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Country Inn & Suites at Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN

Country Inn & Suites at Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN


Whether you're in town for a business meeting or a shopping spree, you'll find everything you need for a relaxing stay at the Country Inn & Suites Bloomington at Mall of America. Our hotel's location is literally steps away from the world-famous MOA, where you can browse more than 500 shops, dine at dozens of restaurants and brave the roller coasters at the Nickelodeon Universe theme park. In addition to the Mall of America, our hotel's address provides easy access to downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul, the Minnesota Zoo and Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP). During your visit, you'll also enjoy exceptional on-site amenities, such as complimentary wireless Internet access, two indoor pools, a 24-hour Fitness Center and a free shuttle service to both the mall and the airport. If you're looking for outstanding hotels near the Mall of America, call our friendly staff to book your room today.


Established in 1994.

Constantly improving the hotel to meet the needs of our guests today, tomorrow and for the future.

One of the closest hotels to the Mall of America. It is within walking distance. Only five minutes from Minneapolis/St
Paul International Airport with complimentary shuttle service. We feature two indoor pools and two whirlpools, along with a 24 hour fitness
center. Complimentary Continental Plus Breakfast served daily to all guests. Complimentary high speed internet in all guest rooms and lobby.  Attached to two restaurants and we provide 24 hour room service.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.11

Address: 2221 Killebrew Dr, Minneapolis, MN, 55425
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Comments (18):

1. Lester A.
I stayed here for 1 or 2 weeks at a time for work a number of times and really enjoyed their hospitality.  Everyone I encountered was very nice and helpful.  I can recall one time when i had a problem, i woke up the first  morning I was there and had a problem with the shower so I went down to the front desk and told them the problem and that i have to be at work very soon, they quickly gave me a new room, but not just another room but a bigger suite just like that.  Shower worked fine and i was happy.  

They have a TGIF and an IHOP connected to the hotel that you can walk to without having to go out into the cold and during the week they serve a different soup in the lobby.  They have a pretty good breakfast in the morning with the usual cereal, pastries, yogurt and waffles.  They also serve biscuits and gravy most mornings.  They keep their jar at the front desk filled with cookies and on-line access is available at the desk as well.  They have a small gym and a decent pool.  Mall of America is close enough that you can walk there.  Hotel gets busy obviously on the weekends but it's a very nice hotel with great hospitality.

13/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Allyson C.
I was nervous after reading a review that said something about airplane noise since I am a very light sleeper, and of course I didn't want my daughter to be disturbed. However I barely ever heard it and it didn't affect any of our sleep. Then again I also sleep with a fan.
  We got the 2 room suite which was smaller than I imagined but perfect for our needs.(We have a 3 1/2 year old.) It was great to be able to watch TV/relax in the bedroom while she was asleep on the sofa sleeper. There was also a mini fridge for her juices and milk and a microwave to heat up leftovers. The breakfast was great, as was the location. It is facing the South entrance of the mall and there is a crosswalk so getting there is safe and easy. We used the shuttle once since we were loaded with bags, but it was crowded so I wasn't in a hurry to take it again. Also, late pool hours so she could go for a swim no matter how long we were at the mall or dinner. Very close to the LRT (I could see it from my room)which can take you all the way downtown to see a Twins game or go to the flagship Target.
 The night before I left, I thought I'd check to see if the rates had lowered (we had paid in full one month in advance for the early booking deal.) Sure enough it was 12.50 per night cheaper on their own website. I explained this at check in but the clerk said she couldn't do anything but I was going to be there 3 days so there would be time to fix it. Umm okay? So I went through the process again at check out. The guy basically told me what I expected, that she could have helped. But I guess chose not to. Oh well, we got credited the difference back to our debit card so in the end I can't complain. A great place for anyone visiting MOA to stay. Easy access to Friday's and IHOP-you don't even have to go outside. Great housekeepers too. Also ask for a coupon book, they just might give you one! All in a ll a pleasant stay and I'd recommend it to anyone.

12/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. David K.
Very nice hotel, walk across the street to mall of america or take the hotel shuttle. The price is well worth the money, convenient access to the airport and downtown Minneapolis as well. Breakfast was great and the staff is always cheerful, and able to make the decisions needed to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. TGIF and IHop are attached to the hotel as well.

24/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Adam F.
Great place.  Did not use the room for much else than sleeping.  Staff was helpful, conveniently located, and clean.  Would recommend to anyone visiting Mall of America for sure.

28/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Ryan D.
This place was so nice and clean rooms were a little small cuz we had a big stroller. They put out free cookies by the elevator. The breakfast room was amazing for being free. I was sad not seeing the biscuits n gravy the nights we stayed.

26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Sebastien S.
Nice hotel, indoor pool, tgi fridays nearby, free breakfast, cookies and popcorn, newspaper, right across from the mall of america

21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Troy W.
This place was near perfect. I would say it was completely perfect, but that's impossible. Like a new car, there is always a switch, knob, or something you wish turned a different way or was in a different place.

This place has a hot breakfast that was wonderful, but I will rate it as #2 compared to others. This was only because the gravy for the biscuits had too much sausage. I prefer a more milky gravy. You see--just a personal opinion. Overall, it was an excellent breakfast.

I have stayed at many mid-range hotels. I felt I paid the price somewhere between low to medium in that range, where the room, service, and amenities was on teh medium to high side. That equals an excellent bargain.

I chose the most inexpensive room and ended up with a two-room suite (living room area and bedroom). All the rooms in the hotel must be that way or I wouldn't have ended up with it. It was an excellent room and THE best room I've ever had for what I paid. There was a dorm-fridge, microwave, two closets, coffee, tea, two televisions, and places to conveniently charge electronic devices everywhere... all tastefully decorated. I was surprised that there was no in-room safe (no biggie for me, but they are nice to have).

I felt there was plenty of seating in the breakfast area. It was adjacent, yet separate from the lobby. There were two pool and large hot tubs provided. My partner and I were fortunate enough to be the only ones in the pool area--we each had our own pool... nice! Towels were provided at the pool area.

The hotel was an easy wall to Mall Of America. There is a light rail station at MOA. If walking straight to it (light rail), it's about a ten minute walk (if walking fast).

There were so many lodging choices in the area for my first trip to MOA. Should I head back, I'm certain I will stay here again.

10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. CJ T.
Clean & QUIET room!  A little squished but we just needed a place to sleep, not host a party.  All staff is helpful and I loved having an eating/drinking establishment attached.  This hotel is right across the street from the MOA but we had no troubles getting in/out of the hotel.  The breakfast is nice but perhaps a little more staff to clean tables and keep people moving on the weekends...?
The only slightly negative aspects: I was either hot or cold, couldn't find a comfortable temperature.  The dang fitted bed sheets kept coming off at night so we were sleeping on the actual mattress.  Not the end of the world but kind of irritating.
Will definitely stay here again and highly recommend it!

18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Jason G.
I'm in the middle of my stay here.  Overall it's been good.  I will address some of the issues that have been raised in other negative reviews:

1.  Cleanliness:  Housekeeping has been doing a great job.  If there were issues in the past with housekeeping, they are fixed now.  

2. Age since renovation: The property is old and hasn't been renovated in a long time.  So expect things like chipped wood, squeaky hinges, noisy air conditioners.  My toilet seat is kind of off kilter like one of the hinges is loose.  The toilet runs every 10 minutes so I have to close the bathroom door at night.  

The wear on the property is not what you'd expect for a hotel in the premium price range that this one is in.  I think they could only charge half as much with a property in this old condition if it wasn't located where it's located.

3.  Staff:  There are some reviews out there saying the staff is poor, but my experience has been the complete opposite.   The manager that checked me in (Jodie) was very friendly and helpful.  I haven't had many other direct interactions with staff but they seem nice and helpful overall.  Everyone seems to care about doing things right and doing their best, housekeeping, the breakfast buffet staff, they all have done an excellent job.

4. Amenities:  The TV is modern, the fridge is the "large mini" size and modern, coffee maker is nice, haven't used the microwave but it looks nice.   It looks like they did "renovate" these amenities fairly recently compared to the aged nature of everything else in the rooms.  Mattresses are well worn and need to be replaced soon, for example.

I've seen complaints out there about the pool and fitness... I haven't used either one but I will report they look very clean and well kept.  The pool(s) are pretty tiny though.

5. Noise.  I can indeed hear jets taking off and landing.  It's not terrible but it's loud enough.  It may be related to the time of year, but right now the jet noise does seem to get much less after 10pm and does not start again until 7am or so.  I don't know if there's just no flights or if they follow a noise abatement flight plan during those hours.  As I mentioned before, the internal things in the room are a little noisy mostly due to age.  Hinges squeak, air conditioner is relatively loud and makes a loud whoosh when it turns off.  My toilet runs every 10 minutes, but closing the bathroom door solves that so I'm not going to bug maintenance about it.  Walls are somewhat thin, so staying here during spring break or next to some loud partiers would not be fun.

6. Smell.  I have seen bad reviews based on smoke smell, stale smell, etc.... Considering the age since renovation, it wouldn't surprise me if some rooms had a slight issue with this, but I detected no such thing in my room or in any of the hallways.   The soap they issue does smell a little like basil and patchouli though, so bring your own soap if you don't want to smell kind of herbal yourself after showering here.  I don't mind it.

The hotel is all non-smoking so if you did smell cigarette smoke you should probably report it so they can go yell at one of your neighbors.

7. Breakfast buffet.  It's mostly what you'd expect in terms of offerings, except the prepared food on the buffet is surprisingly good quality.  I've never had eggs from a warmer on a buffet that were this good.  It's not the fancy looking stuff that the web site shows, however.  

8. In general: the web site makes this place look way more swanky than it is, probably because other Carlson properties that are more modern are more swanky than this.  This place has luxury-type amenities stuck into outdated budget hotel condition rooms.  They claim a renovation is coming soon, so after that is complete the price may match the condition more closely.

To sum up: Figure that 40% or more of the price is solely based on location, if you go into this with those expectations and not the expectations you might have for a hotel well over the $150 a night price point, it's not a bad place to stay.  

My company paid for my stay, if I wanted to come back to this area on my own dime, I'd most likely stay at one of the nearby hotels (literally right next door on all sides) that are far newer and about the same price.  

It pains me to say that because I really think the staff here works hard and tries their best.  They are making the absolute best of the situation they are stuck in with the aged facility condition here.  That scores a lot of points in my book, but it's hard to get over the high price vs the age and condition.

Update:  Manager Jodie contacted me to offer me a new room, and to thank me for the review.  The fact that they are monitoring the reviews so closely goes to show the commitment to customer satisfaction that I had noted earlier.  I declined the new room as this is my last night and I am leaving very early tomorrow.

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Renee W.
When I booked this hotel room, rather my company's travel agency did I was told that all I had to do was just cross the street from the light rail station. Not so much. Catch the shuttle from the station and save your feet. Friendly staff but this is a very basic hotel; I like the spacious suite I had but the pillows on the bed were not good. Having a TGI Friday's next door was a plus and I was able to get a ride back to the light rail station in the morning.  This is just a place to sleep really.....

26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Dennis J.
Stayed here for 4 days while attending a lighting symposium for DJs. I can't recall an issue. Great service, spacious and clean rooms, and a pretty decent rate. My room had a fridge, microwave, coffee maker and even free coffee and tea (something I never normally see nowadays in my regular trips to Vegas ). complimentary breakfast every morning with scrambled eggs, country gravy, yogurt, cereal, etc. I'm planning to stay here again next year for sure. highly recommend this hotel.

17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. CJ C.
While I was working out in the gym, one of the maids came in, took a big wet slobbery drink from her water bottle and then proceeded to refill it at the water station in the gym. No she didn't hold it down below the nozzle she just put it right up against it and transferred all her germs to everyone.  I seriously doubt this is the maids personal water supply or hotel policy for its employees.  But I was seriously disgusted by this act of callous disregard for the health of others.

27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. SavnOne C.
My family and I recently stayed here for a weekend getaway, Aug 2008, and it was one of the best experiences yet. As an avid traveler of 30+ years, I have seldom stayed in a hotel where the staff were friendlier than my own parents (and that is saying a lot). The room was recently remodeled. The dark cherry furniture was elegant. The bathroom was spotless and spacious. The king sized bed was soft and cozy. The 2 plasma TVs were amazingly crisp. The free WiFi for internet usage was convenient (got to use my laptop in the comfort of my own room). Even the inside of the microwave was clean!!!! The hotel staff even upgraded our reservations without charging us. We went from a standard room to a king suite (perfect for a couple who wants privacy from the kids). The 2 pools they had were warm enough to be called huge hot-tubs! The COMPLIMENTARY breakfast served all the types of breads and juices, yogurt, fruit, coffee with flavored cremes, teas, sweet rolls, muffins, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and even made to ordered waffles. As if that wasn't enough, the hotel even provided COMPLIMENTARY shuttle to and from the MOA. Considering the hotel doesn't need to do this since it is literally a football field away, they have generously decided to provide the service for their guests (and yes, FREE OF CHARGE!). To end your day on a high note, you can always go to the main lobby and grab a couple homemade cookies (we had oatmeal one day, chocolate chip another day, and peanut butter our last day). All of this provided to their guests all the while smiling and greeting you EVERY time you passed by ("Good morning." or "Good evening." or "How is your stay?" or "Is there anything you need?"). Even the shuttle bus driver was nice and courteous. Their pleasant attitudes and willingness to go the extra mile at this hotel was extremely refreshing and well appreciated.
Ok, two small complaints. Having a 19 mos. old, we need to keep milk stocked at all times. Our mini-fridge couldn't get cold enough to keep the milk from spoiling. We simply filled our ice bucket and kept it on ice. When we told the front desk about it, they had someone fix it while we were out at the MOA. So, that being said, they were eager to fix the problem right away without interupting our stay. They even put our "milk-on-ice" in the mini-fridge for us (a kind gesture of thinking about what their guests would appreciate; which we did). The second complaint was that the room wasn't vacuumed prior to our arrival. If it had been, the person did a poor job as we were stepping on pebbles of food and garbage time and time again. Not too big of deal but still a nuisance. We didn't want to complain about another thing so we took care of it ourselves by picking up whatever it was we stepped on. All in all, we are going to be staying here many more times in the future. Since two of our kids are too young to remember a trip to Disney, I'd rather drive the 5 hours to the MOA and stay at this hotel hands-down.

04/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Jamie A.
We stayed here two nights with our two kids. I enjoyed the front desk staff (Johnathan!) and hot breakfast especially. 3 minute walk to the mall was also an amazing perk and well worth the few extra dollars you spend.
Room was clean and spacious and we never heard another guest in the room or hallways.

28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Patricia P.
I love this hotel. It's right across from The Mall of America. You can walk over there, or they have a shuttle that runs every hour on the hour starting at 10:00 am. They have a shuttle that runs to the airport every 30 min starting at 4:00 am and ending at midnight. They have a complimentary breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, waffles, cereal, ham, toast, eggs, pastries...the list goes on. The staff is very friendly. They have an indoor pool and hot tub. The workout facility isn't half bad. The only thing I didn't like was the decor, but other than that this place is great :-) Not to mention that there is an IHOP attached to the hotel and TGIF is across the street with some other restaurants. If you don't want to leave your room they have a menu at the front desk, and you can order out. I would definitely recommend this place :-)

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Tahoe Q.
I recently stayed at the Country Inn & Suites, Mall of America, for a single night before catching a flight from MSP the next day. I booked this hotel because the Country Inn & Suites I'd stayed at just a couple nights before in Duluth was excellent - real value for the money. However, this particular hotel in the chain was simply not up to par for me.

I found the lobby and especially our room dated and dumpy. The room had a cramped layout and very tacky view. We were put in Rm 222, which looks out over the tar paper roof of the entrance! Not very inspiring. Compared to the Duluth CI&S, this location was pretty depressing. When I booked the room through Kayak.com , I had no idea that in the same vicinity is the dated but perfectly adequate Embassy Suites, the business modern Hyatt Place and scores of other hotels! I guess I opted for price, and barely got what I paid for.

The complimentary breakfast was gross. The meat patties stank like some kind of sour, old meat; the so-called "scrambled eggs" were BB-sized pinheads of some kind of yellow something - was that egg, truly? There were 3 bins of Cheerios and one of Coco Puffs; the bread was all white, gummy stuff or oily small muffins. However the worst was the open bins of yogurt and fruit salad - with FLIES on them! Ew. I ended up having a banana with packaged peanut butter smeared on it. Not very satisfying. I would urge anyone staying here to hold off and have breakfast at MSP.

I would not recommend this particular CI&S to anyone, quite frankly. The other choices are plentiful, and the complimentary breakfast offerings way better. For instance, at the Embassy Suites, you can order a custom omelete at no charge, among many other choices. I think the management of this particular hotel should perhaps visit the one in Duluth to see how to refurbish, upgrade and spruce up their own hotel.

13/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Deborah N.
Wonderful place to stay near Mall of America. I would definitely recommend staying at this hotel. Very attentive and helpful staff are at the front desk (Jonathan and Pierre especially).  The housekeeping department makes sure the hotel, rooms, common areas are clean.  As I walked through the halls, they were working but would stop and say hello and smile at guests.  The breakfast was very good and the items were replenished quickly.  The rooms were clean and bed was comfortable.  We stayed in a king suite and had plenty of room.  There were 2 flat screen tvs.  One of the tvs had a charging station in the cabinet and outlets for electronic games and notebooks, iPads, etc. too.
The pool area consists of two pools and two spas which assures a less crowded feel.  They have a shuttle to the MOA leaving hourly.  
I can't wait to return to Minneapolis, so I can stay here again.

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Elizabeth B.
I don't do alot of hotel reviews but enjoyed my recent stay at MOA's Country Inn and Suites so much I could not resist!

My husband and I stayed one night recently - this place is not just close to the Mall of America but is also close to the airport and a few blocks from the Department of Homeland Security Immigration office where my husband was having his citizenship interview the next day. (He did very well btw:)

Room was new, clean and this was our first experience with staying in a suite. Loved the fact that he could get up early and work on the free wifi and I could sleep in undisturbed. Big comfy king size bed! Our room had a huge bathroom with a great shower. There was also a large bar in the living room which was a nice touch! The lobby actually had a nice cozy feeling, beautiful decorations for Christmas and a lovely fire going. Desk staff were outstanding, helpful and friendly.

Breakfast: better than average for hotel breakfasts and they actually have some great healthy options including oatmeal and granola. The eggs were odd - looked like powdered and cooked in little circles? Took a pass on that but my little belgian waffle was great smothered in maple syrup. Not a gourmet breakfast but MUCH better than average!

My husband is VERY picky about hotels and when we left he turned to me and said "lets make this our Minneapolis hotel from now on" I cannot tell you what a huge compliment that is for this hotel.

Can't speak to any other amenities as I didn't have the time to experience them or explore but look forward to this in the future.

12/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0