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Ames Boston Hotel in Boston, MA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.72

Address: 1 Court St, Boston, MA, 02108
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Comments (130):

1. Jamie B.
I was absolutely thrilled with my visit to the Ames Hotel.  The exquisite juxtaposition of old and new- with a flare of drama, makes this hotel a unique destination and embodies the spirit true of Boston.  The service was outstanding.  The rooms were immaculate.  The restaurant was so fabulous, I can't decide which was more delicious- the cuisine or the ambiance.  Thank you!

10/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Ric T.
For my first trip to Boston I stayed at the Ames, turns out it was the hotels opening weekend.. Located about fifteen minutes from the airport and walking distance to a number of city hot spots this place is definitely one of the newer if not newest hotels in the financial district area. Once your arrive via cab or valet your car a  Freddy Cougar dressed door guy (i.e. bright orange sweaters) about 4-6 of them will crowd the door when you walk in.. Make sure you tip em, trust me they wont leave till you do and you will see these pumpkins floating around your hotel the rest of your trip. There is a perpetual line outside after 8pm who are trying to gain entrance to the Restaurant/bar area. Not worth a wait in my opinion, bar is run of the mill, food is decent and the drinks are definitely overpriced.. Nice to have a so called hot spot in your lobby, especially if you bring a broad back for a nightcap or happen to try to seal the deal with one of your side pieces while on your  "business trip" in Boston. Asked for a upgrade when I get here because my email box had been bombarded the week before with promos to book a room at this joint.. They werent able to provide me with one.. My room up on the 7th floor was super clean and nice.. The only downside it was the size of a small walk in closet.. Just to be fair the bathroom was moderately sized and had  cool features like a giant rain shower, oddly designed towel warmer and uniquely shaped sink. The room though tiny had a cool IPOD alarm clock, new plasma and a stocked mini bar.. Really more than enough if your just staying in town a few nights and dont plan on being in your room much. Perfect room to rest your head and play your version of "Buffy the irish Shanty Boston girl slayer."

23/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. SS J.
I booked the Ames hotel for a surprise birthday trip and boy was surprise the theme. First and foremost, the Ames hotel does not feel like a modern hotel, I felt like I was walking into a back street building (the hotel is not marked is a renovated historical building). Decorations can best be described as minimalist or sparse. Second. the rooms were nicely appointed but tiny. The bed took up most of the room and it was almost impossible to maneuver around. Next, the bathroom was something else. Three sides of the bathroom were enclosed with glass - you could see directly into the shower and the toilet. The only form of privacy was a sheer white curtain that could be drawn from the outside and even then you could still see silhouettes. Awkward no matter how long you've been a couple. Lastly, the staff, while cordial, was definitely not friendly. I found conversations with the staff to be somewhat stilted. Although the location of the Ames is great, I can honestly stay that I won't be staying there again. You can find more hotel for less money in close proximity.

20/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Maria R.
Excellent food, atmosophere and service. Try the shrimp salad and the crab arancini.

24/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Marija M.
They attract you with a decent price, but as soon as you arrive you realize you've been deceived. There's no parking space around the hotel, and you must accept their valet parking - they say it's $42 per day, but I was charged $48. At our arrival the receptionist told us that we've been upgraded from a queen to a superior king, but we still ended up with a regular queen. Wi-fi internet is an additional $10 per day, and the speed is almost equal to dial-up. When we checked out (an hour earlier) they said that we can go sightseeing and leave the luggage and the car for no additional charge. However, my account was charged another $16, plus $ 48, plus 18 $. When I called for an explanation they said the $18 was a mistake and the rest is for late departure, which was supposedly counted after 2pm, and we took our things 2:15.
Overall it turned out to be more expensive than Boston Harbor Hotel or other exclusive place.

17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. renee m.
I went to college in the Boston area and now live in CA and thought it would be fun to take the family back for a visit, Boston is such a terrific City.  I researched hotels that were close to the North End and convenient for trips on the T and the Ames seemed perfect.  There were few reviews because it had recently undergone an extensive remodel but from what I could see on the website it looked nice.  We are a family of 5 so when we travel options are usually renting a condo or two rooms at a hotel.  Ames was running some decent deals if you booked and paid in advance so we reserved two rooms about 5 months ago.  In the online reservation I indicated I wanted  rooms either adjoining or on the same floor.  I also called and reqested and was told it should not be a problem.  When we arrived we learned the rooms were 6 floors apart.  We were disappointed but were told that something on the same floor might be available the next day (we booked 7 nights).  Our next disappointment came when we walked into our rooms.  I travel a fair amount for business and family and have never seen a hotel room as small as the two rooms we were given.  There was enough for two double beds and the plasma tv, not even a chair or small armoire (or our luggage bags) could fit into the room.  The closet was just as small, it had room for about 5 hangers and no place to put folding clothes away. It hit me that this hotel was really for business travelers (without business perks like free wi-fi, coffee or the morning paper) and not a family of tourists.  Things just kept getting worse, when we attempted to go to sleep around 10:30pm, after a long day of travel, we learned the walls were paper thin and the room next to us had the plasma tv on the wall next to our bed.  It was so loud (and clear) I could actually hear the tv perfectly.  At 11:30 with my two kids in tears about not being able to get to sleep I called down to the lobby and they said they would call the room.  The tv was turned off around 1am and we finally got to sleep.  Not sure why with such an extensive remodel they did not insulate the walls.  On a positive note the bedding was comfortable and the deep tub in the bathroom was pretty nice.  

We got a call the next day about a room freeing up on the same floor as my husband and we took it.  We were shocked to walk into the next room, if the room we were in had 100 sq ft of living space, this room had 200 - actually had enough room for a desk and chair (still no armoire for clothes and same size closet).   The other huge plus was the noise level in this room was significantly better.  If we had been given two normal size rooms I would have been rating the hotel a 4.  Location was terrific and staff was very pleasant.  They have the floor plan on the back of the hotel room door and it is clear that the rooms '06' (i.e. 1206 or 606) are by far the smallest room on the floor, they appear to be an afterthought to get in one extra room.  it might work as a single for a business traveler travelling light who has a good set up ear plugs but definitely not for 2 people or one adult and two kids with luggage and the need to get some sleep. Myself and my two youngest slept well the rest of the trip, unfortunately my husband and oldest got a few hours a night due to the noise. Ames should also consider advertising themselves more as a business hotel which is too bad given the location is awesome for tourists.  We still had a terrific time in Boston despite the hotel issues.  Good news is there appears to be a number of similar hotels in vicinity, we can't wait for our next visit to Boston.

20/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Amber C.
I found a great deal on this hotel on Jetsetter.com , and booked for one night for my boyfriends birthday (we were visiting Boston for his birthday but staying at a hostel for the rest of our stay since we are on a student's budget).

I have nothing but great things to say about this hotel! I emailed the hotel manager Nina before our stay to request a room with a great view of the city and she actually upgraded our room to a corner king suite! Such a nice lady. All of the staff at Ames are extremely helpful and seem sincere when talking to them. They also have great recommendations for restaurants and give great directions for how to get there.
We in room 704 and I definitely recommend it. It's a corner room with floor to ceiling windows with a GREAT view of the city. The room had very good light and was very chic with it's decor. The bed was extremely comfortable. The only bad thing I have to say about the room is the bathrobe. There were makeup stains all over it which was a little disturbing.
I don't recommend the hotel's restaurant Woodward though. We ate there one night and was very disappointed. The meal was very expesive for the little portions they gave, and the food itself (I got the cod, my boyfriend the salmon) had almost no flavor. I don't think this is the hotel's fault though, it's the restaurant's. There are so many other great places to eat in Boston, but this isn't one of them.

01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Melanie D.
I was blown away by this hotel - I had dinner and drinks with two friends.

The service was OUTSTANDING. All doors were opened for me, and I was welcomed by at least four very friendly staff members. During dinner, we were greeted by the food and beverage manager who made recommendations of choice beverages AND helped connect me with a liquor vendor for my nonprofit.

The ambiance was another plus - swanky but comfortable, and dinner was extraordinary.

A night out with two girlfriends was even better thanks to our selected venue. Well done, Ames Hotel!

15/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Suzie C.
The worst hotel experience we've ever had.  This place is for someone who wants to have a party all through the night without sleeping.  Do not expect to have decent sleep at this hotel.  As other yelpers say, the sound and rumbling of the subway is annoying enough, and in addition, their bar on the first floor turns into a club with DJ on weekend!   A club with a DJ at a high-end hotel???  We stayed on the 3rd floor, and the sound and rumbling of subway AND the club kept us awake until almost 3:00am (the "club" is open until 2:00am).  It was unbearable.  Of course, from the street, you hear loud talking of drunken young guys.  Windows has no sound insulation.  Nice.  With almost $500 per night, what you get is all these crazy experiences.  This hotel should seriously think about what hospitality is expected for $500 price tag,  We will never stay at this hotel, and will avoid any hotel owned by Morgans Hotel Group!

07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Anissa K.
The upstairs bar is awesome, quick service and great atmosphere!

18/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Rachel O.
I could maybe see why other people with more complicated circumstances/requests had bad experiences, but my one night stay here with my boyfriend was absolutely what I expected and more.

After researching various nice hotels in Boston (while trying to stay on somewhat of a budget), we read on hotwire.com that many people had got the Ames Hotel from booking a night at an unpublished 4-star boutique hotel. So hoping for the Ames, we took our chances and booked it. Success!

The location is pretty much perfect - within walking distance of everything downtown and really close to the T (which was useful when we woke up in a snow storm). The staff was super friendly.

I was beyond impressed with the beautiful design of the hotel (expensive doesn't always mean beautiful/tasteful) and the room wasn't huge (standard queen?) but it was well-laid out, looked out to government center and had a spacious bathroom. The lighting was interesting, but I can see how it might seem too alternative for some. Bed was super comfortable though.

Overall def my pick for really nice hotel in the heart of Boston.

16/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Jackie L.
i just spent the weekend at the Ames, in a deluxe king room on the 9th floor. Our room had a huge curved window, an amazing shower, and an extremely comfortable bed. It was the cleanest hotel ive ever stayed in. I loved the minimalist design, the quirky furniture, and slate/gray color scheme. The hotel itself was perfectly designed, and the room was incredible. We were given complimentary breakfast at Woodward, which was fantastic! The shower and bath products were luxurious, the staff was friendly and unpretentious, and the location was perfect. I plan on visiting atleast once a year, just to enjoy the room. For those calling it "scary", you just don't appreciate good design and that's a shame. Anyone with taste will love it here!

17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Mk P.
Ok........ So I absolutely LOVE THIS HOTEL!!!!!   I know the hotel bar scene is totally in but this place has thrown it to the next level!!!!  It is unbelievable!!!  The martini's......AMAZING!!!!!  Atmosphere.......AMAZING!!!!  Decor......AMAZING!!!!!   I feel like I am being filmed in an episode of sex and the city!!!!

01/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Gary E.
I love this hotel!! Staff was very friendly and helpful from the front desk to the front door and the bar!! The hotel architecture is beautiful!!! We had an amazing view out our arched shaped window. Very centrally located!

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Kate P.
Dazzling!  Beautiful!  Elegant!  Quirky!  This place is going to make a killing.  I can't write a review that would do it justice.  Swing by and check out this new boutique hotel in the financial district.

23/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Eric L.
We've stayed all over Boston, and this is one of our favorites.  It's a 5  minute walk to Faneuil Hall, or Boston Common.  The valet parking and door attendants were very helpful and friendly.  We were upgraded to a larger room, with a king size bed.  The bathroom wall, particularly the shower wall, was made of glass giving whoever is in the room a clear view of the bathroom and shower which is odd, but you can pull a curtain (from the room, not the bathroom).  Bed and pillows were comfy.

20/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Bridget L.
Great location and a gorgeous building.  My corner room was very pretty and modern but extermely dark, including the bathroom.  It was loud too, unfortunately, because the windows were not soundproofed at all.  I also could smell cigarette smoke through my closed windows wafting up from the alley way.  Ew.  They also tried to charge a movie to my room, which I did not order, and didn't really believe me when I asked them to fix their error.  All in all, however, I thought it was very chic hotel and the location is perfect if you're in town to see the sights.  Awesome views too.

16/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Lindsey S.
Beautiful hotel!!

Location is amazing (central, walking distance from subway and all attractions)

Staff incredibly helpful. Decor is stunning and modern throughout the entire hotel. And the rooms are gorgeous! Fluffy comfy beds. The biggest TV I've seen in a hotel. And the bathroom... gorgeous! Best rain shower I've probably ever used (better than at a prestigious Toronto spa).

Overall beyond 5 stars. I'd recommend in an instant.

08/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Jose B.
Loved it. Beautiful hotel, great rooms. Would absolutely stay again.

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Jocelyn G.
This is the second time I've stayed here. The Ames is in a great location, less than 2 miles from most anything in the main part of Boston. The service and rooms are impeccable; incredibly clean and nice. The pillows are a bit hard but you can request some feather pillows and they send them up within a few minutes. The water pressure in the shower of this hotel is incredible, you never want to get out. Also, the restaurant is amazing with great food and great service but it is a bit pricey; expect to pay around $60, after tip, for 2 people for breakfast. Dinner, of course, is more expensive but, once again, great food. My number one compliment to this hotel would be for cleanliness; it's spotless.

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Samantha S.
After reading the many positive reviews of the Ames Hotel, I decided to book it for a surprise anniversary trip for my boyfriend and me. The staff at the Ames, and the hotel itself, FAR exceeded my expectations. We were coming on July 4th, a very busy day for Boston, so I made sure to email Nina, the hotel manager, a few days before arrival to make sure everything was confirmed for our check in. She replied quickly and showed a ton of personal attention and wished my boyfriend and I a pleasant stay during our impending anniversary. This was just the beginning of the exemplary service we received at the Ames.

Upon arrival in Boston, we went straight to the Ames, which was in an ideal location. Less than a ten minute walk from the train station, and only steps away from everything in the heart of the city. Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall was across the street! Boston Commons were a few blocks over! Even the North End was only a short walk! My guy and I didn't need to use public transit ONCE on our trip and we went EVERYWHERE and did everything someone in Boston would want to do. Perfect location. The hotel was also mentioned on our duck tour for being the tallest building in Boston before steel (etc) was used for skyscrapers. We felt awesome that our hotel was such a great landmark!

The hotel is very modern. It's  very swanky, sexy, minimalist and contemporary in design. Walking in, we both gasped at how beautiful it was. We were three hours early for check in, but the nice man who checked us in said we could go to our room early, and handed up brochures listing all of the July 4th activities, which was nice. We ended up in a corner suite, which I'm sure was Nina's doing after my email. What a spectacular (and much appreciated) surprise! After coming back from a few hours of sight seeing, a knock was heard on the door. Room service had come to bring a bottle of champagne for us, accompanied by a hand written note from Nina wishing us a fabulous stay and a happy anniversary.  I've never seen such spectacular customer service at a hotel. As if I couldn't be knocked out of the park enough, this put it over the top!

The sheets and bed were SO comfy. The room is decorated in such a relaxing way, we spent one afternoon just in the room (drinking our anniversary champagne!) because it was so pleasant to be in! Giant TV as well! The shower was HUGE with a rainwater shower head. The Ames also had, by far, the best toiletries I've ever used in a hotel. Fantastic quality products. We also loved using the towel heater.

The room/hotel was exquisite, the service outstanding, and Nina and her staff made it certain that the Ames is the only hotel in Boston we will stay at when we return! It was such a memorable trip because of these special touches only a truly exceptional hotel knows how to provide.


05/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Anne R.
Husband and I stayed here April 1st for business. Hotel staff from
the doormen to waitstaff and front desk all very attentive and seem
genuinely concerned with the quality of your stay. Rooms are very
cool and modern and it is a great location. I would highly recommend
it! Nice bar and tasty menus.

13/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Ali L.
Simply amazing.  If you want to go to a place and get treated like a rockstar, come stay at the Ames.  Not only was the place super chic, but the rooms were enormous and incredibly comfy.  My usual experience at really edgy hotels like this is that the staff treats you like dirt.  Not here.  They are warm, friendly, and best of all---not jerks!  It's also within walking distance to most of the city's main attractions.  Even Newbury Street wasn't too difficult to get to.  What else can I say, I'm in love.

07/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Matt S.
Can't afford to dream of spending a night here, and I haven't been able to try the bar yet. I'm giving it props for saving and putting to great use a gorgeous Boston landmark--not only that, it's an American architectural landmark, as it's the second tallest masonry supported masonry structure not only in the country but in the world (and the tallest complete one, and a skyscraper to boot). Minus one star for opening a ritzy boutique hotel next door to a homeless vets' shelter. (I know it's Downtown Boston, but, still, W? T? F? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!)

30/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. William R.
If the traveler likes edgy and cool at the expense of practical comforts, this is the place for you. I prefer hotels with simple things like places to put my toiletries in the bathroom, a fridge to keep the water & beer cold, comfortable furniture, windows that are large enough to view the city, concierge service 7 days a week, free Internet service (should be included in room cost), in-room coffee service, I could go on but the point is I would have been happier elsewhere.

29/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
26. Hanh S.
very cute hotel!  very small rooms but expected for a boutique hotel.  the front staff was very nice and helpful.

14/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. G S.
Stayed here for a few nights, booked through hotwire.  Was pleasantly surprised by the room.  Very well designed and modern.  Great location, walking distance to everything.

Would recommend and stay here again.

13/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. G D.
This was a Christmas gift from our future daughter in law so I assumed that it was going to be special.  We weren't disappointed.  Beautiful lobby and hotel room - modern and nicely decorated.  Our room was very spacious, it had a living area w/ fireplace and dining room table.  The bedroom was beautiful, lots of white and very classy.  We had a great breakfast in the hotel's restaurant.  I love boutique hotels.  Customer service is stressed and appreciated.  Great location. We would definitely stay again.

24/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Aditi R.
No wonder I hadn't heard of this place. Ames Hotel, a recently opened boutique hotel, has a beautiful restaurant and bar called Woodward. The people behind Mistral & Top of the Hub designed this place and it shows. It's gorgeous and not just that, but the service was great as well. The cosmo I had was made perfectly so the drinks were the great. The waitress was more than nice. And the music was great!

The crowd was a bit older, but the kind of place that Woodward is, it makes sense. Regardless, the people were beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed people watching. Wish I'd stayed there longer.

The only thing I will say was a negative though were the bouncers. It was really cold outside and there was a line. Naturally girls will get antsy. There was a woman that just arrived and started almost screaming at the bouncers to let her in since her friends were already inside. While I completely understand that she was annoying, the bouncers comments were not warranted. They could have just repeatedly told her to please continue waiting in line. Instead they said not so flattering things and told her in a not so great way that she wouldn't be able to get in. For a classy place, that was an unclassy move.

Regardless, I really liked this place and Boston needs more of these! Love it :)

24/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Julia M.
Classy, elegant, swanky, stylish. Love the decor. Friendly staff. Good drinks. Definitely recommend it!

Lobster rolls are a must - a fresh, citrusy take on a New England classic. Fun cocktails too - I like the "Second Wife" champagne cocktail.

11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Rosemary R.
The walls are super thin and there is some kind of subway underneath the hotel and you can hear it every five minutes in the room! I called to complain and ask if I could be switched to another room, and conveniently they told me they are booked tonight. This is the worst service ever. And I am stuck here for two nights! As a regular business traveller, I will never come here again. This hotel lost my business.  Other cons which I thought I could overlook - no restaurant or room service! They don't even provide a complimentary bottle of water!

12/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Manny M.
If you're on an expense account, this place is great. Pricey, but excellent, friendly service, and beautiful rooms. The bed was great. I slept like a baby.
Only negatives: The windows are new but not completely soundprooofed. When the downstairs nightclub closed I could hear people shouting in the street. (I was on 8th floor)
And the minibar set-up is designed to clean out your wallet. They even wanted three bucks for a map of Boston.
Also they didn't have Wifi but provided an ethernet cable (charging ten bucks for I-net access, naturally)
But I'd stay there again--as long as someone else was paying.

10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. M-Aidan S.
Got this great deal from Gilt, and we spent our Labor day weekend in this hotel. So far, this hotel is the cleanest hotel I've ever been to. I agree with James S' review (below me) that this hotel has modern style design.  

Also in the room we had this towel heater, which is a cool thing since I've never gone to a hotel that has towel heater. The hotel is located in strategic place in downtown and it's a walking distance to go to the Market nearby.

The service was great, the front desk was really helpful in printing our boarding pass tickets. However, you just need to be careful on the breakfast ticket. They give you breakfast ticket, which I assume was included in the hotel price we paid, but when we went to the restaurant downstairs, they charged you for breakfast. And it 's also quite expensive too. They charge $42 just for two people.

Ames is categorized as boutique hotel so the price is above regular hotel price. If you have a good deal to stay in Ames, you should try. However, if I had the chance to visit Boston again, I wouldn't want to pay in regular price to stay in here. ( the regular price for one night is $400 and above).

30/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Michael E.
Love the Ames! Great location, excellent service, well appointed rooms. Nice place for the price (often on Priceline.com bidding section). Run by the same team that gives you the Hudson and Royalton in NYC, it has much of the style and much less of the attitude of its siblings. Rooms are not that small, unless you need jogging room or a bit on the "large" size.

- VERY friendly service (especially for Boston)
- Rooms are clean and well decorate
- Good food in the restaurant
- Busy bar scene
- Easy walking distance to the North End restaurants
- If you are a tourist, you are right on the freedom trail

- OK, it's NY Funky to have a glass wall to the bathroom, but the curtain is a bit thin. I really don't need to see my wife take care of her business in there
- Bar is overpriced - though it does not seem to bother the packed 25year old financial district crowd
- Pain in the rear to get a cab around there
- Shower is cool - but the design leaks water all over the floor

Overall, I will definitely stay there again.

11/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Gradon T.
I stopped into Woodward, the bar at the Ames, with some friends after work back on November 20 - the first Friday it was open. Why I mention the date will make sense in a minute.

Top to bottom, the Ames Hotel is beautiful, as it should be. The renovations were done by David Rockwell, the same guy that did the set design for this year's Oscar awards.

The staff, from door men to hostess to waitstaff, were all top notch. Our waitress was that perfect mix of friendly, knowledgeable, and on-the-ball -- she knew just what to say to get that extra drink, or the appetizer. Having been a waiter in a previous life, I appreciate that.

The cocktail menu was creative, and delicious. An earlier commenter mentioned the drinks being overpriced, but really, name me a place as nice as this that isn't?

The flatbread pizza we ordered was similarly delicious. Even though the place was jam-packed, everything came to us relatively quickly.

By now you're probably saying, well, Gradon, everything sounds like it went well, why the one star? If it ended here, it'd be fives all the way.

But no. A few days later, I notice my credit card statement shows two charges for Woodward. Not too worried, I stop by again, show my receipt & explain the situation. The food & drink manager (super nice guy) takes a copy of my receipt and my contact info, says it'll be taken care of within two days. At this point, easily still four stars.

Fast forward four weeks, multiple voice mails, a second stop (and second equally polite food & beverage manager) with similar two-day promises. Of course, I've since gone to my bank and disputed the second charge, but it shouldn't have had to get to that point. It's now been a month and four days since I visited the Ames, and I have yet to get a phone call from anyone there, let alone the money they erroneously charged on my card.

Of course, this is not to say I won't be back. I'll just be sure to have cash on me when I do.

23/12/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. Natalie B.
Finding a decent hotel that doesn't tip the expense report beyond obscene is a fairly difficult task.  Luckily, hotels.com listed the Ames as the cheapest hotel among its peers in the Financial District of Boston.  I usually stay at the Omni Hotel close by, and though it's rooms were plush with luxurious finishings and wonderfully soft bed, they far too small to be totally comfortable - one thing out of place equaled an obstacle in the small floor space.  

So, to my delight, I booked a room for my three day work trip at the Ames Hotel and, upone arrival, found that the lovely ladies at the front gave me a complimentary upgrade - how nice!  The building itself is an architectural gem - just wikipedia it for yourself to see just how gorgeous it is!  Decked out in modern furniture etc, the space was huge!  Ample lighting from the floor-to-ceiling window really accentuated the vastness of the room - complete with a huge flat panel TV, a comfy low-level queen bed, ergonomic desk and chair, and a large bathroom.  It had to be one of the coolest rooms I've ever stayed in in the US (sorry, Europe has some pretty cool stuff going on with their hotels...).

If you're a gym rat, I wouldn't recommend staying here since the gym is no larger than someone's walk in closet - 2 treadmills, a bike or two, a couple weight machines and some free weights.  It's slim pickins' in this area.

Contrarily, the restaurant and bar is a wonderful plus and highlight of the hotel - being a local after work hotspot in and of itself.  The food is delicious to boot!

All in all, a wonderfully pleasant stay and a repeat for sure!

26/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. PK G.
Run, jog, sprint The Freedom Trail to see where and how our young, chic, trendy and fashionable people are spending their hard-earned and inherited money!

The Ames is the epitemy of a boutique hotel; a landmark building that has been renovated with a sparsely decorated lobby consisting of one chair, one mobile or head-dress from Lady Gaga and a splash of color--orange.  Everything is see-through, from the collectibles in clear Lucite boxes in the main floor restaurant, up the staircase to the second floor dinning room; and that theme runs into the guest rooms which I'll explain later.  The location is perfectly situated between historic Boston and the night scene of Back Bay and surrounded by all the commerce you'll need.  

It is, however, a place for a certain clientele.

If you are young, beautified and have a trust fund, this is your place.  If you're middle-aged with expendable cash, have fun but proceed with caution.  If you are a senior, run for your life west, toward The Boston Ritz Carlton. The bathrooms alone will scare you.  

The staff is a warm hug from the cold New England stereotype.  And the music pumped in from the lounge to the elevators will jolt you into action, if not make you dance all the way to your room.  The holographic chandeliers are a wonderful eco-friendly save on electricity if not amusingly creepy.

The room--high ceilings and neutral colors with a "Franklyn Mint" type collection of commemorative plates about Boston and the building and a pillow for the color-pop factor.  The TV screens are large with high-definition.  Wood, travertine and ceramic flooring.  

Listen up!  The bathroom was separated from the bed by a floor to ceiling slab of glass with the shower on the other side.  Obviously these rooms are built with the young model-type people in mind.  What the attraction is to have the commode and facilities on display from the bed is a little odd in my opinion.  Oh there is a curtain to draw for privacy but it is sheer and if the light is on in the bathroom...well, privacy is subjective thing, I guess.

My biggest fear was to have my middle-aged ass come crashing through the shower glass and onto the bed.  It kind of ruins the moment.  Bring your own traction pad and safety rails.

08/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Caitlin C.
Sadly this place has really gone down hill.  We stayed here about two years ago and had a great time.  We were so impressed that we decided to book in again a few weeks ago and definitely regretted the decision.  The restaurant has closed and the hotel feels oddly empty.  But the worst part was the late night staff.  My husband and I came home in the evening to find a drunk man passed out outside our room- we were naturally alarmed and when we told the night time staff we were treated as if we were over reacting and told to calm down.

11/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. Caesar R.
This spot was A-OK.  Which is not bad in my book.  I would definitely stay here again.  Just make sure you stay on a high floor, because you can hear the T rumble under the building on the 4th floor where we were first put, until they quickly changed our room.  

We had a great King Superior room on the 15th floor.  The decor is ultra modern and typical of a Morgan's hotel.  The lines were clean and space was maximized to its fullest.  The room was not large, but functional.  It had everything you could need: Bed, desk, tv, closet, chair, desk chair, bathroom and working lights.  The bathroom had a cool walk in rain shower and great product.  

The bed was big, but not the most comfortable bed I have slept on.  But I would still stay here again given the location and value compared to other hotels in Boston.

15/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. NWB T.
It's alright...Too modern for its own good that it isn't functional.
No lights at the bathroom sink, makes it hard to wash up at night, or to put on make up. The shower was a handicaped shower with a rain shower head and a handheld shower head. Bad pressure in the rain head, and the handheld was difficult to use without someone else to help hold the handheld in place. Water goes everywhere!!!! I think I i hosed down the bathroom 5 times.  There was also no book in the hotel room telling you about the amenties, instead you have to turn on the TV to find out info. The gym, rather tiny, was busy at peak times. The restaurant was good and busy all the time.  AND there is NO parking around the area without shoveling over a ton of cash!

23/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. lily l.
Once again Groupon made us do it! Lol, well my fiance' purchased a groupon for a one night stay in a suite with late check out and $100.00 voucher towards dinner, and since we work right to it we thought a romantic stay would be nice.

Suite - small but very modern the most comfy bed I have ever slept in.

Dinner - (the reason why it was given 3 stars) menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner were mostly all the same. Our meals were not great and was served slow since our waiter was too busy chatting with his friends who was eating at the next table.

Brunch - since it was a late check out we decided to sleep in and order room service. We both had omelets and coffee. 2 veggie omelets and a large coffee (served beautifully and prompt) was a little hard to swallow since it was $50.00. But still it was good and we were at the Ames so not a huge complaint.

All in all I would do it again but I would just stay there and have dinner and brunch elsewhere.

06/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Kate C.
Being from right outside of Boston, I have frequented many of the hotels for a night in the city. My stay at the Ames Hotel was by far the worst. When it was time to get my car from the valet the receptionist told me there was a fire in the garage and that there has been a delay but it would only take 30 minutes for my car to be brought up. Knowing a fire was beyond their control I was happy to wait the 30 minutes. The 30 minutes turned into an hour. After waiting an hour to get my car from valet with very little sympathy from the receptionist I will never stay at this hotel again. I was one of the many guests waiting in the lobby for at least an hour for our cars without any organization from the valet, no refreshments, or care from any of the staff that we had been waiting so long. I was overall very displeased with the hospitality I received from this hotel.  This is not a hotel I will visit again or recommend to anyone looking to stay in Boston.

16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
43. Heidi M.
Great location, the restaurant located on site is great and would recommend as a central point for getting around the city. The hotel decor is modern, sleek and the glass shower/bathroom in the middle of the room might take a little getting used to.

31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Monica G.
Gorgeous and modern hotel that's near everything.  The rooms are large and beautifully done. Nice bathrooms with rain shower head. They don't have room service which I found odd and the lobby bar was closed. Nice place for a couple to stay.

29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Sandra S.
Went to Boston over the V-day weekend with my bf and decided to stay at Ames. We got a great rate and got upgraded too, so our room was amazing and big. The bathroom is out of the world with the coolest shower there is and the bed..THE BED is the most comfortable bed in the world!!! Soft, luxurious linen and we felt we were in heaven, sleeping on clouds lol.
The staff was friendly and i we liked the experience..will come back again...

05/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Adrienne S.
We stayed here for a week on our honeymoon, and we found the service to be amazing and the people quite friendly and helpful. The building is beautiful and the location is superb. Paid Wifi was disappointing, but only a small hiccup. Would stay here again and again!

22/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Brenda H.
Okay, so i stayed here for one week in Nov/Dec (actually, i'm still here).

This place is just TOO modern.  TOO dark.  and kinda boarderline scary.  I thought it was just me, but i even spoke to a man in the hotel that felt the same way.  The hotel doesn't really have an awning, so you can easily miss it.  The doors are super heavy, and the doormen barely open the doors for you...even when you've got your hands full and rolling around a rolling briefcase.  The roomservice is quick though, and the showers are fantastic.  

I typicaly stay at the Nine Zero around the corner.  I wish I stayed there this time.  Definitely next time.

03/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
48. Jeffrey S.
We stayed from 08/22/12 to 08/25/12.  From the moment we walked up to the moment we left service was top notch!  Everyone was very friendly and very helpful.  The building is incredible, historic feel on the outside, with a chic modern feel to the inside.  Modern design is not my thing but the way this was done was awesome.   The location is great, just within the financial district.  Just a block or so from the Faneuil Hall area.  The complimentary breakfast was very good.  One of the best showers I have had in a hotel and I loved the towel warmer.  Yes the all glass shower has no door so a little water gets on the floor......put a towel down!   Still a very HOT relaxing shower.  No vent either, but don't think most hotels have one.  The bar was nice and there was outdoor seating, no view but still outdoors.  I can't wait to go back.

02/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Bob F.
Hip little hotel near Quincy Market & Government Center.  Comfortable, but tries a bit too hard to be cool.  Still a great stay.

Rooms are always clean, and spartan-by-design.  Only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is that the door-men have been obnoxious every time I've stayed there, talking smack about guests who have just walked past, cursing loudly, and generally being mooky.  If they weren't in uniform, I'm guessing they'd be wearing Ed Hardy.

09/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Chris P.
Let me tell you, the customer service at this hotel is outstanding.  We had some weather related issues and had to re-book.  We purchased a living social deal on the cheap to get away for a night and let loose.  You would think that we booked the penthouse suite for a month.  Nina, has been absolutely fantastic in helping change dates and making other arrangements.  We have yet to stay (going on 2/23) but if the experience is anything like the service I have received, there is nothing to complain about.  The hotel is located in the middle of everything in downtown Boston.  We are looking forward to our stay!  WiIl update after our stay.

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Ryan E.
Modern, stylish, and trendy, with a boutique feel and all the service and perks of a large typical hotel empire. Room impeccably clean, but not like just sprayed with chemical and starch clean. It's the kind of clean you expect when staying with friends and family - fresh, soft, and homey. Best of all, we didn't see the housekeeping crew a single time all weekend, which for me is a bonus because although I know they're there, I don't actually like to see them. Like the tooth fairy for linens.  
The concierge was great in helping with everything including checking us into our flight and printing out our boarding passes.
We even liked how the doormen dress in jeans. Fits the trendiness of the hotel, yet without the air of pretension.
Loved the Ames Hotel, and will only stay here when we visit Boston.

23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Meredith B.
Overall, the Ames is a pretty great place to stay. Here's why:

1. Modern/Super hip/trendy boutique feeling
2. WONDERFUL Beds. So comfortable. I swear.
3. The Shower. Can we say heaven? You will probably try to stay in until the hot water runs out.... It's simply that amazing.  
4. Great Customer Service. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating.

Some minor things bugged me (hence 4 stars and not 5) since I was a business traveler though, so keep these things in mind:

1. The wifi is NOT complimentary.
2. Make sure to ask for a corner room. I was located "close" to the elevator and could hear every single person getting on/off which sort of got annoying.
3. The room never got dark at night as the office building across the way never turned off it's lights. So if you like to sleep in a very dark room, ask for one facing away from the front of the hotel.

30/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Michael M.
Awesome. I heard the design concept behind the building of this boutique hotel and restaurant was 'Benjamin Franklin meets the Super Model.' they nailed it. Both authentic and historically rich (just down the street from where the declaration of independence was first shouted out to the world!), while simultaneously fun, sharp and modern. The food was delicious but pricey. The atmosphere really can't be beat for a chilly New England night. You almost expect to see a founding father stroll in to meet his date for dinner!

29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. valerie d.
I love it.

I bought a livingsocial coupon for a suite for 190. They treated us like we were regular paying customers. Surprisingly few places do that, which makes me wonder why they even participate in the first place? I definitely plan to come back and pay full price for another day or two, maybe for an anniversary or something.

The room was so nice. The bed was amazing and the bathroom was adorable. I've stayed in suites before but this was extra cool. It was two very separate rooms but not laid out like a hotel, more like an apartment.

I've had room service in dozens of nice hotels. Usually it's gross. The hotels like to offer fancy things on their menu that they can't execute when really they should stick to simple things that they can make well. Ames had the best room service I've ever had. I had a lamb burger and it came with maybe 7 million fries? I've never not finished fries before. The burger was ridiculous. Usually restaurant burgers are either burned or the bread ruins them. This one was perfect, it was on a brioche, and it dripped all over the place.  My bf got the cheaper steak and usually I order something healthy and then harass the bejesus out of his delicious looking plate but this time I was so obsessed with my burger I didn't even really notice his. One thing to keep in mind... the orange stuff for the bread isn't hummus. It's butter. An entire tablespoon of it in your mouth is pretty disturbing...

The room was definitely geared towards couples. The bathroom wall was glass and there was a sheer curtain that was controlled from the outside, so you could watch the person shower. Most boyfriends would love to watch their girlfriend shower. Mine spent his evening trying to catch me poop.

The only things that weren't great were movie prices and internet speed. 18 fucking dollars to rent a movie? I started to download the same movie on Itunes for 3 dollars but that slow-ass internet wasn't having it.

we ate in the restaurant for breakfast and it was also really good. Not as mindblowing as dinner but the service was really nice.

If we were paying full price, our suite would have run us about 400 bucks (on a Monday night, so I'm sure it only goes up from there) but for the size, service, and the amazing location, I don't think it's overpriced.

03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Felecia W.
We didnt stay here, but we came for the Remixology event upstairs in the bar. Brendan O'hara was playing (which is always a kickass time!).
This hotel is quirky, and artsy, and there was a really great crowd of people there. We ended up going down stairs for a bite in the other bar, and man oh man....

Seriously, lets talk about this for a second.
Braised Short Rib Tortellini????? HOLY CRAP. We got that w the mac & cheese and a cheese plate. Those tortellini were probably one of the best things I have eaten in a LONG time. We ended up ordering another round of them. We woke up this morning, and contemplated going back for more.... for breakfast.

We went up to a friends room to check it out. It was a spacious room, w huge windows, clean lines, and all white. It was a little Ikea-ish, but still, a nice room.

This place will do great! They were booked (on a mon night). Ill definitely be back to stay here. And it has a GREAT location!

28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Elizabeth W.
Okay, the view is great no question, but this is one weird hotel.  Check in took forever, the rates are beyond ridiculous, and the staff is far from concern about your comfort... don't get me started on the closet they call an elevator. This modern (in the worse sense of the word) and wanna-be hipster hotel is laughable.  It's like someone (in their 60's) said, "lets make it a cool, hip hotel for the kids."  The bed was so hard and uncomfortable and the see through shower/bathroom is twisted.  If you're desperate and everything else is booked, it'll suffice... but you will discover why it is the Only hotel not booked up on a Saturday.

17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
57. Alyvia M.
I left feeling a bit  like a NYC snob. I didn't go in with extremely high expectations, but I was disappointed none the less. We walked in thinking we were meeting a large group of people for a birthday party. We walked in to greet 4 ladies having dinner and chatting. It was pretty empty when we got there, but son filled up. I would say that it wasn't swanky enough for the prices, and the crowd left much to be desired.

David Rockwell did a beautiful job designing the place, and the views were spectacular (why they got 2 stars), but I lost my Mojo within 20 minutes of arrival. We got all dolled up for a night out with the ladies, and ended up home by midnight. I spent $40 on 2 drinks, and went home basically sober and uninterested in returning to this establishment. Between you and I, this place was a major buzz-kill!

25/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
58. Pantelis K.
Stumbled upon a Living Social coupon for this hotel.  Cashed in on the offer and was blown away by the hotel.  Our room was gorgeous and the hotel itself is located in a fantastic part of town, within walking distance to anything you'd want to see.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  Living Social deal or not, this is my hotel of choice every time I'm in Boston.

26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. C F.
My friend and I booked this hotel for our best friend's bachelorette's party, which was a pretty lowkey affair. The hotel is gorgeous, modern and convenient to downtown, but the service wasn't great. My friend called a day or two before to make sure our room was confirmed and they said we were in a single king size bed - but she had booked 2 double beds since 4 of us were staying. They said they didn't do double beds through Priceline (which is explained nowhere in their booking confirmation). We had to pay $25 extra (not bad, but still not what we asked for) to "upgrade" to the double beds. The location is hard to find because the sign isn't obvious, and the valet attendants weren't in a rush to come help us with our bags. We arrived at 3:30 and were told our room wasn't ready -- check-in is at 3pm, so even though we were late, the room still wasn't ready. At 4:15 and with us still sitting in the lobby no one had updated us on the status of our room so I had to go back to the front desk and ask about it. The staff person was friendly but had no answer, the girl who originally checked us in was sitting in the back room and had forgotten about us. We had to sprint to make our 5:30pm dinner reservation in the North End. We called down to the lobby two times to get a cab and both times we went down (after giving ourselves 15 minutes) the cab wasn't there and they hadn't made the call. It wasn't awful, but not our favorite.

16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
60. Sarah C.
Small room, but stylishly designed. Nice service, cool bathroom and comfortable bed. Location convenient to the office and Dunkin' Donuts doesn't hurt either.

28/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. Eric G.
We came here for one night and took the blue train to the state street station and walked the one block to the hotel. The hotel is not well marked so it is tough to find but that is not a deterrent.  Once inside the front desk staff was extremely helpful and cheerful.  We were checked in within five minutes and were in our room a few moments later.  The room is small, but the fact that it is in an old and classic building gives it character.  The central location is a huge bonus allowing us to walk to the North End for dinner and a few other bars for after dinner drinks. Breakfast is great and is served in a quaint room with a fireplace and windows overlooking the city on the second floor.

15/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Monish D.
Great boutique hotel located in the heart of downtown Boston. While it doesn't have a large lobby, I was surprised at the size of the rooms! The hotel attracts mainly business travelers Vs. tourists but it doesn't have the air of pretension that many business hotels can have. The Ames is pragmatic, classy and very conveniently located, Quincy market is just a stones throw away!

They have a great breakfast in the really nice hotel restaurant, it's almost like a little coffee shop! Believe they have bikes available during the summer time, really cool.

Would definitely stay here when I visit again.

19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. James S.
This place is cool.  And the location could not be more perfect.  You are just steps from Fanueil Hall, the MBTA (green and blue lines), Boston Common.  You could stay at this hotel, take a subway from the airport, and because you're only 5-15 minute walk to everything, you would not need to take a cab anywhere in the city.

My wife and I stayed here for 4 nights at the end of August.  We booked it (or won it) on Priceline, and we were very pleased.  I would compare the hotel to The W as it had sleek, modern rooms with plenty of space and a very unique shower that opens up to the room.  We saw something similar at the W in Dallas.

There is also a very popular bar on the first floor.  It's not your typical hotel bar and seems to be frequented by a young after-work crowd.

02/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Langley E.
Enough already with the tragically hip.  

All white everything.

Glass box shower / clever room divider that (oh its "so naughty") enables you to view your roommate washing his/her hair and other stuff.  And, since the shower valve is incomprehensible you can laugh when they scald themselves trying to figure out which way is hot and then when the shower handle breaks and they are stuck under a burning stream of molten lava - phew - you are there witnessing it to phone an ambulance.  

Cannibus infused candles are available in the minibar.  According to the fragrence marketers, smelling like weed is "sexy and modern".            
Cheeky postcard on bed at turn-down with Aldous Huxley quote "Several excuses are always less convincing than one".  

Rum-infused shampoo and soap so you can go to your 7am meeting smelling like you spent the night in the tank.  

Severe acoustic challenges created by neighboring fitness room enables you to forgo convential alarms in favor of an earthquake-style experience caused by overweight dude who thinks that the elliptical only works if you pound the steps all the way into the floor.

So - in summary.  If you are into not sleeping, 3rd degree burns, smelling like booze and weed, and tutelage in effective excusemaking, you might be into this place.

27/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
65. Shannon P.
Two of my dear friends were married in Boston 2 weeks ago and the entire wedding party and all the guests stayed at The Ames. The staff was great and treated us like family. They were super accommodating and were not bothered by any Bridezilla-like behavior.
The restaurant downstairs, The Woodward, was amazing too. The brunch is great. Get the egg sammy! It will change your life!

29/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Erin R.
Amazing Hotel!! Absolutely gorgeous hotel right in the middle of it all. There are only two negative things that I can say, but really to no fault of the hotels. Currently they're remodeling their kitchen, so room service wasn't available. They did make up for it by sending up menus of nearby restaurants that deliver. Second, there was construction being done on the corner all night, which made it hard to sleep but this is part of sleeping in the City. All in all, this was a great expereince and I will stay at a Morgan Group Hotel again!

14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Davis Y.
A decent hotel, but a little pricey for what you get.

20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. Julie C.
Enjoyed a long weekend stay at the Ames Hotel.

The room:  small and very modern.  I love the clear view of the shower from your bed. Sweet!  Of course, there is a curtain for the modest.
Closet is small but include mini bar.
Toilet, the flush isn't very strong and sometimes you needed to flush twice just to get the TP to go down. (and no, I am not taking huge dumps in it)

I love how you can order movies that are still in theaters and watch from the comfort of your room.  Sure its 15$ but its a lot cheaper than 2 movie tickets and you get to lay in bed and watch it!

You have to call for ice, and service was very quick to bring it up.

Housekeeping: Room service cleaned and straightened out our room.  Took our towels even though we had them hanging up behind the door. And failed to leave any fresh ones for us to use.  You know how they tell you to throw the towels you want refreshed in the shower, well what is the point when they take even the ones that are hanging on the rack. Oddly enough, she didn't take the one that was left on the couch. Weird!

We called for room service to bring them up, but after about half hour they never came.

I do enjoy the toiletries, the shampoo smells like mint and its great! It leaves your hair super soft and very clean.

Our room faced State St. so it was loud hearing all the traffic.

Wi-Fi was good but sometimes very slow.

The doorman is great and super friendly.

Check in was ok.  Not very speedy and when they slipped our bill under the door on our last day, it was wrong.  We had to go to the desk to check out, and she told me that sometimes they are not updated before they printed. Well, then what is the point of printing them so early, especially since we had the late check out of 2 pm.

Overall, the Ames Hotel was a nice place to stay.  They do need to amp up their service and be more attention ( leaving fresh towels, printing a final bill for speedy check out).  But I recommend it as it's a great location to everything and the T.

28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Paul D.
You feel pretty swanky staying here. The only thing it's missing is a great NY view. (OUCH, take that, BOSTON!)

Ahem. I'm sorry. My New Yorkness got the better of me.

The rooms here are beautiful, and I love the fact that I can watch the television through the shower. And that if I had been staying with someone else, could have freaked them out by pressing up against the glass while either one of us in the shower.

The bar/restaurant is pretty enjoyable too, though when I ordered an Old Fashioned, the bartender heard me wrong and gave me the hotel's weak ass version called a Bold Fashion. Forgiven though for the excellent breakfast and the strong, flavorful coffee that made me question if I was dying.

On top of that, even after checking out, the staff was helpful with their bag check, and with helping us find a place to hang out and drink while waiting for the train. (The Vintage Lounge, GO THERE!)

28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Erin L.
I've gotta say, before I start this, that I am usually not staying in hotels like this. Usually I'm traveling for work and staying in the most moderately-priced hotels we can find in whatever town is just outside the city we're traveling to. However, for my husband's work, he gets put up in places like the Ames. So when he said he was working on Boston for a few days (and I wasn't working and therefore, had free time), I decided to tag along.

I got to spend a LOT of time in the standard Queen room here. I've gotta say, the hotel in general has a sleek, kind of European vibe to it. Everything is white and minimalist, which is nice but not very welcoming. The bed was really comfortable and the Wi-Fi is $10 which isn't TOO terrible. Every staff member I encountered here was very helpful and very friendly and the restaurant (which also is the room service) has good food.

There's a fitness room on the 4th Floor but there was no hotel guide book in the room so I only knew of it from the website and then had to call the front desk to find out where it was. It's just one room and doesn't have TOO much but as long as no one else is in there it's not a bad place.

It's pretty conveniently located so if you have some $$ to burn and want a nice hotel to sleep at for the night, I'd say this is a pretty good bet.

08/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Andy M.
Small Hotel centraly located within the city that is close to just about everything.  We did not rent a car and walked most everywhere and took the subway or "The T" when needed.  Hotel has a small lobby area as you walk in and restaurant located to the left.  One of the complaints we had was that the restaurant was closed - so no place to eat or get a drink.  Our room was a deluxe king and was a bit small but the room was clean, bed comfortable and large flat screen mounted on the wall.  Rooms are not your "garden variety" Hotel Room - very modern décor. The room was great - one of the better Hotel rooms we have stayed at.  Concierge, Doorman and the Front desk all were helpful with directions and suggestions on restaurants.  Room service was prompt and we never had to ask for anything while there.  Just a great stay while in Boston and would stay here again if we ever return.

21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Lorrie M.
I don't think I've ever come to a city to give out so many five star reviews as I have for Boston.

Despite it's high price tag on its own website, the Ames Hotel is quite reasonably booked through Orbitz or other travel sites to find deals. My friends have even had great luck on priceline by naming their own price and getting this place. I was happy to have gotten a cheaper reservation through Orbitz and the website prepped me for staying at Ames.

The rooms were a lot smaller than I had imagined but by not means so small that you cannot move about freely or enjoy yourself. I really liked the layout of the room (but the fact that the blinds don't block out the morning light is problematic ...) and I definitely liked the unique design of the bathroom and shower facilities.

I had only seen this once before at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs so it made me feel a little bit more homely staying here. The front desk is exceptionally helpful as is the entire staff since they pretty much gave us everything we needed almost immediately. I'm sure it helps that there aren't a whole lot of rooms in this boutique hotel, but to ask for a new remote (ours ran out of batteries) and get it within 2 minutes of putting down the phone. Pretty good!

The bed was very comfortable, the hotel was clean, well designed and the bar downstairs was great for late night lounging since you don't want to be out past 12:45am and not be able to ride the MBTA back. Great stay.

11/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Michelle A.
loved it. Incredibly nice and helpful staff. I've always been a function over form girl, but I love that it had both and that the needs of a business travel aren't sacrified to simply be hip.

02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. art s.
Liked it.  Just spent two short nights here as we were mostly out and about.   But the room is nice.  Windows open (always a plus in my book).   Location is good - close to the action but not right in the middle of the circus.   And, fyi, there is a zipcar location maybe 200 yards from the hotel.   Handy.  Would stay here again.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Zach D.
I'm going to go ahead and get the bad stuff out of the way.  The rooms are very small (definitely less than 400 sq. ft., and probably closer to 300), the elevators are claustrophobically small, no shower door means water gets everywhere, and there's no vent in the bathroom. Plus, can't help but feel like $200/nt is a little high for those reasons, especially since our room had little to no view.

However, this is a nice hotel in a great location.  No idea what this place used to look like inside, but they did a awesome job updating it.  Very modern look and feel to the place, as you can see in the photos. The rooms are laid out well for the space, and plenty of amenities available.  And it really is a great location as it's walking distance to Faneuil Hall, the North End, Boston Commons, and the Waterfront/Aquarium area.  

Overall, I would definitely consider staying here again. Lower prices (maybe around $150/nt?) would cement the decision.

22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Seyoon K.
I stayed 3 nights at Ames from Nov 22-24, in the cheapest room ("standard") for $170/night. And here is my review.

- Room had a modern look, which was clean and pretty
- 24'' LG HDTV with some cable channels
- I managed to get free wifi from the front desk
- Shower had good water pressure
- Toiletries were delivered at my request
- GREAT location, very close to subway and the Quincy Market

- Bathroom door didn't lock (the maintenance guy said "none of hotel bathroom doors locks")
- I had to wait about 5 minutes for hot water in the sink
- Continental breakfast served expired yogurts. And very few other food items
- Hotel maid kept missing her time of visit

30/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
77. Armand K.
Design, design, design, and breakfast!

-Beautiful historic building complimented by the ultra contemporary redesign
-Large windows in each room
-Smaller scale hotel compared to many others within Boston
-Great restaurant and bar on premises
-Small fitness center
-Most impressively, a very well put together complimentary continental breakfast in the second floor dining room

-The lack of a red carpet and awning add to the chic feel, but also make it quite difficult to find at first
-Overall smaller scale is nice, but with it comes the sacrifice of a lobby area
-WiFi is not free for all guests

Beautiful room, particularly love the glass shower and the large windows. If not staying the night, the Ames is most definitely a site to be seen.

31/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. leigh p.
Beautiful modern design rooms with a historic flare. Customer service is top notch, they make you feel like you are a very important person. For being in a city the rooms feel very spacious.  The location can't be beat, very close to all the amazing Italian restaurants of the North End, the wharf, Faneuil Hall.  Would stay here again for sure!

18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Billy B.
Stayed here for the weekend and i love this hotel!
From checked in to checked out...excellent service and the staff are awesome!
Location: Centrally located, next to Washington Street where you can find a lot of shops and restaurants to go to, Boston Opera house is only a few blocks away, Train station ( State Station) is close by and it is only 3 stops to the the Airport station, where the free shuttle buses  take you to your terminal! I wish i had known this when i arrived in Boston, I took a cab to the hotel which is only 3 miles away and it cost me $25 without a tip! The driver said  it is because of the toll and stuff, it was legitimate! :((

Continental breakfast is so good! It's in the 2nd floor, where you can watch the city as you start your morning meal . It  starts at 6 am to 11 a.m.! great choices of pastries,  fresh fruits, bagels, great coffee, juice, hard boiled eggs, cereals, etc.

Free wifi... they give you the code to connect when you checked in at the desk!

The gym was nice, clean and new!

The bar on the first floor was a lot of fun, I stopped by after coming back from other bars in the city, and the crowd was great!
The elevator is just enough size, The walls are  padded, with mirrors everywhere!

The room is beautiful and very clean! I was in the 14 floor, it's Ultra modern, minimalist style! The size is just perfect for 2 people! The bed was great, the bathroom was spectacular, glassed wall, and you can watch tv while taking a shower... don't worry about privacy, you can close the curtain if you need it!
They have Malin & Goetz product in the bathroom and i love these stuff!! I was totally surprised when i saw them!

So would i come back here again? Need i say more...A big YES and i would recommend it to you or a friend...

20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Jared J.
I got th is room on a special, which was decent. Without that, it's pretty pricey.

The lobby is very modern, having been renovated from a very old Boston building.

The rooms are very nice and cozy, with a very voyeur-friendly shower. But it's the shower head that rains on you, which is my absolute favorite, though the shower isn't insulated properly from the rest of the bathroom, so it will get the floor very wet.

The rooms, as stated before are very nice. High quality linens, HDTV, nice lamps. One thing of note, the walls are kind of thin, so we were able to hear some other guests' rooms.

All together, was pleased, though WiFi should have been free. Would stay again on special.

20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
81. Julia H.
The room was quite small with just a king bed claiming it would sleep three.  There was a chair besides the bed but that didn't do much by the way of sleep space.  No room service or even an ice machine.  There was am overpriced mini bar with candy bars ringing in at 3.00 as well as a small bottle of juice.  The bed throw which if taken would be 150.00 was rather dirty. Id rather not guess what was on it.  They also don't tell you that you have to shell out an extra 45.00 for parking for the night.  I kinda wished I had booked a super 8.

25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
82. Joanna C.
I walked by the Ames at least twice (kept going round and round the block) as they don't have a sign announcing who they are, and I was too distracted trying to keep away from the catcalling vet's who were hanging outside of the Homeless Vet center across the street.

Checked in quickly, and was given a great room in a quiet corner. Super comfortable bed, spacious work space, and an interesting medley of toiletries greeted me.

The room was a bit sparse which reminded me of a Morgan hotel I stayed at by Central Park in NY last year!

Went downstairs to grab fun cocktails with friends at the Woodward, and it was great to have such a great restaurant/bar area right below my room - super easy access!

Check out was easy, and the shower had great water pressure. Perfect for what I needed!

03/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. David B.
Decided to stay in Boston on New Year's rather than fighting traffic and drunks. We were able to secure a decent rate for a room at the Ames. I'd been to the hotel previously for a seminar but this was our first stay.

I was impressed by the decor, the lighting, the linen and the pillows...wonderful pillows! The shower and bathroom was nice, too. I liked the toiletries and the clean lines of the room and furniture. I thought that the interior window wall to the shower was a bit much. Why not glass blocks or a window at the top of the shower? A bit ridiculous in the design department.

Still, very nice room with a small chain that knows what it is doing. Look forward to a stay in one of their New York properties!

04/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Kana O.
One star is actually a very generous rating for the treatment we received at the Ames Hotel. I'm pretty sure they're in the wrong business because they don't know what hospitality means.

First of all, I would like to mention that their management changed on 7/17/2013. Why do I know this?? -- because this was their excuse for everything.

I walked in to check into my hotel room on a Saturday afternoon. I waited for quite a while because the customer in front of me was having issues checking in. Once I approached the front desk, I was greeted by a very unfriendly Hi. I proceeded to tell the lady I'd like to check in and she says "We have no rooms available at the time. I'll take your creditcard and address and we'll give you a call when we have a room available."  As any customer would, I inquired about why there were no rooms available. Apparently this made the lady very unhappy coz it was all attitude after that. Here's how the rest of the conversation went.

Lady:  We were maximum occupancy last night.
Me: But its today.. don't people check out?
Lady: *rolls eyes* People have the option to check out late. Besides, check-in is at 3pm.
Me: what time is it now?
Lady: 2:55
Me: ....... ohhhkay.
Lady: There's nothing I can do. Our management changed on Wednesday and its a little hectic around here. You can fill this out and wait for me to call you.

The conversation lasted a while as I asked if we were guaranteed a room (yes) and how many people were in front of me (7) and how long she things it would take for us to check in (anywhere from 5min to an hour).

We ended up getting our keys about an hour later - not because they called me back, but because I went back to the hotel to check the status. At this point, we found people checking in as I approached the counter, and getting their keys immediately. Basically, they were not calling people back - they were checking people in that came after us. Great idea.

We got to our room and found that the room had only one bed, even though she knew there were 3 people staying in one room. When I went downstairs to ask for a room with 2 double beds, we were told they were all sold out and that there's nothing they can do because we booked through priceline and not their hotel website. There were two people at the counter basically attacking us demanding proof that we booked a 2 double bed bedroom and that even if we did request it, priceline deals are not guaranteed.

If anyone's noticed yet, through all of this we never heard the words "sorry". Not once.

If there wasn't an event that we were committed to that evening, I would've asked for my money back and left. But we decided we didn't have time to look for a new hotel so we stayed.

The next day, as we went to check-out we found another disgruntled customer in front of us who had left a shirt at the hotel couple weeks back and were told by the previous management that they have it and he can pick it up whenever. Apparently, the hotel didn't have it anymore because management changed 3 days ago.The gentleman was upset and understandably so. He gave some good arguments about how poor their service was and that it wasn't acceptable. He wasn't raising his voice more than he should but after about 2 min, the manager (or someone who seemed like the manager) yelled at the gentleman and said "You don't speak to my employee like that! If you don't stop it I'm gonna kick you out!"


Bottom line, if you want good hospitality run far far away from this establishment.
I will never be returning to this hotel or any others of the Ames brand.

22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
85. Tamara W.

Came here on Friday night for a little to stop by and see a friend and it was really nice.  The vibe was really chill and the decor of the place was really nice.

15/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Arlene S.
Went on a family vacation for my sisters birthday and was lucky to stay here!! I came in a day early as I was traveling the weekend before. Using Priceline negotiator we got this hotel for a great price.

Location was great. Steps away from site of the Boston Massacre and other historical sites to see. Decor is chic, you can tell everything is well maintained. Breakfast was a European style continental breakfast. I loved the delicious fruit, freshly squeezed juice and variety of pastries every morning. Customer service was excellent. We had been there the day before asking for a larger room and they remembered us the next day. No matter what time of day, everyone was real welcoming and genuinely happy to see you. A larger room was unavailable for that night. The next morning, with out even asking, they let us know a larger room was open if we would like.

There was no carpet in the rooms, which I preferred because it looks better and feels cleaner. My only con would be all the rooms do not get free wifi.

I would stay here again without hesitation. Everyone was pleased with the choice of stay.

03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Alyce A.
Love love love the inside of this place. Super European and the bathroom looked just like mine in my flat in Spain. Super hard to find though. My husband and I got in late and it isn't marked at all so we drive by it a couple of times. Other than that, great place.

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Megan A.
Hotels and bookshops.  Those are the two places I silently judge and have just started writing reviews on.  

The Ames hotel is sleek and the interior design is quite lovely and modern, but really, this is not the hotel to stay at in you want to be pampered.  The person who checked us in dis not make eye contact with us once, let alone smile, even while receiving the key to the room. The lobby area does not allow anyone to sit yet alone linger and enjoy the modern deco.  The one couch is blocked off by large candles. The Resturant is closed- for a long time sooo...there was no breakfast   A Starbucks was one block down the way however.

Why would anyone pay over 160.00 (we purchased the room on priceline, normally they run around 230.00) to stay here then?  The location.  You could not get a better seat in Boston to plop yourself.  Located in the heart of the city, you have all that Boston offers within a block or two.

They did have a great bar/snacks/extra things you need.  The selection was amazing (even socially conscious) and my two favorite things were their bandaids (they don't offer "flesh colored" because that doesn't describe every skin tone-YES!  They also sell an intimacy pack should you be having sexy time.  Gotta love a hotel that supports vibrators as much as it does condoms and lube (though the lube is not recommended).  The prices are average on most things for sale (Twix was 3.00, Cranberry Juice was 3.00, intimacy kit was around 24.00).  

For me however, the best part of the hotel were the doormen. They were warm, friendly and just were so helpful.   They helped make my experience with the staff more enjoyable (although the woman who checked us out was lovely too.  Maybe we just had a little rough luck as it seems others have not complained at all regarding the service.

All in all, the location of the hotel is what you pay for. While the location is amazing, we won't be choosing to stay here again.

27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Sean F.
Cool. Good location. Great service. Solid price for value!

17/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Bonnie W.
What a fabulous location! 5 minute walk to the Common and Faneuil Hall, 10 mins to Rowes Wharf and the North End. Right in the heart of everything! The hotel is certainly modern but well appointed and welcoming. The stark white walls in our room were complemented by soft floor to ceiling drapes and plush bedding. Our mattress was a little on the firm side, but my boyfriend and I slept great! We loved the tall ceilings and the iPod/iPhone dock, too.

We had none of the shower leakage problems mentioned below, and we had a very pleasant and uneventful check in/out experience. We read that some people felt they had a lack of privacy with the bathrooms, but our room (1503) had full doors like any other bathroom and did not make us feel exposed. The elevators are small but plenty spacious for 4 people and their bags.

We got our room for a deal and would definitely return if we get a similar deal in the future! Well worth the $200.

PS - look for the hidden chandeliers in the mirrors! Loved this little detail.

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Brittany T.
Loved my stay here!!! Everyone is very generous and helpful at the front desk and valet. The views on the 15th floor are very much worth it ! Beautiful! The bed is comfortable, slept like a rock, it's peaceful. Not to mention it's in the perfect location! Close to everything, walking distance wise. Would definitely come back !

06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Linda B.
I visit Boston multiple times a year, and this hotel definitely lost my business. I stayed a few weeks ago when I was visiting Boston and the staff was extremely rude and not accommodating. Hotel is overall low quality. Typically I like boutique hotels, but I would never stay here again. The room that I chose was different than the one I was offered upon check-in, and I was told that room was already reserved and got downgraded to a smaller room. I spoke with two different managers and each of them were equally unhelpful, I couldn't believe they were actually hotel managers. Too bad I can't get a refund. I will spread the word as well to friends who visit Boston.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
93. Jamie B.
This review is a bit late, but my husband and I came here over Labor Day weekend 2011 and had a fantastic time.  The room was beautiful, the location was very nice, and I loved that it was a boutique hotel in a historic building.  I can't wait to stay at another Morgans Hotel.

24/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Rebecca E.
We came here for a weekend getaway. I would say our experience was mixed.

Pros: staff has been super helpful, the lotion, body wash and soap they provide are amazing. They will give you a Keurig coffeemaker if you ask for it to be sent up to your room. They only provide Green Mountain's Breakfast Blend, so if that's not what you like, you better count on going to Starbucks for your morning fix instead. Also, the rain-style shower head is wonderful.

Cons: the modern decor is nice and I would say tasteful overall, but there are a few problems: some of the bathrooms have glass instead of a wall dividing them from the rest of the room. There is a curtain that you can pull across the glass if you would like more privacy, but it is sheer and easy to see through. If you have the light on in the bathroom, other occupants will be able to see you while you carry out activities that many of us prefer to do privately.
Another problem with this setup is that if the light is on in the bathroom, the light will disturb anyone who is trying to sleep in the next room.

Another thing I don't like is that the shower is partially open on one side, so water usually splashes out onto the floor.

Finally, the hotel is very noisy.a lot of noise comes up from the street at all hours. You hear people shouting, horns blaring--why would anyone need to use their horn at 1 am in Boston-- and sirens shrieking. We were on the 8th floor and I got very little sleep.

10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
95. Yoshimi L.
Bed was comfy!  Antique looking iPOD player was useful.  They have so many things you can buy in the room.. advil to anti-histamine medicine to sleep medicine.  The bathroom was nice!  Rain shower FTW.  They play good music in the lobby. The location is pretty spiffy.

20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Frankie T.
I've been telling everybody about this hotel since I've stayed there. From the moment I walked into the lobby, I was obsessed. It was beyond modern, it was almost futuristic. From the elevator to the hallways to the room itself, phenomenal. Although I wasn't a fan of the window wall in the shower looking into the room, I thought it was pretty funny. They have my business every single time I need to stay in Boston.

24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Amanda F.
What a wonderful experience!!! I found the Ames hotel on Expedia. I was planning a bachelorette party and the hotel looked like a very girly, classy and fun place to host us. We had tickets to a Bruins game and dinner at Dicks Last Resort. The Ames hotel couldn't have had a better location for us and the staff... they were amazing! So helpful and accommodating. I have nothing but positive things to say!

09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Mireille L.
Pros: The Ames Hotel located in the heart of downtown Boston is a great stay for those who like to be in the of the action and within walking distance to all the sites and attractions the city has to offer.

The standard rooms are the perfect size and the space is well used. All of the room features are new, clean and very modern in decor creating an overall enjoyable experience in the room.

The concierge, Charles, was great! Both restaurants he recommended happened to be the best dinning experiences since we arrived in the city!!

check in and out was fast and simple and everyone was really hospitable.

Cons: The hotel is pretty high end and so are the rooms, being that the room was illy equipped with the newest amenities I felt that there should be bath robes. No actually, there should be bathrobes considering the $ of the room per night for a standard.

There is only one concierge it seemed during out stay per shift. The Ames is a huge hotel, every time we called to get advice we had to leave a message. I assumed it was because there was a single concierge and a very big hotel.

** I'm trying to give the hotel a 4 1/2 star

26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
99. tammy b.
This hotel WAS cool. Avoid at all costs now. Sadly where do I start..,no bar, no restaurant, no warning. Then after a long day of work, my sink and shower only have scalding water. I can't wash my face or shower. The front desk is defensive vs helpful. So I ask that they fix it, gone 6:30am-2:00am working and again my room has scalding water. Cannot shower it wash my face. This hotel is useless. It's awful to not have the ability to shower. What the hell is the AMES thinking???  Do not stay here until they figure our their issues.

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
100. David P.
An expensive pit.

I got a low end room for more than $300/night. The window was painted over so you couldn't see the homeless shelter next door.

I've got no problems with an urban hotel being next to a homeless shelter, but if the view is so bad, then don't rent out the room... use the space for something else.

I complained (something I rarely do) and got moved to a room on a higher floor with a window that's not painted over.

But the furniture in the new room is damaged and the chair is the wrong height for the desk so typing on the computer at the desk is near impossible.

Avoid this place.

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
101. Jackie C.
Hotel room was clean with a sleek, contemporary style. The rooms are a bit snug and the walls are thin, but I think you kind of have to expect that with the age of the building. The rooms were nice, but the praise really goes the hotel's customer service. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We requested to change rooms because our neighbors had a fussy baby and the staff was quick to resolve the issue and not once gave me the impression that we were inconveniencing them. Great team!

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Clare C.
It was a nice, cozy, romantic, quiet boutique hotel.....Had to stay overnight for a party at the State Room which was across the street....valet park for $42, in and out, doorman courteous as well as the front desk staff; nice, small, walls covered w/ leather look material, cane out of the elevator surprised w/ a big mirror w/ a hidden chandelier, room is pleasantly small but enough for two, love the bathroom, comfortable bed and pillows....
Nice surprise was the Self service Continental breakfast place on the 2nd floor...$14 weekdays, $9 on weekends...we stayed on a Sat...its worth the money...clean, fireplace, cozy, quiet, newspaper, nice tables, chairs and sofas, fruit, cereal, yogurt, bagels, coffee and tea....it was a lovely stay...

02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. Ben O.
A lot of my colleagues like staying at this hotel, but it is not one of my favorites. Everything is tile and  hardwood, the bathroom is New Age, and sometimes you just want to feel a little bit like home.

The location is fabulous... You can walk to the north end and eat great Italian food. You're also a stones throw from Quincy market, so this would be a better place to be as a tourist... Not a frequent traveler.

It used to have a very popular bar on the first floor, but is being renovated and was not open while here... Overall a nice hotel but not something that got me excited

08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. Megan B.
Nice boutique hotel.  Very modern comfortable rooms.  Only downfall is no restaurant on site but plenty of nearby dining.  Small updated gym with exercise equipment including TVs.  Easy to walk almost anywhere no car needed.  Great staff!

17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Hila M.
I stayed here for a weekend in February and let me just start off by saying that the woman at the front desk was not nice at all. Regardless, you walk into your room and it is not a homey feeling. The tv is so far away from the bed and the room needs some color and life to it.

Aside from that, the shower didn't have a door so you were showering with half a glass closed. And they didn't have hot water. I asked the manager to fix it for us and he sent his engineer to take a look! The next day, I STIlL didn't have got water!!!

The parking is 42 per night and this Sunday, the lights in the garage weren't working so they couldn't find the cars and it took them over thirty minutes to get them.

The only good thing about this hotel is the amazing location.

16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
106. Donna W.
This is the second year I've gone to this hotel for Valentine's day and each year has been a mess.  Last year, they called me early to tell me the room was ready ahead of time and I could come down to check in.  I did and they upgraded me to a new room.  However, this new room was disgusting!  The dining table was filthy, to the point he had to get another towel to clean it because the first one got so dirty in one swipe, and the desk area was filthy to the point that he had to actually scrub it down to get all the crap off.  There were no robes in the room, like the specifically mentioned on the phone.  And a spider crawled out of my face towel in the shower - gross!  They didn't seem to care at all about any of these issues and acted like it wasn't their problem  NOW - this year, my bf had flowers sent to the hotel to go to our room before check in and they sent it to the wrong room!!  The table was AGAIN dirty as all could be and there were no robes in the closet again - like they said there would be!  There was a storm this year and we attempted to get a car called for us to drive us home from the front desk.  She said she would call as soon as it was ready.  We waited..and waited..and waited.  Finally we called back down to them and she said "Oh - I've been trying to call you for fifteen minutes - there's no car and we don't know how you're getting home.  But you can spend the money and stay another night!"  So apparently the phones in the room weren't working - because they refuse to fix or clean anything in the rooms.  We went down and arranged for our own ride and were out of the hotel in ten minutes.  I absolutely love the view and I love the rooms - when and if they're ever clean and stocked properly - but I refuse to ever go back here again.  Two years in a row and they still don't have it together.  This place either needs new employees or new management - such a mess.

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
107. Robert C.
I recently stayed at this hotel. I will not return for many reasons. Think twice.

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
108. Stormy J.
I stayed here for business travel. First of all, the hotel has no signage on the front. I had to stop the kind folk at Omni for directions.

Second, the hotel room is so modern it is cold and sterile. A mix of on sale Target accessories and Ikea. There's no coffee machine, a workstation under a flat screen tv(can't work and watch at the same time), and a clear glass shower that has no privacy. The closet has an array of high priced items (including a vibrator for $25, the iPhone dock $250, and the throw for $150). The hotel doesn't even have a vending machine so that I could get a soda. I was directed to the 7 11 down the street.

The bed is uncomfortable, and at the 11th floor, I can feel the subway rumbling still. This place is so pretentious it's not comfortable. Not worth the high prices. I'd rather stay somewhere else. For the same price at another chain, I could get a fluffy bed, a devoted work area, and coffee machine.

No thanks.

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
109. David T.
Great location, central to the business district and seaport area.  

Upon check-in, I was immediately asked by the receptionist if I was visiting "for the Justin Timberlake concert."  That welcome set the tone for my hotel stay.  

The Ames is a trendy hipster hotel, where Austin Powers room furniture is your compensation for no room service, varied hot water temperature, minimal on-site amenities, and a lobby restaurant that is perpetually closed for renovations.

Not a bad stay, and I loved my shag-a-delic  bed throw.  But for the price point, the only attraction for the Ames is the business district location.  Just overlook the trendy lobby gang, pressing e-cigarette tips to their foreheads.

02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
110. Sam S.
We booked this hotel approx 6 months in advance and booked a loft room.  The photo if the loft room on the website shows a room with a sofa as well as a huge arch window with a spectacular view.  Upon booking online, I also called the reservation number to be sure that the loft room they showed online was just that and was the room I was booking.  I was assured that in fact it was.  A few days before arrival I called the hotel again to confirm my reservation.  Yep, it was still there and all was a go for a loft room.  I then asked about the sofa making sure it was a pull out, which is what I had been told before that it was.  Again, I was told yes, it was a pull-out sofa bed.  Well we checked in on Sept 29 and was given a corner room on the 15th floor.  We walked in and not only was there no arch window, but the windows that were there were small and started at about 5' up the wall so not only was there no view, they were too tall to even see out of!  I was so upset as this was a special 75th birthday gift for my mother, whom I was taking to Boston so she could check out the city for the first time and her Irish roots.  So I immediately called the front desk and told him that this was not the room that I had booked months in advance.  They apologized and told me that all the arched rooms, that where the loft rooms, we're all booked and I was stuck up in a corner room with no view whatsoever.  They said that they could move me to a room the following morning with the arched windows.  The next morning, I called down at 8:00 AM, like I was told to do and was told then that there were no arched rooms available and that there would be none as they were booked during our entire stay.  Well I was furious.  They then told me that they would talk to the general manager to see about moving us to a suite.  That never happened and what I did get was a credit to my bill of $100 per night.  I was in no way satisfied with this but at this point what can I do?  All I wanted was an awesome view for my mother, which we never got.  Extremely disappointed and bummed and certainly wish we would have booked somewhere else:(

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
111. Heidi B.
My boyfriend and I stayed at the Ames Hotel while attending Boston Calling. I was actually worried that the hotel would be super crazy and loud in the evening and normally that wouldn't bother me but my bf was suffering from a tooth infection and really needed to get some good sleep! To my surprise you could hear a pin drop. We slept like babies every night after enjoying a day and evening filled with amazing live music, booze and food. The bed was to die for soft. I wanted to take the pillows home with us. I appreciated the stocked mini car and snacks/toilettes/meds that you could easily purchase right from your room. Although I didn't end up purchasing anything that was a nice touch.

The hotel was also within walking distance to pretty much everything and a quick subway ride anywhere else you might want to go. The staff was SOO nice.

I will be back again for sure. Many Thanks!

10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Cara S.
My boyfriend and I stayed at the Ames last February just for the night for our anniversary. In that one night we were hooked! The staff is very kind and helpful (even when I had stupid questions.) The room was very clean! We had a corner room on the fifth floor with an amazing view of the city and the old state house. The room designs were very modern and minimalistic while remaining warm and cozy. The Ames is located minutes away from Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market and the North End where we had an amazing dinner at Al Dente's and pastries from Mike's of course. Upon checkout we were greeted by Angela at the front desk, she was amazing, very kind, bubbly and helpful! Checkout was no issue and she was even able to hold our belongings so we could venture around the city before heading home. Overall great experience at the Ames and would 100% stay again!!

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Scott P.
Stayed here for three nights during Boston Calling. It's the perfect Hotel for the concert because it's right next to it, about a five minute walk. I could see the stage from my room (1410) and hear the music from my room. From the street the hotel is hard to distinguish from other buildings. It's a very old building that recently became a hotel. The orange painted door helped. The place is very modern with cordless phones, free wifi, hbo, and showtime. Room has a studio-like feel to it with tall ceilings. Staff seemed real nice and overly eager to help with your bags. Looking for that tip! Maybe it was our room, but it seemed real quiet inside. Got a great deal on Hotwire for $126/night months before the concert. No bottled water in rooms or k cup machine. Interesting assortment of snacks, liquors, and personal items for sale in room, including a small intimacy kit. It's in a great location. Has an iPod Dock charger/radio. Bathroom was very nice and modern with a large marble and glass shower. They have valet parking for like $45 per day. Check out was smooth and painless. I'd stay again.

24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Brita F.
My recent stat here was almost laughable it was so bad. I booked a suite with a bathtub, as I had an injury and needed to soak, but when I checked in, they were oversold, and had to put me in a different, cheaper room -- and didn't adjust the price.

Then, there was construction going on all night, well past midnight. Not their fault, but of course the couldn't switch me to the other side of the hotel, away from it, since they were sold out.

All this is unpleasant but not totally unforgivable, but this was the "best" part - I was awakened by a very strange and anxiety inducing noise because it came directly from my window - fifteen stories high. I looked out and there was a man. A window cleaner, and the noise was essentially a plunger he used to keep himself close to the window and move around.  CAN YOU PLEASE NOTIFY ME WHEN A MAN IS GOING TO BE SCALING UP MY WINDOW?!? Oh, and the curtains are sheer, so I could see him which means he could see me - sleeping in my birthday suit. Needless to say, I could not fall back asleep after.

29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
115. Arthur S.
1 star cause the hotel room looked cool.. But other then that and if I was able-- 0 stars

I stayed here in April and refrained from writing a review cause despite the terrible experience they did sometbing nice. I took a twix from the mini bar and when I opened it was hard as a rock and crumbled everywhere. I called reception and they said I won't be charged and I asked them to put a note. The person at front desk said don't worry I got it.
I also put the twix on a piece of paper in the room and wrote my own note.

The white sheets were also covered in dark red stains which resembled blood. So I slept on the floor.

Today I noticed a 10 dollar charge on my card from Ames. I don't usually check my cc statements that intently if it's a small charge like that but I went back and this one caught my eye. I called today and the person at the front desk who claimed to be a manager was a total prick. "Too bad"

So in addition to his terrible employees not doing their job and not putting in a note (he said there were no notes)
He was a prick on the phone.

Stay here if you want expired candy getting you sick, and bloody sheets!! This would be your best option if that is what you are into.

Also the 10 dollars isn't even that big of a deal, but 10 dollars for one candy? My CC company can and will dispute it so I don't care. If he wasn't a prick on the phone id just leave it alone.


25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
116. Dee P.
Review is for the Ames Hotel Bar downstairs... did not stay in the hotel, although I wish I had! It's super cute!

Enjoyed some amazing bartender-crafted (meaning invented) cocktails while a terrific funk band played, on a Sunday night just after the Boston Calling festival got out (since it's right next door to City Hall Plaza). We and the people all around us were absolutely wowed by the drinks, and although it got busy, service was excellent and the bartender clearly an artist. It was entertaining just to watch him work.

It is small, but enough room for larger parties at the tables adjacent to the bar. The decor is lovely, and because the bathrooms are upstairs through the lobby and elevators, you get a sense of the hotel, and it's wicked chic and such.

Drinks are comparable to other joints in the city (read: expensive for a Cambridge girl), but well worth the indulgence. I will go back again, even if I have to make a special trip.

12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. Melissa L.
My boyfriend and I stayed here this past weekend for my birthday.   We booked a king city view room and ended up getting upgraded to the apartment suite! Everything about the room was amazing! We only stayed one night and stayed as close to check out as we could!   The bed was amazing (I am not a great sleeper and it was the best night of sleep I've ever had!). My boyfriend did say the traffic below was loud but he still fell right to sleep.   I wear earplugs to bed and brought my own but they had some in the nightstand! (Not sure if the reviewers complaining about the noise were aware of these).   The rain shower was AMAZING!   I know we will never stay in that room again as it is way over budget but it definitely made my bday one to remember!

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
118. Richard L.
This hotel is a really chic, sexy hotel in the heart of downtown Boston right by some of the historical sites and food.  The hotels rooms are modernly decorated with a very sleek sexy look probably mostly for couples.  The room we shared was small though - enough for a little space between the bed and the walls with a flat screen TV and a big enough bathroom.

One note - the hotel has an option for a "Sexy Shower" where you can see the shower from your bed through a glass wall instead of an actual wall - which is meant for couples...so make that known at the time of booking.

17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
119. Chris R.
I haven't actually stayed in this hotel, I'm just reviewing the bar/lounge area, which I've been to about 5-6 times. Cool swanky modern decor with large leather booths, a dozen or so dinner tables, and a cool bar area with two of the largest TVs that exist. Super friendly bartenders, plus they have a $3 Miller High Life special. They just opened their kitchen so it remains to be seen what their final menu will look like, but as of now they're serving great burgers, flatbread pizza, truffle fries, and other upscale American bar food type stuff.

The real plus is that they have live music I think every night. Mostly acoustic stuff during the week then full bands on the weekends. Great sound system where you can hear everything but still talk to your friends without yelling.

Definitely check this place out!

26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
120. Jay Y.
Ames Boston Hotel should be your top choice if you want to explore Downtown Boston! Providing great service and comfortable room, the hotel is located right across from a MBTA station under Old State House and is only a minute away from Faneuil Hall.

I stayed here for three nights and was glad that I chose Ames. The hotel was so conveniently located that I could easily backtrack to my hotel to either take a shower or drop off something without impeding my downtown exploration. The hotel location was terrific!

The room itself was also nice. Although the room was not as spacious as other 3-4 stars hotel, Ames still provides all the accommodations that you need to have an enjoyable and comfortable stay. Don't expect a top-notch business center or fitness room though.

What won me over however was the service. I reserved this hotel under my name for a family vacation, but I got stranded in Pittsburgh because my flight was cancelled. My mom and sister were already in Boston because they flew from Houston. I explained my situation to Ames on phone, and the front desk receptionist switched the reservation name to my mom without hesitation so my family could check in without me! I wasn't able to enter Boston until 2 AM, so if Ames wasn't so accommodating, my mom and sister may have been roaming in the Boston streets for the whole day!

The location was splendid. The room was comfortable. The service was spectacular. I don't see anything to complain about Ames Boston Hotel, so I have high confidence that you too will enjoy this hotel if you are traveling to Boston for an adventure like me!

tl;dr version
-Best location in Downtown Boston you could ask for!
-Nice, comfortable room
-Spectacular service

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. Alexandra M.
Came here after my friend got off work for their bar which was pretty fun. It was dead before they all got there, so I guess it's like that all the time. Great if you have a large group and just want it to be you because of that. Good drinks, a bit strong...I don't remember much because of that.

The DJ that night was really nice and pretty much played whatever we wanted.

26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. Tin P.
I got a good deal for Ames Hotel on Hot-wire for 100$ a night. It is rated as a 4 stars hotel on hotwire, and the experience was excellent.

We arrived at Ames Boston Hotel late night, around mid-night. We could not find any parking around so we decided to valet parking with Ames Boston Hotel. The valet parking is pricey: 42$/ per night. Well, you know why? it is located 4 minutes walk away from Quincy market, a heart of Boston Financial District. So I am not going to complaint about this pricey valet parking.

The room is pretty hip. However, it is a bit small. The bed is very comforting. Best of all, the shower is amazing. It is standing shower pouring on you. So refreshing!

Well, again this hotel is rated high for LOCATION, LOCATION & LOCATION! Best location in town! 4 Stars!

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Angela H.
Location is key and the hotel is in a prime spot to sightsee.
The rooms are modern and sleek.
The service was not warm and in fact, seemed snotty when I arrived.
The restaurant was closed except the pricey continental breakfast buffet, which I opted out on. There was no where to lounge or hang out if you needed to.
The valet staff (a separate company) was very helpful but cost 42.00! I did see a nearby garage from my room's window.
Perhaps my expectations were high, but then again so was the price for everything.

End result: Errrrrrrnnnnnttttt! Try again.

04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
124. Peter V.
Stayed a Couple days in early January. Excellent hotel, loved the location for tourism. Rooms are very cool and ultra modern. Amazing city views. Smaller in size but no more so than any other city hotel. Can hear the sound of the subway vibrating through the building a little bit. Very minor annoyance - the location and great staff makes up for any complaints. Very accommodating.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
125. Ann D.
Nice accommodations. But seriously--no coffee available until 7 AM? Even the average hotel provides some sort of caffeine fix even in the form of an in-room mini coffeemaker. Thank goodness there was a Starbucks in the next block that opened at 5:30 AM!

And the Ames app was useless--I tried to message for the valet to get my car and it told me the name and room number I entered was invalid::-(

24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
126. Cynthia B.
My favorite hotel in Boston. I love the decor, it's minimalist but still manages to be very cozy and welcoming. Love the glass shower and privacy curtain, which makes the rooms seem much larger. Very comfortable mattress. Breakfasts options are good. Amenities in rooms include: large flat-screen television, mini-fridge with some mini-bar options, large glass shower, large closet. I stayed here for a friend's wedding at the State Room, and it was perfect. Very close to many Boston sites. Staff was welcoming and friendly. Wifi was fast. Relatively quiet, considering the street noise.

25/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Laurie V.
Ames is 5 stars in my book for these 3 important facts: location, Location, LOCATION!!!!!

We meandered the streets all radius' of the Ames and were no less than 15 mins walking distance from various Boston landmarks.

Across the street alone was the Old House or whatever the name was where the Boston Massacre occurred. Granted, only five ppl were killed during this massacre but, Ya know....it's an integral part of US history.

Another block across the street was the Quincy Market. And if you don't know where or what to eat during ur stay in Boston, this would be a great place to head to because it was menagerie of food, drink, dessert vendors. If you want sweets, Chinese, thai, Italian, and seafood -- this was the place to head to.

The next street a few blocks over from Ames was Boston Commons, various graveyards, churches, and just overall Beantown history.

Ames is near many train stations, too, which made travelling to Fenway or Newbury Street very easy and painless, especially when it was raining.
Btw, they had large umbrellas for guests to use on his New England rainy days!!!!!!

Other than the locations, rooms were boutiquey aka small. But, honestly, I was expecting it. Location made up for it cuz we were barely in the room anyways. The bathroom made up for the small room size, too. The bathtub was gigantic. I loved it lol

I have to mention that their hotel toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, lotion) was very good quality stuff. I've stayed at many a hotel rooms (The Standard LA, Wynn Vegas, Cosmo Vegas, etc hotels in Vegas) and their toiletries have to be my favorite. Great smell and overall great products. I wanted to take some home but, literally, had no room in my luggage.

Service staff was friendly, also. We were able to leave our luggage with the lobby before/
after check ins/outs. I found that very helpful when we were touring the city.
Continental breakfast was yum :) lox and creme cheese, various teas, muffins, fruits. It was pretty good after airplane food, let me tell u ;p

Ames added to my great Boston vacation. I would love to stay here again :)

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
128. Andrea H.
This hotel was awesome!
I booked a deal on Hotwire for a hotel in the financial district and they gave me the Ames boston hotel and I was so glad when I walked into the hotel! The door men are super nice, and the receptionists were all super nice as well. I got a room for myself with a fab king sized bed on the 8th floor with a fantastic view of the south meeting house and direction towards Faneuil hall! It was great! The room had a very minimalist feeling, the furnishings were super chic and I absolutely loved it! I want to furnish my apartment like that! The bed was so comfortable, I hated that I got little sleep because of my messed up sleeping schedule being from the west coast and having to get up early for the conference I was attending.
There was a lot of natural light in the room and it got really bright in the morning so I would suggest using the black out shades or whatever they're called.
The bathroom was super nice, not too big but just the right size. The shower was awesome and had glass walls with a curtain that opened a view into the bedroom, kinda cool! Super modern. Only thing about the shower was that there was no door to close, just a half glass wall, so I felt bad if water spilled into the bathroom floor, but I always had a towel on the floor.
Only thing I had to complain about was room service was limited hours, from 5-10 pm and breakfast ended at 11am, but you had to pay 10$ after already paying like $200 a night for the hotel. I got in late to the hotel after a long flight and I had to go walk around the city by myself to find some food late at night.  But no worries, the Ames hotel is centrally located, super close to a bunch of coffee places, food places, shops, and more! Also Faneuil hall and Quincy market are a mere 5 min walk down the street, with lots of bars open late! I had a great time. It was really cold when I was there and even started snowing, so I took a taxi or uber to the convention center when I had to go to the conference, but of course the weather got nicer when I was going to leave!

I definitely recommend the Ames Boston hotel and I will definitely be back next time I'm in town for business!

01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Kirsten H.
My favorite part about the Ames Hotel was the location. It's located right in the heart of Boston just minutes from Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. It also took me only 15-20 minutes to walk to Newbury St and about ten to get to Boston Commons.

My room itself was great. The bed was super comfortable and the toiletries were superior to most other hotels I've stayed at. The shower was all glass and separated the bathroom from the bedroom. Had I been traveling with a friend or family member I would have felt very exposed.

The lobby of the hotel is very bare and uninviting. I met up with a friend before dinner with the intention of catching up in the lobby for a few minutes before heading out in the rain but besides a few uncomfortable chairs, there's no where to relax. I was also put off upon arrival when the bellhop took my bag from the taxi and refused to let me take my own bag up to my room. It was a tiny carry-on bag and I would have much preferred to have brought it up to the room rather than engage in the uncomfortable scenario that followed, which involved me fumbling to find a few dollars in my wallet to give him the obligatory tip. I understand that it's a nice touch, but when you're traveling alone with just one easy to carry bag, it's more of a burden than anything else.

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
130. Ethan W.
Had a great experience at this boutique hotel right in down town Boston by quincy market. About a month prior to my stay I contacted Ames about getting a suite on a high floor with a specific view as I would be proposing to my girlfriend that evening and wanted the perfect room for a perfect night. Charles, the lead concierge, contacted me back promptly and made a note for that room on our reservation and also offered to arrange to have her favorite wine and a bouquet of flowers put in the room at a time of my choosing without me even asking which was great.
   We arrived about a half hour prior to check in time and our room wasn't ready. No big deal, we were early. The gentlemen at the counter moved us to the "same room" 3 floors below. I'm guessing he didn't see the request for the specific room we initially had and didn't ask if we minded waiting an extra 20 minutes for our specific room, but also not a big deal. We arrived to find the room smelled like vomit. Specifically the couch. It seemed as though a guest had a fun night and cleaned the mess up themselves rather well (save for the smell) instead of contacting the hotel. I went back down stairs and we were moved to our originally booked room on a higher floor within 15 minutes, no questions asked. Charles came up to the first room with the new keys so we didn't have to make the trip down to the lobby and he immediately smelled what we smelled and apologized.
   Our new room was spotless and had an excellent view of downtown/the harbor. The suites are modern and tastefully decorated with large tv's and large bathroom right off the bedroom. Very comfortable couches and beds. Great selection at the mini bar. The noise is what it is, you're downtown in a city of 600k people, folks.

  TL;DR five star hotel if it weren't for puke room. However, excellent customer service after the fact. While I'm sure the puke guests opted to clean up after themselves instead of notifying staff, there's no way house keeping didn't notice the smell. Will stay again.

26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0