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Hilton Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.03

Address: 1001 Marquette Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55403

    Address: 1001 Marquette Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55403

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      Comments (96):

      1. Maida L.
      pros: great location - one block away from nicollet ave and all of its wonderful restaurants, bars, shopping and coffee shops.  quick check in, easy parking under the hotel, really comfy beds, heated indoor pool, huge fitness area with modern workout equipment , fast elevators and a clean room. cons: did have to pay for parking each day and internet services.    had a great stay and i would def recommend this hotel!

      03/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      2. Jenny z.
      Worst Hilton ever - don't bother, go stay at the Marquette.

      To be fair, I was here during a National Guard Convention and the front desk staff was very nice and coping well under stressful circumstances, but still.  Nice desk staff, awful hotel.

      Being a Hilton Diamond, I'm a bit used to being spoiled/coddled and I know it, but wooooh doggy, the room I got looked like they stole it from a Holiday Inn in Topeka, Kansas circa 1989.  It wasn't even remotely clean, debris everywhere from previous guests (by debris, I don't mean an item or two, I mean, leftovers from what appeared to have been one hell of a party), and it REEKED of something.  I stay in smoking rooms, I can easily deal with a bit of odor, but this room smelled like drugstore cologne. Dated, dirty, cramped (as small as a room in a hotel in Paris cramped) - I hated it and fled to the Executive Lounge to lick my wounds where.....

      I found the one and only Hilton Honors reception I've encountered in the US where they CHARGE you for drinks.  For real.  You have to fill out this card and pay up.  I did, but I couldn't believe it, and neither could other HH members.  I had several people see me with my card and say "Is this a joke?" No, it is not.  With the time and money I spend in Hilton's, they can buy me a scotch or a glass of wine.  I could understand a drink limit, but they charge for everything, even for a SODA?!!!!  What?!!!!  The hostess was horrible, and I mean horrible.  Quite possibly the single most rude Hilton employee I've ever encountered.  She was totally policing the place, trying to catch someone not paying for their drinks.  This is the EXECUTIVE lounge, everyone in there is a great Hilton customer, I couldn't believe it. Appalling. Uninviting. Even the snacks were lame - I'm surprised they didn't try to shake me down for $$$ for the dried out crudite and cheese I had with my $8.00 glass of chardonnay.  Sheesh.

      Room service was inedible.  Room was noisy. AC/Heat wonky. Bed uncomfortable.I gave up and called the Marquette at 3 am and begged them to find me a room and moved over there.

      Never again. Never, ever, ever. I'm not super picky, but this place was just terrible.

      If  you aren't fussy and not planning on being in your room much, this place probably would be okay.  Otherwise, avoid it like the plague.

      21/08/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      3. Barbara W.
      The best chicken wild rice soup I have ever had! I have had chicken wild rice soup many other places since and none have even come close. The clubhouse sandwich is standard so it's good too. That's the only thing that I have had here. So, if you ever go you have to get the chicken wild rice soup. I still can taste this soup, so creamy and delicious.

      23/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      4. Jon W.
      This is another nice, dependable secondary market Hilton hotel.  If you asked me how I liked it to my face I'd say "... its nice, a good hotel".  I wouldn't describe it as outstanding or in my Top 5 US Hiltons but it is clean and has a good location.  Too me its just another sign that Hilton is becoming more and more like Marriott; rarely existing but rarely dissappointing.  

      Now on to the specifics.  The gym is better than most, offering at least 8 treadmills and elliptical machines.  That and couple of bikes, dumbells (up to 50lbs) and some upper and lower body machines.  The Hhonors / Diamond Lounge is on the top floor serving a decent continental breakfast, free apps 5-7ish and "for a fee" booze at night.  Oh, the rooms?  The Executive floors have Serenity beds, robes, turndown service and slightly nicer fixtures and furniture.  The standard rooms also have Serenity beds and the usual amenities.

      17/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      5. Alison R.
      This is a great hotel in a great location. The pool is nice and the workout room/sauna/hot tub are nice.  For business travel, I wouldn't say that this place was amazing, but great for where it is located and the general amenities.  Have the "Kristini" at the bar!

      12/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      6. R M.
      Good things: decent price via Hotwire, comfy king bed, attentive front-door staff for flagging cabs.

      Bad things: noisy hallways, two dozen empty pizza boxes piled up in the hallway and left for over 12 hours, LONG wait to get out of the parking garage if busy, check-in staff with an attitude problem, a generally busy conference center type of place.

      If you have your choice of places to stay, you can do better for the same money.

      08/02/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      7. Ben B.
      Good food in the SkyWater Restaurant downstairs, which was not altogether expected given the lounge's laid-back, small-table feel. The room was comfortable even if the wireless internet costs more than I'd expect in Minneapolis. The conference rooms were a bit hard to find (I needed to go up another floor rather than around the back). Also, the walkways to other downtown buildings is sure to be appreciated in the winter.

      24/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      8. Michael B.
      I went here for a conference and a few things niggled me. While the location is pretty good and the staff are friendly and accommodating, the services in the rooms left something to be desired. Don't get me wrong; the basics are down: they're large enough and they're clean. But there were some things that were just oddly out of place.

      For example, the thermostat worked, but only controlled one vent. The other vent blew out cold air 24/7, irrespective of the thermostat's set point or ambient room temperature. As a result, it became very cold in the room, particularly during the night. Furthermore, the "high speed" Internet access, which will cost you $14 per night, hit a peak transfer speed of 8 kb/s (or a whopping 64 kbps). $14/night for Internet access in a full Hilton is already gouging, but $14/night for the equivalent of a fast dialup connection in this day and age is just absurd. And unlike any other hotel I've ever been in, the Internet connection is not free in the business center or lobby.

      It's a decent hotel overall... but with some glaring spotty deficiencies.

      06/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      9. Inigo M.
      Clean. Plenty of room space.

      Internet access for an extra charge.

      Great location. Nicollet Mall is a few blocks away. Plenty of dining options nearby.

      12/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      10. Matt C.
      I stayed in this hotel for a business trip right before the new year. It was a Thurs through Sunday trip. The room itself was nice enough, if not a little small. I stayed on the Hilton Honors floor, and enjoyed the views. There was a high school christian retreat going on at this hotel while I was staying there and this lead to some issues. High School kids running around at what seemed like all hours of the night. Also, this lead to issues with the elevators. It seemed like every time I had to get on the elevator I had to wait in line, then stand in a cramped elevator stopping on every floor. The kids all hung out by the elevators and liked to stop on each floor to chat with their friends. I guess I can't fault the hotel for this, but it definately tarnished my experience.

      I never dined in the resturant, but did use room service a few times. It was prompt, but the food was pretty bland, and expensive. This hotel seems to charge for everything. Parking (which is expected, and the price was fair), internet, and checking out early. My company wasn't sure if they needed me to stay through Saturday, and I asked the front desk about the early check out policy. They charge $85 if you check out early. Not good for someone like me who often has to bounce from hotel to hotel.

      The gym was the biggest selling point, the nicest in hotel gym I have ever found. The location is very good, a block from Nicolett Mall, where there are plenty of great resturants and bars.

      With so many great hotels within 4 blocks of the Hilton, it definately is not my first choice when visting MSP.

      03/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      11. Denise H.
      I didn't enjoy my stay here at all! I felt like I was endangering my life in that shabby underground parking deck. The hotel was not better. The room looked and smelled OLD. I'm usually don't stay at Hilton's... I don't know what I was thinking with this one. If you are big Hilton/ HHonors fan, the Hilton on France is 10x better!

      09/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      12. Tim M.
      The definition of average city hotel/conference center.  Nothing really stood out for me, either good or bad

      18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      13. Sam K.
      I am a hilton diamond member and service is declining here and prices continue to go up. Too many poor excuses offered, customers are not number 1 here.

      19/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      14. Steve M.
      Great hotel in excellent location in downtown Minneapolis. I actually used priceline and chose 4 star downtown for $80 bucks and got this hotel. Parking is an additional $13 but the place is sweet. Flat screen tvs, comfy beds, great views out the window. You can't beat it if you can get the priceline deal.

      23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      15. Amiee L.
      The hotel is pretty standard - though they are in middle of upgrading all the rooms.  My room had the Hilton version of the Westin's Heavenly Bed and I have stayed her a handful of times and it's a good basic hotel in Minneapolis.

      The good thing about it if  you happen to be going to the Target Corp offices it's just one block aways so you don't have to walk in the cold for very long.

      13/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      16. Marion D.
      When I got there the motel was full and no rooms in the downtown area. They told me I didn't have a room. Come to find out our secretary had purchase rooms but not mine. After we visited about my situation they said they had a meeting room with a hide a bed couch and they would have a room with bed the next day. So we took it. They made sure we were comfortable gave us access to exec lounge and gave us a two free cocktails. They went completely out of their way, when it wasn't their fault. Great staff through out the hotel. Could have said sorry BUT they didn't, they made things happen.

      20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      17. Jeremy M.
      Average, average, average. There was nothing to hate about my experience at the MPLS Hilton, nor was there much to excite.

      A friend and I stayed for 3 nights while in MPLS during a weekend full of conventions and sporting events. While we booked our trip weeks in advance we found our lodging options were quite limited. With only three hotels within our price range, we settled on the MPLS Hilton as opposed to staying at the Marquette Hotel which we'd stayed two years prior.

      Our stay: The room was very standard. Two twin beds, a little work desk, a flatscreen TV sans the HD channels. The beds were fairly comfortable, not too hard, not too soft--average firmness, average comfort. The inclusion of four feather pillows was nice though my friend is allergic to feathers... The room was decorated in the finest style from 1998 and felt quite dated compared to rooms we had at the Hotel Minneapolis and the Marquette.

      The shower had weak water pressure. Also, the designers of the hotel opted to use two cloth shower curtains which created a terrible mess around the base of the tub. I feel for the cleaning staff who have to mop 25 stories of bathroom floors.

      We didn't get a chance to use the pool or hot tub, but they seemed nice.

      The lobby bar has very standard drink menu and the bar has little more than the standard bottles and brews on tap .However, a gathering of TEAMSTER women provided great entertainment the first two nights.

      This is not a place I would seek out if other options were available. If you come in expecting little more than a place to sleep you shouldn't be disappointed.

      The Hilton MInneapolis--the most average place on earth?

      19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      18. Jeff P.
      Great hotel downtown Minneapolis.  Decent room, but a little old.  Really comfy bed and pillows.  Underground parking or valet.  Bar, restaurant, coffee shop in lobby.  Fruit infused water is such a great, simple way to make a weary traveler more comfortable and relaxed, but it's a tease when it's always empty.

      14/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      19. Kendra P.
      A good friend of mine and I stayed here one night for a girls night out so we could drink in downtown MPLS and not worry about driving home.  We got a good weekend price on Expedia.  

      It was elegant and clean.  The lines were short for check in and we had a great view of down town and Orchestra Hall.  It was close to several bars on Nicollet Mall.  I was happy.

      The only thing is that parking wasn't included in the hotel price.  It really to the price of our excursion with two cars in the lot overnight.  I guess that is why we should be ridding public transit.

      14/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      20. Liz L.
      I am usually pretty pleased with Hilton properties, I travel a lot about 80% of the year and this hotel doesn't rank on the lowest end of the hotels I have stayed at but it ranks pretty low in the "decent" hotel range...I was here for a convention from work. The lobby is just not pleasing....it is very busy over marbley or whatever stone is all over the place...the front desk is huge but it never has but 1 person working behind it. Carver's is closed but yet the lights are on in the evenings so you are left eating at the 1 mediocre restaurant... fortunately there are a lot of places around the area. In order to use the shower you need to be the strongest person in the universe (I mean even to turn it on)...It appeared to be rusted...to turn it off was a nightmare as well. My TV worked on and off during my vist from being really good to seeing Matt Lauer snowy looking....

      The people are friendly, and the service is good...the rooms are brown and tan and look way old fashioned. But it is clean....but overall it is just an ugly hotel. It has the Skyway attached to it so if you are headed to the convention center on a cold or rainy day it is pretty good but I think that walking from the outside is easier.

      I have yet to ever get the room I confirmed at this hotel...I ask for a king and I get a double...well this time I did but my friend who is almost 6'4" got a room with 2 full size beds (he also confirmed a king) and needless to say I gave up my room and gave it to him....(I am 5'4").

      Over all this hotel has bad juju....When I get to the hotel in a matter of minutes I want to go home :(

      12/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      21. Mio S.
      I'm in a complete agreement with RM's review. I stayed in Minneapolis just for a night, so decided to suck up the bads - oh boy. Got a room through Hotwire at $63+tax, so even after the 2 star experience, I don't have too much regrets. And it was fun to be with my favorite person.

      The concierge is the biggest waste of space. We asked about Al's breakfast place (the Minneapolis institution in Dinkytown. Voted as a best bk place in AMERICA). His reply: "Never heard of it, I guess i could Google .... ." While he was slowly moving his fingers, we found the address on the iphone - thanks, dude, you might want to invest your time browsing through yelp a bit.

      And you will encounter with the "Hilton People." They come in your face, and let them heard screaming in the hall way throughout the night. Very Classy. Aaaand yeah, the check-in counter guy with French accent did have a major attitude. Way to go.

      But the bed was large enough and comfy, and the room was clean. So let's just leave at that :)

      03/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      22. Martiey M.
      Room? Great! Staff? Incredible? Food? A lukewarm OK.
      Room service is generally AWFUL. The first night we were at the hotel, I ordered baked walleye and aspagras. The portion of walleye was confined to two small, shriveled fillets with no flavor, or appeal. The asparagus was great on its own, but when you want both protein and veg togetner, and the protein sucks, who cares? Plus serving fish and asparagus with no lemon? To me that's just weird.
      Tonight I ordered the asparagus dip with flat bread, and the dip flavors are wonderful. Wish the flatbread wedges had some kind of cripspy character...they have been  microwaved before delivery,  and are pretty soggy.

      31/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      23. Megan K.
      I went here on a business trip and we had about 600 reservations here.  I would give it less stars because I was expecting a lot more from a Hilton, but the staff is just so wonderful that it just wouldn't be right.  
      Less stars because it's affiliate hotel the Hampton Inn at Burbank-had so much more included in the price, including free wi-fi and free breakfast.
      We got a discounted deal for internet but still paid $5 a day for it-just thought it was a little lame, almost no other hotel charges for wi-fi anymore.  Come on guys!
      Back to the staff - the house keeping ladies were so nice and friendly and they did a great job, they even folded up the rickety ironing board that I myself could not get to close up.
      The concierge service was great and they held our bags for us on our last day so that we could go site seeing a bit.  
      The doormen were very friendly and hailed a cab for us whenever we needed one.
      One of the cooler things to me was the SkyWalk...a corridor that connects most of the buildings together so that you can stay inside away from the cold.  
      They have a really nice bar downstairs which had some local beers on tap, I found a new favorite beer but for the life of me can't remember what it was!
      Beds were comfy, the furniture and decor was nice, and there are six elevators which were helpful in accomodating big events such as ours.

      22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      24. amy z.
      I was sequestered for the entire week for training.  I was able to check in and get my room right away.  The room was basic and functional.  Nothing spectacular.   I did however have mildew in my shower area.  The front desk let the cleaning staff know and they also gave me a free appetizer from the bar area.   Luckily it was taken care of or else they were going to have to find me a room in a full hotel.  Downside - cable tv is very very basic.  No Bravo!!!  Plus side the gym is very good.  The treadmills have tvs which have more stations than in the room.  Hmmmm

      As for food.   We had a buffet dinner in the Carver banquet room.   It was ok.  It seemed more like what you would find in a church basement than in a Hilton Hotel.  They also fed us breakfast and lunch.  These meals were better.  They even did a build your own soup bar.  Which was really good.

      I am disappointed at the cost of wifi and the use of the computer in the business center.  I was also surprised that they didn't have robes in the room or offered water ($3 for a bottle).  Luckily there is a Target near by.

      31/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      25. Esther Y.
      So i definitely don't need to stay here again.  Can I just write a list? it will make it SOOO easy for me...
      1. We had a rental for work, we pull up and the bell hop starts taking out the things from the trunk.  Fine. But not necessary and we didn't ask, but whatevs.  The first, and only thing, he takes out is my computer bag.  Ignores the suitcases that were in the trunk next to it, and just concerns himself with the computer.  Weird.
      2. Check in was fine, fast and OK.
      3. Parking is cheaper than the Hilton Marquette ($13 a day with in and out privileges as opposed to $20 for the same) but the whole having to get the person to sign the ticket etc took some extra time.
      4. The rooms were kind of small.
      5. The bathrooms felt a little grimey
      6. The rooms were DRY.  DRY AS S*&%.  How dry do you ask? SOOO dry that when i was in the bed with the lights off, EVERY TIME I moved, I would see sparks from the static shock.  Isn't that unreal?!  I would get so annoyed and paranoid that I was going to get shocked touching anything, that I would try to minimize my movement. LOL. SOOO lame, I know.

      Needless to say, I will look to book at another hotel the next time I am in Minneapolis.

      29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      26. Jess G.
      I was here for a conference, and I was honestly expecting a little more from you, Hilton.

      This complaint is in no way associated with the quality of the room. I just can't believe how expensive this place is!! You pay ~170/night (if your getting a "deal"), and then have to pay for breakfast and internet (every 24hrs). All of the service that I got here was fine...nothing to complain about that.

      The meeting rooms for the conference were insanely freezing, and what little food was provided (which was also sporadic) was not to yummy  

      All I have to say is that I'm staying at the Comfort Suites/Inn down the road next time...at least they'll give me breakfast and internet.

      15/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      27. Ramón Y.
      Always like staying here.

      26/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      28. Julian M.
      Stayed here last night for our friends birthday. Checked in and went up to our room and the keys did not work. Went back down and got new keys that still did not work. The security guard moved us to a different room and upgraded us for the top floor free breakfast and appetizers.

      The lobby is very nice and has a bar/lounge in it. The hotel room was updated except the doors were pretty old and ugly looking.

      Bed and pillows were amazing! Other than that we weren't in the hotel much but all the staff was great and was a good night stay.

      04/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      29. Melanie C.
      Spent one night here on a business trip that would lead me on a tour of Downtown MN hotels - by far the most comfortable bed I slept in all week. Rooms are a nice size and the views from the higher floors are really cool. I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

      08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      30. Mitchell N.
      I stayed at this Hilton to compete in US Nationals for a card game not too long ago.  We came here because all the other hotels were booked and the price was like 119 dollars a night I believe?  Not sure but I think it was a special, maybe not.

      The decor of the lobby was really pretty and nice.  It was the first thing that struck me as we walked in.  The rooms are pretty nice and the beds are really comfy.  The pillows and pillows were alright.  The room was spacious for 3 people (me+2 friends) and had a great view of the city.  My favorite part is that the hotel actually has this "sky walk" that allows you to walk over the streets in a clear, covered bridge.  In that way, we walked from the hotel into the convention center without once stepping foot in the noisey and congested streets with cars.  Overall my experience was good and a little better than most other hotels I've stayed at.

      One complaint: No free wifi!  It cost 15 dollars to use the internet!

      11/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      31. A J.
      I will evaluate this as both a hotel and a meeting space:

      Hotel Pros- hotel is very pretty, comfortable rooms, great location to the convention center and the heart of the city, room service till midnight (1am on weekends)

      Hote Cons- $13.95 for internet, one of my bathroom towels had huge stains all over it, 20 mins from airport (but I guess in Minneapolis you can't have a location be close to downtown AND the airport, so pick your preference)

      Meeting space Pros- A lot of rooms, good size space, staff is very helpful, food is good

      Meeting space Cons- Internet from hotel room is blocked in meeting rooms, bathrooms are far away from some rooms, homeless people kept circling the meeting room floor

      12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      32. Michelle C.
      It's not often that I feel compelled to write a review of a Hilton-brand hotel.  However, everything about my experience at this particular location was better than average, making it review-worthy.  When I arrived, check-in was quick and easy.  Sounds kind of dirty, but I assure you, there was nothing dirty about this place.  From the guest rooms to the meeting rooms to the health center, everything was well-maintained and clean.  

      I had the basil Caesar salad from the hotel restaurant twice, once with chicken and once with shrimp, because I liked it so much.  I highly recommend walking your lazy butt down to the restaurant, as room service fees are HEFTY.  

      The eye-candy bartender who served me two absolutely perfect espresso martinis (even though they weren't on the menu) was a nice addition to the Hilton experience.  From what I saw, he was the only attractive man under 35 in the entire hotel so I imagine he does well here, and not just with tips.

      Should I ever find myself in Minneapolis again, I'd be happy to book my stay here!

      12/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      33. B W.
      Nice hotel - I would definitely return given the chance. This Hilton is close to Nicolette Mall and many downtown restaurants. It is also connected to the Skyway which I found to be awesome way to travel around downtown.

      Everything about the hotel is nice - bed, parking, staff, wifi, etc.

      23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      34. Ian S.
      I've been having a pretty strange stay at this Hilton.

      I had a discounted rate on my stay, so they told me that I wasn't eligible for points or automatic checkout because I wasn't paying enough.  Weird.  That's a new one to me.

      The valet service is completely out to lunch.  They can't seem to do anything right and charge something like $36 to park it overnight.  If they didn't waste so much of my time, I wouldn't have found that the city has a parking ramp ATTACHED to the hotel for $5 an evening and $14 a night.  It's faster as well because, unlike several other hotels in the cities, they've hired a slapstick mongoloid comedy team who fail to be able to drive cars around on a timely basis.

      Additionally, my shower was not usable when I checked in.  I had to wait around for half an hour for some guy to come back from an eternal smoke break and take another half an hour to replace the low flow showerhead that is a pretty constant screw up at Hiltons, but usually the downscale properties.  

      This is a pretty serious Hilton near the convention center.  Don't they check any of this ever?  Pretty bad.

      I'll give the hotel bar a try in a couple of days, but I anticipate more three star mediocrity and greater than average number of Japanese businessmen and domestic salesdrones.

      It's strange how the courtyards seem to be run better, cleaner, and with more value for cash than the more expensive average downtown properties.  It's not always that way, but it sure is at ones like this.

      ..later at checkout:

      The valets, who apparently work for the city and are total jerkfaces, looked up how long I was staying and charged me the 24 hour rate for the whole duration of my stay even though I didn't use their services after their first massive fail at their jobs.

      The front desk kid was like "oh naturally we/they assume that if you use a service once, we should charge you the max conceivable possible amount with the assumption that you have used it continuously for the entire time of your stay."  I told him in no uncertain terms that this was bullshit and that he should figure out a correct dollar amount.  He then told me that I would need to prove that I had parked somewhere else.  Like there are parking ramps that give out receipts to everyone parking a car there on the off chance that their hotel will go insane on them and demand proof of putting their car somewhere other than with their valets to charge them an extra $100+ dollars.

      So initially if you don't have super nerd powers, you may be looking at an extra 50-70 dollars a night with parking, internet, and other charges.  Now that I consider it further, this may be the worst Hilton property of any kind I have encountered.

      17/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      35. kena n.
      Valet only for non SUV's, (not disclosed on website under valet description), room was supposed to have separate seating area, also a mistruth. The hotels answer to the complaints, a free breakfast. Not sure how a free breakfast changes any of the above issues. No thanks, Hella Kitchen wins, and a different hotel next time.

      25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      36. Jamison U.
      Over pompous hotel lacking the true character it tries to emulate, full of all the mass market Hilton fixtures. Including screaming drunks, raucous children and maids that don't know what a do not disturb sign is.

      22/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      37. Sal K.
      We got a room here on hotwire for $56 a night (plus tax).  We stayed for two nights this past weekend.  
      The room was pretty OK.  Everything was clean and in good working condition.  The pool/fitness center/locker rooms were also pretty OK.
      The $13 a day charge for wi-fi, $10 a day for a mini fridge, and $13 a day for parking add up fast.  
      All things considered, we had a nice little "staycation" here.  It was fun to be downtown to celebrate Pride and to be tourists in our own backyard.  But I don't think this hotel is worth the regular price.  Hooray for hotwire!

      28/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      38. Anthony G.
      I generally enjoy this property as I have always been treated very well by literally all of the staff and have always had a decent room.

      However, I just went online to book a room in London and witnessed my new personal reality of the recent changes to the Hilton Honors program.  Horrible.

      I recommend all frequent travelers find an new brand at which to stay.  So far Hyatt has been working out better for me.

      17/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      39. Tommy M.
      1. Understaffed at the front desk - long line to check in.
      2. The bathroom sink was dirty - brown specks of something...
      3. The trash can had not been emptied - it was either a diaper or lady's sanitary napkin in there.
      4. The clock was off by an hour (still on daylight savings time!), and it was the type of clock that won't allow you to change the time, only the alarm.
      5. Asked why I didn't get a bill under the door.  "We're going green and are now emailing the bills."  Bad move, making customers wait in line to check out if they want a bill, or making them print their own.

      I complained to Jared, who was the only redeeming feature of the stay - that's why they get a second star.  He was extremely cordial and apologetic, and offered a free breakfast (no thanks, but appreciate the gesture).

      02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      40. Robert S.
      I'm not really sure where to begin as this was a horrendous stay! I have stayed at this property several times and each time have a negative experience (really the only negative Hilton experiences I have had). This weekend was the worst though. The first night my faucet broke off the wall where I couldnt shower before dinner reservations after working out. Then, I came back at 11 pm to find I needed to move rooms after unpacking. This is something I would NEVER expect at a Hilton--especially the cities flagship location. The bellmen are not professional and are rude and intimidating when it comes to checking in luggage to stow. The bellmen and valet drivers are too busy talking to one another to help with luggage etc or to even say hello.

      The executive lounge is never stocked and poorly run. After just being at the Minneapolis/St Paul airport Hilton where the executive lounge is professional and well-stocked, where drinks are complimentary and the food is good, this was horrible. Employees are not filling up the orange juice, replacing the crackers, etc. They seem to constantly be run out of everything and have zero courtesy to inform guest of last call or that they're putting away the food when they close up (on Saturday night, 5 minutes early!) On numerous occasions I see employees grouping together in the executive lounge griping and not doing anything related to customer care.

      I stay at Hilton brand hotels frequently, this was by far the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. It's truly not a pleasant place to stay and it is multiple factors. The faucet breaking off my wall and then coming back to a note on my door telling me to move rooms as they tore up my bathroom while I was gone was the icing on the cake. I seriously hope things can change at this location, I will not be back.

      03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      41. Michele D.
      Like my usual breakdown of the hotels I stay in, I'll cover what was great, what was ok, and what sucked.

      First off, being a Diamond member pays off because I had a huge corner room that had baller and shot caller written all over it.


      The Executive Lounge is great only because of the fresh, cut up fruit with chopped up mint leaves.  This and the coffee machine alone should be given 5 stars.  Otherwise, you can expect to find things like cereal, hard boiled eggs, pastries, bread for making toast, and yogurt.  Get. The. Fresh. Fruit. With. Mint. Leaves.  Just do it.  My eyes are bugging out just thinking about it.

      Gym and indoor swimming pool are better than most hotels.  The pool is big enough to do laps in, but not laps that count.  I'm horrible with yardage and all that (but I do know 6" from 8"), but I can tell you that its bigger than your average hotel pool, but much smaller than a indoor competition pool (for sure).

      Flat screen in the room.  

      Free unsecured wireless internet from multiple sources in my room.  Otherwise, I would have had to pay for that shit an gawd knows I'm not about paying for the web.  I won't disclose where my room was, but I loved that I hit multiple unsecured networks every day.

      Walking distance to many restaurants.  Of course the shortest walk was to Hell's Kitchen, which you -should- visit.  More than once.


      Bed was comfortable, pillows were okay.

      In room coffee was good but could fall into the GREAT category if they could only read my mind and provide those little flavored creamers to go with my coffee (cinnamon hazelnut is a good one).


      Parking is in an underground garage that will have you dizzy by the time you circle round and round and round.  

      They wanted to charge me a penalty for checking out a day early.  Well, this was where I had to put my big girl pants on, refer back (many times) to my DIAMOND status and indicate that as many nights as I have paid to stay in a Hilton hotel, I damn sure better get a little flexibility.  I plead my case by closing with a stern and firm, "I know you'll do the right thing."  Beware, if you intend to check out early, that they may try to charge you anyway.  

      Logistics wise, it's no more than a 20 minute drive to the airport.  When going towards the airport every morning, we were against traffic.  In leaving the airport area to return to the hotel, we were also against traffic.  Perfect for getting back in time for happy hour.  At Hell's Kitchen, of course.  I kid, I kid!  Go where the you get the most bang for your buck.

      08/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      42. Hue K.
      Three and half stars.

      This hilton (compare to marquette) is a couple of blocks away from the center of shopping/restaurants area.

      Thanks to skywalk that connects all the major buildings in downtown. I can get to any building/shop/restuarants via skywalk.

      Breakfast buffet was standard, nothing special... but I can get healthy version of egg (egg whites or made with little oil) and fresh fruits (berries) so I was happy about it. oh.. i can get cappuchino too.

      Staffs at the front desk is friendly.

      Nice pool and jacuzzi, sauna and gym.

      09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      43. K B.
      I'm still in disbelief about my visit here. I stayed here for a friend's wedding. I was only staying over one night, but paid for two so that I could check in at 7 a.m. the first day (I had a super early flight that morning). The hotel knew the plans.

      When I got there, they seemed fully aware of my early arrival (or late arrival, depending on how you look at it), and gave me the keys to my room. My first impression of the hotel was that it was very mediocre, not very up-to-date, and the staff was distracted. But, I attributed the staff's inattentiveness to the early hour and went to check in and sleep.

      When I opened the door to my room, my first thought was that they hadn't cleaned it after the last guest because there was stuff on the floor (I couldn't see because it was pitch black). Then I noticed a foot on the bed, which was attached to a SLEEPING PERSON. I said, "Hello?" and the person, who was obviously asleep (and sleeping ON TOP of the covers fully clothed, I noticed - although again, it was super dark), started to mumble and wake up.

      I bolted back down to the lobby and explained that there was someone in my room! I expected them to be super shocked and apologetic, but instead the two employees at the front desk exchanged "oops..." glances and asked me to wait. About 10 minutes later they told me the room "should be empty now".

      What?! SHOULD be empty? And you got it empty AND cleaned in 10 minutes?? I don't think so! And ... who the hell was sleeping in there? A member of the staff? I was totally dumbstruck and insisted they give me a different room. They said every other room was taken so I had to have that room. Not one single apology! I was exhausted and mad, so I just went to the room and slept. I couldn't wait to leave.

      The room itself was pretty standard Hilton, although there was a large (and very alive) spider that hid in the drapes. The bathroom was ugly and outdated. The hotel itself wasn't great.

      The next morning, I asked the front desk to call me a cab. The valet guy or whoever got me a town car instead - basically an illegal taxi like you see in New York at the airports who try to dupe tourists. I noticed this "taxi" driver and the valet guy seemed to be of the same nationality and were speaking to each other in the same language, and it was obvious they knew each other. I was too tired again to argue, so I took this car to the airport, and he wound up charging me more than a taxi would have been, accepted only cash, AND had literally no change!

      The whole experience was the worst I have ever had at a hotel, hands down. If it hadn't been for my friend getting married, I would've checked out in a heartbeat. I'm still disgusted by it and this happened a few months ago.

      12/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      44. Holly M.
      My husband and I stayed at the Hilton because we scored a good deal on hotwire and we were going to a show at the State Theater that night.  Check-in was a breeze and the room was very comfortable and had a lovely view of downtown!  Note to all the Vikings fans...the players stay here the night before the game so there were TONS of fans in the lobby hopping to get a view of the players coming and going...some had footballs for autographs...that was interesting to see.

      22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      45. Jessica W.
      Room is old... Doesn't feel very clean. Dingy might be the best word. Didn't get put on a HH floor, didn't get the water bottles I usually get with Hilton. I should have stayed at my usuals- the Marquette or Westin. Will not be staying here ever again.

      03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      46. Jack W.
      The Hilton Minneapolis is pretty standard. I could take it or leave it. Rooms are clean and quite. TVs are nice. The fitness center is very good by hotel standards. It has a nice indoor pool. It is also easy walking distance to restaurants downtown.

      One annoyance is that the hotel will not put your receipt under your door. You have to have it emailed to you or go down to the front desk to pick it up.

      Also, beware every convention in town stays here. It is often at capacity. If you leave during peak hours and are on a top floor, you will stop on every floor to pick up more people on your way to the lobby.

      21/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      47. Ryan R.
      I only stayed one night but it was REALLY nice. Big bar, nice amenities, comfy bed, strong shower and the staff is very kind.

      Parking is a bit of a bear as the entry to the hotel is always packed.

      16/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      48. Joe I.
      I hate Hiltons and the only reason I was here was that there were meetings taking place here for a nearby convention I was attending.  Everything I loathe about Hiltons exists at this location - including snotty employees and overpriced everything.  If paying through the nose for crappy service and average food/drink is up your alley, then look no further.  Myself, I prefer businesses who give a damn.

      04/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      49. Alexis I.
      Lobby feels expensive. The rooms.... Not the greatest (most luxurious) - but the staff was super nice & very helpful. The workout room was superb and the sauna/pool accessibility- a plus! In addition... You can order food/drinks at pool (hooray!!) :)

      04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      50. Dani S.
      After being confined in this establishment for 5 days straight, I'm starting to feel like a prisoner in a silver cage! At least I don't gotta wear orange.

      +'s: good location, comfy beds, big fitness room with tons of super new equipment

      -'s: food is terrible, front desk staff is unpleasant, meeting rooms = freezers (do they keep penguins in here?), the swimming pool is separated from the fitness room by one very large glass wall, so when you are swimming, everyone gets to stare at you! yikes! Maybe I should serious re-consider eating all this food.

      13/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      51. Tate V.
      We are holding an event in one of the conference rooms, when setting up the event the staff was helpful, they set up the chairs and water station. We were able to get a screen set up with the help of the staff and they were very accommodating. The room looked professional. We were on the 2nd floor so it took some time for people to find our event. Also, parking was an obstacle for our attendees. Nevertheless, it was a good room setting for an event.

      27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      52. Colleen M.
      The rate was competitive, but I realized 2hrs before my flight into MSP I'd confused a Hyatt I really like with a Hilton that really disappointed.

      This is an old, down at the heels hotel within spitting distance of several modern, luxurious and not much more expensive competitors. Parking was expensive, but frustrating. The lobby looked worn and the elevators were slow to arrive. We were regularly at the mercy of at least two weddings on the 2nd floor. Nominations for classiest moment include the guy carrying a suitcase of Natty Ice in a sideways paper bag and the subtle scent of what had to be marijuana on the hallway of our floor pretty much every night.

      Our room was a disappointment as well. The door handles were all worn down and light fixtures were hard to turn on. Shower pressure was pathetic and the room was noisy all night with the clanking from the pipes. They claim they gave us a king bed, but we have a king at home and this was much smaller. The pillows had zero support and they only gave us two towels. (Who does that?) The shower curtain was the usual Hilton disaster; it soaked through after one shower and the floor was sopping wet.

      Hilton isn't a great brand - lightyears behind Marriott - and this wasn't a great Hilton. Wish I had been a little less cheap and paid the extra 20$/night to stay at Graves.

      07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      53. Stacey L.
      Comfy beds, quiet rooms, conveniently within walking distance to restaurants and shops, a short/cheap cab ride to 1st Ave.

      The staff is enormously friendly, and they were always willing to make things easier for us if they could - holding keys for late-arriving guests to pick up, holding luggage, opening up a desk next to the counter so we didn't have to wait in line to check out. These should all be standard, but I've been to plenty of hotels where they don't offer to do these things or make it seem like a burden when you ask.

      01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      54. Melanie M.
      sad to say we will no longer stay here this hotel has gone down & there is no way up

      09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      55. Nyota W.
      Thank you Minneapolis for having skyways. This Hilton easily connects to the convention center through the skyway and that's really all that you can ask for on a below 0 degree day.

      Now back to the hotel itself. This is a standard hotel with room service and a nice staff. The proximity to downtown locations is pretty nice as well and taxis are readily available to take you wherever you want.

      All was well until while sleeping one night I heard a drunk man trying to use his card to get into my room at 3 a.m.. After waking up out of my sleep, I screamed through the door, "this is not your room". Drunk man keeps attempting to enter.  

      Greeeaaatt, just how I wanted my sleep to be interrupted!

      This was definitely not the fault of the hotel, but rather a drunk man who only drinks when he goes out of town for meetings and conferences a.k.a. loser! Nonetheless, a quick call to security got the situation under control, so the Hilton came through on that piece. The next day as I checked out I found that "someone", likely drunk guy that attempted to enter room, charged their bar tab to my room at 2 a.m.. Seriously, I was asleep at 10 pm!

      The hotel staff was really cool and quickly removed the charge so that I could go on about my way.

      I'd definitely stay here again.

      19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      56. Ben C.
      This would be a 5 star rating, but the parking situation takes away 3 stars (really it should take away all 5 stars).

      For the positives: The hotel staff are wonderful. I've seldom interacted with better! Seriously, the front desk people are the tops. They are efficient, courteous, and greet you with sincere warmth. I'm lucky to have my wi-fi for free... I'm surprised that this isn't free at such a nice hotel, but I guess it subsidizes the great rates. The fitness area, including the indoor pool are quite nice. The location is excellent, with great access to downtown attractions, such as Target Arena and Field, as well as jogging paths, the library, and restaurants, like Zelo!

      The bad: parking stinks! If you can pay $22/night +tips for valet, it is well worth it, and you will likely feel like this is a 5-star hotel. If you are like me, and are running the $13/night self parking through an expense report, I can only say, welcome to government hell. That's right, the parking lot is staffed by the City of Minneapolis. The parking process is inefficient and there is a disconnect between the hotel management and the parking staff. As with most monopolies, there is no incentive for either the hotel or the city to invest in making the process more efficient. The hotel room cards are not integrated, so you have to wait for a staff person to take a voucher, copy down your name and room number, then hand back your parking ticket to you, and have you sign the back of it. This would be fine, if there was more than one or two people performing this process... especially given that there seems to be an influx of people leaving at the same times - namely 8:00 -8:45am. This morning, for example, I waited for over 45 minutes to leave the parking lot. In a normal environment, common sense would kick in and they would just open the gates and let people get to their destination. However, as I mentioned previously, this is not a normal environment... it is a City of Minneapolis parking lot monopoly. I challenge anyone reading this review to try and find the person at the city level who will take responsibility for the lengthy, manual process in place. Further, if such a person exists, it would be interesting to hear from them why a small investment in bringing an automated solution to this structure has not been put in place.

      Here's the bottom line. If you can afford the $22/night valet, then this is a great property. If you would rather not deal with the sub-standard parking situation, there are a lot of other hotels in the area... I'm eager to try something new.

      29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      57. Amy R.
      It's rare that I choose to stay in a hotel in my own city, but once in awhile what the heck. Received a pretty good deal through the Hilton Honors program for a weekend stay, so I thought, why not get out of the house.

      Received a good deal on the "romance package" which was champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a few breakfast coupons for the morning. Not bad. They were delivered to our room after check in. Sadly our champagne went to waste since neither of us like it. Oh well, the price on the room was good, champagne was insignificant.

      The toilet wasn't properly working so we waited for the maitenance guy to come and fix that. He was quick about it. Problem resolved.

      The pool was swarming with people so we didn't get to utilize that, but it looked nice.

      Beds are comfortable and choice of linens were nice for a hotel. I appreciate the update on the decor. Not a fan of those hideous floral standard hotel bedspreads that I'm sure have some stories to tell.

      Nice hotel in DT Mpls with an alright view..
      If I were traveling and not from MSP, I would most likely choose this location.

      10/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      58. Kate T.
      Friendly front desk and doormen, beautiful, rich-feeling lobby, great hotel restaurant/lounge. Rooms are so-so; very clean, but somewhat small and not the most updated. They've upgrdaded me to corner kings since I've stayed there several times, which are much nicer than the doubles.

      14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      59. Carolyn S.
      I stayed here on a recent business trip to Minneapolis and was pleased with the accommodations.

      This Hilton must be huge - there were 25 floors, multiple restaurants, and lots of people in the lobby and common areas. I saw families with kids there for a gymnastics competition, a wedding party, and business travelers. The check-in process was quick with no lines. The staff members who checked me in and out were courteous and friendly.

      I had a corner suite on the 23rd floor with fantastic views to the south and west. The suite was spacious, clean, and airy. The bathroom was clean and decently large with an ample supply of thick-enough towels. There was a large closet with mirror doors (which were a bit difficult to open and close).

      The bed was very comfortable with a thick comforter and multiple pillows to choose from. The bedroom curtains were really thick - it kept the room very dark in the morning. The bedroom walls seemed thick - I did not hear any noise during my stay there.

      I ordered room service in the morning, and it arrived promptly in 20 minutes. Standard room service rates (aka overpriced, but no more than what you'd pay at another hotel).

      My room gave me access to the lounge area on the 25th floor, which I checked out but didn't use. There was a business room with a variety of seats, as well as a computer for printing boarding passes, etc. There's also a pool and fitness area in the hotel, which I didn't check out, but I saw people headed there in the elevator.

      I would have no problem recommending this to a business traveler. The location downtown (and close to the convention center) is also very convenient.

      23/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      60. Brian B.
      This was the second time I have stayed at this location and both experiences were good. Now granted I am diamond with Hilton so I get some extras but still overall, this was a clean property with decent service and an excellent location downtown. The only advice is to stay away from the bar unless you want to drop some serious coin. Simple drinks were well over $8 and draft beer not far below that. However being surrounded by other bars with happy hours, no need to feel trapped at the hotel. Yes this is upwards of a $200 a night room which is probably cheaper during off times.

      07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      61. David D.
      This is a decent Hilton property with friendly staff and comfortable rooms.  The decor is starting to age but everything was in good working order.  Rooms were quiet and clean.  Housekeeping could provide some more "attention to detail" as I had to ask for my toilet paper dispenser to be refilled (was left with an empty tube) and my laundry bag wasn't restocked.  Some of the hard-to-reach spaces in the public spaces needed a dusting.  The club room was decent sized (gets busy in the morning when there's a convention) and well supplied.  Concierge at the club level and the lobby desk were friendly.  Checking in and out was easy and the front desk staff were always courteous.  (I've  read some of the negative reviews on the staff and quite frankly didn't experience any problems with service.)  Connected by skybridge to the convention center.  Many dining venues within walking distance.

      Thumbs up for:  location, convenience, service, quiet rooms, comfortable bed.

      24/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      62. Michael E.
      Gave me lots of problems with front desk with check in, they did sort it out eventually but then charged my card 300 dollars for some product my company shipped for some random shipment fee. Not expected for a hilton. And they didn't keep their word.

      27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      63. Gabriel S.
      I love this hotel. I have been here for many meeting and events. This weekend I got the chance to stay there to celebrate my 7th anniversary.

      When we checked in I asked if they had any free upgrades. They said no and I talked to the woman at the desk. I showed her a picture of my 3 kids and talked about how nice it was for me and my wife to get a night off.

      Before we walked to our room she said " we have on last sweet and it's for you"

      i wasn't sure what to expect but when we got to our room we were blown away. A corner suit on the 16th floor. King bed, big screen TV, full sitting room and a stunning view of the city.

      I would recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the Twin Cities. It is top of Class.

      20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      64. Michelle C.
      Check-In: long lines. Staff isn't that friendly.. I stayed here twice- the second time, I asked if I had access to the lounge. The receptionist said "um... no. you're only a gold".  Yes- I'm a gold hhonors member, 3 stays away from diamond. With that kind of statement, this isn't the Hilton I'm going to use to get me to my diamond status.

      Room: small and unremarkable.  I never see my complimentary hhonors waters in the room. I always have to call guest services TWICE because they never bring up the water after the first call (and I usually wait a full hour before I make the second call).

      Bathroom: 2 inches of YELLOW STILL WATER IN THE BATH TUB. for all i know, someone took a piss in the bath tub and it was never cleaned. Unbelievable.

      Wi-fi: I get complimentary wifi w/ my reward status. I NEVER get the code when I check in. I always have to call guest services. Both times, I got a rude staff answering the call who spoke to me with annoyance like they're doing me the biggest favor.

      Business Center: small. You have to pay to print. There is no fax machine. When I spoke with guest services to see if they can fax something for me, it was just a cold 'no'.

      Check-out: I never get a bill under the door on the day I leave. I have to physically go downstairs and ask for a print out.

      Spend a few more $$ and go to the Hilton Marquette 2 blocks down. Parking is more expensive there, but you won't run into problems mentioned above.

      31/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      65. Sean D.
      Location good. Value for dollar bad. Rob you $14/nt for wifi. Front desk staff was not the friendliest. And if your a light sleeper the doors slam really loud.

      07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      66. Richard T.
      As a diamond or gold HHonors member (depending on the year), I am a pretty frequent guest at Hilton properties all around the world. This hotel has been one of the worst, if not the worst experience I've ever had at a Hilton.

      Let's start with the positives: check in was easy, and the hotel has recently been refurbished so the rooms are in decent shape.

      The negatives are pretty serious: parking is abysmal. It is very difficult to find a space and there is no dedicated hotel parking -- you are in a huge 5 level lot which is hard to navigate, and when you want to leave, it is a hassle getting your car through the exit check point, where you must produce a tiny piece of paper you received at check in, as well as your parking ticket. Ironically, they can look you up and see that you are a hotel guest, but nevertheless, you must physically sign a new parking ticket each time you leave.

      The pool/gym area is unstaffed and basically unusable. There are dripping-wet children in bare feet running around unsupervised. This is not an isolated event -- each time I went to use the gym, morning or evening, this was the case. The entire area is unstaffed and unmaintained. There are towels all over the floor in the fitness room ... given the pools of water, I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing! (sarcasm) When I spoke with the front desk, they admitted the area is unstaffed, but said they would send a security guard up to check it out. After an hour, no sign of anyone, so I left.

      The executive lounge -- hugely overcrowded, and staffed by one poor woman. It is all she can do to keep up with bussing the dirty plates and putting out clean ones. If you are looking for food, any kind of food at all, good luck. Both mornings I've gone so far, they were out of oatmeal, bagels, milk, fruit, and basic items like bowls and spoons. I probably should be glad to get a "free" breakfast, but honestly, it was hard to get anything all, so it's not really a perk.

      There are many, many choices of hotels all around downtown Minneapolis and I've stayed at many of them, including some other Hilton properties. This was an extremely disappointing stay on many levels, and I certainly don't plan to come back. So sorry to see this kind of state for what should theoretically be a flagship Hilton property.

      30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      67. Todd M.
      It is a big, expensive Hilton.  The location is good for downtown and it is a quick walk to Nicollete Mall (which is good because in the winter you can get some place before you freeze to death).  In the summer that walk will give you a plethora of eating and drinking choices.

      As to the Hotel itself, it is nice, but not Grand.  It is a big ole Hilton that needs a bit of updating.

      31/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      68. David F.
      We stayed here while participating in the Uptown Art Festival in Minneapolis. The stay here was comfortable and quiet.  The art fair had long hours and so we really didn't do much more than sleep and shower here.  

      The hotel was in walking distance of most of downtown Minneapolis or a short cab ride.  There was plenty of street parking around on the weekend so we didn't even need to use the parking garage that much.  

      The hotel itself was lovely and clean.  Plenty of elevators too.  Lots of events are going on here so be aware it can get pretty rowdy downstairs.

      This hotel would get more stars, but the concierge was very rude and unhelpful for most of our stay.  I wont name any names.  If you stay and he is working, you will know him I think.

      28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      69. Casey R.
      Stayed here for a conference and enjoyed my stay. The room was a little small and lacked a fridge but the view made up for it. Had some catered food for lunches and breakfasts and was generally impressed. If you are planning an event here definitely get the chocolate cake (SO GOOD!). They offered creative options and provided more than adequate options and signage for vegans and vegetarians.

      10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      70. Richard F.
      It was all the things that you would expect a Hilton Hotel to be.  We liked our room.  It was unfortunately on the 21st floor, so getting an elevator or riding up and down always involved a lot of stops.  But the room was nicely sized and had all the comforts one would expect.  The bed was comfortable and there was little hallway or adjacent room noise.  We were in town for a family event that took us out of the hotel for most meals, although we did grab a bit upon arrival.  The restaurant was fine, albeit a bit expensive for what it was and what we ate.  But again, this what is to be expected at a Hilton. The bill for two sandwiches and two small side salads, a coffee and an iced tea came to over $ 40 without tip and taxes.  Parking for our rental car was about $ 23 a night I think, which is also along the lines of expectation for a city hotel.   Yes, I would stay there again.

      14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      71. Alicia M.
      Hotel it's self was clean and modern, every staff member was courteous.  The only negative would be they DID NOT validate parking in the ramp that is connected to the hotel???

      18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      72. Ellen C.
      This was my first introduction to Minneapolis. Hilton is in a great downtown location (not in terms of restaurants and bars being nearby, but more so in terms of it being one of the connecting points of the cool Minneapolis pedway). It's right next to Hotel Ivy (which is designed more in my taste) and the Convention Center.

      This Hilton was a bit strangely built. The lobby is beautiful, as are most Hilton lobbies. There is a popular bar/restaurant in the lobby right across from the front desk and the area is expansive. But you try to find the fitness center and it's oddly right next to the ballrooms and meeting rooms on the second floor. We almost crashed a wedding trying to find the fitness center. The fitness center itself is well equipped with treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weights, all with their own personal TV. They also had a dry sauna for people itching to sweat it out. They also had a pool and jacuzzi which were on the smaller side and both indoors.

      We stayed on the top floor (I believe 25th floor). The first night we were there we were put in a room with two double beds that smelled like smoke. When we called to inquire about another room we were told that all rooms were booked that night but that they could send someone up to either ventilate or iodize the room immediately. After waiting about an hour, we decided to go out and explore - the Hilton staff never showed up, not surprisingly.

      The beds here are also very uncomfortable. I'm usually very easy to please, but the double bed was not comfortable for two adults. The next morning, cricks in the neck, sore as can be, I called the front desk to inquire as to whether there were any open rooms the second night. We were transferred to another room with a view of Minneapolis downtown and one king bed. This room was significantly better in that it didn't smell like smoke either.

      On the 25th floor they also include "breakfast." Being a foodie of sorts, I was excited about the breakfast. But it was a huge, huge disappointment. Not only did they only provide a continental breakfast but they didn't do a very good job at refilling the stations as the food went. So no mater what time you were there, there was a lack of food available...

      Considering how expensive these rooms are, I would opt to stay somewhere else downtown next time.

      23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      73. Manfred S.
      Which hotel locks the bathrooms in the function and bar area? Hilton Minneapolis is the first one in my experience.
      I attended a meeting and we had late nights at the bar. When my clients and collaborators finally decided to leave well after the last call, I decided to visit the bathroom before walking to my hotel. All bathroom doors where locked and no one could be found to open one (in time). Thankfully there were planters around. Yuck.

      15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      74. Mark L.
      I stayed here one night on a business trip and this hotel met my needs exactly.

      What I look for on a business trip is a comfortable hotel that I can get a good night's rest in, and that has good Internet access.

      My room on the tenth floor was one of the quietest hotel rooms I've had. The bed was extremely comfortable, and I was able to sleep soundly.

      The Internet access is excellent, with free wireless if you are an HHonors member or an AT&T subscriber. The signal was strong.

      Maybe I'm not hip in my tastes, but I did not see the decor as dated, as mentioned in other reviews. I thought the decor was tasteful and appropriate, and besides, I don't go to hotels to stare at the carpeting and wall hangings.

      The staff was friendly and I had a decent dinner in their bar, which incidentally had a pretty good selection of draft beers and good television displays.

      The location is great, just one block from Nicollet Mall.

      I highly recommend this hotel if you're staying in downtown Minneapolis.

      16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      75. Krista G.
      Maybe I'm just not expecting as much as other reviewers, but my stay was great!  My husband and I stayed for the past week for our wedding.  We also had about 100 guests stay over the weekend, and did not hear any complaints.

      We stayed in a suite on the 19th floor, and it was clean and spacious.  Darryl cleaned our room each day and did a great job!  All of the staff was very helpful and friendly, from start to finish.

      We used the pool a couple of times.  One night there were a lot of kids running around, but I expect kids to be able to use the pool as well as adults.  We did not have any issues in the pool or gym area.  The area was much better kept than many high-end hotels I've stayed at for business trips.

      It's unfortunate to have to pay for Wifi on top of everything else, but plenty of hotels make you pay, so I wasn't surprised.  The parking is convenient and reasonable.  I prefer to self park, and this lot is easily accessed by escalators or elevators.  I did not find it difficult to find a spot, nor to enter or exit repeatedly over our stay.

      The hotel bar closes at 1230 apparently, so we just socialized in our rooms after hours.  The food at the restaurant was good overall; certainly nothing bad.  Room service was tasty, but over-priced.

      I would definitely stay at this Hilton location again.

      22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      76. Phillip Y.
      I typically stay at the Marquette Hilton but it was booked solid.  I got here at around 8:00 PM so missed out on the Executive Lounge hors d'oeuvre.  However, the bar was still open for drinks and grab some non-alcoholic drinks since there is charge for alcohol.  There were some fruits and cookies for dessert.  Upon check-in, I was offered either 5th floor king or executive floor 25th double bed.  I usually tend to weigh comfort higher than room with a view.  No fridge or microwave but available for rental so had it delivered to my room for extra $15.  Also, parking is $13 which is not too shabby compared to the Marquette Hilton for $22 per night.

      This was a big night for Hilton Minneapolis with Jane Austen conference as well as travel agent convention.  I had to wait in lines occasionally but not a problem.

      EXERCISE ROOM ****
      Really nice size with plenty of both weight lifting and cardio equipment.  No headphones so had to bring my own.  I especially liked the stair stepper.

      POOL ****
      What this lacks in classic taste makes up in amenities- larger exercise room and the fact there is even a decent sized pool.  The steel lined pool looks pretty cool.  You feel like you are in a tank but that's not a big deal.

      ELEVATOR **
      I got stuck on P2 level and got off at P1 level.  Just beware and just take the escalator to avoid being a permanent resident in the elevator.

      Watch out for the computer hogs who will park there forever- disregarding the 15 minute rule posting.  Just bring your own laptop and have your Gold HHonors login ready or you will have cough up $10 for internet connection.

      Breakfast was pretty decent.  No hot selection since it was a weekend I speculate.  Otherwise, nice selection of fruit, cereal, and hot oatmeal.  Nice view of sit and not too high to see surrounding buildings.

      GIFT SHOP **
      Lack of quality gifts.  Alot of things on sale 30-70% off.

      01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      77. Travis R.
      This hotel customer service is absolutely horrible. After checking in late, 1AM, I went to my room to take a shower and the fire sprinkler went off in my room. It ruined a few of my clothes and sprayed nasty water everywhere. After standing in the hallway embarrassed since my room was 3" under water the rude security guard finally gave me another room.

      The next morning instead of a courtesy call I received a bill under my door for "room damage" for $1055. I called the hotel manager and he explained that I was being charged since I "tampered with the sprinkler system." I travel for a living and have stayed at over 100 hotels without ever a problem. After a dispute with the manager I finally had to dispute the charge with my credit card company, which I did successfully.

      Other than that the attendants were very rude and the bellboy lost my clothes I had washed for 2 days longer than expected. Also the rooms are very dated and not very clean for the price you pay you should expect something better.

      I will no long stay at ANY Hilton hotel let alone the Hilton Minneapolis. STAY AWAY from this place

      28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      78. Anne F.
      Hotel room was very nice and clean. Lobby is very nice. No free wifi in the rooms. It is free in the lobby and fitness center. I am currently receiving some of the worst service ever in the bar called The Cove. I received a half burnt pizza and I haven't seen the waiter since.

      22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      79. Dave K.
      Slightly disappointing for a Hilton convention center hotel (which itself doesn't set hugely high expectations.)

      I had a corner room (junior suite) on the 24th floor which was very nice.  However, the layout wasn't practical as you couldn't really see the big beautiful TV well from either the desk or the little living area.  In fact, the single best chair for watching TV was positioned exactly so as to make that impossible.

      The room service was adequate, the hours were good (until midnight), and the food acceptable but nothing to write home about.  The selection was not great.  The wild rice soup was too thick.  The kielbasa and kale soup was very good.  The BLT sandwich was, well, a BLT sandwich.  The salads were pre-dressed and over-dressed / soggy.

      The executive lounge was a big disappointment, probably the worst I've seen in a long time:  too small, dated furniture, little free anything (I wasn't there during breakfast) and my Grey Goose and soda cost like $14 so no real savings on alcohol.  I didn't even have any nuts.  Worse, it was ridiculously loud as some parents from the volleyball tournament were yucking it up way too much -- especially for an executive lounge -- and yet the staff while later acknowledging it was out of control, did nothing to quiet them down.

      The elevators were slow and got backed up at peak times.  

      The Wifi was appalling.  It was too slow and constantly kept forgetting I was connected to it and at times hung on the you're connected screen but not far enough into the process to let you actually do anything -- I literally lost more than an hour of productivity in a few days futzing around with their crappy Wifi.

      On the plus side, the lobby is nice and its connected to the conventional center by the Skyway.  And there's a pretty good bar just across the street / around the corner called the Devil's Advocate.

      29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      80. Shin M.
      This place looks really nice when you enter.

      The room itself is only OK so my rating is primarily no the housekeeping service. The courtyard marriott has better furniture and decorations.
      housekeeping service... what's up with that? During my first night, there was a piece of hair on my shampoo bottle.

      For four nights in a row (out of five), the maid hardly made my bed. She had one pillow on the right side, and then piled the other 3 on the left side of the bed. The sheets were not placed neatly and parallel with the bed and instead were crooked, almost like the way i left it when i exited the bed. My towels in the bathroom- there were two towels folded next to each other. one was always folded nicely, and the other looks like (as my fiance would term it) I folded it myself. which means it was poorly folded and just thrown on the shelf. The room should have been restocked with bottled water everyday but was only restocked once. Poor housekeeping service!!!

      Also, my hotel phone was dead. I picked it up to call the front desk, only to find out my phone wasn't even connected to anything in the wall... I had to use my cell phone to call the front desk. Also, my clock was an hour behind... really?

      As petty as all of these things sound, it's all basic stuff I'm expecting. I expect my bed to actually be made, my towels to be folded, my phone to work, and my clock to say the right time. Even 2 star hotels have mastered this.

      This place does not have free breakfast, unless you are an executive member, then you use your card to get to the 12th floor. It has basic breakfast foods- eggs, sausage, bacon, cereal, and fruit. They do have some nice snacks there (malt balls and white choco covered pretzels).

      06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      81. J R.
      We were pleased with our stay here. We had a corner king room or something on the 17th floor which was great. We had a lot of luggage. Bruno and Jim were so kind and accommodating helping us with our luggage. The hotel is in a nice location for downtown.

      28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      82. Krash T.
      Beautiful lobby, great location, reasonable value for the money plus a fantastic view. Pet peeves: windows that don't open, sinks too high for anyone under six feet to use comfortably. Semi-pricey restaurant (and only one), and an annoying lack of signs to the Skywalk. (Which by the way is called the International Something once you get to the restaurant area.) Be aware that although everyone, from Hilton Honors people to bell captain, will tell you there's a Subway there - there is not. In its place is Dave's, much better food. Also a Caribou Coffee!!
      One very annoying aspect is the charge for Wi-Fi. Ridiculous, in this day and age. If you're an Honors member and complain, you can get it for free - if you don't complain, they will charge. I was told their system was being upgraded, and that was the cause.
      One other annoyance. Feathers. Pillows and comforters. My wife is highly allergic, and I cannot understand why all the Hiltons have gone to all feather rooms. Harder to keep clean, hell on allergies - it makes no sense. However, the head housekeeper was immediately on it to get everything changed over.
      Be aware that if you call for something like early room make-up, the person answering in housekeeping may not relay the request to the housekeeper. This happened to us twice. But a small matter, easily rectified.
      Yes, the lack of a complimentary shuttle is annoying. Perhaps the feathers cost too much, and Hilton can no longer afford one.
      All in all, if you can get a decent deal on pricing, this is a good stay and I would recommend it without hesitation.

      22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      83. Alicia M.
      We were looking for a good hotel option for Girls Night.  We have tried the few suites available in Minneapolis and not had great luck finding one with sufficient size.  We booked two connecting double rooms at the Hilton and then were given the option of upgrading to a 3 room suite.  The 3 room suite was fantastic!  The three rooms included a room with two double beds, a room with a king bed,  and a room with a huge meeting table (and 8 chairs), fold out couch, and 2 plush chairs.  There were 3 bathrooms and an additional vanity counter with mirror and sink.  It was PERFECT for girls night.

      I have since gone on the website to try to find this suite and have not had success.  If you are looking for a multi-room suite, I suggest giving the Hilton a call.

      29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      84. Brett N.
      Why 5 stars? Because it was super cheap... and also perfect!

        ---   ---   ---

      I could not believe we got this room at under $100 per night! I felt like a high-roller walking through the lobby, yet I was staying in a room for about $85 here. It was right smack-dab in downtown, and I had absolutely no complaints about its swankiness. I felt thoroughly swanky here.

      Bonus points: we overlooked a basketball court painted red. I assume it was attached to one of Target's corporate offices, because the logo was painted that way at half court. Regardless, it was full of win.

      13/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      85. Sheila G.
      We were in Minneapolis for a family event, and booked through the block of rooms allocated the hosts.  For the $89/night price, I really shouldn't complain.  But somehow it didn't quite live up to the expectations I had for a major upscale hotel in a big-city downtown location.

      Oh, the lobby is beautiful.  Check-in was efficient, and Sharlena at the front desk is to be commended for her friendliness and helpfulness.  We wanted to see the room before we lugged in our stuff, and she personally escorted us there.  I had no idea that a hotel like the Hilton would still be providing DOUBLE beds instead of Queens, and I said that we were not about to spend our 3 nights there sleeping separately, since they looked more like Twins.  She offered to upgrade us, but not until the next night.  The hotel was bursting at the seams from the Shriners Convention filling up every square inch of the place.

      The next day we were, indeed, upgraded to a corner King on the concierge floor.  The room was very nice, except that the TV wouldn't have been viewable from the bed.  But we were too busy to watch TV.  The worst part was not the hotel's fault:  the room - or rooms - next door were being used as a hospitality suite by one of the Shriners campaigning for some position.  All day, all weekend, they set up camp in the hallway to greet people coming for the buffet inside.  And all weekend we could barely get past the crowds, as they milled about, fezes and all, talking and trying to score the swag he was giving away - bottles of barbecue sauce branded with his name and picture of him in full Shriners regalia.  It's funny now, but not when we were trying to pass by from the elevator to our room.  Full disclosure:  Yes, we now have a bottle of Kenny Craven's Barbecue Sauce prominently displayed.  But no Shriners Membership!

      I loved the bathroom, especially the fabulous mirror over the granite vanity.  The frame is a lightbox that illuminates the whole bathroom.  We saw this again on our road trip, at a brand-new Holiday Inn Express in Idaho, and it's a marvel.

      The upgrade allowed us access to the Executive lounge.  Since we're not usually habitues of hotels with these lounges, we don't have anything to compare it to, so it was very nice for us. We got to have breakfast, which wasn't included originally, and it was pretty well-stocked.

      Overall, I'd give it 3 1/2 stars, but for that mirror, the upgrade, and the good service, I'm bumping it up.

      01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      86. Pat S.
      My stay here was fine, I hate to pick on the one negative but the fact that the Hilton did not have any shuttle service was a shock to me! To and from the airport was an extra $50 each way. Something to consider if your on a budget!
      This was my first time in Minneapolis and maybe this is the case with all hotels.
      In the future I will rent a car for the weekend.

      13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      87. Laura P.
      One of the worst hotel experiences I have ever had. We paid for package deal that included parking and wifi but when we got there they said we didn't. We produced proof via an e-mail confirmation and they still denied it! Not to mention we were traveling with my mom who is a Hilton member (I have no idea what level) but she travels all the time for work and stays at Hiltons. They wouldn't even waive the fees for her. And it wasn't just that, if you can't waive it fine, but her attitude about the whole thing was terrible, 0 customer service skills. I have no tolerance for bad customer service.

      Once we finally made it to the room, it as gross. Big pieces of gum in the carpet, furniture was banged up and the bathroom door would not close. So we requested another room, they told us all the rooms are the same but moved us anyway. They were right, the next one was just as bad. Hole in the curtains the bathroom was barely cleaned. But it was late and we were stuck sleeping there.

      As we were getting ready for bed my mom was in the bathroom getting ready. They must have major plumbing issues because all of a sudden then water stopped pouring out of the sink and began to pour directly on the floor behind the sink. There was another review about flooding so this place obviously had issues. So again we call the front desk, the manager is less than stellar but offers to come fix it. It was already really late so we said no. We were supposed to stay there another night but decided to go elsewhere the next day, which was much nicer.

      This place is way too much money for their level of crappy service.

      20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      88. W W.
      We had such a positive experience.  The front desk works hard to provide excellent service, and the staff is very friendly and polite.  I stayed there during a very busy weekend, but they are able to maintain an excellent level of service.  I can assure you, this was not the case when I stayed at another location.  The staff in the restaurant is excellent, and the housekeeping was super-effective and polite.  I have nothing but good things to say about this Hilton Location.  I hope to stay there next time I visit.

      22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      89. Jessica M.
      Unfortunately, I don't have much more to say than "meh."

      The rooms were clean, and the bed was comfortable, but I still can't get over the lack of a coffee pot. Who skimps on the coffee pot? Seriously!

      I did like the restaurant/bar area in the lobby. I think it's called the Skywater Lounge? They had some tasty appetizers, and an okay drink menu.

      Overall, fine, but underwhelmed.

      12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      90. Stephen E.
      This place is awful. Room service is a $15 premium. You go downstairs to order a soup to go they say it will take 15 minutes. You can't order to go in the restaurant, you have to place your to go order in the starbucks kiosk, where of course there is a line. Overpriced, unhelpful. And it took forever to book our room and then they tried to get us to enter some kind of drawing.


      11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      91. Trupti T.
      The only reason why I stay at this place and the two stars is because of the convenience and close to office.  Well in cold I don't have to walk out to get to work when visiting MN.  I have had blood stains on my bed both times I have stayed here.  The hotel just doesn't seem that clean to me, the staff is okay I have had better experience at other Hilton.  I can understand charging so much for a night given the location, but definitely not worth the money or value in it.  If I wasn't so sucker for points I would definitely stay some place else.  If you have options I would stay away from this one.

      10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      92. Brian M.
      This is a great hotel for business or a night on the town.

      The location is top notch, connected by skyway to Orchestra Hall and the Minneapolis Convention Center. Nicollet Mall, with tons of stores (including a two-story Target!) and restaurants is one block away.

      The rooms are spacious, with good views of downtown and are really, really quiet. The beds are high-quality and most importantly for me, the wifi is rock solid and speedy. Note -- It's not free unless you're a Hilton HHonors member of some level. Boo for that.

      Overall, this is a great choice that reflects Hilton quality and service. I'm a fan.

      26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      93. Tieren S.
      What's good: I love the Gatsby feel and everyone who works there is accommodating and nice.

      I like that there's a safe. There aren't many hotels that provide this anymore and with my laptop, iPad and iPod, it's nice to have my belongings in a safe keeping place.

      They added my Hilton rewards points even though the room was booked under my current maiden name.

      The guy gave me a dope room. I was on the 10th floor with a spectacular view of downtown. It was gorgeous at night.

      The toiletries were top notch. Not the best but pretty good.

      The bad: they don't have a friggin microwave. How you provide a fridge and no microwave??? Just wasted half a sandwich.

      No Complimentary shuttle. At least the light rail stops about 3 long ass blocks from the hotel. Not bad if you have a rolling bag... But I had a heavy ass duffle bag and laptop bag. I know for next time.

      12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      94. Koshya W.
      Really enjoyed my experience here. After watching too many hotel rescue shows, I took my knowledge to the test!

      Everything was SPOTLESS. The bed sheets were soft, comfortable, and very white. Bathrooms were very clean as well. Beds were pretty comfortable and who doesn't like a giant flat screen tv? Also, the view was to die for! Even being on the 6th floor, we got a great view of the city. Getting the room for 89/night is cheap, but the quality of the rooms, amenities, and having access to the sky walks was everything we needed to enjoy our time here. Front desk clerks were amazing and really helped us find activities to do and nearby attractions to enjoy during our stay.

      Only bad things were the parking, lack of microwave and no free wifi. My, my, something about parking garages doesn't sit well for me, and neither does not having a microwave. 13/night for wifi seems a little nickel and dime, good thing for hotspot. Had a couple problems with garage people saying I didn't pay for parking (although I had it added to my bill and had a voucher to show for) but what can you do when you're in the middle of downtown. Definitely would stay here again!

      10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      95. X. K.
      The pros: friendly staff, clean room and bathroom, TV, great location near the convention center, pool and hot tub.

      The cons: No free Wi-Fi. We already knew this. No free breakfast, you have to pay for anything extra beyond the room. But this is all expected given that this is the Hilton. Computers in the business center make you log in every 5-10 mins.

      I would choose a hotel with free Wi-Fi next time simply because it's such a necessity. But this hotel is a good choice.

      10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      96. Scott T.
      We came here on a weekend for just a one night stay and really enjoyed our visit. Very affordable, something to the tune of $125 for a nice room with two beds, plenty of outlets, clean and quiet. Nice central location for those attending events at the Symphony Concert Center, close to the downtown Nicollet Mall.

      My only complaint which I've observed before with a Hilton was the bar. $38 for a glass of pedestrain Cabernet and a Laphroaig single malt whisky (latter which retails for $45 for an entire bottle) before tip. Look, I get it that bars are profit centers for hotels, but those are on par with New York City prices. This ain't NYC. Come on Hilton, stop gouging customers unnecessarily. Ran into the same thing on my last Hilton stay in Des Moines. I would have expected to pay $28 for those two drinks, not $38.

      I'd stay here again, but I'd never order a drink, particularly when there are plenty of watering holes within a block.

      17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0