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Company Info:

Rating: 2.00

Address: 9 Saint At Convntn Pla, Saint Louis, MO, 63101

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    Comments (2):

    1. Kristen P.
    This place was a bit of a nightmare.  

    Checking in was simple, so that's good.  We booked through Expedia and had no problems at all.

    Parking wasn't explained properly and was a nuisance.  If you choose to pay the $15 fee to use the parking garage which is located across the street (and you probably will since the alternative is metered parking), you get unlimited in-and-out priveledges and that's good.  What isn't good is when they don't explain that you have to get a parking ticket each time you enter the garage and that you must keep it on you - do not leave it in your car - because it must be validated at the front desk each time you leave.  If you don't know this information in advance, you may end up trapped in the garage.  This is what happened to us and it was a big hassle.

    Next, housekeeping started showing up at 8:00 am and continued to knock and yell every half hour after that.  This is too early as check-out isn't until noon.  I can even understand one knock..."Housekeeping!"  This would be normal.  But typically when you don't answer they understand that you are still sleeping and do not return until after check-out.  Especially when you have a Do Not Disturb sign on the outside of the door.  I mean, isn't that the point of those things?  I've stayed in many hotels and have never had a housekeeper harass me.  Just ridiculous.  

    When we finally decided to emerge from our cocoon (bonus: the rooms are so dark that you could lose all track of time and sanity given the opportunity) several members of the incessant housekeeping staff were hanging out in the hallway, organizing shampoos I presume.  I overheard two of them calling us hookers.  Now that's what I call great customer service!  What more could you ask for during your stay in beautiful St. Louis?  Not much, I'll tell you that.  At this point, I was no longer interested in anything else other than leaving.  

    So, all in all, I do not recommend this hotel.  I am clearly not a hooker, and  checking out at 11:45, a full fifteen minutes before the required time, is hardly a reason for the staff to be openly hateful. Lol, how dare those people sleep in!  Yes, how dare we.  SO DUMB.

    03/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Renee H.
    The hotel was okay.  Beds were small - and tiny pillows too!  But staff friendly.  Gave us free drink coupons - but not for everyone in our party.  The food at the restaurant/bar wasn't very good.  It was okay - but not worth the price.  Seemed like cheap baseball stadium or high school game food!  The drinks were expensive as well.  Also, when we checked in only one room was ready - so we went to the game.  Now, we were told our two rooms would be next to each other - but by the time we got back they had given our room to someone else!  We were on completely different floors.  Not very convenient.

    18/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0