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Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn in Saint Louis, MO

Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn in Saint Louis, MO


Lemp Mansion is fine dining with a comfortable friendly atmosphere featuring the finest French inspired cuisine with tenderloin filets, prime rib, seafood, and pasta. Bananas foster and cherries jubilee prepared tableside for your sweet tooth. Wildly hilarious comedy murder mystery dinner theatre every Friday & Saturday @ 7:00.  Sundays 11:30-8:00 we serve a true family style skillet fried chicken dinner boasting 10 additional sides and it is "All you care to eat".  Lunch is served Monday-Friday, 11:00-2:30.  Classic dishes such as St. Louis' finest club sandwich as well as unique items like the open face prosperity sandwich or the cuban style meatloaf sandwich, also featuring fresh salads and homemade soups.  The Lemp Mansion is an award winning Inn with 6 elegant suites, some even say they are "haunted"  by the Lemp family members who lived and died here in the Mansion.  The Lemp Mansion is your private party destination, we offer the tented patio and gazebo or Lemps Grand Hall.


Established in 1977.

The Lemp Mansion has beed proudly owned and operated by the Pointer family for over 30 years.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.66

Address: 3322 Demenil Pl, Saint Louis, MO, 63118
  • Mon: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm
  • Tue: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm
  • Wed: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm
  • Thu: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Fri: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Sat: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Sun: 11:30 am - 8:00 pm

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Comments (65):

1. Tuesday J.
Very fun, interesting, and spooky ghost tour!

29/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
I had to be a tourist and asked my sis and her hubby-to-be to take me here.  We went last night.   Sunday nights are "family style" dinners.  It's essentially a buffet with the server bringing you the food.  I like that idea!  Why waste time getting up to get your food??  We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, dirty rice (really too salty for my taste), corn, etc.  This is definitely comfort food.  If you come on one of the nights they're serving meals this way, make sure you're starving.  We were stuffed.  Dessert was included, and I had it, but couldn't finish it.  The restaurant also serves meals a la carte on other days.  Afterwards, we wandered around the house itself looking to see what goriness about which we could read.  it's a cool place, albeit a little run-down, but fairly well-maintained.  It probably looks much better in the daylight.  However, I'd definitely recommend it as a great outing and the next time I come here, I'd probably take a guided tour.  I wouldn't mind staying in one of the rooms, as it's also a bed and breakfast, just to tempt those ghosts to "bring it"!

26/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Dawn S.
I went to the murder-mystery dinner on a weekend in April. Overall, we had a good time and the staff was friendly. I had never been to a mystery dinner and was looking forward to using clues to solve the crime. I was very dissappointed that in the end there wasn't really enough evidence to have figured out the perpetrator. The guilty person was chosen pretty randomly .(All of my sleuthing was pointless and I would have been better off guessing). When we first arrived we were given cards and questions to ask other guests. I asked if we were supposed to reveal what was on the cards or make up an answer. The host replied, "Speak form your heart!" So I still don't know if or when I should have revealed my secrets. The profiles and secrets on our cards were not pertinent in solving the mystery, at least the night I was there. It probably would have helped if there were more professional actors running the show (surprisingly, there were only TWO for an audience of 40 to 50). The actors also made a few sex-related jokes, but there were no kids in the audience so I guess that was ok.
Also the "chicken primavera with pilaf" was dissappointing. It was more like bland, mushy chicken with plain white rice and a couple of re-heated frozen brocolli and carrot pieces. I did like the soup, salad, and dessert.
The mansion itself was beautiful, and the upstairs bathroom was especially old-fashioned and interesting.

26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Sam S.
We came here with a party of 13 for a graduation party. The server was pretty curt and not very engaging. He definitely was not rude - on the contrary, he just wanted to do his business and get out of the room. But it was a little off-putting.

The food was mediocre at best. The onion soup was terrible. Probably the best thing was the salad with the house caesar dressing. The fried mushrooms were dry and not tasty at all. Most people got steaks and they were not great. For the price and the hype, we expected a lot better.

We definitely would not return.

19/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Allison O.
Had family in town for Thanksgiving, and since we were in the midst of moving, we opted to go out for Thanksgiving dinner. Our choices were limited (and most were buffet, $60+ a person), but Lemp was offering a family style dinner at $22/person, so it was definitely our best option. While we had a reservation, we weren't seated until about an hour past it (which was fine; we had a drink in the bar, checked out the museum and wandered around a bit... well, as much as we could, since it was very crowded-- there's no real area to wait for tables, and since they were clearly very behind on the reservations, the entire front entry way/stairs/bar area was packed. Beautiful mansion, definitely a bit creepy (can't wait to go back for a ghost tour)...  Food was delicious. Family style serving was perfect for Thanksgiving. Service was a bit slow, but I think they were just a bit understaffed for the holiday, plus they're not well-equipped for upstairs seating (where we were seated)-- credit card machine downstairs, bar downstairs, etc. but it was really a minor inconvenience and not our server's fault. Definitely want to go back for a Sunday dinner (all you care to eat fried chicken, served family style) and check out the mansion some more.

10/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Mark H.
I'll skip the "hauntings".  I'm not much of a believer.  I do, however, believe in protein, and when I need protein for lunch I head over to the Lemp.  Don't get me wrong, I've been over for the Halloween party, and dinner countless times, but today, I'm thinking protein.  The Lemp has a lunch menu that includes prime rib - thinner than the dinner fare, but just as yummy.  Add a little horseradish sauce, have the salad with either the homemade french or homemade mayfair, and you have a meal that'll hold you over well into the day.

27/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Melanie V.
We won the dinner theater and a  nights stay here back in May from SMOS's auction and went a while back. Just getting around to reviewing. The dinner theater was fun to watch but the food was meh. The starter was a corn chowder which I didn't try. Then next was a caeser salad but it tasted exactly like fish :( . And then dinner was served, it was some kind of breaded chicken with a white sauce over it, white rice mixed with peas, a roll, and something else(dont remember what it was). And then dessert which was some kind of turtle cheesecake. The dinner was pretty bland, needed some salt. And during the meal, the show was going on in between plates so you don't notice how long it all takes. The rooms are fine, nothing special to them. The beds are comfortable enough. We did explore after everyone left for the night which isn't as early as we were told. Everyone was gone by 1am. We didn't see anyone else while we were exploring but we didn't see any ghosts or anything either. The breakast needs work, it was two bags of chips, two cookies, a bear claw thing, some water, and some wine and a free bag. And when you check out in the morning you do look the door behind you and leave the key in the mailslot. It was an experience to try once but don't think we will book it again.

11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Jennifer H.
The Lemp Mansion is haunted. Whether you believe in that sort of thing or not, the second you see this beautiful house in Soulard, step inside, and take a seat in its dining room, you'll feel something. Whether it's a real spirit of one of the deceased members of the Lemp family or just the feeling of years of interesting history weighing on you, you'll feel something upon entering this place. Me? I won't go into the Lemp Mansion bathroom alone after a story my good friend, Brooke, told me, but I'll keep coming back to this lovely place again and again for the food. The Lemp Mansion serves lunch and dinner, specializes in traditional American fare, and I recommend the steak Diane (8 oz of tenderloin with shallots and mushrooms in a burgundy wine sauce). The Lemp Mansion also features murder mystery dinner parties, banquet halls, a huge Halloween party, ghost tours, a  bed and breakfast, and several other events throughout the year. All in all, the Lemp Mansion is a fun, historical, place to eat a meal and ensconce oneself in a little history. (The creepy ghost in the bathroom story I'll save for another time.)

15/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Saucy G.
I'm only writing this review pertaining to the outside and the reception hall on the third floor a couple of buildings away. Outside was very pretty, as my friend's wedding was. Weddings in the last year have annoyed me in general but this was lovely. Beautiful day, beautiful ceremony. Star lost here due to parking. Yuck. Eww. Shame. There's a tiny lot by the restaurant that cant hold over 20 cars?? or lower. Most parking was done on street so ladies you will be walking in your wedding pumps. Didn't go inside of the restaurant, also didn't want to, something about the dark carpet wasn't talking to me. The reception hall was nice. Had to go up a freight elevator that was manned by staff, cute. The food was awesome!! My biggest pet peeves at weddings are the food and open bar. She had open bar!! YES!! And the food wasnt your usual chicken cordon bleu and bland veggies. No. Her buffet was yum yum eat em up. She chose all of her comfort foods, watermelon, pasta, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, ceasar salad, etc. We were full. Based on the reception hall, I would recommend this place for weddings. Oh yea and haunted? Didn't catch that vibe anywhere.

24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Micah B.
I absolutely love this place. I've been coming here with my family for at least twenty years. The atmosphere is unbeatable and very authentic/vintage. The food, though unhealthy, is to die for. Four stars for not having more selection but this is for sure one of my favorites.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Aaron J.
So just about everyone in St. Louis has heard of the Lemp Mansion and how it is haunted and everything along those lines. Well if people have yet to hear the place is also a great spot to get lunch. Yes, you can have lunch there, in the haunted house... bum bum bum...

Anyway, the food at he Lemp Mansion is great. I went there for lunch the other day while in the neighborhood checking things out and I had made my way down around the mansion and I felt the ping of hunger. Looking at the Lemp Mansion I noticed that you could eat lunch there and since I was within the time frame of 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. that they serve food I went in.

I ended up ordering the Gourmet Salad since I am a big fan of shrimp and bacon. The salad was great. It had just enough of each little ingredient so that one was not over powering the others. They had made a nicely balanced salad that I truly enjoyed.

28/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Andrea F.
I love a good ghost story, so I've always been interested in the story of the Lemp Mansion. It's fascinating and sends shivers down my spine. Oddly enough, the only time I've actually been here was for a wedding shower, which at first struck me as quite an odd place for such an event!

It was kind of amusing because the room had a plaque stating "so and so committed suicide in this spot." Hello...creepy! I was eating it up. But we covered up the plaque with a decoration in light of the occasion.

It actually does have the "ladies who lunch" feel. There are mostly lighter options on the menu. I had a southwestern salad, and it was fabulous!

I also really liked that they had a little museum discussing the mansion's history. I really loved visiting the place and would love to go to a murder mystery dinner there sometime.

14/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Kim K.
Had a really great work event here.  The staff bent over backwards to make sure that everything was just right and it was greatly appreciated by all.  The space is just beautiful and the food was spot on.  All in all it was a really good experience!

23/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Alicia D.
We went for a normal dinner, not one of the mystery dinners. The food was tasty, but overpriced for the portion size. My average-sized plate of pasta and a few sprigs of broccoli cost $13. My husband had a tiny salad that barely covered a small plate for $6.  The service was pretty bad I have to say. The waiter was nice enough but we hardly ever saw him (while the large party next to us seemed to see him quite a bit). We felt especially ignored after dinner while waiting for someone to take our dessert order. It took forever for the waiter to return. Could be a cozy place for dinner, but we will not return.

25/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Robert Y.
Just went over 4th of July weekend with my wife and it was amazing! I ordered the Steak Diane and it was cooked perfectly...melt in your mouth, delicious. I have always wanted to come here and being from Kansas City it's a long drive but worth it! The atmosphere it makes you feel like a beer baron back in the 1900's. The service was impeccable and attentive. For an extra special treat order the Bananas Foster...made table side...amazing! Hope to be back soon to stay in this gorgeous mansion overnight!

07/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Alicia O.
I have lived in STL area all of my life.  I finally went to the Murder Mystery dinner and loved it.  This is a great place to go with a group of people.  Everyone participates, you make fun of each other, and you get to let your hair down.  The actors are nice and the crowd feeds off of each other.  The food is good but not great.  it's a preset meal so you know how that catering thing goes.  Yet the price for the event with the food is very reasonable.  However, the caramel chocolate pecan topped cheese cake was heaven.  I have never had a cheesecake so smooth so rich and not the least bit tart.  Loved it.  I will go back for sure!

26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Annie T.
it's so spookyyyyy...

my friends and i decided to be impulsive and stopped in for appetizers and a bottle of vino.

we explored the gift shop and did some reading about the Lemp family before we were seated.  our server was very nice and friendly.  i asked him if he's ever seen any spirits around from working here.... his response: 'there are plenty of spirits in the bar." HAR HAR HAR.

the artichokes and especially toasted ravioli were scrumptious.  the bread/butter they bring to your table is delicious too...  honey churned butter that they do downstairs!

i'd like to come back one day for the full tour.  sadly, they are offered only on Mondays.

30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. vania j.
I come here solely for the lunch Chicken Salad and Sunday Chicken Dinners. I'm not really a fan of anything else on the menu (not at all actually) but the Chicken Salad is outstanding! Plus the staff is super friendly and nice and let you roam around ghost hunting after lunch. The house and the scary stories associated with it make for a fun old St Louis afternoon. Go to the bookstore in the restaurant and check out some victorian St Louis memorabilia and pick up the new ghost story book. It's awesome. They also have this cool cocktail hour and ghost hunting evenings on Thurs where you explore in the dark with a infrared camera!

07/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Stacy G.
The Lemp mansion is beautiful. The food is really fantastic as well. I would definitely recommend you visit Lemp and even eat there.  The overnight stay is fairly expensive and without the haunted tour its pretty pointless.

I wish I could write a review about Betsy the docent, the person who gives the haunted tours for Lemp. She would get a big fat 0.0 for ruining our stay at Lemp.

In 2007 I booked an overnight stay at Lemp for my sister and I for her birthday. We booked in early spring for a Halloween night. I contacted Betsy several times in an effort to ensure we would be able to participate in the tour. This was a big deal for my sister, something she really wanted to do. I'm still mad at Betsy to this day for just blowing us off and ruining our stay. HUGE waste of money.

Here is my blog from our overnight:

Our evening at Lemp was sadly uneventful. Betsy, for whatever reason, decided NOT to do the tour of the mansion which basically ruined the entire experience for us. She also didn't bother to return any of my last four phone calls in regard to the tour, which she assured me would take place when we spoke in May. The other guests were also disappointed to learn there was no tour that night. Now Betsy does tours all through October but Lemp is known for being haunted so how do you NOT do a tour Halloween night? The following morning I was beyond ****** to find out that Betsy was in the mansion bar all ****** night.

I can't see myself ever spending the money to stay all night ever again after this. The tour was the entire focus of the stay for us and for the other guests.

The house is great, the food  is amazing but Betsy definitely has put me off of being a repeat customer. I was a little disappointed to find that the bed in the room was only a full size for us to share and that the bath towels were really scratchy. Given the extravagant lifestyle of the Lemps I would think that larger beds and plush towels would be in keeping with the atmosphere.

29/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Kori B.
Here's the deal. The building is nice, the rooms are large, and the place has an interesting history. But the place is overpriced, the staff and management are rude, and despite a mildly creepy feeling undoubtedly due to my knowledge of the sad Lemp history, I didn't experience anything paranormal during my stay, even with camera, dvr, ouija board, etc. I wandered the dark halls by myself for hours trying to see something...  nada. The worst part was the rude management. I had my birthday party there and paid a couple hundred dollars for one room for the night. I had about six guests who spent a lot of money there at the bar. We were minding our own business catching up. The manager told us they had a party coming in and that we should probably leave the bar. They also said my guests couldn't be in my room past ten. What a crock. What am I, 17? Really disappointing, as I'd been excitedly planning this visit for some time. Next time I'll go to a holiday inn, at least they have a pool.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Liz A.
Went to a wedding reception here and it was great!  The staff was friendly and helpful.

It was SO hot the night of the reception and I think they could have put out more fans for everyone but overall it was great!  

*(Yes, the open bar helped make my experience wonderful- but I'm sure I would have been impressed regardless)

11/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Melanie B.
We went here for a wedding reception. The most memorable thing was the elevator at the end of the night filled with drunk wedding guests. There was an "Elevator Operator" that wore white gloves and it was an old school elevator that I was frightened may bust down due to how many people were on it, but we made it safely to the ground floor.
It is a neat space however I never really saw the front of the mansion or got a good feel for how the place was laid out, maybe that is the point? I have heard good things about the Mystery Dinner Theater and whatnot though.
There was one guy who was yelling at the wedding guests to keep the drinks off the dance floor. Dude, it's a wedding, people are going to bring their drinks on the dance floor......people need to get down AND get their drink on....it kind of goes together. Duh.
Super cool bar though down the street, The Stable, basically the whole wedding went to this bar b/c the wedding ended at 11pm. They had great beers on tap.

06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Chris M.
went here for lunch with some friends.

It's an old mansion.  If you dig that kind of thing, you'll love this.  I enjoyed the architecture, but the place was kind of a dive.  I kind of expected it to be fixed up a little more.

The service was adequate.  No more no less.

The food was bland and not as good as it should have been for the price.   I ordered a prime rib sandwich.  What I got was roast beef that was a bit overcooked.  It was probably leftover prime rib from the past weekend's brunch.  The fries were passable.

My friends' dishes revealed this place's love for cheez-whiz (or maybe velveeta, whatever).  The prosperity sandwich was swimming in the stuff.  Here again, it seemed like the ham was leftover from the past weekend's brunch.  The poor sap who ordered the enchilada ate a few bites and was done.  In keeping with the leftovers theme here, I suspect there is a guy in back who stitches partially eaten enchiladas back together for later sale.

None of us were impressed by the food.  I have heard the brunch is very good.  Maybe suckers like my friends and I subsidize brunch by purchasing mediocre food for too much money during the week.  

I might try brunch someday, but most likely that was my last time at Lemp Mansion.  There are sooo many restaurants serving great food nearby.

21/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Lisa H.
A couple different reviews.  We have been her for just dinner, no show.  Food was good.  The place is old, big, and a little erie!  I swear I saw a shadow in the bathroom!  Scared the heck out of me.    As far as the murdery mystery show...we got free tix.  So it was well worth it! ;)  The show was good, entertaining...not a blast...but was entertaining.  Don't know if I would want to pay $50 for it.  Maybe $35 to $40?  The dinner was decent...but not very light!  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, etc etc.  My arteries clogged but it tasted pretty good!  On to more important things...NEW YEARS EVE AT THE LEMP...now I don't want to spill the beans and ruin how great it it.  But for $65 you get an awesome dinner, a full bar all night and The Hush Band.  We always have a blast here for NYE.  I think this is our 8th year here!  It's a great time!

07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Kristen D.
When I had my bachelorette party in September 2011, my Matron of Honor decided to have it during one of the mystery murder dinners at the Lemp.  In general, I had a lot of fun.  The house had a spooky quality to it and I would have loved to explore further.  The dinner was excellent and the show was very entertaining.  I was even called upon to act out a part in the show, probably because I stood out since I was wearing my bride-to-be sash and veil.  

The only complaint came when one of my lactose intolerant friends called to make her reservation.  The dinner listed is heavy in dairy, so she asked what could be done to accomodate her.  She was told that they couldn't do anything for her, and she should eat beforehand.  She didn't think it was fair to spend $50 but not get a meal.

The night of, my friends and I were sitting at our table discussing that particular outrage.  Someone (a manager maybe?) overheard and approached to ask what the problem was.  We told him and he said not to worry.  He then catered to my friend the entire night, double-checking everything she could eat and bringing out all of her dishes (and even some special dishes nobody else got) dairy-free.  I wish I would have gotten that man's name, because he really helped make the night that much better.

I'm looking forward to spending a night here sometime and coming for lunch.

07/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Sarah C.
I can't think of a bad thing to say about the place.  We went on sunday, so we go the family style fried chicken dinner that is standard that day.

The chicken was crispy, green beans good, ham delectable, roast beef delicious, apple sauce splendid, and the mashed potatoes melted in my mouth.

And it was reasonably priced.  $20 a person for all you can eat dinner, you can't beat that.

Will definitely return!

04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Phil H.
If you like dinner with your theater or theater with your dinner, try the Lemp Mansion Dinner Theater. Saturday night was "Clueless", an audience participation play based loosely (very, very loosely) on the famous board game "Clue".

We had a group with the Gateway Hemophilia Association which was a sponsored learning event by Baxter Pharmaceuticals so there was a power point presentation prior to the dinner. The Lemp staff accommodated our entire group and Baxter's presentation easily.

The meal included a wonderful soup, a salad and the main entree which was a baked and breaded chicken and rice dish. The dinner roll reminded me of a pretzel type of bread. The desert was "cheesecake du jour" and was so rich I couldn't finish it.

The staff was incredibly friendly, the bar prices are higher than I normally like but the atmosphere of having dinner in a haunted mansion more than makes up for it.

12/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Meg M.
Okay, before i just pretty much wrote about the food itself. However, this is about the dinner theatre. Everytime i go i have so much fun here! Perhaps it's because i am a dramatic person and it's cool to be apart of the whole expirence itself that i tend to love or just the actors who host it for you that keep it going. The food is good too, and they have a bar as well for those whom want to get some spirits with their acting.

25/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Derek M.
Update. the issue of multiple charges was rectified and the manager was efficient about the entire process.

She also ask I clarify the price, $94 dollars not $100.00. That total was also after gratuity.

20/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Danielle W.
I went to the Lemp Mansion this past weekend for the Charles Dickens nightmare show, and indeed it was a nightmare. Only kidding...I went with my boyfriend and we sat with 3 others at a table. They were lovely. We started off with a few drinks, a name badge of a Charles Dickens character and then we began.

All of the festivities were great. The theatre was very exciting and involved everyone at the dinner.  The food wasn't great, but normally at these theatre events the food isn't superb anyways. We had beer cheese soup (which was surprisingly good), a salad, steak and chicken and then a cheesecake to top everything off.

I would definitely recommend a theatre for anyone who is interested in branching out and trying something new in St. Louis. If you aren't as adventurous I would say go do something a little less risque... (if you will)

04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Amy P.
Excellent food!  Also, the staff went above and beyond to make you feel at home!  The mansion itself is Amazing!

18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Ce Y.
We came for one of their murder mystery dinners and had an awesome time.

While the show and the game was a lot of fun, The food was only ok, we started with the beer cheese soup (passable can taste beer and cheese, not too salty), salad was served with the usual dressing choices, nothing special here. The main entrée had both chicken and beef: chicken was the usual semi overcooked dry meat. The beef was a little better but again nothing impressive about this meal. Overall the food only gets my 2 stars.

I added one more star for the place and the show. The atmosphere of the mansion is super spooky and the perfect location for a murder mystery. If you get in early, you can look around the place, and if possible you can catch the last tour before dinner. There was also a bar to chill at while you waited for dinner to start. We had a pretty large group and they were able to accommodated everyone and allow everyone to play as big or as small a part as they wanted.

09/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. Sheryl K.
Very interesting place if I say so myself. I read up on the history of Lemp Mansion before joining my family here for Thanksgiving. I wasn't moved by the rumored hauntings, but was in awe about its past.

Anyway, to the review... for Thanksgiving, DO make reservations (thank goodness we did), DON'T plan to wait inside - the place was so ambushed that some groups were outside in the snow, so bring a heavy coat (they have a coat check-in). Once you've passed the host station, you have ample time to take a mini tour of the house. I don't know how many dining rooms there were, but the place was packed! They were servers hustling around you (with the greatest manners), bus boys immediately clearing off tables, and of course... the people smiling and enjoying a turkey dinner with their loved ones.

We were seated in one of the many large dining rooms they had. Endless turkey dinner consisted of dark/white meat, cranberry sauce (legit stuff right there), stuffing (kinda mushy), good ol fashioned mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, dinner rolls, hmm.. green beans, waldorf salads and to top it off, pumpkin pie!

Considering the amount of people they were serving to and the amount of time they had, it was a decent meal. I'd come back on an off-holiday, hearing that they have a pretty good lunch meal.

30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. Andy D.
I ate dinner at Lemp Mansion the other night, and it's not something I'm planning on repeating anytime soon.

The thing that truly made the experience disappointing was the dinner company -- not mine, of course, but the other patrons around me.  My group was in a lovely room off to the side, with lots of ferns and paintings, but we had the misfortune of being seated next to these two families that were treating the restaurant as if it were their own home.  They were drunker than I've ever seen anyone in a restaurant in St. Louis, horribly foul-mouthed in front of their little kids -- a personal pet peeve -- and were acting disrespectful to the wait staff.  They were almost impossible to ignore.  It didn't seem to be ruining the meal for the rest of my group, so I didn't do anything, but I wish that staff could intervene when other patrons are being so obviously inconsiderate, instead of at times even egging them on!

The food was okay, but overpriced.  I had the Szechuan Penne (albeit an uninteresting choice), which was about $18, but there wasn't very much Szechuan to it -- more white sauce and cheese than anything else.  I ate about half of it and brought the rest home for the next day, but even after baking it in the oven for 30 minutes there was too much oil involved to make it palatable.  The food gets a solid 3 stars, or maybe even 2.5.

The atmosphere seemed neat, too, but there was just too much detracting from it to make it enjoyable.  It also seemed as if there was a similarly rowdy bunch of diners in every room -- including what seemed to be the loudest wedding party, etc. I've ever heard -- so nowhere was spared.  All I wanted was a peaceful dinner enjoying the Mansion's charm!

On the way out, the crowd I saw around the bar was literally one of the douchiest-looking I've seen in St. Louis.  And I use that word very, very sparingly.

I won't be back.

14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
35. Matt M.
For those that don't know the story behind the Lemp Mansion, I encourage you do so before you read this review, a lot of cool background there. Semi-related, can you even remember life before Wikipedia?

But I digress.

Our department went to the Mansion today to celebrate a co-workers 15th anniversary with the company. She claimed that she never had a problem ordering different things on the menu since everything was delicious.

Most of the entrees were between 8 and 13 dollars, which was fair. The waiter started us off with some fresh rolls with honey butter (I'm a big fan of that salty sweet combo). A few of us ordered the Szechwan Pasta with either chicken or shrimp. It came with steamed broccoli, parmesan and provel cheese, and a cayennne/cream sauce. I had no complaints with the dish - except I wish it would have had more chicken.

Another co-worker ordered roast beef (dipped in au jus) and swiss sliders that came on wheat pretzel rolls. It looked delicious!

For dessert, they had everything from New York cheesecake, to lemon meringue pie. I ordered the carrot cake (which came without raisins or walnuts, thank you!) with cream cheese frosting.

The mansion also features Murder Mystery Dinners for small groups and on Sunday's they have family style meals where they bring out large portions of chicken, glazed ham, potatoes, green beans, etc.

You can also order a few of the beers produced by the Lemp Brewery, including their Jurassic Dark beer.

If you're a lover of haunted places, old mansions, and/or great food, stop by the Lemp Mansion. With hauntingly good eats, a spooky atmosphere, anyone in St. Louis would kill to be here.

23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Sylvester T.
My Lady and I was at a Masquerade Event....The Food was very Good and the service was superb!  I am a fan! It had a distinct look and was very moved by the atmosphere!

02/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Dave F.
I have only been here for the Sunday family style supper.  Traditional homestyle food served in bowls for everyone at the table to share.

Walking in the building made me feel like I walked back in time.  All the old mill work (wood trim) and high ceilings just seemed to make me want to turn off my cell phone and enjoy the moment.

Having a group is nice here, because the group shares the table and food on the table.  When you want more just ask.  This is like a family get toether with people I get to choose and eat great comfort food...   Plus no clean-up.

I remember fried chicken, roast beef, green beans and mashed potatos.  I know other things were on the table, but that is what I know I asked seconds on.  There was very attentive service that night.

This was expensive (I think we spent about $100 for four with tip, great service) and I have not done it for awhile, but it is worth it.

07/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Annette P.
Friends and I were on a roadtrip to St. Louis specifically to stay at the Lemp Mansion.  It is reportedly haunted so we decided to check it out for ourselves.  Some of us stayed in the Lavender suite, another friend stayed upstairs in the attic suite.  The Lavender suite is large with a separate sitting/dining area, and an amazing bathroom.  We ate dinner in the restaurant downstairs and enjoyed the Steak Charles.  This is a B&B however breakfast is an assortment of muffins, breakfast bars, and juices left in the room.  There is a mini fridge and microwave in the hall which came in handy since dinner was generously portioned.  The grounds are lovely and often used for weddings and private parties.

17/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Sarah S.
Not sure I'd recommend the Sunday brunch which is lots of heavy, German and Southern food.  Picture fried chicken (which was pretty darn good), green beans, corn, mac & cheese, rolls with honey butter, cinnamon spiced apples, cole slaw, pickled veggies, ham, and roast beef in never ending quantities on your table.
What I DO recommend is the tour.  It's $5 and the historian has memorized 15,000 pages of Lemp history (with 9,000 pages to go!).  She'll take as long as you want and you'll never exhaust her knowledge of the family history.

08/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. Kristen M.
Went here with the BF randomly on Sunday to satisfy a hankering for fried chicken. (They don't come often, but when they do, it's best not to ignore.) The Lemp did a fantastic job.

Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, mac and cheese, ham, roast beef, stemmed veggies, apple sauce and god know what else was on the table, it was all delicious. For around $17 a per person, yes, some might see this all-you-can-eat, brought to your table as a little pricey, but I thought it was well worth the money. Especially with the history and beauty of this spot.

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Eva S.
I participated in the murder mystery dinner and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I had been to another murder mystery event several years ago and thought it was cheesy/not worth the money.  This one is FAR better.  It had its corny moments, but they did a really good job of engaging the audience throughout the entire dinner and overall, it was really entertaining.  This lasted a bit longer than I had expected, so just be prepared to spend a good two and a half to three hours from start to finish. (Also - I went in jeans and was underdressed.) Efficient/courteous servers and really good food as well.

03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. S. Anjali D.
The fried chicken was really good. But everything else was cold, from a can, and just icky! This is a fun place to go to at least once because of the intriguing history and possible haunting. We went there to check it out and gorge on fried chicken. Everything is served family style, but it truly is all from cans and covered in either loads of pepper or random gravy. The mashed potatoes are definitely from a box, or at least, really taste that bad. Being a foodie, this was not for me. Glad I tried it though since my sister and I had a fun time scaring my Mom about the lavender lady ghost!

07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Brett P.
The Lemp Mansion is not only  a creepy cool old mansion but it is an Amazing piece of St Louis history (I wish the caves were still accessible). Like anywhere this place is what you make it. Go have fun and let your hair dan, the staff is great and might have a ghost story or two.
The Sunday menu is exactly what you grew up on at your grandmothers house. Pan fried chicken not deep fried and gravy made from the chicken grease. The sides are outstanding, roast beef, ham w/pineapple, cinnamon apples, mac and cheese, green beans, corn, rolls,  and they just keep coming.
Everything is served family style so bring your appetite and your wallet. While it may be a bit pricey at $17 per person + drink and tip, this isn't your average KFC, Lee's or Popeye's and the setting is worth the visit alone.

12/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Erin G.
I have spent the night here and we have had dinner, but my favorite thing to do here is to come here in the evening and sit in the very dark bar and drink, and maybe enjoy some handmade toasted ravs.  Nothing beats the ambiance, its so warm and cozy, even though its supposed to be haunted.  The bathroom is really big and in the middle is the first ever free standing shower in the US that was brought over especially for the Lemp family.

Service here is really good, and if you are there on a Friday evening, dont be alarmed if you see people walking around dressed like a dead sea captain or a dead president, they do a dinner theater, that looks pretty fun.  Be warned though, that this place has a menu filled with provel.

21/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Brandon B.
What a beautiful mansion. My wife and I were in attendance of a friends wedding here, last October.  We had a wonderful time checking the place out and taking pics. The first time we heard of the place was on Ghost Hunters I believe, they did a show here talking about all of the ghosts. I didn't see any of those, but I did see lots of beautiful history.  The little bar was great, I really did love the dark ambiance of it.

21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Kathy S.
We're regular visitors for the Sunday Family Style Dinner, and enjoy it thoroughly. With all-you-can-eat pan fried chicken, roast beef, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, mac and cheese, biscuits and more, it's a feast for the hardy to be sure. The chicken is exceptional and reminds me of home ... pan fried (not deep fried) in small batches; crispy and salty ... I expect to see Grandma come out of the kitchen. The gravy, too, is amazing. Made in small batches from the chicken fat, it's a real treat (and goes really well over the real mashed potatoes.)

If you don't have a large party, you can usually show up and get seated fairly quickly. However, always make a reservation during the month of October, as this is Lemp's busy time, all the time.

31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. James H.
Called for reservations.  Said not needed no waiting.  Arrived 20 minutes later and was told a hour wait for two people.  Told him we were told no waiting 20 minutes ago.  He said maybe it would only be 30 minutes.  Very disappointed.  I wouldn't eat at lemp if I was paid.  I've eaten there many times in the past and recommended Lemp to friends but I guess their service has just gone downhill

13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Pam N.
I have previously visited Lemp Mansion for an awesome rehearsal dinner circa 2009 and a great wedding reception era 1980's.  Tonight we had a Groupon for dinner and thank goodness!  It's a fun place with lots to look at and plenty going on.  There was a wedding reception in the yard and a mystery dinner theatre in one of the dining rooms.  Lots of customers in all the dining rooms.  Business was brisk!  We had reservations for 7PM and arrived promptly.  We were told to have a seat and that it would be about 15min.  We went to the bar and had a drink and the bartender was friendly. We were taken to our table within the 15min.  We ordered and our salads arrived-we got the Mayfair dressing for old time's sake, but it was more like Mayo dressing, very thick and greasy.  My honey loved the rolls with honey butter, me not so much.  He ordered chicken parmesan which was an enormous portion with 2 huge chicken breast halves and a pound of fettucine with tomato sauce.  He loved it and had enough for 2 more meals left over.  I orderd the blackened salmon and it was cooked dry as a popcorn fart and hard as a brick- I would have been embarrassed to serve it.  It came with mushy overcooked frozen veggies and hashbrown casserole.  Pretty disappointing for $22.  Our waiter did not check on us once. We got our bill, but didn't notice that the tip had been added and we added more, so the lame waiter got an awesome tip-our fault of course-we checked for items purchased, but didn't add it up-HI we know :(  So, as I said thank goodness for that Groupon.  I will stick to Lemp Mansion for parties only.  No more restaurant dinners here!

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Julie L.
I recently attended the Lemp's Halloween Bash and it was my first time at this historic St. Louis haunted landmark.

The place was packed so I was not able to fully enjoy it but the staff was pretty nice in keeping everything running smoothly with the event.  They had 3 bands positioned around the premises, and you could go in and out as much as you wanted.  They had a small selection of food, which you paid for a bigger selection so I was disappointed in that.  Their unlimited drinks were limited to beer and witches brew from what I saw.

I had fun and it was something new.  I hope to go back to actually see the place in the future.

31/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Chris B.
My wife and I have been going to dinner at Lemp Mansion for over 10 years.  These days we get there about 6 times per year (since a lot of other restaurants decided to cut corners) and we have had the Chicken Lillian (my favorite), Chicken Valle Douge, Fried Shrimp, or Chicken Lamar.  They also offer a shrimp Cajun pasta special on occasion that is also outstanding.  Service is top notch and we ask for Don or Matt.  The food comes out hot (surprisingly hard for some restaurants to do) and in a timely manner.  We also get (and highly recommend) the dinner salad with the (creamy Caesar like) house dressing.  The rolls are also very good and they are served with a honey butter.  I would recommend reservations a few days ahead of time, but we were able to get 4 of us a table on a Friday in November with a hour notice.  The dining rooms are unique with ~14 foot painted ceilings, neat wall decorations, and a fireplace in one of the rooms.  Prices are also very reasonable for what you get.  My only tweak was to ask for adding some Craft beers to the menu.  They said they are working on some and hopefully they'll have some in the near future.  My wife is happy with the wine selections, and don't forget to check out the gift shop after dinner.  So if you want excellent food and top notch service at a fair price in a very unique setting, this place is for you.

Update:  Had a great dinner, again, on February 7th, and now they offer Founders Porter - great beer to complement a great meal!

21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Tracey W.
Even though this haunted mansion is known for its Halloween horrors,  my first experience here was for a Thanksgiving horror.

My mom really didn't want me to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her (a more realistic statement would have been that my mom BEGGED me not to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her...). Our best options looked like some revolving restaurant at the Millennium, or Lemp. I chose Lemp because I had never been there and thought it would be a cool STL tradition. And also, a more realistic statement would have been that I chose Lemp because it was HALF the cost of the other restaurant.

I really had to not look at Facebook as we made our way down Cherokee, which seemed just as abandoned as usual. My friends were discussing Wal-mart workers striking and the "horrible people who make other people work on Thanksgiving". Clearly my friends have never worked retail or in the service industry. I used to beg to work Thanksgiving. Seriously. Get paid time and a half, boss usually buys us lunch out of guilt, and make it home in time for dinner without having to help, and everyone's already drunk enough that they forget to ask you why you are still single. And as far as waiting tables, again, begged for the Turkey Day shifts. Pity tips and drunken, overzealous holiday cheer. Now THAT'S a holiday bonus. Stone me now, but I don't really feel too sorry for *most* people who have to work on Thanksgiving. Most of us have done it at one time or another in our lives.

That being said, I don't think the people at Lemp have the same perspective that I do, because pretty much every staff person we encountered looked pissed, hungover, stressed, and super unhappy to be there. We were directed to the Grand Hall even though we had reservations at the Mansion, which was annoying, except we got to ride in what could only be described as a cattle elevator. Once we finally arrived at the Mansion, the completely rude hostess snapped at my mom and made us wait awkwardly in the cramped foyer 15 minutes past our reservation time (noon). We were seated and given a lackluster explanation of the process (family-style meal), and then given the opportunity to order drinks.

We didn't seem to have a designated waiter, and three different people waited on us throughout the process, which was slightly confusing. Clearly the system broke down.

I had extremely low expectations (as I do with going out on any holiday), and the food here still failed to meet them. It was pretty disgusting. Seriously. First, all the food was ice cold. I get that the whole family-style thing would make it difficult, and that doing it buffet-style would have been impossible with the layout of the building, but they could have done a better job. I mean seriously, all of it, cold. The turkey was the worst, cold and salty, stringy. It's like they just shredded it. The stuffing tasted good, but was just sticky cement-like goo. Everything else was forgettable.

The mansion was gorgeous, but the mood was really depressing. By the end of the experience, I kind of got why this mansion is famous for all of the suicides that took place there.

The staff were working their asses off, and it's a really cool neighborhood with a certain charm and mystique. I'm definitely going to return for more St. Louis fun, but I have to give this an "I've had better" rating, and wouldn't bring anyone here that I was trying to impress.

P.S. Sorry for being the dick that made you all work on Thanksgiving. If you had eaten a Thanksgiving meal that I cooked, you would understand why it was necessary.

P.P.S. At $24.99 a person, I still think this place was a good value and would recommend it to others. Just come with the right attitude, because if you're depressed when you come here, there is no hope for you.

24/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
52. Tom J.
A bit crusty.  The waiter, not the food.  The general ambience is old and musty.  I get the idea the rehab of this restaurant was done in the 80's and not much has been done since.  Still, it's a very interesting place to just walk around.  My wife tells me there's a shower in the ladies room and one of the employees said it was the first shower in the US, imported from Italy.  There is a little museum with an attendant docent who has apparently encyclopedic knowledge of all things Lemp.  It was fun peppering her with questions and I think she enjoyed it too, although she was also a bit crusty, so it was hard to tell.

They feature a lot of chicken dishes here.  We tried the Chicken Lilian, named for the famed "Lavender Lady" who married and divorced one of the Lemps way back when.  Her namesake chicken dish was rolled stuffed chicken breast, breaded and baked, then placed on linguini with cream sauce and more cheese on top.  It weighs in at about a million calories, but it was very good.  Just a bit overcooked, but that stuffing has to cook too, which makes it a challenge.   We also had the Chicken Marsala, which had an unbelieveably delicious sauce with red and yellow peppers.  Not sure what else, but it was great.  It came with mashed potatoes, which were not real hot but tasted good, especially with the sauce.

After dinner and nosing around the museum, we walked up the stairs to get a feel for the Inn part. It was appropriately spooky and dated.  

Although we just came for dinner, most of the customers that night were watching a dinner theater and there seemed to be lots of laughs.  We'll probably try that sometime.  

I give the Lemp mansion a lean 4 stars mostly because it's such an interesting place.

30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Kelly B.
The Lemp Mansion is known for the historic preservation of the old home of the famous Lemp Brewery family, ghost hunting, murder mystery dinners, a B & B, etc.  Overall, it is a neat place to visit, if you can handle the smell of old musty things.  

When it comes to the food, eh.  I've had dinner and lunch twice over the years and wasn't impressed.  But, I heard about the family style fried chicken dinner on Sunday and decided to give it a go.  We were greeted by a waiter in an oversized, wrinkled, dirty, suit/costume?  It was comedic at best.  He stopped by to tell us that his assistants would be by to deliver our family style meal.   Little by little, it came.  

The chicken itself was well seasoned.  It was good except for the thighs, which tasted very very old.  Let me repeat...very very old.  The corn was floating in butter, the butter that came with the bread was NOT fresh, the gravy was soooo friggin thick, etc.  Not good.  The upside is that there was a ton of food.  But, the servers were not attentive and the whole experience, not great.  Next time I go, it will be for a tour, not for the food.

19/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
54. Mike K.
I've only been there once and that was for lunch, but quite possibly the best tasting meal I have had in St Louis for 3 years. Plenty of reasonable appetizers, lunch sandwich choices and entrees.  I HAVE TRIED TOASTED RAVS ALL OVER THIS TOWN, AND THESE ARE BY FAR THE BEST THAT I HAVE EVER HAD!  The ravs had grated cheese all over, and despite a slightly small dipping sauce, I will get them over and over again. The cod entree was delicious with great mashed potatoes and veg.  I had the soup instead of salad and the chicken rice was great tasting. Add a couple of small pretzel dinner rolls and it was a complete taste sensation I will remember.
(they are NOT open for dinner every night)

09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Sarah R.
We are ghost hunters. Let me start out with that. We like creepy, but look for clean, maintained, cared for places. In some areas, Lemp Mansion hit the mark, in other's it didn't. However, I would venture to say that in the places it didn't, it wasn't for lack of trying. This history of this place, and not just the Lemp history, clings to the walls like some kind of psychic grime. It permeates the place, extending dark tendrils of energy into every square inch of the site. The Jou Jou is heavy and obvious and no amount of scrubbing will be able to get that out. It was just what we were looking for.

We stayed in the Elsa Suite, which is on the top floor and rumored to be the most haunted. The suite is in very good shape, although the hall and stairways leading to the room could stand a carpet cleaning. The room directly faces the freeway, and being there in the summer leaves you dealing with a swamp cooler in one window that has a very thin barrier to the outside, letting in a tremendous amount of freeway noise. That said, the room delivered. Upon entering, I immediately began to experience vertigo and bothersome neck pain that lasted until I left the room after having to lay down on the bed for 15 minutes.  

During the night, and above the din of the freeway, my husband and I heard loud sighing and breathing that came from neither one of us, and located in between the bed and the mirror across from the bed. We slept with the light on until after 4:00 am and when we finally turned it off, I awoke to an interesting dream that detailed what I believed to be an injury of a person who had been there before.

The staff was VERY nice, very responsive and not rude as prior reviewers stated they experienced. I would have given this place 4 stars, for the experience, because if you are looking for haunted, this is the place. However, the partition in the window around the swamp cooler in the Elsa Suite was pretty flimsy and let in a ton of noise. The bed was comfy, the room clean and the ambiance, everything it's cracked up to be. Go here with your eyes open, don't expect the sleep and you'll have a grand old time. Visit the gift store and have a conversation with the curator. It will be a good use of your time.....Happy Hunting.

26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
56. Sarah S.
We just had our 1st dinner at the Lemp tonight. We used a groupon we paid 25.00 for 50.00.
The food was just ok and service was as you would expect. But nothing exceptional at all
We had our 1 yr old with us and asked if they had a kids menu. Our waiter said no, but we can do chicken strips or white pasta with chicken. So we order the pasta.
When our bill came the kids pasta was 11.95.
Then we noticed he added 20% gratuity! WHAT??? They stated on the menu party's over 6 would be charged 18%. I hardly think my husband, 1 yr old and myself are 6.
Basically the extra $25.00 coveted our gratuity.
Disappointed to say the least!

11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
57. Brian M.
I recently was invited to a friends birthday party at a Comedy Mystery Dinner at the Lemp Mansion, I really didnt know what to expect but I thought it would be fun because I have always wanted to take in an evening in one of the most haunted locations in Saint Louis.

I arrived around 6:30 to find some of my party already sitting in the dining room, I quickly grabbed a drink from the bar and decided to take my seat. It wasnt long before the cast of the show started to arrive and hand out our roles for the evening's show. The staff was friendly and the show was entertaining, however it really requires everyone to get into their assigned role and take on the part to be the most fun. The show itself was split into three acts, each of which were split between each course of our meal.

The food was ok, it started off with a salad, then later came the entree which consisted of chicken rice and broccli. I am not a fan of broccli, and really wish that they would have had some type of option for substitution. In fact I noticed several people at my table of 15 passed on the broccli. The desert was a chocolate cheesecake which was pretty rich, so if you are not a fan of extremely sweet and broccli you might leave a little hungry for the $50 price.

28/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
58. Sheryl S.
Bacon potato corn chowder, dinner salad and wings, decent prices Wonderful Atmosphere Fair Fare good place to lunch.

11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. A-train H.
Went to the murder in Marbury dinner theater. First time for me. It was great! The actors are fantastic sports! They handled would be hecklers gracefully. The food was delicious with generous portions. And the servers are fantastically hospitable. My only concern is the intimate proximity of the tables. But I suppose bumping a chair here or there gives you grounds to spark small conversation.

29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Jolena S.
Sunday Chicken Dinner with friends today.  Seated promptly, good attentive service, tasty array of home cooking.  An experience I'd recommend for anyone wanting to play St. Louis tourist but not an every Sunday event.  Skip the Bloody Mary and fill that space with delicious mashed potatoes & gravy.

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. Patty S.
Went for lunch today. I've lived in the area my whole life and had never been in the Mansion before, although I've always been fascinated with the home and It's history.

My review will be very mixed because there were some things that were great, and some not good at all. First the good...nothing bad to say about our waiter. We didn't really interact with each other a whole lot but he was pleasant and attentive. And the house made toasted ravioli were the highlight of our lunch. They were awesome. The home itself was everything I imagined it would be. I've lived in old homes in St Louis all my life so the condition of the building seems pretty appropriate to me. The old fixtures in the ladies room, I thought were pretty cool. I did feel uneasy in the ladies room though and don't really know why.

The couple things that weren't so great....The bread, I couldn't tell if they were suppose to be rolls or biscuits,  seemed to be old and reheated. One of them was so hard it couldn't even be eaten. The marinara sauce that came with the toasted ravioli tasted good but it wasn't warm or hot, it was cool with some cold spots. And my sandwich....I ordered The Prosperity,  could have been very good if it wasn't completely drowned in Cheez Whiz. I mean, literally drowning, in Cheez Whiz. And the bacon on my plate was definitely the kind you buy already cooked and heat in the microwave.  My daughter had the chicken strips off the appetizer menu and said they were "just ok".

Maybe their dinner is better, my son and his girlfriend went for dinner and said that their food was amazing. I think we'll go back sometime for dinner or the Sunday chicken dinner based on other reviews. Overall we had a pleasant experience but the food could have been better.

12/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Jeff S.
We went for the Sunday Family Style dinner.  All of the food was well prepared and the wait staff were very attentive.  You will not leave here hungry.  Some of the items of special note were the chicken, green beans, apples and the ham.  The head waiter was also very nice to tell us about the history of the home and a lot of details we may not otherwise have heard unless we went on a tour.  The desserts fell a little short.  While the lemon meringue pie was very good, the chocolate pecan chess pie was not very good.  Other than the desserts, the entire rest of the meal was exceptional with great service.

12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Lloyd C.
Lemp Mansion was an experience I enjoyed my visit here.  I brought my wife on a date here and the food was good, a bit pricey for me.  I love the inside of the dining area where we were seated, very romantic and they have a little bar area in the back.

The wait was not bad at all, my food was pretty good, I am not a fan, but that could easily change, I only been there once so I am basing everything off of that one visit, perhaps when or if I go again, I could become a fan.  I had the prime rib and it was delicious from recollection.  My wife had a fillet mignon steak and chicken sort of entrée, nothing impressive she said. Nonetheless, she enjoyed it, and I know my entree was good.  
I will have to visit this place again as the time I am writing this review and the time I ate my food are just too great to remember every detail of the meal, having time between that meal and the present and putting it all together in a review is not feeling to cool, which tells me I was not impressed.  I know I would like to visit there again, which means they deserve a chance to "WOW" me!

If I get there again, which also tells me it is not on a list of places to visit before I try some new ones, that it was not spectacular meal, I will order a different dish.  Sometimes that can make a difference or tell the truth in a restaurant.  I never try to get stuck on one dish too much, unless it is just freaky good!

I say give them a try, even for a date night, I think you will enjoy it... however, I don't think you will be impressed.

27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
64. Jason B.
Met some friends for dinner and some entertainment.  The dinner show was murder in maybury.  I played a Japanese man named Slung Low.  Anytime someone said Japan I had to stand up and clamp my hands together, bow and say AH SO!  

It's $53 person for the meal and the show with a 14% tip In the price.  

The salad had to many onions for me but it was still ok.  The fried chicken with red potatoes and garlic green beans was awesome.  We had tuxedo cheesecake for dessert.  That was a great dessert to end a meal.  Two glasses of wine come with the meal.  I don't drink wine and they were coming by offend with the wine during dinner.  

The actors were great and everyone else played along and made it very enjoyable.  I had a lot of good laughs.  

I wish my character had more lines in the shows, but not all the characters were in the show.  So if you go your character mite not have very mine lines are like my wife she had none.  Which she did not mind.  

They do different shows every month.  If your looking for something different and fun I would highly recommend going.

27/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Cynthia E.
I am a fan every time I go on a road trip and we pass by this place we got to go especially for the Chicken dinner on Sundays! The bomb! all you can eat orgasmic of flavors! its ridiculous! I love love love the food! served fresh and hot and the waiters are always on point!

The house it self I have never stayed the night will one day! (bucket list) but the first time coming here Me and the person I was with at the time experience something we cannot explain! it still freaks me out! so we go to the little museum shop in the back of the house and this nice lady gave us info on the house and history of ghosts in the area! as she was speaking I saw my partner looking all weird but didn't say anything till we walked away and said "did u see that dude behind her old man he looked weird" I said "there was no man behind her what u talking about" and as we exited the Lemps doors I kid you not we both felt so dizzy and out of breath like as if we toke a drug and we are getting high its hard to explained it was so bad both of us sat down on the benches that are outside the house it was hard to breath and see! As we both sat  there trying to get each other together to walk back to the car we both ran and felt creeped out! it was like someone hit us or we walk through something I will never forget that experience it was def not welcoming feeling it toke us a good 30 mins to get back to normal as we drove farther away from the house the better we got

The second time I went I didn't experience anything Thank ya lord! but I did experience that super delicious food! well def come back

25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0