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Milner Hotel in Boston, MA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.81

Address: 78 Charles St S, Boston, MA, 02116

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    Comments (21):

    1. Jon S.
    The bad:
    * Lukewarm shower on the first night (the water inexplicably turned warm on the second night).  Not sure what that was all about.
    * Tiny rooms, and just tiny and cramped overall.  Our room was so small, it required a smaller bed in there so that it would fit.  I'm only 5'9", and my feet were hanging off the end of the bed.  Every time we moved around the room, we had to jump over our bags because there was nowhere out of the way to put them.    The hallways were narrow, and two people could barely fit in the elevator.  It was beyond cramped.
    * Major street noise.  Both nights we were there, some kind of garbage truck came to the street behind the hotel at 4am and was there for ~10 minutes, doing something very noisy.  I'm not sure if it was compacting the garbage or what, but it was impossible to ignore.
    * Our room had a broken window.  It wasn't a big deal, but it just looked sloppy.
    * No Wi-fi that I could find.  They had a hard-line cable to hook up to the Internet, but it was short, and required me to be parked in front of the TV on the edge of the bed in order to use my laptop.

    The good:
    * Management and staff were friendly and helpful.  When we complained about the size of our room and asked for a larger one, they accommodated us.  Still, the "larger" room was very small.
    * A very clean and reasonably updated facility.  The rooms weren't dirty.  The hallway was a little dingy, but nothing terrible.  The lobby is very nice.  
    * The location.  It's only about 1.5 blocks away from Boston Common, so you're very close to everything.  We walked to the North End and Back Bay, and the T stations are all very close.
    * Price.  Compared to the Radisson and all other big-named hotel chains in the area, this is very reasonably priced.

    If you are concerned about price and want to stay close to Boston Common, this is probably a good choice.  If you prefer a larger room with more conveniences in the same area, be prepared to pony up some extra dough.

    02/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Linda G.
    My sister and I stayed here last year because of the Milner's $ and it's proximity to the Boston Marathon's finish line.  We  came back this year for the same reasons plus we  liked it's quaintness, friendly staff and it's location to everything Boston, including public  transportation, tourist sites, food  and marathon venues.  The staff was very helpful,  responding very promptly to our problem (operator error) with the heating controls and they printed our boarding passes, even though they didn't have a work staion set-up and could have just said no.
    There is always a large tub of ice filled with water  bottles for us to take and on the front desk we could always find fresh fruit and health bars. Breakfast is included and has a wide variety of pastries, cereal, fruit, yogurt, juices and coffee.  The waffles are great!  
    The rooms can be small, but we didn't go to Boston to stay in the room.  They are clean and have everything we needed.
    We'd definitly stay again.

    20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Vickie L.
    Hotel is very old, taking that into consideration, I debate calling this hotel "quaint" or "old and dingy."  We arrived at 1pm and fortunately our room was ready so we were able to check in early.

    *Nice staff - receptionist was very sweet.
    *Free continental breakfast - get there early or be prepared to wait.  People are vultures.  Waffle maker, bagels, english muffins, blueberry muffins, apple danish.  Cereal.  Juice, coffee, tea.
    *Aforementioned free juice, coffee & tea 24-7 in the breakfast nook area.
    *Big bathroom in the room (compared to size of the room).
    *Location - conveniently located between 2 T lines (orange & green), but we were able to walk pretty much everywhere.  Very close to Boston Common & Public Garden.
    *Cheap - for the location, the $140/night we paid was cheap compared to other rates we found for the weekend.  But after walking into our room (see Cons, I wish I had booked at a nicer hotel.  Yes, you get what you pay for.
    *Free internet - but it's very slow.
    *Cable TV - lots of channels.

    *Super teeny tiny room.  Extremely small.  Like 9' x 9' (not including the bathroom).
    *While the lobby was quaint, the room was just old, dirty and dingy.  Wall paper was peeling, things were just kind of dirty.  
    *Bed was awful.  There was no bounce, I think the mattress we had was the original one from 1899.  Almost hurt myself jumping onto the bed and just hearing a THUD.  And it was SHORT.  I'm 5'2" and my feet hung a little off the mattress!
    *View - we had a lovely view of ... nothing.  It could be described as a 5' x 5' courtyard of nothing.  We were on the 3rd floor, and looked out and saw the other rooms to the left, right and across from us.  We couldn't lift our window shade up b/c all the other rooms could look in, and vice versa.
    *Air conditioning - there were only 2 settings - On or Off.  Off = super hot steamy room, especially after showering.  On = very cold, and since the room is so small, it got very cold, very fast.
    *No closet, they just nailed a short 1.5' hang rail to the corner of the wall and put a foldable luggage rack underneath.
    *It rained both nights we were there, and due to the little "courtyard" it was very noisy.  Put that together with the awful bed = 2 nights of no sleep = cranky Vickie.

    In all, I wouldn't go back to this hotel, but it's definitely in a great location, so if you are on a budget and this place is the cheapest option, and you don't care about luxury or having a good night's sleep, then give it a try.

    13/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Angie C.
    Stayed at Milner Hotel for 2 nights. It was a convenient location for us to stay. The hotel was one block from the closest "T" train but if we wanted to we really could have walked a lot of places also.

    The rooms are small but clean. The staff is nice and helpful (when I asked for directions on how to get to the 'Sam Adams Brewery' the receptionist gave me directions AND printed a Google map for us!).

    And for those of you who are trying to save money (and who isn't?), Milner Hotel offers free breakfast. It's nothing fancy but they had a nice selection. The dining room is also small but if you feel really cramped you can take your food up to your room to finish eating.

    I'd definitely use this hotel again.

    04/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Jen C.
    UGH! No good!!!! Well...it was at first...

    Despite what others have mentioned about the hotels quality i couldn't disagree more. Its cute and clean. I was pretty much charmed when i first got to my room.

    The BAD side...this small charming hotel could not handle a group of six 21 year old girls. The walls are paper thin and our conversations could be heard all the way on the other side of the hotel.......and this was before the drinking and yelling started.

    The front desk staff was pleasant but the power tripping security guard was a huge ass hole.

    Basically we're not allowed back...but I would recommend this hotel for  maybe someone staying alone or deaf...

    25/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Elsa M.
    Good point : the staff is very nice.
    Bad points: too expensive for the service offered. Very small room. Mine was excessively noisy (night clubs in the street). Internet service unavailable in the room. Cheap common premices and bad breakfast.
    Not a good deal.

    26/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Danielle K.
    Found this on hotels.com and booked for a very reasonable price especially considering the convenience of the location.

    I have to disagree with some of the stuff i've read here and on hotels.com . Is it an old building? Yes. I didn't see anything that led me to believe it was falling apart or dirty at all. Everything was very clean and sheets/towels/all that hotel jazz looked just like any other place. Are the rooms small? Yes. They about 10 x10 without the bathroom, which was pretty large itsself considering. It did fit a bed and a dresser with a TV and a night stand though. I usually don't spend tons of time in my room, but I was quite comfortable. The bed.... when I reserved my room it said, 1 room. 1 full size bed. I was a little scared it was going to be a mini bed after what I'd read, but it was a full size bed. My 5'11" bf and I fit on it just like we do on his own full size bed. So they do fully disclose the size of the bed.

    We had a great time here, the people were nice, the breakfast was good and we could even open the bathroom window and climb out onto the fireescape for a cuddle and pretty good view.

    I would def go back here.

    08/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Jose M.
    So here is what it is not:
    luxurious; spacious; full of amenities

    Here is what it is:
    conveniently located; comparatively well-priced; friendly

    This place was right in the middle of downtown. I traveled to Boston alone for work but had a few days to spend sight seeing. This place saved me so much money in cabs and everything was within walking distance. The room was small, but considering how much time I spent in the room, it was hardly an issue.

    If I ever get a chance to come back Boston, this is where I will stay. I did not experience any loud neighbors, loud street noises or lack of hot water. I guess the only thing I could ask for is an iron and ironing board in the room.

    22/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Denise B.
    I stayed in Milner Hotel's sister hotel, the Ritz-Milner, in LA a year ago, and I really liked how they provided a modest yet comfortable experience at a reasonable price. As a result I was really looking forward to staying at Milner and having a similar experience. Unfortunately, the Milner in Boston just did not compare to the Ritz-Milner in LA.

    Milner Hotel is 150 years old, and it feels like they haven't changed a thing since then. While we were expecting a full bed, we weren't expecting one that was so small my feet (I am 5'5"!) were falling off of the bed much of the night. The bed was hard as a rock, and I did not get a good night's sleep the entire time I stayed here. Our room, minus the bathroom, was even tinier than the one in our hostel in NYC, and I had to put my suitcase in a place where I tripped over it trying to get out of bed every morning. Our roll-up shade fell off the window every morning when we tried to roll it up, and the bright yellow walls really needed some updating. I also heard a lot of noise from the street at night.

    The hotel did have wireless but only in the lobby. In the room there was only a single cable to plug into one computer, with no room for other cables, which is bad news when two people with laptops both want to check their email. The cable end also was broken and didn't stay in the laptop port well.

    The worst part was probably the shower, though, I was expecting the tiny tub and low water pressure, but I didn't expect to not be able to get hot water. The first day we tried for 15 minutes and couldn't get the water to do anything better than alternate between lukewarm and freezing. The second two days we got hot water briefly, only to have it alternate randomly back to lukewarm and then lose the hot water altogether after maybe 10 minutes. In the frigid outdoor temperatures this really wasn't comfortable!

    There were a few redeeming features about the hotel. All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, they had a decent free breakfast with a waffle maker and free tea and coffee all day, and the hotel was clean and safe. We also had a great location where we could either walk or take a quick T ride to everywhere we wanted to go. This made Milner better than a stereotypical seedy motel but only by a notch or so. In the future in Boston I'll willingly pay an extra $20-30 a night to stay in a Downtown hotel where I can sleep through the night and take a hot shower!

    27/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Kathryn B.
    Great location central to Boston. It's a couple blocks from the subway, making it easy to get anywhere. There are several restaurants nearby and lots of shopping, plus theaters for entertainment. It's also a block from Boston Commons, which is great for strolls through the park.

    The rooms are comfortable, but not fancy. This hotel was the cheapest I could find near the location I had to be for a conference. I booked a Twin bed room. This size room is convenient for business travelers who need to travel on a budget. The room was small, possibly 10x12, but it had everything needed: desk, free wired internet connection, an area for hanging clothes, a TV, and bathroom. To address what some other reviewers have mentioned about the rooms:

    - The mattress is definitely hard. If you need a soft mattress, this hotel is not for you.
    - The mattress is short. I'm 5'3", and it worked for me. But I could imagine anyone taller would have to curl up all night!
    - I had no issues with hot water - my showers were plenty warm.
    - The AC control dial had no numbers on it, just some cryptic message written in ballpoint pen. From what I could tell, the AC was either on or off with no fine-grain control over the temperature. I was cold with it on, so I had to wear my sweatshirt in the room.

    The room was a bit noisy at night. The hotel must be really close to some sort of music venue, since very loud live music started playing around 9:30pm almost every night. Luckily, the air conditioning is loud enough to drown out the music, so I turned that on and slept just fine.

    The hotel is also very old and has much "charm" because of it. For example, the floor in my bathroom was slanted. It was so slanted that even the toilet seat was slanted! :) The carpeting could possibly be the original from the 1800s. It feels like you're walking back in time as a climb the stairs. This isn't for everyone. Personally, I liked it! :)

    Overall, make sure to set expectations appropriately and you'll enjoy your stay at the Milner Hotel.

    26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Colleen H.
    I stayed here for 2 nights Boston marathon weekend and experienced a price gauging at this hotel that made me cringe. I've stayed in $67 a night motels that were roomier and with more comforts, and this was $200 a night. I'm not looking for a palace, but this room on the first floor felt to me like a walk-in broom closet. The bed was so short I thought it was for midgets. Flat pillows, no closet, a TV that looked like a computer monitor, no chairs, no microwave, no fridge, and a window looking out onto a noisy courtyard. It just looked cheap.

    They do have breakfast every morning and made the effort of having an early  EARLY breakfast for us marathoners the day of, which was nice. Free bananas, granola bars, and water was in the lobby, also nice. The receptionists were all friendly and helpful,

    The building itself is rather endearing and antique-looking, smack off of Boston Common. Overall, not a bad place. Just not $200 a night good.

    17/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Alesha S.
    The quarters are tight, but the service is good, the room is clean, and the location is great!  Oh, and the price was easy on the pocketbook.  I'd stay here again!

    No wifi (except for the rare times I was able to use the Radisson's wifi from across the street), but there's an ethernet cable in the room for free Internet access.

    There's free breakfast every morning with pastries, bagels, toast, yogurt, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, juice, coffee, and a waffle maker.

    05/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Emily B.
    Talk about great value!!! I can't believe how great this hotel was for the money.  Sure, it's no Sheraton, but the room was 99% clean (ok, there was one gross, long, black hair in the bathroom) spacious and had a comfortable bed.  We stayed here for the Boston Marathon and it was a great location as well as being quiet and comfortable enough to get the rest I needed.  The breakfast was of better quality than I expected with a large variety of items.

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Hamsa H.
    I'm pretty sure the mattresses in this place date back to 1877, too. We had a busted metal spring mattress that left me feeling like I'd been beaten up by the second night.

    1. Good located around the corner from a T stop
    2. Clean rooms
    3. Free wi-fi, although I didn't use it, so I can't vouch for the speed

    1. Horrible, horrible mattresses. Whatever I saved on my hotel bill is going to go to the chiropractor's.
    2. The included continental breakfast is the worst I've ever had at any hotel.
    3. The staff is pretty bad. I was in the lobby at 12:30 am and asked if the 'concierge' (using that term lightly) could call me a cab, and he responded with "You can't get cabs at this time of night. You'll have to go to Stuart Street." Uh. Watch me harness the power of the Internet and use my smartphone to call a cab. I've encountered more helpful staff at a hostel.
    4. The rooms are TINY. I don't think is that big of a deal since I'm not visiting a city to hang out in the hotel, but they're tiny to the point of it being kind of sad-funny.

    All in all, you'd be better off spending some more and staying at one of the Marriotts nearby. Or, hell, there's a hostel down the street. At $160/night, the hotel really isn't all that much cheaper than some of the nearby options.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Maximo L.
    I really enjoyed the week long stay here with my husband!  The location was perfect and the staff made damn sure everything was set to my liking. My quiet room was cleaned everyday and the continental breakfast was always set up and plentiful in the morning. There are some small local joints to hang out in the area for food and cocktails as well. Starbucks and dunkin donuts??? Yes, they're a 1 minute walk away!  If you want more bang for your buck without the pretense of a 5 star resort this is your place. Simplicity at its finest! I was told by my husband as we checked out "let's make sure we stay here the next time we travel to Boston. It's just worth it!"

    12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Florian G.
    Worth 3 or 3.5 stars.
    The staff was great. The check-in was done in less than five minutes.
    The queen size bed was very confortable, but might be short for talĺ people.
    The bathroom was clean but too small and badly arranged with a tiny shower.
    The room was also not so goodly laid out.
    The place is nice and clean with a good location. The breakfast is poor.

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Allegra H.
    I checked in at around 3 am and the guy at the front desk was great - very friendly and apologetic that the check in took so long (about 15 min. with no line), as the computer system was being backed up at the time.  

    When I got to my room (which was placed so conveniently on the ground floor in the fire exit stairwell), I was appalled at the size and quality of the room, seeing as it cost $200/night.  It was a TINY twin bedroom (approx 7'x8') - mini-sink IN the room, 2 bedside tables, and a divider wall with no door separating the toilet and shower from the bedroom.  The toilet bowl was about four feet away from the head of the bed.  The furnishing and carpets were all old fashioned, damp, dirty, and just plain old.  This is the type of hotel room that I'd expect to find in only in Paris or London or some other European city where space is at a premium - teeny tiny, dated, yet expensive.  

    As it was super late, I quickly unpacked and was ecstatic at the idea of sleeping, only to find a little pincered BLACK BEETLE on my pillow.  I removed it with a tissue and proceeded to inspect the bed further, lest it had friends.  I found one live and one long-dead beetle all on/in the pillowcase.  Then I inspected the bed inside and out looking for more bugs.  More beetles were found!!  Upon finding the sixth beetle, I decided that even though it was almost 4 am and I was so tired, there was NO WAY I was going to sleep in this bed.

    The guy at the front desk was very apologetic and found me another room, but let me know that I would have to change rooms a few times due to prior reservations, and that I might end up in the same room again towards the end of the week.  Ugh.

    By 4 am, I'm in a new double bed room that is much bigger and better than the first.  This isn't to say that it was big, by any means - approx. 10' x 10.  At least there was a real bathroom and no bugs this time around.  You know that your standards are slipping when you are happy to have a door and a bug-free sheets.  The lighting in the bathroom was so poor however, that it might was well have been lit by candlelight.  Great for a night light... terrible for makeup application.  Also the power outlets, while aplenty, didn't have power.  

    While I was meant to stay for a few days, I checked out the next day and opted to stay with friends for the rest of the week.  The daytime attendant was far from gracious or friendly.  She had some other guy check me out while she was smoking.  I WAS charged for the room after all of this mess with my only apology coming from the original evening attendant.  Upon getting my bill, I asked to be compensated for my woes.  The new guy was very accommodating and told me that he would remove all charges.  At least there was that.  My 1.5 hours of sleep were (thankfully) free.

    While gracious enough to comp me for the room after some nudging, as a whole, this hotel sucks and is grossly overpriced.

    04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Scott D.
    Old hotel with old rooms and a rude staff. The single room was the size of a jail cell. I moved to a new hotel after one night and for the same rate I stayed in a king sized room at a Hampton. Run away!

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Stacey F.
    It's very utilitarian.  Basic.  No frills . Be sure to bring your own bath products.  You will be watching TV from your bed. Very small room. Don't use the ice! It tastes horrible!  On the positive,  room was clean and made up every day.

    09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Ken S.
    Rooms are very small, but clean. The problem however is with the night staff. Rude and incompetent does not begin to describe the terrible service James the night manager provided. After stating that I would be unable to check in until 3 PM on Saturday for a one night, Friday reservation just after midnight on Friday night, James refused to straighten anything out with a phone call to booking.com the site I used to book the room. Once I called them and put my phone on speaker for James to hear, he relented and began to check me in as slowly as possible.

    As soon as that called ended, James began cursing, yelling, and threatening me for having made that call to straighten things out. He refused to calm down or even relent in his obscene and vitriolic speech. Things got so bad that when the hotel security asked him to calm down and he refused, Boston PD came in of their own volition to handle the matter.

    Hands down the worst check in experience I could imagine, short of actually being physically harmed by a desk clerk. If you value your time, sanity, and security, do yourself a favor and never consider this hotel.

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Alina S.
    I spent a week at Milner Hotel. It was cheapest possible option for my dates. It is old, but clean. I booked single room. It is tiny, but really comfy. You get everything you need. The simple breakfast was also included in price.

    Location is perfect! You can walk to the Prudential and Newbury. T line is few blocks away. You can reach Boston Common and Beacon Hill in few minutes.

    For Boston it is fairly good price. But obviously overpriced.

    But all in all I enjoyed my stay.

    12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0