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Company Info:

Rating: 3.17

Address: 3545 Lafayette Ave, Saint Louis, MO, 63104

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    Comments (6):

    1. Jaime M.
    The best hospital-turned-hotel I've ever slept in.
    The ONLY hospital-turned-hotel I've ever so much as heard of, much less slept in.

    It works just fine, and they're accustomed to hosting large blocks of people for events like weddings, which was why I was there. My mom's family is humongous, and all of us were able to stay in one big block, except my grandparents and one uncle's family, who stayed on the next floor, but that might have been their choice -- we can get kinda loud!

    Rooms are sparsely furnished and the bathrooms and closets have a very industrial/hospital feel, as does the lobby and the dining area (free continental breakfast of coffee, juice, cereal, overripe fruit and prepackaged pastries), and the doors, elevators and hallways are really wide to accomodate rolling hospital beds, I guess.

    No one was impressed by the condition of the rooms or their cleanliness (we saw maids napping in one room in the middle of the day with the door open, so that may explain the slimy shower and other oversights), but we were happy about the spacious common area on our floor, where we were free to play cards, visit, drink beer and let the kids run around well into the evening. I've not seen any other hotel with large spaces on each floor like that before. And the walls were thick enough that we didn't get any complaints from non-wedding-party guests.  

    You're on the St. Louis University campus and are free to use the on-site gym, as well as the nearby pools and playgrounds. Staff are university students for the most part, so don't expect the utmost professionalism.

    Our wedding party rate for two double beds for two nights was $75 a night.

    Don't let the ghosts of dead ex-patients creep you out too much, and it'll be fine!

    16/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Bautista R.
    Very good place to stay if you have business to do in the SLU Medical Center. It's about 20-30 minutes from the STL airport, and cabfare is around 40 bucks. They have a free shuttle service to places around the university, from 7 am to 6 pm.

    The room has most of the stuff you would expect. The concierge is very helpful, and eagerly answered most of my questions about the area. I didn't mind the old-hospital feel because I'm used to sleeping in a hospital (as staff, not a patient :p).

    They "serve" continental breakfast, which is basically just cereal and pastry. There's not many restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, but there is a Jack-in-a-Box and a Subway within walking distance, as well as a supermarket where you can get beer and other stuff.

    01/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Kate B.
    I stayed in this hotel back in 2007 when I was visiting SLU with my dad to see if it was a university I wanted to attend.

    So yeah. This review is like 5 years old. Keep that in mind. I am not even sure if it's a good idea to write reviews on Yelp for 5 year old experiences or not but from what friends have told me, this place hasn't changed much, LOL.

    Bottom line: Water Tower Inn is a CHEAP SLEEP. I think the room rates at the time were about $80 - $90 per night which is really not a bad deal at all. But you get what you pay for. It was clean, yes, but had a strangeness about it which I couldn't place. I read another review stating that Water Tower Inn used to be an old hospital. It really makes sense now. The shower was really tiny and sort odd, as well as the room set-up. I can't really explain it, you'd have to look at photos or go there to see it to "get" what I mean...

    The staff were friendly from what I recall and they even had a free cold breakfast type of thing where you grab bagels, cereal, mini cartons of milk or OJ, pastries, fruit, etc. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done. There are other places to eat when you're visiting SLU and you can even just go to the Student Center for breakfast at Au Bon Pain if you want something a bit more satisfying than the hotel food. But it's nice to have the option if you don't feel like going somewhere early in the morning.

    That's really all I remember. I don't think I'd stay here again because the newer Hotel Ignacio is much closer to Grand Center and SLU's main (Frost) campus than the Water Tower Inn is...and it's only like $10-$20 more per night for a wayyy nicer room/accommodations. Also, as another reviewer mentioned, there is no shuttle service to and from the airport. Some hotels have arrangements where you can take a shuttle from the airport or take a shuttle to a rental car place which is pretty convenient (or maybe it's rental companies that do that?) so yeah if you fly into Lambert Airport, and you're staying at the WTI but you aren't renting a car, be prepared to cough up $40+ for a cab ride into town ONE WAY. (Unless of course you are traveling for business, I'd hope your company would foot the bill for that one, hehe.)

    My parents are planning to visit for my graduation ceremony in May, so that's what prompted these hotel reviews, lol.

    16/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. C S.
    I stayed this past year while interviewing at SLU Medical. The hotel was at the top of the list that the administrator gave us, and it turned out to be one of the better budget hotels I booked during interviews. Here's the breakdown for me:

    Discounted student rate ($80/night)
    Clean rooms
    Helpful staff (they let me store my bag after I checked out while I finished interviewing)
    Free shuttle bus to SLU med (nice when you're in a suit and you don't want to sweat/freeze on the way there)
    Lots of vending machines in the common areas if you are starving

    Can easily hear your neighbors - bring earplugs
    Taxi from airport was expensive (not their fault, and still cheaper than a rental car)
    Free shuttle was 15 minutes late (plan extra time!)
    Limited eateries within walking distance at night - had to order delivery

    10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Steph C.
    UPDATE - this is our second "morning" at this hotel and again our room was not touched. We again had the sign on - we heard housekeeping knocking on doors at 8 am on Saturday - when we left our room at 9am we even passed the lady and told her we were leaving. I just want fresh towels - my trash emptied and the bathroom cleaned

    Apparently it is a policy/practice that if when they come by there is a "do not disturb" they will not go back a re-check - and your room will not be cleaned. We had to go back downstairs to get towels - toilet paper - etc (again Shannon was helpful in getting those items)

    This started out a 3 star review and has ended up a 1 star. At $75 per night I still expect some services - if you don't want to provide services charge me half that amount - This hotel has a captive audience with its location - too bad I can't recommend it

    Fyi -if you are not ready at 8am and have "do not disturb" on your door and are not ready to have your room cleaned you will not get it cleaned

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. William D.
    My daughter and I stayed at this hotel while she interviewed at SlU. Erica, the concierge was the best. She was informative, helpful and made or stay a pleasure. The rate was very reasonable, the room was comfortable and the amenities were ample. It is also convenient and minutes away from the airport and University.  William Dukes

    21/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0