. Would be fine if it cost $69 for the room but it cost us $180.

    11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. christine m.
    Save your money, stay ANYWHERE else in Boston.

    With this place, you get a good, convenient location, but that's about it. It's on the cheap side, too, but there are reasons for that. I was booked to be there two weeks. I left after three days because I simply couldn't stand it anymore.

    Be advised that you have to ask about EVERYTHING. Does the room have a bathroom? Some of them share. Does the room have a window? I was given a room that basically had a tiny window in the bathroom as "the same" as one that I paid for with an AC. Is it clean? (Spoiler alert, the answer is probably no).

    My first was very small, with a dirty toilet, but more concerning was the bug infestation that happened from some fruit that the previous person left there. Where, you ask? Who knows, but neither guest nor staff cleaned the room before I moved in. Hence the hundreds of ants. They swiftly moved me to another (really nice) room but were dismayed that I wouldn't move back to the same room after they "cleaned it out." Given the standard of cleanliness from the first time, I didn't want to take my chances with the Raid residue or "just cleaning" of the room. This lasted for three nights of them shuffling me around to the types of rooms I described above until I finally couldn't take it anymore and went to a hotel that was twice as much. It was worth it just to get away from these people.

    The attitudes of everyone who worked there was just that they don't care. They're not being mean, they just don't care whether you're happy or not. They actually shrug their shoulders when you complain about the standards of cleanliness, etc. with an air of "well, what am I supposed to do about this?" Dave, who would not answer a straight question of whether he was the manager or not, has a ton of excuses of why everything isn't his fault. Please note that, unlike other businesses who actually write back to clients on Yelp, there is deafening silence from them.

    Oh, and they just don't answer the phone or their email. Unlike the other posters, I got a partial refund because I was here for work and had someone one my side to take care of it. It took three days and a lot of back and forth, but it happened. But, unless you're looking for terrible service and shoddy unclean hotel rooms at just below market prices, I would strongly recommend you steer clear of 463.

    Oh, and it has changed management. It used to be a much better experience, as I have stayed here for several years, but the new owner(s) just seems to think that it's the cheapest hotel in Boston, so it might as well feel that way.

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Valery C.
    First off, your mileage with 463 Beacon rests mostly on the sort of traveler you are.  I think you'll either like it or hate it.  I'm firmly with the former.  Its essentially a bed and breakfast, without the breakfast or the host/hostess.  If you like B&Bs, nothing here will be surprising.

    Its a tall Victorian brownstone located in gorgeous Back Bay.  There are no signs to declare it any different from the rows of houses on the same, serene, tree-lined street.  Its a lovely feeling to walk out, as though departing from your home, imagining you lived here.

    After getting buzzed in, the first floor has a small communal area with a bench, coffee and tea station, and information about Boston to take.  We checked in at the tiny, adjacent office, which keeps limited hours.  Friendly, easy-going staff, and we were able to leave our luggage there at start and end of the trip.

    I booked, with just a a twinge of trepidation, a room at the uppermost level, a fifth floor walk-up.  I banked on the walk to justify all the eating planned, and it really wasn't bad at all.  A bit of old detailing was kept in the building, so we had much to admire going up the winding stairwell, including the long chandelier hanging down the center from a stained glass fixture.

    Every room here is different. We peered into a few on some mornings, where guests apparently just checked-out, and found most to have their own attractions.  Our room, #51, was one of a few with two beds.  Basic features: private bathroom, kitchenette (sink, microwave, fridge), dining table, armchairs, desk, spiral stairs leading to the loft area with one full bed and one twin, and a tv mounted high on the wall, viewable from both levels.  There's free wi-fi that didn't work for me, but I felt no need for it so I didn't bother asking the office staff to trouble-shoot.  Nothing plush here, but the beds were comfortable enough.  Metal key entry, the old-fashioned way.

    PLUS (room #51)
    - high-ceiling loft set-up
    - atmosphere
    - spacious
    - cool, old metal spiral stairs

    MINUS (room #51)
    - truly tiny bathroom, I kept hitting myself as I showered and I'm small!
    - everything a bit worn overall
    - limited windows

    Great location in beautiful Back Bay and convenient, within a 10-minute walk to commercial Newbury and Boylston Sts, the Hynes Convention Center, and the T metro stop on Mass Ave, which allows fairly quick access to other areas in Downtown Boston.  But even on foot, Boston Common is just a pleasant 20 minute walk away.

    I emphasize that the minuses here don't bother me.  I considered it part of the experience, and quite enjoyed it, but others may feel a refurbishing is required to pay to stay.  Sure, I don't disagree about a refresh, but a thorough refurbishing will also mean they can (and should) charge a fortune.  As it is now, 463 Beacon St is a great deal in a great location, a good alternative to a boutique experience at more than twice the price.

    18/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Ifeoma W.
    If you are a parent, do NOT bother with this place.

    I tried to reserve a room at the Beacon Street Guesthouse and upon hearing that I was bringing an infant (the reason I choose the guesthouse is because they have a refrigerator and microwave in room so my husband can feed our baby while I am occupied), the reservations desk informed me that they that I "should not come with a baby, because it was an older, traditional building and other guests might be disturbed by the crying baby."  When I told him that I think this "policy" might be illegal, he then informed me that they could put my family in a basement room but that we would have to pay more.  So, essentially, because we are a family we have to pay more for a lesser bedroom and be relegated to the basement.  MAJOR FAIL!

    21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Marla W.
    I too should have been warned when no one answered the phone on a number of occasions that this place had problems, but I just figured, the place was funky, as one might expect at a hotel with shared bathrooms. I finally did reach someone and made a reservation but decided to go somewhere else because I hurt my knee and was worried about the stairs.  I literally changed the reservation just two days after I made it and more than 6 weeks before my arrival date.  I was told I'd have no problem getting a refund, but when I looked at my credit card bill, 463 Beacon Street paid themselves $25.  When I called and asked why the full amount wasn't refunded, I was told it was just their policy.  What a policy!  Take $25 for every cancelled reservation no matter when the reservation is cancelled.  Mine was well in advance of their stated cancellation policy. I feel ripped off so watch out for this place.

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Laryssa W.
    I booked 463 Beacon via AirBNB so I got a pretty good deal on the room, but the regular rates are pretty steep. For the money I paid, I think I got a great value.

    - excellent location in the Back Bay neighborhood, about a 7-minute walk to Convention Center and easily walkable to public trans
    - parking available if you reserve in advance (they own two parking spaces in the alley behind the property) and are willing to pay $19/night (better rate than garages)
    - room was equipped with microwave and mini fridge
    - free cable and wifi
    - gorgeous building, especially on the exterior
    - great for people who like to stay in a more homey environment as opposed to a sterile hotel

    - terrible sound-proofing...my boyfriend and I were getting up at 6 every day and would put the television news on a reasonable, maybe even quiet, volume, and the upstairs neighbors were angrily banging on the floor
    - our room lock didn't really work. We found this out when other guests mistook our room for theirs and opened our door with their lock. When we told the front desk, the lady said she had given them a master key without telling them because they had lost the room key for their room. Well my boyfriend must have had a master key too because when he inserted his HOUSE KEYS in the lock, the lock popped open (!!)
    - shower would go cold after 2 minutes. I don't know about you, but I like to take a long hot shower at the end of a long day...nope!
    - ugly interior decor (okay, I liked some items like the black crystal chandelier, but the Chinaman couch was terrible)

    I would only stay here again if I could get the same rate (less than $80/night).

    18/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Sophia T.
    The location is great, the staff is very accommodating, though they are not always available on the phone. They were really nice about canceling one night for me with no charge, checking me in really late, and letting me leave my luggage at the hotel after check out. It's a small place, not glamorous, but it works if you just need a quick place to stay. I didn't have a problem with the shared bathroom, but I would have preferred my own. For the price and location, it's pretty good.

    01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Dario I.
    I've seen worst. Yet too expensive for such crappy beds. Location is the only upside.

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Jim H.
    Great location!  Three blocks to subway to go everywhere and a couple of blocks to great dining areas near the Financial area on Boyleston St.

    We needed two queen beds so got one of the larger basement units, shower was hot and clean and we were only sleeping there so it was fine. Some of the other rooms looked nicer.  Flat screen TV was nice.

    30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Manuel A.
    I want to formally acknowledge that this place did ultimately give us a partial credit for the night that we had to cancel due to weather.  We sincerely appreciate it.  It's not so much the money as the fact that we had to cancel for reasons beyond our control.  You are indeed honorable people and we do look forward to staying at the guest house in the future!
    Thanks again!

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Monica C.
    I have stayed at 463 Beacon Street Guest House several times over the past 5 years. The rooms are always decent, not spotless mind you, but good value and these days when hotel rooms closest to Newbury Street are over $250 a night, I can deal with a 2/3 star B&B-type place.

    I wish to comment on Marielle M's post on the terrible management service. I am probably the person who booked the $149 room. In fact, because I needed a room for 3 adults, I booked the 2 last rooms available ($149 and $169) by phone on the night before my arrival the next day.

    Yes, it's probably true that reservation staff are not overly communicative, but they are friendly, pleasant and efficient. I have always thought the staff might be Berklee School of Music or other university students needing a part time job. Sometimes only one person , eso. in the evenings, one person mans the front desk, answers the phone, checks web reservations, emails, etc. I always receive the basic info, but you often need to ask clarifying questions. When I booked the rooms, I gave them my credit card - done! The entire transaction took less 10 minutes.

    For the price you pay, this place exceeds my expectations. Rooms are basic but clean, tidy - each with a flat screen TV, microwave, dorm fridge, a/c, small table and chairs. I'm 2 blocks from Newbury Street, 1 block from Mass. Ave, and a 5 min. walk to the nearest "T."

    Re: AirBnB...last year, I used AirBnB to book a room on nearby Boylston Ave for the 4th of July. Terrible experience. Convenient location but sheets appeared to be from the previous night's occupant. AirBnB can be such a crap shoot.

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Marielle M.
    Let me begin by saying I have not stayed at the Beacon Street Guest House. But I have dealt with management. I called yesterday after seeing them listed on AirBnB.com (where their rooms were listed at $149). The quote they gave over the phone for the ONE remaining room this weekend was higher than on AirBnB, so I asked them if I should just go ahead and book through AirBnB.com . They said that would be fine. I told "Aaron" at the front desk I would book on AirBnB and call back to confirm it went through.

    So I booked on AirBnB.com . Paid. And saw my status was "pending." You see, renters on AirBnB have to "accept" a booking within 24 hours to finalize it. I called Beacon Street to ask them to "accept" my booking.

    I spoke with a woman who told me only the manager could do that and they were gone for the day (we're talking early afternoon). They said they would leave a message for the manager to approve it when they came in at 8 am. I shared my concern that the room might be gone. They told me not to worry.

    This morning I received a "decline" from Beacon Street on AirBnB.com . I called and they said the room must have been rented yesterday evening. I explained why this was upsetting. A kindergartner could have given me a better apology: "Sorry that happened." Seriously, that was it. I then asked if they could recommend somewhere nearby. They recommended the Oasis Guest House. I have now booked there.

    Moral of the story: the Beacon Street Guest House isn't managed well. Their customer service is poor and they have not been trained in empathy or response. It was a huge hassle. I would look elsewhere if you want people to say what they mean, and follow through. This is not how you run a business.

    12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Chachi A.
    From reading the reviews on here and on other sites I was expecting something horrific. It wasn't bad at all! We stayed 5 days and 4 nights. We arrived before check-in and they let us settle in our room immediately because it was ready.

    We stayed in the Celtics room on the third floor. It could be a bit of a hike for some especially if you are carrying a lot of luggage but it is definitely bearable and that staircase is beautiful. The room comes with a microwave and mini-fridge which surprisingly stored a lot of things for us. They also provide plates, bowls, and a variety of cups ranging from mugs to wine glasses. The bed was comfortable but nothing to brag about, the Celtic design on the sheets was pretty cheesy. I would have definitely preferred a better quality comforter. One of the pillows was noticeably more comfortable than the other they provided. We had a nice walk-in closet with a high ceiling to store our things. The location is fantastic, you are in walking distance to everything. I really felt like I lived in the neighborhood.

    The reason I gave this place 4 stars is because the wifi could have been better we had a lot of trouble connecting to find out what we could do around our area. Also, while it was cleaner than I thought it would be I still had to wear slippers everywhere in my room. The floors were very old and scuffed. I agree with the other reviews that say this place needs a little bit of TLC. Other than that, it's a beautiful place but I probably would choose somewhere else to stay next time I am ever in the area.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0