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Americas Best Value Inn in Omaha, NE

Americas Best Value Inn in Omaha, NE

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.33

Address: 7101 Grover St, Omaha, NE, 68106

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    Comments (3):

    1. Graham S.
    If you want to stay in a roach motel then this is the place for you. The service was absolutely horrible, the entire hotel was disgustingly dirty. In the morning, the breakfast was horrible. I have had the same kind of waffles all over the country, and these were extremely sour, like the batter mix had spoiled. I will never be staying here again. I wish I could leave it less than one star.

    08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Anna R.
    Please do not stay here. If you value your safety, it's not worth the price.  

    We had a "smoking room". What that means is:
    walking down a hallway filled with broken vents
    that reeks of stale cigarette smoke
    with a discombobulated smoke detector (is this even *legal*?) in the room
    a broken latch on the door
    water dripping from the bathroom ceiling at 3am
    broken drawers in the dresser
    ONE hanger on the closet rod
    a broken coffee machine in the room
    broken outlets that sporadically worked

    This place is a fire hazard!

    Do NOT bring your family here. DO NOT stay here unless they fix it. It's horrible. Worst hotel experience in my life. I'd rather sleep in my car. Or on the ground. It would be cleaner. And safer.

    04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Jim D.
    I only stayed here one night and unfortunately it was during Warren Buffet's crony capital meeting.  That extravaganza makes getting a room in Omaha tough enough, and expensive, but it forces many people to spend the night in this unfortunate excuse for a hotel. And I do consider myself unfortunate for having done so.  I'm sure this was a decent place when it opened decades ago as something else, but now it is a miserable and, to be honest, filthy run-down place.  It is right off of 80 and nestled behind a closed and abandoned Perkins. I can't imagine there is any board of health or hotel standards inspector in Omaha or they'd be fired for letting this place get away with charging more than $20 to stay here.  Remembering it makes me feel buggy. Specifics should help you decide, so here are a few:
    The carpets in the room had splotches of black sticky crap right at the end of the bed so your shoe - and repulsively once a foot - stick to it when you step on it. I don't know what it was but why it wasn't cleaned or even cut out and replaced is gross.  It had several stains and blotches of gunk. The bed spreads were old and frayed and visibly stained.  I couldn't bring myself to look closely at the sheets.  The sign in the lobby stating the demand for ID for those paying cash and short-terming it made it feel that this joint right at the highway exit is popular for those who use beds professionally. Look at the sheets at your own risk! Sometimes it's best to sleep.  I'm not sure if plastic mattress protectors are in certain rooms. I did not feel good about putting bags or anything on the floor.  The towels were child sized, thin, and only two. They could've been better used as sandpaper. Soap and shampoo were tiny and no name. The soap had a waxy quality. The bathroom was tiny but relatively clean. The fixtures were a mix of old and new.  The furniture was worn, and pretty old.  The dresser had holes and marks from where a TV had been bolted to it decades ago.  Light bulbs didn't work. The ceiling had been spot painted with killz type paint to hide water stains and flaking popcorn. Not a good job. Most things like vents had visible dust. Overall it felt gross. The elevator and halls were all similarly worn, stained and old. But you can rest assured that the omaha annual elevator inspection was displayed.  Annual must mean something else in Omaha as it was dated from 2013.  The continental breakfast was amazingly cheapskate, and I've saved a buck before but nothing this lowball. There were two slices of bread and rubbery English muffins wrapped in Saran Wrap, who knows where or when they were wrapped up. There was waffle batter. Two cereals and milk. The jelly was off brand stuff that wouldn't spread and tiny country crock stuff that might've melted but the toaster didn't really toast too well. On the plus side, the TV was a flat screen and worked. The AC unit worked and it didn't smell bad. The coffee was ok and the juice was cold.  There was a decent stack of free newspapers for guests. And the location is easy. The staff - I saw three - were pleasant enough. One guest was arguing with one at the desk and suggesting a problem with charges. Feeling uneasy is not a good thing. But as of now no problem for me.  So, 51 weeks of the year you can stay closer in town or at better known chain hotels very close by here. Or you could stay here but not pay high rates. You can do a lot better. I have every other time I've been to Omaha. I haven't stayed in a place like this in 30 years, which was amusing in a weird way. And next time I will pass on this place and hope Omaha is a sleepier place like usual. It. was an experience! Two stars, as they kind of try.

    04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0