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Lumiere Place in Saint Louis, MO

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.87

Address: 999 North 2Nd Street, Saint Louis, MO, 63102
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours to 6:00 am
  • Wed: 8:00 am - Thu
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (109):

1. C V.
Decent.  I'm not from the area, but come to visit my friend often enough.  We love to play no limit poker and discovered this casino recently.  It fulfills our poker needs for the weekends when we can't get away to Vegas.  Usually busier at the tables and the poker room on Thurs/Fri/Sat evenings -- there are a lot of poker regulars so if you go a handful of times you start recognizing the faces.  Some nights are action packed, others are slow and uneventful.  But the dealers are super nice and it's a clean poker room.  Will keep playing here when in town until another poker room offers better for a less than 30 minute drive.

05/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Ry D.
I have only been to this casino once and until they change their smoking policy, I won't go back. Very short ceilings combined with hundreds of disgusting smokers makes it totally unbearable. It has such potential to be a classy casino, but is instead infested with dirty, disgusting smoke.

12/11/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Scuba C.
its a casino not Vegas but it will do. but watch out if your a non smoker smells like an ashtray

06/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Amanda Z.
OH....I'm not a fan...I'm not a fan at all....I'll up it one star because this is just not my scene at all so it's quite possible I am biased and the view from the Four Seasons bar is quite beautiful....but it's barely getting up to that 3 stars for me here.

The whole place is shiny and new.  The casino is small, there's not a huge array of games, there's not a huge array of tables, and the people that work here are rude.  I mean, really rude.  They only had 2 attendants at the card table (I'm not sure what to call this, but the place where you get your casino card in order to get into the casino) on a Friday night.  I truly don't understand this.  I mean seriously, two workers on a Friday night?  Don't you think maybe it's going to be busy.  Then, the one woman that was working didn't know how to type and it took her 15 minutes to type in the information from my driver's license that was sitting in front of her.  What a joke!  There are a ton of different restaurants surrounding the casino, which certainly gives the place a Las Vegas feel, but it's just not the same as anything in Vegas.  Probably because you are in Missouri...and the restaurants aren't ones created by famous chefs...they are just steps above cafeterias with neon lights and strange names.  

Now, like I said, the view from The Four Season's rooftop deck is beautiful.  The Arch is laid out in front of you, you can see all the way down the riverfront, all through downtown, but you are a little hindered by The Dome directly to the north.  I don't really understand why they have bonfires burning in the summer heat, but I guess the ambiance was nice.  

However, what is not nice about Lumiere Place?  How about paying $6.49 for a bottle of beer.  Um, not only is that an outrageous price, it's a dumb price.  $6.49?  Really, 49 cents?  Yea, I really want to walk around with pennies in my pocket all night.  I'm sure that the bartender appreciates those extra pennies he gets all night from disgruntled customers.  Seriously, 49 cents?  It's just ridiculous.  Just make it $6.50...we know you are ripping us off, trust me, that penny isn't making it any better, it's just annoying.  

Oh, and lets talk about the parking.  Seriously, it was $50 the last time I went there.  Granted, there was a ton of Arch Rivalry events going on downtown, but $50?  I mean, this isn't New York City, this is St. Louis.  I think this place is having an identity crisis.  Lumiere Place needs to realize what part of the country they are in, and accept it.  Because who in this city is paying $3,500 a night for a presidential suite?  Certainly not me.

30/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Ry N.
I was really impressed with the HotelLumiere. I booked the room through hotels.com , and for some reason they put me down for a reservation on the wrong day. At that point I was freaking out because the room was already charged, and the desk attendant said she may not be able to do anything because I went through a third party. However, she transferred the reservation to the current day with no problems. It costs $10 to self park, which is the only detriment I have. A two-room deluxe suite was $129 on a Friday night. It had a couch, loveseat, high-def flat screen TV, and a lot more. The beds were pillowtop mattresses and were extremely comfortable. The view of the MLK bridge and the riverboats was nice as well. I was very impressed, and it's definitely worth the extra $30 over a value hotel (dump) on the landing.

29/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. John K.
Poo poo casino.  It's probably the newest one in the area so it's very clean, but that's probably all that it's good for.  It has a small gambling area with a pretty small poker room.  I won $100 from blackjack and I'll probably stop while I'm ahead.  It's connected to the 4 Seasons and that's a pretty baller hotel.

28/06/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Kelly H.
Went to celebrate my friends bday. Stopped at the Burger Bar first then headed to the casino. I only took 40 bucks and lost it all. There were tons of people there that night cuz I guess they had a baseball game across the street. It was cool though. I had a good time. I'd go back and lose all my money again.They also have a lot of different interesting restaurants you can choose from!

27/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Isla E.
Who did this to my hometown?

09/11/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Chris T.
We don't get out much, but decided to head out for a night just to get away!!  I was very impressed at how friendly the staff was, especially the front desk.  The room was great.  I had to get up early the next day for work, so it was nice to have the separate room to watch the news and have my coffee before the in-room breakfast that we ordered the night before arrived.  I have to say, the breakfast was the highlight of the trip, very good, very fresh, and all around wonderful.  The night before we decided to stay on site and eat dinner at the Stadium Bar and Grill.....not the nice dinner we were expecting.  In their defense, the Rams game ( a winner by the way!!!) had just ended and the place was flooded with fans which quickly turned the place into what i would call just a sports bar.  The food was sub par, but acceptable.  We will definitely be trying someplace else on our next trip.  After dinner we went to the casino for a bit and endured the thick smoke, but had a good time.  All in all, 5 stars from me, 10 stars if I could for the in room dinning experience we had a breakfast!!!  Thank you Lumier for a nice break from reality, we will be back for sure.

09/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Justin H.
This has got to be the tightest casino I have ever been in. Plus if your gambling the drinks are not free. Nicely laid out with many games to choose from. This sadly will eventually kill off a few of the nearby casinos due to its sheer enormity.

11/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Jennifer B.
I am not a gambler.  I went with friends because apparently I'm so cool that they can't spend a weekend night without me [realize I am jesting here], they even collectively gave me $50 to spend and got my drinks for me.  This should have been a great night!  It wasn't.  I still don't like gambling.  

The staff were a bit strange here.  Not too friendly, but not cranky - so I am wondering if my experience was due to a lack of funds coming in.  The service was a bit slow and the tables were crowded.  At least the drinks were good!  The decor of the place was pretty neat as well!

23/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Alex F.
Welp I stopped by this place after a night of eating/drinking in the area and it didn't exactly cap the night well. The place was pretty depressing. If you want to go somewhere and be a high roller, this is definitely not the place. Then again, it's St. Louis so I wouldn't expect that type to be hanging out around here. Lotta old ladies hooked up to oxygen tanks chain smoking and playing the slots. Fairly sad stuff. The whole place reeks of cigarette smoke and while is a fairly nice room, could have been nicer had they changed a few things decor-wise and subtracted all those cigarettes.

16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Brenda V.
Was in STL for a couple of days, I'm not really a fan of casinos, especially those in the midwest but was lured to Lumiere by its grandiose appearance smack in the middle of downtown and its restaurants headed by top chef master hubert... anyway, the gaming area is beautiful, very clean, beautiful interior design, its very nicely done... made me miss Vegas..

04/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Bill R.
The first few times I went here, I went after a night of drinking at the Morgan Street Brewery. By that time it's usually around 2AM. That's when the debauchery starts!

I've come away both winning and losing from a night at Lumiere, but I always find myself having a good time. The place is brand new, so you can't really complain about the looks of the place. All the slot machines are shiny and the floors and tables are spotless.

I usually find myself at one of two places: the craps or the blackjack table. Either place I go, I'm usually there for at least a few hours while only gambling $40. I've never seen $40 entertain me anywhere else for the same amount of time. I'll stop when I'm way ahead; but otherwise I'll just gamble away!

For the most part, the staff is pretty friendly. The last time I went, however, I had this dealer who couldn't add correctly, which made for an interesting round. She wasn't too happy when people at my table called her out on it.

15/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Sherah B.
This is my 3rd update because I actually stayed at the hotel this time..it was a great room-pricey-but great. Comfy beds, nice big flat screen tv's, and a little sitting room. There also was a mini fridge so you could store your leftovers. I would def. stay here again only because I think it's pretty convenient. The casino is across the street, bars and restaurants close by, plus you are within walking distance to a Rams game during that time of year..although the Rams suck..ugh..

28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Matt L.
3 star average? Has anyone been to a nicer casino in the Midwest? There's a Four Seasons attached and non-buffet restaurants. Classy! The location is perfect because you can get trashed at some hellhole in Laclede's Landing and then walk one short block and begin gaming. It's also a short walk from most downtown hotels. My only problems with the place are: not enough craps tables for the Saturday night rush, and table games aren't well marked. I somehow started playing holdem thinking I was at a blackjack table. I'm not kidding, that actually happened.

27/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Stephanie I.
This place is okay...they have a lot of slot machines, but not a lot of table games. And very few of them are $5 minimum, so there's not much to choose from if you don't have tons of money to gamble with (like me)! Yes, it's smoky, but what casino isn't nowadays? The drinks are okay - nothing special there. Decor is decent. Overall, okay casino.

09/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Dane K.
I have to say I was disappointed.. From the outside, this casino towers over St. Louis and their lighting is a pretty damn cool addition to the skyline.  The building itself is pretty cool too, with a hotel (A Four Seasons) above the casino.

So let's start with the good... I went in w/ $100, left w/ $425 ... so that was good.

And now the bad...  Everything else about the place was pretty mediocre.  

It looks a lot bigger on the outside than the inside, I've seen bigger casinos on boats.   Unlike most river boat casinos, it's all on one level... which is good, except it's just not that big.

There are only 2 roulette tables, are you kidding me? (none in high limits, in fact only 2 tables of any sort in the high limits room.)...  

I really only play roulette at casinos so let me expand on that.  The two  tables were packed but were surprisingly efficient due to them limiting the number of colors they had (6?), so people were coming up trying to buy in but weren't able to because they had no colors for them..    

No chip counters on the roulette tables=slower play... for a casino that advertises having the most electronic innovations available... well, they don't.  Or they'd have an electronic chip counter...    Though because of them eliminating many potential players by having a low number of chip colors, the play was actually pretty fast.

No electronic roulette=lame... (electronic roulette = the wheel is a real wheel but betting is done on a computer screen so there are no chips to fumble with, and the computer does the payouts... very fast and still very fun).  Come on...twice as many able to play on one table = more money... what math am I missing?  ...:(

The $5 min roulette table was a good thing..

....The casino has only one cashier cage, not even a second in the high limits room...   So the line just to cash out was well over a 5 minute wait.  Gimme my money!!!

I've seen better casino decor on boats (some guy in front of me in the long line for the player's card remarked that the gift shop looked like a bad airport, he was right)..  

The dealer (Kathleen) was very, very nice and trying really hard but at first she was really bad and it was obvious she was brand new at dealing.  She kept talking to people at the table like she was their mother ("Come on kids let's go!"), which I found strangely amusing.  I moved to her only after trying to buy in at the other roulette table first... I had my money on the table for 2 spins and the dealer didn't even acknowledge or notice it..

The roulette markers are plastic small models of the tower building.... our table's broke in the middle of play, and they had no replacement. the pit boss (Derrick) told her to just use the base after scolding her for breaking it, but at some point he came to take that away and we couldn't play... he then came back and told her to borrow it from the other roulette table. so for 30 minutes two tables shared the same marker.... (she'd put it down on the winning number then take it up to give to the other table while paying out... it was then very confusing to a number of people and they kept getting yelled at that they couldn't bet yet).... later the pit boss brought back the super glued version of the marker, telling her to be careful because it was still wet.   kinda ghetto ehh.

It was a bit smokey but I didn't feel too smokey when I left... (no matter how great the smoke cleaners  are, you're always going to end up next to at least two a'holes at your table who blow smoke everywhere). When IL's smoking ban takes effect I think I'd take the smoke free option across the river given the option.

Apparently they're owned by Bally's.

25/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Niesha M.
I met this place in St Louis and left this place without my money.


And then they have the nerve to still send me offers in the mail?

Never again!

I'll still visit my family, but definitely not this place!

01/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Charles W.
I lost my shirt here.  Literally.  I went absolutely crazy after betting away $500 and they kicked me out.  WHY DON'T I EVER WIN MONEY?

I will give this place more stars next time I win something.

26/05/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Mike Z.
My wife and I came here on one of our trips to STL to see a baseball game. This place was not all that bad, its just you had to pay for your drinks even if you were playing. Don't get me wrong we still drank. The casino is close to the Landing and a short walk to another casino which I will do a separate review for. We did eat at the buffet and it was not too bad. We ate the "Beer and BBQ" buffet and it came with all you can drink beer. NICE. The casino floor was not all that big and the wait for new people who need cards is extremely long. All the people that worked there were really nice and we didn't have any issues. I'm sure if the drinks were free while we were playing I would have gave another star. Oh and getting a cab is CRAZY...I think we waited for like 30min and then we just went to the hotel next door and the bell hop there got us a cab in a few minutes.

We probably would go back when we come back, if we didn't have anything else to do.


02/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
22. debbie b.
On weekends its crowded and $10-25 blackjack hands are the norm.  They up- charge for drinks, All the blackjack tables tend to have some additional stupid game going on at theml.  I believe smoking is permitted as well.

31/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Marsha B.
This hotel is in great need of an update.  Our first room had an AC that rattled and didn't put out much cool air.  Maintenance stuffed cardboard to stop rattle.  Wallpaper was peeling away in bath and bedroom.  Room safe didn't work.  Finally was moved to another suite the next morning. Everything work.  The most helpful staff member was the valet guys.  They gave good directions.  Front desk tried to be helpful, but what can you do with an old converted Embassy Suite Hotel that is beginning to be down and out.  :(

28/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. Melissa H.
This casino looks a lot better with more modern decor on the inside.
I only visit this place for one reason, the crab leg buffet! They're buffet is the best out of all the casino's I have been to. They have a huge array of food, great steaks, great desserts too.

22/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Brendan S.
We went to the Stadium sports bar, and the food was good.  But the reason it gets 1 star is because I only got 1 refill the whole night, our appetizers took 40 minutes to come because the chef forgot to make them, and our food came 5 minutes after that.  If I wasn't with my dad an brother I would of got a water and left.

11/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. DJ J.
*** This is strictly for their Kitchen Buffet & Bistro at Lumiere, not the actual casino***

For a nice, new fancy schmancy casino, I would expect better food. This was just disgusting. The place was a little confusing in terms of finding the food. It's like a maze! I am not Magellan...I don't want to search for my food in this cave. I feel like the complex design of the buffet area makes for traffic.Service overall was nice, but I had to ration my drink because the waitress wasn't attentive to our table.

I did not think that the options were great. They had your typical macaroni salads, pizzas, and pasta (looks like something out of a box) little seafood (all they really had were crab legs), you basic meats, some typical Asian food, and veggies.mTo sum up, the meat was dry-- and if it had sauce, it was oversauced. Sushi was, well, American (= bad). The only thing I could really stomach through was the pizza, and that was bland to say the least .The best food were the veggies, which is just tossed in EVOO and garlic. Gourmet food at it's best :/

The worst offense? The desserts! I dont have a huge sweet tooth, but I can appreciate a dessert here and there. In fact, after the dinner, I was desperate for a good dessert.  The desserts are cute and pretty, so I automatically thought they were going to be a hit. I got 5 things of dessert only to realize that all of them were just AWFUL. They were not fresh and tasted like super sweet plastic. I couldn't even attempt to finish them, much less take another small bite to make it seem like I didn't waste it.

06/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Allan C.
I lose moneys too fast at casinos, which is why I should avoid them always.  However, that isn't why I'm not liking Lumiere much at all.

Given how huge the building is, it does not offer very much.  It's rather surprising because I expected the general gambling areas to take up at least 2 floors.  With a huge lack of ventilation, the air was stagnant with smoke and perfume, even at the non-smoking poker area.  

This place doesn't really have "clubs" either.  One would expect something along the lines of the Voodoo lounge at Harrah's further west, but they were pretty much random open areas that surrounded the gaming area which made them seem like silly afterthoughts.

Given the business hype of the building itself (it supposedly cost more than Busch Stadium to build, but who knows what incentives etc. were taken into account in the books...) and how freaking new the place is, this place is just horrible when you can think of so many ways the place could have vastly improved the gambling experience.  Everything done here seemed half-assed.

Oh and the building is the biggest eyesore in St. Louis.  It disgusts me.

05/04/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
28. Kay J.
Nice, upscale, clean and hey, we won a few bucks.

There are tons of penny slots (I don't REALLY gamble) and lots of signs pointing the way to restrooms, cashiers and restaurants.  

Take the free shuttle to/from your hotel.  If you are going to waste, uh, invest, your $$ in a casino, this is one of your better choices.

01/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Lisa C.
The only redeeming feature of this casino is Peet's Coffee and Tea. Since I'm a Peetnik, I bow at the feet of this place, knowing I can get fresh coffee here. However, I was banned from taking it onto the casino floor. What the fuck? I can get ripped on cocktails, but can't take a lousy coffee, WHICH YOU SOLD ME, while I lose my shirt?

Also, as my grandpa used to say, you can put lipstick on a hog, but it's still a hog. The place is pretty, but it's still got a lot of dirtbags among the pseudo-glamorous folks. And the smoke is nasty.

One upside: When I lived in New Orleans, I'd sometimes see kids outside, dumped by their gamblin' fool parents. Didn't see any here!

24/07/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
30. Matthew R.
I sh*t you not.

My girlfriend (28) and my grandmother (75) had a drinking contest in the upstairs 5-star lounge here.

Gf won - 8 to 7 chocolate martinis.

Probably one of the funniest and strangest things I've ever seen.

Hooray for booze!

And at least all of you won't question where I got my alchohol tendencies from anymore...

06/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Becky S.
We decided to book a night at the Lumiere for our overnight trip to STL. I was pleasantly surprised by the look of the place. It's a remade Embassy Suites so it's very open with a nice lobby, bar, couch area. Our room was quite big. It had a separate sleeping room and a room with a couch and a tv. So 2 flatscreens.

The hotel has a casino attached to it which was quite fun. Biggest complaint with that is that St. Louis hasn't gone smoke free yet and the smell was nauseating. Lost $25 on the slot machines but it was fun.  

In the casino area there are a number of restaurants to choose from. I got a late night hot dog and fries from Kitchen which were $10 but I appreciate that they were open when I needed food. See my other review for Asia.

The worst part about the hotel was the service. When we checked in the girl behind the desk was super bitchy and claimed we didn't have a reservation. We eventually got it straightened out but she was full of 'tude. The next day, I realized I left my Marc sunglasses in the room after we checked out. I rushed to the front desk ( we were in a hurry because the 49ers game we came for was about to start in 40 mins). The guy claimed it would cost me the price of another night's stay to go back and look in the room for my shades! He said it 3 times and right as I was about to explode we was like "just kidding!" His female co-worker also started cracking up. Not amused.

04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
32. Felicia T.
For being in St Louis, this place is nice. The BF knows the town, from being a So. Illinois native, and he showed me other casinos in the Lou. and eww. they make Lumiere looks like Bellagio. Sure its no Vegas, so i rated it taking this into consideration. I LOVE my vegas, and nothing compares. But again, for the area, this is the best, cleanest (crowd can be a little sketch on some days I think) casino in stl. I got a good deal on a room there. Thurs night, going rate is $140-$150/  night. I would not have paid for this, but Expedia had a one day sale for this hotel. $74/ night. With tax and etc, it came out to $89. Good deal. Even sweeter when we arrived, found the staff super nice and friendly (thats when i know i am out of LA. people are nice for being nice, and not just fake-nice). the hotel is huge, has 6 floors, with maybe 30 rooms per floor. The room we got was BIG. a big room, king bed, and a living room area (couch was sofa bed, as we found out). nice bar area, stocked mini  bar, and 2 plasmas in the room. I didnt want to leave the room. But alas, we played in the casino. More penny and nickel slots than vegas, Nice :) won $80 that night (in vegoose i always lose $ it seems, lol). They have some roulette tables, blackjack, poker, craps. Not a lot, but enough of each kind. Was happy. and will stay here again, on our next trip here.

Also, the buffet was stellar. $14 lunch (i got a buy one get one free coupon), it had wide selection. Asian, American, Southern (soul, such as fried chicken, wings of many flavors, pork chops, clam strips), italian, cold cuts, salads, soups, greek, japanese (mediocre sushi. but understandably so), and smoked salmon/ tuna sashimi/ steamed crab legs/ mussels section, which i attacked :)

27/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. K. P.
So smoky. I don't know much about gambling so I can't really speak to that. I did gamble when I went and I had fun but that's about all I can say. The blackjack dealer I had was really nice and taught me how to play and I actually ended up winning money so that was cool. The waitresses wear the funniest trashy uniforms. They crack me up every time. It's like they were trying to go for a sexy Vegas look but ended up making the girls look more East St. Louis than Las Vegas.

Those of you who are engaged or planning to be engaged, the casino is attached to the Lumiere hotel and also the Four Seasons so it might be a good idea to list those two hotels on the "accommodations" list on your wedding invitation. I'm sure your guests would appreciate having something to do while they're in town.

The restaurants are open really late so if you're driving around St. Louis desperate for a place to eat a late dinner, it may be a good time to head to the casino.

20/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Sarah H.
BAH, Yelp just lost my nice long review that I wrote about Lumiere Place. So here is my abbreviated version:

Very nice casino for St. Louis...like a mini version of some of the big casinos in Vegas (Caesar's, Bellagio). Valet parking was only $5 on a Friday night and drinks were cheap as HELL at Glo Bar - the bar straight back from the entrance. $15 for 2 beers, a cranberry vodka, and a glass of red wine.

There are tons of slot machines - both the regular 'old' kind and the newer digital kind - plus lots of roulette and poker tables. Not sure if they have other games but I think I saw craps tables too.

Smoking inside sucks, but I know that's a city issue not the casino's issue. I felt like I had smoked a pack myself from all the secondhand smoke I inhaled in my four hours there. So be forewarned.

02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Kayley H.
The Casino:
Typical. Slot machines, tables. Eh. Wasn't digging the set up or ambiance, really.  Been to much nicer casinos.

The Buffet:
Decided to check out the Lumiere Casino one evening, and eat at the buffet. HORRIBLE experience.

We expected the price (around $20 per person). But the food, not only in quality, but their selection? For that price, I couldn't believe it! First off, there was only ONE type of meat to choose from, which was prime rib. I tried a piece, and it tasted as if it had been sitting around all day. Much like most of their food tasted. Everything that I tried that evening tasted like it had been sitting around, and it was all very dry, and tasteless. The desserts looked fabulous. The cookies? Hard as a rock. The pineapple upside down cake? Rubbery. The chocolate mousse? Yeah, that was just jello pudding out of a container. The ONLY good thing on their "buffet" was the mashed potatoes, and you had to scoop from the bottom of the pan, so that you didn't get all the dried up potato from the top.

I was disgusted not only by the food, but they had the audacity to charge TWENTY dollars for it! NEVER again, and I highly recommend that NO one visit their establishment. We went to Golden Corral the next night, and had much better food there!

Oh, and something that kinda pissed our group off. They had a sign near the entrance that read "Like us on Facebook, and receive a free buffet!" A bit misleading. You have to sign up for one of their casino cards (which, that's free, so no biggie). But you cannot sign up for the promotion from your smart phone (either with iPhone or Android, we tried both), so you had to do it on your computer, and come back for the free buffet. I wouldn't even eat there for free, after our experience, so needless to say, we did NOT sign up when we got to a computer.

The only good thing? Parking was free that particular night, because of the World Series being in town.

23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
36. Rick M.
I can't say enough good about this casino!  My wife and I were recently there on our Honeymoon.  We had been there for about 15 minutes when she won  $13,500 on a .90 cent slot bet!  Needless to say we were super excited!  All of the staff we dealt with were great, and a big thanks to security for escorting us to our car!  Can't wait to visit again soon!

25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Drew J.
A couple of notes about this Hell on Earth:
1. There are multiple swindlers in the parking lot trying to hustle everyone with some hidden wasabi pea trick.  Either take his money, stick him in the face, or congratulate him on a job well done

2. This place gets smokey by 7pm and has very little ventilation, you'll have to deal with it if you are going to gamble for an extended period of time.

3. 5$ burgers, hoagies, grinders and some other weird shit at the burger bar, or at "the kitchen" for those in the know.  Pretty good food op for drunkards.

4.  All $10 dollar tables on the weekend (craps & blackjack).  Don't know about the hold 'em tables because I don't live & breathe WSOP fantasies like some other people.  With that in mind, make sure you have either a fun or knowledgable dealer.  If your stuck with an asshole, which 6 out of the 13 I had were, it will feel even more like rape then it normally would.

Overall, this casino is not in any of my "best of" lists, but it is a viable option if you're looking for some entertainment in the STL and wanna get smokey.

23/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
38. David S.
The hotel was clean and comfortable but that's about the best I can say for it. The rooms are far enough away (plenty far enough away) from the Casino so you aren't bothered by all the bells & whistles in the middle of the night. The biggest dissappointment with this hotel is the front desk.  I've never seen such a group of depressed and depressing people in my life. Now I stayed there for four (4) days & nights so it's not like I ran into a bad apple. It was as if they put an add in the paper for help that read 'grumpy, pain in the butt and generally unpleasent people wanted. Nice hotel UNLESS YOU NEED ANYTHING FROM THE FRONT DESK! I'm talking about everything from having difficulty w/ the Business Center card key (that didn't work twice) to asking for change for the soda machine.  You walk away saying 'sorry to have bothered you, you can go back to sleep now'

31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
39. Chris S.
When I come to visit family, we usually end up spending quality time in casnio's talking, catching up or just having meaningless conversation. I will down rate Lumiere because of the smoke environment, and the games just don't seem as fun as the ones at Alton Belle. If you're immune to smokey environments, and don't mind crowds sometimes, then you'll enjoy this. The architecture is great.

15/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. Andrew B.
Make money, lose money, make money, lose money, make money, lose money, make money, lose money, make money, lose money, make money, lose money, make money, lose money, make money, lose money, make money, lose money. Lose money, lose money, lose money, lose money, lose money, lose money, lose money.

They do have some really good fresh baked goods at the bistro. I also enjoyed the burger.

I enjoyed the Price Is Right slots, featuring full surround sound and vibrations. I also enjoy certain styles of Wheel Of Fortune slots. The roulette tables are nice.

06/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
41. Ruperto R.
I'm not a big fan of gambling but still decided to try it out since i was on vacation and wanted to explore St Louis. One thing I didn't like was the cigarette smoke, which made it very hard to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere. I did as much gambling as i could before i couldn't take the smoke and left. They have some shops inside along with some restaurants. There is a lot to choose from in machines and tables and plenty of TVs to watch sports or what have you. Wait staff seemed nice and pleasant.

Seemed as if this place was busy with all the people trying their luck for the "big" jackpot, lol...

This would be a cool thing to do if they banned smoking...

16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. Stephanie S.
Yes, it's smoky. Casinos in st Louis probably aren't going to change that anytime soon, unfortunately.

However, the casino itself is nice. It's the closest thing to Vegas that we have here.

Friendly dealers, entertaining clientele, and lots of table games and slots. Their VIP lounge is pretty fantastic as well.

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Shell D.
I recently booked a room here for my little sisters 21st Birthday. From the moment I walked through the revolving doors I was greeted, all of the personnel was professional and courteous. We had left and came back to our room to find a card that was slid underneath the door. They had given my little sister a hand made birthday card with some free drink coupons for "The Falls". Can we say....super sweet and thoughtful! I have never had any hotel go out of their way or care before, we were all really impressed.

The hotel location was great access to get to the Landing. It wasn't too far and it was nice to not have to worry about driving. I will say the one downfall to the hotel is the parking lot. It's so hard to find a spot!! I swear I got cut off and had my spots stolen by 7 grandmas going to blow their social security checks that night. GRRRR!

I do have to give the hotel props for putting up me at 4am-drunk. I couldn't get the key to work and after going up and downstairs about three times they finally came up and helped me get in. Bless their hearts!!

I will definitely be back! I'm already planning my birthday bash there in January!!

12/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Brian C.
Mannnnn...  I've been to Lumiere a number of times.. maybe 3 or 4.. and never found myself impressed with the setup.

I guess it's cool for St. Louis, and since I'm not a big gambler, I don't really find it being that great.  The restaurants aren't bad as I've eaten at Asia a few times.  The casino floor is pretty standard as well.  There's nothing here that catches the eye.  I guess I'm just being a negative Nancy here, but that's just my opinion.


20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
45. Timothy G.
To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, "Lumiere, I've been to the Bellagio.  The Bellagio is a friend of mine.  You Lumiere, are no Bellagio."

OK, maybe it's not a fair comparison.  But you know, Lumiere had some potential, especially compared to its nearly competition. But...

Damn!  I've inhaled my fair share of cancer sticks, but this place does get wicked smokey.  Not to mention it gets really crowded.  Maybe more casinos in the area will spread out the population.  Yeah right.

The dealers here have that wonderful robotic I-am-only-here-to-deal attitude.  No humor.  No recommendations in tough spots.  (Guess what?  No tips).

And finally, the gatekeepers/ID checkers.  They used to be nice and friendly.  As of late, if you're even slightly wee bit buzzed, you're going to get grief from them.  WTF?  Doesn't that automatically make me a VIP player?  I'm guessing that some moron came in, got wasted, lost a ton, and managed to threaten them with a lawsuit if they didn't get their money back.

The only pros are they have some decent slots and some decent cheap blackjack tables.

Beyond that, my recommendation is to save your pennies, buy a deck of cards, some chips, and invite some friends over for casino night.  It will be cheaper, more fun, and bound to get a better review.

04/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
46. Linda P.
This is 5 Stars for the casino because we were so happy to find a casino that is not in Vegas that has BlackJack Switch even if it's only one table.  Woohoo!

09/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Sarah F.
Blah blah blah blah.  Casino casino.  Same old same old.
Casinos always have people in them that look like they haven't slept in weeks and are smoking cigarettes that have three inches of ash on them.
my mom did win $1500.00 here tonight on a penny machine.
I guess that's worth two stars.
If you don't mind taking money from the devil.

16/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
48. Tiffany Y.
This might sound weird but I actually enjoy the smell of smoke at a casino!  Reminds me of when I was a kid and the adults smoked everywhere.  I was sad to see another casino pop up in STL, but I liked this place, very clean and the sushi place was great.

27/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Kimberly N.
Ugh. I am torn between two and three stars for so many reasons. And to not keep you waiting here they are:

1. It is so freaking cold in here it is unreal.
2. This place gives off an air of class that it does not deliver.
3. People can still smoke here.
4. I won some money playing black jack.
5. It is pretty clean (aside from the smoking) in here, including the bathrooms.

Three negatives, two distinct positives, the rest is maybe neutral? I was kind of expecting this place to be a bit less hoosier than River City, which is the only other casino in the area I have been in. I would say that it is really only the second casino I have ever been in, not a big gambler, though I see the fun and joy in it.  I assume that there are delinquents at every casino, so no deductions for that except for the standard delinquent deduction I take out of every place I go to.

The building itself is the architectural epitome of being built in the zeroes.  Sorry Lumiere, but you stuck a curve on the top of an element that is supposed to look like it is slicing through the building and then projected images on to it, or off from it, either way... you know the way we make fun of 1980s office buildings today? Yeah, thats gonna be you in 20-30 years.

Parking isn't great. We parked across the street, and it was pretty cheap, the line for the garage was too long for us.  I don't know if this is a problem on typical nights, but NYE it was.

Inside is fairly standard casino dreadful. There is no light, I guess everything is supposed to look a bit better (including the huge fat guy I saw eating, or making out with, that skinny girl he must have paid to be there).  There are tons of people.  You have to walk around for a bit to find an empty table to play at (I have been taught that I like $10 blackjack tables). Oh, and I know this is an annoying thing to mention, but really, why weren't all the cocktail waitresses in the same outfit? I like consistency.  Plus, I get it, they were all as skin tight and pushed up as they could get, but maybe for those of us that aren't staring at all of those places, you could at least all wear the same thing.  So much for class....

All in all, it was a fine establishment I guess.  But I had my hopes up.  I guess if I should blame anyone, I should just blame myself? Or the giant flames on the outside...

13/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. Mina I.
I am not a huge gambler but sometimes you just get in the mood. I played black jack this past Friday night and walked out the door with an extra $200 so I was a happy camper. The only dislike about this place is that smoking is still allowed. I wished the casino could do something about that!

15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Joshua C.
"I'll Make Love to You." No, that's not what the lady at Lumiere Place said, but it is the name of a class Boyz II Men song. And that is exactly who I went to see at the Lumiere Place on Valentine's Day this year! I went with a couple friends who also share a love for awesome harmonies and classic hits! Boyz II Men is the group that got me loving singing. When I heard their "II" album, it was over. It wasn't so much WHAT they sang about (a lot if it is kinda cheesy), but HOW they sang it.

I could go on and on about Boyz II Men and how they are the best singing group in the history of all singing groups. And I could talk about how beautiful it is when every note comes together to blend into a perfect union of sound and soul, but I won't. Why? This is a review of the place, not the group I went to see. With that being said, this review is for the concert venue, not the casino for games and whatnot (not a gambling man).

The venue was one of the big lounge rooms in Lumiere Place. I'd recommend going to a concert there because it is pretty intimate if you get there early. The stage is pretty close to the actual seating, and it was awesome being able to see my favorite group of all time from just a couple rows out.

The only time there were some issues was when these girls got up and started dancing in front of some of the other paying patrons. They couldn't see past the girls and became a bit frustrated. I could understand both sides: the girls were excited because hey, it's Boyz II Men!! The ones behind them were older and wanted to sit down and enjoy and reminisce. The seating is not stadium-type seating, so everyone is on the same level. Again, go early if you can to whatever show you go for.

Overall, the place was clean, the workers were friendly and I got to see my favorite singing group of all time. I even got to shake Wanya's hand! Sweet. For a smaller concert venue, Lumiere Place wasn't bad at all.

18/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Joseph P.
I am not a lucky person in any sense of the word.  I never even won bingo in grade school.  Most of my gambling expenditions have resulted in failure, to the point where I limit myself to losing a predetermined sum (a low one at that) before giving up and not gambling any more.

That said, I have done very well here.  I have hit 4 of a kind on video poker the last THREE times I have been here.  Now that is luck.  I also have won the section roulette promotion the St. Louis Blues do at games where every person in a specific section wins a free buffet.  Twice.  And that's only going to like 6 or 7 games last season!  

Compared to other casinos in the area, this is by far the luckiest one for me.  And isn't that how people *really* measure casinos?  I mean come on they all have the same slots, table games, bars, etc.  And let's be honest here, the Lumiere is very sleek and is a lot more modern than other area casinos.  For the most part, the clientele here is higher end than other area offerings too, as there are far fewer old ladies hooked to oxygen machines smoking cigarettes than other casinos.

Other neat things about the Lumiere is the parking is free, or at least it has been every time I have gone.  You can usually get a garage spot.  So park here, gamble a bit and head over to the Landing or Washington Ave, and you will have a great night.  Only Ameristar in St. Charles has cool stuff nearby you can walk too.  The staff is usually prompt and friendly.  

Now my biggest complaint with this place is the lack of table games versus slots, and the fact that they have no video roulette or speed roulette.  I friggin love roulette but there are maybe 2 or 3 tables, that fill up very quickly, and go very slowly.  They used to have a whole wall full of video roulette machines, but no longer.  You expect about 5 to 10 minutes per wheel spin on Friday and Saturday nights.  Bummer.

The drinks are expensive, which is just another way casinos rake in the dough.  This isn't Vegas, where cheap drinks make for for more compulsive gambler. Everywhere else, it's more like compulsive gamblers want drinks, no matter the price.  Still, it is a bummer spending close to 10 bucks a for a couple of boring ole' Bud Selects.  

So the Lumiere is my favorite gambling spot in St. Louis.  I think compared to other casinos in the area, it is top notch.  Ameristar in St. Charles is another great one, but that's much further from me.   I think if you really compare the Lumiere to the areas other offerings, and not Ceasers Palace, you will see it is a great addition to St. Louis.  Once I get around to using my free buffet voucher, I will update with a review of the food!

30/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Nicholas J.
Don't let the name fool you, this is an Embassy suites. I'm sure they didn't spend a penny on room remodeling outside of upgrading TVs and the lobby. With that said, I should mention that at least you get breakfast at an Embassy they offer breakfast from the casino for 12.00 a head. They even tried to charge me for my 1 yr old.

Valet service was a joke, you can call ahead, but the valet flat out told us after waiting for 30 min after we called to proceed downstairs that they don't go and get your car until you come down and hand them the ticket. Whats the point in that. Not to mention we stayed over Christmas and it snowed, they didn't even clean the car windows off.

I'll never stay here again, I only stayed because my family also booked there and didn't want to spend the money for the Four Seasons. This place could have been free and I would still call it overpriced.

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
54. AJ K.
My review is for the HOTEL only.  I have never gambled at the casino, but it looked fairly busy and brand new.

My friends and I decided to book a room at a hotel in St. Louis since we would be partying in the area that night.  We called around to various hotels but Lumiere seemed to offer the best rate for quality in the vicinity.  The quoted price was $169 for a Sat to Sun night stay.  But I worked my charm and the front desk person discounted it to $139. (^_~) *wink*

The front lobby does not look very fancy and pales in comparison to the rest of the hotel.  But on the main floor there is a chic-y looking bar and lounge area.  The plant pots light up and they have cute ice cube looking blocks which can be used as stools that light up also (see pics).

There are 8 floors in the hotel and the casino is connected via the 4th floor.  We got a room on the 4th floor which came with a small living room, mini bar, bathroom, 2 plasma tvs, and 2 queen beds.  The room is decorated in a contemporary style with wood furniture and red/orange/beige upholstery.  The bathroom is tiny but it does have a full size bathtub, toilet, and sink.  The minibar is stocked with sodas, water, vodka, gin, and other alcohol.  And to alleviate the hangover from the night before, you can help yourself to some free gourmet coffee (you just have to make it yourself with the mini coffee maker).

The hotel offers other ammenities such as a spa, but it is currently under construction.  However, for $20 you can use the facilities at the Four Seasons Hotel - which is also connected to the casino.  

There are 3 locations for parking.  One is valet which is $20 and unlimited in/outs.  The second is a parking lot across the street from the hotel, it is free but uncovered.  The third is a parking structure which is connected to the casino and free.  If you don't plan on going back and forth to your car and you don't have a lot of luggage, parking in the structure is fine.  However if you have a lot of baggage and/or will be wearing high heels, I'd suggest you park closer because it is quite a trek to the structure (you have to walk through the casino).

I wish we could have stayed longer but we had some sight seeing to squeeze in and a plane to catch.  If we do come back, Lumiere is definitely once place I wouldn't mind staying again.

23/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Andy D.
A fine casino and addition to the downtown area, a visit to Lumiere has quickly become a Fourth of July tradition for us, as well as a great spot to take friends and family who don't live within spitting distance of a million casinos like we do here in St. Louis.

Comparing L.P. to what's probably my favorite, the Ameristar, what we have here is pretty decent. Things are a little more expensive here, but you can still come and play cheap slots all night or maybe -- correct me if I'm wrong -- bump into a $5.00 blackjack table. The floor is comparable to, or maybe a little smaller than, what I've seen at similar locations.

I never come out ahead here. Last visit I noticed that the slot machine payout was under 91%, which strikes me as a little lower than it's been previous visits. I wonder why that is or what it might mean for the casino. (Obviously, I'm no expert in this biz.)

I am not sure I'll ever get a chance to sample the restaurants or bars in this building, but maybe one of these days! They all look very sleek. Send me a message if you want to know where my favorite slots are.

13/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
56. Pamela R.
A casino is a casino is a casino. Lumiere has slots, tables and whatever else you can lose your mortgage playing. But....Lumiere does have a better looking crowd and younger than most casinos in the area so the people watching is awesome! And did I mention insanely cheap drinks? I have never gambled in Lumiere. I only go there for the drinks at the bar. Staff is very friendly and attentive and if you are lucky you may get to overhear a juicy conversation from another patron.

16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Sue M.
This Hotel is poorly maintained. You can see this immediately when leaving the Front Desk. The carpet throughout the Hotel is badly stained, and looks like it has not be vacuumed or shampooed in years. The rooms have an odor. The carpet again is stained with large, heavy dark spots. The sink in the very tiny bathroom had 4 large cracks which ran the entire width of the sink.  The door handle was falling off and just barely clears the toilet when opening/closing door.  The floor had not been washed as there was dental floss on the floor from a previously guest.  The sheets had holes in them and one was badly torn.  The mirror above the sink in the sitting area had 2 large black magic marker circles on it.  The airconditioning could not be set, and the room was warm.  And to boot, each room is PRE charged a $ 50.00 room destruction/damage fee --- really.  Apparently this is a "Party Hotel"  and Hotel  assume everyone staying in their hotel are the type of low life's that would destroy the room, so the charge up front for damages!!

There is a terrible smoke in areas of the Hotel and Casino that allow smoking.  It was so strong in the Casino area, while eating The Kitchen my eyes began tearing from the smoke. The food is not good and pretty expensive for poor food.

I am disabled, and my son pushed me up the steep hotel drive and the Hotel Staff were laughing watching us come up the road and said ... did you finally make it!! One person in my group was attached outside the hotel by a drunk. He left the weekend with a badly blacked eye and had to file a police report the next day.

It is not safe, it is dirty, smelly and the staff do not seem to care. When I called about the why my credit card had been charged 80 dollars more per night than my contract amount -- that is when I was told I had to pre- pay a 50.00 room damage fee. (the rest was tax). When I tried to find out more about this charge I was told that ALL HOTELS everywhere charge this.  Well I travel for my job -- that is not the case. This is the first hotel that has charged a damage fee BEFORE any damages occur!  Wonder what they do with all the extra money- put it in a bank in Switzerland?  They do not use it to repair damage.

This is NOT a place to spend a night or visit.  And I agree to other comments -- pictures imply you are making a reservation at the Four Seasons -- which by the way was simply a WONDERFUL Hotel and CLEAN!  Next time in St Louis I may stay there instead.  But I will never stay here again.

07/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
58. Jelena Z.
What does Lumiere Place have going for it?

Proximity. To legions of drunks on both Washington Ave. and the Landing. And in St. Louis, we know that cabs are rare... very rare. To be able to walk to a casino is golden.

It's also a shiny new quarter. Glistening and delightfully tacky, as casinos usually are.

I'm a roulette player myself and immediately scoped out the $5 minimum roulette table. But not tonight baby. I talked myself into watching my friend throw down at the blackjack table and staying out of trouble.

The dealer was cool/friendly/funny, and didn't even mind me sitting next to my friend for a few hours despite not playing. Then again it was 4 am. Cocktail service was tough to come by, but I was damn near gleeful when I discovered Hoegaarden on tap at the bar. Was it expensive? I think $6 and some change? Not terrible by my Chicago standards but overpriced for the Lou.

No wait to cash out. 50/50 odds that I'll return.

01/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
59. nyree k.
Strictly written for the buffet.

Get dragged here ever so often on a friday by my mommy dearest accompanied by my father and husband whenever the craving for friday night crab legs occurs.

One bc it's the closest casino and b bc it's the cheapest casino buffreeet.

This place is ok (and just that) for reasons listed:

The crab legs will kill you. They are tough and prickly as hell. My mother in law was literally stabbed and bloodied the last time we went. Perhaps there is a technique for said crab legs but i've never experienced this problem anywhere else before...ever.

My husband loves the creamy, cajun pasta and he is typically a very picky man. It's surprising to me when he finds something he really enjoys eating. There's of course shrimp cocktail, nasty green beans, potatoes, cold salad bars, etc. All mediocre.

Sushi selection is, eh-american sushi....in the midwest....at not even it's greatest.

Of course there is an asian food selection which is pretty good. Fried wontons, egg rolls, sauteed mushrooms, noodles, fried rice, etc.

Wide array of hot sauces.

Fried chicken, baked chicken, gravies....and they even have hot dogs and french fries for the kiddies.

Got excited when i saw fried catfish nuggets. But....there always raw in the middle. i don't get it...how hard is it to fully cook a damn cat fish nugget. Ugh!

Excellent looking (ok tasting) dessert bar. They even have sugar free options for the diabetic. (Should they be at a buffet anyways?)

The best part the pizza is yummy and the thick fried pork chops. The sorbet bar is TO DIE FOR! Pistachio, chocolate, pineapple, mango, cherry, green apple, plus toppings!

I'll stick to Ameristar for my crab legs. Don't mind the drive.

16/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
60. Melissa M.
(this is NOT a review of the 4 season property next door) The old Embassy Suits.

This is my "go to" location due to the close proximity and walking distance to Lacedes Landing. When traveling I spend little time in my room and all my time experiencing what the city has to offer.

Liked it better when it was the Embassy Suits. Inclusive Happy Hour and Breakfast are always perks to a hotel stay.

This hotel offers nothing.... literally nothing.  The ONLY reason we book here is the ability to walk to the landing. I tolerate a mediocre experience for that reason alone.  

No reason to give it a 5 star... and nothing negative to give it a 1 star.

It is what it is.... a place to sleep.

25/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
61. Jean P.
Pretty nice hotel, and right in the middle of the action, which is what we were looking for - base camp for a bachelorette party.  The staff was cool and weren't bothersome, but we also didn't get too out of hand either.

I actually got a Cardinal's package deal for the same price as just the room.  The Cardinal's pack came with free parking, so that was a no brainer.  It also came with two free drinks that we didn't end up using (fail!).  The beds were comfy.  I didn't get charged for the mini bar after hitting the counter over and over again going "Gee...what's that...?" which I was concerned about.  Special, I know.

We also went to the casino after hitting Laclede's Landing until bar closure.  The people at the front were a little lame and sobering, but I guess that's kind of their job.  Once we got to a roulette table, the staff was pretty cool and put up with a lot more from the drunken bachelorette than they probably had to, so props to them!

I'd consider going back but don't usually have the need.

19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Matt E.
St. Louis has a very nice upgrade from the riverboats that dominated the casino business on the riverfront from my past visits.  

I'm not a much of a gambler.  This however is a very modern, clean and comfortable casino with some surprisingly good eating options.  Smoking is allowed, but I was really impressed with their ventilation system. Vibrant and lively.  My traveling companions enjoyed hours and hours of slot, card and table games here and I was able to enjoy some exceptional Asian cuisine immediately adjacent to Laclede's Landing.

23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Joel A.
Compared to everywhere else in St. Louis, this casino is by far the best. The closed the awful steak house and replaced it with a sports bar/restaurant.

The place is clean and open. Be prepared for the smell of smoke on the casino floor if you don't like smoke. I smoke, so what do I care?

This place is bright, has new machines, and a small poker room that rarely gets any high limit games but is a fine room. They have their own hotel (the only Embassy Suites) which is fine with small bathrooms as they tried to make the two-room suites luxurious. There is also a Four Seasons Hotel and Spa next door that rocks if you can afford it.

03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Stephanie B.
After dinner over at House of Savoy us girls decided to try our hand at the casino. It was a bit uncomfortable  between the clouds of smoke and the distant rumble of f bombs while a group of people fought with the security guards. The gaming floor is large and nicely spaced, but don't look for any of the those Vegas slots, all these are off brand (not like it matters, but it was humorous). No Wheel of Fortune, just Wheel of Luck.

I guess if you are a gambler it's probably nicer to you. If you are looking for Vegas, you are in the wrong place.

17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. Abby S.
What better way to spend the 4th of July than gambling? Exactly...

Mike T and I spent yesterday afternoon wandering the streets of downtown doing an impromptu bar crawl. We quickly realized that many of the places we wanted to hit were closed (probably due to the fact that it was a national holiday and Fair St. Louis was taking place just blocks away) so I joked that we should hit up the casino. He admitted that he'd never been to a casino before, so that settled it!

Timothy G is right - Lumiere is no Bellagio. I've been to Vegas many times and although Lumiere looks and smells like any other Vegas casino, it's not nearly as nice as the high-end spots on the Vegas strip.. But hey, they don't claim to be the Bellagio or the Wynn, do they?

We hit the penny slots and ended up making a few extra bucks, which was a sign that we should probably cash out and leave before losing it all. Mike T's eyes had also started to glaze over and I knew that he would be hooked if we didn't get out of there soon. Plus, this casino is smoky and filled with toothless hoosiers... which is fun for an hour or so, but then it just gives me the jibblies.

Nevertheless, it was a fun way to spend a few hours, especially since it had rained while we were inside. If you've never been to a casino before, definitely check out Lumiere. Is it the nicest casino you'll ever see? No. But it is pretty new and they do A-OK for a STL crowd.

05/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
66. Michael M.
the one way in one way out has been a nightmare for getting inside during busy times of the day and night! that may be my only complaint about this place, they are really good about parking and have some nice restaurants inside and places where i can even sit with my daughter while me and my wife baby swap as we call it to take turns gambling.

the inside is very nice, free pop at the fountain, and they have plenty of table games as well as a nice big poker room.. there is usually a wait but you can get in a poker game pretty quick.  the dealers are pretty friendly overall and the pit bosses are always in a good mood, but that may be because I'm donating a lot, haha, sometimes i walk out of here a winner, but the table games starting out around $10 a hand can cause a short visit sometimes. even though i usually play the $25 BJ..... that's really the reason, haha

i will continue to gamble here since its such a nice clean establishment, only problem is that they allow smoke so on busy nights i don't like that.

09/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
67. Dave F.
'Twas the night after Christmas and I felt like celebrating,
Now, I wanted something to eat to counteract the long inebriating
3 in the cold morning and not a creature stirred on the downtown area
The search for food is like the looking for water in dessert of Sierra
A slinger is usually best, but I have been eating heavy for days
The meats, cheese, & richness of the desserts has put me in haze
"Off to Lumiere" my friends said for rallying
Riches to all was the actually calling
I wanted food and got a large iceberg $5 salad
So this ends my small attempt @ a bad ballad

"The hill salad" @ the Kitchen inside the casino was iceberg lettuce covered with shredded cheese, tomato & peppers.  Served in about 1 ft square container with large amount of black olives, ham, pepperoni & salami in the corners.  In the middle of the night for $5, I was quite happy.

27/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. Tom C.
Smokey place to gamble and pay for watered down drinks (MIssouri state law - that you have to pay, not that they have to be watered down}.  Casino is actually not that bad with a lot of slots, a poker room and reasonable amount of table games.  Tends to be pretty packed on Cardinal game nights.

Overall, Lumiere is an ok destination if you want to do a little gambling in St. Louis.

30/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
69. Geoffrey R.
I've never had so much fun, while losing that much money, in my life. Kind of Tricky to get to, but definitely worth the trek. Beautifully designed, super relaxed atmosphere, and damn good burgers in The Burger Bar to boot. Everything I could ask for in a gambling den...will be back next time I'm in town

01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Joe B.
Should I give more stars since I have such a good winning streak at Lumiere?  If Lady Luck forsakes me during my next visit, should I revoke some stars?  I think I'll just leave it at 3 and not consider luck, even though it obviously makes or breaks a casino experience.

Lumiere is a flashy, classy place, but in this category is has strong competition from River City.  But the Big L has the good fortune (or maybe we do) of being within walking distance of the Landing.  The Casino Queen has cheaper drinks, but Lumiere gives you more bang for your buck, in my opinion.  Big L also has better food.  Parking can be tricky, but I've never had a problem finding a spot on the street or in the lot.  Security has been friendly, and the dealers talkative.

Bottom line: I haven't got a lot of money to burn, but if anyone recommends going to a casino, I'll recommend we go to Lumiere.

12/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
71. Lindsay S.
Free coffee and soda is a plus.  Also we got two vodka/Sprites for $6.50.  TOTAL.  I have no idea where that number came from.  Looks decent enough for gambling.  

Biggest problem:  ventilation.  The nice thing about other, nicer casinos is that you don't come out reeking of cigarette smoke.  St Louis has a no smoking in bars rule now, but casinos don't have that rule.  BUT there are ways to prevent it from becoming so horribly smoky in there.

Also, first time I've ever been carded and had to go through a turn stile to enter a casino.....very bizarre StL...

21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
72. Jessica M.
Lumiere let me in when River wouldn't.

This was my first experience with real live gambling (MA is Puritan as fuck, and the one in Rhode Island is all electronic to bypass a stupid law), so it was fun to actually see a real live person be a dealer, and not some scary computer generated piece of shit dealer designed by a University of Phoenix graduate.

Hundos got won. Drinks were cheaper than expected. I was used to spending $6-$9 for a drink at Twin River in RI, and a whiskey diet cost me a mere $3.50. Tree fiddy.

Black Jack dealer was amicable, and even gave me a heads up to finish my martini so it wouldn't be thrown out. Solid.

03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Grant C.
I just got cheated at blackjack tonight with Yolanda as dealer. I was playing blackjack switch with a 15 and a 16 showing with the dealer showing a 4.  The dealer gave me a card when I said no on both and when I busted she took my $50.00.  I immediately stopped her and told her I didn't hit and my bet should still be valid. She argued back and said I did. Luckily the pit boss Derek was two tables away so I called him over. I explained the situation and he said sorry, the dealer was right though. I told him it was my right to have him look at the video with security so he obliged.  After reviewing the security tape they confirmed that I shook my head no AND waved for no bet.  They gave me my bet back but disqualified the hand.  I won both hands as the dealer busted, but was not paid out on it.  I expressed my concern but nothing was changed and Derek told me I could file a complaint if I wanted. Yes, it was only $50 (2 $25 bets) but it could have been $2500 a piece.  I will never return to this casino and I hope you think twice before entering..

26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
74. Tamara M.
The casino itself is very nice and new. The crowd...well, not so impressive. It is right by the landing so you end up seeing some really "interesting" people, so to speak. I gambled here twice and didn't win a thing. LOL. The table minimums are $10 on weekends I think. That's the lowest I saw anyway. They have a hangover slot or something, which I did not play, but it looked fun.

24/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
75. Pete B.
I assumed Lumiere Place to be somewhat of a classy place since it's connected to the Four Seasons, but no, not at all.

The casino was very smoky with a poor ventilation system. It was also small and not that nicely decorated. I even prefer Casino Queen right across the river just because it's not as smoky.

30/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
76. Beto D.
It was A-Ok...

Here is the good stuff:
The shuttle bus driver was awesome and told us all we needed to know about the casino.

The drinks were cheap.

The bathrooms were clean.

They had the little soda fountain drink machine that is free for all

The slots were loose, I probably won close to 100 bucks and yes...I was playing the penny slots and yes, I gave it all back - the whole point of going right!?

The music and vibe was cool - lots of folks running around and trying to win money...the craps table was pretty live with cheers...sounded like folks were winning.

Here is the bad stuff:
The security dude that I asked a question to - told me he was dealing with an emergency, I did not see anyone near him or I did not hear any sirens but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that perhaps he knew something I did not.

The ladies that bring you the drinks seemed to just be going through the motions all night long - I smiled at all the ones I could make eye contact with and got nothing back - just trying to brighten up their night :)

The smoke is out of control man - I get it though...smoke and casinos go together but shit dude I had to send all my clothes to the cleaners to get rid of the smoke.

The shuttle bus that picks you up at the hotels was ending the week I was there :( No more shuttle service to and from the casino - I guess it's up to the hotels to get you there now - I hope they make that happen.

I'll go back but only due to lack of options, I'll also be sure to wear crappy clothes.

28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
77. Desiree M.
This place is always busy when there are events, i would try the queen or just deter away from it.  The remodeling going on you can expect a long wait if your younger to get into the casino.  The line gets terribly long.

The smokiness in here when its busy is horrible, if your a smoker your in heaven!

I do like the high limit room here and the poker room is really good.  They have raised there daily mid-week poker fees, which i am not a fan of.

They do have a few fun tables such as black jack switch.  If you want less crowded and less smokey try there sister River City.

22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
78. David N.
What do you expect from a casino that is part of the Pinnacle family?  I have only visited L'auberge but I knew what to expect.

This place is a top notch, high class kind of casino.  Meaning they have fine dining, higher end tables, pretty lighting, and decor.  

But as soon as I saw POKER ROOM, I was done.  No where else I needed to go.  It takes a bigger casino to be able to host and hold poker tables.  They had $1/3 NL TEXAS Hold Em.  The tables were actually more loose than I was expected.  Meaning I got a lot of calls, they thought I was a tight player so folded to my bluffs.  I enjoyed it a lot the people were friendly, the dealers talked a little too much for my liking but I felt like I was at a home game.

21/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Travis F.
I like this Casino, its a fun place, personally I prefer their other casino "River City" - I liked the open atmosphere of this place, the music is nice, lots to do. Had the buffet not to long ago, its good! I would say try it and see.

31/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Kiery W.
Supposedly, this hotel has a 4 star rating. Someone needs to take another look before they continue to give it that rating...

Terrible experience. Came here for a small work meeting and had endless problems. First one being that when I called to book using the group code, you can't book online with a group code, they spelled my name completely wrong and wouldn't give me the full three days under the discounted price. I had contacted our coordinator who confirmed I should be able to, and the customer service rep once again told me it was not possible. It took the rep calling the hotel and the coordinator calling the hotel to get it straightened out and I had to make a new reservation as they couldn't find what name they booked me under in the first place. When we arrived, my "non-smoking" room was really just a "not-smoked-in-recently" room and it smelled like old smoke. I shouldn't be too surprised because it is connected to a casino, but I can't stand the smell. It was late so we didn't ask to switch because we'd traveled all day. The next afternoon, it had this terrible mildew/rank odor and when we complained, they said they would have it cleaned. It did smell better after that, but I'm not sure why it smelled funky in the first place. The carpets clearly had burns from cigars, they were huge burns, and the carpets in the hallways were stained all over. When it came time to check out, I asked that they charge my nights on two credit cards, one for business and one for personal because we stayed a day extra to sight-see. You would have thought I was asking for the moon! When he finally did charge me correctly, he couldn't print out the full set of charges to my room and it only showed me staying one night for each card.Well, for anyone with a corporate credit card, you have to show receipts for all charges. I was in a hurry and didn't notice it until we were halfway through Illinois, headed back home. The next business day, I called asking for a full list of charges and payments to my room for that night. When I spoke with customer service, they sent my to the front desk. The desk clerk emailed me the print out and it was the same I had received previously. She even tried to tell me I was wrong and that I had only stayed two nights. She said she'd have to call someone else to get it figured out and that she'd call me back. Two weeks later, still no response. So a few days after that, I called the front desk again, a different clerk answered and was completely confused as to how to help. She sent me to the customer service, and around and around we went. Finally I got to the "front desk managers" voicemail. I left a message asking for help and still haven't heard back. I called and left another voicemail for another 'manager' and haven't heard from them either. I finally called the front desk again today and got hung up on, but when I called back again I think we finally got it figured out. Overall, the hotel was in poor repair, the casino was very smoky, and the food at all of the restaurants was just okay. Not what I would expect from a place so close to the arch and river in downtown St. Louis. The extra hassle to get my charges sent to me made the entire experience not worth it. Next time I'll stay at the Marriott nearby, regardless of the price. The cost difference for knowing my folio will always be emailed to me, clean & smoke-free rooms and helpful staff is worth it.

21/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
81. Hang T.
Decent casino. Not too big, but pretty modern. It looks like it could belong in Las Vegas if it were bigger and had more amenities.

They have plenty of restaurants like Burger Bar and Asia. I personally don't gamble so I wouldn't know how it was like at the casino.

There is a line to get into the casino. I'm not used to that. I've been to Vegas and I've never even seen a line to check IDs.

It's right next to the landing so you have a bunch of bars and restaurants to eat and drink around.

05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
82. Chris K.
3 stars is about right. I go here quite a bit, but the main draws for me are its location and the generally loose poker room.

Pro tip: If you're looking for a classy meal while here, head to Cielo next door at the Four Seasons. Cielo's outdoor terrace is also a great place to have a few drinks while overlooking the Arch. Absolutely love that terrace.

Casino: Pretty decent layout. Great party atmosphere on the weekends (weekday atmosphere, not so much). Plenty of table games (I don't play slots), and they give decent comps. The poker room is by far my favorite in St. Louis -- generally very loose tables. Very smokey throughout the casino, though.

Food: Pretty lacking. The sports bar is a good place to watch a game, but the food itself is so-so and definitely overpriced (along with the beer). Beyond the sports bar, there's an Asian place and a buffet. Not into Asian food, and their buffet doesn't look all that appetizing. They used to have a very nice steakhouse and a decent Italian place, but those both closed in the last several years. They really need an option for nicer dining, but obviously the nicer places they did have didn't do well; so I understand why they don't.

Hotel (this is for Hotel Lumiere, not the Four Seasons): the rooms are big and would be great for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. You can get rooms with 2 queens and a pullout bed in the living room, which hold 5-6 people. One negative: I've stayed here many times and a few of those times have smelled some weird smells in the rooms. In a world where weird smells = poop. If you're looking for a romantic getaway or something of that nature, stay somewhere else.

Overall: Lacking in some areas, but a good place for a night out. The location enables you to go here before or after Cardinals or Rams games, or to combine some gambling with going out at Laclede's Landing (right down the street) or the classier Wash. Ave. area (short cab ride).

15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
83. Ari D.
Free soda in the casino.. don't bring yours and theirs great restaurants all around inside the casino.  nice people. nice location

09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Kate B.
Heh. Lumiere. I love your free parking garage and your free fountain soda drinks in the casino area. I don't really much care for your smoke, though. That's my number one gripe with casinos other than the fact that I just don't really gamble. EW SMOKE. It agitates my lungs and sometimes causes my allergies to flare up. But anyway. I went there knowing it was a smoking establishment but thankfully the show I went to with Stephanie S. and Christine F. was totally smoke free! Yay! I was so glad to be able to enjoy a great show with these lovely ladies without worrying about casino smoke.

When I get home from going to Ameristar (usually visiting my BF at work or going to a restaurant), my clothes REEK of smoke. Like hella bad. Sometimes it takes two showers and products to get the stench out of my hair. I can't believe Sean has to deal with that every night he works. (All Poker Rooms in STL are nonsmoking btw. The smoke permeates through.)  I'm seriously worried he's getting lung cancer from second hand smoke. I didn't not smell as strongly after leaving Lumiere! In fact, my hair didn't smell at all but that's probably because I was upstairs the entire time, away from smoke! Anyway... mini rant aside....

Lumiere isn't a bad place to go see a show, that's for sure. Finding the garage can be confusing as balls if you've never been before so the only piece of advice I can give is that it's on Carr street. Go down toward the Landing and make a left onto 1st street, then another left on Carr, and then it's up on the left before you hit the next intersection. It's easy to miss so don't fret if you do! They also have parking up front outdoors but it can fill up mighty fast and I believe it's free as well.

The concert area is near the Hamburger Bar but upstairs. It's kind of a smallish theater but still decent sized. There's a bar in the back. I think you have to be 21 no matter what to get in the concert area if the bar is being used but I could be wrong on that. The acoustics could be better but that's a minor gripe.

Also, protip: The Lumiere garage is connected to the Four Seasons Hotel. So if  you want to grab drinks at Cielo but don't want to pay for parking at that hotel, just park in Lumiere's garage and take the elevator to the 8th floor to get to Cielo!!

PS: Poker has the best odds in the casino so if you've never been and you're at a loss for what to play (casino newb, like me?) play poker. No, not that E-Z poker stuff. I mean like, Texas Hold 'Em. And tip the dealers, please!! Okay I may be biased because I live with one, lol, but apparently a lot of players don't even realize you're supposed to do that because otherwise they make like 3 bucks an hour! O__O;

02/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. Phoebe T.
What a deceiving casino! Don't get me wrong, I know that the House always come out on top majority of the time. But this not what I meant by Lumiere being deceitful. The front of their entrance stated "No Smoking", yet smoking was allowed inside and the lack of ventilation left me smelling like a walking cigarettes within an hour of just being there. This is only the beginning... a group of us decided to shoot craps. I'm new to the game so I wanted to watch first while the rest played. I had my money exchanged into chips and placed them in front of me but I waited a few rounds to get a feel for the game. As I was there, it started to get busy with onlookers bc the shooter was "hot". It was a small crowd that gathered but they didn't have any chips nor where they interested in playing. One of the staff that was running the craps table announced that if anyone wanted to play, he'll ask me to move.... Mother#$%^er! Rude! My chips were on the table, and there was a second craps table, so why didn't he suggest they go fill up at there vs asking me to move since I'm "taking up space".

What kind of low quality casino are you running Lumiere? Is that how you've trained your staffs/dealers? Pass! My friends could tell that I was upset and we decided to take our business elsewhere.

After we left to grab the free fountain drink, we've noticed that the table we were at was completely empty once we left. Hah. Shame on you!

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
86. Tina B.
Service was terrible and so was the food at the Kitchen.  The management really needs to take a hard look and hold their employees to a higher standard.

06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
87. Julie L.
Just a heads up - be careful if you're going to the Four Seasons, you might land in the casino instead like I did!

Lumiere is very  nice and presentable.  It does get confusing as its connected to everything around it but the people are very friendly and will guide you in the right direction.  I'm not a big gambler but I do love me a slot of two...I didn't win but it was fun.

12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Kevin W.
Stayed here 9/17-9/19.

Location is excellent for Cards, especially Rams games. The casino itself isn't mind blowing as  it looks like any other mid/large size casino floor. Slots, table games, that one 'Asian place' to eat like every casino, and a bar. The staff was friendly , and I thought parking was simple. It's cool to see a casino like this parked right down town on the Mississippi. Almost like a modern twist to the old style of that area in STL. Some rooms have cool river views, and it does have a mini mart & small bar. There is a skywalk connection to casino across the street, so you don't need I go outside.

The area outside the casino at night. Wouldn't let any girl I know walk around there. Period.

The casino is located right across from East STL which is the worst area in the entire country, literally. If you don't believe that, I double dare you to cross that bridge after midnight. A lot of people make that mistake as downtown STL is tough navigating. There are nooks and alleys around the casino, and the walk to the landing is short but sketchy. Very dark, lots of lingurers and troublemakers kinda just walking around with nothing to loose. I was alone and over 6ft and was approached 2x by guys that weren't kosher. Again, if your used I the area it's cool , just don't talk to randoms. Just don't be that drunk lost idiot on his iPhone 5 and polo tee and your totally good. If you with a group nothing to even think about. Hit this place if your in the Lou

20/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Sheri O.
We actually liked this place.  It was clean and comfy.  We got a good rate.  If we were ever in the area again we would stay here.  I did find that the people (workers and visitors) were rude but maybe its just not the mannered people I am use to dealing with.

02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Abraham V.
Do no pay to park on special events, they claimed that they would refund if more than $25 were spent on food or gambling but since the person giving out the tickets did not mark it, no refund was given

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
91. Terence B.
I'm a gambling enthusiast so this review is of the casino only. It has that Pseudo-Vegas feel to it when you first walk in, flashing lights, thin film of smoke, the works. I've made it my business to go to all casinos in the St. Louis area but this one is sadly my least favorite so far. The dealers at the table while mute at first will engage you after pulling their leg. If I wanted automatons for dealers I would play online casino games. Another note to add to their table issues for me: the day I went the table limits started out higher than other casinos norms. I'm not sure if this is them trying to be more "high profile than the competition or what but that should have been my sign to leave from the beginning.

Next we have the slots. Personally I just have horrid luck with slots and usually stick with table games but being at a new casino I had to test it out. A few wins, but while I was there for 3 hours I heard no jackpot excitement. That made me wonder what was I doing here?

All in all I did have fun losing my money but would not go back to gamble personally. Especially since their whole "New members play up to $500 on the house" rule is only them sending you coupons to their restaurants; which I've yet to see in the mail. They know I don't want to come back.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
92. Annette S.
Hotel--Disgusting.  Our room looked to be from the 60's, the decor was outdated, stains all over floors, bathroom is tiny, rude employees, overpriced, no vending machines, horrible wi-fi connection, no cable, no free lunches, breakfast.  All food is way overpriced and taste like a frozen dinner.  Horrible experience.  

Casino--Was with 4 of my friends, got into the casino after being interrogated by security for far too long.  Went in and each of us had ONE drink, decided we wanted to get something to eat.  We left for about 10 mins and came back, 3 of us got through the security but 1 friend got turned away for being too drunk.  Yet we were okay to go in 10 mins prior.  BTW, my friend had only had 1 drink at the casino, and maybe 4 drinks over an 7 hour period.  Ridiculous.  Give the wrong people some power and it really hurts your business.  I will never return to this casino.  Stick with Hollywood, much better employees and they treat you like they want you there.

03/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
93. James C.
If you can make it to Ameristar, GO THERE!!!! Not the best of crowd, very cramped and a SLOW, inexperienced dealers whom add nothing to offer to the experience.

After I spent a bit off time on the Roulette Table, my wife moved on to play Blackjack, so I decided to walk around to see what this place might have to offer in the lines of acceptable entertainment.. Hard to find on Casino Floor, So I left the Casino entrance to walk around the restaurant court.. Found nothing, so I proceeded to re-enter the Casino Floor. Well, after the Doorman viewed my license, he then proceeded to ask me if I had been drinking, I replied "yes". He asked how much I had to drink, I was honest and said "4-5 Beers". He then stated that I would not be allowed back onto the Casino Floor. I politely said "OK, I understand Sir." (Was ready to get the heck off this place anyway), so I asked to speak to a Floor Manager so they could inform my wife, whom was unaware of my whereabouts and current situation. The manager kindly agreed to find her for me and stated that because I said to have consumed a large amount of alcoholic beverages, I couldn't be allowed back in. He returned with her 10 minutes later. First time for everything..

In my opinion, not a very effective Management Model for a Casino.. If I owned a casino, I would place an entrance  ban on any and all Sober and Sane people. Well, in this case, Lumiere actually did that..

Thanks for making it an easy choice next time we decide to partake in such entertainment. GO TO AMERISTAR,, SO MUCH BETTER!!! TRUST ME.

06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
94. Shaun M.
Really really like this hotel and casino!! This is my first pick of places to go if you have an itch to gamble. The casino is very clean and nice and all the things to play there are awesome. They have a great poker room and the buffet and Asia restaurants are awesome. The parking for this casino can't get much better because its attached and its also free to park. Again this is my first choice of casino's in the St. Louis area and every time I go there its a great experience.

26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Josh K.
I think the hotel only has 1 person responsible for bell hop and valet, so valet parking consistently takes 10-20 mins for drop offs and pickups. Self parking is also a paperwork hassle.

Elevators also did not work half the time.

Overall, the worst hotel I have ever been too.

04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
96. Christian K.
Gonna lay that money . . . dooooowwwwwn!!!!

I love to gamble.  I love to smoke, drink, and gamble.  You can do all these things at Lumiere Place.  Even though this casino is the closest to my home, it would never be my first choice.

I was asked to meet up here on Friday night.  I decided to cab it over, trying to avoid the inconvenience of finding parking on the Landing.  Lumiere seems to have its own lot, but I wasn't sure if it cost money or not.  After the fact, I discovered that they actually have a garage that was free.  Either way, driving around the Landing doesn't appeal to me.  A few weeks back I had to drop off some friends there and ended up in East Saint Louis, a result all too common when trying to navigate that area.

If you are at al claustrophobic, this casino is not for you.  Everything is right on top of each other.  It's about the most uncomfortable setting to gamble in, especially with the spread out River City is not too far down the road.  I have a specific game that I like to play, but I never found it.  There was just too much commotion on a Friday night to get comfortable.

The beer is a little expensive, $4.25 for a Bud Light.  Everyone else was drinking it, so I went ahead and followed suit!  I felt giving that evening and bought my buddy a mixed drink.  That was $6.25.  Perhaps Lumiere should adopt the Vegas style where gamblers get free drink.  Perhaps I would have been more inclined to throw some money into a machine!

Sadly, I didn't gambling Friday night.  I was just uncomfortable in that setting.  I don't see me patronizing this place.  It is a rare case where I would rather spend time in St. Charles County than fight the crowded and unappealing atmosphere that Lumiere Place has created.

07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
97. Christina P.
Do not waste your time if you can go somewhere else!! I was there last night and had a terrible experience.  The place is under renovations of some sort. Half of the slots were not open.  They have moved their table locations and they are directly in the middle of the entrance. It was a complete cluster mess.  Nothing can compare to the amount of smoke in the air.  They have always allowed smoking but also had non smoking sections.  This was not the case apparently and I left reeking of smoke and I'm a non smoker. Disgusting! My last experience was also awful, so I don't think I will be returning.  Tropicana, I thought would be better for the Lumiere but I am thinking not so much. Skip this place and head to a different casino. I recommend the Casino Queen, great prices, more payouts, and send lots of mailers with room discounts.  You will be glad you didn't waste your time.

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
98. Erin G.
I should give this place a one star, but some of the employees are really nice, others are a nightmare, let me explain.

So we come here a lot actually, have since it opened, was there the first night, etc.  It had so much promise when it opened up, it was the Vegas of St Louis and all of that, but now it has turned into what every casino eventually becomes, a evil smoky nasty cesspool.

One night, we rolled up in here and because my teal and silver plaid pants were plaid, and I was deemed to be in my pajamas and in strict violation of the dress code, this woman who worked there looked me up and down and told me I ain't getting in there dressed like that.  I felt my blood pressure rise, but I actually didn't say a word and went home, and put on a pair of effing pajama jeans and got right in.  Now, looking at their website, you will not see a dress code, its listed no where, but the woman security guard took great pride in embarrassing me in front of people.  Another fun fact about that night, after we got in, I saw a woman in red plaid pajama pants chain smoking and beating on a machine, and that was cool.  Also some guy was sagging his jeans in the bar, but that was ok as well.  Ridiculous.

So lets go back to last Sunday where once again, I got treated like crap from some woman employee, all because we were victims of theft, so its also a place for a bunch of scammers.

While my friend and I played our machines my husband went to get us drinks and had about 60 bucks or so in his machine, he had put in 100.  Well while my friend and I were obsessed over the Wizard of Oz machine, which is pretty effing fun, some street urchin, slid into my husbands seat, played with his money, then took it out and went and cashed it out.  We never noticed a thing.  Its very scary to think that someone was watching us and was bold enough to do what they did.  So my husband comes back, notices the money gone, and calls security.  

This security woman came over and sat in the machine and she had the biggest attitude towards us.  She was so mad that I was kinda upset about what just happened.  The way she was talking to me was atrocious.  When I asked her to maybe review the cameras before she gets all crazy with me, she shot me a look that basically would have killed me.  I seriously thought John Quiñones was going to come out and we were part of some joke.  Then we discovered my friends wallet was missing out her purse!

The casino basically would not admit what happened and explained that the woman who took the money out of the machine it was just an accident, I mean are you serious?  My friends wallet was recovered in a bathroom, but we were supposed to just believe she dropped it, which was a crock, she never would have done that and her purse was in a position to be thieved as we sat there oblivious.

I would never take anyone to this crime ridden astray.  What a disgrace this has become.  I miss Cecil and the boat.

16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
99. Dennis S.
I don't really like to gamble, so my experiences here are limited to say the least.  

I've gambled here maybe twice.  I cannot stand to lose money so usually my experiences here are limited to events or to parking in their garage for a local event.  

That said, the parking here is borderline horrid.  Borderline.  Not quite full blown horrid, but borderline.  

The problem is that this garage is easy to get lost in.  I never find my car right away.  I never seem to return from the same door I left from.  I don't know why, but it happens every time!

My biggest issue though is the people that use the garage.  It is NOT a NASCAR track!  The last visit I had here, I was nearly hit by three different cars that felt a need to whip around corners at high rates of speed.  The security team needs to do something to enforce these reckless drivers!

As for the hotel, I think it is a nice place to stay.  I couldn't tell you if the price is worth it because the rooms I've seen have always been comped.  I have family from KC that gambles all the time, and they seem to be in town a few times per year thanks to comp vouchers.  

The restaurants, bars, and other little shops are ok, I don't spend time in any of them, but they always look to be full of people having a good time!

05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
100. Richard D.
Slots are somewhat tight with the exception of quarters and nickels. The service is mediocre at best I do like the free slot play they give me every month which is the only reason I go there. Casino is very smokey and hard to breathe. I personally prefer the casino queen across the river. It's nicer, cleaner and smoke free and I've won many times on their slot machines in the past.

07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
101. Brian A.
I will say that I did like the connection (Lumiere Link) between the Stadium and Lumiere Place.  I didn't have to try and cross that crazy traffic, just ride on the people mover conveyor belts.  Nice touch.  After that, however, things went down hill.  

The One Star rating is for the Lumiere's casino .  I didn't stick around to try the food or stay in the hotel.  However, I did pass by the sports themed restaurant and the hostess had her head buried in the podium, never once looking up to acknowledge us and invite us inside.  Instead, she was as inviting as a Do Not Enter sign.  The good vibes from the Lumiere Link were gone.

Then came the hazy smoke.  The thick, acrid smell surrounded us.  I think management must pridefully point to the fact that they have air filtration systems, but those machines certainly didn't eradicate the problem.  Everywhere I turned, there was someone with a cigarette in their hand, puffing away. I was resigned to the fact that my clothes would stink and the joy I once felt of spending some time in the casino was crushed.

At this point, my wife and I had already decided that spending the evening here was out of the question.  We decided we'd simply play $20 each on the Wheel of Fortune slot (an old favorite) and head back to our hotel.  We found the machines in the back of the casino.  There were three.  One was broken.  One was occupied by a seemingly innocent casino guest merrily spending her money and the last one was open.  My wife sat down next to her.  Within moments, we saw the error in our decision.  My wife put in her money, played one round and the woman lit up her cancer stick.  Smoke wafted across our machine, into our eyes and in our lungs.  We immediately "cashed out", took our ticket and found another machine to play - far away from any other human lest they too decide smoking in such close quarters was socially acceptable.

We each played one machined for $20, then left the casino.  Fortunately, I won some money from my original $20, so the smoky experience only cost us a total of $8.25 (my wife wasn't as lucky this time).

Look - I don't really care someone smokes or not.  As the saying goes, if you want to kill yourself, go do it as long as it doesn't affect me.   As a non-smoker, I do enjoy going to restaurants, shops and malls without inhaling someone else's second hand smoke.  But casino's get a special pass on the no-smoking ordinances and their patrons are free to puff away to their heart's destruction.  I find that to be a shame...

20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
102. Josh S.
Zero stars. Terrible in about every way. Pit bosses to food options to customer service  I would rather sit at home, warm up a frozen meal and flip a quarter.

13/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
103. Michelle T.
We came here randomly while we were downtown. Large and modern casino.  Tons and tons of slot machines. I never got to see what tables they had but I had a great time. We had a cocktail at the sports bar and they had some of the most reasonable prices for drinks that I've seen.

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. Umair N.
Me and some friends went it was our first time being at a casino. So I don't have others to compare it to. It was fun tho, and in a good location, you can gamble for a bit then go for a drink/dance at the many bars there on the landing.

12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. David J.
This was my first experience at a casino so I don't have much to go on in judging Lumiere Place. My friends and I decided to go out one night on the Landing and after what was probably one too many beers, decided to head in to the casino and do a little gambling. Since I am knew to the whole gambling thing, I stuck with something that I actually do know how to play and that is blackjack. Of course I kept playing when I was up but that is part of the fun of gambling. I can definitely see how people get addicted to the rush of it all. The casino itself is okay, but since it is in Missouri, patrons can smoke inside at will. I'm not sure what the drink prices are but I believe I read somewhere that soda is free. If you're a whale like me though the pit bosses will keep feeding you top shelf drinks to get you off their tables (kidding, about the me being a whale part). There was a sad vibe to this place however. It seemed like a lot of college funds and paychecks were going down the drain on the slots and card tables. That is neither here nor there however because you must be 21 to enter and consenting adults can do whatever they want with their money. If you're in St. Louis, Lumiere Place is worth checking out. Just don't hit up the ATM and quit while you're ahead.

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Benjamin B.
I beelined it to the blackjack table and got smoked out by a dealer called Dizzie.

She was puerto Rican I think, and dished out more 15s than a high school pimp. I hung on by my teeth while she pulled out improbable runs of impossible cards with her fast hands and her poker face and what the hell could her real name have been? Desiree? Deirdre? Just Dizzie? I should have asked, it's bugging me now.

Casinos are kinda all the same, with their no clocks and their how-long-have-I-been-here's. I liked this one, it was cozy in a down-home sort of way and lacked the high-roller sophistication and technological innovation of, say, your Macau money dens, which was comforting in a way I can't describe. Felt like I could run into a friendly aunt or uncle here on their weekly lose-the-pension run.

Pro tip: play the Alice in Wonderland slots. Holy hell. 3D graphics, dancing fairies, lights and sounds and free spins for no reasons at all.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Bruce A.
I love going to the casino, but I will never ever ever go to this casino again ever. We went in expecting to get our players card and comp's but nothing in the matter. Just play for 1hr or so and 5 dollars will be given back plus you have to use a dollar to start that comp.. So here I wanted just a something to take the edge off of losing. Maybe a free drink. Nope!  Most of the drinks are 5 an up so I might as well go to the club for over price water down drinks..

So please, just please go somewhere else.

22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
108. Paul O.
This is the worst casino I've ever been to in my life. And I lived in Vegas for years so I'm judging from a wide base...this joint is the worst.

First off, you have to go thru this stupid ID check with security guards before entering the casino floor. They inspect that shit like they're looking for ebola molecules.

Then I swear this is what the security guard asks me while holding my drivers license: "What are you doing here today?"  Ummm...well this is a casino with gambling, bars and restaurants, I think everyone here is obviously throwing away money in one of these areas. They didn't like my response of "Stimulating the economy" and for a second it looked like the pseudo-cop was going to prevent me from going inside the dump, but finally the dark forces prevailed and I was allowed inside the joke of a casino known as Lumiere Place.

There are only a few tables on the floor to play card games. Of course there are rows upon rows of slot machines, but they're all as old as my grandpa's balls. Seriously, the machines are ones that Vegas retired in the 90's.

We posted up at one of the bars and took in the grossness of the joint from a proper perspective..liquored up and elevated a few steps above the ground. The customers were sad. The bartenders were sad. The atmosphere and vibe were sad. The place was just fucking sad.

I only came here because we made the mistake of staying in the Hotel Lumiere next door on a cross country road trip. That hotel sucks balls too. Just be smart and stay away from this property as a whole.

28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
109. Billy M.
Had a small issue the staff went above and beyond on accommodating.   Definitely will refer everyone to these two hotels.  I'm in sales.  And not often that I say I was impressed.  Great job guys.

03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0