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Moonrise Hotel in Saint Louis, MO

Moonrise Hotel in Saint Louis, MO


The Moonrise Hotel in the St. Louis Loop blends cool modern design and quirky classiness to create a unique boutique hotel experience. Located in The Loop -  the hotel offers guests a wide array of leisure activities. Within walking distance from The Pageant concert hall, Pin-Up Bowl and the famous Blueberry Hill, you'll find it all. Its central location and proximity to the Delmar Loop Metrolink Station make it simple for business travelers and leisure guests to get to nearby Clayton, Forest Park, Washington University, St. Louis University, as well as The Central West End and downtown St. Louis. A bold combination of contemporary design, luxury amenities, well-appointed rooms and suites and ample meeting space, the Moonrise Hotel boldly goes where no St. Louis hotel has gone before. From the ever-changing colors of the iridescent lobby wall and open staircase to the brilliantly lit bar at Eclipse Restaurant, there's much to marvel without ever leaving the hotel.


Established in 2009.

The Moonrise Hotel opened for business in April 2009. As St. Louis' first boutique hotel, the Moonrise Hotel offers guests a truly unforgettable experience. The hotel is the result of the renovation of the historic Alexander and Sons building, and combines the old charm of the previous building with new features such as the 10-foot diameter rotating moon on the hotel's rooftop terrace.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.15

Address: 6177 Delmar in The Lp, Saint Louis, MO, 63112

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    Comments (176):

    1. Shane R.
    rooftop bar has great views, relaxed atmosphere.

    24/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Robert T.

    19/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Angel A.
    Excellent!!  Plus Free Parking and WiFi!!  We were looking for a hotel close to the Zoo so we tried out Travelocity's Secret Hotel deal and were assigned to the Moonrise Hotel.  I couldn't have chosen better.  The hotel is nicely located on the Delmar Loop with walking access to some nice restaurants (Pi Pizzeria, Blueberry Hill (where Chuck Berry occasionally sings at), etc.)  Everything in the hotel is moon-themed, from patches of Apollo missions to the moon, pictures of the moon, memorabilia....... you get the point.  The rooms are decent in size and were super clean.  Very modern feel to them.  There was also free self-parking and free Wi-Fi.  The hotel restaurant, Eclipse, is very nicely decorated and has decent prices for breakfast (comparable to other breakfast chains, but this is much nicer and has way better food!!).  I did not try lunch or dinner.  There is no pool in the hotel, but I think I was 5 the last time I used the pool at any hotel, so this wasn't as important to me.  Other people's comments on the elevator system are accurate.  They only have one that's operating, but the wait wasn't that bad on the days I stayed there (~ 2 mins).  Overall it was a great stay at a great hotel!!  I would highly recommend it.  Especially if you get a good deal, like we did through Travelocity (~ 100/night).

    06/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. bucca d.
    Nice chic upscale hotel located in St Louis. The lobby had these opaque paned walls and stairways that had LED lights of various colors actively moving through them. It kind of reminded me of a little bit of the 70s. Yet this is todays modern contemporary style of architecture i guess. Service here is excellent - people at the Lobby were very helpful unlike many other hotels i've been too. The rooms were very upscale with a nice king size bed, good pillows and good solid bed, nice soid headboard on the bed, clean carpets, night stands, desk furniture, flat screen tv, an ottoman, and a small couch. There is also no fresh air available but by the window there is a curtain and an easy to pull down fabric shade. The shower room was contemporary with a sink that was above the vanity and the toilet was low flow eco friendly. The bath had a glass door sliding entrance and the shower head was actually on the ceiling which was a bit odd. It's sure opens up another part of my brain in figuring out how to wash myself from a different angle. I guess they wanted to simulate light rain showers... oh i forgot to mention the name of this hotel really fits the theme of the ambiance of the hotel lobby and rooms and they do give it the contemporary architectural touch.

    21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Hugh K.
    For under $170 a night, you get quite a lot of hotel for your money at Moonrise. You could be at a friendly Clift if you didn't look outside at Church's Chicken. The rooms are lovely and well designed, the aesthetic is fresh and funky and the staff are great. The restaurant was terrific for breakfast and dinner, and the wine list was very impressive. In St. Louis. Who knew?

    20/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Dana S.
    We stayed here to recover after a weekend of wedding festivities. The rooms are very nice, quiet and the bed was like sleeping on a cloud. All the staff were super nice and attentive. We had a not as mellow as we intended at the rooftop bar - a perfect place to enjoy a drink and a summer breeze.  We will definitely be back!

    25/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Micky R.
    I travel quite a bit on business around the US and this is one of the better hotels I've stayed in.  Elegant and hip and at the same time friendly, accommodating and service oriented.  I received an upgrade to a larger suite with a view of the Arch.  The room (the Betty Grable suite) was nicely appointed in modern style, spacious, clean and a very comfortable bed.  Only problem is that it was one floor below the rooftop bar, so there was considerable noise bleed.  Luckily, I go to bed late.

    The Eclipse restaurant was also very nice: great cocktails and spirits at the bar and as far as breakfast, tasty food.  Free wi-fi throughout.

    The upstairs bar on the roof was a beautiful moonlit terrace, but unfortunately the night I was there was filled with drunken college students.

    Overall, the hotel was a reason to visit St. Louis.  Nicely done.

    18/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Laura B.
    This kooky boutique hotel satisfied our yearnings, not just for all things lunar but for one great night in St. Louis.  How do you sample a city in just one night?  Staying at the Moonrise made it easy.  The staff, from the valet parking guy, to the desk, to the restaurant staff were welcoming (even though we pulled up in a car that was dusty from an off-road experience).  The beds were comfy, the bedside white noise machine fun, the bathroom products excellent. The sliding glass door to the bathroom is a bit odd, though. The breakfast was perfect and perfectly delicious. The owner's collection of moon themed collectibles and the thoughtful lunar design of everything from lamps to staircases makes for a memorable stay.  We went up to the rooftop bar, but it was too crowded on a Saturday night, so we left.  But, the location of the hotel on the Loop makes it possible to eat, drink, visit the stars on the St. Louis Walk of Fame, bowl, visit Chuck Berry's statue (and actually see him play at Blueberry Hill if you're there on a Wednesday) see a great movie at a classic old theater or buy vintage vinyl at Vintage Vinyl. We'll be back for more than one night the next time.

    06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Tarun R.
    This review is based ONLY on the bar downstairs and on the rooftop.  It is a great place to visit if you are doing a big "going out" night.  The inside was packed and hard to move around in, but once we got upstairs, the view was awesome and worth the wait.  It is a large rooftop bar with views of the city.  Although I felt like they were trying too hard by having a "list" to get upstairs and security/bouncers to go upstairs, I did feel like I won the lottery when they called our group.

    18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Catrina L.
    Stayed at the Moonrise and I have fallen in Love. This hotel is better then some in Vegas. Staff was great, The resturant has excellent food. The room was clean really nice and the decor was perfect. I got a discount so price wasnt bad but without the discount it is pricey but after staying there I can see why.

    17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Kate S.
    I had a great experience at the Moonrise Hotel! The service was exceptional! Everyone was so friendly, professional and helpful, from the valet to the front desk. As a 25 year old, I often feel like I don't get treated like a "real" adult, but they were sure to refer to my boyfriend and I as "Miss" and "Mister" and it really made a difference! The room was awesome, with a great view of the Delmar Loop and the city and the bed was super comfortable. The shower was smaller than I expected but really relaxing. The decor of the room was neat with lots of different pictures of moons. There was free wi-fi and lots of t.v. channels. We managed to find a deal for our king-size room so it cost about $115 total with taxes, but we did pay the extra $17 for valet as well as breakfast in bed for another $10 or so. Our room also came with additional costs if you wanted them for water, snacks, and "romantic accessories for the bedroom". The location was also great because we walked to a bunch of different trendy bars at night and had no problem walking back to the hotel that night. There is also extra security where you can't get in after a certain time without your room key and cannot go in the elevator without your room key. Then in the morning we parked further down Delmar Blvd. and shopped around on a beautiful day in St Louis!

    We also really enjoyed our meal at the restaurant, Eclipse, located inside of the hotel. The food was delicious and although expensive, it was worth it. For our appetizer we got the shrimp cocktail that had a delicious sauce with sweet chilis in it on top of cucumbers. It was very tasty! For dinner, I got a steak and my boyfriend got chicken and we both agreed everything was cooked to perfection. My only complaint was that my potatoes au gratin were pretty salty. We also got bread pudding for dessert that was amazing! On average the food is about 20 dollars per entree.

    13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Mitch G.
    Fucking love this place. Super cool, super close to Pageant and overall just great. Staff were extremely friendly and the decor is beautiful. Very modern, very hip. Rooms are clean and nicely decorated. Rooftop bar is great after shows. This place screams cool. Loves it.

    15/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Ashley T.
    I love the moon so naturally the name drew me in. My friend booked us a room at the Moonrise for it's location to The Pageant (next door). We were having a ladies night on the Loop complete with dinner at Blueberry Hill (delightful), a Grace Potter and The Nocturnals concert at The Pageant (magical), some drinks and finally the best nights sleep I have had in.....I can't even remember. The hotel was very clean and staffed with nice people. There was an Ice Ball going on in the lobby that looked like fun if we had time. A lovely little candy bar was set up in the room complete with a lover's intimacy kit, just in case someone wanted a Snickers then a doodle. The location is perfect, within walking distance to everything on the Loop. This brings us back to sleep......the bed, oh my, was so comfortable. I actually got a full nights sleep without dreams or any interruptions - until the maid woke me up trying to clean the room before we had checked out. That is my one and only complaint, I like a hotel that has a system for room cleaning AFTER people check out so they don't bother the guests. They did however let us keep our keycards which were adorable. This may be the beginning of a new collection. lol

    16/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Melissa P.
    We've stayed here twice for nights away (despite living at the other end of the Loop - ah, life with a toddler) and were very pleased both times. The staff has always been very friendly and the beds are some of the most comfortable I have ever slept on, anywhere. The toiletries are nice, the decor is cool, and you can buy a ray gun in the gift shop. I'm looking forward to our next night away already.

    06/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. scott s.
    a smidge above three stars, far from five stars, that leaves me with only four stars to give moonrise.

    plusses: good location (you can walk to everything in the loop, wash u, metrolink station).  free wifi.  free self-park.  large rooms.  great showers.  friendly staff.

    minuses:  furnishings are nice, but i just keep getting a "comfort inn" vibe from the place -- maybe it's the layout, which is strikingly similar to the comfort inn, but i just couldn't feel like i was in a luxury hotel here.  the sink drained suspiciously slowly and couldn't be remedied.  the newspaper was never delivered before 8:30 a.m. (am i the only one that has to work for a living?!). the view out the window was HORRID (parking lot behind the hotel, vast industrial wasteland beyond that).  somewhat limited soundproofing in the rooms, so i heard my upstairs neighbor bumbling around at night.

    none of the minuses is enough to keep me away from the moonrise in the future.  and the plusses (free wifi and parking esp.) are significant plusses.  but the whole equation balances out to four stars.  i'd stay here again and if you end up at the moonrise, you'll probably be happy (but won't feel pampered).

    06/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Kevin G.
    The hotel is amazing overall. The bed was really tall but the most comfortable bed either my girlfriend or I have ever slept in. The rooms are spacious and yet cozy. The only negative things I have to say is don't get any add ons. Valet parking isn't needed unless there is a concert going on during your stay.  Also the strawberries and champaign add on is horrible. You get 6 strawberries and a $16 bottle of champaign that we couldn't even finish because it was so bad.  The hotel was incredibly clean. Usually there is a grimy corner or something but nothing like that here. The staff was very helpful and would cater to any needs you may have. They are quick to respond and incredibly courteous.

    01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Terrence S.
    Really chill spot to hang out. Atmosphere was great with a mix of the contemporary and a touch of 50-60s era. The rooftop is apparently the best part of the hotel; but on a cold and rainy November night the hotel bar and lounge was really pleasant. This place closes at 2:30am whereas other nearby establishments shut down at 1am.  So the Moonrise picked up quite a bit when all the college students needed a new place to drink.

    26/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Laura G.
    I recently stayed at the Moonrise for a wedding, and while I was only there for one night, it was a lovely experience overall.  My only complaint was that it seemed a little bit loud, like some of the walls were rather thin.  I stayed on the 3rd floor and had a relatively nice view, although it's too far from downtown to really have a great view of the city.  Most of my lifetime hotel stays have been at cheap hotels, so I was pretty impressed by everything.  It has a quirky decor, but still feels pretty swanky and nice.  
      The beds were FANTASTIC; it was like jumping into giant pillow.  Also, the bathrooms were very nice with a nice rainfall-esque shower head.  The lighting was a little poor for putting on makeup, though.  Everything was exceptionally clean and the room contained a mini-fridge, ironing board, flatscreen TV, giant mirror (good for getting dressed), coffee maker, iPod ready stereo alarm clock, and safe.  I can't speak to the quality of the food because I didn't eat any of their food, but I did spend some time at the rooftop bar which was a nice atmosphere and the bar staff seemed friendly enough.  Actually, the entire staff from receptionists to valets were very friendly.  Although it's a splurge for me in terms of cost, it was a great experience that I'd consider splurging on again.

    04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Diane K.
    Nice comfortable rooms.  As with most hotels these days, the hallway noise can be really loud.  Why are the walls between rooms pretty good but not the hallways?  Stayed here many times.  Very clean and restaurant is good for breakfast.  They have a bit of trouble getting their "Desires" Rewards Program together, but when I sent back the rate your stay the last time they did contact me and apologize.  Rooftop bar is very cool but never had had good service there.  Still the best choice in STL and walking to lots of restaurants and easy parking and free internet.

    29/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Madison Heather M.
    beautiful views from the Rooftop Terrace Bar.  A nice place to have a drink with friends.

    11/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. kelly b.
    This hotel is perfect!!!   24 hour room service, that is actually good!!!   They supply you with a luxurious bath robe, everyone has been lovely.   This really is as good as it gets for the money!

    16/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Rebecca S.
    We had a wonderful stay at The Moonrise. The staff were polished, helpful and friendly. The room and hotel was sparkling clean. The hotel is gorgeous with a fun theme. There's plenty of entertainment at the Delmar Loop and nearby. I would unhesitatingly stay here again!

    05/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Terry M.
    We travel a lot and we're always looking for a great hotel at a great price. You'd be really hard pressed to find a better hotel in STL than this one.

    15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Saucy G.
    Like the three stars state this hotel was A-OK but the time spent...priceless :). I had been stressed all last week with everything imagine my surpise when the man whisks me off to this hotel! I've heard and read about this place but never paid it too much attention when i'm randomly in the loop. So a local getaway it became!

      We pull up to valet and check in. Cute interior. The room was very comfy, retro colors and more than enough moon references. It started out cute but by the time I went through the whole room and then heading out to the Eclipse restaurant downstairs, the moon crap was overwhelming. Felt like I was in a grown man's house and he had action figures everywhere, cool but not cool.

      Since this is for the actual hotel itsself....staff was very nice. I love how the concierge is the "Master of Desires." Cute, but when your view is of Church's Chicken and University City at it's blah?? Maybe desires do need to be created whilst the curtains are shut and you create your own world in your room. Room service was prompt. Loved the shower. The bed was heavenly but there was something about the temperature in the room, I spent half the night playing tag with the comforter and sheets. He did too. It seems like the air conditioner lets it get really warm before it blasts back on, regardless of what I set it on. Also you have to put your back into it for shutting off the water in the shower, kept dripping until I turned my rage into strength. OVERALL....I wouldn't stay here again. Maybe if it's a free night or a super low low price thanks to a discount site, sure. But I truly found no difference from your average chain hotels aside from moon stuff everywhere. But thanks babe for the escape time!!

    01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Joseph H.
    Stayed one night at Moonrise while visiting to attend the local opera and I recommend it.  My room was very comfortable, spacious and exceptionally well decorated.  I've never had a hotel room with three different colors on the walls.  The bath room was unusually spacious with up to date fixtures and frosted glass instead of shower curtains.  There was also a small entrance foyer which make the room seem much bigger.  It was more like an upscale studio than a hotel room - I wish my first apartment had been so big.

    Moonrise staff are very gracious, helpful, and knowledgeable.  They're also exceptionally well turned out - black suits and shirts on the men, black cocktail dresses for the women; this may be due to the very popular ground floor restaurant and roof top bar - Moonrise is a destination for locals and well as guests.  

    Moonrise is two blocks form a Metrolink station; you can get there from either the west suburban airport or the downtown train station.  

    Moonrise is not an inexpensive hotel, but it's prices are competitive.  You get what you pay for and at Moonrise and you get a whole lot for what you pay.

    28/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Lindsay G.
    This is the coolest, funkiest hotel I have stayed at in a long time. I was only upset that I am not a yelp elite because coincidentally they happened to be having a party on the roof top for elite yelpers there. This was also, incidentally, the reason I didn't get to hang out at the rooftop bar. Boo. The drinks served in the restaurant downstairs were inventive. They have beautiful funky glass chandeliers and funky rainbow colored stairs. The rooms are cool throwbacks to the seventies and they have picture Of people sitting On the he moon which is from a place everyone used to go to in St. Louis and I cannot remember the name.

    25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Tara P.
    This place is making my business trip feel like a vacation. Super comfy beds, free parking (you can also pay for valet parking - for a spot right next to the free parking - I don't know why), cute decor, nice bath products, soft bathrobe, etc. It's also close to the metrolink and numerous tasty food options and interesting retail in walking distance. I plan to return soon for a weekend getaway.

    05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Dave F.
    It's a beautifully designed hotel except it seems to have very thin walls that allowed noise from partiers roaming the halls to keep us up until about 3 AM last Friday night. Saturday night was even worse. It started with multiple gunshots across the street. It seems that lots of kids get pushed out of University City and go down to the Moonrise in St. Louis which has a later curfew. Then the hall-parties started up again for the second night. We managed to get only 3-4 hours sleep because of all the noise. The barking dog also added to the noise. The hotel management should offer security to the guests who stay there. If you're looking for a party hotel, it's the best I've seen. If you want some rest, find another hotel.

    05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    29. Beth K.
    Thank you Moonrise for having a great front desk staff, dining room staff, great bar staff, beautiful rooms, wonderful location, and giving us the perfect experience. I loved it and will go back. Guaranteed good time.

    25/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Akeem S.
    well let me say that i have never actually stayed i the hotel itself, But a friend of mine threw his graduation party on the rooftop. It was a very nice experience the bar was excellent & the overlooking the Delmar loop was great. It has a real smooth, laid back atmosphere.

    i was surprised to find out that the rooftop was open until 3am & is open to the public. perfect for a small group or intimate date.

    29/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Adam J.
    A nice, small hotel in the Loop. A hotel has long been the missing piece to the puzzle in the Loop. I saw them build this place and I really thought it was going to be taller, but it's still great.

    Rooms are contemporarily furnished with big screen TV's, and those iDock things w/ speakers. The better rooms even have hot tubs that seat up to 5 people (or 9 if you're all horny enough). And if you're looking for a workout, just head downstairs to the exercise rooom.

    01/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Christy C.
    This hotel had nice rooms, a good location (near food and metrolink), and a friendly staff.  Unfortunately, they canceled our friend's reservation and did not have anymore rooms available.  She called the day before to confirm, but when she arrived the next day they said it was canceled.  After speaking with the person at the front desk for about 10 minutes, she finally got a room, but had to get a cot for the extra person in the room.  That afternoon, she received an email from the hotel asking if the double room she requested could be changed to a king.  So did they lose her reservation or what?

    As for the rooftop bar, it is nothing special.  We guests of the hotel but they still told us it was too full and we would have to wait.  However, you could see that there was plenty of room for more people.  Once we got in, we had a drink, walked around to take a look at the view, then went to the Central West End.  The rooftop bar seemed like a good idea, but it was pretty lame.

    19/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    33. L H.
    OMG - loved this place. Intuitive and wonderful.  Great layout, beautiful look, awesome rain shower.  close to neat places. lovely staff.

    30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. Rachel B.
    Trendy boutique hotel that looks more Miami than midwest.  Midcentury modern designs with amazing artwork , plasma tvs, Ipod docks & waterfall showers are just some of the features.  Free Wi-Fi plus every cable tv station known to man.  Plus a rooftop bar.  The food @ Eclipse Restaurant is good but overpriced.  Grab some free moon pies on the way in the door.  Service is outstanding
    Location is superb on Delmar--not downtown & touristy.  Diverse population.  Plus you don't have to drive everywhere, plenty of shops & restaurants to walk to.

    03/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Brian J.
    Great boutique hotel in St Louis?  Who knew?  Great design throughout the property, iHome iPod docks & flat screens in room, comfortable beds, great bathrooms, rooftop bar & terrace, cool bar / lounge / restaurant (eclipse) in lobby.  Right on the Delmar Loop with shops, cafes, bars, concert venues, etc so you can walk anywhere in the area.

    This is the Lou, so you go one block north of Delmar, and things get a little shady, but it's not too bad.  There's nothing to see there anyway.  Stick on the loop and you'll be fine.

    Highly recommended for out of towners if not looking to stay downtown but still want to walk around and be near the universities - or for locals -  to put up your guests if your house is a dump or too small.

    One thing I found quite strange about the Lou - no cabs anywhere.  Weird.

    15/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Kate E.
    I land smack dab in the middle with Moonrise. It's a trendy little hotel, with cute rooms that are better-than-average for a decent price. It's close to all the Delmar ongoings, and it has a great rooftop bar - but I had a horrible experience when I finally got around to booking a night there.

    We had just settled in after hitting the loop for dinner and drinks, when the fire alarm started blaring. And blaring. And blaring. Definitely not a test. We exited our room and were rushed down the stairs to the lobby by security. The entire hotel, including a wedding party, huddled in the lobby/under the outdoor awning (it was POURING rain) for the better part of 45 minutes before anyone told us what was going on. Finally learned that the rain had caused flooding and triggered the alarms. When we were finally let back into our rooms, the alarm started blaring again. We didn't have to evacuate our rooms this time, but it certainly put a damper on what was supposed to be a romantic evening.

    The next day at checkout, we didn't get even a mention of the incident. No apology, no further explanation - just "here's your bill."

    On the plus side - they have a concierge service that contacts you before your stay to put treats in your room and make sure things are set up just the way you like it. It's a nice little touch - unfortunately, not enough to make up for the experience we had.

    10/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Sunil K.
    The "young and hip" facade of the Moonrise does not make up for poor service, front desk incompetence, an absurdly pretentious bar at the top, and a location that doesn't even come close to the Central West End.

    We had several out of town guests come for my wedding and I naively recommended the Moonrise to them.  Their stay here dampened their view on St. Louis entirely.  (Reservations were misplaced, etc, etc.)

    There's no other word to describe the rooftop bar other than ridiculous.  As one of my guests from LA quipped, "They think they're LA, yet they're worse than LA and this isn't even LA!"  You get the idea.

    If you have out of town guests coming, my suggestion is to send them to the Chase.  Everybody who stayed there seemed to like it a lot more.

    03/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    38. Missy E.
    Pretty hip place. Nice strip - restaurants, shopping, etc. Sink problems otherwise may have given it 5-stars.

    12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Michael B.
    I do not know where to start.  First off, this hotel exceeds any expectations in this price range.  The service is 5 star quality.  For example, I arrived expecting to store my bags at 10:00 am. Not only did they give me a room, they asked if I wanted to be on an upper floor or lower.  When I asked for the best view I got one of their best rooms....at 10 am!  I went to the Eclipse restaurant to have a drink later int he day and met some of the most friendly staff I have met in a long time.  I did not eat but I do enjoy my food.  I found their menu to be insanely inspired (I was told they change it 4 times a year) and eye-poppingly inexpensive compared to your average Hilton or Hyatt (think $4.50 beer and lunch under $10).  I rarely write reviews but this one deserved every bit of the 5 stars.

    The room was very IKEA-ish and the property, in general, had a great vibe.

    21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Edward L.
    Pretty good hotel.  I came here and stayed one night to visit Wash U Law.  It was a pretty spacious hotel room and everything's clean, probably 'cause it's a new hotel.  Everything was clean and the staff was incredibly helpful and nice.  It's a bit far from everything but that wasn't a big deal.
    Furthermore, I heard from someone I knew in St. Louis that it's built over a former cemetary so....eeeeek.  Nonetheless, the hotel was pretty nice and I have nothing to really complain about.

    10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Lisa B.
    Just shot a wedding at the Moonrise on Delmar, the LOOP!  

    Loved the hotel, it's so cool and follows the walk of fame theme.  The rooms are so upbeat and fun!  

    Get a room that over looks delmar, how fun!

    You have to visit the Moonrise!

    18/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Aaron S.
    Nice hotel. I would definitely stay there again. It's in a very convenience location. Parking was vary accessible.

    09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. DeWitt K.
    We stay at the Moonrise every Thanksgiving when we visit our Family.  The hotel and staff have both been outstanding each and every time.  The rooms are well designed and getting in/out is quite easy.  The only downside is that since we go during Thanksgiving, we never get to check out all the great nearby shops.

    19/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Ann K.
    I wanted to really like this hotel but somehow, I didn't.   It has a funky moonscape motif but that makes the hallways a bit dark and forboding.    The rooms look very European although much larger than you would ever see in Europe.

    It was the little things that bugged me here.     Issues with taxis plagued us for two days.   The second time, the hotel had told the driver 10 minutes earlier than we requested and when we weren't ready, the driver left!     The front desk clerk called for another cab but after waiting another 10 minutes, we decided to walk.    The response from the hotel, "taxis are unreliable in St Louis...we used ot have a shuttle for the local area but they cut it from the budget".    If taxis are unreliable, was this really what you wanted to cut from the budget?      They don't put the bill under your door, you have to request it at checkout, the paper did not arrive until 7:30-8am (a tad late for a business traveller)....the little things added up after awhile.

    02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Catherine P.
    Finally a hotel in the Loop!

    Great beds, room service, fantastic restaurant and roof top bar. And, the best, is in the most fantastic neighborhood in St.  Louis! Tons to do and see right outside the hotel door.

    Blocks from metrolink and busses.

    I lived in St Louis five years and always wished there was a hotel in the Loop for my visiting friends and family. Now there is! I have since moved away and was able to stay at the Moonrise three separate times on visits back to the city. Each time was a pleasure.

    Oohh... Only one minus. The bathrooms don't really have doors but more sliding panels. Not enough privacy if you're sharing your room!

    15/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Vicki M.
    I would gladly give the hotel 5 stars... Absolutely love staying there.  

    But the food -- ack.  Do yourself a favor and go out for lunch and dinner -- restaurant food is atrocious.  My boyfriend and I had dinner there, then we had lunch another day with my relatives and was embarrassed we had invited them because the food is so mediocre.  

    In fact, the food is so far below the hotel's standards I cannot believe they're run by the same people.  The dishes sound wonderful -- but what comes is not what's advertised.  It's like mediocre cafeteria food.  

    Note to management:  Hire a chef from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in upstate NY, and make your food match the hype of your hotel.  Or get your current chef to download some recipes from epicurious.com .

    We will stay in the hotel again, but we won't be eating in the restaurant.

    21/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Chas L.
    lobby, restaurant and rooftop bar are fantastic.

    the rest of it is just an average hotel.  small-ish rooms, noisy hallways, lots of weird mechanical noises at all hours of the day and night. poor attention to detail (for instance, the clock in my room was an hour off).

    loved the decor, and the staff was pleasant and seemed eager to please.

    I guess if you want to stay on the loop, or are in town for a show at the Pageant, it makes sense; but there are better options out there if you're not tied to the loop. I got a good deal online; had I paid full price I would have felt slightly cheated.

    29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    48. Anjel O.
    Finally, a viable, fun, and clean hotel option near the loop.

    This place rivals trendy hotels in bigger cities without skimping on details. It's a very short distance to all the loop's fun. The hotel and bar/restaurant's theme is an obvious 50's space era kitch, but it is muted and well placed.

    I'll definitely stay here on the next visit!

    29/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Stacy G.
    First time at the Moonrise rooftop bar!

    I love the atmosphere overall but I (and my entire group) was perplexed by the fact that half the area was reserved for a wedding reception and a formal one at that. On top of that, the reception was the first thing you saw and so you had to walk through that to get to the open to the public area. It was quite odd.

    I loved the grouped seating lounge area in the middle! The view was great as the sun went down.

    The 'appetizers' are over priced and ridiculously small so don't even bother unless you like to look like a real hipster with your decorative plate of 3 bites of fou-fou cheese and crackers. LOL

    I could see this place as an awesome first date spot for sure.

    The inside of the hotel looked pretty awesome too. Loved the lighted staircase and the enormous funky chandelier.  

    Never knew this place existed but looking for an excuse to go back!

    20/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Julia W.
    Divergent from my typical, long-winded reviews, this one will be short and sweet.

    The rooftop bar, oh my!

    That is all.

    Oh, alright...

    While I haven't stayed at the Moonrise Hotel, I did get to enjoy their rooftop bar on one of the loveliest summer evenings this year.  The view of the Loop is pretty spectacular (I love you, neon Tivoli marquee!) and you can actually see the Arch as well.  The night we were there, the sunset was glorious in the west, while the moon rose in the east.  Pretty neat.

    There was plenty of seating at that time of night, our server was prompt with drinks (Two Hearted for the hubster, nice!) and it was a relaxed spot to enjoy the gorgeous weather before heading out for dinner.

    The end.

    01/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Patrick J.
    Very clean urban,chic hotel

    12/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. Bookman P.
    Bookman will get to the review in just a sec, but first off, the Moonrise is in St. Louis, Missouri, not to be confused with East St. Louis, which is in Kansas, or Kansas City which is in Missouri, except for the smaller Kansas CIty that is actually IN Kansas. Go figure! What kind of peyote were those wagon train settlers smoking anyway?

    Anyhoo, conditions were perfect when I stepped off the plane in St. Louis, MO: 12 degrees, cloudy and snow on the ground. Where there was no snow there was a layer of ice. The perfect penguin weather put me in a good mood right off the bat.

    The Moonrise is billed as a boutique hotel, something different from the usual chain experience. The place is decked out in a sort of moon/spaceman/mid-century futuristic motif, which, while contrived is tastefully done.

    The rooms are way more SPACious than the living quarters in the International Space Station and I'm sure they're more comfortable, too, with nice amenities, good decor and furniture.

    The restaurant downstairs does a nice breakfast with unusually good scones served warm. Didn't have dinner there but the few blocks of Delmar that the hotel sits on give you plenty of college-town choices  (Thai, good pizza, good bar etc.)

    The staff is very pro. Overall the Moonrise is a kitchy-good experience at that particular price point. Even at that particular price, and that's my point.

    PS-Don't forget to bring gloves!

    04/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Sarah S.
    This review is for the rooftop bar only.  Nice views, nice drink specials, nice servers, rather spartan furniture though I think the approach is to appear plush.

    09/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    54. Rich T.
    I couldn't imagine a more perfect hotel.  The place is super cool, has a hotel bar I would go to even if I weren't staying here, excellent breakfast and awesome rooms.  I will definitely be back to the Moonrise...Something very special about it.

    22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Bridget D.
    I'd really like to give the Moonrise more stars. It's a cute place and it brightens up the neighborhood. The owner has invested a lot into making this part of town considerably nicer. I respect anyone willing to take a chance on a blighted area. St. Louis is much better for it.

    I stayed here recently on business. The lobby and restaurant are decorated with retro modern furnishings and a moon theme. The chandelier made from blown glass is wild and the changing rainbow lights in the staircases are a nice touch.

    I stayed on the fourth floor, which had a very strange stench that was a cross between burnt plastic, paint fumes, and mildew. I am not sure if the other floors smelled this way. It was extremely unpleasant. I have no idea if this was incidental or it always smells bad.

    I found the room to be comfortable and well equipped with amenities. The rainfall shower stall is a nice touch, but I prefer to stay in rooms with bathtubs. The bowl of snacks and other goodies in the room was also a nice touch, but would be a much nicer touch if they were complimentary. At nearly $200 a night for a basic room, paying $6 for a small can of nuts and $4 for a small bottle of water is a bit of an insult. Especially if you're charged for items you haven't used, which I was.

    My room was near the elevators, which seemed to be a prime spot for loud drunk people to pass by. The sound traveled into my room, so I slept with the TV on to drown out the noise.  

    The Eclipse restaurant isn't the worst, but given the variety of dining choices in the neighborhood, I'd advise going elsewhere. We ate here the first night we were in town. I had lobster bisque that had an odd flavor. For dinner, I had strip steak that wasn't seasoned well, accompanied with undercooked potatoes au gratin. The Eclipse is definitely not a place for foodie types.

    After assuring me that my credit card wouldn't be authorized for more than $50 for incidentals, I was pretty unhappy to find out that nearly $300 had been charged to my account in odd numbers that didn't match any receipts I had been given. Three days after checking out, the amounts still haven't been released from my account. There are 4 separate charges that have been explained as a result of someone's incompetency. I was also charged for a bottle of water that I did not drink. No resolution was offered except that I should call back if the amounts haven't been refunded within 7-10 days. I can overlook all of the other problems the Moonrise has, but this one ticks me off royally.

    Overall, I would say that the Moonrise has a lot of potential but suffers from some serious management problems. Like I said, I really want to love it. The front desk staff don't understand how to charge guests, so either they've hired idiots or more than likely there's been a lack of commitment to training them. The hotel management is apparently unaware of the odor and noise problems on the fourth floor or one would assume they'd take steps to correct them. And one has to wonder if the hotel management eats the food at the Eclipse.

    I'd stay here again if I these problems were corrected. I like the part of town it's in and it's the only hotel nearby. That's probably why they can get away with charging nearly $200 a night for a room. That price tag wouldn't fly if there was competition in the neighborhood or in other parts of St. Louis.

    14/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    56. Erika B.
    Stayed here last weekend; was in town for a friend's wedding.  Not only was the place beautifully decorated - loved the moon theme/art in the room and vintage collectables displayed throughout the hotel - but the people who worked there could not have been more nice and accommodating...no pretentious attitude like a lot of boutique hotel employees tend to have!  We even left something in the room and they located it and helped us arrange to have it shipped back.  The bar was great, with wonderful cocktails, and the food was good too (we had room service breakfast one morning).  I slept through the after-wedding party on the rooftop bar (BOO) but heard that it was awesome, as was the view.  I will definitely stay there again whenever I have to get back to St. Louis.  A great experience all around!

    25/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Allyson P.
    This is easily my favorite hotel in St. Louis. Some of the great things about this hotel:

    Location: right in the Loop, walking distance to all sorts of shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as Forest Park

    Free parking, free wi-fi, and right by a metrolink station

    Their restaurant has some of the best craft cocktails in the city, as well as a really good breakfasts

    Really comfortable bed, and lots of pillows (pet peeve of mine is when hotels skimp on the pillows)

    Nice bath products and comfy robes.

    Trendy, modern decor

    There are a few things keeping it from getting 5 stars though. My main annoyance is that the walls are really thin. You'll hear whenever someone in a room next to you opens or closes their door, or if people are talking in the hall. Also, the sliding bathroom doors don't offer as much privacy as some people may like. Not a big deal for me since I'm usually traveling with my husband, but not ideal if you're traveling with friends. Finally, they're quite a bit more expensive than a lot of hotels downtown. I work for the government and so get the govie rate, and it's still a bit more expensive than the regular prices being offered at downtown and CWE hotels. Not sure I'd pay the full regular price. Overall though, I've always had a great experience staying there!

    28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Zachariah Z.
    Let me just preface this with how surprised I was with my first visit to St. Louis.  I had no idea the city was so cosmopolitan and trendy.  My idea of the place consisted of the St Lunatics rolling around on four wheeler ATVs like in a Nelly video.  I was wrong, that's East St. Louis, maybe next visit?  

    My friends and I embarked on a road trip from Minneapolis to check out a Cardinals game and after a little yelp research (yelpearch?) I found University City was the spot to stay.  The Moonrise Hotel, more specifically, was THE spot the stay.  

    The hotel was better than I could imagine.  I'm kind of a Astronomy nerd so this was perfect. Picture if the "W" and the celestial body above had intercourse, this is the hotel they would do it in. You walk into the lobby with a DJ playing some funky beats and a colorful light-up staircase greeting you.  The staff was friendly and helpful, they pretty much helped plan our nightlife by suggesting restaurants and bars to stop by (Pi and Pin-Up Bowl).  Our room was perfect, comfortable beds and great decor, all moon themed, including some b & w pics from silent film about the couple who shot themselves to the moon (as seen in the Smashing Pumpkins video Tonight Tonight). The bathroom were spacious and modern, with a walk-in overhead rain shower and modern fixtures.  

    Let me not forget to tell ya'll about the rooftop bar.  So fresh.  Bartenders are talented and chatty, the crowd was good looking, and the view was amazing.  Great music too( lcd soundsystem and hot chip got my head bobbin a bit)!

    To summarize: don't stay in a hotel downtown, stay here.  Treat yourself and live a little, it was worth it.  Wait for it.... We were over the moon (ha, couldn't help it)!!!

    14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Lori U.
    My husband and I stayed at the Moonshine hotel last night.  The hotel was very nice and the rooms clean and cozy.  I do want to warn others about what happened to us.  We walked out in the hotel parking lot where our car was parked to find that it had been stolen.  The hotel personel stated that they had several cars that had been broken in to , but had "never" had a car stolen.  However,  they acted extremely nonschalant about the vehicle being stolen.   We were not offered any assistance, offered to be driven anywhere, or offered a refund.    The police were notified and took notes down but stated " at least no one was hurt".   I realize that there is so much worse that could have happened and  we should count our blessings and that we are safe..... BUT please be warned that there is no hotel security for the parking lot and that this appears to be something that happens VERY OFTEN.   PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!

    12/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    60. Sean J.
    IN SHORT: The Moonrise Hotel gets my vote for being one of the best places to stay in St. Louis.

    DETAILS: My wife and I stayed at the Moonrise Hotel while I was conducting a study in the Delmar Loop. Even though we live in Belleville, it was just easier for us to have a room to retreat to in the Loop. I say this because I it to be clear that we didn't have high expectations of this place - it was pretty much just meant to be a room my wife could retreat to if she needed to feed our newborn.

    But we wound up spending a lot more time in the hotel than we planned, because it was such a cool place that we felt like we needed to take in the atmosphere. The decor in the hotel is an interesting fusion of a 1920s art deco style and a sort of retro-future aesthetic. The pictures on the web site make the place look really bright and well-lit, but the reality is that the lighting is cool blue, and everything's sort of dark in a Disney "Tomorrowland" way. The walls are adorned with pictures of the moon and of vintage pictures of flappers sitting on man-in-the-moon props. The lobby has some intriguing and unusual (yet surprisingly comfortable!) furniture. Floor-length mirrors sit next to the elevators, and there's a neat mirror wall near the elevators in the lobby.

    Our room was gorgeous, and equipped with an HD-TV, a long desk and comfortable seating. The bathrooms are really out of this world - they've got a shower head that comes out of the ceiling (making for an interesting showering experience!), and the sliding glass door on the bathroom is a nice touch. The beds were incredibly comfortable, and we slept very well considering the constant interruption of the baby.

    We didn't try the Eclipse restaurant or the room service (provided by the restaurant), but the menu was high-end and had a lot of great-looking stuff. And even if that doesn't sound good, Pi Pizzeria and the Chinese Noodle Cafe are directly across the street.

    The Delmar Loop is right outside, and the hotel is situated next to the Pageant, the Pin-Up Bowl and some great restaurants. But I'd also recommend stopping in at the 8th floor bar, which is outdoor, pleasantly atmospheric and  reasonably sized. The drinks are priced in the $5-7 range, but the vantage is wonderful - you have the Delmar Loop and Wash U on one side, and downtown St. Louis on the other. On a nice cool night, this place is definitely worth a trip.

    All in all, the Moonrise Hotel is the coolest hotel I've seen in St. Louis. It's easily as nice as anything downtown, and cheaper than big guys. We got our rooms for $110 a night, and we would have happily paid twice that for the quality.

    06/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Elizabeth C.
    My husband and I celebrated our 24th anniversary with a stay in one of their luxury suites and the peace and love package. It was a spacious room with cool decor and a great view of the loop. The staff was attentive and gracious. We ordered appetizers and breakfast to the room and all the food was delicious and hot. Nice. Also the strawberries and champagne for our package were yummy! Not just a cheap bottle either but a nice one. We would definitely return.

    19/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Joy W.
    Disclaimer - I hardly ever go out to bars. Having said that, I loved the moonrise rooftop bar (and downstairs bar). The place has great modern decorations, good music, great drinks, and is a wonderful place to spend a nice evening overlooking... Delmar. Besides the lack of a skyline or a nice view, this place is rockin.

    22/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Sarah J.
    My husband and I stayed here while we were in St. Louis celebrating our first anniversary, our first trip to the city for both of us. Overall, it was cute, had a great location and came at a good price (courtesy of hotels.com , which knocked $60 off the price compared to other sites).

    Their Web site says Moonrise "blends cool modern design and quirky sophistication to create a truly unique boutique hotel experience," which I would agree with. Everything inside is moon-themed, including the carpet, light fixtures, etc. However, they kept it chic and not overdone, which was nice. This hotel has recently opened, so everything was very new. Our king bed was super comfortable and plush, and the entire room was nicely furnished. The staff were all helpful and pleasant. Once inside our room, we couldn't hear any noise from neighbors, but that may be because this place opened recently and there weren't many other people staying there.

    The hotel has a restaurant attached to it, and a rooftop bar/lounge, neither of which we used -- No. 1, because we wanted to explore, and No. 2, both looked extremely pricey. Moonrise located in The Loop, so if you are searching ahead of time for nearby amenities, look in that neighborhood. It's within walking distance to many restaurants and local stores, and very close to Washington University.

    For us, the one downside was the bathroom. It had an awesome shower head, but lots of water ended up on the floor due to the fact that only half of the shower entrance had a door... Hmm. The bathroom itself also didn't have an actual door, more of a sliding panel that didn't give much privacy.

    But these are definitely things that can be overlooked. If you're looking for a great place to stay in The Loop, this is it!

    07/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Matt H.
    I'd love to give it 5 but lack of crowd control during concerts next door really sucks.
    My wife and I were here for a weekend and there  happened to be a concert that weekend as well. The concert place is literally 1/2 a block away. I guess kids rent out rooms, bring in tons of beer, weed, and other friends and pre/post party. You'd think maybe a little extra security would be needed, but nope. None extra. Instead there were idiots running up and down the halls until about 4AM, and even worse there were people partying outside in the driveway of the hotel shouting until around 4AM. Now I don't mean to come off as a cranky old man, but please don;t think of yourself as a number 1 hotel in STL and not respect the ppl staying there who ARENT there to party? It was like this friday and saturday. On friday I complained heavily and was pretty much brushed off. On saturday same shenanigans.

    About the hotel itself? It was really nice. Lovely decor, nice amenities, great location during the day time. I would recommend it in a heartbeat. I would just make sure there isn't some crazy musicfest going on during your stay. The staff was nice and gave us some pointers for the area, and free parking in the back (skip the valet!)

    30/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Marie C.
    Stayed one night while in town for a wedding. We had stayed at a dump earlier in the weekend with the rest of the wedding attendees, then decided to upgrade to a nicer hotel since we were staying an extra night. So EVERYTHING seemed way better. And I'm pretty sure it was in general, thinking back.

    I thought I had asked Hotels.com to search places downtown, but I may have been mistaken and ended up in the Loop area, which was totally fine because it gave us a chance to explore an area we may never have come across.

    We thought we may have wanted to order in dinner via room service because we had been running around all weekend, but the menu was a little too fancy for eating in your room, if that makes sense. Plus pretty inflated in price, more than your average room service prices.

    They didn't have one of those you're a guest here are amenities and places nearby and whatnot books, so we had to Yelp and Google nearby places to eat. Other than that, it was a pretty place, super comfortable, nice sized TV, and a comfortable place to stay for a night.  

    I don't know if we'd stay there again, because the only places nearby are the University and Loop area, which we covered in an hour. But if you need to be in the area, I'd highly recommend.

    28/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. Katie D.
    Fantastic hotel!

    My husband and I stayed at the Moonrise while we were on our way back from New Orleans. We happened to book it through the Top Secret Hotels option on Travelocity. We were so happy we did! We loved the futuristic/modern theme that infused the entire building. Our room was very clean and spacious. I loved the modern bathroom and clean high-quality linens. The staff was friendly and welcoming. We would definitely stay there again!

    24/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Todd H.
    Disclaimer: This review is about the rooftop bar...I'd love to stay in a room once, but since I live 5 minutes away, I doubt I will anytime soon. :P

    So anyway, it's always a full moon at this unique hotel. Mainly because it's got "the world's largest man-made moon" spinning at the highest point of the rooftop bar. Makes me wonder how many man-made moons there could possibly be out there, and could there be life on any of them? Hmm.

    So anyway #2, this place is a real gem in a street full of real gems. If you hit this place on a weekend night when the weather is nice and the sky is clear, that's just about as good as it gets. The lou-view from the terrace is pretty awesome...almost makes me feel like I'm looking at a mini-las vegas strip from the top of the mini-Stratosphere needle. The clientele is almost always d-bag free, the drinks are reasonably priced for an upscale establishment, there's a good amount of seating available at bartop tables and swank couches, and they even have some strong heat lamps for chillier nights in the fall. Great place to take a date if you had dinner earlier on and it's going well. ;)

    Seriously, find a reason to try this place out during the next full moon before winter rolls in.

    24/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    68. Shaun A.
    Bathrooms are good.  Staff doesn't understand the meaning of: do not disturb. I liked the key access

    22/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Dan S.
    Great hotel unless you want you know, actually sleep. Loud music and people yelling until 3 am.

    03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    70. Darome B.
    dont know about the hotel but the rooftop lounge is the bomb!!!

    excellent view!

    delmar area is the spot to be!

    13/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Shasta L.
    We stayed here during the long MLK weekend, and we really enjoyed the Moonrise Hotel and surrounding neighborhood. The Delmar Loop is a very fun area with tons of great places to eat and quite a few specialty stores for window shopping. It's also conveniently located to the beautiful Forest Park (art museum! zoo! grounds for walking! ALL FREE!) and just a few minutes from downtown Saint Louis.

    Moonrise is located right next to The Pageant - you really can't miss the hotel what with the big moon hanging out over the sidewalk. I was attracted to the hotel because of the kitschy decor and 24-hour room service that I had scoped online. Of the three nights we stayed there, we only used the valet once and that was because there was no parking in the free lot behind the hotel.

    The hotel lobby is small-ish with modern furniture, a cool staircase, and lots and lots of reflective surfaces. Oh, and the lobby smells AWESOME. I know that might seem weird to mention, but it really smelled great in there. Check-in was smooth, and my over-protective husband liked the fact that we had to swipe our hotel key cards to even use the elevator.

    Our room was wonderful with a great view overlooking Delmar. The bed was out-of-this-world comfortable! Har har har. I had to, I'm sorry. But seriously, the room is set up very nicely, and the modern bathroom is icing on the cake.

    The free wi-fi was also a great touch that we utilized rather frequently to do some Yelp research. I was underwhelmed by the room service and the Eclipse Restaurant (where the room service originates), but I don't think that will deter us from staying here again.

    23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Allison M.
    Holy Sprocket's Sprockets, Mr. Jetson! Just call me daughter Judy, because I was won over by this space themed boutique hotel located on the strip known locally as the Loop. I happened to read up on the owner in the little binder that comes in the room and it turns out that Money + a collection = a theme hotel! Who knew?

    Overall, Moonrise toes the line between fun and tacky with the whole Moon/Space theme. The decor is modern and sleek with subtle nods to the moon with crescent curved lamps and a healthy dose of circles. The wall art in the rooms balances the modern out with vintage moon themed photographs, think Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness. Where it starts to dip across the tacky line is when the theme feels forced. Just take a look at the room service menu and you see things like Lox in Space. Too far Moonrise, too far.

    The service was excellent at all levels from the valet, front desk, even the housekeepers were sweet. The rooftop bar was particularly pleasant the evening we were there and it showcases a view of downtown and the Arch. I also enjoyed that when a storm rolled in we were able to take our drinks back to our room without hassle.

    Two minor warnings, one the keys are sensitive to cell phones and credit cards so keep them separate or you will have to go the front desk to get them re-keyed like we had to, twice! Also the room service is not worth it. This is almost always true of hotels, but it was overpriced and pretty darn meh.

    Loved the area, loved the hotel, I will be back when I am need a place to stay in the Lou.

    28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Isaac G.
    This is for the rooftop bar which i didn't see on yelp.  I go because it's close to work and I love to sit outside the most recent trip we sat for almost 40 minutes before I flagged a server down just to order a beer I guess it was get your own drink night and I didn't see the sign. .Cool atmosphere but consistently lazy when it comes to service.  Once more thing.  Get SOME DRINK SPECIALS

    19/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    74. Henry P.
    Phenomenal in every respect : location,  service, physical plant, atmosphere.  Unquestionable recommend.

    06/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. Mary E.
    My daughter and I took a trip to St. Louis to celebrate her high school graduation, and we spent a couple of nights in this expensive--but beautiful--boutique hotel.

    *The staff (especially Katherine at the main desk, but also the cleaning ladies) was really cheerful,  helpful and welcoming.

    *The bed had the most comfortable mattress I had ever experienced.

    *I was worried--from the website description--that the parking would be limited, but there was plenty behind the hotel. I guess there's only a crisis if a major act is playing nearby.

    *The hotel is in a kind of funky/cool neighborhood that's fairly close to a lot of attractions.

    *We liked the decor--it was fun!

    Those are all on the plus side. On the minus side, I should mention:

    *Translucent bathroom doors. No, you can't really see INTO the bathroom, but if you're in the bathroom you kind of feel like you're on display.

    *The shower is one of those rainfall types, which a lot of people like. It was okay. I am more of a deluge or monsoon sort of shower-taker, though, so I felt the pressure could have been set a notch higher.

    * Speaking of water, there's no pool.

    *You know how Embassy Suites comps a big breakfast including made-to-order omelets and tons of yummy pastries? Not so Moonrise! If you get up really early and rush to the lobby, you can score a free cup of coffee. You would think they would at least stay in theme and offer Spacefood Sticks, or Moon Pies.

    *The room doesn't have a little fridge, but it does have a tray of tiny samples of peanut M&M's and nuts....they're each about $4-$6. (There's even a little "intimacy pack" for you honeyooners, with condoms and a tiny...well, never mind. But I know how much that stuff costs and it is a fraction of the price of the Moonrise package.) Not that the target customer has little kids, but this is almost like a trap for parents who release their children into the room after a long drive, and while the parent is visiting the see-through bathroom, the kid rips into the peanuts and runs up another $100 in charges.

    *The much-vaunted rooftop moon bar was, alas, unavailable to us. The first night, we had tickets to a play and couldn't visit, but the second night we were urged (by the staff) to make at least one night time visit to the roof. My daughter is 18, but we were told this was no problem until 9 pm or later. Well, the roof was reserved for a private party until around 8; we went up around 8:15 and there were already bouncers in place who politely told us to get lost. It was kind of embarrassing, like we were crashers, but we really just wanted to buy a Coke and see the view. Evidently the rooftop staff and the desk staff don't communicate all that much.

    Oh well.  It was still a really cool room, and we come from Chicago, so how great could a ten-story view be when you can look out over Lake Michigan from one of our skyscrapers? I'd recommend the Moonrise for the reasons I listed, but next time I might book at Embassy Suites.

    07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    76. Emily L.
    What a hidden gem!!  First impressions- it's in a college town so the downtown college feel is to be expected.  The parking looks a little ghetto as its a lil chained off but the hotel begins to shine as soon as you walk into the door.  The staff is one of the friendliest staffs I've ever encountered.  I got off to a rough start as my room was next to one with 3 barking dogs (so yes this hotel is pet friendly) but the staff was quick to run up a new room key and apologetic.  The hotel itself is all themed out with the moon and the solar system which is unique and pretty groovy.  There's even a rotating moon on the rooftop.  The rooms are equipped with a nice little snackbar- I was a total sucker for the gummy bear shaped jar filled with gummy bears.  The bed is comfortable, there's free wifi, and the rooms are nice overall.  The gym is equipped with personal tvs.  I'd love to try this place for an out of this world meeting experience one of these days.  There's a bowling alley next door as well.  The loops itself isn't the most exciting but all in all, great experience.  Also, very central location to everything- 15 min from downtown and 15 to the airport.

    15/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Johnny T.
    So, I was coming to St. Louis for the first time in over ten years and I needed a place to stay. Last time I was in St Louis [point of order: is it 'The Loop' or 'The Lou'? Nelly, you need to enunciate.], I stayed in my buddy's college apartment that didn't have a/c on one of the hottest days evAr!!!1!11! As I laid squalid in my own sweaty filth, I daydreamed of cool breezes and clean floors. I vowed never to return to St. Louis.

    Well, here I was. I was all grown up and determined to not have a repeat of my last experience (even though I would be staying perilously close to the same Wash U apartment that almost did me in). Moonrise, you did well to cure me of my ptsd. First off, I love hotel accommodations that are easily accessible by public transit. If I am able to get off a plane, onto a train and arrive at my hotel with minimal fuss, we're already off to a good start. The Moonrise stands out. The road leading up to it (from the train station) is a little desolate. I speak fluent Don'tmesswithme, so I was fine but I could see how some might feel a bit ill at ease walking from that direction. But, that all changes as soon as you see that big ol' moon head. The Moonrise has character and style. I appreciate both in a hotel. While I didn't experience any complimentary cocktail upon check-in (vengeance will be mine), the ladies at the front desk were smiley, helpful and kind. Check-in was a breeze, my room was ready and there was nary a problem. And, I wanted to produce an '80s rock video on the staircase. That's a good thing.

    My view was nothing to write home about, but the room was climate-controlled, I had a large desk on which to work, the room itself was spacious and comfortable, the bathroom was clean and nicely laid-out, there were plenty of old-timey picture of people with moons... in the midst of a modern hotel (I liked the juxtaposition) and the bed opened up its arms and hugged me all night long. I didn't notice a 'Lover's Kit' in the bedroom (again, with the snubs; No booze. No nookie aids. Universe, have you given up on me?) but I did notice bathroom products that mysteriously made their way into my luggage. I don't know how that happened.

    I'd stay here again. I have heard good things about that rooftop bar (seen nice pictures as well; take a bow, AK!). If you're being chased around the Delmar Loop (aha! Is it 'The Loop' as in 'Delmar'?), duck into The Moonrise and stay for a spell. You'll like it.

    01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Angela M.
    I stayed here while traveling to the St. Louis area for work this past week.  Maybe it is just the contrast to the dumpy Crowne Plazas I had been staying in the two previous weeks, but I thought this place was great.

    Most importantly, the rooms were comfortable, quiet (I did request a quiet room though) and CLEAN.  Nice modern decor too.

    The whole hotel is "moon" themed, which was fine.  The rooftop bar is a very nice place to spend time around sunset - great view.  And the hotel is in an area near Wash U with lots of bars, restaurants and shops in walking distance.  Highly recommend the Pi Pizza place/bar across the street.

    The staff was friendly.  I noticed that a couple of men checking in when I was checking in were given free drink tickets for the rooftop bar when they checked in.  I did not get any.  But when my colleague and I wanted to check it out after dinner, I just asked at the front desk if they had any free drink tickets and we were each given a ticket for a free drink.  It doesn't take too much to make me happy I guess...

    Oh, yeah, and at the price I paid (or my company paid in this case), it's a steal.

    15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Tami G.
    Stayed here this weekend as the Ice Carnival was going on along with the Ice Ball.  

    They were setting up for the ball, so things were a little crazy, but the staff was really nice and kind of chill.  I like how when you register for your room you have the option of a late check out, with a fee of course, but knowing that it was going to be a LONG Friday night, we opted for the late check out (score).

    The beds were so nice and comfy and everything had a moon theme to it, which was pretty cool.  They did have a "snack bar" in the room, which is great after a night of drinking.  Added bonus, room service runs until 2 am!  So we decided to take advantage of that and ordered lemon hummus with pita and toasted raviolis.  We were able to order a combo, which included sage pork and spinach cheese.  Both were yum.

    I can not wait to go back and try out one of the themed suites and also the rooftop bar in the warmer months.

    Valet parking, super cheap, but there was ample free parking, even with the show going on at the Pageant!  

    I also loved the room key and have a copy as well! Score!

    16/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    80. Kristian M.
    Not sure what to think about this place. Nice rooms, really cool bars, worst customer service ever. Managers clearly haven't been through any sort of proper training. They spend more time arguing in defense of policy than accommodating normal requests and moving on.

    06/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    81. Nikki Z.
    Stayed here for 3 nights while in town dropping a kid off at WashU for a summer program.  
    The Eclipse restaurant--fabulous breakfasts, ate there each morning.
    Roof top lounge--not too crowded or noisy, great place to drink and eat from the light menu and watch folks on Delmar below.  Don't miss.
    Rooms were nice and very clean.  Bathroom was normal hotel fare.  Too small of a sink to put your stuff on, but the little shower had great water pressure.
    Refrigerator in room, but no microwave so don't bother with doggie bags if you're hoping to reheat.  Beds were too soft for my liking, but not a reason not to come back.  Free wi-fi, nice!  Super friendly staff, every single one of them.  Seriously...GREAT staff.  Perfect place to stay if you don't have a car--lots to walk to.  If you DO have a car, free parking.  This will definitely be where we book when we come back in the fall.  Couldn't be happier.

    16/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. Colleen C.
    A most acceptable hotel!

    Great location: walking distance to theater, dining, and pin-up bowling!

    Moderately sized room that was well-appointed. Setee (sp?) with little drink table (though it had copious water spots, food stuck to it, ick. The only cleaning mishap), a nice sized bathroom with H2O products, a rain shower and large sink area, closet space, fluffy robe, flat screen TV, poofy bed that encouraged "sleeping like a rock," and very cute vintage-y photos of moons, people, people hanging from moons, and the like.

    Amenities: I only tried the bar (Eclipse), a fantastically large $13 glass of cabernet sauvignon was enjoyed, though service was iffy. Actually, service all over the hotel was a wee bit off kilter, but nothing to write home about. Just write Yelp about.

    The only blunder? Well, I love, love, love room service breakfast. Especially if I've got an hour or so to work from a big poofy bed that isn't my own, teeming with felines. A huge pot of coffee, maybe some oatmeal, eggs, whatever...it arrives in its blissfully covered state, ready for me to eat in my jammies.

    However...Moonrise dropped the ball a bit. Look for menu, and no breakfast options, even though I KNOW they serve breakfast, and will bring it to your room. Hmmmph. Pick up phone to call front desk...and it's just a regular phone, no "button" for room service. Grrr. Finally, I look up the restaurant online, call from my cell phone, and order it up. Kind of a lot of research for something they should be wanting you to have easy access to! The breakfast was good though...I must say. Oatmeal was a little clingy to the bowly, but other than that, nada problem. Much work accomplished.

    Moral of the story: Moonrise, get the breakfast shiz figured out, everything else was pretty darn near lovely, and I'll certainly be back to stay again.

    $14 valet parking overnight.

    09/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Kayla O.
    Really enjoyed my recent stay here for a girls getaway. The staff is exceptional, the friendliest I have ever delt with. The room was extremely clean and comfy.

    My only advice, tell them you want someplace quiet if you aren't here to party. The second night we were both woke up about 3 AM by extremely noisy drunk girls across the hall slamming into things and being extremely loud. We both were looking forward to sleeping in our last day, but were woken up again a little after 7. Apparently the drunk girls were passed out and their friend was trying to wake them so she could get in by POUNDING on the door for at least 20 min. I called down to the staff and they could only have the valet come up to tell her to be quiet which was extremely annoying. I understand they couldn't let her in, but should have offered something for the inconvenience.

    Our stay would have been perfect, but that last morning left us with a slightly bitter feeling. I would also not advise walking around too late outside in the area of the hotel. We got approached by several bums and people trying to sell us stuff, not really a secure feeling. If you are out in a large group or with bf/husband, I'm sure you would be fine.

    16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    84. Mary Kate M.
    I have never stayed at the hotel, but I certainly have utilized the rooftop for their drink specials and the view of the city! I think it is one of my favorite bars to go to in the Loop. The Eclipse is decent as well, but honestly, I feel the food a little overpriced for what they offer.

    Overall. if you are looking for a great date spot, a happy hour, or just some where to unwind after work for a drink, this is definitely the place to go.

    06/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Ks K.
    Wonderful place, location & decor.  Staff was amazing.  We signed up for the priority membership, offered snack & drink when we arrived.  Snack was nice, but out of the Fitz root beer, brewed just down the street.  The awesome staff manager ran down the block to fetch us some.  Did I say Awesome?  Yup, I did.

    Parking is free in the back, valet is available.  Rooms are updated, beds are very comfy, plenty of outlets.  Love the blacklight in the hallway for room numbers.  Room service was good, food was good (we were too tired to go out to the amazing restaurants in the area).  We hope to stay there again soon.

    12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Noheli T.
    The Moonrise Hotel is by far one of the best Hotels that I have ever stayed at! I  went to St. Louis to visit Washington University and found that the Moonrise was the most reasonably priced and was close to the campus. During my check in I was greeted by Alex who was so warm, welcoming and helpful. Alex took the time out to pull out maps of the city and showed me how to get to around and what attractions to see! I took those maps with me for the rest of the trip and her guidance was completely on point! The rest of the staff were also extremely helpful and were always willing to give advice on the best food around! The room itself was beautiful and clean so I had no problems there. I had a wonderful time during my two night stay and would recommend it to anyone!

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. L R.
    This hotel has a lot of personality.  The rooftop bar was a blast with views of the Loop and downtown (St. Louis Arch) & the rooms have unique colorful artwork including a start on each entry door.  I stayed in the Vincent Price suite.  It would be a great bachelor pad with wood floors, sliding doors to the bedroom & bathroom. The same door that leads from the bathroom slides over to reveal the closet and the other way for the bathroom.  The decor is suitable for the character.  The flat screen t.v. is a perfect fit for the living room where a lush sectional sofa and glass top table is positioned. There is a bar island that separates the areas.  You have your choice of views: the Loop or downtown.   The valet staff & bell staff are very friendly but need prompting on proper etiquette for opening our doors and assisting us with our luggage. My girlfriend and I were loading and unloading our own luggage when I finally suggested they help.  And he did with a smile.  Valet is $17 / night but they placed our vehicle in with the regular parking lot instead of the "valet" parking in by the hotel doors.  All in all a great time

    P.S. This hotel is next to the Pageant Theater where we started our night off at a comedy show.  Perfect location for an entire night of fun.

    18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    88. Leslie S.
    The hotel is beautiful and inviting from the smoking lounge outside to the lobby with light-up staircase to the rooftop bar.  We went to the rooftop bar on July 4th to watch the fireworks in the distance.  Lots of seating.  There were comfy couches in the middle and some silver tables and chairs surrounding that get a little less comfortable as an evening goes on.

    Servers were nice.  The Rum Rita was ok but somewhat small in a petite martini glass for $9.  Glasses of wine start around $7 for Pinot Grigio, $8 for Riesling, and up.  Beers were priced well here from $4 for some bottles to $4.50 for drafts.  The 6 Whale was a good beer, and they have Strongbow Cider in large cans for about $7.

    Note:  If you start your tab at the bar, try to continue ordering at the bar.  If you start a tab with a server, try to stay with your server.  It's less confusing for them and allows your tip to get to the person who served you.

    There is an interesting appetizer selection.  We tried the large cheese trio platter and, while it was good, felt there was very little food for a $12 appetizer - 4 water crackers, 2 small pcs of bread, 1 small to medium twig of purple grapes, and 2 snack-cracker sized slices of 3 different cheeses, so 6 small pieces of cheese in total.

    I really like this place, but you're paying for the decor and on the rooftop, you're paying some for the view.

    05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Lindsey S.
    To keep a long story short, some of my girlfriends came from KC to visit me for the weekend. I booked a room here because it came recommended to me by a friend.

    The hotel room for the price was OK. Nothing spectacular or impressive.
    The theme of the whole place is definitely fun. And the rooms/halls are actually really secure as you have to key through a set of locked doors.

    The restaurant downstairs was the highlight of the whole place.
    Absolutely amazing food and awesome, awesome drinks (worth the $).

    The only really negative thing we experienced was with the "Chief Engineer" of the hotel. He was absolutely heinous to my friends and I and we are all adult women and were not causing ANY problems whatsoever. I would say it was a miscommunication, but he definitely just had some issues.

    The manager of the hotel was extremely curteous and apologetic to the point that it got the bad taste of the hotel out of my mouth.

    Like I said, fun place to stay at if you're lookin to splurge. Not so much if you're counting pennies.

    20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    90. Toni R.
    I have always liked this hotel for it's modern decor. I finally had a chance to stay here when I found a groupon for half off a king size room! What a great deal. My boyfriend and I stayed here for our anniversary and just loved it. The room is beautiful, clean and very comfortable. Not the mention the bathroom is very nice. The only thing we would have liked for the room was a refrigerator but it did not change our minds a bit about how much we loved it!
    The staff is extremely nice and wants to to genuinely have a great time. I'm not sure it is worth the full price though but for what I paid we really had a great time.

    12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Ozzie T.
    Awesome if you are ever in St. Louis, great stay, elegant, great collection of space mission stuff, by most accounts the owner of this place done A LOT to revitalize this downtown area. If you stay here, you MUST go to the rooftop bar for a drink, high end apps and a subset with your special someone;)

    24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. Pamela R.
    Moonrise Hotel's biggest asset is the roof top bar with the somewhat scary moon looming over it. I try not to look up. The view is wonderful and if there is a slight breeze blowing, it is a gentle as a hammock on a spring day.

    Now let's get down to the drinks. Pretty standard prices and standard beer list. You can get a drink anywhere but can you get one with a scary moon and great view? I challenge you to try.

    28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. Christina C.
    Queue the Van Morrison Moondance song... (even Michael Bublé will do):

    "Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance... With the stars up above in your eyes.
    A fantabulous night to make romance... 'Neath the cover of October skies..." Look up the rest - it's a great song.

    That said, there couldn't be any more 'moon' pumped in to a space. From the largest man-made moon rotating on the roof, to the 'man in the moon' paintings in my room... MOON, MOON, MOON everywhere... and it was cool.

    Along those lines, I also had sweet, sweet dreams thanks to one of the most comfortable hotel beds I've stayed in in quite sometime. (Could've been the magic moondust, but whatever.)

    The service was incredibly friendly and the location can't be beat. Delmar is a happenin' area and felt lucky to be staying in the heart of it.

    Besides the comfort of the bed, my hotel stays are rated generally on two other things: 1.) Do they provide decent bath products? 2.) Do they provide a fluffy robe for me to wrap myself in after showering?

    Thanks, Moonrise. I'm easy to please and you've just helped me check off my three top requirements for a great hotel.

    05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Kate B.
    This is based on the bar downstairs, only.

    I really like the interior and the decorations. Very space-age-y and a great atmosphere. However my night there with my date was ruined when a bunch of loud, obnoxious, under-age-looking frat guys and their trashy girlfriends were getting into fights, shouting, etc. The manager FINALLY kicked them out but they kept trying to get back in. I think they finally called the cops. But it was kind of annoying. Makes me think this is not a classy place to go at ALL.

    The drinks were good but kind of way overpriced.

    Also I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, the bouncer(?) guy accosted me asking to "see my ID" because he "didn't think I looked old enough." Uhhh um excuse me but what the actual fuck? I was already sitting in the lounge with my date...I had already been carded once to get in. This is just very rude and trashy to me for them to do this. Not to mention I was wearing a very mature & classy outfit and my date was wearing a suit. There are just some things you do not do to your patrons and constantly carding them everytime they go to the bathroom and come back is NOT among them.

    I may or may not be back.

    29/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    95. Andrew P.
    My wife and I stayed here this past weekend to visit some friends in St. Louis.  Delmar Loop is a fun area and the hotel has a cool boutique hotel vibe with the decor.  Didn't make it up to the roof top bar, but Eclipse has a really knowledgeable bar staff and they can whip up some really tasty cocktails.    

    The reason this place gets 5 stars from me is the service.  We brought our dog Morty with us as this is a pet friendly hotel.  The first night we left him in a crate in our room and he barked like crazy and they got several complaints.  The front desk called us at dinner and suggested they bring him down to the lobby in his crate as he likes to be around people.  For the rest of the weekend we dropped him off in the lobby whenever we left.  Totally above and beyond.  They totally could have been rude and annoyed by a barking dog, but they were great about it.  I like to think they enjoyed Morty's company as well!!  Great hotel and fantastic staff!!  Well played Moonrise!!

    BTW....The Chas L. review is an example of a Yelp pet peeve of mine.  Nice lobby, restaurant, and staff..but one small thing like a clock being set an hour off and you rate it a 2 star??!!  Meh.

    09/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    96. Amelia B.
    This is a gem of a hotel.

    Clean, modern, and funky, it's a welcome addition to the Loop in St. Louis. Light-up stairs? Check. Complementary cocktails upon check-in? Check. Rooftop bar? Check. Rain showers? Check. "Lover's Kit" in bedroom.? Check (and HILARIOUS).

    Let's talk about the beds. The delicious, comfy, to-die for beds. Probably some of the best hotel beds I've ever slept in.

    The location is ideal for anyone visiting WashU (or like me, coming back for a reunion)--you can easily walk to all the shops, restaurants, and bars on the Loop, WashU's campus, and hop the Metra downtown in no time.

    The staff was incredibly helpful, and really outdid themselves when arranging cabs for large groups of us. Free wi-fi is also a huge plus (so many luxury hotels are charging for it still!)

    Are the walls thin? A bit, but it never bothered me. And the "sliding glass door" on the bathroom is frosted, so privacy isn't an issue.

    As a side note: mad props to them for dealing with at least 100 WashU late 20-something alums all coming back for a reunion and acting like 18 year- olds for a weekend. I'll definitely be back when I revisit my old college days once again.

    18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Abby S.
    Although it's a bit strange to stay in a hotel in a city where you used to live, I'm not going to complain one bit about my recent stay at The Moonrise. Seriously, when I got off the plane and into my rental car (another weird feeling, btw), my gut reaction was to head towards Cherokee Street to my old apartment. However, I don't think the people who live there now would appreciate my "popping in" to stay for a few days :)

    But back to The Moonrise. My co-workers have stayed here a handful of times and raved about the rooms as well as the service. Since it was so close to Third Degree Glass Factory (the scene of the crime for our First Burstday Party), it only made sense to make it home base. And nothing about the stay was disappointing.

    Rooms are huge - almost the same size of my current apartment in Cali. Only a lot nicer! Since I had a mini slumber party on Thursday night with one of my fave gal pals, I requested two Queen beds. And I love the fact that the hotel makes it a point to stay as green as possible. Oh, and you have the choice to self-park or valet, which is super easy either way.  

    I only stayed two nights and after sleeping on an air mattress for several weeks, the bed was heavenly! And the curtains are super heavy, so if you wanted to sleep in (and I mean SLEEP IN!) it's definitely a possibility. By far the my fun and chic hotel option in STL. If i can't stay at home, then I'd want to stay here!

    26/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Joi B.
    "Fly me to the moon(rise)
    Let me swing among those stars.."

    My second stay here and I think this is one of my favorite hotels in the country. That's saying a lot as I'm notoriously picky about hotels (see my hotels list).

    The front desk staff is beyond helpful, welcoming and friendly. I love that they seem to love St. Louis so much and want to point you in the right direction for sightseeing and restaurants. I love that concierge is the "Master of your every desire." Come on!! Genius!

    That bed is seriously the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in in mah life! I found myself thinking that I could live in such a bed.

    That rain shower is the stuff dreams are made of. And H2O products rock (I'm so finding that salt shower gel online and buying it).

    And those vintage moon photos everywhere... the cherry on top!!

    For this price point, the Moonrise has achieved "as good as it gets" status in my opinion. I recommend it to all who travel to St. Louis.

    Note to self: return when the weather is most conducive to rooftop bar dwelling!!

    10/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Christine F.
    I used to be over the moon for this place...now I'm just over the Moonrise. (This is another rooftop bar review)

    Great for out-of-towners and hotel-residents (you're already there, after all). On a nice evening, it's worth a stop in to enjoy the view and the breeze. But there seem to be some surly people working here, and my cocktail last night was $10. =\ And it was nothing to write home about.

    I think I've been spoiled by other STL establishments. This place is kinda gimmicky. My rooftop bars of choice are 360 and Vin de Set, and if I want really amazing $10 cocktails, you'll find me at Sanctuaria.

    10/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    100. Brooke L.
    I was booked at the Moonrise Hotel through a third party site with a great deal. I was a little hesitant about the location before going because the loop area can get pretty sketchy further down Delmar, but was pleased to find it's well within the nicer/safer area of the loop. I thought the decorations were fun and quirky and everything went along with the moon theme. We ordered room service for breakfast. It was good and affordable - which is hard to find for room service these days. We didn't have a chance to try to rooftop dining, but it looked very nice. The bathroom area was nice with a raindrop shower, spa robe, and spa toiletries. My only complaint would be the wifi that went in and out. Otherwise, great!

    02/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Kathy M.
    Great first impression - the lobby was very cool and the staff was very friendly. We were treated to a fun cocktail when we checked in - how cool is that! The room was a nice size and I really liked the decor. The shower and soaps, etc were very good, not the usual hotel type. The rooftop bar is currently closed due to expansion, but they plan to have it open sometime in February. Overall, I loved the decor of the entire hotel, thought the staff was exceptional and they even offered free parking and the sunday paper. I'm sure we will be back!

    16/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. Michelle M.
    I love the Moonrise! I've stayed here twice while visiting St. Louis and it was a great choice both times.

    I love the cool light-up staircase in the lobby, and the retro lunar theming throughout, and the clean and comfy rooms. It also has a great location in the Delmar Loop, so you can walk to all sorts of stores, restaurants and entrainment venues.

    They even gave us a yummy complimentary cocktail upon check-in. The only real downside is that they share parking with The Pageant (a concert venue next door), so it can be really hard to get a parking spot in the lot and we have always had to pay for valet parking. Still, I know where I will be staying next time I'm in St. Louis!

    03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. Joce M.
    We have stayed at the Moonrise twice. We brought our young dog and there was a $50 fee for the entire stay (not /night) and our dog was given gourmet dog treats, bowls and a waterbottle/bowl combo. The fee was higher than I expected, but the goodies softened the blow. All staff we encountered were great.

    We were all treated very well, rooms were comfortable, secure, tastefully designed. We did not have a tub, but the room rate was very good. Room service was delicious and well priced.

    We stayed in a king bed once and a room with 2 queen beds the other time, the queen beds were not the best. They wouldn't have passed the bowling ball test.

    28/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Barrett R.
    The Moonrise is swank, modern, comfortable, and convenient to the Delmar Loop/West End area of St. Louis.  The staff were VERY courteous and cool.  It definitely has a yuppie-hipster hybrid feel, but it is not obnoxious.

    It is literally two doors down from The Pageant (GREAT LIVE MUSIC VENUE!) which is why I opted for it.  If you are like me and get bored with downtowns of small metro areas, make sure you check out the other neighborhoods, especially "The Loop."

    16/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    105. Yvette B.
    The lobby was stunning,  and the room did not disappoint.  Beautiful location,  great options for food there or nearby.  Parking, WiFi, and the fresh fruit and coffee were also complimentary.  What else can I say but it was a great stay in a lovely boutique hotel.

    01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    106. Matthew L.
    Winner winner chicken dinner. Possibly my favorite hotel in the entire mid-west. Fantastic rooms, great details, great staff, excellent bar and breakfast. Location is unbeatable.

    30/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    107. Jordan H.
    My wife and I stayed at the Moonrise for our first anniversary.  We actually got the hotel on Priceline, and I had never heard of it.  When we first arrived, they had a signed card from all the staff thanking us for joining them on our anniversary. We also got a free upgrade from the management because they wanted us to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.  Great first impression!  We got to the room, which held a king size bed, full body massage chair, jacuzzi tub, and rainfall shower.  It was very clean and we had a great night. We visited the rooftop bar and walked around the Loop (one of our favorite places in St. Louis).

    Parking was fine, no security problems.  The hotel was quiet at night until we got to the bar, which was not rowdy, but lots of people were there.

    All in all, a great experience.

    15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    108. Shawn T.
    We had a good 2 night stay here and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the hotel.  Being right on the Loop is definitely a plus.  Even though we had a car it was nice to be able to walk to so many shops and restaurants.  The staff is courteous and responsive to requests.  We didn't encounter any problems at all during our stay.

    16/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    109. Xueer C.
    Nice little hotel.. The BF came visit and we were there for a mini getaway.. The staff was nice and the room is clean and comfy. The bathroom has a rain shower and you can obviously tell the stuff they provide and the setup are not the cheap stuff. The only thing is that the walls are pretty thin.. We could hear our 'neighbor' sneeze next door, lol. But overall a nice experience.

    02/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. Amy W.
    We were treated like royalty here, as were our two dogs! This hotel was super pet friendly, they provided a dog bed, bowls, and treats for my dogs and only charge us $50 for the both of them.  I room was nice and beds were comfy. The only real down side to our stay was the bathroom echoed, so when you used the restroom everyone "heard" what you were doing. Other then that this place is amazing!  I also love the location: close to the metro train (we took it to see the arch), down the street from our concert venue, and across the street from nice restaurants.


    11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    111. K W.
    The most comfortable king bed ever.  Had a great experience here.

    27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    112. Matt E.
    Hands down, my favorite hotel in which I've ever stayed. Comfort, customer service and unique touches are all definitely 5 star. Let's talk.

    Comfort: Oh. My. God. First of all, my room was HUGE. I have stayed in rooms that are easily half the size of this. Ample space to lay out your stuff and get comfortable. I'm fairly certain the king size bed is stuffed with freshly plucked  baby angel's wings. And you know what? I'm OK with the mutilation of thousands of baby angels if it means I get to sleep this soundly. Finally, the bathroom (which again is huge) has an incredibly relaxing rain shower and the bath stuffs they give you are  pleasant to both the body and nose. I found myself taking very long showers. Good thing I'm not paying the bill.

    Customer Service: My incoming flight was unfortunately cancelled, and I was given the options of arriving in STL either VERY early, or VERY late. Seeing as I was a business trip, my choice was obvious. Cue to me showing up at the front desk of Moonrise at 8 AM, stinky, hungover and just wanting a shower and a bite to eat. The kind woman at the hotel graciously allowed me into a room VERY early, something she certainly didn't have to do.

    At breakfast at their restaurant Eclipse (which clearly deserves its own review) I had phenomenal service. I managed restaurants for years, and I would gladly have her on my staff...um, not like that. Wow that sounded bad.....Anyhoo, she anticipated my needs, was very friendly and just a damn great waitress. I can't recall her name, so I'll just say she was the blonde woman working on the morning of 2/24/2012. Might I add that the prices at Eclipse are reasonable, and don't shoot up for room service. Room service at regular restaurant prices? Priceless.

    Upon checkout I was again greeted by an incredibly friendly and helpful clerk. He offered up his card, suggesting that if I ever needed help finding something in STL that he'd be glad to assist. For a place that doesn't have a concierge, he was certainly acting the part. I also slightly overslept and checked out (I think) 30 minutes late, and he didn't even bat an eye.  Good people work here.

    The personal touches are where Moonrise Hotel really (moon)shines. First of all, this place is owned by a rich guy with a serious moon fetish. Moon/retro sci fi stuff is EVERYWHERE. I love the vintage pictures on the walls, calling back to a time when the moon was this romantic yet equally mysterious concept. Even taking the steps up to the 2nd level is some sort of sci-fi spaceship moment.

    The minibar is one of the more interesting that I've come across. I can't say that I've ever stayed in a hotel that offers fancy gummy bears (and a coworker totally made that her breakfast one day). This place has free wi-fi. NOBODY has free wi-fi! And one last thing. This hotel just smells good. Whatever candles you burn, I considered stealing them. OK, so I was drunk and that would have been a bad decision, but stumbling to my room last night...i contemplated grabbing that delicious smelling candle and sneaking it back home with me.

    All-in-all, this is by far the most impressive hotel experience I've had in years. I want to have to travel to STL all the time, just so that I can keep making my company put me up at the Moonrise.

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Brant H.
    Three nights in this hotel were fabulous! Well located in the metro link and within walking distance to forest park. Lots or eating choices close by. All the staff I encountered were courteous, pleasant, and very helpful. Would stay here again for sure.

    19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    114. Jason R.
    Very nice hotel. Got a great rate through Priceline. Everyone was very nice and accommodating. Would stay here again. Like that you have to use your key card in the elevator to get to your floor.

    04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    115. Adam M.
    We came to this hotel for the location and ease of access to places nearby - delivered as advertised.  There was an event going on the weekend we were there and were told the rooms on the lower floor were quieter than the upper - we got the opposite experience.  The rooms in general are loud and picked up sound very easily.  We could even hear people coming in and out of the elevator at night.  We were disappointed that the room only had a morning room service menu with no other welcome information or menus in the room.  Unfortunately, the moon lounge on their roof was closed the majority of the time we were there for private events.  Good one time experience.

    04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    116. Anne M.
    I really, really, really wanted to love this hotel, but it failed on so many levels.  I used to live a few blocks away and was very excited to have the opportunity to stay here for my bachelorette party.

    We had booked a suite and 2 double-queen rooms for everyone to stay in for one evening.  In advance of the stay, I called the hotel to inquire whether there are mini fridges in the rooms.  I was told the suite definitely had one but for the regular rooms, some of them had mini fridges and some did not.  I asked if they could put a request in the computer to make sure all 3 rooms were on the same floor, and (if possible) to have mini-fridge rooms for the doubles.

    When we pulled up to the overhang by the front door of the hotel, it happened to be pouring rain and we had a lot of luggage and crap in our car.  The valet was really rude to me and wanted me to park about 20 yards away and make about 6 trips (yes that's how much "stuff" we had) in the torrential downpour, despite the fact that there were hardly any other cars around / waiting to pull up and check in - we were not obstructing traffic or other guests in any way.

    First problem:  We all showed up around 5:00 pm to check in.  Check in time is 4 pm. One of the rooms was NOT ready, and my friends that were staying in that room had to hang out in the suite for almost an hour before housekeeping had it ready (2 hrs past check in time) which delayed our evening schedule significantly.  4 pm is already a late check-in time to begin with and they didn't even have the room ready!

    Second problem:  One of the double rooms was on a different floor than the suite and the second double room.  Normally this would be only a minor inconvenience, but because of their elevator key system, you can only get off the elevator on the floor you are staying at.  So whenever my friends in the room on the diff't floor came to the suite, we all had to ride the elevator down the lobby, then ride it back up together to the floor where my suite was.  I understand they do this for security purposes, but they REALLY need to honor requests to put a single booking on the same freaking floor.  What if it was a set of 2 kids/teenagers that got put on a different floor than their parents room?  (Not to mention, neither of the doubles had mini fridges.)

    Third problem:  apparently house keeping and management just can't keep it together because our suite only had 1 robe instead of 2.  I noticed as soon as we got in the room and called to ask for a second robe.  They said the laundry was still going. ?!?  By the time the second person got out of the shower, we still had not received the robe.

    Fourth problem:  The living room area of the suite only has 2 sources of light (at night when there's no window light): track lighting over the table, and then an arc floor lamp in the opposite corner over the couch.  Our lamp didn't work and it was super dark in there when we were trying to hang out.  We made multiple calls to maintenance and they came up and checked it and did nothing.  Finally after the third call they brought us a new (different lamp.)

    Fifth problem: One of the suites had been booked using a Groupon deal that came with a $25 gift card to the restaurant, which they forgot to give us at check in and then later brought up to the room AFTER we had already gone to the bar & restaurant.  Thanks for nothing.

    Sixth problem:  One of the hotel staff came and knocked on the room door at 10 pm (mind you this is SATURDAY NIGHT in the CITY) and complained about noise.  We were only a few girls talking and hanging out and playing music from one of those little dinky portable battery-powered speakers.  And it's 10 pm !!! Are you kidding me?  If you are the person with a sleeping child that complained about noise you may want to re-think your choice of accommodations, because a hotel that caters to a bar-filled area next to a music venue and has 2 bars open til 3 am. is not the place for your child or for your weirdo-goes-to-bed-at-9-pm-on-saturday-night self.

    On the way out the next morning, we had the (dis)pleasure of dealing with the rude valet again.

    I neither saw nor heard anything about any of the features some of the other guests mention, such as concierge, massage chair, or being treated like royalty.  Aside from the valet, the staff was nice but the entire place is run poorly.

    They really  need to hire some new management to hopefully get this beautiful hotel on its feet.  It's really disappointing as one of the only nice hotels in the loop area, and with a really cool concept and decor to boot.  I don't think I'll ever be staying here again unless things improve.

    27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    117. Marie S.
    While we didn't stay the night here during a weekend training/convention of hubby's, we did partake in a dinner on Friday night and a social event on Saturday evening.  

    Friday, we were in the Apollo room, a small but comfortable room for a group of our size.  The food was served buffet style and while it was decent, it wasn't anything to write home about.  They offered two kinds of salads, a couple of sides, a "pancetta wrapped gorgonzola chicken," pasta and an apple dumpling.  The apples were not well-cooked and found several apple seeds and the whipped cream that was supposed to be homemade was awful similar to Cool Whip. The chicken was decent, but rather than being pancetta wrapped, was simply chicken in a cream sauce with little pieces of pancetta.  

    Saturday evening was spent on the rooftop bar, where the view was fantastic, but the service left alot to be desired.  I don't think that we would choose to go to the rooftop bar again unless it was for another event.

    All in all, it was alright...not bad, but not great...

    13/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    118. Gayle R.
    We've stayed three times at this lovely hotel and left impressed every time. I could gush about the decor, the service, the food, the comfort, the cleanliness and even the gym. But I will let the five star rating say it all instead.
    Kudos Joe Edwards!

    12/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    119. Kylie S.
    I used to live in STL and was back in town for business. Loved staying at the Moonrise. Everyone was so nice, the rooms were great - bathrooms are spectacular - and it was really quiet while I slept at night. The art in the hotel cracks me up. Very fun. Plus, there's a rooftop bar! with a view of the arch! Love love love it.

    The Delmar loop are is interesting. Transitional. Undergoing gentrification. That being said, there are some amazing bars, restaurants, and shops in the area. AND you can drive to all the great attractions in STL easily. If there's a pool onsite, I didn't see it. So that would be the one downside for me, but I'm never in town to swim/layout so I don't mind.

    Easy walk (~15 minutes) to Wash U or a quick drive. If you're here on a college visit I recommend this hotel. Plus, Wash U is building brand new lofts/housing just down the street so you'll be able to see another side of the university.

    08/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    120. Geoffrey M.
    Stayed here last night in a superior double queen room. There's free self parking in the back but it apparently fills up on weekends and such so theres $16 overnight valet too. The front desk clerk Rodrigo was super nice and helpful even though we were checking in at 2am. The whole hotel was themed after the moon and space as was the room. Everything was clean and comfortable and the fitness and business center looked more than adequate. Lastly the hotel is in a cool location in the Delmar loop and has easy access to downtown on the metro if you want to see the gateway arch and Busch stadium like we did

    26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Melisa V.
    headed to St. Louis for a little getaway with my mom and 21-month-old son for two nights. found a groupon for this hotel and with my son's love of the moon at the moment, it seemed like a perfect fit.

    we arrived around 5pm and were warmly welcomed by the entire staff. even though the groupon was for a king room, they upgraded us to two queens for no extra charge. the deal also came with valet parking and a $25 food credit that could be used at any time in the hotel, even for room service.

    the room was spacious and comfortable. the free wifi was a great perk as was the iPod deck, that allowed my little guy to sleep a little better.

    the first morning, we decided to call up for room service. the $25 was more than enough to feed us all with coffee and juice and even a few leftovers. it was all delicious - everything came directly from the Eclipse restaurant.

    the only negative came when we returned that evening to discover our room had not been turned down. normally I wouldn't care, but there were dirty diapers in the bathroom trashcan. when we called to notify them, they were very apologetic and asked what they could do.

    the following morning, we had breakfast in the Eclipse restaurant. the food was great and they were so kind and accommodating to my little guy.especially bringing him a bowl full of fresh berries (which he devoured) instead of the melon that usually is overflowing in a fruit cup.

    I absolutely loved the area the hotel was in and wouldn't hesitate to stay here again. when we were leaving, I noticed piles of pumpkins by the drive into the hotel. they were for a community event. how fun that would have been for our little guy if only we were there a few more days.

    as if this review wasn't long enough... I discovered almost a week later that I didn't have a wallet where I kept a few cards/bills/receipts. I called the hotel and they put me in touch with housekeeping. They took my name, number and info and told me they would get back to me as soon as they had a chance to look. They called me back the next day to let me know they had discovered it and got my info to send it back to me. A few days later, it arrived in a FedEx envelope. How often does that actually happen?

    I am already looking forward to returning to St. Louis with my husband and will definitely be staying at the Moonrise.

    04/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    122. Stewart P.
    For me, this was a great place to celebrate my 50th birthday.  I am in the Loop more than any other area so it was an appropriate place to be.  The rooftop bar always has a fun cool vibe, the best view of the Loop, especially at sunset.  I am being a bit generous too on this night because service could have been friendlier and the food better so it can be a hit and miss, but on this night, it was a great time.  Get there by 7 and seating should not be a problem (I was there on a Friday).  Come much later, even with the new west roof addition, you may be out of luck, but still go.

    23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    123. Trenton S.
    I stayed one night at this hotel and was pleasantly surprised with the hospitality from every employee I spoke with, starting with the lady who walked outside to my car when I pulled up for valet, to tell me the valet would be with me shortly. The front desk employee have me several suggestions on where to go for entertainment and even food specialties on the Del Mar strip. I will stay here again.

    18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    124. Stephan K.
    We gave been staying in Clayton's area hotels for the past few years when visited St Louis. My wife recently learned about Moonrise Hotel in the Loop area, I made reservation over the Thanksgiving holidays and I will not go back to any other hotels for our future visits. The hotel staff is professional, courteous and very helpful. The room is nicely decorated, we don't eat at the restaurant on site, this I cannot rate it. My only complaint is that the lighting in the room and bathroom is a bit too dim,  if the hotel could remediate that, I will give it a 5 - star.

    29/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Elizabeth M.
    Great stay. Very glad we chose this hotel. It's in a great location. Close to eateries. The room was well equipped - free WiFi was great. The beds were so comfy and thermostat worked well. We eat several meals at the hotel's Restarant- the Eclipse - great food. The rooftop bar is wonderful. The decor is soooo detailed - very geometric.  Will stay here again for sure.

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Octavius C.
    Surprised my wife for our 21st anniversary here. Beautiful hotel in the heart of The Loop. Right next door to lots of entertainment options. Really swanky kind of place! Very comfortable beds. Didn't get to the restaurant, but everything was very nice!

    13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Rikki E.
    This was my second stay at the Moonrise, and the first time bringing my dog (a Boston Terrier). I got a great deal via Groupon, which included restaurant credit. The food and service was great. Pricing is reasonable, too, and room service when we arrived was fast. My dog had a blast (as did my sister and I). The room was clean, cute, and comfortable. Location is great for shopping. The only "ding" I have is that the walls are pretty thin, which means I heard every graphic detail of a guest argument in the next room.

    Friendliest hotel staff I've ever encountered. I look forward to staying there again when I'm back in St. Louis and highly recommend the Moonrise for a fun, affordable, pet-friendly getaway.

    10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    128. Natalie H.
    We had a wonderful stay while visiting  Washington university. I highly recommend staying here. The Delmar loop has tons of restaurant , shops and galleries to browse. The hotel is about .6 miles to the forest park with the art museum and zoo. If it isn't too hot these are walking distance. The banana bread in the restaurant is exceptionally good so have breakfast there!

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    129. Doug M.
    Stayed last night and I have to say it was great hotel and reasonably priced.  The staff was extremely nice and was in walking distance of several stores and places to eat.

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    130. Ted R.
    This was our third visit in the last 4 years.   i was looking forward to the stay but was disappointed to discover the venue is a bit tired.   Both our queen beds were soft saggy mush

    22/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    131. Grant S.
    Had holiday lunch there with about 20.  Food, Drinks and Service was ok, nothing special.  Ambiance kitchsy, but nothing too interesting.  Maybe I'm just not cool enough to appreciate.  The bill left me feeling like I had been roofied and molested.  I will never return.

    11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    132. Danny W.
    Just kidding...There was no mooning. You just got tricked and they were an all around treat to stay at. Happy Halloween!

    31/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    133. Lauren K.
    Very hip hotel, nice accommodations for a low January price. Loved the Delmar Loop location! The Eclipse restaurant was great, especially the cocktails that were part of the restaurant foyer and the New Moon Room on the rooftop (the Michigan Pimm's, White Winter Fizz, and Sunshine & Bubbles cocktails were great). The decor in the hotel lobby was cool, and the same goes for the room (loved the stars on the ceiling when the lights are off - neat little surprise). Some of the fixtures were a little worn or rusty, but it's kind of what I expect in a boutique hotel. Wish the bathroom had a fan. Otherwise, no other complaints. It was a great stay!

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    134. Jennifer M.
    This place is a real find!  My family had a wonderful time at this hotel!  It was a true treat.  

    The room was fantastic - comfortable bed, great decor (hip and stylish), a wonderful rain shower, spacious and clean!  The staff was what really made our visit special.  The valet attendant gave us some great restaurant recommendations - he was so nice.  And the front desk staff were welcoming, friendly and helpful.  They treated my son so sweetly too - giving him little treasures from tattoo stickers to key cards.  We will most definitely stay again next time we are visiting!  We're grateful we found the place!

    Also, I'm allergic to dogs and cats and was concerned about it being a pet friendly hotel, but the cleaning crew must do a great job because I didn't have any problems at all!

    24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    135. Matt H.
    This is a pretty cool place. the place is clean, and sleek, and a feast for the eyes. The staff was attentive and friendly from the moment I parked my car to check in. The rooms are clean and comfortable. We had a great night sleep.

    Delmar Loop in U-City is a great place at night. If you want to eat great foods and drink great beers/wines, this is the spot for the hip with a little $$. A really nice neighborhood. I am sorry my mom has moved from the area so I now do not have as much access to the U-City area. Alas. The area keeps getting livelier and livelier.

    I give this place 4 out of 5 because we didn't get the opportunity to check out any amenities the bar offered (namely the two bars, one rooftop). The next time we come through St. Louis we will seek out the Moonrise Hotel and stay here.

    13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    136. Tiffany N.
    I'm a big fan of the Moonrise. The rooms are comfortable and stylish. It's in a great location. The rooftop bar is fun. And I think one of the best things about the Moonrise Hotel (other than the super cozy beds of course) is the artwork. It's all moon-related and so, so cool.

    The staff was friendly, the Wi-Fi was strong, the rooms were affordable. Really, you couldn't ask for much more from a hotel!

    20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    137. Elizabeth S.
    My husband and I were in town for a wedding and we stayed at the Moonrise Hotel.  We loved this place!  Very nice staff, good size rooms, big comfortable bed and charming design plus it's close to all sorts of cool shops, cafes and Forest Park.  I would recommend this spot to anyone visiting and if we ever find ourselves back in St. Louis again we'll definitely stay here.

    27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    138. Brian M.
    I had the pleasure of spending an evening in a Jacuzzi King during a recent concert at The Pageant, and I have to admit I was very surprised with the quality of the hotel. Everything is amazing and every little detail is treated with the highest quality. The bathroom is very spacious and the jacuzzi tub is extremely relaxing, but to top it off I happened to be booked in the only room with a top of the line massage chair. I didn't want to leave the hotel, the chair was amazing.  

    Overall the decor of the hotel is very tasteful, and decorated with a classy space theme, in fact when you turn off the lights you even see stars on the ceiling. I didn't have a chance to try the rooftop bar but have been before and it offers a great experience.

    07/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    139. Pamela M.
    The Moonrise Hotel is a unique AAA Four Diamond hotel in the Delmar Loop neighborhood of St. Louis. Upon walking in the entrance, you are greeted with friendly, helpful staff, and surrounded with a colorful changing neon staircase and moon-themed décor everywhere.  

    This tastefully designed boutique hotel has a lot of character with distinct cosmic flair. The rooms are comfortable and well-maintained. Bring your beloved dog or cat to this pet-friendly hotel and he or she will be pampered and warmly received!

    Don't forget to indulge in food and drinks at the Rooftop Terrace Bar. The Arch is visible in the distance of the STL backdrop. This is a nice, upscale, non-pretentious place to enjoy a a view of St. Louis against the sunset and stars.

    The Moonrise Hotel is a fun place and I would recommend staying here to explore "One of the Great 10 Streets in America"!

    29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. Jess W.
    Two reviews--we had our room block here for our wedding and our wedding day after brunch here.  Both merit five star reviews!

    Room Block:

    Planning our wedding from Seattle, with guests coming from both coasts, we needed a hotel block that would accommodate a lot of guests at a good price point and would give them a proper welcome to St. Louis (and the Loop in particular).  The Moonrise met and exceeded our expectations on almost every level.  They offered us an extremely affordable rate, allowed us to expand our room block beyond the normal limit, and even allowed additional guests beyond that limit to take advantage of the rate despite the fact that we were booking for an extremely busy holiday weekend.  All of our guests raved about the hotel, the amenities, the price, the location, and the staff.  One particular perk that we had not anticipated is that the Eclipse Restaurant downstairs is never full, open very late, and has amazingly patient bartenders. Our group took over that bar every night of the three day weekend, and loved it.  We already loved the Moonrise for our visits to St. Louis, and now love it even more for the amazing service it provided us our wedding weekend.


    We hosted our wedding day after brunch at the New Moon Room at the Moonrise Hotel.  Leading up to the brunch, the staff was great to work with.  They helped us plan a primarily vegetarian brunch menu, and even allowed us to switch from the rooftop to the New Moon Room (which opens onto the roof) when we saw that we were expecting extremely hot and humid weather that day.  That morning, the staff was great and patient, and the food was delicious.  They even, at our request, set up a bloody mary garnish bar, and our hungover guests were very appreciative.  The coordinator that morning was extremely helpful, even making sure that I (as the hostess) had an opportunity to eat during the event.  The room is so cutely decorated, and upon our request for a 'casual' feel, they set it up bistro style for us so that there were would be a good opportunity for mingling.  At the end of it, they even packed up all the leftover food and let us and our guests mingle around for another few hours on the roof soaking up the sun until we all had to catch our flights.  We chose the venue based on convenience since our wedding block was at the Moonrise, and it was a great choice because they exceeded our expectations and put on a great event.

    16/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    141. Sara R.
    What a neat and nostalgic place to visit. Upon walking through the doors you see the stairs to the left that light up in all the colors of the rainbow. Head to the right and head to the elevator and you can start to see some of the neat "space" themed toys and memorabilia encased into the walls, definitely check those out before hopping on the elevator to the top where you can relax & enjoy a cocktail while taking out the views of St. Louis. They have super cool crescent moon chairs and other couches and tables to sit at. A perfect place to be on a cool summer night. You can spot this place from afar as they have a solar powered moon that rotates at the top. Go check it out!!

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. Megan R.
    This hotel was very modern and comfortable.  The service was EXCELLENT, the location was great: safe, easy to get to, nearby lots of eateries, shopping, and close to a major university campus.  The city is VERY pet-friendly and so is this hotel.  I intend on taking my furry friend with me the next time I vacation here.  I felt very safe here, even after dark.  The room price was a tad pricey, even with a Triple A discount, quoted at $172/night for the room we had booked.  Overall, it was great!  Room service was quick and easy, too.

    20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    143. Steven M.
    Great experience. Staff was very friendly. Restaurants were good. Rooftop Bar was awesome. Room was beautiful.

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    144. Jamie B.
    This place is tied with another hotel at the top of my list for Favorite Hotels I've Ever Been To. Our room was gorgeous, the hotel itself is gorgeous. Everything is so well thought out and beautifully decorated/designed.

    Our room was also exceptionally clean, and honestly I didn't doubt it would be, simply based on how everything else looked too. The lobby isn't the faux luxury that most places try to impress on you, only to give you a run-of-the-mill room. This place is classy & fancy on all fronts.

    I really enjoyed all of the small touches about our room too:
    * The noise machine was awesome, since my husband and I always sleep with some sort of background noise and find it hard to fall asleep in dead silence.
    * The iHome alarm clock.
    * Love that it had a mini-fridge in the room, that was a big plus.
    * It was a quiet room too.
    * The easy plugins on top of the desk/tv table.
    * Glass doors for the shower (no grimy shower curtain here!)

    If given the chance, I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

    23/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    145. Katie A.
    The hotel and staff are awesome. The room service food is disgusting.

    We stayed here for an event that was at the rooftop bar. The room is great. It was clean and offered more amenities than most hotels such as a sound machine and an umbrella, just in case. The bar was wonderfully decorated in a space theme and had amazing views. All of the staff were excellently trained. The front desk people were nice and knowledgable. The bartenders mixed drinks with expertise. The room service people were very nice and courteous. But the room service food was just plain disgusting. I got breakfast - first of all I didn't get all my food and the order was slightly wrong.  The pancakes tasted like cement and the sausage looked and tasted like dog turds. The only decent food delivered was the coffee and pineapple juice. Stay at the hotel, eat out!

    14/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    146. DeAnne P.
    Amazing rooftop bar and restaurant! I'm totally a fan.

    New to St. Louis, I read a column where the Cocktail Ambassador suggested Eclipse for the bartender and rooftop area.  Ok, I'll check it out, and BAM... super score!

    Summer nights in St. louis are perfect, so get yourself out to enjoy them here in the Loop up and above it all.  With a view of the Arch, I very much enjoyed looking around the city from above and enjoying the fresh summer breeze.  The large spinning moon and funky decor sat well with me.  It was my birthday and I had no idea what I wanted, the bartender mixed up a bourbon cocktail and boy did it hit the spot and set the tone for a fantastic evening.  

    I highly recommend the rooftop area for a great time.  Somehow the rooftop construction and wind tunneling makes hot weather feel perfect and perfect weather feel even more perfect.

    The hummus is tasty to snack on while sipping and enjoying outside.

    28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    147. John R.
    An interesting boutique hotel with a theme based on moon : with plenty of trinkets and objects of art to admire. However it is overpriced for what it is. Elevators are small, too few and too slow. The guests' comfort is obviously secondary to making money. Not enough light in shower or in room itself. Would benefit from service elevator so that guests don't have to ride with cleaning mops in their faces.

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    148. Marisa B.
    This is indeed as good as it gets.  We had a wonderful, top notch experience at the Moonrise both times were there.  

    First of all, from the moment you arrive, you are bombarded with awesomeness in regards to the beauty of all that surrounds you.  I felt transformed into magical the minute we walked in, even wearing my yoga pants & baggy t-shirt.   The moon theme, and all other decor around the entire hotel are just beautiful.

    Customer service was top notch as well.  We had absolutely no problems with anyone, and were greeted and treated with respect, kindness, and a positive attitude.

    We even made use of the rooftop bar since weather did permit during one of our visits.  

    The rooms are spacious and gorgeous.  Shower is luxurious. And the products provided were great, too.

    It is a very unique boutique hotel, with it's own theme and charm.  I personally felt well taken care of there, and not at all like I was anywhere near Missouri.

    An added bonus for me, is the location.  It is in walking distance to a MetroLink light-rail station, as well as one of my favorite pizza places.

    31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    149. Hang T.
    The most eclectic hotel I've ever stayed at.

    Obviously the theme of the hotel has to do with the moon. You see it everywhere. This hotel is quaint I would say. Not necessarily small, but cozy.

    The front desk staff were very nice and prompt. They did give us the wrong key to the wrong room at first, but someone rushed upstairs to switch them out so we didn't have to go all the way back downstairs.

    This hotel allows pets. I thought the cutest thing was that they had a chalkboard on the floor next to some doggie bowls. The chalkboard had a personalized message and the names of all the dogs that were checking in that day. So cute! A hotel that loves man's best friend.

    The rooms are modern, clean, and pretty standard. It has a fridge and a chaise for lounging.

    The restaurant is open late so you can get drinks and eats until 2 or 3 am. Parking is free when there isn't an event at the Pageant Theater. Otherwise I think it's 25 bucks for valet.

    24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    150. Ronald C.
    I've traveled to the top 40 U.S. cities on business over the past 30-plus years, and have stayed in numerous hotels. I'd read some good things about the Moonrise Hotel in my hometown of St. Louis and thought I'd give it a try on a recent pleasure trip (in early July of this year).

    To me, it's about the little things. Neatly and smartly appointed guest rooms, prompt, pleasant, knowledgeable and welcoming check-in staffers and room service, good, full-service hotel restaurants--not to mention people who demonstrate that they care about what they do. The Moonrise gets five stars in all categories.  The hotel is a class act--especially Crystal, who is an exemplary employee and an absolute credit to the hospitality profession.

    My only issue during my four-day stay was the white man on the elevator who invited my guest to ride up to "his floor" and keep him company, when she'd left our room to greet a friend in the lobby and forgotten her room key. I'm not sure if he was a hotel executive (since he claimed to have an entire floor), or a guest himself, but I found that quite insulting and unsettling as did she, of course.

    The incident, and the idea that there might be a predator in our midst and/or on the executive staff, certainly tempered the remainder of our stay. Add to that the constant, pulsating noise coming from the rooftop bar until the wee hours of the morning and the bar patrons who loudly spilled into the hallways from it, and that pretty much captures my only turn-offs.  Really, truly nice place otherwise, and a welcome departure from the norm.

    23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Derek C.
    Nice rooftop bar to relax at on a summer night.

    05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Tamara D.
    Very nice hotel. Well managed, friendly staff. It's not a fancy, but the rooms are clean, beds comfortable, nice toiletries. Some people don't really notice, but I think it makes a big difference to have a professional, fast thinking, coutreous staff. Extra nice to have the rooftop views from the open air and indoor bar/lounge.  Restaurant downstairs is decent and offers room service. Parking in back is free. There is no pool, no free breakfast, etc., but for the price this is a very nice hotel.

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    153. Liahona T.
    Love this place. Great location, beautifully appointed and Dave chihuly glass work in the lobby ! Staff are nice and I ran into the Isley Brothers in the elevator.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    154. Rusty S.
    This is a nice hotel--would be perfect for anybody either from St. Louis, and especially someone who is not from St. Louis and is looking for a nice upscale but not pretentious place to stay, with all the Delmar Loop attractions within walking distance. The staff was very friendly, and they have private-lot valet parking for $17. The rooftop lounge is a really neat bonus--a place to hang out with a date or with friends. The rooms were also clean, modern, and comfortable. Not what I would call a bargain price-wise (plan on about $200 for a single room) but everything was well worth it. Would recommend.

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    155. Aaron B.
    I went to the rooftop bar with Aimee K and a coworker last week for drinks and apps.

    It was a perfect evening. I mean the weather was PERFECT. It could not have been a better St. Louis summer night. The weather wasn't too warm or humid and it was even a bit cool.  

    It took a while for us to get service but it wasn't that big of a deal. We weren't in a rush.  I had my first Dark and Stormy (cocktail) and I highly recommend it. I can't wait to order this drink again. We got a lot of their appetizers. None of them stood out but they all did the job.

    The best thing about this place is the decor and view. They do an awesome job of making the place swanky and relaxing. All the bright colors are so fun and appealing. I can't wait to bring more friends here :)

    11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    156. Shane W.
    I haven't tried all the hotels in St. Louis but I have tried nine and I now have a favorite. Located on the Loop, and near more than enough restaurants, entertainment, and shopping to keep you fed and entertained for a good weekend. It's a quick drive downtown if that's your thing and an even quicker drive to Forest Park, the Zoo, or the Hill.

    I was a little hesitant because the decor looked way out there but it's much more understated than the website makes it appear to be. True there are moon art and photos, and space exploration memorabilia about everywhere.

    All the staff, from the front desk and valet, to the restaurant and rooftop bar staff was professional and very helpful. The bed was perfect, everything was well maintained and clean.

    Just in time, we were running out of hotels to try.

    23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    157. Lorraine N.
    If you are in the area it is worth going up here to partake of a drink or two on the rooftop bar....drinks are going to be around the 8-10 dollar range but they don't cheat you on the pour which is nice and let's face it you are getting some pretty neat atmosphere.....

    I did not have any food but other people around me told me  how good the cheese and pretzels sticks were....

    It is a really funky space and it is less uppity than a lot of the rooftop bars that are in the heart of downtown.  This is the rooftop bar for the blue collar man....as you can go a little less dressed up and you don't get any less atmosphere or swankiness....or attitude from any of the patrons or servers....

    28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Allen L.
    Recently visited the Moonrise with some friends. I will say, it looks awesome from the outside, but that is where the allure ended.

    We made our way to the top balcony area and tried to order a few drinks. The drinks were expensive, very weak and took 1/2 hour to get. Already starting on the low side. To make matters worse, the clientele was NOT classy, and it seemed kinda like a gathering zone for "creepers". At one point I turned around and some biker looking scumbag was smoking pot on the balcony. I looked at him disapprovingly and he said, "What are you looking at?" I didn't feel like arguing, fighting and eventually arresting him, so I just shook my head and walked on. I was definitely not impressed.

    11/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    159. Amy S.
    We were thrilled with our choice of hotel in STL. The Moonrise Hotel was in a great location- minutes from Wash U, Forest Park, the Delmar Loop, and just a short drive to anywhere else you would want to go. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful (they even greeted us upon check-in with a cocktail), and the rooms were very clean and comfortable.

    The rooms had everything you would need to be comfortable during your stay, including: a VERY comfy bed, a noise machine and iHome alarm clock, mini fridge, bathrobe and H2O bath products...am I forgetting something? There are moon themed paintings and art throughout the room and whole hotel, as well as a whole collection of moon/space themed objects displayed on the hotel's main floor/lobby. Don't forget to check out the rooftop bar to get a cool view of the area- and of the rotating moon!

    Staying on the 6th floor, we didn't have any noise complaints from the upstairs bar. However, the noise from other guests in the hallway (the little that there was) traveled  easily into our room. We had no issues with self parking, even on the holiday weekend. Although there is no complimentary breakfast (which would have been icing on the cake), there was a Keurig with regular, decaf, and tea cups each morning we were there. They also have an attached restaurant with decent prices, although we didn't dine there.

    I highly recommend this hotel if you are staying in STL- especially if you are a space geek!

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    160. Nicholas B.
    Our experience with the Moonrise Hotel was horrible.  I mean utterly shocking.  
    Then their response. Completely inappropriate.    The part of us trying to seek out compensation really blows our minds. I mean, we spent thousands of dollars there on a previous happy visit.

    Good Evening,

    I am writing to give you some feedback on our stay in the hotel this week. We checked in Monday and have been staying in room 726. We are checking out tomorrow. We have previously stayed in the hotel, and have had a fantastic experience, but are thinking this stay may be our last. Let me explain why.
    We had no hot water for bathing Tuesday. We reported this to your front desk, and an engineer began looking into the problem, but we had to get to a funeral by a specific time, so we had to take cold showers that day. Very unpleasant.
    We called room service this morning for breakfast and were greeted with an unfriendly male voice. While taking our order, I became increasingly annoyed at his monotone communication style, which is entirely inconsistent with what one wants from someone talking on the phone. Where was at least a hint of friendliness in his voice? Not to be found.
    By the time the order arrived, the Eclipse Breakfast was cold. A cinnamon roll that should have been included as an appetizer was missing, so we had to call again, and when it finally arrived, the rest of our breakfast was cold too.
    Housekeeping left a bag belonging to someone else in our room. We arrived home to see this bag and were concerned that another guest was in our room during the day, but concluded it must have been a housekeeping error.
    One of the side tables in our room hasn't been wiped down the entire duration of our stay. The dining table has dirty and grease between the glass surface and wood frame. We took care of fine tuning the cleaning ourselves.
    On entering the hotel today, an empty bottle of "personal lubricant" and other trash was present outside the main door. I was surprised that this was not swept up immediately.
    Room service trays and other trash items left outside guest rooms on our floor often remain there all day or all night. I would think an hourly sweep at a minimum is reasonable. We have had to leave notes on items outside doors asking for debris to be picked up.
    The material covering the sofa gave both of us a rash and feels "cheap."
    The pillows are very low quality and provide no head or neck support.
    We wanted to watch a movie on television this afternoon, but we found you do not offer an on-demand video service, which was disappointing.
    Finally, in addition to the distribution of this message, we wanted to include Joe Edwards, but were told "he doesn't have an email." Of course he has an email address. It is 2015. It is insulting to be told he doesn't have one. At the very least, tell us the truth and say "he refuses to share it, but we'll pass along the message."

    I am staying with a former employee from 5 years ago who saw the hotel at its prime. He is shocked at the decline in quality of the hotel, and I am equally surprised myself at the decline even over the past year since my last stay. This is supposed to be a boutique hotel providing the finest service, according to your website, printed materials, and branding, so we expect to receive that level of service.

    We thought you should know about all these problems because the hotel industry is very competitive, and your competitors are looking very attractive to us right now. I'd like to mention that I am a Director in an IT Consulting firm based in St. Louis with extensive travel needs, and have recommended the Moonrise in the past, but am unable to do so now because of these issues.

    We'd appreciate a prompt response, including one from Mr. Edwards. Please send this along to him as we were unable to get his email address.

    Dave Scheele
    Nicholas Rodgers

    Moonrise Hotel

    Dave and Nicholas:

    Thank you for reaching out to me and sharing your experience.  Seems the issues you encountered were many, you did however exaggerate more than was necessary.  Sure, some of those things listed may have occurred, your threats at the end only served to put your whole note in perspective.  Nicholas, having previously worked in Eclipse as a busser does not give you the right to even to get an employee/friends and family rate, had that request crossed my desk as is our policy, it would have been denied. Consider the compensation you seek as the variance of what the suite normally runs for, $389 and what you paid $199 under the family rate per night, a $190 per night savings times 4 evenings equals $760 saved.  Jonathan did not lie to you on Facebook when he said Joe Edwards does not have e-mail, yes even in 2015, I did however show him your email this morning. You are not welcome to patronize Eclipse nor the Moonrise Hotel in the future.


    Paul J Lauritsen

    General Manager

    Moonrise Hotel

    06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    161. Josh K.
    The hotel itself is in a great area if you don't want to travel far. We booked one of the celebrity suites as we enjoy having a little extra space. I was disappointed when we entered the room as it smelled like cigarette smoke. The celebrity suites also do not have any tubs. Just a small stand up shower.  The rooms could be cleaner and just kept up more. A lot of paint xhips, dirty walls, something gooey on the bathroom wall and grout lines in bathroom need some work. The beds are comfy but the pillows are small and flat. The suites do have two tvs and separate thermostats which is nice.

    Paying for location here. They need to do better cleaning and maintenance though.

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    162. Ann W.
    Love this hotel! I can't give it five stars simply because of what it lacks that a 5-star hotel should have: a pool! One of my favorite activities when at a hotel for vacay is hanging for a bit at the pool area, so I really wish they had one, but otherwise, nearly everything was stellar.

    One of the really cool things about this hotel is that it doesn't feel like a corporate hotel. I stay at Marriotts all the time as it's my employer's preferred chain, so it was nice to spend some time at a hotel that was a bit different.

    The location was fabulous! Close to Forest Park and in walking distance to some cool locations in The Loop.

    The decor throughout the hotel has a lunar/space theme. It's a bit kitschy but I liked it! There's a great big rotating moon on the building that lights up at night and is really cool.

    The hotel makes a special point of being pet-friendly which I like. Every person who worked there who we encountered was simply a joy to speak with. Everyone truly seemed to enjoy their jobs and it showed.

    The fitness center is a bit sparse when it comes to equipment, but it was very clean and they have fresh fruit and filtered water available.

    They have a rooftop bar which the hubby and I visited. We didn't stick around long because apparently they allow smoking up there even though it's supposed to be a smoke-free hotel. But that was a relatively minor annoyance since we likely wouldn't have stuck around for a night of drinking, anyway.

    The bedding was comfortable, but the pillows were just slightly beyond their prime. While we were there, they took delivery of a bunch of new mattresses, so if you stay there, you might get a nice brand new mattress to sleep on!

    Next time we have a St Louis getaway, we'll put this hotel at the top of the list.

    23/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    163. Erin L.
    Our family of five had a fabulous stay at this hotel. Our artistic daughter has gone on and on about the fantastic touches and 'sparkles' that are part of the decor. Our boys thought the dog treats were so cool and made them wish we had brought our dog. (They even tried them- sorry Moonrise staff.....) The Mom and Dad loved the rooftop bar- great music but quiet enough so that we could talk, and the drinks and service were perfection.

    The part of town this hotel is situated in gave us a feel for true St. Louis culture. We walked up and down Delmar several times and enjoyed all the character (and characters) we encountered. There are wonderful restaurants, bars, and shops, many of which we thoroughly enjoyed.

    We are definitely coming back. (Maybe next time without the kids!)

    24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    164. Angela M.
    This place is awesome! The hotel staff are super welcoming and nice. The valet guys really need some credit due to the fact that when we stayed it was WELL below freezing but by their attitudes, you'd never be able to tell! The hotel is also AMAZING if you plan on bringing your pet, we are definitely planning a trip back just because of how nice everyone was....and for the dog :)

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    165. Ken B.
    I really was looking forward to visiting this hotel after reading all of the awesome reviews, and unfortunately I don't have  a huge desire to return anytime soon.

    First the good.  Good, vibrant location with some good restaurants, coffee shops and some retail.  The staff was extremely nice and very dog friendly.  The hotel is clean and offered many amenities.

    The not so goods.  Loud ass hotel.  I don't need shady acres quiet, but I also don't want frat party central.  Both nights of our stay we could hear people in the halls crazy loud thoughout the entire night.  Night two we could hear the DJ's low bass thumping from the roof top deck.  My partner witnessed the elevators door opening to a guy puking as he was trying to take our pooch out for his night time duties.  He let the doors close and took the stairs down.  It's great to have a thriving reception business, but they haven't found the  balance of a good solid hotel experience and banquet business quite yet, at least not the nights we were there.  Any comments about the noise seemed to fall on deaf ears.

    The room was ok.  It was clean with a comfortable bed, but attention to details were somewhat lacking.  The bathroom was very basic and the plastic shower floor was a little dingy.  Nothing bad but also nothing great.

    For the room rates and the experience, I have much better hotels in STL that I will happily return to on our next visit.

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    166. Mykia O.
    One of my favorite places in STL. The hotel decor is very cool, and pet friendly which is awesome. The rooms are unique and spacious and the staff is beyond friendly. The bar at the very top is amazing and just a really fun atmosphere whether you're staying or just visiting.

    08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    167. Angela C.
    We always stay here when we are going to The Pageant. In the beginning when we first started going they always had my favorite beverage (Diet Coke) and a snack of my choice. It was usually something on the healthy side for me but every now and then we would get the famous moon pies. That is something they discounted that I miss.

    We love the fact that the staff remember us by name, especially Eman (I hope I spelled that correctly). He even remembers our son who would also stay there when enjoying a concert and asks about him if he hasn't seen him in a while. To me that is special since we are from a small community were everybody knows everybody, to go to a city and staff remembers your name and personal information about your likes and dislikes.

    We recommend the Moonrise to anyone who is going to see a show at The Pageant as it is only a very short walk away.

    Thanks Eman for making are stay always pleasurable!!!!!

    Mrs. Cerney

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    168. Karen C.
    Every time I visit St. Louis I check the Moonrise prices, and it is ALWAYS way out of my budget ($300-$400/night for a hotel? In St. Louis? Get out of here.) ... however, this time, I randomly looked a few months in advance & found a room on hotels.com for $149/night. I booked that shizz straight away, not even knowing if we were going to visit that weekend or not.

    Turns out, we did visit & I got to see what all the fuss is about. I've stayed at some swanky hotels and this one isn't as amazing as the others I've stayed at for those kinds of prices... basically there's no way I'd pay "full" price here. But, considering what I did pay, we got a deal.

    Front desk staff were super nice, we were offered a cocktail upon check-in which is always lovely. We self-parked, I find no reason to valet when the self-park is free & is only 30 steps from the front door. Also: note, St. Louis, the land of massive amounts of free/supes-cheap parking, hooray! My boyfriend thought we'd gone to another planet.

    Great location, only a block-ish away from the Delmar Metrolink stop, walking distance to all the fun stuff to do in U-City. One complaint there is that there are not a ton of breakfasty joints nearby... do you people not eat breakfast? We waited it out 'til 11am and went to Blueberry Hill one day, and hit up the little pastry shop on the corner the next.

    The bed was super comfy & cozy, blinds were crazy dark allowing me to get some much needed zzz's. The bathrom is nice, though that door is kinda funky & doesn't allow for much privacy when one needs to, um, use the facilities. Talk about stage fright. The shower itself was small-ish but had a lovely rainfall showerhead so that's a win on my end. My only complaint is that it's not the quietest hotel ever, I had to bust out the earplugs I always travel with to stop hearing the music/noise/talking/whatever it was from outside (or was it the room next to us? I have no idea). Also, free wifi that actually works in-room, exciting stuff.

    Overall I'd definitely stay here again, but only if I got a deal like this time. I personally don't mind staying on the east side of the river in O'Fallon, etc., to save some $$ and driving to the city for whatever we have going on. But, to spend a full weekend downtown, the Moonrise is a good bet.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    169. Jessica M.
    I visited the bar at the top of the Moonrise Hotel on a Saturday afternoon. Even though this building is only 8 stories tall, you still get a great view of the city and it's a great place to relax and have drinks. The Moonrise Hotel building also has character. It's a fun place to check out!

    Drinks are standard and prices are pretty much on par with any other classy bar you'd visit in STL. Please note I've never stayed at the hotel....this is just a review of the bar on the roof of the hotel.

    The bar does have Boulevard (a KC beer) on tap, which can sometimes hard to find in STL (more of a Schlafly town).

    I plan to visit this bar again the next time I want to have a relaxing night at a classier bar and the weather is nice.

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    170. Ashley P.
    I've only interacted fully with a valet here while visiting the rooftop terrace. Dino was incredibly kind and helpful, pointing us in the right direction to the roof. When I came back down to wait for my party, he casually straightened the floor mat so it wouldn't be crooked while waiting for cars. It's people like this that make or break hotels. People who have an attention to detail and have excellent customer service is something that doesn't come by too often these days. I love this place. I'd definitely come back for the atmosphere, drinks, and service.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    171. Adam S.
    What a cool, quirky hotel. Situated right in the loop, close to Forest Park, loads of coffee shops, and the best part of all - two Thai restaurants within eyesight.

    (And I'm not one of those detailed hotel specific reviewers who is counting electrical outlets so I'll just say the staff was extremely friendly and the hotel was clean.)

    The draw is the huge rooftop patio bar, where I got to kick back for a few nights. The outdoor to the rooftop stayed open despite it being a bit cool and there were quite a few people up there for a Tuesday night.

    I'd definitely look to stay here again.

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    172. Will B.
    I had the privilege of staying at The Moonrise Hotel on a business trip to St. Louis. This is my second experience staying here. The first thing you experience is a nice overhead heater as you walk through the glass doors. Very refreshing for an Alabamian lost in the snow of the midwest.

    Every time I have gone to the front desk for anything, I have been met with a smiling, helpful employee. They make the whole check-in process as seamless and quick as possible.

    The decor is out of the dream of a space/sci-fi nerd who opened a hotel. It provides a unique, fun atmosphere. This theme is carried over to the very large clean rooms. Two things make a hotel for me. The bed and the shower. Both are EXCEPTIONAL here. The bed is large and comfortable. The shower is a waterfall shower with plenty of hot water. The soaps and shampoos are a step above your typical hotel giveaways. There are other complimentary items that show that they truly care that you have a great experience. Even though I don't use them.

    Lastly, the bar upstairs provides a continuation of the fun atmosphere and goes even further. We could utilize the outside because of the weather. But I can imagine how nice it would be during the summer. The beer selection and knowledgable bartenders make your drinking experience top notch. I highly recommend for anyone to stay here if you are going to St. Louis.

    02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    173. Howie K.
    The bubbles from the shampoo were out of control luxurious and the conditioner instantly transformed my crispy auburn stands into seriously soft, shiny locks, the body wash was like a Florida orange juice commercial except more lemony, and the green goopy body lotion made me feel, for a moment, like I was about to get on the catwalk. I think that was the moment I thought, "I'ma gank all these products, all week long."

    This is really rare for me. I don't go through the effort of swiping travel size soaps most places, it's not really worth the effort, but at the Moonrise this level of pimpmanship, er, stellar customer care, is just endemic of how they roll. Everything in the joint is just a tad elevated (heh heh), nothing elitist but oh, they fancy, huh? Free headphones in the fitness center? Check. True mixology on the rooftop bar? Bling, and they're open 'till 3am. Really helpful employees, colorful artwork, smoove wi-fi, great location, a sort of Wes Anderson feel. The next time I'm in St. Louis this is definitely my go-to.

    And now I have, like, a week's worth of bomb-ass product to remind me of the days that were.

    02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. Scotty C.
    Did you guys hear about the great new restaurant on the moon? The food is excellent, but there's no atmosphere... nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Okay, for real, I didn't event eat at Moonrise, but I did stay there a few nights and it was great.

    Unfortunately, the lobby when you walk in is pretty boring. That is, if you consider a crazy light up stairwell to be boring, and if that's the case, I don't event want to know you. The welcoming staff was over the moon and had me checked in and up to my room for a cat-nap in no time.

    Once I settled in, I closed the darkening blinds to block out any moonbeams and was about to dive into my pillow filled crater of a bed for some shut eye. First, I did the full on George Costanza pose in my underwear on the chaise. I slept like a moon rock and woke up refreshed and ready to moonwalk my ass out of there to dinner.

    The best thing is, if your looking for a great bar nearby, you don't have to travel to the moon and back. Hop on the elevator and press 8. Next thing you know, you're in the belly of the beast as far as moon-geekery goes. You'd be a lunar-tic if you think I'm gonna tell you that a spaced out decor can take a hotel bar from standard Marriott to out-of-this-world watering hole. For that, you'd need to be fixing some out-of-orbit cocktails, with top notch bartenders, and sporting a seriously impressive beer program. Well, the moon room has it all!

    I Apollo-gise for not telling you more, but this should help you realize the Moonrise is for you!

    09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    175. Julie S.
    Five stars for the magnificent Moonrise! What a fun, cute little hotel that pulls of unique while staying safely outside of kitschy. The moon theme is just a fun little extra icing on the top of a boutique hotel that gets everything right. And I totally loved that it reflected a true, lifelong passion of the owner. We should all have something in our lives we love as much as this guy loves the moon.

    The hotel itself is impressive inside and out, with a good system for arrivals, taxis, etc. I was greeted quickly by the staff, who happened to know that the rest of my party had gone on to the restaurant - pretty slick! The rooms were perfectly appointed, and I absolutely loved the bed and all the bedding. I have to agree with Howie K on the bath products too - so good! Probably second only to W Hotels Bliss products. That said, I'd stay at this place over an Aloft any day.

    The hotel was quiet, even though a Hozier concert let out late next door and sent concert goers spilling into the hallways. Being a well-built hotel, you couldn't hear much from the revelers. You know how, at less impressive hotels, every door slam rattles your bones? Not here. My room was the right size, and even managed to have somewhat of a little foyer, and the right amount of functional furniture (a chaise that served as a great place to lay out my clothes, a nice long desk, and a few separate shelves and cubbies that all served a good purpose.

    Housekeeping, room service both did a great job as well. I would stay here again in a minute and hope I get the chance to again someday. Thanks to all who made it such a memorable and relaxing stay.

    09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    176. Christy M.
    Hubby planned a staycation/date night at Moonrise since he heard it's a quirky, unique and highly rated hotel in STL. I must say, I was SUPER impressed and LOVED it.

    All the little touches are fantastic -- a welcome drink (and welcome snacks for pups), fabulous lounge and atmosphere, all the free, thoughtful toiletries, waterfall shower, Wolfgang Puck coffee, super beds, and more. I was blown away. Our room was clean, well lit, spacious, beautifully decorated, and thoughtfully arranged. The decor around the hotel is cool -- warning, they really stick with the moon and space theme. They have a better than concierge service (though we didn't use), thoughtful and dedicated staff, a fantastic rooftop bar,  lounge spaces, and delicious 24 hr room service offerings (from the restaurant on site, Eclipse). Not to mention right on the Loop with tons of things to do!

    We moseyed around the Loop during the day, went to the rooftop bar for a pre-diner drink, went to Eclipse for dinner (that review is forthcoming :)), hung out in the room, and had room service for breakfast. Everything was fabulous. The rooftop bar is a gem in it's own right. The view is amazing, the bar is well stocked with unique offerings, and the vibe is relaxed/chill with some lounge-y spots around. The room service was fab -- the food was plentiful, delicious, and wonderfully presented. The staff is so impressive as well.

    I thoroughly enjoyed our stay and while it's a bit on the pricey side the boutique hotel experience is worth it and I would return.

    My ONLY beef is that we got a jacuzzi king room and the tub was a little bit of a let down. It's not actually a jet jacuzzi tub like we were expecting. More like a bit bigger than a regular bath tub with air jets. If we came back, we probably wouldn't spring for that upgrade.

    11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0