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Company Info:

Rating: 2.33

Address: 6500 S Lindbergh Blvd, Saint Louis, MO, 63123

    Address: 1405 Dunn Rd, Saint Louis, MO, 63138

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      Comments (3):

      1. Steve K.
      I stayed for two reasons.  It's cheap and the location worked out okay with the two places I needed to go while visiting.  Did I mention it was cheap?

      It was okay and if I had to stay here again I would without hesitation.  Emphasis on the words "HAD TO."  I think I'd first look for a different Motel 6 or Red Roof (same parent company).  Yeah, I know you get what you pay for but I've stayed at Motel 6's that were brand new and fully modern.

      On the plus side, it is next door to a Culver's (good fast food if you are not familiar with them), a Ponderosa steak house, Bob Evans restaurant, and close to a Target.

      This place is rather run down and appears to be an older motel that later joined Motel 6.  It's the old single level drive-up-to-your-room type.  Much of the appurtenances were worn out.  I could see outside light coming from around the doorway.  The faucet unit moved when you worked the lever and appeared that they had tried to glue it down with sealant but that had failed.  None of the various electric outlets around the room would even grip a cord (had to use the GFCI safety outlet by the sink).  

      Then there is attention to detail.  My room had no pillows but they were promptly supplied.  I gathered from what they said that they had not been planning to use the room but why would a room be made up without them.  I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on that and a little slip up like that is not figuring into my scoring.  But there were no fresh cups or ice container.  There was a used cup with water sitting on the counter.  There was debris of some sort on the carpet under the counter.  One bulb was missing from the bed lighting fixture.  (Stolen by a prior resident obviously.)   One bulb from the light over the sink was out (fortunately still there and needed only to be tightened a bit.)  Sorry guys...but that kind of stuff doesn't take any investment only a checklist to make sure each room is up to snuff.  And maybe better supervision!

      This place still wants money for wi-fi.  That is SO ten years ago.  Thank goodness I have an iPhone and didn't require their service.

      This would seem like a good candidate for a total rennovation but considering the outmoded design, unless the owners are really into preserving old school motel design they'd be better knocking this down and building a modern Motel 6 with two levels and interior hallways.  They could do one building at a time and stay open at the same time.  I hope that happens because this is a good location and business seems to be good---they were full up when I was there and turning away people without reservations.

      In the meantime, how about a little attention to detail.  

      PS:  I don't know what Sarah S is talking about in her review about this place being two different  places on opposite sides of the street.  That is not true.  Yes, there are two buildings but there is nothing unusual about that.  They are the same style.  And they are not across the street from each other, unless she means parking lot not street.

      PPS:  You can't enter directly from Lindbergh.  If coming from I55 continue west to the next light (Rusty Road) and turn left (south).  If coming from the west on Lindbergh turn right at the light (just before the bank).  In both cases, take the first left into a little cross street.  If you want to turn left again (now heading back north) onto Elm Park Dr. and follow the road as it curves to the right (east) and becomes a sort of frontage road for Lindbergh you can then turn right into the motel parking lot by the sign, entering near the office.  But that's silly.  After turning left off of Rusty Road just shoot straight across Elm Park Dr. and as it curves slightly right there is a rear entrance to Motel 6 on your left.  Look to for the sign.  Check a map program and you'll see.

      10/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      2. Sarah S.
      I'm pretty sure this used to be 2 separate hotels, and the other was an Econo suits, or Knights inn....
      First off the hotel is split in 2, yeah really. The office, and half of the rooms are on one side of the street, and the other half of the rooms are on the other side. A bit inconvenient if you need to go to the office for anything, and are in the back building.
      It's not in a terrible part of town, but the hotel is run down. Its ok for a night, but heres hoping that this Motel  gets the revamp that other locations have.

      25/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      3. Amanda Z.
      Because no one really ever expects that much out of a Motel 6, I will have to say, this place is alright.  

      I have a friend that came into town to visit, he wanted to get a hotel room because he wanted his privacy, but he is also kind of cheap.  Because this place is close to my house, and because it's usually only about $39 a night, and the neighborhood isn't too shady, he said he would stay here.  

      I mean, it's not glamorous.  It's not even a little glamorous.  Very standard, one bed, not that comfy, the bathroom was clean, and the TV had some basic cable.  The place wasn't scuzzy or dirty, but it wasn't glimmering either.  It was right where a 2 star hotel should be.  

      I have some beef with Motel 6 because they have all outdoor doors, which always makes me feel unsafe.  I guess I have seen too many Dateline specials on dangerous motels.  However, if you are ok with this, and you don't want anything special, it's not a horrible little motel.  It's ok, and the staff was certainly friendly enough when we checked him in.  A warning, there are always a ton of parties going on here that I have witnessed myself just driving by....keep that in mind if you decide to house someone here.

      07/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0