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Comfort Suites Minneapolis - Downtown in Minneapolis, MN

Comfort Suites Minneapolis - Downtown in Minneapolis, MN

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.65

Address: 425 S 7th St, Minneapolis, MN, 55415

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    Comments (17):

    1. Greg M.
    This place is just plain ok to crappy.  The interior is awful.  The furniture is old.  The TVs are very old.   The bathrooms are horribly laid out.

    If you're just here to sleep, it's fine.  Don't expect to be awed by this hotel.

    19/05/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Brian H.
    It was more like checking into some bad 1980's architectural nightmare than checking into a hotel. Additionally, the hot tubs, sauna, and spa are non-operational.

    This is a hotel of last resort only.

    23/10/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Jenny z.
    Better than the other Hilton, but not the Marquette.

    Filthy, filthy, filthy outdated rooms, bad location, but the staff is nice and the room service is decent which is why I'll give it two stars.  Seriously, though, these are the dirtiest rooms I've ever seen at a Hilton - it is appalling.

    Reception is lame - popcorn and beer from a stale tap. Overrun by the mullet sporting crowd.

    If you value comfort, cleanliness and convenience, not the hotel for you.

    22/08/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Mark S.
    I found the place clean and bright though very dated (almost comically and camp) in decor.  sorry i didn't plan a party in my mega corner king suite.

    Staff was great, esp. front desk crowd and Kyle, the friendly, alert dude who makes your omelette to order each morning.

    31/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Scott L.
    20-25 years past a remodel. They're supposed to have remodeled it... oops, not yet! Beyond dated interior.

    Good place to stay at if you're inebriated and crawling from a game at the metrodome and you like big made to order breakfasts.

    25/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Colin L.
    You yelpers settle down. You all need two shots of vodka and a day at the beach before you write nasty reviews of this place. The decor is amazingly fun (in bad taste). The plants ARE real, and the staff is twice as friendly as the average yelper. Plus the rooms come with two tvs one from my generation and one from my very early childhood. The way I look at it I've got three sinks in one hotel room.. Word up! Grab a bottle of so-cal and have a good time here. PS this place is generally sold out it is an excellent value!

    29/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Mercy B.
    Aside from the aforementioned hideous art deco interior - this place was an ok place to crash while I was attending a Pilates educational conference in the Twin Cities. I chose the Embassy Suites because it was a short walking distance and had more reasonable room rates than the hotel where the conference was being held.

    In true Embassy Suites style, they served a bang up made to order breakfast - not just the usual continental carbo-loading style that many hotels offer as their "free breakfast." Their short order cook was great at whipping up eggs any style, pancakes, french toast. Of course, S was in heaven with the all you can drink milk station (he also had a feast day at the Minnesota State Fair at their milk drinking booth).

    Downside of this place are many aside from their outdated decor. Sorry that James W. had such a sorry experience. Aside from the mis-match curtains, curtains, carpeting, outdated TV sets and furniture - the room we had was clean. The view we had from our room was of the Foshay Building and other sky scrapers - not a bad panoramic view.

    There was a pool and spa area adjacent to our room and I would not recommend even putting your toe into the water. The atrium where the spa and pool were located smelled musty and not well ventilated - I wondered how those people could stand being in all that murky water.

    I must say that they did try to make improvements to their workout area. The machines in the cardio room were brand new and flooring had just been installed. There was an area that had clean towels and water was made readily available to exercisers while working out.

    I admit that the location of this hotel was pretty funky. The reception area was not at street level and required an elevator ride (at least there was an express) to the lobby area. The elevator was dank and had poor ventilation - we were so glad when those door opened!

    All in all, the staff was as friendly and helpful as they could be. It was nice to have a BIG room to stretch out in - and we definitely didn't feel cramped on our king sized bed.

    We were told that the hotel would be going through a renovation soon - I may consider lodging here after the remodel is done.

    25/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Alexis A.
    I can't say much about the over all value, because I booked with a half off discount found on CrowdCut.com , but it turned out to be a perfect spot for a girls night out party!

    We had a corner room on the 3rd floor (303) The seperate bedroom had two beds, and I'd say there was just enough on the floor for two double blow up beds (BYOB).

    The living room had a bar to hang out around, and of course mix cocktails. There was a dorm size fridge and a microwave discreetly installed under the bar.  There was a dining table, and a sofa that pulled out to a seemingly comfortable bed.

    The bathroom had a bidet, oh lala! There were 3 sinks with mirrors above them making "ready to hit the town time" a particularly easy moment for a gaggle of girls.

    There was other parties on the floor, but the walls seemed to be keeping the sound low in the hall, and we didn't get any complaints.

    As someone pointed out, the decor would be magnificent for anyone who had eaten the right type of mushrooms. lots of interesting patterns (I didn't even notice how oddly combined they were until it was pointed out, so it wasn't like, obnoxious....just a little different).

    The bedroom window was HUGE and had a great view, but it warmed up fast when the sun came up and there is VERY little temperature control in the room....almost none.

    The radio didn't get many stations, but it had a mini-phono and the option to plug into a MP3player/ipod, which sufficed. There were TVs in each room and the living room had video game remotes...I'm sure you had to pay to get the games....we didn't bother looking at that stuff.

    Breakfast was good: Make your own waffles, omlet bar, cereal, juices, bacon, egg, potato, yogurt. fruit, pastries, etc
    The bar was good. The happy hour that goes until 6pm got me a couple Tom Collins' and an order of decent little buffalo wings for $10 plus tip!  

    The walk to 1st Avenue was about 15min, and there's a liquor store 5 minutes closer, also on 7th St. There was also a convenience store in the same building as the hotel.That turned out to be convenient. : )

    I'd definitely consider this for my next group trip to the city. I thought it was lovely.

    07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Mike O.

    The Comfort Suites is just inches away from the Metrodome (now Mall of America Field) and the Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis. Despite being downtown, it's location is not as centralized as many of the other alternatives in the area, especially if you're out to explore the night life on Hennepin Avenue. Nevertheless, if you aren't up to the several block walk to the strip or Target Field, a cab ride wouldn't cost you much.


    I have to knock the hotel for it's accessibility. Parking is in a privately owned ramp that is VERY easy to miss as you're approaching the hotel, and it is a $12 per night charge, which is not uncommon in downtown hotels. It does, fortunately, offer in and out access, though it is through an inconvenient system that requires you to deposit the ticket you were given when you parked, as well as a second validated ticket from the Front Desk that you have to obtain each time you want to exit. If you ask for several, they will gladly accommodate, however. From the lot (large vehicles beware), you have to take the elevators (which still said Embassy Suites) and take it a dozen stories up to the lobby area. Quite a hike, especially if you have limited mobility.


    During my stay, I did not require much from the staff, but the encounters were pleasant enough. The staff was friendly and welcoming, though not much was said about the amenities of the hotel such as the bar or pool or breakfast. I appreciated the explanation of the parking lot from the Front Desk Agent who checked me in, as well as the casino-chip drink vouchers for the bar. The only other interaction I had with the front desk was my frequent visits to have my keys reprogrammed. We had six guys in my suite and they needed reprogramming with nearly every use.

    Rooms and Common Areas:

    As many others have pointed out, the hotel is old and there is no escaping that. The decor is quite clearly a step back in time to a world where rose pink tile and leopard print curtains were all the rage. The lobby is quite large and anyone who has ever stayed in an Embassy Suites will recognize the atrium-style area in the center. There are many fountains in the lobby, but I noticed the majority of them were empty and not in use at all, which I thought looked bad.

    The room we had was a two queen bed suite with large pull out sofa bed and a kitchenette. The room itself was very clean, but it had seen many stays in it's time. Between the creepy face print on the dining room chairs, the leopard print curtains in the bedroom, and the TV's from 1993 (which couldn't be counted on for reception, as ours was snowy the whole stay), the room was fine, styling aside. It perfectly fit our needs and there was plenty of room. The bathroom is on the small side, though the two sinks (one inside the bathroom and one in the bedroom) was appreciated for those rushed mornings. I did not experience any water issues (no hot water) like many other reviewers. However, the on switch/lightbulb on our end table lamp was broken and hanging by a cord under the lampshade.

    It was basic, but very spacious for what we paid and the beds were quite comfortable. Unless you are very picky about modern accents, the room will fit the needs of just about every traveler on a budget. My biggest complaints would be that the free wireless was almost unusable, the TV's reception was fuzzy, and there was no desk. For business guests, this is a deal breaker. For our needs, it couldn't have worked better.


    The hotel offers a free breakfast which is up there with some of the best hotel breakfast I have had for free. There is an omelet station where a few chefs will cook you up a made-to-order omelet with your choice of ingredients, and the buffet itself has just about anything you could want. For the size, it can't be beat and if I had kids, this would be my first choice. I felt a little bloated afterward, but I can't blame anyone but my overindulgent self for that one.

    I did not visit the bar or restaurant so I can't comment on the service or prices, though my friends enjoyed themselves utilizing their free drink vouchers from check-in.

    The pool and hot tub area, to me, was the worst part of the stay. The hot tub's water smelled faintly like vomit. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until I completely submerged myself and noticed a slimy film on my skin. The pool seemed fine, but I admit my craving for a swim was hampered by the hot tub. There was noticeable rust deposits around the drains and the sauna (electric) was a bust after 45 minutes of waiting for it to break room temperature.

    Overall, I would recommend this hotel to most people. The staff was friendly, the room was very affordable (especially for how large the rooms are and it's location). It is inches away from almost everything downtown. It is an old hotel and this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is affordable and centralized.

    12/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Ben D.
    I did my research before my bestfriends 21st birthday on the hotel she had chosen, and while I was un-surprised by the state of affairs, the other guests apparently were totally bought off by her "discounted room."

    First of all, just try to get into the hotel without having to call the front desk.
    The elevator you take is not clearly marked, so you end up going through the entire parking garage before getting to the lobby.
    Once in the "lobby" you are met by fake plants, ugly tile, and a quaint little bar (that I spent my time at, yes indeed).
    The faux glass elevators I assume were meant to give the facade of glass, but the smell of cigarettes and epithets literally scratched into the PLEXI-glass made me think for a second I was staying in a hotel in Yemen.

    The room had SCARY windows (no screen and would open far enough to allow a person to fall out) that were also covered in some kind of interesting film I would not expect to find in a non-smoking room.
    Also can I please get a 'what the fuck were they thinking' with the green (teal) decorating effects and the PINK curtains?? Oh I suppose I shouldn't forget to mention the TIGER PRINT curtains in the suittes bedroom.

    The door didn't lock, the shower didn't work, the soap was dry and cracked as though it had been wet before and then re-wrapped. The hallways stank and there were two fights in the hotel the night we were there. The TV was TINY, and I dunno why they advertise cable at all because I get more channels through my antenna than they get through "cable."

    Our stay was very short lived thank god... and I will not be going back. Actually, I might, but only to go to the bar in the lobby.

    11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. James W.
    This was one of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in and I cut my stay short to move to another hotel. TV was tiny and broken, as were several of the lights. Smoke detector falling out of the ceiling. Furniture badly worn and outdated, room appointments hideous, and decor comical. Room not properly clean - dustbunnies all over the vents. Too few hangers. Soap was crappy. Room smelled bad. Door damaged and unrepaired. Window overlooked ledge with beer-cans and pigeon feces. Curtains stained. Access required slow elevator trip from street level to lobby before taking second elevator from lobby to room. Atrium dark and unpleasant smelling. There is a "smoker's floor" so a faint odor of cigarettes is omnipresent.

    See my photos for full effect.

    Breakfast was good though. That's a plus. Staff was very nice.

    29/07/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Helena B.
    New name (Comfort Suites!), same dreck.

    Now, I was here on a business trip. This means that I could forgive a whole lotta bad interior decorating as I stumble in, wipe the computer-glazed exhaustion from my eyes, and pass out, face-down, in bed. I checked my Yelp before I went, and I was prepared. This place lived up to (and surpassed) all my expectations of ugliness. My room was where teal and mauve went once they were eradicated from most people's homes circa 1987. Bonus points for the creepy, quasi-abstract clown paintings above the bed.

    So, back to business! Decor from 1987 can be forgiven as long as the internet is from 2010. There is - theoretically - "free wifi" at this hotel, but good on you if you can make it work. It was spotty throughout my stay.* One night, I stumbled into the "living room" part of my suite to see if there was somewhere I could physically connect my computer old-school-style to a jack in the wall. Nope. Plus, the lamps in that room either don't work or are equipped with a 20-watt bulb. Rock. The wireless signal was a little stronger there, however, so compromises were made.

    On my second night, the internet didn't work at all, so I took the opportunity to check out the bar in the lobby. This was likely the shining star of my stay. While the food was forgettable, the bartender was an absolute peach. Love her.

    So why 2 stars? In addition to the lovely bartender, there is a decent free breakfast offered every morning. That, and each time I spoke to the front desk staff, they took note of each broken lamp, broken phone, and broken door lock I mentioned and looked sincerely apologetic. Keep on truckin' front desk staff!

    * Also inconsistent? Hot water. You've been warned - shower fast!

    19/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Jared P.
    I'll rank the pros and cons in the interests of being 'fair and balanced'

    Pros:  1) great location, close to football, baseball, basketball stadiums and downtown nightlife
    2)  Cheap!  booked the room for $124/nt vs $350 for other hotels in the area.  Which dovetails nicely into the cons...

    1) I was going to do a point-by-point of all cons but I started the list and decided to get on to other things.  Worth noting that my sensibilities are far from delicate and I travel about 40 weeks a year.  No problems with the 19" tv in the living room or the 13" in the bedroom and I had no problem with getting up to change the channel because the remote batteries were dead.  The Scarface-era room decor is so cutting edge if they wait 5 years this will be a hipster hang out.  The creakily-crackily machines in the weight room? I didn't really want to work out anyway.  
    What is worth noting is how extremely filthy the entire hotel-and especially the rooms-are. I am not sure what goes on in these rooms but everywhere on the walls/mirrors is a brown-ish or red-ish something that appears to have been sprayed.  Also on the bedspread.  Dust everywhere. A couch that is orange on the back cushion and grey on the service areas.  Carpet that is below truck stop standards of cleanliness.  I am 99% sure the cleaning crew will not be offended by these remarks because there does not appear to be anyone cleaning the rooms...after a couple hundred customers that becomes obvious.  I nominate this place for 'Hotel Impossible' but I don't think the host has this kind of firepower.

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Monica B.

    Got hung up on asking for directions, I get there and she doesnt know what im talking about. I was put on hold right away, then the phone got disconnected.

    Looking for this place is not fun. They need a bigger sign.

    The rooms were outdated. Reception was horrible, so ur stuck watching whatever happens to be coming in clear that day.  Oh yea, and its on like a 40inch box television.

    I will say, the room was nice and clean.  Mines was at least.  I saw a review a little while ago that mentioned bugs on the bed.

    The air only heats in winter and cools in the summer.  It was freezing in our room, so we had to turn it off and just wrap up like burritos until it warmed up.

    The restaurant watiresses suck.  Took forever to get our order taken, didnt seem like either of them wanted to do it.  Then it took 25 minutes to get our sandwhich, which was actually tasty. We saw people coming in cleaning off tables to sit at on their own.  A couple sittin next to us got a salad, with no siverware, i had to tell our waitress they had been waiting for ten minutes to eat it, and she went and got some for them.

    She constantly talked to herself the whole night. not sure what that was all about.

    She also to guest who had just came in and seated themselves that she was jsut too busy, Chrissy would have to help them.. they did what anyone else would have done.. Got up and left.

    Then because we were there on a crowd cut deal, its a mandatory 20% tip in the restaurant.  This chick didnt even earn 1%.  Why should I give her 20?

    well before we left, we decided to... roll around in the bed, yea thats it, lol.  then we heard someone come in, it was housekeeping!! after a few choice words, she left- i mean she ran.  It wasnt even close to check out itme yet, and house keeping just walks in your room?  wow. I was pissed.

    I told the lady at the desk when she asked me how was my stay about the waitresses and housekeeping.

    she seemed like she really cared and was going to make sure it was brought to the mangers attention. Not sure if she really did or not.

    Wouldnt go back unless it was a free room.

    02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Crystal S.
    Wow, bad reviews!! Im going to preface mine by saying that I am reviewing based on the "bang for the buck!" I was in town for an internship interview (read: I am a poor grad student flying across the country on no income to interview for a minimal income internship!) and needed a cheap, but comfortable and safe place to stay.

    So, that said, I loved this hotel!! My room was huge, with a living room area, kitchen, and huge bedroom with a king sized bed. It was off in the corner so it was really quiet. The location was great, within walking distance to the Nicollet mall area so I didn't have to drive to get something to eat (side note: read my review on The Local...yum!!) or even to get necessities since a Target was right there. The parking was easy to get to and understand. The breakfast was good. There was a pool and gym, neither of which I used, but they looked nice.

    Yes, the decor was tacky and very outdated, but I would much rather have the reduced prices (I believe I paid about $55 per night) than ikea style decor! I see a few reviews talked about the smoke smell. They must have entered the 21st century on that aspect because the whole hotel was non-smoking and I didn't smell any residue at all, which is good because that would have been a very negative point for me.

    Overall, its is a wonderful place to stay if you are on a budget, but want to be central and comfortable. If you are looking for fancy decor and want to feel like you are living high class, then by all means go somewhere else! But for the struggling grad students (or struggling anything) out there, this is a wonderful choice!!

    13/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Annie L.
    The view was great. I really LOVED the layout of the room! When you first walk in, there's the "living room" area that consists of a pull out couch, bar area (fridge and microwave included), and dining table. Attached to the living area is another room (separated by a door) that has a spacious bed and awesome view. I really did hate the pillows though (small squares) AND I don't think the AC really works. AND the TV is kind of outdated.

    Breakfast buffet was consistently filled up. Omelet/waffle station was delicious. Definitely gets crowded though, so the line gets loooong. I also enjoyed the restaurant during happy hour time---7 days a week! Appetizers as well as drinks are 1/2 off, which is a steal in my opinion.

    The only negative? Parking is an additional $14 a day, but you get unlimited access to the garage so that was a plus.

    19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Matt G.
    We all know that Minneapolis is not a tourist city. And getting a hotel in Minny for the most parts: feasible and affordable. So why did I go to Minny, if you are writing a book?

    "I'm tired of going the same top tourist cities. Plus I live in one of the top tourist city too in San Francisco. Besides, our beloved country has other cities with good eats and other fun attractions!"

    Okay, my blood pressure has rapidly increased. I'll settle down!

    This hotel is located in the Hennepin District and walking distance away from the downtown area. The hotel is also not far from many fine restaurants and businesses including the Target headquarters and store, Nicollet Street mall, Minnesota Convention Center, Target Field where the Twins play and Target Center where the NBA's Timberwolves play.

    The hotel shares spaces with some lofts and office building. In the main lobby on street level, there is a little grocery store for your snacks, beverage and mmm..."Beer"!

    Among the features the hotels have in the lobby, are restaurant with free breakfast for guests, a bar with great Happy hour prices, a swimming pool and sauna room, a small fitness room with few cardio machines and an arcade room with Mortal Kombat and Ms. Pac Man.

    For $109 per night, I get a one bedroom, with a kitchen corner and living room. Wifi is free and strong too. Despite the room being a tad outdated, my stay was quiet and peaceful. My room: yelp.com/biz_photos/comf…

    Outside my room, I get a view of the water fountain and the restaurant. And outside my window, I get a view of the downtown area of 7th Street. My view of the downtown area: yelp.com/biz_photos/comf…

    Despite many negative reviews from people who stayed here, my 3-night stay was a positive one. The hotel desk clerk, who is also from the Bay Area, was very cool and suggested many things to do in Minneapolis, including helping Joe Cool find the Lucy statue nearby on 4th and Portland Avenue.

    02/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0