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Coachman Inn in Cooperstown, ND

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Company Info:

Rating: 5.00

Address: 504 9th St SW, Cooperstown, ND, 58425

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    Comments (2):

    1. Steve A.
    This is for both Coachman Inn and Cafe (and Steakhouse, for that matter). It's one building, and the bartender sells the rooms for the motel. I stopped in town at 8:30 PM, Kathy's Kitchen was closed, and this place was open. They fry their own chicken (it's delicious), they have a range of stuff in the salad bar - they actually do make their own food here, and it definitely shows. Very good value - for example, their steaks are just barely over $1/oz, which is hard to find at a restaurant. Your entree also comes with the salad bar, for what it's worth, and the salad bar has a soup (and a bucket of salted herring when I was there). 4+ stars for the Cafe, which had a couple of local families there and is clearly a worthwhile place to be.
    The bar - meh. No beer on tap. It's more just a place to hang out when you need a place to hang out. But then again, there are other bars in town, this isn't a bar (notice the name - Inn, Cafe, Steakhouse), etc., etc. I could walk to a bar, but I'd rather write a review.
    Finally, the hotel. Very reasonably priced, comfortable beds, modern conveniences - good Internet, flat-screen TV on the wall with extra channels, fridge and microwave. I was going to give this place 4 stars, but then realized that I would in fact detour to Cooperstown from a reasonable radius to stay here rather than one of the other towns in either direction. Okay, the nearest towns would be Valley City and Grand Forks, both of which are larger and are not really all that near, but I would still rather stay here. 5 stars it is.

    25/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Steven G.
    OK...so being out on the wide open upper Great Plains past midnight isn't such a great idea. There is nothing out there but NOTHING...including lots of insects and an occasional owl attacking your truck windshield. But after arriving at my oasis for a couple of days, my fears were calmed. In Cooperstown, ND, you'll find the lovely Coachman Inn. If you get there after hours, just call the listed number (area code 701).

    After I had to awaken the kindly elderly lady who runs the Coachmen to get a room and apologizing profusely, I secured my quarters for two nights. The room is clean and comfortable, and the staff is very friendly and easy to strike a conversation. The Coachman has an attached restaurant, so getting a meal is not a problem. They are open for regular meals beginning with breakfast, and continue to serve throughout the day.

    Charlotte is the nice lady who I awoke to get a room for my stay as I toured the missile launch complex and silo.

    Rates are $46/night. And that's great, even considering there are no chain hotels around. Restaurant is excellent and affordable. Be sure to ask about the specials.

    12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0