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Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown in Minneapolis, MN

Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown in Minneapolis, MN


Conveniently located at the edge of downtown and adjacent to the University of Minnesota, the Hotel Minneapolis Metrodome invites you to experience the sophistication and excitement of one's of America's premier cities firsthand. Our convenient location puts all of the area's most recognizable attractions within easy reach - from Target Field and the convention center to TCF Bank Stadium, the Guthrie Theater, Mill City Museum and the Mall of America Field at the HHH Metrodome. Take full advantage of our complimentary shuttle service, which will take you to the Metrodome Light Rail Station or University of Minnesota East and West Bank campuses. Or sit back and relax, allowing our attentive staff help you with reservations at any one of the area's many restaurants or theaters. Rely on our refreshed Minneapolis hotel for a relaxing visit in an ideal setting.


Established in 1984.

The hotel opened on September 1, 1984.  Since then, the hotel has been the prime location for teams and fans visiting the HHH Metrodome for football, baseball and other sports games.

Until 2012, the hotel was branded as a Holiday Inn.  On December 11, 2012, the hotel rebranded as the Hotel Minneapolis Metrodome.

The hotel is managed by Wischermann Partners, Inc. and owned by Heartland Seven Corners Hotel, LLC.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.93

Address: 1500 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55454
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
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Comments (30):

1. Chevet' L.
we stayed here on our way to visit family over thanksgiving.  nitzer ebb was playing varsity theater and i figured why not stay at holiday inn?

this choice was NOT a mistake.  the view wasn't the most spectacular - but really i wasn't in minneapolis for the views.  i was there for a concert.  we had a 2 room suite, and i was astonished by how much square footage there was and how little i paid for it.  ($180 total)(and no, there was no special going on!)
what i really liked:

firm beds and choice of pillows (firmness/material)
clean, clean clean!!
well maintained - no peeling paper, the furniture was in excellent condition, i felt like everything was brand new, no odors
peace and quiet on the floor - we were not disturbed by inside/outside noise
2 thermostats.
location - a couple miles from the city city, i love minneapolis though so it really wouldn't have mattered where the hotel was located; enough action across the street too.

there actually isn't anything i didn't like.
in the past i have "looked down" on holiday inns - i just figured they were a step up from motel 6s.  
i was wrong, and will definitely book holiday inn stays from now on.

30/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Gfiddy F.
A good place to stay for university-related visits.

15/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Tom K.
Good price, clean and comfortable, convenient location, especially for UM business school.  On the downside, there isn't much of a neighborhood and the place is pretty drab.  Workout room is small with a treadmill and a couple stationary bikes -- no weights or weigh machines.  Indoor pool is tiny, but there is a sauna.  Breakfast is included, but only okay.

18/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Iris S.
It's a freakin' landmark!  A Holiday Inn - are you kidding me?
You can see it on the aerial view of Google Maps just nanometers from the Metrodome.

What, you ask, is the best thing about this place?
Every single cabbie I have ever come across knows where this place is.  

Why is this so fantastic?  
I live across the street.  I never have to try to explain to someone where to drop me off / find me.

Okay.  In all seriousness, I did stay there for a couple of nights when I was visiting Minneapolis and deciding whether I wanted to commit the following 3 years in the city.  

Value factors:
Clean rooms.  
Fabulous downtown Minneapolis at night skyline.  
Nice indoor pool with whirlpool & sauna on oh-so-high 14th floor.
In-room internet
Sweet location in terms of 5 min (with their free shuttle if you like) to downtown or across the Mississip to Dinkytown or light-rail station.
Surprising ritzy for what I'm used to in a Holiday Inn.

I would have given them 4 stars, but they tacked on some $15 breakfasts that we supposedly ordered onto the bill and we had to take the time to straighten that mess out as we were trying to get out of Dodge.

08/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Seth F.
I was supposed to stay here before I flew out of Minneapolis the next day, but because of flooding and icy road conditions I couldn't get to Minneapolis in time.  I called to cancel my reservation, and they assured me that I did it in time, I wouldn't be charged, or have a cancellation fee.  They were very nice.  They even know that I had went through another company to reserve it, and would get everything done from their side.

Alas, apparently they were wrong!  They still charged me 100% of the room rate, never sent the cancellation e-mail I requested, and then told me that I would not be getting my money back in a very smug, "we win anyway" attitude.  I asked them "should I have my company get my money back from you?", and then they hung up.

A bunch of unethical, young kids run that place apparently.  I hope when they finally give the Metrodome the renovation it deserves that they leave a little extra ordinance over and take down that Holiday Inn.

25/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Emily S.
When I was younger, this is the hotel that my family and I would always stay at when we did our yearly visits to the cities. After I moved down here, the first place I lived was the Grand Marc because that is where my student housing was at the time. This hotel has always been a part of my life (in a weird way).

The location is flawless, you are right off the highway, 35, and the interchange between 94, and Hiawatha. Walking distance from the Metrodome, and you have convenience stores all around as well as bars and restaurants. That is why my family always chose to stay here. It was really easy for us to get there, and my parents always insisted on going to a Twins game.

I would agree with IRIS S. I would always use this place for directions. It was so easy to get my friends to my apartment, All I'd have to say is, Holiday Inn Metrodome, and they knew exactly where to go! They also are connected to a parking garage, well it is for the hotel, but others can park there too. You can get monthly contracts to park there as well. The price of the hotel is okay, but considering what is located near to this place, it makes it okay that you are paying a bit more!

As for the hotel itself, it is actually pretty nice. They have a good breakfast, not continental, actual sit down breakfast. A pool, hot tub, and sauna on the top floor over looking the city, and the rooms are actually pretty clean, I must say! I mean, it is a hotel, so it's really not THAT clean, but you get what I mean. I've never gotten bed bug bites, so that keeps me happy!

27/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Halie S.
This is a decent Holiday Inn with a great location. If you are visiting the Metrodome, this is a great hotel.

There is an attached parking lot which is $14/day for in/out privilege.

There are several bars/ bar restaurants right outside the hotel which is nice.

11/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Elizabeth R.
My husband and I had a wonderful stay here while visiting the University. Our room had an amazing rounded window view of the skyline, and despite the wall of windows, the shades kept the lights out until we were ready to get up each morning.

The bed was very soft, but even my husband (a Sleep Number(TM) 100) found it comfortable! This place allows you to choose between 3 types of pillows- down, memory foam, or synthetic. It also has free wireless, something all hotels should have but don't. The shower was lovely, with great water pressure.

The restaurant on the 1st floor is very reasonable, and makes a delicious breakfast with bottomless coffee refills. The portions are enormous. I had the blueberry pancakes one day, the parfait with granola and fruit another. Yum!

The staff at the front desk were absolutely awesome. When I mentioned that my husband would love a bag of green tea they sent up a whole sack of many kinds of teabags! When it was pouring rain they had the hotel driver take us to our restaurant for free.

I do feel like the hotel is a bit isolated apart from getting to the university, so you may want to rent a car while staying here, or ask the front desk to have the van pull around and take you where you need to go.

On a nice day it's a very walkable distance to the light rail.

My only complaint is that nobody cleaned our room during our stay- although there was only one day we weren't in there during the rounds.

16/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Marco V.
First of all, the hotel is filthy.  There is a thin later of sticky gross all over everything - the tables in the restaurants, all of the buttons in the elevator, most of the stuff in our room.  I was grossed out the whole time.

The bathroom is a pit, one of the tiles on the floor was coming off, the front of the fan was coming off and there was inch deep gunk in the fan.

The rooms are small (and dirty as I said).

The restaurant was very poorly managed, there were people lined up way into the lobby trying to get into the morning buffet for breakfast.  When we tried to go for dinner, we couldn't get anyone to bring us water after 30 minutes of sitting at our table.  And, I said, the whole restaurant was really gross and dirty.

This hotel is a trainwreck, I wouldn't stay here again for free.  I'm taking a long shower when I get home.

24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Angeli H.
I photographed a wedding here a few weekends ago. The staff was accommodating and the food was good. The bride and groom had a great experience with them. The room was lovely and guests were enjoying themselves.

Parking was a bit of a pain. I was only there for about three hours and had to pay about $13.

07/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Sandy S.
The Good, Bad and Ugly:  

My husband and I are here with our son for three days. We are getting ready to move him to the U. This is beautiful hotel in a very convenient location.  We found our room large, roomy and very clean.  We are happy with the towel animal, soft and firm pillows (that are labeled for your convenience ) and the Bath and Body Works shampoo and soap.  Rooms are very quiet and dark for good sleeping. Ate at a brewery next door to the hotel and had one of the best burger and beer dinners we've ever had.

WIFI can be so slow, your smart phone will run faster.  That is a pain in the butt. In and Out Parking is $14 a night.  Make sure to add this to your hotel deal as this adds up fast. Housekeeping didn't clean our room the first day.  We asked the housekeeper on our floor about it.  She said she'd speak to the Housekeeping Supervisor.  Nothing came of that.  Had to go to the lobby desk and ask.  It took ONE hour from that point to get that room cleaned.  We had been out all day on business, we were dead tired and then had to wait to get the damn room cleaned was inconvenient.  Give me a break!  Waiting is the last thing you want when you've had a long, tiring day.  Staff seemed so uninterested in our comfort it was mindblowing.  In the morning,sometimes the lobby had coffee out on a buffet table, sometimes they did not.  Often when it WAS out, they were out of coffee, cups, stirrers and creamer.  Very disappointing that guests had to ask staff to refill the station.  No one at Holiday Inn seemed to care one way or the other as far as taking care of their guests.

THE UGLY:  THE STAFF STEALS FROM YOUR ROOM.  DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING OF VALUE.  I had a valuable bracelet stolen from my room along with some toiletries.  The manager "said" they interviewed the housekeepers.  OK, like they would say, "yeah, I stole from them" Give me a break.  Who are you kidding??!!  They didn't ask what did the bracelet look like (gold and silver with semi-precious stones. By calling security up to read the key box on the door, what good is that?  During my three day stay, I saw housekeepers use a towel in the door to keep it open, so any member of staff could sneak in there without it being read on the keypad.  I had a business appointment at 9:30am so I had to go or I would have filed a police report on these thieves.  Karma's a b&*^* and I hope that maid gets it in spades!!!!!  All I got from this Holiday Inn was a sorry for the inconvenience!  Really?  Don't bother comping my room or the parking or a voucher to stay at a different Holiday Inn 'cause I'd never stay here again.   It was an emotional week leaving my son two states away to having been stolen from.  


02/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Richard M.
4 stars is hard to get as a hotel so I better do some splainin huh....

Location, service, quality, friendly, helpful....no I'm not resiting the Boy Scout's pledge, I'm giving examples of why I like this place to stay when I'm in Minneapolis.
I will agree with the other reviews with regards to parking is weird and costs more then I wish it would. The parking ramp is not owned by the hotel.  But, I can park within feet of the front desk, and my car is safe along with all the things inside it.
Parking fee is daily so I am able to make short runs without more fees.
Hotel offers shuttle service to the games and sites - and will pick me up at the door of the game with a phone call which I love on a chilly day.
Reservation desk staff are quick and sure to get you all the discounts available to you.
I travel year round so I have an Idea the conditions I should expect in a hotel and I recommend Holiday Inn Hotel Minneapolis-Metrodome.

02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Marc P.
In the interest of full disclosure, I worked here for about 2 years when I was in college as a bellman/shuttle driver.  The rooms are decent, nothing spectacular, same goes for the restaurant.  The best part of this hotel is the location, it's right next door to my favorite brewery in the Cities, Town Hall Brewery.  For those coming from out of town, Town Hall Brewery has great homemade craft beers on tap along with excellent food (for a brewery).  This is very close to the Cedar Avenue bars (Triple Rock, Red Sea, etc) and down from the Cabooze which is great for local music.

One very nice facet of this hotel is the free shuttle, which provides service within 3-5 miles of the hotel which includes the U of MN, downtown, and even Uptown if they're slow.

21/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Jafey A.
Mn law stat 53.8 sec 31 32e.60 states that with card in hand signed by a medical professional the card holder cannot be denied a public restroom.  I was not staying at this hotel thankfully but in the late hours of a Saturday night I had a medical emergency and needed to stop and use the facilities.  I buzzed the door and the night desk clerk reluctantly came to the door and asked what I needed,  I immediately showed him the previously mentioned card (which he barely looked at and shrugged off) and told me there isn't an open bathroom that can be used unless I'm staying in a room, all while he was looking in the direction of the restrooms.  He told me to try a bar and essentially escorted me out.  I hadn't had a drink and was extremely polite practically begging for a restroom for what was an extreme medical emergency, and I had the documentation that stated he needed to oblige.  I can't believe people like this exist in the hospitality field.

14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Gena E.
Terrible experience. Booked thru orbitz and was charged $130 including taxes. When I checked in the check in receipt stated my room was $82, when I asked the woman about it she basically said too bad. The construction would not have been that big of a deal except that Sunday early morning and by early I mean 9am. Who wants to get up at 9 on Sunday morning. Pool closed. Terrible breakfast. Parking option was not acceptable. Park a block away and walk thru a bunch of construction with your luggage. Can't even pull up to unload. Not to mention that there was no advance warning anywhere about the conditions.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. nick a.
You know what? This is a perfectly fine Hotel.  Pretty much everything you want and I'd give it 4 stars if not for one major problem - THERE IS NO WIFI.

Let me re-phrase that.  Yes, there is WiFi, but it's so unbelievably slow that it's silly to even mention it exists.  I've spent 3 days on a borrowed phone as the only way to get online.  Not cool guys. It's not really that hard to get real internet in the rooms, k?

19/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Andrew B.
Was there recently for a wedding with my wife and two children (age 18 mo and 2 yrs). We called ahead several times to request our room be ready early, if at all possible, a the wedding would be over around noon and a nap for the boys is crucial.

Got there at 12:30, they said check back in hour. Had a nice lunch across the street and checked back at 2:00...they said come back in 20 min. Checked back at 2:20, they said check back at 3. Finally, I got in the car and drive the kids around to get them a nap before the reception while my wife waited for room, when at 3 they again said to check back in 20 minutes.  Note that every other guest got a room immediately around this time, while my two rambunctious kids are starting to melt down.... Room was finally ready at 4:15!!!

After numerous complaints, and no effort from management to guide the housekeeping staff to clean our rooms more swiftly (or prioritize us at all), we got not so much as an apology.

Wedding reception was great, but lack of effort or customer service was greatly disappointing.

14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Patrick F.
We got an incredible deal on this place and that led us to book there. It was easy to get to via public transporation, had great bars right outside the hotel, but most exciting to us was the city bike rental program which had a location directly in front of the hotel. The bikes opened up a world of the city to us, allowing us to cruise the river, find cool spots to eat, and explore the city in a way we rarely get the chance to do. I liked the hotel for the price, but I loved what the bike rental program added to the experience!

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Erin H.
I stayed at the Minneapolis downtown Courtyard Marriott for two nights in Aug, 2014. I was impressed with the staff! The check-in guy on Friday night was great, and I was super impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of the breakfast staff on the morning of Sunday, 8/3.  The girl at the breakfast bar counter was helpful and courteous, and then man who brought our good and checked on us was just so friendly! It seemed like both of them were happy people who liked their jobs! The room was clean and comfortable. The only thing I didn't like was that you had to pay $17/day for parking.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Marie C.
Stayed here for a bachelorette party. This hotel recently changed from the Holiday Inn and I am unsure if they are still part of the IHG.

The hotel rooms we had were clean and the beds were comfortable. Rooms are very spacious. Room service wasn't available all day which was kind of annoying. My friend was super bummed the pool wasn't open, she was really looking forward to using it.

The one gripe I have with this property is the staff. Everyone was nice.. I don't know if they were prior Holiday Inn employees but they all sort of acted like they didn't have a brand identity.

To elaborate, when you go to a Starwood hotel, they all treat you the same way. Same with Hiltons, and Hyatts. It's part of their brands. This hotel staff seemed like they were helpful and nice, but also really average and not entirely super happy looking.

My last comment is about security. A girl took care of the room and checked in before us. I just asked for a key to her room (didn't even have the number) and was given one right away. It was fine because I did need a key, but also kind of scary at the same time.

I think they will work out the kinks to the changes they are experiencing. It is a decent hotel and if the prices are right probably worth staying at.

10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Amber L.
Worst customer service ever!!

This hotel is under construction which is fine. I do not care if I can't use the pool or the fitness center, but when they start hammering at 9 a.m. I have a problem. I am normally not the type to complain, but after two days of driving all the way from Houston all I wanted to do was sleep. So I call the receptionist and she had the worst attitude. She told me, "We start construction at 9 a.m., it is now 50 minutes after 9."  so basically deal with it...
I DO NOT CARE WHAT TIME IT IS!!! If it's 3:00 p.m. and I want to sleep, I want to sleep, period.

She then  went on to tell me , " It is on the Priceline website that we are under construction."  I honestly had no idea the hotel was under construction when I booked  the room because I booked it through my phone. I should have done better research. My fault. I still do not appreciate attitude.

I would have rather she lied and said she would try and figure something out.  Instead she argued with me to the point that I just hung up on her.  Then after I hung up on her the hammering stopped for about an hour. So she could have made it go away but instead of trying she was rude.  At that point I couldn't go back to sleep anymore and then hammering began again.
The hammering was so bad we had to leave the hotel. Even with the hammering I would have not given a bad review had the receptionist been more understanding.

04/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Rupa N.
Great cafe service but front desk lacks customer service skills, making your overall experience negative:
I found a bug in my room and they refused to me out, since they were sold out. I had escalate to the hotel manager to get it sorted.
And they refuse to have you stay in the same room since it was different reservations and again same excuse of being sold out.

25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Shad F.
When checking in, didn't have the room I reserved, and staff didn't seem to care, even after showing them my confirmation info. They resorted to blaming it on Travelocity, who the room was booked through. Horrible customer service by the front desk and "manager".

I would have rated it lower, however the other staff in the hotel were great, and very kind.

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Julie H.
One of the nicer Marriotts I have stayed in. THe lobby looks much nicer and the rooms are a little bit more spacious than what i've experienced before with Marriott hotels. I enjoyed my stay very much here, the customer service was great and responding to what I needed. I had to travel to many different places, and the hotel staff found me the quickest & cheapest way possible to get where I needed to be.

The rooms were really clean, and spacious compared to other Marriott hotels that I have been to. The beds were extremely comfortable, at first I thought it was because I was so tired that the beds were comfortable. However, after the first night I realized indeed the beds were really comfortable.

There is a pool in the building and a workout facility, I went to both of those places. Though they are both very small facilities, they are really clean and it gets the job done.

I recommend staying here, it is a nice place to stay at if you are in the area. There are a few good restaurants across from the hotel. The restaurant/bar downstairs in the lobby is also nice, I have only gotten breakfast & coffee there.

21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Zeid S.
Stayed here for 1 night. The hotel has been recently renovated and is very nicely decorated with modern accents. We had a corner room which was amazing. The bathroom was beautiful, and the bed was extremely comfortable. The name of this hotel is misleading as it is not really in downtown minneapolis.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Gabriel D.
No fridge in my room, that's what lead to one of the most strange hotel visits I have had in a long time. I will start off by saying that I'm very happy that I was not the one paying for this hotel stay. I was sent here for work to attend a conference at a location very close to this hotel. One of the main reasons it was so booked this week.

I arrived and was checked in quickly. I was told at the front desks parking was not included in the room price. To which I said fine to add it to my room bill. I was told this was done however when I checked out I found out that my card that I was told was for incidental fees, like if I had ordered a movie or room service or something was used. I directly instructed the front desk person to add the 68$ parking cost to my room bill (my business credit card on file) This kind of was the icing on the cake to the whole experience that I will now explain.

So after my deceiving check in , I get to my room. Nice enough. 2 queen beds even tho I was alone. I check to see how big the fridge is. Opening the door, no fridge. I'm going to be there a week so I called down. Let them now what happens and asked if I could have a king size bed and a room with a fridge. The say thy found me a room so I go down. Get my other key and move my stuff to the new room. Room swap

Get to the new room, before going further. I open the fridge door, guess what? Yep. No fridge. But I was told it was there for sure. Just to make sure I was not losing my shit I made sure it was the right room and checked again. Needless to say it was not a magic invisible fridge.

So I called down again. Let them know what's up, was told they have another room. It's a suite and bigger and better. Cool maybe I'll get a room with a fridge and even a bit swanky.

Room swap again.  
    The manager on staff brought my key up to me. I moved to the new room and the first thing I noticed was a very unpleasant smell. I have a very sensitive nose and I know what this smell was. It was puke. I called down and let them know I wanted someone to come up here and spray or find out what was going on and it was pretty horrible but at this point I had been moved 2 times I kind of just wanted to have them spray and hopefully it would be gone. They sent a staff member to come spray, she did what she could. I left went to eat. Came back to a horrible warmed over Juke smell floating around the room. I had to get to sleep. I cranked the ac to just keep the air moving. I woke up several times that night. At one point 430 am. I decided to find where this smell was coming from and I did. The end of the bed right near the ends on the carpet. My theory is that someone had a wild night I this room had an accident and then cleaned it up themselfs to avoid a costly hotel fee to clean the room.

That morning I receive a call, from the front desk asking about the Oder issue to which I tell them. It's puke. It's at the end of the bed. See if you an have someone clean it up or have a new room ready for me when I come back after 5 pm.

I went to my conference. Come back to the same horrible smell and go down to the front desk and ask them if they have a room for me to which I'm told yes. Room 828. Or as I call it my last room. For those keeping count this will be the 4th hotel room I move into it.
    I arrive in my room, to a message left by the manager Phil. No puke smell. Bottles of water in the fridge that is not imaginary. Phil's message is apologetic, he informs me that I have earned free breakfast for the remaining day of my stay. ( which if I had paid for myself would have cost about 50$) so that was welcome and I took full advantage of this perk because hey. I stayed in the puke room a whole night. You owe me some eggs and bacon at this point son.

    The one part about that offer that I found a bit short sighted was I would not be able to take advantage of my free breakfast the morning of my checkout because at 430 am the cooking staff was not up. They start cooking at 630 am. Knowing this I ran into Phil the night before and said thanks for the free meals you know it would be nice to do dinner tonight since I leave so early I the morning.

I know this request was a bit out of sorts but look I got moved 3 times. One room had a puke smell that when I found its source almost made me puke which would have started a puke chain reaction across the hotel. Also let's not mention that this hotel room for 4 nights was almost $1,000 yes 1k for this and horrible , 3rd world quality wireless internet that was pretty much worthless. Anyways, side tacked. I found Phil let him know I'm leaving to early and if I could do dinner tonight instead of breakfast. Phil had a bowl of soup he was taking up the elevator most likely to Make up for some other short coming this hotel granted upon a paying customer. I don't remember what he said but it pretty much sounded like I can't make they decision. If you read this whole thing thanks! Stay elsewhere.

19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. c g.
Better than average courtyard. New furnishings. Good shower. Good value but a bit out of the way.

24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Mike O.
The ratings here are low, and, initially, I wanted to join the haters. I like Courtyards for work travel, but apparently while this hotel was being renovated, they still took guests and their $$ Apparently the Yelpers howled about how awful it was.

When I first arrived, I came a few hours before my check in time. The staff made zero effort to communicate with the cleaners to get my room ready. This was disappointing, given the "awards status" I have with Marriott. They made zero effort to call me in case my room was ready early, and I had to return to the hotel desk 3 times to see if was ready. I finally realized they just put zero effort into making my experience excellent.

On Day 2, I had a few beers and watched the US win over Ghana in World Cup soccer. As I was on the phone, my server asked if I wanted another. I said yes, and that I wanted to close out. 10 minutes later, no beers arrived, but she checked in again. I told her again that I wanted another beer and my check. When my check arrived, she put an extra beer on my tab, the extra beer she asked me for and that I ordered but that never arrived. I was a bit insulted that she initially doubted me, but she fixed my bill and apologized.

Aside from these snafus in service (which seem to be under a microscope since the place has such abysmal Yelp reviews which is doesn't QUITE deserved), this hotel is actually quite awesome. It's on the West Bank near a bunch bars and restaurants, and very close to a light rail station. It's walkable to an African immigrant neighborhood, so if you're into that kind of food, go for it. Most of the other restaurants are like high-end pub food bar restaurants.

If this location wants to boost its pretty low Yelp ratings, they probably need to double their efforts on customer service, which was great at times, but wildly subpar at others. Or perhaps they'll just trust in what they're doing right now and the reviews will eventually eek their way upward.

20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Dexter V.
I stayed here for two days while I was in Minneapolis for a work conference.  The hotel is centrally located and surrounded by a lot of restaurants and bars.  So if you want a place where there's a lot happening then this would be a fine choice.  Overall the hotel is a pretty good business hotel.  There's a small pool and gym located at the top floor and the lobby is quite modern and elegant.  The staff is very friendly and helpful (and I love their Minnesota accent!).  I had the king size bed which was super comfortable plus an abundant amount of pillows to start a pillow-war.  The bathroom was immaculately clean and when I asked for some toiletries the housekeeping department got it to me so quickly I think they literally ran to get it.  If I'm ever back in Minneapolis again this would be one of my first choice to call home away from home.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Caroline M.
Parking isn't the best, but after that is sorted out, you are in for a treat.  

The lobby is huge.  It's very open and highlights a nice lounge area, complete with a bar and tables for additional seating.  

The rooms are generously sized and are quite modern in appearance.  I always love a good hotel bathroom and this was quite beautiful with the glass shower and sleek design.  

The bed was soooo pillowy and dream inducing.  Perfect after walking the surrounding area and taking in the nightlife!  The hotel has a very central location by many cool bars and restaurants.  

Wildlife bonus:  I saw a flock of turkeys holding up traffic :)  I love MN!

13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0