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Hotel 140 in Boston, MA

Hotel 140 in Boston, MA


Understated exclusitivity.  In the shadow of the John Hancock tower, Hotel 140 sits as a proud, historic icon and beacon of warmth and hospitality since it was constructed as the first YWCA in the country.   Travelers in the know, know that inside they will find a lobby where an amalgam of tourists and locals alike enjoy coffee and conversation and that the core and soul of the building is still based in philanthropy and a strong commitment to the community.  The best kept secret in Back Bay.


Established in 2005.

Hotel 140, officially opening its doors in June 2005 and boasting 59 contemporary rooms, is an affordable alternative to the pricey Back Bay hotels popping up in the Copley Square area. Named for its desirable Clarendon Street locale, Hotel 140 is a smart solution for travelers on a budget ranging from the collegiate crowd to tourists in the know to the savvy business traveler.
Located in the nation's first headquarters of the YWCA and a Boston landmark since it was built in 1929, the completely renovated digs at 140 Clarendon Street is within walking distance of the upscale retail district on Newbury Street, the shops at the Prudential Center, the expanding arts and cultural offerings of the Theatre District as well as access to the South End's hipster dining and nightlife scene.


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Rating: 2.77

Address: 140 Clarendon St, Boston, MA, 02116
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Comments (47):

1. Manny D.
Perfect location in Boston at half the price of other Back Bay hotels.  Friendly and helpful people at front desk.  Also is steps to the Orange Line T station which makes getting around Boston even better.  Great way to see Boston and not spend all your budget on the hotel.

06/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Oz B.
Came into Boston for the weekend. Beautiful hotel. Gorgeous interior. Right across the street from Hard Rock Cafe. Right next to the T Orange Line. Will definetly stay here again.

02/02/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. s c.
I won in a fundraising raffle a night at this "boutique hotel" and tkts to the Lyric Stage, which is located on the mezzanine level of this hotel.  While the thought that they converted the original YWCA to a "boutique hotel" in the Back Bay was charming, the reality was disappointing.  The facade and lobby of the Y wasn't changed much, which was OK, but the "Wellesley Suite" we had was tiny.  In fact it was a small BR with a tiny sitting area (about 4x4') and a small bathroom that has no tub.  The old fireplace was still there, but oddly empty, and the TV was maybe 19" max.  Worst was the lumpy bed, which should have been replaced a few years ago.  While the room was very clean, the hallways were creepy, dank, and stuffy.  The "breakfast" that was included consisted of 1 muffin and a cup of coffee - limit 2 items!  While this is a very good value for the budget minded for the Back Bay, the comfort level of the room and hotel was below par, less than what you'd get in a chain like Hampton Inn, or even Days Inn.  Even the front desk was staffed with personnel who couldn't quite handle the reservation or the paperwork - maybe we'll get a bill for the room that was complimentary...

11/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Marcus C.
I know it's conveniently located and I know it's the cheapest option in the neighborhood, but it smells and it feels like you're staying in either a college dorm room or a mental institution.

26/05/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Justine N.
I'll start off my review with this: if you're looking for a cheap place to crash for a night or two and don't need much beyond a bed and a shower then this is an OK option--you get what you pay for. If you're a business traveler or vacationer that likes to take advantage of amenities like a gym, laundry service, room service, and in-house restaurants, then this is not the place for you.

Hotel 140 was not what I expected. The hotel bills itself as "Back Bay's number one boutique hotel" with a "refreshingly modern outlook" so I was expecting something along the lines of the nearby Lenox Hotel, the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, or any of the Kimpton hotels. Not the case. To echo another Yelper's review, it really did feel like staying in a college dorm room.

These are the things I didn't like about Hotel 140:

I ended up spending an entire week here last month when I was in Boston for work. They don't offer room service (an amenity I never take advantage of when on vacation, but it does come in handy on business trips when you need to hole up in your room getting work done or don't want to eat at a restaurant alone). Instead, they have this huge binder of takeout menus at the front desk that you can flip through and call for delivery.

The closet space was TINY. In fact, it wasn't even a closet. It was part of this multi-function cabinet that served as a TV stand, roll-out desk/table, and a little cubby that was only tall enough to hang a few tops--good luck if you packed any long dresses or coats for the cold weather. They did have a clothing rack with some hooks hanging near the door though.I filled it with the work clothes I had packed for the week--not the best setup.

My room was FREEZING! For some reason the heater wasn't functioning properly. And even though it was set on 'off' cool air still kept coming out of the vents. I asked to be moved to another room on my first night but apparently all of their rooms were accounted for that week. One of the staffers said I just had to play around with the thermostat and jiggle it around to get to work. I jiggled until I was blue in the face (literally!) and nada. I just sucked it up and slept in two layers of clothes every night to stay  warm.

All that said, I didn't complain anymore about the room to the hotel staff. I just sucked it up and already started thinking about the 2.5 star rating I was going to give this place. That is until a huge fiasco that happened *after* I checked out and left the hotel.

I ended up leaving something behind in my room so I called a couple of nights after I left. They found it and had planned to send it back to me. They would charge the shipping costs to my credit card, which was fine with me. Long story short, a week and a half later I made at least 4 phone calls to the front desk talking to people who confirmed it would be--and was eventually---sent, and my package still hadn't showed up.  Then I left a voicemail on the manager's office line and he never returned my call. I called the front desk again and  he saw the package sitting on the manager's desk just as I was on the phone with him. Why did someone tell me it was sent when it never was? This all ended with my angry email to the manager, mostly wondering why a tiny hotel couldn't be more accommodating and responsive to a simple request like shipping me back something I left behind. I finally got my stuff and a mildly apologetic email response from the manager. Uggh. Never again will I be staying at this place.

19/11/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Elaine H.
"Boutique hotel" is certainly a misnomer for this very un-luxurious little establishment. I ended up here through a Hotwire reservation, so I didn't exactly know what I was getting.  For the price I paid (about $110 per night) I suppose it was worth it considering the usual cost of hotels in the area, but if I needed a place to stay for another 5 days and had to pay full price for this place, I'd sooner shell out another $30 or $40 per night for a "real" hotel- this one is barely a step up from a hostel.

The lobby is done up quite nicely, so I really wasn't prepared for what I found upstairs.  The top floor hallway looks like a hospital corridor (a peek onto the corridors of the some of the lower floors revealed that they were at least carpeted, unlike the top floor), and the room looked not unlike a hospital room whose furniture had been replaced by some colorful Ikea pieces.  Linoleum tiled floor, office-like drop ceiling, and the whole place REEKED of bleach.  The standup shower also spewed forth a blast of bleach stench when I opened the door.  The room, while not uncomfortable, was tiny, extremely spare and lacking in many of the standard niceties you expect to find at an American hotel (this room bears a similarity to what you'll find at a budget hotel in a big European city) - for example, my room did not have a television, nor did it have a mirror other than that over the bathroom sink.  While neither of these are necessities, it is sort of odd to stay at a hotel for 5 days and not be able to see yourself full-lenght before heading out to a conference or flip on the TV at night before bed.

The "complimentary breakfast" is also a bit of a misnomer.  Although a pastry and coffee or juice is not an unusual breakfast for a hotel, this hotel has managed to make that experience even less pleasant and relaxing than what you'd get at a cheap hotel in a highway rest stop.  It's less like a restaurant/lobby/breakfast room, and more of a mini convenience store in which you present a card and in return get a small bottle of juice from a refrigerator and pull a muffin out of a case with a pair of tongs (think doughnut case at a 7-11).  Yes, it's reasonable food for a complimentary hotel breakfast, but from an experience perspective, it just further underlines the fact that this is no "boutique" hotel.

Finally, another strange thing is that this hotel is also residences, which adds to the general low-rent feeling.  I'm not sure what the nature of the residence is, but it seems there are efficiency apartments that can be rented at low cost for a week or a month.  Looking at the website, it seems like these apartments are studios without kitchen facilities, which to me suggest short-term housing for people who are going through tough times.  While I have no objection to this type of housing, its residents, or to the idea of an establishment that combines it with a hotel, it  again adds to the weird sort of deception that's going on here- the pretty lobby, the chic logo, and all the touting of "boutique" this and "boutique" that are a false face on a hotel experience entirely lacking in luxury.

Overall, there's nothing really wrong with this hotel; service was fine and I didn't encounter any problems.  But don't expect comfort, charm, attention to detail, or any other notions the words "boutique hotel" might evoke.

10/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Gabrielle F.
I stayed in Hotel 140 a little over a month ago. I cannot emphasize enough how GREAT this hotel's location is. You are walking distance from all the great highlights the city has to offer like Newbury street and Boylston street, the heart of downtown Boston. It is also walking distance from Back Bay station which is one of the main lines for the subway. The room is quite small but its okay since you will not be spending so much time in the room anyhow. The staff [ Nancy] is very helpful and patient with directions. The bed is EXTREMELY comfortable, the tv is decent and the shower is quite small. The only negative is that the toilet's handle malfunctioned and required room service at least 3 times. Overall, I'd rent again just because of the great location and bed!

30/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. John M.
For the price, this hotel is an absolute rip off. This is more like a budget hotel chain than "boutique lodging" as it is advertised.

The employees don't seem to care about their job and do not go out of their way to provide any extra help or concierge service. The manager messed up our reservation so when we got there our room wasn't booked for the correct days. There is no attention to details, for example the promised newspapers were nonexistent and the internet barely worked. The room was absolutely tiny.
The restaurant downstairs is a mess and the staff don't seem to notice or care.
The hotel is shared with the YWCA, so there are some very "interesting" people roaming about the hotel.
Basically seemed like a highway motel, not a fancy hotel in downtown Boston.

16/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Ligaya T.
In the era when ladies bobbed their hair, donned a fine cloche and rows of beads, swigged from bottles of hooch with ruby red lips and cast their federal votes, an institution opened in Boston pioneering independence for professional women by offering residential, educational and recreatiional services as the first YWCA in the nation.

Last year the historic building was revamped and now houses a hotel, residences theater company, and YWCA. We didn't wander around the building much, but the hotel was more than I expected for $85. It practically flanks the John Hancock, Hard Rock Cafe, Back Bay T Station and is a few shuffles to the public library and Newbury.  

I am not one for profligate accomodations, so I didn't mind that the decor was simple but stylish as the facilities were clean and staff helpful. Practical and reasonable, I'll be sending friends to this spot if they don't feel like braving my couch.

12/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Marit S.
We stayed at Hotel 140 a couple weeks ago. My boyfriend has stayed there many times during his visits to Boston, but it was my first time there.

Evidently their prices have gone up since he last stayed, but we still decided to go with 140. The rooms were really small, but when all you need is a place to sleep--it's perfectly fine! The bed was great--nice linens and good pillows, which is very important!

My only complaint, being a girl, was the shower. It was a standup shower, making it impossible to shave my legs. And when I say impossible--I mean there was no room to even lift my leg up--or bend down, granted...I am 5'8 but definitely not an amazon woman.

One nice perk of the hotel was a free breakfast. It wasn't much, but we were able to get a pastry and a drink each morning. It was a perfect start to our day to get us going.

I'd stay at the 140 again, but I will probably do a little shopping around. It's in a great part of town, easy to access the train and Newbury Street. Just make sure you bring pants or shave your legs before you go!

22/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Lance B.
This is a 5-star hotel for location, but a 1-star hotel for the size of the room and accommodations.  I would rate it 2.5 stars if I could.  It is 2 blocks from subway station and 4 blocks from the Boston Public Gardens (swan boats) and Boston Commons Park.  This "boutique" hotel is a converted YWCA, and the rooms are converted dorm rooms.  Use of the word boutique is misleading.  Room furnishings and linens were not much better than a Motel 6.  Bed was only a double. Tiny bathroom with tiny sink and small shower (no tub). You had to close the door to the bathroom to open up the shower door. Microwave sits on top of small refrigerator. Cable TV worked.  They have laundry facilities with a nice large screen TV sitting area. They charge to use a computer to check emails but have free WiFI. PRICE was very good: I stayed Saturday night July 20, 2013 for $148, which was the motivating factor.  The photos they show include a 1-bedroom and not the cracker-jack box room I stayed in.

26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
12. Tina B.
I'm not a fan of the Hotel 140.  Don't get me wrong, it's nice. But you could stay down the street at the Hilton for the same price. The best thing about Hotel 140 is the location. It's pretty close to a lot of shopping, food and transportation. I think they share the same building as a YMCA. It makes for an interesting mix of people walking around.  

The rooms were clean and comfortable. But they're pretty small.  Also, I was only there for a night and opted not to shower since it was so damn tiny. The decor reminded me of someones basement.

I had to book a conference room for a few hours. It was fine.  No water, pens or paper like you usually get at a hotel.

14/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Micah C.
This was the first of 3 hotels we stayed during our trip to Boston. It was my 2nd favorite but the interior wasn't as nice as the other two.

Our bed was a large queen, comfortable enough to sleep, no problems. The room was relatively small for two large suitcases but we made due.

The shower was the worst part: low pressure, super small, and not very clean. I saw several hairs on the bottom that were missed by room service.

Location is really great if you want to go shopping at the malls and shops around the area. There's a Orange subway stop just down the road as well so that was very convenient as well.

I'd consider this hotel again for the right price since the majority of hotels in the area could nearly double the nightly rate here.

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Melissa P.
5:20am on Saturday morning they power wash their building need I say more....

29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Lois L.
I don't need much in a hotel room - a comfy bed, a decent bathroom, clean linens, and an environment that fosters sleep.  Hotel 140 hit 3 of 4 - unfortunately the noise above my room, and the refusal to allow me to switch rooms earns the low rating.

I was woken several times each night by what sounded as if someone directly above me fell out of bed.  Hard.  The wall would vibrate a little, in addition to the loud thudding noise.  This happened about every 30-45 minutes, waking me each time.  (Especially frustrating as i was in town for business, and there just wasn't enough coffee in Boston to keep me alert during all my meetings.)

In speaking with the front desk attendees, I learned that several rooms in my corner of the floor had also complained.

After my second of four nights, I requested a room change, but was told that was impossible.  After my 3rd night, I begged the front desk to research and resolve the issue.  I learned upon checkout, after four less-than-stellar nights of sleep, that the culprit was the airconditioning unit shuddering on directly above my room.  

I was surprised that after several hotel guests in my hallway complained about the noise, that an HVAC professional was not immediately brought in to resolve the issue.

Hotel 140 gets 2 stars, rather than 1, becuase the bed was comfy, the bathroom decent, and the linens clean.

06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
16. Bridget W.
So my boyfriend and I stayed at the 140 during a 3 day conventionin March. Although we live over in Brighton, staying in the back bay was easier/closer to where we needed to be. I genuinely like the experience for the same reason some other people have said they didn't like it; the room is very Spartan.

When you're in Boston or at a convention there's really no need to be in the room constantly, all you need is a bed and a shower and you're good to go. 140 had a TV, minifridge, and luggage holder to boot so I quite enjoyed it (no phony writing desk that no one uses anyway). When we arrived, we were soaked to the bone and the woman at the front desk was soooo nice offering us towels and dunkies coffee. We were able to check our bags 12 hours in advance before going to our convention and they were waiting for us when we got back.

After reading the other Yelp reviews I was expecting a really dirty room, but everything was clean and tidy with plenty of towels and soaps and everything that we needed.  The only weird thing was how cold the bathroom was even when we fiddled with the temperature which we let thm know when we left.

The only negative I had was the "cab" they called for us. It's clearly a shuttle service that works with other hotels in the area and the driver spoke close to 0 English. We got picked up in an SUV and there were other people already in it who the driver made get out (in the rain) so we could get in the back. The Service does not take cards and the driver was extremely rude when I had to run to an ATM. I would have preferred just a regular cab without the fold down seats, strangers, rude driver experience. Next time I'll know better than to have them call, and I'll just walk a block and hail one.

I will definitely stay here again when I have other events to go to nearby.

22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Rob S.
Very rarely do I feel ripped off, but Hotel 140 did it to me. I read the previous reviews but I thought I would give Hotel 140 the benefit of the doubt, I'm sorry I did.

A small hotel room with a double bed with rough sheets, several lumpy pillows, a small hutch that served the purpose of TV stand, desk and cabinet to hang clothes. I would have been fine with a small room if they decorated appropriately (besides the ironing board hanging on the wall next to the sole picture on the wall). My room also had a funky smell that was a mix of cleaning products and must.

The bath room was tiny also and was comprised of a very tiny sink with a very tiny ledge above the sink with barely enough room to put my shaving kit. The shower was also very small (about 2' by 2'). The shower caddy was rusty and gross also.

Overall I would never recommend this place to anyone. On the plus side, it was clean.

07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. zoe s.
I was surprised to see so many negative reviews about the hotel. I had a pleasant stay at the hotel and enjoyed the conveniences of the location and great neighborhood surround it. There are lots of places to eat and visit around the hotel (all within walking distance) and therefore I wouldn't be interested in having my breakfast or dinner at the hotel anyway. I found it difficult to book from some travel agents and the booking tsystem on the site is pretty easy to manage hotel140.com . Compare to very pricy hotels in Boston downtown, I think they hotel is a affordable and great place to stay in Boston!

23/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Rachel M.
My husband and I really enjoyed our stay at Hotel 140. We booked our room on hotwire so we had no idea what hotel we were going to get. And when I first heard the name I was rather disappointed being a hotel I had never heard of, but it ended up turning out quite nice. The guy at the counter was quite nice when we arrived. Immediately got us checked in. I had spoken to him 2 days prior to inquire about baby cribs since we were bringing our 13 month old. He had told me they could provide one for free and it was waiting in our room when we arrived. And about 3 minutes after we walked into our room he even called to make sure the crib was there and set up for us. (which it was)
The bed was quite comfy which is nice because I have an extremely nice bed at home and I usually end up wishing I was back at home in my own bed that is better. We upgraded to a King size bed and had plenty of room in  the room and the bathroom was quite large. You could have a party in there. While the tub wasn't wide it was very deep which was nice and relaxing.
Everything about the hotel was enjoyable but I did wish they had a breakfast or at least something available for purchase. And the one thing that was really annoying was the AC made this horribly loud creaking sound every time it kicked on. Thankfully I did so much walking around Boston while I was there that I was exhausted and it wasn't enough to keep me awake.

03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Nellie T.
Was in Boston recently for a conference and the organization booked rooms at this hotel.  

Pluses:  very clean, comfortable bed, nice toiletries, clean, and good pillows.  convenient location to the Back Bay station, 1 minute walk from a Dunkin Donuts, 2 minutes from Starbucks, and walking distance to Boston Public Library and Copley Square (among other notable places), access to an area gym (since they don't have a big one inside the hotel)

Minuses:  not the biggest of rooms, the 'complimentary breakfast' was totally lacking, the gym is outside of the hotel, no wifi (but does have internet cord).

all in all, not a bad place to stay/sleep when you are in town.

26/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Natalie M.
I don't get all the negative reviews! This place is in the heart of Back Bay, right by Copley Square, Trinity Church, walking distance to Boston Common, the Freedom Trail, and so much more. I had a great stay at Hotel 140, the front desk was extremely helpful, printing directions to and from the hotel to places around the city. The room might be a little small for normal standards but considering the price, it's definitely worth it. Thanks, Hotel 140!

10/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. L M.
I used to live in Boston and was coming back for a visit and knew this was a great location, which is why we gave it a try. The small size of the hotel did not bother us...think dorm room.

The issues were that it was dirty (mold and an old chunk of soap in the shower/ trash on the floor in bedroom), was undergoing noisy construction, and we could hear and smell every time the people next to us went to the bathroom. Not exaggerating, every single time. It was awful.

We were never told there was going to be construction when we checked in. The next morning at 8 a.m. we woke up to the loud noises and our cell phones vibrating off the (folding tray...literally) night stand. We tried to sleep through it with no luck. We were shocked that we were not told there was construction upon check in. We were exhausted for the rest of the day.

Do yourself a favor and stay anywhere else.

24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Kev H.
Maybe other people had bad experiences, but I don't understand all the bad reviews for this hotel.

My girlfriend and I were looking for a place to stay in Boston, and every hotel was more expensive than I am used to, but we realized Boston in the Fall is just expensive.

I made a reservation for Hotel 140 based on its location, which seemed to be closed to all the locations I wanted to check out.

Checking out the yelp reviews for this place freaked us out a little bit, since people seemed to be pretty down on this place.

But those fears were unwarranted - I'll admit that the rooms are really tiny (pretty much just a bed, a tv, and a bathroom) but they were clean, new, and everything was fully functional. However, I encountered no "undesirables" as other people claim, the hotel staff was nice, and everything was clean.

The downstairs 'restaurant' was more like a cafeteria style affair for the surrounding businesses.

The location is really good - right next to the T/Amtrak station, few blocks away from the park and beginning of the Freedom Trail.

I liked how to use the elevators, we had to insert our room key card for it to move.  this was a good layer of security (but, we had to insert the card a couple of times before it sensed it)

Paying the same price for this hotel in another city, I would have felt ripped off, but for Boston in the Fall, it was a good place to stay.

There is also Free Wifi, and I was able to connect without problem once I got the password.

Taking into account the location, the cleanliness, and the relative price to other places, I give this place 4 stars.

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Wesley M.
My girlfriend and I really enjoyed our stay at Hotel 140. Two of the three front desk people that I spoke with were extremely helpful and nice. The one girl who worked in the evening did not call me back after I told her that the bed was broken. I understand that she was dealing with some irate customers, but I believe that every customer deserves a call back.

I was actually able to fix the bed on my own. The bed frame was flimsy and just needed to be clicked in place.

The location, neighborhood, and the overall value of the hotel make this place top notch. Different T lines, fast food, CVS, Newbury St, and more are all within a few blocks.

Remember that this is just a place to sleep or rest your head while you are visiting Boston. Don't expect five star service or a spa, indoor pool, or Michelin rated restaurant here.

I'd stay and recommend to my friends!

17/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Bill Z.
My stay here was unexpected because so many other hotels were sold out this particular weekend.  My first thought as I walked in was that it had a combination of upscale and cozy. The staff are quite friendly and helpful. We were actually upgraded on check-in.

The room itself was of adequate size, with spare outlets, a cabinet for clothes, and decent temperature control. The bathroom was slightly cramped in that there was little space to put things on or around the sink. The walk-in shower was fine, but if you're claustrophobic or overweight, you probably wouldn't like it. The bed was very comfortable.

There was a kitchen area, but I have no idea if it is used. They provided complimentary coffee in the morning. It's a few blocks walk to anything else for breakfast except for a Dunkin' Donuts around the corner.

22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Amica M.
Functional and basic. Not an interesting or glam boutique hotel.  We felt a little deceived when we got off the elevator. The photos online were lovely, but the hallways had an institutional feel and cheap looking carpet tiles.  

The carpet in our room was old and worn and there was a terrible perfumey spray smell in the hallway and room. We had to open the window in January!   We cleaned the bathroom floor and toilet ourselves.  It needed it.

Great location. Decent hotel, but with flaws.   That's  why rates are low.  Owned by ywca and it feels like it.  Front desk was very gracious.

26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. Charlena K.
My boyfriend and I stayed here for the latter part of his visit up from Florida. We booked through a third-party site using the "Name Your Own Price" feature (you don't see what you book until you pay). When the hotel name was revealed we were surprised because we'd never heard of it. Understandably, we were a little apprehensive.

Our experience:
We called in the day before to request a late check-in (we planned on checking in late Saturday after my mom's wedding & reception). Joe was more than happy to assist with that. He even offered us an early check-in, but we figured so much would be going on that day that arriving early would be highly unlikely so we politely declined.

We were in the area Friday night and decided to see if we could find the hotel. We were successful. & May I say.. GREAT LOCATION!

We enter, it's cute. Definitely a boutique hotel. (Not a chain).
The receptionist, Althena, greets us and quickly asks to assist. I say "Oh, we're just taking a peek around before our check-in tomorrow night." She offers to take us up to see a room and shows us three!
Althena was awesome, just really genuinely nice. The final room she showed us was a standard queen (we were curious of the sizes of the other rooms). It was cozy, appealing, and definitely clean. It wasn't much larger than the standard rooms, just the setup made more sense to us and although this particular view didn't offer the same scenery as the others, we preferred it.

We were then given a complimentary upgrade. (Thanks Althena!) We explained that on our account there would be a note from Joe about a late check-in and Althena says that she can reserve the Queen room we viewed for us and that since it was technically Saturday and there were multiple vacancies, we could check-in right then. Although we declined, we did end up coming back checking in around 2:40AM. She assured us that it wasn't a problem.

Not a single hassle. The next morning while my boyfriend was in the shower, he cut himself on a damaged wire-frame shower caddy. I call the front desk and request a first aid kit, the woman says they don't have one, but asks about the nature of the incident. When I told her what happened, she sent housekeeping with an ascetic spray solution, alcohol pads, bandages, and a newer, upgraded caddy.
The housekeeper was an older woman with a beautiful European accent. She was concerned about my boyfriends well-being and the following day when we passed her in the hall she asked how his hand was and apologized again.

Now, I'm not giving this a 4/5 star because it's huge hotel where you get lost in the shuffle and there's a grand pool because there isn't any of that.
I'm giving a 4 star because i anticipated 2.5 based on online reviews and if these people stayed at the same hotel I stayed at and had the same or similar staff, there's just no way they didn't enjoy there stay.

Realize that you pay for what you get and in this case, it was a steal.
The location was GREAT! Walking distance to Boylston Street (shopping, dinning, pharmacy, supplement shop, library, etc) and Newbury (infamous for more shopping and dinning). Bus stops and T stations are located at every other corner. Very easy to maneuver.
My boyfriend and I are athletic so we didn't mind walking a semi-lengthy distance... If you're at all like us, you can even walk down to Mass Ave too for more dining. & If that's not you're thing, cabs are easy to come by.

Regardless, this place was awesome.
Clean rooms, friendly and accommodating staff, great location.
Hotel 140 serves it's purpose... A place to rest your head.

18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Matt W.
This hotel does exactly what it's supposed to. The rooms are small, the walls are thin, but it's clean and in the middle of everything. I would definitely stay here again.

20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Lynette R.
They provide excellent service. Always willing to help and make sure your stay is comfortable. We were able to get some great recommendations for places to eat. The room is small but bed is comfortable and room is clean.

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Ben W.
The rooms are quite small but for a couple it is fine. The amenities are quite nice for the price. Free wifi is quite fast and hassle free. The front desk staff was really nice and willing to help. Our room with a 'view' looked right at the John Hancock building though. Mini fridge included and parking is $28 a night although we didn't park there. Flour across the street is great for breakfast and lunch. Nothing special but I would go back, it's just very small.

15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Sara L.
"If you don't expect to much from me, you might not be let down..."

Did I just open this review by quoting a line from an old worn-out song by a band that was never as good as the other bands like it back in the day?  Yes.  Yes, I did.

Hotel 140 is doing itself no favors by self-identifying as a "classic, refreshing boutique style hotel".  It is a (barely) dressed up YWCA.  I will expand below but, in short: if you have your heart set on staying in the heart of Back Bay and finding the absolute cheapest room there is your priority, Hotel 140 is a functional place to sleep.

Staff/service: Absolutely no complaints here; the people saved this from the dreaded 1-star.  I made my reservation through Travelocity and called to confirm a few days ahead. The phone was answered by a friendly human who found my reservation without a problem.  Check-in was fast and easy.  I mentioned wanting a quiet room; the guy took some time to browse through what was available, and I ended up with a quiet room.  I got good restaurant recommendations.  When I was headed out for a solo run at dusk one evening, the man at the desk asked me how long I expected to be out and suggested I wave at him on my way in.  My room was serviced each day to as satisfactory a condition as was possible.

Lobby/ Main Areas: The lobby has been recently remodeled and looks nice upon entry.  I had security concerns about the always-open side entrance that led directly to the elevators, but at least there were cameras present.  The carpeting and paint in the upper hallways was shabby and worn.

The Room: My queen-size room was smallish, but not terrible for a city hotel.  Unfortunately the furnishings and fixtures were APPALLING - glorified dorm furniture at best.  There was a single-unit combined entertainment center/small pull out desk/three-drawer bureau/ "wardrobe" where you could potentially hang children's clothes.  If you were traveling with business clothes you would be S-O-L.  The only other furniture was the bed, a small frame chair and an ottoman.  You could not see the TV if you were laying in bed, and you could not really eat at the desk.  There was a functional mini-fridge and coffee maker, so that was one positive thing.  Also - there was free WiFi that worked pretty consistently with good speed.

The Bathroom:  Oh, good gods, the bathroom!  I had seen the website.  I was expecting small.  I was not expecting a shower that could barely accommodate a 5'5", 120 lb woman.  I was also not expecting what appeared to be original tile and shower doors from the heyday of its tenure as a YWCA.  Housekeeping cleaned daily and got the bathroom as clean as they could, but that didn't save it from the perpetually dirty feel of dingy old fixtures.  I had no problems with the updated little corner sink and glass shelf, but the single fluorescent light fixture mounted to one side of the mirror made it impossible to any detail-oriented work like putting on make up or dealing with contacts.

In closing, I will say that this is likely the cheapest hotel you will find right in Back Bay and the location cannot be beat.  In my case it was about 30% less than the reduced conference rate I could have gotten at the nearby Marriott, but it was also less than 30% as nice as the Marriott.

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
32. A H.
Disgusting. Don't bother booking a room: towels made me smell awful, tiny, tiny shower doesn't drain, and sketchy residential living on premises. Hated everything- should have spent an extra fifty to stay elsewhere. I'm still here- wish I wasn't. Hope I can sleep.

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Frank L.
Small, bare-bones, I don't know how this was rated as 3 stars on Priceline


-Free wifi
-Central location
-Comes with most of the standard hotel things (pen, notepad, soap/shampoo/conditioner)

-Smallest hotel room I've ever been in. It's a room for 2 and it features a full-size bed (not queen or king).
-No frills - No robe, no breakfast, no vending machines
-Maybe too clean? The bathroom still smelled a little bit of bleach. When I left the bathroom door open, I started smelling bleach when I was laying on the bed.
-Air conditioning was difficult to control because it wasn't digital, where you simply click it to the temperature you want. Instead, you had to move the peg across very coarse divisions (70-75-80, where the number labels were far from the peg) and I think the thing that displays the current temperature was broken or something. It was extra hard to get a comfy temperature because the room would be too warm for a while, then finally the AC would kick on but for too long, making it too cold, then finally turn off, but stay off for too long. It shouldn't be that hard to outfit the rooms with functional thermostats.
- The pressure from the sink faucet seems stronger than the pressure from the shower head. Weak. Well, with that tiny shower stall, you wouldn't expect a decent shower experience anyway.
- No brochure or guide to the hotel or the neighborhood. I guess something I've always taken for granted.
- TV image murky - Most people probably don't even watch the TV, but for those who do, the image quality kinda sucks, and I'm not even an AV snob or anything. The TV is "Hisense" brand. I don't know what that means.

-Overall, the approach of this place doesn't seem to welcome you as a traveler/visitor, but is more just like "here's your room".

It's much more worthwhile staying somewhere that's not so central but close to a T station since it's so affordable and easy getting around on the T.
I didn't have any issues with noise, but I'm not sure if there was anyone staying in rooms next doors.
Strange that they didn't have the option of "we'll only replace towels you leave on the floor"... especially considering all the other ways they seem to be trying to cut costs.
They have signs that say "fitness room" on this floor (6th) but that room doesn't exist (but they'll sell you a one-day pass to the local gym for $5)

In the future when I come back to Boston, I won't be choosing Hotel 140. However, if a friend was visiting and already booked a place here and was stuck, it's not the end of the world. I would book at some other 3-star hotel (or whatever's in my $100-$150 price range) near a T station.

Summary slogan for Hotel 140...

Hotel 140: "Here's your room".

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
34. Chris M.
Comparatively speaking, Hotel 140 is a pretty good deal for accommodations in the Back Bay area.

- Good location, just a couple of blocks from Copley Square
- Friendly staff
- Reasonable rates on various booking sites
- Free WiFi

- Fairly small rooms (pretty much former dorm rooms)
- Shared use building is kind of confusing

Certainly a place I would stay at again if looking for something in the Back Bay area at a reasonable price.

13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Mary S.
I booked this hotel through one of those travel sites for a two night stay over Columbus Day weekend. I did my homework, I knew it was going to be small, basic and without any of the frills. I received a fantastic deal on the room and considering other hotels in the same area were priced at least double, I figured I could use what I saved here on food, drinks and other general merriment.

If you are looking to be spoiled by luxury and amenities, don't stay here.

If you are a traveler who demands large rooms and fancy bathrooms...don't stay here.

If you plan on sleeping in your hotel room and spending the day out and about, this is a good choice. My room was clean, mini-fridge, coffee maker, full size bed (I had the cheapest room they offer), clean sheets, clean shower, the front desk service was friendly and helpful and they validate a portion of your parking in the garage at 100 Clarendon St. Yeah, the room is small, but if you are not picky and want a good deal, and fantastic location (Back Bay station on orange line is behind the hotel) this is a solid choice. If you are a fussy traveler who needs more, pay double and stay elsewhere.

22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Franklin M.
Clean and convenient. I stayed only one night for a business trip and Hotel 140 was fine for my purposes. Wifi worked in the room like a charm and there were sufficient outlets to charge my laptop and phone.

I would say that if you need a desk to work though, that was absent in my standard room. My other gripe is that I don't care for the water saving shower head as I like high pressure, water wasting, streams when I travel.

10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Jim C.
I stayed here on Wednesday night. If you are looking to stay in the back bay then it is a good location. The price was affordable. I would say the down side is the room was really small. If you are a single or a couple you can make it work. It would not be good for family's. The lobby did not seem welcoming. The staff were ok. They could have been more inviting . If you are looking for a affordable basic room in Boston then this is a good place otherwise I would look elsewhere.

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Callan W.
Are you looking to enjoy Boston or are you looking to sit in a fancy hotel room and soak up amenities?  Hotel 140 was perfect for what me and the beau needed.  I was there to explore Boston and be able to get around without having to cab it everywhere.  

The rooms are small, but there isn't much else wrong with the place.  The staff was super friendly and helpful.  They even held our bags for us on our last day while we were soaking up as much as Boston as possible before departing.  The hotel is one block away from the T, so we were able to get where we needed to go easily.  Plus it is within walking distance of many of the happening spots in Back Bay.  Also, there is an amazing breakfast place across the street (Flour) that makes up for a lack of continental breakfast.

For those who aren't willing to shell out $200+ a night to explore this great town, Hotel 140 is the perfect place to stay.  If we ever come back, we will certainly stay here.

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
39. Nina T.
I didn't have any bad experiences while staying here.  It was nice that they had free WiFi, but it cuts in and out sometimes and you have to log back into the server, which didn't really bother me much since it was pretty fast.  We stayed at Hotel 140 because it was cheaper (by Boston standards) compared to the other hotels in the area, and the location is great for getting around the city.  Like others have mentioned, the rooms are small, with just the basic amenities.  Our bathroom was spacious though, and I was happy that the room was pretty clean.  Also, walls are thin and it can get a little noisy during the day. One night I could still hear workers using a jackhammerish sounding machine until 10 p.m., but our purpose for visiting Boston wasn't to stay in our hotel... we just wanted a decent place to stay after spending all day around the city.  Overall, I would recommend the hotel and if prices are still good, I would stay again.

17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. Tim S.
Hotel was in a good location and was clean. However, the walls in the rooms have zero insulation/sound barrier. We heard everything our neighbors said at 2:30am like they were standing in the room next to us. We even asked to change rooms, and the next room was the same.

Also, unlike the listing says on some websites, there is no fitness center in the hotel. Instead, you get a pass for a gym nearby. Not a problem in the summer, but in the winter...

18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. Benjamin T.
I'm a Bostonian, but I spent the night in the Hotel 140 for a wedding.  The hotel is located in the YWCA in the heart of the Back Bay neighborhood.  The location of the hotel is perfect for most visitors or business travelers, with a large parking garage and Back Bay Station (MBTA Commuter trains/buses/Orange Line Subway, and also Amtrak) located right next to the hotel.  Also only two blocks from the Copley Station on the Green Line Subway.  The hotel is a five minute walk from the Boston Public Library, Trinity Church, and Newbury Street shopping in the Back Bay.  Also, you are a five to ten minute walk from the equally beautiful, but off most tourist's radar, South End neighborhood; with it's great restaurants and beautiful red brick bow front townhouses.  

The rooms in the Hotel 140 are basic, but clean.  My standard room featured a "Queen" bed (really more of the size of a full bed), TV, mini fridge, coffee maker, TV, free WiFI, a chair; and a small but clean bathroom.  The hotel works fine for either single visitors or couples (though families will probably fine the rooms tight) or a business traveler (Note: most rooms do NOT have a desk, so if you need a desk to do your work, this may cramp your style).  The Hotel 140 has no restaurant/bar, but the Back Bay and the South End have all the dining/drinking options that most would need.  

If you are looking for a basic, but clean, hotel in a central location in Boston with reasonable rates, the Hotel 140 is your place.  If you are looking for American Luxury/Grand Hotel experience, then go to the Copley Plaza/Westin/Marriott/Sheraton all nearby and spend at lest $150.00 a night more.

24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Patrick C.
"Don't Like It Here? You'll Be Told "Too Bad""

I chose Hotel 140 for the average rating and the location and other than the location; this hotel and the entire experience there was horrible.  

I would NEVER recommend anyone stay in this hotel. It is not in any way what I would term a "boutique hotel" much less a hotel.  I have had better service, accommodations and amenities in a Motel 6.   I usually try to be understanding of situations and to give fair, even reviews but it's just impossible in this case.  Let me break it down:

The room was tiny - which is not a huge issue - and it was overall pretty clean; but other than the bed (which was fine) it was furnished with a child sized wooden chair, a square vinyl covered footstool and a dorm fridge which smelled up the room when opened - and it was empty, so why was it so smelly?  

There was no place to put my laptop to do any type of work and when I put my laptop on the bed, the chair seat was a bit lower than the mattress so not good for my back.  The free WiFi also times out regularly without warning which is truly irritating.

The walls are paper-thin and you can hear everything going on in the neighboring rooms from conversations to toilets flushing.  As luck would have it, I had a screaming baby in the next room with an even louder mother telling the baby to be quiet.

They have a security fixation, which may be good for some people, but it was odd to me.  The elevator and all doors only function with the use of your room key.  If you have any guests or order room service outside of the hotel; you must go and fetch the individuals and take them to your room.  

My room was on the 6th floor and there was a separate elevator for floors 5 - 9.  I stepped into the elevator to go to my room and was followed by a young woman, nicely-dressed and a man, quiet odorous and disheveled - both had room keys.  Luckily, the questionable man tried using his room key to make the elevator function, and when it didn't work, he exited the elevator - how secure is it when vagrants have room keys?  Luckily it didn't work.

I was so unhappy with the room that I immediately looked for another room and booked the Boston Park Plaza of the rest of my stay.  There were unfortunately no hotels in Boston available after I checked in unless I wanted to spend $1K+ at the Colonnade for one night.  I did give it some thought, trust me!

Finally, I called to cancel my remaining night at Hotel 140 and the desk clerk said, "...your room is prepaid so you are out of luck."  So when I explained to him how unhappy - and uncomfortable I was, he said, "...well you can check out anytime, you just are not going to get a refund for the following night and your room will just be empty."  

As I sit here writing this review, I can hear the man next to me showering and the woman and the baby on the other side of me doing their verbal tango...one of the WORST hotel experiences I have ever had anywhere in the world.

Stay far away from Hotel 140 - you'll be happy you did!!

28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
43. Yuliana D.
- free parking on the street, but can't be accounted for at all times.
- nice staff, everyone is friendly and accommodating.
- great location!  in the middle of everything.
- great coffee shop right across the street.
- nice sheets, good mattress.
- clean, at least - reasonably clean.

- TINY TINY rooms.  even compared to Manhattan - it's SUPER small!!!!  Like closet size small!!!
- older lobby, older elevators, kind of older everything.
- small bathroom, SOOOO small that as you open the door - it literally hits the showers.  
- tiny sink!  i mean you barely have room for your toothbrush.
- shower in our room was making noise as you run hot water! LOUD noise!

Would i stay again? No.  Even as I'm used to living in small apartment in NYC, the room at this hotel was beyond my level of tolerance for small space.  It's just sooooooo tiny!!!  and as you open the door to the bathroom you shit the shower - i mean it's beyond small!!! and there was lots of noise coming in from the window.  plus the window was facing a wall! so there was no view - the view of brick wall!!

I wish i could give 3 stars, as location is amazing, right in the center of everything... but for the money they charge and comfort you get - i hope i could do better next time i'm in Boston.

01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
44. Martha T.
Come on, people, look at the price and set your expectations accordingly. Fantastic location. Adequate accommodations. Reasonable service. I suggest you visit TripAdvisor for what I believe are more balanced reviews from more experienced travelers.

03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Hope C.
I wish i could give it 3.5 stars.
The room was clean, the staff was friendly and the location was perfect!
But the room was very, very small. We only used it for sleeping so it wasn't a huge deal, but i would say the full is definitely geared toward a single traveler than a couple.

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Kate D.
I was admittedly a bit disappointed by this experience.  First off - while I did book on Priceline, the price still wasn't cheap enough to get what we got - the SMALLEST hotel room that I have ever stayed in.  The bed almost didn't fit in the space.  If you are a bigger person, forget staying there, there's almost no room between the wall and the bed and you have to scoot sideawys just to get through.  

This room was even smaller than my dorm rooms in college.  Another complaint was after a nice (but late) night in Boston, we were looking forward to sleeping in a little (by sleeping in, I mean after 9am).  The sun shone through the blinds with no opportunity to make the room darker and the noise - the noise of the cleaning ladies but even the people in the room next door, was crazy loud.  I could literally hear the couple's ENTIRE conversation through the wall.  Paper thin walls.  There was no struggling to hear what they were saying.  It was alarming and I began to feel weird about people being able to hear our conversation throughout our stay.  

One positive was the location.  Fantastic location - within walking distance of so many things.  All in all, the place was clean and the front desk staff was extremely professional and courteous, so I;ll give them that.  

We did walk by some other rooms that were getting clean and the rooms were much bigger than ours, so I know better rooms exist here but personally, my experience left much to be desired and I'm all set with staying there again.  It won't happen.

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Megan T.
A full size bed + two plus size people = two people with sleepless nights.

This hotel is a fabulous deal in a good location. We booked it on Hotwire for our little getaway to Boston. I'd called a couple weeks ago to ask about toiletries provided in the room and the woman was less than helpful.

Me: What toiletries are provided in the room?
Staff: In regards to what?
Me: Shampoo, conditioner?
Staff: Uh...all of them.

Gee, that's vague. Anyway...my experience with staff since being here has been better than my phone experience. They stored luggage for us prior to check in as well. I didn't experience walls being thin as others described...or perhaps we had quiet neighbors. The room was small but clean. I struggled with turning the TV on only to realize it's unplugged. The bathroom was nice as well. Our only complaint was really the bed. An actual queen size bed could have fit so I don't know why a full was used. My husband and I both agreed we would stay here if we were alone but sharing this bed was awful last night. Lastly, we grabbed a snack from the vending machine. The M&M's were expired...best before August 2014.

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0