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Residence Inn by Marriott-Minneapolis Downtown City Center in Minneapolis, MN

Residence Inn by Marriott-Minneapolis Downtown City Center in Minneapolis, MN


Extended stay hotel is located in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis. The hotel is part of the Skyway System, which connects 11 miles of businesses Downtown. Next door to Nicollet Mall and a few blocks away from Target Field, Target Center, Minneapolis Convention Center, the Theater District, and is surrounded by places to shop and many widely known restaurants, bars, and entertainment.
We've perfected the extended stay experience by combining the comforts of the modern home with our passion for making every guest feel welcome.  Our spacious suites are equipped with kitchens, separate living areas, king beds, internet-ready desks, and brand new high-definition flat screen TVs. Maintain your lifestyle with our state of the art fitness facility or fulfill your craving at our 24-hour Market or our complimentary hot breakfast buffet.
Pet Policy
   Pets allowed, non-refundable sanitation fee: 100 USD; contact hotel for details
Check in: 3pm
Check out: 12pm


Company Info:

Rating: 3.47

Address: 45 S 8th St, Minneapolis, MN, 55402
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Comments (19):

1. Jason M.
Hotels that make you say Hmmmm.

The hotel is solid.  The room is spacious with a fridge, stovetop and refrigerator.  Two large flat screens help make up for the odd smell that permeated the room when I walked in.  hmmmm...

The fitness center has two ellipticals and two treadmills as well as a handful of dumbells.  The cardio machines have HDTV's attached so bring your headphones but be aware that they tv's don't have the broadcast stations (fox, nbc, cbs and abc) hmmmmm......

The internet definitely slowed down as the day went on and more people checked-in so get your work done early.

All in all, not too bad for the price but a couple of little annoying things along the way keep it from being a slam dunk.

09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Happy B.
Is there a  minus rating available for this particular hotel ?
Damn, this place sucks. I have been to many other RIs the best award goes to the one on Tudor wharf in Boston.
Starting from the reception till the room and the fittings in it. Its all poor.
Lets start with the reception. There are people unhelpful all the time. The ladies in the morning are just plain dumb. The fellas in the night are irreverent. It is impossible to communicate with them. And this is not just a one off instance. The room I am in paying 419 a night, has water that flow from the tap is about 60% the rate of what it should normally flow when the tap is fully opened. The controls in jacuzi just come off. Try telling them about it, the answer I got was that.. 'well, go upstairs and check it out again. This is all we have ' OR ' this is the policy of the hotel. This is all we can provide' OR 'The manager isn't in until XYZ you talk to the manager' OR you can either stay or buzz off.
You ask them about the places near by. They ask you to turn around use the computer and google for it yourself. I can do it on my own laptops... I am like damn, I need some human interaction.
If you are just staying for a night, I guess its alrightish, but if you are coming here for a longer term like I did, you are in for a lot of surprises. One of my most in-hospitable experience so far in America. Even though my company is footing the bill I am searching for an apartment on a lease for a couple of weeks, that'd be better than this place, I feel. No wonder all my colleagues are at every other hotel in town but this one.

04/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. A A.
Was here Oct, 2011 because husband was attending a conference. We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite because one of our friend's was also going to the conference.  The bedrooms were a generous size and allowed personal space.  The living room area was small but we were not going to entertain--so what.  The dining table could easily sit 4.  The kitchen was well supplied for cooking but not baking.  The appliances are full sized: stove/oven, refrigerator, microwave.  If you want to buy groceries, Target is 1 block away and carries everything you might want.  There is a wonderful breakfast (eggs, breakfast meat, toast, cold cereal, juice, yogurt, etc), and afternoon wine/beer with some light dinner food provided without additional cost. If this isn't good enough--you can take up to your room whatever you want and create your own dish.  I made a great microwave apple crumble from their breakfast items.

This hotel is located right where you want to be to explore metropolitan Minneapolis as a newcomer.  Hennepin Ave. seems to have the music and theater events.  There are many restaurants surrounding you.  Exploring the various shopping areas using the raised, enclosed walkways was a blast!. One shopping atrium has a waterfall!! There are great restaurants and bars within a 10-15 min. walk.  I felt safe walking at night.

Do not miss the farmer's market that occurs on Thursdays around the corner from the hotel.  I never knew that there were so many types of apples that never make to California. "Cheese curds" is something that I've also never seen but taste great--took a bag home.

There is a great looking candy store right next door...

22/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Rachel K.
I visited Minneapolis this past weekend for the first time and we stayed here. For the price  I gotta say that the hotel was awesome. It was a huge hotel room with a small kitchen, living area, king size bed, bathroom, and desk. This place was bigger than my 450 sq ft studio I used to live in, which is saying a lot for a downtown hotel room. Not only that, but it was classy looking. No hideous flowery bedspread and poorly done paintings. Nice furniture, free wireless internet, free breakfast in the mornings, and super friendly service.

If I take another trip to Minneapolis and need a hotel downtown I will definitely stay here again.

18/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Caroline Q.
We stayed here for two nights.  Nice kitchen area.  I could hear the people out in the hall far too well to feel safe believing I'd be able to stay asleep once I got there.  (I had a studio room.)  Internet worked most of the time.  Good location, close to Panera and the rest of Nicollet.  We walked to the Metrodome in about 15 min. - if even that.  Target's close by as well.  I think the thing that irritated me the most, well there were two things, one: the a/c vent blew on us directly all night.  The second night we wised up and turned the thermostat up.  The second thing that really bothered me was that they charged us for local calls.  !!  Are you kidding me?  $.50 per call?  That was as chincy as chincy can get.  Good enough breakfasts and excellent location.  I'd consider staying here again.  I'd have given it 2.75 stars if I could have.

04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Chris Y.
I just stayed here for one night, but I thought it was pretty nice, and I wouldn't mind staying here again.  The rooms are nice, modern, clean.  Not as big as I expected, but still plenty comfortable.  The front desk staff was friendly and helpful.  For the room I got, I thought the price was very reasonable!

There were a few downsides, but really minor stuff.  The lobby is small and unimpressive, but it's not like I spend much time hanging out in lobbies.  The front desk gave me the wireless password, but I just couldn't get my laptop online for some reason.  Most annoyingly, the parking was $13 for one night.  and I had to drive around the block once to get there from the front of the hotel.

08/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. M B.
Not a five star but... as noted, worthy of four. Staff is good, rooms were great (clean) and very comfortable. Location is perfect (attached to every shopping whim for my daughters/wife). For a not-so-busy, Minneapolis street side room, pleasantly quiet. Pick the other side of the hall for quieter. Reasonable parking rates and the ramp felt quite secure. The included breakfast buffet was tended to proficiently. As I'm thinking about what to add on the negative side.... hmmm, there isn't anything. Two hundred for a weekend night was, in my mind, a bargain for the comfort my family and I deserve on an Easter weekend getaway. Bravo Marriott.

02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. SubClass M.
Everything was great until I looked at my credit card bill.

Seems the management tacked on a $250 charge for smoking in a non-smoking room. Thing is, I do not smoke. The two people I had with me went outside every time they had to smoke. My best guess is that their clothes absorbed the smell of smoke, and when they tossed their clothes on the floor to go to bed the smell must have transferred to the carpet.

The management was polite but completely unwilling to work with me, even though they should have had security footage showing my friends going outside to smoke. Fortunately, after three months of waiting, my credit card company reversed the charge. But if I hadn't fought it tooth and nail, this establishment would have robbed me of $250.

Nice rooms, nice rates, but if you're a smoker you better Febreeze yourself after going outside to puff, or they will take you to the bank.

20/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Dee K.
This is the best hotel in Downtown Minneapolis! I have stayed at this property numerous times and find the staff to be extremely friendly, the rooms to be clean and up to date with Marriott, and the location is bar none to any other hotel in the area, it is close to amazing restaurants, fun nightlife, and great shopping. I would recommend this hotel to anyone looking to relax in the downtown area where you are looking to feel like you're at home.

27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Christine G.
This is a downtown hotel with great service.  When I arrived, I wasn't sure where to park, so I called the hotel from the loading zone to ask.  Instead of just telling me, the gentleman at the front desk came outside to hand me directions to the ramp and describe how to get there.  When I drove around the block, he was standing outside on the corner to point me to the ramp entrance, which was poorly labeled with a small sign indicating Residence Inn parking. Once I navigated the ramp and entered the building, he was waiting for me when I came off the elevator!  Talk about going beyond the call of duty!

My stay was really pleasant, with a spacious room, free breakfast, a nice fitness center (yay, free-weights!), and secure entry into the hotel as well as the elevator (key-card swipe needed for both).  My room was spotless and lacked that scent of hotel cleanser that often permeates other hotels.

FYI, the parking ramp is on the corner of Lasalle Ave and 9th Street.  As soon as you turn right onto Lasalle from 9th, make another immediate right into the ramp.  I was charged 19 bucks for two nights.

The hotel is a very short 1 block walk to the Nicollet Mall, an outdoor shopping mall with plenty of dining options.

I really enjoyed my stay, and if I'm in Minneapolis again, I'll definitely return

14/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. JY n.
This is an extended stay hotel, so buyers beware.

I like to give you my experience: I reserved for a 6 night stay about 2 months back for a business trip to Minneapolis. At the time, I was told of a rate of $161 per night for a total of 6 nights. As it got closer to my departure date for Minneapolis, my business plan changed. Instead of 6 nights, I was supposed to stay for 5 nights. I called the reservation desk and was told that the rate will rise to $251 per night and advised me to speak to the front desk upon arrival. After I arrived, I was told that the increased rate is valid.  I was also advised that in my reservation paper, it stated that the rate may change if I change my plan. But nowhere in the paper did it say that the daily rate would increase by more than 56%. ......

28/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Frank S.
Very nice hotel.  The room was large and comfortable! Everything appeared to be clean.  The hotel staff, especially at the front desk, was extremely friendly.  The breakfast bar was decent.  The hotel's location is fantastic.

My first complaint is with the temperature of the room.  When I entered the room it was 90 degrees! I'm not joking either the thermostat read 90 degrees.  I'm guessing the person who used the room before me either didn't know how to work a thermostat or thought it would be funny to crank the heat.  House keeping should have caught this but I dealt with it and moved on.        

My major complaint. I stayed here with my toddler son and was very concerned with the windows.  The windows are a standard slide up to open type. Floor to ceiling.  The locks for the windows are only about eight inches off the ground.  Once the windows are open there is only a screen.  I was concerned about my kid opening the window and falling through the screen.  I am not overly cautious or nervous with my kid.  These windows however brought out my parental anxiety.  I was forced to move a chair and ottoman in front of the windows....and obviously keep an extra eye on my child.  I would recommend the hotel put some type of security feature on the windows to prevent a future accident.

One of the nicer hotel's I've stayed in but the window issue would probably keep me from returning.  If you don't have children then this is the place to stay!

29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Gianna A.
Great location, easy access to public transportation throughout city and to/from airport...

AND it's connected to the Downtown Minneapolis Skyway network of buildings.  Which means you don't have to freeze your bunzolas off in the winter or swat at mosquitoes in the summer.

This is probably the most reasonably priced of the lodging selection at the Skyway and it includes a buffet breakfast every morning with eggs, some type of breakfast meat and potato selection, along with an assortment of fruits, yogurts, and baked goods.  From Monday thru Thursday there's a Manager's Reception with included BBQ rib tips and Chile Lime Tilapia on the nights I was there.

The staff is pleasant and attentive, the hallways are wide, well-lit and comfy, and although it is mainly a business hotel, it was far from a ghost town over the weekend.

16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Ray I.
I travel a lot for work, and I always look forward to visiting Minneapolis.  One of the big reasons is simply the fact that I get to stay in this hotel.  Though it's just four floors perched on top of a tall parking structure (sorry, "Parking Ramp," as they puzzlingly call it in this part of the country), this is nevertheless my favorite Residence Inn.

My studio was huge and utterly comfortable.  Terrific kitchenette with a handy breakfast bar.  The king bed was perfection.

The staff was unfailingly polite and helpful, as always.  

Great location with immediate access to the amazing 2nd level Skyway system that covers most of downtown.

My only criticism is the same one I've got for every Residence Inn:  I love the fact that they have a breakfast, but I can't really eat those creepy fake scrambled eggs they make from a prefab liquid.  I get that fried eggs are too much work, but how about just tossing in a bowl of nice hardboiled chicken embryos for us low-carbers who want to stay away from the french toast?

02/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Steve P.
Great weekend getaway hotel to see a Twins vs Chicago team game.  The stadium is walking distance among tons of places to eat and drink.  Here are my Pros and Cons:

Pros:  Great value.  The room has a kitchen where you can stock your own food and drinks.  Nice flat screen television (see photo)  Hot breakfast was included.   Paul Mitchell toiletries is a nice welcome.  Free coffee in the lobby.  Free Hi Speed Internet.

Cons:  Parking price varies if you want to come and go.  If you leave your car in the garage it's cheaper per day.  The fitness room is on the 11th floor, so if you work out pick a room on the 11th floor.  Also,  if you need to pee when you're on the treadmill, you'll have to go back to your room or go all the way down to the lobby.  

I would have given this review 5 stars if it wasn't for the light not working in the bathroom as well as the toilet seat not staying up (for guys this is a make or break relationship moment).

18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Solace C.
I was in Twin City in April for a conference and stayed here and this was a very pleasant experience.

At first I was to stay down the street at a ritzy hotel but they were booked so I was told about this place and was skeptical at first. butttttttttt when I arrived I was warmly greeted by staff and made everything sooo pleasant.

They have a coffee/tea station round the clock!! Yippie!!! Not your typical cheap black tea but the fruity teas with fancy names and different types of creamers for your coffee... They have a snack bar but I say avoid that and walk down to the Target to save $$$

My suite was like a little bedroom with trendy furniture. A nice flat screen tv, though the view I had was the view was of a government bldg..so make sure you have your blinds down unless you want to show the world your business lol.
My suite had a kitchenette...the best part is I didnt have to do the dishes. Housekeeping does the dishes for you!!! They are very nice and do a good job in resetting the room and are very generous with personal items and towels.... but the towels let me tell you... they are no Martha Stewart towel...No super pima cotton or Egyptian Cotton..These towels are soo scratchy!!! yikes!!! Thank goodness, I packed Victoria Secret lotion...

They do provide Wifi... u have to ask them for the code.... or you can plug up your laptop if you have one...

Oh yeah, they provide breakfast but get here early!! Expect to wait on their belgian waffles because they have one griddle.. they have your eggs, bacon sausage, cereals, muffin,,oj ...you get the idea..  

I was very pleased with my stay here. I would definitely fly out to Twin City! People here are very charming and pleasant and very courteous!!

26/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Chelanne E.
Clients ordered car service from this hotel after going over for a private meeting away from the eyes at their IDS offices. Two different employees asked the driver to leave and the clients had to walk a block to the car.

23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
18. Katherine L.
Nice suites, as usual, for a Residence Inn.  The location is convenient, and for the concerned, it provides an additional 2 layers of security because you need your key card to enter the building at night and to ride the elevator to your room floor.

Spacious layout with opportunity to reheat/ heat food on the stove or in the microwave  plist a full size fridge to accompany weeknight food offerings in the main eating area and daily breakfast choices.  What more can one hope to have at a Residence Inn?

The staff were friendly and accommodating.  I would stay here again!  Very convenient location to downtown!

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Luca Z.
The location is great, I the middle of the town and walking distance from the convention center.
There are several bar and restaurants near by.
The gym is small and there is no pool. They don't have the happy hour at this location.

The room is super clean and silent and the bed is really comfortable. Shower is strong and hot.
I'll stay here again in my next trip

11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0