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Company Info:

Rating: 2.34

Address: 999 N 2nd St, Saint Louis, MO, 63102

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    Comments (35):

    1. Tiffany Y.
    i stayed here before the remodeling and new name and enjoyed it in 2006.  last year i came back and it had a new name and a million dollar indoor waterfall that comes down several stories of the hotel.  it has an indoor glass walkway that leads next door to the casino which is neat because it keeps it separate if gambling is not your thing.  the staff is very friendly and for the price, you get a clean little suite with new amenities.  the beds and sheets are nice which i always judge a hotel on.

    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Bob H.
    This is a great value and a very nice Hotel. The staff was very nice cooperative and so very helpful.  The room were very nice older but nice, the lobby was beautiful.  I will plan to stay again when I come through STL.  Only issue, we asked for dinner locations and the front desk suggested the casino restaurants, nice but more costly.  The next day I noticed  down the street there was the Laclede's Landing which had some very cool restaurants, pubs and gift shops.  I would have preferred to go there.

    26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Matthew D.
    Nice room, friendly staff. Maybe if you weren't such a stressed out monster when you were checking in, you would've gotten the upgrade instead of the Illinois view. Every room is pretty nice though.

    07/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Stacey S.
    We checked into our room to find it had not been cleaned from the guests before. We called to ask for a new room or have ours cleaned and never heard back from the front desk. It's an okay place to stay if you don't want to drive after a long night of drinking and gambling, but I would not suggest booking it for a special occasion.

    07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Katherine F.
    While I stayed at Hotel Lumiere there was a  lot of construction because of remodeling.  It's great that they are updating their lobby, but I was there to surprise my sister with a bachelorette party so the lobby was underwhelming to welcome her.  The rooms are very nice-the beds were super comfortable.  They do need to update their carpeting in the hallways-it has definitely aged.

    18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Karen G.
    I spent the weekend at Lumiere Hotel as part of a group of 6 who stayed for 2 nights for free in exchange for social media coverage of everything we did.

    I can't speak for everyone, but the general consensus was that the hotel was not up to the standards we are used to. I wouldn't recommend the hotel unless you are looking for budget and really want to be attached to the casino/downtown.

    - suites - I never get a suite, so the extra space was great. The room has a sitting area with a couch (pull-out), easy chair, TV, table/desk with two chairs and a bar w/fridge. The bedroom itself was a good size with a desk, plenty of space for two suitcases and to move around.
    - shower - while the bathroom was fine (small but workable), the shower had good water pressure and felt spacious due to a curved shower curtain bar
    - Atrium style sitting area - I actually like the open railings that overlook the sitting area on the 1st floor. If you've ever been in an Embassy Suites, you'll recognize the layout (this hotel was formerly an ES).
    - location - if you are looking for a hotel that is attached to a casino or is in the heart of downtown, this could work for you. There is a walkway to the casino so you don't have to step outside to get to the casino, which was appreciated since it was in the high 90s the weekend we were there. You could easily walk to Washington Avenue restaurants/nightlife, Laclede's Landing, Arch, Metro train stations and around downtown.
    - parking - there are 2 large parking lots for hotel guests plus valet parking. I parked myself. No complaints here.

    Where do I start?
    - old - the hotel simply felt old and worn. Each time you came back from the casino, it strikes you that the hotel feels shabby in comparison. It really hit me when I came back from a spa treatment in the adjacent Four Seasons hotel.
    - beds - I thought the beds were much too soft, as did my roommate. Some of the other women in our group seemed to like them, so I guess this is just personal preference. I'm also not a fan of feather pillows, though I did get 3 of them for my double bed, I still would have rather had my smashed down pillow at home.
    - HVAC - The first half of the weekend something must have been broken. The humidity inside the hotel lobby, atrium and halls felt like you were inside an indoor swimming pool. I started sweating the minute I stepped out of our room. They did get it fixed, but it still felt a little muggy inside the hotel. Our room was comfortable, but the 2nd room in our party was too hot and the 3rd room was too cold.
    - Service - I didn't experience this myself, but one of the room's in our group was a Director's Suite...a HUGE suite with 2 sitting areas plus a large conference/dining table. They had repeated problems from a moldy bathroom, no linens or pillows for the pull out couch and delays in getting things like linens & TP when they called for service.
    - atrium seating - I took my computer down to the atrium area to sit and work for a bit, and was really disappointed to discover that the tables were too high for the chairs. You sank into the chairs like you were on a couch, but the tables were the height of a dining table. I ended up working at the bar for a few minutes, then quickly decided to go back to my room.
    - limited wifi - I was really surprised to find out the only place in the hotel with complimentary wifi was in the business center. I really expect to be able to get on the internet for free in my room, but at a minimum I should be able to sit in a lobby or bar area and get on wifi. Not here.
    - outlets - in today's era, lots of things need to recharge. In a suite, I would expect at least 2 people to have cell phones, laptops and maybe even more things that need to plug in. The only easy access were one each in the bathroom, bar and by the TV. I had to pull the couch out from the wall to sit on the couch and internet surf while plugged in. They could easily fix this by installing a power strip on the desk in the bedroom.
    - swimming pool - the swimming pool is through a glass wall directly off the atrium area, so I think you would feel like you were on display. It is an indoor pool and is in a fairly small room with no decor. It reminded me of a pool in a fitness center. We decided to pass on swimming even though it was in the high 90s. Just wasn't appealing.
    - room service breakfast - we ordered room service for our last morning by hanging the order on the door Sat night, and the service was right on time. But, the food was pretty bland. I ordered an English Muffin and hash browns, and the bread was overly crispy but without the little brown edges I expect on something toasted and the potatoes were clearly cooked without any seasoning. Blah.

    Bottom line...if you will trade amenities and a newer feel for price, then this hotel might just work for you if you can get a good deal. But go with appropriate expectations, or you'll be really disappointed.

    24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Dan P.
    I didn't pay a dime because I was there on business, so I can't really comment on the value for the money...but there are plenty of other things to comment on.

    Convenience...it's walking distance to all the stadiums and the Arch as well as a number of restaurants and of course the attached Casino.
    Customer Service...surprisingly good, I was always treated very well and found the staff to be quite friendly.
    Room size and furnishings are both quite decent with two 40" flat screen TVs (one in the bedroom and one in the sitting area).
    The bed was pretty comfortable.

    Elevators are the worst I've ever encountered in a hotel.  They are slower than death, require key cards to go to all floors except the LL, L and Casino level and I even got stuck in one of them at one point.
    Because of the bad elevators, I took the stairs...which smell like urine, have a plunger on every floor and do not require a key card...which makes you wonder why you need them for the elevator.
    Even though the TVs are high quality LG flat screens, they have a terrible cable system with Standard Definition (which made the football games on Sunday unwatchable) and HBO is the only premium channel.
    The Key Cards were pathetic.  It took at least 3 tries every time you used your key card.
    The Gym had only one weight machine.
    Just walking through the Casino makes your clothing smell like an Ash Tray.
    The internet connection was the worst I've had in years, it was disconnected far more often than it was connected.  
    The decor is clearly dated and in desperate need of upgrading.

    I give it three stars because it could be worse, but I'm hesitant to give it 3 instead of 2.

    08/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Sue B.
    I cannot say this strongly enough..STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL!  The hotel is a former Embassy Suites.  Unfortunately, it doesn't deliver the same amenities (free breakfast, manager's reception) let alone the luxury experience advertised.  

    I ignored the broken closet door and the TV remote that did not work.  I even overlooked the broken in-room coffee maker.  But when I was about to get into the shower, I realized that there were no bath towels in our room, only wash clothes and hand towels.  I called housekeeping, but no answer.  My husband called the front desk and was transferred to housekeeping.  Someone finally answered and told him that the hotel was out of towels.  The truck with clean linens was expected to arrive around 9:15.  Seriously??  For this I paid $179 per night??

    Not wanting to wait an hour to start the day, I dried off with a hand towel and headed down stairs in search of coffee.  When I asked the staff at the front desk, I was told there is no coffee available in the building.  I would have to go over to the coffee shop adjacent to the casino.  Holy cow!

    The manager was at the front desk when we checked out (getting an earful from another guest re: the towel situation) and reduced our rate down to $99, but frankly, it was too little, too late.

    26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Lisa C.
    We stayed here for two nights complimentary and. Also had some friends from NYC In town. The atmosphere wasn't great. The room was not what I expected. Carpet was dirty. One elevator was out of service and the second elevator was really slow. Since we got complimentary nights it was alright but I wouldn't pay what they charge per night nor probably stay here again.

    30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Kacey A.
    Great location and for the price we paid (through Hotwire) it was great.  We stayed through Christmas, so being attached to a Casino was awesome since nearly everything else was closed.  The room was nice and large, we were loving having multiple rooms.

    It is an older hotel, but everything was clean and functioning.  The staff was super friendly, even loaning us a deck of cards to play in the lobby bar area before we headed out for the night.  It's great that you can access the Casino and people movers to head into downtown (utilize them, we made the mistake the first night of dodging that crazy intersection).

    Had fun at the Casino & even won a free buffet breakfast in the morning.

    We never get housekeeping, unless we are staying for a week or more, so I can't say how well they tidy up daily.  

    I would not have wanted to pay $200 for this room (I think we got it for around $60) - but I'm guessing it's mostly business/convention people that stay here anyway.

    Oh, don't forget your keycard to use in the elevator.  That made for interesting times.

    06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Andrew D.
    This is an old hotel that has been refurbished. It has a nice look, but doesn't appear to be sold out that often. Because of that it seemed they were keeping everyone on the bottom four floors which was disappointing since it would have been cool to have a decent view of the St. Louis Arch or the Mississippi River. *

    The rooms were very comfortable suites with two TV's, comfortable beds, and a mini fridge that was well stocked. The Moet was reasonably priced as well! That being said, it was so well stocked that the leftovers from Asia, the casino's Asian fusion restaurant, didn't fit. ****

    The bathrooms were dimly lit, and cramped. It served it's purpose, but made getting ready in the morning a bit difficult. ***

    03/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Ashley H.
    I'm giving 5 stars soley for the fact that their beds are AMAZING!!!

    the service is always great.
    the rooms are spacious, bathroom is small though.
    nothing fancy, but always clean.
    reasonably priced
    skywalk to casino!
    Able to walk to the landing and other STL attractions.

    I've stayed here multiple times and have never been dissatisfied!

    12/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Derek W.
    Extremely Disappointed. We arrived around 11PM. The Front Desk staff was rude.
    She did not greet us, and I had to ask her if we could check in, which she did after chatting with another employee a little while longer about non work related nonsense.
    She gave us the wrong room. First our key cards didnt work.  Even though I had reserved and specified a suite with 2 Queens and a pull out bed, she gave us a king bed room. When I requested another room, she gave us a room that I don't think was cleaned. The room smelled like mold and acetone....weird..The towels had stains on them...gross. The fabric on the sofa and carpets was very dirty, with red and brown stains all over. I don't know what happened in that room but it grossed us out. It was so gross that we were going to go to another hotel, but by the time we got that room, it was midnight and we had been driving all day. Overall, extremely disappointed and disgusted. The casino that this was attached to was terrible. We walked in and right back out. I would never return here.

    14/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Mike F.
    Do NOT stay at this dump. This place smelled, water wouldn't drain well in sink and shower, and the carpets throughout the hotel were the most disgusting that we have ever seen.. We paid $200 a night and it is really an $60 a night hotel. I will definitely stay somewhere else next time.

    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Carla T.
    Nasty. Rooms, hallways, and elevators are all stained and dirty.   Hotel staff is rude and condescending.  When we complained about the room, they stated no refund once your card was swiped to your room!  Would only give us a different room that was also stained. Spend the extra $10 and stay somewhere nice.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Jennifer O.
    The atmosphere of the hotel is very nice. The glass elevators and large lobby are beautiful. The room looked nice when we came in and the beds were comfy. However, this hotel gets a 2/5 for horrible customer service.
    When we got to the room we realized we had zero garbage cans. I called down and they brought us 2 dinky little tiny garbage cans. There were 6 girls staying in the room so obviously we needed a lot more than that. Then I go into the bathroom and the sink doesn't work. The cold water handle turned all the way around, 360, and the water would not turn off. That night we went to the bars then went back to the casino. My friend and I got in, but when our guy friends tried to get in the one security guard said he had kicked one of them out earlier that day. This never happened. I got the manager to come over and he said my boyfriend's eyes were glossy and they couldn't get in. If anyone out of us was too drunk it was me and my friend who they allowed in. My boyfriend and his friend were perfectly fine, but they could not get in. Fine. So i went to the front desk and complained to the staff there. They were absolutely no help. It was like talking to a brick wall. They told me all they could do was fix the sink and bring me more garbage cans. So this was around 3 am. I was beyond frustrated at this point so I just gave up and went to my room. Then a man came in, mind you this was 3 am, he couldn't wait till the morning? He comes in and walks to the safe. We say what are you doing? He says oh I thought the safe was broke, if it's the sink I'll have to go get my tools and come back. He never came back. We also never got any more garbage cans brought to us. The sheets also had stains on them.
    Although the hotel was nice and the food was great, the customer service and the staff were horrible and none of our room problems were ever fixed. This hotel left me infuriated and I would not stay there again.

    05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. Daniel L.
    The most beautiful hotel to be blacklisted...

    I stayed here for a conference and the hotel lobby and atrium is recently renovated and quite pretty. The hotel food was good. The casino is similar to other mid-priced casinos. When I was looking, gaming tables had $10 minimums. The hotel is attached to the casino and Four Seasons hotel through an indoor walkway.

    This used to be an Embassy Suites hotel. It is obvious in the layout and the suites still show the same layout and furnishings. The bathroom was very small and poorly lit with only 2 spot lots over the sink and no lighting in the rest of the room. Water pressure and hot water was plentiful.

    The bed was awful-a broken mattress. My back was aching so badly I slept on the couch. The couch was firm and reasonably comfortable if you can fit on it (I did not open it to a sofa bed). However, I expect a comfortable bed... not an unreasonable request for a hotel. Also, there are no available nor accessible electrical outlets near either desk or bedside. This makes it very hard to work or charge items.

    The HVAC system was also not operating properly. The thermostat was off by 6-8 degrees and the systems did not change over from AC to heat, despite it being reported to the hotel upon checking into the room.

    Finally, the Asia restaurant over in the attached casino had decent food, but horrific service with the server ignoring my table of 2 after seating us. The table was dirty and 1/3 of the items were never served.

    Upon checkout, the hotel tried to overcharge me in excess of my contracted rate. The managers were pleasant enough and wanted to try to help.

    Once the hotel undergoes a full renovation, I might consider returning; but not until then. Overall, I was VERY disappointed.

    07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Laura H.
    Worst hotel ever!

    My husband and I and my parents booked this hotel with suggestions from friends who frequent this hotel once a year for cardinals games. These friends stayed at the hotel this weekend as long as us so that's 4 rooms for 2 nights at $200 a pop not counting tax and fees.
    All I can say is I can't believe this place cost me over $200 two nights. For starters the HVAC units are garbage in this place. Our first room we walked into was pretty warm so we adjusted the temperature dropped our bags and went for a late lunch. We returned two hours later to the same temp 77. We called the front desk and they had matience bring a tester up to the room to tell us the temp out of the vent was 57 degrees. Well my husband being patient (I'm not) told me to wait it out it will be fine. Within 40 min the desk called to check on the situation, I let them know it had not gotten any better so they asked if we wanted to move rooms. I said yes even though I would have rather stayed on the same floor as our friends and family. So we moved from the second floor to the 8th floor. My husband once again adjusted the temp down to 50 and we all left for dinner. We came back to our room this time about 3 hours later to exact same 77 degrees in the new room. Can you believe this!  So I moved to the couch in my parents room while the desk brought a box fan for my $200 a night room since it wouldn't cool yay me! My parents room was a cool 68. Our other two set of friends rooms were just like our last two rooms 77. So one room out of 5 a decent temp.

    The next day while leaving for the cardinals game we ran into a family coming into the lobby with two box fans in hand from A STORE! The hotel ran out of fans so they had to buy there OWN THEY WERE SO HOT IN THERE ROOM! Rediculous!

    This was not the only issue!
    1. Awful HVAC terribly warm
    2. Stained carpet terrible in halls and rooms and elevator
    3. Elevator hardly worked (staff said that was typical)
    4. Air vents in rooms caked with dust
    5. Tile in bathroom was stained and didn't look even moped.
    6. Caulk around shower molded and black
    7. Lobby chairs ripped and leather flaking off.
    8. Staff agrees hotel has went down hill in the last couple years.
    9. Smelled of stale smoke everywhere

    It's my understanding that hotel Lumiere was bought out by embassy suites. Our friends that have frequented this hotel for years and recommended this hotel were embarrassed to tell us to stay there. They said they were mortified how bad it's gotten run down so fast. This hotel needs to get there stuff taken care of and clean and seriously change so many things or they will be closed.

    When walking out we heard multiple guests complaining at the front desk right along with us. When walking through the casino to our car we actually heard a couple say I can't wait to get out of this hotel from hell.

    Bottom line people this place is maybe worth $59.00 a night. Don't let there website make you think your staying at the tall hotel and gorgeous Four Seasons. There website completely made me think we were headed to to wrong hotel from the pictures because 90% of the pictures showed THE FOUR SEASONS. Don't give your money to this establishment the only thing this place has going for them is there location.

    Very disappointed!

    21/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Yuri H.
    This place is WAY past its prime. Hallways are a mess with spots & blotches and in passageway between Hotel & Casino, rather smelly. Speaking of the passageway, it is a real ordeal to snake through the corridor, figure out the access/egress codes, walk down staircase, walk up staircase (unless you locate the SLOW Elevator) to finally get to the Casino but WAIT, you are NOT even close to the entrance which is a LONG way down the corridor to your left.
    Now about the "Suite" we paid through the nose for - it was SMALL and the entry door was pathetic plus you had NO access to the fridge (door must have been welded shut).
    The Bathroom was so small barely one person could fit in and even then you could barely turn around in it when door closed. Now, WHEN was the last time you stayed in a Hotel (Suite no less) where the bathroom had NO vent??
    If you look across the street, you will see a 4 Seasons. I HIGHLY  recommend you consider staying there.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Joseph W.
    I stay in Hotels in excess of 150 nights/year and I feel I'm a fair judge of what makes a hotel exceptional. I can honestly say that this hotel is in the bottom 1% of hotels I've ever stayed in at any price. The fact that we paid $230/night simply adds insult to injury.  
    The first room we received smelled strongly of smoke, so we requested another room. It smelled better, simply of cleaning products, but the stains on the carpet were pretty discouraging.
    We tried to relax in the hot tub, but it's cold water was no relief. Also it was difficult to relax with the 27 children playing in the nearby pool. Literally 27 children with no adult supervision.
    This hotel has an exceptional location with a sky bridge to the nicest casino in STL and a very short walk to the bars and restaurants of the landing.
    Overall it's a hotel that has enormous potential but was a serious letdown, especially for the price.
    I'd highly recommend you try any of the other nearby hotels to experience Saint Louis.

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Steve N.
    If you're ok with Motel 6 at 4 star prices... By all means you'll be ok with this place.  It's old, dingy, not at all what I was expecting for being associated with the Lumiere Casino.  

    After already paying for our room, I did not care and was ready to leave after being here for an hour.  The pool was dirty, staff was rude.  Yuck.

    In all fairness.. Room was spacious, and we did get a nice view out onto the lake...  But any hotel I won't let let my kid walk around barefooted...  Well you get the point.

    30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Letrice H.
    This hotel was a big let down for me. The first room we received, the door did not close all the way to the bathroom. We requested two beds but only received one. The let out bed had stains on the sheets, very disgusting. The carpet is stained and very dirty. The second room we received, the heat didn't work and the bathroom sink stayed clogged.

    I suggest that they undergo random inspections. For this to be such a beautiful hotel the upkeep is terrible.

    07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Maggie H.
    I stayed at Lumiere for a bachelorette party last weekend.  We all had a fantastic time.

    The beds were comfortable, the place was clean, and I had a good view of downtown from the 6th floor.  Wins three stars for these attributes.  

    Wins a star for "wow effect."  That fountain and the glass elevator up... I'm not saying it's the most aesthetically pleasing I've stayed in my life, but it sure is something to admire.

    The only reason Lumiere Hotel doesn't get five stars is because there was only one tiny trashcan in the room.  With all the drinking happening at Laclede's Landing (in addition to regular trash use), there should be one trashcan in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, and one in the living room area.

    We were going to walk over to the casino but ran out of time/energy.  I wouldn't mind staying at Lumiere again and rectifying that.

    15/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Sara L.
    Perfectly fine, but from all the hype I expected something a bit nicer. Very nice lobby area. Comfortable bed and suite. No overhead lighting in the bathroom which made for a dim showering experience. Overall we were not terribly impressed.

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Brad M.
    Do not stay here. Done - that simple. This place is absolutely disgusting. This doesn't have to do with just my experience, this would be your experience too. You may be fooled by looking at the common areas where it looks somewhat ok but this place is well overpriced and the accommodations are just poor. It is exactly like a motel 6. This is a $59 per night hotel but charges $200 because it is tied to the casino.

    Everything is smokey and outdated. Service is ghetto. The food is as poor as can be.

    Trust me on this. Stay anywhere else.

    11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Lianne N.
    We stayed at the Lumiere because we decided to see a Rams game at the nearby stadium.

    First: Book early directly through the hotel and get a significantly better rate on a better room. Don't trust the travel sites that claim it's already booked for your date.  I have to wonder if Lumiere just isn't paying the price to be a preferred hotel, given how hard it was to get a room until I just called them directly. We paid $120 ($105 plus taxes) for a queen suite after all taxes, and that included parking.

    Beyond that: For the price, this was a good room.  But let me take you through the process, and you can decide just how good it really was...

    I checked in at the front desk.  She asked me if I needed a parking permit (YES, I did. You can't park in the hotel guest lot without a permit.. they will make you go check in and get your permit).  I asked her, "This is included in my rate, right?"  She looked at me, somewhat condescendingly (I swear she almost rolled her eyes back into the back of her brain) and said, "Ummm if you SAY so..."  Ok. I sure hoped so.  I took the permit and went back to my car to park it.

    We went to our rooms after parking. The lobby is very nice.  It looked pretty luxurious with the water fall and all the nice tables.  The room was very nice, especially for our advance rate.  The carpets (yes, I saw them mentioned in the reviews) were indeed stained. That wasnt such a big deal. I told my kids not to lie directly on the carpet and to not rub their faces on the carpet.  Really though, I tell them that at ALL hotels... and if you don't, no matter how luxurious and pristine the hotel may seem, you might want to rethink that.  No hotel is truly pristine. But I digress...

    We were ready to crawl into bed.  The beds were.. a little disturbing.  Both beds had (all white) sheets with visible stains.  I guess the idea of having all-white so that it can be bleached into complete whiteness wasn't working for them. Trying to untuck the sheets and the comforter meant accidentally untucking the sheets all the way down to the mattress. Ooops. And ummm.. eww? First thing I saw was a longish, curly, dark hair on the mattress protector.  Let's just say the length and curliness led me to think maybe this was not a hair from someone's head... You make the conclusions from there... I was kinda grossed out at the question of how thoroughly my bed had been cleaned off between changes.  The setup of sheets above the mattress protector was a flat sheet, a comforter, and another flat sheet.  One can only hope their comforters (which were somewhat duvet-like) are washed between uses... there was no way to sleep in that bed without direct contact with the comforter, which is usually yet another thing I avoid direct skin contact with (I've had friends who did housekeeping in hotels.. They advised me that the comforters are not cleaned between uses and are usually thrown onto the carpets, which are also never really truly cleaned).

    There was mold on the ceiling in the bathroom.  Not a deal breaker, but...
    It was also pretty cramped, but I'd not have docked even a single star if that had been all that I'd noted.

    Now, as far as the rest... If you're going to the Edward Jones Dome for a game, this is a great place to consider.  There's a skywalk over to the casino, and then there's a tunnel from there to directly across the street to the dome.  You can bring your children on this route, as you never need to actually access the gambling areas when cutting through the casino.  There are restaurants that you can also access while cutting through.  The tunnel is a series of moving sidewalks (flat escalators) up to a regular escalator (or elevator) up to street level.

    I'd honestly probably have given this hotel a 4 star rating if the sheets hadnt made me a bit apprehensive and made sleeping more difficult the night we stayed.  Nice views, and a very nice setup for much cheaper than any other hotels in walking distance from the dome.

    16/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Paul O.
    For the price I'd never stay here again. The bed was fairly comfy and there was good water pressure but that's about all the nice I can say.

    Granted the water pressure was good but the water felt slimy, and none of us ever felt clean after the shower. The towels are crap-tastic and don't dry well at all. So you have a slimy water glaze on you and the towel just smears it around, which means you don't feel clean at all. That my friends is called a shower fail. And while we're in the bathroom lets discuss that...why is it so damn tiny? It felt like an airplane toilet with a shower attached to it.

    Self parking is $10, and prepare to walk your ass off to the hotel lobby. Staff was slow and had that "I don't care" attitude seeping from their pores. And the elevators sometimes go to your floor, sometimes they don't. That sure is a shitty game to play when you're holding all your luggage.

    The hotel attached to this place is a joke. A complete joke. But that's a review in itself.

    Anyways, the moral of this review is to look elsewhere. There are other options within a stones throw and we messed up by coming here. Don't make the same mistake.

    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    28. Nick M.
    This isn't a terrible hotel as long as your expectations are low. I went into my stay expecting a nice casino hotel, similar to the Ameristar a few miles away. This is more like what you would find at Chief Snatching Buck's Hotel and Casino.

    I was told the hotel used to be an Embassy Suites, which explained a lot. Nice fountain, glass elevators, large lobby. All apparently built and last updated in 1972. I was amazed at how dated this property was (see others photos - I didn't look beforehand).

    I parked in the garage for the casino not knowing any better, and saved myself $20 in the process. This didn't make any sense - covered casino parking is free, but lot parking for the hotel is $20? When waiting to be checked in, the woman at the counter was very abrupt and rude to the customer ahead of me, which was a little shocking because you'd never see that in a Hilton or Hyatt property. In all fairness, this customer did look like she was on meth, but still, the overall attitude displayed screamed "I used to work at the DMV."

    The room was very very dated and kind of beat up. Nothing functional was broken, but don't expect to impress a date by taking her back here. Bed was comfortable and clean, sitting room was a nice feature, and I only paid $100 for a king suite. Hence the extra star bumping this to a 2.

    Crowd at the hotel and casino were both pretty ghetto. Again, don't expect to impress a date by bringing her back here, unless she's impressed by Nelly impersonators. The entire floor reeked of weed when I was coming back for the evening. Thats a first for me at a "nicer" hotel. The next morning room service tried to come in at about 9:30am, which wasn't a huge deal but c'mon, checkout is at 11 and I had not checked out yet. No folio under the door as I'd come to expect from other hotels.

    I've heard the Four Seasons next door is nicer, and it would about have to be. I won't stay at Hotel Lumiere again, but if all you want is a big room near the Landing for $100, this could be your diamond in the rough.

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Mike W.
    I would give this place only one star, but if you are looking for a conveniently located place for a Rams game or a night at the casino, this works OK.  This is really it's only redeeming quality.  Other than that there are a lot of problems with this place.  

    Stains.  Stains everywhere.  The carpet everywhere is horrible.  The furniture has stains.  Sheets had stains.  Rooms are big, but the bathrooms are tiny.  Good luck finding a place to plug in your laptop or cell phone.  Every receptacle is behind furniture.  Closet door was completely broken.  Service is not friendly or helpful.  Wifi is free, but pretty weak.  

    Overall, I would avoid this place in the future, unless you really wanted to stay close to the Edward Jones dome, or if you hate walking outside to get to the casino.  So much potential to be a cool place, but they really miss the mark.

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Tracy M.
    The size of the room was nice but it was very run down. The carpets were very dirty both in the halls and in the actual rooms. The sinks were stained. The furniture was so dirty that it made me question whether they were safe to sit on.

    It was nice that the hotel was attached to the casino but it was quite the trek to get there.

    24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    31. Shelia F.
    Room was nice enough for 3 people to stay. two to share a queen bed and a fold out couch.  bathroom was small.  
    Plugs are behind the bed mattress and it was heavy to move, however we asked for an extension cord and maintenance quickly brought one and moved bed to plug it in.
    Don't touch the mini bar--a 12 oz. can of coke is $3. nothing has prices on it--it's a surprise when you check out.

    30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Richard D.
    Since my last review this hotel has improved significantly. New carpet has been installed on most floors and they are continuing to upgrade themselves. The rooms I've stayed in since then are much better and cleaner. They also have improved the lobby area. Hotel lumiere is on its way up.

    17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Hang T.
    This is where you stay when your husband and one of his best friends wants to gamble at the casino, but for any other reason, I would not stay here unless I had to.

    When we got there, I didn't expect the hotel to look as nice as it did when you saw the exterior of the building. It reminded me of an Embassy Suites with all the rooms facing the main floor. Each room is a suite with bedroom with a separate living area. The best part of the room was the bed. Very comfy.

    Maybe on any other weekend and any other room i would have had a better time, but it was not meant to be. First off, the carpet had some random red stains by the TV. My husband and I could only guess what it was. The layout of the hotel also made it difficult to sleep because you could hear all the obnoxious drunk people by the bar. There were limited outlets in the room. None around the beds. What hotel does that? It didn't make sense.

    When we came back late for checkout due to car troubles, our keys didn't work. Understandable since we were late. We went to the front desk and they gave us access to the room. It wasn't until we got to the elevator on the far side of the hotel that we realized that the key still didn't work. I don't think it is that difficult to program a key card.

    The final straw was when I was taking an afternoon nap. We had left the "do not disturb" sign on the door. The maid decided to come in still. She woke me up. I was sleepy and she had a thick accent so I couldn't understand what she was saying from the living room. Apparently, she wanted me to get up and sign a piece of paper that showed that I declined a room cleaning. I have never had happen at any other hotel before. So rude.

    Stay away from this hotel if you can. I know that the Four Seasons is pretty expensive and this is probably your only other option, but I would stay away if I could.

    22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    34. A F.
    I expected much more from a place that looks so nice when you enter.  It used to be an Embassy Suites and the entry still had that appearance.  

    The desk staff was pleasant bit pushy. Told us to park in their $10 lot. I wish it wasn't so late when we arrived, the free parking is easier access.  

    Second floor seems to be the party floor. Our room was dirty, and had no working heat.  We spent the night in a 60 degree room because we didn't want to call maintenance for the second time at midnight.

    The bathroom was dirty, long hairs left in the shower, and the outside of the tub has dirt marks streaming down it. Upon further inspection it appears that the floor of the bathroom had not been well cleaned in quite sometime.  The same goes for the door and the walls, really disgusting.
    The lighting in the bath is terrible.

    We asked for a non-smoking room and we were told it would be a $150 charge if we smoked in the room. In the meantime, their burn marks on the carpet as well as other stains, and the toilet and countertops in the bathrooms all have cigarette burns.  Certainly this was a smoking room at one time which they have not updated.

    Add to all of this housekeeping knocking on the door at 8 AM.  

    This is very much a sad finish to a great trip.  

    The rooms themselves, if they had been well cared for would be very nice we had a two queen suite and could've easily had somebody sleep in the living room.

    21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    35. Chelsea H.
    I booked this hotel for a 1 night family get away; myself, boyfriend and daughter. We enjoyed the day at the zoo and science museum in St. Louis and due to weather finished with our tourism early and had no problem checking in early.

    Really, I'm not one to book a lavish lap of luxury on a mini-fam. Trip, but this hotel was better than expected; as I usually try to stick to a lower budget for these sorts of things considering, all my daughter cares about is a pool and all my BF and I care about is a clean soft bed and a shower. This hotel met all expectations and went well above.

    They have a efficient pool (great for making friends), a nice sauna, jacuzzi and exercise room. Also the hotel is within walking distance to bars and restaurants ( huge advantage, don't pay for parking) also close to the arch and other attractions. The room was clean and well kept, only negative  the mattress on the pull out bed was a bit of a bummer, which the kiddo wasn't too crazy about; but you know what I remember going on road trips with my folks they got the big cozy bed and my sister and I got the springy pullout!! So really it's more of a right of passage lol

    We will definitely book this hotel in the future... Grate value for the price!! Very impressed!

    07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0