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Sea Cove Motel in Ocean City, MD

Sea Cove Motel in Ocean City, MD

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.25

Address: 2701 N Baltimore Ave, Ocean City, MD, 21842

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    Comments (8):

    1. Phil B.
    Clean and - surprisingly because of all the youngsters staying - quiet.  Of course I lucked out with a room in the corner so I can't speak to staying closer to "the action."  Only two blocks from the beach, Sea Cove is conveniently located near mini golf and a few restaurants.  Points docked because the room offers the bare minimum - clean sheet(s) and bar soap.

    18/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Barbara L.
    Don't let all the brown fool you. This room was fresh, clean, safe, and suited my needs of a place to bath and sleep at night.  I'd come back again.

    31/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Tricia R.
    My husband and I stayed here two nights this past weekend. We didn't expect anything fancy, but we did expect somewhere clean seeing as we paid nearly $300 altogether. As soon as we got into our room, we noticed an awful smell. The pervious guest had left a car air freshener in the vent of the air conditioner to try to mask the smell, but it wasn't working. Also, we found a picture drawn on the wall of two dogs doing dirty things to each other, if you know what I mean. We reported it to the front desk so that they didn't think it was us who drew it. The woman said the cleaning lady must have "overlooked it". The picture was out in the open, so unless the cleaning lady doesn't even exist, she should have seen it. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the cleaning lady didn't exist judging by the thick line of dust on our TV stand and the mold growing on the wall. Speaking of TV, the picture on ours was completely fuzzy. And they advertise free WiFi but our room was too far away from the lobby to pick up the signal. Like I said, we didn't expect anything fancy. But even for a motel, this place is gross. If you're reading this, I strongly encourage you to spend your hard earned money at a different place to stay. Yes, you'll have a place to sleep at night and yes you're super close to the beach, but you can get that for the same price elsewhere. We had friends with us who stayed in a different room at the motel and they have their own horror stories, but I won't even get into that. I gave them one star for having a convenient location and for miraculously not being put out of business yet.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Faye G.
    This place was far from the nicest hotel Ive ever stayed in but not quite the worst either...
    Location! a block off of the boardwalk. Also steps away from Happy Jack's a super yummy breakfast spot.
    Cost! I think the total for 2 nights was just over $200. Really- can you complain for that price?
    The staff was nice but they couldn't find our room when we arrived. I mean literally didn't know where it was located. It took the guy almost 10 minutes of walking around the building to find it- it was literally on the street directly next to the lobby. Also, after seeing our room we asked to be moved off the street (there were a few sketchy characters loitering around and our room only had a doorknob lock- not exactly secure) and were advised that the hotel was booked. When we voiced our confusion about the neon sign stating VACANCY literally right outside the lobby we were told that was an error (yet they never changed it) AND while we were waiting for our room to initially be found we observed quite a few second story rooms that were clearly vacant.
    The room itself was clean but there wasn't a closet which was a bummer for 3 girls with tons of clothes to hang.
    The entrance to our room was literally on the street and separated by a small bricked terrace (for lack of a better word) and that space was really trashed with cigarette packets, empty soda cans and a few red solo cups. Kinda junky.
    Id probably stay here again in a pinch just based on the fact that it was so cheap- but you really do get what you pay for here.

    11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Logan M.
    The only nice thing about this place is that it is a very close walk to the beach. The pictures they show you are very deceitful.
    First off when we came in there was mold in the back corner on the ceiling. The lady at the front desk gave my boyfriend a lot of attitude when we talked to her about it and then it took forever for the maintenance guy to come in and remove it. He also kept touching our door handle when he was handling the mold. They replaced the ceiling tiles within a few hours there ended up being another wet spot where the mold was so they obviously have a leak.
    Don't expect to get much sleep if you have two people in the bed, I fell off the edge because it's such a poor mattress.
    The power went off the night we stayed so we had no A/C and it burnt out our tv.
    No refund or help was given to us.

    I honestly would never stay here again. You'd be better off sleeping on the beach or in your car, absolutely disgusting.

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Nichole M.
    Pretty gross!
    If we had to stay here for more than a night I would've went nuts.
    The room stunk. I don't even know how to explain the smell, like they were trying to cover something up.  
    The bathroom sink had no handle- just a metal screw to turn it on with and only the option of hot water.
    The shower was gross, dirt in it and it just kinda misted water out.
    The towel had someone else's hair on it.
    The bed, when opening up the sheets had sunflower seed shells in it.
    Sand under the bed.
    The fridge didn't work.

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Kat R.
    Stayed here for two nights this weekend and it suited our needs but definitely was not worth the price of the room.
    Cons:  There was sand on the floor from the previous guests and there was also sand in the sheets. Ants were crawling on our table. The cushions of the chairs were wet. The bathroom sink faucet had a broken handle and the shower was dirtier than I've ever kept mine- I went back to my college days and wore flip flops in the shower. They also had nothing more than a door knob lock on the door. I can't believe we spent about $450 on the room alone.
    Pros:  you're located right near restaurants, a 7-11, and of course the beach. A stop for the all-day bus is super close and convenient. It was also really quiet even though the entire motel was full. Plenty of parking spaces but you only get a tag for one car.

    I would probably look for a different motel next time- mostly because of the price (visited a friend at a different motel--they spent way less and it was just as dirty, but the neighbors were sketchier than ours)

    17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Abby W.
    This hotel was one of the below par places I've stayed at. For the price, you get considerably less than you pay for.

    My family and I stayed at this hotel for about 4 days, and it was a hassle to do the simplest things.

    In the room itself, when we arrived, the trash from the previous tenants was still in the trash cans. There was a considerable amount of sand left on the floor around the beds, the door, and just all over. The beds weren't that bad for a hotel standard.

    In the bathroom, the toilet was completely against the side of the sink, so that anyone who is a fully grown adult would have problems sitting down. The shower's draining system was broken, so when you took a shower it would be backed up with the water, soap, and sand that you just washed off. The water pressure was non-existent. You would have a better time taking a shower with a garden hose.

    Overall, I would only recommend staying at this hotel for a night at most. The price is high for what you actually get.

    13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0