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Le Meridien Chambers Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN

Le Meridien Chambers Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN


Le Meridien Chambers Minneapolis is the country's first luxury art hotel. We have 60 guest rooms on 5 floors of 2 historic buildings and offer guests free admission to Walker Art Center.


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Rating: 3.74

Address: 901 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55403

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    Comments (68):

    1. illume g.
    i didn't eat, just drank some delicious cucumber mint gin drink.   mmmmm.  i could drink 100 of those.

    27/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. David U.
    The rooms are worth the price of admission.   Similar to the James Hotel of Chicago...but taken to another level.  The art collection is this hotel puts many galleries to shame.  The combination of art, modern style, and food places this hotel on par with any across the country.

    01/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Iris S.
    Hear, hear, Lacey!  Completely unaware of what I was being suckered into, I met up with my friends, already 5 hours past sobriety, at the lounge.  

    This place puts on aristocratic airs.  The interior is rather modern and sparsely decorated to the point where I felt as though I was in an art museum.  Fancy-schmancy is not generally my cup of tea, but I clean up well, and that night I donned an Express silk cardigan twinset, pair of Editor dress pants, and strappy heels.  I was still significantly underdressed compared to the average patron.  I cannot believe that the bouncer let me in, needless to say did not charge me an arm and a leg cover.  

    As for the drinks, when I realized that a bottle of Heineken was going to cost me more than $6, I knew that it was time to relocate to the Lyon's Pub or O'Donovan's for cheaper Guinness.

    Redeeming factor:  The balcony view of Hennepin is incredible, which of course I had to partake in considering my nicotine addiction.

    16/04/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Lacey P.
    Let's get over it. This isn't New York, the art is safe, and the women still have Minnesota hair.  Good god.

    03/04/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Cathy P.
    This is a really interesting place.  We only went to the Ice Chamber bar to have pre-dinner drinks for dh's birthday.  We walked through the lobby and were amazed by the sculpture of the old man who looked amazingly like my Uncle Bill!  This sculpture looked real.  I couldn't believe it!

    The Ice Chamber was a bit disappointing at first.  All it is is an outdoor area with some tented seating facilities and a big fire pit where everyone gathered with their martini.

    The ice bar itself is in an enclosed room, almost like a big walk in freezer.  The bar is neat, very nicely carved and there is seating inside (on ice with ice tables) covered in sherpa type fur to keep your bum warm.

    The drinks are of course, overpriced.  I had two Aston Martin Martinis... they did not disappoint as I was already feeling tipsy.  My dh was already very tipsy on his two martinis.  He raved about the blue cheese stuffed olives that he was told are hand stuffed daily.  

    We enjoyed sitting by the fire and it turns out most everyone there was celebrating a birthday and having cocktails before going elsewhere for dinner.

    It's a great novelty place.  We would definitely take visitors there again and if we're downtown for dinner again in the winter, we'd probably stop by for a drink.  We quite enjoyed ourselves, but it's not a place to go for a regular hangout.

    31/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Christopher K.
    World Class.  I stop threw often for the art (the entire building serves as a functional gallery) and to have tea by the fire.  Come for the top floor rock rock star suite ($2000+/- per night) or just tour the gallery (free) your experience will be perfect every time.

    28/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Rhonda G.
    This was the place for the annual MN WIFT Christmas party. We were at the far end of the bar and Steven was our waiter. We lucked out with him. He was friendly, fast, and always there. The bar fare was really good. My faves were chicken samosas, with a delicious cilantro dipping sauce. Shrimp satay had a perfect crust. Salmon sashimi, a nice cold appetizer thrown in. Also good was the chicken satay in a lime chili sauce. The thai  wings were in a dark sauce of mango and mint, and very spicy. At some point it occurred to me that I gotta quit eating. I had absolutely no shame about shoving this food in, and doing little socializing. The service was terrific. Someone is right there  to open your car door and someone else opens the door for you. it wasn't the coldest night, but no one had an attitude and always smiling. This place is as chic as it gets. Nice comfortable seating and a tall,circular couch. The bathrooms are beautiful and very private stalls with full length doors. Very fancy sinks and cloth towels. The door hooks should be up higher. I haven't been to a cocktail lounge in a long time. If it was a lifestyle I was into here's where I'd hang.

    11/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Justin G.
    My wife and I planned to stay here during our trip to Minneapolis for my cousin's wedding.  We figured hey, let's make it an extra-cool trip by staying in a hotel that's got a little style!  Unfortunately the efforts at setting themselves apart couldn't justify their rather stiff price tag.  We cut short our stay to put the money to better use.

    Pros: Kick ass shower; amazing bed if you like sleeping on a super soft comforter-like thing (great for naps, not really my thing for sleep, but still, it's nice); radio had a hookup for my iAppliance so I could stream Pandora while ironing my jacket.

    Mehs: video art on the walls didn't do much for me.  No coffee in room.  Room was just not what I would call "artsy"; more like an art studio than an artistically decorated room.

    Cons: They charge a fistful of dollars for internet connectivity; desk chair is too low for the desk.

    04/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Keith S.
    Cool place.
    We walked over here after eating at Seven. We were with some girls and wanted to walk them through the art and have some more drinks.
    Great place.

    Know that I didn't eat, so I can't speak on the food. Well made drinks though.

    I walk by this place every day and it's never really packed. Always wondered what it was about because it seemed decked out nicely and their Gorilla Bar outside seemed cool as hell.
    Found out what it was about last night, and it's definitely not one of those 'everyday places' it certainly is a once a month place, if that. I don't know when I'd be back, most likely when I want to show someone new the things inside there, but definitely a cool place.
    The art is amazing and worth a look.
    There's a sculpture or something of an old man who looks ridiculously real and if you look at him for more than a few seconds I can assure you you'll be freaked out.
    The Gorilla Bar (outside area) is way cool. Fire pit and nice comfortable chairs. When it gets colder and possibly starts snowing that might be the place to be. I was with some people who have gone there before, and actually one guy who opened the place up -- they spoke of an ice bar that comes out when it snows. Very interested to check that out.

    Grab a drink once in and walk around, go outside to the Gorilla Bar and hang out by the Fire pit for a little bit, then walk into the next part of the building and walk around the art. It makes a circle and you're back to where you started. It's good for one drink done classy. Or order another round and hang out.

    So go, now, at least once.
    And go again when it snows.

    02/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Jeff K.
    I did not stay there (can't afford it right now) but did take a tour to see the art work.  I even saw the art work in one suite.  The ambiance favorable compares with some other swank hotels that I have been in.

    I saw one room that is handicapped accessible:  very, very nice.

    I ate at the restaurant and to be fair to them I wrote a review under the name Chambers' Kitchen.

    09/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. desarae v.
    Gorgeous hotel, great food, and great staff. We did a friend's bday party here.

    02/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Kelly B.
    A friend invited me to come with her to Chambers for Karaoke.  Who knew?  Since my steady and beloved karaoke bar is Uptown's VFW, I was not expecting this place to be my scene.  But I had an fantastic time.  I dare say the most fun I've had in months!  Karaoke was held in the rooftop Red, White, and Fucking Blue Room, which was just small enough to make everyone feel like friends.  I got down with some hip-hop boys, had a random girl join me in a song.  This place had a way of bringing me out of my shell.  Maybe it was the great music selection, maybe it was the crowd, or even the decor.  Probably it was the TO-DIE-FOR Ginger-lime margaritas.

    18/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Jonathan L.
    Unreal.  Just unreal.  I remember ten  years ago when I worked at the downtown Y across the street, the Chambers was formerly the last flophouse in Minneapolis - the Fairmont Hotel.  Dead bodies.  Old men who would put their beer and milk on the windowsill at night because they had no fridge.  This place was the WORST single-room occupancy hotel I ever saw.  Ask anyone who had to walk by the Fairmont in the early morning hours during the hottest days of summer and all you could smell is urine and beer.  I used to have to walk over there because we ended up getting their mail at the Y and more than once I saw the really old guy (the manager) with an arm full of blood soaked sheets and pillows from the night before when someone got stabbed or beaten up.  

    TEN YEARS LATER!  I walked into the Chambers and all I could think about was that old man who used to run the place and how he had to drag his bad leg around whenever he walked out of the building.  If he could see this now.  What was the dump of downtown - rented rooms for $150 a month - is now outrageously priced yet a lesson in historic preservation.  Those who know their downtown history (I used to run the streets in downtown Minneapolis...when you're 16 or 17 you can't get in anywhere, but you can still hang out...) know that the Fairmont, and what went on in that alley at night - was bad news.  The Chambers has to be given credit for being able to hang on to some of the gritty significance of the past but turn it into something beautiful.  I could never afford to stay there nor would I spend that kind of money for myself for one night but just looking at the building after being gone for so long was a pleasant surprise.  I'm glad they were able to do something with the Fairmont (it'll always be the Fairmont to me!).

    18/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Hannah H.
    I was asked to go to Minneapolis (my first trip!) for a business meeting and I had no clue where to stay.  I tried to get into the Residence Inn Downtown (I'm a Marriott Reward member) and tried to get in there but they were fully booked for the days I needed to be in town.  So I did a little research and saw that the Chambers Hotel was just around the corner and booked them online for a really great rate through Expedia.

    Boy, am I glad I booked here.  I arrived early but they already had a room ready for me - a huge "studio" King non-smoking.  My bed is so comfortable (love the ultra fluffy pillow-top mattress), the waterfall showerhead is super strong (strong enough to wake me up in the morning) and they have 2 flatscreens in my room (one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom!)...most importantly, they give you MOLTON BROWN products to use!  Major score.

    I can't wait for my next trip -- hopefully, I'll get to try the food and enjoy the restaurant...

    03/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Dana T.
    I attended the Metro 100 Party which was held at Chambers last night. Fun place to host a networking event! Upscale, trendy and clean environment. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone there was very well groomed. There were a few outdoor seating options, couches for lounging, and tables available for standing... Which made it easier to mingle with people. The large circular fire pit was pretty much the heart of the event. I thought this venue was a great size, and a nice location. Next time I will make sure to try this place on a non-event night.

    08/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Ari H.
    The fastest room service I've ever seen. Food is just okay. Doormen suck. But the room... Oooooh the room. We were lucky enough to get a corner suite, or shall I say, SWEET! And now I want that bathroom. Incredible Amazon shower - an experience unto itself. I literally woke up every morning excited to jump in. The tub was exquisite, almost like a sculpture worthy of display in the Walker Museum. Furnished impeccably. Easily one of the nicest rooms I've ever stayed in.  If only the rest of the place was on par with the room, because it is noisy, and the location is a little out of the way.

    26/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Jane A.
    This is one of the nicest hotels that I have seen.  I didn't stay here, but went twice in two days, once to the gorilla bar, and once to the restaurant.  The hotel has some of the greatest art.  They have a sculpture of a man, that is so real, it's creepy.  The hotel has some of the most modern, hip, trendy art that I've seen in a while.  The hotel is very swanky, in a nice downtown location.  It appeared really empty, although there were a lot of employees.   The gorilla bar is very cool, with cool lighting, chairs (very loungy), great music, but not a great drink list.  Five specialty drinks, none of which I would order.  Otherwise, I would stay here in a heartbeat!

    05/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Rocco C.
    I stayed here on 4/30/2011 and I was part of the Vixen Ladies Day Out Event at this hotel.  Nobody at the front desk seemed to be aware of what we were doing except for the new guy, a tall, dark haired good-looking guy!  He helped me with cutting some pamphlets that my assistant forgot to do before we arrived.  He was very helpful and nice, while the other two behind the desk didn't seem to care about our event going on at their hotel.  This was our 3rd annual event at this hotel and I don't think we will hold it again here if it weren't for the new guy!

    03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Rick P.
    FYI: Now called the Meridien Chambers.

    Excellent, excellent beds. Nice, well-appointed rooms; reminded me of LA's Standard, except without the see-thru shower walls.

    But a big but: DON'T book on weekends. The pounding bar music lasted until 2, and the hotel staff pleaded passivity -- apparently there's separate ownership and hotel has no control over the noise. I got 3 hours of sleep on a Friday night.

    I cannot respect a hotel where the comfort of the guests (who are paying big bills) is sacrificed to bar-hoppers and noisy DJs spinning oldskool techno. I was later told they rebooked several guests at the W because of the noise, but no one offered this to me.

    16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. sarah p.
    This review only addresses the outdoor lounge, since I haven't eaten here, and for some reason haven't felt compelled to.

    On a pleasant Spring or Fall evening, I really enjoy stopping by this lounge for an after-show or after-dinner drink. The space is pleasing and the contemporary fire pit provides needed warmth with casual elegance. The short film projection on the multi-story brick wall is just enough eye candy when conversation simmers down. They've recently added a pool table, which I think is a nice addition. I think the drinks are overpriced, but I guess that's to be expected in this type of place.

    In the winter, they turn this into an Ice Bar. Now, I'm not a fan of winter in general, so I've never felt the urge to spend time outside drinking around blocks of ice with sub-zero temps, but people seem to like the novelty of it. Probably out-of towners more so than natives, me thinks.

    19/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Solbiato S.
    Still hold that this is a nice hotel...no major complaints. However, I think that the hotel has lost it's edge since becoming a Starwood property.

    14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Michael N.
    The gorilla bar is pretty cool - at least in the winter.  There's and ice bar outside which is really cool to see.  There's also a nice firepit outside.  Prices are a little high but when you see what kind of place it is, you have to expect that.  

    Not a bad place to check out once but not the type of place I'd hang out in.

    28/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. K D.
    Not worth the price. Luckily, we got 40% off on priceline. That was a mistake. We've stayed in four star hotels before through priceline and I've never felt like unwelcome guest as much as I did here. (for example) It's a little off putting when you come out of your tiny, tiny room in the morning and see every other guest got a complimentary paper except you.

    When we checked in they refused to give us a receipt (saying we had to get it through priceline) and, though I know priceline gets you the less desirable rooms, I've never seen a smaller hotel room. (my college dorm room was bigger) The floor plan posted on the door showed that ours was really not much smaller than many of the others on the floor. I guess there is a reason they only have photos of the suites on their website.

    Some of the art was cool, but seeing vids of bloody feet and hands as you walk down the hallway isn't art. It's disgusting.

    The room was stark white and spartan, the only bit of color being an abstract painting that looked like a child's finger paint.

    They make you pay for wi-fi (unheard of in other four star hotels) and there is no coffee maker in the room, just one voucher for free coffee in the restaurant. I guess a coffee maker would ruin the IKEA aesthetic?

    The bathroom sink, while cool looking, was completely non functional -- especially for someone as short as I am. And sitting on the toilet felt exactly like when my husband forgets to put the seat down.

    The WORST part about it was the 'signature scent' pumped through the lobby (apparently something done in all Starwood properties). A cloying cedar and citrus that grievously aggravated my asthma. Before entering from outside I actually had to take a deep breath of fresh air and hold it till I got to the elevators. How can anyone think that something like that is a good idea? A cool idea, yes, but did no one think of people with asthma or allergies? It was so strong it burned my sinuses and seized up my lungs.

    Unfortunately, the smell of the lobby was just a tad more cloying than the smell of pretension that permeated the entire place.

    Pluses? Heated bathroom floors. The sommelier/sometimes bartender, Ross. Uh...considering the price, that's about it. I would have actually paid more just to stay somewhere else.

    14/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Adam T.
    This review is for the rooftop event space only as I did not stay at the hotel:

    Absolutely perfect. My job requires me to travel around the country staffing evening receptions (Denver, New York City, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, etc.) and the Chambers hotel has yet to be beat. The rooftop was gorgeous with floor-to-ceiling windows that wrapped around the entire space and a bar that had hanging crystals overhead. But in all honesty, the place could've looked like just about anything and I would've loved it for the food alone--my biggest regret from that night (we were there in mid-November '09) was not eating more. I look forward to the next occasion that brings me to Minneapolis (which is so clean and uncrowded compared to Chicago) so I can eat at the Chambers again.

    01/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Bret F.
    There really is no other way to put this...Chambers is AWESOME.

    Chambers, 'the Luxury Art Hotel in Minneapolis' is a great place for new aged culture located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.  It has an upscale hotel that is great for weekend getaways with a significant other, or business stopovers while in town for meetings.  The Chambers Kitchen has some of the most delicious food anywhere in the world (try the duck...but get it prepared Medium despite the chef's recommendation), and the Art bar are amazing.  I was blown away by this place and long to go back soon.  

    Red, White and F@%!ing Blue Rooftop Lounge kicks ass, but that is a separate review in and of itself.  

    Living in Phoenix, its sad that I have to go all the way to Minneapolis for a place like this.  Downtown Minneapolis is a great place to experience the finer things in life, and Chambers is one reason for that.

    10/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Inna B.
    Great boutique-y hotel. I love all the art & the outdoor patio that turns into an ice bar in the winter. The 2 best things about the rooms are the incredible beds & that the bathrooms have heated floors and televisions (I enjoyed watching Saved by the Bell while getting ready in the morning!)

    16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Rebecca Y.
    If you're looking for a place to impress someone, take them here.

    The girls and I headed over to The Gorilla Bar. The walls are filled with art, the music is eclectic and the whole place has this vibrant electricity that fills you upon entering.

    Drinks were a bit pricey ($14 for a cosmo!) but the atmosphere made up for it.  Body painting, a dj spinning along with a crowd that was definately enjoyable to either join in or people watch.

    06/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Jennifer L.
    You guys are killing me with the (fantastic, really well done) porny art on the wall right outside my event.   It's nice, really, but I want to keep my job.  Thank you for trying to work with me in covering it up.
    Your food is kick ass D'Amico.  Everything I tried at my event was bomb diggity.  
    Yes, I just went there.

    15/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. nicole l.
    This place really is as good as it gets. I love all the great art in the hallways and entrances, Eden is hands down the best summer/winter patio in the metro. It does't get any better than Sitting by the fire wrapped in a mink blanket that you can rent sipping cocktails out of martini glasses made from ice. The ice bar is like a winter wonder land.

    I stayed here on new years and had an absolute blast. Smooth. smooth. smooth. They definatly take care of their hotel guests. Our room was very beautifull and artsy and classy. Each hotel room has an original piece of art on the wall. And i want that bed! OMG! THE BED! so comfy! I'm sure the djs and the entertainment and all the bubbly that was flowing at the chambers event helped keep me there planted ordering delicious  room service until 2pm the next day....If i only could have stayed. But Breakfast in bed rocked..........Can't wait to come back again.

    05/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Chris K.
    Fancy rooms? Check.
    Good food? Check.
    Cool art? Double check.

    The Chambers Art Hotel is a sweet place to stay. Or even just visit.

    Owned by local real estate legend Ralph Burnet, The Chambers houses some of the most precious pieces of his world-famous art collection. The basement of the restaurant (a D'Amico concept) is papered in works by Damien Hirst. The hallways are filled with contemporary pieces from some of the most famous artists in the world. And the Burnet Art Gallery, located on the first flood of the hotel and open 7 days/week, features local artists rotating on a monthly basis.

    Great service and immaculate rooms make the Chambers one of the best spots to stay in the Twin Cities. If you're trying to impress relatives, friends or business folk visiting our twin towns, put them up here.

    The location is great, though the concierge service isn't as good as at other hotels in town, and the little touches in standard rooms aren't as lavish as at nearby luxury hotels (though their suites are decked out!).

    16/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Kelly C.
    2.5 stars...

    My man and I stayed here for 3 nights over Memorial weekend.  We got a great price online and were excited to be staying at this smaller hotel that was close to everything downtown.

    Modern style doesn't usually bother me, but this hotel did.  There were just too many things that were "off".  I normally like all kinds of art, but this art was just trying too hard to be weird & controversial.  I could go into detail about it, but  hopefully they will have different art if and when you see this hotel.  The "sound experience" in the elevator is off-putting and odd.  People would always get in the elevator and look around to see why there are sounds of birds chirping, crickets or even one time we heard a tape of children laughing.  It was just as odd as the plenitude of TV screens in the hallways showing strange art videos.  Sometimes it was like a single image with only a few parts moving and other times it looked like videos from when MTV first started.  Personally, I need to relax and disconnect when I'm on vacation and I don't like a TV screen (literally!) every six feet.

    Was is a horrible experience?  No, it was okay.  Would I stay here again?  Probably not.

    Room:  decent decor and nice windows with two roller shades (screen & opaque).  The beds had feather mattress toppers which I loved, but my man didn't.  We both didn't like the pillows!  I thought they were too hard and he thought they were too soft.  It was sharp modern lines and neither of us liked the painting in the room.

    We did not like design of the bathroom overall.  It had a sliding door, and very quiet fan, so anyone in the room could hear everything in the bathroom (read: not private!) .  The shower was very open and had a semi-opaque wall next to the door to the room-- so it could be strange if you had someone visiting in your room while someone was in the shower.  The modern slanted sink wasn't very functional and there were no towel racks or hooks next to the sink or shower-- that made no sense!  When I wash my hands, I want a hand towel next to the sink, not on the wall behind me. And when I get out of the shower, I want a towel hook right next to it, but instead I walked 6 steps to take one from the shelf.  The rain shower was nice and heated floor was exceptional.  We both kept raving over the heated floor!  The hair dryer provided had a retractacble cord & worked well.

    There were 2 occasions where our "key" cards were not working and we had to go downstairs to get them reactivated.  That was somewhat annoying.

    The mini bar is fully stocked if you are into that sort of thing-- it was pretty impressive!

    The price for parking was pretty high, so we parked in a (somewhat ghetto) older parking structure on the same street, just by the Art Institute.  We didn't go to the restaurant or bar there, so this review is only for the hotel.

    06/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Rachael W.
    I normally don't post reviews, but this deserves one... I hosted a corporate event in the Burnet Gallery a year ago, returned this week for the same event and found the experience beyond disappointing. I rented the gallery again this year, and an hour before the event they took the art out! New management in this hotel acted very unprofessional about the whole situation. As a side note, the restaurant was under construction causing courtyard to be closed. No mention of that prior to my booking. As for the rooms, room service was prompt but they didn't get my order right. Requested the correct order and still didn't get it right. To top it off I left my favorite pair of jeans hanging in the closet and when I called the hotel (hours later) to see if they found them, they said NO. Needless to say I won't be returning, nor will I suggest this hotel to any of my corporate clients or my event planner peers.

    04/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Norm W.
    "Amazing room, worth every penny"

    My wife and I were looking for a hotel that was different from the places we normally stay at. We found a great deal to stay at Le Meridien Chambers in Minneapolis MN and booked a room. We wanted to be close to the nightlife, and all the other fun stuff that is downtown. This hotel is in a prime spot being within 3 blocks of many of the great places to visit in downtown Minneapolis. They have a really good restaurant and even had live music in the basement.

    We had a standard room that had a wonderful bed, and a nice desk area that you could sit and work on a laptop. The bathroom was amazing!!! They shower t was very large and could hold at least two people, it also had a rain shower head. There was a TV in the bathroom and one mounted on the wall in the main part of the room. Only thing that I didn't like about the TVs is that they were both SD or "low res" as I call them. This wouldn't bother everyone but it is a pet peeve of mine. There were also some nice options for snacks and pop in a hidden refrigerator.

    We had read ahead of time that they really gouge you for the parking so we parked just down the block for only $10. We enjoyed sitting out at the Ice Bar by the fire. It was relatively warm for February so we sat out there and enjoyed a couple of cocktails. We hope to stay here again sometime. We liked that it isn't one of these really large hotels it is smaller and had a nice feel to it.

    * Super comfortable bed
    * Great Shower
    * Cool artwork
    * TV in the bathroom
    * Great location
    * When you call the front desk they say "Mr Walker"

    * No High def TV
    * Doors make a lot of noise when they shut
    * Crazy charge for valet overnight parking ($28)

    20/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. Alex R.
    The Chambers is one of Minneapolis' quaint, boutique hotels seemingly tucked away on 9th Street in the shadows of its big-hotel-brethren. To my knowledge it is Minneapolis' only four and a half star hotel and it has earned its designation without question.

    I inquired about the alternative to using a credit card for incidentals, something I am doing at every hotel I stay at now. Le Meridien requires a $200 cash deposit, which is quite steep; the amount, however, is not what I found disturbing. Upon checkout, the hotel does not refund the cash deposit to you - they mail you a check instead. Even if you leave a cash deposit at night and the following morning, you check out, they will not give you the cash back you gave them. In my opinion, this is outrageous and absurd and one of the reasons I would not give the hotel five stars. The other reason: the $12.95 per night charge for WiFi access. I hope that soon these upscale hotels take notice of their guests' collective frustration with WiFi charges - the first to do away with them entirely will certainly see me a lot more.

    My room was very Euro-chic - many, however, would say it looked like a room in an IKEA catalogue. The shower was an overhead rain shower, very nice, and the bathroom sink design was awesome. Perhaps best of all, though, was the bed. The bedding at Le Meridien was absolutely amazing - it was like sleeping in a cloud. Wow!

    The room did not have a view, but it was spacious, comfortable and elegant. The hotel staff were professional and courteous, not to mention helpful with directing us to local points of interest. I did check out the hotel's gym, which did not offer much, however the YMCA across the street has a three story gym available for $10 a day. Also nearby is a Target (2 blocks) and a liquor store, as well as the Nicollett Mall - the Chambers is in a convenient, accessible location for both business and pleasure travelers.

    I was impressed even with what was a standard room at the Chambers. From what I have read, there are many rooms with even more to offer. In my visit to Minneapolis, I stayed at five hotels. The Chambers was by far the best of them all.

    10/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. David M.
    Unexpectedly fab! There is very edgy, cool art everywhere.  Bar was dandy, but our suite! Delicious. Dark wood floors, comfy everything, who knew? There is a fun rooftop bar across the street, and a huge gay bar kitty corner.  Hi Minneapolis! Again, who knew?

    31/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Michelle H.
    Chambers is really one of the very best hotels.  And the best of Minneapolis.

    I've been well taken care of here by the excellent team.  

    I'm a fan of the modern rooms, the super cool bathroom features and the lighting throughout.  It's a beautiful experience.

    04/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Dan S.
    I have been here before on a Saturday night, and wasn't too impressed with the place. The have a frozen outdoor bar and a small upscale dance club on the 5th floor. The frozen bar is a different idea, not sure I'd like to drink outside when its 10 degrees outside though. Upstairs, the Red White and Blue bar looks cool, there is a nice view of Hennepin Avenue below and a large balcony. They play dance remix songs from the 80's to present. The drinks are a little expensive for my tastes. I think we paid $9 for a glass of wine and $7-8 for a beer.

    I normally would have given this place 3-stars, but it got bumped up based upon my experience last night at the Charity Oscar night.

    This was a pretty cool event to attend and I'm glad I had a chance to go. There was a red carpet into the restaurant and there were a dozen or so photographers flashing bright lights as we entered. We were pulled aside by Miss Minnesota, who was interviewing people for a television program and were photographed for several local magazines. I think I got a small glimpse on what it would be like to be a celebrity, sort of. I guess I hadn't given much thought to who I was wearing, vintage, I suppose.

    They had some great complimentary apps and desserts. There were some good potstickers and spring rolls. There were $5 Cosmo's where $4 went directly to the Charity. There was a dude in gold powder and a banana hammock taking Oscar pictures for $10. There was also a lot of schmoozin and boozin going on among the Twin Cities social elite.

    It was just cool to be apart of such a fancy event. Thanks Yelp for the free tickets!

    23/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Colin S.
    This is a ridiculously nice hotel.  Highly recommend for a romantic weekend getaway.   The staff is great and excellent at problem solving.  Fine for business travel but it is uber luxurious and I tend to be too busy on business trips to enjoy hotel amenities. Great location.  Would definitely stay here again.

    24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Joyce C.
    - No automatic doors
    - Strange, almost creepy music in the elevator
    - Tiny, almost nonexistent gym
    - Downright retarded sink design
    - Sub par customer service

    - Location
    - Free refrigerated bottled water in the almost nonexistent gym

    Overall, Le Meridien didn't make any impression on me. I wouldn't return; there are better hotels in Downtown Minneapolis.

    02/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    40. Catherine C.
    This hotel was fabulous! We stayed here on the weekend (July 30-31, 2011). I'm a regular fan of the whole Starwood Hotel Group, and this was much smaller than the W Hotel (my personal favourite hotel in Mnpls) but even though it was smaller, it's very modern, clean, neat and comfortable. The beds are to die for! So very soft. The walk in tiled waterfall shower is amazing! We had a very cozy room on the 2nd floor. Valet parking was $28 per night, not bad for staying right downtown in the heart of the entertainment district. Very close distance to Nicollet Mall, Target Field and the Walker Art Center. You can't beat the free entrance to the Walker when you stay at Le Meridien. We went to the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on Sunday using our hotel key cards to get us in.

    02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Kirsten H.
    Imagine the Walker Art Center made a hotel, while remembering people like to be comfortable when they sleep. A guest could easily check in and have a comfortable evening without noting what makes this hotel different, but the details make it fun. Can't beat the location. Friendly staff. Very clean, very quiet room for a Saturday night. Feather bed and great pillows. Wool (I think) carpet in the rooms. Yet, there is enough attention to detail to keep things interesting without being unapproachable. Contemporary art in the rooms and hallways. Even the elevator music has been commissioned. The vintage-cigarette-machine-turned-art-vending machine was a plus. A great experience. Would definitely recommend.

    05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Colleen C.
    I will never lie upon another bed in Minneapolis. Ever!

    Why would I? This was perhaps the most decadent sleeping excursion I have ever had the pleasure of embarking upon. Simply, the best. Soft billowy sheets, deep down comforters, plenty of pillows...it was like sinking into a coma for 9+ hours, a retreat of slumber fit for a narcoleptic in need of some spontaneously planned Z's. Indeed.

    The rest of the hotel? 5-stars as well...though, if I had had it my way, I'd have slept in that bed for 48 hours straight. However, that's not a productive member of society. I mean, really...but it did cross my mind.

    Bar/Restaurant: Excellent. Great cocktail selection, wonderful little bites. Quite a good vibe, too...even at the early happy hour stage.

    FREE FIJI WATER. what? Yes, like free bottles of water. Not...oh, here is some rando-brand water in your room, and if you come back drunk we're going to make you pay $9 for it. Even though it costs about $1. FREE FIJI WATER. In the rooms, and in a fridge at the gym. (Oh yes, gym is definitely adequate, as well). Way to go. I realize its just a few bucks, but this goes a long way....I drink a lot of water on the road.

    Art: EVERYWHERE. It's a "luxury art hotel." How...niche. And, unexpected. But, so enjoyable. I had cavemen (HUGE!) in the lobby, and tuxedo shirt art right in my room. Read more here: chambersminneapolis.com/…

    Staff: Each one more pleasant than the next. From the valet guys, to front desk, to the cleaning staff. All on point, helpful, friendly, well versed in the Chambers ways, and basically begging you to come stay again by smiling, offering champagne (bar) and providing the fluff in those pillows. Mission accomplished, I'll be back.

    I'm kickin' the Aloft to the curb, this is where its at. Save a pillow or 18 for me, I'm sure I'll be tired when I get in....

    24/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Valerie G.
    I love me a boutique hotel, but that may be because we often are able to take advantage of ridiculously good rates.  Our visit to Minneapolis was no exception, and thus we ended up at Le Meridien Chambers.
    We reserved a basic king bed room, but ended up with a room more spacious than I had expected from pictures.  Ours included a sofa, coffee table and sweet little leather swivel chair.  The bathroom had a huge rain shower with room for like 10 people if you're into that kind of thing.  The floors were heated and there was a little LCD tv in there if you are leisurely in the bathroom.  The bed was one of the most comfortable I've ever slept in.
    The location was fantastic.  It's located at the corner of 9th and Hennepin, right near the action on Hennepin, a quick jaunt from Nicollet Ave and within walking distance to Target Center and Target Field.  Valet parking at $28/night was a bit hefty, but we did it anyway.  We didn't frequent the restaurant or bar within the hotel, though we did wish we had spent some time by the fire pit at the outside bar.  It looked fantastic.  The hotel is very focused on visual art - with sculptures on the main floor, paintings and other wall art throughout the halls and in the rooms, as well as video screens in the hallways with a number of "artistic" videos.  The elevators have a "sound experience" created by some Grammy winning someone or another.  I'm not going to lie- it's kind of weird.  One time I'm pretty sure it sounded like toilets flushing.
    I would definitely return if we were back in the area and could score a similar rate.  I'm not sure that I would consider it worth it at $300+ a night though.

    19/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Adam B.
    Great ambiance. Trendy decor. Helpful staff. I loved my room and what it had to offer. Definitely very modern and this is the place I'll stay when I return to Minneapolis.

    13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. Brian S.
    This is soley for the restaurant for my cousin's rehersal dinner.  I cannot comment on the hotel except that the lobby is very upscale & staff very cordile as we were staying at the Westin nearby (see my review.)  The bar tender was very nice always thoroughly doing his rounds & making sure everyone was happy.  I fell so in love with those Summits more than ever before & he remembered exactly what I had considering there were so many of us that we took up the entire restaurant.  The hors deorves were good; crab cakes good but rather salty, the cevichi was good with a zesty broth, the salmon on righe pretty good with a wonderful smokey flavor.  The bread was great with a little butter & my entree of chicken with urugula & tomato sauce was pretty good; though it caould have used a bit more seasoning & the urugula & spinach a bit more sauce, everything was tender, moist, & fresh.  I loved the fresh salad & wonderful dressing.  I loved the chocolate cake as it was decadant with dark chocolate goodness & just plain lavish.  I tried my cousin's strawberry short cake cupcake which was okay, just a basic strawberry shortcake in the form of a cupcake.  I loved all the music they had playing as it was a good mix of oldies, pop, & soft rock.  So, weather there for a nice dinner or wedding recepption , expect friendly service but a chef that has a lite hand at seasoning.  Keep up the good work guys.

    04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    46. Deidred A.
    So I have now stayed at a few hotels in downtown Minneapolis including The W and the Millennium Hotel.  Le Méridien Chambers is not only a fine hotel but likely one of the best if not the best hotels in Minneapolis.  The lobby has much more of a W vibe than the actual W in Minni.  The staff is incredibly polite and proactive. The hotel prides itself on being artsy and it does a good job at it.  They also have a great restaurant on hand and patio bar that is top notch.  The patio is not only beautiful but full service.  It really makes you feel that you are in a more exotic place than downtown Minneapolis.  The rooms are large with very comfortable beds. My only qualm is that the bathroom does not include a tub. Small potatoes.
    Hotel is also centrally located making for a quick walk to the stadium, clubs, restaurants, etc.

    23/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Andrea Z.
    The best hotel in downtown Minny by far. I have stayed here many times and will be back for many more. A luxury hotel that has none of that 'stuffy' feeling and ZERO chain-type atmosphere. Lots of amazing art and a very calming atmosphere. Staff is wonderful and I have never had a single bad experience when staying here. Love the bathrooms - amazing fixtures and even a TV! Bed is ultra-comfy - you won't want to leave it!

    Absolutely worth the price to stay at this gem. You can even get a great deal on it through Hotwire if you search for hotels downtown - it's usually the only one that comes up with a 'B' icon (for boutique). I've gotten lucky with that one a couple of times. But even at full price, you won't mind once you stay at Le Meridien. Wonderful, wonderful hotel.

    11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Elizabeth A.
    Got that apology and a dinner comp after I made numerous phone calls and finally got through to someone with the power to fix the issue - I'm still wondering how they screwed up such a large amount though!

    23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. Josh T.
    These days the Chambers is a shadow of its former wonderful self. The fact that the property has lost two restaurants in the past few years (the new restaurant, Marin, is scheduled to open in the summer of 2013) is just the start of the problems at the Chambers.

    Don't get me wrong, I used to love it. It was once Minneapolis's only true luxury boutique hotel that got most everything right. Now, it feels like just another corporate hotel with aging rooms and strangely unresponsive (and occasionally disinterested) front desk staff. During my most recent stay, the room I had was missing bathroom floor tiles, had a warped wooden floor, had only the most basic cable (no movies), weirdly noisy plumbing and HVAC, and most of the luxuries that once came standard (like an in-room music system) were gone. Instead they provided a white noise machine and an inoperable iPod dock.

    When the D'Amico kitchen closed, there were rumors that the hotel itself was on the edge of closing, and perhaps that will yet come to pass. It's always sad to see an old friend let himself go.

    07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    50. Al I.
    This hotel's building was once the home of the dirty bookstore referenced in the Tom Waits song "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis," which amuses me and I was excited to stay in a place with even a tenuous connection to a wonderful bit of musical history.

    This hotel tries to be Euro-chic, but at the cost of comfort. I honestly just don't think it works. Tiny room, small platform bed. Nice shower, heated bathroom floor, but the bathroom sink is a wacky design that makes it nearly unusable and guarantees you'll get water on the floor. Plain white walls, spare rooms. They've got tons of art throughout the hotel, and sure, it's nice, but it doesn't really make up for the lack of warmth and comfort.

    TV reception is oddly poor; lots of static-y channels. Isn't this hotel brand new? Pls master television k thx bye. Or give me free wifi ($12.95/day, ouch) so I can stream Netflix.

    The restaurant/bar is in transition; D'Amico Kitchen seems to have gone out of business, but we had drinks in the (probably interim) replacement and it was fine, host and server and bartender were all friendly and helpful. Not their fault that the patrons all seem to be super-annoying Bret Easton Ellis characters, aka d-bags in suits.

    Like a lot of other folks reviewing I've stayed at just about every hotel in downtown Minneapolis. The Graves 601 is better at modern upscale + comfort. The Millennium has rooms nicely renovated into a similar-ish but more welcoming modern style. The Hilton, Radisson and Marriott are all better with less exciting, but more comfortable rooms.

    Two stars because the staff are friendly. But this hotel just doesn't click with me and I'm sure I'll never stay here again.

    20/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    51. Kevin S.
    I'm a loyal SPG member - so I love Starwood Hotels; but I've had much better stays.

    I'm CURRENTLY staying at Le Meridien, and to be honest, it's been one issue after the next. At dinner last night, the server admittedly put my order in much later than she should have, so there was a significant delay - with no apology. Went to bed last night thinking about just getting a really good nights sleep, but was awaken by the guest in the room above me at 4:30am doing an HOUR of plyometrics. Frustrated, I rolled out of bed and headed down to breakfast - which was worse than meh. Came back to the room to iron my clothes, only to find a deep stain on the iron right after I put it on my dress shirt.

    Looking at some of the other reviews, I'm sure that my (eerily unlucky) string of events are just a fluke. But if I hadn't prepaid for my stay, I would have checked out early and went somewhere else. It would really take a lot for me to consider staying here when I return to Minneapolis in a few weeks, much less recommend to someone else.

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    52. Brady H.
    This hotel looked amazing online, but didn't deliver for me.  To start, the valet/check in portion of the hotel was very small and not convenient to pull in.  Valet was no where to be found  as well, as they had one on duty.

    Rooms are very roomy, but felt a bit cold and unwelcoming.  One restaurant open while we visited and we did not try based on reviews.  

    Artwork is intriguing and confusing all at the same time.  For the money, I would stay at the W over this hotel.

    27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    53. Eric S.
    The only reason I'm not giving Le Meridien Chambers a 1-star review is because it was at least clean enough I didn't see cockroaches or other vermin. Otherwise, I was very disappointed and this is easily the worst Starwood hotel I've ever stayed in.

    I found out about this place from Gallivant and wish I could contact them to recommend they de-list this dirty, expensive, and ill-finished hotel. The carpet was cheap and dingy. The door to the bathroom was hung poorly so it couldn't close completely, with the latch and lock not mating up. I grew up out west where parking is plentiful, so paying $30 for overnight parking on top of $160 for my room is outrageous compared to what I'm used to. And thirteen bucks a day for wifi?!?! A Super 8 motel for $100 less a night gives wifi access for free! Seriously outrageous.

    The downtown location is picturesque, and the heated tile floor in the bathroom is very nice. The design of the sink was interesting. I liked the shower too, because it reminded me of the shower at Aloft, another Starwood hotel. But overall, the stark white room conveyed an atmosphere of being very cheap, not the artful elegance it was attempting.

    I didn't like the bed and my wife HATED it. It was just way too soft with no support at all. Even with the a/c turned down to to 68* F we were sweltering in the bed and comforter with fitful sleep that we woke from often.

    The gimmick at this hotel is art, but they don't even have that much on display. There were some cool pieces in the ground floor hallway, but the "A", "R", and "T" so-called galleries are really just meeting/conference rooms. The one gallery they had was a small room that was mostly empty and completely devoid of anything worth viewing. I know art is subjective, but it was the whole reason I brought my wife to this hotel and we both thought it sucked- it was barren and boring. The pieces in the hallway were more interesting.

    So we've got a disappointingly small collection of art (which I consider a failure of the gimmick), grossly overpriced for what you get (any Hilton would be a better deal), with shabby and dirty interiors that are cheaply and poorly finished. Stay away. Stay far, FAR away.

    30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    54. Randall N.
    Places like this make me wish I was a pretentious snob. I love it here but I never feel classy enough to be comfortable. I feel like I need to keep my posture right and my potty mouth in check when I'm here. Not only is it expensive but the clientele is more on the upper eschlons as well and they tend to carry themselves in a more closed off  manner making my outgoingness a little blatant and uncomfortable at the bars here.

    Though I tend to dislike all white modernist decor I do love this place. I came here for a starwood properties showcase and it was amazing. they had string theory playing and an incredible buffet of food. I mean it was catered be D'Amicos so you know everything was great, though I will say the ceviche was missing something. They gave us free tokens for the art vending machine (how friggin awesome is that concept) and while I type I'm looking at my playing card sized piece that I received.

    I only wish that the prices were more reasonable. I've never stayed here but even the drinks are out of my price range...thus explaining why I come here on someone else's dime. I love the ice bar they have in the winter time. I love drinking outside and miss that when it's cold out but with the heaters and fireplace they allow me to indulge once in a while once the snow flies. Considering how nice the patio is it kind of saddens me that they don't have any bar whatsoever out there during the nice weather months. I wish they would fix that since their patio is one of few downtown that is quite serene and seems to be isolated from the noise pollution.

    21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Jonathan W.

    I saw this place written up in an airline mag or something like four years ago and I remembered that it looked cool so I decided to stay for a few days.  The hotel is small and intimate, which is very cool, but with no restaurant it is dead.  I guess they are putting something new on the ground floor and redoing the courtyard ect.  I hung  out upstairs at the rooftop bar a few times and to my surprise the space is for events and is only temporarily open to the public until the new restaurant opens.  It was dead, which was not a surprise.  Food really wasn't that good.  The drinks were OK and the people who worked there are really cool.  I surprised that the place wouldn't have a permanent rooftop bar but I'm not in the hotel business.  Regardless it is in a great location and although a little tired it is an interesting hotel that is worth checking out.

    15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. Vero V.
    I was here for a bachelorette party, the rooms are pretty pricey but I'm not from MSP and didnt want to be walking around by myself. great location.The staff was super sweet and accomadating and put my room next to my friends suite and offered to let me check in early/late. The only negative I have is--there is no insulation. you can hear the housekeeping staff cleaning/vacuuming the rooms next door/doors being opened.  they have a lot of amenities listed but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to use them.

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. ted d.
    This was our second time staying at this hotel and it just keeps getting better.  We came back a second time for the Minneapolis Marathon.

    Small boutique hotel with a great vibe.  As my wife said fun like the W, but not creepy like someone just had sex in the hallway.  

    We had a lovely suite on the corner overlooking 9th and Hennepin.  

    While the property was great, it is the staff that makes a hotel. Nate was a rock star doing double duty all weekend. We also got great service on the night shift from Jack (or Jake? Sorry I forgot!).

    The new restaurant, Marin, is fantastic.  We ate at the bar and had great service from Dan, Tim and Gretchen.   The food was fantastic.  

    Only two notes for the manager are that this is the second year we couldn't keep a good WiFi signal and speeds were abysmal.  I get better on cellular.  

    Also, it would be great if the kitchen would open early the morning of the marathon.  I know several other runners stayed here and finding breakfast at 5:30 is a real hassle.

    06/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Jessica A.
    Had a lovely stay here last weekend!

    As SPG Platinum I was upgraded to a Luxury Suite -- woohoo!! Hardwood floors, 1 bedroom suite with 2 bathrooms overlooking Hennepin Ave. And the floors in the bathrooms were heated tiles -- soo nice for my feeties.

    But I loved the large bathroom, complete with a Villeroy & Boch soaking tub and his/hers Villeroy & Boch sinks. Extra large rain shower with 5 different knobs so you could adjust the water any-which-way.

    The staff was super friendly and welcoming! I had a great server out in the patio area for dining and wining :), and loved the bartender late night. He rocked! (Breakfast service was kind of a miss... but oh well.)

    Parking -- $28 for overnight valet w/ in/out privileges. But I just parked in the Public Parking behind .. my total for in/out there was $10.00.

    I would definitely consider staying here again on business, if the price is right. I totally scored a lower rate on SPG.com that's how I was able to stay here.

    But definitely loved this property!! (Yeah, some of the artwork is SO realistic it takes you off-guard... LOL... like I totally thought there were explorer men in the far entrance area... ha!)

    08/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Christian M.
    Very cool hotel.  The service was great and the room was very nice.  I like the modern character here.  Every room is a bit different.  

    Also, the rotating art display is very cool.

    We will stay Again.

    06/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Tasha C.
    I had no idea what to expect when my husband booked this place for our anniversary.  To be honest, I was a bit concerned about the pretentious exterior and wondered if it was going to be one of those boutique hotels where you hop off of toilet straight into the bed.  I was wrong.  

    This place got EVERYTHING right!  From finding me a clothes pin to address a wardrobe malfunction to personally providing ice service to the room.  The room was very romantic, yet appropriately modern and quite large.  The location is wonderfully nestled on a great street corner just outside of the major hustle and bustle.  Caveat: if your room is on the 9th street side, you WILL get street noise.

    As noted by Deidred, our room did NOT include a tub, but the bathroom was SO romantic and modern that I would never complain!  Our room even had a 'guest' toilet for hosting - GENIUS!  Okay wait...I will complain a bit.   The sinks are VERY poorly designed - the faucet is actually where your face needs to be, so it gets a bit messy.  But hey...they sure are pretty!

    - Wifi: not free.  I'm honestly floored that any hotel charges for wi-fi anymore, but hey...what can you do!
    - Parking: Valet is NOT CHEAP!  There is a daily fee even for hotel patrons.  There is an inexpensive parking lot half a block up Hennepin that is $13 a day.  :)

    Finally, don't forget to take the stairs at least once - there is amazing graffiti art in the stairwell!

    09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. S G.
    so my review is tinted by the fact that I booked this hotel for 3
    nights during thanksgiving. it was an amazing deal at $81 a night for a queen room. I called to request a complimentary upgrade and they had already upgraded me to a classic king just out of courtesy. nice. had I wanted to pay $10 more per nig to could have upgraded to deluxe king. also a perk of a low occupancy week. classic king ended up being all I needed. perfect even.

    I needed a quiet room with spacious workspace to write my dissertation while my house was bursting with family for the holiday. LM felt like an oasis from the moment I walked through my room's door. ahhhhh. I requested a high and quiet room and they gave me exactly that (room 420). huge closets, heavenly modern king bed with crisp white linens. bathroom is glassy and modern and euro. there's a television in the bath but it gets fuzzy reception and doesn't have cable. superfluous considering huge bedroom felt screen can be seen and heard from every angle.

    my bathroom floors weren't heating. minor issue but certainly worth calling down to the desk for. they put in a work order for the engineer. I realized it was thanksgiving day and that this minor repair could wait. no need to take someone away from their family. I asked if I could just get complimentary wifi instead and the desk clerk was eager to comp that perk to make up for the inconvenience. fifth star: earned.

    as for wifi though, too expensive for a weak signal that isn't even large enough bandwidth for streaming video without constant scrubbing. I'm from the generation that thinks wifi is oxygen--the same generation to which LM seems to be marketing. they are going to have to improve their in-house network. low tech doesn't fit their artsy modern euro vibe.

    really helpful staff. no complaints from doorman to clerk to housekeeping.

    Parking on weekends is $5 overnight for the public deck on Hennepin a door down from LM. $13 for 24hrs weekdays. while public parking decks are ample and all $13 overnight within a block's walk, the Hennepin deck is most convenient.

    LM is GREAT location for shopping/stores. you can pick up the skyway next door and pretty much walk to any store from there. Macy's is like 5 min by skyway. same for target and all the other essentials plus some specialty shops, but mostly chains.  hey, I braved it on Black Friday and found the skyway network back to the hotel über convenient.

    I kinda don't want to leave this hotel. I lie in it's massive crisp king bed as I write this. but seeing as rates jump $100 more tonight I think I have to skid-addle. back to grad school poverty I go.

    *tip: keep your room key card. it's gets you free into walker art museum**

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Mark K.
    The thing is, it's a very expensive hotel. So everything should be perfect. It's not.

    The heated bathroom floors are terrific considering it's in Minneapolis. The room itself is comfortable and has a nice, modern look to it.

    A few negative things, though

    1) the wi-fi signal is weak and we consistently lost it (and, at $13 a day, that AIN'T good!).

    2) The room seemed to already show signs of wear. Bathroom door wouldn't latch, cracks in bathroom tile, shower door wouldn't close. You overlook this kind of stuff in other hotels. Not in a pricey one.

    The staff was terrifically responsive and I really enjoyed the new Marin restaurant downstairs. I'd stay again, but only if I found a very cheap discount.

    09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Shawn S.
    Stayed here recently as I won a room in a silent auction (Thanks for the donation, Chambers!).  The hotel is sleek, the rooms are cool - large bathroom and chamber with plenty of counter/closet space (we stayed in an upgraded deluxe room).  It was very nice and they took good care of us.  I don't happen to be a fan of the white white white decor (linens, towels, walls, vases, desktop, etc) but it gave it a nice contemporary feel.

    We popped into the Rooftop Bar for a nightcap and I didn't realize that it had such a cool crowd; good drinks, well dressed crowd (not douchey).

    Hopefully they will find success in the new restaurant.

    11/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Levi J.
    A quick update: After multiple messages to the accounting department the director of operations called me to apologize. First, because they made a mistake in charging me for pet damage; and second, because no one called me back sooner. He refunded the money and deposited an extra 10,000 spg points in my account. The hotel eventually did the right thing so I can now recommend staying here.

    13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Tom S.
    Number of complaints for this swank joint. First, they have an Ethernet cable that says in English and French, "connect for free". But when you open your browser, you only have the choice of pay by the hour or pay by the day. So they are charging the guest for both Internet and wi-fi which is free in most  U.S. hotels. Second, they have cable TV from Comcast, but they don't get the Turner Classic Movies station, which is about the only channel I ever want to watch out of the 45 or so options on Cable TV. Lastly, they have an expensive Sony docking speaker next to the bed which is basically obsolete since you can't dock the current iPhone (I guess Apple is partly to blame for inventing the first iPhone with it's proprietary socket that they change every few years or so, relegating countless electronic devices to the landfills of America. That is all, good day!

    14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    66. Catherine H.
    We stayed at Le Meridien for an early valentines day celebration. I'm a SPG Platinum member and this hotel rewarded that. We were upgraded to a executive suite with a bathroom and half bath. That was suite.

    The goods:
    1) This hotel is beautiful. The rooms are gorgeous. The lobby is cool and has great art.
    2) your key card gets you complimentary access to the walker
    3) The Marin bar (library) is super cool
    4) The bathroom is luxurious. A TV in the bathroom and heated floors.
    5) Literally the location is perfect. I've stayed at a smattering of downtown locations in Minneapolis and this one is my favorite.

    The bads are few and far between (I'm picky).
    1) We requested a 4 PM late check out (guaranteed as platinum) and our hotel cards were denied access so we needed to get a new one made. This was not a big deal, but slightly annoying.
    2) Our pillowtop for our king bed was WAY too small. It like only covered the middle portion of the bed and seems like a crazy easy fix.
    3) I made a green choice that was literally never recorded in the system so we had to hassle with that multiple times.

    Overall, a good experience with a few small mishaps.

    16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Aaron E.
    The Le Meridien is a great Minneapolis hotel.

    The Le Meridien is worth the visit just to see their art collection alone. The gorgeous and clean boutique hotel offers some of the most interesting pieces you will find outside of the Walker. They also have a gallery with visiting collections to explore while you sip on a libation from their mammoth lobby bar.

    The rooms are modern, recently renovated and sterile but I would imagine that they would become cramped quickly if I had been sharing the room with anyone. The corner units alleviate the space problem quickly, but at a premium. Other features include Herman Miller furnishings, waterfall style showers and fully articulated flat screens in ever room.

    Dollar for dollar you would be hard pressed to find a better hotel with the inherit cool-factor of The Le Meridien in Minneapolis.

    02/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Christina L.
    I had a great experience at this hotel - but perhaps I got lucky with the rate of $140 a night, and I got upgraded to what seemed like an executive suite: living room, kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, a tub, huge shower, and heated bathroom floors. I know most people probably end up paying between $300-400 per night, and not everyone is able to get upgraded, but if you're a Platinum member, I recommend staying here. Coming from San Francisco, this hotel room was larger than my apartment (sad, I know, but that's the reality in SF), and super well-decorated with a clean, modern look. If I could take this hotel room and make it my apartment back home, I would do it in a heartbeat. The lobby was very artsy and reminded me of an art museum, very similar to the 21C museum hotels you might find (there's one in Bentonville).

    The hotel room was all white, but with touches of color so it didn't seem stark and sterile to me. If you want stark and sterile, stay at the Sheraton in Bloomington and you'll know what I'm talking about, The room here had nice touches of color, some artwork, and colorful pillows on the bed. The bathroom was tiled in blue and had 2 sinks, a huge tub, and a huge shower. They had large travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion, mouthwash and cottonballs. The bed itself was really comfortable and the sheets smelled really clean. I wish I had been able to sleep for more than 4 hours in that bed because it was really comfortable!

    I had a super early morning flight, so I literally had about 8 hours to spend in the hotel room and I stayed up late working because I wanted to enjoy the room. The WiFi worked just fine for me without any connection problems. The location of the hotel is great, and by a lot of great restaurants & bars. Check out Butcher and the Boar for a delicious meal, or The Union if you want to grab a bite & drink - they have a nice rooftop bar.

    I did have problems finding how to get to the valet parking (you'll have to come up on 9th St), and you won't be able to get there via Hennepin. Apparently the valet parking is pricey, but I ended up getting frustrated driving in circles downtown trying to find the entrance to the hotel, so I parked at a lot on 10th and Hennepin (it's open 24 hours and I paid $14 for 8 hours of parking).

    Overall, a great experience at this hotel - I'm sure the upgrade helped but I'd stay here again next time I'm in Minneapolis. I prefer this to The W, which is super trendy (and still a really nice hotel) but a bit dark for my taste. This feels clean and modern, where The W feels like a place where affairs and scandalous activity takes place.

    18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0