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Radisson Hotel Bloomington in Minneapolis, MN

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.34

Address: 1700 American Blvd E, Minneapolis, MN, 55425

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    Comments (41):

    1. diane m.
    Lovely hotel with a rustic lodge feel. If you go on the weekend be prepared for kids because of the water park.  If you are with kids it is a BIG PLUS. During the week it is quiet and full of business travelers. The arcade is pricey but a great treat for your kids.  Check the schedule before booking as the fun goes seasonal after school starts!  The deluxe king was wonderful with the hidden bunk bed for kids and a super strong shower.  The rooms are freshly decorated and clean.  The business center is well equipped.  The Trillium Spa had great services at reasonable prices and I loved the Pevonia and Iredale product lines they carried.  Free shuttle to where you want to go in the area is a huge plus.  The staff is very eager to please so it is easy to overlook any small issues.  If it were a little less pricey it would be great but this is a tourist mecca and this is the nicest hotel in the area so I didn't mind the cost. Would definitely stay there again.

    27/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Scott E.
    This hotel is attached to the Water Park of America.....huge indoor water park.  Park fee is not neccesarily included in room rate, so be sure to shop around.  The rooms are very family friendly, including bunk beds for the kids in many rooms separate from the parents bed area.  If you are staying here without kids, there are NO separate pool, hot tub or sauna area from the water park.  Also, ask at the front desk if any of the suites are available.  Often times, they will upgrade you to a fantastic suite at no extra charge.  Again, if staying here without kids, ask to be on the upper floors...they try to separate the guests a bit and not having screaming 5 year olds is a huge plus.  

    I stay here approximately once a month.  Its one of my favorite hotels in the area.

    16/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Clark H.
    Theoretically this is a new hotel, but the construction was so poorly done it is literally falling apart. The A/C on our floor was broken in the hallway and it smelled and felt like a tropical forest. Save your money and stay at the Holiday Inn Express across the street!

    02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Genieve D.
    Very nice hotel, kid friendly and a steal if you go through hotels.com . Stayed here with two school ages kids...didn't know they had a phenomenal indoor pool park...should have brought the bikini.

    05/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Barb M.
    The rooms are perfect for families visiting the mall or water park - with several room types that have bunk beds.  

    Having said that, the place was *loud* at night with marauding groups of kids (or teens??) walking up and down the halls.  

    Also, the lines to check in on Friday and Saturday evenings are horrible - it took us over 45 minutes to get to the front desk on Friday, and the line looked even worse on Saturday. I can't recommend staying here on a weekend.

    06/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. David W.
    Nice digs!

    The staff was friendly and the room was very nice and modern. Ours had two queens AND a pull-out couch and was much deeper than the average hotel room. Fortunately, we got a room facing the outside of the hotel (vs facing the waterpark--I heard from another guest the noise from the park travels easy).

    Worked out in the fitness center, which overlooks the waterpark. Pretty nice with three treadmills, three ellipticals, a bike, free weights, a cable machine, and a couple other weight machines along with a water cooler and towels.

    On a chalkboard by the front desk, I saw they had activities every night. Tonight was etch-your-own beer or wine glass (for free). Mine actually turned out halfway decent. Best part was, they give you a ticket for a free beer at the hotel bar too!! Score!

    Bar service was good with decent beers on tap (Blue Moon, Honeyweiss, Bell's IPA, Coors Light and one or two more)

    We also ate at the hotel restaurant. They had a variety of foods with something to match any price range ($8-30). I got the cheese pizza. Nothing to blow my mind away with, but still pretty good and reasonably priced. Our waiter was fantastic.

    Whether you are here for the waterpark or just stopping by, the Radisson is a great place to stay in the MOA/MSP Airport area.

    23/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Christy N.
    I have two little kids with the misfortune to each be born in January.  As a mom, it's made me pretty adept at finding fun winter birthday party locations.  My 11 year old daughter decided this year she wanted her party at the Waterpark of America.  We've never been there which was a mistake on my part to have not visited it prior to the party.

    We arrived at our appointed time - 12:30 on a Saturday.  It was sheer pandemonium. There were people...everywhere.  Mobbing the hallways, the parking lot, the front desks, etc.  I finally got myself to the check in desk for parties and the kids behind the desk were super nice but very likely were baked out of their minds.  They were pretty confused but they seemed to be trying to help each other through, so I was patient.  When I got my wristbands, I was told to "go up there," for my party.  Thinking there must be an obvious party area, I foolishly went inside the water park without further assistance.  There were about 6 frillion people in there and it was so hot in there that I immediately began sweating.  It was also kind of stressful since we were lugging around gifts and party giveaways. After circling around a bit, I found "up there," the elevated party area.  There was a table there with our name on it but no one approached us for about 20 minutes.  The woman who finally did was really helpful, however.

    After our little lunch with the kids, we all went down to the locker rooms to change into our suits.  This is when I began to wonder if I was in a third world country.  There were about 50 lockers along one wall completely covered in hanging bras, underwear, jeans, boots, pants and various other things.  These things were literally strewn all over every available floor and counter space, in the sinks, hanging from shower heads and hooks.  It was jaw dropping.  There were also boys of almost every age walking through the women's locker room and people were at various states of dress everywhere. People were also eating lunch in this sweaty mess, so there were wet crackers and parts of sandwiches and soda cans amidst everything else.  Um, yeah.  I rented a locker for $6 but later noticed that people put their belongings pretty much anywhere and everywhere in the locker room and everywhere in the park.

    Finally, we made it out alive and back into the water park.  This part was pretty fun actually.  They have lots of activities for all ages and I never felt completely overwhelmed by people because the place is pretty spread out.  My older girls were able to go out on their own and have a blast and my youngest was able to play with me in the more shallow waters of the wave pool.

    I weirded out a little that they don't require you to remove your shoes when actually inside the water park.  So, people were tromping through in their boots, sometimes actually walking in the water a little bit at times while most people were running around barefoot.

    I spent about $250 for 8 kids for the day, including lunch.  In the future, I'll bypass the whole birthday party package and just buy tickets for the afternoon.  The barely private party space along with the slice of pizza and cupcake that we get wasn't really worth it.  It was also a pretty big headache trying to figure out everything on my own while there (no helper or party guide).  There's a full cantina thing there and prices are pretty reasonable, so we probably would've had more fun just doing that.

    All in all, a fun day.  Leave all expectations of organization or cleanliness at home, however - it's gonna be a mess.

    07/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Gradon T.
    Last month, I had a flight from Vancouver to Boston with a layover in Minneapolis. It's a long day of travel (about 9 hours total), but I was leaving early in the day and would land in time to go home and go to bed.

    Or so I thought.

    Vancouver had an uncommon amount of snow that day; I didn't board the plane until an hour after it was scheduled to leave, and then we sat on the tarmac for two hours to de-ice and take off.

    Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight to Boston. Or would have, if that flight hadn't been canceled because Boston was getting bombarded with snow, too.

    I went up to the Northwest Airlines check-in peeps to find out I'd already been rescheduled. For the next day.

    Preparing my fragile psyche for a night in the chair of an airport terminal, I was surprised when the attendant told me they'd pay for a hotel for the night.

    And it wasn't just any rinky-dink hotel. It was the Radisson Bloomington.

    The Radisson Bloomington is about 10 minutes from the Minneapolis airport, steps away from the Mall of America. I'm not that impressed by malls, but I was impressed by the ( waterparkofamerica.com ) Water Park of America - located inside the hotel. Pretty sweet.

    The hotel itself is very nice. The lobby area is like all of Minneapolis - spacious. This was no cramped Boston hotel. The hotel staff was very gracious and professional, even though the front desk was being overrun by frustrated travelers.

    Before heading up to my room, I stopped into Split Rock Grille, the restaurant/lounge inside the hotel. I'll review that separately, but it was nice to get real food after 12+ hours in airports and planes.

    The room, on the 4th floor, had quality typical of a Radisson, but the design was well executed. Of course there's the king size bed, the stiff sofa and coffee table, the desk. But, because it's located in a big tourism area, there's an additional bunk bed hidden behind a curtain. I didn't need it that night, but it was a nice touch.

    The bed. Really, is there anything better than a giganto hotel bed? After the kind of day I had, I passed out in that thing and slept like the dead.

    The next morning, I checked out - again, super nice personnel - and made my way back to the airport for day 2 of traveling home - this time stopping in Baltimore. I made it home that night, no worse for wear.

    My luggage wasn't so lucky. It didn't get home for another 2 days.

    21/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Amanda S.
    Our stay there was our first and it was pretty good. We got the room for $50 a night on expedia.  We stayed at 4 Raddisons during our trip and this was the only one that didn't have a sleep number bed but it was the only one with a microwave and one of 2 that had a fridge for no extra charge.

    The room itself was huge. It had plenty of room for our portable playpen and the protable jollyjumper. We had a king size bed but there were also 2 bunk beds built into the wall and a pull out couch. So it would be a great place to stay with a large group or a family.

    The room service food was yummy. For dinner the first night we had chicken quesadillas, spinach artachoke dip, and 2 burgers. For breakfast the next morning we had a vegetable egg omlet and stake & eggs. We didn't notice untl later that there was an 8% service charge but not having to leave the hotel after a long day of driving, it was totally worth it.

    The hotel has a huge waterpark and pool but if you go during the week during the school year don't expect to use it because it is not open to hotel guests. We looked like idiots walking through the loby in our bathing suits only to find it was closed. It would have been nice if someone told us at check in.

    I have no idea where the parking lot was in relation to the hotel because we decided to spend the $10 or $20 (I can't remember which one) a night to park in the VIP parking right in front. If you are planning to do a lot of shopping at the mall I recomend the VIP parking.

    01/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Kevin D.
    What a great hotel for the price. My room was very spacious--queen sized bed, and even came with two extra bunk beds tucked in the corner! Very clean, and conveniently located near the airport and the Mall of America, to which the hotel offers free shuttles. The staff, though, seemed rather off putting, which is my only complaint about this place. Overall, a good hotel, and I would definitely come back here.

    15/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Alex R.
    My one-night stay at the Radisson Mall of America was a Hotwire booking. I say that because it seems this sometimes has an impact on the level of customer service I receive at certain hotels.

    I had been staying in downtown Minneapolis so I took the MetroLink to the Mall of America stop, then crossed the mall and walked to the hotel. From the mall itself to the hotel was about a half-mile walk. The young lady at the front desk of course asked for a credit card; with over $300 in authorizations on my card from other hotels, I decided to inquire about a cash deposit. She informed me that it was normally $200, but that she would do it for $100. I was fine with that, but was somewhat taken aback when I had to sign a document that advised of charges for check-out later than 11:00 a.m. I was then told that I would not receive my deposit back until after someone from the hotel had inspected the room. I suppose I am used to more upscale hotels - I found it somewhat offensive. That finished, I went to my room.

    My room was rather large, with two double beds. What I immediately did not like was how dark it was. The window opened to the attached waterpark (which was closed) so there was no natural light. Even when turning on all the lights in the room, however, the room was still dark and the colors depressing.

    The room was also hot when I arrived, so I immediately turned the thermostat down to cool it off. Nothing seemed to happen; I tried running the fan as well, to no avail. Hoping it would cool down while I was gone, I went over to the Mall of America to explore. When I returned, however, the thermostat indicated the temperature had not changed at all and the room was still balmy and hot. I called the front desk and they sent a maintenance person to my room. After checking several things, turning it off and on, etc., he informed me that it was working. I fell asleep but woke up sweating because of the heat.

    In the morning, I hastened to the front desk due to the strict check-out times. I told the young lady at the front desk (Jess, I believe) about the terrible night I had due to the air conditioning not working. She replied "ok" and when I elaborated further, she again said "ok". I asked her if that was all she had to say, to which she answered, "what do you want me to say? I am trying to get you checked out." I told her an apology would have been nice, which really was all I was looking for. Finally, after a few radios I assume to housekeeping, she handed me my deposit without saying anything further.

    I typically only stay at four and five-star hotels; this one was 3.5-stars, which I would never have rated it as such. The service was terrible, the facility average - if you are going to the Mall of America and not the waterpark, the location is not that convenient and the hotel's shuttles to the Mall run only once an hour. I had a terrible night sleep because of the temperature; the bedding, however, is nothing special and the beds remind me of those in a Days Inn. There are better hotels available all around.

    09/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Jimmy P.
    Monday 10/03/2011 thru Thursday 10/06/2011

    I had a GREAT experience checking in. The young lady at the Front Desk was as sweet as can be. I forgot her name but she was from Florida. We talked about her moving from a warm climate to a COLD one.

    I like to stay high up so I asked her for a room on a higher floor and she was more then accommodating.

    The room was great. It was HUGE. It had a King and two bunk beds. WOW!
    If you have family, you should go to this hotel.

    I did not have any problems. I would stay here again.

    08/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Neela P.
    Probably the worst experience in any hotel in my life.  I was given this reservation through a hotel discount for cancelled flights. I called the hotel to confirm where to get the shuttle at the airport, told them it would take me about 15 minutes to walk to the parking area for the hotel shuttles.  I waited over 30 minutes, no shuttle, called the hotel back, and here was her response, "the shuttle was sent out immediately after your call, he got there in 5 minutes and not seeing you left, sorry forgot to tell you to call us when you get there, now there is another lady who is going to call us, so the driver should be there momentarily".  Another 25 minutes, now they are not answering their phone at the hotel.
    Well, after waiting over an hour and ten minutes, the shuttle shows up.  He does not seem to care, excuses about only one shuttle, taking people to the Mall, new girl at the phone, etc.
    I ask for the manager while checking in, there is only one Supervisor, who too is most disinterested.  After all making this reservation, gave them the money, whether I like it or not.
    I go to their coffee stand to get a croissant, a note saying the attendant is away, ask Reception for help.  Supervisor's reaction is, "she must be in the restroom, just wait".

    I have written a note for the manager, wonder if I will here any thing from him/her!  Will update if I do.

    14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Chris B.
    Great clean place to stay! Close to the mall, easy access, kid friendly. Hotel has a great restaurant and bar. Didn't have a chance to utilize the waterpark, but it looked awesome! They even had a surf wave! I would highly recommend this place!

    04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Jonathan W.
    This is a public shout out to am awesome employee of this particular hotel. Steven Toffer the security guard was an outstanding gentleman. He's the Security guard, he did not have to do anything but stand around!! This guy was on it!! He was talking to the guests, asking if he can do anything for them, right from the moment I walked into the lobby.

    But of special note...I have a story. My wife and baby and myself were forced to do a one night layover. The problem was we were running out of baby food and formula. But the closest source was a mile away in the snow in the dead of night. Steven Toffer suggested some solutions but they were not terribly feasible. So he offered without hesitation to drive me down to pick up supplies. AWESOME!!!

    Really outstanding service.

    The Pizza from the restaurant was horrible though. But I live in NYC so all pizza will suck!!

    21/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Austen H.
    We stayed at the Radisson from a priceline deal so it was a great deal. The room was beautiful! We had a room that had a nice king sized bed that was so comfortable (even more so sense we'd been sleeping on an air bed) and there were two bunkbeds built into the wall. It was lovely and they havea shuttle to the mall of amerca ever hour on the half hour (ie 4:30, 5:30, ect) which is handy if you don't want to drive and aren't buying a lot. They didn't have breakfast for us because of some work that was being done on that area but I'll deffinately go back and stay here again...

    12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Dan T.
    I am staying at the Radisson Hotel Bloomington.

    The room I have is on the second floor above the laundry rooms 240 to 259
    make sure you never get these rooms. The laundry is operating all night long
    washing and drying towels from the water-park and keeps you up.

    I inquired at the front desk and they indicated that no one has ever complained. This is not true because I asked a person in 248 and they said they had complained just a few hours earlier. I am positive that we are not the only ones. They also indicated that they would not make any room changes. UNBELIEVABLE. I made these reservations months ago for two nights and now this is what we get.

    Another sleepless night,

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Laurel S.
    We decided to make a last minute trip up to Minneapolis over spring break.  We called the hotel on our way up and made a reservation for 2 nights for $179 per night including waterpark passes.  Had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.

    The pros -- the room was great for families.  2 sets up bunk beds in a nook, 2 bathroom sinks (one in the bathroom, one out), fridge, microwave, 42" flat screen tv.  The waterpark was awesome.  My kids had a blast!  Lots of bathroom toiletries and pretty good quality.

    The cons --   queen sized be (come on, its a FAMILY room, give poor mom and dad a KING!)  Hairdryer was pathetic.  Needed a quick breakfast, found coffee shop in lobby but 3 muffins and coffee was $14!!!!  

    I would recommend this for families looking for a place to stay near the mall.

    16/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Tanesha F.
    We booked a two day stay here last minute just to give us something to do over presidents weekend. We stayed the first night and had a great time. Went to swim in the park and then came to our room and ordered room service. We ordered a steak medium rare and when we received it it was more than well done. The kitchen staff replaced the steak with a whole extra plate of food and the steak the second time was perfectly cooked. No questions asked. The second day we headed to the park only to find out that it wasn't open during the week. Being that we only booked the rooms to enjoy the park we asked if we could check out and not be charged for the day. The hotel staff politely reimbursed us for the day and gave us free passes for the next time we came back. Even though they made no mistake they happily reimbursed us. We always have a great time when we come here and we appreciate the great service. We will be back!

    22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. MR Z.
    Many Many thing wrong about this hotel, BUT it could be very very nice.

    Parking lot was packed, I had to park on they back side of the hotel.
    25 minutes to check in, with only 2 people checking guests in.
    Water park was PACKED which made the park very unpleasant.
    They sell water passes to people who are not staying at the hotel.  And hotel guest that are paying to stay there don't get any special treatment.
    I will NEVER stay here again

    Whats right
    The hotel staff was friendly
    The room was very nice, we had a king bed with bunk beds in "secret" area for the kids.  They loved their little get away.

    What the hotel needs to do is:
    Priority parking for hotel guest
    Express line for hotel guest in the water park

    04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Patrick M.
    Stayed here a couple times and this time I start my review at 4am, not because I'm just getting up, but rather haven't slept yet. We are staying in the rooms with the bunkbeda because my son likes them, you would think with them being kid friendly the walls would be better soundproof, but are paper thin. The people next door might as well be in our room talking as I can hear everything. The waterpark was the main reason we came, the people that go there are a bunch of slobs though, nothing but dirty towels laying everywhere and leftover food covering the tables. I use my discount which makes it kind of worth it. If I had to pay full price I probably would not be inclined to go back.

    26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. Kristi S.
    We were on the 8th floor.  Room was quiet and had high ceilings.  Fridge, microwave, and safe in the room.  Bunk beds were a hit with the kids.  High ceilings, large array of pillows and large flat screen TV.  Everything was clean which is a HUGE deal for me.  Bed was very firm which my husband liked, me nornso much.  No breakfast included.  Water park priced separately.

    22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Jaramy N.
    I stayed here during a recent visit to MN...booked via air/hotel pkg deal.
    easy shuttle service from airport. The trip from airport to hotel our driver was very engaging & friendly. Unfortunately I didn't catch his name. The shuttle back was strictly business, no passenger engagement. But, he did get us to the airport safely and on time which is really all I cared about.
    Easy, quick checkin
    Close proximity to MOA - if that interests you.
    microwave/fridge in room - nice when you end up with left overs from meals out.
    room (hotel overall) had a very nice decor.
    wild rice pizza @ split rock grille- that will have its own review

    room service missed our room one day. We were still getting ready to leave when room service came. I asked if they could come back, she replied "yes". Came back to an unmade room & limited towels that night.
    AC outlets are odd. They don't have a secure fit. Trying to charge my phone was a delicate act of plugging in the charge just right and then trying hard not to jostle the cord. This was on multiple outlets throughout the room.
    Speaking of cell phones, coverage is horrible throughout the hotel & even out into the parking lot. Not the hotels fault, but if you plan on tethering your phone/laptop or doing anything with your phone good luck.
    water park seems a bit spendy ($18.95 half day / $24.95 full day). Disclaimer, I didn't use it so maybe the cost is justified. If you are a family with kids plan on spending a wad on admissions.

    All in all for my next visit to MN if the price is right I would stay at this hotel again.

    30/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    24. A H.
    Hotel is nice but the restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. Our room was very spacious with 2 sets of bunk beds in a separate area from the queen bed. Kids loved the idea of a TV in their area. Reason for 3 stars. Restaurant needs improvement in both price and food. Housekeeping left a garbage sack with soiled pads in the bathroom and the main TV had a glitch in it and the screen would cut out occasionally.  Would stay here again though because the waterpark is great and when you book a AAA room package it is a great deal!

    23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Frank M.
    Great place to stay. Rooms are large and very clean. I was traveling for business, but if you're traveling with the family this is a great place, the rooms have bunkbeds in them for the kids in a separate space.
    Also this hotel is connected to the world's largest indoor waterpark.

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Brian N.
    For our family's biggest summer vacation, we headed to Bloomington, MN, to stay at the Radisson Waterpark Of America and to visit the Mall Of America. We got all packed up and headed 4 hours south to The Cities. This will be our first time staying at the Radisson Waterpark Of America. We were worried because Jodi called to ask if they had an ADA handicapped room with a roll-in shower. They said they did not. I called the same place not knowing Jodi called there earlier. I asked the same thing that Jodi asked: if they had an ADA handicapped room with a roll-in shower, and they said they did. So, we were not sure what to expect when checking into our room, but we were hopeful that our stay would go smoothly.

    Arriving at the hotel, the lobby was packed with people. The line was very long, and they had ropes to the counter, but a kind gentleman that was staying as well helped move the ropes for me. When getting up to the counter to check in, the counter was too high for being in a wheelchair. It would have been nice to see a lower counter for me to sign and not be looked down on. We were not recognized for being Club Carlson members. I showed the hostess my number, and she said, "Oh I have it right here."

    We got the package that got us four passes to Waterpark Of America and four passes to Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall Of America. We needed to get me a dry pass, since I am in a wheelchair and could not access all the areas. When I made the reservation, they said that it would be at a discounted price.

    As we got to our room we saw room service plates in front of our door. It was very unappealing and not a good start to our stay. There was cleaning staff down the hall. As we are getting ready to go to the waterpark, we thought she would take it. But, when we left the room, the plates were still there. Also, while in the room, I had to use the bathroom, and the toilet seat was very loose. I was afraid to fall off or that it was going to break. Others used the toilet and said the seat being that loose was scary.

    We headed down to the waterpark and wanted to talk to a manager. We were not looking forward to being in the long line. We saw a maintenance staff coming by. His name was Roberto. We told him we wanted to speak to a manager. He asked what the issue was. Roberto went and got the manager on duty, William (Willie). While we were waiting to talk to the manager, Roberto went right away to fix the toilet seat. We told William the issues that we had since check-in, and he said, if we had any other problems, to let him know.

    We got to the waterpark counter to get my dry pass, and the same thing as in the main lobby: the counter was too high. We asked for a pass for wheelchair, and the lady was charging us full price. We said that it was for wheelchair, and that I am not going to be able to take full advantage of the park. But, she still rung us up for full price. Then, we mentioned that when we made our reservation, they said I could get a dry pass that would be at a discounted price. She finally gave us the correct pass.

    Overall, our family enjoyed Waterpark Of America, there just needs to be more tubes for the amount of people that visit. For wheelchairs, there is plenty to do, with easy access to the wave pool and in Fort Snelling (the water playground with the giant bucket). There was a lift chair to lower you into the water into a tube near the Lazy River. The only challenge was the accessible ramp that goes across to the other side of the park. It had some steep parts, so being by myself would have been difficult. And the visitors that use the ramp would have to turn around so we could get by, luckily people were considerate, but that may not be the case all the time. A standard size 32" wheelchair will work best in the waterpark and in the hotel. Also, inside the waterpark the air was cold, a lot of us were shivering.  

    Back in our room to shower, I rolled into the shower, and I couldn't reach the showerhead. If someone was staying by themselves, they wouldn't be able to reach the showerhead. So, I am glad I had my family there. When I was not using the showerhead, there was nowhere to hang it, raise it, or lower it to where I needed it. The bar that I would place the showerhead to where I needed it was there but the hook on the showerhead was missing.

    The king-size bed was a nice size for Jodi and I. But, with having one leg to get up from the bed, the bed was too low. When we were lying in bed, I noticed inside the light above the bed was full of dust. It was gross and didn't seem to reach the Radisson's high standards. Christopher and Jonathan really enjoyed the bunk beds that were in the wall, with little nightlights, and a curtain. KayMarie thought the sofa bed was okay, but the bar in the middle hurt her back. And, there were no blankets for her. I had to call and request them.

    Even though there were some issues, our family did enjoy our stay, it's a STOP IN

    04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Peter M.
    Good Radisson that I stayed for two nights in Nov 2013. Had an internal room that backed on the water park, which looked really fun. Room was clean and neat. Very recently remodeled from the looks of it. Smallish, but I was there on business, so I wasn't needing more than a bed and a place to work. Both were comfortable.

    However, the cellphone reception was terrible. I had two calls drop because of bad reception there. I had to go out on the balcony in order to complete the calls.

    Bottom Line: Good for business, bad for cellphone reception. Probably great for a vacation where you don't want the office to find you... "WHAT.... I can't hear you... sorry... I'm on vacation...yeah... BYE!" ;)

    29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. Alanna M.
    We arrived at the Radisson at 1pm yesterday.  Despite the fact that check in wasn't until 4pm, we were able to check in early.  The front desk staff was so kind and accommodating.  We immediately went to the water park.  It was phenomenal.  The water slides were the best we have been on.  The rooms are beautiful.  Tons of counter space to spread out, nice and warm, a desk with chair if you want to do work, a couch and coffee table, microwave and fridge.  The beds and pillows are very comfortable as well.  The shower head is better than mine at home and I love mine!  The fitness room is well lit and spacious with plenty of equipment.  This is in a great location, across the street from the Mall of America and about 10 minutes from the airport.  Just down the street is also a Walmart and Walgreens in case you need some snack food or you have forgotten something.

    We are here for another night so we'll see if it can get better!  So far this is the nicest hotel I have stayed in when thinking of comfort and amenities.

    10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. David S.
    It's an ok hotel.  The restaurant is rated pretty poorly, though, so I'm disappointed that we have to drive to have a really good meal. The shower is great and there are bunk beds in the room, which I've never seen before...we don't have kids, but it was fun to hang out in the top bunk for a little bit to irritate my wife.   They could have washed the duvet because it has small black hairs all over it.  The bed is pretty comfortable and the room is spacious.  If I come back, I would stay here again because, for the price, it's probably the best bet in the area.

    14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Erica L.
    I recently stayed here with a couple of friends/family members.  I am confident in saying that none of us will be returning.  When we first arrived we noticed the room was not very clean.  Immediately we noticed giant red stains all over the carpet, white crusty stains on the curtains (ew!!), and the bed wasn't even made nicely.  We were all there just looking for an evening of relaxation with no kids or work to worry about so we decided to look past that.  Later in the evening we decided to pull a chair over to the table to play a card game.  Immediately we noticed like 10 old french fries left from a previous guest...are you kidding me?!? That's where I draw the line if you can't clean something so obvious I start to question how clean everything else is.  I went online and filled out a form to try to get some sort of response on the situation.  This company seems to pride themselves in their customer service but it took 9 days to get any kind of response and about a week from when I received an email saying I should hear back within 48 hours.  Their response pretty much said "we responded to the person the hotel was booked under thanks." They couldn't even apologize for the experience! As someone who has worked in customer service for years this type of behavior is extremely unprofessional and unacceptable.

    17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    31. Smitha A.
    I really want to give this hotel 4 stars at least but the housekeeping brought them down.  
    -  Great family rooms.  King size bed with bunk beds for the kids, large
    -  Great buffet breakfast deal (if not free then $14.95)
    -  FREE shuttle to the Mall of AMerica and the airport
    -  I called for housekeeping 3 times before someone came to clean our room at 8 p.m.  I had been calling all day.
    -  My son caught norovirus there last year.

    But it has excellent access to the Waterpark which is a hghtlight of every trip to MN.

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Jon B.
    Big fan of this MSP/MOA property.....best of both worlds.  Wifey and I staying here tonight.   Hotel staff is always spot on.  Very attentive to our needs.  We love the waterpark in the winter.  Who wouldn't.  Rooms are clean and very modern.   Love the shuttle service to and from the MOA.   If you come here....ask for Stephanie as your server in the restaurant.  She gets it right.

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. April P.
    Very nice hotel, nice rooms, friendly service and the bunk beds are always a hit with the kids. We didn't go to the watermark because it was closed the week we were there.

    28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Hector M.
    # of times I've stayed at a hotel with bunk beds in the room: 0
    # of times I've stayed at a hotel with an indoor water park: 0
    # of times I attempted to get into the top bunk: 1
    # of bones I figured I would break getting out of the top bunk: 2
    # of times I heard about the Mall of America (across the street): 121
    # of families staying at the hotel: 74
    # of vodka brands I ordered before being told that they only carry Pinnacle vodka: 3
    # of minutes via cab from airport = 10 ($20)

    06/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. Gil H.
    This was a 'Stay to Play' hotel for my son's hockey tournament.   Meaning... that they will have several hockey teams staying there.   So for the first 3 nights there,  everything was great.  Water park was fun.. Close to the rinks..  amenities right up the street.   No complaints.   The front desk was great...    all of the other staff in the restaurant and bar were great.   Then..  the last night there..   while some .. probably non permitted party in their lobby complete with lots of alcohol was going on..  the manager (so he says he was the manager..) stops me at the elevator when Im trying to go to my room after my son's game.    I was carrying his hockey bag, as well as his two sticks.   The same thing I had done after several other games during our stay.   This manager demanded that I not take the sticks to my room.   He had the nerve to state that my kids would knock sprinkler heads off with them..  and things would be broken in the room and hallway if I was to take them up.    I told him I was there for several days prior, and had no issues before now.   He invited me to either leave them in the car, check them with the hotel, or find somewhere else to stay.    I live in Los Angeles.  This hotel is in Minnesota.    And it was cold.    Bottom line, This 'manager's' customer service level was -8.   I will not be staying here again.    I still am baffled at a hotel that expects hockey players to stay,  while being harassed about the hockey equipment.  I should also point out that this was never brought up during reservations, check in, nor while walking through the hotel carrying my son's sticks.   Get it together, Radisson.   You have a nice property there.    Get a manager that isn't so abrasive and rude.  I really wish I remembered what his name was.   I would have been more than happy to post it here.   This was on Saturday, 7th March 2015.

    09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    36. Jen K.
    I'm giving this place five stars...however please note that I only actually stayed here for about 5 hours.

    Long story short, after being stranded at the airport on my way home from a business trip I was given a voucher for another hotel. The other hotel was so terrible there was no way I could sleep there. So I called this Radisson at 1:30 in the morning to get a room.

    They were super friendly and helpful. When I finally made it to my room, I found that they had upgraded me to a suite. The room was clean and comfortable with a lovely bathtub and large bathroom. I wished I could stay longer. This would be a great place for families as it had a separate bunk bed area for the kids. Really smart idea.

    If I'm ever stranded overnight in Minneapolis again, I'll be back.

    13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Kate L.
    Clean convenient hotel. Rooms get very dark which is nice. A little noisy in the hall - thin walls but slept well on a nice firm mattress.

    Restaurant at breakfast was sub par. Bland omlette and greasy home fries. Nice service though hostess and waiter.

    Really accommodating at early check in. Gym was clean and well equipped even with headphones!

    Shuttle to and from mall is only like every hour. Smarter and easier to take a cab.

    07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    38. Kayla B.
    I filled out the survey e-mailed to me by the hotel after our stay with the same complaints. A manager contacted me, and I was refunded $25 from my hotel cost. It's nice to see that the staff is keeping track of feedback and taking it seriously.

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    39. Terrance D.
    I had no choice but to stay here due to delays in my flight. I only stayed here for less than 10hrs. During my stay, everything seemed clean and they also provided a rob after my shower, which was relaxing. I slept well in the comfy beds. I loved seeing the bunk beds in my room. This place served its purpose during my short stay.

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Tyler D.
    My boyfriend and I stayed here for Valentine's Day. The hotel staff let us check-in at 1:00pm even though the check-in time was supposed to be 4:00pm. We were pleased with how nice the hotel room looked and how clean it was; surprisingly the room came with a pull out couch, microwave, and small refrigerator. The bathroom was very typical nothing special. What we were very surprised about is that the bed was quite comfortable. Although the hotel was extremely busy with all of its rooms being booked for the weekend, I thought the staff all seemed very calm and maintained a positive attitude. The water park is very big but not as impressive as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong I think the water park was really fun, but it is something that will be a lot more entertaining for the kids.

    The one situation that was a big disappointment is that the parking was god awful; the establishment did not create enough parking spots for both the water park guests and hotel guests. We ended up having to park in another hotel's parking lot across the street. One other negative experience from staying here is that there were kids everywhere you looked. I absolutely love kids, but I could not believe that the hotel was allowing soaking wet kids from the water park to run around the hotel lobby and leave puddles of water everywhere. In addition, the morning after our check-in there were a lot of kids running up and down the hallways. I pretty much expected for there to be a lot of noise from kids due to the water park, so I tried not to think too much about it. I will note however that the hotel could do a better job with controlling the rowdiness. If you are thinking about staying here, then be sure to take into account the noise level you may experience.

    One last note is regarding the shuttle bus. Although the shuttle bus driver was extremely nice, I was very surprised they were only running one bus during the time I stayed here. As mentioned before the hotel was fully booked. There was always a line of people waiting to board the shuttle bus to get to Mall of America. My boyfriend and I had to wait between 30 minutes to an hour for the shuttle bus to pick us up from the hotel or to pick us up from Mall of America.

    20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Laura B.
    Very satisfied with the hotel and their service! It was a great place to bring the kids. They let us check in early and check out late, which was great for our stay-cation.

    Only down side- the breakfast buffet was a glorified continental breakfast for $15 per person.

    06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0