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Minneapolis Marriott City Center in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Marriott City Center in Minneapolis, MN


Experience award-winning style and service at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center, a Minneapolis hotel ranked in the top 10 percent of US hotels in 2013 by Trip Advisor. Make yourself at home in over 500 inviting Minneapolis, MN hotel rooms with stunning views of the city skyline, including unique and spacious bi-level suites with modern art and stylish furnishings. Relax body and mind inside our serene sauna or invigorate and revive at our state-of-the-art fitness center for convenient downtown recreation. Plan impressive business functions in over 42,000 square feet of vibrant and flexible gathering space, or savor the elegant details of renovated banquet halls for a wedding celebration to remember. Enjoy access to top Twin City attractions at this Minneapolis, Minnesota hotel including the Metrodome, Target Center, Minneapolis Convention Center, Target Field, and Nicollet Mall. Experience the pulsating energy of a premier downtown hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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Rating: 3.74

Address: 30 South 7th Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55402
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Comments (65):

1. PeaBoy W.
Great Hotel, big clean room, breakfast in the room (mine was included in the price). My only complaint is havingh to pay for the WiFi... lame given the +$200 room price.

18/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Stephen L.
Stayed two nights at this hotel. Very clean room, modern appointments, nice bathroom. My only gripe is the expensive parking ($8-20/day depending on if it's a weekday or weekend) and having to take three different elevators and trek through a mall to get from the garage to my room. I was on the 11th floor and did not hear any street noise. I was able to priceline this hotel for $70/night.

30/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Kelly R.
This is a great hotel - when you can get in.  If I ever win the lottery I'm going to build a massive hotel in downtown Minneapolis that serves only last-minute business travelers during the week.  It may seem like there are enough hotels in this city, but don't be fooled... If you have to book something less than a week or two in advance - gooood luck getting a hotel downtown!

But anyway - the Marriott.  Nice place.  Clean, modern, close to everything.  The building is shaped like a triangle (which is interesting because the Detroit Marriott is shaped like a circle - they're very geometric, these Marriott folks) so the rooms aren't the typical rectangles you find in most hotels.  Which I like because they have a lot of interesting angles and none of the rooms really have the same layout (based on the 3 I've seen).  My only complaint is that the TVs are kind of dinosaur-esque and they don't really have the best reception.  I'm not sure if you can call down to housekeeping for some rabbit ears, but I may have to resort to that next time if they don't do some updating real soon.  But other than that, I very much enjoy this hotel.  The gym has brand new equipment and great city views (although it is on the smallish side) and the concierge lounge is excellent.  Tons of breakfast options (and a brew-your-own-Starbucks machine!) and the evening spreads are fantastic as well - the guy who hosts at night is incredibly nice too.  Overall a great place to stay in a great location... and did I mention the massive Saks 5th Ave outlet across the street?  You really can't go wrong here...

29/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Dan K.
Out of the three hotels that I have stayed at in Minneapolis this was the most enjoyable (and the least expensive).

The hotel is centrally located , with views of both the Timberwolves and the Twins stadiums and a quick two block walk to the light rail if you need to venture out of the downtown area.
The rooms are quite large, clean and comfortable.
The staff is also very nice and the housekeeping staff very efficient (if slightly annoying trying to get in a 8am on Saturday morning).

The fitness center is also very nice, large and everything works perfect.

The restaurant is nice with some good food. The service is very hit or miss (one waitress in particular is terrible) though the bartenders are good.

Overall I would stay here again and I recommend for anyone in the Minneapolis area

08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Ryan t.
Most of the rating here is based on the fact that this is a decent hotel with a great location.  Depending on your mobility skills, this is within walking distance of a good deal of what Minneapolis has to offer in terms of restaurants and bars and is connected to the skyway.  While I was checking in, they also had a chocolate fountain with strawberries!  How fancy is that?

The only downside to the experience is parking, which is expensive and difficult, just like many downtown hotels in large cities.

12/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. DK B.
Great staff, comfortable rooms.

08/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Jason M.
Solid hotel but the little things could bite you in the ass.

I have stayed here twice now and the hotel is pretty nice.  This last time there were a lot of little things that annoyed me.  First, the vending machine on my floor was broken.  Then when I went down to the gift shop, I noticed the shop was only open til 10 pm.  I thought most Marriotts now had a 24 hour pantry section for us late night snackers.  What is up with that?

The fitness center here is pretty nice but of course the elliptical machine I got on had a broken headphone jack.

The last little thing that was annoying is that there wasn't a channel guide in the room.  Really?  Another thing that is pretty standard these days, not sure why they didn't have one.

Ahh, the little things.

31/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. T A.
I stayed here with my boyfriend over Labor Day weekend and had a great experience.  Great location, reasonably priced and nice rooms.  We booked through Expedia and booked a king room - however apparently it came through to the hotel as a "request" for a king room.  So, we walked into a standard room that was rather small.  We immediately went back down to the front desk and luckily they were able to place us in a king.  This room was a lot larger, nice bathroom and we had a great view.  

Lots of great restaurants within walking distance.  Target is a few blocks away if you want to pick up snacks/beverage for the room. If you have a car, definitely use the self park vs. valet.  The garage is at the end of the block and it's cheaper.  Its super close to Target Field, so gets a bit busy when there's a game.  No pool or jacuzzi but the fitness room was very nice.

Overall, this was a great hotel for the price.  Only 2 cons would be the elevators were SO slow over the weekend.  Honestly must have sat there for 5 minutes a couple of times.  Also, there is a bus stop just down the way from the hotel entrance that quite a few people (somewhat sketchy) gather at.  Just a heads up.

11/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Karman L.
Great staff at this hotel.  They were very helpful give me restaurant and nail salon recommendations.  Let us borrow umbrella for the rain.  Give me detail directions to all the places that I want to go to.

Hotel is fairly new...clean...room is spacious...bathroom is clean...

For those that get complimentary lounge pass (elite members)...great service in the lounge on the 30th floor...breakfast, snacks, drinks, dessert throughout the day! I believe they have internet services and a big TV too!!!

One thing I didn't like is the elevators...you need to take one set of elevator to the 5th floor (registration / main floor) then take another set of elevator to your room floor...It's annoying in the morning when you trying to get to work and you have to wait for two sets of elevators!!!

30/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Heather J.
Nice place, good location, clean room. Recently stayed two nights for a business conference. Few complaints, heater/ac in room was noisy, vent was rattling all night, ug!  I was on the 10th floor and could hear a lot of noise from the street, but I guess a heavy sleeper may not notice.
Bar was ok for a Monday night, bartender had a good personality.

20/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. James P.
I stayed at the Marriott Hotel-City Center over a Thursday-Monday weekend in Minneapolis as a Gold Marriott Rewards member and upon check in- was upgraded to a bi-level suite. That is the first time I ever had stairs in my hotel room.

The room was located on the 37 and 38 floor of the Hotel. The bathroom was all granite and there was a built in flat panel television as well as a counter mounted flat panel in the sleeping area. There was another flat panel downstairs in the living area with the backdrop of the view of Minneapolis from the windows.

The hotel is connected to the Minneapolis Skyway system so getting to any other connected building is an indoor journey. There are plenty of restaurants nearby as well as nightlife, sports and entertainment.

The bar in the lobby is a nice place to enjoy a drink before retiring to the room at night.

06/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Chris B.
Good hotel in a good, central location. I only stayed here for one night on a recent business trip to Minneapolis, but I found my stay to be very relaxing. The lobby is located on the 5th floor, away from the ground-level hustle-and-bustle. Can't comment on the restaurant and bar since I ordered room service, but both looked good as far as a 4-star chain hotel goes.

The room itself was spacious, had a comfortable bed & flat-panel TV.

All in all, a good stay -- would recommend if you're in town for work and your company won't spring for the Graves or Chambers.

21/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. K H.
I have stayed at numerous Marriotts and this was the first time I was extremely disappointed with the Marriott chain.  We requested no feather pillows, and the four pillows that were in our room were featherless and  were the most pathetic pillows I have ever seen.  They had hardly any stuffing in them, were lumpy, thin, it was unbelievable!  We went to the local Target and purchased pillows.
The room was clean, but the bedspread and bed skirt looked like they had been purchased at the local thrift store.  There was no in-room safe, no microwave, no mini bar, and no shower cap in the bathroom.  There was no complimentary coffee or tea in the lobby, the womens sauna was out-of-order, and  the in room wifi charge was $14.95 day.  OUTRAGEOUS!  Luckily, our room was by the Raddisson, who has free wifi, and we were able to log on to their network, for free.  The TwinCities guestbook was over three years old,  so many of the new restaurants, etc. were not in the book.
The room decor was comparable to a one star hotel.
On the positive side, the beds were comfortable, the staff was extremely helpful and friendly,  the shower was great, and the heat worked well.  I would not recommend and would not stay at this Marriott again.

05/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Teri W.
I travelled to Minneapolis for a couple of baseball games, so this hotel was in the perfect location.  It was easy to get to from the airport.  I had to walk a few blocks from the light rail station, but I will not complain since it was only $1.75 for the trip from the airport.  The check in process was easy, I arrived prior to check in time, but they were able to accommodate my room request.  The room is of normal size.  I have seen much smaller and some larger as well.  I did not feel cramped at any time, even with 2 other guests sharing the room.  We were within walking distance to Target Field and there are also tons of bars and restaurants nearby.  I didn't want to get up early on the day of my check out to catch the light rail, so I decided to spring for a taxi.  $41 later I was there.  SO expensive.  Those couple minutes of extra sleep were worth it I guess!  I would definitely stay here again.

28/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. mariah c.
We were in Minneapolis for less than 24 hours to attend a good friend's wedding.  I had been sleeping in different beds every night or two (hotels, houses, futons) for the last week leading up to this particular stay.  By the time I got to the Marriott, I knew it either had the potential to make me very happy or verrry cranky.  Luckily, the first option occurred!

The room was nice and large.  There was ample room to stretch out, throw our bags around a bit, and even drag out the ironing board to spiff up my fella's dress shirt.

Everything was uber-clean.  The shower was a wonderfully-water-pressured dream, and the bathroom was large enough that we could spread out our various necessities to gussy-up for the wedding.

By the time we did the quick change from road-trip duds into wedding garb we felt refreshed, rather than harried.  We headed out for the big event,  and had a blast.  When we'd finally had our fill of outrageous wedding revelry, we slept like babies (the 26th floor had zero noise) in our comfy little home-for-a-night.

I'm sold! I am hoping to head back to Minneapolis at some point when I cant explore a little more and don't have a 24-hr time limit.  I'd stay here again in a heartbeat!

23/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Leah G.
I have now stayed in 3 different hotels in downtown Minneapolis, and the Marriott has been, by far, the best.  The staff is A +, the rooms are spacious, and the rate is just right.

29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Janet F.
The hotel reminded me of my car--in that it's was a solid hotel, it did the job, a few surprises (of both the positive and negative), but really just did the job.

I stayed here because it was where a conference I was presenting at was held. I've stayed a few Marriott's and figured I knew what I had in store. This one was a little different, the building is triangular! I loved this! It also made a great landmark for me to follow back if I got turned around within a few blocks.

My room was nice, it did the trick.

Though I'm still a little perplexed. Their receipt and my bank are disagreeing on what was actually charged to my card. I'm okay with them charging me up front, but their invoice said I was charged $88 less than my card is showing, and with a 4:15am check out to make an early morning flight there was no one immediately available to help me figure out what the discrepancy originates from. It's cool if there was an extra fee that I didn't notice, but not being able to clear it up on the spot kind of peeved me.

Other than that, the fitness center was OUTSTANDING! I'm so serious, that was unprecedented. Best fitness center I've ever seen! The conference area was also very nice. Being attached to the Skyway also really did it for me.

And while I had some trouble with front desk staff, the service staff, I thought, was a complete cut above.

But I probably would stay here again, and thought that for the location and the facility itself it was actually a pretty good deal. But I would like to get that $88 sorted!

13/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Shazam L.
Enjoyed our stay here.  Top notched. Beautiful suiteswitch second floor loft. Great service. Enjoyed concierge access. Loved the cold weather with warm people.

16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Esther Y.
Great location.
Tiny rooms.
Annoying front desk.
Tiny rooms.
It seems like they only have one working elevator at a time.
Tiny rooms.

20/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Sarah A.
I stayed here last week for a few days while in Minneapolis for a concert and general sightseeing.  It's conveniently located to a lot of things downtown, including the concert venue I was going to, and to the light rail station, so I could get back to the airport.  It's connected to the Skyway thing, so when it's cold out, it's pretty easy to get around downtown without actually having to step outside.  All staff I encountered were very nice and courteous, no complaints there.  Check-in and check-out were quick and painless.  The room was fairly large and everything was very clean.  The TV was a little wonky (sometimes I had to fight with it to get it to turn on) and the heater seemed to only want to make heat when it felt like it, and otherwise made little wheezing noises all night, which kept me up for a while.

Parking and room service seemed pricey to me, and the fact that they charge so much for internet access is absurd, but I didn't use any of those services, so it wasn't an issue.  Just putting that out there, though, for people for whom this would be a concern.  For the relatively low price of the room (booked through Marriott directly, at the same price being offered on Priceline, Expedia, etc.)  and convenience of location, I would definitely stay here again.

01/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Tammy Rebecca S.
Nice hotel for what you get. LOVE the area, the scene, the atmosphere and what better to walk around and come back to the BEST hotel BED & Pillows ever!!
I have stayed here three times, and if I may make a suggestion, you MUST ask for the "City View"!!  From the executive suite (which has a full 2 walls of corner window viewing, to the regular suite, the view can be absolutely Amazing!

29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Randy D.
this place is pretty pricey for being a glorified motel.  even though it was a smokeless hotel, there was still this pervading smokey odor throughout.  me and my sis stayed here while watching the dodgers play the twins earlier in the week.  i'll cut to the chase.  
housekeeping cleaned the room once in three days and nights, and we only had one roll of toilet paper the whole time.  a room service menu was absent as was a safe to keep valuables.  
also, air freshener was sprayed through the air conditioning vent and could only be disabled by turning off the air conditioner.  so, it was either dealing with the stank or suffocating, since the windows are sealed shut.  
plus a star for the concierge lounge located on the 30th floor and available to guests staying on the upper floors.  nice complimentary breakfast spread, large hd tv and a mini business center.....

02/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Brooke S.
nice hotel, conveniently located in downtown minneapolis.

Our room was particularly tiny and close to the ice  machine --- WHY HOTELS!?! WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE ICE MACHINES?!?!

anyways, it was the site for my sisters wedding reception - which was beyond lovely.  excellent food, great service and the space looked entirely romantic and something out of a disney movie.  These people do know their food, they somehow managed to serve 400 steaks at a perfect medium rare....and the brunch we had the morning after was complete with omelette bar, ung-dly good cheesey hash browns and delicious fresh fruit.

if you're in mpls for the weekend and want to be downtown, i'd say the marriot is a pretty safe bet.

17/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Cpt F.
Super Comfortable Beds
Frosty A/C
Nice Bar
Great Location for Ballgames & Barhopping

16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Esther R.
Beautiful hotel, great venue for a conference.

I was here last week for the Boston College Conference and I really enjoyed the experience. This hotel/city center is really modern looking, clean and upscale but not pretentious. The lobby is very open and inviting and the staff is extremely helpful. Thank you concierge for getting my contact lenses solution from the store after it was closed, and also for the great restaurant recommendations! There are lots of seating areas on the 5th floor, which was great for networking or just having fun conversations.

I also got to use the gym. It was a little crowded with all the machines in a small room, but it had what I needed, so not too much to complain there.

The room I stayed in was nice - simple yet spacious and comfortable. I actually had a great view of Minneapolis, so that was an added bonus. The rate was $139/night. Not sure if that's good for Minneapolis (it was my first time in MN) but it seems reasonable for me.

If I were coming back here or had a friend visiting this area, I would recommend the Marriott.

19/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Claire G.
I will be traveling to Minneapolis a lot in the future, and I wouldn't mind staying here again...

The lobby is more than impressive along with the check-in service and the right-on-top-of-it concierge!  The hotel bar is a good place to stop by for a night cap.

The rooms are quite small.  Think an older hotel made over with newer amenities.  The location is what sold me.  I took a taxi straight here and didn't have to get a car again until I was headed back to the airport!  Great area for bars, restaurants, and even a little business.  The stadium is nearby as well!

For the price, I would maybe dig a little more to find a more local or boutique hotel, but all in all, great service, clean rooms, and great location!

26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Jenn K.
We had a bachelorette party for a good friend of mine last weekend, and got a suite at the Marriot City Center.  The MOH called the day before to confirm the executive suite and that we had a rollaway, etc, and everything was all set.  Then, when we went to check in at 8:00pm, a very clueless desk girl told us that they had oversold and our suite was no longer available.  She offered us a regular room instead.  I very calmly explained to her that we reserved a suite for a special occasion and it was completely unacceptable to move us to a regular room.  She basically told us there was nothing she could do, so we asked for a manager to speak to, and he pretty much rolled his eyes and said too bad, hotels overbook and we get screwed.

I was getting upset at this point, and told him that he needed to find us another hotel with a suite available, when this wonderful angel of a woman behind us said that she was just about to check in to her suite, and that we should have it instead, because she was by herself and traveling for business.  (Curious, why was it that she hadn't checked in yet, but a suite was available for her, and not for us?)  Regardless, he pulled up her room and switched the two so that we were able to get our suite and he was able to get us out of the lobby.

As if this wasn't hassle enough, we got up to the room at 8:20 or so, and literally less than 2 minutes later, security was at the door telling us they had a noise complaint.  Pretty sure what actually happened was that they assumed we were going to be rowdy and decided to give us a warning.  We are six grown, 30 year old adult women, who were not being loud at all, besides the fact that it was physically impossible that a call was made and security got up to our room in that period of time.

Later that night, we met another group at Seven having a birthday party who ALSO lost their suite at the Marriot and weren't as lucky as we were - they squeezed their group into a single regular room.  Point being, this hotel is not group friendly, so if for some reason you decide to book a suite here, send only one person in to check in for it, and maybe you'll have more luck than we did.

03/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
28. Jeff F.
I'm not an expert on downtown Minneapolis hotel options, but this is an excellent hotel. A lot of pros:
- Attached to a mall which can be convenient
- Easy access to Jamba Juice is clutch if you like starting your day that way
- The gym was a cut above most Marriott and even better than some Hiltons - good mix of free weights, weight machines and cardio machines
- Internet speed was solid if you drop the 14.95 - 3.51 Mb/s down and .59 Mb/s up speedtest.net/result/772…
- Overall the property was in excellent shape
- Staff provided great service
- Really comfortable rooms

And then there's the most memorable pro....the Concierge lounge is pretty standard except for the grub. The food is exceptional when compared to the few dozen Hilton/Concierge lounges I've been in where you'd think a drunk college kid is raiding his freezer and serving whatever was on sale in the frozen food section at Costco. I started off with a cooked scallop shooter on an interesting bed of fruit, followed that up with a small salad served in a rocks glass and capped it all off with some impressive (in the land of concierge lounge food) beef spare ribs.

09/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Michelle P.
Purpose: business trip (1 night)

- Location: it's in downtown, surrounded by lots of convenient shops/restaurants. There are sky-bridges that will help you move around without going outside!
- Room*: very spacious, clean and convenient. It was convenient in the sense that (1) I had outlets next to the bed (2) a couch + small table + lamp for light reading (3) desk for work. Beds are comfy, amenities are good, and blow dryer + iron worked satisfactorily.
- Staff: outstanding service, very attentive & polite
- Concierge Lounge: has a cozy feel to it. Large water bottles are a plus!
- Car service: Marriott offered a flat fee service to the airport for $40, which was less than my taxi fare coming in (... not sure if that's a deal or not considering the traffic must have ran up the taxi fare when I was getting to the hotel from the airport)
- Hotel setup: the floor set up is a little strange, not your typical straight hallway... but I found that unique and a pro for the hotel!

- Elevators: there are 5 of them, however, they are extremely slow.

- Parking, Gym, Restaurants

Overall: I found everything I needed and desired at this hotel. Though I've seen nicer hotels (e.g. Marriott in Manila, PH), I was impressed with the staff, the rooms, and just the overall convenience of this hotel.

* A few of my coworkers lucked out with nice upgrades, while others were shafted with really small rooms. This review is purely based on the room I was given.

08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Arnaud S.
As a Marriott connoisseur, this one is very traditional. A bit old, corporate but not bad. I think for downtown area, it is not your best option but by far not your worst neither. Concierge lounge is very small though, they should really beef it up... Food at the lobby is restaurant is ok. The fact that you have to switch elevators from street to lobby is a bit annoying though and when I was there the elevators were so slow because they were making construction. However the location is great, very central and connected to the Skywalk...

20/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Chris M.
This is a very nice hotel. A hotel I wouldn't typically stay at unless I could get a conference rate or a special deal. Not because it isn't a nice hotel but because it is frickin' expensive. To be fair, most hotels downtown are pricey but Marriott tends to be the highest.
Good bar and good dining options here and near here as well.

27/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Ava D.
I love this hotel. The staff is friendly and helpful. The rooms are comfortable and the room service is decent. The best part is their lounge on the 30th floor; the dinner/heavy appetizers are tasty.  The breakfast spread is great too, but I don't always make it there in the morning due to time constraints.

My coworkers are Starwood fans because of their fancy hotels, but they don't compare to the comfort and friendliness of Marriott's. Also I love that this hotel is bright and not as dark and gloomy as some of the other hotels I've stayed at in Minneapolis.

One of the rooms they gave me smelled damp, but as soon as I told them they took care of it with a freshener. The only thing that really annoyed me was when they had a false fire alarm at 7:30am and I was on the 29th floor. I didn't know it was a false alarm until I'd made it all the way down to the lobby! If they could announce it was a mistake it would have saved me a lot of time.

I plan to stay there till the end of my project in March.

22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Johnny F.
The Good:  Room was quiet, decor of lobby and ambiance was nice.  Price fit the stay.  Banquet staff was good and the conference room we used was excellent.  Recommended if you decide you need conference rooms at this hotel (Minnesota Room).

The Bad:  The front desk guy was extremely rude.  And his badge said he was some assistant manager.  Usually with hotel staff they are excellent to near perfect with hospitality but this one particular guy was awful.  My first impression made a lasting impression!  He did not welcome me when I came to the desk but asked why I was here?!  Uh to sleep and get a room you dumb@#%.   He did not like answering questions and when I asked him just one question about eating places.....  He gave attitude and said you can find that info out at the concierge desk that is not my job.  What a @#%@$!$.  Now you ask if I was rude to him first?  The reason why it bothers me so much is because I was extra friendly to this guy but he was having none of it.

But the room was quiet and they need to have all the elevators working.  Seemed like long waits for the elevators.

28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. Matt R.
Awesome hotel if you are wanting a place to stay downtown and have easy access to all the bars/clubs/restaurants.  I live in the Twin Cities and use this place as a jumping-off point for some big nights out on the town.  I've stayed here a bunch before for pub crawls downtown, birthday parties, or just a good night out w/ friends.  Get a high room, and a west-facing room if you want a good view of Target Field and all the spots you'll be visiting at night.

Used to be a travel agent and got great rates here at this hotel for myself.  The lobby is beautiful and the rooms are well-equipt.  Nice that the lobby is on the 5th floor away from the randoms on the street, but can be a lot of walking from the parking lot to the room.  Park at the City Center parking ramp, go down to the street level, walk across to the Marriott hotel entrance, take a new set of elevators to the 5th floor lobby, and then another set of elevators to the guest rooms.  Can be a lot if you are carrying a lot of baggage.

Mention at check-in if you are parking at City Center.  It's a flat rate (used to be $8/day now it's $12 I believe) and they will give you a card that gives you in and out privileges.  The parking fee will appear on your room bill when you check out.

07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Jayson J.
This was my home away from home for almost 6 months about 5 years ago.  At the time they were just starting on the renovation and I typically would enjoy one of the corner suites (sometimes the two floor ones) when I would stay.  Flash forward to this week and the hotel has been renovated.  It looks nice, but nothing over the top or like a boutique (it is still a Marriott after all).  Sadly the bartenders who I knew oh so well are no longer there so I didn't spend too much time at the lobby bar.  I am no longer Platinum at Marriott (I typically stay at Hilton now), but my lifetime gold got me an executive floor room with a decent view.   Executive lounge was OK at best, but didn't linger as I had dinners to attend.   The room itself was updated from my last long term stay, but again nothing special.  You can get a good rate here and it is pretty centrally located.  Only problem is there are many more hoodlums hanging out around Block E and quite frankly I did not enjoy that.  Bellman quickly hailed cabs so I didn't have to deal with the likes of them.

09/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. c g.
Rather drab, new design since I was last here. The rooms are always much more expensive than other options, so there must be high demand. No pool, decent workout room, nice people but average.

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Jason R.
The triangle is all neat & stuff until you try to make it work.  The middle room's fine if a bit funny shaped.  The hallways feel a bit off kilter.  But there's an iron, a board, and an alarm clock without having to ask.  I wish that no longer were a selling point, but it is.  Comfy beds (last minute reservation meant two beds for one person, sigh), good shower, room for luggage and clothing.

The bar actually has a couple of local brews.  And nothing quite beats when the elevator doors open to a sparkly overload from the ballroom dancing competition.  Makes staying for a conference down the street that much more fun.  The fifth floor lobby seems silly until you think about the other logistics.  And the area is hopping until early the next morning in the summer.

Pricey, well-located, and pretty comfortable.  Seems pretty central on the skyway, too, so if you're there in winter...  I plan *never* to be there in winter.  Sorry.  Just not going to do that.  Oh, and a bonus: They still accept boingo for the in-room network.  Few Marriotts seem to any more.

29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. David C.
This is your typical Marriot location with interesting logistics.  Check in is not on ground floor, so you have to take multiple elevators up and down every time you go in and out.  Staff is friendly and comparable to other players in hospitality.  I've seen better rates at Radisson (across the street).  Also, if you like to stay fit, the fitness room is a bit cramped and limited.

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
39. Andrew A.
Bottom line, you're going to hate this place if you need to sleep at night during the weekends. The loud and obnoxious city trash all come out on the streets and emergency vehicle sirens are screaming till the crack of dawn. If you must, ask for an internal room for optimal peace and quiet.
Food, service, and cleanliness are fantastic but don't make up for the city nuisance.

08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. Mark L.
After a year of 3-nights-per-week stays (about 120 nights), I think I have enough evidence to sufficiently cover the good and bad aspects of this hotel.

First, the "danger" that several past reviews have referenced stems from two things, a rowdy bus stop at the corner of seventh and Nicolet, and the fact that this hotel is, as stated, at the center of the city. In the interest of caution, here are a couple tips I'd throw out there:

- Don't walk by yourself if you don't have to. Hennepin and Nicolet are pretty busy at all hours, but as you travel towards the warehouse district, blocks can suddenly turn very desolate.
- Use the skyways! There are maps, apps, and people to guide you.

Regarding the hotel itself, they have had an ongoing issue with the elevators for about a year. I know they're working on it, but I have sat in some packed 25-floor elevator rides that stopped at every floor. I (and Marriott) recommend adding extra time to account for this. Also, if you can, if you're on floor 12 or below, don't even use the elevator, just take the stairs.

I have thoroughly used the hotel internet and wireless. Definitely bring your own ethernet cord if you plan to hook into the wired internet at Marriott. The cords they have in the room are often broken, frayed, or just plain useless. Also, I recommend using the wired over the wireless. Not only is wired faster, but they have free wireless in the lobby.

The concierge lounge is pretty solid for business travelers. Personally, I'd rate their beef stew the highest in terms of quality and taste. You can definitely get away with getting your three squared there every day.

This hotel still rates 4 stars for me because of their customer service. Multiple times I've forgotten things in my room and they were more than happy to hold it for me. There is free long-term storage for us consultants who like to keep a bag here. The entire staff is friendly and will pretty much give you the shirt of their back.

Despite issues with billing rates and increased prices, this Marriott has served me well over the past year. (Just get those elevators fixed!)

01/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Liza And Nick B.
The room was very nice and the lobby was fantastic.

it was LOUD! On the streets and in the hotel; we heard EVERYTHING.

14 dollars a night for parking (this INCLUDED the "discount").
No free Wi-Fi.
For such a nice hotel, shouldn't these things be included?

09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Ramsey B.
My favorite hotel in Minneapolis.  Also, it's my family's favorite hotel when they accompany me on business trips.  I stay at this hotel often due to business travel.  The front desk staff is friendly.  George and Kevin (Outside Greeters) are the best.  Travis is super helpful and accomodating.  Excellent Conceirge lounge with great food.  The surrounding restaurants and shops are great.  Although, the corner of 7th and Nicolette can get busy, it's not a dangerous corner.  Should you be concerned, walk across the street which usually has low pedestrian traffic.  The only draw back is the absence of a swimming pool.

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Renee W.
My first time staying at this Marriott; we had heard about the shady bus stop out front so we were prepared for that. No biggie. I was on the 30th floor; comfy bed and my only complaint would be hearing chairs scrape against the floor on the foot above me starting at 6:00 am. Otherwise the front desk was nice and it is close to my office here around the corner. Also like the business center to check in for flights.

20/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Cosmo W.
Great hotel right downtown, however, be aware that the are is VERY dangerous, especially at night. I would not recommend going anywhere by yourself unless in a taxi. Blows me away that the city police have let it fall into this terrible crime condition!

But, anyway, back to the hotel- rooms are great, clean and spacious, the bar is great but I never had the food. The only issue I had was the pain of having the reception on the 5th floor, makes it difficult as you have to take 2 elevators to get out. However, considering the crime, it's a nice line of defense.The hotel also connects to the Skyway, so you have quick access to the mall, the Target Center and other downtown shops, but again, 2 elevators to get there. All in all, a great hotel.

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Paula E.
Downtown hotel with your usual problems. You pay too much to park there and going to your car requires a lengthy walk. You check in on the 5th floor (yes you read that right) so you have to take one elevator to the 5th floor, then another elevator each and every time to your room. This is done for security reasons. While walking around downtown I didn't feel safe at all and kept my walking on the street to a minimum and took the enclosed sky-walk instead.
Our room was a corner suite, and unfortunately the TV Was too far away for me to be able to comfortably watch from the bed. Hubby felt the room was small, I felt the room was laid out inappropriately. The bed was quite comfortable and neither of us had any trouble sleeping in it.
Pricey for sure, and I can't compare to other downtown hotels, but I would prefer to NOT stay here again.

03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Chris H.
I have to start by saying that I spend over 100 nights a year every year in Marriott properties. This Marriott property is a very good to excellent property. The customer service was top notch. Any and all request were dealt with quickly and efficiently. The one that they messed up on it was a communication error on their part...but they made it right. My only complaint is that I stayed on a weekend and the rate was very high for a weekend...but there was a Gophers game on Saturday so that is what caused it to be so expensive.

29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Scott R.
Here for a conference. I am super impressed how much they have gone out of their way to accommodate my health issues with a very restricted diet. Highly recommend having an event here.

20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Joe M.
This is a good hotel. The rooms are clean and pretty big. The service seems to be very good. They have a bar that seems to be pretty busy in the lobby. The only issue with this hotel is the lobby is on the 5th floor. So when you get to the hotel the door leads to a bank of elevators. You have to get on these elevators and go to the 5th floor. Then once you get there you have to go to another set of elevators to get to your room. You have to wait twice every time you come in or leave.

29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Angela C.
The hotel is very nice, the lobby, people- but for $200+ a night you think they would include Wi-Fi....and we booked a king bed because it was a get away weekend but received 2 doubles/queens .  we were told they were all booked out.  the room was ok but i have stayed at cheaper hotels that were much nicer.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Mike O.
There are some odd, puzzling things about this place that make me want to drop it to a 3 star joint, but for some reason, maybe because it's Friday and I'm in a good mood, aw what the heck!

But seriously. Three different sets of elevators? One for the parking garage, one to get to registration, and one to get to your room. I guess using the valet is preferable, saving you ONE of the three. And half of the elevators to the rooms weren't even in service!

Gosh, now that I'm starting to get going, the three-star-ed-ness of this place is emerging.

I really did have a lovely view of the city, even a peek of Target Field.

No fridge in my room, but they carted one up here. Thank you for that.

Exercise area was big enough to accommodate during peak hours, but no antibacterial wipes (that I could find) to clean the equipment.

Price gouging in the littler store. I shoulda asked for a complimentary tooth brush, yeesh. And fifteen bucks to access internet daily? SMDH. Go to the lobby. I think it's free there.

The restaurant in here is nice with good food. Lots of business type folk about here on trips. Not far walking distance to some great sports venues and other downtown Minneapolis stuff. A lot of great things about it, but some minor annoying things.

25/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Elizabeth D.
I stay here somewhat frequently for business trips and always have a great stay. The hotel itself has fairly decent rooms and has a great breakfast in the concierge lounge. The hotel restaurant is pretty good as well. My favorite part is the location. You can get to so many different restaurants and bars within a 5 min walk. Also, the YMCA is right down the street which is great when traveling for business.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Joe M.
Very nice hotel. Love the lobby. Rooms were clean and the bar was friendly. It was so cold on the day I was there. I decided to stay in and eat. Good Choice. I am a fan of Marriott. This is a very nice city location. Its local to so many things. If downtown. Its a much.

23/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Chuck P.
Am I at Motel 6?  This place has the appearance of being a decent business hotel, and that's all it has.  The staff is a little odd, but nice enough.  They move at a generally glacial pace.  The decor is kind of "we don't want to offend anybody" noncommittal and ugly.  The furniture in the room is functional which I do appreciate.  The gym is like every other hotel gym.  The restaurant was so very slow that I left and cancelled my order.  

The very worst thing was, as I'm here working long hours I got very hungry at about 1am, and called for room service.  There wasn't any and they took 20 minutes to pick up the phone at the front desk.  

Fail, I will never stay here again and may even move hotels.

14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
54. Kate M.
Mr. M and I had a one-night stay here a couple of weeks ago as part of a wedding group.  When I saw that the wedding group rate was $179 for a regular room, I decided to pay a little more and get one of the corner, city view rooms.  

It was beautiful.  To open all the curtains and see the lights at night was very nice, and then a thunderstorm gave us an unexpected show.  The room was huge with a full-size couch and comfortable desk and chairs.  Everything was clean and you know I look everywhere since I travel all the time.  

We almost forgot about the wedding.

The valet was a class act and was honest with us about the costs for parking.  If you are just parking and leaving it for 24 hours, which we were doing, it's cheaper to drive a 1/2 block and park for $16, instead of the hotel's $29 or something.  

If something happens to Mr. M I'm going to cash in that huge insurance policy and stay here for a week or two.

01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Stacy P.
Many like to imagine themselves waking up in a different city every week and/or day.  What a glamorous lifestyle it would be. Those of us who live that lifestyle would tell the dreamers how flawed their fantasy is. After averaging over 200+ nights a year in a hotel, 120 + in a Marriott, this hotel feels like home. It is your typical downtown Marriott. It has the typical lobby bar, concierge lounge, fitness center, etc.

What this hotel has going for it is its location.  It is a quick 30 minute ride and about a 2 block walk from Airport on the light rail train for under $2. If you were to take a cab, it would set you back ~$50, and that is without tip. The hotel is located blocks from Target Field. In fact, I could view the stadium from my room. There is also an ample food selection less than a block from the hotel. With its close proximity to Hennepin and Nicollet Ave, you can a wide variety of food selections that are local and non-chain restaurants. If shopping is your thing or happened to forget to pack something, there is a Target and Macy's nearby.

Another highlight of the hotel is that it is connected to the Skyway, so if the weather is bad, you won't have to step outside. If you happen to be in town for a convention, the hotel is ~7 blocks away, which is ~15 minutes if you walk outside.

28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Donovan S.
I screwed up my reservation and accidentally made it for the night before during the zombie pub crawl. The front desk was fantastic and found me a room on the correct night. Awesome service that was unnecessary because I made a mistake.

11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Anthony N.
***Marriott Minneapolis City Center is a good though not special hotel; the hotel is in good shape, it is very convenient to Target Field (just a few blocks away) and weekend room rates are reasonable if you book early and pay in advance***

I like downtown Marriotts because they tend to have a more lively vibe than the airport or suburban Marriotts.  They are located in all different parts of downtown areas though.  The San Jose Marriott and Philadelphia Marriott Downtown seem to be right at the center of it all--whether you are there for leisure or business.  Some Marriotts are located in seemingly business only areas while other Marriotts have great access to professional sports stadiums.  This Marriott in Downtown Minneapolis has that type of access--it is two-to-three blocks away from Target Field and like the Marriott Cincinnati RiverCenter, this hotel fills up with game attendees on weekends.

I am not sure how convenient this hotel is to business or leisure though.  It seems to be more suited for business travelers though with many businesses nearby; it is even connected to the Skyway--the interesting collection of tubes that connects all the city's skyscrapers so you do not have to endure the cold weather to get from building to building or to go to lunch during the work week.

In terms of the hotel itself, it is a good one.  It has a good contemporary look from its inviting lobby to the good rooms, which provide decent views of the city.  The rooms are comfortable too and their suites (which are not separated into individual rooms) feature big and comfortable living areas that are great for big groups.  The shower was good too and the A/C kept the room comfortable.

The hotel also has a 24-hr fitness center, which features new equipment and attached locker rooms.  The hotel restaurant is a pretty standard hotel restaurant with a very generic decor.  Their breakfast buffet is okay but nothing special.

Marriott Rewards Gold and Platinum members have access to their Concierge Lounge, which serves breakfast and nightly appetizers.  Their breakfast has more variety than the typical Marriott Concierge Lounge, but the quality was not that good.  They offered more variety than your typical Concierge Lounge though.  There was an egg white option, which was an egg white frittata--kind of odd though, like hard boiled egg with veggies.  There was also a freshly made bread, which was a banana nut loaf.

In terms of standard offerings, they had scrambled eggs that had a weird texture (maybe they were powdered eggs) and dry sausage though sausage is typically bad at Marriott Concierge Lounges; they probably alternate between sausage and bacon and I imagine their bacon is good.  They also featured a standard offering of breads, breakfast pastries, oatmeal, fruit, and cereal.

Their nightly offerings were better.  There was some surprisingly good spanakopita, which had a good flavor and was crispy and flaky.  There was also braised beef short rib, which was not too bad--tender and a good flavor.  In addition to that, there was a make your own sandwich bar with cold cuts.  There was also a nice variety of roasted vegetables including some good peppers.  The Concierge Lounge is small but comfortable.

Service, like other Marriott brand hotels, was good and friendly.

Weekend room rates are not bad here especially if you pay in advance.  Their self parking is also not that expensive especially considering that this is a downtown hotel.  The self parking structure takes a little time to get to though.  It takes 3 elevators to get from your room to the parking structure.

Marriott Minneapolis City Center is a nice though not spectacular hotel.  It is really convenient if you are going to a ball game since it is a safe and short walk to Target Field.  It is definitely worth considering if you are going to Minneapolis for a game and are a Marriott Rewards member.

Two pay parking options are offered.  There is self parking and valet parking.  The self parking is less expensive, but it takes a little time to get from your parking space to your room.

09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. K M.
I am a loyal and longtime Marriott customer... They usually have great facilities, top notch services, and are located in excellent locations.  Can't  say that about the Marriott City Center in Minneapolis.  The rooms are small, no free in- room wifi, and you have to choose between daily cleaning service or earning points.  My TV also shorted out when I tried to rotate it.  I saw they advertise 'free wifi' but it is in the LOBBY ONLY!  Even cheesy motels offer free wifi...Next time I come up to visit clients, I'll stay at the Loews a few blocks away.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
59. Jada M.
I was very impressed when we stayed at this hotel in May 2014.  They are converting to a radisson blu which is almost complete just a little construction at the entrance.  With the new remodel it's very modern and cool, light bright and airy.  The rooms have very modern decor.  Very comfortable beds and pillows.  

We had a few issues with our lock and the service was fantastic.  Granted it was a bit of a pain but they handled it very well and the service the entire time was fantastic.  The location of the hotel is hard to beat right downtown in walking distance of everything central and skyway connected.

04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. Mark K.
Lovely weekend stay.  Very near Hennepin and the theaters.  Watched a performance of the Zenon dance company and were able to walk home in five minutes.  Nice staff.  Bathroom layout a bit strange, but no reason not to come back. I'd recommend it!

22/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Aimee N.
I was pleasantly surprised with the service and amenities if this hotel. Looks updated and modern in the lobby area.  We were here for my birthday April 5th and we were asked if we wanted to upgrade to a corner suite for an additional cost, it was not that bad and I wanted more space so we went ahead and paid the additional $50.  We had booked last minute and had gotten a really good rate already still paid under 200 for the entire night.

The lady who checked us I was very friendly and helpful.  My husband asked jokingly if there was anything they could do since it was my birthday. To our surprise they said they would send up so e champagne and chocolate cake.  We were meeting friends nearby so we left shortly after checking in but to our surprise when we got back later that night they had dropped off the champagne and cake!

Very good by the way! Very impressed with the service and hospitality.

I was also just back for a luncheon today for work and liked the ballrooms it was held in.  They had some modern wall art and pretty chandeliers that gave the room so character, which for hotel ballrooms they are pretty boring in my opinion.

We had a southwest steak salad with a chili vinaigrette option which was amazing!

I had the pleasure to eat my chocolate again, tasted just as good as the last time by the way.  They also had an apple tart for dessert that some people had which looked really good as well

I would recommend staying here and looking into having an event here.

12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Thomas E.
Great hotel in Minneapolis. Great staff, good hotel food and an overall good location.

06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Danielle G.
I got a room to stay at the Marriott for a week with my friend, and I was without a fridge and very concerned about how I would keep my food cold and be able to eat it without getting salmonella. It was until Patrick, took the extra initiative to go the extra mile to get me and my friend a fridge. He was very hospitable, and so understanding. An amazing night staff you have here at the Marriott! Patrick is amazing! Thanks again to HIM for making my stay here amazing...
Word of advice - make sure you have a fridge when you book your room.. :) otherwise... Beautiful location and so convenient to anywhere you want to go in Minneapolis especially if you are new to the area!

08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Jered W.
The location is great, the staff is friendly, and the food in their main 3-meal restaurant is pretty darn good.  The hotel has a nice design and the rooms are comfortable.

My issue is with the rooms/room service.  Unlike most hotels, this location insists on placing tip envelopes in guest rooms (never seen it at any other Marriott).  It's a bit odd - although it follows trend with so many other establishments that now put tip jars out for just about any industry service.  Still, they make you feel obligated to leave a tip.  Secondly, you should beware about additional charges showing up on your folio after you check out.  This hotel seems to have maid service that likes have false charges added for in-room items that you probably didn't use.  During my last visit, both myself and a fellow business associate had this happen.  I was charged for water bottles that I never touched.  She was charged for coffee/tea used in the room (from what we can tell).  It's very frustrating so be sure to check your folio AFTER you check-out (not just the one they slip under your door).

24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. Ritu D.
I just spent 5days/4nights at this hotel for a conference that was held in their ballrooms, and I thought it was a great hotel and venue, overall!

CHECK IN/CHECK OUT: Very easy, but since it seemed like we were checking in with the majority of the conference- lines were long and it seemed like there weren't enough employees to help with that volume (only 2 open, and one guy was very slow). For check-out, we asked for a 12:30 or 12:45 extension (in my mind, I thought it was 11am) and the lady on the phone was kind of rude, said they gave out the max, and to come down with our luggage. Check out was actually noon, so we put our luggage at the front desk right around then, but a bit odd that she couldn't give us 30 mins.

ROOMS: We had room 1719 - 2 double beds. The room had a view of Target center and Target field and a decent view of the rest of the city. The room itself was very spacious.

LOCATION: The location was unbeatable, in my opinion! We walked to EVERYTHING! We didn't even have to leave to eat or shop during lunch breaks since the hotel has easy access to the skywalk (that connects, what seemed like the whole city!) Plenty of quick grab and go type restaurants and shops like macy's in the city center. And, the sky walk can take you close to many other places around a few block radius. Very ideal for winter months I'm sure. You don't even have to go outside for starbucks!! Although, check hours on weekends for things in city center, many places were closed Sat and Sunday.

STAFF: overall very friendly, with the exception of the lady I spoke with the last day about late checkout (it was her demeanor, not response that makes me say that). I will say housekeeping started knocking on our door around 8 one morning to see if they could clean our room and just stood there, wanting to finish the room, when I opened the door and clearly had just gotten out of bed. Eventually she did leave and come back later.

FOOD/DRINKS: We frequented the bar down in the lobby for drinks a few times and they were always strong and well made. The bartenders were friendly for the most part. I ordered the hummus the first night we were there, and it was definitely delicious (hummus, veggies, pitas, olives, what seemed like a tsatziki dip- my fave, etc). We also ordered room service one morning (by hanging our order the night before). It came exactly when expected, exactly how we ordered it, and was warm and delicious. Of course, room service is pricey because of fees, but you order it knowing that.

FITNESS CENTER: Plenty of cardio and weight machines. It's not the largest facility, but it was never crowded with more than one other person, so it works. The locker room is a bit outdated and does not match the rest of the hotel, but... it's a locker room and you can easily run back to your room for a better shower. The fitness center has a great view of the city while you work out!!

WI-FI: Paid, but ours was comped through the conference.

All in all, great place to stay. I would definitely consider staying here again if I was back in the area.
PS if you're staying with friends, they will gladly split the bill evenly! We just gave two cards to begin with and they split it perfectly (with the exception of room service, but that was because I only signed my name)

05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0