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Boston Park Plaza in Boston, MA


In the heart of historic Back Bay stands an equally legendary landmark. Built in 1927, Boston Park Plaza is a member of Historic Hotels of America, and recipient of the Successful Meeting Pinnacle Award for delivering excellence in meetings. With an unmatched location, we are adjacent to the Public Garden with its Swan Boats and the chic boutiques, art galleries and restaurants of the world-famous Newbury Street. Rich in history, our hotel offers the same luxury, hospitality expertise, service and splendor today that have attracted United States Presidents, international corporations, and celebrities in the past.


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Rating: 2.53

Address: 50 Park Plz, Boston, MA, 02116

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    Comments (531):

    1. Jen P.
    Stayed here when I was a young'n with my family. Of course as a little kid I thought it was awesome! My parents have stayed there before and have been happy with their stay everytime. It is in a great location, by the commons and heart of the city. As for the renovations...at least they are improving it?

    27/07/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Ame k.
    the room is very small.  it's a boutique style hotel.  i am not too into that type.  i got the reservation very cheap thur hotwire.com , so i dont really care about where am i staying.

    08/09/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Roshni R.
    i know i've stayed here twice (both time in high school)...the first time was for harvard model u.n., and the second time i can't for the life of me remember.  in any case, the rooms are quite small and drab in contrast to the grandiosity of the hotel entrance and ballrooms.  being a fan of magnificent bathrooms, i was also somewhat disappointed by the diminutive tubs.  i'd probably give the park plaza another star if it weren't for the rowdy kids running around everywhere.  the people upstairs from us got kicked out for squeezing toothpaste and tossing ice cubes down into the street (and onto one of my roommates' heads).  mit senior ball was here too, and that was fun...

    18/11/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. J ..
    Not a bad choice at all if you're coming to Boston on a budget- you're still in the middle of everything, close to the T, and not spending as much as you would if you were across the street. However, the rooms can be hit or miss. Apparently they're in the midst of renovations, and some rooms are great while others are just awful. Best bet to get a good one is to book through their website rather than other travel sites. Of course, there's no guarantee, but it is probably also worth asking upon check-in if any of their more newly-renovated rooms are available.

    06/07/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Rob M.
    Good location, good access to the Commons and transit and good neighborhood restaurants.  When I was there though this place was looking a bit ratty.  Duct tape was holding down tears in the carpet in the hallways and the furniture in our tiny room looked a bit worn.  The staff was friendly and helpful and after all, we didn't go to Boston to stay inside but still, we were expecting a bit more.

    28/06/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Greycella L.
    I should preface this review by saying that the last hotel I'd stayed in was truly amazing- the hotel vogue in montreal. Since this place was touted as a luxury hotel and was in a similar price range I went in with pretty high expectations. I also had really, really wanted to book a room at the nine zero hotel because I'd read that it was managed by the people who brought the hotel vogue up to it's incredible snuff- but my boyfriend remembered this place as being really nice so we went with it because it was close to the wang theatre where we were going to see jon stewart. Well! Let me tell you, if I'd taken the directions that the totally clueless and lackadaisal concierge on our floor (we were in the towers) gave us we would've missed the show! The service is not here at all. I appreciated that it was an older building and they had info about the history but overall I feel like I would've had the exact same experience at some chain hotel. Yes, the bathroom had granite- but that doesn't mean anything when there's no tub and you can hardly turn around in it. Putting a phone in there doesn't make up for that, either. The windows didn't open the whole way, the sheets were a bit worn thin in some places, the tv was ancient and nothing about it made me feel the way that shelling out the extra bucks should. Being in the towers did get us a free breakfast in the VIP lounge or whatever, and the upgrade was free at check-in so that part was alright. I'd hate to think about what our room would've been like without the upgrade, given what we plunked down. This place needs some better management in a major way to realize the potential in a prime location with a well known name. I wouldn't go here again, but I would tell the suits to headhunt whoever is running the nine zero or hotel vogue to help you get with the program.

    22/12/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Lisa E.
    I would not stay at this hotel again if it was free. I paid an exorbitant amount for two nights for a room that was not even big enough to accommodate a standard (double) bed. In fact, it was so small that the bedside table would not fit next to the bed and was at the foot of the bed.
    The TV remote control did not work, but that was not such a problem as the TV had no reception anyway.
    Lighting in the room was so poor that it was impossible to see the clothes in my suitcase. Which reminds me, there was not even a rack to hold suitcases, let alone a closet to hang anything in.
    The hotel staff were rude and arrogant, if you could get to talk to them. I waited more than 20 minutes on hold to speak to the Concierge before I gave up. Waiting at the counter did not provide any better service.
    For the price, I would expect a free shuttle service to the airport, as is common at other  hotels. The best the hotel could offer was the phone number of a local service (not even booking the service).
    The only experience at the hotel that was good was dinner at Bonfire restaurant. The staff were friendly and very accommodating, and the food was terrific.
    Do yourself a favor and stay at another hotel, but if you like a good steak, check out Bonfire.

    29/10/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Steven P.
    Wow, if it weren't for the crown molding and the nice wallpaper we would swear we were in a Super8. I understand that older Boston hotels are small for the high room rate, but the stale musty air is dreadful. The tiny bathroom looks to have been updated last when running water was first installed. The tile grout is filthy and the ceiling in the bath is cracking and a square foot chunk is poised to fall soon. And "conditioning shampoo" - really? For $300 a night (weekend rate with tax) they couldn't spring for an ounce of both - at a Park Plaza?  The 27" Zenith tube TV is from 2000 ( I looked at the back ) and befitting neither a four star hotel or rate. The desk lamp is falling apart at the base and the furniture is bland and tired. We have stayed at fine hotels and economy, and the Boston park plaza ranks on the lower side - especially for the cost. Perhaps they earned their four star ranking for the tower level - otherwise try another hotel.

    16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Jay T.
    I stayed here for a weekend for about $90/night from priceline..  thought I would get a "priceline' room, but I got a spacious 2 double bed room.  great location..  the breakfast buffet looked great but who would pay $15-20 for sausage and scrambled eggs?  I can hear noises from the hall though, from doors opening/closing, and I can hear people upstairs walking near the bathroom area.  bathroom is tiny but not a big problem for me.

    05/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Robin K.
    clean, typical hotel rooms. the entry, lobby and bar area are stately. friendly, helpful staff. great location! walk to bay back station, restaurants, boston common within minutes.

    14/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. SAN N.
    I attended a conference at this hotel, which is how I ended up staying there. But if it weren't for that reason, I can't really figure out the appeal of this hotel. It is no longer part of the Starwood group, so you don't get any points or anything for staying. Nothing was included in the rate - no breakfast or internet. And as several Yelpers already mentioned, they don't have wifi, although my wired connection seemed to work just fine. The staff were not rude or unpleasant, but "warm and friendly" wouldn't be the first words to come to mind, either. The room was small, and it reminded me of my old "vintage" apartment in Chicago - even though it was probably clean, it was too old to actually LOOK clean. And in the 2 days I spent there, I spent about a half hour waiting for the elevator! It's true that the hotel is historic and all that, and the common areas are nice, but next time I'm in Boston, I'd rather stay at a Marriott of Hilton.

    05/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Jen R.
    Best aspects of this hotel are the lobby and the location.  Being in the lobby makes me feel special.   The ballroom is classy too.  I have been to a few weddings here and other functions.   Very fancy weddings and functions.  The hotel rooms are small and older.

    24/08/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Chris B.
    One of the better hotels I've stayed at on my various trips to Boston. The Back Bay neighborhood is great, and if you're an unlucky SOB like me who got stuck sharing a room with a coworker, opt for the slightly larger room and you too might luck out with a room that has two bathrooms... talk about lucky!

    11/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Marc S.
    Got a nice expedia rate here for one of their "European" rooms (tiny), but it was fine for myself as I was traveling alone.  Though an old place, room was redone modernly and very tasteful and comfortable.  I appreciated the comforter cover which made me more comfortable that i wasn't sleeping on something that is never washed.  Lot's of TV channels.  Good pillows.  Climate control very easy to operate and adjust.  Good towels.  Pleasing shampoo and soaps.  Only negative was shower drain clogged a bit.  Good location right on subway line and next to Public Gardens for a pleasant walk on your way to the Commons and downtown.

    12/05/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Linda V.
    Think twice before staying here.  I stayed here last year for the Thanksgiving holiday.   Don't get me wrong the hotel is beautiful, however the rooms are small and dingy.  I arrived early the front desk clerk stated your early not sure if your room is ready.  What? come on it's winter in New England no one comes this time of year, it's slow that's why I got a good price on the hotel room.  In any event I checked in to a cracker box size room.  I explained to the clerk my last experience in Boston where someone came into my hotel room.  Well I laid down to rest and the bed was really comfortable.   Having flown all night I was really tired, I just started to drift off when someone opened my door, I screamed, and they left.  I immediately called the front desk and they couldn't think of who would have come in my room.  I even had the do not disturb sign up.  We concluded it was housekeeping and I should have locked the top lock.  The bathroom was small and the sinks were the old type.  Well they ended up moving me to a suite "Columbus Suite"  I had beautiful views of the city, just gorgeous.  However the room needed a face lift, the old steam heater sizzled all night.  If I had to pay what they normally charge I would have been upset.  Maybe they have better looking rooms for "better looking people"?

    09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Anthro food e.
    we got this room on a friday night for only $149.00+tax...
    not a bad deal considering how luxurious it was...the bathroom was a small, but nice!  it had two shower heads!  room service was quite efficient on a late night after walking around all over town and hitting the bars...their clam chowder was probably the best ive ever had!  it was thick, creamy and the perfect way to end the night!  the lobby is absolutely gorgeous with all of the chandeliers and flowers!  the whiskey bar is downstairs and probably the best bar in boston for someone coming from new york...

    27/08/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Bob F.
    Stayed here for a week recently...great value for the money.  Smallish rooms, but incredible location, nice staff, beautiful lobby, and free wireless internet on the Mezz. and ground floors.

    30/08/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. R S.
    To put it succinctly: Historic sometimes just means old and outdated.  

    Well, it would appear my review is going to seem redundant BUT I was ticked off enough to reiterate my extreme disappointment here.  

    We booked a room through Hotwire for Saturday Feb. 13, 2010 to celebrate Valentine's Day.  We arrived at about 4:15 to check in.  Check in was listed on our reservation at 3 pm.  Arrival time is also listed on the hotel website as 3pm.  The first person I talked to at the front desk told me they did not have a clean room available.  I told him it would be fine to upgrade us to a better room.  He responded that there was not a single room clean in the entire hotel.  There are 941 rooms in the hotel and we had paid ahead for the room.  I asked for the manager and she tried three times to herd me toward the bar for a drink while I waited for them to clean a room.  I explained to her that we had theater tickets for 5:30 and that getting into the room at 5 pm was unacceptable.  Her name was Erin and she got a big attitude with me and kept asking me what I wanted.  I told her I wanted to be able to get into a room I had paid for at the time it was listed to be available so that I could make my play on time.  She told me that check in times were not guaranteed.  To which I wondered, does that mean there is flexibility on when I have to leave tomorrow? (That was before I saw the room.)  Eventually, she offered to adjust the room rate by 50%.  We still had to rush to make the play on time.  

    Upon finally getting into the room (45 minutes later), we were... disappointed, well I was pretty much irate at this point.  The bed didnt even look like a queen size bed.  The room felt more like a cruise ship cabin (the cheap ones) than a historic hotel room.  My boyfriend, who is 6'5" could barely get into the bathroom which was about the size of one you'd find in a Winnebago.  The tub backed up with water.  You had to sit right in front of the TV to have full visibility of the screen.  

    I will say that perhaps they werent lying about being fully (dare I guess over-) sold for the evening because we later found out (riding cattle style in the elevator up and down to our 11th floor room with a large large group of drunken Model UN participants) there was a convention going on.  They were hosting a convention of 18-26 year old international students who it appeared were using it as a chance to find last minute Valentine's Day dates.  There was vomit outside our hotel bank on our floor which I had to call twice about until it was eventually cleaned up.  There were so many out of control guests that the noise did not stop until about 4 a.m.  It would appear they have contracted to host this event for a while.  

    I would suggest, if You can tolerate rooms that arent guaranteed at check in, small rooms, tinier bathrooms, and disappointment in general after being promised a historic and luxury experience, at least dont go on Valentine's Day weekend.  

    Briefly: as to wheelchair accessibility, there may be some rooms that were (suites perhaps) but ours certainly was not.  The door opened inward and the radius barely missed the furniture and the bathroom was absolutely in no way accessible let alone safe for someone in a wheelchair.  You'd have to take the door off the hinges to get in there.

    17/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Iska B.
    Gorgeous lobby and an altogether ornate appearance. As for the rooms, well they are on the pricier side and they weren't amazing or anything. I think I booked a basic room for about $190-200 for a Saturday night. It did have a king sized bed, bonus right there. Otherwise it was a pretty standard room. The bathroom was average, nothing special, no high quality toilet paper or anything or super fluffy towels. The TV was also of normal size. All in all it was fun to jump around on the huge bed and walk around the hotel itself but I wouldn't say this place was anything special...unless I guess you get the super awesome penthouse or something.

    28/11/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Ann C.
    think old tradition bling- a lot of gold and shine/reflection

    afternoon tea at swan cafe is small- very limited space/seating and always make a reservation!

    they offer variety of tea choices (one whole side dedicated to park plaza anniversary special teas) and their 3 course afternoon tea delights were yummy. desserts were on the way too sweet side. i thought one of their petite cake was right out of the little debbie box.

    if you're in the area, go to four seasons instead.

    12/10/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    21. Phil P.
    My review of this hotel is going to be based on a slightly different experience than most people will probably be going for.  A friend of mine and the band he was playing with stayed here last evening.  It became the base camp for our operations of going out last night.  At the end of the night, we stumbled back into the hotel at about 3:30 am, and the front desk lady was more than helpful.  She handed us all two bottles of water each to ease the discomfort that was beginning to set in from a little too much fun being had.  That gets some stars for going the extra mile right there. I was not really in a state to be going anywhere by this point, so it was decided that I would crash in one of the hotel rooms.  I went upstairs to the room which was very nice, and used the bathroom, which was also very nice.  My friend passed out, and then it was time for me to make a decision.  Did I really want to stay in this room with two other dudes, or did I want to try and find a late night cab back to Eastie.  Option number 2 won out.  I propped the hotel room door open with an old room service bottle in the hall in case I was unsuccessful in getting a cab, and set out on a late night mission.  There was already a cab hanging out in front of the hotel which was very convenient. Another plus.  Home I go.  Back to East Boston by 4:30.  What a night.  Very unusual.  I guess that's what happens when old friends come to town.  In regards to the hotel, I will also say that the bar inside is a nice place to start your evening as well.  I understand that this hotel is a little pricey, so I'm not sure if I would suggest it on my own dime, but for my evening of fun, it served it's purposes.  I doubt I'll be back, not because it was bad, but because I just doubt I'll have a reason to be.

    21/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Jennifer R.
    The room I stayed in was clean but small for 4 people (two double beds). The size of the room wasn't that big of a deal since we were there for a conference and spent most of the time out of the hotel either conferencing, shopping, or eating.  The people working at the concierge and the front desk were really nice and helpful.  The location is great too, close to lots of restaurants and shopping.  They also have 24 hour room service which is always a plus for someone like me who constantly worries about being hungry when all restaurants are closed...

    My only real problem with this hotel is their policy on using their "business center". They charge you $10 to use the computers in the business center.  This $10 gets you 30 credits- you use up one credit per minute and 2 credits for every page you print.  I had to print out notes for a talk I was giving and the time it took me to figure out the goddamn computer took up 10 credits and printing out 10 pages (only half of my talk) took up another 20 credits. I used up this stupid card in 10 minutes. Does this seem reasonable to you or does it seem like a huge rip-off? You'd think that paying $200 a night would entitle you to print out 20 pages but apparently not. Lesson: have your shit ready before staying at this hotel...
    Also, there is no free wireless internet and you have to pay $10 to use it for 12 hours. Another huge rip-off. Wow, my opinion of this hotel is rapidly decreasing as I write this review....

    03/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. J N.
    Old rooms. Need updating....

    27/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. Jocelyn H.
    I am very disappointed with the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers.  First of all, Park Plaza hotels are supposed to be luxurious.  That conjures images of immaculate rooms with full amenities and impeccable service.  Not even close here.

    Lobby was nothing impressive.  It was okay, but not particularly pretty or special.  The reception was undermanned.  They did not offer to help me with my bags.  

    My reservation was for a non-smoking room.  When I checked in and went to my room, surprise, surprise... smoking room.  Big time.  I called down and they confirmed that they indeed gave me a smoking room and will have someone come up with new keys to a new room.  Fine.  Eventually, a bellhop came in handed me my key and took off... not even an offer to help move my bags.  I've been in this situation before when I had to move rooms and the bellhop always at least offered to take my bags and escort me to the new room.

    But the room situation didn't end there.  I went to my new room and saw that there was a "do not disturb" sign on the door.  That's odd... those aren't usually there unless a guest is staying in that room.  Then I tried my card... doesn't work.  Checked to make sure I'm at the right room number... yup, I'm at the room number they told me to go to.  Tried the card a few more times.  No dice.  sigh.  Walked over to the courtesy phone on the floor.  Doesn't work.  Now I'm a pretty peeved.  I just flew across the country and I just want to put my bags down and rest.  I go down to the lobby and wait in line to get to the only receptionist available.  Yes, she apologized, and finally gave me the right room, but I wasn't particularly satisfied.  

    When I entered my room, it looked okay at first glance.  Mind you, my first room (ol' smokey) was tiny and the bed was squeaky.  (I only sat on it as I waited for my new card key)  The new room was bigger because it had 2 double beds.  (they had apparently run out of singles, but no big deal)  There was a large flat screen tv in the room, which is nice.  It was a little dark and I realized that one of the ceiling lights didn't work.  Off to a bad start there... Then I started to unpack... where's the dresser?  where's the closet?  There is NO dresser or closet?!!  The corner of the room next to a desk where the internet connection (no wireless) sits has a hanging rod.  So that means I have to hang all my clothes and there is no where else to put my clothes away into.  Where am I supposed to keep my underwear?  I guess in my suitcase.  Also, the desk with the internet connection... I searched far and wide... NO ELECTRICAL OUTLET!!!  How can that be?  So that means I can't charge my laptop while I am working online.  So that makes me curious... if there are no outlets here, where can they be??  Are there none?!!  There's another desk by the TV.  No outlets.  (How did they plug the TV in?  The cable went into the wall, so I guess that's where the outlet is.  Too bad it's nowhere I can reach.  Finally I find ONE outlet in the room.  Guess where it is?  Above the bed, about 6 feet from the ground.  Yes, I said ABOVE the bed.  Pretty odd place for an outlet.  I barely could reach the darned thing without standing on the bed.  It is really weird.  

    Next up, the bathroom.  First off, the light switch has a dimmer-like thing next to it and the dimmer has a glass cover.  The glass cover is broken.  Oh, and there is a shard of glass on the floor of the bathroom.  Lovely.  How about the shower?  There is no tub.  There isn't even a shower lip or whatever to keep the water in one spot.  So that means that the floor gets super wet everywhere.  

    Another amenity that is lacking... no mini-bar!  I usually like to go out and bring some snacks back and put them in the fridge, but not here, I guess.  

    Overall, this hotel is terrible for the price and embarrassing for the brand.  They need to update these rooms so that they make SENSE.  I don't expect it to be ultra modern like the "W" hotel or anything like that.  I'm fine with traditional.  But I expected much more from the Park Plaza and I would never, ever book this place again.  I'll stick with the Westin since they have consistently comfortable beds and well-designed rooms.

    03/05/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. karen m.
    Don't bother. We booked the Rockettes package for an astronomical price and paid for a bottle of champagne to be in the room upon arrival as a surprise.  We checked in and got our tickets and they were very poor seats. We got to the room and no champagne.  The hotel rooms are small and old, and no hair dryer!  The room was extremely hot even though we lowered the temp as low as it would go. We had to keep the window open so we got to listen to police cars and ambulances all night. We would have been better off staying at a newer hotel and buying the Rockettes tickets ourselves.

    06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. gwendolyn g.
    The worst experience I've ever had a hotel. My hubby and I decided to stay for a romantic night. The front desk staff was fine, room was mediocre.the real problem I had was when we decided to expend our stay.i walked down to the front desk, talk with a thin blond guy and said I'm in room so and so,I'd like to extend my stay for. Another night, he says okay. I ask him if he needs my credit card he says no, hes all set. Around 7pm that night I extend our stay a manknockson the door. We answeritandhe says we have to leave. What?? I explain that i extended our stay, he says there's no record of it. I say, well I'll go down and sort it out now. I go downstairs to Talk to the lady manager on duty and explain the situation. She says she has no record of us extending our stay and that the hotel is full. I tell her what the guy to whom I spoke looks like she says that the manager. She makes a phone call. She comes back and says,  and I quote "it's doubtful he extended your stay, he said he did not". So now she just called me a liar. The man who knocked on our door accompanies me back to the room to get our stuff.i tell him I have to change and to wait outside. He says he's the security there and that he needs to stay in the room until we leave. My husband argues with him about how unfair this is,that we are being treated like criminals. I change in the bathroom we pack and get escorted out of the hotel like criminals. I wish I was exaggerating, nice romantic hotel stay,as you can imagine.

    01/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. michael m.
    A classy hotel located in one of the best parts of town.  This place is ritzy -- I was getting glares for walking through the lobby with a t-shirt on my way to a Sox Game.  Very old style.

    You can get great prices on rooms if you pull if off -- especially for some of the suite style rooms, call the desk and ask about them.  My parents had one that was positively huge -- king bed, two full baths, a sitting area, a separate living room, three walk in closets, and a plasma HDTV.  All for the price of a regular suite.  Ask for it, it's on the fourth floor in the corner.

    The service is impeccable and the staff is very accommodating, if you need to stay an hour past check-in, or have some special need.  The bar is very relaxing as well, and is priced pretty standard for a hotel bar, but I would just walk to McCormick & Schmick's -- it's attached.

    16/05/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Susie Derkin S.
    Just stayed here for 4 nights last week.  Got it for $95/nt through Priceline - an amazing price for Boston.  As recommended, I asked the front desk lady if we could have a remodeled room.  She said most of them are already remodeled and ours was already one of them.  Amazing, since we thought we'd be stuck with a crappy room for booking it through Priceline.  

    The room is a teensy bit smaller than other hotels, but it was extremely clean, modestly decorated (not cluttered), with great pillows/comforters, and all the necessities - cable TV, hair dryer, plenty of clean towels, in room high-speed internet (not free), jacket closet, iron, room service, etc.  The lobby also has a late-night bar that serves food till 1am - great for us, since we got in at midnight and didn't have dinner yet.  It also has a pretty happenin' bar/club called Whiskey Club and houses 2 great restaurants - McCormick and Bon Fire.  

    The best thing about this hotel - the prime location.  We could walk to all the great parts of central Boston in minutes.  RIGHT next to the Boston Commons, Newberry Street, Chinatown, Freedom Trail, Bunker Hill, the T, some great restaurants, etc.  I would definetely stay here again even if I don't get the same low price.

    05/05/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Ksenia Z.
    good location, awesome staff.

    Trying to figure out a mystery of the double door on top of the regular hotel room door..interesting.

    First evening we were there my fiancée was watching tv while i was changing in the restroom when someone was able to open our hotel room from the OUTSIDE ( yes, from the hallway) only to loudly say " oh im sorry" and vanish into the night. This is super creepy because when a hotel door is closed it remains closed to anyone from the outside.  Trust me, after that happend i closed the door like i did before, and guess what...i was unable to open it with anything other then our hotel room key.
    So whoever opened it obviously had the key.
    how the hell does one of their staff members confuses our room for something else when it has a ROOM NUMBER on the outside?  
    How friggin weird and creepy is that??

    Freaky as it was, after couple of minutes of trying to digest what just took place i called the front desk to see if they mixed up the keys and assigned our room to someone else and the only explanation they could offer is that possibly the 'cleaning staff or the engineers must have mistaken our room " but mistaken it for what????..go figure. Front desk confirmed that no one else had the same key as we did and offered to send the doorman to our room with new keys, we declined. and it did not happen. so that was odd.

    Hotel is definitely old, every time you flash the toilet it sounds like a rocket and it sends the water slightly out of the toilet =D which is amusing for about 5 seconds.

    Walls are super thin, even though we had requested a super quiet room ( based on everyone else complaining about the noise) we were luckily rooming right next to a suite where they were playing a violin and they played it quite a bit. Granted they/he/she were good but boy, that was a lot of violin.
    Yes, it is true that when someone sneezes in the room next to you - feel free to say "bless you" because you are able to hear each other that well. You can hear your neighbors snore, talk, sneeze/fart etc.  
     But 15th floor suppose to be super nice, according to their booklet. they really make it sound super nice :) don't know if its worth the extra price for the slipper and robes you get. 2 bad we could only afford the "regular folk, thin wall, rocket bathroom $160 a night room".

    We did not eat at any of the restaurants on the property,

    Just go outside and enjoy Au Bon Pain  if you want good coffee and instead of paying through the roof for some overrated stuff ( a 30 second walk :)

    We will most likely not be staying there again, although location is great the thin walls are quite the bummer.

    Also, even though this is a Starwood property you do not get Starwood credit for staying at the Starwood property. Meh. not cool again

    There is NOTHING complimentary at the hotel, no breakfast ( not that we were made aware of), airport shuttle was free from the other hotel last year, but this one charges $17 a person!!!  save your money and take the T.

    01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Luis M.
    The rooms here were very small.  I hung halfway out the shower stall, serious.  That being said, they did have a lot of character.  Just to be clear, when I say *character* I don't mean that it's a crackhouse.  It's very fancy and ornate.  If you want a room with a bit of flavor and don't mind some inconveniences then you might want to give this place a try.  It was also a very good location that allowed me to get all over Boston quite easily, including the airport.

    23/07/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. Mona P.
    I was in Boston for a wedding and stayed at the Park Plaza.  I looked at the ratings online before making reservations, they had 4 stars.  First I waited about an hour before I was even able to check-in to my room and it was well after the check-in time.  I got to the room and it had a strong mildew smell to it, I opened the window and that helped.  The bathrooms are tiny and there is no room to even put your toothbrush on a counter, I had to plug my flat iron in by the TV and keep walking to the bathroom to see what my hair looked like.  There was no vanity type area in the room at all.  The walls were paper thin; I am a little hard of hearing and could hear everything that was going on in the room next door.  The rooms were clean but for a 4 star I expected a nicer room.  If you are in town for a quick business trip this hotel is fine but if you are there on vacation I definitely would not recommend staying here.  The hotel is in a great location by the Boston Commons and right by Newbury Street.

    20/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    32. Stephen K.
    Stayed here for a night recently - my friend got into a fight at the bar. The rooms are small, but comfy and clean. This place has an excellent location about a block off Boston Common in the middle of downtown.

    09/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Randy R.
    It's an elegant old hotel that, although, passed it's prime has been well cared for by an attentive staff. No, it is probably not up to the Ritz Carlton standards, but it doesn't have the Ritz price tag either. I could not find anything to complain about as far as housekeeping. I thought they did a fine job. The only quirk was the layout of the room . Apparently my room had once been two rooms! No real issue with that but having two tiny bathrooms was interesting. I did have tubs in both. My associates in a different room had two micro showers. My wife would have liked his and hers bathrooms had she been there.

    24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Goofy D.
    It was ok. No parking at the place. It was crazy just finding a spot in the garage at Legal Seafood. Wifi in the rooms was $10 a day, No one picked up for room service, but to be fair it was the night of the fourth. The room itself was good size.

    07/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. Albert T.
    In Boston, I have family and friends to stay with. But on a business trip, I want to be close to work, near Copley Square. Between work and friends in the city, I'm not sleeping a whole lot. When I do, this place does the trick. The beds are comfy and the rooms are clean. The bathrooms are small and are also clean.

    Despite previous reviews that I am seeing, ask for a non-smoking room and you'll find that the rooms are clean and presentable. Rooms are small, but that doesn't matter to me when all I'm looking for is to sleep and shower.

    Convenience and old world charm are bought here. If you're looking for luxury and hang out space, pay more and go elsewhere. It's not all that comfortable for the tourists or a getaway romance. Parking is unknown to me, because I didn't have a car.

    It's a 6 min walk away from Copley square, 2 minutes from the Common, and 10 min to Chinatown/Downtown Crossing. If that's not enough, take the Green line to Brighton or the Red line to Cambridge.

    Service was satisfactory, but how can you mess up check in and check out?

    17/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Melissa M.
    I've been to many hotels all over the United States and this was my worst experience. The customer service was cold and unwlecoming. We did most of the work ourselves, including carrying our own bags to our rooms because the bell hop said and I quote "you guys dont need a cart anyway, just head up". Very rarely did I encounter smiles and the rooms were too small for the price we paid. I would never recommend this hotel to anyone.

    27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    37. Sandy S.
    I love this hotel. No, it's not the W, but the prices are fair and I stay here quite frequently for the 4th of July festivities. I have always found my room to be clean and roomy. No complaints here at all, and you can't beat the location.

    11/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Mark P.
    My experience at this hotel was notable enough for me to finally create a Yelp account of my own so that I'd have somewhere to make my opinion heard.

    With an impending leisure trip to Boston right after Christmas (I stayed for 2 nights from 12/28/09-12/30/09), I took a chance bidding $75 on Priceline and was rewarded with this hotel. I will freely admit that I'm not really one for old-world charm. I'm a brand-spanking-new-Marriott, Hilton, or W (when affordable) type of boy all the way, so I was a little worried about this hotel - but I figured since my Amex was already charged, I'd see how things go. In the end, I couldn't have been more pleased.

    This hotel's location is fantastic. Not only is excellent shopping very nearby, but so is the theater district, a movie theater, Boston Common, and many, many restaurants (both big-name chains and smaller, high-end types). Several are on the first floor of the building itself, including a very nice dessert establishment. Others are just down the block. Many historical Boston locations are well within walking distance. The only slight problem is that one of the days during my visit was among the coldest of the season, with a temperature of 11 degrees and wind gusts of 45 mph. This made the walk to some of the further attractions a bit brutal, but in ordinary weather, the distance would have been absolutely fine. I am aware, however, that I was in Boston during the winter, so I am not complaining about the cold.

    The lobby does offer old-world hotel charm, but the front desk features a nice backdrop of flat-panel television screens displaying a beautiful panorama of the Boston skyline. All front-desk associates were very friendly, helpful and attentive, both in person and when I called them in advance to confirm my reservation. Over the phone the associate referred to me by name when confirming my reservation, and told me how he looked forward to seeing me soon. A nice, friendly touch.

    The car valet team and doormen were equally as attentive and very friendly, especially given the fact that they were stuck outside during the frigid weather.

    The elevators required a keycard to operate, helping to add a slight sense of added security. They keycard readers were a bit finicky at times, making the elevators occasionally tricky to get moving, but I didn't mind since that meant they'd be that much harder to operate for anyone who shouldn't be using them.

    As many reviews on here suggest, the rooms could be classified as slightly small in today's large-room world, but by no means at all did I find them to be cramped or too small. Safe and iron were in the closet. I shared my room with a friend and we each had our own full size bed and we still found the room to be perfectly adequate. The bathroom was more on the noticeably-small size, but this was a non-issue. Shower worked well, hot water was fine, etc. Both the room and bathroom were very clean and the maid service was timely and efficient. We called for extra towels one morning and received them quickly, along with two bathrobes (we didn't ask for them, but we did appreciate them).

    The appointments to the room and bathroom were surprisingly modern. I did not find anything to be particularly old-world about the room at all, except perhaps the doors. The room door, closet door and bathroom door all looked to be original to the hotel. They were, however, well-painted, fully-operational, and the room doors did have electronic keycard locks, as most hotels do. On the morning that we checked out we walked past fresh paint that was being applied to decorative columns in the hallway - I had not noticed anything wrong with the paint when I walked past them before. I made a mental note that I was impressed with their upkeep of the hotel.

    Our television did exhibit some slight interference on a handful of channels. I did not call to have this resolved as it wasn't really troublesome (I don't think I cared about those channels, anyway).

    The front desk issued us change for large bills on two occasions and the concierge helped us in person and on the phone twice to point us in the right direction.

    My one actual complaint is on the price of the parking. Valet parking cost $40 per night - more than half of what the room itself cost us each night. There is a self-park garage right across the street, but at about $2 less than the valet, it was hardly worth it. The valet had our car to us quickly each time we needed it, but I had a hard time swallowing this parking cost, even though I am accustomed to such high parking rates in New York City garages. $80 in parking for 2 nights just makes me ill, but I realize this is common for the area. I searched all hotels in the area and found them each to be about the same.

    A pool would have been nice, but I understand the hotel is old and that would probably be next-to-impossible.

    Aside from the high cost of parking, I fully recommend this hotel.

    05/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Jeannette S.
    This is a nice and cozy hotel in the downtown area.  It is listed as a historic hotel, and there are definitely signs of the history.  If you notice the doors have an odd shape to them.  They protrude in the middle!  It turns out they are equipped with a special door where you hang your laundry.  The laundry people then come by and pick it up without having to disturb you.  I thought that was a fascinating idea!  There's a whole history of the hotel in the binder in the room, and I thought it was really interesting!

    Anyway, back to the hotel...  I got a room for 3 nights on priceline for $100/ night.  I had read reviews on here and on tripadvisor . com and saw some sketchy reviews so I made sure to call ahead of time and make sure 1) I had a reservation, 2) I had a request for the room type that I wanted, and 3) had a non-smoking room...  Since this was a holiday weekend, the requests were put in but couldn't be guaranteed.  

    We checked in early (around noon and check-in is 3 pm), and got a nice and cozy room with a desk and extra chairs.  Even the bureau looked brand new!  I've read that some of the rooms were nasty  if you don't get a tower room, so I was pleasantly surprised!  The beds were comfortable and space was adequate for 2 people.  

    The location is perfect.  You're a couple of blocks from Newbury St., about a 10 min. walk to Fanueil Hall, Prudential Center, and Chinatown, depending on which direction you go.  The T stop is across the street, and there are restaurants a few steps away!  There is also a bar at the hotel and a couple of restaurants in the same building.  Room service is 24 hours.  The cabs are also accessible 24 hrs and a trip is about $5-10 anywhere in Boston.

    If you're used to people opening doors for you, forget about it.  There are bell guys standing right by the door and just watch you walk past them.

    06/09/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Happy D.
    My friend & I stayed here for a week.  I'm originally from Boston and have stayed in plenty of 5 star hotels to hostels in big cities.  I'm surprised by the reviews below bc they were so different from our experience.

    If you stay here, we liked the corner room #607.  

    What we liked:
    - The hotel is non-smoking (city req) so our room didn't smell like smoke
    - Double shower head so I could take LOOONG Showers
    - Wired internet for $10.95 or free unsecured wireless (don't think this was offered by the hotel but I found it)
    - 2 queen-sized beds
    - cable tv
    - 2 blocks from T-stop (subway)
    - helpful concierge
    - loved the Afternoon Tea
    - lots of heat

    A possible con for others (but not for us):
    - The room was perfectly warm for me but too hot for my friend. In Dec, there was no way to turn on AC, only turn off the heat. Lucky for us, the window had a draft so we kept the heat on and my friend slept by the window and I slept on the bed inside and stayed warm.

    I personally liked how we could walk to all the main touristy places.

    Using priceline, we paid $70/night, and we thought it was a great deal!

    Yes, the room is smaller than my hotel room in Phoenix, AZ bc it's in a prime location of Boston.  They offer valet parking, but I think boston is a city better without a car.  They also have lots of restaurants but we didn't eat at any of them - I imagine they're good since they're all chain restaurants.

    05/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. giin l.
    ewww, this hotel is so gross.  my tiny room reeked of cigarette smoke -- the thick, stale smell was in the towels and the sheets as well as the air.  asked to be switched to another room, no luck.  asked the room to be aired, no again.  promptly rebooked the rest of the trip to another hotel.

    if i ever recommend this hotel to you, this means you and i, we don't get along.

    (2 stars instead of 0 because recently i stayed in a boat hotel in halong bay that was even grosser.  o, world, you really let me down sometimes.)

    16/12/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    42. Lynette M.
    I used the Park Plaza Hotel for my wedding, the reception was across the street at Maggianos. I found the service (was helped by sales agent Deidre) to be great, they locked me and my guests in at a great rate. I had two straggling guests that did not book in time for the rate, but the hotel honored the rate for them anyways. I was greeted in my suite with a bottle of complimentary champagne and the extended me a very late check out time the day after my wedding. Thanks Park Plaza!

    27/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Keith W.
    My department recently had our Global Offsite Meeting at the Boston Park Plaza. We spent three days there, and those of us from the Cambridge office all got to stay overnight for one of the nights.

    The service that we received during our day meetings was exceptional. We were given a point person who was on call and easily accessible whenever we needed him. It was the little things that really made a difference. We didn't bring a printer with us. I needed to print a speech that was stored in my Gmail. An employee allowed me to sit in his office and log on to the network using his account. I was not rushed and had time to proof my speech and print it at no extra charge. Yes, this seems minor, but a more pretentious place could have easily given me a hard time and charged some ridiculous amount to print a few pages.

    We enjoyed buffet style meals which were actually much better than I expected. We even asked them to prepare a special international buffet with food selections suggested by our foreign colleagues. The hotel was enthusiastic about the opportunity to prepare things that were not on the menu and the meal turned out to be very popular.

    The guest rooms were tiny, but subtle details like the pattern on the rug and design on the walls left me feeling far more sophisticated and important than I actually am.

    On the last night, we had a dinner in one of the larger rooms. I'd like to commend the bartender on his intuition - apparently, he knew he was dealing with a lush, because my drinks were consistently 3/4 Jack Daniels, 1/4 Coke.  

    After dinner, the dancing began and, for some reason, the women in my department seemed to have "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" on repeat. I would think that most establishments would have banished us at this point. Not, the Park Plaza, They allowed the girls to have their fun. The next morning one of the waitresses even commented on what a good time our group was.

    Ultimately, the staff made the difference. They did everything they could to ensure that my group had an exceptional experience. Highly recommended as a meeting destination.

    30/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Flora B.
    I'm going to have to give this place only one star... yes, it's a good deal for the location, but I can hear EVERY WORD my neighbors say. The walls here on the 14th floor are paper thin. I am having flashbacks to my college days when the girl next door would play Eminem incessantly ("Cleaning out my closet").

    I'm sorry Park Plaza.
    I never meant to hurt you...
    I never meant to make you cry,
    but tonight, I'm giving you

    25/03/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    45. Megan S.
    1 word: Hotwire.  

    Hotwire is currently rocking my world. Marathon weekend had Boston Hotels either booked or obscenely expensive, and I had to get an overpriced room in Cambridge. Then my bf tried hotwire and got this AMAZING location for 1/2 the price of the room in Cambridge. This is the first hotel you see when you exit the finish line chute, is next to an Au Bon Pan which is open marathon Monday so you can stop for bagels on the way to the bus, and is in an ideal location for walking to the buses and the finish.

    The rooms were smallish and you can definitely hear through the walls -- otherwise this would have been a 5-star for me.

    BONUS: They have a ladies changing room with a shower, so if you have already checked out you can still shower after the marathon. HUGE bonus if you have to catch a flight and would prefer not to STINK it up.

    18/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Meghan W.
    My boyfriend and I decided to stay here to help make our anniversary more special.  What a mistake.  The walls were very thin and we could hear everything that went on in the hallway and adjoining rooms.

    Additionally, the room was extremely warm and the air conditioning did nothing to improve the situation.  When we opened up the window to get in some of the cool winter air, we were kept awake by all the noise from the street below.

    For a hotel as pricey as this is and with the reputation it has, I expected a LOT more from my stay here.

    16/01/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Thomas A.
    I stayed here for a very long visit to Boston 11 days 10 nights for business and fun. It's an old "classic" hotel and you should be ready for modest sized rooms. I upgraded to the Towers and felt that the comp breakfast - while limited - was plenty to get the day started. Also it was worth the convenience. A big part of long stays is courteous and professional staff - and the Park Plaza had very friendly, helpful staff at all moments for all requests. Also, the location is ideal for exploring Boston whether on foot, by the T or taxi. Enjoy.

    26/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Michael B.
    I came here for a research conference. While I'm impressed with the hotel's lobby and conference rooms, I can't say the same about the guest rooms. Mine was clean (except for the bathroom, which had stains all over the place) and had all of the basic amenities, which is why this hotel still gets a 3 star rating from me. However, I have had several problems from early on: the room is rather small and there is no closet or other place to hang a suit. There is no parking garage, the valet parking is expensive, and the driving directions to get from the front side of the hotel (where you check in) to the back (where you find the valets) are really convoluted (blame Boston itself for that, though; the hotel's at the intersection of a bunch of one-way streets). If you aren't willing to take the valet parking, the staff will not help you find another garage.

    The elevators are also rather slow, and one of them serves only as an express elevator to the towers. You'll need to put your room key in to go anywhere other than the lobby or mezzanine.

    The hotel is a bit pricey by absolute standards, but for this area of Boston, it's a good value. Just realize that you get what you pay for.

    29/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    49. Stephanie R.
    Needed a hotel to stay in for just 1 night when I came for an interview, and this hotel was perfect. It was super close to Boston Commons and the shopping on Newbury St, and very close to the Arlington T stop. It was definitely a little old-fashioned, but was clean and comfortable, and the lobby was really nice. I also found a really good rate online, which made it much more affordable than some of the other hotels nearby. I definitely recommend it!

    20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Barry D.
    The room was very small and appeared run down and old.  I am not a very big person and I could not fit in the shower, my boss who is 6'4" did not at all. My room was next to the elevator and it kept me up all night. I was there for business and was hoping for a desk to work, but no luck. The room had a bed and nightstand and that's it. Felt like a motel not a hotel.

    To top it all off I asked for a wake up call that never came.

    01/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    51. Iris S.
    Let me just start by saying that I believe hotels are for sleeping and showering.  I travel to see the sights and relax at establishments I wouldn't find at home.

    I was requested by Hotwire.com to fill out a survey and leave comments for my recent stay at the Boston Park Plaza.  This is what I left them, plus a few other details:

    "Nicely decorated standard rooms with coffee maker, travel size amenities, and cable.  The beds were comfortable and well fitted with soft, coordinating linens.  The walls are a little thin, but it wasn't all that bothersome.  I preferred my layout and view from room 1412 to room 565.  Location is close to the T for quick transportation options.  Also, close to Newbury Street, Boston Common, and Public Gardens.  
    Enjoyed the Irish pub, M.J. O'Connors, on the ground level, but that Theater district area doesn't have much in the way of non-hotel associated bars/clubs.  
    I didn't feel that the rooms were that small and for the value of $92/weekend night.  I couldn't get a room of such quality for the price in downtown Chicago.  All in all, I'd stay again."

    I didn't really know the layout of Boston in terms of my interests so I chose the Park Plaza based upon the price and a recommendation of a family member.  I had a great time there, but I wish I had sought out a hotel closer to the North End as the bf and I spent most of our late-nite time near the Union Street bars and Little Italy.

    Still, you couldn't beat that Park Plaza deal with a stick.

    30/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Todd W.
    This was a terrible stay and for the price, we could have stayed at 2 other properties near-by that were much nicer as I discovered.  I don't know where to begin...incorrect reservation, they tried to put 3 adults in one king bed!!  A room that was worse than any Holiday Inn, Hampton or even Motel 6.  The thermometer read 68 degrees, but the room was near 80.  The only saving grace was after 1 1/2 hours on the phone to American Express, the hotel finally chose to move us to a "suite"..... wow...where is a Hilton Garden Inn when you need it?  This was atrocious and the staff, with the exception of one manager were plain rude.
    If you are hoping for a TV that dates from the 1980's forward (they had old Zenith brand and no movies) or a bed that might have nice sheets or be somewhat comfortable, forget this place!!!

    28/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    53. Kristin S.
    My boyfriend and I just got back home after staying at this hotel for three nights; we were both happy overall, with a couple of minor quibbles than knocked my rating down to a four star one.  

    We chose the hotel because it seemed to be a fairly nice hotel with a wonderful rate for the location.  We arrived around 4:30 PM and checked in quickly - service was quick & courteous.  I was a bit nervous; I'd arranged for a non-smoking, wheelchair-accessible room with a king-sized bed, roll-in shower & shower seat.  I know from experience that sometimes - despite prior arrangements being made - one doesn't get what one asked for.  So, fingers were crossed.

    We were surprised (but not bothered) that the room was much smaller than rooms we'd stayed in at other hotels.  We were going to sleep, shower, & watch TV - not throw parties nor roll around on the floor.  We had a dresser, a writing desk, the aforementioned king-sized bed, two end tables with drawers, & a very large closet.  The room was clean - I noticed chipped paint in a couple of places, but only because I was looking for it (some reviews I'd read mentioned chipped paint).

    The bathroom had everything I'd requested!  Roll/walk-in shower, complete with a sturdy shower seat attached to the wall.  It was clean with a wide/deep sink and was stocked with toiletries and toilet tissue.  Despite what I read in another review here, my showering didn't cause a swamp in the rest of the bathroom - the floor was pitched, so the shower water stayed in the shower.

    Our experience with the staff was also very good - we found everyone friendly as well as helpful, from the reservations personnel to the concierges, bellmen, and housekeepers.

    Why, then, the four stars instead of five?  A couple of minor issues: 1) The top of the hose that lead to the handheld shower wand seemed to be defective - water would spurt out when one turned on the shower.  It didn't interfere with the shower, really, but we reported it to guest services; however, it was never fixed.  2) The ice machine on our floor didn't work - again, we reported it on our first night & it was never fixed.

    That being said, I don't hesitate to recommend this hotel.  The location is wonderful - right by Boston Common & the Public Gardens.  There are several restaurants near or attached to the hotel itself, several tourist attractions & shops within walking distance, and a T stop very close by.  I didn't want to come home!

    Oh, and re: price range - different people consider different things "moderate", etc.  We got an e-mail through my boyfriend's sister & secured our room (a regular one, not Towers level) at $139 a night from 07/07/08 - 07/10/08.

    11/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Liz B.
    This is a review for the Afternoon Tea, which is held at the Pairings Restaurant at this hotel.

    When you think of afternoon tea, images of fine china and petite sandwiches come to mind. Or maybe that's only what I think of? Well, this afternoon tea was really great, but very very modern. No fine china and no petite sandwiches minus the bread crust.

    My friend and I chose the Afternoon Tea package which came with:
    1 teapot of the tea of your choosing, per person, 1 scone with cream cheese, orange marmalade, and strawberry preserves, 4 bruschetta type sandwiches, and a selection of 5 small desserts. Everything was really delicious and very filling. We did the 2;00 seating and were filled until 8pm!

    I highly recommend this afternoon tea, but if you enjoy more of the traditional atmosphere, then look elsewhere.

    04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Michelle T.
    The one thing this place has going for it is the location! Like everyone has said it's conveniently located within walking distance of every popular place to visit and the green line is literally right across the street. The customer service was good, check-in and check-out was quick and when we requested more towels we received them pretty quickly. Also, I must say, the beds are extremely comfortable and huge!!
    Now onto the not so great things. I got the room through priceline so I didn't pay full price, nor would I. The rooms are very small and pretty outdated. The bathroom is tiny and there is no counter space to put any toiletries. It's a pretty small sink that drains really slowly. The toilet is one you would find in a gas station restroom. Also, there is no vent in the bathroom at all.
    It's not a bad place but I do think they charge too much, I would not pay full price but if you can get a deal on Priceline it's not so bad. If you don't plan on spending much time in the room and are not too concerned about the size than this is a great place to stay for tourists. The location can't be beat.

    21/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. Teej T.
    Centrally located and entirely convenient, I really enjoyed my stay at Boston Park Plaza this week for a conference.  The nicely furnished room s looked a bit cozy, but it added to the charm.  The decor was nice and slightly different without being overly embellished or kitschy.  I really only had two complaints.

    First, there is no wireless anywhere except the lounge/.mezzanine.  The problem?  When it craps out.  It's lame at midnight when you have a transcript emergency with UCSD cancelling your transcript shipping order at midnight Boston time and your wireless craps out.  After a 25 minute futile conversation, no one at the desk was able to help me other than a relatively useless, "I can't do anything here."

    Other problem?  Grumpy ass porters.  I had to leave a bagt and asked it to be taken up to my room while I was gone.  "Fine.  Whatever," barked a porter.  When I came back and asked politely if it'd been delivered to my room just to be sure, I was barked at with a "Of course it's up there."

    Whatevs, man!

    Other than that, the place is nice, the locale is perfect, and it's a nice lil spot.

    30/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Tracy B.
    Hotwire booked our room.  In a "chat" with Hotwire, I told them I needed two beds as I was traveling with my 20 year old niece.  I was told they could accommodate me. I get to The Boston Park Plaza Hotel and I am booked into a room with one double bed! I explained to the front desk clerk my situation and told them what Hotwire said.  The hotel clerk said Hotwire should not have told me they could accommodate me, as Hotwire only have the ability to book petite rooms for the hotel, which only have one bed! I had to upgrade and pay $40 more.  I do not think this is blatantly the hotel's fault, but they seemed used to customers having this problem with Hotwire.....so maybe they should stop letting Hotwire book for the hotel!?!  I will NEVER use Hotwire again. I am not sure about this hotel, but everything else was okay, but nothing outstanding.  One exception is the location, which is great! The doormen were very helpful. The valet (additional $40) was nice....but, there is also no where else to park, so you must use it!

    01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    58. Jessica O.
    Feels like this place has been around for a LONG time. The lobby is like Grand Central Station and the people at the front desk act like this is their first hotel job.
    But, the room was clean, and the bed was very comfy. It felt very safe and cozy. I'd definitely stay there again. Good area, too, BTW.

    05/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    59. Ryan D.
    Though I advised the front desk I was ready to check in before 2, I did not get checked in until after 4. They repeatedly claimed I would get a call from them when my room was ready, but I did not. I was also meant to get an upgrade due to posting my reservation to my LinkedIn account, but ultimately I got nothing. My Junior Suite was meant to have a sleeper sofa, but did not. In fact, there was a pathetic lack of furniture in the "suite". It felt like a big empty barn. Housekeeping obligingly brought a roll-away bed when I called, but even that was in pretty sorry shape. Too bad, because it could be a nice place.

    14/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    60. David B.
    Nice hotel.  Like many historic hotels, the rooms are on the smaller side.  Bathroom was disappointing.  It was tiny. Good location.  Multiple restaurants nearby.  Keep an eye on prices.  I've seen the same room fluctuate in price from $235 to $599 inside of a week.  The good outweighs the other issues in my book.  I have multiple reservations with this hotel in the months to come.

    28/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    61. L.E. B.
    I stayed here at Thanksgiving two years ago and found it pleasant:  Beautiful Christmas decorations, tasteful room, and great proximity to to everything: the Common, Garden, Newbury Street, etc.   But, like other reviewers have noted, the walls seemed paper-thin and the service was poor.  I asked for a simple mug of hot water both mornings (for tea) and got a run-around answer and no hot water.

    I just tried to book again for an upcoming visit and got the rudest, most unhelpful accommodations woman I've ever spoken with on the other end.  Adios Boston Park Plaza.

    13/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    62. Luda P.
    Quite a lot of crappy reviews on here but I liked this place (apart from the price). Boston seems to be the most expensive city in teh world I've ever tried to find a hotel room in - not sure why that would be, so this isn't a bargain.

    I liked the old world feel of this place, and despite being obviously quite old it was in good nick, and clean.   Room wasn't enormous but plenty big enough and the bathroom was small but fine. Shower was fab.

    Any staff we spoke to were perfectly polite and helpful enough.  Oh, and I like that it's on the common, and that you can walk to South Station from here.

    23/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Sarah H.
    My daughter, girl friend and I stayed for 4 nights at the Boston Park Plaza.
    I can't say enough good things about our stay there.  It wasn't without a few burps, but I felt SAFE, and COMFORTABLE, and it was CLEAN and everyone was really  nice.  Now, I did find the downstairs bathroom toilet tissue free one morning , the one next to the spa and salon...must have been a big party the night before, and the Front Desk failed to point out the available guest lounge that we could have waited in near the front entrance, but once we asked they made sure we got in.  We had to wait for our room because we were too early.  The lobby was amazing, and there was a wonderful Breakfast Buffet there, a bit pricey, but way better than wandering around looking for breakfast.  I like the "old school" look of the place and felt it was worth every penny.

    05/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Quinallison J.
    THE worst hotel I have EVER stayed in. Not in terms of environment, nor cleanliness, nor ambiance, but by pure guest service and satisfaction.

    I know there's good reviews on here but I had to endure a whole week of blasting AC, the most clueless people working front desk, and very rude in-call service.

    I was there for a convention so I had my fair share of experiencing the facilities as a whole. It was the summer in August, and I actually got sick from that place. The AC was crazy cold, no temp control at ALL. Having to come in and out of the hotel just made me develop a bad cold and even a small flu for one of the days. During workshops, I'd literally sit there with my suit and my coat and it was still cold.

    Ok so maybe it was just me. I usually get cold more than others so I guess I'd let it slide. BUT I can' t fathom their hospitality there. All I ask is where else can I go that's a great unique only-in-Boston restaurant or cafe and that isn't a freakin fast food chain??? The answers I got "umm...there's Au Bon Pain around the corner, and there's that center with a bunch of food places." Aaaand I call down to front desk to ask if they have a pool, and the lady on the phone says in a rude way like I'm dumb "Uh, we don't have a pool here, this is a historic hotel." WTF? Then why do you have a fitness center and business center w/ wi-fi all over the hotel fools?

    There's other instances that I just don't care to remember any more, but to prove my feelings were valid with that hotel, the minute I get back home I tell my friend who works in the hotel business all about it (everything that's fresh in my mind) and even HE was shocked at what how they handled things. I'd rather spend $300 a night at the Four Season across the street rather than spending $300 for a week there.

    No matter how cool a hotel may look, it's not all about that. I expected more from this hotel with the service. Not helpful and uncaring really.

    17/07/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    65. Zachary Sam Z.
    Man, are hotels in Boston pricey! I managed to get a deal for a friend and I for the weekend we were here, and frankly, that price was about all that I'd be willing to pay. The normal prices struck me as outrageous. Under a reasonable rate, this place is actually a 4 star review, but with its prices? Eek.

    The location is a big plus. You're steps away from the Common & Public Garden and Copley Square, and really close to the Arlington Green Line stop so you can pretty much get anywhere you need to.

    The hotel itself feels fancy but that novelty soon wore off. Although I was a fan of the tea sommelier, even though I didn't participate in the demonstration and auction. She struck me as an eclectic woman and, when she complimented the lobby pianist, said "I'm enjoying your dulcet tones." How can you not be intrigued?

    Negative points for bad internet connectivity. Didn't work in the room, and wifi was $15 a day, and only in the lobby. Lame.

    The room itself was what I expected (aside from the wifi). The AC worked great, which was critical since it was super hot and humid when we were there.

    05/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    66. Dan L.
    Location, location, location!!  I have stayed here several times I have no complaints about this hotel.  First and foremost, the outside architecture is just beautiful!  Classic Boston style.  I love Boston architecture.  This is one of Boston's oldest hotels and once you walk inside you get that feeling.  The lobby with it's traditional chandeliers, the tile, the artwork, and the vibe you get the feeling that you're in traditional times.  The rooms I have had are quaint and cozy with comfortable beds and original fixtures, mainly in the bathrooms.  I have had some great views from my stays here.  Seeing the surrounding buildings and all the activities that are going on in the street.  It can get a little loud though with all the people honking their horns, hell it is Boston.
      One of the, if not the best attributes of this hotel is the location.  It is pretty much right smack in the middle of Boston.  Within 5 minutes you can be in china town, on Newbury or Boylston St, the common, the public gardens, downtown crossing or be at a T station.  Also attached to the hotels building are several free standing restaurants.  I mean everything you want is right there.  I will definitely be returning to this hotel in the future!

    23/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Nick L.
    The worst hotel experience ever.

    This hotel is dubiously blessed with the least competent and most unfriendly staff I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. From the people at the front desk, to the hotel operator, all the way up to the manager, they were, to a man, utterly standoffish, rude and unhelpful.

    I was eager to stay at this place, being the last place available in Boston. Unfortunately my travel was disrupted, and they not only lied about the options available, but put me through hoops seemingly for their own amusement. At the end of my experience, they still have my $400+tax, and I have chalked up the worst accommodation experience ever. Way to go guys, seriously great job, especially when I am scoping hotels for clients and my team who will become regular travelers to Boston.

    Stay well away from this nightmare.

    07/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    68. Jennifer T.
    On a recent trip to Boston, we stayed at the Boston Park Plaza and it exceeded our expectations!

    We got a travel deal off of Priceline, so we expected the hotel to be decent, but when we walked into the lobby we were surprised to see it dripping in chandeliers, gold trim, and beautiful, elegant furniture. On top of that, the reception employee upgraded us from a queen-size bed to a king-size bed for FREE!

    The rooms themselves were pretty basic and they do have some thin walls, but noise at night was not an issue. Everything was clean, the bed was comfortable, and they even came up to give my boyfriend some shaving cream, since he forgot his.

    Also, they have a great cocktail bar and wonderful restaurants in the building, including my favorite, The Melting Pot.

    I would definitely stay there again!

    04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Debbie G.
    Beautiful hotel with old world charm. Loved the room, especially the bed. Wow, I think there were 8 pillows on the bed. I lost count. Slept great! One thing that I didn't like was that the sink was way too small and they need more electrical outlets. I have an iPad, iPhone and laptop I was scrounging. Bring an adapter if you have lots of devices. Great location in a great part of Boston and only 10 - 15 min from Logan airport.

    16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. JF S.
    Stayed here in March for a conference - served as our home base for the week.  Somehow ended up on the concierge level, which was sweet.

    Rooms were clean, comfy and roomy enough for friends to crash.  Staff was excellent - super friendly without being too casual.  Loved the weekend guy working the concierge-level breakfast.  Not so much the juice-Nazi working the weekdays - that guy needs to re-lax.  Staff working the desk on the 15th floor were always pleasant and helpful.

    Large meeting rooms were nice, with good character in the ballrooms.  Some of the smaller breakout rooms had awkward layouts and felt a little cavernous.

    Catering/banquet food was a pleasant surprise - especially the modern cobb salad with avocado and the hot breakfast buffet of sandwiches and wraps.  Didn't like the way the cash bar was handled, having to pay cash for a drink ticket and then using it at the bar........why the middleman?  If you ask me, that's a good way to lose out on tips.

    24-hour room service was appreciated and service was fast.  Shrimp cocktail was a huge disappointment at $18 (plus fees) for 4(!) non-jumbo shrimp.  I know shrimp cocktail is generally a rip-off but this was excessively bad.

    Restaurants were either chains or too "sceney" for me.  Being a local, we went out on the town to eat at better places.  We did have the late night bar menu (super cheap eats) at McCormick & Schmicks and drinks in the lobby lounge.  Both were fine and got the late-night job done within stumbling distance to home.

    Attended a party in the presidential suite which was very posh but in a surprisingly modern way.  Actually, overall I expected the hotel to have a dated feel with antiquated service to go with it - and it was not that way at all.  Expectations were exceeded and combined with the killer location and fairly reasonable rates (though work paid and I'm sure we got a group rate), I highly recommend!

    22/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Tom G.
    Nice hotel, great beds and showers...altho even a king room didn't have a comfortable chair for reading or a decent desk chair. Fast wifi. Beware the airport shuttle scam -- the very helpful doorman ushers people to a shuttle that costs about twice what a cab costs.

    25/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    72. Jules B.
    This was a slightly disappointing stay. While the location is fantastic, that's all you come here for.  For this price I'd expect a lot, lot more.

    The rooms are small and adequate, and the bathrooms old-looking. But the service was what really let it down. Front doormen not bothering to open the door, and when we had a bottle of wine sent up to our room (a $40 bottle which adds up to $54-odd with taxes, tips and 'administrative fees'), one of the wine glasses broke as it was being handed over, shattering glass all over the carpet. The server just left and didn't call anybody from housekeeping to vacuum it up and my husband decided to clean it up before we got hurt.

    We also had a drink in the bar which was pleasant (before using internet in the lobby, the only free place otherwise $10.95 for 24 hours in the rooms, hmm). The Au Bon Pain next door is a good spot for a quick breakfast as none of the hotel restaurants look appealing.

    It's a shame, as it's such a historic hotel.

    26/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    73. Tunisia M.
    Stayed here during the first 2 weeks it took to get settled in the bean for school 3 years back. Alright place to stay- about as decent as hotels get. What's great is how everything is so close in walking distance- boston commons/public garden, shopping, places to grab a bite, etc. Their breakfast is alright too- it's continental and buffet style for one so you can't beat that. And perhaps what's really neat is that they had a piano playing itself downstairs in the main lobby- trippy...

    21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Joe M.
    Came here for my first Red Sawx game. This is, of course, the "Official Hotel of the Boston Red Sox", for whatever that's worth. The building was old school. Lobby was beautiful; unfortunately, you can't sleep in the lobby. Rooms were rather small but fairly clean. Beds were extremely comfortable. Location is great in that it's really close to public transportation. But it's the details.... I checked it at 2:35pm and the girl at the desk made it a point to say "Let me see if we have anything early for you". Early? Nothing pisses me off more than obnoxious front desk staff. Also visited the Concierge who basically sniffed at me when I asked about walking distance to Fannueil Hall. Must have been my t-shirt and shorts. Otherwise, the staff was very nice, including the doorman who directed us to a neat little place for breakfast (see other review of Back Bay Sandwiches). One last detail... the incessant humming of the 50 year old AC in our room was not very relaxing.

    01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    75. Justine N.
    Spent one night here on a recent business trip to Boston. I was impressed by the spacious lobby area and the nice looking lobby bar and on-site restaurants. At first sight, it seemed like a standard metropolitan, 4-star hotel. Then I got up to my room, which was tiny and unimpressive.

    The bathroom was even worse. It looked like something out of a college dorm,  complete with cracked and mildewed shower tiles, a crack in the "porcelain" sink, and a toilet with a commercial toilet flusher (you know, the kind you find in bars or airport bathrooms where you use your foot to flush it so you don't have to touch it).

    Fortunately, I booked my room through a discount website so I didn't pay full price to stay here. If you're budget is more flexible and you want to stay in this neighborhood, I'd suggest staying at other nearby hotels like the Lenox or Jurys.

    09/11/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    76. Don W.
    Sorry, this is a long one.

    The last time I was at the Park Plaza, it didn't go well.  I filled out the feedback form and got an upgrade certificate in the mail.  There was a letter that said they'd like another chance and the next time I stayed, they'd upgrade me to a suite.  In fact, the General Manager, Stuart Meyerson, asked that I call his personal assistant after I made my next reservation so that they could "personally oversee the upgrade".  So I was still paying for a room, but I would be getting a chance to see them shine.  I don't believe that they know I contribute to Yelp.

    Last week we decided to take them up on their offer.  We booked a room for 2 nights and I called Colleen, the GM's incredibly sweet and helpful assistant.  She took care of everything and we were really looking forward to this.  Anyway, we arrived at the Park Plaza and as soon as we got to the registration desk, it was obvious that there was a note in their system that said "Don't screw this up".  Or maybe it said "This guy is really a rock star".  I travel a lot and trust me when I say that it wasn't the standard greeting.

    We get to the suite and it was not just any suite, it was the Governor's Suite.  There's two bedrooms and a big living/dining room.  The living room could be turned into a third bedroom because the huge piece of furniture at one end of the room was a murphy bed.  Since there were really three rooms and a hallway included in the suite, there were three of everything.  Three bathrooms, three coffee makers, etc.  This suite must have been 1200 square feet.  I was wishing that we had booked the room for a few more nights because we were going to make the most of this place.

    And aside from some amazing meals at nearby restaurants, that was the high point of our Park Plaza dream vacation.  One of the coffee machines didn't work, and the second one leaked if the carafe wasn't in exactly the right spot.  All three of the safes didn't work (one was locked shut, another was locked open, and the third one was just dead).  When I looked through the peephole, all I saw was broken glass.  One of the windowsills moved when I touched it and it looks like it broke because someone tried to sit on it.  Some of the window shades only went up about a foot and if you wanted to look out the window, you had to bend down to look.  Two of the three HVAC units made a horrible noise if they ran for too long.  The nightlight worked in one of the three bathrooms.  The ice machine down the hall didn't work.

    Breakfast on the 15th floor was included, but it was sheer chaos up there.  There was no place to sit, there were no more eggs, most of the muffins were gone, kids chasing each other and bumping into you while you're trying to pour hot coffee, etc.  Pandemonium.  The one guy who was working was really trying, but he couldn't keep up.  We got some coffee and left.  We didn't even try going back there the next morning.

    As we looked at the suite during our stay, we realized that aside from a fairly new carpet and the generous amount of space we had, the rooms were much like the last room we had at the Park Plaza and much like what other people have described.  The rooms are old and tired, and the bathrooms are so small that even sitting on the toilet is awkward.  I was surprised that there wasn't a refrigerator in the suite and that wifi wasn't free.  And since we had a big dining room table, I wish that the room service menu included entrees from all the restaurants in the building.

    But it wasn't all bad.  The room was relatively quiet (despite the fact that Saturday night seemed to be prom night) and the bed was comfortable.  The location is awesome and the lobby is gorgeous, especially when it's decorated for the holidays.  There were no bedbugs or any other kind of bugs.  All of the plumbing worked and none of the wallpaper was peeling.  A call to get at least one safe working resulted in all the safes working, the peephole getting fixed (the new one was stolen from another door), and a burned out light bulb being replaced.  Thanks to the amazing Colleen for taking care of that at 4:45 on a Friday afternoon and yes, I know what a pain it is when someone calls late on Friday.  When this hotel was built in 1927, it was an amazing feat of elegance and engineering.  I hope that they refurbish it and bring back some of the elegance that it used to have.  The Taj was also built in 1927 so I know it can be done.

    In conclusion, don't be afraid of staying at the Park Plaza but don't expect much.  If you have a soft spot for old hotels and you don't have the budget for the Taj or the Fairmont, give the Park Plaza a try.  The next time I stay in Boston, I'll probably pick another hotel unless the Park Plaza gives me a really good deal.  The $200/night that we paid for the suite was that kind of deal but I doubt if I'm going to see that again.  They wanted to show me what they could do if I gave them another chance and now I know.

    25/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    77. Eric F.
    A friend picked this place as my house was under renovation during his visit. Awful service. Crummy rooms with dated interior. Valet service was truly awful - rude and condescending, while obviously being completely low class themselves! Better options in the back bay are The Taj or the Sheraton for about the same price point...

    23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    78. John S.
    Crooks. If you leave anything at this hotel consider it lost. DO NOT stay here.

    28/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    79. Carl e.
    Tough one to write because I really wanted to plug the Park Plaza.  A)  Boston people (I'm from Boston) are generally rude but that by no means should translate into the service.  The front desk was rude, they would not honor a price that was quoted on the phone.  I called back the park plazza fromk the park plaza and got the lady to quote me the same price again, and again the front desk would not homnor it.  Very brush off (it was late and no one was there) and finally the phone lady faxed the front desk and we were good.  All until the final bill came and it was like that one hour never happened.  Room service?  Food crap, expensive, this hotel must've been something during the great depression but in 2008, tear it down.  Everone seemed old there, the rooms were tiny and the AC on hot summer days had no juice.  

    Plus they wouldn't bring us beer past 2AM on the wedding night back in my tiny room with the kids I grew up with.  Plus no robes (that was the killer, half the reason I stay in hotels at all is because of the robes!)

    Lastly the price is outrageous against some of the new swank in the area.   Good location, but still Copley ain't all that in Boston these days with all of the revivial, don't be that guy, stay away unless you want to explore time done lost...

    15/09/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    80. CL S.
    This is my second attempt at staying at the Park Plaza (the first was a couple of years ago during the Boston Marathon).  I had hoped that they had worked out the kinks (terrible service, rooms not particularly clean), but they have only gotten worse.  There are about 30 hotels you could stay at within a few blocks of here, so I'm not willing to give them any extra points for the location.

    I found much of the staff to be rude and dismissive (though the maid was actually very nice and seemed to want to do a good job, if only they'd let her).  

    The walls are paper thin, such that you can hear every sound in every direction.  The heating in the bathrooms clanks all night long, so neither I nor my wife got any sleep.

    The showers have great pressure, if that's what sells you on a hotel, but the space for the shower was about half as big as a shower needs to be for an average sized person to move around without hitting either the wall or the shower curtain.

    I felt I had to stay here, as it was the central location needed for my business trip, but this was my last attempt at this hotel.  I'll stay farther away and pay extra (if need be) to stay just about anywhere else.

    07/04/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    81. Caitlin E.
    Old hotel with good bones. Bathrooms are super tiny. Our tv stopped working after an hour of it being on and we never could find the remote. We got an amazing rate so I really can't complain. The place was clean and walking distance from all the sites. Time to re do the rooms though!

    04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    82. R C.
    We stayed in a King Deluxe room for $200, and were very pleased.  I thought the value and location were excellent.  The staff was very accomodating and the room was large and had windows facing west and south.  The lobby was swanky and bustling.  The decor has an "old hotel" vibe as oppose to a modern (think: W) vibe.  Since I favor the old school look, this was fine by me.

    We had a very good experience.

    07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Alicia B.

    Yes, the location is great and the price CAN be reasonable, depending on what kind of deal you get. If you have a rental car, there are cheaper places to stow your vehicle (Pinstripe Parking is one and they're great), so you don't have to waste $$ with the valet.

    Yes, the lobby is fancy smancy. Especially during the holiday season when it's decked out. It looks like the place red and gold come to die. A bit gaudy for any other place except an old hotel in downtown Boston. Somehow, it works.

    But, what doesn't work is everything else. Sure, the people there are nice. They can point ya to a CVS late at night if that's what you need. But don't expect your room to be cleaned in a timely manner and don't expect to get any kind of rest here. The walls are so thin, you'll hear everything from the rooms around you, plus the noise of the street below. Out of the two, the other guests are the worse.

    We barely slept. And not for lack of trying with earplugs and running the heater. One night there was a commotion outside our door with several security guards having to put a stop to a party next door and escort a couple dudes out. They, of course, protested very, very loudly. Talk about drama at 3 a.m. that I could have lived without.

    I'd say this is a good choice if you are only planning to sleep here and spend the rest of your time elsewhere - whether in the office, at a friend's our outside exploring the city. BUT YOU CAN'T SLEEP HERE. So even that is a total wash.

    Don't bother. Seriously. What started off as a 3-star place quickly dropped to a single star because of the rowdy guests and constant commotion in the lobby. No, I didn't want to hear some 45 y/o drunk woman singing loudly. I don't care how you define "festive." That ain't one of them. Nor did I want to be accosted by some dude when we walked up the stairs. No, we aren't here to crash your precious party on the second level. We're just trying to make our way past the lobby chaos to the elevators. So buzz off, won't ya? Seriously. It's not like we are rift-raft looking to cause mayhem. For that, you might want to talk to the drunk lady singing downstairs or the frat-boy throwing a hissy fit because he got tossed out of the hotel. Guess he didn't get lucky that night. Pity.

    Oh, and let it be known that you may take your chances here. My BF found strange hair all over his pillow the first night he was here. GROSS.

    14/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    84. David M.
    I stayed her for work last week. The hotel was nice looking from the outside. I didn't have many encounters with the staff but they seemed nice. The rooms were very small and the walls are very thin. The location was great though.

    After reading everyone's reviews I can see where they are coming from. I didn't experience most of the complaints but a few people I work with did. This hotel is ok, just don't expect to much and you will be ok.

    07/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    85. Dana G.
    The husband and I stayed here for the first part of our honeymoon in October.  Booked a suite, which gave us ample room to chase each other.  For the price of the room, we weren't that impressed.  But considering the hotel is in The Common and has so many restaurants and attractions so close, I can somewhat understand the expense.  The bed was comfy, our room had 1 1/2 bathrooms, which the husband loved.  He loves having his own toilet and sink....whatever.  Room had a nice seating area with couch and chairs.  Weird thing was in between the seating area and the bed, there was a large long bump that ran from one wall to the other, indicating the room used to be two rooms not long ago.  We tripped on it a couple times, maybe because we were drunk, who knows.  It should have been shaved down before they laid carpet.  

    The first night we checked in we had dinner in McCormick & Schmicks, a restaurant on the first level of the hotel that reminded us of home.  When we got back to our room, management had left chocolate covered strawberries and chilled champagne for us.  Very nice touch.  Strawberries were devoured while watching tv in bed that night...sorry for the small stains housekeeping.  (Yes they really were strawberry stains).

    The rest of our stay was decent.  We loved the bar downstairs, it was very cozy.  On our last night there we brought down some cards, Farkel (love that game), and opened up a bottle of wine.  The bar got pretty busy considering it was Tuesday at 10:30pm, but no one seemed to mind that we were yelling "Farkel" and "Go Fish" while drinking good wine.  

    Couldn't help but wonder if the hotel was haunted, but nothing weird happened in the room.  The hotel is old but beautiful, completely restored so it looks as glamorous now as it probably did 70 years ago.  If you are in Boston, go to check out the gloriousness that is the hotel.  No need to stay the night since it's pricey, but definitely go to chill for a while and let your mind take you back in time.

    04/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    86. R. N.
    My husband and I recently got married at BPPH and we couldn't have been happier.  Our event coordinator, Abby Brennan-Power was so amazing to work with.  She got every detail and our day went off without a hitch.  The food was amazing, the room was beautiful, and the staff was attentive and friendly.  We were so pleased with how everything went.
    Some of our guests had some complaints about the hotel rooms, but rooms are small in historic buildings... it's to be expected.  Our suite was AMAZING.... so if you're looking for some more space you should upgrade.  This hotel is beautiful and made our wedding weekend one to remember.

    02/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Bob Q.
    So, before staying in this hotel I became quite weary because of the reviews here on yelp. I stayed here for 5 nights and I am happy to say that none of my fears came to fruition.

    Location: This hotel is placed absolutely perfectly. This was my first time in Boston, and having absolutely nothing but a normal tourist map I was able to easily walk to everything I wanted to.

    Service: Yes, the service is not what Californian's would consider great, but I honestly had no major complaints. It did take two calls to get more towels but other than that, the concierge was very helpful, the door men were friendly, and all the wait staff in the bar were great.

    Room condition: I stayed on the 12th floor. Other Yelpers complained about noisiness but I experienced none of this. Maybe I got lucky, but I am an EXTREMELY light sleeper and the only thing that kept me from sleeping properly was one of the a/c's in my room that I had to turn off because it made a weird noise.

    The decor was just fine; up to date and comfortable. The room was definitely clean, and the bathroom was clean as well. The maids did fine jobs every day and left nothing to complain about.

    One of the highlights for me was the hotel bar/cafe. I spent 3 out of my 5 nights here having a beer and a snack. The food and the service was excellent. I really enjoyed relaxing here. The wings were AWESOME, and the sliders were great too.

    I really could not find what these complaints were grounded in. Maybe I just got lucky, maybe people like complaining. The only thing to note about my experience was that I was staying with a large corporate account. Its hard to believe we all received special treatment. I have heard no complaints from any other co-workers about the hotel conditions & there were approximately 30+ of us staying at the hotel at the same time. I wanted to write a lengthy positive review only because most of the previous reviews freaked me out.

    This hotel is just fine in my book. I would definitely stay here again.

    01/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    88. Ian M.
    Three stars seems about accurate. Although it is a beautiful and classic hotel, the standard rooms and amenities are dated. Old TVs, cruddy AC, no refrigerator.  Walls were thin, so any light sleepers out there should avoid at all costs.

    On a more positive note, the staff were very pleasant and the cleaning crew did a great job.  The excellent location, free fitness center, and classic charm make it a more positive experience, but certainly not the best.

    If you're looking for a taste of old world Boston and not spending much time in your room, then this would be perfect for you.

    10/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    89. Molly S.
    This place is a dump.  I don't mean it's old.  It is old, and that's fine.  I love old hotels.  But this place, as I said, is a dump.  Bugs, mold, and our friends had mice in their room.  MICE.  

    Moreover, the elevators kept breaking (and certain stairwells lock after certain times, so I couldn't get where I needed to go with the elevators broken...and some stairwells require your roomkey to open, but my roomkey kept getting demagnetized...see below).  One person even got trapped inside an elevator while I was standing there.  Since the one car was stuck on the ground floor, none of the other ones would come because the system registered that there was already a car on the ground floor.  There were 6 elevators I believe...maybe 8, and it still took 15-20 minutes to get an elevator, if you got one at all.  More than once I had to walk up to my 8th floor room.  My unfortunate friends were on higher floors.  Also, the fire alarms went off multiple times, which was a huge pain in the ass for the conference I was attending, because many unfortunate people had their presentations interrupted.

    Another huge problem - their computers went down during prime check-in time (luckily I had checked in before they went down).  Also, I was CONSTANTLY having to have my keycard remagnetized.  (No, I did not keep it next to my phone.  Everyone at the conference had this problem.)  At first they wouldn't do it for me because they didn't have a record of my being in the room.  The room was in my friend's name, but I was supposed to be on the register.  The woman couldn't find my name, because their computers were still down, and she only had a paper printout.  I needed to get some medication rather quickly, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time just trying to get the elevator down to the desk, arguing with the front desk that I really could not have this fight with them because I needed my damned medication and that they were welcome to escort me to my room if they needed to, finally getting them to reprogram my card, and waiting desperately for the elevators to come.  (I found out later that my name WAS on the paper printout afterall...arghhhhh.)

    The conference facilities were a winding maze of a firetrap.

    The only good things are the location and the beds.  The beds are awesome.  So there's that.

    25/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    90. Jessica S.
    hotel itself is very nice. the rooms are ok, pretty old school. hate the doors on the rooms though and it was hard to open. i prefer more modern places. had issues with guest services bringing me a fan since our room fan was broken that kept me up for an hour until after midnight. kept saying they would be right up then in the end the front desk tells me guest services didn't even out the request in the system. then after i got it they called and said they were all out. i was very angry and there was no excuse for it. i talked to the manager in the morning and he gave us free breakfast in Pairings, which was very good.

    19/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    91. Nathalie C.
    We stayed here Sept 3 - Sept 5. We parked our Escalade in Valet for 2 nights. When you hand your keys over to Valet you expect the best service possible for your vehicle, after all, you park valet to make sure nothing happens to your vehicle!! When we got the truck back, there was $200US and $150CA STOLEN out of the center console!! We called the hotel to let them know and we had to open a claim for investigation. The Valet Manager said there was only one guy working at that time, so it wouldn't be a problem. When they checked the security cameras, the truck was parked in such a way the view was obstructed! Coincidence?? Unlikely!! They are not taking any responsibility at all for this. This is NOT Customer Service! The Valet company is an outsourced company the hotel uses, and they are not taking responsibility either. You would think paying over $500 a night at this hotel they would have the respect for their guests and ensure there was a positive resolution.  SO disappointed. Don't stay here!

    19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    92. Jess F.
    Great location, lobby and foyer.....good news ends there.

    The towels were disgusting!!! They smelled of mildew, like they had been left in a washing machine for a week, I called for new ones which took 30 min. Valet never answered the phone, and when the front desk walked down to them to get my car it took another 30 min. Rooms are tiny and just not worth the price tag.

    20/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    93. Teresa S.
    The Boston Park Plaza hotel is one of the grandest hotels you could ever stay in.  It was built in the 20's and the decor is amazing. The lobby is so exquisite and plush!  There are huge bouquets of fresh flowers all over the lobby.  Some of the rooms are small true, but that is the way it always is in the big city. You should be out and about ,not in the room the whole time. They have free internet in the room and coffee makers/ Fridge upon  request. Wonderful plush beds with crisp and clean sheets. The customer service is outstanding. They will do all they can to accommodate all your needs.  It is surrounded by incredible restaurants of all prices. Shops everywhere as well. Right in the middle of town. Also right by the Beautiful Park. I love going there it is a wonderful experience every time.  Christmas time is so beautiful here they go out of their way to decorate magnificently! They also serve high tea. You do not see that every where. Love it!

    20/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    94. Kym P.
    Really really nice lobby. Actually it's a nice hotel, I'm just a little bit suprised by how tiny the room is. We were booked in a double standard and wanted to see if they have any King Beds available...they did but only in the 'towers' for which I was more than happy to pay the $60 additional per night. Then we got to the room. And it's tiny. It's so small that the tv unit isn't at the end of the bed, it's next to the bed, so firstly we have to lie at an awkward angle to watch tv. The mattress and pillows are pretty comfortable.

    One irritating point - on the interactive tv menu they have a good 'all day' menu, when we called to order we were told to ignore the on demand menus and use the paperprint outs on the desk - in otherwise a menu with a choice of about 3 things.

    Still, clean hotel, but I would never pay full price, I got a bargain through priceline so I won't complain.

    FYI - 15th floor has its own concierge (one of the perks that you pay more for) but whenever I asked him anything about Boston, or food, getting around, ANYTHING - he told me to go ask the concierge downstairs because he doesn't really know Boston....WTF?

    13/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    95. John A.
    I'm from California so you do not get to see hotels with this type of old school elegance. The area is clean, the hotel is clean and the people are cleaner. Only if the Boston Celtics were better.

    10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    96. Fran W.
    The Park Plaza is an elegant historial hotel with a grand lobby and old world charm.

    I was fortunate to get a good rate via Expedia for my stay at the Plaza. The rooms are on the small side; however, this is the nature of of many historical hotels. They didn't build 'em big in the old days.

    Despite the smallish room, it was comfortable and suitable for my stay. It's a shame not to see free in-room internet (wired and/or wireless). Although the $10.45/day fee for internet usage is average for hotels who charge, I tend to object to paying on top of my room rate, and knowing that if everyone else who stays pays the same, there's a nice little profit in it for the hotel.

    You can't get any better than the Park Plaza when it comes to location. Just a block from Boston Common and the Public Gardens, plenty of shopping options nearby (from Hermes and Burberry down to standard budget malls).

    Plenty of public transport in the area. The hotel sits pretty much on top of the 'T', and for out of towners the hop-on/hop-off trolley car tours have a stop at the end of the road.

    In hotel dining includes Pairings restaurant (check seperate Yelp listing for reviews), Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant), and Irish Pub, and an Au Bon Pain. There are plenty of alternative dining options within easy walking distance.

    Located on the doorstep of the theatre district this is also a great spot to stay and catch a show.

    My stay at the Park Plaza has been pleasant. Provided you aren't looking for a giant room then this dame of a bygon era is worth considering.

    Note: I stayed on the fifth floor in a standard queen room.

    27/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Carol J.
    Definitely a landmark property.  Ornate and visually appealing from the outside, a little dated and tired on the inside.  But again, those three magic words, location, location, location and do they ever have location going for them.

    Stayed here a few times and each time the service was decent and friendly, the location, well consistently awesome but the rooms are a tad musty and old.  We did get reasonable rates each time through some divine twist of fate and when you are really just using the room to store your things, it works out well.  A little smaller than the standard rooms of hotels constructed post 1970 (and not in NYC) but it still is a grand old dame of a place.

    26/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    98. Amy W.
    I was here for a wedding this past weekend and all I have to say is that for a 4 star hotel this place was horrible. They are definitely riding out their name and history.

    Try the Renaissance Hotel near the Convention Center that was much better. I was suppose to get a discount for being a part of the wedding block for valet parking and that was not honored. The rooms themselves were below par, and the bell hop service was RUDE to the point where I didn't even tip the guy.

    They are a part of the Starwood Hotels but is ran separately so they won't even give you Starwood points. The concierge was nice, the bathrooms were OK, the bedrooms were tiny, but that's the feel of a historic hotel.

    The whole staff basically eyed you from head to toe to see if you had "money". So basically if I was a older gentleman, and they knew I had money and would get a BIG FAT TIP, I'd get that 4 star service, but if you're the average person, you will get the 3rd class citizen treatment.

    20/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    99. James H.
    Another great example of a hotel raping you for your money on name alone. No bar fridge, no continental breakfast, breakfast BUFFET will ultimately cost you $37, Internet is $12.50/day/device, lumpy beds, hard pillows, and when we stayed as a crew working overnight and needing to sleep in the day they had rented the whole floor EXCEPT the four rooms they were DOING CONSTRUCTION in. Not cool. I travel A LOT and this was the worst hotel yet. Wish this could have been a much better review.

    24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    100. K M.
    old, classic, classy, boom.

    13/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Alice T.
    I booked this hotel through travelocity with the flight + hotel deal. Unless you do get an ultra-amazing deal, you should not stay here. The pros are that you're very close to the T and Boston Common. You're basically paying for the location and nothing else. The view of my particular room was very nice but beware if you are put in a room in the center. You'll be doomed at looking at a concrete pyramid of windows.

    You have to pay 10-12 dollars daily to access the internet in your room that isn't even wireless. The day starts at noon so if you really want to look up something at 10:00 AM, you have to wait two hours unless you want to pay again at noon. One reviewer here said that there's free wireless internet on the mezzanine floor. I was not told about that and I asked management.

    If you visit one of the many restaurants around the hotel and need to take some food back with you, be aware that the rooms do not have mini-refrigerators or mini-bars. To rent a mini-fridge from the eighties, you'll be charged 10 dollars a night. I must say, the man that delivered the fridge I rented was very pleasant. It was sent to my room in no time at all.

    The bathroom is very small. If you're short like me, 5'3" and under, you may have a hard time with the mirror. It's up rather high. One of the biggest problems I had with the hotel was the lack of a fan in the bathroom. I felt like it was festering mold everywhere because of it. The whole bathroom was sopping wet constantly.

    The front desk service was basically non-existent. On my first night, I had a severe sinus infection and needed to go to the hospital. The concierge acted like it was the biggest difficulty to tell me how to get to the nearest hospital. Afterwards,  I realized that he didn't even give me directions to the nearest place.

    Overall, good pricing for the deal I got but I'll never stay here again.

    20/04/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    102. Jennifer R.
    Run, RUN away as fast as you can!  If you can get a total steal of a room rate, and you want to be centrally located in the city, then *maybe* get a room here.  Otherwise do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks on a better hotel.

    I stayed at the Park Plaza a few years ago, and my stay was fine.  Nothing memorable, but fine.  My visit this past weekend was awful, and I'll never go back.  We checked in late in the evening, and after a very long drive to Boston all I wanted to do was unpack and take a hot bath...  We checked in, went up to our (rather small) room, and unpacked everything...  when I went into the bathroom to fill the tub, I got an awful surprise.  The toilet seat was covered in thick, orange urine.  Not a drop or two...  COVERED.  

    I called down to the front desk to let them know about the mess...  my call was automatically put on hold.  After waiting 5 minutes, I hung up and dialed again.  Right to hold.  After being put on hold a 3rd time, someone finally answered the phone and I explained the situation...  all the front desk said was "hold please" and transferred me to Housekeeping.

    The evening housekeeping manager came up immediately, and she was wonderful.  She told us that we were the 4th reservation to check into that room in just a few hours...  Everyone else had asked for another room because the A/C wasn't working.  Instead of taking the room out of the queue, the front desk just kept checking people in to it.  I guess one of those guests had decided to pee everywhere before he or she switched rooms.  Grrrrrrrr.  She called down and got us another room, and we were told that a bellman would be up with a cart to help us pack and move everything.  20 minutes went by, and no-one...  we finally got a call saying someone was on their way up...  the bellman arrived with our keys, handed them over, and walked away.  No cart, no assistance.  So we had to pack everything up again and haul it ourselves to another floor.

    Our second room was barely better than the first.  It was a teeny bit bigger, but the A/C was lukewarm and the room was decorated in "motel chic".  The tiles in the bathroom were crooked, and the caulk around all the fixtures was a mess like one of the workmen had wiped his caulk-y hands all over the inside of the shower.  The tub was just a liner installed over the old tub, and it didn't fit right...  so standing in the shower, you could feel the liner move underneath your feet.

    I am so disappointed in my stay.  before, I thought this hotel was old and elegant...  now I see it's just old.  And except for our awesome housekeeping manager, no-one really seems to care.

    28/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    103. Melissa D.
    One of the worst experiences. The only reason it gets one star is because the rooms were clean.  Me and two other friends were having a weekend getaway unfortunately we weren't told there was a party for the American Legion( basically a very old man's club) occurring next to our room. They had blocked off the last 4 or 5 rooms in the hallway with a SHEET and had strippers walking around the hall past the sheeted area more than half naked and the men were groping all over them.  Loud music drinking and when we went downstairs to complain we were told sorry but unless they are prostitutes nothing we can do asked if we could change rooms at least and told no.  Very disappointed in a hotel I thought had more class than to allow a strip club and who knows what else occur in their hotel. I felt like I was at a pay by the hour hotel. We will never go back.

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    104. Kylie S.
    Not worth my money?

    I wasn't looking for anything fantastic when I stumbled across a deal for this hotel. Needing a place to crash after a long night, I thought this would do. I couldn't have been more wrong.

    The room was tiny and cramped. The bathroom even smaller. The room was chilly, so I cranked the heat. Only to realize later that my heater wasn't actually blowing any hot air.

    I left for the evening, and came back around 11. I made it all the way to my room down the two very long hallways, only to stand for ten minutes in frustration as I slid my damn card in and out the slot. I realized I was getting nowhere, and decided to make the trip down for a new card.

    These things happen, right? The girl was pleasant at the front desk, and quickly gave me two more room keys. Back up I go. My best friend sitting in the hallway, I try the first card. Nothing. I slide it again, and once more. This can't be happening. I try the second and beep! I was in. Over and done with now, I was moving on from my frustrations.

    But the night wasn't finished. I leave and come back at 2. They've now shut down the elevators and you must use your key to get to your floor. The security card mentions this when we stop and ask about a late night room service, which consists of only pizza. Great!

    We get in the elevator and find a man who seems completely exasperated. He can't get his card to work, so he's been stuck in the elevator that won't let him hit a button for his floor. I slide my card and thank god it works.

    Off the elevator, I am at my door again. But once again I'm refused entry with an annoying beep beep. I try for 20 minutes and now I'm angry. I go the half mile to retrieve new keys. In the elevator I find four more men trapped going up and down in the elevator over and over again, not having been instructed how to use their card to stop the elevator on their floor.

    Back at the door and many swipes later, I realize this is a losing battle.

    The security guy made his way up to try his master key card. Nothing. Long story short, It took us over an hour to get in, and then I had to wait up till 3 am for the maintenance guy to come fix it. And he gave me an attitude as if I somehow had killed the battery in the lock.

    Never again.

    27/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    105. Lu Z.

    Room is old and cramped.
    Ordering movies on TV doesn't work.
    Housekeeping bangs on peoples doors at 8am up and down the hallway. WTF???
    sound proofing very poor, loud noises from the hallway.
    Air conditioner loud as hell.
    Worst part -- service is horrible.  I went to get some ice from down the hall only to find the ice machine broken. Tried to go to another floor to get some but elevator card reader malfunctioned. Called front desk and 4 other extensions and finally got a live person on the phone -- asked her to send some ice up and she wanted to charge me! FOR ICE! not to mention it's all becuase of their broken ice machine to start with. I called bullshit and she grudginly said "ok, I'll just pay for your ice" UNBELIEVABLE.

    Avoid this place at all cost. You can defintely do better. If you have a choice at all, avoid it! I didn't have a choice because it was for a friend's wedding.

    07/08/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    106. Claire Y.
    The Park Plaza Hotel is amazing! =) The Grand Ballroom can really take your breath away.

    26/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    107. Jane M.
    I'm wondering if this is the same hotel as the one star reviewers stayed in?? I had a wonderful experience, all around! Location - already well described by others. Parking - expensive wherever you are in the city. I used the neighboring Metro Mart parking lot. It was expensive.The valets however were very helpful with my luggage even though I didn't use their services. I was in town for 4 days for the Irish Dance World Championships and was provided unlimited free WiFi and subway passes. But if you aren't go to the Business Center. It had plentiful computers and I used it a couple times a day. Loved hanging out in the huge comfortable elegant lobby. Checkin was a breeze. Express checkout so I didn't have to do anything. Just left. Ate b'fast at the lobby coffee/bakery service which was quick and delicious. Had yummy drinks and food at the bar and frequented The Melting Pot fondue restaurant which was fantastic having never had an experience like that before. Not cheap but a luxury experience! I loved the old world elegance and charm of the hotel. I don't like the cookie cutter modern chain hotels. The service at BPP was consistently good. They obviously are trying very hard to please. Again, was I in the same establishment as these other negative reviewers? Now, the room. I was in 581. Must be a renovated room? I saw NO sign of any of the issues the others mentioned. The bathroom was smallish but like most urban hotel bathrooms. The shelf for toiletries was small. Would have liked more room for that but it was SPOTLESS, very fresh and well maintained. Loved the tiny checkerboard tile. Wish the toiletries had been replaced as we used them. Had a large closet (didn't use it), safe, no refrigerator (they should add them), Keurig coffee machine, nice TV. My daughter loved the channel selection. Plenty of drawers for the two of us. Two big beds, bedding to die for. Ahhhh....we were beat at the end of the day so we would sink into these beds and sleep really well. Digital heat system. The room was WARM, a bit too warm. Turned heat down to 64 degrees and we were comfortable (we live in Virginia so we are not polar bears!). View from the window was fun. Loved watching what was going on below. Very nice neighborhood. Felt safe. T subway stop right there and we rode or walked everywhere. Heard muffled neighbors. I'm sound sensitive so I guess we lucked out from what others are saying to have had quiet neighbors. Never waited more than a few seconds for an elevator. Hotel was busy too. Room had a reading chair and lamp next to the big window and that was nice. Desk, dresser were normal size. The room was the standard size for a hotel room. For a downtown big city hotel it may have even been a big bigger than what I was expecting. I would definitely stay here again. I had no issues whatsoever and my stay was very relaxing and enjoyable. Love this hotel! The one thing I do remember that annoyed me was trying to reach the front desk on Friday night and never getting through. They had an automated system that kept telling me evryone was busy. That's the only thing I can think of!

    04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    108. Tarik E.
    Dumpy and expensive. $12.50 a day for Internet  is stupid. Don't stay here.

    05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    109. S S.
    A friend and I booked this hotel as part of a package deal on Orbitz. We got a really great price, and we had an all-around very positive experience. The lobby was lovely and welcoming, the room was clean & simple. We had fhe 2 beds and were pleasantly thrilled and delighted to see that we each had our own petite bathroom. I lived in NYC for 15 years, so although the bathroom was very small, old fashioned and not sparkling, it was clean and neat and did the trick. Our beds were super comfy and lots of down pillows were great as well. One small armoire and chest of drawers was our closet,  but we managed just fine No view from window, but we were only in room to shower and sleep, so it was all good. Once you step outside of hotel, you are immersed in Boston, so theres the view. . The location was PERFECT! One block from the T, which took us to North End, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; so easy. 2 blocks from Public Gardens, Boston Commons, just down the street from Charles that takes you up  into Beacon Hill. One little block from where our FOLIAGE bus Tour left. Such a pleasure to be in the center of it all. Morning coffee bar in lobby was perfect, same price as Starbucks, and WAY more convenient. There were absolutely no negatives for us at this hotel and we stayed here 5 lovely nights. Lots of great restaurants in walking distance, Atlantic Fish was my favorite. I will DEFINITELY stay here again on another visit. Thanks Boston Park Plaza!

    01/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. andrew s.

    I give it three stars because we ended up staying here after Pricelining a room in Boston and got it for an unbelievably cheap rate. That said - I'd be pretty upset had I payed full freight to stay in a room of this size an quality.

    Awkward room lay out, out-dated bathroom and an old TV - extremely surprising for a place with this much (assumed) prestige that is owned and operated by Starwood (Westin, Shearaton, etc.).

    On the up-side, the location of this place is great, the service was excellent and the common areas are of extremely high quality.

    I wouldn't go back willingly, but if Priceline came through for us again, it wouldn't be so bad.

    25/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    111. Danny C.
    We went to Boston on the second week of April, which was right at the beginning of the tourist season. Hotel prices shot through the roof and we couldn't find any 3.5 star hotels around downtown for less than $200 a night. We saw that Priceline had a name-your-own price feature, so we decided to use it. After many failed searches for a 4 star hotel at $170/night in downtown Boston areas, we finally got something by specifying a 3.5 star hotel in the theater district for $155/night. We were thinking that a 3.5 star hotel in Boston downtown area can't be too bad. The Priceline screen showed Congratulations for booking at Boston Park Plaza.

    After winning the bid, I did some research and felt a knot in my stomach. Apparently, people either really loved it and give it 4 stars, or they really hated it and give it 2 stars. We didn't book the suites or any of the fancy rooms, so I was expecting a terrible experience. Since I booked it through Priceline's name your own price thing, we were stuck with the reservations too.  Feeling a sense of dread, I called the hotel and wanted to make a request to give me at least a room with two beds (I would be traveling in a group of 3). After being on hold for a very long time, I got through and was told that they would make a note of it but I would probably be charged extra.  I then drew up ideas on how I could cancel my reservation through Priceline, or even how I would take them to small claims court, but I decided to wait and see how it will go first. I was not expecting much.

    When the day arrived, I went and checked in. I asked if there were any free upgrades and after looking at the screen for a while, I was told she would give me one. I thanked her and left her a tip, and went up to the room she assigned us. We got room 1421, which was near the top of the hotel. The room was ok, and was better than I had expected. There were double beds there (though they were probably twin sized), and it wasn't as cramped as the reviews I've read. The bathroom was very small though, and it looked very old. The floor had blue checkered tiles and didn't look appealing. The toilet reminded me of ones at a public bathroom. However, it worked and was very loud. In fact, it is loud enough to wake up anyone sleeping.  The view was ok, but it didn't have any landmarks or anything. They were doing a lot of construction in the halls and in the lobby but they should probably be renovating the rooms instead. There were also these rooms with black doors down our hall, which I assume are the nicer rooms. Overall, I was ok with the experience here, but I will not book through that Priceline feature again.  Oh, and there is also a green line station a block away from the hotel.

    17/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    112. Dana B.
    I booked the Park Plaza through Priceline.com for about $100 + tax this past April. I was put in a very small room with double beds and a tiny bathroom, but it wasn't a surprise. What came as a surprise was that my room had a door joining it with another room, and between the hours of 3AM and 5AM I called down to the front desk about five times to report that my "neighbor's" alarm was [still] going off. The best part of it was that I had a hellish cold and was so doped up on medication that I spent the first hour of it convincing myself it was all in my head. After my fifth call around 4:45AM, the desk connected me to security, who told me that he sent a security guard up to the floor and they reported it was MY room. No one even knocked on my door... those liars!! So the security man said, "Lady, maybe someone's just messing with you." Really reassuring, pal. Finally he sent another security person up and they had the brilliant idea to knock on my neighbor's door.

    Security guard: *Knock knock* "Hotel security...." *knock knock*
    Freak neighbor: *Scuffle scuffle* "Hold on, I'm putting a shirt on."
    Security guard: "We've been getting noise complaints all night, you gotta turn it down."
    Freak neighbor: "Yeah, okay."

    If you are a friend of mine, I'd gladly play you a recording I took on my iPhone so I could confirm what actually occurred during my Nyquil-induced night. It includes the sounds of waves crashing, soft piano, an alarm clock buzzer, and, get this... a rooster crowing.

    When I finally got up around 10 and put in the immense effort to shower, I went downstairs to a) complain about the horrible night's sleep and b) trudge through the snow/rain to CVS to load up on more tissues.

    In hindsight, I could have complained SO much more. What I do remember is the woman behind the desk was typing away as I stood there waiting for her to fix my problem. All I wanted was to know if the freaky neighbor was checking out, or if they could put me in a new room. After all, who's to say he won't pick the lock on either my door or our conjoined door and kill me in my sleep? If he listens to that shit at night, surely he's an axe murderer. The hotel lady did me one better and moved me to the top floor that had appetizer hour, free breakfast, and a concierge. The room was much more spacious than the last and it really was beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, but they never did tell me what the deal was with my neighbor and his strange noises...

    25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    113. Carri A.
    The stuffy lobby and snobby staff is just the beginning.

    Though the linens were crisp and white, the rooms are small and the bathrooms extremely tiny and without ventilation.  We were unable to control the air conditioner so my friends and I suffered in a hot and humid room all night long.

    I understand that it's an older hotel and has its limitations in relations to the amenities available, but when you pay so much money for a hotel room, I expect more than a Bath-Fitter tub with obviously fake tiled shower walls.

    I will not be returning to this hotel on future visits to Boston.  There are plenty of hotels in the area that must be a better value than this one.

    12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    114. K G.
    Well I stayed here for work.  I stay in hotels around 200 nights a year. I consider myself a hotel snob.

    The rooms are very small. They are however, very clean.  I was a bit worried that it would be a dump. The shower and bathroom are clean, but has very little counter space for your stuff. Dispite the small bed it was very comfy!!! The window had a very dark shade which I like so I can sleep as late as I want and not be woken up by light leaking thru!!!

    Overall, it's in a good location.  I slept very very good. I felt safe and not worried about my things.

    18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. Melissa L.
    Great location for a person wanting to explore everything Boston has to offer! Also just a few steps from the Arlington stop on the T which was nice! Definitely recommend this hotel!

    13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. JS J.
    This is a puzzling hotel, but on balance, I do recommend it. When compared the price of other hotels in the area, this is about as cheap as it gets to have a full service hotel. I found the staff particularly friendly and responsive, from the bellhop to the concierge to the front desk and even the housekeeping. I rarely stay at a property this big with this many positive interactions with staff.

    The location is fantastic. The hotel is 1.5 blocks from the entrance to the T (subway) and two blocks from Boston Public Garden. It's also about 3 blocks from the Theater district - I saw Blue Man group when I was there, and was home in about 10 minutes on foot. Lots of restaurants in the area, from those in the building itself to many more a block or two away. AMC theaters is 4 blocks. It's about a half mile from the beginning of the Freedom Trail, too.

    The puzzling part is the mismatch between some parts of the hotel, which are decidedly upscale, and other parts, which are stunningly cheap. The ballrooms, common areas, hallways, etc, are beautiful. The main portion of each hotel room is quite nice. But the bathrooms...well, they have a certain 19th century charm.  The bathroom, on closer examination, appears to have been renovated by the cheapest possible contractor, and mine had a bare wire exposed by the tub (low voltage, but still, yikes!) And due to antiquated electrical wiring, you'll find many items precariously plugged into extension cords under the desk. Speaking of which, you might want to bring your own powerstrip if you like plugging things in.

    I stayed in a King Standard room, which is a good size (with a tiny bathroom). I'd not recommend booking anything below this level and some of the reviews here probably reflect booking in those lower-grade rooms. My room was 630, and was relatively quiet as it's next to a suite, near the end of a hall, and faces the plaza which is a quieter street. Any rooms on that row are probably good (though it is a big city, and the hotel has single pane windows. Bring earplugs. And do not expect to sleep before 11:00pm due to sirens).

    The hotel recently upgraded its television service, and in King Standard and above you get a nice HDTV with actual HD on every channel. I couldn't find a way to buy on demand movies, but you have 50 channels of pure HD, which I thought was great compared to even some more upscale properties. Wireless costs 12 dollars extra - just silly, as the room would be quite cheap even with that included - but it was fast and reliable, and when I had an initial signup problem, I called the 800 number and it was fixed immediately.

    Overall, I don't care about bathrooms much, as long as there' s a tub and hot water (both were fine here). I'd probably stay there again. My rate in May 2012 was 139 weekday, 219 weekend. My understanding is you can get even cheaper than that if you are a bit more savvy than me.

    09/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    117. Brian P.
    Small rooms!  Bathroom doesn't have a ledge large enough for my small shaving kit.  Stand-up shower didn't even have a place for the soap or shampoo-TINY!!!  

    On the plus they just got coffee makers in the rooms!  For years you had to walk several blocks to get coffee!?!?!

    Gym in the basement isn't too bad but treadmills are outdated.

    BTW, hope you don't feel the need for Air Conditioning in your room...

    Overall too snobby for my liking.  It's really a place for the "Beautiful People" to waste their money...

    26/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    118. Bonnie B.
    The rooms and bathroom are very simple,small and plain with outdated decor; no additional amenities like a small fridge or chair in the room, but fairly clean; the location is great. All in all it's okay. On the con side, it took us over an hour to check in at the desk because the computers went down; it was super crowded during the week with conferences going on; the phone in our room didn't work; the sink dripped continuously; the elevator takes forever to summon no matter what time of the day you need to use it. We had a mouse in our room (gross) and I'm not fond of city rodents. The hotel did send someone up who set mouse traps throughout the room and offered to give us another room. But we figured with the mouse traps we were probably safer from rodents than in another room.

    24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    119. Christeen F.
    Like others, after reading some of the yelp posts, I was hesitant to book a room here (not to mention invite friends to join us). However, we were pleasantly surprised at what a great experience we had.  Yes, our room was on the smaller side but we expected this at a historic hotel.  I'd compare it to the historic rooms at the St. Francis in San Francisco or the Hotel Jerome in Aspen with the same kind of nostalgic feeling to it.  Our room was very comfortable with excellent bedding, very clean and quiet.  In fact, I had the best night's sleep I've ever had in a hotel.  Location was super.  Our room had a great view of the street below.  We visited in early October so room temperature was not an issue.  All of the staff members were very friendly and accommodating.  The evening snacks and continental breakfast on the concierge level were outstanding and included in our room rate.  We even used the concierge room after hours to play cards with friends.  I would definitely opt for a return visit.

    22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Ethan P.
    Do yourself a favor and skip it. The only positive to this place is it's location near Newbury. Otherwise, the the hotel is old and the rooms are in desperate need of renovations.  The room they gave me had a closet door that didn't open (likely from overpainting) and a bathroom door that frequently got stuck . In one instance, it took me a few minutes to bust the door open from the inside, just to get out. I'm a young, able-bodied male and I can't imagine what would have happened if someone elderly had been in the same situation.  It was something outright dangerous.  The fitness center was also outdated and it seemed like the hotel just threw equipment in it so they'd have something to advertise. The room lacked clean towels, but had a plethora of dirty towels on the ground.

    24/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    121. Lindsey R.
    Just got back from a Valentine's Day stay here with my boyfriend. The hotel had a winter special going on, so for about $155 (that includes all taxes), we got to stay in a room with a queen size bed on the Towers Level floor (the top floor), which has bigger rooms with more recently renovated bathrooms. Also, the Towers Floor has its own lounge. Our deal also came with a free breakfast buffet for 2 at Pairings, one of the restaurants inside the hotel.

    The room was pretty in an old school elegant way. It is a historic hotel after all. The view wasn't anything to phone home about (there was construction going on right across the way) but I didn't mind because we were in a nice room. I was glad the bathroom was more sophisticated and modernized, because I have a weird thing with bathrooms that look old. I don't like thinking a ghost is gonna pop up behind me in the mirror! The Pairings restaurant had a good atmosphere and the buffet style breakfast was great. The interior of the hotel definitely gave off a classic, luxurious vibe (I believe someone else stated Great Gatsby style in a review, which is a good way to put it).

    The only reason I took away a star is due to a mishap upon our arrival. When we got there, there were a few areas to check into. One area said "Towers Level Reception", and since that was where my room was I assumed that was where I check in. The girl working at the reception desk checked my information (I had booked online) and said to me "Queen room with a view?" and since I had reserved a queen room I said yes and she provided us with keys to a room on the 14th floor. Upon arriving in the room I was a little stunned. It was very small and the bathroom was definitely not as recently renovated as the pictures I had seen of the room I supposedly reserved. The view was great for sure, but something did not seem right. I kept bringing up to my boyfriend that I thought we were in the wrong room. Then I was reading some info about the hotel that stated the Towers Level was the 15th floor. We were on the 14th. My boyfriend called the concierge desk and it turns out we were on the wrong floor. We were immediately transferred to our correct room on the top floor.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed my stay at the Park Plaza and would definitely do it again, also because you can't beat the location of the hotel! :)

    15/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    122. Ashley S.
    after staying here for two nights i cant believe this hotel is still in business. i booked this hotel through hoteltonight. my first mistake was not looking at the reviews of this hotel before booking. i arrived with two large suitcases and wouldn't you know there is no one outside to help me with my bags. its to be expected of the taxi driver to just let me get my bags myself, but to not even have a door man outside. not one to be found. after struggling trying to wrangle my two large suitcases through the doors i look around and still no one to help me. already two minutes being in the hotel i'm beyond annoyed.i check in the guy wasn't overly helpful but i guess that is the theme of this hotel. i check in, ask if someone can help me with my bags and yup you've guessed it still no one to help me and the guy had no answer as to why someone couldn't help me. he tells me oh you can load your own luggage on the carts and go upstairs.. hm.. okay.. i'm all set ill just bring the up myself. i get to the room and from the reviews that i read the room was so tiny. i actually busted out laughing. that was the least of my concern. i wasn't in boston to hang out in my room. it worked, it was clean. just small.. friday night i went out and came back to the hotel around 1. i asked the woman at the desk if she knew where i would get some food. her response was well you can look something up.. hm. okay well i asked for food not a smart answer. irritated i went back to my room hungry. the entire weekend not one door was held for me or one cab hailed for me. when i checked in the guy told me i was all set and the room was paid for in full. great. "we will only charge you for any charges made to the room" ok that's fine. wouldn't you know when i checked out on sunday the woman told me that my card had been declined. i told her that was impossible. so she then told me the card that was one fine.. well guess what it wasn't even my card on file. she proceeds to tell me she needs my visa that i checked in with. okay. she then says im all set. i get home that night and have been charged twice for my room and charged someone else's room. wonderful. i also checked my bags in so i could do a couple of things for the day. i return the hotel to get my bags and the guy brings me into the storage room to get my own bags. find them and drag them out of the storage area. further more he didn't even get the door for me and looks at me like i owe him a 20.. yeah okay buddy.. i've never once had to go collect my own luggage. i'm in no way being a jerk but isn't this your job? does this hotel know that they are in the HOSPITALITY business? DO NOT STAY HERE if you want to actually enjoy your stay. if you would like to open your own doors, hail your own cabs, sleep in a closet,  find your own food, collect your own luggage and waste over an hour and a half trying to figure out why you were charged twice for your room an once for someone else's then i have found the place for you let me tell you!!! in no way should the world "plaza" be in this hotel. thanks for a lousy weekend park plaza

    28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    123. Rob M.
    I'm sitting on my bed trying to get AC to work it's 530 am. The toilet looks like its gonna over flow every time you flush it. I got this room on Priceline how they rate this place 3 1/2 stars is a mystery to me I've stayed at better motels then this place. Ok when I checked out I mentioned about AC was told it is on a default system,,, she also said they would have brought up a FAN!!! This is the 21st century why have a thermostat in room if it is on a default system.

    27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    124. Cindy C.
    Old Old Old OLD hotel.

    Even the lobby is the perfect setting for any movie that needs an ancient, old world glamor set- The decor is dated and the lobby is extremely dim, and moreover, the dated decor seemed to cause general un-enthusiasm even amongst the staff, which is a shame. If people don't want to work there, it certainly doesn't make me want to stay there.

    The rooms are reflective of the decoration and atmosphere, old. If it weren't for the location, and knowing that I wouldnt really be in the room all that much I doubt it'd receive more than one star.

    Thank god for location. But seriously, time for a renovation?

    27/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    125. Tepring P.
    I got this on priceline for $65 so I shouldn't complain really. So let me give you the highlights. very good location off the Green Line. Um...oh they were very kinda about giving me a late checkout of my choosing (1:30) and....well ok that's it.

    I check in, quick, easy, go up the elevator to my room which is handicapped accessible. which means that the long bath I want to take is out. So I go back downstairs and ask for a new room. NO other King bedded rooms in this entire place??? Are you kidding me? and yet you are selling on priceline or none for people who only bought using a 3rd party server...hmm not cool. Strike one.

    This place does have a cool bathtub, very deep and very hot water (which I love) but the toilet has a flusher like in a restaurant stall AND you have to flush twice to get enough water to go through...so weird...strike two.

    And b/c nothing else bad happened and it was soooo close to the T stop. I give it an A-ok. But I would have been very disappointed to have paid higher for such a lovely looking place.

    17/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    126. Senja K.
    We had not stayed here for about a year, but then we returned this weekend. We popped into the Towers Lounge for cocktails and the bar tender remembered us. As did the Towers Concierge. For this reason alone, it has become my go-to hotel in Boston. Each time we have stayed in the Towers (15th floor), and it is worth it. The rooms are quite large, and come with ample work space. Wifi is free on the floor, and there is a nice lounge to work in as well, if you feel the need to leave your room. The Towers Lounge also serves complimentary continental breakfast, which is very nice. There is an array of fruits, with yogurt, granola, etc. Mini viennoiserie, muffins, bagels, toast, and an assortment of jams/jellies. This morning's breakfast had waffles and bacon as well. The hot food changes, as I have also had eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc.

    The location is great, right next to Boston Common, and a short walk to Copley. I have not eaten in the in-house restaurant, but there is a fabulous restaurant right across the way, Via Matta, which has fabulous Italian food and a fun atmosphere.

    There are two Green Line stops (Arlington, closest, and Bolyston, a bit farther) close by. There are multiple Green Lines (A-E), but all of them go through Arlington and Bolyston, so it doesn't matter which one you are on. It is also very easy to get here from 93, and the door men are very helpful if you need directions on how to get back to the express way.

    The shower could drain a little faster, but other than that, I do not have many complaints.

    02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Dan G.
    It was a nice hotel and the room wasnt bad, but if youre overweight there may be trouble using the toilet. I am not over weight...just tall and i could barely squeeze onto the toilet.

    The allowed us to bring a cat in and room service was pretty quick and not bad either. The hotel is pretty central so it woudl be worth considering if you want to be downtown.

    03/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    128. Kevin C.
    Ok for a drunken night's stay. Place hasn't been renovated since its been built 75 years ago. The bathroom was TINY and very old. Would never stay here for more than one night. It's no wonder why it's one of the cheapest places in Boston. Only reason why I gave it more than 2 stars is because of the price.

    25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    129. Meg B.
    We stayed here while in town for the weekend to see the Phillies play the Redsox. When I arrived, I was astonished at how nice the hotel was for what we paid ( it must have been the fact that we were a large group). They had a huge selection of restaurants, Melting Pot, an irish pub, a nightclub and a few others that I can't remember. The location is great. Right down the street from Boston Commons and surrounded by a lot of great Boston Architecture and shopping. Being in this area made me fall in love with Boston.  It's so clean compared to Philly.

    I do have a few things that prevented this place from getting 4 or 5 stars. When we got there, even though it was 5:30, a lot of the rooms weren't ready. Luckily our room was ready but the majority of the large group had to wait for their rooms. I will say there were nice enough to give them a voucher for dinner in one of their restaurants.  The elevators are very old and being that the hotel was to capacity for the weekend, during the morning of checkout, you found yourself waiting a long time to get on one of their 6 elevators.

    Overall, I would definitely come back to this hotel, especially if the price was right. It's a prime spot to stay while in Boston.

    19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. Kalie E.
    Our stay at the Park Plaza was supposed to be a night away from the kids and a chance to sleep/relax.  What we got was a stay at a room that was tiny with obnoxious neighbors that pulled an all nighter.   I'm exhausted after our "relaxing" night.  The hotel itself has charm and character, but in reality, it's outdated and in need of a major upgrade.  The walls are PAPER THIN, and the bathrooms tiny.  The only good thing about this hotel is the location, other than that, so unimpressive.

    14/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    131. Matt S.
    My wife and I stayed here during a quiet season so we only paid $99+ tax for our room, which seemed like a good deal.  Here's a quick review, most of these shouldn't be a surprise but I've expanded where I thought was necessary.

    The Good

    The Bad
    -Paper thin walls (these were really bad)
    -Bad thermostat (room would not cool off)
    -Rooms with a double bed are very small (at our request they upgraded us to a king for no additional cost, which was a much larger room)

    ...these are all acceptable (and should be expected) given the building is nearly a century old (1926).

    The Ugly
    -The decor wanted to be trendy and modern, which seemed odd and out of place in the otherwise historic building.
    -There's no excuse not to have a flat screen tv these days. The 22" (or so) TV takes up too much room. (I forget what they're even called - tube TVs?)
    -Uncomfortable bed - it's nice a soft but seemed to be broken in too much. I felt like I was rolling into the middle.  My wife liked the bed though,
    -No wifi, let alone free wifi, unless you're staying in a premium room.

    Overall, when you pay $100 for a king-size room it's hard to complain but the perception of the Park Plaza brand did not live up to the hype.  If you're looking to take in some of historic Boston this is a decent choice.  If you're looking for a top end hotel, however, this might not be it.

    23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    132. Ralph F.
    This hotel is adequate at very best. It gets points for the location and being a historic Boston attraction, but that's about it. The accommodations are lacking to say the very least. After checking in and actually seeing the condition of the room, we actually went back down stairs and checked out and found better accommodations for less money at the Copley Marriott. If you're looking for a piece of history then this place is fine. If you're looking for a fine hotel, head to the Ritz, Four Seasons, or the W.

    19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    133. Dennis S.
    I recently had the unenviable task of giving a motivational speech at my allmamater Boston University. To be honest I was a little stressed out and decided that what I needed to take the edge off was a good stiff drink. I remembered a place called Bonfire in the Park Plaza and that I had once had a very good bartender there named Heather and thought to myself wouldn't that be cool if she were still there. Unfortunately when I got there they told me that Bonfire was no more, but that they did have a bar called the Statler where I could wet my whistle. Begrudgingly I made my way over to the lounge area. As I got closer to the bar I couldn't believe my eyes but there was Heather the same bartender from 2010 back at Bonfire. She Smiled and said hi there where have you been stranger??? ( mind you I haven't seen this person since valentines day 2010!! ) I was blown away that she had seemingly remembered me. Then she totally blew my mind, Danny right?? Ketel One Martini slightly dirty 3 olives?? Right ?? In a daze I said umm yeah, wow that's unnerving that you remember that!  She said yeah I remember you were on some kinda date and were pretty nervous about it? Right? One again I was like Umm yeah as I looked around for the candid camera crew lol!!!!. Long story short Heather made me the same drink she had made me 2 years ago and once again gave great counsel!  Someone should take note of this person, this kind of service and consistency is very very rare. Fair warning Park Plaza if I ever open a bar I am stealing her!

    20/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    134. Mary S.
    I stayed here on business and helped teach a class in one of the hotel conference rooms. The hotel was beautiful and service was *amazing*, some of the best I've ever experienced. Jenna (I think?) specifically bent over backwards to ensure all of our needs were met. Classroom was nice, we had HVAC issues one morning, but it got taken care of when we left for lunch.

    I stayed on the 15th (Tower) floor with my colleagues, where the hotel provided a concierge, free Internet, breakfast, and night snacks. Location was awesome, lots of restaurants and safe to walk around at night. My favorite part of the whole stay was the plate of fancy cookies I got on my first night there. They must put crack in those things because I am still craving the yummy buttery cookie goodness...

    2 complaints: the bathroom was small and walls were thin. Bring earplugs in case you have a noisy neighbor. Those negatives are pretty standard for an older hotel though. I would seriously stay here again (on the Tower floor) just for the service and those darn crack cookies. :-d

    23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    135. E B.
    This is one of the worst hotels I've stayed in my entire life.  I've stayed in youth hostels with group bathrooms and even a hotel in Miami with a giant cockroach.  This experience was worse than both of those...

    The room was freezing and when I called to figure out how to set the heat.  They told me it would involve an engineer as the rooms were all centrally controlled.  

    Also, they took forever to clean my room and I had time to be at the room in the afternoon and it was still not cleaned.  

    Lastly, the alarm (from the person in the room before me) went off my first night at midnight.  On top of this, my second night neighbor was hawking up a lung and left his TV on full volume from noon until the next day.  Needlesstosay, no sleep the whole trip.

    Tip: pack your long johns!! Even better, don't book this hotel.

    18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    136. John T.
    It suffers from being an older urban hotel.

    My air conditioner couldn't keep up with the heat.  It's 88 degrees outside.  my thermostat has been set at 66 for two days, and the coolest my room has gotten is 76.

    The room is small and cramped.  Typical of old urban hotels.

    I know people have different preferences, but the bed is so hard I had trouble sleeping.

    The location is nice - right near the SW corner of Boston Common.

    09/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    137. Kevin W.
    The building's architecture is beautiful all by itself, and very close to the Boston Gardens.

    Your greeted by a doorman (oooh lala), and greeted warmly by the staff at the counter.  

    Special shout out to the kind woman whom let me check in early (my original check-in time was in the afternoon, had just arrived on a red-eye flight was in desperate need of a shower and nap)

    The rooms are spacious yet odd, two bathrooms, and two doors (one locked).   I think this door thing dates back to the colonial times when men were not suppossed to see women's ankles, and share the same entryways and bathrooms.

    The bed was oh so comfy, I felt like I was in heaven the minute I lied down.

    27/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    138. Wendy J.
    Charming, well maintained and clean and centrally located to do the tourist bit in Boston. LOVE the old doors that have a special center that you can hang your laundry/cleaning in and the hotel can retrieve it without entering your room. Very 1928!

    25/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    139. Michele M.
    First time in Boston and it was for the Boston Marathon.  The hotel was pretty easy to find, however the amount for valet was really high.  We parked with valet the first night due to the fact we've never been in the city and it was late.  Everyone at the hotel was so helpful and friendly.  The hotel is going through a lot of changes however, I do believe once all is completed it will be the place to stay in downtown.  Hotel room prices were not as bad as some other hotels in the area.  With as many runners as they had for the marathon, the staff did a great job!

    28/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. Ben M.
    Very bad experience so far. The room is dirty and small, A/C doesn't work, staff helpless.  Would not recommend to my worst foe.

    27/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    141. S B.
    I stayed here for 5 nights while on business. I had a king suite on the 15th floor. Checkin was painless. Room service, housekeeping, and all other staff I encountered were pleasant. The amenities associated with staying on the Tower Level were generous and a great added benefit. The hotel location gives itself a high five for walkability. I rarely used public transportation to take in the sights. I would recommend this hotel.

    18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. Melissa B.
    Stayed from July 4th - July 7th.

    At first glance, this looks like a great hotel. It's in a great location,  staff are always at the entrance to open the door for you, the lobby is gorgeous, and the front desk staff are wonderful. However, once we got to our room, things began to look quite different.

    My husband and I arrived on the afternoon of July 4. Check-in went smoothly, no issues. We were given a room on the 14th floor. Once we entered the room, we were struck with how tiny it was. The room had a double bed that took up 75% of the available room space - when the door of the room was open, it only just cleared the side of the bed, by about 2 inches. On the other side of the bed, next to the bathroom door, was a chair. This would've been okay, except that on the other side of the bathroom door was the chair for the small desk in the room, so you barely had enough room between them to get into the bathroom.

    The bathroom itself was nice enough, but very, very small. The tub took up about half of the bathroom, so it was cramped. The tub was positioned right behind the open door, which somehow made it feel even smaller. Speaking of the tub, you could feel that the lining of the tub wasn't completely attached to the tub itself - when you stepped down in certain places, you could feel and hear it pop up. Also, the hair dryer that was in our room was cracked and had a huge hole in the plastic, so it didn't work very well at all.

    The main complaint is that the air conditioning didn't work. We were in the middle of an intense heat wave, and were looking forward to having a nice cool room to come back to each day. When we got there, the room was at about 72 degrees. We put the thermostat to 65 to get it nice and cold. However, after leaving and coming back about 5 hours later, not only wasn't it any cooler, the temperature had risen to 76. That night we called the front desk, and I'll give them credit for getting someone up to the room quickly to check it out. He did some tinkering with the thermostat and the air conditioning unit itself, and he said that he'd sorted it out, but that he'd get us a fan to further speed up the cooling. From that point on, the thermostat didn't move below 74 for the rest of our stay, and we had to have the fan running the entire time. Not what you'd expect (or want) from a hotel like this.

    Also, the pillows and linens in the room had a strange smell to them. Neither one of us could quite place it, but it was almost a chemical-type smell. At the end of a long, hot day, you don't want to crawl into bed and breathe in strange smells on your pillows and sheets.

    Finally, on the morning of checkout, we received our bill under the door, and found that we were being charged $40 for dinner in the hotel restaurant, which we never had. So we had to go to the front desk and get that cleared up. It was an easier problem to fix than I had anticipated, but with the other issues we'd experienced, it was just annoying to have to even worry about it.

    This is supposed to be a high-end hotel. I certainly didn't get that impression from our stay. It was passable, but if I'm going to pay the amount of money I did for my stay, I expect much, much more than this.

    07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    143. Lindsay T.
    I had a great stay here! Making the reservation and check in was so easy. The room was nice and comfortable. The staff was very knowledgeable. It is in a great location right downtown. Great experience.

    09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    144. Miguel A.
    I really liked this hotel. Its charming and very 20s without being dated. All things considered, its been well maintained. Stayed here for a few days while checking out he city. I got what was called a Petit Suite for $99. Its was a small, but compact and well organized room. The tv was modern, the bed was very comfortable but the bathroom was a bit on the cramped side. Wifi was 12.95 a day which really, is just kinda lame. But all in all, a really good stay.

    07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    145. Michael C.
    I got in on a deal with a flight from Jet blue. The room was pretty big with two bathrooms. There's free WiFi in the room but it was extremely slow. The location is great because everything is within walking distance from here. It's right next to the Public Garden and the Green line is right outside the hotel. I would probably stay here again as long as I get in on a deal.

    28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    146. Zach G.
    GREAT LOCATION.  The only reason I chose this hotel is because hotwire.com had a great deal on it.  The rooms are really small but for one person its plenty of room.  You have Melting Pot, Maggiano's, Flemings all within 1 block of this place.  So perfect for the touristy person who doesn't want the local food.   Though I on the other hand ventured far off the beaten path from the hotel.   Oh yeah.  My curtains fell because they were taped to the bar that it rolled up and down in...so yeah...that happened.

    01/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    147. Amie L.
    We enjoyed our stay at The Boston Park Plaza and Towers this past week! I searached for a hotel that wasn't too pricey, and this hotel came up on priceline for $109 a night. For DT Boston that was not bad at all. I wasn't expecting much but the room exceeded my expectations. We had a very comfy king bed, decent amount of space in the bedroom, and the bathroom was a little small but clean and a full shower. I also liked the old hollywood feel of the lobby and elevators. I would stay here again!

    09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    148. Michael H.
    Save your $$. Rundown, horrid service and nothing but excuses. There are many great hotels in Boston but this isn't one. Be prepared to switch rooms a couple times and then your key won't work so you'll trudge down a couple more times (they're good at excuses with lots of practice). Tiny rooms, clean is a relative term and service is non-existent. The location is tempting and in 1920 this was a nice place...now it's just an old shabby worn down dusty, moldy place.

    09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    149. Cheri D.
    12.95 a day per device for Internet is highway robbery! 2 kids each with 2 wireless devices & 2 of mine. Does $77.70 for 2 days of Internet seem right? I'd NEVER stay here again.

    22/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    150. Josie S.
    I was really really happy with this hotel.  My boyfriend and I decided to stay here on our first trip to Boston and it was perfect.  The hotel was central to everything we wanted to do in the city, and accommodating with recommendations.  

    We had champagne and chocolate strawberries waiting in our room when we got there.  The concierge was knowledgeable and quick with responses.

    My only complaint is that the room was not cold enough.  We traveled in August, which is extremely hot and humid.  Even with the air conditioning running 24/7, our room was still a little stuffy, especially after a hot shower.

    Would definitely stay here again!

    31/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Mary T.
    Boston is a city of firsts and this hotel is no exception. The Park Plaza, nee Statler, was the first hotel in the US to have both a phone and radio in each room. Sadly, the PP has fallen a little bit behind the curve and has some catching up to do.

    I booked my hotel through my conference and the Park Plaza was the only one available at the time, so I didn't research it. My stay wasn't horrible, but not what I'd expect of a hotel of this caliber or price point; it wasn't all bad, but the negatives outweighed the positives. I'll break it down:

    * Close to transit, Boston Common and the Public Garden.
    * Beautiful lobby.
    * Live music in the lobby area every evening.
    * Several attached restaurants and bars.
    * A small, but useful fitness center.
    * Traditional and tasteful room decor.
    * Comfy beds.
    * K-cup machines in the rooms.
    * Window treatments that blocked out plenty of sunlight.

    * Indifferent service. Unless you use the motor entrance don't expect someone to acknowledge you, let alone hold the door for you (even if you are struggling with luggage). I experienced it firsthand and witnessed it several more times in my 4-night stay. TIP: the motor entrance doors open automatically.
    * Tiny rooms. For the price, rooms are ridiculously small and the walls are thin; I could easily hear the people next door chatting. I can't imagine how claustrophobic it would have felt if I had been sharing the room.
    * The bathrooms are a hot mess, and I mean that somewhat literally. There is no exhaust fan in the bathroom, giving it that nice gym locker feel. The bathrooms are also tiny, there is about 6" clearance between the door and the toilet. The bathroom wallpaper is peeling and shoddily applied; the one outlet wasn't even flush to the wall. The trim, visibly repainted several times, had large chips and was in need of a freshening up. What may be the original tile was chipped, paint-stained and very dingy looking - if you're going to keep vintage elements, at least maintain them. It's like a balancing act fitting all of  your toiletries onto the tiny ledge, the only counter space alloted. The shower has that cheap "bath fitter" covering." And, the bathroom radiator clanks; so loud I woke up thinking my neighbors were getting it on.
    * The room's heater was loud, it woke me up regularly. It also felt like it always blew cold air. I eventually gave up, turned it off and added a layer when going to bed.
    * There is no wifi in the rooms and the internet provided is not free. Expect to pay around $11/day. Bring a long cord or expect to choose between using your computer and watching TV.
    * The fitness center is hot and stinks like a dirty gym sock. Several of the ceiling panels have noticeable water damage too. How much are drop ceiling panels these days?

    The hotel has a gorgeous lobby and many added amenities, including meeting and event rooms, which I've heard are quite nice. Unfortunately, if you're like me, the most time you spend in your hotel is in your room and this is where they really seemed to have dropped the ball.

    Bottom line: 2.5 stars; for $300+/night I think (know) you can get a better bang for your buck elsewhere.

    03/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    152. Nadia A.
    I copied my review from hotels.com , hoping to spread the word about how horrendous this hotel is.  Don't let the name or website photos fool you!

    "According to their website,  "The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers has distinguished itself with classic elegance and personal Guest Service that continues to attract travelers from all over the world who visit Boston for Business, Leisure or Special Events..."  WHAT BS.  The hotel is completely sub-standard.  First, I called them to ask where I should valet my car...could not get through to a staff person, was hung up on eventually by the system.  The guest services staff was not the friendliest.  They looked inconvenienced when I asked some questions at check-in.  The website also states: "If luxury accommodations and unmatched Guest Services are important part of your visit to Boston, choose Boston Park Plaza Hotel."  OK, let me just say that after I went up to my room, I was totally HORRIFIED.  There were wires coming out of the floor.  The phone was broken.  There were, unusually enough, not one but 2 bathrooms in my room, both outdated and teeny tiny.  There was very little counter space to put my stuff down and the sink was so small the water was splashing everywhere.  Oh, did I mention the heat was not working properly?  I was so apalled I called the reception to complain.  The woman was apologetic, but did not offer any amends.  I said, isn't this supposed to be at least a 4-star luxury hotel?  She said it's actually 3.5 stars.  Let me just say I've stayed at nicer 3 star hotels.  This place is a DUMP.  Don't waste your money!!"

    28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    153. Kris J.
    The service at Park Plaza is HORRENDOUS. I just spent the entire day trying to get in touch with the front desk. After you wait on hold for 2 minutes, their automated message HANGS UP ON YOU saying "Sorry no one's available - leave a message and we'll call back." I left a message, no one called back (It's been 6 hours). I called and tried to get the concierge (or whoever it was that actually answered) to connect me to the front deck, and he got an attitude and put me BACK through to the ridiculous automated system that hangs up on you. My advice if you want a hotel in the area: try the Westin, the W or the Hyatt. I've stayed at all 3 and the service is MUCH better.

    05/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    154. Allison P.
    As I sit here in the cold Logan Airport baggage claim area due to a fuel fire that seized all fueling for the rest of the night, I figured I'll spend some time reviewing my recent stay.

    First off, I have an addiction to bidding on Priceline. I've gotten great hotels through bidding, especially in Boston, but was hesitant when my bid got me the Boston Park Plaza.

    I got the room for $140 per night for two nights. The first thing I did was read reviews and boy was I disappointed. I was basically expecting a hell hole. When I got there, apparently there was a conference in town which lead to all the Petite rooms (the room I bid on) being booked. This was probably the best thing that happened to me because I was then given a corner room with a Murphy bed. The room was spacious, came with a couch, and the bathroom was roomy as well. Was it kinda old and worn? Yes...but it was built in 1927 so I think it survived pretty well. Also to comment on the weird doors...I assume this was to cover the original slots that were installed in the door to deliver mail and laundry to earlier guests of the hotel. My room reminded me of Fenway: old and quirky. When I opened the closet, there were two doors in a weird triangular room. Also there were odd little corners, but that can be attributed to being a corner room.

    All in all, it wasn't a bad place. The front desk was friendly, the gym was pretty large and offered Gatorade and free headphones. Would I stay again? Depends where Priceline leads me next time I'm in Boston.

    Overall: 3.7

    I will post pictures if and when I get home...

    18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    155. Dan D.
    I stayed at this hotel for a conference this past weekend.  Initially, I was impressed by the nice decor and the histroy of this hotel and I thought this might be real cool.  The valet parking was very difficult to find and figure out.  I had to go around the block 4 times until I figured out you had to go down the tiny road my truck barely fit down to get to the street that got me to the valet parking area.  When I got to the area, I didn't get much direction as to what I was supposed to do until I pulled up in front of a bunch of parked cars and rolled my window down and asked the guy what I was supposed to do.  Once I figured it out, it was ok.

    The lobby is really nice and the staff here was very friendly and helpful.  They were quick to get me checked in and on my way.  The elevator was kinda noisy and sounded like it was going to fall apart and I didn't realize it until I got on it that I was on an express elevator that didn't take me to the floor I was supposed to go to.  I had to ride it back down and get on another.

    The room.  It was very small, but this is an old hotel and that is to be kinda expected I guess.  The TV was huge, but it was to the side of the bed sitting on top of the dresser.  It was kind of uncomfortable to watch and didn't get a TON of channels.  Other than that the room was very clean so no complaints there.  The bathroom.  It was so small, you had to leave to change your mind in there.  The toilet looked like a toilet you would see in a men's room at a rest stop with the crome pipe that comes up vertically and the handle on the side that you would normally kick with your feet, BUT it was CLEAN and wasn't too bad.  The toilet seat was loose.  The water here was terrible.  They must have had the softener turned WAY up or something.  It took me 5 minutes to rinse the soap lather off my hands and I ended up taking the longest shower I have ever taken in my life due to the water being so soft.  I will give it to the room though...it was VERY clean so kudos on that.  I am one of the types that closely inspects the room before moving in.  Even the dusting was done.  The room didn't have too much of a view.

    The first day I was there, the fire alarm went off.  First of all, you can barely hear the alarm going off in the room.  There is no audible or visual alarm inside the room.  If I was sleeping, there is no way I would be woken up by that.  So, once I figured out the alarm was going off, I did as the alarm told me to do and exited the building down the fire stairs.  Being a volunteer fire fighter in my town, I knew I was supposed to do what the alarm told me to do.  Other people in other rooms came out in the hall and went back into their rooms without a care about why the alarm might be going off.  Once I got outside I called the person I was here with to ensure she got outside as well because I didn't see her.  Well, she told me that she went out in the hall to leave and asked the maid what was going on and she was told that it was probably just a fire drill and everything was fine and to go back to her room!!!  This is completely unacceptable!  I guess that is expected when you have a maid that will work through a fire alarm, nevermind being responsible enough to tell other people to exit the building!  It was definitely not a fire drill.  Well, it ended up being nothing, but still, your own staff is telling people to go back to their rooms when the alarm is going off?!  Come on people!

    The rooms and facilities were fine for our conference.  No problems there.

    Last experience I want to share is the breakfast in the morning in the restaurant downstairs.  I wanted to get the Breakfast Buffet...until I saw the price tag.  $25.00 for a breakfast buffet?!  Give me a break.  Completely out of line.  I ended up getting an omelet instead as that was only $15.00 I think, which was still high but I didn't want to eat Au Bon Pain again for the second straight morning.  The breakfast was nothing special, especially for $15.00.

    Well, that's my experience.  I hope it was helpful.

    06/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    156. Kathy A.
    This is not a review for actually being a guest at the hotel. I had an event here last night in one of the large ballrooms upstairs. The room itself was beautiful! There was a stage up at the front where they had a band playing and balcony seating upstairs. The servers were all very kind. Unfortunately, they were also very slow, but somewhat understandable considering the large party they had to deal with. The food service was pretty mediocre as was the wine and bar. Maybe you can get better food and drinks if you shell out more money, but for what we got last night I wouldn't want to have one of my own special events here.

    23/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    157. miriam k.
    I stayed at the Boston park plaza recently for a conference.  Considering the price which is low it was great.  The location is fantastic.  The air conditioning worked great.  The room was nice but the bathroom was really 1930's vintage.  No window or ventilation no lock on door. Sure I would rather stay somewhere posh but I was happy here

    07/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    158. Larry S.
    Run away!  Quickly!!  Where to begin. Check in process painfully inefficient. Front desk staff completely clueless with even the smallest request. Bellman staff operate on another astral plane; asking them to call you a cab yields the same results as if you asked them to build a nuclear reactor with bailing wire and bubble gum - neither will ever occur. A typical response to any request, no matter how inconsequential is a thousand yard stare which eventually morphs into, "I can't help you with that."  Calling a cab for my mother in law who was handicapped was simply not something the bell staff would do, even thought they spent the better part of an hour assuring us they had done so.  Finally had to give up and flag down a gypsy cab myself. Asked for a bar stool for makeup artist to use for bride. Front desk promised it in three follow up phone calls; you guessed it.  It never arrived and no explanation was given. Housekeeping cleaned out ALL our belongings the night before we were to check out and head out on our honeymoon. A call to the front desk yielded the response (in a rather annoyed tone), "I just got on duty, what do you expect me to do about it?!?!"

    For any request you make, where they find that you're not going to fall for the thousand yard stare, they simply lie and tell you your request has been handled when, of course, nothing could be further from the truth.  There are a ton of good hotel properties in downtown Boston at prices equal to or better than the Park Plaza. Stay at one of those other properties and avoid the heartache of the PP.

    25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    159. Jennifer S.
    OLD OLD OLD hotel that's somewhat renovated. Not but, but not ideal. Kind of reminds me of the New Yorker in NYC. The hotel was at a decent price for the 4th of July weekend, so me and my BF decided to book it. I can't imagine them charging more though, since it's so/so in terms of accommodations. It's no W, but it's also no Holiday Inn. I recommend it if you're coming here for a few days and want to be in a central location for tourist purposes, yet don't want to spend a fortune.

    08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    160. Alan W.
    Great stay !  Perfect location,  rooms are spacious enough for two adults to move around freely..... Staff friendly, rooms were clean..... Stayed during heat wave a/c worked great (I read some reviews that said otherwise )

    12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    161. AJ M.
    We had a great 2 double bed room with TWO bathrooms! We were here for a girls weekend and it was a great location, staff were sooo friendly and very accomodating. It's a historical hotel so it has the old charm but was clean and had all that we were looking for. The decor is beautiful and we just loved it!

    25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    162. Chris W.
    My Mother always told me if you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all....HOWEVER...I'll keep it brief....We booked this place on priceline....they said it was a 3.5 star.  Book on priceline and you get the closet. Can you say Claustrophobia?  DON"T do it!!  We complained and they upgraded us to a queen room...kudos to them for their complimentary upgrade.

    The service was mediocre at best...we called down to complain about the room...the front desk clerk (we know his name but won't disgrace him here) said he would send up a key...15 minutes go by....we go down to get it.  He apparently got distracted.  

    VALET PARKING WAS $46.00!!  That is excessive.  Even for Boston. Apparently there is a parking garage within walking distance that is $31.00.  (We've stayed at 4star hotels in Boston that were less)

    The rooms smelt of mildew....were not as clean as they could be...and the lamps were 1970's yard sale.  The walls were thin.  We won't book this hotel again...too many better places to stay in Boston for the same price on priceline.

    13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    163. Erwei Z.
    Everything from checkin to checkout is smooth and fast. I had a king bed single room with a good price at such a great location. The bed is high, which I love. Nicely It came with a closet, but I didn't need to use it. This hotel has a lot of mirrors, the same in the rooms, which I also love. Everything is clean, but the bathroom is a bit small, especially the toilet area. I don't think anyone bigger than 6'1" will find it pleasing to use the toilet. It would be great if they could provide toothpaste aside from the shampoo, body wash, and conditioning. The lamp, on the other hand, was an old styled old lamp, and it blinked when the bed counter was used, and sometimes it blinked on its own, which added some thriller aspect. The whole hotel is so big!!! I love the high ceiling and the classic decoration with all the fine details, e.g. the elevator door, curtain and bench on each floor, the photographs and painting on the walls. Everything comes designed with style, and that may be why Fidel Castro and the American presidents before George W Bush had all stayed at this hotel. I used the gym before checkout, which was maintained very well. I don't remember their renovation will either be started in April or will be finished in April, but I believe after the renovation it can just be better. And, I didn't encounter any negative issues that some other people have encountered. The chocolate muffin of their morning pastry is fine! Generally, I will definitely go there again!

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    164. Nicholas O.
    This hotel's main attraction is its location. Other than that, there is no positive aspect to this hotel.

    Management does not seem to handle valid criticisms well. I stayed here for a wedding, and the block of rooms was supposed to be grouped together on the same floor. This was booked/ planned several months and months in advance. However, upon arrival, guests were booked to rooms on different floors across the hotel. This hotel is big, so many were placed down long winding hallways far apart and far from the elevators. The hotel failed to uphold its promise, and when complaints were voiced, they dismissed them. Basically, they said it is a busy season and they did the best they could. Unacceptable. The wedding brought too many guests and too much money to this hotel for them to dismiss the complaints outright.

    The air vents did not circulate air conditioning properly. The rooms are small, and the bathrooms need to be updated badly. The bathroom in my room hadn't been cleaned properly, and there was a used Mach 3 razor behind the toilet, minus the blade part. Disgusting, I know. How could the maids have missed that?

    Adding to that, the hallways in the room remind guests of The Stanley Hotel from "The Shining." It is safe to say I will not be staying here again.

    16/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    165. Carol K.
    Location, Location, Location.
    The doors to the rooms were crazy off putting. I felt like I was entering a retro refrigerator. I love the historic aspect of places so I enjoyed it.. The staff was not particularly friendly or memorable.
    Location, location, location.

    27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    166. Sarah J.
    As many reviewers said, this hotel is older and does show it's age however I don't mind "old" if it's clean and functional. The Park Plaza was just that. We got a free room upgrade to a king bed and our room had 2 bathrooms!? Not necessary but was helpful when getting ready in the morning.

    Pros: Location, definitely! "Titanic-like" charm. Six elevators means you never have to wait long. Entries to restaurants within the same block was nice during our rainy visit. Really big room.
    Cons: Housekeeping came knocking at our door before 9am consistently. No refrig in room. Bathrooms lacked any space to put our stuff. Expensive.

    17/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    167. Mark C.
    We came to the Boston Park Plaza to celebrate my partner's 30th birthday. We got a great quote on Priceline for this hotel, so that was great. Upon arrival, we were able to check in immediately an 1.5 hours early which was great.

    Our room was very nice, clean, albeit, a little tight, but that was to be expected if you read the reviews. (The hotel is a historic hotel, so if you are expecting, clean crisp lines and perfect paint jobs, then perhaps, you should look at the W hotel).

    We had brought some wine to drink that we wanted chilled, and called for a mini fridge. The mini fridge was an additional $25, but inquiring about an upgraded room, if we had to pay for the fridge, we learned for a total of $75 more we could be upgraded to the Tower level.

    The Tower rooms are located on the 15th floor, and in my opinion quite worth the additional money. you get wireless Internet, a bigger and renovated bathroom, a room that is double the size (if not more) of the standard hotel room. Flat screen TV, versus a standard television, and so on. You also have access to an on site concierge person to help you. There was a lounge that provides complimentary breakfast, and appetizers in the evening.

    I do have two gripes that prevent me from giving it a 5 star review... the AC truly did not work in the room. The beds were extremely comfortable, but with all the padding, it made for a VERY warm night .Also, I have hearing loss, and like to use closed caption, this did NOT work on the television, no matter what I did to try to troubleshoot the issue.

    Overall, I would recommend family and friends to stay at this hotel.

    08/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    168. Courtney M.
    I loved my stay here. The grand lobby to the fabulous lobster crab eggs benedict in the morning for breakfast. When you check in and you need to find something to do in town, go see the concierge Daymeyn Gantt for sure!! He is super at his job. Working in the hospitality field myself I can appreciate someone who does a good job at what they are hired to do. He was very helpful, his appearance was delicious, and made us reservations at the Bee Hive for dinner and live jazz. It was a wonderful evening!! Great recommendation. The room was so comfortable and clean. I liked the old decor of the elevators and everything. I would definitely stay there again if I were to visit Boston.

    17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    169. Sarah G.
    Did you know that this hotel had every president stay at it pretty much since its existence???? I am that nerd who always reads those hotel manuals and binders in rooms, and that's what I learned from this one! And instantly I felt a lot more important! Especially since we got this room online for a crazy deal at only $120 a night!! Normally it is WAY WAY more than that, but for staying in a place that so centrally located and a place where all of our presidents have walked the halls in the lobby, it is a steal!

    The moment you walk in here, the huge chandelier, the massive vases of flowers, the ornate rugs and carpets, just makes you feel fancy! I never really stay in nice hotels, but this place was awesome! Great check in staff, helpful concierge too with giving us maps and directions and recs to places. And they serve starbucks coffee here! :)

    Our room was really great, a little small true, but it is an old hotel and they do the most with the space. And the bathroom is huge! And that bed wow, I need to get some of those sheets and blankets! And especially my own flat screen tv on the wall too! That would be perfect! Park Plaza let me know if you have any extras lying around! I am moving to Boston soon and would love to take one off your hands!

    27/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    170. Dan L.
    Beautiful hotel, friendly staff (although we requested a wake up call and never received it!)  Only hotel I've stayed at in Boston but I'm assuming it is of average size rooms.  The area is beautiful and easily accessable to all of the major transportation hubs.  Breakfast omlettes were delicious.  Old feel, definetly not modern.  We had a 2 bed room for about 190$ a night.  If they had delivered on the wake up call probably would have received 3 or maybe 4 stars but that is a big thing to mess up!  Our room was also an odd set up at the end of the hall it had two bathrooms but only one showers hot water worked correctly.

    31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    171. Disappointed W.
    The ballrooms are beautiful. However, the guest rooms are pretty standard and nothing that grand. I was expecting more.
    This review is specifically about Boston Park Plaza Hotel and using it as a venue for your wedding. Though beautiful, the hotel service in reservation, catering and banquet departments are terrible. We just had a 500+ person wedding where we rented out all the ballrooms and paid for over 15 guest rooms, despite such a large contract the service was horrendous. They initially messed up on our dates. The point of contact for our event changed several times - to the point where we literally had no idea who was helping us orchestrate this large event. Only after 5 voicemails and 3 emails did we finally get someone to reply. And now even after the event we are having a terrible time as they are incorrectly charging our credit cards, despite several phone calls to clarify the matter. No consistency in staff and nobody follows through.
    If you can avoid having your wedding here, please do so. Spare yourself the migraine. A wedding is stressful enough. You don't want the added stress of having a hotel which you are paying a huge premium to, to give you POOR service.
    Extremely disappointed.

    24/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    172. Paul S.
    don't even attempt to stay here if you have a tax exempt status.  3 weeks so far since I've checked out, and still trying to get the sales tax removed from my bill. You can't have them flag it at check in or remove it at check out.  You have to deal directly with the business office, which of course, I was not told until I tried to check out, and didn't have time to go see them.  We use an electronic system to authorize and pay travel, but the business office would not take any of the electronic authorizations as proof that I was on official travel, so I had to have my boss sign a letter on stationary (their requirement) and email or fax it to them.  I could have just made one up, it would have been easier and faster........
    And the rooms need a total make over to join the 20th century, never mind that we are now in the 21st!!  noisy AC units, thermostats that don't actually adjust
    and the meeting rooms were so hot, we opened the windows, all of the 1 1/2 inches they would open.....

    the only thing going for this hotel is the location

    31/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    173. Suhey E.
    This definitely isn't the Revere up the block! I booked my $152/night room through a Hotwire deal so I didn't have a say in what hotel or room I stayed in. The room (101001) is fine for one person and for two people the space is almost pushing it. My husband had to remove one of the toilet paper rolls (they provide two) from the wall because he couldn't fit properly to sit on the toilet... He's only 6'3! I'm 5'3 and I hit my knee a few times on the bathtub trying to open the bathroom door on my way out. That said the room was kinda clean (a few dust bunnies on the side of the bathroom mirror) rug was out of place in two corners, and toiletries stocked. On that note it's really unnecessary for housekeeping to start rolling around at 9am! One morning a housekeeping staff member opened our room door while I was in the bathroom and my husband was still in bed! The furniture is outdated. There is no wifi in your room (it's $13 a day!). There's like 20 cable channels and half are local. So for all that's missing it's really just a standard sleep-in hotel and the price is ridiculous (there are better RESORTS in Atlantic City for this price). Stay away!

    29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    174. Colleen G.
    Loved Boston firstly.. Park plaza was in an excellent location.. No free WiFi in the room which is a bit much these days. We were lucky & got an upgrade, room was nice, no complaints. Went for breakfast around the corner.

    04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    175. CT T.
    If you are ever in Boston and need an inexpensive hotel option, try Pricelining or going on Hotels.com to find a room here.

    This place was exactly as Yelpers described. It's an older hotel, but the service is excellent and the rooms are clean. The bathroom was really small, but it's to be expected in an older hotel.

    We had a nice view of the street and city view from our 11th floor room. There was that "old" smell when you first walk in, but we cracked our window and it wasn't so bad.

    There were so many restaurants nearby we literally never hopped on the train or taxi. I walked to Newbury street, Chinatown, and to the spot where we got on the Duck tour.

    This certainly isn't the Ritz or Fairmont, but as the owner of the hotel first envisioned, it is a hotel for the average person.

    25/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    176. R. M.
    Good quality hotel, and actually fairly cheap for its area and quality. Great location with good restaurants all around.

    The rooms are simple, elegant and clean. The stylistic opposite of a place like a W Hotel.

    Drawbacks: Heating system is definitely noisy and requires the fan running fairly constantly. If you need complete silence to sleep and can't deal with humming in the background, do NOT stay here in winter.

    Beds are smaller than expected. But rooms also come in a variety of sizes, so it's worthwhile to check on different room options.

    09/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    177. Yellow D.
    Exercise room is non functional due to water damage and the hotel refused to provide alternate arrangements at local facilities.

    Their website says the fitness room is included in the price but in fact was not.

    The front desk clerk told me that the new management was interested in making alternate arrangements and that I should 'Yelp' away, so here it is.

    This hotel provides less than they promised/advertised and doesn't live up to their promises. I would not recommend staying here.

    25/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    178. Andrew S.
    Older basic rooms, in a great location.  It is certainly an old hotel, that is for sure... and a very, very large one.  

    My room was great.  You're not going to get much of a view here, but its still nice.

    08/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    179. Sarah G.
    I just checked the other reviews for this hotel and am totally not surprised by the low quality!  I am planning to stay there this weekend and will give an update afterwards, but so far service has been TERRIBLE.  

    First, after booking, their reservation system crashed and they lost a large number of bookings.  Somehow for some reason we called to double check on our reservation and it had gone missing.  So we re-reserved the room and then double checked a few weeks later to and they had us booked in TWO rooms.  

    Now I call to get information on the fitness facility and I find out that it has been flooded and wont be open this weekend.  I'm probably the only guest calling in advance about the fitness facility and they could easily get me a pass at the Boston Sports Club around the corner.  Unfortunately the woman at the front desk doesn't understand customer service and not only was she unwilling to help or even to recommend affordable gyms, she was completely RUDE.  

    Looking forward to seeing if the stay improves things at all, but I highly doubt it!  Avoid this place and stay somewhere with good customer service and up to date technology!

    11/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    180. Jason M.
    Let me preface this review by saying I've never stayed overnight at the Park Plaza.
    But, my experiences with the staff at the Park Plaza is top notch.

    In reserving ballroom spaces and meeting rooms, the staff is prompt, thoughtful and quick to assist. Kathy and her staff will make sure your event is what you want and need. They're creative, friendly and most importantly... consistent.

    Every event I've had there has been great. The event management staff are extra helpful, greet you immediately and are there to help.

    In working to create room blocks, they're reliable, communicative and fast to keep you updated. I've never had to wait for an answer or information.

    The decor throughout the hotel is beautiful. Everything is very grand and elegant.

    There are several great dining options. Catering is what you'd expect from hotel catering. The food at Pairings (their restaurant) is just fine. Stay away from the breakfast buffet. You're better off ordering from the menu, which I find creative (I recommend the bananas french toast).

    Meeting spaces and large-scale events? It might be costly, but you have to consider that you get what you pay for.

    20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    181. Ron P.
    Avoid at all costs. Very old place - and not in a classic sense but dilapidated meaning of the word. The rooms are not only small, they are poorly designed. The worst problem is that it seems that there is almost no sound insulation. When someone walks in the corridor you can hear it, walking you up. Parts of the room are literally peeling apart, making it look disgusting.

    The bed was uncomfortable and they did not have pillows of standard sizes - a standard option in most places.

    They only had one electrical outlet. This might have been ok in the 1920s when the hotel was built, but not when you have to charge your noise cancelling headsets (a standard for business travellers), your phone and your laptop.

    Use internet much? They charge for the internet. That's crazy. Thank goodness I have a mi-fi.

    I understand this is a famous place. But for the prices they charge, their service and comfort is worse that a road house.

    09/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    182. Mike Z.
    I will definately recommend this hotel to people I strongly dislike.
    Rooms are overpriced and a piece of crap: bathrooms that don't make sense and are tiny, bed is lumpy and smells, tvs are old tube tvs, there are wires everywhere, and I have been listening to white trash congregate outside my door for the last hour to hang out.....
    For 300 bucks a night they should be ashamed of themselves....

    29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    183. Crissy K.
    3.5 This centrally located hotel has comfortable, yet affordable rooms. I've stayed here twice and the room and service were consistent and accommodating. This is a great option if you want to stay downtown and not spend a ton of money. It's an older hotel with lots of history, so the building architecture reflects that (bathrooms are small) however everything is clean and refinished. The rooms have flat screen TVs and there's a bottle opener on the bathroom door!

    04/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    184. Marc F.
    After hours of traveling and finally checking into the hotel, all I wanted to do was kick off my shoes, lie down in bed for a few minutes and take a shower. But in between steps two and three, where I'm walking from the bed to the shower, I stepped on something sharp. Ouch. It's a large, friggin' toenail. OK, so housekeeping didn't vacuum up before room changes.

    I get into the shower and the shower head is limp and won't tighten, so I have to stand right underneath it to get any water on me.

    I get out of the shower, slightly infuriated, I decide to do a little work. I have two mobile hotspots with me - one from Verizon and another from Sprint - and neither are working. My computer won't connect to them. Weird, because when I head down the street to the cafe, they both work just fine, but when I'm in the hotel, they don't work at all. Boston Park Plaza, as it turns out, uses Wi-Fi blockers so you're forced to use in-room Internet via the Ethernet cable! Luckily, I had a USB modem.

    The next morning, I order a bagel for breakfast--a $16 bagel. It's delivered to my room cold - it said on the menu it'd be toasted - and there is no cream cheese, an item that was supposed to be included according to the in-room dining menu.

    I give this place two stars instead of one because I was actually able to get some sleep here, but I didn't get much else. No comfort, no real pleasure. Oh, and if you decide last minute to buy Red Sox tickets and print them, YOU HAVE TO PAY to fire up the computers and printers in the business center before you can even access your e-mail to print said tickets. $7.50 for 15 minutes of use.

    Do yourself a favor and go to the Omni hotel instead. I'm just glad I had a blast sightseeing and doing things in Boston to make up for the shitty experience every time I got back to the hotel.

    11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    185. Michael F.
    5 stars for a much improved customer service. My colleagues and I were upgraded to the Presidential Suite during the 4th of July weekend. I must say, it was a nice treat! The Presidential Suite is huge about 1,600 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an office, living room, tv lounge area and full kitchen and a grand piano celebrities once may have played. The room is listed for $2,000 or $3,000 a night and it was sumptuous luxury that we didn't have to spend. :)

    20/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    186. john g.
    n the music world, Bb means so so.Not bad not good.  But the service sucked so hard I couldn't believe.  No smiles, slow walking, send up smoke signals for another drink, etc.  When we first checking in I found they were charging $12.50 A DAY for WIFI.    I was booked for 4 days and I was of the mind that the wifi is pretty much free most places.  WELL, I went to the room, took a shower, and everytime I stepped back, there was a loud cruch like the tub was not installed properly.  It sounded like it was going to crack any second.  I called the manager to change rooms, which he did immediately, but when I said he should comp my wifi for the inconvinience, he only offered me ONE NITE.  We went back and forth and side ways and whichways ( I am a hell of a negotiator!)  he still would only part with 2 nites.  "I am spending $2000 this weekend in your hotel and you can't comp $50?  Downtown Boston?  Really? Customer is always....what?  I don't get it,

    30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    187. Sarah L.
    I recently stayed here for a second time, for a conference.  It was a very disappointing site for the conference:  the AC in the castle (where posters were held) went out on the first night, meaning almost no one went to the posters that night and attendance was far reduced for the second two nights.  I was giving a talk at 10AM on saturday, and asked for a wake up call at 9AM, and I can now tell you with authority:  If you are staying in the park plaza and need to wake up at a certain time, set your cell phone alarm, because you will not receive a wake up call.  I believe that the conference organizers paid the hotel some fee so that internet would be free for the conventioners, but the wireless was so weak it was basically nonexistent-- I got much better speed with the 3G on my iPad.  

    The location of this hotel is amazing, but I think I will stay at the charlesmark next time.

    30/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    188. Hsiang-I L.
    Would have given it -5 stars if I could. Stayed here for 4 nights on a conference. For $300/night, discounted rate through conference site, I got a little cell that barely fits a full size bed w/o a desk or even ANYTHING. Most outrageous was a little 3x3 stand only shower. I am a short skinny asian girl, and I could barely wash my hair in the 'shower'.  
    I understand they might be allocating basic rooms for conference, but plenty of others with the same room type have a decent showers even tubes. Been trying to switch to another room since the first night. Talked to the front desk, morning and night, even the manager. A different room would be promise to me every day and I came back to hear a different excuse of not been able to move every night. Lying is not the way to do business!
    The manager even offered to UPGRADE me to a bigger room with proper shower, but without a bed...I didn't even know such room exist till then. Apparently it's a living room of a suite. So I was faced to choose between a room with no bed or a room with no proper shower. Which one would you pick??

    In response to the defensive comment from hotel, please note that this review is mostly regarding the horrible customer service stemming from the equally horrible room. I did know there are different room types, and I wasn't given the option to choose when booking through conference. To be fair, I've checked with people with the SAME room type and none of them get the same great deal that I did. So, I would suggest asking the front desk what you are getting at check in even if you think you know what room type you've booked.

    25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    189. Noah C.
    This is an example of a classic hotel that is determined to stay planted in the past.

    This can be a good thing - for instance, the interior is charming, and many of the ballrooms (I was here for a large conference) retain that old-world classic feel, with enormous, ornate chandeliers and giant pillars.

    The downside to this, though, is that there are certain things that should not be old. The linens on the beds, for instance, carried that familiar old-hotel smell of mold, tinged slightly with sweat. The rooms themselves are nice, but you can tell the carpets probably need a bit of treatment. Puzzling things, such as the varying water pressure and rickety air conditioning, cry out for attention. The TV in my room was probably from the early nineties, and the remote was missing several buttons.

    Still, the staff is charming and willing to help out however they can, and that also went a long way towards making me like the hotel despite its many failings.

    30/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    190. CeeCee A.
    A couple weeks ago, stayed here for a night.  

    When first getting here, we were a bit confused about the valet situation.  We had not known there were two main entrances.  We had first driven up to the Park Plaza entrance, and then we were told that valet was at the Columbus Ave main entrance.   We drove around to that entrance, and a guy in a red coat told us we were at the wrong location.  He told us to drive to the end of Columbus Ave.  We drove around, and we saw nothing.  After driving around the block twice, we went back to the Park Plaza entrance.  The doorman told us that he did know know what that guy was talking about, and told us to go back since that WAS where the valet was.  When we drove back, there was a different guy in a red jacket, and he took our car immediately when we pulled up. *sighs*

    So, remember, if you are going to valet your car, it's at the main entrance (has red carpet) at the Columbus Ave side.  I believe it cost about $41/night.

    When we walked in, the lobby was really pretty.  Check-in was quick and painless, and the woman was very polite, answered any questions we had.  Our room was small, but since we were going to hardly be in the room, it didn't matter.  What mattered was that it was clean and comfortable.  Not a spectacular place to write home about, but a great room for a place to sleep.  Plus, it was very affordable, through the deal I got from Expedia.

    If I'm ever back in Boston (hopefully soon), I would definitely stay here again.

    16/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    191. Yang C.
    Be aware! Room is tiny with only one double bed for two adults. And they said this is the standard room. Ridiculous! Won't come again!

    13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    192. Kerry Q.
    TERRIBLE customer service. You will be stuck in a constant cycle of transferred calls before you can even explain what your issue is. Accounting department doesn't get back to you for issues involving receipts and charges. 9/10 customer service reps were far from helpful, rude and didn't wan to take the time to understand your problems were not related to the hotel but rather the fact at how difficult it is to get a live person on the phone to help you. Phones typically ring off the hook.

    13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    193. Nancy K.
    Terribly overpriced room. Small bathroom with few amenities. Felt like a Motel 6.
    Bed very comfortable, however.

    Nice lobby and bar but not worth the price of admission.

    14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    194. Lucy W.
    I felt like if I strolled through here in a colonial hoop skirt, or in a 20's flapper dress, I would feel at home...this hotel is old time glamour, with piano music playing and cozy little sitting areas around the lobby and 2nd floor.  They don't make hotels like this place anymore...I heard all US presidents except for our current one have stayed here.

    The rooms are definitely older, irregularly shaped, small, but has been renovated.  Old TV, tiny bathroom with pedestal sink, lack of electric plugs (sign of the olden times!).  I think I actually got a larger corner room with a king bed.  It wouldn't have been a mixed bag if I needed to stay in my room for extended periods of time but really, the room was just for sleeping in the incredibly comfy bed.  The hotel is in a the wonderful location in Park Square, a couple blocks from the Common, walking distance to the T, the Back Bay, etc.  Sure, it's in the city so you hear traffic and sirens and such, but its location with all the surrounding restaurants and bars is so convenient.  I was here for a meeting- the meeting and event space at the hotel is gorgeous and functional at the same time (yay- windows in a meeting room!).

    14/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    195. Cody T.
    Man I laugh at the people that feel that they need "more" when they stay at a hotel. A hotel is for sleeping, is it not? It was more than perfect for me.. it was so nice that I propose to my fiance in this hotel. It was beautiful and has a perfect location. It is an old historic hotel that is a blast to stay at.

    Texas Forever

    10/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    196. Nick S.
    Incredibly cold room, also pretty small. Wifi isn't free and is slow. Restaurant in the hotel is expensive and not very good. Concierge unhelpful.

    24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    197. Madison L.
    I stayed here for six nights for a conference recently.  For the price, I expected a lot more.   The only thing I really liked about the hotel were the location and numerous establishments throughout.  These benefits did not even come close to outweighing the benefits.  The things I found unpalatable about this hotel are too numerous to mention here, but here are a few:

    -  very small and cramped rooms
    - inattentive, uncaring, and just plain unprofessional staff
    - very limited room service hours (despite advertising 24 hour room service, even in the Guest Book, they were only open during certain hours during the day)
    - workout facilities in the lobby right next to the checkout in counter
    - a loud blaring fire alarm which went off erroneously and interrupted a business lunch for at least 15 minutes - with no credit offered

    There are other options in the area.  Avoid this hotel.

    11/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    198. Angie L.
    We stayed here as one of the conference hotels just this last weekend.  For the price, I would not have stayed here.  The best amenity in this hotel would be the 24 hour gym.  It was clean, and all the machines worked.

    The room was old, it was nice to have a large plasma TV, but there were no channels to watch.  There were two bathrooms, but that is because there is no way more than one person could be in the bathroom at the same time.  The area around the toilet was so close to the bathtub, I could've soaked my feet in the tub if I could turn around. The old steam heater in the bathroom workded and warmed up the room fairly well, but if you have small children it would be extremely dangerous for them  to be in these rooms heated by steam heaters.

    The location was nice, walking distance to all kinds of restaurants, and to shopping.  If you don't care that your room is not completely or really clean, and you aren't into bathrooms, or don't watch movies in your room, or care that you can't pick any but the basic channels, then this would be the place to stay.

    One last thing, internet was a waste of money, wireless, couldn't connect to anything.  It was the slowest internet ever.

    11/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    199. Paul R.
    I arrived on a Friday in the early afternoon. The lobby is beautiful and it gives you that old school look and feel. It took about two minutes to check-in and it was by far the fastest check-in I've ever had.

    One of the reasons this hotel is not getting five stars is due to the elevators. They have six elevators, but the first elevator only takes you up one level. I don't know who designed the programming for these elevators, but it seems you are always waiting. For some reason all the elevators will go to the top floor and just sit there as you're waiting in the lobby. I'm sure to your average person, this wouldn't be an issue, but I am one impatience person.

    We stayed in the standard King and the room was clean, tidy and big! I was pretty impressed on the size of the room. Due to the poor reviews here on yelp, I decided to snoop around a bit and see if I could find any imperfections. Luckily, the room was extremely clean and other than a couple spots on the walls/ceilings that could use some patching, everything was great.

    Another reason why this hotel is not receiving five stars is due to the bathroom. Although clean and in order, it was super tiny. When I go to the bathroom I like to be comfortable. With this bathroom size and layout, that's not possible. The toilet is about 8 inches off the ground and about an inch from the tub and an inch from a wall. Good think I'm not a large man or I wouldn't even be able to use it.

    Overall, I am very happy with my stay at the Park Plaza. Everything was above my expectations and the location is perfect! I will definitely be returning!

    01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    200. Alicia S.
    We stayed here for one night, and the room was beautiful. The lobby has an elegant feel as well. The prices are excellent, and the hotel is in a perfect location to explore the city, as it is close to the park, shopping, and Beacon Hill. There was also a complimentary breakfast served in the hotel. The front desk was extremely helpful in recommendations for brunch and a late night snack.

    03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    201. M K.
    I am rarely at loss for words, however; I have been for several days while trying to decide how to articulate the experience I had at The Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

    If you are a business traveler, this is not a place I would recommend.  The Internet is so pricey that it would behoove you to get a mobile hotspot for the duration of your stay (or) even for the month after.  It is pay-per-device, per twenty-four hour period.  To spell that out a little further: IF you have a Tablet, Smart Phone, and a Computer you would like to use at various time together, you will pay the fee multiplied by three per twenty-four hours - I will not place a price on it for fear that the review will be edited (which they do if you are not shiny and happy with the hotel), but let's just say you could both buy and keep a mobile hot spot for about two months if you stayed for three days...

    About the room, I am a frequent traveler for business and pleasure - that means I spend two weeks (or more) per month in several cities in hotel rooms across the world.  To state that this room was amongst the filthiest, drab, and disappointing rooms I have experienced this year would fail to do the words filthy, drab, and disappointing justice.  I took pictures (if only they let me post them).  When I confronted the management about the conditions they curtly stated that the room was fine, and it was a classic Back Bay hotel with rich history, and if I did not appreciate the patina of the room I was welcome to move to a chain hotel in a less important location.

    There is no mini-bar, no movies (or) entertainment on the new flat panel television that did not even display the programming guide with accuracy - in fact if one were not from the US they might think "No Information Available" was a show, the room was so small the abysmal room service had no place to put the food except the bed, and no place to really sit to eat save the desk that was barely big enough to place a tray.

    The location could not be beat - it is without a doubt a hip neighborhood with many choices in (also hip) but chain couture restaurants.  It is close to the "T" and amazing shopping, as well as the parks and tourist areas of Boston.  If I were able to get over what looked like black mold, the strange smell of the bathroom, and the dust-bear (bunnies would be too small) in the vents I might have just been mildly annoyed by the open electrical cords packed into an overloaded surge protector on the floor in the way of the bed and the rusty metal cable coupler on which I stepped and nearly lacerated my foot.

    This is a dated, dilapidated, and wildly expensive hotel in the heart of the city - I think its founder would spin in his grave if he knew what they charged, and what the customer gets for that charge.  I did read (ironically) that he is credited with coining the phrase "The customer is always right."

    15/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    202. Raz T.
    I booked a room on priceline, and was happy then sad. "Park Plaza" sounds fancy schmancy and nice, but all of the reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor suggested otherwise. I read most of the reviews on both sites, trying to prepare me for a couple of hellish nights, picturing the scene from Big where Tom Hanks runs away and spends the night at a scary, dirty hotel, the only place he could afford.

    Walking to the hotel, I was thinking "oh god, where the hell am I going." Checking in, aware of the comments I've read that the gorgeous lobby is worlds away from the shabby rooms, I kept my sulky composer. Riding up in the antique elevators and walking down hallway of the 8th floor, I prepared myself for the worst.

    I found my room - 875 - and inserted my key. It wouldn't read it. CRAP! I READ ABOUT THIS ON YELP! I tried it once more, and it worked fine (from then on out).

    The room was... nice! I mean it wasn't fancy or anything, but it was clean, charming, and definitely very doable for a couple of nights. My room was situated on a V-angle, and had a nice view of Arlington Street Church, and a long street still lit with white christmas lights. The bed was soft and comfy, the shower was bright white and looked new.

    The room reminded me of staying at a my Italian aunt's house - nice (but old) wood furniture, wallpaper and drapes that were in the same tones but with mismatched patterns, a radiator in the bathroom, but clean and cozy with character.

    I was honestly terrified of checking into this place - so maybe reading all the awful reviews of the Park Plaza Hotel freaked me out and realized that it was not so bad, but I'll comment on some of the things that stuck out from nightmare reviews.

    Room/Bathroom size: Yes, they are kind of small, but not uncomfortably so. Someone commented that the bathroom was like a gas station or rest area restroom. If only! I would pull over on long road trips way more often, instead of holding it for hour and hours. The room lacked a dresser or place where you can put stuff on top - like your make-up, keys, drinks, food, table-top sort of stuff. I think with some re-arranging, they could fit another piece of utility furniture in there (I like to re-arrange furniture and am good at it, but I didn't feel it was my place to do this). The two nightstands and desk do the job, however.

    TV: I stayed at a Hyatt recently that had an older TV, with fewer channels. I had no complaints about this one.

    Noise: Very quiet. I didn't hear any hallway foot traffic, and unlike my Hyatt stay, didn't have screaming children stomping down the hallway and didn't have international students next door partying it up. I heard NO hallway traffic, but once I heard one honk from the street. Just once. In downtown Boston. So it's not bad at all.

    I did not find the heater noisy at all - a white humming noise, and at its loudest, like the sound of someone running a shower with the doors closed. It wasn't bad at all.

    Cleanliness: The sheets, bathroom, and towels were all clean and crisp. The bathroom tiles are old, possibly original, but they're not dirty. Do people on Yelp really not know the difference between old and dirty?

    Sure, there was a crack in the pedestal sink, but it was only cosmetic. And there was a crack in the molding on the ceiling, but nothing that actually has any effect on the quality and comfort of your stay.

    I didn't have many interactions with staff, but those that I did, were friendly and funny.

    Honestly, if you require bathrobes, a flat screen TV, everything to be made in the last 2 years, to not have your eyes hurt by some uneven old paint jobs, then don't book on priceline and accept to get everything you want - look for your needs, and pay for the special needs you require.

    Randoms: I like really hot showers. REALLY. HOT. The showers here were warm and hot by most people's standards, but I like 'em super hot. But that's ok. It took me 3 tries to find an outlet that works to plug in my laptop. I found that under the window, there was a panel that had like 4 open outlets. These all worked, but some of the older ones by the nightstand did not.

    All in all though, if all you require is an affordable, clean, comfortable, quiet stay, my experience is that the Boston Park Plaza will be more than just fine. I don't know what everyone's personal experiences are, but I feel like the Park Plaza got an unfairly bad reputation. Reading the reviews first and then staying here, I'm kind of saddened that there are so many super high-maintenance people on Yelp. Some people seemed to have some really awful stays, bust most of them seemed super petty to me. Like... "OH NOES! The TV isn't flat! Deduct two stars!" I mean really, come on.

    So, don't freak out. Or you can freak out if you want to, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

    06/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    203. Alison R.

    I didn't end up staying at the Boston Park Plaza, nor would I ever, ever considering staying here.  I needed to make a simple change to my reservation, and after wasting an hour playing phone-chase with the front desk, the operator and a VERY disgruntled reservationist who's only plan of help was suggesting I start over from the beginning and dial the same three numbers all over again-I canceled completely.
    If you can't get your reservation line in order, I don't even want to see the rest of the mess you've got going on.  I booked elsewhere and was very happy for the same price.

    08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    204. Marilyn Y.
    This hotel is somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars. But because we have stayed here 3 times and the staff has been absolutely accommodating on all 3 stays, I bumped them to 4.

    The price was right, but the ratings questionable for a stately hotel. Do I chance it? I did and I left content and well rested.  This hotel has a lot going for it and all things considered, was great for the price.  It is gracious, as is typical of hotels built in the Great Gatsby era. There is nothing modern about it, and this means for those  looking for a sleek and sexy stay, go elsewhere my friend. If you want a comfy place  with old world charm, this works well. Plus, it is reasonably priced and an unbeatable location.    

    Here are  a few things that make the Park Plaza worthy of a stay.

    Location: . The hotel has presence situated on Copely Square with nearby outstanding shopping, easy access to the T and a stones throw away from Boston Common. It is on prime real estate.  A short walk takes you to the theater district as well. The hotel is literally in the middle of all things cool about Boston; Faneuil Hall, Newberry Street, Boston Common and much more not far by foot or the T.

    Stately charm:  Built in the 1920's, the hotel has a neo-classical lobby with wrap around balconies, crystal chandeliers and marble floors. A raised seating area in the back of the grand foyer offers oversized  chairs for a relaxing spot for coffee or drinks.  The grand style that fits its location.  The room we had was pleasant too;  well appointed, spacious and the large windows offered a great view of the coming and goings of life on Copley Square. I understand that there seem to be mini rooms which I hope are less expensive. Our room was fine.  If you are a light sleeper, beware of noise that can filter through the walls.  We had quiet neighbors and this was not a problem.

    Friendly Staff:  It is always appreciated when arriving, after a ridiculous amount of time has been spent in a cramped middle seat with 150 or so pals enjoying the finer discomforts of flying, to be greeted by a smiling person who understands this. The staff at the Copley Square greeted us with warm smiles and quickly got us checked in.  Then in a stroke of bad luck, the internet died on a night when it was of course absolutely needed. The staff understood this and thankfully saved us from disaster by allowing us to use a private server.  That is accommodating service  and very much appreciated.

    Overall we were happy, from the meal at the bar, to the comfy beds and the problem solving staff, it was a good stay.

    05/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    205. Nicole H.
    I would like to start by stating, I have given this hotel 4 stars, but it is by no means a 4 star hotel. I think it probably was about 50 years ago, and certainly tries to be despite its smaller rooms.

    I made a 3 day reservation that was about $75 a night in the petite room.  I didn't show for the first night and was not charged, which was awesome. The two nights I did spend here were excellent - and I was even upgraded for free. Though if you want any extra services like the breakfast buffet its gonna cost you. (I think it was $25 a person)

    The upgrade was to a room with two double beds. As others have mentioned it had two fairly small bathrooms. Its obvious that this room was once two rooms and the wall in between was removed. Everything was clean, and the beds were extremely comfortable. The air conditioner was a little loud, but definitely tolerable.

    The hotel itself is very large, and right across the street from the metro and Boston Commons(park). The feel of the hotel is much like Boston itself, visually charming with tons of history.

    I would certainly stay here again.

    01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    206. joe w.
    I asked for a complimentary sewing kit from the front desk.  My call was transferred to another line wherein no one picked up after six rings.  Furthermore, I came down to the front desk and was told to wait for staff to come up to the room for a complimentary kit after our event was a little ridiculous--this hotel probably deserves 2.5 stars.  I needed to reattach a loose button on my blazer before having my photograph taken.  The iron, tolietries,  and cleanliness of the room were otherwise great.

    30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    207. Tom C.
    Live in the area and decided to take a mini vacation into the city for a couple nights with my fiance (7/30-8/1.) We have stayed here before and was very impressed and considering using the hotel as a possible wedding venue so this was in a way a test run. This time was a bit different. We used group-on to book our room. Still ended up being $200+ a night. We checked in and our room was a joke. A sign on  the desk read.. "There could construction workers outside your window" the bathroom was so small and could barley fit in the shower. Right away we phoned the front desk and told them this is unacceptable. They told us nothing they can do. I then went down to talk in person and they told me, "Well you booked on group-on" That was very frustrating seeing as its over $200 a night still. I even offered to pay more money for an upgrade. After more complaining they finally switched our room to a newly renovated room which was much nicer and very clean. Thank god! The staff does not go out of there way to help you. In fact, not one time did anyone open a door for us even when we had luggage. They all just stand around and watch. Buffet was very good but was $25 a person. All in all it seems that if you book on group-on they will try and stick you in one of the worst rooms they have. My fiance has said for years she wanted our wedding at the Park Plaza but with such mediocre service and the risk of our guests staying in these old small rooms we are having second thoughts.

    02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    208. Charlie R.
    Worst experience ever. My wife, 1 year old baby and I have been sitting in the lobby for 3 hours waiting for our room. When we first came in this morning to check in we were told our room was being cleaned and they took our number and said they would call. 3 hours later no call and we ask if room was ready yet and then we are told oh sorry room still isn't ready they just checked out. They wouldn't give us any ETA. We are exhausted from our flight and our baby is crying. Not to mention while I sit here reading the horrible reviews on yelp and Travelocity of this hotel it is no surprise to me this is happening. I'm about to walk out and just book a room at a real hotel. I don't even care about the cancellation fee at this point.

    21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    209. Kelsey M.
    Errr...  Am I the only person that doesn't think this place is all that and a bag of potato chips?  This place is a prime example of the lower standard, higher cost model that has been implemented in this city.  Wish I could say this place is as nice as they claim it to be.  It does have a great location and there are bars to drown your cares away, if you're willing to to robbed in addition to the room.

    01/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    210. Tommy Nicholas V.
    Great buy on Priceline for $69. Heart of Boston location. Comfortable services.

    25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    211. Jackie H.
    The only reason I am giving this place a star is due to the lobby. It's beautiful! I love the old world charm. I especially love when the hotel decorates the lobby for Christmas -Stunning Christmas tree, beautiful ornaments and decorations. But that's where the charm ends.

    I stayed here for a conference and have never been so insulted by a hotel. I would honestly rather stay at an economy lodge :x

    Confusion by the 2 phones in the room but nice if they worked. One doesn't function at all, and the other phones buttons don't work, but can hear a dial tone?...Don't get me started on the bed... Yes, I am grateful I was given a king. But is it hard to place a fitted sheet over the mattress?!?! Apparently so, I pulled down the sheet thinking to find another sheet (fitted maybe, or so you'd think?) but no its the only sheet on the bed and it's not tucked into the mattress.

    I went down to the service desk and was offered an apology but nothing more.

    Oh and the icing on the cake?!?!?! There's pubes hanging out on the toilet seat. AWESOME!

    Sleeping in my car sounds great right about now. I wish I brought flip flops for the shower...

    11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    212. Melissa P.
    I just want to start by saying that this hotel has an AWESOME LOCATION! That is the only reason why I am giving it 3 starts. There are so many restaurants and bars around, so you'll always have a place to go.

    However, the actual hotel is a different story. In fact, when we first walked in we thought the place was beautiful! BUT the rooms seriously need some renovation. They are super tiiiiiiiny, and be aware that the standard room is only a full size bed. We asked for an upgrade, but they were already fully booked. The bathrooms are SO tiny, I felt like I was back in a NYC studio apartment. Also, the shelving in the bathroom was not level, and everything we placed on it kept sliding right off.

    I gave it 3 stars because the location is seriously great, we checked in in under 3 minutes, and they have a great selection of restaurants on site.

    All in all, I would not stay here again because the room are in no way worth the price. $200 a night for highway hotel type room. Yikes!

    04/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    213. Tim L.
    Great location for visiting Boston.  Close to the Arlington T stop, restaurants galore, and an amazing liquor store within walking distance (check out the Urban Grape South End!!!).  Your also close to the Bean Town Trolly for amusing guided tours through Boston's historical city scape.  The continental breakfast is meh, the afternoon cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were pretty good.  Breakfast in the lobby is  expensive and the rooms are a bit small.  Check in here is 50/50.  Had to wait an hour before our room was ready at 4:30pm.  Check in begins at 2 or 3pm.  Little frustrating.  Poor communication amongst staff and customers.  Check in took about 30 min for our other 2 rooms.  If your waiting for your room to be ready, don't wait for them to call you.  They won't, stand in line until your room is ready.

    13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    214. Andrea G.
    I'm a little late, but I stayed here a few weeks ago and had a very good experience. The room was nice and clean and very comfortable, and the hotel itself was in a great location and was incredibly beautiful. The service also was very good; Nicole was extremely helpful, and also was very personable and friendly. I had left behind a few things in the drawers and the maids kindly turned it in to security and I had absolutely no problem getting them back. Would definitely stay here again my next trip to Boston!

    12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    215. mich k.
    Waited for 30 minutes to check in at midnight after flying all day. Overbooked, no apology, rude response. They put me in another hotel but got that reservation wrong too. Didn't get to bed until 2am. What a mess, but if they had had good customer service, I would have been ok with it.

    03/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    216. Bill D.
    For an expensive hotel, I expect working toilets and heat. I'm a real rhymes-with-witch that way.  Had neither the first night, and through the entire next day.

    I was here for a conference, so changing rooms wasn't quite the done thing in the middle of the day.

    I'm on a gluten free diet which the hotel accommodated with the exact same vegetable platter each meal.

    11/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    217. Amy T.
    I should assume and expect a certain level of product from 3rd party travel deals.  I reserved two nights as the Boston Park Plaza Hotel through hotels dot com and got a decent total rate of $259 over the Memorial Day weekend.  This hotel and Parker House are similar in their room size, decor, era.  They're old small, seen-better-days city hotels with some charm but lots of convenience being in the heart of the city.  

    I'm ok with clean tiny rooms for the price but I'm less ok with bad service.  I was non-greeted at check in by a women who had no facial expression, patience, or sincerity as she quickly told me what floor I was on and where the elevators were.  No "hello" "thank you" "bye" "you're welcome" -- just kind of scripted info to get me moving away from her line asap.   I had a similar mannequin-like interaction with another women when I asked to get a different room with a tv in front of the bed, rather than to the side.  Got an updated Stepford wife glare and I was on my way with no room change.  

    People say big city/tourist businesses (hotels, chain restaurants, bars) get away with foregoing the personal touch when it comes to hospitality but it's a drag to get mediocre service when you're hoping for a little more.  On the other hand, i've said it before -- I know that people aren't getting paid well, and the product reflects that.  I know that customers can be rude and awful.  

    Go here if you're running around Boston too busy to care how you're treated at the desk, too tired to notice you're sleeping in a shoebox.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    218. Timothy H.
    Great area, slow disorganized front desk, rooms range from tiny to huge.  Beware of the half shower rooms ( you'll have to stand sideways ).  Restaurant is very pricy, sorry $25 for breakfast plus tax and tip is too much for cold eggs and undercooked bacon.  It's the neighborhood that makes this hotel a three!

    21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    219. Cris E.
    I've stayed at this hotel about a couple of times a few years back.

    The lobby was grand, elegant, quite stunning. It made up for the extremely tiny old rooms above. Couldn't remember the service, wishing that light bulb went off when booking once again..

    I tried not once, twice but four times to book my room with my gilt city voucher.

    The first time I called, the concierge was pretty friendly and told me due to lots of calls at the moment, the hotel would have to call me back to get the room booked. I left my contact info with the man.

    A few days goes by and no returned call, I call again. Funny, I get the same man at concierge. This time he was rude, very abrupt and snappy. He bluntly says "we don't book the vouchers"! Someone will call you, I have your extension number! I say, I don't have an extension! I work at a spa on Newbury street and never give out my work number for contact. Can you please check to see if you have my info?
    Eventually, he found my correct contact info.

    Long story short, four calls and no room booked. I was very patient and kind while handling this situation. This was supposed to be for a special occasion and the hotel was extremely convenient to the restaurant we were dining at.. Thank you guilt city for kindly refunding me and sharing with me that there have been numerous amount of complaints from guilt customers trying to also book a reservation.

    Being in the service industry, I would never mistreat my clients with such carelessness and lack of professionalism.

    I will never recommend The Park Plaza to anyone.

    18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    220. Hans H.
    The coolest thing about this hotel is the history. It was built in 1927 and was the first hotel in the world to have a radio in each room! There are historical items all over the hotel; from the mail slot drops on each floor, the shoe shine booth near the lobby, to the "grand lobby." The history buff will love this place.

    The second best thing is the location. On the ground floor of the hotel is a McCormick and Schmidts, The Melting Pot, O'Connor's Irish Pub, and other restaurants. Within a half mile there's historical points of interest (churches, parks, monuments), a Lowes 19 w/ IMAX theater, coffee shops (try Thinking Cup), restaurants (try Maggianos Little Italy- our fav), and high end shopping (get a $20k purse at Hermes a block from the hotel). Don't forget to visit Cheers and get a drink in the famous bar and get a souvener mug to go.

    The thing I like least about the hotel are the rooms. The rooms were small, the beautyrest pillowtop beds were sunken in the middle, bathroom is cramped. The rooms do have 42" flat screens, but only had 30 basic channels, no HBO or other premium channels. Maybe the suites are better, but they were 3x as much.

    The hotel does have parking, but its valet only and its $46 a day and then you have to tip the guys a few bucks each time you pick up and drop off the car. This is expected of a big city though. TIP- there's self parking a block from the hotel for $31 a day.

    If I were coming to Boston again I would keep Boston Park Plaza Hotel in mind, but would request a better room.

    06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    221. Jeff K.
    The rooms A/C's don't work (sorry, mine didn't) and engineering did the ultimate and got me a fan to move the hot air around. Thank goodness it got cold the second night and the open window which didn't stay open except for me putting my shaving cream in the window to keep it propped worked to cool the room. If you like a steady 78 and rising room temp. Ask for room 1592.

    The hotel is not running like a smooth operating hotel like others I have stayed in. One dept doesn't give a shit about the other department and the place just shows it's discombobulated. The valet car guys are executing efficiently for the guests satisfaction, the pairings restaurant is weak in more than a name of a restaurant and the front desk seemed disingenuous. They basically bullshitted me when I complained about the A/C being broken. OH, REALLY? and then I find out this isn't far from being the first complaint they received.

    Location great, history is cool, place is clean, help is.. mediocre but the room and heat problem turned me off.

    24/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    222. Robin L.
    I don't think this hotel gets enough credit. Stayed here on a quick overnight with my boyfriend, while making him relive my college glory days (Go Terriers!). It's really quite charming. I love the old-timey feel. You feel like you're walking back into the roaring twenties. Great Gatsby anyone? Our room was small, but clean and comfortable. We paid $150 with taxes for a full size bed on the 8th floor. The location is perfect- right near the Boston Commons. We didn't have a great view, but we were only there to sleep. The hotel staff were very friendly and nice as well. I would definitely come back.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    223. Eva S.
    My boyfriend made the reservation in December via hotels.com . His credit card shows he was charged in December for a stay in January. Upon checking in he was informed that there wasn't a room with a king size bed as requested in December. The registration staff told him that since he "used a site like expedia then it's only a request and doesn't have to be honored." He didn't get the feeling the hotel customer cared so he immediately contacted hotels.com customer service and complained. The hotels.com customer service representative spoke to the Boston Park Plaza hotel front desk manager to convey these concerns and the hotel stated they'd give a $50 room for the inconvenience. The standard room with queen bed was incredibly small and dirty: the top of the armoire had a thick layer of dust and the room safe wouldn't open. After complaining to the front desk (again) the housekeeper arrived and cleaned the dust but the engineer said he couldn't access the safe and wondered why this room was selected. After returning to the registration desk for the third time the hotel offered to switch the room, and found one with a king size bed (the original request!) and included wifi and free breakfast. Even though things worked out in the end we will never return and would not recommend staying here.

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    224. Matthew B.
    You have to separate this hotel into public spaces and room. Rooms only get a 2, public spaces a 5.

    Our room was old, musty, badly laid out, boring and uncomfortable. Nothing about it was nice or luxurious at all. And then, on our last night, we were awoken at 4 am by a very loud buzzing in our bathroom. We ran around the room trying to figure out what it was, and calling maintenance. They sent someone up who opened the toilet, jiggled the mechanisms and flushed it. He clearly had seen this problem often and assured us it should be fine for a few days now.

    If your hotel has toilets that regularly wake people up with loud buzzing, you have a problem. And when I told the front desk the next morning, I got a quick apology and the full bill. No one even offered a free breakfast or anything.

    The public spaces are very nice. Good restaurant and bar, tons of restaurants nearby, a very comfortable lobby with free wifi. The banquet halls were beautiful and ornate with great catering. And the staff was relatively helpful as well.

    Its clear this hotel needs to remodel its room and is running into difficulty because it's so old. But they are going to leave a lot of travelers disappointing if they keep trying to attract high-end business travelers but provide such low quality (and broken) rooms.

    26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    225. Theresa M.
    When my boyfriend and I were looking for a place to stay in Boston for a little Anniversary getaway the Park Plaza came to mind for many reasons....first off they were running a winter special that made it very affordable...so much so in fact we were able to stay two nights instead of our initially planned one night.

    Also the location is FABULOUS....the Park Plaza is near all the spots we wanted to hit up while we were in Beantown. The staff was friendly and the service was prompt.

    Our room was spacious and it even had two bathrooms...which was not as luxurious as it sounds as they were both teeny, tiny...the room definitely looked like it was two rooms at one point that got converted. However, I have no complaints...it was clean and met all our needs.

    Next time we want to stay in Boston...I will definitely be looking in the Park Plaza as my first choice and would recommend it to a friend too.

    23/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    226. Kedar T.
    So we stayed at the park plaza this weekend for anime Boston.  Now the hotel was nice but only for the price we paid,  98 a night.  If I had paid more the regular price of 250 I would of been disappointed.  The room was nice but very dingy,  just little things such as chipped paint   Rips in the shades, the sink having a broken part, and lots of dents and marks on the wall.  Which again for the location and what we paid was fine.  However the bed was awesome, unlike a lot of hotels they were not stingy with pillows. Also I had read in previous reviews you could hear everyone that was not an issue at had a great nights sleep.  Overall a nice hotel could use a bit more tlc.

    23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    227. Robert T.
    Awful, awful, awful!

    Paid $249 for a special "group" rate, which was allegedly $75 off the regular rate.  I arrived at 1a.m., after 8 hours of difficult travel, and the room was *so* bad that, despite desperately needing sleep, I immediately started calling around to surrounding hotels, which were unfortunately all full that night.  Despite having booked for 2 nights, I left after that one night and checked into the Taj Hotel up the street, where I got a new, clean, spacious, luxurious room for not much more in price.  

    Here's what I got at the Park Plaza hotel:

    - A room *so* small, that there's no room to put the TV at the end of the bed, so they conveniently put to the *side* of the bed, where you can comfortably watch while cricking your neck.  

    - A standalone AC unit that, whenever it turned on throughout the night, operated at the noise level of a hair-dryer.  

    - Paper-thin walls such that I could hear every word of our neighbor's conversation at 2a.m., despite the fact that he wasn't talking particularly loudly.  (He was from South Carolina; his wife was still there, but was going to be flying up to join him; etc.)

    - A faint sewer gas odor periodically emanating from the bathroom

    - Paint chips the size of my fist, on the room door

    23/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    228. Des B.
    Food at the Statler Cafe is awesome. Room service was really good too! Will definitely be back to visit Statler.

    23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    229. Rachelle Z.
    This hotel has gotten an unnecessary bad rap from other reviewers.  Considering how much hotels go for in Boston these days, and the location, we got it for a steal.  Upon checkin, our room wasn't ready so we were upgraded to a deluxe room instead.  I found the room, lobby and other common areas to be extremely clean and well kept.  Every interaction I had with the staff was positive and I found everyone - from the front desk to bellmen to the housekeepers - extremely approachable and helpful.   Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect after reading some of these reviews and I was very pleasantly surprised.  And you really can't beat the location.  The hotel is 1/2 a block from the swan boats at the Boston Commons, and a 1 minute walk to the Arlington T station.  There are restaurants all around the hotel and the area felt very safe.  I took one star off for charging $12.50/day for internet - I do feel a hotel of this caliber should provide it for free. I still would highly recommend this hotel to others.

    31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    230. David R.
    This was a very nice place. I cannot complain about anything. The room was nice and the service was good. Also, the price was reasonable for the quality and location. The food from the restaurant is quite pricy, but there are plenty of other options close by. Our check-in was pretty quick and I asked for a toothbrush and it was delivered quick to my room. I cant complain. I know many places in NY that are far worse and charge double the price. Also, I liked the Keurig machines in the room. :)

    02/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    231. M S.
    They put a hold on my bank account for $100, and told me it would come off the day I checked out.  It didn't, and I called and left multiple messages for the accounting department (who I was told to talk to). They never returned my calls or emails.  I finally called the manager, and he was very rude.  I would not deal with them again.

    02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    232. City M.
    We fell in love with the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers from the moment we walked in, and it did not disappoint. Our fairytale wedding came true from the amazing atmosphere, gourmet food, excellent service & accommodation for my guest, the bride & groom! We owe this immensely to Ashley Anastasi that was nothing but sweet & kind to us from the minute we met her until taking off for our honeymoon!! Ashley was our wedding coordinator at the hotel who went above and beyond with her level of professionalism and experience - we were so ecstatic to work with her on all the details. Our ceremony was in the Georgian Room than followed into the Plaza ballroom during cocktail hour which than opened up into the Imperial Ballroom for the reception. When the doors opened up into the Imperial Ballroom, it was truly magical!!! Everything went so smooth.... If your staying over at the hotel ask for the Garden Suite room - we promise you will not be disappointed with the amount of space in the suite and the enormous balcony!!
    We would recommend this venue to any couple looking for an unbelievable fairytale wedding experience!!! Everyone at the wedding had a great time & we owe this all to the amazing staff at the Boston Park Plaza & a special thank you to Ashley Anastasi!!!!

    03/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    233. Claire L.
    Great location in Boston. I was here for business and not paying otherwise my review might have less stars as its probably pricey for what I got (room only, no breakfast and paying in £ and not $).
    I was on the 12th floor - I take it this is the budget floor!? as my room resembled none of the pictures online.
    My room was old style - the shower cubicle is small and with a shower curtain that clung to my body when I moved (ick), then showers weren't pleasant. I don't mind small but I think small and functional works best. The renovation works to other rooms were going on and had I not been up early for work then I might have been pissed off to be woken up early with the noise.
    The room itself was functional - at first I thought I didn't have a wardrobe but it was built in behind a door that was stuck. Eventually it was opened but not after ranting like a loon to myself about what kind of hotel doesn't have wardrobes...
    It took security 50 mins to come up and reset my safe - after 17+ hours awake and trying to fight jet-lag, it was 30 minutes longer than the promised 20 minutes so that wasn't one of the best first impressions.

    Plus side: the bed is so comfortable, I always had a great sleep there. And no bed bugs.
    Clean room - a bit dusty under the bed, but otherwise ok, cleaned early.
    Toiletries were always replenished (I've stayed in a few places that won't if they notice a sample in the shower)
    Room size (apart from shower cubicle) was a-ok
    Wardrobe - once I got into it then good size, a good few hangers and ironing board and iron and safe.
    Locaton - great and central for Back Bay (park, Common, Prudential building and malls and Newbury Street) and as no breakfast included then the Starbucks at Arlington subway is fine (wifi is free).
    Staff - friendly and helpful.

    So, would I stay here again - if I could get this hotel at the dollar price then probably (would ask for a newer room without the dodgy, claustrophobic shower and clingy curtain) but if I was paying in sterling, I'd want more bang for my buck.

    26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    234. Courtney R.
    This is a review for a visit awhile back now - 11/22/12-11/25/12 - somehow I forgot to do a review! To start off the valet parking is great! Its pricey, but its in/out as much as you want during your stay. The valet drivers are careful and super friendly. The hotel room we were given to start off with was TINY! You could barely get your luggage in there and it just was not acceptable for the Concierge/Executive floor. So I called down to the desk and got a free upgrade to something a bit larger on the same floor. It was better, but nothing to write home about. It had a marble shower but no tub and it was a long and narrow room. But at least you could walk about and put your suitcases on stands. The free breakfast that came with our executive room was just OK. It had coffee, tea, juice, baked goods, yogurt, cereal and fruit. The first morning there was mold on the strawberries - yet another call down to the front desk did the trick. The next morning all was well with the breakfast. Due to the moldy strawberries the Food/Beverage manager gave us apps and drinks on the house that evening. That was super nice. The rooms are a little shabby, but its a Historic location, so I understand keeping the integrity. However, this place should take a cue from the Waldorf Astoria in NYC (see my reviews). They are also a historic establishment and they keep up with the times and everything is pristine. The location of this hotel can't be beat, however. I give this place a solid three stars because the service is very good here - they are willing to make guest comfortable and that is excellent! I would stay here again, but I would need a suite on the executive floor instead of a King Bed Room.

    18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    235. Chris B.
    Don't stay here! It's easy to be fooled by its gorgeous exterior and great location! The lobby was impressive but that's where the allure ends. Long hallways reminded me of Stephen King's "The Shining." I had to walk about 1/2 a mile to get ice and water. The room was tiny with ancient furniture that looked like it came over on Noah's Ark! It had visible remnants of some foreign substance on it. The t.v. was placed on a dresser adjacent to the bed so you had to watch it sideways. We went to the Red Sox game and left early due to the frigid 38 degree temperature outside and learned that we had no working heat in the room. An engineer was sent to the room and informed us that the heaters had not been replaced since the late 50's and the filter was clogged with dust. Their solution was to give us a space heater. We also could not finish watching the game on television because the channel said "full" and the hotel could not provide any further assistance. The bathroom was disgusting! Dirty, stained toilet seats, and there was barely enough hot water to take a shower!

    This room was so not worth the $275 a night we paid for the subpar experience we had. We couldn't wait to leave and will not be returning to this hotel...EVER!

    19/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    236. William M.
    Based upon what Yelp Rating says, two stars means "Meh. I've experienced better." That is so true with this place. The only thing that was worth while was their bar. And that was just okay. Their breakfast down in the lobby is very expensive. $25 for all you can eat buffet, $9 for a bowl of oatmeal, $15 for an omelet, and so on. Just too darn expensive to start the day.

    The rooms are small and the bathrooms are smaller. The configuration of the room just doesn't work. When you're laying on the bed, to the left is a chair in the corner and the computer workstation. The work station is the only place that has outlets. No outlets near the night stands. To the right of the bed is the dresser and on top of the dresser is the TV. TV on the right side of the bed??? Really??? How uncomfortable to watch TV. What they should have done was to mount the TV on the wall in front of the bed. There is no refrigerator to store drinks, but they do have a Keurig coffee maker. The towels are starchy and stiff, not fluffy. But then again who has perfect towels? There are two different types of pillows for the bed, one feathered and the other is a firm pillow.

    What am I paying for??? History or Comfort.

    Good things about this place is the decor in the lobby, meeting new people at the bar, and its centrally located from Fenway Ball Park to the North End. Both easily to get to. The train station (Arlington) will get you there.

    20/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    237. Robert C.
    In for the Patriots game (Corporate Event).
    We really like the hotel. The staff are very nice and the prices are better than similar hotels in the area. We drove in and found the right entrance hard to find initially (they have four I think as they take all four sides of a block).
    Room is clean, spacious (15th floor). The beds are really comfortable. I read one of the reports about temperature (being cold) well they have fixed that. My only gripe is that it is a little warm :). Just shows you cannot please every one  eh?

    18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    238. Jon W.
    We found a pretty good deal on hotels.com and considering the location of the hotel, we snatched it up right away. The room was pretty clean, which is usually all I ask for in a hotel room, but we had to ask housekeeping to clean the toilet as soon as we got there, because that was not clean. Ewww. The 24 hour gym was pretty nice. The cardio equipment was new and there were plenty of weights. I actually used the gym twice in 4 days. I'd stay here again if there were a good deal, given the location and the fact that the subway station is just down the street.


    Meh. The wife is right. The location can't be beat, but the fact that our stay here started with us having to call the front desk to have them clean up some leftover skid marks in the toilet didn't portend well.

    The hotel is a bit run down, but still retains some of its former glory. The bed was soft, the room was quiet, and the subway was right outside the hotel. My only other quibble is that parking is an atrocious $44 per day for valet, or $32 per day at the nearby Motor Mart garage. Geez!

    06/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    239. Thomas S.
    On a 4 days vacation in Boston with family and did not plan to drive around town. Park Plaza fited my need perfectly. Yes, the room and bathroom are small, but clean. We were able to walk to Boston Commom, City Hall, Freedom Trail, China Town, Threater District, Downtown, Quincy Market, etc. The green line transit stop was half a block from the hotel. With a $18 / week unlimited ride pass, we able to visit sites not within walking distance such as Harvard and North End. The hotel employees were very nice and helpful. We will definitely stay at Park Plaza again.

    11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    240. Vivienne P.
    Returning to the motherland for a friend's wedding, I was faced with the fact that I no longer have an apartment in Boston, so I'd need to find a place to stay for five days. Hotwire to the rescue! I got a GREAT deal for the weekend and decided to give it a go.

    Pros: beautiful interior--the lobby makes you feel all kinds of fancy, and the halls and rooms are tastefully decorated. The location can't be beat--one block to Arlington station at the corner of the Public Garden, and an easy saunter to Newbury St window shopping. Got to see a midnight showing of the Hobbit and have an easy walk back to the hotel in the 3AM chill. The staff is great--everyone is polite and friendly, but with that New England reserve I miss so much. If you talk to them, they talk back, but they won't make too much idle chitchat. Thank god. Also, when we arrived very early on Thursday morning (red eye from SFO got in at 7 AM), they were happy to check our bags, but offered me early check-in at no extra cost. I was so very happy to get to shower after my all-night flight!

    Cons: the walls are THIN. We were often woken up during the night by the sounds of early rising neighbors (and by early, I mean before 5AM) and their conversations, and when we would get in around midnight or 1AM, neighbors would come over to knock on our door and complain about hearing us--mind you, we were having regular volume conversations. I guess I should consider myself fortunate that we had families next to us instead of couples having raucous sex, but it's pretty clear from their accents that they were European, and we were coming from the West Coast, so our jetlags had us on completely different schedules that the paper thin walls did not allow for.

    Also, $25 breakfast? For real? I didn't even bother trying it when there's so many other great options in the area. I guess that's for people who have an expense account to cover their meals.

    That said, it was a nice place to stay, and if you can get a deal through Hotwire, I think it's worth it for the location alone.

    23/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    241. Lil L.
    This was my first time in the East Coast and I was hoping to have a great time, unfortunately I did not.  Here are the things that went wrong:

    1. I called to confirm my reservation and whomever I was speaking with couldn't find my reservation.  It's two days before the convention I was going to and freaked out.  I asked her how she spelled my name.  She spelled it wrong.  I spelled it out phonetically and she still got it wrong.  She had to put someone else on the phone and that person got it just fine.  

    2.Fire alarm went off TWICE. Once at 2am and another at 4am.  I understand people are very drunk because of a convention and it took the fire department to give the all clear after an hour. What I was mad about was, when we  finally got back into the room, we fell asleep, it went off again in about an hour.  

    3. They charged us TWICE for the hotel room.  Once on my card and the other on my roommates card.  It's a good thing she caught it too, however because she's out of town it cost her a lot of money to call them to clear this all up. Now, we had thought the charge back was the wrong amount, but remembering that she's from out of the country. it was simply the currency rate fluctuates.  

    4. I had called Hotel Manager, Rob Rush, about all of this.  He was very nice and offered me a Complementary Stay for next year's PAX East.  So why the one star?  After trying to convince me to come back to their hotel with a complementary stay with all these fancy promises of paying my roommate back for the phone call, I never heard back from him since April.  I tried calling every week since April, called his assistant, NOTHING.  I called him again today, apparently he and his assistant never pick up the phone, nor do they return phone calls, and/or emails.  It's been 3 months and I never heard a thing.    

    I never write bad yelp reviews, but I'm writing this one in hopes SOMEONE will get back to me.  Or everyone else can see that when you have a bad stay, they will lie to you and don't ever want you to come back because they obviously don't want your business.

    11/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    242. Jessica J.
    The worst "up-scale" hotel I have ever stayed in. The hotel was having construction done on the outside facade of the building and it was very loud and disturbing. Construction work would start at 8am with jackhammering and pounding and continued throughout the day. The air conditioning did not work and there were days that it got up to 80 degrees. No one helped us with our bags, Wi-Fi was an extra cost and the room service menu was very limited. For the price of the stay I was VERY disappointed in the accomodations and atmosphere. If I am ever in Boston again I will NOT be staying at the Park Plaza.

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    243. Dbs B.
    I think I"d give 2.5 stars if I could.
    We stayed here a few years ago and I remember loving it, so we went back, but I wasn't as impressed this time around.

    I think a key point to remember about this hotel that is on the National Historic Registry. That means its pretty old; 1920's, I think. Be aware of that as you decide about your stay.

    The rooms are small. Not Europe small, but pretty small. The bathrooms are not particularly nice. You forgo a lot of modern amenities by staying here. Internet is paid for- $12.50 per day per device. That kind of chaps my hide, but oh well. Boston water is very clean, so feel free to drink out of the faucet. TV had kind of crappy cable. Very basic.

    We ended up driving a rental car to the hotel and needed to return it in the morning to the airport. They charged $46 per night to park???!!!!!! I thought that was completely outrageous.The restaurant in the hotel was about $20-30 a plate. The food looked ok, but didn't eat. There are a lot of restaurants/cafes nearby, so we went that route.

    The lobby is large and inviting. The concierge and the check in desk were efficient and helpful.

    We booked through Travelocity (or maybe Orbitz?), so our stay was very reasonable. I would not be happy if we paid full price.
    I do think it is charming and it's in a great location. If you prepare yourself that this is a historic hotel and you won't have all the modern amenities that a newer hotel will give, you will probably have a nice stay.

    10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    244. Holly Marie C.
    Oh, when you stay in a place for 4 nights and only rate it 1 star, the list could go on forever about what's wrong with the place. I'll keep it brief: you pay for the location with this one, boys.
    - the fire alarm went off at 4am (they gave us free breakfast and later tried to charge us for it upon check out - I don't think so!), and then they still give me my wake up call at 6am (gee, thanks - like I was going back to sleep after being evacuated for an hour at 4-5am.)
    - the wifi was "free" in the lobby, although out of the 10 times I tried to use it the concierge claimed it "had to be turned on" and would go outback behind a curtain claiming to turn it on and then nothing would be fixed. I managed to assess it once, only.
    - the morning of checkout our phone didn't work in the room so I had to go to the front desk and request that the valet bring up the car. The redhead at the desk gave me a snotty look and said it would take 20-30 minutes and that I should have called down to the front desk beforehand. Before I could finish telling her the phone was dead she was on the phone with the valet, faced away from me and flirting with whomever was on the other line. It was only after she finished with her personal inquiries that she mentioned my car needed to be brought up (despite her claim that it takes 30 minutes, she was in no rush to get the process started).
    - the carpet smelled like dog. Wherever you were in the hotel the smell follows.
    - the room was small - absolutely tiny. A double bed for two people? What would they have done had one of us been overweight? They couldn't even afford us a queen bed or two doubles given our request for a king. The bathroom was the size of a tub and a half - so there was a tub, and barely enough space to squeeze in a toilet seat.
    - the general rule in hotels is 4 towels for 2 people, we were allotted 2 and constantly had to prompt the maids to change them.
    - our window view was more windows. Not even a street view of more windows, but literally the centre of the hotel was a hole with windows and air vents on the ground.
    - the thermostat was broken and the AC was raging all night (it's not the temperature that bothered me, but the fact that it was constantly turning on and off).
    - the toilet paper spring holder would fly off the wall every time I would rip a piece off.
    - the lighting in the room was poor and turning on all the lamps made it just bright enough to read.
    - the room door was heavy and I had to shoulder-check it every time to get in my room.
    - the closet space allotted was very minimal: 5 hangers, one shelf the size of a lunch tray, and one bible-filled bedside drawer (remember that there are two people staying 4 nights). I like to unpack at a hotel, and had I not thought of new ways to store my clothes I would have been living out of my suitcase for the duration of my stay.
    - THE LIST GOES ON, as you can imagine. The little things add up, but this hotel can't even get the big things straight.

    - nice gym, lots of equipment
    - 6 elevators makes for short waits to get to your room

    02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    245. Andrew F.
    Better than a Best Western, but the hotel really needs an update, it's not a 4 star property.  Probably was a grand hotel once and the location is good, but the rooms are dark, configured strangely and the bathrooms are tiny. The tile work in the bathroom reminds of my grandmother's kitchen and all the hallway rugs look worn out.   The rooms are comfortable, but its clear they havent had a deep clean in a long time -- tons of dust behind the radiator, the radiator itself is rusty, paint is peeling on the bathroom door and there is grime in the desk inlays.  All in all I'd feel okay spending under $150 for the location, but it's just not what I was expecting and has so much more potential.

    09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    246. Bob O.
    I only stayed here for the location. The lobby is nice, the bed wasn't bad, and you get free in room coffee but my positivity on the hotel ends there. The room layout was retarded, charges for net, no fridge or mini bar, (at least in my standard queen room,) plastic cups instead of real glasses, thin walls, and elementary school toilet, make me regret not listening to yelp about this spot. It isn't horrible by any means, you can save some coin by parking at the Common, and the lobby is pretty, it's just not in the star category it claims. In short one star for location, and one star for the lobby.

    23/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    247. Tina P.
    The rooms are very outdated and small. There are several other hotels in the area that offer a better experience and are in the same price range. I do not recommend staying here.

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    248. Jenna G.
    Park Plaza is quaint and clean - but had one huge issue with it...temperature!!
    I understand that I typically run cold, but having to have the entire hotel decide whether or not hot or cold is available is ridiculous.
    Spending $200/night you don't want to be getting into bed with your winter coat and socks on.

    Tonight after calling multiple times to request my heater to be fixed, a kind maintenance worker let me know that due to the old systems, only air or heat could be available at one time.  Apparently, tonight, it had been collectively decided to only make outside air available for guests.

    I understand having a charming hotel - however, for what they charge I would expect to be able to control the temperature for my room.

    23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    249. Jess K.
    I had a terrible experience at this hotel and it is because of the customer service, or lack thereof.  I can add tidbits about the outdated room (see posted pictures) but I don't have enough room for that. I dealt with awful front desk staff for the three days of my stay and if it wasn't for the fact that I was attending a conference here and work was footing the bill, I certainly would have switched hotels.

    First of all, what is up with the British accented person on the phone recording when you call the hotel? That has nothing to do with my review but it irks me.  The main issue I had started when I realized my air conditioning was not working.  Unfortunately for me I didn't realize this until 11:15pm.  That day it was 96 degrees outside.  I called downstairs and was told an engineer would be right up.  30 minutes later an "engineer" arrived with no tools in hand.  He said the motor was not working but that he could get it started at least for the night and that it would be replaced the next day.  Great.  He did get it started but the high pitched noise it made intermittently prevented me from sleeping and I had to turn it off.  There was no mention of changing my hotel room by anyone involved.  

    The next day I went to the front desk to ask about having the hotel tax taken off my bill since I work for the govt.  I had to jump through hoops to accomplish that task.  My govt ID, govt credit card that says tax exempt on it, and the fact that I was there for a govt conference held at the hotel were not enough to prove I was there for work.  I had to get my travel orders which was a pain to do since it is a secure govt website with that information that can't be opened on an iPhone.  At least they finally agreed to let me email the travel orders so I wouldn't have to then find a printer.  Also, the front desk girl who "helped" me disappeared for at least 5 minutes trying to find out the procedure to take off hotel tax and didn't even murmur an apology or a thank you for me waiting for her.  Also during those 5  minutes a maintenance guy moved me so he could change the clock overhead.  He dropped dust all over the counter which he didn't wipe away.

    Also, when I went to wait in line to talk to someone about the hotel tax, another guest hadn't realized where the line forms and had made his own line.  He was standing behind a pillar so I didn't even see he was there.  So when a worker freed up, I went to walk up and so did this other guest.  Instead of saying to us both something about there being one line or just apologizing to me and asking if I could wait for the next clerk to be available, he looked at me and then just ignored me as the other guest walked to the counter.

    I also asked the desk clerk to make sure someone would be fixing my A/C and she said she called down but in checking my room a few hours later it was clear no maintenance man had been there.  At 6:30pm I went back to the front desk and spoke to some new front desk person named Chris (not to be confused with a nicer Chris supervisor who I spoke to later) who was RUDE.  I told him my A/C was STILL not fixed and he called maintenance in front of me and all he said was that the A/C wasn't working in 1029.  So when he hung up I asked him if he thought that was an adequate explanation for the maintenance people.  He just stared at me.  I told him that it was rude that I had explained to him the series of calls and inquiries I had made and that an engineer already said the motor needed to be replaced and that he chose to not relay that.  He said that he was just doing his job...ma'am.  Okay great Chris, F you.  He then condescendingly offered to change my room and I told him I would check in with him after I enjoyed my evening.  

    I got home around 11:20pm and the A/C was still not working.  The motor had not been replaced andthe engineer had simply rigged it the way the guy had the night before so it was intermittently whining.  I called downstairs...LIVID.  The guy I spoke to said that he didn't think they kept motors in stock but here, talk to Chris the supervisor.  So this Chris was actually semi-competent and apologized to me and said they could send up a fan (first time that was offered) or change my room.  I told him I was over it and that at least it wasn't as hot outside as the night before and I would just sleep without A/C.  I am still not sure if it's true that they don't have spare motors but the way the entire situation was handled was unprofessional.

    The bottom line isn't the A/C not working.  It is that the staff at the hotel didn't CARE about my issue and made that entirely obvious.  This hotel is antiquated and you really should choose to stay at a different hotel on your visit to Boston.

    **Updated note** I emailed this review to customer service after calling and being asked to write it down.  No response.

    15/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    250. Robert J.
    Nice hotel in a great location. Queen room was smaller, but not cramped for a single person. Hotel was a bit dated in places (namely the bathroom), but it had a nice charm. The staff was friendly and accommodating. Plenty of food options nearby - though, the concierge didn't seem to know a lot. I had Yelp though!

    30/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    251. Stefanie J.
    Stayed here just for a night and was pretty impressed. It was a reasonable price, too, only about $195, for the center of Boston. Upon arrival, we were upgraded at no charge to a room with a king-size bed - didn't even have to ask! The bed was REALLY comfortable, too - plenty of pilows, super soft sheets, comfy mattress. The bathroom was huge, with a giant walk-in shower that could probably fit up to three people. The hotel itself is super convenient to the T (Arlington stop). Just a couple of downsides: You could hear the traffic outside, even from the 11th floor, and any folks walking by and talking in the hallway were audible, too. No room service late into the night (however, you can order a pizza from a nearby pizza place and have it delivered straight to your room...which is what we did. Mmm!)

    05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    252. Meghan M.
    Rooms: Small, clean, comfortable beds temperature control challenged (steam heat makes it pretty hot), and NOT sound-proofed.  We could literally hear every word from the neighboring rooms which is not fun when there are 5+ people packed in to each.

    Staff: Adequate, not overly friendly.

    Location: Great. It's on the east end of Back Bay...Newbury Street and the Common are a stone's throw away, as is the green line on the T.  

    Price: KILLER.  I paid $112 a night for a Queen room and parking.  You can't beat that!

    24/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    253. Virginia R.
    WTFFFFF! My room is by the ice machine which has been spewing out ice every 10 minutes and my room has NO closet. I'm here on business, so please tell me- where am I supposed to hang my stuff? I call the front desk and of course there are "no rooms available," until 30 seconds later.... Apparently the bell man is on his way, but that was 29 minutes ago. I'm still waiting. Oh and when you call the front desk, expect it to ring 17 times before someone picks up. I know I'm ranting here but ReALLy??

    OH one more thing- their towels are the equivalent to the ones at NYSC (or should I say BSC for you Bostonians out there)!  Thin, dry and scratchy.

    Why the two stars? Because the guy that checked us in was extremely sweet and the maintenance man was a doll. Don't even get me started on why I had to call maintenance.

    So if you want to stay at the "newly renovated Gothic themed park plaza," bring your own towels and a clothing rack on wheels equipped with hangers.

    19/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    254. Kate J.
    This fabulous wedding venue has been hosting weddings at this hotel since 1927. It is amazingly elegant yet loaded with modern amenities to make any brides wedding day dreams come true. You can go from one end of the wedding spectrum with a true to detail traditional theme and not be disappointed all the way to an ultra modern sophisticate theme. What ever you can dream up the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers can accommodate.

    There are over 1,000 guest rooms here to handle whatever capacity of out of towers you have. It is right across the street from the Boston common, Boston's oldest park and has convenient access to many of the best that e city has to offer your guests who want to get a little sight seeing in between wedding festivities. The rooms are on the "smallish " side and that is the reason for my 4 stars instead of 5. Wen you are used to staying in very new modern hotels the rooms are built bigger now days where as this hotel is an older renovated hotel in the heart of the city. So that may factor in some if this is going to be a big destination type wedding for your family and friends.

    You have your choice of e empirical and plaza ballrooms that can seat from 1200-2000 guests if needed (wow!) it is impressive, no denying that. The other selection for weddings is the gorgeous Georgian Ballroom with its elegance and charm and is a bit more intimate for your smaller weddings up to 500 guests.

    The hotel services does have a team of wedding planners who are remarkably talented and helpful to assist you in making your wedding dreams come true. I would holy recommend this site for a reception if you are looking for that grand effect. E amazing chandeliers will take your breath away! Here are some more helpful facts for quick reference:

    Outdoor Ceremony Area: No
    Indoor Ceremony Area: Yes
    Outdoor Reception Area: No
    On the Water: No
    Tented Area: No
    Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
    Onsite Catering: No
    Outside Caterers Allowed: Yes
    Kosher Available: Yes
    Liquor License: Yes
    Onsite Overnight Accommodations: Yes
    Onsite Parking: Yes
    Valet Parking: Yes
    Onsite Wedding Consultant: Yes
    Liability Insurance: No
    Site Fee: No

    14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    255. Joyce G.
    My wedding night was June 14 2014 and we stayed at the Park Plaza Boston. We got into the hotel around 1am and was completely physically and emotionally exhausted, not to mention I had a migraine. The room was paid for days in advance and we just needed the key. That took almost 30 minutes given there was only 1 other person in front of us and only 1 person working. All I wanted was to get in my room so I could put my head down. We walked into the room and the smell of cigarettes was so strong it was disgusting. My husband wanted to change the room, but as I mentioned I was exhausted and couldn't physically wait another half hr or more for them to decide which room we would go in. Our wedding night was completely ruined. We were out of the hotel room by 6 am because we could no longer stand the smell . Did I mention that I'm a smoker, it was that bad. On Monday I called and spoke to a manager (her name is Polita). Extremely rude and told me that some of the rooms are old and have issues. WHY would a hotel with that kind of reputation and not to mention the amount of money you pay there a night which was $250.00 a night for a nothing room and then $48 a night to park. The only thing she could come up with is she would give us an upgrade on our next room. I told er we will never be back there again and will be sure to tell our family and friends that Park Plaza in Boston is the BIGGEST RIP OFF and dirty.

    Mrs G.

    19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    256. Susan M.
    I first stayed here 30 years ago and have booked a stay at least once a year since.  The service has decreased with each year.  It hasn't been updated and the front desk staff as become more and more surly.  I switched mid-stay the last time to another hotel and paid the additional $75.00 per night because I just couldn't see giving this one another dime.  The location is perfect, but not worth it just for good location to the places I normally need to be.  I'll take the train, walk or cab it.  You expect the rooms to be small due to the age of the place, but come on paint is cheap!  Sad because from the outside it is a beautiful landmark.

    19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    257. Raymond S.
    I stayed here again this weekend because I liked the hotel enough from my last stay in October 2012 that I believed it was clearly deserving of a second try.  With this stay, I believe the majority of issues that I noticed last time have been addressed and it is indeed a wonderful hotel for the price.

    My rate for this weekend was only $113/per night, which is very very cheap by Boston standards.  As I said in the previous review, the location simply cannot be beat unless you need to fly out of the airport, in which case it would be more practical to stay at an airport hotel.  

    My Yelp bud Bryan R. recommended I stay in the parking garage below the Common, which is just two blocks north of the hotel and much cheaper than the garage the hotel uses.  The garage under Legal Seafoods and Hertz at Park Plaza is so overpriced that the costs of three days parking would come to about $120, which is only $20 less than the cost of my roundtrip airline ticket was from BDL to Miami, Florida.  The garage under the Common has a great weekend rate.  Friday afternoon to Monday morning is only $24.

    The smoking in the hotel that I noticed on my last trip was absent from this visit.  I complained on my last visit about a strong cigarette smoke odour on my floor, and the concierge said they have security making regular 30 minute rounds on all floors now to help curb illegal smoking in the hotel rooms and stairwells.  

    I also discovered they have an express checkout so you will not have to wait in line to check out.  You simply call an extension and leave your name and hotel room, and they will check you out.

    I believe these improvements merit an improved review.  You simply cannot beat this hotel for the price and location, and it will be my hotel whenever I go to Boston in the future.

    23/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    258. Doreen D.
    So let me start with saying I got a really cheap price for this hotel.  I have stayed here in the past and have been disappointed before but thought that I would try it again.  I like were the hotel is located.  I like the lobby.  The rooms are where the big issue is.  They are changing this but nothing can help the shitty bathrooms.  I say bathrooms because I had two of the them in my room but no closet.  Yup - no closet.  

    They were going to change my room to I quote "the exact same room on the other side".  Yeah - my question was what you think it would be...if it is the exact same room wouldn't it have the exact same floor plan?  Did you bother to check the room before we walked me there?  No surprise it was the same layout.  Back to the first bad room.

    Gym would be OK if the TV's worked when I was there or my room key worked on the door.

    Then there is the $46 a day Valet rate.  Two days equaled almost my room rate.  Lame.

    31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    259. Amber D.
    Terrible customer service.  I called several days in a row and could not speak to a human.  I left several messages and non were returned.  We were charged several times for valet even though we did not have a car.  Then, when we left we needed a rental car that was booked and confirmed twice which the car rental reservation was lost.  It was a mess and not a pleasant experience.

    23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    260. Candie B.
    Great location and polite service....  BUT...... The bathroom was so small that you can sit on the pot while washing you hair.  There is absolutely no counter space for toiletries or makeup.  Bathroom floor was filthy but shower was clean and good water pressure.  We used our ironing board for Bathroom goods.   Room is so narrow TV is situated on side of room which makes viewing awkward.  There was a space for a fridge but no fridge.  Asked for one to store $87 worth of seafood,  it worked for about 4 hours and while we were gone for a evening came back to a warm fridge and All our market food and seafood spoiled!  The outlets were broken and would not even hold your appliance or charger, there was disrepair all over room, see photos.  Bed was comfy and sheets and towels were quality and as I stated close to everything including green line T Arlington and the public garden, coffee machine was also nice.  Free Internet in lobby but limited to 30 minutes, otherwise very expensive, also parking $49 a day, just get a Charlie card pass.  We got one for $18 for 7 days and it was worth every penny.  The T is clean and safe in most areas.   I will never stay here again.  In have stayed at placed for half the cost that was much nicer.   This piece of history could be a phenomenal establishment, but the management is falling short of making it the true Beaty it could be.    The architecture and history of the building deserve better than what it currently is.

    29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    261. David N.
    I would never stay there again!  Crowded, load, busy, downtown hotel. All kinds of construction going on while we stayed. Very expensive hotel to have such poor service. The elevator had to have been built in the 1900's because it took 15 minutes to get to the lobby. No Internet in our room.  We got free Internet service at the comfort inn for about half the price of the plaza

    26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    262. Libby L.
    Don't be deceived by the name - it's NOTHING FANCY.
    Even though the rooms and bathrooms were newly renovated - it's a dump - the Days Inn and Comfort Inns are much much better.

    The Bathroom is nice and marble however the counter is right over the sink so if you were to wash your face - your head would bump into it.

    The AC is old and as loud as anything.

    The rooms even though newly renovated are still outdated and small - don't be deceived by the pictures.

    Some of the staff are friendly however there is one at the Front Desk that is awful and tells you straight out that this hotel is NOT the 4-seasons.

    In a nutshell - this hotel reminds me of the movie "The Shining".

    31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    263. Russell S.
    Very bad service, booked king size bed 300 sq feet room and they gave me 150 sq feed double bed room. I've also found a used soap in the shower.

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    264. Joe M.
    Rooms were nice, beds were comfortable. We had breakfast brought to our room one morning, and I highly recommend the lobster benedict! The room A/C unit appeared to be very old and did not work well at all. That was really our only complaint. Great location!

    06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    265. People W.
    Once you get over the shock that a hotel so large charging a high price has not figured out a way to make space for a fitness center, the Boston Park Plaza Hotel is a very charming place to stay while in Boston.  Kudos to the designers who decided to integrate the original doors into the updated, key card-entry room doors.  

    I happened to be there for coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing story, so the hotel's proximity to the site and the number of marathon runners staying here made this a very practical choice.  

    The double rooms are huge and the beds extremely comfortable.  Bathroom amenities were also nice and the embroidered gold swans on the towels are the right touch for distinguishing this hotel from some chain hotel.

    Free wifi for anyone in the lobby made this a popular spot for journalists during the bombing coverage.  Rooms have a different free wifi that requires an access code.  

    Valet parking here is expensive, so if you must, just be prepared to shell out $40+ per day.

    Overall, I enjoyed staying at this hotel, not least of which was the feeling of grandeur every time I walked into the lobby.

    21/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    266. David S.
    Chose this hotel for the central location and because the room was actually the cheapest rate I could find for the one night I was in Boston. I wish I had read these reviews before I stayed here. This hotel, even with the old school charm, needs a serious renovation to update even the basic amenities. There's old school charm and then there's this hotel.

    - Location, location, location.
    - Least expensive hotel I could find for the one night I was in town
    - Concierge/registration staff was very friendly and helpful

    - The room was extremely small - I've stayed in bigger rooms in NYC where the rates were still cheaper than this place.
    - Room was kind of run down looking.. chipped wood on the walls/trim,  stains on the bottom of the lamp bases, and outdated looking furniture.
    - Wifi was spotty - would drop service and re-boot a few times so I eventually gave up. Also, charging $12.50 for wifi when other places provide it for free just seems tacky.
    - I ordered room service and the gentleman who brought me my order seemed tired and bothered by having to do his job.
    - I think the bathtub is plastic and it would pop/bounce as I moved around in it to shower. Reminded me of being in a travel trailer/camper..
    - The maids knocked on my door at 8:40am to do house keeping - I was still in the shower. Most places I've stayed at wait until at least after 10am. Thought this was weird.
    - When i checked out, i took almost 20 - 25 minutes to bring my car around yet no one else was waiting. The staff was standing around saying "it's on it's way".

    For a hotel of this caliber, I expected much better. If I'm in Boston in the future, I will definitely avoid this hotel.

    02/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    267. Geoffrey M.
    A fire alarm went off both nights, at 3am and 1am.  We all had to evacuate, and the Boston Fire Dept. arrived.   Both were False alarms.

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    268. Pete B.
    Our stay was very nice, the room was good and it was perfectly located to be within walking distance of plenty of places in Boston. They provided breakfast in the morning and refreshments in the evening. We mentioned that we were staying for our honeymoon and they delivered us some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne as a treat the night we had checked in. Parking was very expensive would suggest parking at the Boston Commons parking garage and walking to the hotel - saved us almost $100 compared to the Park Plaza's lot for a three night. Staff was nice and helpful would definitely come back and stay since it is so well located and reasonably priced compared to other hotels in the area. Only major complaint is the elevators get backed up with customers fairly frequently.

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    269. Danielle G.
    Disappointing!!! Hotel changed our reservation without notice. When called to get some information as to why my reservation was changed the hotel said the hotel was over booked and there was another event. After much discussion the hotel did give us some money off, however, the customer service was poor and not accommodating to our family. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.

    14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    270. David S.
    Stayed at the Boston Park Plaza for two nights in August of 2013.  This hotel is old and beat up.

    Our room was ridiculously small even for city standards, it is quite possibly the smallest hotel room I've ever seen.  The ceiling had cracks in it, and the floor board corners either had mold growth or were just very dirty.   Either way the front desk staff had zero interest in assisting us once they saw we "booked through a 3rd party vendor".  

    Check in process was incredibly slow, at times only one worker assisting people with check in  and occasionally a second person would pop in.

    The room  came with two free bottles of water which is about the only positive experience we had while actually in the room.

    One nice thing about the hotel is its location, which is very  central to all things touristy.  There are cabs lined up in front of the hotel at all times, and its just a few minute drive to sci museum, a block or two to newberry, and a few minute cab ride to quincy market.

    If you do not care about the quality or sanitary conditions of your stay, but care about location then I recommend BPP.   If you absolutely need this location then you will survive staying here, however its gross and I will not stay here again.

    27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    271. Jane H.
    Had an excellent and super-strong cosmo in the lobby bar, about 30 minutes before the Boston Marathon bombing on 4/15/13.  So strange.

    24/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    272. Cornelius R.
    Got a deal on the room through Expedia.  I got the larger sized king bed single room, I think I paid around $150.  If you just need a place to sleep in a great locale this may be the place for you.  I stayed at Loews around the corner for a couple nights a few days before and paid more but will definitely stay there again instead of the Plaza.

    It is an older hotel in need of modernization.  The bathrooms are not old kitschy they're just old.  The tiles are old worn out and soiled in a small bathroom that has a shower/tub with an awkward curtain.

    You will hear whatever noise there is in the hallway and not just noisy people but any audible sound.

    I was given and Arlington St. address and when arriving there was no sign of life because their main entrance is around the corner on Park Plaza which is an awkward travel of one way streets to spin around to.  Once you enter the main entrance you have to guess your way to where the front desk is because there is no signage and when I inquired from an employee I received and rude rhetorical question followed by a weak hand gesture.

    To cap it all off when I checked out it was around 5am and no one was at the front desk.  No big deal, it's early and I'm sure they have limited staffing during this hour.  There was no bell to ring so I just gave a shout out, "front desk".  A young man came out form behind a curtain upset letting me know he was just behind the curtain.  I think his name was Randy if that was accurate.  He started to complain about me shouting out when I didn't see anyone.  I let him know I wasn't angry I just was purposely trying ot get someone's attention as I had to return my rental car and make my early flight and wanted to get moving.  He continued to be soured out but took it too an outrageous level of making rude comments under his breath and a continuation of being rude the entire time.  This person should not be working in any service industry.  I certainly don't pay money to have useless personnel curse at me as I check out of their hotel.  I was stunned and wanted to stay and speak to anyone who may have actually cared.  But this sub-par chump was not worth me missing a flight.

    An old hotel who doesn't hire quality personnel is not worth my time and I will be staying at Loews or other option in the area from now on.

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    273. Diana C.
    i recommend this hotel! i would say 4.5 stars for location and 3 stars for the hotel itself.

    let's start by saying i was REALLY nervous about this hotel based on the yelp reviews.  so nervous that i tried calling priceline to cancel my reservation.

    since i used 'name your own price' i couldn't cancel...and to my surprise i am glad the cancellation didn't go through.  it is a 3.5 star hotel on priceline and i would agree that that rating is pretty accurate.

    to put it in perspective, i paid $85 (before tax) using priceline for a sat & sun stay. i am in my mid twenties and this was for a couples weekend getaway.

    OVERALL: the hotel is not the newest hotel you'll everstay at - there are definitely flaws. but it is clean and sufficient - and you can't beat the location. benefits outweigh the cons.

    ROOM SIZE: the room is on the smaller side but it is not THAT small like the other reviews say.  i took some pictures, judge for yourself.  i didn't feel cramped.  it wasn't like i had to "squeeze" through anything.  it fit a king size bed, a dresser, a desk, two bedside lamp tables, and a chair.  there is also a closet. bathroom is definitely on the smaller side though and i can imagine that bigger people may have a problem with that.  the only awkward thing was where the tv was placed.  the drawer was adjacent to the bed and that was where the tv was.  it was an awkward angle.  we got peeks of other rooms, and theirs were angled differently so you might be ok.

    CLEANLINESS: i am a freak when it comes to cleanliness. sheets looked and felt clean. carpet probably could have used some cleaning.  

    BATHROOM: i would say this is the place that needs the most improvement.  it is definitely small.  toilet is outdated, especially the way it flushes. the blue tiling on the wall and the grey tiling on the floor makes it look even more dated.  there are cracks in the paint/glue.  one time when i closed the door a dust bunny came flying down, which is a no no.  

    however, it didn't feel dirty to me. the shower looked renovated and new.  great pressure through the shower head (really important for me). because i was so paranoid with the yelp reviews, i showered with slippers on.  in hindsight, it wasn't even necessary.  it was also a good use of counter space in such a small area.  

    AMENITIES IN ROOM: comes with coffee machine, we think there is a fridge in the dresser but the handle was broken so we never got to open it.  also your standard shampoo/conditioner/soap. TV looked like a 36"? Flat screen (not the box TV you see in earlier yelp pictures).  Although I will say that we couldn't find the HD channels, which was a little annoying.  another thing that annoyed me was...there was no pen to be found in the room.  minor but definitely annoying!  also no free wi-fi, which i expect from hotels nowadays. it is as necessary as a tv!

    LOCATION: it was perfect for us!!! downstairs is: finale, the melting pot, and like 2 pubs.  across the street is maggiano's - great desserts. 1 block from the T at arlington station, green line.  1 block form boston commons. 1 block from legal seafoods.  2 blocks from copley sq, shopping at marshalls/filenes basement. walking distance to practically all the major spots in boston, nothing is more than a 15 minute walk. or 5 minutes with the T.

    PARKING:  we parked our car at an underground garage at the boston commons (1 block away), and it was only $22 for the whole weekend.  DEFINITELY recommend parking there if you have a car with.  valet is somethin ridiculous like $40. street parking is tricky with all the valet signs and residents only restrictions.

    OVERALL HOTEL: it is a HUGE hotel, takes up the entire block.  triangle shaped. looks very respectable from the outside. nice lobby. i like that there is a big space for people to sit and lounge around to wait for people, or just to chat.

    TIP:  standard is just a full bed!!! call ahead and ask nicely for a king bed. it is extra charge but the lady was nice enough to give me a free upgrade when i called.

    we opted out of room service since we were only staying for two nights, so i can't comment on that.

    the location was just fabulous and i am very happy that we stayed here.  no regrets!

    05/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    274. M S.
    A classic hotel at a decent price in an ideal location.  Reminds me of The Savoy in London.  Statler's Lounge after hours feels like the American Bar at The Savoy.  Small rooms and old hotel, yes.  Comfortable and clean and elegant and great service, also yes.

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    275. Jenn T.
    I want to give this hotel higher reviews. We got a great deal for about 90 bucks a night along with a free upgrade. But the lack of free wi-fi - I mean how could you not have free wi-fi?

    For the location and price (when there is a deal...) the location is totally clutch... if you don't mind paying $40 bucks for overnight parking.

    I would definitely stay there again however it really didn't blow my mind during my last visit... stay tuned.

    08/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    276. Heidi W.
    This is an old hotel and I find it irritating that I can literally hear the people in the next room as if they are in mine. These guests are not being loud, it's just the walls are that thin. Nothing the hotel can really do  about it, but you should know.

    The things that are the most disappointing are things that have nothing to do with the hotel being old, but a complete lack of attention to detail: 1) I checked in and the light switch by the door didn't work, so I had to walk into a very dark room. That is awful as a women traveling alone. 2) There was still trash in my trash can. That's pretty basic housekeeping that wasn't done. 3) The window in the bathroom is COVERED with just what I can only describe as wet old dust. Gross. 4) They have a Keurig in the room which is nice. However, only for coffee. The tea are bags. Which wouldn't be a big deal if the machine was clean. I went through my entire water bottle trying to make hot water that wasn't filled with coffee grounds. I mean come on, Keurig has tea cups as well. 5) Lastly, the bathroom is very small, which is not that big of deal except the toilet paper holder is completely on the opposite side of the bathroom. Seriously?

    28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    277. Sarah L.
    I have stayed at this hotel a number of times, most recently New Year's Eve - 2013-14.  This if the first time I have written a review about this hotel.  

    About me: I used to live in Boston, know the area very, very well.  Even though I have moved to the Washington D.C. area 5 or 6 years ago, I still visit (sometimes monthly) and have stayed in a number of other hotels, aside from the Park Plaza.  (Examples: Lenox, Sheraton at Prudential/Copley, Seaport, Westin (the one by the Seaport), Four Seasons, Hyatt (the one by MIT), Continental, etc. -- this is not even a complete list, and I have stayed at many more than once).  That being said, this hotel is, hands down, what I think is the best deal, best location, and quality for price you can get in Boston.

    [Comparison to other Hotels]
    This is the best hotel for the best price at the best location with super friendly staff and great rooms.

    I disagree with other reviewers who claim you can get a similar room at, say, Boston Copley Hotel, (or any other hotel in the Back Bay area) for the same price.  My friend who equally visits Boston for work or to visit family (born/raised in Wellesley -- he is an expert on the area as well) would also disagree.  Sure, maybe once in a while -- prices fluctuate. But I have traveled enough to say that I don't think those posters are accurate at all.

    [The Rooms]
    Having recently browsed some of the negative reviews (generally relating to the alleged interior of the hotel and asserting that it needs renovation) -- to anyone who is visiting Boston and does not live here -- this, as I said above is a great deal.  Of course I cannot speak for every room on every floor, but the older construction and thicker walls help IMMENSELY with noise baffling, next to, maybe, Seaport Hotel being second.

    It is not a modern, hip hotel like the W in Chinatown (which is like a club, I have stayed there also) -- but if club like atmosphere is what you really need, then get a room at the W (for probably more).  Though -- if you are visiting to see Boston -- how much time are you going to spend in your room?  

    [Amazing Staff - Excellent Customer Service]
    The staff is super friendly and nice and helpful -- they always have been in all of my visits.  The location is perfect for proximity to: Boston Common / Copley / Chinatown / Back Bay / Downtown Crossing -- whatever  your visit calls you to go and see.  

    To another poster complaining re: wi-fi that is not included.  What hotel includes that these days?  Which ones in Boston, without a fee?  (Seriously, please).  Unless you are a holder of an upgraded hotel status, per se, which I am -- I cannot think of any hotel I have stayed in at Boston that has free wi-fi.  

    However, there is a computer/office room on the lobbly floor to print boarding passes for free (I used that) -- what more do you need? And to be honest, if you are on vacation to surf the web -- why did you bother to leave home?  Go to the Apple Store down on Boylston, or find yourself a Starbucks and call it a day.  If you are here on work, then you likely should have some access account to address the wi-fi.  Enough said.


    All in all, this is a great hotel and often my go-to when I am visiting Boston.  It is a great deal and a great location.  Unless I Am having an inkling to want to stay at Seaport (also a very  nice hotel but for different reasons) -- I will, but the Seaport lacks in terms of its location (you really need to get a cab or be prepared to walk about 1.25 miles-ish to South Station, at best -- but there is really nothing outside its door except for a few restaurants, many of which are horrible (example: Jerry Remy's, but that is not for this post).

    IF you are visiting Boston, please don't be dissuaded by some of the negative reviews, or take it all with a grain of salt.  Take this with a grain of salt.  But know that, as stated above, I am speaking from a pretty strong knowledge base, and have tried most of the other options several times, and I know Boston very well, before making this post.

    Finally, to those thinking I work for this or any other hotel, I don't. Never have, perhaps never will. I am actually an attorney (don't represent hotels) so with that basis, I am objective.

    06/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    278. George N.
    Stayed there from 05/14/13 - 05/16/13. R was very clean bit small. Bathroom door almost touched the commode. There are not a lot of wall plugs which we needed for medical equipment and cell phones. Also, wifi is a separate fee of $14.95/day.

    That being said, it was our anniversary and the service staff gave us complimentary wifi and a bottle of champagne.

    Concierge and bell hop services were excellent! They  got us the Old Town Trolley tickets withe the 2-day special. Also gave us plenty of good advice and tips for the city.

    Restaurants in the hotel are nice but expensive. The breakfast buffet was $25 per person but you get a great buffet. The bacon was to die for.

    For a classic luxury hotel experience,  I recommend  the Park Plaza hands down.

    18/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    279. Jay K.
    This is the first hotel that tried to charge me money for a late check on top of offering me an upgrade when literally nothing was upgraded. Worst hotel experience ever and I have traveled all over. Unless you are here for a wedding like myself, I highly recommend never coming here. It's outdated and you can probably get much more from the surrounding hotels for the same price this hotel charges.

    25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    280. Matt F.
    Quick & dirty review - Older hotel needing some updates, but fantastic location.

    Was lucky enough to stay here on a "friends and family" discount, so my review may be a little more generous compared to the folks who spent alot more money for their stay.  If you are all about location, location, location ... this is a great place to stay in Boston.  However, if you are going to be in your hotel room for a long period of time, and enjoy the amenities of your hotel room, I would not recommend Boston Park Plaza.  

    As you may have read from other reviews ... gorgeous lobby.  The rooms, however, reminded me of an old college dorm with barely any space to move around.  There seemed to be about 18-20 inches of walking space between the end of the bed and the dresser.  The furniture, linens, flat screen TV, and overal decor of the room was nice and borderline "modern".  As for the bathroom .., first of all, don't even think about having 2 people in there at the same time ... ain't happenin'.  The bathroom was the one area that needed a major update ... the toilet, old tile floor, sink, and tub were all extremely outdated.  

    The A/C unit could not keep the room cool, despite the temp set to 64 degrees.  I will, however, give the A/C unit a free pass considering we were in Boston during a heat wave (100 degrees on 7/19/13 and 7/20/13).  Because we were able to deal with the heat and weren't in our room often, it wasn't worth complaining about, but I'm sure they received their fair share from other guests.

    Didn't really experience good (or bad) service, so not much to comment on here.  The concierge was helpful in recommending a place for breakfast and directions to a restaurant, but that's about it.

    One last thing to note ... I realize most hotels are doing this, but charging guests for Wi-Fi is ridiculous.  Build a charge into the rates for everyone (whether they use it or not).  If Panera Bread can offer free Wi-Fi to someone buying a $1.29 cup of coffee, you can offer it to guests paying much more.

    24/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    281. Bryant N.
    Terrible service, and the worst hotel experience I've ever had in Boston. Ordered a room with two beds, but we only received one. We were promised a roll away, but after three calls they finally said they were out (this is 9:50PM). We have to sleep on the floor--totally unacceptable. Some other things: Didn't realize the gift shop overcharged me until it was too late. Wifi is pay? That's ridiculous for 2013 (motels provide that service for free). "Self parking" in a lot that has nothing to do with the hotel.

    Just don't stay here, it's not worth whatever money you might have saved. I absolutely regret booking this room.

    22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    282. David C.
    Previously I rated this place two stars. But after reading other comments INCLUDING THE NUMEROUS REVIEWS SHOWN AT BOTTOM which Yelp algorithms decide are "not recommended" (please DO read them before booking) I've realized that my experience was predictively poor. I previously thought owners don't care. But I've modified that to I KNOW THEY DON'T CARE.

    24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    283. Smita T.
    This has got to be the worst hotel I have ever stayed at! The bed in the first room they put us in was broken, when I called down to the front desk they told me that there were no other rooms available unless I upgraded for an extra $30/night. When we got to the new room we found a dirty mirror, out dated bathroom and broken air conditioner. We've had to call for someone to service the air conditioner several times and it still does not work!  Also, housekeeping must have decided to just ignore the "service please" tag we left on the door and just skipped our room completely then gave us a hard time when I asked if we could at least have fresh towels.
    Please don't let the beautiful lobby of this hotel fool you, the rooms and the service are terrible!

    23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    284. K. C.
    The Boston Park Plaza is a behemoth of a hotel in a pretty key location to exciting attractions in Boston. It was probably quite a spectacular place to stay in its heyday. I was recently booked here on a business trip to be close to meetings in the area and It was one of the most disappointing stays I've had in a long time. The first reason being that they outright lie to you about the hotel being fully occupied. Then they proceed to put you in the most tiny room possible where the TV is on the side of the bed rather than in front of the bed because then there will not be a walkway to the other side of your room. The view I got was also horrendous as it stared into other rooms in the next corridor over. I also later found out that because the hotel was in fact not sold out, they had rates going for the "junior suites" for even less than the crappy standard queen room that my company was overpaying for. After bringing this to the attention of the gentleman at the front, he did the right thing and switched me to a bigger room with a city view (hence the two stars). For a business client (or any client for that matter), you would think they would try to market the experience of complimentary upgrades when possible vs. sticking anyone in the worst room in hopes to save better inventory for last minute reservations.

    Lastly, the walls are paper thin. I literally heard the entire conversation of the guy next door.  Suffice to say,  I will not be bringing my business back to this hotel anytime soon.

    27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    285. Irish G.
    I stayed here recently for a work trip, and it was very disappointing.  

    When the cab dropped me off, the doorman was standing there talking with what looked like another doorman, and didn't even help with my luggage or open the door for me.  Ok, I'll overlook that and hope for the better inside.

    Have you ever stayed somewhere and it just didn't feel clean?  Maybe because this place is old, but it just did not feel good.  The bathroom was TINY and the door was FILTHY.  It looked like makeup all around the doorknob.  There is hardly an place to place your toiletries.

    The security chain was broken which didn't make me feel safe at all.  

    Lastly, the walls were paper thin.  I get it.  I'm staying in a hotel.  I'm going to hear things.  But, seriously, the people next door weren't even being that loud.  Carrying on a normal volume conversation, and I could hear everything.  

    Unless they do a Major renovation, I don't think I'll be staying here again.

    12/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    286. Steph L.

    stayed here for two nights after a company booked my stay. I thought, WOW park plaza ehh? They hooked me up, i mean this place has got to be nice.

    The lobby itself seemed historical and vintage-looking, so i was excited to see what the rooms had to offer. When i entered, i was shocked and immediately disappointed.
    The rooms were so small, and the overall smell was unwelcoming. It looked dirty, and the carpet was wet, soaking my socks!

    The bathrooms were disgusting. The toilets looked like those you find in a public restroom, where you are too scared to touch and use your feet to flush the toilet. The toilet bowl was stained black.
    The bathroom was also extremely small, you could not fit more than one person in there.
    I had a hard time finding a blowdryer, only to realize it was that black trashbag hanging from the door.
    Everything about the hotel says OLD and outdated. Whether it is the style or not, at least have clean carpet and white toilets!

    28/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    287. Melanie M.
    The hotel was in a great location, clean and more than satisfactory. A little elderly, but fits the bill.  But most of my stars are for the staff. From the minute we arrived, the staff was friendly, outgoing, and so helpful. I was able to laugh and joke with all of them. And if you get a chance to check out the bar and visit Cisco, do it for sure. Cause he's amazing.

    31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    288. Noah G.
    Outwardly pleasant, but inwardly cramped, with unhelpful staff.

    The hotel's loby and setting is great, and feels very authentic.  It is a pleasent place to have drinks and chat. The health club is also nice and recently remolded.  

    Our room however, was cramped to say the least, we were put in a single bed instead of a double bed, the roll away didn't fit so the mattress had to come off so it could squish in the hallway, and Breakfast is downright robbery at about $20.  

    The shower was so small I couldn't bend over to pick up shampoo, the curtains don't reach the floor so water floods the bathroom.

    I've stayed at much cheaper places that were 10x accommodating.  I will not be returning.

    19/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    289. Sherry S.
    Just know what you are getting.  This is a classic, old hotel.  The rooms are nice but small; bathrooms as well.  You will have none of the road warrior amenities that are standard at a Hampton/Comfort/HI/Hilton Garden/etc.

    I was attending a conference, my husband came along and he semi-telecommuted from our room.  Internet was $12.50/day in the room.  Nice digital TV...no channels; literally, like 7 channels.  No Microwave/fridge in our room.  Ice machine on our floor was out of order the whole time. Not superbly clean but clean enough.  Mattress was OK.  Thermostat control in the room took a long time to get to our desire comfort level. There are not nearly enough electrical outlets.  

    What was good?
    The Location is very conveniently located to Boston Common, the Theater District, lots of restaurants.  The Pillows were great.  

    Would I stay again...probably not by choice but I wouldn't avoid it if a conference was held there again.

    23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    290. Kevin Z.
    As a disclaimer, I live in Boston but stayed there this weekend with a visiting friend. The location is really nice, and my checkin/check out process went smoothly. They even offer to store your luggage for the day if you check out but want to sight see more.

    However, there were back to back fire alarms when I stayed there. One at 3 am and one at 1 am. Overall, it was a confusing evac that took way too long (so if there were ever a real fire, it'd be pretty damn scary). And the second night the alarms weren't as loud or clear and the alarms never sounded in the rooms so it was kind of confusing. Also, someone told us that they had booked the room through like priceline or something and got free valet or some other discount because of the fire alarms. I did something similar but when I went to ask they just told me the payment was final but wasn't offered any discounts or free services. So some more consistency there would've been nice.

    Also, yea, the rooms are tiny. The price you pay is really just for the location. But overall I think the Revere is nicer.

    08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    291. Joe L.

    I was just charged twice for the same stay. The clerk asked me for a card to put a deposit, and assured me that the charge would be removed after my stay (she ended up charging me TWICE for the amount of the stay!!! Not even a deposit!). Now I have two charges on both cards and I have to deal with the hassle of setting up a dispute. All of this was unnecessary if their employees were more competent. You would expect a "Grand Hotel" like this one would have more professional behavior than this.

    Seriously lady, if you pull up somebody's reservation, and they PAID FOR IT ALREADY, click the PUT DEPOSIT button, not CHARGE CUSTOMER TWICE button. It's really not that hard.

    If it helps, it was an late twenties Asian lady. Avoid this clerk if you are staying here please. And to management reading this, get this simpleton trained.

    29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    292. Brian J.
    I'd like to thank the Boston Park Plaza for inspiring my first review! Here's why I'll absolutely avoid this hotel during any future stays in Boston:

    1. The rooms are tiny yet exorbitant. They were cozy enough, and half the rooms have a view to an ugly enclosed "courtyard."

    2. The fire alarm went off from 3-4 AM, causing the entire hotel to evacuate. The firefighters came and left within about 15 minutes, but no hotel staff informed us if we could go back to our rooms. Instead, many of us were left outside in freezing rain with no information while the alarm continued to blare for the entire hour.

    My colleague told me the same thing happened on the next night at 1 AM after I had left.

    3. It took 4 phone calls to have a receipt emailed to me correctly. I didn't get a receipt until Shayla at the front desk (the one bright spot for this hotel) figured it out.

    Overall, the rooms were small and expensive, and the hotel is terribly managed.

    10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    293. Alice K.
    Not good. Rooms are small which is fine, but basically has a bed, a tv, dresser and tiny bathroom with a public style toilet. No closet, no fridge, AC hard to control, only 3 pillows, very outdated.

    The lobby is charming but staff member looked at us like a deer in head lights when we were trying to check in. Every staff member speaks broken English- bell man, door man, front desk, waiter at the bar, bartender, housekeeper. This was extremely frustrating because it was very clear that they didnt understand us.

    A man a few rooms down from us had a prostitute in his room that we saw him meet in the library and speak to in the elevator..

    The lounge in the lobby is horrible. We went at ten pm and the waiter ssaid they close at 11 and we had plenty of time. I ordered a spinach avocado mango salad with cilantro dressing. Salad had no avocado, unripe mango and oregano instead of cilantro. As soon as we got out drinks, the runner came over Nd tried to take them away as if we were finished. We hadn't even gotten our food order yet. I complained about the salad and did not eat it nor order something else. Without asking, as soon as my boyfriend started eating his burger, the wait brought us our check! Didnt ask for dessert or more drinks, just gave us the check. Then when he was half way through his burger, the waiter asked him if he wanted it wrapped! He said he was still eating. When we were finished, we paid the check (he did not deduct the salad) and three people were cleaning off the table and we hadnt even gotten our coats yet. By this time it was only 10:20! This is the worst and most unprofessional place to eat in the entire city of Boston.

    21/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    294. Danielle P.
    If you want a good price and location, then this is your place. If you like a room that looks clean and feels spacious, this place is not for you. I have stayed here twice, once last year with my mom and once this year. Last year was fine, the rooms are quite old-fashioned, but it is an old hotel in an old city, so to be expected. The only thing that weirded me out last year is that the hallways reminded me of The Shining, I kept expecting those creepy twins to appear calling out "Danny". This year I checked in and the registration staff was outfitted in gear better suited for camp counselors. They were also very young from what I could see, and not very experienced. When I got up to my room, which was in a weird section of the hotel (like, on the 7th floor, but there was an extra digit in the number and in a far back hallway) I wondered what I had done to piss them off last year. It was a single bed room, so maybe I was just being punished for traveling solo. It was a TEENY TINY dingy room. The wall was scuffed, the carpet darkened by years of use, one of the lamps didn't work. There was no proper closet, only a narrow wardrobe. I thought that I should ask for another room, but was exhausted from a nearly missed flight and a layover in Newark. So I just started Lysol-ing everything. Then I got to the bathroom. It looked as though it had been made for The Littles (cartoon when I was a kid), and clearly had been fashioned when people were smaller. Like the bathroom from the year before, it didn't have enough space for a proper counter/sink set-up, so there was a long shelf along the mirror for toiletries. Be sure to not drop anything from that shelf to a long fall on the tile floor though, because likely it's toast. Unlike the year before, the shower was creepy small with an icky looking drain. The next morning when I actually experienced the shower I didn't feel any better. Now I'm not a big person, in fact I'm 5'1' and rather small. I could not, no matter how hard I tried, shower without my body touching either the curtain or the wall (YUCK). Ladies, if you need to shave anything, forget about it. For that to be possible you would either have to risk a serious injury or a lot of water on the bathroom floor. I'm telling you, this shower is just mind-blowingly small. I can't believe they can charge people without an iota of conscience for those rooms knowing what the showers are like. On a related note, if you do choose this place for it's location and price, I recommend saving yourself a $35 cab ride by taking the T from the airport. From the airport it's free, just take the silver line from Logan to the red line at South Station. Take the red line to Park Place and switch to the green line (pretty much toward anywhere but Lechemere) and hop on the green line until Arlington. Sounds more complicated than it is, easy peasy.

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    295. Nola P.
    Had my wedding here! It is the most beautiful and magical place. Wow!! Isn't enough to describe the beauty of this hotel. The staff did an amazing job and I feel blessed to have had my wedding at this hotel.

    20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    296. Josh H.
    If I could give zero stars I would. I suppose the one star reflects the shame I should feel for even thinking this would be a good experience at this price in this location. Where do I begin? Completely deceptive practices on their own website and hotels.com touting 'standard queen' with a fine-print reality of something much smaller. Walls between rooms are for show -- absolutely no sound barrier, so if you expect to actually get sleep, better hope you aren't next to a bunch of drunk-ass college kids. Front desk, in both cases, plays the 'nothing I can do' card and pretends to be apologetic and refers you to the fine print  (while they're probably snickering to themselves.)

    Don't be fooled. You get what you pay for. Whatever 'deal' you got was a total shell game.

    17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    297. Pareesa R.
    This review is long overdue...I've stayed here twice while visiting family for the holidays and I couldn't have been happier with my stay. Not only are the rooms and bathroom a good size, the hotel has lots of restaurants, great gym and is in the perfect location. We could hop on the subway in minutes, walk to tons of shopping and reataurants, walk around the Boston commons. Since we were there for NYE we got to see the parade and firework show with no hassle. Definitely coming back!!

    27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    298. V T.
    I stayed here for 3 nights and it happened to be the Jewish Conference happening in this hotel. I was shocked with the convention going on, that I was able to find a room there. I booked the petite room with a full size bed. Petite of course I'd expect the room to be very small and it was. It was very small but managed to fit in a desk, chair, the full size bed, tv stand, and tv. I didn't mind it since I only needed the hotel to sleep at nights but I did mind the price. For the size of the room the room rates could be lower!!  

    The staff is fine. The hotel is in the center of everything and very convenient to everything in the Downtown area. The decor is classy and looks upscale. They have a restaurant and bar downstairs. The hallways were freezing cold. The room was also cold so I didn't need to turn on the a/c. The elevators were a bit slow but it was because of the Jewish Conference at this hotel.

    I'm giving 3 stars because of the price, for the size of the room, I and probably other people would want the price to be lowered.

    10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    299. Matthew M.
    Elevator issues can ruin a stay!!  Please repair them.  Can't stay there again until I've read they're fixed.  15 minute waits.  Having to use stairs.  Unacceptable.

    25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    300. Aaron Y.
    Disappointing. I stayed at this hotel because of a conference, so I didn't really shop around. Put bluntly, this hotel is expensive and unimpressive. The rooms are cramped and the shower can barely fit an adult. There are relatively few attractions compare to hotels a couple blocks away. If you have any choice in the matter, shop around.

    09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    301. Evelyn G.
    Boy...there sure is a lot to be said about this hotel based on the reviews here. I stay at this hotel on a regular basis and I'm all about expectations and consistency in my hotel stays. I usually book this hotel because they sometimes have great rates for a hotel right in the heart of Back Bay.  When I see I can get an awesome rate, I don't hesitate to book. Yes, the rooms are small, but I am noticing small improvements to the room decor every time I check in.  But the bathrooms! Oi! Management - please read this - I know you want to cut costs - but please find another vendor for your toilet paper!  Sandpaper is softer. I had to run across to the pharmacy to buy my own roll. But overall, I found my room to be a comfortable size and clean. Bathroom amenities are no better than a motel chain, but I bring my own stuff anyways. Woohoo - they now have Kerug coffee Machine like the rest of them!  The lobby has undergone improvements and recommend it continues to make changes to get it just right. The gym is great!  I have never eaten at the hotel and the bar can get noisy to my liking so I leave the hotel to go out for dinner. Too bad, this could evolve into something great like the Fairmont Copley's restaurant renovation.

    I will say that the Front Desk staff are too young/inexperienced. They are slow, show no sign of urgency, and could use some lessons on exhibiting a professional attitude. Valet guys were great and friendly and offered good advice. Look, if you get a great rate and set your expectations accordingly, you will like staying here for the benefit of being in a nice location and in an historic hotel that is trying to get better.

    09/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    302. Brian Z.
    My wife and I just spent 5 nights at the Park Plaza, the lobby was nice, the staff was mostly friendly and helpful and I loved the period elevators .That being said, the closet they pass off for a room, not funny. There is not enough room to change your mind, let alone your clothes. One of the two plugs you could access in the bedroom wouldn't hold a plug in without putting a suitcase in front of it to hold it in. Bit of a fire hazard. The other was for the lamp and clock, had to do with out light and the time to charge phones. They didn't provide luggage stands so you trip over suitcases, the bathroom was a joke at best. WIFI is 12.50 a day most places don't charge for it anymore.  I guess the best thing about the Park Plaza is the location. At $258. A night for a closet with a bed in it not a great place, check on the larger rooms I know they have them, but not the rates.

    30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    303. Scott J.
    I was in town for a concert and some sight-seeing.  I tried to book another place with my friends but they were all filled up.  Boston Park Plaza was the one that I selected on priceline due to a cheap price.  They offer different sizes of rooms and I chose the small room.   Here are some of the stuff I liked/didn't like:

    -Check in was simple.  They let me stow my bags with the bell hop until they had my room cleaned.  I went with my friends to see the city.  They called me when my room was ready.
    -Cheap price for high quality.  ($99.00/per night!)
    -Lots of toiletries, and a great coffee machine.  

    -Room door was kind of heavy, but you'll get used to it.
    -The bathroom is small, but workable.  You might want to upgrade to a bigger room if that's an issue for you.
    - (Maybe a dislike) 30 minutes of internet free in lobby, then $12.50 per day per device.  I bring along my wireless internet because I know hotels try to get you to pay or if it's free it's not always the best.  

    I didn't find any bad odor as some of the reviews mentioned.  One person commented the prices are too high, well I just got my room for $99.00/night (excluding tax) and it was the Labor Day weekend.  If you know holiday weekends, the prices go extremely high.  I'm happy I chose this hotel and I would come back again in the future.

    05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    304. Amy K.
    We booked this hotel through Priceline so admittedly we can't be too picky - that being said, it wasn't the best experience.
    The location is fantastic, right next to the green line and the common. The rooms were small but nice. The problems came when they couldn't accommodate our third person. They said that they would get us a roll away bed and we called every morning with no luck. Luckily, our friend was a trooper and made a bed on the floor. We requested a couple of extra blankets and ended up with 3 extra towels?
    The worst part was the air conditioning. It was 100 degrees outside the first couple of nights and the air just wasn't doing it. Hot and hard to sleep. The next 3 nights were FREEZING. We tried turning the air off as well as putting the temperature up to 80 degrees. The 3 of us shivered all night. To the point that I was using those extra towels as blankets.

    31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    305. Walter H.
    The location is great and the staff is fantastic.  The rooms are a bit small and they do make you pay for internet in the rooms (free in the lobby) which is a bit annoying given the price of the hotel.  If you want an historic hotel with top of the line service in a fantastic location, this is the one for you.  If the size of the room (and bathroom) need to be big for you to be happy, you may want to book with a more recently built hotel.  The hotel is fully updated and the rooms are very nice but the size of them is excellent for the time the hotel was built but small by modern standards.

    For my wife and I, it was perfect since we only had a few days in Boston and wanted to take a walking tour/trolley tour of the city.  The location was great and when they found out it was part of our honeymoon trip through the northeast, they sent chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of sparkling wine to the room free of charge!  I am not sure whether I would want to be there if I didn't have the intention of exploring the city and/or being in the center of the city/near many attractions was central to my plans.  For some, this will be a memorable hotel with lots of charm, great service, a sense of history, and fantastic staff.  For others, it will be a lot of money to pay for a smallish room.  (Small doesn't mean tiny here.  It is just not a huge space.  There is a full tub/shower, toilet, and sink in the bathroom, but not room for a chair or the like.)  There is a queen bed, tv, and desk but not much else room.

    The staff is great and the ambiance is very nice.  Prices are a bit higher than what you will pay further from the downtown and there are a few annoying charges (internet for the rooms being the one that bothered me).

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    306. Ryan F.
    In town for Yankees / Red Sox weekend, the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers was a great fit for our group.

    For starters, we booked a room on Hotels.com , which mistakenly pictured two beds in the room description even though our actual room only came with one.  Upon check-in (and learning of this mistake), they were quick to switch our room to a larger one that would sleep four people.  When asked, the front desk was happy to provide a complimentary fridge and a roll-away cot.

    The hotel lobby is clean and classy, with several shops and restaurants lining the hallways on the main floor.  Some of the restaurants had "patio" seating, with a short fence separating tables from the hallway.  Patrons could sit there for a healthy dose of people-watching along with their meals.  Although we didn't eat at the hotel, they have a great selection of restaurants, including Smith & Wollensky, McCormick & Schmick's, Melting Pot, Statler's Lounge, and M.J. O'Connor's.

    Hallways have a classic charm, as did our room.  Although our room contained a flatscreen TV and was visibly "fixed up," they seem to have neglected the bathroom.  They used a bath fitter to freshen up the shower, but left the rest of the aging pastel blue tiles in place, along with an exposed radiator and rather "industrial" looking toilet.  Although I think it's worth mentioning, these are small observances and didn't affect our stay at all.

    Overall, the price was very reasonable, the staff friendly, and the hotel was classy with a good location on clean, well-lit streets.  I would visit again, and recommend to others.

    09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    307. Nicole R.
    Absolutely loved this hotel. Very very charming & the location can't be beat. Right in the mix of upscale shops, great restaurants, parks, etc.

    Note: the rooms are very small & the bathrooms are even smaller. Stayed in a double on the 12th floor by the elevator & thank goodness I'm a small person :) If you're not short & petite like me, I'd highly recommend making a special request for a larger room/bathroom when you book your reservation. I can understand why some people complained about the small size. However, it wasn't an issue for me.

    Here's what I loved:

    - Comfy beds + pillows
    - Location, location, LOCATION
    - Reasonably priced
    - Friendly & accomodating staff
    - Clean room
    - Old world charm
    - Toiletries

    Note about WIFI: They offer 30 minutes free in the lobby, otherwise you have to pay $13 per day. :(  

    They have a small breakfast bar/coffee bar in the lobby area every morning. Valet parking is approximately $40 per day. A double room runs about 225 a night. I would absolutely stay here again @ this price.

    24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    308. Zack M.
    Great location. A bit on the pricey side for what you get but then that is the market. The room was small but the bed was fine. The hotel bathroom was tiny but not the smallest I've ever been in. Remember that this hotel was built in the 1920s and people were just smaller back then. (The famous Brown Palace in Denver had an equally small bathroom.) The entrance has great chandeliers. The floors themselves reminded me of the Paris in Las Vegas. The vintage elevators were memorable. I would stay again if they offered a competitive rate. The staff were fine. I personally don't like it when people grab my bags as I then have to tip.

    17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    309. Ronnie V.
    PROS:  Location, location, location!  You could walk to the park, the library, the trail, restaurants, the "T"-station, etc.
    Classic, historic hotel with a beautiful lobby and an awesome view from the room.
    Keurig coffee machine in the room.

    CONS: Room had a musty smell, A/C unit needed freon, Wi-Fi is $12.95 a day (FREE in the lobby only...that's weird)

    On my first night's stay, I experienced a FALSE fire alarm at 5 o'clock in the morning (Yes, I was actually sleeping at that time-so that sucked)
    The very next day, my card-key wouldn't work. So, I went down to the front desk to get it fixed. I went back upstairs and (guess what...?) it still didn't work. I went back downstairs again and was told to go back to my room to wait for security to open up the room. After he could not open it with his master key, he notified maintenance and I waited for about half an hour (sitting on the floor outside my room) for a guy to show up. Then, I waited an additional 15 minutes for the guy to change the entire lock on the door after he found out that it was a bad lock!!!

    2-and-a-half stars.

    26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    310. Jackson Z.
    Location, location, location!

    This hotel is so well located I'd paid the price just for that (but to be fair I paid Hotwire price).  It's right in the downtown Boston area.  Boston Common, Freedom Trail, and Copley Square are all within walking distance.  Arlington T stop is half a block down the street.  Lots of options for food and nightlife in the area also.  

    The room though left much to be desired.  My biggest complaint is the bathroom.  It had no windows and no ventilation, so the air can get a little... um stuffy... after you've done your business in there.  The shower, which was stall only, was so tight that I kept hitting my elbows on the wall as I tried to moved around during shower.  It must've been only two feet wide and four feet long.  If I'm 5'7" and I have problems moving around in there, I can't imagine how a 6 foot guy will manage taking a shower in that thing.  

    Also one night a female guest stumbled out of her room, completely drunk out of her mind, and took a dump in the hall.  I called security and they put her back in her room.  But that is not a fault of the hotel.

    29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    311. Jenn J.
    Went for a special New Year's Eve night with a special someone and left disappointed. The room was smaller than a closet, paint was peeling, and there were cracks in the wall. And the severely out of date bathroom was an eye sore - I think the toilets in my elementary school many moons ago were more updated.

    Oh and there wasn't even a comforter on the bed. Just an old ratty blanket in the closet.

    For an added bonus, every time the people in the room next door to ours shut their door, our whole bed shook and it woke us up. Not the ambiance we were hoping for.

    Room service food was ok and the staff was mostly friendly, but neither made up for the terrible room.

    Overall, not impressed with this hotel and will not return. I do not recommend staying here. You can get a better room and overall experience for the same price at the Westin or even the Copley Marriott in Boston.

    This hotel needs a serious room makeover and stat. It's a sinking ship.

    22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    312. Christine D.
    I stayed at this hotel many times last year when visiting my daughter at college with mixed but mostly good results. However, right now im sitting in a very drafty,  noisy room on the 5th floor of a hotel that is under construction. It would have been nice to know that this was going to be the case as im here on the occasion of my daughters birthday. I booked my reservation online yet communicated with someone in hospitality who had the opportunity to mention it but didnt. On my last visit, i booked a room on the concierge floor only to find the concierge room "closed for construction". These arent the first issues ive had with the hotel but it happens to be soooo close to Emerson College that its hard to justify staying elsewhere...but never again. Never. If i could rate this zero stars i would. Sorry Lindsey. I would have booked a different place to stay on the occasion of your birthday had i knkwn it woukd be such a huge disappointments.

    24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    313. Gail C.
    This place is a true dump! We arrived late as it was a Friday night for a weekend wedding. My husband and I and our 12 year old. We booked a year in advance for a room with two beds. Our room was gone, so they decided to give us a room and our 12 year old a room 6 doors down around a corner! Given that he has never stayed alone, I wanted another room. I called downstairs and was told the hotel is overbooked. I insisted they find us something as I never gave them permission to put my son (who is a minor) in his own room!!! I gave the desk my CELL NUMBER and said call me with any changes.

    We go to  the rehearsal dinner, and upon coming back can not even get into my sons room. They apparently went into the room and took his things and gave it to another guest! They pilfer the goody bags that were delivered to the rooms!!!!  At 11:30 at night, we get another room, and have to wait for security as my kids things are missing. this is only Day One!!!

    The next morning we get vouchers for coffee, thinking they want to make this mess up to us. But NO! They charge us for the vouchers, and a higher room rate for the change!!!! This place is a DUMP!!!

    How could Boston have such a place. Yes the location is good, but the staff is all mute and not helpful. A fight broke out in the lobby and the police had to be called as a gentlemen accused another of going through his bags. It seems to attract an infrequent travel crowd. Their are no rules for running in the halls, shouting and being drunk.

    Watch your charges on your credit cards. They billed us for things we did not even know about. There must be other stops in Boston, I will not be going back any time soon.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    314. Morgan H.
    85 year old hotel still has some mojo left in it. The lobby is simply gorgeous. The style is a real nice mix of mid 20th century decades. It's very pleasant at night. The desk staff were quick, friendly and diligent.... took less than 5 min to check in.

    The colours of the rooms are a wee bit bland, but certainly not ugly. I got a corner suite for a good price and it was more then enough space. The room included openable windows, couch/pullout bed, desk, flatscreen tv, Keurig machine, digital thermostat, walk-in closet, safe and hairdryer. The bathroom was clean and styled nicely. The bed was VERY comfortable and there were full size and long pillows aplenty. The only complaint I have is there wasn't a fridge in my room, though there was a cabinet for one. Not sure why. But, I didn't need it so i never bothered investigating.

    Location is fantastic and the view from the room is splendid. The building itself is nice to look at from the outside as well. If you are driving by car, beware, there are parking garages all around but they cost a bloody fortune.

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    315. Mark Philip L.
    A very sad state of affairs.This hotel does not live up the Park Plaza we envisioned when booking our room. Lobby looks nice at first glance, however this first impression was not enough to last once we got to our room. A closer look around this hotel and you notice peeling wallpaper, cracked and peeling paint, dirty carpets and a staff with an attitude to match. Room was old, run down. Very small bathroom and outdated. They may be in a great location but does not make up for the fact that our room was not cleaned properly and was just plain shameful. Will NOT be back. Lot's of new hotels in Boston these days. Apparently 'old world charm' translates to old, rundown and tired.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    316. Matt P.
    Overrated. Great location but the hotel is very outdated for the price. Room reminded me of something from the early 1900s. Stayed for 48 hours and had to get my keys exchanged 6 times because they wouldn't open the door. The ritz is just down the street stay there!

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    317. Richard E.
    Don't order the Tuna Melt!

    If you eat in the coffee shop in the lobby, Don't order the Tuna Melt!

    It was mid-afternoon. I was hungry and the coffee shop was almost empty. I thought "this is a good time to eat." Wrong!

    The menu listed a tuna melt sandwich with rosemary fries. Yummy. I gave the order to the waiter and he walked to the kitchen. I waited... and waited... and waited. About twenty minutes later the waiter reappeared and placed a plate in front of me. It wasn't a tuna melt.

    The sandwich had tuna on it on a leaf of lettuce on a slice of bread. It was cold. There was no cheese. I asked the waiter, "Where is the tuna melt?" He assured me that was a tuna melt sandwich. Uh, what is supposed to be melted? No cheese and stone cold.  I refused the meal and told him that a tuna melt is supposed to have melted cheese. There was no cheese and nothing was melted. He assured me again that was a tuna melt but I refused to touch it. He went to the kitchen to check.

    I waited... and waited... and waited... and waited. The waiter later reappeared, walked past me to another table, and deliberately avoided eye contact. I waited... and waited... and waited... and waited.

    Eventually, a gentleman walked out of the kitchen wearing a coat and tie. I flagged him down and asked if he was the manager. He said "yes" and I explained the situation. He picked up my plate and said "I'll take care of it" and he went to the kitchen. I waited... and waited... and waited... and waited.

    About 15 minutes later, the manager reappeared, walked past me in a hurry, but as he passed by me he said "It will be right out." He didn't break stride, not offering me a chance to ask questions.

    A few minutes later, the waiter reappeared and placed a different plate in front of me. I wish I had thought to take a picture. It was the same sandwich as before, still cold, but had a slice of American cheese on top. It was stone cold, nothing was melted. I started to eat it but the tuna fish was so dry that I stopped after one bite. It was similar to eating cold sawdust.

    The I noticed the "rosemary fries." There was no rosemary, it was simply a normal order of french fries. I called the waiter over again and explained it to him. He assured me that these were rosemary fries and stated, "they put something on it." I held up a french fry and showed him there was nothing on the french fries, rosemary or not. He shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

    I found the manager again, cornered him, and complained and told him of my complaints. He credited the price of the tuna melt so I didn't have to pay for it. He never said "I apologize" or offered any other form of apology. It seemed to be just another day for him.

    I left the entire meal on the plate, walked across the street to Legal Seafood, and had a very nice meal.

    My rating: food quality: zero stars. Customer service: zero stars. Friendly staff: a minus one star.

    06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    318. R R.
    Its good - if you take a room at the "tower", this is how they call the executive floors. The rooms there are nicer, newer, and you get an access to a convenient lounge. The rooms at the other floors sometimes old and smelly. Yet its a great option for a business trip.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    319. Tim A.
    My friend and I just stayed at the Boston Park Plaza this past weekend. One of the best things is the location - lots of food and drink in walking distance. You can tell that the hotel is old but it is nice and also clean. I liked that they actually communicated with me on Twitter! All in all it was a good experience and I would stay there again.

    10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    320. Brenden S.
    I could not be happier with the customer service, accommodations and all around appeal of this hotel. Traveling form California I was unsure on how my experience would be at an off brand hotel [Marriott or Hilton etc.] It was so delightful walking into the lobby after the long flight and have a great experience upon check in.

    The room was amazing two beds and two separate bathrooms. Not having spent much time in the room it was everything I needed as far as space and comfort.

    That would be my only critique if you're looking for a room to spend time these rooms are quaint in size but do the trick for a tourist like myself.

    26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    321. Michael B.
    I visited Boston for 2 night and stayed at the park plaza hotel.
    although it was too pricey, the hotel is in a great location, and all the historic downtown are 5-20 min super nice walking distance.

    15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    322. Brandis B.
    This is not decorated like your typical hotel. It is definitely one of a kind in that area which for me is very much appreciated as most hotels look the same. The last time I stayed here I was in a regular sized room. The one I stayed in this time is significantly smaller.  My only gripes: The shower tiles could have been cleaner, the tv was on top of the dresser, and it's a little awkward moving about the room. I would not recommend this room for persons of a larger stature than most as the unnatural movements necessary to not continuously walk into furniture become rather annoying.

    26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    323. Lindsay R.
    Wow! Just checked in and the staff have been incredibly rude!! Our room is pretty bad. Very run down. I will attach pictures. We are very seriously considering leaving and moving to another hotel. Don't waste your time booking here!

    06/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    324. Steve E.
    Stayed three nights,  and major parties in the next room on two of them. Saw and then Told security that there were underage teens drinking alcohol, but they simply told them to lower their voices.

    08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    325. Tony H.
    My impressions for the hotel is mixed.  On one hand, the location is as good as it gets for a Boston hotel.  It's a block away from the Boston Commons and a 35 minute walk in either direction to Fenway, Newbury Street,  15 minutes to Beacon Hill and 30 mins to the North End.   We ended walking to almost everywhere when we could, even with the subway station basically across the street.  So 5 stars for the location.

    On the other hand, the hotel is very old.  So it had that classic charm, yet it also carries that old hotel space issue.  Our Priceline hotel room was tiny.  The bed was a standard size, which is in between a single and double bed size.  The bathroom was as small as you would imagine a NYC downtown apartment to be. The sink was very shallow to the point that turning the water knob beyond half way would create splashes out of the sink.  There was also barely any space to place your toiletry items.  There were also no hooks to hang your clothes - NONE.  And the shower was about 3x3 feet wide.   The provided soap also was bad, it dried my sensitive skin out completely.  The A/C was also too cold and there was no way to turn the heat on even when we jacked the room temp all the way up.  Instead we had to shut it off completely to not make the room freezing.  The room was very clean though and charming elsewise.  I would give the hotel a 2 on this front

    Having said that, the gym downstairs is surprisingly big with over a dozen treadmills and distilled water and gatorade!  The hotel staff was also very friendly and efficient, no hidden charges at the end.  So overall, I would give the hotel and it's location a 3 out of 5.

    07/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    326. Lauren M.
    This hotel shows its age and needs to improve its service, but it is clean, charming, and in a nice calm location.

    My room wasn't ready when I went to check in, so I just checked my bags and would return later. The front desk promised to call when my room was ready, but they neglected to do so. Upon check-in I was told I'd have access to the concierge lounge. However, after trying to open the door with my hotel room card and pulling at the door.... I realized I needed a separate access key which they had forgotten to give me when I checked-in. However, after I got the key, I was able to enjoy a delicious continental breakfast and evening snack, definitely a plus.

    The rooms are not spacious and are lacking some modern room accommodations.... Very small bathroom, no fridge, and very few electrical outlets. The bathroom was frustratingly small, there was nowhere to keep my make-up and hair products without fear of them falling into the toilet. Another annoyance of the hotel is the elevator service, the elevators were painfully slow. However, my room was clean and the bed was very comfortable

    On a positive note, Parka plaza is very close to Newbury Street, the Boston Commons, and the Theater District, all great spots for a peaceful neighborhood feel while still getting the city experience. Another nice accommodation was the abundance of taxis near the hotel, I never had to wait for a cab. Overall, the hotel is nice, just old. It definitely offers more personality and charm than your average chain hotel, it just needs to polish up a bit.

    23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    327. Daniel G.
    It's a very old hotel and the surrounding are awesome but like I said it's old. It's nice to be in a place that takes you back maybe to the 50ties but for the price and given that they charge you for literally EVERYTHING
    it should be a bit more renovated and have more services, like for starters A/C unites that work and well illuminated rooms.
    The lamps look fancy and all but come on add some more discrete hidden lights so that you can see what your doing.

    30/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    328. Ian S.
    (Representing 2.5 stars: to clarify: I was here with my wife at a conference, but I am reviewing it from the perspective of a tourist.)

    Palatial lobby. Six large elevators. Clean room, but very cramped. Thin walls. Very very small bathroom with no vent. Lumpy bed. Limited TV channels. Prehistoric A/C which died during a relatively mild storm, causing the room to turn into a sauna. When it came back on, the A/C took two days to get the room from 73 to 67 degrees at full blast.

    Wi-fi costs $12.50 PER DEVICE PER DAY which is ABSOLUTELY UNCONSCIONABLE. This is a stupid, insulting, completely arbitrary fee which many, many other people have complained about, and I doubt it's something that will ever be addressed - think about it: there are a LOT of conferences held here - it's probably their main deal - let's say this place sells out (well over a thousand rooms, at over $200 per room per night) and everyone on site is paying for wi-fi... this place is printing money.

    It's 2013, wi-fi should be free in hotels. Period.

    Also: housekeeping will happily enter, make your bed and move your stuff around even if you leave the Privacy Please sign out, so be warned.

    If none of the above bothers you, add a star to this rating because the location is pretty much perfect. The only other reason to stay here is if you're going to a conference and it's being comped.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    329. Heidi B.
    Cute, unique, comfy hotel rooms. It did the job, had character.

    30/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    330. Kristen H.
    I booked a standard king four months ago through Orbitz for my boyfriend's birthday weekend when we arrived they told me there weren't any kings left and that since we didn't book through their website the room we paid for wasn't guaranteed. "The only rooms left we have are full single and double rooms." We looked on their website once we for into their room and there were plenty of kings and queens advertised for that same night! Pretty terrible customer service that since you didn't "book through their website," they downgrade you. NEVER STAYING THERE AGAIN!

    10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    331. Jovanna O.
    I stayed here for a conference in October.  This is definitely an older hotel.  The rooms are comfortable but the bathrooms need to be upgraded.  The heater didn't work in the bathroom and it was very vintage looking.  I wasn't very impressed with this hotel, but the location was convenient most of the staff were friendly.  The cleaning ladies need a bit of an attitude adjustment.  They were not very friendly and did an mediocre job at cleaning my room.  I got the impression that they were only going to do the bare necessity and nothing more!!  The best thing about this hotel is the location, it's walking distance from a ton of stuff!  The next time I'm in Boston I will pick another hotel.

    21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    332. Aden J.
    My review is closer to four and a half stars than four.

    I've stayed at Boston Park Plaza twice, and would definitely stay there again. Their prices may look steep, but their rates are much lower than many of the luxury and deluxe hotels in the area. I think that for the location, their rates are definitely a deal. BPP is in the back bay area, and you can easily and quickly get to the Boston Commons and downtown on foot from the hotel. They are also less than a block away from the Arlington T stop which will take you anywhere on the green line and almost anywhere on the other lines to transfer.

    In addition to good rates and an excellent location, the hotel is also spotlessly clean both in the lobby and in the rooms. Service is also very strong- the doormen, front desk employees, and room service workers have always been helpful and friendly.

    Two things that a first time visitor might want to know which I do not mean to imply are complaints: first, there are no mini-bars, but there are soda and snack vending machines in the hotel. Second, the room TVs do not have pay-per-view services, but do have many other cable and network channels.

    26/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    333. Ruth M.
    Nice place to stay. The hotel was under renovation during my stay but overall it was a nice quiet place to stay. The only thing I didn't like was the breakfast pastries were out in the open in the lobby. They should have had them covered instead of sitting on a cart with everything and everyone walking and coughing around it.

    18/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    334. Don H.
    So, here I am on a conference for 3 days in Boston.   I am staying at the famous Boston Park Plaza Hotel.  The location is great, lobby looks great, fitness room is a typical hotel gym, but the room was below average.  

    I booked the standard room at $300+ per night.  I got room 12101 that was about a 10X15 foot, excluding the bathroom of course.  The room just fits the bed, a drawer for a TV, and a desk, that's it.  

    It did not have a fridge or a closet.  But, there were 3 hangers in the drawer, unfortunately there was no place to hang anything, no closet & no hook on the walls.  There was no mirror in the room if you were curious.  there was a safe in the corner where it's holding up the ironing board.  That's where I hanged my shirt & jacket.

    The bathroom, well, if you are a big person, good luck... Excluding the shower, it was a 4X4 foot space, & the shower is a 32"X32".  Yes, that is in inches :) The toilette was fitted in the corner in a space of 20 inch in width.  But, the bathroom does have a vanity mirror :)

    The room temperature was kept at 68F, cannot control temperature using room thermostat though.  I tried  bumping it up to 70F, but it got colder... brrr!

    I would not come back here for $300+ per night.  Try your luck somewhere else.

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    335. Drew H.
    First, I made my reservation on Hotwire.  

    My room was extremely small (no more than 9 feet wide) yet they tried to cram it full of things like a cheep cube refrigerator just so they can say it has one.  I ended up stacking it on the armoire just so I could walk to the bathroom.  My room was once part of another room -- you can see were the ceiling crown molding stopped and they put up a wall to make two rooms from one.

    The worst thing about this room was the shower.  It was 15 inches wide from the wall to the curb/curtain.  I'm pretty sure this is illegal per. current building codes.  You couldn't take a shower without touching the curtain constantly.   I couldn't stop thinking about how EVERYONE who takes a shower touches the curtain too.  It was just gross, not to mention you couldn't move/reach around to get clean.  

    I've been told there's no way to get out of a Hotwire deal, but as soon as I mentioned the illegal shower, the manager was more than happy to let me break my contract.  They know it's illegal and with all the construction going on (which is quite annoying) they didn't want me motivated enough to complain to an official.

    Do not stay here without getting info on your room that you can hold them to if it turns out to be junk.  I will avoid this place in general.

    One more thing, there was a conference going on with a lot of people needing to get to the lobby at the same time.  It took me and others 25 min to get down in the elevator because they were always full around 7:30 am.  Not good if you want to keep a schedule.

    20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    336. J K.
    Most of the hotel employee that I ran into didn't seem approachable.  One employee didn't know directions to a restaurant that was just on the opposite side of the hotel. Rooms were ok, old, very loud (I could clearly hear conversations in the rooms next to, below, and above) street noise too (from 12th floor) so it took longer than normal to fall asleep. Also, I had a sink that leaked the entire time.  For the most part I normally don't care about these things, but for the price of the hotel you would expect more.

    On the upside, breakfast was very good. I highly recommend the lobster Benedict.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    337. Grace S.
    it was my fault for not giving more thought on what a "petite" room was when i booked it. the room was really... petite, but there was a charm to it if you looked at it a certain way. however, i couldn't stand that 1. the bathroom was as big as a closet and 2. we were right by the elevator and i was up all night listening to it whirring up and down. did not have a good night's rest and woke up grumpy and still tired.

    however, the hotel's location was prime. we didn't have to walk too far to get to quincy market, mike's pastry, copley square, newbury st... that was the one thing i really liked about the park plaza.

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    338. Lena N.
    The best location at an awesome price! If you are looking for a great location close to Copley Square, shops at Newbury Street, China town, Boston Common, Public Garden, and Back Bay, this hotel is in the middle of it all within walking distant!  The Italian north end is just a little but further to walk to but manageable! We took the shuttle bus from airport and got dropped off at Copley Square and walked to hotel no problem! Look for the blue buses that transport to/from airport to Back Bay only $5 each way! The rooms are small and dated but for an historic hotel it was expected! It was cleaned and sheets were made daily! The breakfast buffet smelled good but there are so many options when it comes to eating just steps away! Au Bon pain, legal seafood, Starbucks every 500 ft, tons of high end sit down or even food trucks near by!

    25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    339. Frank R.
    Super clean and great!!!!, The hotel was the best with the most luxury. If I could also write a 1 star review I would too for the service at the lobby bar. It was after breakfast and before lunch. My wife wanted clam chowder to fill her appetite after a long flight, after being seated with menus, she ordered the chowder and the 1st waiter left with the order, a 2nd one returned and said "so you just want a chowder" in a gruff tone OK so maybe bad day who knows, yes we responded he left and produced the chowder with a specialty toast atop of it. My wife took 1 bite and realized that the toast was too oily for her liking and asked for plain crackers instead. He then swooped in like a hawk and took the toast only dipping his fingers into the soup to remove said toast. REALLY!!! Like I said 5 stars hotel, keep looking elsewhere for food and food service, its badly lacking at this place!

    23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    340. Ed C.
    Pricey place, but is Boston. The hotel is not rundown but Definetely shows his age. Some of the Staff needs customer service training but overall it is a good central location worth staying.
    On a personal note: I left a valuable after checkout, got helped by security. (Thank you Mr. Mejia.)

    The lobby bar was good, their food was average at its best. (I think)  the food and beverage manager was a solutions oriented hard working, problem solver with great customer service individual... I would hire him.

    01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    341. Thereallbug G.
    The hotel is lovely. We had a room in the towers on the fifteenth floor. It was very clean and nice.

    From 5-7 pm there were complimentary hor devours in the lounge and a complimentary breakfast from 6-10 if you were a guest on that floor.

    Food was good and a very nice lounge.

    The T stop is a few steps away.

    Would definitely stay here again.

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    342. Francene T.
    Great experience with the bellman. Not impressed with the front desk. Not organized or aware, apparently because guests were hovering yet not being greeted. The room (queen, standard) is very small, but that's not unexpected in an older, historic building.

    So, as a business traveler, the first thing you do when you get to your room - before unpacking - is to set up the laptop. As a speaker at a conference here in the hotel, I got free wi-fi in the room (score!) so I was planning to pop open the Dell and deal with office stuff for a couple hours before dinner. I step to the desk and move the ubiquitous "leatherette" portfolio of services found in every hotel room...and stopped. Underneath the portfolio was a large, mildewed section of desk. I'd already noticed that the desk was in pretty rough shape with several gouges and even a couple of bubbles in the veneer on the side, but the mildewed top....well, that's something special.

    I love Boston and normally stay at the fantastic InterContinental Boston when in town - I'm in the Boston Park Plaza because the organization hosting the conference paid for the accommodations. Next time, I'll pay for my own room and stay at the InterContinental, where I won't find mildewed desks...

    10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    343. Chris D.
    Grand looking lobby but that's about it. No movie rentals in room, room very small and outdated despite my upgrade costs. Central location but unhelpful staff, no parking on site except you valet, over all pricey and sucks.

    04/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    344. Elaine Z.
    Extremely disappointed especially for the price paid. I was forced to stay another night in Boston because of a delayed flight until the next day so needless to say I was already on edge...

    I stayed in a "petite" suite which is about 200 sq ft. Small, yes, but that was the least of my worries. When walking in the room was hot and humid, even the carpet felt damp. I tried to bring down the temp in the room but the thermostat was locked. I gave it a couple hours to cool down but nothing helped. It was a very uncomfortable mugginess in the room. I went to the front desk to see if they could maybe switch the room - I assumed this cant possibly be happening in all the rooms, I was wrong. The guy working the front desk let me know that this was an "old building" and this was to be expected. Seriously. He sent up a maintenance guy who brought me a box fan to help. He was at least sympathetic - definitely appreciated that.

    The bathroom...small does not begin to describe this thing. It was tiny. Showering was impossible! The entire time the shower curtain was sticking to me and since it was just a shower stall and not a tub water was getting everywhere. The floor of the shower was disgusting. It had not been cleaned in quite a while to develop that type of build up. I braved it because I was tired and cranky and it was clear that the front desk guy was not going to help. Also, no fan in the bathroom so the steam made the humidity in the room worse.

    Sleeping...I like to sleep with the room cold but since that was out of the question I slept uncovered and the big box fan on. The box fan was super loud and it was impossible to sleep. I ended up turning off the fan about 2.5 hours of tossing and turning.

    There was not a single bottle of water in the room, not even for purchase. Maybe that wasn't an option for my small $200 per night room but thats just ridiculous.

    The only thing going for this hotel is the location. Very walkable area with lots of really good restaurants in the area.

    11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    345. Patrick O.
    I love staying at old hotels...loved staying at the Boston Park Plaza previously...but this past experience was terrible. I admit that I booked through Priceline. I like Boston and looking when booking I knew there were a couple of hotels that I would get that would be great. I was very happy with getting the Boston Park Plaza. I have stayed here before and everything was great. Tonight not so much. When I arrived they upgraded us to a king which was great. We dropped off our stuff and went for drinks. When we came back the room was cold, we turned up the heat...nothing. We called downstairs and they changed our room. When we got to the 6th floor, it smelt of weed. We went back downstairs to get yet another room, and this room was not what we originally got. Calling downstairs the front desk gentleman was rude about the fact that we got our room through Priceline. The condescending tone from the front desk was something that I would never do as a person who works in the customer service industry...especially when they are the ones that made the mistakes. I stay in Boston once a month, and I will not stay at the Park Plaza again.

    16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    346. Courtney L.
    Wow! Very surprised by the poor reviews on this website. I really enjoyed the Park Plaza especially after an atrocious first night in the Courtyard Boston Downtown. We arrived really early and had to use bag check for most of the day. This wasn't a problem and they stored all of our bags free of charge. Once we finally checked in, the service was really friendly and quick. Our room was small-ish, but decently sized. My only design complaint would be the TV on the dresser to the side of the bed. Not easy to watch, but I get that not all hotels have the luxury of space like we do in the Midwest :) My other complaint would be the A/C. Holy cow, the blower was loud and constant. Thankfully it was cool outside, so we just opened the window. There were some trucks and traffic, but overall it didn't bother us. If this was any weekend other than Boston Marathon weekend, I would have called the front desk, but I knew they were booked solid. The rest of our stay was a breeze. Maid service was good and prompt, the coffee was a Keirug and the shower had great water pressure and tons of hot water. The location is also the best thing about the Park Plaza. Stupid close to the public gardens and the Boston Common and absolutely perfect if you are in town for the Boston Marathon. Walkable in every way to the expo and finish line and we booked through a tour company that picked up right from the hotel. The bed was comfy and the place, while certainly older, was clean and well kept. We were able to get a fridge at no cost upon request and while there wasn't a very good place for it in the room, we had no issues. Would 100% stay here again when it Boston.

    23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    347. Jonathan A.
    At one point I sat in my room as the phone rang for over 3 minutes before an operator picked up, I asked to be transferred to the front desk, without a word I heard a click and was transferred, not very polite. At this point I now sat and waited for 6 minutes as the phone rang and rang, nobody picked up to ask me to hold, no messages, just endless ringing. Not exactly the type of service I expect from a $500/night hotel.

    The rooms are small and old, but whatever, it's an old European style hotel so I'm not going to complain about that. But the air conditioning was out in the entire hotel for 4 days and there was no act of contrition other than "whoops".

    Valet is expensive and rude, I got the "i'll take care of your car" shakedown when I checked in and didn't tip (because I waited 5 minutes for someone to come take my car!). Well, of course you're going to take care of my car, I'm paying you $48 a night to park here, and I'll tip you well when you return it in the same shape I gave it to you in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately it took nearly a half hour for me to get my car at 8pm on a weekday with NOBODY else waiting.

    On the plus side the location is one of the best in Boston.

    12/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    348. Joann C.
    The lobby is very pretty and vintage; made me feel like I could have been going to a Gatsby themed party inside the hotel.

    Then you get into your room and you just see that it is just old, outdated and overpriced for what you get.

    05/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    349. Samuel W.
    Invited to attend a big birthday celebration of two dear friends.  Many in the party stayed at this hotel.  

    I stayed 2 nights, arrived Friday departed on Sunday.  Given Room 902 which was not a typical room shown in their website.  Shower curtain was shorter than the bottom of the shower stall, so after any shower, the entire floor of the bathroom would be et.  there is NO BATHROOM VENT, so the floor is never dry.  There is no room to really turn in the shower between the wall and the shower curtain.  

    The Television is on the side of the room which can only be viewed if you do not use the headboard/back of the bed.  The "02" line rooms seemed to have been cut from what was part of the storage room for housekeeping to increase capacity to generate revenue.  While the rooms in this line has more outlets, it is VERY small when compared to other queen rooms.  You will noticed that one side of the room is the storage room for all the cleaning carts and supplies for housekeeping, so constant noise there, especially when the housekeeping staff starts their day and upon the end of their shift.

    During my stay, there was a mother and son having domestic quarrels with things being thrown against the wall in room 903.  Contacted front desk, where I was told no other room was available to switch to, although security was send, the noise level continued to rise after the security visit.  

    There's only free wi-fi in the lobby where seating is limited.  Elevators are not efficient, most times they are slow.  In room wi-fi is $12+ per 24 hour period and is limited to just 3 devices.  Many of the other guest also had experienced odd features such as thermostats that do not function, standard room with 1 bed but 2 bathrooms, etc.  On the high floors such as the 14th floor there are two distinctly different color schemes which meet in the same hall way.  It is just a facility which does not give much thought to the customer experience.

    Many of the other hotels in the area has better features and are more thoughtful of thr customer.  So DO NOT STAY HERE!

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    350. Lee B.
    I stayed at this hotel recently and really enjoyed it. It was rather disappointing that you have to pay for wifi, especially since I'm from Canada and wanted to minimize my roaming data usage.

    The night before I left there was a band or karaoke going on in the lobby, which made it very hard to sleep. The man staying across the hall from us was a pilot, who was moving rooms because he had lost sleep the previous night in Seattle for the same reason. I'm not sure what time the music ended, but it was pretty late.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed my stay and would definitely stay there again. I was able to take the train from the airport - saving me a ton of money - and I could walk everywhere. Including TD Garden to see the Bruins play.

    29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    351. Don B.
    Stayed at this hotel while in town for a couple of concerts at the House of Blues. First, the good:

    1) Near a T station, 3 stops from Fenway.
    2) Impressive lobby
    3) Easy check-in and check out
    4) Room was small but it looked like the room had been renovated.
    5) Queen size bed was comfortable
    6) Room was clean.

    The negatives:

    1) At 3am on a Sat. the next room decided to come back and continue the evening. The walls are thin, very thin. I am a sound sleeper but the noise from the ruckus next door woke me up. There are a lot of conventions at this hotel and there are a lot of tourist that go to fenway, hence the noise.

    2) When we checked out we asked to have them store our bags since we were going to be out and about. The bellhop took our bags but asked for a tip since he would not be there when we picked up the bags. I have no problem tipping but I do not like to be told to tip and tell me how much to tip.

    3) They charge $12 a day for Wifi. I travel a lot and for some reason these nicer hotels feel the need to charge for internet access, insane.

    In short, the hotel is decent, a little over priced but I have stayed in worse places.

    27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    352. Jonathan K.
    We were a little Apprehensive making a reservation here given the many negative reviews. We went ahead and did it anyway and were glad we did. Great centralized location, reasonable rate and a decent place all in all. A bit dated in some aspects, but that's expected. We had no problems at all and probably would give this a solid 3.5 stars but with no half stars we rounded up to offset the rest we felt were lowballs.

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    353. Jared L.
    If you or a member of your party is elderly or less-well abled, 'Boston Park Plaza' is not the hotel for you. You will be on your own, with no interest by the staff in aiding, helping, or accommodating you. Moreover, this hotel appears to be an accident waiting to happen, and in my opinion is possibly ripe for both class action and other lawsuits sometime.

    Staying in this hotel for several days felt like a drawn out punishment. Yes, it was that terrible an experience. The lobby staff was the most ineffective, unhelpful, and frankly incompetent of any that I have experience at any hotel (or even budget motel on the road), at any location, at any time. I could not be less satisfied.

    The issues are not limited to the following, but as an example problem: due to construction, the main entrance has been closed to drop-offs and pick-ups by taxis and vehicles, etc. Now, it is a much longer walk around a few halls and corners  (complete with sloping, smooth, and sometimes wet surfaces) to a back entrance. The Hotel "apologizes" for the inconvenience on a sign. But the apology rings hollow, as the hotel has done nothing to prepare and help guests who may have mobility issues, for example. Whereas dozens of baggage carts are available both in the lobby and at the back entrance by the taxis, wheelchairs are an entirely matter. The hotel staff claimed that there are two (2) courtesy wheel chairs "somewhere" on the premises. Two. Wheelchairs. Total. On numerous occasions over 4 successive days, the front desk staff, the baggage handlers, and the concierge were wholly evasive about the availability of even a single courtesy wheel chair to help ferry elderly and less well abled guests to and from the taxi area.  At no time over those four days was any staff member --out of numerous occasions queried-- ever able to determine where they might be located, or for how long they had been "checked out", or by whom.  When the manager was finally engaged in this conversation, she offered no solution, although she noted my cell number and promised to call if a wheel chair was located before a planned mid afternoon excursion requiring a taxi later that day. She never called.

    In comparison: during this same trip, upon arriving at a nice hotel by the Boston seaport for an evening function, within moments upon entering the lobby area without any prior announced need for two wheel chairs:  the staff had made a copy of my drivers license and had delivered both to the curb side. Gratis. That hotel had them available, and that hotel knew where they would be on the premises, and that hotel knew when they would be returned. We were not even "night-guests" at that hotel. Such is not rocket science. Rather, it is basic hotel service in this "25 years post"-ADA era, and was very much appreciated.

    It would have been an easier stay if the lobby had been entirely devoid of staff, with just a unit on the front desk through which swipe the credit card.  At least then it would have been clear that guests are on their own, that no one is there to help you in any shape or form during a stay at 'Boston Park Plaza'. I will have to see which other properties the hotel management group operates, so that I can avoid those hotels as well.

    With that said, the rooms at the 'Boston Park Plaza' hotel were quiet, clean, and well maintained by the excellent and friendly house keeping staff.

    22/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    354. Salem N.
    The two stars are only given because of the location of the hotel. For 400 dollars a night I got a very small and old room, you can hear the toilets being flushed all night long in all neighboring rooms. The AC/heater does not work over or lower than 70. The AC is louder than a lawn mower. The toilet we had in the room is the same one you would find in a public restroom. Bottom line. Worst hotel I have been in!!!

    29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    355. Batgirl S.
    I was so disappointed when I saw our hotel room. I thought it was going to be somewhat fancy given the pictures, high cost, the nice lobby, etc. It was the smallest hotel room I've ever been in. There was hardly any room to move around the bed. The room was so stuffy and smelled, and the so-called A/C did not help. The bathroom is also very cramped and had a public restroom toilet! You could hear the toilets flush in the neighboring rooms. Apparently, the hotel itself has a lot of history, which means it's very OLD. The only good thing about this hotel is its central location.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    356. Samantha F.
    What a sweet hotel! I stayed here for 4-nights for a conference and wasn't willing to pay the prices at the Taj. This was much more affordable. The ambiance was very cute and modernly historic.. As someone visiting from out of state- it was convenient to many attractions- all walk-able. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, and the hotel bar was very nice for a night cap :) The rooms were nice- I found them to be good size for one person. I would definitely come back here next time I visit Boston.

    20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    357. Andrea Z.
    Nope. I was trying to do the local thing. Trying not to just stay at the 'safe' chain place. Damn if I didn't get burned!

    I have never experienced such terrible service at a hotel. EVER. In any city, any continent, any star-rating. HORRIBLE.

    We got in for the weekend pretty late on a Friday night - around 10:30pm. We were given our room and at first we were very impressed. It was actually two adjoining rooms with a door between them but separate hallway entrances -  one adequate king bedroom with bathroom and the adjoining sitting/dining room which had a pull down bed as well and an additional bathroom.

    We dropped off our bags in the sitting room area but Sean put his toiletry kit in other bathroom since that's where we'd be sleeping. We then went out with some friends and returned around 1:30am. Imagine our shock when we entered our room (the bedroom one) and found another couple there! Thank God the man was awake otherwise it could have been a real problem.

    We then went to the other door for the sitting room part - found that interestingly, the door between the two had been closed (by whom I wonder??) and called the desk. Obviously we voiced our extreme upset with the situation and were re-roomed promptly. At such a late/early hour, we just wanted to go to sleep and didn't even realize that Sean's shaving kit was still in that other bathroom. In the morning when we realized this, we let the front desk know and they promised to retrieve it for us via housekeeping. We were willing to mostly forgive and forget at this point with a comp'd night on our bill and the return of the shaving kit. We headed out on the town as planned.

    When we returned in the evening, we inquired about the shaving kit as it was not returned to our room - we were rebuffed and avoided at every turn. It seemed nobody knew about the kit, nor did anyone care in the slightest. We were told repeatedly that we'd be called about it, that it would be returned, etc. None of these promises were kept. We went to the front desk, asked to speak with management, etc. Each time we were put off and avoided.

    After our return home sans-shaving kit and without so much as an apology or acknowledgment of the situation, I began e-mailing the manager of the hotel asking for replacement/refund of money to replace the lost item which was entirely their fault - and was completely ignored. I did not receive a single response from this guy! I e-mailed him at least 3 times with increasing annoyance and got exactly NOTHING.

    I finally gave up. I have a life to live and I just couldn't deal with this f'ing place anymore. DO NOT stay here. The rooms are fine but nothing special (3 stars for rooms) but overall the service was so appallingly horrid, I couldn't recommend it to anyone.

    About the only thing going for it is location. With our experience, there's no way this place could get more than 1 star.

    28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    358. Amanda J.
    Stayed here for a wedding, but would not do it again.  You're basically paying for the location, which is the only good thing about this place.  For the price, we found the room to be tiny and dingy and the bathroom ridiculously cramped and dated.  The bathroom had only one outlet which was located in a really bad spot and made getting ready for the wedding difficult because I could not find an outlet near a mirror in the room and did not bring an extension cord for my flat iron.  The view out the window was rather bleh (we kept the curtains closed most of the time), but the bed was at least comfortable -- maybe the only other good thing I can say.
    They didn''t offer free wifi for guests or breakfast or other amenities, but in the end it forced us to get out and find the best breakfast place ever (The Paramount) so that part worked out well.  If our friends hadn't been having their wedding at this site, we definitely would've chose a different hotel and saved a ton of money.

    04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    359. Scott H.
    For $250 a night (and that's a cheap room) you can do much better. The location is great, but that is really the only plus. Wifi is not free and the connection sucks. Rooms are small, as are the bathrooms. Walls are paper thin. Seriously, we were talking in our normal tones around midnight and the people next door banged on the wall for us to stop. In the morning, I could see why as I heard everything...and I mean everything, that was going on next door.
    The lines to check-in/out are very long, and I'm talking off hours. seriously, waiting 25 minutes to speak to a receptionist is difficult to comprehend.
    One star for the location. One star because the doorman  whistled louder than anyone I've ever heard to hail cabs for us.
    I shall not return.

    23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    360. Chris W.
    Very old school hotel, but gets the job done!
    If you sniff out the good deals (perhaps about $100/night) then you really hit the jackpot given the area it's in and accessible transportation nearby (train and taxi)

    One odd thing is that the rooms really vary in layout (some with nice windows, some with almost no lights, some with 2 bathrooms) all the amenities besides the tv's are really outdated especially the bathrooms.

    Don't expect a nice romantic stay here. Check in and head out then come back to sleep.

    The lobby has many nice features and helpful people to get you to where your going. Theres a mini mobile starbucks stand early in the morning otherwise the pricey breakfast buffet is your other in house option. Also a mini mart and gift shop.
    However lots of restuarants are attached and you don't have to go outside to visit them.
    The outside taxi stand is heated so waiting for a cab is no big deal as well for further traveling around.

    If you go to sleep early or without assistance of a late night, I can't comment on if its quite here as the annoying loud room was mine.

    The beds were really soft and left a nice stiff back in the AM so some folks slept on the hopefully well cleaned floor.

    I would definitely stay here again if I was able to secure another good per night price.

    07/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    361. Binny K.
    -EXCELLENT location close to everything such as quincy market, boston commons, and the Prudential tower and shopping centers.
    -Very friendly staff and courteous bell boys
    -our room had 2 bathrooms which was perfect for us 4 girls

    -Old hotel with musky smell in rooms
    -small rooms and even smaller bathrooms
    -no hair dryer in bathroom
    -no fridge or microwave in room
    -super slow elevators
    -AC system in room is dated too

    21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    362. Brenton N.
    Ok. So I didn't know what to make of this place since I read all these reviews AFTER my family booked the hotel. Too bad that was the order of events. I don't understand it. This hotel is beautiful on the outside, mediocre in the lobby area, and then gets progressively worse as you make you way to your tiny broken down neglected room. We had a total of four rooms here to accommodate for the entire family. All the rooms were identically disappointing except for my auntie's room whose room was even worse as her AC didn't work from day one and it was annoyingly muggy in there (not to mention she is blind and disabled making it more depressing). Also, their $25 credit as an "apology" for the inconvenience was pathetic, since we paid an average of $320 a night for each room. I don't care where you're located, at rates like that, get some maintenance done on the place. The decor was awful and way outdated, staff didn't look like they wanted to be there (never seen a smile for crying out loud) and they are way overpriced in every respect for service they have no intention on providing.

    In fact, one night when we got back from being out late, the gift shop was closed and so we decided to go to the bar they have located near the lobby to get some water. I asked the bartender for water and he said they had some special bottled water. I asked him if I could have tap water with full intention on giving the man a decent tip and he said no, only bottles were available. I said fine. The bastard gave me some fancy shmancy Italian imported water at $7 a bottle (like 12 oz of water) Wtf? FOR WATER? I gave the man his $14 for two bottles and laughed it off; I wasn't hurting for cash or anything.

    The only, and I mean the only thing that was nice about this hotel was its convenient location. That is really sad. The place should close down and turn itself over to the city of Boston as a historical landmark and let squatters run rampant in the place; they'd feel right at home.

    Oh yea, you want a ride from the airport to the hotel (about 7-8 min drive)? Get ready to fork out $15 a head. Where the hell does all this money go? I'm an micro-economist for a living and the numbers don't add up.

    Anyways, long story short: they don't have their stuff (sp?) together, there is a huge gap between the price you pay and the service you get in return, and the outside of the hotel says nothing about what you're going to find on the inside.

    If I could do it all over...Oh, if I could do it all over again. I might even have preferred to pitch a tent at the Boston Commons across the street. I've been treated better and stayed in nicer rooms at a third if not a quarter of the price at let's say... Holiday Inn, Motel 8, you name it. Needless to say, the Boston Park Plaza is not worth the money.

    You don't have to take my word for it, but I'd recommend something else. This isn't one of those times where it's an isolated case for one patron, let the reviews speak for themselves on this one.

    And please, to the PR person from the hotel who reads this and wants to make it "right" by apologizing for my unfortunate experience: don't bother. I genuinely feel bad for you and the job you have and I'd recommend for you to move on. The place is a lost cause and you're way in over your head. Good Luck!

    30/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    363. Justice J.
    This hotel was not a very pleasant experience at all. I expected more from this hotel by how many stars it was given. The location is awesome but parking is a pain. The hotel offers valet but it costs $48 . I stayed for 2 nights and when I first got to my room, it smelled like cigarettes. The room was very tight and the building was very old. The lobby was nice and huge. The lighting was nice as well.

    My  first night, I called the front desk for extra sugar for my tea and I was transferred to Debbie, I believe she was with food and beverages. She was very rude for no reason. She sounded irritated and her tone of voice was very mean, cold and unprofessional. I soon asked her for her name and also asked to speak with someone who was going to speak to me in a civilized manner. I was put on hold but was transferred back to her. So I then called and asked to speak with the hotel manager, Shayla. Shayla was pretty polite and I was relieved to hear someone that was actually helpful. She apologized for the inconvenience and I was satisfied with that. Then she offered me a $50 food voucher for my partner and I for thd restaurant for the next day. I was  pleased and thankful for it.

    So the next day, I was expecting the food voucher Shayla promised so I went to the front desk and nobody knew what I was talking about so Olivia told me just to wait until after 3pm when Shayla would be in. Nobody made a note of it and I never got my voucher and  never heard from Shayla. I just didn't even bother anymore after that because I wasn't expecting any sort of compensation for the horrible experience but I feel, being she is the hotel manager, she shouldn't make promises to guests and not follow thorough with them. That's just unprofessional.

    The one person I would like to acknowledge is Richard.  He was very accommodating when he answered my call about a microwave being brought up to my room after waiting an hour for it as they kept giving me the run around about it. Richard brought the microwave up himself after I told him how long I had been waiting. He brought it up immediately. He was awesome!

    23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    364. Theresa N.
    The staff has been very nice and the hotel is centrally located. Other than that... I feel ripped off. Over $400 a night for the room, $25 or so for my oatmeal in the mornings, over $40 or so for valet parking, a/c filters that have not been changed for years I believe and a bathtub that is super slippery with no bath mat. I can hardly believe someone has not been seriously injured and sued this place. Both my husband and I almost fell in the sloped smooth surfaced tub. Had to ask for a fan to keep the room cool enough and put bath towels on the floor of the showers to keep us from being injured. The room is small and the bathroom door can't even open all the way without hitting the toilet. I check out in the morning and will not be coming back. I will also be giving this report to my travel agent so that she doesn't book anybody else at this place.

    21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    365. Shaunita J.
    Holy crap!  Smallest bathroom I have ever seen in my life.  I was here for a conference and had a single room.

    No closet.
    No iron.
    Tiny bathroom.
    Old blood stain on sheets (it had been washed and dried).  Gross.
    Bed skirt was also possibly clean, but had an old ink stain on it.

    Cranked the heater up to like "surface of the sun", and it was still blowing cold air.

    Can't beat the location.  

    Wifi in lobby is free.

    The bar:
    Service in the bar was dicey.  We asked if we could take our drinks outside of the bar (since there was no place to sit in the bar proper and he told us the other area was closed [later, we see he lets other people sit there]) and the manager was all crabby and asked "Are you staying in the hotel?" And then allowed us to sit on the couches outside of (but right next to) the bar.

    Bartender wasn't really attentive, had to practically grab his shirt to get him to stop long enough to take our order.

    Go here for the location, but don't expect much.

    11/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    366. Colin P.
    I had a great stay here. Outside being given the wrong room number when I checked in, all was great.  We had to evacuate the hotel one night because someone pulled the alarm. If you can't take the stairs get a lower floor. This hotel is in a great location--so close to everything. The bed and room was comfortable. If you want a quiet room, get one facing the inside. Bostonians must like to honk their horn--even through the night. And the police and fire departments must be nearby. The staff seem quite busy but are friendly and helpful when they get to you. I'll gladly stay at this hotel the next time I'm in Boston.

    23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    367. Jay B.
    Last choice for a hotel in Boston.  Sure, it's a historic building.  It ends there.  Tiny rooms, rooms can't cool well in summer, noisy both inside and out.  False fire alarms going off all the time.  Overpriced.  I have stayed here numerous times due to business selecting my hotel.  Same crummy experience everytime.

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    368. Heather W.
    Me and my boyfriend stayed at this hotel for 2 nights. We were in a Tower room on Floor 15. The room and hotel were very nice with a historic atmosphere, just like we were hoping. The staff was very friendly. I would defiantly stay again.

    31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    369. Erinn D.
    I can't believe how dingy and out of date the room was for the price of the hotel. They charge $13 for wifi which I find ridiculous these days. Way to nickel and dime your customers. The walls are paper thin and you can hear your neighbors talking in the next room and door slamming at all hours of the night. I had to call hotel security one night because I was kept up till 2:30am. The exterior (or sidewalk area) of the hotel is under construction and the entire lobby smelled like tar. It was just a terrible experience for a business trip and would never recommend this hotel.

    19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    370. Fred Z.
    Stayed there January 25th  2015 and had dinner with my son. Hotel was quite old or historic. I stayed there 30 years ago with my wife. I had a large room {756} with two bathrooms and a huge shower stall, However, there was no heat at all. I called the front desk at 830pm and within 10 minutes a maintenance man was at my door and said this room is cold and he needed to re-start the the computer that generates heat because it was low pressure. Another gentleman brought me 2 electric heaters that I put 5 feet from my bed which was very comfortable. I slept in my clothes and the heat never came on. They did try but being 12 degrees outside and somewhat drafty from the windows not sealed it was cold except for my face from the heaters. I did tell the front desk the very next morning when they asked me how was my stay and she apologized and all I got was  a cold that I still have from this past sunday. They are also renovating but first that need to fix the pipes and heating system. I would suggest you stay at the Residence Inn near fenway-- stayed there last year and was excellent but $199.00 which for the city is good or the doubletree in cambridge which is 219.00 but very nice but no breakfast--residence inn great buffet breakfast included and rooftop bar with views of FENWAY--Will not return to the park plaza-they get 2 stars because they did try and did respond by bringing in 2 heaters.

    28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    371. Steve B.
    Figuring out hotel parking was the first challenge ($48 valet and $31 self park)...I took the valet given it would be a business expense. The lobby and restaurant areas in the hotel looked upscale, but the rooms were so small. I usually do my workout in my room, but but possible unless jumping on the mattress is considered a workout :) Wifi is pay as well. Even though things seem outdated it is kept up well for being older. Hotel has many dining options as well as proximity to downtown attractions. In this case the rate was right compared to my normal stays ($142/night). Would I stay here again? Maybe....all depends on the pricing in and around town.

    08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    372. Toree A.
    Our hotel was small and old, understandable. But our air went out three times, the third time it came with a leak that made the whole carpet next to the air conditioner smell like mildew. Our room had no air ventilation (we were not able to open any windows) it was either freezing cold or hot and humid and wet. The walls were wet and our belonging always felt damp.  I was very unimpressed with this hotel. The front desk did not give us a discount only one free buffet breakfast for 5 and that was for our air going out the first time. They offered to move us but with two kids and a ton of bags and drawers filled and closet filled and settled in it was just not possible. We came from California, and were here for 8 days. You think they would appreciate us a little more, plus the money that was put out on the family wedding reception we had there. Absolutely ridiculous.

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    373. Gem S.
    I didn't mind the small room because it was cozy and it had everything we needed.  To top it off, it was clean so that's always a plus.  The location would have been perfect had one of the subway lines not been closed so it made it slightly further away from the next stop we got off of to get there.  Like another yelper mentioned, the AC wasn't working right so we just opened up our window the entire time.  I didn't like this at all because come morning time, we get waken up by all the noise from the outside (being that our window is open).  Also, there was an incident where a fire alarm went off and all the hotel guests were prompted out of bed.  The boyfriend and I took the stairs in a frenzy and when we got down to the lobby, there was no hotel representative down there letting everyone know what was going on.  A ton of guests in their sleep attire and not one hotel personnel was out there letting us know what was going on.  We did see the fire department outside but still had no clue as to what was going on.  Eventually, people just started going back to their rooms, with no instruction from hotel personnel again but from seeing that nothing was really going on.  Aside from the fact that this hotel was close to a Dunkin Donuts and they held our luggage on the last day after check-out, I have nothing else good to say about it.  Would probably not stay here again.  Oh and the next day after the fire alarm incident, all we see is a poster board with an apology in the lobby.  Umm, apology not accepted.

    19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    374. Joey B.
    If there were a way to give this hotel a 0 star rating I would've. To start, my girlfriend and I walked in to the entire lobby ripped up due to construction, but no big deal, I can live with that. Next, we get into our room to find it barely larger than a walk in closet. Two people couldnt maneuver past each other without one crawling up onto the bed. The bathroom was big enough to stand in, and not much else, and the shower was so small that I could hardly stand. Then the real fun part; we were woken up at 5 am because of an evacuation alarm. We get into the lobby and are told we can return to our rooms because it was just a water leak in the basement. No apology, no acknowledgement of any kind. Then, around 2 hours after that, after we finally settled back to sleep, our door swings open and in walks housekeeping. No knock, again no apology, no nothing. So I call down to the front desk and the best they can offer me is "checking out at 2 instead of 12". They've lost my business. Take my advice, save your money. You'll get better service at a motel 6, and they even have free wifi there.

    09/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    375. David S.
    The staff is professional and courteous, as demonstrated in their response to my post. However, niceties change nothing. The price is PosiTiveLy OutRageOus for the experience. Our view was of a parking garage. The bathroom was reminiscent of a group shared house I lived in when I was 25. I'd pay $200 per night here, tops.

    Don't let the location be a deciding factor with this hotel. Transport into Boston from outside the central core is super easy.

    I'm sorry, but I really feel the pleasantries come at a cost around here, and that's not the type of place that I would associate myself with.

    Truly disappointed and Boston-soured.

    I paid close to $1000 for two nights here. What an Absolute. Rip. Off.

    The place is dated, there's no free wifi in the rooms (however there's wifi in the lobby), and the rooms need to be brought into the 1990's.

    I will never return here and will steer anyone who travels to Boston to stay away from here.

    One star is being gracious.

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    376. Jules P.
    Worst hotel I've ever stayed. Staff is rude from the front door to the room service, way over priced, room was lacking many of the standard amenities. We wanted to order room service around 1030 pm but didn't have a menu in the room to order from. We called down and they sent one up...at 1101. The kitchen closes at 11. Also for 250 a night they should at least offer breakfast without any extra charge. I'd rather stay at a super 8. Never again. Our hotel was the worst part about staying in Boston, their website is most definitely misleading.

    06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    377. Diana H.
    Such a rip off! The room we were in was kind of spacious but the furniture is disgusting. We paid $200 a night, and you don't even get a fridge in the room! No you have to pay for the actual fridge, for the wifi, and for breakfast. I mean at this rate per night you could at least get a complimentary breakfast. The rooms are made of paper thin walls, I could hear the neighbors' tv on all night! Anyway, just don't come here!!

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    378. Super N.
    Two stars for how central the hotel is.  You get an "East Coast" queen bed, which is essentially a full size bed.  The walls are paper thin and you can hear your next door neighbor breathing.  They should also let their guests know when they are doing full on construction on the exterior.  We were awaken every morning to the sound of construction and when we asked to be moved to another room away from the noise they said they would have to give us an even smaller room because the hotel was almost at full capacity.  I don't recommend staying here if you have a choice.  Spend a little extra and stay somewhere else.

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    379. Alyssa N.
    Never staying here again. The rooms are decent, if not slightly small and water damaged, but I had the worst experience in a hotel ever.
    The emergency alarm went off 2 nights in a row, the first night at 3:30am and the second night at 12:45am. Both nights the hotel managed it poorly, failed to inform the guests of the situation, and the alarms continued to go off after the all clear was given with no clarification.
    The confusion and frustration created by this lack of information was both annoying and unsafe. Hotel guests were packed into the entry like sardines and uninformed if we should go outside in the freezing rain, wait in the lobby, or return to our rooms. Had it been a real emergency I have no doubts there would have been unnecessary casualties.
    Needless to say, never staying here again.

    05/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    380. Mike S.
    Stayed there for Business. I was expecting a really high end hotel. What a disappointment. The rooms are small and very outdated. There was leftover trash from the previous occupant and the bathroom is tiny. Staff was ok. The lobby has obviously seen a lot of attention but that is it.
    The only plus is it is in a good location.

    03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    381. Iris C.
    In a prime location in Boston.  Very near to Boston Public Park and the Commons.  The hotel is a nice, old, historic building.  It has some nice touches, but could use some TLC to restore it to its beauty.

    The room was big enough for a queen bed and a little desk.  The shower was a 2x2 space.  

    The room was well maintained by the housekeeping staff.  The room was rundown.  Portions of the molding were missing, the paint was peeling, there were picture hangers but no pictures, the molding around the window was split and painted over.  The rooms are not well insulated, we could hear all the hallway sounds and our next room neighbors.

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    382. Casie H.
    Don't stay here. The room is small but adequate for 1-2 people. That's the only "good" thing I can say. The tiny bathroom hasn't been updated in literally decades. The room's shade and valance are very dirty. And the best part--there's a used bandaid on the floor. I will not stay here again.

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    383. Kaitlyn F.
    Great location, best staff! My best friend and I came for our spring break from Florida. We felt like family when we left. They gave us the best recommendations of places to go visit, were so friendly and accomidating. BEAUTIFUL lobby! and absolutely affordable. Totally recommend

    23/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    384. Tu-van L.
    I wish I took a picture of the lobby.  The decor has been updated what has been posted here.  While the fixtures remain Old World style, the furniture, paintings, outside awning, and accessory decor has been updated to be more trendy contemporary.

    Within two blocks off the Arlington T stop, within walking distance of all the activity in Back Bay.  Was a great stopping point during our July 4th holiday visit.  Picked this hotel for the room rate because of both location and room size.

    Check in/out was easy and friendly.  Staff was very friendly and professional.  

    While rooms were well appointed, you can tell they updated a worn hotel space with smaller rooms for a given level of luxury.  I did get the most affordable room they offer, and the room did just enough in quality and quantity.  Note: the bed in the petit suite is smaller than a double.  AC in the hotel is also old and did not put out the desired cold air for a really hot holiday weekend.  We spent more time in the lobby for that reason and the fact that their weak wifi is free down there.

    23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    385. Mae L.
    Great location in Boston. Rooms were decent sized, nothing spectacular. I did appreciate how clean they were. However, a $36 bottle of champagne came out to be $49 after all the services charges, which I should have known better. Staff is somewhat helpful but they're not the friendliest.

    If you happen to get a great deal on this place, it is worth checking out.

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    386. Felicia H.
    The good:
    Great location
    Great workout facility and 24 hours!
    The staff was nice
    The beds were comfy
    The flat screen in the rooms are nice

    The bad:
    Prior to traveling to Boston I needed the hotel to answer a few questions so that my employer could write a check to pay for my stay. First red flags, NO ONE was answering the phone, I kept getting prompted to leave a message. I called multiple times, and different times of the day.So I sent an email, which no one responded until some days later. Then the information I received was wrong...down to the wire two days before my stay I actually reached so one in accounting to provide the right info!

    This place is really old and outdated. But you wouldn't be able to tell by the lobby's decor.

    The walls a very thin, so I heard everything in the rooms next to me. EVERYTHING!!

    The rooms are tiny!! Good thing if was just me! The bathroom was not bigger than a closet. and there was no closet/ clothes rack to hang my clothes.

    To top it off, the fire alarm went off at 1 am!!! We went outside for about two mins, false alarm!

    It's a decent hotel, but do not let the nNe fool you. For the price we paid, I expected more. If they renovate I think it would be much better!

    06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    387. ginger m.
    I dont really get all these negative reviews. I stayed here last night and could have not been more pleased! Ok, yes. Major renovations are underway. But, those renovations are, for the most part, in the lobby! I am not sleeping in the lobby! Im in one of the most fabulous cities in the world! Why would you you be THAT obsessed about what the condition of the lobby is? I, for one, am there to get out and enjoy all this city has to offer! Im there to sleep and relax! My room was clean, well equipped and hugely functional. I heard NONE of the construction. People complain this place is out dated? Good Lord! This hotel has quirky things about it that you will NEVER see at your basic, 5 star hotel. Thats what a hotel of this caliber is all about! History morons!!!!

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    388. Mike G.
    Worst hotel ever. Dirty and musty. Woke up at 7:30 am to a construction worker hanging outside of my 10th floor window looking in. Called the front desk and they said there was nothing they could do and I could come work in the lobby of it was disturbing. Horrible customer service!  Stay away!!!!!

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    389. Camille C.
    Review is for an $101 room on a sat night (special on hotel tonight app).  for the location, price can't be beat. Got a spacious room with two full beds that easily fit 4 adults.  It was clean, what was expected overall.  Points taken off for the air.  Set the thermostat to 64 but it was too warm for us (74ish?).  Also everyone seemed to have some sinus problems in the morning so not sure about the quality of the filter action system.  Other than that, good time.   Room service quick, concierge competent.

    23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    390. Stephanie R.
    It's funny when you search for this hotel on Google their website has reviews totaling to almost 4 stars and yelp has reviews at 2.5...

    My fiancé booked a room at this hotel for the night of my birthday. The plan was to have a nice fancy dinner at my favorite restaraunt in the north end.

    Upon arrival, like many other reviews, we too saw a door man chatting with someone and completely ignoring the fact that two guests with bags were walking in the door.

    The front desk staff was not rude, but not friendly. We did not have any issues with our check in.

    Now granted my fiancé booked the cheapest room possible but we did not expect to find what we did. It was a hotel room straight out of the 1920's. The bathroom had been painted but all fixtures including the toilet was ancient! Now can we talk about the shower? My fiancé and I are skinny people. We had to stand SIDEWAYS to fit into the shower and you couldn't turn around. I couldn't get over it!!!!!

    The bed was only a full making it difficult for two people. We had a gross window in our room looking out to other rooms. No view at all. We didn't try to access the wifi because we didn't need it. Location was nice right next to Boylston St and lots of bars and restaraunts. You have your choice of close T stops.

    After reading the other reviews I realize our stay could have been much worse than it was.

    Next time we will skip the price you pay for the fancy name and go stay at a cheaper nicer hotel.

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    391. Jill S.
    Looks can be deceiving. The hotel looked excellent on their website however, the room was in serious need of a paint job. There was about 2 inches of dust on trim in the bathroom, the carpet was so dirty I wouldn't take my shoes off, 2 outlets in our room did not work leaving me with a dead cell phone as I assumed it was charging over night. Also, we had to go to the front desk 4 times for room keys because they didn't work.

    Very nice lobby, bar and dining but the room experience I could have lived without.

    01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    392. Dina B.
    Historic, means, old, very old. The rooms are in the dire need of a do-over, especially the carpets. They are awfully warm out and moldy. The rooms are tiny. The bathroom has an awkwardly placed glass shelf right above the sink. If you want to wash your face, you risk breaking your nose. Towels were horrible. Pillows were all synthetic. I wasn't into exploring the lobby or any other attractions within, just wanted to crash at a decent place, but it wasn't. On top of everything the valet parking is outrageous $48!!! I would have never paid it myself. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    16/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    393. Mariale C.
    This is a 3 star hotel in which I'm giving 2 stars for being a victim of a classic bait and switch. Our trip was on the second week of January 2015, and the hotel is currently undergoing renovations or "transformations" as they call it. They did not disclosed this on the website and many of the amenities and on site restaurants were not available during our stay. The website provided pictures of what the hotel will look like after the renovations. We normally wouldn't mind the renovations however for the overpriced room that we got we could have went elsewhere. Nevertheless the location of the hotel was very convenient and accessible to anything and everything. All the attractions such as Quincy market, north end restaurants, TD Garden, Boston Commons, Public Gardens, are just 15 min away by vehicle. Our room was clean and comfortable but it was a bit outdated. Overall it was an acceptable experience but I will not come back due to being misled about the hotel's appearance and it's amenities or lack thereof.

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    394. Rick T.
    Sadly the only star will be for nice staff that checked us in and tried to a accommodate us through terrible stay. The rooms are small, the lamp on the desk was buzzing and popping while I tried to write out my post cards surely a fire hazard. We didn't sleep the first night due to the paper thin walls and having are room right next to the elevator didn't help much and the drunk loud middle age women yelling for hours on end.The next day we packed up all of are things for a quieter room, the new room was not available until after 4pm the next day which is unacceptable. So we didn't even use our room hardly at all the next day.Once we arrived at our new room the we found the AC was not working at all during the 96 degree day we were having. So there you have it this old charming hotel is not up to snuff and I will never go near it again even if I was offered a full refund. This was to be a nice relaxing engagement weekend but turned into a hot mess with little sleep and no air condition on some very hot days. If you do stay here stay on the top floor and bring ear plugs and please don't stay here in the middle of summer my friends you will surely regret it by far.

    11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    395. Allison S.
    I wasn't overly impressed by the Park Plaza, but then again I just got a standard room with two beds. I don't think that it was worth the price that I paid, but I guess that you're paying for the location and the name. The room was clean and comfortable, although it really bothered me that the toilet didn't have an actual handle - it had the same handle as a public bathroom would (one that I would use my foot to flush). Everything else was fine, just not really worth the price in my opinion.

    The lobby area was gorgeous though. I was only here for one night, so I didn't use any of the amenities.

    09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    396. A M.
    This "historic" hotel is exactly what it means, old, drabby, and WAY OVERPRICED! For almost $400 a night, we had the smallest room I've ever slept in, with paint peeling off the ceiling, the worst and absolute smallest bathroom/shower I've ever experienced. Took my wife here for anniversary weekend and thought this would be a LOT better than it was...

    The check in was SLOOOOWWW and had a line of people standing like cattle waiting to check in. The lobby is like a convention center set up with rope chains separating lines and just very unappealing for what one should expect from such a prestigious EXPENSIVE hotel...

    Never staying here again, stay at the Sheraton down the street, way nicer, more affordable and more modern.

    20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    397. Toyo K.
    Stayed at this hotel for a 2nd year in a row.  Location is great - about a 15 min cab ride from the airport, right next to the Theater District with excellent restaurants and bars, walking distance to Copley Square, and next to a large park.  Inside the hotel, there's a bar with food that's open until 1:30am, a gift shop that closes at 10pm, and a grab n' go in the mornings.
    The hotel does not offer a free continental breakfast.
    The interior along with the elevators and rooms have an older, rustic feel, but the rooms have modern amenities.  The bathroom vanity is a bit on the smaller side.
    Also, the rooms could have more outlets that are accessible for things like phone chargers (I own two - one private and one work).
    Every staff, from the bellmen to the maids to the front desk, are very helpful and kind.  I would recommend staying at this hotel if you are a tourist or are visiting for business.

    20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    398. Mike C.
    My room was incredibly small, see photo. The bathroom was tiny too.
    While sitting on toilet you can rest your head on the upper paper roll!
    Great to be able to nap while you're doing your business.

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    399. Johanna P.
    I booked through Priceline and read reviews after I couldn't cancel, they were right- if you book through name your own price you get stuck in the smallest hotel room I have ever seen. Barely big enough to fit a desk, bed and stand up closet. Bed is somewhat comfortable, shower is great, but for $100/night in Back Bay- it is not that bad. Construction is a bit annoying, but you can't really control that. They even let you know on their website. Front desk is helpful from what I have experienced.

    17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    400. Noreen H.
    Let's see...the smallest rooms imaginable..if you were a larger sized human, I'm not sure you could actually get past the bed when you entered the room. They have no fear of people taking off with the shampoo/conditioner/etc as it is some no-name brand of the worst quality (could hardly get a brush through my hair after a shower.) The bathroom is uncomfortably cramped. You can hear it when anyone on your floor flushes the toilet (my seven year old pointed that one out.)

    There's really nothing to sell this place in as a place to stay in Boston. To add to the sub-par experience, there was an evacuation drill at 3am, in the rain. I was on the 14th floor and had to walk all the way down and back. I've actually had this happen at another hotel in Toronto, where the staff passed out bottled water and snacks to the hotel guests in an attempt to make the experience not-so-bad. In this case I didn't even SEE a staff member. I'd give it no stars if I could.

    08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    401. Emily J.
    This an older place that tries to be new, but falls a bit short.  I recently stayed at the Boston Park Plaza hotel when I had to be in town for a job interview and found a last-minute hotel deal.  The location is nice; literally a block from the Arlington Station on the Green Line, and a 7 minute walk from Copley Place.  I arrived at around 11:30pm and had to stand in line for about 10 minutes to check in.  The lobby was more traditional in its design, with a sort of grand ballroom feel, with ornate looking carpets, woodwoork and a chandelier or two.  However, in trying to be modern, the hotel slapped some darker paint, and fake gold trim over some of the woodwork, and hung dramatic black and white photos and contrasting bright curtains throughout.

    The rooms were small and had a demure beige with white-trim design.  In an attempt to achieve a modern look, the hotel employed the use of contrasting patterns in its tapestries and wallpaper, as well as modern-looking light fixtures.   However, the heater (which was quite loud), closets, and bathroom (with the exception of a "modern" sink), and trim were all older.   The bathroom was uncomfortably cramped; I am of completely average size, and it was difficult to stand at the sink without constantly brushing up against the shower curtain.   Getting behind the bathroom door to the towel rack also took some doing.  The room doors themselves were older, but extra thick, which might have had the benefit of muffing some noise.  The hallways had ornate,  classic-styled but bright carpets and fixtures, with large walls of mirrors at the elevator bank.

    As is the unfortunate practice of many 'upscale' hotels, there was no free wi-fi, nor was there a free breakfast or other amenity.  After waiting again in line to check out in the morning, I proceeded to visit Panera Bread down the street to eat and to check e-mail.   Overall, it was a decent enough experience, but it's not a place where I would go out of my way to stay again.

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    402. Char Y.
    we first check in to a tiny room that you can barely turn and walk in. the shower was right next to the toilet and, again, barely fit one person. the walls were thin and we could here everything our neighbor said or did. we complained and were moved to a room double the size. half of the elevators were out of order, and it took forever to get back to your room.

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    403. Skyler N.
    Stay. Here. It's great. Orrrrrr in other words...

    Everyone likes to complain about the small rooms, but ya know what they say. (I think that's how that saying goes).

    We got upgraded to a top floor suite one night, and then standard rooms for the rest of the nights (3), and both were perfect.

    The suite was insane, full size dinner table, and a collection of couches from the game of thrones. No gallows tho :(

    The standard room is small, yes... But as I read in another review, you ARE in downtown Boston - go out and do stuff. Your hotel should only be for herding the flocks'a sheep anyway.

    Staff is nice for the most part...

    Oh yeah, I do have some real advice here, don't get the breakfast buffet, $25pp and it's as good as a 2 star hotel 3 day old breakfast. Ok maybe a bit better, but for $25... I would have rather eaten at the homeless shelter... Well... actually, probably not.

    27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    404. Sfo B.
    A rundown. Bad management. No room service if one got up late. People waited in long lines for taxi.

    It is kind of sad for a large historical hotel.

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    405. Old Oakville X.
    Old, dark, dingy, noisy rooms and tiny, dated bathrooms needing a major overhaul.  Stay elsewhere if these things matter to you.

    About 10-15 minute taxi ride to Boston convention centre or Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market area.  Within walking distance to Boston Commons/Public Gardens.

    Excellent breakfast buffet.

    18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    406. Johna M.
    Disappointing in their customer service!

    I had called yesterday before booking a "non refundable" stay telling them I may have to add an additional night. They told me within 24 hours I can change my reservations.

    An hour after making my reservations I had emailed saying I need an additional nights stay. They told me the rate was nearly $500 as apposed to the $230 I had paid. I called and told them the information I had received the day before. I had been transferred twice with no results.

    Once I had told the representatives my situation they both had gone over what  "non refundable" means as if I am an idiot. I was told they the two people didn't have access to change the rate, which can obviously be changed just not with their authority.

    I am so upset that I had called with the intention of getting the correct information and was not given it. I would have never booked non-refundable if I was told the correct info. Also, I would have appreciated being transfered to someone who did have the authority to help me.

    Such a beautiful and nice hotel that can obviously help me with my situation but will not. Hotels you expect great customer service and quality treatment. Which I was  not given.

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    407. Kate M.
    Well, the "owners comment" (I use quotes because I doubt the actual owner of the entire hotel is replying to yelp reviews) is a good indication of the service here.  I didn't have any issues with noise during my stay.  Not only did I not mention noise in my review, I didn't call the hotel while staying there or since to complain about noise issues.

    Great attention to detail!

    03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    408. Denise P.
    The worst hotel we have ever been to. Staff never has answers, elevators have lines ( like a Disney ride), rooms are old and the lobby is chaos. Good location but Id rather walk a little more than ever go back here.

    23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    409. Bette H.
    Our travel was unexpected and rushed, so I read some reviews and selected the Boston Park Plaza.  We just needed a nice place for one night, for an early flight.  We arrived after midnight.  The place is totally being redone.  Only one of the usual entrances was working, and we had to walk around the entire hotel in the cold and light snow to find that one entrance.  Inside, we walked through scaffoldings and major renovation going on everywhere.  I'm a trooper and never mind putting up with things like renovation, etc.  Seeing what I saw, however, I'm sure the place was not even close to capacity.  It was doubly disappointing then, to find that our room was probably The smallest hotel room I've ever paid for.  Ridiculously small.  Strange unfinished wall-mending in the bathroom. Then I discovered that we had to pay $12 for wifi. Really?  Really?  I'm used to getting free wi-fi, but maybe I'm out of touch.
    So - with all the construction that was going on, they couldn't offer us a larger room, free wifi?  I could have asked for this, but they should have offered. Badly done BPP.  Called and requested wake-up call, which they nicely said they would do, but it never came.  When we left in the morning, there was construction going on everywhere, including drywall ceiling sanding.  Dust dropped on our shoulders as we left.  Badly done.  Made me feel the need to write my first negative yelp.  
    Staff was friendly!

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    410. Brandon O.
    Whomever says this hotel is "updated" has got to be smoking the good stuff, unless all you care about is the TV in the room.  Booked this hotel via hotwire - was the cheapest available In Boston - that's how I ended up there.

    Hotel is very old, so expect things to go wrong.  I don't necessarily want to bash the hotel as much as warn others to have the right expectation going in.

    In my short stay I observed: Elevators werent all working and the ones that did were slow and acting haywire; my rooms' phone didnt work and i had to request new one; front desks' computer registration system went down so it took half hour to check in. Staff was *okay* but not overly friendly...almost like they werent happy, underpaid, and going through the motions.This was all my experience in the first hour.

    Rooms and bathrooms are old, but if you like "character" it will do just fine. I would think if you are taller than me 6'2, you might have to hang your legs in the bathtub if you want to sit on the toilet.

    Best thing about hotel is location, and Also, it's less expensive as others in the area.  Still, for $200 I would expect more...the whole city is expensive in general so it is what it is,

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    411. Nick B.
    My wife and I stayed here so we could catch a Red Sox game! The staff was very friendly to us. Our plane flew in at 8ish in the am and check in was not until 3. I talked to one of the check-in ladies and she told me she would "expedite" our room. The let us check out bags with the bell boy and they held them for us. This went well, they called me around noon and my room was ready. That was nice.
    We got to the room and it was surprisingly small. Barely enough room for a bed and a night stand. There wasn't a view from our window, just another building. Not that big of a deal, its a big city and we were only on the 8th floor next to a 14 story building. The AC unit was VERY noisy while it was running and the room seemed sticky. It was cool, but it felt like a cool day in the rain forest. I just personally felt that it was not worth $200/night that i found on groupon.

    17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    412. Anthony G.
    Hotel itself is very outdated. Reminds me of the hotel in the shining everything is old and an antique. The rooms themselves aren't bad if you stay in the basic queen room you basically are staying in a shoe box. We updated to the king deluxe which isn't bad. The bathrooms are tiny and very original along with the doors.
    The rating the hotel has is basically what it deserves. The location is optimal and the staff has been very nice. When I do come back to Boston I will be staying somewhere newer.

    18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    413. William C.
    I just returned today from a weekend conference stay at the Park Plaza.  I did not know the hotel was under construction, which was mainly the lobby when I was there.  My queen room was tiny so I asked about another room and was upgraded to a king which was wonderful.  Clean and comfortable.  So my room experience was good.  Hallways were nice and housekeeping was friendly.  Due to construction room service was not available.  The main issues were that one elevator was broken and one was entirely out of service to garish new lobby tiles being installed over the original terrazzo floors.  Literally dust was flying through the lobby and constructions workers were everywhere.  That being said the front desk staff could not have been nicer though they seemed very young.  The concierge was more professional and super helpful.  No real issue with front desk though they crammed the entire check in into a tiny corner of the lobby which is being updated into a white florescent Ian Schrager 1990s type look.  All the historic details are being "whitewashed" with removal of original railings and mirrors.  Other than the questionable architectural renovation I would recommend this hotel.  I was staying on the 8th floor which was great.  Used fitness and business center both of which were fine, though small for the fitness center.  It will be nice when the David Barton opens, if hotel guests can work out there.  Otherwise get a better fitness center since the hotel is so huge. Bellman were super polite as well.  Both males were great and super polite--very helpful.

    Ask about what room you've been assigned at the front desk before checking in.  It might help.

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    414. Inbal M.
    This hotel is a nightmare! I came here for a doctors appointment in Mass General, and besides the location I would never stay here again.

    You can imagine it's pretty cold in January in Boston, there was cold air coming out from the window and the bed was right next to it.

    The shower took like 15 minutes to get warm, but the hot water didn't last more then 5 minutes. As for the bathroom door, I got stuck inside the bathroom and had to get my brother to open it from the outside.

    You can hear the person in the room next door flushing the toilet.

    The carpet stinks like urine.

    Wifi is not free, the room and bathroom is so tiny if your luggage is on the floor then you have no place to move.

    Btw, parking is $50 a night.

    08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    415. Atticus A.
    Thought I was lined up by my admin assistant with a 'great deal' at a luxury hotel... Traveling in from out of town for one night.  So:  nice lobby friendly and very friendly and SLOW check in, a 1940's room with bed desk chair window and a tiny sink... More youth hostel than nice hotel.  The worst was yet to come though.  When one speaks of paper thin walls one does not normally mean you can hear the zipper on your neighbors bag opening and closing... I could.  

    After I laid down I thought that I'd left a light on, but no, that was the hallway light streaming in from ALL four sides of my hotel room door.  I wish I was kidding but I'm not.

    Very loud crowd (they put up a lot of airline personnel) and without any sound protection it was an incredibly rough night.

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    416. Heidi B.
    My review is going to sound exactly like the few others who recently stayed here and had horrible experiences. My husband and I ended up with this hotel through the website Priceline. When I went to the hotel website, and read about it, I was initially thrilled. The photos looked nice, and the location was perfect for us. Upon arriving at the hotel, we were shocked that the hotel was being completely renovated - more like gutted. The lobby was an absolute mess, and there was a line 10 people deep waiting to check-in. When I asked whether we could choose a room with a king-sized bed and was willing to pay to be upgraded, the attendant didn't even bother TRYING to assist. Instead she just said "we have two weddings here this weekend, and a lot going on, so you get what you get." Fine. We attempt to go up to our room and after what seems like 15 minutes of walking around a huge maze of construction, we find the elevators and have to wait a good ten minutes for one to open. There were so many people squeezed into it, I thought i was going to faint. We quickly dropped off our bags at the room and left the hotel as fast as we could. My husband mentioned going back to change our clothes into evening attire at one point, and we so dreaded dealing with the crowds and elevators that we decided not to return until we absolutely had to. The room itself was small, dark and dreary with a view of nothing but bricks out the very small window. Talk about claustrophobic. I didn't even attempt to shower (very small). The $100 incidentals charge on my debit card was a HUGE turn off and took a few days to fall off my bank account. Also - a form was slipped under the door notifying me that there was a $12.50 fee for the 2 minutes of internet use, but then also reflected a $12.50 credit since internet usage was advertised to be included free with the price of our room. Lo and behold, there is a $12.50 fee showing in my bank account, with a credit nowhere to be found! i have emailed the Park Plaza accounting department to try to get this corrected, but I am not holding my breath.
    I definitely would NOT recommend this place to anyone! We ended up walking down the street and having a wonderful dinner and drinks at the Lenox hotel and the difference in atmosphere and service was night and day. Next time I will be staying there. You get what you pay for. Be warned.

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    417. Julia G.
    I have to change my post from the review below. As I was eating my breakfast the hotel manager approached me, apologized and comped my meal. Well done!! I retract this post below. But for all those who have dissatisfaction at a hotel- always ask for some one to help. They did a good job recovering this incident!

    'Boston Park Plaza not winning my customer satisfaction rating. Breakfast doesn't open until 6:30am. When waiting at registration desk to be helped the attendant  behind the counter walks right past me. Looks at me, doesn't say 'Good
    Morning'. I ask her if she's working and she gives me the big 'A' (attitude ). I ask her about a breakfast place. She recommends Starbucks, I ask for a restaurant recommendation  and she tells me there aren't any. I say 'in the whole city of Boston there's no place to eat??' She says 'not near here and not at this hour.'  That was it- end of conversation. Are YOU KIDDING ME??? Anyone in the service industry see this as irritating?'

    Also, the rooms are so tiny. If I were overweight I couldn't walk in the room with out nudging the walls.

    But the building is old and charming.

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    418. Michael W.
    So...before jumping into why this hotel is sub par...I will first say the positives: good-looking and friendly front desk help...close to great area in Boston...beautiful building (exterior) and impressive entry...that's where praise ends.

    Once you get to the elevator, all bets are off! The hotel looks like it hasn't been touch since the late 80's...the elevators are concerning at best, and don't work that well,  and as you walk down the halls and realize you may or may not be on the set of the Shining (it is a big hotel) the decor starts to attack you, our floor in particular had the strangest concave panel doors with little swans at the top.

    The rooms, at least the one we were allotted, are small and barely accommodating, and what the neglect to tell you at the front desk, supplied with a Full Bed. The furniture is all from ikea, which ordinarily wouldn't offend me, but when spending $300 on a room, just not expected...and the bathroom was like something you would find in a motel in a horror film.

    Needless to say, not impressed in the slightest, and had I not done priceline "name your own price" we would never be in this hotel...So good luck on your next stay in Boston!

    02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    419. Sandy W.
    It's historic! Rooms are small but it's got charm! Hotel staff is super nice and helpful, and it's centrally located!

    I like it!

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    420. Jim J.
    This hotel is downright gorgeous. We wanted historic and interesting and that is exactly what this place is. Yes, it is small, but old hotels are; that's what you sign up for when you want to stay in a historic building. In a city in love with its own history, this place is an art deco jewel. I would kindly stay here again.

    It would have been nice to have more open outlets close to the bed for chargers, but that isn't worth dinging their score over.

    09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    421. Scott M.
    I wish there was a way to give half-stars on Yelp.  This ancient (okay, historic) hotel would deserve 1.5 stars in my book.

    But, first the good bits:

    This is an old, solid hotel located in a spectacular part of Boston.  Easy walking distance to Newbury street, The Prudential, Boylston Street, The Common, great restaurants, great shops...you choose this hotel for its accessibility to everything other than the hotel itself.

    My room was a two-double-bed configuration, which actually works out fine when travelling alone.  As much as I love the King, a double when you're alone is just fine, and the bed was incredibly comfortable.  Especially after travelling about 25 hours on planes to get there...

    However, that's about the end of the positives.

    The bathroom, as you may already have surmised from other posts, was miniscule.  Indeed, no chance of using the toilet without closing the bathroom door.  The shower head was barely a sneeze, and whilst heat could be coaxed from the pipes, the lack of water and water pressure made the experience rather frustrating.

    Housekeeping was also extremely erratic.  One day I was down to nearly the end of the roll of toilet paper and I was expecting a replacement (or a spare, as if usually the custom in hotels) when the housekeeping staff came around.  No joy.  Panic mode...down to a few sheets...called housekeeping and they sent up a spare roll...but, really, that call shouldn't have been necessary.

    Same thing with the towels.  I had three towels and a bath-mat one day.  Another day I had no bath-mat and two towels.  Then the bath-mat returned, as well as two completely different towels.  Random.

    Next up:  The lifts.

    Oh man.  These things are death traps.  A friend of mine staying at the same hotel experienced one of the lifts (number 6) behaving quite oddly: The door was slowly opening, but then would slowly close.  Never quite opening enough for him to get in.  Finally, as it was slowly opening, he gave it a tug -- that triggered something and the door slammed shut on his finger.  Great bruise on his nail to remember the experience by.

    Other times the lift would be full of conference attendees and as it would start to ascend, it would stop, plummet a foot or two, then slowly go up again.  Great stuff.  Creaks and groans from the elevator car all along every trip -- likely due to the wooden panels on the interior, but, yeah.....I always held on to the rail.

    I only had the buffet breakfast once.  No plans on ever going back.  Bland, nothing special, just convenient.  

    Since I was there for a conference, I'll share my thoughts about this as a conference venue as well:  The staff did their level best to keep up with an overly-full event.  We exceeded our numbers, and theirs, and they really did their best, so, kudos for that.

    However, the rooms were not great, especially the "Terrace" ballroom located in the basement.  It's got loads of supporting columns in the room, which is split up over a few levels (not sure why) -- makes for impossible viewing of AV material on displays. Oh, and don't get your hopes up on WiFi or 3G/4G down there, it's a dead zone.

    Their Imperial Ballroom is a great space, and has some lovely balconies, but, the acoustics for presentations are abysmal.  Probably fine for music, but, speakers were tough to hear properly.  

    They had a lot of options for smaller rooms, three of which we had to join together to make a large enough room for one of our conference tracks - it worked, but, it was a long and narrow room, making it tough to see the slides from about halfway back.

    Finally, I wanted to comment on the fantastic doors that most rooms have:  They are known as "Valet Doors" I believe, and have a stupendous (historic) feature - no longer in use.

    If you wanted your suit pressed, or other clothing-related actions undertaken, you could turn a handle on the inside your room's door to open up a large cavity within the door itself.  There was a place for a hangar to attach, and even a guide to ensure that your sleeves and cuffs were fully inside of the door.

    From there, could be locked shut, you could go out for the day, or, just be resting in your room - the valet service could then approach your door from outside and using a key that only the valet/concierge staff would have, access the inner cavity of the door from the hallway.

    In this manner they could retrieve and deliver your clothing, but, not actually gain access to your room!  Brilliant stuff.  Never seen it before, and likely won't see it again...the staff at the Park Plaza had no idea where the keys were, lost to history alas.  Shame!

    Stay here for the location, stay here for the access to everything else, stay here for a slice of history.  Rumour has it they're making the first investment into the property in over 20 years now, so, who knows, it may get a well-deserved refresh!

    03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    422. Celeste B.
    Came here for a conference over the "first weekend of spring" (it snowed).  The room was fine, though the walls are thin and when the toilet flushes it sounds like the  apocalypse is starting.  If you need somewhere with a comfortable bed and a convenient location and you plan on being out of the hotel from breakfast until bedtime, this isn't a bad place.  HOWEVER.
    If you are organizing a conference, please do your attendees a solid and DO NOT BOOK THIS HOTEL.  They are absolutely awful at conferences.  The elevators are INCREDIBLY slow, which means there was always a ridiculous wait, and when one did arrive it got so packed with people that it rattled terrifyingly because it was over its weight limit.  There is nowhere inside the hotel to purchase a cup of coffee and a snack to go, which is necessary if your conference organizers aren't made of money and didn't spring for continuous snack and coffee service throughout the day.  There isn't even anywhere across the street!  We walked two blocks, which was a huge time suck during a busy conference.
    Most importantly, the people at the front desk were awful.  So rude, and completely unable to understand that they need to be able to accommodate conferences by being flexible with things like checkout time.  It took fifteen minutes of debate to extend checkout to 12:30pm, when the conference ended at 3:30pm.  We had also left our car with the valet, and the front desk person told us we would not be able to pick it up after 2:00pm.  No discussion, no way to avoid paying a $16 late fee if we showed up late.  "You just have to leave early," she said.  As if we were going to skip out early on the entire reason we even came to the hotel, just to pick up our car by your arbitrary deadline!
    We had to go talk to the valet people ourselves.  Luckily, they were everything the front desk was not:  friendly, helpful, and accommodating.  "Of course we can do a later pickup! No fee, since you're arranging it in advance!"  It took two minutes and we were set.  Still, that was two minutes and a lot of worry that we could have been spared if the front desk bothered to communicate with their OWN COWORKERS.
    I wasn't that bothered by the construction, but they had apparently expected it to be over by the time our conference happened, and I wish they had at least warned us ahead of time that it was still going on.  I'm not even sure they warned our conference organizers.
    The takeaway is that this hotel's management needs to figure out that successful conference hosting isn't as simple as having a couple of rooms with moving partitions and a portable microphone.  If you want a conference center and hotel that actually cares about your attendees' comfort and the success of your conference, take your money and go somewhere else.
    And by the way?  The conference itself was excellent, in spite of the hotel's best efforts.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    423. Beau S.
    UGH why do I keep believing Expedia's reviews and not looking at YELP first.
    This is an old hotel and even though the lobby looks great the rooms are still very old with little retouching.
    Almost $200 a night for a tiny room that smelled like a wet dog, the AC did not work the first night. The front desk, Concierge , bell staff, valets were all awful! The room was dirty and needed vacuuming badly and the toilet was filthy.
    I am a member of EXPEDIA elite and I get free wifi here and it was like pulling teeth to get the right code after the rude staff kept giving me the wrong info.
    The concierge staff arranged a shuttle for airport drop off for me and gave me zero info on the operator and told me to stand at the wrong entrance to wait while I missed my shuttle.
    The only positives I have are great location, decent TV and fast WIFI once I got the right info. Skip and stay at the liberty hotel or newer Doubletree or something.

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    424. Beth T.
    Closet sized room with a shower that was maybe 20" (yes, inches!) wide. Clothes got soaked on the floor because the shower curtain couldn't stay closed while I was in it.

    Wifi was nonexistent, so much for getting work done!!

    Never staying here again.

    23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    425. Dan C.
    I have no idea why there are so many 1 star reviews for this hotel but I guess its all expectations vs reality.

    I booked the smallest room possible for myself during a one night stay downtown. No free parking; yeah that sucks but not the end of the world unless you are driving and staying here for multiple days. Be careful where you choose btw as prices vary around the area. I paid $52 for the night and into end of business next day.

    On arrival I was upgraded from the full-sized to standard king room (whichever fancy name to which that corresponds, idk). As a result I have no idea what my money actually got me. Room + parking total came out to around about $230.

    The room was comfortable atmospherically speaking -- smelled clean and AC worked well except for some strange, but overall unobtrusive noises. Sheets were clean and bed was your average hotel quality. Pillows were great and sheets felt just shy of what I consider luxurious. All the little add-ins worked: hair dryer-in-a-bag, iron/board, keurig, cable TV.

    Bathroom was very clean, and functional but small. If you live in a city apartment from the first half of last century you wouldn't be shocked by the layout (industrial-style toilet included).

    Well anyway check-in/-out was a breeze. The lobby (full of those taking advantage of the only complimentary wi-fi) and hallways were aspiring to something grand.

    Really I would say 2.5 stars for the lack of free wi-fi but they get a freebie, I guess.

    In my experience its a safe but not rewarding experience.

    28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    426. Terry G.
    What an amazing experience we just had at the Boston Park Plaza! My family and I almost didn't stay here. We had it booked at one rate, then saw another hotel we really liked for just a few dollars more so we booked that and cancelled. But BPP posted a new, much lower rate so we decided to stay here afterall. Thank goodness we did!

    It started when we arrived very early (9am) and not expecting them to have a room available until at least 1pm, they indicated a room would be ready by 10am.  We had the bellmen hold our bags while we had breakfast. Upon returning to check in, the bellman actually delivered our bags to the room. I know it's not uncommon but it's been some time and a welcome surprise.

    The surprises continued when, after all day sightseeing around Boston, we came back to rest and get ready for dinner. Around 4:30pm there was a knock on the door - room service brought us cookies and milk! Just because! We were again pleasantly surprised and already knew we made the right choice in staying.

    Not 10 minutes later, I noticed there was an envelope under the door - we had received a personalized note welcoming us to the hotel and thanking us for staying! We felt like dignitaries and had an amazing experience.

    It is centrally located, only a block away from the Arlington T stop and within walking distance of most of Boston's landmarks. It's historic and has several nice restaurants right on sight. The only thing we didn't like was that we couldn't stay longer. On our next trip to Boston, the Boston Park Plaza hotel will undoubtedly have our business!

    04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    427. C R.

    What else do I need to say?

    There are plenty of other hotels in Boston; stay somewhere else!

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    428. Joan W.
    This was my first stay here and will not be returning.  I have stayed in many hotels for business and pleasure and never have I seen such a tiny room. I was shocked when I walked into the room. Normally something like this wouldn't bother me but it was very uncomfortable and I couldn't stop walking into things (the bed, the doorways, etc.) during my stay. Doing my hair and makeup in the bathroom was impossible and I opted to do it in the hallway instead. I also noticed how dusty all the furniture was everytime I touched something.

    The room cost $250 a night (most expensive I've ever been to) and wifi was not included (you had to pay an extra $12 a day for it, I've never been to a hotel where wifi wasn't free). Also there was no parking so you had to drop your car off with valet and surprise!  It cost $48 for that. I'm not sure exactly why the room cost so much and we got so little. Very disappointed.  I think they should offer their guests more for the price (the room size was the most disappointing).

    11/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    429. Geoff S.
    Seriously guys? Seriously? You're actually running this thing out there like its a legitimate hospitality option? How about you shut it down for a few months (or longer) - get it up to par and then we can talk. Until then, people should only go there if they have a craving for experiencing what it must be like to sleep in a mausoleum. In its current state its highest and best purpose would be for the set of a horror movie.

    26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    430. Todd D.
    The room hold was never returned.  And I will never stay at the park plaza hotel.  I do appreciate your apologies,  but really an apology? I think you should refund our money.  I would tell my friends to sleep at town line inn in malden and that's nasty.

    31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    431. Curtis P.
    Placing aside the renovations. I travel for a living and stay all over the country (roughly 200 nts/yr). I have never stayed at a hotel that had less helpful or welcoming staff.  From the door man that seemed upset and uninterested when I told him that I did not have a car to park to the front desk staff that I was obviously bothering by staying there.  The renovations may look amazing when completed but the awful treatment and attitudes by the staff are not worth it. Many other options in the area.

    10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    432. Sindy S.
    If I could give 0...

    It's a few blocks from the Boston Common and a walkable distance to Quincy Market-- great location, if you want to spend $200+ a night just to sleep but...

    Coming from NYC I expected a beautiful room. The lobby is beautiful that slowly deteriorates into what is your mediocre room.

    Furniture was crappy, the bedding is just a white stiff blanket that was so uncomfortable to sleep in. I read a review on my way there, on the useless AC-- it was true. It was so hot in the middle of the night never reach comfortable. I was so tired from the day to get up to play with it.

    The bathroom was dingy!

    The whole room had a musty smell.
    I woke up the next morning, showered, came out to my husband saying guess what I found?
    A molding sandwich under the bed.

    The staff was nice I can't say they weren't.

    For an extra $50 you get a buffet breakfast. It was regular, nothing special.

    Boston is really nice though, a good time for my first time there. Your hotels... I'm a little scared.

    28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    433. David D.
    -1/2 hour wait for elevators. Only one out of six elevators is functional
    -labyrinthine stairway system is an absolute fire hazard. If there was an emergency while on an upper floor your life would literally be in danger
    -small, outdated rooms and amenities
    -crappy, thin mattresses. can feel the springs and edges in your back. Queen = Full at this hotel
    -leaky faucets
    -prison-style toilets
    -thin walls make for a complete lack of privacy. Can clearly hear neighbors' conversation and television
    -"lockbox" in the room wobbly and unsecured
    -constant, loud, obnoxious construction
    -locked me out of my room because of a question about my payment (how about a phone call or voicemail on the hotel phone?)
    -unfriendly, unkempt front desk and security staff treated me like I was a thief despite having two separate, working and valid credit cards on file
    -$100 preemptive "incidental" room damage charge
    -ridiculous rates ($300-$500/night)
    -refused to allow a late checkout
    -no shuttle to airport
    -no free WiFi (daily fee)

    A ripoff. The worst hotel stay I've ever had. It made my first trip to Boston very unpleasant. Avoid this hotel like the plague.

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    434. David N.
    I've stayed here every visit to Boston and each time it's wonderful. The hotel staff and very friendly and accommodating and the ambiance is beautiful. During the most recent trip I've taken, the hotel was under renovation and it never effected my stay at all! The room next door to mine was even being redone and I didn't even notice or hear a peep. I look forward to my next stay!

    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    435. J C.
    Loved my stay at the park plaza hotel. It's in a convenient part of Boston. Close to Newberry Street and the Public Gardens. It's such a unique building because it's triangular shaped. So cool! The hotel has a classy look/feel to it. I would describe it as vintage/modern. It has character. All of the staff is very nice and friendly. I appreciated the young women who greeted me when I 1st arrived Indria( I hope I spelled it correctly I'm so bad with names) she was super sweet, accommodating, & friendly. She was a delight! I'm also thankful to the young gentleman who was so helpful in answering all of my questions as I was checking out . I could tell this morning the hotel was super busy(Easter) & he was Upbeat, tentative, friendly, & professional...I believe his name was Amit. Thank you Amit for being so helpful this morning (ps you have a great smile) I would recommended this hotel to anyone who wants to be close to downtown Boston and who enjoys unique one-of-a-kind buildings. I will be back!

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    436. Chasity M.
    ***I just got my checkout charges and I was charged $5 for a LOCAL phone call. That bumped them down to 1 star. So tired of crappy service.

    I was so excited to get a room at this historic hotel that is walking distance from so many things I want to see! I saw the reviews below where people gave 1-2 stars for small rooms - REALLY? What do you expect from a building built in the 1920s?? And someone dinging stars because of long taxi lines? Come on. I ignore stuff like that because it's not the hotel's fault. And you DO get housekeeping if you get up late. I didn't leave the room until noon, when they knocked the first time I just told them to come back around noon. When I got back a few hours later, my room had been refreshed.

    Our bellboy was incredibly friendly and helpful, suggesting some places we might like to try for lunch. And the woman working the check in desk made a GREAT first impression for the hotel!

    Please do be aware that they don't have a pool. Again, not their fault, but if you want an outdoor place to relax and read a book there is not anywhere (rooms don't have balconies).

    Our bed is also full size, not queen. I'm not sure if that's my fault for booking late or if this is the biggest bed they have. Bedding is nice but furniture is cheaper and a bit dated.

    Some things they DO need to work on though, especially to stay competitive with the nearby luxury hotels at the same daily rate:

    - Oh my gosh - the concierge! What a joke!

    - GET BETTER IRONS IN THE ROOMS!!! We have so many meetings and dinners this week and the only iron is a little dollar store version with two settings. It also can't really be used to steam. Seriously - not everyone has time or money to send their shirts out to be starched while staying in a hotel.

    - The rooms definitely need robes and slippers. The lobby and common areas are so grand, and the rooms so quaint. But quaint shouldn't have to mean amenity-free. Nobody wants to try to stay wrapped in a towel, with cold feet, while they struggle with a $5 iron.

    - Some employees don't seem to notice the guests. Maybe it's because I'm from the South, but when two employees are standing and chatting by a door, I expect it to be opened for me. Especially if the employees are male! Or when walking by guests, a friendly "Good afternoon!" would go a long way.

    - I can't figure out what is going on with their concierge service. We've found it incredibly useless so far. I stopped by right after checking in to ask recommendation for a casual LOCAL place to grab a quick bite to eat. She suggested au bon pain. After I finished laughing (not really, but I wanted to) & told her that's not what we had in mind and again stressing the word LOCAL. She literally threw her hands in the air and said "Well I don't know what you want! There's a Panera Bread that way down the street." There are at LEAST 3 little local places within a two block radius (I've eaten at all of them) that are worthy of suggesting.

    - In early evening I called the concierge desk and asked "about how long does it take to get a cab?" She said she couldn't give an estimate, so I said "Well, I mean will we be able to get one in a couple of minutes or will we need to call one and wait 15 minutes, I just need to know what to expect to make sure we leave for dinner on time." She said "I can't help you because I just don't know, but the guys outside can help you get one."

    All in all, I sadly cannot recommend this hotel. I would love to as I think the history is really cool and it's in a perfect location. For the same price, I am wishing we had booked at the W or Intercontinental (both close by) for friendlier, better service. And a better iron.

    09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    437. Stephanie A.
    My fiancé and I stayed here for one night for a family wedding (wedding hotel block). We booked a room with a king-sized bed.

    We checked in exactly at 3pm, and were told that none of the rooms on the floor reserved for the wedding block were ready, but that a room on another floor was available. After we said that would be okay, the receptionist checked us in and informed us that our room had a queen-sized bed. Because we'd already said it was okay to switch us to this different room, we didn't argue, but it was disappointing. Again, we checked in at 3pm, which was the hotel's check-in time; we were not early.

    The room we had was very clean, but very, very tiny. The bathroom had just a shower and no tub, and there was hardly any room on the floor for our single suitcase. I understand that the building is historic and renovations are limited, but it was still disappointing, especially since this was not the room we'd booked.

    Bottom line: the room was clean, and besides having no tub, it had everything we needed. But it was absurdly tiny, and we were irritated that we ended up with such a small room when our room should have been ready. Without the reduced rate from the wedding block, this hotel wouldn't have been worth it.

    31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    438. Matt A.
    I have stayed here while in town for work for 14 years. The staff is always nice and helpful, and the lobby and restaurants are great.
    I've always loved coming to Boston, but will have to start avoiding it do to being forced by my company to stay at the Park Plaza.
    I thought the rooms were small 14 years ago, but in an effort by management to squeeze out some more profit, they shrunk the rooms. I really didn't think they could get smaller, but they did.
    No closet! Really? I have to put my bag on the desk because there is no room for the bag holder. I am no stranger to small hotel rooms, but I really expected more from this once noble and proud hotel.
    My a/c has a pesky squeak so since I can't sleep I thought I would inform the world how far this hotel sunk.
    It gets two stars because the staff is nice and the lobby is nice, otherwise it would get one star because it does keep rain off of me.

    Bummer, I used to love it here

    02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    439. Bri F.
    The location is awesome. It's really the only thing I could enjoy about the hotel. That said they limited us to one exit to walk in and out of. That was the place everyone went to smoke. Disgusting! I am pregnant and did not appreciate having to walk through a cloud of smokers to get in and out. Extra walking was added to my trip since only one entrance was open and I had to walk the whole way around the building depending on what direction I was coming from. The elevators are the biggest joke I've ever encountered! Only one worked at a time for a large part of our stay. So with a large hotel with many guests it took about 20 minutes every time I wanted to leave my room. Sure I could have taken the stairs but I'm six months pregnant and stayed on the 14th floor. Speaking of which on my third day of staying while I was in the shower you guys had a fire alarm. I really don't appreciate having to walk down 14 flights of stairs when I am soaking wet just to get told it was a test. The lobby is under a lot of construction. Well I really don't care about that type of thing the point is that you constantly had mazes set up for me to walk through to get to the elevators were I wouldn't wait my 20 minutes to have a ride in the elevator. Then there was the time that I waited 20 minutes for the elevator and then they told me the elevator was out of service when it came.  Oh then I waited another 10 minutes for another elevator and I was told that one was being taken out of service. I had to get angry with someone before they opened an elevator to take me to my floor. The rooms are clean but lack basic amenities like a fridge or microwave. The bathroom is small but does its job. No place to really set makeup or stuff to do your hair as they have a sliver of a shelf. The issue is that the walls are thin so every morning you are woken up by house keeping knocking on other room doors. I would not recommend staying here unless you need only a place to get a tiny amount of sleep and want a great cardio stair workout!

    19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    440. Don S.
    Look out for construction. ..lots of it....inside...rooms nice. ...though tv should be on the wall....not on dresser so watching is more difficult. ...mj O'Connor bar was nice....no lounge in lobby..but great bars within minutes....staff was nice. ...rooms are not expensive and after the shock of no lobby. .but lots of construction to watch

    14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    441. Darren F.
    This is a building with a lot of history, so already bonus points are awarded. Attending a conference here was fun, the staff were superb and catered food was amazing. It's close to so much including the Common, China town and numerous good restaurants, as well as the train.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    442. Kristin D.
    Awful hotel. The room was tiny. The carpet was old and the wallpaper was peeling from the walls. Overall, gross. I wouldn't stay here again or recommend it.

    21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    443. Dorothy G.
    I just spent the weekend here for my Niece's wedding.  The special rate I paid was a good deal higher than what some of you have posted here but considering that Boston was completely booked that weekend, I'm not complaining.

    We got a room with 2 full sized beds, I was offered an upgrade to a larger room for $9/night which I took-M is 6'5", I wanted him comfortable so the room was large-actually bigger than we needed. The bathroom was so small we had to laugh about it but the tub was deep enough to soak in.

    The beds are comfy with 2 standard and 1 king pillows per bed and more in the closet-I like extra pillows :)  though I did have to ask for a second bath towel.

    The hotel itself is a gem-beautiful, elegant and historic, we loved it. We arrived hungry so I loved the pastry/dessert shop on the block and the many restaurants nearby.  The wedding reception was held there, we visited the bar and had our post wedding breakfast there.  The service and food was excellent, the staff friendly and helpful.

    Because I was there for an event I had places to go, things to do, other things I needed or forgot and small pockets of free time-all in a city I'm not familiar with.  The staff was great-security loaned me a phone charger when I realized I forgot mine.  Olivia at the front desk stepped in for the busy concierge and found a makeup artist I could walk to at the last minute when my other plan didn't work out.  The doorman found almost instant transportation for eight (8!) of us to the rehearsal dinner which was next to Fenway where Jeter was playing his last game-no cabs, lots of traffic.  Another doorman directed us to the nearby Public Gardens and gave walking directions to Quincy Market for our free time and our valet was kind to make me laugh.

    Due to some confusion and terrible traffic our shuttles were about 90 mins late for the reception so everything had to be condensed. There were 500 people at this wedding, rolling in late and hungry.  Again, the staff was wonderful and professional.  M asked for his steak medium rare and that is how it arrived.  I work in our families restaurant, I know how badly this could have gone and I am impressed with how well it all went.    

    That said, this isn't Motel 6, you pay for the location, property and service, I feel that I got what I paid for.  This is also an older hotel where some things can't be changed. I've paid more for smaller bathrooms in Europe and Historic hotels in NYC that were musty and neglected.  There was some construction and street noise here but I didn't hear my neighbors.  The staff is well trained and never made me feel a tip was required.  I would stay here again and probably will.

    23/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    444. Angela K.
    Reserved this room on Priceline and got a decent rate for the area, but still on the high end of our budget. I gave it two stars because the lobby has gorgeous historic decor.

    We arrived at the hotel around 9:30pm after 7 hours in the car and were exhausted. We pulled up to the front so we could take the bags in while our friends parked and were asked by the doorman if we were checking in. We confirmed we were so then he explained we had to go to the other side of the building. I stated we were just being dropped off but he insisted we had go to the other side.

    We complied, got our bags so our friend could park and had to walk down a couple hallways to the front desk.
    The front desk that was right next to the doors that we originally wanted to come through. The doors that I saw people with bags entering through.
    Checked in with no problem- the agent stated breakfast was included and we went up to the room.
    The double room was big- but smelled awful- like mildew and bad choices.
    We opened the windows as much as we could but the smell was still lingering after we returned from dinner. I know they are renovating and it's an old property but maybe a little extra febreeze perhaps?

    The next morning 3 of us head down to breakfast where they had a nice buffet spread of eggs, bacon, potatoes, fruit, etc- very basic. We grabbed some food and were about to head up to our room when the hostess approached us asking if we had a table yet.

    We explained we didn't need one as we were going to eat upstairs and she stated that we had to pay first. I told her I was informed the breakfast was included. She said it was not- it was $25.
    Seriously? $25? No breakfast buffet is worth that much unless booze is included.
    I went up to the front desk to absolve the situation and the agent said it was not included.

    I explained I was informed it was and so what?- now if we don't pay they would probably just throw the food out anyways. She asked who checked me in and I didn't remember a name.
    That made no sense- I've worked the front desk position at a few hotels and there's a way to check who made what changes to a reservation- including who checked the guest in.
    She checked with her manager and said they would only comp one meal. Hindsight probably should have piled up all the food on one plate and went upstairs.  Completely ridiculous!
    So don't stay here unless you want a stinky room, an overpriced breakfast and an misinformed staff that don't communicate with each other!

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    445. Julie R.
    Gave the hotel one more chance, and it failed miserably.  They mention no where on their website that the lobby is undergoing a major renovation and that there is no room service, hotel restaurants or gym available.   The construction is 7 days a weeks until at least 7pm each night, and there is only one entrance to the hotel open.  If you want breakfast without having to go outside, McCormick and Schmick's is the option, but at $29 for the bare-bones buffet, no thank you.

    I had a Towers King Deluxe room, and it was slightly larger than prior rooms, but still very outdated and worn

    Being the weekend, I again encountered the loud, inconsiderate party crowd that this hotel attracts.  Be assured that when the bars/clubs in Boston close at 2am, you'll know what time it is, as the throngs scream and yell and run in the hallways, while banging on doors so they can continue their partying in the rooms.

    Yes, the windows are extremely drafty, but having the heat on helps drown out some of the internal and external noise.

    There are sketchy people hanging out in the lobby of the hotel, and I had people get on the elevator with me who were just wandering from floor to floor.  I actually watched to make sure they left my floor, and trying to figure out what they were up to.

    This is the last time I am staying at this hotel, as I have not encountered these issues at other Boston hotels.

    23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    446. Tatyana F.
    We booked this hotel via Hotwire, a travel service that never let us down.  2 adults + 1 child, which we indicated in our reservation form.  Imagine our shock when we got into our hotel room to see that it was no bigger than a dorm room, with only one full size bed, a stinking bathroom and smelling of cigarette smoke.  We immediately asked to change our rooms.  This time we got smth a bit bigger, 2 full size beds, but with a window facing another wall.  Great view, everyone!

    Now on with the service.  The front desk really tries to be helpful but that's about it.  Breakfast is pretty expensive considering the lack of options.  Sorry, but I don't think that paying $18 for a child's cereal bowl is cheap.

    The hotel does not offer complimentary wifi.  Their wifi is pretty expensive, about $12/day.  4G doesn't work there at all, reception is horrible.

    Also, apparently the hotel is undergoing renovations of some sort which was not indicated on hotel's website.  

    To sum up - take your $$$ elsewhere.

    06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    447. Andrea M.
    When checking in it looked like either a youth hostel or a homeless shelter and lots of construction ... When opening the door to room it was a closet , bed and a chair .. As for our upgrade it hasn't been upgraded since 1900s.. A little too historic... Not to mention the pipe burst so There is NO HEAT.. And it is 16 Fahrenheit !!!! I can't believe this place !!!

    08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    448. Thomas B.
    Pro's:  Location. Centrally located and safe to walk around.

    Con's: Dated and overpriced. Currently under renovation, with all that entails. Some rooms are tiny. REALLY tiny.  All rooms lack soundproofing and the heat/ac is completely unreliable; in general you cannot cool the rooms even in winter.  Opening the windows admits loud traffic noise/sirens. Bathrooms have very limited shelving, tiles are cracked and discolored as are the sinks.  Queen size beds are advertized, but are actually full size and will not be comfortable for two average sized adults.

    Synopsis:  This is a classic, charming old hotel in the heart of the city.  The location is fabulous but the quality of the rooms is well below average.  If you can get a deal and are willing to put up with the many drawbacks, this place is nicely situated.  You might want to consider waiting until the construction is finished, however.

    09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    449. Katrina C.
    I stay only one night , in room I felt my self like a little mouse. It's small but the price is big. Almost 400$ for one night. And no complimentary water WOW ! Couldn't get late checkout. The hotel is sucks !

    10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    450. Lily C.
    I booked this trip to Boston through Expedia and it did mention that the hotel was going through some renovations. When I got here, I didn't expect to see a whole construction crew in the lobby! It didn't bother me too much since I was warned.

    The front desk was super friendly and let us check in early. The room was smaller than I had imagined but I didn't mind. It felt very cozy and it was what I needed. Afterall, I would be sight-seeing and not in my room for the day.

    Everything is in walking distance! Restaurants, bars, clubs, subway, shopping areas, the public garden, and boston common. I loved it! If you don't have a car, don't worry, you'll be fine.

    Would definitely come back.

    02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    451. Yale B.
    I was unsure about Boston Park Plaza based on the several negative reviews on here, but I decided to give it a try especially since I was only staying for a night. My friend and I stayed in a double room at a rate of $180 (post-tax) , which I personally found as a bargain. I am from New York City and to find a decent hotel for $180 on Columbus day weekend would be tough for sure! (also, keep in mind that I did book the hotel two nights before my trip)

    The location was especially convenient. Even though I drove to Boston, I found myself walking on foot to Newbury Street which is where I spent most of my day and night the first day. I was able to walk to a nearby club as well. Location is always key to me when choosing a one night stay, and Boston Park Plaza definitely hit the spot with that! (literally)

    I checked in around 3 pm and found that the check in line moved smoothly. I was greeted by the receptionist who provided me with the wifi password and checked me in pretty quickly.

    Our room was a double room with two double beds. The double beds were both comfortable, and trust me I am picky when it comes to sleeping on anything that is not soft. The bathroom was a bit tiny although I found it to be clean. The room itself was a nice size especially for two people for a one night stay.

    The only negatives I would have is the horrendous view outside of the window. If staring into ugly buildings and pipes is your thing, then perhaps you'd enjoy the view. Not a big issue, since I was not staying there for the view anyway.

    Another negative would be complimentary breakfast not being added to such a rate of $180 a night. I would have appreciated free breakfast to be included. When I went downstairs to get food, I was alarmed at the prices for a simple bowl of Kellog's cereal.

    All in all, I would definitely stay here again and actually am planning to stay again when I visit Boston. This is perfect if you are looking for something cheap, quick and convenient. Keep in mind, if you were splitting the costs with a friend it would only be $90 for the night. If I were to be looking for a great view and a pampering, romantic night, I would not stay here and would opt for something bigger with breakfast included.

    18/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    452. DeAnn B.
    I'll state the good things first  - these were the things that kept me from giving the place one star... GREAT GYM.. was brand new. No cost to use if you are staying here. I enjoyed the bar and the food  - was here on business, so ate in the main area.. The servers were attentive and nice and the staff were all very polite.. The have obviously renovated the lobby from the pictures I see posted below - so that that helps. ALSO - The bed was VERY COMFORTABLE... At least if they are  working on things - I had a nice bed!

    That said, unless you want the location for some reason or enjoy VERY SMALL "cozy" rooms - might want to spend your money elsewhere.. Thank goodness I was out most of the day on business, and I didn't try to bring anyone with me.. I would never have been able to negotiate the room with someone else underfoot!

    I stayed here for a convention.. Was one of the hotels on the list w/ group rates - I will be letting the organization know as well to use a different reference for a hotel. The plaza was one among several to select.  I was very disappointed that our organization would even put this hotel as an option on the list..  .. I really wish I had looked at all these reviews before hand (my fault for not doing that).   I have to agree w almost all of the reviews that rate this place 1-2 stars.. I was not expecting "Maid's Quarters" style room.  The bathroom IS truly the size of something one might find in a trailer home.  The bath steams up, and there are not any vents - so if you want to keep your mirror from fogging, you must leave the door open. If you do that, you cannot get in or out of the shower.. The six inch ledge on which you can put your personal items will force you to place things carefully lest they take a plunge into the toilet should you leave the lid up.  I would prefer to reuse my towels, but there are very few places where one can hang them to dry them fully. My mirror had a large scratch across the front.  There was a wall with metal pieces and a hanging hook just sticking out of the wall paper - as if a picture or mirror had been removed, but no one cleaned up the residual hardware.  The hanging closet could only be wedged in by the desk so only the one side would open.  The safe inside also was limited due to the door and the desk and hard to get to. I had an ironing board and and iron that were attractive just standing in the corner of the room.. Handy to have, but not what I prefer to see sitting around - let alone where I would stand to even use it.  In addition, I thought the plastic drinking cups and paper coffee cups (for use w the Keurig) were poor taste.  For the cost of the room, at least have the class to use glassware.  I have had nicer rooms and definitely nicer bathrooms at a Holiday Inn Express!

    Maybe it will be better once they get to renovating the rooms - not that they will be larger, but at least they may be furnished with the appropriate style and fit for the room. And I agree with soundproofing more - No parties in the hall for my time here, but could hear things I preferred not to hear through the wall!  Definitely needs a make-over!

    01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    453. Ana D.
    You have got to be kidding me with this joint! Firstly, I don't like to stay in hotels but my friend, who was paying, insisted. Fine. The place looked beautiful from the outside. Great. I sneaked a peak at how much he's paying and for these prices the following are unacceptable:

    -no free parking
    -no wifi in the rooms

    That's just to begin with. The concierge didn't seem surprised and wasn't at all apologetic for the fact that some of our pillow cases were dirty with makeup on it and everything. There was other people's hair on the supposedly clean towels.

    Even the coffee machine is deplorable, with its 1 choice of tea - in fact, the budget Ibis I stayed at on the side of a road once was better than this crap. The crappiness doesn't stop here but this should be enough to help you make a good decision.

    My friend isn't a traveler so I'll have to teach him about Yelp. Oy!

    UPDATE: it gets worse. The "I couldn't care less" concierge either just pretended to make a phone call (probable) or housekeeping was too lazy and just flipped the dirty pillow upside down on my bed.

    Also, power outlets in the lobby don't work and the free Gatorade in the gym is watered down.

    I can't wait to get out of this s**thole.

    20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    454. Grey G.
    Where do I begin with the terrible service I received upon arriving at the Boston Park Plaza..

    1. Although there was a man in traditional bellhop attire , he did not help me with any of my luggage to the front desk

    2. Christina at the reception was on the phone as I arrived when she got off the phone she began speaking to another client who came after me in line

    3. Christina's friend whose name I do not know didn't want to listen to any of the information his coworker told me to give upon arrival

    4. When I gave him the wrong credit card by mistake he mockingly told me that my card had declined

    5. He told me that he didn't have to let me check in and even though the card on file had already been charged he said I'm doing you a favor how about that

    6. And after all of that -- still no bell hop service to the room still no directions to the elevator or the door still no information about Wi-Fi

    7. At 2:15 am, livid about the experience and feeling like a yelp review will make me feel a little better through this rant, I have to pay $12.50 just to use the wi-fi

    01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    455. E B.
    Okay location, but the hotel is well past its prime, or any basic standard.   There is a lot of road noise, and the bathrooms should have been updated years ago.

    The rooms are not large, which is okay considering its downtown.   but too few elevators, and even something basic like trying to get water in your room turns into an exercise in futility.  

    I tried to escalate the one issue that mattered to me and was told there was no manager on duty at night.  Pretty sure that is not true.  

    And there is ALOT of construction in the area so you definitely wont be sleeping in !!

    03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    456. Stephanie M.
    I agree with the previous reviews.   They should inform guests while booking of the condition of the hotel.   They are going to lose more business from people having horrible experiences there during the construction. Also,  the heat in the room was not working,  and I called the front desk 3x regarding this.   They kept telling me that they'd be right up to check it for me.   Two days later and still no one has shown up.   Ridiculous customer service!  They did tell me that they'd move my room,  but never even came to check the heat!   They obviously don't care about guests.   I suppose they get enough business from transients that they don't need to give good customer service.   Last time I stay here!

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    457. Patrick C.
    The location is great and the staff is fantastic.  The rooms are a bit small and they do make you pay for internet in the rooms (free in the lobby) which is a bit annoying given the price of the hotel.  If you sign up FREE for an iPrefer membership, you get your in-room internet for free.
    As an iPrefer member, you earn points and enjoy valuable rewards at participating Preferred Hotel Group hotels and resorts around the world.  So If you want an historic hotel with top of the line service in a fantastic location, this is the one for you.  If the size of the room (and bathroom) need to be big for you to be happy, you may want to book with a more recently built hotel.  

    The hotel is fully updated and the rooms are very nice but the size of them is excellent for the time the hotel was built but small by modern standards.

    For me, it was perfect since was only in Boston for a few days and wanted to be right by Copley Square and Boylston Street.  The location is great.

    For some people, this will be a memorable hotel with lots of charm, great service, a sense of history, and fantastic staff.  For others, it will be a lot of money to pay for a smallish room.  (Small doesn't mean tiny here.  It is just not a huge space.  I had a single shower, toilet, and sink in the bathroom and that was about it.  

    There is a queen bed, tv, and desk but not much else room.  Amenities are an in-room safe, full ironing board and iron, a full dresser and wardrobe.

    The staff is great and the ambiance is very nice.  Prices are a bit higher than what you will pay further from the downtown but the location is really worth it - and they allow pets!!

    I would definitely stay here again when I am in Boston.

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    458. Gabe E.
    Great stay. Online pricing is shady.

    Stayed a night after a company Christmas party with my wife.

    Checkin and staff were great and helpful. Valet parking was $50 (maybe 55?) a day.

    King room and bathroom was small. It's expected. No points off.  Clean and nice. Don't plan on hanging out in the room it's too small.

    Now for the annoying part.
    I reserved a queen room online a month ahead at their "best" rate.  The week of my stay they emailed me an offer to upgrade my room. For about $20 I could upgrade to a king.
    I decided to check the web for current offers.  Turns out the the Park Plaza's site had better discounts and I could get the same King room for less than the original price. I could also reserve a "Deluxe Tower King" for less than the upgrade. I cancelled the original room and reserved the deluxe room.
    Upon checkin my room seemed awfully small for deluxe. Upon inquiring with the front desk I was informed thee were no Tower rooms and I was in a standard King. They were happy to adjust the price.

    I am still unhappy that the upgrade offer was made to pay more for a room than the current best rate. Also that it was possible to book a room that isn't even an option at the hotel.
    Also when navigating to their site they offer a special discount for using their mobile site,  too bad there were better discounts when you searched for all rooms.

    Bottom line check all the available rates and keep doing it. Expect a small room, expensive parking, and $12 per day for in room wifi and you'll have a great experience. The lobby is under renovation too,not a big deal.

    13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    459. Lori M.
    Even while under construction this hotel holds its past charm and history deep amongst its walls..  A lovely room with the hidden gems of its past and the benefits of current melted nicely.  The bed was comforting and the dual shower head was a great additional perk! I was very pleased my stay.  The hotel is surrounded by the best of Boston in all directions.

    24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    460. Carlos L.
    Pros: Cool, old architecture. Location, location, location.

    Cons: The place is falling apart. Huge water leak in the foyer. Rooms are in great need of an update - everything is old, dark, and run-down. The exercise equipment is broken, almost without exception. No water pressure. Wanted to charge me to bring me a knife and spoon, refused to let me use a steak knife in the room. This, despite the fact that there are 2 types of steak on the room service menu.

    Avoid - there are much better options very close, especially at this price point.

    11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    461. Sarah B.
    We were looking for an interesting, centrally located hotel for our recent visit to Maine by way of Boston, and picked here.

    We knew Boston hotels were expensive, and our room was $209.50 per night for a Superior King.

    The lobby is quite nice... this is a historic hotel with a grand lobby of intricate carvings, huge chandeliers, and beautiful inlaid floors.  I didn't really notice these at first because our tax dropped us off at the non-grandiose entrance since there was construction going on, and long story short I fell on the sidewalk over a carry on bag, and while hubby was checking us in I was tending to my leg that was shredded basically on the concrete.  The one time I would've happily tipped a bellman to deal with the luggage, and no one was anyone near the taxi entrance.  Oh, well.

    Our room was what I'd describe as small, which we expected.  Our view was over a nice courtyard across the street and there was a single chair in addition to the desk and its chair.  The bed was comfortable, I'll say that, but past that we were largely unimpressed.  Small, small bathroom.. so small you had to shut the door in order to sit on the toilet.  The only time we'd had a smaller bathroom was at a Hotel Indigo in Atlanta or one while in NYC.  

    And while the bathroom had been renovated to be clad in marble, they did a vinyl overlay over the old tub that didn't quite fit.  You could feel the slight squishing under your feet where it didn't fit.  And this tiny bathroom had a scale in there... for pete's sake.  I wanted to throw that out in the hall.  And while it's a small thing, they only gave us two towels.  I'm sorry, if you are a female with long-ish hair you need a hair towel and a body towel.  Most hotels realize that and put three in a king room.  I called down for extra bath towels 45 minutes before I wanted to shower to avoid a problem, but alas towels never arrived and we needed to get moving.

    The doors to each room where also a bit weird.  It's a historic hotel, I know, but I couldn't quite figure out why the room doors were so heavy and appeared to almost have a secret compartment in each door where maybe if they did your laundry they left it in the door?  I never saw one opened so I don't know it, they were just very heavy, very thick, odd doors.

    The elevators were not the best.  Once it arrived for us on the 15th floor, and the doors didn't open all the way and got stuck.  Another time we were going up and had a somewhat similar experience.  There were six elevators, which would normally have been fine, but it seemed like every time we were coming or going.. the attendees of a conference on the mezzanine level were let go for a break... and they bombarded our elevator and we suddenly had to stop on every floor.  Wish we'd have gotten their meeting schedule so we could've avoided their start times and breaks.

    There is one elevator whose sign says it is express from the lobby to the 15th (Towers) floor.  It lies.  We took it once and again with the convention folks hitting every stinking floor.

    The first morning we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant in the lobby.  The breakfast buffet, which was nothing special, was $25 per person.  Seriously.  So we ordered French toast and bacon, and pancakes and bacon, and guess what... we ended up spending $25 per person anyway.  Service was fair, I'd say.  The French toast was almost dry.  Day #2 we walked around the corner to an Au Bon Pain on property and had a far superior breakfast for $15 for the two of us, so I recommend that for sure.

    The location is good... across the street are Fleming's, Local Seafood, and on property is a Melting Pot and another chain seafood whose name I forgot.  We visited the Melting Pot on our first exhausted night and it was actually quite fun.

    I'm sure when the construction is finished, this will be a nicer first impression.  And I wouldn't say it was bad, either, just nothing to get too excited about for $209 a night.  But in Boston $209 a night isn't really all that much at all.

    02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    462. Heather P.
    Clean, excellent location, friendly staff, and comfortable beds. We loved our stay at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Across from the Boston Common, and the T (a one minute walk) connects at Arlington to all trains. It was perfect!

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    463. michele c.
    This hotel is a rip off- avoid.  The loud, tiny room with a busy construction staging area just underneath the window with a view of the adjacent wall, at 300.00, was dirtier, louder and managed to smell a little worse than the 42.00 Comfort Inn we stayed in the next night in Atlanta.

    The person in the room adjacent to ours was in town to correct some major health issues at one of Boston's finest. We got to hear all about it. He sure did have to go to the bathroom a lot, as evidenced by the flushes, we could hear everything.

    I too was an angry, poor New England townie, so instantly recognized the feral pack of kids roaming and running through the halls, just keeping busy/warm eluding security- fun! Except for being awoken multiple times by their whimsical fucking shenanigans.

    Exposed extension cords clumsily guide your way to the power strip, the only working outlet in the room. The bed is so close to the wall one can only shimmy out if it on one side. Products, meh, nothing special. Toilet so old it had those rust/age spots which looked like skid marks. No closet. A loudly humming ice machine, right outside.

    Let's face it, the only reason you'd chose this room is location, to do things, so the gigantic wide screen tv mounted atop the tallest dresser in the world is pretty useless.

    You will complain, as you should, to get some cash back- don't take the breakfast. It's like some friggin cold cuts and melon. Take the 50.00. The nice people behind the registration counter seemed practiced in the subtle art of quieting pissy clients. And note to customer service robot: don't bother sending your canned reply. I (retroactively) read the others sent, and let me tell it to you in Boston: hell would freeze over before I stay at this place again.

    24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    464. Cindi W.
    Ok, well, we did not stay here and we r not going to. Why? Although I think the manager, June, is doing a fantastic job responding to people who have had abad experience, I think that The Boston Park Plaza should give everyone of these folks a FREE  one night stay AFTER the renovation is done.
    I wanted to also  make a comment that with all of this frikin snow and cold, even during the renovation at the hotel, the heating system should be working properly. Worried about our health, I opted to not stay here due to the fact that the rooms were too cold.
    Again, I get that you are renovating but there is NO excuse for a cold room with 15 degree temps outside. The maintenance guy, per one review, sounded as if he was quite inexperienced and gave a bad excuse to the customers regarding how to regulate room temperature. Seriously, get that heat working pronto!! All the other stuff can wait, the health of your customers depend on it.

    05/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    465. Caroline S.
    Allow me to preface this review by apologizing for its length.  Given my recent experience at the Park Plaza, I feel the need to be detailed and thorough. I'll start with the positives first.

    Indeed, the location is perfect and the hotel architecture is just beautiful. But what really stands out at the Park Plaza is its on-site restaurant, The Statler. A class act from start to finish! Yes, it is a bit pricey, but what you get back in service, food and drinks is completely worth the price tag. I want to especially acknowledge servers Sammy and Stefania for their professionalism and class, as well as the night manager (her name escapes me but it starts with a Z and she was from Croatia). At The Statler, customer service is clearly a top priority. I highly recommend this restaurant.

    Let's start with my check in. I arrived as part of a consortium of educators in town for a Brain Research conference.   I travel often for work and stay in many hotels, all  reserved on my school's corporate card. I never, ever have  to put up my own personal money for any hotel expenses.  When I arrived after a 5 hr train ride, I was informed by the front desk receptionist that there was no cc authorized on file. I asked if they had sent that prior to my arrival and was told there are 1100 rooms and they can't follow up with everyone about that. Wow, okay. Trying my hardest to be patient, I asked the manager on duty (Bruce) to email my boss and she would address it. Bruce was fairly accommodating and allowed me to check in without having the authorization on file immediately, which I appreciated.

    Okay, I think, all is well. I get to my room which was situated in a strange vestibule of sorts. There was a main door off the hallway which led to two adjacent rooms. The main hallway door I wanted to keep closed, but every time I closed it someone would reopen it (housekeeping maybe?), resulting in what I felt was lack of privacy.  The King sized room was indeed small, the bathroom had virtually no counter space, and the bed's headboard squeaked-LOUDLY- non stop.  Ughhhh....

    It gets worse. These walls are PAPER THIN. I literally heard every time my neighbors flushed the toilet, and was startled when they slammed the built- in dresser drawers so hard I jumped out if bed (at 7:30am). Speaking of startled (and PISSED OFF), I was infuriated when, after my first night's sleep in a bed whose sheets gave my elbows and knees major rug burn,  the housekeeper practically barged into my room waking me up to clean. Luckily I had the chain on, because alas, there was no do not disturb sign when I arrived. Really?? 8 am is when you do housekeeping when there are guests in the room???  

    So much for peace and quiet. You're not going to find it here. Fine, I rationalized, I'm here for business so it's not a big deal.

    Moving on, the evening before my check out, I hit the front desk to check up on the cc authorization (2days later). No one from the hotel has followed up with me, so I assume all is good. Assumption wrong, as it was not received yet (that's my supervisors fault, I acknowledge). However, it's Friday night now and thanks to the crappy Wifi and cell signal in this hotel, I am stressing out trying to get a phone number to call someone from my school to make sure they send that out. In the meantime, a very rude front desk staff member told me there was nothing they could do without the authorization and I would essentially have to leave the hotel that evening. I was mortified, embarrassed, and insulted at the fact that he even suggested that considering I was there for business.

    After like 20 minutes standing at the desk, waiting for a cell signal to access my email, being told I would have to leave, and treated like some second class citizen, I finally reached my boss who spoke to the front desk and I assume got it all worked out. At this point I'm furious, drenched in sweat, and have made a bit of a scene.

    Amit, the front desk manager, attempted to hear my concerns and make it right. He did his best, but I had two main issues: First, it is the responsibility of hotel staff to ensure they receive those authorizations before guests arrive, especially when they are part of a business group. In those instances, most guests are not  paying for these rooms personally and that needs to be understood and handled appropriately so that the guest is not made to feel stressed or anxious upon arrival.

    Second, the male front desk receptionist was incredibly insulting when he told me I would need to leave the hotel without the authorization. That, to end, was by far one of the worst customer service experiences I ever had as a hotel patron.

    Amit tried to make things right by comping my dinner and drinks for the evening at The Statler. Thank goodness because I loved that place.

    Final word- if courteous service, sleeping in, peace and quiet are important to you, don't stay here.

    22/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    466. Jess P.
    The main plus side to staying here was that the event I was in town for was in this hotel, so it was great in a lazy way.

    But the room was so small and not very nice. I think it's the "old" vibe, but not in an old classic way, but just outdated and small. The bathroom was half the width of a normal home bathroom and very not comfortable.

    When I tried to get work done, my wifi (which is NOT free) didn't work, and so after trying to call the tech help line as instructed by the front desk, and receiving no answer after trying for 30 minutes, I again sought out the help of the front desk, who just said "Oh, they must not be there..." No other solution or offer to help or anything. Upon checkout I even had to proactively ask for them to remove the charge for wifi, since mine never worked.

    I probably would not stay here again even if the event were right here, as I'm sure I would find a better hotel down the street.

    14/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    467. evan m.
    Showing its age. This place is dingy, overpriced, best avoided. You will hear everything your neighbors are doing - noisy kids, drunk parties, and worse. Your heat works except when it doesn't, which is usually, and the staff go out of their way to make you feel like you're in their way. My favorite moment was asking for a few bottles of water from behind the front desk, they say those are only for the 14th and 15th floors. Off limits to a ninth floor resident like myself.

    It's not a pleasant place to stay. Feels like people are always watching me to make sure I don't steal a towel or get ahold of a water bottle I'm not supposed to have.

    Tip: the water is unguarded by the mezzanine level conference rooms behind the door next to the men's room. I stole a whole bunch of it from you miserable bastards.

    03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    468. Joel R.
    I will admit, the hotel has a great history and decor to admire, but that's about it.

    The staff are not very friendly or approachable. They are short and somewhat abrupt with their responses. For instance, we arrived at 6:45 am from a long red-eye flight. We walked to the restaurant hoping to see a menu or order the buffet, the hostess snapped and said, "We don't open till 7am!" and she promptly turned around and walked away. I am assuming she is not a morning person. No problem, we were tired and figured we'd check them out for lunch later.

    The rooms... This hotel was built around 1928 and the size of the rooms show that. Our room was about 150 square feet and there was no space to put our totes or wheeled-luggage. The bathroom is very tiny and dated. I felt like, we were in a closet. The windows have cheap vinyl shades, that let sun light in, no matter how you try to black-out your windows for sleep.

    Lastly, if you try and order food from the restaurant, they give you two options... You can use room service, which has ridiculous fees or you can go downstairs... Order your food... Then wait while it's prepared. That's absurd! Why can't a patron/guest, order from their room, and then come down in 10 mins to pay and pick up their food. This is the first hotel that has never let us do this.

    If you plan on staying in the downtown Boston area, there are plenty of other hotels that will accommodate you in comfort and amenities for the same price range.

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    469. Maninder S.
    Horrible customer service. A Chinese girl at reception was rude. That ruined my hole day I will never even look at that hotel again. I do not recommend this hotel to anyone plus the hole place is under construction looks horrible inside.

    I had a reservation  and she goes like we don't have a room available and I was like in the advertising u people say there are 1054 rooms available air conditioning may I add. Now am here and u r saying u don't have a room available out of those 1054 rooms with  "air conditioning" and then she went rude on me.  I just left and went to red roof plus at least they respect your business.  NEVER GO TO BOSTON PARK PLAZA HOTEL WORST PLACE EVER.

    11/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    470. Javier M.
    There is basically no amenities, no parking garage unless you want to have your car valet parked. The air conditioner did not work well at all and security comes and tells you that you're too loud at night even though you're having a normal volume ranged conversation. Looks swanky on the outside but the experience is worse then one you can expect from a motel. I would implore anyone to go anywhere but here.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    471. Jennifer L.
    Beautiful lobby, great location, horrible room. The room is old and raggedy. Uneven floors, lumpy bed, and tiny bathroom. The TV is placed on the side so if you want to watch TV at night, you would need to sit facing the side with nothing to lean on. Will not stay again.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    472. Richard R.
    I stayed in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel while the Red Sox were playing against the Giants for the World Series.  Their Valet parking services and appearance of the hotel and accomodations were great.  That night their fire alarms systems went of 3 times during the night: at 2am, 3:30am, and 5am. 30 minutes after each alarm had been turned off.  The loud speakers connected to the alarm systems sounded again to inform everyone that the alarm that had woken everybody up was a false alarm and that they were sorry for waking everybody up again to let everyone know.  Needless to say, the repeated alarms and subsequent speaker system announcements did not allow me and my wife to get any sleep until about 6am when the alarm/speaker system interruptions ended for good.  When we checked out at Noon.  There were a large number of fellow guests complaining of the hotels mismanagement of the false alarm situation.  The hotel representation informed everyone who was checking out that the hotel would be compensating everyone who had stayed with the hotel with a free night at the hotel on their next stay.  When I called a few weeks later to make a reservation at the hotel, I had to pass thru 5 different members of the hotel staff before I was connected to the hotel accountant who said the Hotel would not be honoring its promised compensation because they deemed that the incident was due to pranksters and not the responsibility of the hotel.  While nicely located for a visit in Boston, I recommend future visitors not to stay at this hotel due to the lack of integrity/ethics in customer service in the hotel's representation.

    22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    473. Megan J.
    Small and old rooms, but a beautiful hotel in a great location with friendly staff. It was undergoing renovations while I was there, so it's nice to know they try to keep it up. I got free wifi during my stay for tweeting about my upcoming reservation.

    My stay was very short, but it was a great location to be in...we were a $20 cab ride to Fenway, got late night dinner and drinks at the Irish pub that shares the building and the next day had delicious lunch at Legal Seafood right across the street! There's even an Au Bon Pain in the building if you want to skip the Park Plaza's breakfast line up. I did a six-mile loop run and saw a lot of what I wanted to see including running along the Charles on the Promenade, Paul Revere's house and the Old North Church and just a heck of a lot of the north part of the city.

    The hotel was just a place to rest my head in between all that and it fit the bill. It was a strangely cold early summer night and a very helpful engineer came up and brought us a space heater since the heat was not set to come on. Nice touch in the middle of the night!

    08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    474. Francine C.
    This place was under construction - like EVERY YEAR .. It is never complete! everything closed, everything old, we were here for a convention and they didnt mention that one of the entrances was closed. The usher allowed my mother and i to unload our luggage in the rain before he finally came to help us when we were finished. Then he waited around in the lobby expecting a tip before we even had a chance to check in

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    475. Keon D.
    From the reviews I was expecting a horrible experience. I found the hotel was much better than i expected.

    First things first, yes its a bit older inside and the rooms aren't huge. The price also isn't totally outrageous though. The lobby looks fantastic and the location just can't be beat. It's literally 1 block or a little less from the metro. I was able to walk around and visit a ton of boston a short walk from the hotel. I went running in the morning along the charles and tons of parks and attractions super close.

    I had no problem with any of the service. I'd def stay here again. Check their website for deals and discounts.

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    476. j d.
    Tiny room with view of brick wall. Narrowest shower I have ever seen. I'm not exaggerating. Judging from the wall tiles, it is 21" wide max. And the end of the toilet is 12" from the shower. I honestly can't remember a worse bathroom in any hotel in the US. I am not a super picky person but I feel taken advantage of.

    21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    477. Descapucine S.
    Ugh.  Too bad priceline tricked me into this room on a Name your own price.  
    Yes, the hotel is under construction.  No, they do not try to hide it at all.  Yes, the building is old/historic.  No, it is not worth the price.

    Arrived around 5 pm on a Friday and there was a line of about 5-8 people trying to check in, nobody knew where to go, it was kind of a mess.  I had called 2 days earlier to make sure there were 2 double beds rather than 1 king, since I was sharing the room.  The check in girl told me there was "no record" of this conversation and that I was booked for a single bed.  I asked her to double check and to accommodate me.  She looked at me like I was an idiot, and told me "Next time, you should write down the name of the person you spoke to."
    Um, excuse me, college kid?  Do you know how many hotels I stay at on a regular basis?  If I wrote down the name of every person I spoke to about basic requests, I would have nothing but names jotted down on scraps of paper in every pocket/wallet/purse/crevice on me.  I did not realize I was expecting so much out of the Boston Park Plaza to be able to handle a simple request without me keeping rigid documentation.  Did it even matter?  There were double bed rooms available and it seemed pretty straightforwardly easy for her to switch my room in the end, when she finally tried.

    Also- they WILL put a $100 hold charge on your credit card for incidentals, so if that matters to you, be aware.  Ugh.  My finances can handle it but it just added to the already sour taste of this hotel.

    Elevators are S-L-O-W, and not all are functioning due to the construction.  Expect to wait a while.

    Rooms are old and small.  I have never been in a smaller hotel room with 2 beds.  Barely enough room to wheel my suitcase between the bed and desk to get into the room.  Closet is a tiny armoire about 2-3 feet wide.  Bathroom door did not have a lock.  Barely any counter space in the bathroom.  Hairdryer was LITERALLY a five-dollar contraption from the 1980s.  COME ON GUYS.  YOU'RE THE BOSTON PARK PLAZA.  GET CLASSY.

    At least the bed was comfy and the room was warm.  No issues with hot water in the shower.  To be honest, given the rest of the quality of my stay, I was surprised that there were no issues with the shower.

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    478. Kristine M.
    This just happened to be a bad time as the hotel was undergoing reservations. None of the hotel food services were available but they had adjoining restaurants to substitute. One of the great things was that the David Barton gym had just opened and is free for guests. Staff is very polite and helpful.

    09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    479. Saejin K.
    Pros: you really can't beat the location. The lobby is beautiful and the hotel has a great vintage feel. We asked for a bucket of ice and champagne glasses and they gave us a box of chocolates with it. We were also upgraded to the tower king rooms. Bed is comfy.

    Cons: the bucket of ice they gave us leaked all over the table and clothes and when I asked to run them through the dryer (we didn't have anything else to wear) I was transferred to 5 different people, one of which wasn't at his desk. I was also promised to be called by the manager and front desk twice and both times no one called me. It was an ordeal that took about 40 minutes before getting resolved.

    The TV didn't work well in the morning and the channels would randomly black out.

    Parking was $48 for the night.

    Room service tacked on a ton of hidden fees which were not listed on the menu. I ordered $28 worth of food and ended up being charged over $41 not including tip.

    That being said, I was offered the valet for free and the front desk manager was very nice which made me come back and give them another star.

    08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    480. K C.
    Apparently their idea of a "luxurious" room is far different from mine.
    They have been doing renovations in the lobby for at least 3 years but currently it is a MAJOR construction zone.  I was told several times they are spending $100,000,000 on this current renovation.  They should renovate the actual rooms here however I hate to think how long that would take them!  
    At least half the elevators were not working due to construction and with multiple conventions happening, expect 15 minute elevator rides which include standing in line to get on and stopping on every floor.
    With their breakfast and buffet no longer available in the lobby, McCormicks set up a buffet.  No breakfast ordering - buffet only.  $70 for two.
    With no room service available, be cautious of the one and only snack vending machine in the building - it steals money.
    I had to walk sideways to get past the end of my bed.
    Have been staying here annually for years but it's time to find a new "luxurious" place to stay.

    17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    481. Kristal B.
    I had the pleasure of staying at Boston Park Plaza before they started renovations a few years ago and decided to stay here again during some of my time in Boston. This time around, it was construction, construction, construction! We arrived a few hours before check in and Amelia was able to get us a room right away. She took the extra time to get a roll-away bed in there for us as well. Customer service was amazing as always! Even with the construction going on, our sleep was not disturbed whatsoever! I am excited to return and see the newly renovated Boston Park Plaza! Thank you for always making our stay with you a fantastic one!

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    482. Rachel K.
    Quiet frankly over the next several months stay ANYWHERE else but here. They are currently renovating contrary to the website (stating it's newly remodeled and updated). Elevators work if you're lucky 1-2 at a time (instead of 6). And like other reviewers before me, the bathrooms are small severally outdated (circa day 1950). Oh, and if you are the lucky person that gets assigned to the 12th floor, There is an unusual fishy stench that after 4 days was never really found. Come to find out there was a seafood convention 1 week prior to our stay. It literally smelled like something died!!!

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    483. Liz V.
    It is what it is when it comes to The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers.

    I didn't come to Boston to stay in my hotel room and I chose this hotel due to its impressive location, proximity to the T and ease to Back Bay and the South End. I was fine overlooking the few things that gave this hotel its historic charm.

    I was upgraded to a king suite upon check in and I had an awesome view of the city and park. My room had a Keurig coffee maker, a soft bed with over sized pillows and extra towels.

    The hotel is older and not all the rooms are upgraded and I was a bit confused by the front door being 2 doors (see the other pics on Yelp) and yes, the bathroom was small but, it served it's purpose.

    The 42" flat screen TV with over 100 channels was helpful when I decided to stay in one night and room service was quick. I ordered the cheeseburger with herbed fries and it was delicious.

    There is an Au Bon Pain, Ben and Jerry's and Finale Restaurant in the basement of the hotel. I would often stop by Au Bon for soup or a quick danish on my daily walk to the T.

    If you don't mind an older hotel with a lot of personality, the Park Hotel is for you. If you want to pay $700 a night for the same view I got for $125, there are plenty of hotels in the area.

    28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    484. Kalli C.
    Pretty underwhelming.

    I don't mind that the rooms are small or historic (old). But, I think our room was only half cleaned and the thermostat was set at 80° when we arrived.

    Also, the light switch for the bathroom is in the bedroom. So, if your pregnant wife gets up in the middle of the night, she has to turn on the light while the bathroom door is open, waking you up in the process.

    30/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    485. Brian K.
    Looks charming but in major need of renovation

    Bathroom toilet: look at the picture - it's an industrial toilet that flushes so forcefully, if you don't close the lid, water sprays all over the bathroom floor.

    Old, outdated decor. The carpet looks really old and dirty.

    Good Back Bay location but book another hotel. This is laughable being called a 4-star hotel. 2 stars is more like it.

    WiFi not included.

    $3 coffee available downstairs.

    18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    486. Ryan M.
    Meh. The room and ammenities were sub-standard, as far as hotels go. Dingy, out-dated, and poorly-lit. The walls are paper-thin (I could hear neighbors clearly sneezing/talking/hocking disgusting loogies in their bathroom). Conditioner is watered down, towels are small and rough. Rooms are small (they fit the bed, and not much else).
    A few little things, like more flattering lighting in the bathroom and better towels could really go a long way -- I don't understand why they don't do this.

    I took a picture of a hilarious sign in the bedroom: "In order to protect our natural resources, we are replacing glass cups with biodegradable corn plastic cups" Um... You realize that washing glasses is *far* more environmentally-friendly than growing, harvesting, and processing corn to make a single-use plastic cup, right? Everything is in the room is obnoxiously "green washed" in the blatant interest of saving the hotel money and labor.

    The lobby is beautiful and grand, but the receptionist dressed in a T-shirt, and the tacky "coffee/pastry" stand in the middle of the lobby kind of detracts from the whole experience. I mean, even the pastries are gross. The kind of thing you get from Costco in bulk. I'm sorry, but a $3 croissant shouldn't just be a bread roll *shaped* like a croissant -- even Dunkin' Donuts can do better than that, and theirs are less than half the price!

    Hotel prices for a motel experience, but in an excellent location in a historic building.

    22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    487. Andrew E.

    We agree with most of the reviewers here that the accommodations and service are lacking and unbecoming for a highly (non-user) rated hotel.  The only thing that saves the place is its central location.  

    5-10 minutes to Chinatown/Newbury street.  Two blocks from the Common.  About 10-15 minutes to Copley.  Tough to beat for the price, which we locked in via a bidding website, but next time we're likely to try our luck elsewhere.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    488. Nikki H.
    I really wish I had listened to the reviews on here before booking out stay at this hotel.

    Boston Park Plaza is a centrally located hotel that was charmingly described as "historic." What they don't tell you is that the whole building is under construction with little or no consideration for its guests. We stayed here for a week in December and were routinely woken up at 8am to jackhammering in the next suite or inconsiderate housekeepers.  No word of a lie!

    Also, there was constantly heavy traffic on our floor. Like the other reviewers have stated the walls are extremely thin and you hear EVERYTHING. We were not staying anywhere close to the elevators, however every time someone got off on our floor, we could hear the bell, the sound of their footsteps and bags being rolled down the hallway and their conversations. I could hear the guy in the next room sneeze! This set the tone for a very irritating stay that was NOT relaxing at all.

    Next, let's talk about housekeeping. As an avid traveler, I have never been woken up by housekeeping, at 8 am in the morning to boot, especially when we have the DND sign on the floor. This was not an accident as it happened more than 3 times during out stay. That is almost 50% of our trip! It was hard enough to fall asleep in this horrid hotel, the last thing I wanted was to be woken up just when I have fallen asleep by a maid yelling HOUSEKEEPING and opening up our door. Who does that?  When we did leave our hotel room at around noon, we made sure to leave the "service please" sign on the door. The first day, our room was not cleaned at all. We attributed this to the fact that maybe it was because they came at 8am and didn't return. However, the next day we made sure to leave a request with the front desk that our room be cleaned and we returned, it wasn't. This happened once more during our trip. IMHO this is bad customer service and really unacceptable. When the rooms were cleaned, they were half-assed. Our sheets had visible blood stains on them. Also noticed that the floor was not vacuumed or bathroom cleaned.

    Speaking about the bathrooms, I only have one word. GROSS. They are dingy and outdated. Our mirror was cracked, and the tile had visible black mold in the grout. Also the toilet, wasn't a standard toilet you would see in a hotel, but one with a metal step flush that you see in a public bathroom at a bar. GROSS. The towels that we got were over bleached and very rough and stiff.

    When it comes to customer service at this hotel, there is none.  Front desk staff is rude. As I stated before we had to ask twice for our rooms to be cleaned. When we inquired as to why the maids were coming into our rooms at 8am when there was a DND sign on the door, we got a nonchalant answer. When we asked about getting our rooms switched due to construction being done in the NEXT room, we were told that the hotel was over booked.

    It boggles my mind how management at this hotel thinks it is acceptable to book a guest next to a room that is currently under construction. It was apparent that they didn't care and just wanted to make as much money as they could by booking as many guests as they could. We weren't the only guests experiencing these problems as there were many people at the front desk complaining about the same issues. We had tweeted about our issues and told that a manager would be in contact with us, which never happened.

    The only good thing about this hotel would be the location. Save yourself the hassle, you are better off at a motel 6.

    07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    489. Jennifer H.
    After reading the recent reviews I was worried I made a mistake booking at the Park Plaza.  However, I loved this hotel!  Great location.  Super friendly staff.  Internet was included in my package.  The rooms are small but that is to be expected given the long history of the hotel.  My only complaint is very thin walls.  I could hear my neighbor sneeze!  Will definitely stay here again.

    02/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    490. Stephanie A.
    Wow! Really surprised to see that this place only has 2.5 stars. I personally found that I got a lot of bang for my buck here. Received a free upgrade upon arrival and found the price to be reasonable. The room was spacious, modern, and probably the cleanest room I have every stayed in. A HUGE king sized bed that I was, for once, NOT skeeved out to sleep in. The bed was SO super comfortable and we slept very comfortably at night. The hotel itself is beautiful and seems to have a lot to offer. We enjoyed the free continental breakfast (among the best I have experienced) and gym in the morning. Everyone who worked here was very helpful and there seemed to be a lot of people walking around and hanging out all over the hotel. Only downside was the hotel is so large that it can be confusing getting to the front desk to check in because of multiple entrances and employees only hanging out by the front desk, so could not find anyone to help with directions. After we found our way and checked in, we had a really wonderful stay here. Among the CLEANEST and most beautiful places I have stayed at. Did not have any issues with staying here. Did I mention how comfortable the bed was!? Beautiful view out of our window.

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    491. Maureen A.
    Disclaimer - I think I did get a good rate while booking on Expedia, but now I know why.  Yes, the rooms are those of a older hotel, thin walls (so thin that I was woken this morning by the alarm clock going off - for an hour - in the room next to me) the bathroom is outdated, etc -- but more than that - it's the things that they CAN control that are even lacking.  I'll spare you all the details:  no heat in a room (had to move to another) to no coffee cups for the Keurig, giant chunks of wallpaper missing from the unheated hallways (well, I did wind up putting some details in there, but I left out a lot more). __ALERT**No room service whatsoever in the hotel**  I wouldn't have stayed at a hotel without room service- that should be very clear to those when booking, and it wasn't.  

    Pros - location and the bed was great - sheets were those that you'd expect in a five star hotel - and I loves me some nice sheets, so that was a bonus.

    I'm here for one night for business so it's not that big of a deal, but having benefited from people taking the time to review businesses on Yelp, I felt like this hotel warrants a warning.

    04/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    492. Paul S.
    I landed off a red eye and got to the hotel at 7 am so didn't expect a room ready, but the front desk was understaffed and undertrained.  There was a long wait and the trainee could not even add a request I be called when the room was ready. So I ate breakfast there at off the common which was buffet only and for $25 was quite good, then I went to the David Barton Gym downstairs where the elevator didn't work and in general still under construction.  But the club was new and superb and despite pounding music pretty awesome.  The showers and amenities were great at the gym. I left 2 bags at the porters desk and left for lunch. At 3 pm I tried to get my bags but that took 15 minutes. Finally got to my room, a double which has  bizarre curved front. The room was in a word ok sized but tired. Furnishings, paint, restrooms. Clearly these were 2 single rooms recombined into a double as there are 2 bathrooms in mirror image!  Wifi speed was decent, TV was small but adequate.  Bed was ok. AC was good but again tired, bad lighting. Survivable for 1 night.  Locations superb and rate was pretty cheap but that's due to construction and tired rooms.  So good was the food and the gym and location.  Bad was service, lack of training, really sad tired rooms. Buyer beware. Concierge was helpful in getting me a haircut though, thank you!

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    493. Yuan W.
    called at 11pm for a blanket, now it is 12:05 still not here

    We stayed for two nights they forgot to refresh the keys, we go downstairs and got it fixed

    The room itself is old and small, this is understandable. The service is unbearable.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    494. Jeffrey D.
    The entire check-in experience was horrible. The construction noise was so loud that I couldn't use my phone in the lobby and had to nearly yell back and forth with the host. The front desk fax machine was not working for credit card authorization and they don't take information via email. As a result I had to wait another 10 minutes for them to retrieve the fax from another machine from somewhere else in the hotel. After receiving the fax and trying to check in the housekeeping guy began vacuuming the rug under my feet adding to the frustration and noise of the entire process. The entire construction process was not thought out. Miserable fail by these guys. Avoid this hotel until construction is complete. And ask them specifically because they WILL NOT tell you about it when you book.

    03/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    495. Christopher Y.
    If you want old school and outdated at a pricey rate, than look no further, Boston Park Plaza Hotel is your spot. Book your stay here for the ultimate run down experience and be sure to put on your ghetto persona to match the atmosphere.

    Pay no heed to the website, the glamorous pictures which depict a Great Gatsby and high flying 1920's aurora - all a facade. The hotel is under renovation until the end of Spring 2015. If we had known we were going to be ducking under scaffolding upon entrance and welcomed by wooden and concrete ramps, we would not have stayed here at any price. But that's not where this tragedy ends. The rooms are filthy. The table was dusty, there was a bandaid left on the bathroom counter, and the bathroom tiles are gritted with calcium deposits. The thermostat is adjustable but the room temperature will stay fixated at 75 Fahrenheit, the only resolution is to turn the thermostat off and let the chilly Boston winter temperature counter balance the temperature inside. Perfect if you enjoy waking up two or three times a night and find amusement in flicking the thermostat on and off.

    Barely worth mentioning but the concierge was okay, somewhat helpful staff. The best part of this hotel is when you walk out the doors, and away from the decrepit hole. Does that count? I don't know.

    03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    496. Jenny G.
    The website should mention that there are major renovations underway. Due to the renovations there is no room service. The Au Bon Pain which the hotel refers you to in lieu of too, service is also under renovation...

    My husband and I chose the Park Plaza as our first night away from our new baby. We were hoping for a good night's sleep (paper thin walls) and room service breakfast.  

    The hotel should be offering guests a free night's stay after the renovations. They've clearly stopped caring about customer service since it's been over a week since i emailed them about this and have yet to receive a response. I feel bad for the hotel staff who have to deal with all disgruntled guests.

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    497. Laura W.
    We stayed at the Boston Park Plaza on 4/5 and 4/6. I booked the room online (before reading reviews) and was concerned when I read that it would be under construction. It may have been worse earlier in the year (as other reviewers noted), but I'm pleased to report that there were very few disruptions to our stay.

    It was slightly hard to tell from the outside that we had the correct building, but once we arrived, everything was clean and well-maintained. Check-in was speedy and polite. There is construction happening on the lobby floor, but the seating area is quiet. We were given a room on the 15th floor, which had a nice view of the skyline and was very quiet (I didn't hear any neighbors). The bed was very comfortable, with many pillows of varying firmness, and comfortable linens. Free wifi (perhaps a promotion?) was excellent. The bathroom was clean, with excellent water pressure and large, fluffy towels.

    The housekeeping staff we encountered were friendly and courteous, and we were never disturbed. The room is small (as one might expect for an old hotel), but perfectly sized for two people.

    No room service (restaurant is under construction), and parking is ridiculous ($48/day for valet, ~$30/day for area lots and garages). Otherwise, an excellent stay.

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    498. Melissa C.
    The night was a disaster but Olivia did everything she could to correct the situation. It is appreciated and we will give this place another Chance as a result.

    04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    499. Kate J.
    As many have noted, the lobby is a construction zone. In fact, as you walk to the front desk you pass a sign that says "hard hats required beyond this point" There is only one entrance open which means that you have to walk an extra two blocks when coming from the Boylston side. That may not seem like much, but it feels like a lot in the cold Boston winter.

    Furthermore, my room is tiny. The bathroom is laughably small. The shower (no tub) is so small that you can't comfortably stand in it without the shower curtain touching your body (a huge pet peeve of mine). I'm on my own, so it's not a huge deal, but two people would be wildly uncomfortable in this room.

    The staff have been fine, but not welcoming or thoughtful. I waited in my car for nearly ten minutes before a valet came to take it which is particularly disappointing given that I'm paying $48/night for it. Once they finally took my car, there were no clear instructions for where to go which were definitely needed given the crazy construction.

    Finally, the small things that really make a difference, are sorely lacking. They have plastic cups and the bath towels are tiny and scratchy. I expect more from a downtown luxury hotel. I've had better experiences at a best western and paid half as much.

    27/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    500. Joseph W.
    They charged my credit card $100 after I checked out for no reason.  Very deceitful.  After a Google search, seems like I wasn't the only one.  We'll see if this "deposit" is credited back to my account.

    Also, there is major construction going on in the lobby and no access to the staircases.  Is this even legal?  The place is basically in shambles.  Looks like it was recently hit by an air raid.

    Terrible. Awful.  Stay away.

    28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    501. Seth E.
    Having lived in Boston for 10 years, I can tell you it's actually hard to find inexpensive hotel fares in the city.  This time around, I used Kayak and got a great deal -- $144 for two nights.  

    The hotel itself was good.  The location is great being downtown near the Boston Commons.  The room was very clean if a bit cramped and dated.  I have to give extra points to the staff who were very accommodating when they refunded me a day that I missed due to travel issues.

    I would definitely come back here.

    31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    502. J J.
    So unimpressed with a hotel that was supposed to be "a prototype of the grand American hotel".

    Warning! This is an active construction site which management failed to mention during booking. Upon arrival, I inquired about the use of the "business center" to which the concierge responded, "I have no idea!"

    As we walked past the construction workers, we overheard one of the guys comment about the amount of asbestos he's seen in the walls. (Wth?)

    With No room service, I requested a corkscrew and waited for over a half an hour with no response. Oh, and the concierge closes at 10pm.

    Overall, customer service was poor and I wonder if the hotel should even be open to guests. This is my 2nd visit and both times were disappointing.

    24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    503. Nicole H.
    Getting anyone on the phone to change a reservation is so time consuming and frustrating that you'll wish you were going to the dentist because it's about as painful ad having teeth removed. This was a recommended hotel for a conference and I'm sure organizers were regretting their decision after the feedback from attendees. I did not actually end up staying here because of flight delays, but being passed for the reservation line to front desk back to reservations (after finally getting anyone on the phone) just to cancel my reservation made me happy that I wouldnt have to deal with any other issues with this hotel.

    Management--learn some basic customer service skills, hire more staff, and please figure out a better way to let people modify reservations!

    24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    504. Claire M.
    Stayed here in the summer and the overall service has awesome. I fall in love with Boston and hope to go back sometime soon.

    12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    505. Nomi P.
    I stayed here for one night and I am glad it wasn't for much longer.

    Pros: Location, clean room

    Cons: The historic hotel has been divided into as many rooms as possible, so the rooms are tiny. I was in a Queen suite and there is no way the bed was larger than a full size. The desk and dresser were jammed so closely together that you couldn't pull the chair out fully. And there was the inconvenience of the remodel. Overall, I think there are other hotels in the area that can offer a little more space and comfort at a similar price point.

    08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    506. Ann M.
    So disappointed went from having the best experience last stay at the property to a one star.    Lied to by the engineer at 11:15 PM when told they had no AC and the only way to cool the room down was open the window.

    30 minutes later still 75 degrees and no air movement.  I called the front desk and the desk person said"we have air, I will move your room".   30 min later "someone" came up with a room key at 12:15 AM,  and we had to move all our luggage without a luggage cart.

    To go from a hero to a zero, Park Plaza you did it without a flinch.  Not the service I would expect.  Shame on you.  motel 6 is a step up.

    If this makes it to a recommended review which I doubt it will because 85 non recommended reviews are 1 star ratings that don't make the cut too bad jaded expectations.

    24/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    507. Ron C.
    At one time this was the tallest building in Boston. During construction they had to change the building codes or they threatened to stop. Codes were changed and they completed . Thank you hotel information channel.

    Very centrally located, just off the Boston Gardens and Commons. The lobby was beautiful (with free wifi). At check in we were upgraded to a king room. Although the room was kinda small (remember people were not as large as we are today) it was well appointed and clean. Yes it was expensive but aren't all hotels in Boston? Bed was comfy and had a nice size flat screen with all the channels you could want. I had no problem with the room but how much time do you actually spend there anyway.Any staff we encountered were friendly and helpful.

    No street parking bu they do have valet. It was cheaper per day to park at the garage across the street.

    14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    508. Rock S.
    Location is GREAT, but that's about it unfortunately.  they DID let me check in early, but as soon as i got up to the room that's where everything went down hill.  granted, yes, it's in midtown, so i expected it to be small - but this is one of the smallest rooms i've ever been in (and i travel almost weekly to major cities).  i was prepared as i read about the construction going on and really didnt mind it.  however, the cleanliness of the room was a different story.  when i got to my room, i immediately saw hair on my pillow.  i called down to let them know and they said that someone will be right up to change the sheets on the bed since there were no other room avail at the time.  i waited for 15 min and still no one came.  at this point i had to leave for my meeting down the street.  i went back downstairs and asked the front desk if someone will be coming to change my sheets and of course, they had no idea what i was talking about...

    when i came back later that evening, i went to take a shower in the tiny bathroom and noticed that there were no towels and there was hair in my sink.  i had to flag housekeeping down in the hallway bc i was afraid if i called for towels or someone to clean, it will take another 15-30 min (if they even came).  just gross!

    the a/c in the room did not work as i put it all the way down to 65 but nothing changed throughout the 4 days i was there.  

    i will be traveling to boston more often in the future, but will be sure to go to other hotels in the area.  apparently it's a historic hotel, which is awesome, but all the hair that was not mine was really a turn off.

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    509. Ryan B.
    For being in downtown Boston, this hotel seems fine.  Rooms are currently going for a discount, due to the construction, but the construction itself didn't bother me.  The location is pretty good since it's so close to the Commons.

    The staff was polite, the wifi actually worked 90% of the time, the room was clean, and I slept fine for the most part.  So it's not bad.

    The nearby dinner options are pricey, the wifi normally is an additional cost, I could plainly hear teenagers dashing through the halls at 4-5 in the morning, many of the doors have some weird bulging panels that don't seem to help with soundproofing at all, and the room's floorplan was a bit bizarre (half of a potential suite, 2x-3x as long as expected/needed, and the entrance to the bathroom was through the closet).

    Not my best hotel experience in the area, but by no means the worst either.  I would probably stay here again, depending on prices.

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    510. Anthony M.
    Went to school in Boston and also worked near the hotel at the Hancock Tower, so when I planned a trip up to Boston with the GF and happened to see a room for under $100/night (there was a 30% holiday promotion) I figured it would be worth a shot given the location and the name.

    At the rate I paid, I really can't complain much but as many have already reviewed, the hotel is seriously dated, albeit undergoing some big renovations for a relaunch in Spring 2015. If you are going anytime soon expect some construction, although didn't really affect my direct room much in terms of noise or anything like that.

    No real complaints with the room size as some have stated. The layout of the standard queen was slightly awkward but there was space to move around. The bed was comfortable to sleep in, probably the only thing updated in the room aside from the LCD TV and Keurig machine. The AC/heating in my room was flaky. Was pretty cold one night but the heat just wasn't kicking in despite having the thermostat on 80. Don't expect a refrigerator in the room and the ice machine on my floor didn't even work.

    The bathroom layout was just awkward and dated as well. Obvious soap stains and wear on the sink from age and a pretty small sink (relative to the size of the bathroom). The stand up shower had no other transition from the main bathroom. The water pressure was so-so but the water generally pretty hot.

    No free wifi in the rooms, but if you book through the hotel site there is an option at the end to share your booking on social media and you'll get emailed a certificate for free wifi throughout your stay. (Hint: just make a fake Twitter account up and tweet it through that)

    Valet parking was $48 a night but parking options are very limited in the area. You can go to the motor mart garage across the street for $20 up to 12 hours or $31 up to 24 hours. Getting in late one night, we parked in the garage and left the following morning before 12 hours and the day we departed I was able to find a spot across the street which is a meter (accepts cards) that starts at 8 am and just woke up early to put in $2.50 for the full 2 hours until we checked out. Check out was at 12 pm, which was nice.

    Overall, wasn't a terrible stay and for two nights at discount was able to bear it, but really not a top rate hotel as it may have been in its prime. Would be interested to see how it'll look after these renovations are complete.

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    511. Claire K.
    Never, ever again. Like others, I hate writing bad reviews, and I'm not out with a vendetta. I just really, really want to discourage future patrons from wasting their money. The hotel was under construction, which I get. But, there were no efforts made to cover up the construction noises, smells, or physical materials. The lobby was a mess; I didn't even know it was a lobby.

    The room was advertised with Free WiFi, but then I received a bill for $12.50. I was informed that the WiFi is only free in the lobby, but that they would waive it this one time. Really? Don't put that on the patron - it shouldn't be advertised with the rate. Watch out for this! Oh, and I was also charged this $100 "deposit" on my credit card. It has yet to be credited back, so we'll see if this involves numerous calls back and forth with the hotel (which, I unfortunately suspect).

    The photos on this page are super deceiving. The rooms look like they're out of the 1980s, and when walking down the hall to my room I felt like I was about to hear someone say "red rum". Kind of joking, but not entirely. The shower was so small that I could not wash my hair. I'm not a big person. And I'm female. There's NO way my husband could get in there. In the rooms, evidence of corners that have been cut to save money is everywhere. The toilet paper was rough, the toilet had a plastic bag over one of the pipes (which I presume had broken?), there was grime along the edges in and outside of the shower, etc. And, the bed was lumpy. I'm in the Marriott Courtyard down the street right now, and what a world of difference.

    The location is nice, but for people who don't know this city... BOSTON IS REALLY SMALL! Literally any hotel location downtown is nice, because you can walk from Boylston to Copley in a mile or less (or, just quickly hop on the T).

    20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    512. MacKenzie W.
    I wanted to make sure and write a review because there are so many terrible reviews for this beautiful hotel. Yes, it is under construction, but that is part of the territory with a building of this age and I'm glad someone cares to preserve the history.

    Anyway, I stayed on the 10th floor and had no problems with my room. It was on the small side but perfect for me. I'd think it would be perfectly comfortable for a couple as well. The bed was comfortable with feather pillows and soft linens. My shower was a tub/shower combo with plenty of room. There were nice toiletries and towels as well.  As far as noise I didn't find it to be any noisier than any other hotel. When people were right outside my door I could hear them but I heard no noise through the wall.

    I would definitely stay here again. The location is great, the staff was helpful and friendly, and it's going to be absolutely gorgeous when the renovations are complete.

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    513. Jim P.
    This is the WORST hotel in Boston.  Horrible rooms. Terrible customer service.  FIND anywhere else to stay.

    15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    514. Elyse Q.
    If there was an option for .5 stars, that's what I would give. This place sucks. Like, honestly. I don't usually write bad yelp! reviews but holy Buddha, this was bad.

    Check in is a mess. A literal mess. One agent, 7 people in line. Agent tells us to move over and then proceeds to help two couples check in. Then all of a sudden there are 3 agents helping people who got in line after us. Awesome.

    Then. Then. THEN. The agent writes down 11103 as our room number. Keys don't work, locked out and wait for security. This happens 3 times. Finally, they try to tell us our room actually said 11105. It did not. It said "03". The agent scratches out the "mistake" and gives us new keys.

    Room is tiny, super humid, and the controls on the AC unit do not work "for security purposes".

    For our inconvenience we were offered first a gift certificate to the hotel restaurant but as the agent put it, "it was closed" so why friggin offer it? Like, seriously?

    "We can offer you late checkout, complimentary". OMG, stop the presses! Free late check out?! Too bad I had to play a rugby game the next morning at 9 am.

    Hotel is in awful shape - construction everywhere and too small bathroom and the bed was a full size. A full size mattress, in a hotel that is supposed to be luxury, historic, and amenable.

    Give me a break, this place sucks.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    515. Robert K.
    It's a construction site. I'm sitting in the lobby right now, between chairs covered in plastic and with workers finishing the walls around me. There's blue painter's tape everywhere. The rooms are no better than they were when I last stayed here 12 years ago. It's a really outdated, crummy hotel. I don't care how grand it might have been a thousand years ago.

    And the fire alarms have not changed. They're a constant in this place. I stayed here in 1999 and 2003, and both times there were fire alarms. It's been sixteen years - sixteen! - and they're still there and still as bogus as ever; the maids don't skip a beat when they hear the evacuation siren.

    If and when the renovation is ever done, this might be a reasonable hotel. But for now, stay away.

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    516. Jennifer M.
    This is a very outdated review, so I will note what I can remember:

    + AMAZING location! Walking distance to anything, everything, and/or to transportation to get around the Boston area.
    - A bit of a busier hotel.  (Lots of people getting on/off the elevator, so sometimes it was a tad frustrating.)
    + Restaurants attached/closeby.
    + Nice staff, when we had needs.
    + Decent room.
    - A bit outdated.
    - Weird shower/bathroom situation.  (Double headed shower... if you can call it that? and kind of a weird set up.)
    + The price was right for what it was and what we needed.

    Bottom Line:  This was perfect for us, even if it had some quirks.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    517. Jess W.
    First things first, I kinda feel like the huge amounts of construction going on should have been at the very least NOTED on the website when I booked our stay. The first thing I noticed was the scratches and cracks on the desk. The first thing my husband noticed were the goose down pillows on the bed when he started sneezing promptly upon entering the room at aeou d 10:30 last night. We called to get them removed from the room but got no answer from either the front desk, concierge, or house keeping for over a half an hour, and then when we finally got the desk my husband was laughed at and told it would be a while (it is now after 11 pm and we just wanted to go to sleep!).

    OH! and the only accessible outlet was closer to the ceiling than anything else, by the time I noticed the other plug in the room I was already in the bed, which might I add was the only place said plug could be viewed from because it was UNDERNEATH THE RADIATOR!

        I stayed here a few years ago and it was a really nice place, but now somehow even the jazz music that plays in the elevator bay somehow seemed seedy. I will never stay here again.

    29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    518. Doug H.
    Not a great experience. Doing some construction and renovation but not looking good. Taking an elegant hotel and trying to turn it into a happening hot spot. Very modern chandeliers and loud dance music in the lobby all day long.

    Small room and hot. A|C could not keep up and it was 40 degrees outside. Got stuck in the elevator. At least we had hot water and a nice bed.

    But going back.

    22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    519. Abe J.
    So after 2 years of my original rating I decided to check and see if the hotel has made any improvement and found the comment left by the hotel's management.

    To the hotel's management, please do not pretend. Your hotel and managers were contacted first hand following the theft and we, including the hosting organization, were largely ignored. We were even brushed off by your security manager, saying the hotel has no recording of the security cameras and that we should report to Boston police on our own. So we did, and Boston police later said the hotel should have reported to them instead since the theft happened in the hotel.

    In summary, still a 1-star hotel. Boston is a great city; find somewhere else to enjoy your stay.

    20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    520. Tina B.
    If I could give negative stars for his hotel, I would have. The website sold this hotel as a luxurious get away in the South End, packed with fantastic restaurants and first class service. When we arrived on 2/13/15 we were greeted with a hotel in the middle of actual demolition. Even after confirming our reservation earlier that week, no one told us that the entire hotel was being renovated and would be staying in an active construction zone during Valentine's Day weekend.

    There were no amenities available to us. No room service, no complimentary Internet and we were forced to valet our car for $48/ night. You would think that the management would try to do something to make guests staying in such ridiculous conditions feel more comfortable- but no. We even got stuck having to book an extra night because of the snowstorm, any compensation? Nope. I literally will never stay at this hotel again and I highly recommend no one else does either.

    Because there was no hotel food service, our only option was McCormick and Schmick for breakfast, a buffet that cost $65 for two people. Did I mention that our room also didn't have a refrigerator? Didn't matter much though because with literal sub zero temperatures outside and the draftiest windows ever, we just left our wine on the inside window sill and it was perfectly chilled even with the room temperature set to 78 degrees. Oh and I almost forgot, housekeeping came once the entire weekend-- and at 9:00am Saturday morning.

    When I spoke with the front desk folk, I was told that the management didn't want to let any potential guests know about the construction because they'd lose business. I'm appalled. Don't stay here. Period.

    16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    521. Christian P.
    "Park Plaza. Oooh la la!"

    That's what you say after the very polite and quick valet takes your car and the very professional desk clerk checks you in.

    (***Loud disappointed fart noise here***)

    That's the sound you make when you see your shoebox-sized room and matchbox-sized bathroom. Oh...and then the maid walks right on in without knocking while you're making a doodie because she had no idea you had even checked in.

    Oh, hello, madam.

    Whatever. It's not The Mandarin...but what did I expect for 250$?

    02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    522. Anna L.
    If it was possible to give zero stars, I would. We booked this room because we have stayed here before and it was convenient for traveling. After waiting about 15 minutes to check in, the service attendant was nice and adhered to our request for a quiet room. We went to the room to drop our bags and had dinner at McCormicks.

    After dinner, we proceeded back to our room due to early travel and were ready to get some rest. It was about 7pm and there were a few loud guests next door. We waited to see if they would quiet down, but only got louder. At 8pm, more people arrived next door and the party began. We contacted the front desk and they said they would send security up. Nothing. 9pm, louder, we called again, same response, nothing except more people and a louder party. The 3rd call we made, at midnight was one where they finally offered to move us!

    Not once was security sent up, not once were they mindful to the unacceptable situation happening. They treated us as if we did something wrong. We were absolutely appalled at how this was handled and canceled our remaining reservations we had at this hotel for the future.

    Save yourself the headache and choose another hotel unless you plan on having a party. If you want to have a hotel party, book a room here, invite all your friends and only pay the base rate. Don't worry about breaking stuff or the noise level, the hotel will cater to your needs.

    26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    523. Jenny Y.
    Boston Park Plaza is a centrally located hotel that was charmingly described as "historic." However, besides the glitzy lobby, we found it disturbingly small, outdated and poorly maintained.

    Our room was booked at a discount from published rates, and if this is how they are filling up their shabbier rooms, then it is very deceptive practice.  I fail to understand how a unheated room with no walking space, moldy shower tiles, and a shower so small I had to stand vertically as not wrap myself in the shower curtains is a 4 star hotel. During my stay, I was afraid of stepping into the shower without flip-flops. On top of these misgivings, Wi-fi costs $12 per day unless you're in the lobby.  The buffet breakfast is overpriced at $25.

    For redeeming qualities, the hotel offers easy access to many Boston attractions within walking distance or via the T (across the street).  Staff was also courteous when asked for assistance.  The bed itself was comfortable. If you're looking for a plain place to crash and don't mind paying a premium for the location, this may for the bill.  Bottom line is that I would research other options due to the small room, tiny and dilapidated bathroom and broken temperature control.

    09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    524. Mark A.
    This is a terrible hotel. The only reason I stayed there was for work: So you literally had to pay me to stay there.

    The rooms are extremely small! You have to actually shimmy around things to get around your room. The bathroom is atrocious. I have never showered in such a small shower before; the curtain was constantly sticking to my body as I was covered in soap and it was so uncomfortable. Low water pressure in hotels is normal, but this place takes it to a trickling new level.

    There was a disgusting stain on my lamp: I will include a picture here. And yes, ditto the construction site comments! The elevator system is too slow, everyone had to end up taking the stairs even from 6 floors up.

    18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    525. Christine D.
    The renovation that the Boston Park Plaza has undergone in the lobby area is quite lovely.  All desk personnel were pleasant, professional and efficient as were the punctual valets. However, to be very much to the point, the rooms are extremely  small and outdated,  as well as  disappointing considering the price one pays for this venue. Regarding the room, it was actually very difficult for two people to be in the bathroom together even when one is in the shower.  What was most challenging was trying to put on make-up  as there was no available space to place the containers. Toiletries provided  were minimal. Soap was placed on the small ledge in the bathroom but none was placed in the shower/bathtub itself. Using one of the electrical outlets to charge my cell phone did not work as the plug seemed warped.  And, the worst of it was the room was located near the elevator so for the most part, we were awake all night with the voices of those taking the elevator.  It is not a hotel that I would want to return to considering price and room quality.

    20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    526. Jane D.
    Lobby turned from plush to modern techno after renovation.  Rooms still tiny.  Great location.

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    527. Jeanette P.
    Wow- small room and super outdated. Definitely not a room like what was shown in the pictures. Can't believe I spent $300 for a night here plus $48 for parking. I understand it's a great location- but I could have gotten a nicer room in a motel for $69. I'm editing to add- make sure you bring your toothpaste and mouthwash- you don't get that here either :/

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    528. Jessica H.
    I will start off by saying that I booked this hotel for a work trip, it was the cheapest hotel downtown and now I know why. There's construction going on throughout the entire hotel, construction workers everywhere, crowded lobby, no functioning kitchen-there's no continental breakfast or any food for that matter lol. You also are charged a fee to use the wifi which seemed ridiculous in this day and age when you can get free wifi at a coffee shop but not at your hotel?!

    Another issue was the elevators, there are 6 but it seemed like only 3 worked because every night there was a line ranging from 10 people to 50 people all waiting for an elevator. I have never in my life experienced that long of a wait for the elevator while staying at a hotel. I found the stairs (which was no easy feat, they are on the second floor through a door with no handle) and took them most times to avoid waiting in line.

    The actual room was fine, extremely small bathroom and very drafty windows which wouldn't matter as much had it been summer. I just cranked the heat up and doubled up the blankets which kept me warm.

    On the plus side, the hotel had just opened their gym the previous week, a David Barton gym, in the basement of the hotel. It was nice, nothing like the David Barton here in NY but they may still have some finishing touches to add since it's so new. It was open from 5:30am-11pm everyday I believe and free for guests to use.

    I wouldn't recommend this hotel if you're going on vacation but for a business trip, where I was really only there to sleep, it was fine.

    09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    529. Ann P.
    Amazing hotel experience! Vanessa in online sales was the consummate professional. She paid attention to every detail and when we arrived, provided all kinds of upgrades and special niceties to make her stay amazing. Check in  for our first room first night was speedy and flawless. The second night we could not check in until 5 PM as we added a room. This seems rather late. The first morning, elevator service as a mess with several out. Also, internet in the rooms and WIFI were down but the manager allowed me free access to the FEDEX office to print my airline boarding passes. Anything we needed assistance with, the staff were more than happy to assist. I appreciated this on all levels.

    The hotel is a busy trendy and really chic experience in an old style setting. We sampled the dining menu for breakfast and room service. We also had some drinks at the bar. I'd totally recommend this hotel.

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    530. Melissa A.
    My experience with Boston Park Plaza was overall a pleasant one prior to arriving through to the end.  The reservation agent was extremely friendly, it was almost as though I could hear his smile through the phone.  Check in and check out were extremely efficient.  This gave us more time to relax and get out on the town.  The room was bigger than expected with plenty of space for the two of us and all our bags for 5 days, and it was very clean.  I would suggest not getting a room on the outside wall.  We could hear traffic each morning for a very short time from the 6th floor.  The construction was nearly done, with evidence of it barely noticeable. The hotel had wonderful historic charm with a modern feel from the new renovations.  Well done!!  We did not have time to use the new workout facility but did tour it and hope to use it the next time we stay.  The staff was friendly when approached, but I would have liked it if they were slightly more engaging when we were looking for direction on local eating establishments and things to do.

    In closure, the hotel is worth the price paid.  An enjoyable experience overall.

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    531. Freesia S.
    I stayed here for a bachelorette party, and even with the construction happening downstairs and some parts of our rooms needing renovations themselves, it was a fine experience overall.  The eight of us split two rooms, which were clean and spacious enough for us to all gather into one for pre-game activities.  One room had two bathrooms, which was nice for everyone to get ready.  The staff was friendly and accommodating, and they let me into one of our rooms when I got there before everyone else.  The location of the Boston Park Plaza was really the biggest sell - it's close to a number of attractions, making it easy to walk to places, or catch a quick taxi ride.  

    It makes sense that this hotel is going through some renovations.  It's definitely old, and our rooms reflected that with a leaking radiator, a fan/air conditioner for which we could not control the temperature (there was some kind of a digital thermostat, but it would not allow us to lower the temperature), and an older looking bathroom that could use some freshening up.  At the end of the night, the beds were comfortable, so I can't really complain.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0